Day 11 Highlights Today at Wimbledon

Day 11 Highlights

Highlights of the day's play at Wimbledon. Clare Balding and guests bring the best of the action and all the crucial talking points from the men's semi-finals at SW19.

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We will take you over to Wimbledon...


MUSIC And he's done it. The trophy to a


British winner! The semi-finals, the business end,


but if you stop and look around, take all of this in, it will be too


late. Nerves, exciting. You tense up. You


cannot perform. The top guys just live it - the perfect blend of skill


and instinct. THE COMMENTATOR: Cilic is in the


Wimbledon semi-finals. And sometimes a little bit of luck.


Trust me at the top of your game you can almost see the point before it


happens. Sam Querrey, a piece of tennis


history for him. Certainly don't underestimate your opponent, whoever


you are. He is simply one of the best of all times. There are four


guys left. They've got this far. They're living in a moment and if


they stop and look around and think about the final, it will be too


late. Oh, that's a good bit of telly. Well


done Boris and to Tom and Dave, part of our BBC team who made that. For


the first time since 2003 we had four men's semi-finals outside the


top four in the world ranks. 2003 was the first time Roger Federer won


a Grand Slam title and it was here. I am joined by Tim Henin. When


Henman. You just got here in time. It was better with me phoning it in.


I want to hear about Tim. This is the first time in 14 years that I


have arrived before my counterpart. That is true. There are two sides to


it. You could say I was doing some very important work for the


tournament. Was it committee work? On the other side of the coin I


could say I was taste testing champagne in the Royal Box. You have


so much ammunition now! Working right up to the moment that


I have continued to work here. You have proved your fitness by arriving


and not being out of breath. I am impressed by that. We were turning


around, shouting out come on Tim and actually meaning it. We always meant


it. You know what I mean! Shouting at somebody else! I always meant it.


Forget that! First up, we will focus on the only man left in the men's


singles who has won this title before.


He is the king of Centre Court. Tomas Berdych coming out in front


and the last time they met here in Wimbledon, 2010, Berdych came out on


top in four sets. Roger is on a four-match winning streak against


him. As we know Federer bidding to become


the oldest finalist since 1974. We will pick up the game.


Boris, Tim and Andrew in the commentary box.


THE COMMENTATOR: Federer doing such a good job of biding his time with


the slice backhand. Landed right on the baseline. Really


checked up. Berdych, not in the right position.


Berdych faced only 12 break points in the tournament prior to this


match. He's faced two in three service games here.


Well done Berdych again. A surprising miss from Federer, going


over the low part of the net. Impressive return from Federer as


well. Berdych did well to fight that one


off. Happy to direct his attack, given a


choice to the Federer forehand. It is sort of the same strategy. He


serves the first deuce wide. Roger blocks it back and then the forehand


to control the point. Well he's has to play 25 pointings


-- points on his serve so far. He's panting quite heavily. Feeling the


work. It is a bit of a workload playing Federer over five, isn't it,


on Centre Court? If you get to five! That's unlucky. He's had his fair


share, Federer, this game, really. A little help from the net cord


there. Nothing Berdych could do about this one, though.


UMPIRE: On the left service line. The ball was called out.


It looks to be the seventh double fault, only, for Roger Federer. In


the tournament, the first of this match confirmed by some margin.


And after serving a double fault at 30-30, and then having to hit a


second serve, down break point, 109 miles per hour, into the corner.


Wonderful shot! It's a very first good tennis wagon. Both players,


Federer, we mentioned that a lot. But Berdych really not back enough.


Look at that! Talk about the big muscles getting involved in that!


Hit a lot of very strong ground strokes, deep and up the middle.


UMPIRE: The ball was called out. Serving with new balls, for Federer


to lose his serve, if in fact this is what has happened, and it has,


this is unusual, indeed. BALDING: ONE BREAK A PIECE.


That's a bad one! Federer had edged to that side. The


coaching camp for Berdych. Feeling the pain. 3-5. The mistake was to


miss the shot. I am surprised he keeps going to the forehand there.


Federer, two points away from that first set.


On his own serve. I think she might have tickets for


the final, too. Ball boy is still looking for the


ball there. And that's away. And Federer


exclaims his delight. First set in 53 minutes.


CLARE BALDING: The second set also went into a tie-break, with both


having held their serve throughout. Let's join it at the early stages of


the breaker. THE COMMENTATOR: It is amazing how


he can play those shots so aggressively, but with margin of


error. That was three feet over the net.


It is just delicious, isn't it, if you are a Federer fan, and there are


many, of course. How about missing now and again! Roger Federer, three


perfect forehand winners in the roll.


Make that four. Second set tie-breaker for Roger Federer. 5-1,


as they change. An hour and 40 minutes for Berdych


in the sunshine. He's fought hard. Nothing to show for it. Total


control, but total conviction on those forehands. That one he really


moved his feet well. Once he got it into the hitting zone, accelerated


the racket head through. Took a big gamble with the second


serve. What is the option? It is all or nothing at this point.


It looked completely under control, but it was not a situation he really


wanted to find himself in, Federer, defending a cross-court Berdych


passing shot. It's 6-3. Three set points.


Another big second serve on to the line.


When Federer saw how bad his return was, he might have elected to go for


the challenge. Two sets to love, Roger Federer. It


appears he's... CLARE BALDING: SKALS SKALS. --


appears he's on his way. And that's out. He's lost six of the


last seven points since sharing his Swiss-German views of a missed


forehand. On that occasion it was Federer who came in on an average


approach shot. Berdych made the pass. Federer couldn't control the


volley. Where he's going, Boris, up wide or


out the tee? Wide. Would have been an ace against me as


went there you go. Back to deuce.


Where's he going, Andrew? Wide. UMPIRE: Advantage Federer.


So full-time, where is it going now? Clearly out wide. This for the


hat-trick. Brilliant! Shows what we know!


So a minute ago Berdych had a couple of break points. The next thing you


know a couple of aces, 3-3. Back to normal.


Ultimately they must play with two minds. This is, at this stage, very


much a mental game and a few chances Berdych had, Federer responded every


time. Berdych winning a succession of


points. Federer down 15-40. Four to get out of trouble there and


two here. If this were boxing you would wait


for the referee to step in. Federer relentless with his pressure.


Berdych trying the old serve-volley. Only the seventh time in the match.


A clean strike. Backhand down-the-line. Second serve


smothered. It is the break which could take Federer to the Wimbledon


final. Two sets are now 4-3.


BALDING: Moments later Federer came out to serve for a place in a record


11th Wimbledon final. A nice idea from Berdych. Coming in


from behind a pair of twos there. The third time he tried the drop


shot, third time lucky. And that's it! Tough semifinal. But


no sets lost. Two intensely fought tie-breakers.


Another excellent tournament for Tomas Berdych. He succumbs at the


semifinal stage. A huge ovation from the crowd. Their


appreciation for the man who has given himself a shot at an eighth


Wimbledon championship and a ninth Grand Slam title. Federer won 84% of


his first service points. He spoke afterwards to Phil Jones.


I feel very privileged to be in another final. I know how much it


means to so many players to be able to go out on Centre Court at


Wimbledon at any given time in their career. I've had the pleasure to


play on Centre Court so many times. This time, in another final, it is


so good. I cannot almost believe it's true again. So, I'm happy I


have a day off tomorrow, where I can reflect on everything. I did this


year, this tournament, so I can get really ready for the final. It is


one of the great sporting stories, I think, to take six months off after


last year's Open, now here in another final. Can you put it into


perspective for us? It was a long way back. Last year was so


difficult, just to stay calm and you know, speak to the team and take


another decision that we were going to sit out and wait longer and take


time. I'm so happy I did it. My life continues after tennis, too. That's,


at this point, almost more important than actually playing itself. I want


to be a good dad and a good husband and a guy who can do sports later


on, too. I think giving your body a rest from time to time is a good


thing. As we have seen this time, I am happy it's playing off. For a


second, of course there are doubts there that maybe one day you will


not be able to come back and play a match on Centre Court at Wimbledon.


It happened, it happened so many times this week. Thank you to the


tournament to put me on Centre Court. I feel it is a great honour


for me. Federer so appreciative of any opportunity he's given to play


on Centre. He was phenomenal. An update on the mixed doubles.


Henri Kontinen and Heather Watson lead 5-2. We will go there shortly


for the latest. How good was Roger Federer? How wonderful a human being


is he? Where do we start? I tried the same type of thing he's done,


with far less results. I tried to be a good husband. I don't know if I


did too well. Certainly the first one and tried to be a good father.


That's debatable. I took six months off. I came back, never was the same


player. I mean, the Guy's amazing. It's arguable at 35 he's better than


he ever was. He's moving, it seems like he's moving as well as he did


ten years ago. Now, someone, Clare, you tell me, let this Mr Henman guy


tell me, how it is possible you can pull that stunt off. Take six months


off, win in Australia, decide I am not going to play at the French


Open, so I can be ready for Wimbledon, has not lost a single set


yet. How, Tim? It defies logic. People say, are you surprised by it.


We are naive to be surprised. He is re-writing some of these rules. To


see him move like that, as John said is anticipation and how quick he is.


His footwork around the ball. I mean it is incredible to watch. And today


I feel strongly, that was break point in the Third set. I think


Berdych deserves a lot of credit. He played very well. He played well. He


stuck in there mentally. What is thaul about? How do you do that --


what is that all about? How do you do that? One flick and it is... He


will play shots with no back swing at all. He will pluck it out of the


air. He will do the... He's got so much variety it is intimidating. I


don't know what it is like to be loved by everyone in the world and


have people rooting for you all the time. People do now, it is the


biggest turn around in the world. Even that was true, I am this not


out there talking. That has to be the rush of rushes. They can get you


through tough times. I was surprised because I feel he showed his human


side. The pressure. Everyone is like assuming he'll win it, no ifs or


buts. He looked grumpy out there. He was edgy. He talked to himself more


in this match than I have seen in any match where he didn't even lose


a set. I was really surprised that as well as he was playing, I know


Berdych threw a lot of different things at him. I don't feel the


outcome was ever in doubt. Boris gave us the translation of the


swish/German. What was it? That it was unfortunate he missed that shot.


Words to that effect. . Was that the accurate translation? I don't


believe so. I don't believe I ever heard Federer say a bad word. It was


fine. No, Court One, I believe it is match


point for Watson and Kontinen. They're in the final again! They've


come through in a pulsating semifinal again worthy opponents,


the number two seeds. But they've been removed. And a certain


embarrassment for the seeding committee! But they've got to the


final again unequivocally seeded and in what a manner.


An absolutely fantastic match. So much fun, so entertaining.


Terrific playing. But Kontinen and Watson were that little bit better.


Annabel Croft comment Tating on that match.


But let's not talk about the other semifinal yet, we will see the best


of that. Who won? You are naughty.


Do you think, sometimes, John that Kontinen is amazed at himself? I


don't think so at this point. But the fact he has done what he has


done after this long lay off, may be surprising him even a little bit. He


practiced his shots. Hitting it to the ball boy. He is working on shots


even then. But I have to think that not a whole lot surprises him. But


tell me I'm wrong. I saw him practicing with Berdych


the week before the tournament. Out on court 8, court 9. It was a joke.


I sat there for 20, 30 minute, some of the shots he was hitting. It was


a clinic of shot-making. When he has done those types of things he has


such confidence and belief in his own ability, when he can do it on a


practice court, why not on a match court. And when he makes it, it


gives him the basis to keep trying. Now, talking about mixed doubles,


Heather Watson and Henry Kontinen are into the final to defend their


title. But Jamie Murray has paired up with Martina Hingis for the first


time. They were against Demolina and Martinez Sanchez.


Jamie Murray and Martina Hingis, a doubles dream team. A partnership


started by text. They broke twice in the first three games. Mixed doubles


this good is a popular attraction, the problem, well, we don't see much


of them. They work quickly, ruthlessly.


A set to love, that can only be described as rapid.


Their set done in 21 minutes. Maria Sanchez and Demolina had been the


support act but they relaxed into this. When they tried to apply


pressure, Murray, a mixed doubles winner had the tools to ease it.


Hingis has won pretty much all there is in doubles, winner rice when it


matters. Another level. How did she find that spot.


A level above her opponents. For all she's achieved, Hingis keeps coming


back to do it all again. She and Murray will take some


stopping. So whatever happens there will be a


British winner on Sunday. Now we know that Roger Federer is in


the men's final. Who would he face? Marin Cilic was taking on Sam


Querrey in the other final. This is the best tournament and my


favourite tournament. I look forward to it every year. So it's easy to


get excited. You and he played the second longest


history in the semifinal match four years ago? It was a tough match.


17-15 in the fifth. So when I got together with my coach, as I lost, I


tried to figure out how to beat him. And if I play well, hopefully I can


come out on top. Cilic is in the Wimbledons


semi-finals! I'm feeling refreshed, physically and mentally. So you are


able to execute all you want to, and to be ready for the small


opportunities when they arrive. It's the Men's Semi-finals Day. Sam


Querrey and Marin Cilic to kick it off. There will be a lot of aces in


this match. Two big men. Who will be more


aggressive more consistently, whoever it is will be in the finals.


In terms of serving techniques, this is simple, Regimented, throw it up,


hit it! It's great hitting and lovely


dexterity from Querrey. Both guys have surprisingly good


touch. That's a good shot.


A tremendous shot. Very dependable win for Cilic.


And so after 35 minutes we reach the point we thought we would do you 35


minutes ago... -- do 35 minutes ago... And Cilic goes long. I've had


many a teacher try to get that into my thick skull, make them earn it


and this should have been put away. The first one should have been put


away. That's a great shot from Cilic. It's


unlucky for Querrey. I thought it was wide. He chose to play it. He's


still looking at the line. Brilliantly played by Querrey!


Really aggressive challenging of Cilic there. Good court recognition.


The understanding that Cilic would have to slice this and mis-hit. He


forced the issue. That's a bad error from Cilic. So,


Sam Querrey, one big serve away from the open set of this Wimbledon


semifinal. Oh, two errors from Cilic on the


backhand side and advantage, USA! Great play from Cilic.


He must have been shaking a bit at the start of that game. But he holds


on. An important game. I know it is only the second set but Cilic is on


a bit of a downer right now. He has to battle through that.


Oh, well he hung in there, Cilic. Brilliant! There's the big roar from


Cilic. The first break of the match. Strong, emotional effort by Cilic to


re-establish himself here in the last ten minutes or so.


With a strut and a swagger and another big serve, Cilic squares


this semifinal. He's emotionally flat but physically


fatigued. A big moment here. Cilic thinks he's


won it. On the back of the line... And Cilic


in front. And Cilic now officially on a roll.


And from nowhere... Querrey has maybe Claude himself back into this


match. Well, what do you know. What do you


know! That is something else. He just pulled the rabbit out of the


hat here. You've got to love this game,


haven't you? The ebb and flow. It's just crazy.


He's made it. Made it! Incredible shot. How did he make that?


Federer-like. Tie-break. That is some point.


Perfect time and then the switch of the sides. Both of them could use a


breather after that. There's the error.


The roar from the Croat. He's won set away.


One set away from a first Wimbledon final.


Now if Querrey can get this next point.


Just when you thought it was safe to go and put the kettle on.


It's in. Oh, brilliant, brilliant from Cilic.


An awkward shot from Cilic right here, what do you do? That is


beautiful. You know what Cilic has won a game,


he let's the world know. But after almost three hours, two match


points, for Marin Cilic... Well, it's safe to say he got tight


on that one. Got it! Pile-driving winner! Down


the line from Marin Cilic. At the 11th time of asking on Sunday


afternoon for Marin Cilic, opportunity knocks.


Marin, after 11 attempts you are now a Wimbledon finalist. How does it


sound? Unbelievable. Especially the way that this tournament unfolded.


From the first round playing great tennis. Today was a hard-fought


battle. Sam played a high level of tennis. Especially in the first set.


He was serving big, hitting big. I had my chances. 4-1 up in the


tie-break. I didn't convert it. But after, I felt I was just a little


better on the return games. So I was making him a little more play on his


service games. Overall I felt that the level was really, really high.


You and Sam have fought tremendous battles, as you have said, here at


Wimbledon over the years. Long ones as well, apart from how well you


played, did you have a psychological advantage over him today to give you


the edge? I wouldn't say so. Sam came out serving huge, hitting big.


I felt that he was not tight at all. I felt he was really into his mode


and playing well. That pushed me obviously to play big tennis towards


the end of the match. I was definitely glad and lucky a little


bit to get that break back in the fourth and to get that advantage. To


get back into the match. To be fair to Sam Querrey, a


terrific effort. He had had 12 hours on court before today and the first


player in tennis to win three consecutive matches. He put up a


great fight. But Cilic, he does a bit more, John? He does quite a bit


more than he used to. He moves well for a guy of 6ft 6. He is solid on


the ground. He volleys well. Both of them do. He showed some excellent


touches. On Monday, you asked who was I impressed by most, it was


Cilic. Did I expect him to go to the finals, with the likes of Andy


Murray and Rafael Nadal, no? But he was the guy at the top four along


with Milos Raonic that could go along way. But it had to be a little


tough for Sam Querrey, as well as he played. You hit the nail on the


head. Three straight five-setters, it finally caught up to him.


He legs looked a little heavier. Cilic has his fair share of long


matches. He has the belief, Tim, the size and the speed. He has Jonas


Bjorkman in his camp. What is in Cilic that makes his dangerous? He


has the history of having won a Grand Slam in the US Open in 2014.


He demolished Sam Querrey in the finals and against Kei Nishikori


also. He comes in with grass court pedigree. I am wondering if there is


cemetery to last year. Roanic in the final of Queen's and Wimbledon. He


was into the final of Queen's. Match against Lopez. And match points. So


he is coming in confident. He has big weapons, he has beaten Federer.


He's the underdog but I think he will fancy his chances.


When they last met here and Goran Ivanisevic was there, there were


three second serves and Goran said: If there is a lesson from last year,


when Federer is down, you need to stamp on him, kick him, hurt him


more. Very cruel! I was working with Milos and Carlos Moya was working


with Milos at the time. He was saying, it is hard to believe but


better to play Federer than Cilic as the match-up is not good. So that


gives an idea that there are people that respect what Marin can


springing to the table. We have to keep in mind that is very important.


Roger Federer is playing at a far higher level than last year and he


is healthier and moving better. So throw in the factors, it swings in


his favour. Also, to bear in mind it is


Federer's 11th final, and Cilic's first at the 11th attempt. Looking


at how they match up. Federer on grass has the one meeting so close


last year and has a 6-1 overall advantage. Tim, how do you see that?


It speaks for itself. Federer against most is going to have the


advantage before they start. But when it comes down to the finals of


an event like this, it is the best of five-set match. A two-horse race.


Cilic has to go out with a game plan. To look to dictate, to bully


Federer. The more time you give Federer, the opportunity it is for


him to make you do the running. He must be aggressive. To have the


mindset, he is a fantastic tournament, Federer is the


favourite. He doesn't have so much to lose. He must really go for it.


Don't be passive and come off the court and then say I wish I had gone


for it more. Which Roanic did not do last year. He froze. It is important


to point out it is his first final here. But also important to point


out it is not his first Grand Slam. Although, you play Kei Nishikori or


Roger Federer, that is a huge difference mentally.


He has the advantage of age. Cilic is 28, Roger is 35. In terms of time


on court, Cilic has spent more hours, almost like two matches more.


He has had 4.5 hours more earn court. That's because he is 28,


Clare. He better spend a little extra time to earn the right to play


this guy! Listen, this is going to be a tall order any way we paint it.


He has the weapons to do it with the belief. He has to take the raquet


out of Federer's hands. But if Roger plays the way he played today on


Sunday. I am picking Roger Federer to win this. Four sets.


Tim? Federer to win. OK. Let's catch up on the wheelchair


tennis action. Alfie Hewett for Britain missed out on a place for


his first wheelchair finals against Gustavo Fernandez.


Get your raquet! He's a terrific player.


And Jordanne Whiley and Yui Kamiji are playing Sunday morning live from


11.00am. Alfie


Gordon Reid were in action together. They were up begins Gustavo


Fernandez and S harks ngo Kamida. And celebrating there. They are into


the men's doubles final. That is live tomorrow morning on BBC Two.


That is at 11.00am. We like to show you something


different. If you come here to the outside court you get the chance to


invite to the features doubles. But if you are in the audience watching


you must be prepared for anything. So this guy has been owled from the


crowd. Kim is saying you better wear whites. There is no chance!


Honestly. Oh, my goodness. He got it on! No


way! OK. Well now he has to step up. And the top, so now he is all in


white. Kim is falling apart laughing! Here we go.


Go on! Oh! That is a good effort. Kim gives him a big hug. I love


that. Conchita matter he's on court as well. This is great.


Right, now back to the sensible stuff. In the women's final Garbina


Muguruza is up against Venus Williams and Annabelle Croft has


been assessing the strengths and the weaknesses of both.


Venus Williams brings out on to a tennis court incredible intimidation


factor and aggression. What she has been doing well is standing on the


baseline, taking the ball early, pummelling ground strokes into the


corners. She has a fantastic serve. The most effective is the body


serve. It clean bolded Johanna Konta several times during the course of


the semi-finals. If there was a weakness, it could be the second


serve that loses rhythm. When shoe Louis rhythm she goes up and down on


the spot instead of reaching up. So it lands short enabling the opponent


to step in and give the return a good crunch. The other weakness may


be on the forehand wing. It was weaker but improved. You have to


work hard to stay in the rallies, to stay with her to try to get the


forehand to break down. Garbina Muguruza comes out on to the


court with incredible aggress. One of the things she has done well is


stand up on the baseline to take the ground strokes early. When you watch


her return of serve she is inside the baseline, almost both feet off


the ground taking the back feet return of serve, up in the air and


trying to gain the initiative in the rally. Both sides are evil matched


forehand and backhand with a very good serve. It is difficult to pick


out the weaknesses but perhaps it is that she doesn't have the variety.


If her game is on, it is on but if it is off, she can start to miss


big. Both of the players come into the final having played six


incredibly impressive matches. But it feels like Venus Williams' level


is that little higher. They will both be aggressive. It will be about


first-strike tennis. But I think Venus Williams feels like she owns


the court. It is where she has had greatest successes in her career.


She knows how to play the right shot at the right time on the scoreline.


She will be very difficult to beat. It will be a sensational final.


John, is America getting excited? They are getting more excited. It


would have been nice to have Sam. But clearly they know more of Venus


and her story, similar to Roger, doing well at a late stage. So it


would be awesome. But thankful she is in the finals.


Tim, it is extraordinary. You must be thinking of coming out of


retirement soon? Oh... ! We know you are fit. You ran up here, barely out


of breath? No, it will not happen. We marvel at Federer, Venus is older


and playing just as well. Who do you think will win the


Women's Final? Venus. She's had a tough tough time coming into the


event. So to play as well as she has to get through to the final. I think


that she will finish it off. 2.00pm start. John? She has had an


incredible career. And she shows a new level after what happened a few


weeks ago, before the tournament. You can argue it anyway but it feels


like destiny. Venus Williams in three sets. I hope. It would be


wonderful to have a good match. The Women's match have been great. So


the weather forecast, bright start. Cloud in the middle of the day. The


risk of a shower. The afternoon and evening should be dry with sunny


spells. Temperatures in the highs of 21 Celsius. Now, time for the Shot


of the Day. Who else could we give it to by Roger... Which one? You can


talk us through. You clearly articulated that Roger makes even


wonderful people feel inferior. That one! It is good enough for me. You


hit what you think is a great swing and volley, to a court where you


think no way can a guy cover it. There you go, back of the line.


And Roger Federer is against Marin Cilic on Sunday. It will be a


classic weekend. As we know, the best ones are the old ones. Thanks


to Tim and John. We'll see you tomorrow.


Clare Balding is your host for highlights of the day's play at Wimbledon. Clare and her guests from the world of tennis bring you the best of the action and all the crucial talking points from the men's semi-finals at SW19.

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