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Day 3

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# It had to be you, it had to be you... #


I'll have what they're having. When Rick Latham Guernsey last get


to the third round of the Ladies' singles? Wended their kin of


Switzerland last get knocked out in a second-round? How long could we


expect this wretched rainy summer to avoid SW19? In case you're


wondering, our opening tonight was an homage to Norah Ephron, who


sadly Road today. She wrote When Harry Met Sally. Tracey was


desperate to play the lead role. was perfect for it! I won't ask why.


The empty chair will be filled at some time by John McEnroe. We have


plenty of options for you on the red Button, should you choose to


watch a live tennis over the next half-hour or so. The boy of this


programme is, people go to work and cannot watch during the day, so we


will show you the best bits -- the point of this programme. IM Heather


Watson. I am 20 years old and I am from Guernsey. She left school at


12 to go to the Bollettieri Academy in America, where she clearly


didn't do maths. The fire described mass of in three words, I would say


I am out going, bubbly, I love a good laugh and laugh when people


make me laugh, I am quite ambitious and want to make the most of my


career -- if I had to describe myself in three words. She won the


US Open junior title, but her first-round win on Centre Court was


her first ever victory at Wimbledon. Could she double that tally today


against Jamie Lee Hampton? She got off to a flyer, but as the finish


line made, things started getting I was just thinking when she was


about to hit that, easy, but I was thinking maybe down the line there


is a little bit of wind carrying it away. I was not sure it was the


Nervous moments here. The crowd have seen is already in this second


set. -- the crowd have seen this Jamie Lee Hampton is producing some


interesting tennis. She is thinking a little more clearly, and coming


up with some interesting place. She has made a lot of mistakes in the


process, so head there is happening -- hair there is hoping for more.


would challenge. That is the first use of Hawk-Eye in the entire match.


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Watson's first set was clearly act, I like that play a full stop. -- I


I think it illustrates what she needs to improve. It is a bit


predictable, her second serve. It is always about the same pace and


Massive crescendo of noise Amanda court. -- around the court. Stay


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


The longest rally of the match, 24 Her there does not want to make any


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


It is very difficult to tell us subtle differences that happen with


players. While digging up our Heather Watson now. It is the


struggle now. -- I am thinking about Heather Watson now. She is


still hitting well. Hampton says that she did challenge, she raised


her hand. They might have thought she was just wiping her face with


that gesture. It is probably the only -- it is probably only the


second time she has played on a It wasn't quite so fast, but that


Sir was deep and heavy. -- that She was one when away from a place


in the third round. -- a one points away. It was a fantastic victory.


The first English woman into the third round for a decade. We will


reflect on her victory in a moment with John Lord, who has Mort from


John Matt Frei! We will head to Court One. The No. 1 seed is in a


The story of this opening set has been about power out apparent power.


It is the Bulgarian who has largely It is about how the favourite and


the world No. 1 deals with this as well. A look to the umpire. She


decides she wants to employee Hawk- Finalist in three of the last four


Grand Slams. She beat Sara Errani in Paris. So many people think this


might be her fortnight in London. These are dark and dangerous times


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Well, she is a champion, and it is It goes Longriggend and it draws up


the first set point. -- it goes Mum and Dad watching. Wandering,


Surely that is where Sharapova has to direct it most of the traffic?


It is unconventional shot and it is a bit hit and miss. It can be


broken down, particularly on the return. Sharapova survives for the


time being. It is now pirouette's turn to try and serve out for the


She did find a bit of grass-court What is causing the majority of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


107 mph. The ripped be on the Be on a couple of very nervous


shots from the Bulgarian at the A character and ability. That is


why so many think Sharapova will be lifting the famous Rose Water ball


on Saturday week. -- ball. That is the why she is the world No.


1, French Open champion. And talk about world No. 1. On Centre Court


at the moment, Novak Djokovic is playing against Ryan Harrison of


the USA. As we head back to Maria Sharapova, let's check on a former


Grand Slam champion, Li Na. So she is playing Sorana Cirstea. Back to


Sharapova. Maybe this is normal service resumed. What do you think,


Sam? Is that crisis over? I am not sure Sharapova will have seen that


as a crisis. Rankings do not live. Pironkova has lost more matches


than she has a won this year. -- She has a bit more digging to do.


Has to hold on to this next service game to stay in the set. What is


tricky, his Pironkova has managed to get her on the move. It did not


happen at the French Open on a far slower surface that she struggles


to move on. If you can get Sharapova out to the wings in


difficult spots, it is a different When she gets on the front foot and


she is dominating, getting in the first strike, then to be honest,


the less you last Arena Williams, maybe Victoria Azarenka, then you


All of a sudden those backhands that were finding the line are


Still trying to force it out, Sharapova. Trying to make it happen


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Sharapova trying to pick her way at that forehand. Very well read by


She looked like she had this game in the bag. Now she is set point


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


How deep is she having to dig? But, from being 5-2 down not so long ago,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


I'd do think that forehand, she just starts to roll it a little bit


rather than hit through it. But this is about who is down at the


other end. When you have a great champion coming after you, you can


almost feel them coming across the net. That is what is affecting the


Bulgarian on the key points. Sharapova beats you not just with


her game, but with her personality You look across the net and see


She has never beaten a world No. 1. She had a couple of opportunities


against Justine Henin in 2007 and It does not a matter who you are,


if you are going to serve like that, there won't get near it. She has an


unbelievable fast arm. She pretty much serves with a forehand grip.


It is very unconventional. It is Known as Pironkova who is feeling


the pressure. It is a gloomy evening, not getting any lighter.


Sharapova were not hope to get this game over with -- Sharapova will


have hoped to get his game over with. I think she will just come


back tomorrow and reassert her a authority. She is used to having so


much more control and authority. She popped to Spain straight after


winning in Paris. She has been here practising a long time. All the


money she has earned, winning matches is what makes her tick. She


is here to win. I love the story of her dad, when she cut to say she


had won the French Open, -- when she called to say she had won the


French Open, he said he had watched it on a television exercising on


It is not ideal. It was in the air a long time. When in jobs, it


accelerated. -- when it dropped, it As much as she attempts to erase


their hard drive, she cannot escape the scoreboard. She is two points


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


He that is what you call stepping up. -- and that is what you call


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


For a I am amazed she did not pick . You can see her reaction. Every


time she has got a soft in his position, the position to close out


the set, it is as if the muscles have contracted -- every time she


If ever there was a remote that could turn water took eyes,


Sharapova just delivered it -- if ever there was a knock that could


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


Where any more or any tie-break -- we are heading for a tie-break. She


was still continuing her personal cheerleading contest after that


That was unbelievable, Sharapova was playing left-handed. She is


left-handed naturally. She got a racket put in her right hand,


because back in the day in Russia, they were pretty much only allowed


How they look at this. -- have are I always think if you play the top


champions, you get one or two chances. Pironkova has blinked,


hasn't she? I don't think you get the opportunity against players


like this, you get the opportunity and you have to go for it, they do


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


The reader learns she was born will next month a -- it was like she was


on wheels! She is having to try and get through this set doing things


that are not terribly natural for her. It is the part of the game she


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


has worked so hard on, it pays She has worked so hard. There seems


to read something inevitable about this now. Plenty of traffic going


to that Pironkova forehand, which looked great in the first few games


when everything was going well. As soon as she gets tight and it has


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


been battered and battered, she Not been easier now that Sharapova


has had. -- not been the easiest She has gone wide. The set is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


Getting the thought process strayed. Pironkova is down on her knees.


Sharapova moves ahead. Unexpectedly, it is the top seed that takes this


first set. Down but not out, but if you


suspect Sharapova has about 45 minutes until it gets dark to get


the job done. If you want live tennis, there is plenty going on on


the red button. What you might be able to see his Novak Djokovic,


playing a on Centre Court against playing a on Centre Court against


Ryan Harrison of the USA. He has won the first set 6-4, and is going


with serve in the second. While we are watching the tie-break, a


leading fancy for the women's singles has gone out.


For former French Open champion from last year, Li Na is out. She


was beaten by a player eight years her junior. Sorana Cirstea from


Romania, who she has met twice before and never lost a set too.


But she last 6-2, 6-3, 6-4. -- 6-3, 6-4 in the second round.


Obviously a huge disappointment for the billions of people watching in


China. To the millions who are watching Heather Watson, it seems


like an eternity, John, hello. She is great in terms of attitude isn't


she? She is the fiery and loves the big occasion. When you get the


wildcards, you get an opportunity but some go out at an don't embrace


the situation. She has and it is a great look for the future. Great


attitude, so positive. We have seen her improve. She played in


Australia a couple of years ago, a great attitude and a pleasure to be


around. It is important she won today. I came here watching when


she was a junior. She has improved every year. I saw her at the US


Open a couple of years ago to take Sharapova to three sets. She has a


bright future and only 20 years old. Let's talk without turning it into


a Sherlock Holmes addition, from Heather Watson to Jamie Baker. He


was playing Andy Baker, a match held over from last night. Jamie


Baker played very well didn't he, John? He played a stunning match.


And he has made a breakthrough. He is in the top 200 for the first


time. He is attacking the ball, taking it on. This will give him


confidence. This will give him confident he can play with that big


guns. What about Andy Roddick? has been struggling with injury,


will turn 30 this year. Maybe Eastbourne was what propelled him


forward? He had lost five matches in a row and he needed a match when


before he came to Wimbledon. last time Prince Charles came here


was to see Ann Jones begin the defence of her title in 1970. He


has not been here since. 42 years on, he and the Duchess of Cornwall


or back to see the royalty of tennis. They came to see Roger


Federer against Fabio Fognini. What did you make a Roger Federer?


has only lost nine games in the first two grounds. He loves it here,


first two grounds. He loves it here, is having fun. This is the surface


for him. It is going to be tough tournament, but this is his best


chance to win another Grand Slam, and I stick by that. It is hard to


know what form he is in, because he has been able to stroll through. He


relished playing in front Irvin Royal audience and it was a


performance all the papers are also a was a performance fit for a King.


It did rain a bit, as you know. It has been one of those days when


people tried to be cool, but not everybody did it with any degree of


success. Jeremy Chardy entered the


Consumers' professional. He failed to hold his own against Monaco or


stock when you don't make it an unmissable smash, you know it is


not your day. Monaco's issues one more mental than physical. He got


back on story to win in four sets. Philipp Petzschner went for long


socks, not cool. And he then went two sets up against the German,


Florin Mayer. Mayer pulled his socks up, took it to a 5th set and


illustrated the downs and ups of this encounter in the last game of


the match to take victory. No mistaking the cool of Dustin Brown.


He played David Ferrer. Those shades are cool, if you can carry


them off. Janko Tipsarevic can come and did against Ryan Sweeting.


Tipsarevic likes reading "you, too will save the world" by Dostoevsky.


He is ensued the 4th round here -- third round but the first time in a


few years. The rain came last night at a an


inopportune time for two players because they were at match point.


This is Sara Errani, and Coco Vandeweghe. Overcame out, did their


stretching and 15 minutes of knocking up, you take every last


ounce of it. Match point down, Vandeweghe to serve. Fault. Second


serve. So that it was it. It lasted seven seconds. There we have been


trying to look at the record books to see if it is the shortest ever


resumption of a tennis match in a Grand Slam. Also, they were all


smiling. Moving on. A couple of big names gone out in the Ladies'


Singles. Not just Li Na, Sam Stosur, what was your thoughts on this?


Stosur was too negative. She struggles on grass. She has played


here 10 times and lost five in the first round. She doesn't have


enough time to set up for those lengthy strokes. That is Arantxa


Rus going at through. Also someone keeping -- biting the dust is


Caroline Wozniacki. She had some match points, but could not convert.


Paszek came through and force hard. What a great match for her.


Centre Court crowd were very fortunate, that it was the only


match on there about two hours a. It was a tremendous game. Paszek,


she hits the ball very well. hits a very hard, she was a more


aggressive. Wozniacki last year was No 1 in the world for all her but


one week. She has not had a great 2012. She will have to start


driving her ground strokes if she wants to be in the leads of the


game. Let's look at other matches around. Centre Court, Djokovic is a


3-2 down in the second set. A break point for Ryan Harrison, but he did


not manage to make it. That match is under the roof, so it will be


played to finish. I think there is an 11pm curfew. Meanwhile,


Sharapova on Court 1 is at one apiece and serving at 30-0 to take


a 2-1 lead into the second set. I am being told, if you are on


Freeview, the moments the Sharapova match ends, or they stopped play


because it is dark, you can watch the Djokovic match her on three


view. Andy Murray is playing Karlovic and what a different


opponent to Davydenko. Those serves will be coming down at 130 mph. How


do you see them and how do you get them back? His first round opponent,


Davydenko could not Kuerten. But it is the best match I have seen Andy


Murray play in the opening round of a Grand Slam. Totally different


tomorrow, but I still see him coming through. Murray is one of


the best returners in the game. He may drop a set. Karlovic is 6 ft 10.


He has the power, the trajectory, but lucky for Murray he is a one of


the best returners in the game will stop he just wants to look for


tomorrow, but if he looks forward he has a lot of very tall,


dangerous servers in his draw. Mentally, keeping strong. He wants


to get them through as quick as possible in the first week. Does


not want to get dragged into two long matches if he can help it.


Also, James Ward at playing Mardy Fish. Can he win that? I don't


think it would have been a while ago, but Mardy Fish has had health


problems and not much match practice. But you have to say Mardy


Fish is the favourite. Mardy Fish has not played for a few months.


Anne Keothavong has a very tough match as well. What do you make of


them? It will be tough, but a bit of optimism from the Brits this


week. A lot of optimism with Andy Murray the stock better to place


Sara Errani on grass and it is on clay. Sara Errani won't be tired


after today will she. She did not play a shot. The match is going on,


you would expect Sharapova to come through that? I would now.


Pironkova had the set point and she did not convert. Then Sharapova got


down three more set points but came back with three on returnable


service. That is why she stands out. She is still my tip for the


tournament. The Djokovic? He is playing very well. Let's end as we


did last night on an optimistic mood as far as British tennis is


concerned. For the first time in a decade we have a play into the


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