Day 9 Highlights Today at Wimbledon

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Day 9 Highlights

Highlights from the men's quarter-finals at the 2017 Wimbledon Championships. Clare Balding is joined by legends of the game to analyse the key moments from the day's play.

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Also the battle of the unknowns. Gilles Muller. He never knows when


he is beaten. The Croatian sensation. Marin Cilic,


underestimate him at your peril. Behold the Birdman, Tomas Berdych,


with his killer forehand, watching fly. But can he defeat the Man of


Steel who has come back for what was once his? And of course, Milos


Raonic. He has deadly power. But you cannot rule out his opponent, Mr


universe, he seems to have been here since time began. Take a seat from a


safe distance and enjoy the league of extraordinary gentlemen as they


all battle for supremacy. Gorgeous evening here and another


bumper day of tennis. The last eight men remaining,


including seven times champion, Roger Federer, three times champion,


Novak Djokovic, and two time Plenty to discuss and digest. In the


company of Boris Becker and John McEnroe, good evening. Good evening


to you. I am looking forward to discussing these matches. We are


going to. You will be making headlines again!


And we kick off with the world number one and home hope


The defending champion took to Centre Court first up today


against the big hitting Californian Sam Querrey.


They've met eight times before and Murray has won seven of them.


Querrey was trying to reach the semi-finals for the first time


Andy came out firing, held his serve to love and we join


the match in the second game, with Querrey serving.


Commentary from Andrew Castle and John McEnroe.


Dodgy start, so far, although Murray has not lost to an American since


2011! That is not a good statistic! I am sure Craig did not tell Sam


that! His only loss to Americans at these


Grand Slam events, four of them each year, 2009, Wimbledon, Andy Roddick


in the semifinal. Right now, the nerves have got in the way of Sam


Querrey's ability to play his game and guess who is going to take


advantage! The defending champion a number one seed. Seven straight


points. To open the matchup for Andy Murray.


The 100th ace. If he can sneak out of this game, he will settle.


And that is a hungry performance from Murray. Whilst it was nervous


from Querrey. 20 minutes later, Murray was serving


for the first set and he duly Murray hit only two unforced errors


in that first set and won 78% Let's pick it up with the scores


level in the middle Yes! You just cannot come in on his


backhand and ever he is in this mood. The first one was crosscourt,


the second one was like a laser, down the line. Sam was pretty far


back when he chose to come in. He can never get himself comfortable,


in a good position. Excellent player and suddenly, 0-40, second serve.


Murray thought that serve was out. He will not challenge and stop the


point. We will look at the replay to see if


that serve was in that Murray was in? It may not matter. Still break


point. That was tougher, the lowest, hardest part of the net. Just three


foot high. And clinching the top. Tight. Self-flagellation on Centre


Court! Here is the serve. 0-40. It looked like it did catch some line


in the middle. You could have an argument with that! I could argue


with hello! This'll be the getaway, he will steal this game, Querrey, if


he can get out of this. He is still grumbling about that 0-40 Coll.


That is a beautiful shot! You love that! Such great hands and feel.


Court since he gets set down, Querrey is forced to come up with


something unusual, improvisation. Whatever it was, it was a thing of


beauty to see. He is back, break point. The serve


at 0-40 was out. It was bad? OK. The first of this sequence of break


points. He is hoping it does not matter. This is his fourth


opportunity. I don't think Sam understood how


important it was at 0-40 to come back, if he could have won that


game... That is the best backhand, so far.


You better step things up, if you are Querrey. You have to find that


here and that will. That fight. Murray showing the first signs of


some tightness. Trying to put this big man away and take a really huge


lead. Yes! Coming in with power, this


time. Andy Murray beating himself up in the missed opportunity.


Querrey's movement was starting to improve, his serve


He held the next game and then put Murray under pressure


Querrey was too good and took the second to level things up


And Murray clearly frustrated to have handed back the initiative.


Murray broke in the opening game and maintained that advantage


to come out and serve for the set at 5-4.


That is what you can do to an 84 man spill our second serve, Querrey


forcing himself forward. Mis-hit. Slightly. -- 84 mph.


Was that the sun coming out, just at that moment?


Boy oh boy. History repeating itself, from the second set,


although he did not serve from that. The sun isn't a terrible position


for the ball toss. He will have adjust that. Probably further over


to the left-hand side. It is a challenge but I am not sure


Murray is convinced it will be successful. Unbelievable that


Querrey has done it again. And in exactly the same way, with that


driving backhand. So a break back for Querrey


and Murray was in a dogfight. He did not let that one bounce. It


has got to increase the speed that it is coming out from that high up.


That takes it out of the equation, but too late.


Well, this is a terrible tie-break, so far, for Sam Querrey. It started


with that return. The second serve, it has gone from bad to worse.


Unfortunate for Querrey, as hard as he has worked to get back into the


set, what an opportunity? Murray is hobbling, there is no question he is


100%. He is running well. We will see if that affects his serve at


all. I don't think so. It is a challenge. We have been told


again and again that Andy Murray is fine. That he has always walked by


key is walking. But as a man with a metal hip, I can tell whenever


somebody has got a hip problem. 6-2. 6-3. He needs to finish this off, he


has had enough leads in this match in the second and third set. He does


not want to lose this point on his serve. This is the end where the


sunshine is an issue. That was a heck of a shot, Querrey


returning the favour, he has seen enough of those in this match. The


first serve, 97 macro is per hour, he elected to get the first one in.


Will he do it this time? -- 97 mph. Yes, that was a good serve, that


brings in the third set. 2-1, Andy Murray in the sunshine on Centre


Court, this has not been easy. Murray was showing some


discomfort in the third. But in the fourth he was really


struggling to move and to serve. The speed of his first serve


was 116mph on average before today but by the fourth set


it was only 106mph. He's already been broken once


as we rejoin it at 3-1 to Querrey. In the third round he was forced


against Tsonga, he broke serve. This has been quite an eventful five


matches for Sam Querrey. That is in. Taking you back to 2012,


he contested the second longest match in Wimbledon history. He lost


in the third round to Marin Cilic, in the fifth. He is looking to take


this to the fifth and if he can get this break, that would be the


odds-on probability. Sam Querrey is on it, right now.


Remember, he has never been in a Grand Slam semifinal. Uncharted


territory. You know, the fire is not there for


Andy Murray, who so quickly well look around and talk to the box and


use the energy from the crowd, and his coaches and his wife. Everybody,


he will engage and he is flat as a pancake.


Definitely not right. Whether it is concentration or physical, either


way the combination sees him down. Querrey won 100% of first serve


points in the fourth set and broke the world number one again to take


it 6-1 in barely 22 minutes. The defending champion won


the fourth game of the deciding set but his first serve dropped


to 45% in. The American broke twice


and was soon serving for the match and a place in his first


Grand Slam semi-final. It is away the defending champion,


the top seed, is just one point away from relinquishing the title he won


last year with victory over Milos Raonic. This has been double-click.


With sets four and five. -- double quick.


And that is it. That this should finish on a huge Querrey ace,


certainly Andy Murray is not right and we will find out more. Sam


Querrey, a piece of tennis history. When did you first start to feel the


pain and lack of power on your serve? I mean, look, I spoke before


the tournament, my hip has been so for most of the event. Yes, it was


just a little bit too sore today and in the end I was obviously


struggling on the serve and when playing a man who serves huge


himself and then you are not getting many free points on your own serve,


it is difficult, you are not dictating many rallies and you have


to do more moving and that was tough in the end. If it had not been


Wimbledon, would it have been a normal tournament and you would have


skipped it? If it was any Grand Slam... I gave myself a great chance


to get to the semifinals, I had an opportunity to win the match in


straight sets today, I was upset in the break and I did not get that.


Yes, I was obviously in good enough shape to give myself a chance to go


very deep in the tournament and almost managed to get through today.


Any Grand Slam, I would have taken that and compared that with how I


was feeling a few weeks ago before it started. I would have been out


there for a Grand Slam. Clearly fighting through the pain and got


worse. On reflection, is this a triumph he made it to the


quarterfinals or that he did not get further? A little bit of both, he


had -- he obviously was trying to manage something and we do not know


how serious it is. How much time he takes off, it remains to be seen, he


did a good job. Crazy matches against Dustin Brown, Fabio Fognini,


Benoit Paire, things that mentally drive you crazy but physically not


so much. Querrey is a man who can take the racquet out of your hands,


if you are not moving well, as he clearly was not towards the end, and


we were looking at the graphics, and they were showing us that he was


landing on one leg, he cannot even push off, he has lost speed on his


serve, that was becoming evident. Guess who picked up? Sam Querrey.


Guess who it relaxed? Sam Querrey. And you must give them credit for


being opportunistic. Andy Murray was keen to make the point that he wants


to be back for the U.S. Open, six weeks away, is that realistic, if


this is a major hip problem? He should not be playing if he moves


like that, he will only have a chance if he is physically really


healthy and I respect the fact that he does not take the hip problem as


an alibi. He is a competitor, he is a number-1 player but he needs to be


honest with himself, he needs to have different opinions. How bad is


it? How long does it take for me to be healthy? How many tournaments to


have to play before being in shape? That should be the main concern. It


is interesting, we look at that service speed, and how that dropped,


everything is affected because he push of? Of course but how much was


that mental? He is up, he should have won the set and he does not,


that affects you and gets into your head and that seeps down into the


rest of your body. He should have served for that set and he did not.


The match goes on, that was a pretty quickly paced match, it was not


extremely physical. It is really tough to tell right now because I


would have said that he should have won that in straight sets. Sam


Querrey came out and he was extremely tight. He was not handling


and he played 25 setters, his legs looked... He was struggling. He


looked better in the end and at the beginning, Andy Murray looked worse


at the end. It is hard to know what to make of this. Sam Querrey did


pull off an amazing shots, incredible movement and hitting


particularly difficult backhand smashes. Any time Murray tried to


lob, he gets that easily, amazing. Querrey saw over the net an injured


player and at the beginning he was playing the champion and the number


one player in the world. Half way through the match he felt I have a


chance at this match and that is a psychology of tennis, you only have


to beat the other guy oh the net. You don't have the beat the name or


the history or the record. That is amazing. This was the best point of


his life right here, Sam Querrey at 4-1 to get the double break. No


question about it. The greatest point he has played in his life. He


knew it was over then, that is the best I have seen Sam Querrey move,


we have talked long and hard for many years in America, look, Sam,


you from the to show more intensity, more fire, you have fire power, you


can scare people, he is one of these everyone likes the guy,


happy-go-lucky, I'll take what I can, it great to be 25 in the world


but maybe you could be five in the world. World. I mean I'm not saying


he is going to win Grand Slams but now, all of a sudden. He has a


chance. Chance. Let us talk about he would face. You might it ex it to be


Rafael Nadal. Whatever the result of this match Querrey was going to be


up against a big booming serve. Marin Cilic hasn't dropped a set so


far and Roberto Bautista Agut felt the full force of his power. For


Gilles Muller it was a late-night five set epic as he knocked out 15


time Grand Slam winner Rafael Nadal, to become the first Luxembourger in


a Wimbledon quarterfinal. 174 aces between them so far, but only one


could come out on top. Let us look at the best of the action starting


in the very first game. Nice point. Lots of support out here


for Gilles Muller. Oh, yes, well played.


Great hands from Cilic. Yes. Muller's first to strike.


He's missed. Cilic had a bit of a shocker there.


Muller the beneficiary, he leads by one set to love.


This's a sensational point from Gilles Muller. Totel and absolute


control. -- total.


Al and absolute control. -- total.


Sensational, little slice backhand winner.


Muller is moving round court like a teenager.


That was a decent serve but absolutely ripped away by Muller.


That is fantastic from Cilic. He's coaching team on their feet.


Cilic takes the second set Muller there in


plenty of time, with a choice of shots to play.


Oh, he's dumped it in the net and Muller is broken finally, as Cilic


takes the third set. Brilliant half-volley.


Absolutely brilliant. Oh! That's going to hurt. That will


sting. Oh, what a shot. Great point --


break point down. A rocket from Muller.


Muller has the break. Muller will serve for the set.


We're into a fifth. A courageous fight back from Gilles Muller.


Oh, fantastic. Well the majority of crowd are here


supporting Gilles Muller but they had to applaud this little bit of


genius from the Croatian. Too long again. It is four love to


Cilic. Another 11 stroke rally, that is


still the longest number of shots in the match so far.


Cilic is in the Wimbledon semifinals.


I was three times getting stuck at the course and this is just amazing,


I amazing achievement of course. Today was a hard fought battle,


Gilles Muller played great tennis, he was serving unbelievable. I had


to work hard until the end of testify third set to get a first


break. It was a couple of points deciding the match and glad I pulled


it. Cilic a real danger man and a bit like Querrey, he is into his


first Wimbledon semifinal. At the 11th attempt. She is a Grand Slam


winner. He has won one, he had match point on Roger Federer last year, so


he knows he can play in this. Can I give a bit of credit to Gilles


Muller. Isn't he great. He plays Nadal for five hour, you have to


figure the legs are hurting at the least and he battles this guy. He


was scaring Cilic out there, he had his hands full for a long time. So


win that fourth set the way he did, to make it to two sets all. Very


commendable. Finally the legs gave out and that is where it comes in


handy when you haven't lost a set coming into a match like that. Other


thing about Muller, back to Cilic, he really is, I mean for anybody he


is a big, big danger to face. Before the tournament started we quickly


raise the Big Four, there are a couple of other players who have


consistent results year after year, Marin Cilic is one of them. We


mentioned last year, he won the Queen's Club before, he is always


good. It is his fourth consecutive quarterfinal, so he was always on


the cards, going through the dawn without dropping a set until today,


we talked about it but nobody mentioned it. Carlos Moyes said to


me last year, he said I'm happy. I am saying this and it turned out to


be true, we are not playing Marin Cilic, we are playing Roger Federer.


Because Marin Cilic is not necessarily a great match up. That


says a lot about Cilic, because I think we've seen that he this guy


Federer has been able to turn things round. Talking the of which, it was


Roger Federer against Marin Cilic, not Marin Cilic against Milos Raonic


for the second women in a row, they met in the semifinal last year,


Raonic won that, but Roger playing in his 50th Grand Slam quarterfinal,


hiss 100th match here at Wimbledon. And the seven time champion has been


in fabulous form, this fortnight. And that is how he started, breaking


Raonic in the fifth game. We will join Petzschner and Boris Becker --


Mark Petchey and Boris It's the skill to be able to land it


there and it takes a lot of courage, to take it into an opponent's


strength. Two set points.


One needed. Fifth ace of the set.


And Federer wraps it up, 6-4. That set lasted 28 minutes but ran


was fining his feet and range, they held serve to take it into a third


set tie-break and Raonic has the mini-break in that tie-break as we


join it. It wasn't the fast first serve but


the placement. That is the key here.


Tough to change any sort of aquatic when you can't lay a racket on the


ball, that is what Federer has done on his service games this set.


It has taken less than an hour for Federer to take a two sets to love


lead. As you probably noticed that wasn't a tie-break. Federer two sets


to love in front. Here is the tie-break, Raonic just fractionally


in front as we rejoin it. That is the first point Federer has


taken and he has gone to the forehand side in the deuce, in the


entire set. And he catched -- catches it absolutely flush.


Can't fault Raonic there, he hit his spot. Federer way outside the


doubles line. Back on serve.


It is Federer that uses the body serve to great effect there.


Following it up with a nice backhand drop shot.


Snob everybody calm down now. -- everybody calm down now.


Oh my goodness! Goodness! And the scary thing was ran was covering the


line. Federer ease managed to hit round


the outside of this ball and bend it.


Back on to the line. UMPIRE: 5-3 Federer.


Pure genius. Raonic needed to stop the rot there.


Five points in a row for Federer from love three to 5-3.


Michaelangelo is probably best remembered for the work he did on


the sips Tyne chapel ceiling. This man's best work will probably be


remembered here on the hallowed Ken the course. We witness one of the


Beck forehands he has ever struck. Sistine chapel ceiling. This man's


best work will probably be remembered here on the hallowed Ken


the course. We witness one of the Beck forehands he has ever struck.


And he is through to his 12th semifinal here at Wimbledon. He has


so many records, so many numbers by his name, but thaw is the most in


the open era ahead oaf Jimmy Connors now, he is virtually ahead of


everybody in every category, he is simply one of the best of all time.


With your usual sense of occasion your one hundredth match at


Wimbledon you make it through to the semifinals again. How special was


that? Very special. I thought the crowd was unbelievable. They were


the best, doing the Mexican wave on Centre Court. You don't see that


every match. I thought they were quite into it and the match ended in


the climax of a tie-breaker where Milos Raonic had his chance, late in


the third set. I had to fend them off and come up with great shots to


stay in it. I was able to make the difference, so it was a good one,


that the crowds were again, incredible. Federer is an odds on


favourite to be what would be a record eighth title. He would


rewrite the record books and become the oldest Wimbledon winner and he


makes it so easy and smooth. And on and on, it is going to roll.


All his achievements, I still will never get tired of watching him in


full flow. He is beautiful. Nobody does. He is not only the most


successful with the 18 slams, he is the most popular. Everywhere he


plays he is the fan favourite. That is the amazing part. He has done so


much for tennis globally John. I have met fans from Taiwan and China,


all round the world. I don't think you could find a place where they


don't love him. It is well deserved. It is an honour and pleasure to be


able to be on the court in the commentary box watching the most


magnificent and beautiful tennis player I have witnessed on the


court. Milos Raonic stepped it up in the third set, he tried to make


something happen. He did a lot of good things there, he started


poorly. Yes, I am, I was a bit, there was a big chance for him. A


repeat of last year, he should have done more. You have to take the


racket somehow out of the guy's hand, you hit one, if you believe


you are one of the biggest serves in tennis history you can't stay back,


sorry. If you are going to stay back you have to drive this ball and go


after it, he didn't do that, but in the end, it worked for Federer


because he did step it up and started to become more aggressive.


He served and volleyed more, the crowd got more into it and Milos


Raonic was playing great tennis, he was up three one, the crowd was


buzzing, Roger hits two unbelievable forehands and it is debilitating to


play that. Everyone loves him and he deserves it. The other guy is like,


forget, what about me, there is no chance, standing ovation and that is


part of why Konta won in that tie-break yesterday. The crowd made


the difference. I am not saying Milos Raonic would have won the


match but he would have won that tie-breaker. The crowd Rose up and


the king prevailed. And he is. All hail the king. It was sensational.


He was playing Points West tennis. The final match of the day saw three


time Wimbledon champion jobbing Jock in action for the second day in a


row. He had a shoulder problem and a few gripes and grumbles and Paddy


Gearey chars the ups and downs of his quarterfinal appearance against


the former finalist Tomas Berdych. -- Novak Djokovic.


Quarterfinalist not a set dropped. And yet, something's up.


So what is eating Novak Djokovic? There is two points in a row. Focus.


First he got stuck in a Court One queue behind Muller and Nadal. It


was the wrong decision not to play us last night. He could have played.


We were kept for two-and-a-half hours in the dark.


Then when he got on centre the next day, there were holes in it. It is


an uneven surface, the more you play on it the worse it gets. All the


while, his shoulder hurt. Yet still, he win, that is the worry for Tomas


Berdych, who has lost 12 in a row to him, so, to lucky 13.


Berdych out first, important not to feel in his opponent's shadow so


task one stay in it. Build confidence.


He was settling, Djokovic was fighting a battle with his body.


V well played by Berdych. No breaks so tie-break next test.


Fantastic strike. That was tennis therapy for Berdych. The weight of


14 straight sets lost to Djokovic about to be lifted. Nobody beated


Tomas Berdych 15 setses in a row. As Berdych catched that itch


Djokovic was really aching. That deadly right arm betrayed him.


Others may have quit then, Djokovic tried to drag his body op but the


power was gone, so soon was his serve. A set and early break to the


cheque. He had to make the call every champion hates, that he could


not go on. -- Czech. Is this it. I think he is defaulting.


UMPIRE: Due injury Mr Djokovic is forced to retire the match. Match to


Berdych. That is hugely disappointing for


everyone on Court One, but they will understand that a 12 times Grand


Slam champion does not do that lightly.


Berdych finally here seven years ago strolls into the semis and perhaps


we now know what was eating Novak Djokovic. A sad end to his


challenge. A very frustrating moment. He didn't drop a set. He was


a bit more passionate and engaging in his matches but his has been


having problems with the elbow. It is something that more than bothers


him. He has to get healthy otherwise he shouldn't be playing. Tomas


Berdych winning against Novak, that is his first win in the last 13


meetings, only his third in 28. This is what Novak had to say afterwards


about the situation S It is an old injury and it has been coming on and


off, unfortunately. The fact that I've played now almost three weeks


in a row. The more I play, the worse it gets probably has affected the


level and the spend any of that injury and the fooling. -To-ly not


the way I want to finish the Wimbledon this year, because I felt


that in the last three weeks I've been playing probably the best


tennis I have played in the last year or so, I haven't dropped any


set. In Eastbourne won the tournament. Came into quarters


feeling great. Yesterday I started to feel during the match, that it


was bothering me, but today it was serve and forehand. It was


unfortunately no sense to finish the match and to kind of go on, you


never though what, how worse it can get. Male players have been dropping


like flies. He is the ninth man to drop out without come pleaing the


match, how much more, like Andy Murray how much more do things hurt


when the Scottish isn't going your way? A lot. A lot. 06 course it


wasn't great he had to play yesterday. The match was quick. He


had to wait four-and-a-half hours but that shouldn't be held as an


excuse. It is parliament of winning a Grand Slam, you have to win seven


matches over two week, sometimes you have to plain back-to-back. Last


year in the French Open he played four days back-to-back, it worked


out. Injuries happen to players. We have to find a way to overcome it.


Because of this there won't be much credit given to Tomas Berdych. Well,


no. Berdych had a terrible record against him. There was no indication


based on form if they are both playing well that Berdych would win.


25 and two doesn't Garner confidence. He was wear the problems


Novak was having, so that inspires belief in him, the say way it did


Sam Querrey against Andy Murray, same thing. He relaxes a bit more.


That is, you know, Novak has to decide what he will do about this. I


understand he has a second, I believe it is round the US Open. I


am guessing he will have something done, I would presume, and I would


if he played the US Open. Big questions about who might end up. It


remind me of last year's Nadal-Federer situation. Nadal


didn't play. Federer hurt his knee, both took a long time off and see


where they are this year. Maybe Andy and Novak should think about that


and see where their future goes. A quick word on fed record Berdych,


Berdych has beaten him here. That was a long time ago. He is a lot


older now. Federer is a lot younger. Because he is the man who defies


time! Time! What was that movie Benjamin Button Yes it is like that.


It is time for quote of the day. Day. We will give to it the man who


has knocked out Andy Murray. Sam, obviously not one of the top


four players so people, even though you are not new so somebody said,


who is Sam Querrey to you, how would you describe yourself? 26 and pretty


good grass court player. That's about it. That's it? Yes. Nothing


else. Sam Querrey being funny there,


everybody will know his name now, an update op that mixed doubles. Max


Mirnyi and Makarova up against Skupski and Jocelyn Rae. It was


seven all when I last looked but it is 8-7 to the British pair, in the


deciding third set, that is live on the Red Button if you would like to


watch it. But let us move on to shot to day. We give to it the king.


Oh my goodness. Federer has managed to hit round the


outside of this ball and bend it. Back on to the line. The bending


banana forehand gets shot of the day. We wanted to bring you


something from the Boys' Doubles. When two players were playing they


came out and broke very strict Wimbledon rules.


Because they were not, those are pants, right. Those are underpant,


because those boys were not wearing the correct colour pants, I am sure


you can see they were wearing black underpants, they have to wear white,


so the umpire askeded them to go and change. It is a proper offence A


major offence, I am surprise they didn't get fined. Kontinen and


Watson were rained off yesterday, they came back today and they beat


the fourth seeds so they join jury and Martina Hingis in the


quarterfinals, Hingis and Murray will meet the winners of the match


that is currently on the Red Button. This from the boy, this is Aidan


McHugh, he is through to the third round of the boys tournament after


beating the sixth seed of Serbia. That is something Andy Murray has


been helping with. He is a real hope for the future. So let us look at


the order of play for tomorrow. Because mug will open up against


Magdalena Rybarikova on Centre Court, followed by Venus Williams


against Johanna Konta, Venus Williams of course the five times


champion. Then Murray and Hingis against the winner of the match that


is still going on, and I think Skupski and Rae are serving for the


match but it is still ongoing. The weather forecast for tomorrow, a


chilly start, it is quite cold now, giving way to a warm sunny day with


temperatures of 24 C. Still very tight in that final game. We hope


it's the final game in the mixed doubles. Kind looking at the score


board. People are watching that but it is not concluded, it is on Red


Button. What a day it has been. It sure has. You never know, that is


the beauty of sport. Who would have this morning that the defending


champion and the three time champion... Would have gone.


Exactly. Murray is out. Federer marches on. We have hope tomorrow in


the shape of Johanna Konta.


Clare Balding introduces highlights from the men's quarter-finals at the 2017 Wimbledon Championships. Clare is joined by legends of the game to analyse the key moments from the day's play.