Day 10 Highlights Today at Wimbledon

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Day 10 Highlights

Highlights from the day's play at the 2017 Wimbledon Championships. Clare Balding and guests analyse key talking points from another busy day at the All England Club.

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Rybarikova, This is the national programme, now we're going to take


you over to Wimbledon. That's it and he's done it. Her Majesty will


present the trophy to a British winner. The emotions overcome him.


Brilliant. Oh yes. That is perfect. Irresistible. Majestic. Wimbledon


champion. 40 years, an agonising wait. 40


openings of the gate. 40 times round the sun. With the question - is this


the one? 40 years a tennis era, but finally we are getting nearer. What


a battle. That is genius. 40 years since the Silver Jubilee, could we


crown a new queen. 40 years on from me, the last. She's done it. A fairy


story comes true. But the eyes of the champion don't look to the past.


A moment in time, 40 years in the making. Take a breath, Jo. It could


be yours for the taking! Virginia waived, Wade, who know what is it is


like to be in the final as a champion and with England's women in


the semi-finals of women's cricket World Cup and Jo Konta this is a


massive month for women's sport. We will be reflecting on and enjoying


again the match with Tracey Austin and Kim Clijsters and we will be


joined by Martina Navratilova after a bit of action herself on court


one. I hear from the cheers that Heather Watson and Kontinen have


won. They have done it. Fantastic stuff. 7-5 in the third set and they


go through to the semi-finals. They're the defending champions. So


let's start our review of the day with a look back at the biggest day


in Jo Konta's tennis life. She has fought her way through three


three-setters and across the net a woman who has done it all before.


Back in 97 it seemed to rain day after day and it was Venus's first


Wimbledon. I was put down with her. There was mum. And what I presume


was a younger sister. Now I know that was Serena. I didn't even


realise that Serena played. The first ball came flying at me. He


proceeded to hit each ball at mach10. Sam Smith with her


reflections of a young Venus. She is playing her 101st match at


Wimbledon. At the age of 37. But the crowd giving a huge ovation for Jo


Konta in her first Wimbledon semi-final. She said she felt


blessed to share Centre Court with the five-times champion. Venus cool


as ever. Served first and held and we pick it up in the second game in


the match, Konta serving for the first time.


Look how far she is in for the second serve s Venus. Ready to


attack. Sometimes just that presence there


can unsettle the double fault. A very early double fault. It shortens


the court, you feel the player closer to you and you hit a shorter


serve and sometimes they go in the net.


Nice come back after the double fault. It was important to get it


after a good start. The same for Jo Konta. Her coach on the left with


the sun glasses. Don't want to let Venus Williams get into the stride.


Wow that sends a message. I think the return was way more powerful


than the serve. And it was a good serve. It was a 93mph second serve.


Venus Williams smacks it back and draws the error.


The crowd applaud, thinking, hoping it might be an ace. Konta asks the


question. Just out. Not quite. Still stuck on


29 aces in this tournament. These two with the highest number of aces.


Not even the long arms of Venus Williams can get to that one.


You can hear the good will from the crowd urging her to get her service


hold. STUDIO: Konta recovered and held her


nerve as well as her serve and both continued to do so as we pick it up


at 4-4 with Venus serving. She is looking up, the sun is right


where she likes to toss the ball. And the double fault arrives. She is


not happy at all. A bit of cloud will be along shortly.


Oh no, oh no. Not surprising. Rarely see Venus miss volleys. Just


completed misjudged this. Maybe still blinded from the sun from the


serve and I'm looking into it again on the volley. I don't know how


bright it is out there. Well, the first break points arrive.


A return right back at the feet of Venus Williams. And Centre Court


will only get louder. What a serve. That was courageous.


106 second serve. That is the fastest second serve of the day.


Probably of the tournament, second serve, break point down, 4-4, going


for broke. That is seriously brave tennis from the former champ.


Having seen off those two break points, moves closer now to the


hold. So crucial for Venus to be hitting her forehand with authority


like this. Staying down and committing to it.


Challenge from Konta, but it did look a little bit heavy-handed. We


shall see if it was long. I thought it was a foot long. I thought she


might have hit a short ball. I think she saw Venus was on the the


baseline and tried to sneak it at her feet.


The pressure grows. Tried to control that forehand side. Just a bit of


top-spin for control. You can hear Venus Williams stepping


up the noise and the power and suddenly three set points for Venus


Williams. Well that second serve was so deep.


A bit of bravery on second serve. A lot of the crowds had their hearts


in their mouths. It was a good thing there was a lot of kick on that


serve. It would have gone wrong. The kick brought it in. A brave second


serve from Jo. That is long and it is the the first


blow to Venus Williams in this semi-final. There was a pause as the


crowd took it in. STUDIO: That meant Venus was serving


first in the second set. We pick it up with Konta 1-2 down.


The hand of apology. Two let caughts in a row, forcing Jo to come in. The


second one dribbling the ball over the net. And now again trouble. She


has to come up with some big serves here.


No. And the vice tightens further for Jo Konta. Three break points.


Third double point. Shot! She was a little slow getting


to the backhand, but she did a good job keeping the ball low. What a


nice drop volley on a big point. Will this be the difference in this


game? She needs a break. She's not been lucky in this match so far.


Oh and it's good, this time the clip on the net is fine for Konta. Two


down one to go. She is flirting with the net every shot she hits, the net


clearance is so low. Still a break point down though.


And Williams has it? No. STUDIO: Terrific effort from Konta,


but Williams maintaining the advantage. Konta is serving to stay


in the match when we rejoin it. This is about the only battle that


Jo has been winning is the aces. Everything else Williams has had the


upper hand. That checked off the baseline right


on the line. The ball slows down considerably when it hits the chalk.


More abrasive chalk than the dprass. -- grass. She was way too early.


This time the net favours her just. They want it to go on, this dream


for Johanna Konta. Well the second serve was good. The


follow up not so. Just had the longest game of this


match. A mistake drawn from Johann that


Konta and does it end here? For a run that has been... Match point,


Venus Williams. Not yet. Not yet. That was about the


first nervous shot that Venus has hit this whole match. Too much time


too think about it? That's probably true.


Again the mistake on the forehand, long it goes. And another


opportunity for Venus Williams to make a Wimbledon final once again.


Good time to find a great first serve.


Double fault. Once again for Johanna Konta and it brings up a third match


point here on Centre Court. There it is. This times the arms


aloft in celebration. It is Venus Williams who is back in the


Wimbledon final after so many years. For Konta, it ends here.


You had the crowd behind her, how well did you have to play to win? I


thought the crowd was very nice to me. They could have been really even


more boisterous. I thought the crowd was fair. I know they love Jo and


there was a lot of pressure and I thought she handled it well. I think


my experience helped. You had a smile on your face after the match,


what were you feeling when you had won? She played so well. No point


was easy. I just tried to climb on top each time to get another point


and then, wow, it was done. I was so happy. Muguruza in the final what,


can we look forward to? We both play well on grass. The last time she


played Serena so so I have to ask her for pointers. Usually it is her.


Have you missed Serena. Terribly. I just wish she was here. I was like,


I wish she could do this for me. I said o this time you have to do it


for yourself. So here we are. Over all I think all the credit has to go


to Venus and the way she was able to play today. I don't think I did too


much wrong. She just dictated the match from the very beginning to the


very end. So I had very few chances to get a good foot hold in the match


and when I did have the chances, she did very well to take them away from


me. So all credit to her. You take away a sense of pride in the way you


were able to play so well to get to the point but deal with the


attention that goes with it as a British player? Definitely, I think


I dealt with it how I expected myself to deal with it. How I felt I


was going to. But to be able to be involved until this stage of


tournament, I'm very happy with nachlt I would have liked to have


gone further. But I'm taking a lot of good things. A word on the warmth


from the public, they have taken you to their hearts, even more than ever


it seeps? They were magnificent and the noise and just the general


support that I have feet, the support and love I have felt has


been truly been incredibly MEPable. -- memorable. A way Konta has


remained calm, but the Queen of calm and staying in the moment is Venus


Williams, she comes through. Martina Navratilova has joined us after


winning on Court One. Well done. I think we had better lose the tennis


balls, they're blocking you. I was going to eat one up. That was


strawberries. We don't need tennis balls. Kim your take on that match.


What did you think about it as a whole I was looking forward to it. I


have been commentating on Jo's matches and I thought that she had a


chance. The match was very level from the start. And you could see


that Venus was trying to show her dominance and standing close in the


baseline and serving well. Just towards the end of that first set,


you saw that Jo had a couple of xhanss, a -- chance, but Venus came


up with her best tennis. That is what she has been able to do for so


many years is switch it on when she has to. It has been amazing to see.


She is extraordinary, Venus Williams, she, we just all have to


go, all we talk about Roger, look at Venus. 37 but that champion's


mentality. She played a very aggressive point, the forehand


winner and the next point she is facing a second serve and hits a


106mph second serve and Konta misses the return. That is very brave and


that was the last break point Konta saw. Very small margins and Venus


played very well. She was so aggressive from the beginning and it


paid off, just rushing Jo the entire time. Did you feel Jo should have


done anything different there? Well, she had a couple of openings at


15-30 on Venus's serve. Didn't do enough. She didn't miss the return,


beshe had some second serves that she didn't do enough with and 30-40


that was too well played by Venus. She didn't use the body serve


enough. She was struggling with her service games more than Venus. Venus


only faced two break points. You need to hold serve better. Venus did


use the body serve and it cramped Konta up. When you're that long, the


body serve is nasty. You have a long way to get away from the ball.


Especially with her returning from that close in the box. You have got


to push her off the baseline. The only way is to go right at her. I


don't think Jo did that enough. 52% down the middle of the court and Jo


struged with -- struggled with a couple and it started to get in her


head and five or six forehands she missed at crucial moments and that


was the difference in a match like this that is that close, the


foreland broke down. How much does the occasion that you?


Does adrenaline change way your body works? It does and the effect of


having Venus in front of you at this stage of the tournament, that does


have an impact, she forces you to go for the lines and forces you to put


a little bit more power into the second serves and she made a couple


of double faults here and there and that is what it feels like to have


Venus in front of you, she forces you to go for extra. Martina? I


think Jo Konta could have hit more down the line shots, Venus is still


there, she cheats crosscourt anyway, we all do, but the only opening is


down the line and she did not do that enough. It is hard to go up the


line, it is much higher. The amazing thing about Venus Williams is, ten


years after Roger and Venus were last champions together at the same


time in Wimbledon, we have a chance again and if you look at a record


compare to other Grand Slams, anybody else apart from her sister,


five times winner, three times runner-up, winning nine out of ten


semifinals, this place makes even better? She loves this place, she


feels more confident and importantly, it is the grass, it


suits her style of play. Her serve is naturally a slice, it stays low.


She likes shorter points and she had said flat, it moves through the


court very quickly and she likes to move forward as well. She is


alert, she becomes more alert here, looking to move forward and shorten


the points that she knows how to play. Martina, Jo Konta moves into


the top five on Monday, only the fourth British woman to get that


high. Jo Durie, Virginia Wade and Sue Barker, since rankings began.


What do she need to do to make it into the grand slam final win the


grand slam final? How much are you going to pay me for this answer? She


can improve her serve, her second serve she can use hand more. She a


nice motion, she still does not take full advantage of that but the


forehand has to be more steady. The transition game, waving to the net


and the backhand slice, she was not use that at all. That'll make your


backhand even better, it gives more variety and makes her opponent go


off-balance. Overall, she is missing better but the forehand has to be


more money and margin is not big enough. She is rubbing the ball. I


was nervous because it was clearing the net by one foot and that is when


you get nervous and you will feel it. And the forehand broke down


because of that. Nearly but not yet? Her contact point needs to be more


consistent on the forehand, that is what moves it. OK. Venus into the


final. Who would she face? Paddy Geary has the lowdown on the other


semifinal. There are many roads to Wimbledon and paths to Centre Court.


Rybarikova has gone a long way, tracking out of the valley of


injury, she was 453rd in March. Her journey back has taken her through


the scenic route. All the while her stride grew stronger. Into Wimbledon


unseeded but unafraid. She took down the favourite, Karolina Pliskova and


marched all the way to Vandeweghe in the quarterfinal. Straight sets,


Coco out. I am so happy, really speechless. She faces an woman who


has trodden this path before and knows there are bumps in the road.


Garbine Muguruza made the final before but left broken. One year


later she left Paris as a champion. This week, Kerber and Kuznetsova


have been dismissed and Muguruza as a guide. Her coach one here in 1984.


The path to the final is only wide enough for one player. Rybarikova


leading the way. 28 years old, five foot 11 and following her, the


6-foot tall 23-year-old Garbine Muguruza. Muguruza served first


hand-held. We pick up the match in Rybarikova's


opening service game. Commentary from Simon Reed,


John McEnroe and Kim Clijsters. Bad weighted shot from Muguruza. Her


favourite, the backhand down the line, on any surface. She really


loves to go for that shot. As always, great slow motion footage


of Muguruza. Almost expected of someone who has


not been in this position before. Experience comes in handy for


Muguruza. She is challenging but I am not sure with how much


expectation. No. Rybarakova was looking a little


forlorn but started to get back into the game as we rejoin it


with Muguruza leading Could she get onto the board here?


Do you remember much as you played many felt completely overwhelmed


because of stress or pressure? My first match on this court. I played


Jimmy Connors in the semifinal, I felt like I was hyperventilating and


my legs were shaking! I do know what she is feeling. My


last match, I lost two under Agassi, where that experience felt like


nothing. Nothing you can do. That is the other terrible thing. Getting


blown out. In the end, the legs are tired. And it is not nerds. It is


just old age! That is worse! -- it is not nerds.


And I thought I was old at 33. Take a look at Roger Federer! 35, almost


36, he looks amazing. Unbelievable. Venus, we will see her at 37.


22 minutes and Muguruza has opened up a 5-0 lead. Conchita Martinez


looking on, Muguruza firing on all cylinders and after 27 minutes in


the sixth game, Rybarikova got onto the scoreboard. The crowd trying to


cheer encouragement. But she was looking


at a 5-1 deficit. And Muguruza was not


in the mood for sympathy. She served out the first set


with her first set point. And it started in a similar


vein to the first. She made her way onto the court. 35


minutes, to come back to your question earlier! We are off and


running. Hopefully! The difference in playing styles is


interesting, Rybarikova is so straight, even when she hits it her


upper body does not go forward a lot, compared to Muguruza, every


chance she can move in, she likes to go forward.


Coming into this match, both players had about the same amount, Muguruza,


16 already and Rybarikova has only been to the net than four times, she


has been on her heels the entire match.


That is great. On the money, so far. It was racing by so fast. Rybarikova


got onto the scoreboard in the second set but we picked this up


with Muguruza serving out for- one. -- serving at 4-1.


She has played those very well. Unfortunately, there has only been


three or four of those points. Out of 12 games, that is not amount to a


lot. Another game goes the way of


Muguruza. The one went Martina was 37? Around there. It would be


interesting to see... Maybe not for people in Britain, but for Muguruza,


being coached by Conchita to play, another 37-year-old American. Who


knows? It is possible! We will find out soon, apparently, with what


happens in the other semifinal. We said about Muguruza for a lot of


this year, when things go wrong they start to go very wrong but there is


no sign of anything going wrong here.


Again, that depth. It is almost like you want to get a hook and taken out


of there. -- Tech her out of there. I think she once you to get the


hook. Please take me off! From Muguruza, this is a perfect


semifinal, it is short and she is not wasting any energy and she is


able to play her game and be dominant. She will leave this match


feeling very comfortable and motivated to start. She has been


dictating. She is through to the final again!


It was that good, Conchita is smiling. She is a very talented


player and she was playing very good during the tournament and I think


today I stepped onto the court super-confident and everything went


well. How about your big match experience compared to her as?


Having been a Grand Slam champion and being at the final here?


Definitely, in this situation it is knowing how to handle it better and


I was more prepared than the first time I played so definitely yes.


What is Conchita Martinez as a former champion going to bring to


you when it comes to the final? She knows how to win here and I did not


the last time so hopefully she can tell me something. She has been


helping me during the two weeks of her experience and tips, so for sure


it is going to help. Just over one hour, can you describe coming to


Wimbledon as like going to Disneyland? Do you think Rybarikova


was a little bit starstruck? I think so, a little overwhelmed by the


occasion and I listened to her post-match interviews and a lot of


times she mentioned, I cannot believe it! You need to believe it


if you want to win. It is normal for the first time in that situation, so


many more details are added, the pressure, you have not been there


before, it is normal but the most frustrating thing is in that


situation, she was unable to play her best. If you get beaten at best


we shake hands and say, you were too good today. It is frustrating if you


cannot. To look at her record at Wimbledon and how many times she


went out in round one, once in round three and here is the semifinal,


coming up against some? And she also came out differently. The match


against Coco, she was hitting the ball between her legs in the warm


up, she looked very relaxed and today, Rybarikova was to tens


because the situation is very different in the semifinals,


touching distance of the final. But all credit to Muguruza, she was so


balanced, she moved well, in control from the service games, she was


doing drills, getting to the corner is beautifully and so close to the


lines. She has incredible power. She always has found that, she picks


spots better and after the first couple of games, after the first


service break, she realised there was nothing she can hurt me with so


she relaxed even more and never had any pick-up. Firing on all


cylinders, the backhand down the line, good clearance, that is a safe


shot for her and it paid off. She has a very clear game plan. Conchita


has helped mentally but also tactically. I feel that she really


knows what you want is to do on the court. And she is a big game


performer? I am really excited about the final against Venus Williams.


What do you think Muguruza will do to her? How much damage? Will she


went? On grass, it is important to play your first two shots very well


and Venus did that well today and if Venus plays as well as today in the


final, it will be very hard for Muguruza to win. But you have to


hang in there and stay close and Venus also might have a moment in


the match where she will drop are level and little and that is when


you have to take a chance and take that opportunity. Looking at the


head-to-head, Williams winning three, Muguruza winning one of them.


They have not played on grass. The one advantage is Muguruza is scared


of nobody! Venus isn't either. A lot of players would start two points


behind because it is the final at Wimbledon with Venus. I love the


fact that Muguruza is just so contained, if she played this way,


when she won the French Open, not making so many unforced errors, and


sometimes her shots don't seem to have any purpose and today she was


very purposeful and she had a game plan that could execute because


often she makes too many unforced errors and she seemed like she


really played within herself and she has the talent, the execution is


what is important. Free coaching advice, Martina? What does Muguruza


do to Venus? The Buddies serves that Jo Konta did not? I believe so, she


will do that, the second serve early, I think it is the backhand


down the line that will be the deciding shot in that exchange


because the forehand, Venus is better, I think Muguruza has the


edge on the backhand and down the line, she will have to use that shot


early in the rallies to open up the court. Also interesting is both


players like to come in, Muguruza more so than Venus and this might be


the first time that Venus has played somebody who is more aggressive than


herself. It will be interesting to see who gets to the net first. And


court position as well. Both of them were on top of the baseline,


especially Muguruza, hitting the ball early, robbing time from the


opponent. Should be a good match. It is one I am really looking forward


to. Plenty of British interest


in the mixed doubles quarter-finals as Jamie Murray and Martina Hingis


took on British pair Welcome to this Mixed Doubles match.


Jamie Murray and Martina Hingis against Ken Skupski and Jocelyn Rae.


Well played, Jocelyn Rae! That is a lovely shot.


Jamie Murray could see that coming, he was off, like a rabbit.


Great shot. That was beautifully worked.


And the first set to the top seeds. They were made to play Mixed Doubles


with each other. Lovely shot. What an angle from Hingis.


Long, great stuff. Masterclass from the top seeds.


You were just willing someone to win this with a winner. How did he see


that? If he had not seen that, he would have had that in the eye. Done


and dusted, Jamie Murray and Martina Hingis, just a little bit too much


class. Shirley Bassey watching on, they move through to the semifinals.


Kontinen and Watson also through. There was mixed success


in the wheelchair singles. British teenager Alfie Hewett


dropped the first set against Nicolas Peifer of France


but fought back to win in three. Defending champion and top seed


Gordon Reid was beaten 6-2 6-3 by Sweden's Stefan Olsson


in a rematch of last year's final. And Britain's Lucy Shuker lost


6-3 6-1 to second seed Jordanne Whiley was 5-1 down in the


second set of her singles quarterfinal and she fought back in


the tie-break but lost. We've scoured the courts


for today's Shot of the Day. Terrific rally! That was the rally


other day and not the shot of the day! But good to get some doubles.


Tomorrow, the men's semi-finals take centre stage.


I lost 6-4 in the fifth, two years back and at Queen's, Toth grass


court losses to him, part of it is metal and part physical, I will keep


doing what I have been doing and hopefully be good enough. Sam played


very well this year, even last year, at Wimbledon, he has the big game.


He potentially can hurt anyone in the game. For me, I have to get


ready fully and be very focused on my own game. I could never really


play quite so freely last year because I am more focused on my


knee, it is behaving well, what is not going to be good for my


opponent? This year I am just a normal tennis player, I can focus on


tactics and that is a difference. In 2010I beat Roger and Novak and this


year I am playing Roger, and Rafa Nadal is not there, it is going to


be interesting. We need to get someone to talk about Marin Cilic.


He has won the US Open, one of the nicest guys on the tour. I am


cheering him on. Tracy? Sam, American. I'm not sure he is going


to win. Marin Cilic is up in their head-to-head 4-0 and Marin Cilic has


Thomas Bjorkman in his cab. And he has a Grand Slam under his belt.


Roger will be cheating so I will go for Tomas Berdych. -- Roger would be


cheating. That means I get Roger. And he is just wonderful, isn't he?


I will say no more! Time now for Quote of the Day,


and which former Wimbledon champion Well, not one of them gives me


motivation because all other names I read, I all of them for the last


year's, you see the surname Williams. I look forward to just


having it there. But the Spanish name back there. So none of them is


the answer! I was disappointed she did not say Conchita!


There will be some early morning drizzle but that should clear


And this has been floating our social media boat today.


With Johanna Konta's love of baking, we've decided to go for the cake


This is what watching Jo Konta is like! It would have been a heck of a


comeback but sadly did not happen. We're back tomorrow


at 8pm on BBC Two. Sue and the team from 12.30pm


on BBC Two, 1.45pm on BBC One. Those finals will be fabulous. --


semifinals. Thank you Martina, Tracy and Kim. Back in court tomorrow?


Tracey? We play each other! My word! I hope that is on the Red Button!


Not to worry! And goodbye to Jo Konta. Terrific effort. She has


gone. Goodbye.


Clare Balding presents highlights from the day's play at the 2017 Wimbledon Championships. Clare and guests from the tennis world analyse all the key talking points from another busy day at the All England Club.