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Disappointing summer holidays? Plenty of eastern promise which


never quite delivers. Then why not head south-west for the break of a


lifetime? Here at the All-England Club we cannot promise you love but


we do have sun, serves and strawberries. The night life is


buzzing and unlike last night when we missed the map of the net, it is


a good thing -- the back of the net. But up now 54 night of fun, fun,


fun. We may have bigger balls in The usual suspects return, there is


him and him and him and him. And her and her and her and her. They


are always together. And then there is him! Game, set and match, the


Wimbledon dream has come true. They would not be Wimbledon without


her and him. -- it would not be. Hello. Where is our pens?! Cutbacks.


You have no idea how bad things are. I have heard about the debt crisis


here. It is getting worse. Take care of us. Not too many Greeks on


the courts today. As sure as night follows day, our first highlights


the show follows the elimination of an England football team but at


least we qualify which has more than Serbia did. But they do have a


tennis player who is quite good. He is of is the thinking of an


alternative sporting option! A publicity stunt but it worked


because we are talking about it. Novak Djokovic seemed in a very


relaxed mood as he began the defence of his title because for


the disappointment of that defeat in Paris a couple of weeks ago this


at Wimbledon was a tournament which kick-started his amazing run of


last year that included three Grand Last time we saw him he was


defeated by Nadal in Paris. Juan Carlos Ferrero was No. 1 but that


was a lot of years ago. He has not played in a couple of weeks, moving


gingerly. Once he got... He was down a break but once they were cut,


that was the end of the match. -- When you are that flexible, you get


away with it! We have got some work to do in the gym. I think we do.


was just what the doctor ordered at the end of the day. I thought it


was a good start to his campaign. There has to be some disappointment


from just two weeks ago losing to Nadal but it was a great match. To


get down and break early, he then pretty much cruised. Is there any


mental Hanover from Paris do you think and losing the opportunity to


be the first man ever to hold or four titles at the same time?


opportunity comes around once-in-a- lifetime. This is why the


tournament is so interesting because you are not really sure how


he will react. Will he relax and play better? Or will he be bombed


out about the loss. The other point is that he has played a lot of


close matches. He has stepped it up. That takes its toll on you. That is


what I worry about. If we are being amateur psychologists here, he


seemed very chilled today. There could be a level of pressure that


is now off them. There was so much going into Paris and he tried so


hard to get through the well for some the match and he did not have


it all against Nadal and quite possibly he will be freer now.


is the difference between Djokovic on grass and clay? On clay, I think


it was a great effort to get to the final but always Nadal even Bjorn


Borg said a is the greatest ever to play. He can be a little appetite


earlier in the tournament. I think he is more vulnerable because the


has not played any matches. Early on he is vulnerable but as he gets


more intimate, he will be more difficult to beat. Final point on


the Djokovic and the Paris escapade, how sad way you to see the little


bit of history go? I was cheering for Djokovic. That was the one


thing that could put him in the same category as Federer and Nadal.


He could do something that those two could not achieve and probably


will not achieve. It will be very tough to see the a male players


hold for in a row again. You could see the sadness and disappointment


with him on court that day. I am not quite sure he deserve that as


yet compared to Nadal and Federer. Because? Federer has prize have


that chance and Nadal once. I am not sure he has... Is Nadal a great


player? And Federer? No doubt about it. Is Djokovic a great player?


is a great player but he is not as great yet. There are degrees of


greatness. He would have blown by some people that I am not going to


mention! Great, great players. Our ranking sq keep dropping. 28 out of


the last 29 titles between the three of them. This man has been as


perennial as the grass here, Federer. Playing Albert Ramos of


Spain ranked 43 in the world today although it is fair to say not on


grass. Federer cruise from the get go and so a comfortable on the


surface. Albert Ramos wanted to be on anything other than grass in


this match. This used to be worthy guys who came from Spain collected


pay cheques. They did not care about what happened at Wimbledon.


That has changed because of Nadal. This was a total mismatch. This is


exactly what you thought in the past when you played a guy who did


not want anything to do with grass. This is the type of opening you


cannot get any sort of an idea what kind of thing is in store for


Federer. I pick Federer. You like what you saw? I watched a little


bit of it but as ice-cool the developing I was not too concerned


-- as the score developed. Why have you gone for Federer? I think


physically it takes a lot for anyone to beat two out of the three


it much less three out of the four and I think on grass it is less of


an effort physically for him to have to beat Djokovic and Nadal. I


think he has got more variety to his game and this is his best


chance to win another major. He is more comfortable coming in.


Especially these early rounds, save some energy and then use that play


against possibly Djokovic in the semi-finals and we will see who


gets through... I could not agree more. Come on?! Get the but in!


is one of them coming in against Albert Ramos. He has got to


transfer in the matches. Can you mentally? I do not think he can


walk on against Albert Ramos and I do not think he believes that. He


needs to do that. He has got to be more aggressive to beat both of the


guys. 1999, Federer's first Wimbledon here. He lost in the


first round to? He lost two... Help me out. I have no idea. Shall I


tell you? Tell me. Novak. Venus Williams also played her first


Wimbledon and lost in the first round. I don't know. Lindsay


Davenport? The Polish player. Venus Williams, when you talk about great


players, people talk about how many years they will be playing. We know


all about her health problems. It was not a great start. Venus


Williams was not at her best. But certainly in the first set, it


seemed as though she was not quite with it. She seemed to slow from


what we are used to seeing. She did not look like she was all there.


Elena Vesnina was always going to be a tough match. Venus Williams


was lacking energy fast up that was the first set to Elena Vesnina of


Russia. Picking it up in the second set, it is 3-2 to the Russian.


Venus Williams needs to get back Just caught the edge of the


baseline. She has got such long arms and she jumps up so high for


the overhead shots, you do not know Much more alert on her toes and


altogether looking more comfortable Very nice indeed. I like the way


Elena Vesnina is quite light on her feet, almost jumping into the


She was going to rip that anyway but the serve came through too fast


A dangerous time for Venus Williams. Just taking a few extra moments to


compose herself because this is keep. She could really do with a


The second serve was punished. was good. That was really


absolutely the right thing to do. Such a big point, a tiny bit of


momentum going her way and with two points already won and how well she


That's a very rapidly became her 5- 2, and as we rejoin it, Venus and


aliens needs to win this service game otherwise she is out of


It's pretty good serve. Out wide. With that extra height and long


arms, she can angle off the ball well. I would challenge that. She


is not big unchallenging. -- on challenging. She likes to just go


She famously had the umpire called the wrong score on her here at


Wimbledon. She did not challenge The line judge was in the firing


line again. She was playing the Croatian player, who disappeared


from the game. She was a good Down-the-line. When Venus Williams


arrived to on the court, about an hour and a quarter ago, we wondered


how long she would last. She did not look as though she was


particularly happy. She is showing some late resistance. This is a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Elena Vesnina has withstood the I would say Venus is a different


Venus Williams is in quite finished. -- is not quite finished. Elena


Vesnina needs some powerful serving to get involved in this particular


Well left. And a little help from What a volley! She took it off her


shoelaces and guided it into the corner of the court.


considering the score and the tension she must have, what a


Yes! A stunning ace down the centre. Her quicker serve after 110 miles


per hour. And Pearse Lally of Russia has a match point. --


It is over. A magnificent victory for Elena Vesnina from Russia. And


a smile for the umpire from Venus Williams as she bows out at the


first round stage of Wimbledon 2012. There is an inevitability about the


media always respond when a greater former champion finally leaves the


stage. We immediately start writing their obituary, saying it is the


end of an era, pending retirement. end of an era, pending retirement.


Rest assured, she is not going anywhere.


I don't get upset at myself anymore. I stayed positive. Wimbledon has


been a wonderful torment for me. I will continue to work on my game


and my health. Come back and try to play better. You now have the


doubles to focus on? It is so important for me because I had not


played doubles in a long time and Serena and I would like to defend


our Championship at the Olympics. I am definitely going to focus, if I


can, to get the title. Will we see you back here next year? A row


would love to come back. How much are her health issues


leading to those kind of performances? It is the reality and


the battle she will face every day, every match and every practice. It


is sad when you saw her out there, she is so far from 100%. He she


does want to be back at the top but she is also back Best past 30 years


old. I really felt bad. She has been so bad here. It is an


incredible difference. I don't know what impact the disease has on what


is happening. Maybe the doctor is saying in six months and you will


be OK and you will be able to play up to your abilities for what your


ages. There is people like Martina Navratilova he was in her mid-30s


when she last won it. But she can come back and be a dangerous


opponent. For you to be a former champion and not to be able to come


back and play at your usual level,? I had that for many years. No where


is the pleasure? As you get all the, you realise how lucky you are to


have a job and to be able to do something like this. Deep down,


because in some ways we're champions, you talk yourself into


thinking it the right set of circumstances took place, maybe you


could win. If they media for still her unlike doubt the other players?


We saw from Pete Sampras -- Pete Sampras, a year ago into his last


tournament, his ankle was suffering, but he had a great last year.


Plenty more matches taking place. At the moment on Centre Court,


Heather Watson is playing. For Heather Watson is playing. For


Sharapova started like a rocket. The world No. 1 was fantastic


against Rodionova. Other people must be thinking, watch out. 18 of


the first 20 points was just cruising through the opening set.


She was hitting the ball Bay, serving well. She has improved so


many things about her game, fitness, forehand, serve, she is looking


like the favourite. It is her movement. She was sliding. She is


proving herself now. She was just one of many leading contenders in


action on this opening day. It could be a four-night of putting


names to faces, faces to names. Agnieszka Radwanska is the world No.


Li Na is not what you call a Wimbledon's celebrity. Book there


is room for that to change. It is a contented tonight in her household.


Sam Stosur is big down Under but she could also be a Wimbledon force


and phase. She won the US Open last year, and she beat Paola Suarez is


no Barrow. Remember Sabine Lisicki? She


reached last year's semi-finals. There was a winning smile for five


rounds last year. Angelique Berber is seeded No. 8. Maybe this is a


name to note after this straight sets victory. They may be new to


you, but how much longer? So, is the women's draw wide-open?


I don't think wide-open. Sharapova, Serena. I could not agree with her


more. I don't see a whole lot happening. Obviously early rounds


become unpredictable. His Sam Stosur contender? Not yet, she has


never been to the second week. There is a positive sign she won


this match the way she did, but she has to improve it leaps and bounds


on grass. Let's move on to talk about the British challenge. For so


long it has been Andy Murray for the men, but we need somebody to


back him up. His Oliver Golding that a man? Once upon a time on the


West End stage, his dream came true against Andreev. He did play a very


well. He lost in four sets, but maybe he is a man for the future.


This is the summer when everybody wants to be British. On court 17 at


the moment so we have the latest British tennis player. Herceptin --


Johanna Konta. She is a new Brits. She only became


British last month, she is our of Hungarian descent. She is playing


the American. At the general consensus is she could be a top 100


player as long as she gets over We will keep you up-to-date with


that. Donning of about Venus Williams, someone who said that


unequivocally this is her last appearance at Wimbledon, Kim


Clijsters. She was playing today and for a British cadet least she


will be more remembered for her Mixed Doubles. Was this going to


beat Kim Clijsters's last-ever appearance at Wimbledon? Enormously


popular, a huge reception she It is a grey night, I have to say.


I do not think we will have a fantastic sunset. Here we are in


the first set. The Serbian is about On the right there, working with


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Jelena Jankovic's backhand is known for its weight and depth. The best


part of her game and her biggest asset. A strong serve but not


compared to the top players in the world. Even when she was number one.


Jelena Jankovic thinking briefly about whether she would ask for a


check on that. I think her second thought was because the side's line


person put his hands together to mean good and then changed his mind.


Jelena Jankovic is also known for her great defensive skills, great


Kim Clijsters connecting perfectly, a quick shoulder turn and moves for


poured through the return of serve. You talked about the fact that this


will be Kim Clijsters's last Wimbledon, I think this will put


more pressure on her because you know it is your last opportunity.


She has got an early opportunity Even though Kim Clijsters has not


played that much this year, you feel that if she were to get a few


matches under her belt, she has the Twice a semi-finalist here, 2003


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Took all the pace out of the shot. Just look for the placement. Nice


top spin on the ball, got below the level of the ball and brushed up


Almost got away from her, suddenly stretching for it. When it went up,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


I think Jelena Jankovic have An important early break of the


18th seed's serve, and here is Kim Clijsters again on the Serbian's


serve, hammering that down the line to take the opening set by six


games to two. The job half done, here we are in the second set with


the Belgian leading 5-4 and Jelena Not a pro for Jelena Jankovic --


I have never seemed Jelena Jankovic's forehand break down so


badly. Some credit to Kim Clijsters because she is driving them deep


She came back from love-30 in her last service game. It is looking


The match she looked like winning a few moments ago and then came the


doubt. Now she has three match Game, set, match Kim Clijsters.


When I play my best tennis, I am still capable of beating a lot of


good players, I believe that. As long as I have that, I feel I can


beat a lot of players. My next round will be tough but I am going


to go for it and focus on myself and tried to be the best I can be.


When you have announced this is the last throw of the dice, does that


make it easier or harder? I never did that so I am not sure. It has


been so many roller coaster rides far her already. Stopping and


starting. What she has become play since she came back, I would not


put anything past her. She is one of my all-time favourites. Athletic


Lee, she is the one of the best I have ever seen on a tennis court. I


wanted to go out with a bang. think there is a little bit of


relief. She has been playing for a couple of years but in the back of


her mind still wanting to have a second child and be with her family


but still accomplishing so much. I think she is totally apiece with it


but is fully committed to the US Open. I think she is playing here


and she is OK with it. She has an inner peace. They are still playing,


the clouds are darkening. It is getting quite dark. Let us check in


on the two British players who are still out there. On court 17, 6-52


Cristina Michel and a break but Johanna Konta has a break. That


could have some way to go. What is happening with Heather Watson on


Centre Court? She is 4-1 up and the crowd are chanting. They break


point for Heather Watson. Can we tempt fate here? Is this match


point? It is hard to say! Down the line! I like her chances. To a


match that we were not expecting. I listen to the radio coming in today


and Pat Cash said that if anyone was going to upset the applecart


today it was going to beat Tomas Berdych. He was playing Ernests


Gulbis of Latvia who is quite a material player. This was match


point to the man from Latvia -- quite a material player. It went to


Hawk-Eye... Hawk-Eye ever-reliable. Therefore, we found ourselves in a


third-set tie-break with the lack be and already having won the first


He has missed a couple of forehand Ollie's. But he made no mistake


there. If any coach ever tells you to just put your racket out because


something good could happen, that is what Berdych did on that return.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Just sliced it gently but placed it We are back on serve. He Berdych


had a taste of his own medicine. big serve, but looks -- look where


the ball drops. Do you think they should be looking to serve and


volley a bit more, it has been only three times between them. I think


all the guys should mix it up a little more. However, they have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Problem is, the ball comes back so Radially serving above 130, as he


There is nothing you can do. Absolutely nothing. And no one can


touch that. Another exquisite serve, Could not have played the point any


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


The upset is Gulbis's. The number six seed in the men's draw is out.


What a performance. Many congratulations, you are


telling me already not your best win? You don't have to tell the


nation all my secrets. It is one of my biggest wins. I am glad I did


not show in the end, as usual. It is progress. Interesting you should


use the word, choke. You showed great mental strength. You kept it


all together, how did you do that? And I am very well known for mental


strength, ask around. I wish all post-match interviews


well as entertaining. Very rarely you will get anything out of any


player. It's a was self-deprecating, truthful. He got a lot of people,


including me, it is the best match I have ever seen him play. I have


always a wandered about him, under- achieving. He is living the life


and not digging deep enough. It was an incredible effort. Three serves


and volleys. It there was and three, it was erode. Your verdict on that


is? Verdict on that is? There were no serve-and-volley is in the match.


There was no serve-and-volley back in the day. I cannot believe I am


hearing this. And cannot believe I am saying it. What else has


happened in the men's game? Booted out of the Queen's finals


for bringing blood Sue a lines man's leg, David Nalbandian was


knocked out by Janko Tipsarevic sq in round one today but not before


he became Tajik above the height of the net. I have never seen the net


being led down at the end of this set. A let-down in every way for


Nalbandian. He was swept off court where the Queen's incident a


followed him to the press conference.


I think people understood it wasn't a good thing that I did. I was very


unlucky as well. This play is no shrinking violets. The Russian held


it together enough to vanquish Donald Young. Richard Gasquet was


so run a tea personified as Tobias Kamke was not. Gasquet goes on.


John Isner had the epic of a match at Wimbledon two years ago and went


the distance again today. But he lost this one to an unlikely


Colombian. Burns by Alejandro Falla. You think Nicolas Mahut is on court


at the moment. A few moments ago on Centre Court, Heather Watson at


match point. That is a fantastic victory. Not just hard earned, but


emphatic and making a statement on the Centre Court. That happened in


the last couple of moments. She is overjoyed, understandably.


Centre Court, how good is that? am so pleased. It was tough for not


knowing when we would be on and waiting for a whole day. But it


worked out very well. I am happy with that. Also it is my first


singles win at Wimbledon, including juniors. I am so pleased. Yes, I


will be looking forward to my next match. At the video no way you were


going at the end of the match? I had no idea, I was lost in the


moment. It is fantastic. It was a lovely smile from you when you won


the 9th break point in the 6th game of the second set. You look like


you were a bit aggrieved? We had a few long games. Will we were both


at playing well and there wasn't much each of us could do. We just


kept going back and forth. I think she got the last long game. I was


pleased to get this one. I had nearly all of the break points, so


I was pleased and relieved. Andrew Castle and Virginia Wade


commentating for the BBC Four stock many congratulations.


Can we get a second British player into the second round? This is


Johanna Konta, British recently but nonetheless she is red white and


blue. She is up against Christina McHale from the USA. I mentioned


Nicolas Mahut who is playing Paolo They might call it quits because it


is quite dark. Nuoro is one apiece against Mona Barthel. We have been


enjoying the Men's Singles between Almagro and Olivier Rochus. Just to


see her Libya Rochus at 5-5 has got to be inspiring to any kids under


six foot. I keep waiting for this seven for a man to arrive. The Best


Almagro is 10 in the world the so this is a good match. He is 17


inches shorter than John Isner. am disappointed at Isner. He is the


argument for a 5th set tie-breaks. That match at the French took so


much out of him and he did not prepare and play it any warm-ups.


It is too bad because he is one of the most dangerous men in the draw.


Johanna Konta or an Christina McHale and now 7-7, maybe we'll be


talking about that on Thursday it will stop this is the line-up


We will be talking about Lleyton Hewitt against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.


And Victoria Azarenka, who Lindsay Davenport summarily dismissed as a


contender for stocks I did not dismiss, I just did not mention.


You cut us of to go to Heather Watson. Andy Murray, is he a


contender? The distance maybe a little bit larger than he would


like from the top three. But this is his best bet, the crowd gets


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