Glasgow - Day 1 Track Cycling World Cup

Glasgow - Day 1

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$:/STARTFEED. Good afternoon from Glasgow. Just across the road from


Celtic Park, in fact and welcome to day one highlights from the Track


Cycling World Cup. This could be just the hottest ticket in town,


after what we witnessed this summer in London.


# If we blend for a minute, let it # Was it ever really something we


could question all the logic in the world


# But was it ever really something? What a night we've got look forward


to. It's going to be an absolute thriller. # And I tried to hard to


fall in love, but it's easier to take my chances on my own. #.


are absolutely flying. Great Britain are the World Champions and


they are now going to become the Olympic champions. They are on


fire! I don't believe it! Look at I can't believe this has happened


to me. Here come Chris Hoy, a new world


record! I can't believe how quick we've got here today, it's


unbelievable. Oh, look at that, it's a new world


record! We've just spent so many years thinking about this moment


and when it happens, it's just a mad explosion of emotion.


Victoria Pendleton, she is the Olympic Champion and her career


ends on a silver medal. I would have loved to have won my final


race, but I'm kind of so glad it's all done and I can move on. You've


been incredible. # There's nothing new tonight #


Yes, barely just 100 days since the Olympic Games finished, but the


remarkable seven out of the ten gold medals going to the British


team. This is what we've got for you over


the next hour. The men's team pursuit, an event in


which Britain has quite a tradition. , with numerous world titles. Jess


Varnish was disqualified in the team sprint, she returns to action


with a new partner, Becky James. I And in the pursuit, Laura Trott is


going again. In the men's team sprint, Ed Clancy


attempts to build on Chris Hoy's lead.


First up, we're going to look at the men's team pursuit. Alongside


me is Chris board man to cast his expert eye on that and all the


proceedings from yesterday. We had high hopes from a young and


inexperienced team, but it didn't go according to plan, d it? No, but


that's exactly what we come here to learn from. When you're millimetres


apart, mistakes happen and that's what happened in this event. Would


you apportion blame anywhere? don't think it is about blame. But


Kenny was touching the wheel and he was overlapping. But it is


something that you learn when you're learning your craft. There's


not a man in that team who hasn't done it and that's the nature of


this event. It's unfortunate, but it is the way you learn the lesson


best. You mentioned Andy Tennent. This was his reaction. First and


foremost not the way we like to see you leaving the track, how are you?


Yes, I have a few stiches in me, and I feel especially bad for Joe,


he's distraught, but these things happen in racing. What exactly


happened. We thought there was a touch of wheels? Yes, that's what I


presume. I was just changing and coming back on to fourth wheel, but


I imagine Joe touched the first wheel. When you're riding


millimetres close it's something that could happen and luckily there


are not too many crashes. And it's sad for the young lads. I feel


really bad for them. I wouldn't like to guess how many team pursuit


efforts I've seen over the years and I can't remember seeing a Great


Britain team go down on the boards like that, you put in a lot of


hours to get it right. Yes, I've crashed before in the junior


championships in 2004. That was the last time I was in a crash, and we


don't often crash, but on a race day people get nervous and it's


different to training. But never mind. And it was a new line-up and


new team members, how did it feel? We're going well. And we're going


out there on 402 schedule. We're up on or on the schedule all the time.


It was what we planned and to go faster in the final again. So the


new line-up is looking good. All the young lads I've been riding my


bike for about four weeks, I had some time off after the Games, but


it's looking good and looking out to Rio and hopefully another gold


medal. Let's do the triple. Thank you very much. So the British


crashed out. The top qualifiers were Denmark and Germany so they


race now. This is the contest for the gold


Snow Everybody has put in some new blood after the Olympic Games. This


blood after the Olympic Games. This is the proving ground. Already


they've posted quick times this morning.


Germany have been many, many times the World Champions and they were


the first country to go inside the four-minute barrier and they set


that in the Sydney Olympics in 2000 that in the Sydney Olympics in 2000


when he clocked 3.59 seconds. Denmark have been the world


champions back in 2008 and they've had a silver as well in 2002. And


it was Denmark that raced Great Britain for the gold and silver in


Beijing. Denmark have given away a little bit of ground, just 0.3 of a


second they're in arrears, but they look well in control. They're very


experienced in this event. The German team, the change is a little


bit slow they're spending a lot of time up on the track and not in


shelter. Both teams have gone quicker in the opening kilometre


than in the time trials this morning. It's all about beating


your opponents in the time class. Germany were four seconds slower


this morning, but with the change of the one man they're trying it


take the day. But literally when I was talking there, the whole thing


changed around and the Dane the took back half a second. They're


now roaring into the game. So beautifully paced and no panicking


at the start. Denmark have gone ahead of Germany at the last split.


Oh, it's over a second now. So Denmark really getting their second


wind and settling down to the kets. There's a lot of track in these


kind of speeds and they're keeping the pressure on. Whittling away.


Over a second now. In fact, 1.5 has gone out. I think there is a weak


man in the German team. They're holding quite nicely. One of the


strong men in the Danish team here is Hansen. He won the gold medal


for the Omnium in London and was third in the world. How costly is


that with the germants down to three? Well, it's all over. They


have them in the same strait now. You can see the close formation and


they can see the team in front of them, so they know they're doing


what they need to. And the Germans could not afford to make a mistake


like that. The Danes are well in control of


this. Three seconds behind Germany now and they will be sighting their


opponents. Denmark coming into the same strait as Germany. And now


Germany, they're in complete trouble. They've split again! Time


is always taken on the third rider and Germany have had it. There are


two going away and their third man has completely lost contact. Here


they come, the Danes. The crowd are loving this, Germany well and truly


on the rack. It is all over now. The danger is passing riders. This


is when communication is critical, you must shout if you start to lose


a wheel. There is the catch. Denmark have caught Germany and


they win the gold medal here. It looks like they want to carry on


for a time. Yes, the coach is encouraging them.


Well, 4.1 at the finish, that is a really quick time. To go faster in


the second round, they put a marker down that this season they were


going to be a team to reckon with. Not quite the normal German


efficiency we're used to there, but a great performance from the Danish


quartet. Victoria Pendleton has retired now,


so it was Rebecca James who brought home the qualification, and look


the fastest. The gold medal race will be between


Great Britain and Spain. But first, let's look at the bronze final as


France take on Russia. The team is out on the track ready for the


contest in the women's team sprint. This is a clash between France and


Russia. Nearest so us will be France,


starting in the home strait. The second wheel will be Anastasia


Voynova. Month yaubian whittling on to the


wheel. Russia are in charge at the moment. It's very, very close this


one. We xfpt examined it to be close. Not a lot to choose between


them on paper. The French take it. There it is, 34


is the finish time for France and they are the winners of the bronze


medal and they give the victory salute.


They were faster than this morning, so they will be pleased with that.


They did look good out of the block. It is interesting to see how the


teams have adapted to this new rule because you can still slip off the


block, but the two teams were playing it absolutely safe and


didn't want to run the risk of being relegated.


15m is the length of the window they have to move out. That's a


perfect example. They have to get out of the sprinter's channel.


Just confirming the relate. Preparing in the home strait is the


team from Great Britain and it will be Jes Varnish, leading off Rebecca


James. A massive opportunity for these two


now. Victoria Pendleton has left a big gap in the programme. The door


is wide open now and these two need to grasp the opportunity with both


hands. And I think we'll be seeing personal bests from both of them.


They are great friends, get on well and work well together. Great


Britain have won a couple of world titles at this particular


discipline before. And when they raced in Colombia before, it was


Rebecca James who led off. But now Jess Varnish will lead off.


They are a lot quicker than Spain and I'm excepting them to do a


quicker time. Oh, look at the time. It's close. Spain are putting up a


fight. But now it's Becky James, the former junior World Champion


trying to hold off the challenger from Spain. Here she comes into the


finishing strait. There it is, Great Britain take the gold medal.


33.428, a cracking time by the British duo! The first gold medal


of the World Cup here in Glasgow and it is the British pair of


Rebecca James and Jess Varnish. A gentle wave to the crowd. A great


ride by Jess Varnish. She will be absolutely over the moon with that.


Here's a chance to look at the technique out of the gate. Jess


Varnish launching herself. Look at the face! Gritting her teeth as she


powers away and just waiting to drop into the wheel is Becky James.


And then the technique, as you can see, by the two riders, absolutely


superb. Is there a chance to see where she moves over? There,


completing the lap and the second lap being polished off by Becky


James from Wales. A former junior World Champion and in that time of


33.428 is good enough to give them the gold medal.


How happy with that are you tonight? It's really good to be


back on the podium and it's really exciting to be doing the team


sprint with Becky and it's a bonus that it is in front of the home


crowd tonight. You have had a wonderful reception here in glass


tpwo? Yes, it's fantastic in the Velo drom. It's an amazing facility


and to have the home crowd behind us tonight is great. I think many


people are wondering how Great Britain as a team are performing


without some of the former athletes, obviously Victoria Pendleton, but


you have very much announced your intent here? Yes, it is hard


without some of the older, more mature riders, but we're doing


pretty well and have to keep building on this and see how we go.


Two from two is a tremendous performance. How much have you


enjoyed tonight? It's amazing. The crowd tonight is great. It's


exciting for two years' time when the Commonwealth Games are here,


we're getting the feel for what it will be like. And it must have been


frustrating for you to sit out and watch the Olympics, but now you've


taken the podium? Yes, it's such a great feeling. Top podium spots in


the World Cup and two PBs tonight I'm really chuffed. And Jess, we'll


see you back in action? Yes, I have the individual 500 tonight. I just


want to get as much track time and racing as a can. So in 45 minute,


I've got the 500. Well done. Chris, we started the programme with


glorious shots of London 2012, but for Jess it wasn't glorious. It's


really important for her to get back and win as she did? For her,


she has a burning desire to put those things right. It was terrible


for her, all that work and it was taken away in a second and there


was nothing she could do about it. That's part of sport. That not


knowing what is going to happen is why we watch. But she has come here


and she is in good shape and she rode really consistently and the


pair have shown they can be contenders at the next Olympic


Games. Victoria Pendleton has gone and they just picked up the baton


and did a really good job of it. And that's not easy to do. Credit


must go to Becky James as well? Becky James has fined down a lot.


She has been working hard. She has not been sitting back and both have


seen this as an opportunity to get on well. They're a different


partnership to Jess and Vicky, they're quite close away from the


bike and work hard together. I think we're going it see them go to


Rio and perhaps get gold there too. It's been a phenomenal year for


GB's women's team, in the pursuit, but they did qualify despite losing


the wheel of Laura Trott. And Emma Barker deputising for Jo Razzall.


Let's see the bronze medal final, Belarus a gens -- against Lithuania.


Belarus have Lithuania on the rack and I don't see how they can come


back from this. Well, the laps are ticking away now. Two remaining and


I think the die is cast here. Yeah, you're right there. The


bronze medal is zestined I feel, for Lithuania. -- destined.


They will hear the bell leaving them one more circuit of the track


but they haven't given up, Lithuania, they're still having a


They have pulled back some time, so they are still fighting, but it is


too big a gap to run down now. squad of Belarus will take the


bronze medal, they do. They did give away a considerable


amount out of the gates. The team looking really sharp technically,


it has to be said, but one of the changes was shallow and slow so


they spent a lot of time that they didn't need to when their nose in


the wind. But they tiedied up. It was a better ride than this morning,


technically. Lithuania came on a This is the contest for the gold


and silver and it brings out the old enemies, Australia versus Great


Britain. And Australia will start Great Britain are the Olympic


champions, the World Champions and the world record holders. And one


change in the Great Britain team. Gentleman Razzell is suffering with


a virus, so she is not here. So Barker is on third wheel at the


moment. Barker safely on the back there. They will be change ing -- a


big start by Trott. So straightaway they're going to make sure they


look after Dani king king and get the most out of her. Dani King is


going to go straight into doing a lap. Two is always the hardest


position, because you don't get the benefit of the slip stream for part


of the lap and then you have to set your own pace.


The fire power, that is in no doubt. It's 0.196 of a second separating


them at the moment. In qualification, Great Britain were


quicker in the first four laps and then they disintegrated when Dani


King lost a wheel. We knew it would be a good scrap


and it is developing into one. They're holding it at the average.


The British coach seems happy. He's shown that they are up on


absolutely. They've nibbled back 0.1 of a second. And we'll start to


see them get back on terms soon. It is close here and it could come


down to a team that make as mistake. Just as we excepted, the crowd


absolutely loving this. And Great Britain with a little bit of work


to do now! They're trailing by 0.2 of a second. So the crowd have to


get behind them. There is the coach of the Australians. He's onlyly


worked out a schedule that he feels will be good enough to up tole the


Great Britain riders. Here they come back to their stations,


Australia going strongly. It's stayed at 0.2 or 0.3 of a second.


Hovering there all the time. The British three trying to manage the


disparity between the different form there. They have their work


cut out here. It will be very close. Oh, look how close it is! The


tables have turned. Great Britain are now in control and we're into


the closing four laps. Well, they haven't panicked. They've stayed


with the schedule Paul is showing them. They're constantly up on


schedule and doing everything they possibly can. They're now 0.7 ahead.


So this is the time when all that careful planning and positioning


pays off. And young Elinor Barker revelling in this. She is making


her World Cup debut. She is turning on the style. She swings high and


the rest tuck in behind as the Great Britain team power away.


it is not over. It is back to 0.1 of a second. It will be all down to


which one of the individuals actually crosses the line. Oh, it's


going to go all the way to the line. Great Britain are in front again.


It's Dani King at the front and trying to turn the screw. Australia


are trying to respond. There it is! It's a victory for Great Britain!


3.21.043, Australia 3 .22.026. And they are celebrating. What a crowd


pleaser that was. It was so close there. Elinor Barker is delighted.


What a way to enter the first flight of this competition. She has


never ridden at this level before and she has acquitted herself


incredibly well. And speculating on the possibility that it will become


4,000 metres are four riders, it means when Razzall is well again,


she could be the fourth rider. What a final that was. This is the


starting technique of Great Britain. Laura Trott taking them out of the


gate. Dan yes King in the middle and


young Elinor Parker tucking in behind. And we see the change of


pace when Laura Trott hit the front. Despite her happy "I'll take it as


it comes" attitude, she is the one driving it forward at the moment.


And the championships are a month closer to us now. They haven't got


long to make up the time. They need to start to pull it together now.


very good ride by Great Britain. Australia, we knew they would push


them. But Great Britain have their say. There is the face of the 18-


year-old Elinor Barker. She's stepped up to the plate here and


delivered. Big smiles all round once again.


Dani was that hard work tonight? Cor, yes it was. After the


qualifier I did a terrible ride, but I had to pull something out of


the bag this evening. But we won again. It's an amazing feeling and


Elinor, her first World Cup, senior, she did a fantastic job tonight.


What happened after qualifying? You just looked as they you weren't


right and your legs were not as fresh as you'd hoped? Yes, exactly


that. The first race back after the Olympics. I'd had time off and


enjoyed myself and I'm back to training. But I got through to the


final, and I'm happy now. And Laura, a France taskic performance and to


see Elinor slot into this line-up? Yes, she's amazing. She stepped up


straightaway. It's looking good for the future. It's nice to know


people are still coming through and it hasn't stopped. And to step into


our line-up, world champions and Olympic champions, it was as if she


was part of our team for months. And it looks good for men's


endurance, especially if it goes to a four-woman team? Definitely.


We're going to have to get used to that straightaway. When we have Jo,


we start with a four straightaway. And what kind of form have you all


come into the World Cup, given it is a short time since the Olympics.


And you have an Omnium coming up, how are you feeling? Not great, to


be honest. That was really hard, considering we went ten seconds


slower than the Olympics. That wasn't great. But it's just being


here and loving the home crowd. We have to enjoy it and have fun. And


when it really means something we'll commit to it and actually,


like, race. But for now, we just want to enjoy it. And the winning


habit seems difficult to kick? definitely. To qualify second, it


was like no! And Elinor, your first senior World Cup and we saw what it


meant to you when you crossed the line? Yeah, I was really happy with


that. I've learnt so much just training with these girls in the


last couple of weeks. I've made so many improvements in such a short


space of time. So it's hopefully the start of better things to come.


When he last spoke to you, you'd just won the junior title in the


time trial and now you're joining a very, very impressive team here.


Was it imTim dating coming here? Yes, massively. But I just have to


take the positives out of it. I was never going to look good against


Olympic and world champions, but I just had to take on board their


knowledge and learn from the experience. You looked good from


where we were sitting. What was it like taking that podium? Yes,


really happy. The girls said they were ten seconds slower than


they've ever been, but I went ten seconds faster than I've ever been,


so that's really good! You dragged them along. Can I just say hello to


Jo and that we miss you loads. That's lovely and she sends her


best wishes as well. Well done, girls. Thank you very much indeed.


In the men's team sprint it was Ed Clancy in that event. And he didn't


do a bad job either, bringing the team home in second qualification


place. It was Germany who had the fastest time and that will be the


gold medal final. But first, the This is the race for France. France


have a fantastic pedigree of results in this event being ten


times the world champions and the hols have never won a medal of any


colour -- Poles. That was possibly good timing,


because by the time they got back to that pursuit mark and they


cannot overlap at that point, he was right back on the wheel. Good


technique from France. France have profited from the good start and


now they're into the final 250 and the bronze will go to France.


Poland will not come back from this. 44.803. Almost three-quarters of a


second quicker than Poland. Poland fought valiantly there, but


faded towards the end and the technique of France clearly


superior as well. They will be smarting a little bit to be in the


bronze medal ride-off, is respectable at this level of


competition. This is the final for the gold and


silver medals. Germany starting on the home straight. Engler and


Britain led off by Philip Hindes. Not a bad start by Hindes. Clancy


fighting so is hard to stay on the wheels and I think he's managed it.


Kenny is just laying off a little bit. He's closing up now. Oh, that


looks close. 0.3 of a second separating them. Kenny the fastest


second lap rider in the world. Can he bring them back on terms? It's


close. It's 0.2. He's taken some back. That is a big ask that, 0.2


in a single lap, but he's after it. Closing stages. Germany take it


from Great Britain. On the line. The finishing times say Germany


take gold. And Great Britain 44.175, take silver. You have to remember


just a few months from that Olympic games you couldn't except too much


of them now. This is the time to feel their way back into the racing


circuit and try a few new things. But I think that was respectable.


Yes, I agree with that. Congratulations. To see you come


back on to the boards so quickly after the Olympics, having had a


break and still put in a decent performance. And for you, it's


great to see you upright out of the start? Yes, it was good to come


back to racing again on a home track. It was fantastic. What do


you make of your new man three? very handsome! He's doing well. I'm


really happy with how he's doing and it should be good. How does it


feel to be back on the boards and competing at a World Cup? Yeah,


it's really good. We've just come back from a big break after the


Olympics. It was quite hard to get the fitness back and, yeah, find


the speed. But it's going well with the training. And great to get into


that final, Jason. Nobody expected you to come here with the same form


as the Olympics, but still a great performance. Are you happy with the


way it's gone 1234? I'm happy with the way it came together. I think


we've got a winning formula. I think we nailed it, and got it all


there on the track, I'm just disappointed we weren't quick


enough to win the gold. But, like I say, we got up and nailed it and Ed


has dropped straight into the team there and made it look fairly easy,


when a lot of people were excepting him to get dropped. But he made a


good lap. These are all building blocks for the world championships,


what do you think you have learned today? We need to do the same as


today, but half a second quicker. That's it. We have two months to


find half a second each. And a busy weekend for you? Yes, I'm riding


everything this weekend. I'll just get stuck in and see what I can get


out of it and hopefully there will be a few more medals. It's a brave


man who comes into the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome and takes up the


third man position in the sprint. But it was never in doubt? I don't


know. Qualifying went well. It almost felt, dare I say it, a


little too easy to get on the wheel. But I ran out of legs on the last


lap. So for tonight, I'll get a little bit more on the last lap to


nudge the gear up a little bit and it was difficult to hang on to


Jason on the last lap. But I enjoyed it. I have a different


perspective than these two, coming to this, I've never rode


international before. So I've had a great day. They've all been living


like rock stars since the Olympics. But I think we had a decent start.


We were never going to come and set the world on fire, but it is a good


place to move on from here. We're used to the women's team winning


the pursuit, but in different circumstances? Absolutely. The


qualifier, they were lucky to get away with it. But lucky their fire


power was such that they got into the final. They looked - cold-


hearted facts, the mistakes they made, right, you shorten your turns


and you do longer turns and they sorted it out and that's why they


are as good as they are, because they know how to manage their


weaknesses as well. And a new man came into the experienced men's


sprint team as well. And I think he did OK? People don't realise that


Ed has always straddled the fence between team and pursuit. If he


really wanted to focus on it, he could be another Chris Hoy. He


could be that good. I think he did a fantasticic job and it's God to


see someone experiment like that as well. Now, Ed Clancy was entered


into the Omnium as well. It is essentially a decathlon for bikes.


Here are the events. We'll catch up with the first two events.


Jonathan Dibben is making his debut in the world. He posted the fastest


time at that point and ultimately Glen o 'Shea is probably the


favourite here in Glasgow. O'Shea burst away to win the final


sprint, however, there are 12spints over this race. And it it was the


Ukraineian who led after the first events. The final race of the day


for the Omnium was the elimination race. It's a bunched race and they


sprint every two laps. And they get eliminated until there are two left.


And then it's a sprint to the line. Dibben has been caught napping.


Come on, you have to react to this. Trying to find a way in the lower


part of the track. No, that's it. He's out.


Well, he did well to last this morning, to be honest. He's shaking


his head. But he's here to learn. Welte says thank you very much,


he's been given another life because somebody else dropped out.


And he will-sur-siv. And other riders have been caught napping at


the back. -- survive. That was Moto of Japan.


Oh, I don't know. It was Beer of Switzerland. He was coming through


so fast into a gap that didn't exist he nearly caused a crash


Welte once again is right at the back. And I can't believe he has


lasted to long. But no, there he goes. Seven riders left and O'Shea


from Australia comes to the front. We haven't talked about him at all.


No, he's just ridden a sensible race all the way through.


Liss is right at the back and he needs to move on and he's doing


that. That's perfect finaling. they try and keep really tight to


keep the others penned in to keep them safe. That was the rider from


Hong Kong, a former world champion. Oh, Hashi MoT o has been shown as


out there. Getting to the business end now of


It was definitely the rider from Hong Kong that time.


Well, the World Champion is just watching over his shoulder every


time. He's riding very well. Very skillful, O'Shea, that's why


he's the World Champion. Now then, who is going to be out this time?


You can see the fatigue, can't you? Charging down the strait for the


line - oh, I reckon that's the rider from Kazakhstan.


And we're down to four. Just two more selections before the


final sprint. The world champion rider from the Exchequer Republic,


one from Spain and one from Germany and O'Shea trying to keep them on


his shoulder. It's the man from Germany in the hot seat at the


moment and that's Liss. He has some work to do here. This 20-year-old


and he's not going to do it. Liss from Germany is out.


Well, you wouldn't bet against the World Champion now, would you?


He's ridden a good race in second position there, but he just got


caught napping himself there, actually. He's a class act and he's


oozing confidence and a stall yar performance here in the final day -


Now, who will it be in this final sprint? The 32-year-old from Spain.


It's suddenly turned into a match sprint now.


Well, the Czech rider started in third position.


I'm not sure whether they're trying to cross the line first or not


cross the line second. A good move by Eloriaga.


Very good. Good riding by the Spanish rider. He adds that one to


his tally of nine. So he will go into the clubhouse with ten points


The World Champion, O'Shea, has got 17 in fourth place.


Jonathan Dibben at the moment 11th. Well, Jess Varnish still had the


500 m time trial to go, a test of explosive strength against the


clock and the fastest time wins. Vogel of Germany against the


Netherlands and it's the power of Vogel, a former junior World


Championon from London that we except to lead in the early stages.


-- expect to lead in the early stages.


A good start by Vogel. The rider from Hong Kong looks to be in a


position to maintain the lead as these two are slower. Vogel comes


home to become the new leader and it was all completed in that second


lap. So it is now Vogel who has pushed Wai Sze Lee down into second


spot. After Olympic success there are all


sorts of other things happening in your life, so perhaps she is not on


top form, but it was a really quick Spain versus Great Britain. Away


they go. Two laps of the track and Jess Varnish would dearly love to


win this one. Well, she would. She worked well out of the gate and


chose a low gear to give her good acceleration. She may pay for it a


bit later on, but it got her out of the gate fast.


A little bit of work to do here in the second 50. What can she do?


Half a lap to go for Jess Varnish, she is clearly ahead of the


opponent but what will she stop the clock at? Third place at the moment.


34. 809..I'm A little surprised by that, but she may have some more to


give. I'm not sure how pleased she will be with that ride. Did the


team sprint take it out of her a bit? Maybe so. It may be hard to


refocus for this event. You see how close she is managing to keep to


what we call the sprinter's line at the bottom of the track, the


shortest possible distance. So it could be that Varnish will be


squeezed out of the medals as this competition runs its distance.


A good start by Claire there. A little bit of strapping on her leg.


You put a lot of strain on muscles during this event. We knew this


would be a ding dong heat. Panarina is a good sprinter. And she is


leading. She's right on the pace of the rider from Hong Kong, could she


threaten the time of Vogel from Germany? Panarina is the new leader


with a finishing time of 34.121, Very powerful, very strong,


Panarina, a good sprinter. Technically not great at all in the


opening metres, it's just sheer guts and courage, isn't it?


The middle section is where she Away we go for the two-lap time


trial, representing Russia Anastasia Voynova and representing


Spain Calvo. It's the Russian gritting her teeth and trying to


hold off the challenge of the rider from Spain. Oh, it's close, but the


Russian is ahead. That's a very good opening. That's a very good


start. In fact, that's the quickest 250 we've seen and I said I


couldn't see anyone toppling Panarina. Oh, right at the end, it


went to the rider from Spain! 34.45.1. So she clawed it back in


the second lap, but she was just a thousandth of a second faster than


Voynova and it means the rider from Spain gets the bronze medal.


And Jess Varnish finishes sixth. And Lee from Hong Kong was poised


to get a medal and in the space of 30 seconds, she was moved out to


fifth. That's a huge effort of the rider


from Spain and it elevated her into the bronze medal position.


Germany's Christina Vogel on the podium as well for the silver.


Our final race is the men's scratch race. A simple one this, a quick


blast over 50 kilometres. That's 60 laps. Simon Yatse rides for Britain.


Here are the closing stages. Ten laps to go in the men's 60-lap


scratch race. It's the rider from Germany that is bringing the


peloton back up and that's Reinhardt. And the colours of green


are on the front again. Well, I'll tell you who is well


positioned at the moment in this race and that's young Yatse. He's


just moving become to the front. We haven't' sewn him in the past few


laps and that's a good thing, but he's kept in touch. He's at the top


of the track at the moment. Tung is there again from Hong Kong. And the


rider from y atrying to bring them across the gap. There could be a


generally regrouping here. There's seven more laps to go. They're


starting to think about the sprint now and that's the opportunity for


those who can't sprint, it's their last attempt at getting away.


Six laps to go in the men's 60-laps race. At the moment, the Australian


rider is clear, and then Hong Kong and these two are trying to go away.


But there is a big reaction at the front of the field and it's the


Czech rub British that has come between them. He's trying to decide


whether to commit and he has. He's coming around the outside and this


is a really good move by him. He's decided this is his move and he's


totally committed himself and he's roaring off the front here. He has


some daylight, well, he'll have to get some more, because when the


sprint starts they'll eat that distance up. This is Blaha from the


Czech Republic being chased by Mueller. Are the medals going to go


to these three? It's a perfect move, but also in the middle is the rider


from Ukraine. They've started to wind up for the


sprint and Blaha, can he hold out? He's left there on his own with two


laps to go. Can he do it this? It's Martin Blaha, the 35-year-old from


the Czech Republic. It's the bell now and here comes the charge from


behind. Also looking good is Simon Yatse, they're sweeping past and


all of a sudden it's all about the rider from Switzerland. He takes it


on the line. Second is Ireland and third, we will wait for that to be


confirmed. But it looked like Eefting and in fifth place, Simon


Yatse. A good ride by him. He did do well. He was quite a long way


back with three laps to go. But he made it up. But the rider from


Switzerland, he just timed it perfectly. It was an all-in sprint


there. He found the gap and went for it and committed to it and


great timing from him. He profited from the rider from the Czech


republic who surrendered and he So two golds and a silver from the


British team on this first day. Chris, do you think the coach could


be happy with that? I think so and I tend to look at it with the old


British cycling hat on, not just for the golds, but what you can


forecast for the future. Victoria Pendleton leaving, that was going


to be a problem, but Jess Varnish is looking good and taking time off


the sprint record, that's looking really great in the team pursuit.


And Elinor Barker literally took a day off school and looked really


great and was able to perform at the highest level. So there are a


lot of positives in there. And this is looking good not just for the


World Championships in a few months' time, but Rio in four


years' time? It is. That's five new faces in here that's a lot for a


squad and they did a really good job today. And I hope to sew more


of that in the next couple of days. That's good furoreeo, but the World


Championships are one month closer as well, so the result here will


have a bearing on what will happen there. We're back at 8pm on the red


button and the BBC website. It should be a fantastic watch. And


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