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Day 2

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It is a bit blustery, but we have had almost a full day's play. Lots


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


of talking. So to be had today. -- His first opponent was Thomas


Bellucci of Brazil. The beginning was extraordinary. What was your


take on at the Nadal up today? had a great run up. The difference


had a great run up. The difference from a clay to grass is enormous


sort I expected him to struggle a bit. But I knew he would find a way


to come back. Once he settled in, it was pretty normal. The same. I


did not expect him to go down so quickly. And they look so similar.


You had to check which one was which. It is unusual for Nadal to


play another left it. Bellucci has a lot of talent. Some unusual


errors from Rafael Nadal. The first one is difficult for anybody.


Especially the top seeds. The ground is very lush and slippery. I


remember I always hated the first remember I always hated the first


round because of the nerves and everybody expected me to win. The


opponent's were not -- the opponents were not world-beaters,


but they were still difficult. Nadal's resolve and resilience, he


wants to win everything, but he does not throw away.S. -- throw


away points. Absolutely. What an amazing spirit. That is why be


respect him so much. That is the way he is a practise as well.


Everything is 100%. -- of the way he is in practice as well. Uncle


Toni tells them, everything you do, you do it 100%. That is so daunting


when you want to play someone like him because you know he is never


going to give you an inch. Like Maria Sharapova or on the women's


side. I was exhausted watching him practise. The intensity it was


tremendous. He raised his game. Let's leave the men for a moment I


go back live to our on court three. It is her Spanish opponent. And she


has got it. Excellent result for her. We will hear from were a


little bit later on in the programme. Let's a jot about --


let's have a chat about Andy Murray. Davydenko, he almost used him like


a doormat. Andy Murray played spectacularly well. Davydenko did


not have much resistance. But Andy Murray serve extremely well. And so


strong. He is extremely fit, he is adding to his game. I think he


flattering his forehand out. -- the -- flattening. But we should not


underestimate Davydenko. I expected this to be a much tougher test for


Andy Murray. He has been struggling physically, but today he was


brilliant. He has had an amazing start. As a contemporary of yours,


where his influence of Ivan Lendl? Do you see it yet? Attitude under


big matches. He had a good season. The way that he oozes confidence.


He knows about winning. That was a bit of you against Ivan Lendl.


positive attitude. Andy Murray can be so down on himself. At the Ivan


Lendl can help that. Look at Ai here! I am embarrassed. -- at that


hair! As someone who played against Ivan Lendl, on this side of the


game, we did not perceive him... was the first truly committed


tennis professional. He left no stone unturned. He had his own


physicals, his own breakfast team. There is not a better professional


coach in my mind. Even though he has never coached before. A back to


Nadal. If things go to plan, he will play a song that -- Jo-


Wilfried Tsonga in the semi-finals. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga played so well.


He took the game took Lleyton Hewitt. He loves the grass. He was


really in control. I expect him to break into the top four. At their


expense of Andy Murray? Of anybody. He is right up there. He needs a


big went to make his mark -- big win. In the past, he has had so


much trouble with injury and now he is injury-free. Just a quick word


about Hewitt. The first time since 1938 that an Australian has not


been in this second round of the Men's Singles. That is a serious


problem for the Australians. Is that the end of Hewitt? I hope not,


I like him a lot. But there comes a time when everybody has to say, I


am too old, injuries are setting them. Two hip surgeries. He needs


his legs. Hopefully, he will make a wise decision. I do not know about


that. He is a guy that keeps coming back. He loves tennis so much.


will tell. When it comes to tennis, not all the best stories are made


Have you heard about the fabulous Baker boy? Brian Baker. He has had


an elbow, pepper and hernia repair. Tomic went ballistic as he crashed


out. He was relieved of his place in the tournament. Mardy Fish is


back. He has been out after heart Feliciano Lopez, do not make him


angry, you would not like him when he is angry. He is not an


archetypal bad boy. He was feeling it. Kevin Anderson is another seed


The rain had everyone running for cover. To retire Dimitrov -- Grigor


Dimitrov covered himself in glory. He may be a challenger here. Let's


go live to number one court where You can follow that game on the red


button. We are always saying I wish we had someone else to talk about


as a serious contender. Maybe we have reached that point now. In the


women's game in particular. We have a huge hopes of law at Robson. She


was playing at Schiavone today. -- It was like watching a batsman


striking the ball through the covers with fantastic time in and


precision. She is nothing if not a Well played Laura Robson. An


Laura Robson and really liking these new balls. It was the pace if


anything that prevented Francesca Schiavone from controlling the last


She took her chance well. No hesitation on that return of serve.


If only she could have done this at a set and 3 to two break point. She


missed one of those - it was a couple of inches Riverside of the


line. If she had got that one, I don't think we would be year, she


would be celebrating her victory. - Laura Robson gets one of the breaks


back. It is a minor twist, will there be a major twist in this


It is a good start to this game. The impossible is starting to seem


Slicing has been nasty and more prevalent in this match. They have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


to go to the tsunami tactics out That lead evaporating the skier


Is just now one game. Laura Robson right in it at that point. But


Francesca Schiavone is not a Grand Slam winner for no reason. You


could tell by her reaction she had been in a real battle and was


delighted to have won. Laura Robson was disappointed, because she knew


she had the chance of a big scalp. But Laura Robson is someone of


today, not just of the future. You seemed pretty down in the press


conference and you seen pretty down at the moment? Thanks. Sorry, tell


us what you are feeling right now, expectations coming into Wimbledon?


I was disappointed, I thought I was playing well in the first set. And


for a few games in the second set. I am disappointed I let her get


back into the match and they did not stick to the exact game-plan I


had in the first set of. The thing about Laura Robson's game


today, a lot of people were discussing her serve, Tracy. A lot


of double faults at key moments. But she is still very young. But


the commentary team were discussing her technique same there was a lot


of room for improvement? She is six foot tall, so has the height. Boris


Becker, he used so much of his legs. Andy Roddick, that is why you get


the power. They could be more explosion, up and out. Think of


Maria Sharapova, she is well into the court on her front foot. But I


think the double faults were more from nerves. She is so young, she


is only 18 and is growing into her own. It is always difficult with


technique. I grew lot at 15, and I had trouble with my timing on my


serve. It took me 18 months to get used to my new heights. At 17 you


were winning? At 17 I managed to get hold of it. She is getting used


to it. She said she is working on her movement. This is a great


experience. She had three break points, so she definitely had


chances. Moved into the top 100 yesterday in the WTA rankings. She


is moving in the right direction and only 18. From a future British


No 1, to so many who is a regular holder of that position, Elena


Baltacha over., she is playing -- Karin Knapp.


Good return, hard and flat straight back at the server can often work,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


What a shame, after she had done all of the hard work, Baltacha. Hit


the baseline. And got this one and felt she should attack again. Just


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


Thing mixture of aces and double Two in a row, is very wasteful. So


from a game where she looked like she was cruising, suddenly it is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


Suddenly, an opportunity for a Great shot! She really builds up to


that, she needed the first serve. I think she wants that same ball back


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


A little surprised to see her come in on that ball. That was perfect


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


That was a key moment in the match because the Italian was down and


she was just about out after that. Elena Baltacha ran away with it.


That scream of delight as she came That is another British player


through into the second round to join Anne Keothavong and Heather


The Italian it supremely disappointed. Jury Murray was on


court to congratulate Elena Baltacha. This is what she had to


say afterwards. Congratulations well. It has been a


good day. It has been a very, very good day. I am ecstatic to have


come through that match. It was very difficult, a tricky upon it.


It did not start well. -- oh opponent. But then I played well.


And I found out today that I am going to be an Olympian. I cannot


explain to you how much that means to me. I did not know whether I was


going to get it or not. I just really want to say thank you for


getting that spot. I am so honoured and privileged. I really appreciate


Go stuff. You may not be surprised to learn that because it is pouring


with rain, they have stopped playing on all the courts. On Court


1, Andy Roddick is a set and a David Ferrer was playing Dustin


Brown. The men's game is not just about Andy Murray. What about James


Ward? He had a fantastic run at Queen's. His match went on and on


and on. They wear in a 5th set. What a turn up for the books. So


important to make the most of that lead. To hammer home to your


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He can sense that there might be a That is a shame because a James


Ward played that point very well. Lovely use of that sliced backhand.


He tends to go down the line with He really let go with that one. You


could get a sense of the intend from the Spaniard. He followed it


When the chips are down, he has really come up with the goods on


this occasion. Phenomenal skills from James Ward. He managed to


deflect that volley back over. Very much fire up now. You start to


think when you when points like that, then it is written in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


He has to accept the call. He thought he had clearly hit a winner


there. It looked way to me. Wearing those rose-tinted glasses. We have


all had a pair of those! He will do Even though it would only bring to


James Ward level, he would feel Yes! That looks like a nasty fall.


Sometimes when you fall for words, you can really hurt your groin. --


for words. And here is James Ward Victorians.


-- victorious. That is a really good victory for him. Even better


news than that, it has stopped raining. Can you just take these?


Let me help you guys. Thank you so much. Anything else you need?


are so kind. Have a nice night. Return of the mack. We also have to


tell you about your won a cold tour -- Johanna Konta. That was the end


of her first Wimbledon. One win we must talk about his here is a


British team for the Olympic games We have done this for many years


now. Invariably, our conversation has always been about British


tennis, but things are looking good. They are looking better. Don't


overdo it. It has stopped raining, it is not a thunderstorm. The sun


is coming out. Heather is only 20. Laura Robson is quite young. The


coaching situation is probably better. The indoor courts at


Roehampton. It takes a while to form a from the bottom up. There is


so much potential in this country. The Queen's Club around the corner


has such a great history. Yet, you have only one player. The next guy


is 100. I just hope that they have found bit secret remedy to produce


more players. If you go to the French Open, every night, there is


a French player playing in the marquee match. How fantastic it


would be if every night we had a British player, male or female, but


the crowd could get behind. But the French federation began two a


decade ago. They began that foundation a long time ago. A lot


of the young kids, it takes that to compete. You have to play from a


very young age, five or six hours a day. Yes, they have found a system.


Every other year, there is a new Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Nicolas Mahut. -


- or Nicolas Mahut. They have ex- players at mentoring the younger


players. You should use some of the players that have done this thing


before in this country. Let's not get too carried away. Let's talk


about their defending champion of the moment, Petra Kvitova. Her


parents must have been the proudest people in the country, sitting in


the Royal Box are to watch their daughter. She was playing Akgul


The referees have decided there will be no more play today. But


let's show you what happened at A very slow start a Petra Kvitova -


Are very positive one for Akgul Amanmuradova. She is looking very


Not getting down to the slice. Immediately, three break points


against the champion. The it was her footwork that deserted her. She


did not get to the ball quickly and the slice which stay down so low


was very effective. Sometimes the slices shorter in the forecourt can


It is a big moment for Kvitova. When you are nervous, you tend to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


She has not found her range yes at all. -- yet.


That is not what her parents wanted to see. 2-0 a very quickly became a


You did not see anything like that in the opening stages. Now starting


to feel more comfortable about sitting in the middle of the court.


This is where Akgul Amanmuradova has to play one point at a time and


not think about the fact she has let that lead slipped and Kvitova


Smart return, deep and hard up the middle. It gives Kvitova a point


for a 4th successive game. I say that because it you are straining a


bit, give yourself a little bit Her parents applauding. And they


were applauding afterwards as well when Kvitova won the set. And that


ball drifted long which set her on her way to victory. A few moments


later here was electric macro, Wimbledon champion at 2011 safely


through to the second round. This is what she had to save.


Congratulations. Last year you started at Wimbledon on court 15,


what did it feel like to go out on Centre Court? It is very different.


This first match on Centre Court was unbelievable and to come back


here as the defending champion. Nice memories came to my mind and


it was so nice to play again on Centre Court. You did give everyone


a scare at the start of the first set? Need to four stubborn the


beginning I was nervous, it was my first match you don't know what to


expect from your opponent. I made many mistakes but I tried to play


my game and go forward. different it will it be for her? It


was only a couple of years ago she used to come and lose in the first


round? Airline her honesty. She said she was nervous in the


beginning. Life has changed dramatically far her. All the


pressure is on her. Last year she could go past all the headlines,


and then all of a sudden she was in there so finals a gay Sharapova.


This time she will be watched all the way. She did not feel


comfortable. She was extremely nervous. She was down two break


points at 0-3. It was such a build up. There is no more than a build


up for a defending champion than here at Wimbledon. The did not help


when she looked up and saw her parents there? Her dad got a new


suits and got his hair cut for the occasions. Akgul Amanmuradova goes


out and does not have any pressure. It is easier being ranked 30 in the


world than it is being at the top of the game. How was her service


game? At first service percentage was in the 40s. Credits to Akgul


Amanmuradova. She was not letting Kvitova get back in. Her name is so


difficult to pronounce, you must have practiced although a. Don't


look at it, it looks more difficult than it is. 10 years since her


first title, Serena Williams had her business face on for a match


that would prove a sterner test for the umpire as the champion. Always


one to make a fashion statement, she trimmed herself in shocking


pink, maybe in defiance you wouldn't go the way of her sister,


who was the shock of the first day losing on this court. Losing her


feet was all part of the serious mission. There was no danger of


another upset as she defeated the Czechoslovakia in. Straight sets,


job done. Marion Bartoli is unbeatable when she is playing the


wall. Begun proper opponents had their work cut out. Asks Arena who


she knocked out last year. The Australian was frustrated by the


2007 Wimbledon finalist. There she was her usual bouncing bundle of


energy combined with a flurry of Fleur to get into round two.


Tracy, Serena, the great enigma, word do you plays her? She looked


very tight. I think she wants it so much now. And there are some


matches that are unexplainable in the last year. We she came back


last year after the pulmonary embolism and she was out seven


months. By the time she got to the US Open she had won a couple of


tournaments. They say -- strange match their when she lost to Sam


Stosur. She goes to the French this year, she had had a great it clay-


court season and then goes out in the first round. I did not make it


to my late 20s in my career, but at that stage when you are a little


older, she is 30 now. You have these up and down days. When she


plays consistently and she really wants it, she should be dominating.


Maria Sharapova will have a bit to say about it. She has recommitted


herself back to tennis after her illness and injury. She played like


she really means it and wants to get back to the No. 1 spot. On the


other hand, Maria Sharapova could not play for a while after shoulder


surgery. The competition is heating up on the women's side. Motivation,


because Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams are not short of a bit of


money. Serena wants to be a rap artist and Maria Sharapova has so


many fingers in so many pies, but they still have the determination.


Isn't that what sets them apart? do look at them differently. So


Rana, whether it is injury and she seems to have lost her focus, and


that is why she is still in the game at 34 stop again she know she


does not have as long so she wants it adds long. Maria Sharapova has


never lost motivation for one day. It was the shoulder injury that did


it, and we did not know whether she could come back. They are born to


play this game. They are natural on the court, they have great


motivations. They have setbacks, but their first love is tennis.


Tomorrow, if you're coming and In Clijsters that does lose


tomorrow it will be her last match at Wimbledon for start she has


Tell us about Jamie Lee Hampton and what game has Heather Watson got to


play? She has to have her game to play. It is a good drop a Heather


Watson. Jamie Lee Hampton is a good, solid baseliner, probably better


backhand and forehand. Nothing outstanding. Let's hope Heather


Watson can keep the British resolution going. At the moment we


# When I look into your eyes. # It is like watching the night sky.


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