Day 6 Highlights Today at Wimbledon

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Day 6 Highlights

Highlights of the sixth day's play at the 2017 Wimbledon Championships. Clare Balding and guests from the world of tennis analyse the key points from a busy middle Saturday.

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Wozniacki, This is a national programme. Now we're going to take


you over to Wimbledon. When the players come off court,


their job isn't finished. They come in here to the main interview room


to face the world's press. It's a pretty intimidating place to be.


We'll see the best of their play and hear what they have to say on Today


at Wimbledon. Here's what's coming up: At this stage last year, Novak


Djokovic was sent packing. Would he survive against Ernesto Gulbis?


Roger was relaxing earlier in the day before he took on Mischa Zverev.


We'll see Aga, Angie, Coco and Caroline as they look to book a


place in the last 16. We've got the most beautiful evening again! We


have been blessed with fabulous weather through this first week of


Wimbledon. From next Monday, 128 men, 128 Willoughby be down to --


women will be down to just 28 each. We're with the dream teem, Boris


Becker and Martina Navratilova. Oh, my word. I thought you were going to


say beautiful people, but you said beautiful evening. We're going to


start reflecting on today's action with a trip down memory lane on


Centre Court. 25 years ago Wimbledon crowned an


unfor gettable champion. COMMENTATOR: What a glorious moment


this is. The name Andre Agassi conjures that smile. That spirit is


here now. Novak is a champion. He's been moulded. He knows what he's


doing. You have to find the buttons that make him the best that he is.


COMMENTATOR: Djokovic doing what he does so well. It's about finding the


parts that help him feel clear so that he's able to execute his best


game. COMMENTATOR: What a blend of tennis


he produces. When he's out there feeling clear, he's remarkable. He's


just remarkable. We see how he got on, in the second game of the first


set, Djokovic tried to challenge a line call but was denied by the


umpire, who said it was a too late. In the very next point, Djokovic


challenged again. He was allowed this time.


UMPIRE: Mr Djokovic is challenging the call on the right near side


line. The ball was called out. This is what Djokovic thought of the


umpire. It wasn't a late call. It wasn't a late call? No, it's right


here. He hit the ball here, no chance to get. It that's two points


in a row. Beginning of the match. Focus, please. Yeah, I am. Yeah,


yeah you are. That exchange must have unsettled


Djokovic. He was broken in the very next game.


Ernesto Gulbis starting really well. We head back into the match in the


eighth game of the first set. Gulbis is serving. Let's see if Djokovic


has regained his composure. COMMENTATOR: And the back spun


return off a big first serve brings Djokovic the first point. We look


for signs of a lack of belief in Gulbis at any stage. That ball will


react differently now, zipping through a little bit. (


Oh, yes. That's the best shot he's hit today, no question. You see that


first return skid a little bit, cause the error. Now he's trying to


get himself back in business here. A real message to the other guy. That


I'm upping up a notch. UMPIRE: Mr Gulbis is challenging the


call the right baseline, the ball was called out. Should definitely


not let these guys look up at their box and decide whether they should


challenge based on what they see. Then he's mad at him because they


tell him not to challenge, but he doesn't see that. You're like,


"What? Doesn't matter any way. Should be an immediate challenge or


no challenge. JOHN MCENROE: You have two clocks


out there, one for challenges, a time clock for between points.


He didn't take much time for this forehand to go from one end to the


other. That's the leg strength John was


talking about. UMPIRE: Game Djokovic. Third double


fault for the match. STUDIO: The roar from Djokovic


confirming that he had broken back. He went on to do so again. He closed


out the first set, winning it 6-4 in 43 minutes. Andre doing a convincing


impression of a Jedi. Novak was feeling the force. Novak Djokovic


raced into a 4-0 lead in the second set. Gulbis handing him a second


break with a double fault. And Boris, generally, in the second set


in particular, Novak looked very impressive. It almost feels like the


umpire triggered some old emotions, some positive aggressiveness that he


was shying away from in the last 12 months. He won nine games in a row.


Maybe, thankful to the umpire. Sometimes it takes something like


that to just sharpen you up and wake you up. Many people thought Gulbis


could provide him a close challenge. Clearly, Gulbis was struggling a


bit. Just watch Djokovic close this set out.


An ace does it. So second set done and dusted. As I say Gulbis was


struggling a little bit. He called for the trainer. He received some


treatment on his back. But he did get up. This looks very painful


actually. He hasn't played in a while. Hasn't won a match in 13


months. To come through two matches, it's going to affect your body.


He carried on and there was some great tennis in the third set. The


physio had done his work because Gulbis was moving much, much better


and forced Djokovic into a third set tie-breaker. That is where we pick


it up again. Boris in the commentary box with John McEnroe and Andrew


Castle. JOHN MCENROE: It's a perfect example


of great players making their opponents hitting that kind of ball.


It's certainly makeable. BORIS BECKER: Said it earlier, that


in a while we haven't seen Novak that engaged in a third round match.


You see what it means to him. He's engaged! That was a lovely note


that he held there, I thought. Certainly prepared to share his


emotions. He hasn't always felt as loved and adored as Federer and


Nadal. Is that fair to say? It's a difficult competition. You're


talking about two of the most respected and loved and adored ever.


Did it bother him? I think it matters to him. I think it's


important for him to be respected, ideally loved. But over the last


couple of years, he feels like he's getting the respect he deserves.


That's probably because he's lost a couple of matches lately. Makes him


more human. Quite an accomplishment to be talked about in the same


league as those two. UMPIRE: Game, set, match, Djokovic.


A very accomplished performance from a break of serve down, remember, in


the first set. Novak Djokovic is into the second week here at the


Championships for the tenth time. He really looks like he fancies this.


I'm delighted with the performance today. I thought I raised the level


of tennis, you know, comparing to the first couple of matches, the


last couple of weeks, I think this was the most focussed I was on the


court. Obviously, at the right time because Gulbis presents a great


challenge, because he's very unpredictable. He's got a huge


serve. Just in general I'm very pleased with the way I've felt, with


the way I've played and I'm glad that the crowd enjoyed it. In the


first set you spoke to the umpire. You used the word that he had to


focus after a couple of misread points. That's two points in a row.


Beginning of the match, focus, please. How difficult and unsettling


is that and how important is it not to get to you? Well, I think he's


probably frustrated with me saying that. Maybe it was not the right


word to say, I apologise, but it was very odd that in the third game of


the match two situations where I thought the call should have been


different. Again, he's trying to do his job the best he can. I am too.


Sometimes in the heat of the moment, you exchange things. I think we'll


be fine. STUDIO: Interesting that the word he


shouted was "focus" then afterwards, Djokovic found his focus. He


projected and it worked. Sometimes you need - tennis is a fiery game.


You need to be on fire emotionally, whether you show it or not, inside


it's got to be burning. He hasn't been burning for a while. Today the


fuse was lit. It's good to see. Anything could happen now. Bar race,


he's -- Boris, he's certainly good enough to win here again. He's done


it three times already. We felt the last 12 months really the passion


element, that really set him apart from the rest, that fighting under


difficult circumstances that for some reason disappeared. It came


back in a third-round match at Wimbledon. That's the worrying part


for the rest of the field. We always knew he could play. We felt the lack


of passion almost. That's the big news today. When he told the umpire


focus, indeed he was talking to himself. He said in the press


conference, he said I know Boris has said my passion is back and he's


right. He's right. He spoke very fondly of you. It seems like this is


the most amicable parting of a team that's ever happened. A friendly


divorced. They both still love each other. No, no we do. When you work


with somebody so close together for three years, I've been with him more


than with my wife - I mean during the day! You didn't have to qualify


that. You get really personal with each other. For me to understand him


better I have to know where he's at in these times, in a Grand Slam


final, you really have to be everything. And for me to coach the


right way, he has to be open. So there's a big sense of loyalty and


respect. We may be professionally no longer working together but I love


the guy. And you want him to win. Of course. Who would he face next? The


answer was going to be a Frenchman, would it be Gael Monfils, who


knocked out Kyle Edmund last time or Adrian Mannarino who nearly knocked


over a ball boy and got fined for it. This one went to five sets and


it's the unseeded Mannarino who has the upper hand as we join it now.


Oh, that is absolutely sublime! He had no right to hit that shot.


He's done it. Fortune favours the brave. Adrian Mannarino, for the


second time, into the Fourth Round at Wimbledon, after three hours 31


minutes of pulsiating tennis. STUDIO: So the 15th seed Gael


Monfils has gone. Adrian Mannarino will be the one who faces Novak


Djokovic next. Not for the first time, Boris. No, they played last


year in the very first round. Novak was defending champion. A lot of


respect to Mannarino, very awkward player on grass, almost old school


type tennis. He very deservedly gets into the Fourth Round, a difficult


opponent for Novak. In the age of Roger, Rafa and Andy Murray, here at


Wimbledon hugely popular, do you think Novak feels he's having to


fight too hard to get people to like him? Absolutely. He wants that love.


The more you want it and the more the crowd knows it the less likely


they are to give it to you. It's a bit of a struggle. I know I didn't


feel it during my career until the end of my career. He will get it


eventually. I feel that he should be getting more than he's getting. Like


I said, when you ask for it, you ain't going to get it. No but he's,


got respect of the other players. When you look at his route to the


final, plenty of those players will be looking at him thinking, uh-oh.


It's Thiem or Berdych in the quarter final, assuming Roger and Raonic


keeps going. It's one or other of them, according to rankings. When


you're in his team, do you talk about upcoming players, or is it


strictly one match at a time? Literally the next practice. I


wouldn't talk today about the Monday match. I'd talk today about the


practice on Sunday, depending on the opponent on Monday. They are looking


for a lefty now, there are not many left in the field. It's not, we're


not looking ahead. I'm available. Exactly! It's literally about the


next practice. I mention Dominic Thiem. He has been out on court


until fairly late. His match finished about the same time as


Roger Federer's. He was playing Jarrod Donaldson. This was a


relatively straightforward exercise for Thiem, who disproves the theory


that there's no I in team, because in his name there is! Do you think


this might be his moment to step up? Everybody says he's the next big


thing, him and Alex Zverev. He said grass is his least favourite


surface. The way he's playing and the way he has improved, he can play


on this surface. You have to adapt your strokes. He has loopy shots,


especially on the forehand. He can adapt that. He's a strong guy. Great


athlete. No reason why he can't play great on this surface, like Nadal.


It wasn't his favourite surface either until he won it. The way the


grass is playing, it gives those guys a chance. You're an expert now,


seriously. I'm listening! Yes, it plays higher this year. Higher


bounce because of the hot weather. The grass is burnt, it's nobody's


fault. It's been 35 degrees two, three weeks before the tournament.


That plays in the hand of the baseliners who like to rally longer.


Thiem is one of them. It's going to be an exciting men's Championship.


Until last night's late night fright that Andy Murray gave us, the best


matches on Centre Court were the women's matches. We were expecting


big things from Agnieszka Radwanska and Timea Bacsinszky. Let's bring


you the story of their match. Tennis is part art, part science. It


demands expertise in geometry, psychology, ballistics, statistics.


Just as well they call Agnieszka Radwanska the professor, such is her


grasp of her sport's curriculum, her skill in all its disciplines. She is


a junior Wimbledon champion and yet strangely never graduated to full


honours. Might that now be corrected. Against Timea Bacsinszky


it's no gimme. The 19th seed broke immediately, Radwanska replied. But


the Polish woman had never beaten Bacsinszky. In game five, the


professor miscalculated. COMMENTATOR: Bacsinszky breaks


again. For the encore, she seized the set.


COMMENTATOR: Bacsinszky has the first set. Such backhanded


brilliance had put Bacsinszky in charge. She'd also spent two hours


less on court this week than her opponent. Radwanska's problem to


solve. COMMENTATOR: Another magnificent


backhand. Of all the women in the main draw, only Venus Williams has


more wins on grass than Radwanska. She'd find solutions.


COMMENTATOR: Two break points for Radwanska. Bacsinszky's serve was


broken, but not her spirit. Not an inch given. Not a point surrendered.


COMMENTATOR: I'm really enjoying this contest. Exhilirating to watch,


but exhausting to play. Having lost the set, Bacsinszky's body creeked.


An injured thigh meant she couldn't keep up with the ever rising


standard. Instead she became an ununwilling volunteer in a master


class. COMMENTATOR: Oh, perfect! Absolutely


flying now. A late Bacsinszky break was purely academic. The end was


coming. COMMENTATOR: That's wide. And


Radwanska is through to the second week at Wimbledon. Class dismissed.


I've been on the Centre Court a couple of times before, I really was


feeling all the time very good and playing really good matches. Here as


well, today, I think it was a great match. When you dare, you fight it


to the last point. The first two sets were so tense and


then Bacsinszky got injured. That was such a shame. I think the leg


went on her in the second set. She was a little humbled. You don't get


leg tape like that unless it's bothering. The third set was a


formate. She was playing well. She's got her confidence back. You can't


control your body. Generally speaking, what have you thought


about the quality of women's matches in the first week? It's been


interesting because it's been so wide-open. Nobody's really come to


the fore and say OK, I'm here to take it. But at the same time, there


are a lot of players still with a chance to win and some have played


really good tennis, Garcia, Muguruza today. Kerber as well. Didn't see


much of Halep to say one way or the other. Venus Williams must like her


chances. I mean she's the only former champion here. She's healthy


and looking very well. She's the only one who knows how to do it. The


top seed and she was runner up last year is Angelique Kerber. Let's look


at the best bits from her match with Shelby Rogers.


COMMENTATOR: Great disguise. Terrific drop shot. Completely


caught Kerber by surprise. Listen to the crowd's reaction.


They've been sensing that this could be a surprise right from the word


go. Ah, great tennis! Terrific point.


Kerber was completely out this afternoon point, but two, maybe


three times but she found a way. Not good enough. Not good enough for


her, Angelique Kerber. Couldn't get to it, Rogers.


Terrific point. Here are two match points for the


number one seed. APPLAUSE


What a response. Oh, it's long! And Kerber is


through. And the crowd stand for both of


them. It has been a wonderful contest. And somehow, she is still


in the championship that she must be wondering quite a while. Kerber is


recovering from a set and a break down to win this match, could match


like that reignite her season? Absolutely, she was down 0-30 in the


second set so a great fightback, I have seen more firepower from her


and her forehand down the line seems to be picking. She is to passive and


she knows that but the fire is there. She is more positive during


the match and is playing more positive tennis. It is about time


that Germany had another women's winner? Yes, Lizzy Caoimhe


semi-finals, they were knocking at the door loudly and the Germans were


very harsh with. To have another German number one, it has been a


long time. But we very get used to winning. She tries her best, she


works hard, she has no attitude, she does not carry her nose high, but we


are worried she was stuck in the same form as last year and the


competition has started to read your game. Maybe she needs a super coach,


Martina! Why are you looking at me? I don't speak German! I think she is


in good hands. We will see. And she is lefty. You are a lefty. I am


asking you from the German people! We will leave that discussion! It


might happen and it started here! Serena Williams... I would think so,


I am a great baby-sitter. I'm not sure she agrees. She has told me


some set rules that I am not allowed to do that I usually do, I usually


have candy around the house. That is not allowed any more, I am trying to


follow her rules but we will see. The question was, do you think


Serena Williams will make the honorary anti Fur Caroline


Wozniacki? She has offered baby-sitting services! -- aunt for.


Mischa Zverev joked that the only way he could beat Roger Federer was


to give him a very mean stare at the beginning of the match. Let us see


if that worked. You talk about little steps and


getting into position. Roger, the Australian Open champion,


keeps on reaching milestones, his 10,000th ace here at Wimbledon.


Middle Saturday, some of the big names in sport are watching. This


match, the old generation against the new generation. And Boris and


Martina, use are plenty of this match. Zverev played very well but


Roger was sensational? He served and followed more than usual, trying to


take the ball away from the dead. One of the classic players but Roger


Federer had too much came for him. That is how we used to play tennis


on the grass, chipping and charging. It is possible but having said that,


I had a feeling that Roger is still holding back a little. He is just


doing enough. The first half was spectacular but in the second round,


today, he is cruising, he knows how good he is at the moment. I have


seen him play better and more dominant. Isn't that a credible --


and incredibly clever thing to do? Yes, he doesn't need to jump higher


than he does. Let us hear from him. Congratulations, three sets in under


two hours, Mischa Zverev threw everything at you but you had him


ducking for cover, United? I thought it was a good, fun match to play. He


will always see some blogs and passing shots and drop shots and


everything. I thought it was nice to see that again and the crowds were


unbelievable and he has a great guy and we fed off one another and it


was a great match. I am very happy. Grigor Dimitrov in the next round,


he has been likened to you in the past but has never managed to beat


you in the five times you have met. Tough prospect? Every time I play


him he is stronger than before because he is the perfect age where


he strives to understand his game, he is physically strong. Mentally he


took the next step again, what you'd expect from a player of his calibre


and age and he had a Great Run in Australia, almost beaten Rafer Nadal


in the semifinals so we could almost have played in the finals in


Australia. I am ready for a tough one and it will be exciting because


he is a great shotmaker. Well done. And he gives a lovely smile. Isn't


that a gorgeous sunset! Roger only needs to do what he needs to do. But


he did come up with some fabulous shots? He plays a very controlled


game. He knows exactly what he wants to do, it sometimes doesn't work and


I always felt that against Zverev today he was a little bit better.


Whenever he had to put more horsepower in, he did. He is 35, he


is pacing himself. He knows when to attack and accelerate and went to


cruise. That is a fair point, Martina, you carried on playing for


a long time, you have to take a poll. If you don't need to run,


don't! Don't use any more emotional or physical energy, you want to win


playing your game, straightforward, you want to try out some things when


you get ahead and with Roger playing somebody like Misha Zverev, it was


like cat and mouse, whatever he might throw at Roger, he can take


that, he can dish it out even more so. It was a fun match for Roger to


play, he likes to be challenged and playing somebody with a different


style but yes, you want to play as well as you need to. You don't need


a different style but yes, you want to play as well as you need to. You


don't need to jump any higher, then however high that fence is. Then buy


as much as you need to. His brother, Alex, was in action, against


Sebastien Esther. Trying to get through to the last 16. Let's have a


look. -- Sebastien Ofner. Some lovely tennis being played.


6-4, 6-4, 6-2. Sebastien was the surprise package and Zverev go to


play last year 's runner-up, Milos Raonic. What kind of match will that


we? Just checking that is correct! Milos Raonic is one of the biggest


servers in the game and came within one point to beating Roger, Roger


came to within one point. I think you might have had a hiccup since,


but he is starting to play better again and money is coming to terms


with the fact that he needs to be more aggressive and is getting more


comfortable with it. That big serve is working, 21 aces and 138 mph


second serve! Are you kidding? One of the stories I thought was


fabulous in the first week was little Dudi Sela, beating John


Isner, but that took it out of him. He was up against Grigor Dimitrov


and the 2014 Queen's champion, hugely popular, cruising through


slightly under the radar this year. But watch this for a shot.


Another great rally. Sela into the net. And Dimitrov had taken the


first set 6-1, he followed up by taking the second 6-1, the trainer


came out to look at Sela and the curse struck again, he retired, the


ninth man to have to retire hurt during a match. But all smiles. And


Dimitrov will not complain at all! Catching up of other matches, Jo


Wilfried Tsonga came out today, he had deserved to stay in the match


against Sam Querrey and the same as at the French Open, he was broken


immediately and he went out. Sam Parry upset no vote Djokovic at this


stage last year. Dominic Thiem into the last 16 for the first time, the


rising star of the men's game. Tomas Berdych and David Ferrer, with a


combined age of 66 for that match... Tomas Berdych coming out in straight


sets. We can wrap up other matches with Phil Jones. Caroline Wozniacki


has been a world number one, Grand Slam finalist, junior champion here


and says she is a lover of grass. The mystery remains why the popular


Danish player hasn't reached the quarterfinal in the women's singles


at Wimbledon. Estonian Anett Kontaveit was not about to solve the


mystery in the first set of stunning power hitting on Court Number One.


Sure-footed or not, it was coming off for the unseeded 21-year-old and


she took the first set. Before twice serving for the match in the second.


But Caroline Wozniacki is a competitor. Surrender was not in her


game plan. This was sweet Caroline and she levelled matters in the


tie-break. Before hitting her potent potential into the decider to win in


three. Don't expect this cocoa to calm you down before bed. Vandeweghe


is last 16 opponent after another bold and brilliant bashing of Alison


risk. Cocoa and cash, into big number two. Svetlana Kuznetsova has


avoided the searchlights, a stealthy journey in the Wimbledon shadows for


the seventh-seeded Russian of Grand Slam winning pedigree who beat


Paloma Herzog in little more than one hour. Petra Martic is a Croatian


qualifier and is just one win away from the last eight after downing


the wildcard, Diyas of Kazakhstan. The player from split is clearly a


woman of grit. The win sets up a non-seeded contest on Monday against


Magdalena Rybarikova, one of the stories of the grass court season.


The Slovakian was out seven miles through injury last year but the big


tournament favourite Discover last round, and the Ukrainian Sri Lankan.


Garbine Muguruza was runner-up in two years ago, French Open champion


last year and is displaying signs of recapturing her heady days. She


drunk just four games to go Mania's Sorana Cirstea as she strolled into


a mouthwatering Monday match against the world number one, Angelique


Kerber. She has got that contented air of a contender. McGrath is


particularly interesting in terms of a major contender. -- Muguruza. She


seems to be playing more relaxed tennis, she played really well today


and also go up after this match so one of the former finalists will not


be in the finals again so she seems to be playing much better, relaxed.


I don't know how much the fact that Conchita Martinez is her coach, I


think it maybe has taken some pressure off. I think his wife has a


child coming. Mugurza has been talking about the impact of Conchita


Martinez, the last Spanish woman to win Wimbledon, on her preparation


through this Wimbledon. Yes, of course you knows how to play here. I


think she has a lot of experience and that is hard to find, somebody


who has been in your shoes and can tell you, I have been there, I know


what it feels like, you have to do this and this and it will be better.


This works, these words have a meaning because she is saying this,


it is for her reasons and it is great to have her in the team. It is


not just about how you play? It is about the mental aspect as well but


she can bring? It is more of that. I think the tennis, I feel good, I


have been working for a long time and in those moments, like in the


Grand Slam, the mental details on the key part. I was listening to


Billie Jean King talking about this in reference to Jo Konta, going to


the emotional office and sorting out the business and with lots of


players, that is what makes the difference? So much of the game is


played between the years and you have to have the confidence to


impart that plan, whatever that may be. I am sure that a lot of the


coaches tell the players the right thing, it is not just what you say,


it is who says it. Players have a tendency to listen to people who


have been there. You might be telling me the right thing but I am


going to listen to Boris! And I think that is what she was saying,


Conchita knows what she is talking about so you pay attention. It


worked for her. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Just pay


attention to what people say that know what they are talking about and


hopefully implement that. She has got the talent. There was no British


interest in the singles but plenty in the doubles. We can catch up on a


little bit of that because we saw the Jamie Murray has teamed up with


Bettina Hingis in the Mixed Doubles and they won their match 6-3, 6-0.


And Jamie Murray has bagged a very good partner. Heather Watson and


Naomi Broady three sets to Kirsten Flipkens they are part of the


women's doubles and there was a double defeat for Naomi Broady as


she and her brother, Liam Broady, also lost. They lost 6-4, 7-5. To


the Czech duo. This was a developing story and you might have seen this


much earlier on BBC Two. Marcus Willis, the man who played Roger


Federer on Centre Court in singles last year, teamed up with


18-year-old Jay Clarke from Derby for the doubles, they lost the first


set, winning the next two and in the fifth, they knocked out the reigning


champions, Herbert and Nicolas Mahut. Winning that 6-3. That is a


huge victory for Willis and Clarke. There is some excitement in terms of


who to look out for next in the age after Andy Murray, whenever that


comes. Could it be 16-year-old Aidan McHugh? His 17th birthday tomorrow,


before the Championships he was practising with the world number


one. And he is very good at encouraging younger players. The


real next generation. He is in the Boys' Singles and he came back from


two breaks down to beat the American Ross 6-2, six 74. And he is coached


by Toby Smith, the Davis cup captain Leon Smith's brother. When you look


at those who have won the Boys' Singles titles here, some of the


great names, Roger Federer, Stefan Edberg, Bjorn Borg, but Boris


Becker, he went straight for the main thing! Sticking with the


British players, Jo Konta is up against Caroline Garcia on Monday


and it could be Azarenka of Halep in the quarterfinals. We don't want to


get ahead of ourselves. Joe has been speaking to Jonathan overland. It


might have been four years since the Brits last saw her ladies champion


crowned on the hallowed turf but this year, it is all about the


tournament favourite, Johanna Konta. Regardless of who she might face on


her side of the draw, it seems like is no stopping her. Can she really


reach the final next week? Us British would love it. Just imagine,


the correlation of the new pearly Queen of SW19. Do you feel a genuine


contender at this time to win the title? I believe every single woman


in the draw is a contender, I include myself in that group and you


will see some great matches on Monday and I think it obviously will


get more narrow as to who will be the champion. Do you ever dream of


playing the Wimbledon final? I think every player dreams of playing in


grand slam finals. What about you? I am a player as well so I include


myself in that category. I think that growing up you dream about


being the best player in the world, I dream about that. There is time


for dreaming and time to keep in mind the work that you have to put


in and definitely here, with the intention of wanting to make it a


full two weeks, I am preparing the best that I can and training the


best that I can and competing the best that I can. I do not think that


the feelings will be any different, I will definitely be looking forward


to playing my next round on Monday. Right now, between now and then, it


will be to switch off as best I can. It will be a long Sunday for Jo


Konta. Even if you do not want to think about it, you have to.


Martina, what is your advice? Is he ready to make that big step? She


never got to the second week. Step one is accomplished, it is now about


the next match. With a woman it is tough because they play Monday and


Tuesday, she has a tough match against Garcia, so relax and do not


stress and tried to cross the teaser. The eyes.


-- dot the Is. She is the one player who can go home. I always had my own


pillow. And she is used to home cooking. It is about handling the


pressure. Hopefully she will get better sleep than other players. At


the end of the day, it is whoever who can play to win. Who does not


shy away from the pressure and embraces that moment. She is


probably talking more than any of the others about the mental side of


things. She has done a lot of work on that over a number of years. She


had a psychologist and it really changed her career. About two years


ago she was an average player, with all respect, and all of a sudden


something kicked in and she became his superstar, almost. Pretty much


overnight. And it is mainly because of the psychology. It is what you


said, it is between the ears, you have to hit that 30, 40, when it


matters. That is the big difference between winning and losing. In your


opinion, can she win it? Of course she can. There is no reason she


cannot. There is no reason, her back, she is injured, no, everything


is working. And all of those 16 players left will be thinking, I


can't do this. It is pretty much that. I do not know if I could


single any player out, that there is no way this player can win. Just


about everyone. Ostapenko, unseeded, she plays to win. Maybe she will


give some collective confidence to the locker room. Maybe I can do it,


also. You like Coco? I do, I do. And your growth. Konta. They have big


serves and big weapons and when things go their way they can control


the match. Gustav. And today's Shot of the Day comes


from the Frenchman who guarantees entertainment.


If there isn't the shot of the tournament so far, I do not know


what is. Wheel spin! He is such a showman, I am sad he is not in this


any more, Monfils. Want to watch. That is partly the problem, he loves


to be the showman and you want to be the show man because you want to see


the shot of the day, but he lost, and ultimately in tennis ages who


wins the last point. A bit like Fabio Fognini, does this add up to


winning a match? Not as far as that match is concerned because Andy


Murray came through in four sets and he now faces Paire and he has been


talking to Russell Fuller. We have only played once before and that was


in Monte Carlo last year and it was very strange, he served for the


match in the third set and I managed to come back and win that. It was a


huge match. It was a turning point in my season, I had struggled since


the Australian Open, until the clay-court season. When I got


through that match I started to feel a lot better. I played some really


good tennis. After that. But I have never played him on the grass and I


have not seen him play lots on the grass. But he has got a big game, he


serves well. Great backhand, great touch. So there should be some fun


points. There are standard players and players where you do not know


what to expect and Andy Murray has had the ones you don't know what to


expect every single time. He has a strange looking forehand but big


weapons on all sides. He can hit through you and around you, he is a


tricky opponent. CAR WHEELS SQUEAL. That sounded very


fast! 16 names, just big two names who either potential champions. You


are making this difficult, the player who impressed me the most is


Rafa Nadal. After not playing the grass court tournament, three weeks


off, still flying very high from the French Open when, he went like a


freight train yesterday and the way that he plays, offensive, big


serves, taking the ball early, it is something I have never seen him


doing on the grass and the others... Roger, Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic.


Next week is always a difference between the men and the boys, those


four gentlemen are men. There you have it. And none of those exciting


boys that we have been talking about, Dominic Thiem, Zverev, they


will not pop up on any semifinal? Semifinal, probably, maybe a final,


but I think one of those four men will be holding the trophy again.


Now it's time for social of the day - and you'll remember on Thursday,


Bethanie Mattek-Sands was injured playing here at Wimbledon. Today the


American confirmed she's dislocated her patella. Let's have a listen. I


will be out for a while. But I want to keep you guys updated. Because


all of your messages have been really inspiring and they have meant


a lot to me. I have probably read most of them, I cannot reply to all


of them. But the support has been amazing. I will get through this! We


really do wish her well and hope that she does get through because


Bethanie Mattek Sands is a fantastic doubles players in particular and


she is obviously out of London. That is the way the draw is looking for


the men at this stage. And we will have a look at the bottom half.


Milos Raonic and Zverev coming up. Roger Federer is playing a mirror


image of himself with Dimitrov. Tomas Berdych is very a contest on


grass, I like him at the moment, he has got something else. Look at the


moon, that is a full-blown! Right, the top half of the women's draw.


Angelique Kerber and Muguruza. The highest quality, I have to go with


Garbine Muguruza. The way she played today. Venus Williams going strong.


Ostapenko. You mentioned her. She has not been on a very big court.


People have not seen her play but she is incredible, against the


French Open champion. And Azarenka against Halep should be a good one


as well. Fingers crossed for Jo Konta. We don't have an order of


play from Monday just yet but the last 16 of the men and women are all


in action and you be using all of the BBC options, BBC One, BBC Two,


online, the Red Button, Five Live, Boris and Martina, thank you both


very much for your contributions are crossed the week. For your sporting


fix tomorrow - the Anniversary Games is on BBC Two from 12.15pm and BBC


One from 1.15pm - three weeks until the World Athletics Championships in


London and Mo Farah, Laura Muir plus a host of other British and


international stars are on show. Enjoy your Sunday, we back on Monday


evening. Coverage, of course, from Monday morning. Goodbye.


Clare Balding presents highlights of the sixth day's play at the 2017 Wimbledon Championships. Clare and guests from the world of tennis analyse all the key talking points from a busy middle Saturday at the All England Club.