Day 7 Highlights Today at Wimbledon

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Day 7 Highlights

Clare Balding hosts highlights of the day's play from the Wimbledon Championships. Clare and guests dissect the day's key talking points and discuss this year's quarter-finalists.

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fourth seed, has gone. Beaten by Gilles Muller, 34 years old. Let's


hear from him now. Many congratulations. How do you


feel after that epic match against one of the game's great players?


Tired! It was a long match. I was two sets up. Rafa stepped it up and


that the end it was just a big battle. I had match points, I


believe I had four and didn't make them so it was getting really tough.


I was also watching the sky because I was feeling it would be over


pretty soon. When I had the last two match points, I said give it a shot,


go 100%. Great feeling to win. Rafa came back from two sets down and its


2-2, a lot of people think Rafa will win. How did you keep your composure


and your belief in the fifth set? I didn't feel like I played bad in the


fourth set so I told myself to keep it up and if it's not happening,


he's just too good. I started serving a bit better, maybe. At the


end it's just the matter of a few points here and there. It's tough to


say what made the difference at the end. When you won, what was the


feeling like knowing you had done it in such a big match with so much at


stake? I don't know, I haven't really realised what just happened!


It's a great feeling. I was worried it would be over pretty soon. I was


thinking about what to do, to come back the next day and finished the


match. I'm just glad it's over and I'm in the quarterfinals. Were you


aware of Prince Felix of Luxembourg in the stands? I heard he was going


to come. We know each other, he's a big tennis fan, the Royal family of


big tennis players. Great fun to have him here. Well played.


Gilles Muller, the 16th seed, from Luxembourg, has knocked out Rafael


Nadal. Four hours and 48 minutes. 15-13 in the fifth set. Wimbledon


have just announced there will be no further played tonight. Novak


Djokovic, who was due to follow that match, will have to come back


tomorrow. It's a huge result for Muller. He's got a good record on


grass this year but everyone thought Nadal was in the form of his life,


having won his tenth French Open championship. John McEnroe and Tracy


Austin are with me. All of the last 16 apart from Djokovic and man Arena


in action. Your reaction? Nadal was playing great leading up to this


tournament. He was unbelievable on the clay. You get a better idea of


how tough a customer this guy is on this surface at 34. Like a fine


wine, better than ever. His serve is awesome. I was amazed, he's got


sweet Handscomb he stays back more, but the biggest surprise is how fit


he looked. At 13-13, taking it to Rafa Navarro, the fittest, toughest,


most energised person. -- Rafale Nadal. After dropping macro four


match points. Most mortals will say, against Nadal, I give in. He hung


with it, unbelievable effort. Incredible fitness, mentally and


physically, but also patients. An hour and a half later he gets


another match point. And to be able to sustain it against Rafa who keeps


coming at you. It's a phenomenal story for Gilles Muller. 34 years


old and had never won tour title until this year. He finally won in


Sydney and another grass court event. You can be so fit in your


mid-30s and now the biggest match in his career. Why didn't we think of


that? At 25 we were the hill! 34 and he is way better than ever. His


ground strokes were amazing. He was solid from the back court. It's been


the most fantastic day of tennis and it's only just finished. There's a


little thing busying -- buzzing in front of the camera! We will try to


wrap up as many matches as we can between now and 9:30pm. We will


start with the British number one on the women's side trying to reach her


first quarter final at Wimbledon. On court, Johanna Konta rarely let


the mask slip. We hardly get to peer beyond the professional veneer. What


a battle! What resilience? But there was another Johanna Konta. She bakes


cakes. She's been handing out muffins to her coaching team. The


best on tour, she claims. Maybe it's useful preparation because Wimbledon


is all about rising at the right time!


When it comes to the big occasions, Konta has been proving is she is


nerveless. She stays calm and in the moment and she broke in the opening


game, racing to a 3-1 lead. And she served for the first set at 5-4, but


then Garsdale woke up and soon they were into a first set tie-break.


Brilliant. Not only great anticipation from Konta, but then


she had to execute. A shot that establishes a couple of


mini-breaks in this first set tie-break.


UMPIRE: Miss Konta is challenging the ball. It felt out. Close, but it


felt out. At this stage, I think it's all


about handling the nerves. You've got to remind yourself to have good


footwork. Maybe a little extra spin on your shots, but continue to have


the same racket head speed. Interesting hearing Konta quoting


Billie Jean King over the last -- Billie Jean King over the last


couple of days, saying pressure is a privilege.


She's halfway there. Jo Konta, halfway there, to a Wimbledon


quarterfinal. She's won the first set on the tie-break.


(STUDIO) a roar from Konta as she took that tie-break, but at the


start of the second set it was all Caroline Garcia. The Frenchwoman


broke serve twice to race into a 5-1 lead, but Konta won three games in a


row to close the gap. Konta refusing to allow the second


set to end. She then held serve to make it 4-5, but Garcia still had


the advantage and this is her serving for the second set.


You get extra nervous at this moment, you keep it simple, go to


simple patterns, crosscourt, good footwork.


Continue to target the Konta forehand.


No nerves so far. No, she has been good and strong, much to the delight


of her father. An hour and 37 minutes, three points to take us


into a third set. Well played. She had the mental


resolve to get the job done. We are level at a set apiece.


Into the decider and there have been no breaks of serve, no break points


or even deuces. Garcia is serving at 4-5 down so needing to hold again to


stay in the match. Great technique and depth on this


backhand volley. You can see Konta trying to read the


serve. Just a little swing towards the left and it went to the right.


What were you doing in 1984? You may not even have been born. That was


the last time a British woman reached the quarterfinals of


Wimbledon. Jo Konta, Wimbledon quarterfinalist?


--! The first since another Jo, Jo


Durie, all those years ago. There are always momentum shifts and I


felt like I shifted them are meant in my favour, although I lost the


second set in the end. It made her start the third set on a more even


keel. I felt very clear on what I was trying to achieve. I was


definitely not disheartened by going into a third and really looked


forward to having another battle. People talk about the crowd and the


impact and the adrenaline it creates. Did you feel it make a


difference today? Obviously a home crowd is that much more emotionally


invested and living and dying with your points. The support I felt was


frankly phenomenal. It was so nice talking to her after that win. A


terrific result, a great run at Wimbledon. I think she was shocked


when that game was over so quickly. I thought she might have expected it


to go on. They had both been holding quite easily. Garcia had been


serving so well and she became more aggressive in the second set. To me


Garcia has a lot of weapons but in the past it's been a little brittle


in the crucial situations and we saw that in the last game. She didn't


get enough balls in play and Jo fought so well. Before coming into


this year 's Wimbledon she had only won one match at Wimbledon and lost


five times. That shows how much she's improved and most of it is


between the ears. My understanding, and I'm not real close to this, it


shows the sports psychology aspect. Clearly she's been talking to a


group of people for some time and that seems to have real -- made a


real impact in her ability to dig deeper. Especially here. For the


first time there's all this focus on her. She seems to be unravelled by


it. She's ready. She's not 18 or 19. This is very difficult. Garcia knows


what it's like to have pressure from home Grand Slam, at the French Open.


She shares that with others. For Konta, Heather Watson played so


well, but for the most point it's all about Konta, she's in the top


ten. It's new to her and she seems to be handling it with ease. I she's


enjoying it. Ostapenko won the French, that allowed other people


like us to discuss how many women could win the tournament. In effect


it took some pressure off her. We are like, anybody could win. She's


one of them, but she's only one of those people. Despite you look at


the odds from the bookmakers, as of this morning she was the favourite,


so considering she had only won one match at Wimbledon, that's amazing.


She's the first British woman in the quarterfinals 1984, long before Jo


herself was born, she was born in 1991! Now to the men's number one.


Andy Murray was up against the Frenchman called Benoit Paire, he of


the luxurious facial hair. He said in the past he's found Wimbledon


displays in but he was very pleased to be on Centre Court today. He had


an early break of serve, he broke Murray in the third game of the


first set. Some beautiful play from Paire, but


Murray wasn't having any of that. He broke straight back. They broke each


other once more a piece on the way to a tie-break. The world number one


and defending champion took it in convincing fashion, 7-1.


Murray has faced a few of these players where he knows to expect the


unexpected. An early break for Murray in the second set, Paire


break back, another break for Murray in the night and that was him


serving for the second set at 5-4. We will join it here.


I know how he feels. Went back for a second bite after that as well. He


really is uptight, but he knows if he can hang on here, it's 2-0.


Off a second serve. Not for a moment, not for a single nanosecond,


was Paire up in that rally. Wonderful pressure from Murray. Two


points from a two set to lead, again.


The moment he gave Paire the initiative back at the Frenchman


took advantage. This time Paire quick to challenge.


It was a driven backhand from Andy Murray. He is break point down. If


this is out, we are back at 5-5. No, no, all good. Steady!


Speculative challenge. From Benoit Paire. He has one challenge


remaining. Back to deuce. UMPIRE: Let, first service.


Two sets to Andy Murray, who fights off break points in that game. This


is not easy, but he is two sets up. Andrew Castle and Boris Becker with


the commentary. It didn't take long for Murray to wrap things up.


After two hours and 21 minutes. Murray didn't necessarily look


comfortable, but he was happy with his performance. I thought I played


well today. Maybe a couple of sloppy service games in the first set, but


that was by far the best IT at the ball so far in the tournament so


really pleased with that. He's not easy to play. He's got one of the


best backhands and he can play every shot. It's not always easy to see


where you should put the ball, tactics aren't easy. With the


build-up into Wimbledon, the injury, if somebody had said at that point


you would be in the quarterfinals with the level of tennis you were


playing, would you have taken that? For sure. Two weeks ago I was


resting. I was a little bit concerned. When you have issues a


few days before a big event, it's frustrating. I managed it well and


I've played some good stuff. Today was the best I've played so far in


the tournament. Yeah. I'm doing well.


What he says and how he says it don't necessarily marry but do you


think it is the best he has played so far? Who am I to argue with him


about that? He has played some awkward players in the first few


rounds than anyone, from Dustin Brown to Fabio Fognini and now


Benoit Paire. You can't make this up. You have got to sustain


intensity and that is what he is able to do. It is what the great


players do often enough to beat those type of players.


I thought he moved pretty well as well. When Benoit Paire put him on


the run, I thought he did a good job. Paire will show him a lot of


drop shots and drop volleys. For the most part, he was very good at that.


And he is still here in these Championships. Rafa Nadal is not.


Absolutely and that is important. At the beginning of the tournament,


there were questions about Andy Murray. He was staying off the court


because of that hip and he is still clearly limping in between points


but the movement looks beautiful. He just guts it out and now, the draw


is pretty wide open. Sam Querrey in the quarters. Three days he couldn't


play! Federer couldn't play for six months and he won the Australian


Open. Yes but three days is hard to take off. It is tough. We will look


at the draw in a moment. Novak Djokovic's match will now be at 12pm


tomorrow. Bad forecast for tomorrow, I suspect the roof will be closed.


Followed by the women's quarterfinals. Andre Marriner Deano


against Djokovic tomorrow. You had this golden opportunity to


put Novak Djokovic, three times champion on Centre Court, the crowd


would have loved that. You can't say the crowd in Court One didn't get


their money 's worth. They kept stalling and changing their mind. It


is going on, it is coming off,. Are not great for Djokovic, sitting


around watching. There might have been a problem with... Henman Hill


was absolutely crowded. Everybody moving over there. We have a lot of


matches to wrap up. For the last two years,


Serena Williams has dominated the women's Championships and two


of her victims were facing each Angelique Kerber is the top-seeded


and top ranked player here. Playing really aggressive tennis and there


was some great stuff out there. We join it in the tenth game of the


second set. With Chris Bradman


and Louise Pleming. She missed it. Through the middle of


court. Wow. Pretty courageous, obviously.


Good play and good serve. Muguruza moving outside the court, created


that gap. They have got a third set. Muguruza


with just one break. She takes the second set 6-4 in 45 minutes.


So into a deciding set where both players had


They both started to serve better and they've passed the two-hour mark


as we join it with Muguruza having held for a 5-4 lead so Kerber


She has been aggressive from the first shot, Muguruza.


That was an interesting shot as well. Straight through the middle of


the court. He is going to fall off his chair in


a minute! The match in the crowd is 50-50 as


well. Muguruza has stayed faithful to what


she did best. Through to her second quarter final at Wimbledon. I went


out there and I wanted the match so I made it happen.


I wanted it so much that I didn't want to lose my opportunity. At the


beginning, I didn't feel comfortable on the grasp the concept was so new


to me but with that final and over the years, everything changed and I


feel like much better and more in control now.


Jelena Ostapenko, took the first set against Elina Svitolina 6-3.


She had her first match point at 5-2. But it certainly took a few to


get her through. What do you like about Ostapenko? I like her


fearlessness. Just 20 years old and she hits so big and she is trying to


add a little bit more of the nuances to her game. When she doesn't have


to hit so big and so close to the line every single point. But look at


that fight. She has won 11 Grand Slam matches in a row and she is not


having that lull. How many times have we seen someone win a major and


then they can't handle the expectations. She still seems to be


playing the game and going after her shots. Was that her eighth match


point? That is what I like best about her. No matter what happens,


she keeps battling and digging more and it is like, OK, I blew the first


seven, I mean a lot of people can't handle that without couple, much


less seven. She is tough as nails. Yes she is.


An incredible amount of talent on show in the women's draw,


the Wimbledon title within grasp for many of them.


Phil Jones assesses some other performances,


starting with a pairing from different generations.


1997, Venus Williams playing her first match. We were only just


getting to know a wizard called Harry. That Christmas, Croatia's Ana


Konjuh was born and now she took on Venus Williams on Centre Court. How


do you hold your own against the powerful? With a show of power of


your own. Ana Konjuh was not overawed by her opponent all the


stage. But Venus is relentless. Pressure applied by Venus Williams


at Wimbledon so often tells. You didn't need to be Hawk-Eye to see


the experience, the only teenager left in the last 16. Losing just two


break points all match. Neither were taken. After 63 minutes, it was


over. In her 20th Wimbledon, now 85 career victories here. Just one


behind sister Serena Williams. At 37, Venus Williams now the oldest


woman since Martina Navratilova in 1994, to reach the last eight at


Wimbledon. Svetlana Kuznetsova was also born in the 80s. The second


oldest woman in the draw, aged 32, showed that Abbadi about old dogs


and new tricks isn't always true. The seven seed from Russia rushing


through. Victoria Azarenka gave birth to son Leo last December and


the quarterfinal berth here would have been a mother of all comebacks.


Simona Halep is not one for sentimentality, though. Keeping the


unforced error count to 11 as Azarenka made 32 and frustration


showed. Perhaps why the world number to beat the former world number one


in straight sets. Halep on course to break her Grand Slam title stopped.


17 victories in 18 matches on grass this summer and counting for an


seeded Magdalena Rybarikova. Career threatening injury took Grand Slam


quarterfinalist inside a year for the Slovakian at the 36 time of


trying. So stunning a tale, there have been more plausible fairy


stories. Rybarikova next faces Coco Vandeweghe. A Californian girl now


of sunny disposition and golden strokes. She was too dazzling for


Caroline Wozniacki who tried every which way but never reached the


quarterfinal here. Vandeweghe's grass court group apparently has


knowledge. She is a contender. CLARE BALDING: This could be her big


moment. The halls beeping for her! She is very confident and she has


the weapons. Any time you have a former champion like Pat Cash... I


talk to him today and he said he is working on her mental state. She


sometimes gets a little tough and down on herself. No matter what the


situation, he said you have got to be positive and he is also working


on her volleys and her smashes. She was coming to the net so frequently


today, it was amazing. She's up against Magdalena Rybarikova, one of


the stories of the Championship. It is a tremendous run but if you said


to Coco Vandeweghe, this is who you are playing, you would think that


would be OK. Venus Williams is older than virtually all the others put


together. She would be my favourite from the beginning. Anyone that has


won it five times and been in a couple of other finals, and goes to


Australia and gets to the finals at her age, why is it that everyone is


saying... Remember what happened the Thursday before the tournament. The


car accident and all of that, we don't note to go into the details


but each match that has gone by, Venus is feeling more comfortable


and really serving well today. Top-seeded player left in its Simona


Halep and this is who Johanna Konta has the play. Her movement is


fantastic. So fast around the court. Nothing gets past her. The question


for me would be how she emotionally handles the fact she was 7-3 up


against Ostapenko in the finals of the French. I give her credit that


she has rebounded but this will be like the real test. When things get


tight, how deep can she dig right now given what just happened? Best


way to get over it. I have had that similar thing happen and if you can


somehow come back and win this, you can at least temporarily forget it.


You still talk about that! Yes you have really got over it! It was the


fourth set! Back to Centre Court and Roger


Federer against Grigor Dimitrov was hotly anticipated


but the seven-time champion wasted no time winning


the first two sets 6-4, 6-2. And we pick it up with Federer


leading Dimitrov 5-4 in the third and serving


for the match. No stress game here so far. Another


number to amaze you, it would be Federer going to do his 50th Grand


Slam quarterfinal. He is playing so quickly, we still


don't know his quarterfinal opponent Raonic, but it will surely be Roger


Federer in the last eight. Roger Federer does it again as he


has done so many times before. Moves through and moves on at Wimbledon.


Grigor Dimitrov humbled, perhaps he will have his day in the future but


it is not this day. This day belongs to Roger Federer again. No late


dramatics from him. The crowd loved it, how good was he today? He is


incredible. I have watched him for 15 years and I still wonder how he


does it and make it look so easy. Pretty smooth. Dimitrov was playing


really well coming into this match and Roger just swatted him away.


Roger hasn't lost a set yet in the 35, that has got to be helpful. That


was the teacher giving the student a lesson once again. Everyone loves


Roger. Disappointed with what he had to offer, I know Roger smothered him


but not nearly enough. The big news today is that Rafa Nadal is out,


beaten five sets, 15-13 in the fifth by Gilles Muller of Luxembourg and


this is what Rafa had to say today. He played well, I think I didn't


play my best, the first couple of sets I made a few mistakes that then


I was playing all the time against the score. Difficult against a


player like him. Well done to him. He played well and especially in the


fifth, he played great. I was fighting until the last ball. I


think with the right attitude, probably was not my best match but


at the same time, I played against a very comfortable opponent. After the


press conference, Rafa spoke to us. Looking ahead, definitely coming


back next year? I don't know, let's wait, but just happy to field the


support of the crowd. I don't know. Wimbledon remains a lot and we will


see. Chances are he will be here, surely?


These interviewers... LAUGHTER It is all our fault! I am always the


one who had my foot in my mouth, how does it come back to me? With these


dumb questions! Let's wrap up some of the other action in the men's


last 16. Paddy Gearey brings


you the best of the action. Like any festival, there is more to


Wimbledon than the headliners. Look down the bill to the other stages


and you will find entertaining names, intriguing games. Some


hipsters headed to court 12 to see Marin Cilic, critically acclaimed


but without a smash hit. Fancy to be the breakthrough this year. That is


audacious. Number seven seed went straight through, Roberto Bautista


Agut. This is all over in less than an hour and three quarters that it


might have been quicker had Cilic gone a little easier for bouncing. I


can't remember Cilic bouncing just as that! Cilic still hasn't lost a


set. Cilic could be a winner in that form. Maybe you are into your big


repetitive beats. Caught a team home to the lengthiest encore, now


housing two giants. Kevin Anderson and Sam Querrey. 62 aces over five


sets. There was a story behind the serving. Querrey had four match


points in the fourth set, Anderson saved them all. But the American


then cranked up the volume. Querrey into the last eight, same stage he


started. Pick the right venue and you might see a cracker. Court


three, 2010 finalist Berdych took the first set against Dominic Thiem.


At 23, Thiem already world number eight but he may not be that well


known to everyone. This shot sums him up. That is a crowd pleaser. He


won the second in a tie-break and also the fourth. 31-year-old


Berdych's first victory over a top ten play on grass since that


Wimbledon final. Sometimes the old ones are the best. Satisfaction to


see in the next big thing before they fill stadiums. Court Number


Two, Alexander Zverev, a player many think it has everything you need to


win a Grand Slam. There are few stiffer test of your class on grass


than last year's filelist Milos Raonic. Twice the Canadian hauled


himself back. In effect, he had Zverev where you wanted him.


Breaking the young man twice then finishing him. They may have seen


the future on court two but now, it remains just that, the future.


I know Milos Raonic is your man. I am upset Alexander Zverev is gone. I


love him. Me too. I believe in the next few years, he will be the best


player in the world. He said he is tired of hearing that. He is going


to hear it until years. He said for three years, people have been


telling me, you learn so much from these losses and they will make you


better. We love that he is so competitive. This guy is a future


number one. He needs to beef up a little bit. He is working on that


and he does all the right things. I believe and hope it will happen. A


great character. But he has to win a little. Milos Raonic plane Federer,


can he beaten? I believe it will be a tall order because Roger Federer


is the greatest player that ever lived and everyone will want him to


win. When the racket is taken out of your hands, the top guys, they don't


like a guy that can do that and Milos Raonic can do that. One of the


all-time greats serves, he moves well and the volley has really


improved. It won't be easy. But he has a shot. Andy Murray against Sam


Querrey in the quarterfinal. Andy Murray obviously Toomey will win but


Sam Querrey has the shot. Gilles Muller against Marin Cilic.


Marin Cilic. Marin Cilic. Raonic against Federer. I would take the


fifth. I am going with Federer. Tomas Berdych will play Andre


Mannarino or Djokovic. We don't know that because Rafa has gone but we


will still give him this shot because he is shot of the day.


This is more than just one shot, this is a fantastic rally. It really


was a fantastic match all round but what a crosscourt volley that is.


Quote of the day from Johanna Konta, one of the big stories. She wanted


to talk about baking today. White chocolate and raspberry


muffins today. Very positive feedback. As my best muffins yet. I


am feeling quite happy with how I am growing as a muffin baker. I


definitely feel I am continuously reinvesting the knowledge that I am


picking up from a previous batches. Are you living with these muffins


moment by moment? Yes, staying very present, on each ingredient, at a


time, I feel like I am really taking the best out of my tennis career and


putting it into muffin making. Her baking is getting better and better,


as is her tennis. She will play in her first Wimbledon quarterfinal


tomorrow. Play will start earlier, at 12, with the one men's last 16


match which was played today. -- which wasn't played today. I think


Venus Williams wins that match and Johanna Konta wins her match. These


matches on Court One might get moved to Centre Court because of heavy


rain due tomorrow. I think Muguruza wins that match. I am saying cocoa.


The Americans are both saying Coco Vandeweghe to win. Mainly cloudy on


Tuesday morning with a risk of showery rain, still with them drier


interludes possible. Who knows what will happen tomorrow.


One of the greatest days of tennis ever today. Goodbye to Rafa and


goodbye from us. 'From the heights


of the Scottish Highlands 'to the shores of East Anglia,


I've travelled across Britain...' ' learn about the food I cook


for my family...'


Clare Balding is your host for highlights of the day's play from the Wimbledon Championships. Clare and her illustrious guests dissect the day's key talking points and discuss this year's quarter-finalists.