Glasgow - Days 2 and 3 Track Cycling World Cup

Glasgow - Days 2 and 3

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Historically Glasgow's east end has been dominated by Celtic Park, ho


to the green side of one of the greatest sporting rivalries. Now,


the magnificent Sir Chris Hoy velodrome as the City is up for the


Games. Given what happened in London, Glasgow may find itself


And they are absolutely flying, Great Britain. Great Britain are


the world champions. They are now the Olympic champions. They are on


fire. They are on fire! Here comes Chris Hoy. A new world record!


Kenny is the Olympic sprint champion. He wins the Gold Medal


and he has won in style. Victoria Pendleton has ignited a burners.


She is the Olympic champion. The gold medal is Great Britain's. They


come up to the line. Look at the time. A new world record. Laura


Trott is on fire. Victoria Pendleton has career ends on a


Sir Chris Hoy is with me. I get emotional watching that. How do you


feel? You can't beat a good montage. It is nice to have so many happy


memories. It is incredible to be here in Glasgow are the track and


see the crowd getting into it. It is a huge honour. It is named after


you. It must be Will it. Yes, it is weird being here and not competing.


Seen all of the guys, seeing the rivals and all the people I have


complete it with vigour as the years and not being in a Lycra. You


do miss it. You miss the adrenalin. You have not retired. No, not yet.


Ideally I'll be back for the Commonwealth Games. I am not


thinking too far ahead. I'm taking one step at a time. I am 37 in


March. One step at a time. I am off to Australia in December. That is


my first training since the Olympic Games. We were see what happens. I


will be building up towards 2014. Greg McLean was here, he's never


taken as much time off. Is there any chance you might decide you


don't want to do it? No chance I don't want to. My motivation is


there. It is literally when I can do it or not and physically able or


not. It is not a matter of the team, there are so many towns and riders


coming through. I want to go there to win. If I believe I Can do That


and I am able, I'll be there. That's the hard thing, the Olympic


Games... Had to pick yourself up, that's not easy. It's not that you


have to come... You have to come off the high, come down, let your


body recover and mentally... You have to make a strategy for the


next four years. I will not be in Rio but most of the guys in London


will be there. It is about pacing yourself. You want to be world


champion every year but... A busy afternoon ahead. This is what is


coming up on day three. The final Jason Kenny fell off yesterday and


Yesterday in the keirin we saw Jason Kenny fell off. It will be


interesting to get your view on what happened. It must be a


disappointment. Yes, he looks of He didn't quite have the gas to


come round. He came into far, touch the back will. Ice-pick to the


national coach and he said he was looking back inside to see why the


French rider was and took his eye off the German back wheel. We are


talking small margins. He came back down the inside and lost it. My


father has broken his collarbone. Jason was a surprise to he did not


get on top more easily. Jason has been very busy. He is not on the


same form he was. On Olympic form it would be a relatively


comfortable victory. Unfortunately he wasn't and off to care is going


Accidents can happen and it is hard to pick out a winner. The team


sprint with Ed Clancy try to step the wheels. He has managed it. That


was close. He managed to do it. Jason Kenny, the fastest second a


lap rider in the team sprint in the world. It is close! It is a big ask,


0.2 in a single race. The closing stages, Germany take it from Great


Ed Clancy said I am no Chris Hoy, not yet. He did fantastically well.


He is getting thrown into an event, the first 10 seconds he is


producing more power in the perils than ever before in its team


pursuit. He has a 10 weeks training to meet the transition. I think he


did incredibly well. It is a great hope for the future. He could


easily go back to to the seat if he didn't enjoy it so be as nothing to


lose this season. And he is a relatively keener road rider. Would


he want to do the weights which are necessary to become a true


sprinter? That is the key thing. If he starts in the gym, his speed and


power would suffer initially and it would take time. The decision was


not to put him on that route initially, put him on the track. If


he makes the transition properly he will spend a full winter or six


months developing the strength in the gym to transfer onto the track.


It would take 18 months to see that come to fruition. Ed is an amazing


sprint athlete. He has some endurance but exceptional speed and


powers of. He does have the ability and that is off the back of the


training. To you think this is him try to find a new motivation?


has always been a team player. He is an exceptional individual, he


could be a multi- gold medallist but chooses to put his focus on


team sprint. He thrives in that environment. I think he could


succeed at anything he turns his hand to. It is nice after the


intensity of the Olympics to have a change of focus. I did that after


Sydney, I was doing the first lap and then I went to the keirin for


training for Athens. Making a slight change can elongate your


career. Eddie is only 27. It is exciting. -- he is only 27. We were


on the track early on. We have some pictures of the being introduced to


the crowd. You look like a proud schoolboy. It was amazing. Some of


the crowd got on their feet. It is always a bit embarrassing, you


don't know what to do. It is an amazing feeling. Just to be here


and Philae see the facility. The building started as to seek it for


a major championship is special. Your career started in Scotland,


let's look at this. This is your Look at this, a sensational time!


It is it after untruthfully. first ever winner in the


Commonwealth Games to Scotland. Chris Hoy looking for the line.


Look at the time, fantastic! Chris Hoy is the world champion. Great


Britain take gold. To get two gold medals in 24 hours is unbelievable.


Chris Hoy it is the Olympic champion! The Commonwealth champion,


the world champion! Scotland take the gold. Chris Hoy takes it.


goes beyond my expectations. Chris Hoy is the world sprint champion.


Nobody is going to stop the flying Scot. Chris Hoy brings the team


home to take the gold medal. Chris Hoy of Great Britain takes gold.


has got it. Chris Hoy is the Olympic sprint champion. You try


and keep a lid on it but eventually it comes out. A Night to Remember.


The BBC Sports personality of the year 2008 is Chris Foy. To be


crowned Sports personality of the year it means so much. A thunderous


applause. The crowd are going absolutely mad. Gold medal for


Great Britain. A new world record. Chris Horley gets the gold medal in


the keirin. His 6th gold medal -- I am going to cry. You can have had


no idea what lay ahead Aviv. Not at all and to think I would still be


riding my bike in my mid-thirties, to make a living out of riding a


bike which was something I never thought would be possible. It


started out as a hobby. I love the sport and still do. It is amazing.


When you look back, some of those clips are so old, they should be


Those narrow frames! It is lovely to have such a nice memories and


your team mates from over the years. I am not retiring yet, but it is a


time in your career to look back and reflect. I am very proud and it


is nice to have these amazing memories. Victoria Pendleton has


retired which leaves an opportunity in the Sprint. Let's hear from


Becky James. How do you feel to be looked at as maybe the next


Victoria Pendleton? It is quite exciting. To live up to the


standard of anything she has done would be unbelievable. I am looking


forward to stepping in and getting the racing in. In the past I have


not had chances to go to the World Cup. Hopefully I'll get a chance to


race with the Jessica Varnish around the world. How frustrating


was it to watch the London Olympics? Obviously you enjoyed


your team-mates's gross excess? But there must be some mixed feelings.


After a accepted it, I'd just got back into training. Watching the


Olympics motivated my training, thinking how much I wanted to be


there some day. I was training with the boys constantly and they really


pushed me on. It was probably one of the most frustrating times of my


life, but to see everyone do so well was inspiring. How would you


compare yourself to Victoria, you have different physique, you are


much taller, how would you describe yourself? I don't really know what


to say. I want to be an all-round rider, I don't want to specialise


in one thing. I think I can aim for all three events. Jessica is a fast


rider over the lap, but she had Victoria in the other events. I am


not specialise to one certain thing. I think I'm an all-rounder. Among


stole the celebration of the Games, the one heartbreak story was


Jessica Varnish going away with the medal disqualification. But she has


a new partnership now, how do you see that shaping up? They have got


the potential to be world beaters. Jessica deserve to get something


for the four years of hard work. She performed very well, a personal


best at the Games. One of the heartbreaking moments in sport.


Hopefully in years to come she will realise that in a different context


and it will drive her honour. She has a great future, obviously with


Becky as well. She has been a junior world champion, Commonwealth


Games finalist. She really knows how to read a race well. It may


well push each other on and inspire each other. Victoria did not have


that through much of her career, she was on her own. It was cold as


a team and on Saturday they went sprint getting underway. It brings


together Becky James and Jessica Varnish. They qualified second and


third which means they were destined to meet at this stage of


the competition. The rider at the back here wearing the black and


white Helmand is a Becky James of Wales. -- helmet. I think we would


give the nod to Becky James as far of her as having a more sprint


experience. It must be quite refreshing for Jess FA wish to have


a change of scene. A full house begging here, and the two you were


looking at on the track already have won gold medal in their pocket


here from the competition having clinched the team's sprint. They


are racing against each other today. Two laps to go in semi-final number


two. Becky James content at the moment to stop her opponent and


wait for the opportunity to bounce. There is no messing about, they are


both accelerating. Great move there by Becky James, a former junior


world champion. The Welsh girl is on fire here. She is very young,


but she is maturing all the time. Down the finishing straight,


Jessica Varnish get sit on the line! She finally topples James on


the final launch for the line. was certainly interesting to watch.


We could see the experience of Becky James. Jessica Varnish did


not panic, she waited, accelerated down the back straight. She waited


until the final straight before pushing for home. Very well timed.


Here is a chance to see how the tactic developed. James using the


height, she went for the inside position. I did not think Jessica


Varnish had the firepower to get on terms with James. They are so


evenly matched her looking at that qualifying time, but she played it


so well in the backstreets. -- it race won, Jessica Varnish. Res two


of the second semi-final of the women's sprint. A brilliant display


of acceleration by Jessica Varnish. Becky James at the front here, the


Welsh git -- girl got a silver in in this competition. You have to


remember these two have been in competition to get that teams


banned place with the Victoria Pendleton. Jessica Varnish is 22 on


Monday. If she could win this competition that that would be a


wonderful birthday present. These are the likely two that will


represent Britain in Rio. Two laps to go, the second semi-final of the


women's sprint. It is an all- British affair. Becky James leading


at the moment. Jessica Varnish brimming over with confidence.


Becky James is trying to control takes the second one! We will have


come into play. James managed to control that race very well indeed.


She did not give Jessica Varnish the chance to accelerated down that


back straight. I wonder how much energy it will take out of both of


these riders having to go to three, when the other two tidy their semi-


finals up in two. It was a determined effort by James. She


wanted another race, she wanted to take it to a decider. The two


then Becky James took race two. Jessica Varnish has probably got a


slightly bigger engine. Becky James 20-year-old representing Great


Britain. Her team-mate, Jessica Varnish. The winner of this clash


will going to the final and race cannot let James control the race.


Varnish looks as though she wants to ride from the front. She feels


as though this is her best chance. There is work to do here for Becky


James. Varnish settling down to the job in hand. On the line, Jessica


Varnish wins and goes through to the final. There was no hesitation


that there from Becky James. She gave her an awful lot of rope, and


in the end it was just too much. She was closing, but her timing was


out. Varnish, obviously fully confident she could hold off James


for a full lap. High am surprised by that one. I really am. James


gave her a lot of distance. The street it is 10m longer. There we


are. Jessica Varnish very happy with that result. They are great


friends. It is all about what to Jessica Varnish can do when she


shapes up against the German. Two competitors here riding in races


the competitor from Hong Kong. A great opportunity for Becky James


to get a medal. She was only just beaten here by Jessica Varnish. It


was a close-fought thing. She needs to try and get in control here.


They know each other well. Becky James lost 2-1 to her in Colombia.


I do think the young rider from Wales can take her competitor to


the limit. James takes it on the line! That crouching familiar style


of her as. Sharp acceleration, but she did not need that to there. She


was able to accelerate at her own pace. You're going there long way


round to get around to a competitor. In the home straight, you're


effectively going downhill. That was a great win for Becky James.


She has an excellent chance of waiting to come out of the


slipstream. Using the slight downhill on the finishing straight


to get herself in front. Jess Varnish is racing against the


former junior world champion, Kristina Vogel. Kristina Vogel


leads off on the inside. Kristina Vogel is an Olympic gold medallist.


Jess Varnish is fired up for this one. She rode strongly in the semi-


final. I think she will stretch Kristina Vogel. Kristina Vogel has


a lot of experience in this event. She is on great form. Jess Varnish


has a battle on her hands. She has had to work hard to get here.


Kristina Vogel is a former junior world champion. She knows she has


the ability. Different styles of sprinting. Jess Varnish is a


typical 500 metres star rider, likes to go for a long sprint.


Kristina Vogel keepy control by -- ridden. Kristina Vogel is too


quick for her. The German takes it. A good tactical move by Jess


Varnish but left itself with too much to do. Kristina Vogel made it


look like she was at full tilt. spirited effort by Varnish. As they


come to the line, she closed it significantly. Three-quarters of a


bike length. This is race two in victory is going to elevate her


confidence. It gives you owe her bit of conference to take some


the last 24 months. She took bronze Abergavenny. She is growing in


confidence all the time, a talented trying to encourage her to lead out


Kong to take it on. James is settling down to try and come round.


Can she do it? No, no, it was tight. Race took goes to Hong Kong. --


was very small. It just wasn't enough. Tactics are critical here.


This was the builder. I thought the fact Lee stalled a little bit. She


hesitated. But the difference. She waited and waited and launched a


little bit later. -- that's the lulling her into a false sense of


security. We now have to go it engine she's been developing. There


was a technical infringement but the fall was there. She is really


going to have to pull everything out here to beat the German. She


needs to keep control of the race. Kristina Vogel is the pure sprinter.


Varnish, we saw in the semi-final, is the pure sprinter. Just Varnish


is a powerful. She is very very strong. They are pushing and


shoving him. Varnish gets to the front. She must feel confident she


can lead this out. She would try to stop the German using the speeches


got. She will try and intimidate her. Varnish is gambling on the


long one. Kristina Vogel try to ExCel right. Yes, she wins. The


Varnish is getting the silver and Kristina Vogel gets the gold. The


victory salute. She worked at the tactics and tried but it didn't


bigger engine and were confident to win from either front or back.


There we are, the German rolling onto the line. She wins gold.


won the decider. Becky James won the first race. It will be about


tactics. They have been so evenly matched in the competition. It is


about getting the tactics just right. A slight mistake on timing


by Becky James or an improvement by Lee changed the results. It is


going to be close. Very little to choose between them. Can a Becky


James at the Proms to the silver Jess Varnish has already won? --


by the looks of it. Discouraging Becky James from going for the long


one. The same tactics. One and a quarter laps to go. They are


beginning to get it is turning. Lee in the whites, a tactical move by


James. Becky James said thank you, I take the invitation. You need


courage and bravery to do that. Here she comes. The bronze medal


goes to Becky James. Brilliantly written, tactically astute. That


was a gutsy move. She did not hesitate. Lee was shocked for an


instant. An instant is all it took. Some fantastic reactions. Seizing


the opportunity, absolutely commitment to go for the gap. She


kept the height coming in to the final lap. She had the extra


acceleration. A smile to melt your heart. Spellbinding action. It was


a spellbinding move. You can see the height she has got. She waited


for Lee to glance back and dived underneath. It was all the


opportunity she needed. It was tactics but decided. But really was


a fantastic news. The outcome changed in the blink of an eye.


James took the opportunity, accelerated away. It's all over.


Because she came underneath she got extra height to come down the track


with extra acceleration. That was great. There's a big representation


from the James dynasty here. That from the James dynasty here. That


will please them. That move got eight nods of approval. That was


gutsy. When you watch the video it looks straightforward, go for the


gap but when you're racing on the track and it is a split-second


decision you realise if you make that it is all or nothing. It could


have been a clash, she might have fallen off or been blocked. She did


it and its debt. When you start a race, you have a plan beforehand


but then you have to change it depending on what happens. Yes, you


can the complicate the sprint. It is best to keep it simple. That is


what the coach is said to me. Anything can happen, you can have a


plan, you can draw the line, you can know roughly what to starts as


but you have to be flexible to have a change of position in the heat of


the moment. Often it is instinctive and Becky has the instincts.


surprise was the fact it was Jess Varnish who got the gold medal


right. Not a surprise because they are so evenly matched. But he does


have a history of racing well at this level at Commonwealth Games


and in previous events. Jess is so fast. She has the acceleration, the


straight line speed. Jess is still a razor. She has the ability. It


has all been about team sprint until the Olympic Games. It was


hard to call. You would never have been able to pick one or the other.


They were evenly matched. I know it is done and dusted but it seems a


shame that the rules have changed. You felt foul of it, the individual.


Might it be changed? You never know with the UCI, the governing body,


it is not too controversial to say they do not represent the wishes


and believes of many of the riders they are supposed to represent.


They often make decisions out of the blue without any consultation


with the riders. You look at an event but the sprint and it doesn't


encourage young riders to come through. Most nations have one or


rider who is favourite for the Games, me and Jason had a battle


for the spot, Jason got it deservedly so. But what about the


others? They have to wait until someone retires until they can step


into the shoes. It is frustrating for younger athletes and does not


help the sport developed by not giving the younger athletes a


chance. Thankfully we do have younger riders coming through and


you never know. Maybe you have a career with the use the I! A busy


weekend for Jess and Becker. Now, one bronze in the keirin in her


career. Jess Varnish of Great Britain will be in high spirits


this morning. She secured a silver medal in the Sprint last night.


They had some issues with the Tinne The maximum speed in the women's


Keirin, just slightly lower than though it is just the heats,


building for this afternoon's finals. The pace lifting all a time,


the drone of the engine is getting slightly louder. The speed is


getting quicker all the time. Three laps to go in heat of one of the


women's Keirin. This is the first round. They have got just over one-


and-a-half laps to sort it out for stops the first moves are starting


to develop. The middle of the pack is the place to be right now.


Jessica Varnish has some work to do, but a gap has opened up for her.


First two go through by rights. Here is an early move by a leaf


Hong Kong. Jessica Varnish finishing second. She moves into


the next round by right. That was strong. Varnish almost got into a


little bit of trouble but found her way back around the outside. A late


challenge came, we can see that in the shot. Varnish made the right


move, but the danger was coming on her own side. The judges are so


strict now, constantly watching the lines. People moving off the line,


cannot be construed as getting in the wake of the rider. There is the


first two are going to the final by rights. Britain represented by


that is Jessica Varnish. Can Becky James joined her? There is another


factor in this racing. Most of these competitors have done a lot


of racing already. It is about who recovers well over the course of


the three days. There are tired legs in there. There certainly are.


And Becky James won herself a bronze medal last night. She is


happy to be an almost last position at the moment. Nothing really


happens on until the daily swings out of the way. There is plenty of


time yet. Becky has already got one gold medal in her pocket from the


competition here, that came on day one in the Sprint. Can the two


British competitors make it through to the next round of that Keirin?


Four more laps to go. Starting to move up than in anticipation.


laps to go in heat two, round one of the women's Keirin. Becky James


moving up into second position. James looking as if she would like


to get into the front position but the rider from Russia will not let


her. She is in a difficult position. You have to make a choice, on the


front or on the wheel. She is being held at the moment. The rider from


position she will qualify. James takes it on the line. A great


finish by her. The Russian will join her. She is clearly in great


shape. She spent a lot of time on the outside riding in the wind. The


confidence of was that there. The Spaniard coming over the top was


perfect for her. She even had the legs to come around on the line.


Looking good for this afternoon. Certainly. This is where Becky


James profited from the fact the Spanish woman went early and she


had a youth we look to a map. was almost scripted for her there.


winning. This means that two British competitors are through to


the next round. Three laps to go in the third and final heat of round


one of the women's Keirin. It is the first two to qualify and the


good news is, the two riders from fire, Kristina Vogel, who won the


gold medal last night. She is dictating the terms here. The


German is going to take it. She goes through to the next round


cleanly. The other qualifier is The men sprint is underway. It was


not straightforward for a Chris's It is a new track with dust on it


and I believe some writers have been having problems with the


sleepiness. This was the restart. A bit of a slip Mayor, but you can


see his tyre has actually come off hanging off. There is no way you


can hold that, I am impressed he lasts that long. Essentially, it is


a tubes so none was in the tyre and stuck on by glue. Sometimes they


pop off and that is what happened there. That is am not a nice fall,


he landed on his head. He landed with full force. He will feel that


in the morning. Two aborted attempts in that round of 16. We


can now catch up with what happened when they tried it, third-time


lucky hopefully for Phil Heinz. Heat seven of the men sprint. The


bulls are quite simple here. It is these two riders trying to sort


this out. They have both had a crash. I have noticed Philip Hindes


has the same clothing on, they are full of holes. He has chosen to


keep the same clothing on. There is a lot of dust as well. I wonder if


that is responsible for a very slippery track. Philip Hindes on


the front, wary of his opponent. Probably the more experienced of


the two when it comes to the sprint. They have both been in the war


years. At least that part of it is even. The prize at stake is a place


in the quarter-finals. Philip Hindes looking to gather himself to


That was eight mistake by Philip Hindes. He did everything right, he


kept moving, he just carried on a quarter of a lap too far. His


opponent it took the initiative. said earlier that we felt the rider


from the Czech Republic was the most experienced. Philip Hindes is


certainly quite. He was drafted in last minute for the Olympic Games.


He does have a lack of experience in the sprint event, but that is


why he is here. A man that can write 17.24 the sprint event has


the potential to develop. He did Disappointment for Philip Hindes


there. The guys in commentary talking about his inexperience.


spoke to one of the coaches earlier on it who said that if he learns


from all the mistakes he has made this weekend, he will be an expert.


To be fair to him, it has been a massive build up to become Olympic


champion aged 19 and then have this short period to get back into


training and be thrown into the deep end. It is all new experience


for him, he has made a couple of mistakes and he has fallen off. But


he has this four year period to hopefully branch out a little bit.


Two potentially become a sprint or a Keirin rider. It has changed his


life. He was born and raised in Germany, his dad is English. He has


now come back to the UK, three years ago, and he has been an


integral part and one of the reasons we won the gold medal in


the team sprint. He came in and improved so quickly. To do 17.2


seconds at that age, usually you have to do years of strength


training and development to produce that. It is hard to predict how far


he could go. His talent seems unending if he can just keep his


head on and focused. Talk about that rivalry between Jessica at and


Becky, potentially with Jason and Philip Hindes? Absolutely. There


are numerous guys in the system up coming through the who we could be


talking about in a very short space of time. Jason needs that upward


pressure from the younger guys, like I had when I was trying to


keep myself going. It is important, In terms of your mentoring role, do


you take that very seriously, or you focusing on Chris Hoy, rider in


your own right? A little bit of both. I always tried to do what


Dames McLean did for me. It wasn't really the coaching infrastructure,


that there is now. I was very lucky to have Jason and Craig, they were


faster, more able and more experienced, and I could learn from


them. I tried to do the same. It's tough, these guys are fighting for


your spot. You do all you can to help them, but you make sure that


you are sorted first. Let's go to our first allied action, the men's


sprint semi-finals. The man next to Good afternoon to Hugh Porter. You


are looking fine, gentleman. Looking forward to the action?


certainly am, a fantastic mix of disciplines, Laura Trott is flying


around here. We had a duty semis final situation. -- we have a duty


semi-final situation. We have the Keirin to look forward to, we have


Jess Varnish, all in all I think it will be a good afternoon. These two


Germans are very strong in the sprint? We could be looking at the


final. Unfortunately, because all the way they qualified, they are up


against each other now. It will be for the first semi-final. It could


be a good tussle. Robert Forster man has muscles on his muscles. He


Dimitriev, the Russian. He was 5th in the Sprint in London. He's been


around a bit. I think you have to favour the masterly German, here.


He looks like he's wearing a muzzle suit, like you get for a fancy-


dress party. Chris Hoy will probably make a


comment about him. If my memory serves me correctly, I think it was


him that jumped away from him when they met in Manchester, he got the


better of the great Kris Boyd. Denis Dimitriev is leading at the


moment. About 26 years of age, Forstemann, the masterly German


glides away from the opposition and that leads the team sprint one


available. Very, very strong. A very different line of development.


If you watch the British sprinters, they are much finer. Still very


powerful builds, but the Germans have a real power development


approach to these games. It seems to be working well. They certainly


do their work in the gym. Some heavy squatting. Forstemann first


wins round one. Race two, they are going to bring out Stefan


Boetticher of Germany. Chris Hoy gave me the heads upon this fellow,


about 12 months ago. He said, watch this guy, he has a big future. He


beat Forstemann on the way. He is starting to reflect class and speed.


He has opposition from Spain, the third quickest in the time trial.


Of course, Stefan Boetticher of Germany has won gold medal, having


won the Keirin yesterday. Germans, I can't see how anybody is


German. They have real strength in depth, the sprinting squad. In the


run-up to the Olympic Games, they really stepped up their game. They


are carrying on the momentum after the Olympics. The old double straps,


for the sprinting. No desire to halt the fat, or an clip. -- pull


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


after the Olympics. No unnecessary qualification, this morning. Just


100 shy of going inside the ten- second mark. He's in good form, in


curious form, the young German. Some fast sprinting, for this point


in the calendar. I mentioned it several times, after the Olympic


Games, there can be a lull while people reorganise themselves. They


are getting themselves back into this new track season. Some of the


against it, here. What we have seen in the preliminary rounds, we


forecast after the time trial round but we thought it would be an all-


German final. I'd be very surprised if it isn't. The pace is just


beginning to lift. Still looking for the surprise attack. Just


wondering if the German is going to I think that will play into the


hands of the German. On to the shoulder. Stefan Boetticher of


Germany, at a canter. It's hard to know what he could do. He wanted to


be in second position, he was happy Germany. He gets the bit between


his teeth and there is no stopping a big thighs. Forstemann?


They are, they are like nothing anybody had ever seen before. I


think it is exaggerated because of his height, his legs are quite


short and it emphasises the cartoon nature of his thighs. He tried a


bit of a march at the World Championships, right from the gun


he just went, rather than this cat- and-mouse? Yes, nice of you to


mention that(!) Thanks for bringing that up. He beat you? The first


round of the world championships, 2010. Normally it is nice and


steady, there is some cat and mouse. He literally just went on the gun


for three laps. He had a big gap of about 40 metres on me. I slowly got


it back but I didn't catch him. I had to go back, and it messed up my


world championships. You make that mistake once, you're always aware


of it from then on. Jason Kenny did the same in the world championships


in Melbourne. He did beat him, but he was relegated for flicking out.


We are going to turn our thoughts to the omnium, which means the


appearance of Victoria -- Laura Trott. Although Victoria Pendleton


might be in Strictly Come Dancing, Laura Trott has The X Factor.


knows what is at stake. A gold medal is going to be for Laura


Trott! It went down to the wire! seems no time at all since we were


in the Olympic Velodrome. What is the focus now? Has it been


difficult to motivate yourself? feel like motivation was not a


problem for me. I wanted to get back on the bike. I was missing his


after the Games. You almost crave it, it is an everyday thing for me.


Now, this isn't a target, this is just going to enjoy the home crowd,


new track. With the new team, as well, which we have not put on the


track before. That will be good. The main target, I want to win


worlds again. I want to get the titles that I'm going for. Then we


are looking forward to the Commonwealth Games, that is the


first stepping stone, and then onto Rio. And your first visit to


Scotland, shame on you, not coming here before! Looking at your


schedule, you are going to be busy. You are writing the omnium and it


is the kind of event that you add on as a result of your training for


the team pursued. Where do you think you are as far as the omnium


is concerned? -- team pursuits. Form comes with team pursuit. I


normally judge how well I'm going to do on how that goes. We are not


in world record shape, far from it. It's just about getting the best


ride there. The omnium, for me, it is about having fun. Just going out,


enjoying my bike racing and learning from what I didn't do at


the Games. Although I won, it wasn't a perfect scenario. I went


into the last rites, -- race, well behind where I should have been. So


I just want to do new things, try things and see what happens. This


isn't the target, the worlds is. To do new things here is only going to


help me. She really is a superstar. So much so that her boyfriend,


Jason Kenny, has one more gold medal and he says he is referred to


as Laura Trott's boyfriend! have to feel sorry for him, he is


the plus one everywhere he goes. But she is a superstar already. The


crowd love her. They see their way that she responds, the way that she


races, 1920 years of age, she has the world at her feet.


certainly has. We are talking about her taking over from Victoria


Pendleton as the Queen of the track, she is that already. Yes, she has


the same number of medals as Victoria Pendleton, so she is one


of the big names on the world track cycling stage. In case you have


forgotten, the omnium is multi events on a bike. We are going to


see the scratch race and time trial later. Let's catch up with the


rolling with the 250 metres flying lap. The time was enough to give


her 4th place after this first event. The fastest time was Ashlee


Ankudinoff of Australia. Next, the points race. Britain's Olympic


champion won one of the Olympic sprints and she was in close


attendance for a couple more. The final sprint was won by Ankudinoff.


The Australian is bringing some good form in today's Glasgow World


Cup. She narrowly leads the field after those first two disciplines.


for the British Colors, she is wearing the world championship


jersey which is the world omnium champion. That is the ultimate


tizzy to wear. It's the white jersey with rainbow stripes. --


the rider from Finland is the first to be eliminated. Well, that was


easy. That is the 29-year-old from Finland. That was easy to spot.


don't think it will stay like that for the entire race at all. She is


out. At the moment, she is last in the omnium. She had an 18th place


and she is way out of the standings. Now it's the rider from Spain in


trouble. I'm quite surprised, because she is a very good rider.


It is actually the rider from Hong there. Two riders are eliminated


already. It is almost to a gentle start, they haven't really got


fired up yet. Ashlee Ankudinoff will have to work. She is moving,


she saw the danger. Is she going to get through? We have got a crash!


Now umber eight team, the German is out. -- number 18. The riders will


be asked to ride above the blue. That is a heavy fall. You can just


Manning the coach holding up Laura Trott. He was the leader of man for


the team pursued for many years. Olympic Commonwealth and world


champion. And he is proving to be a very good coach. I think he is the


most successful coach for a Team GB of all times. I bet he never


thought he would end as the coach. He got a degree in geology, but he


is now all a brilliant coach. a non- neutralised Lapper again as


everybody battles to get themselves at the front. -- lap. Once again,


it is the fastest lap we have seen. It is the Italian at the back who


finds her weight on the outside. It is Ryan of either -- Island, she


may get through here. Ryan is boxed in at the bottom. It will be


difficult to get out of that. People want to hold to their so


they can control the pace and use you as cannon fodder. Ryan of


Ireland is the first eliminations. Number 22. In case you did not


catch the men event at last night, the light on the handlebars flash


when they are out to make sure they know when to leave the race. Who is


it going to be this time? The pressure at the back of the field


is almost intolerable. It looks like the rider from Belarus,


Tatsiana Sharakova. No, I think it is the 34. Was it? I think it was.


Yes. But it is the rider from Thailand. She knows. Now the


American is in a little bit of trouble here. I am quite surprised


the way it Ashlee Ankudinoff is riding. She must be brimming over


with confidence. Laura Trott is at the front. Mexican out this time, I


think. Yes. Laura Trott in a perfect position, second position,


she has got some shelter and plenty of room to manoeuvre. Ashlee


Ankudinoff riding at the back, very strange. The American Higgins in


the hot seat. There is nowhere to go. That looked like number elevens.


The Spanish rider. Yes. The field thinning out. Still, the 21-year-


old Australian riding this from the back. An amazing tactic. Just


moving up on cue. Tatsiana Sharakova is doing a fantastic job


for Laura Trott. Raising the pace. Higgins could be in trouble this


time. I think it is that the French woman. The same thing again, in the


middle of the pack, it tries to squeeze forward and finds there is


no room. And now it is the rider from Poland in a perfect position.


The American again, she is making hard work of this. We have seen


Laura Trott read like this remember. We thought she was in trouble when


in actual fact she had it completely under control. It is the


rider from the Czech Republic. And we are thinning down the field.


Ashlee Ankudinoff moves up and the American is still sitting at the


back. Maybe they had been studying the Laura Trott Guide! Higgins at


the back, on the inside of her his Tatsiana Sharakova of. These two


are duelling for the back positions. Tatsiana Sharakova looks to be the


victim this time, but can she move up the outside? Yes, and it is


Higgins. Finally, the American it is eliminated. It is a game you can


only play for so long. Laura Trott has taken it on it now. What


strange how she got in her legs? Pretty good, this is the time to


make a move its. Not much more than ten laps to go now. Trott is riding


well. The Venezuelan is out. think she might have been


disqualified for being off the track. Seven left. Laura Trott


dictating this, keeping them on her shoulder. The Queen of the


Elimination contest. On the inside, the Australian, Chris, that is not


good. She is in a box and will have to come round the long way. It was


tight, she did. Laura Trott has ridden this in a different way than


usual. She has barely been out of the top two. Again, Ashlee


Ankudinoff is at the back. She must be very confident. Laura Trott is a


little bit swamped there. She is checking over her shoulder. Again,


nemesis go out. Laura Trott is under pressure. But with a little


bit of acceleration she just moves up the side and the crowd love it.


Was that the Australian? It was Alex macro --! This could turn the


overall positions upside down. Tatsiana Sharakova is still in


there. She could become the new leader if she can remain in the


race. This is an important sprint. Tatsiana Sharakova does not have


the legs! We are down to three. did a lot of work earlier on in the


race, perhaps she is paying the And this is the one she would love


to get. It is her favourite event. Here she comes! She has got the


measure of the other athletes. It is going down to two. The Russian


has conceded. And that is the final sprint. It is our Laura Trott


verses the world scratched champion of from Poland. -- world scratched


Laura Trott wins and gets a standing ovation. Laura Trott, the


world champion. A lovely piece of riding. That one she wrote first


and second position all the way through. -- rode. We have now got a


tyre for the first position thanks to that. -- a tie. And she has her


key event to come at the end. used to say it was Queen Victoria.


And when she retired I said, Stepaside, here comes the Lady in


Waiting. Look at that smile, one day to go. Laura Trott has


elevated herself up to fourth, one. Shy of the medal positions. Here


the first event of the third day. She loves the time trial here. The


Flying Lap and the pursuit, this is her at her strongest. A indeed.


This actually was the fastest time of the day so that was great from


Laura Trott. It is the athlete with the least. That wins. And there we


go. The standings after four events. Laura Trott equal to Ashlee


So, women doing particularly well here. There is a new development.


We have these men teams in the Tour de France. Bradley Wiggins and his


foundation have got involved. We have Laura up Trott as part of that.


Do you know much about what is happening with that? Not too much.


Probably as much as you. It is about time we got a professional


women's team which can focus on the track and the road. It is fantastic


to have this team, and to give them the right support and the chance to


shine. Something you have been involved in was the legacy of this


track. Getting young kids involved in cycling. On Friday we had 1000


local schoolkids here. They live near the Velodrome and have seen it


being built, this was a chance for them to experience track cycling


and hopefully it has inspired them. Schools are getting a chance to


come and have a go on the track. If anyone has an aptitude for it, they


can keep going and there will be a competitions for them. Hopefully it


will inspire people to get involved. It is about giving people the


chance to try the sport and reap finals. You can see both of the


can possibly not both go through to the final, Forstemann and Stefan


Boetticher. What can Denis Dimitriev do? Well, he is sprinting


well. But Forstemann is clearly better. I can't see anything he can


do, really. A very capable sprinter huge problem. He has to work out


how he can beat this muscly German. It will be interesting if he can


try and do belong one, nobody has gone for that yet in this


competition, just go full-on from the start. He's got nothing to lose.


If he can get this one, it could be quite telling. It's a tactic that


Jason Kenny used in the world championships in Melbourne and it


nearly paid off. Well, it's not been used for several years, it is


all or nothing. If it doesn't come off, your opponent, who has been


sitting out of the wind behind you, is going to walk all over you. It


really is do-or-die. But a couple of people had employed it, because


it has been used for ages, and that gives it an element of surprise.


I'll tell you what, the noise in this arena, it would resonate all


the way around the Velodrome. It's the kind of thing we like to see.


It is possibly his only chance, to try to jump away. But he's just too


strong and powerful. It has to be tactical, it's not going to be


physical. Forstemann is not going to give him the opportunity. He


German and now he will just forced it to the line. 2-02 Robert


under a lap to go and he was on the shoulder. Forstemann spotted the


danger and he drove hard to stop him getting that advantage. That is


where the race was won and lost. But once he had gone into the front,


there was no way, really, that the Russian was going to get back over


the top. Just outgunned. The wind, blowing backwards almost, at that


kind of speed. So, Forstemann, 2-0, next one. This young German, Stefan


Boetticher, against Peralta Gascon special. They will be watching that


now, because he is the only man may have got. The man with dynamite in


his thighs. Look at those shoulders. He is such a different build to any


on your side. He would be great if very impressed with, Stefan


Boetticher. A very young face. I tell you what, he rides with an


Spaniard is to lead off. He's not going to be able to jump away, from


talking about. On his way up to the senior rank, he got himself a


silver medal in the World Junior one of those green markers against


sprinter. That is, of course, relative to the rest of the


Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome. I understand that tickets went almost


within minutes of being advertised, such is the popularity of the sport


they come round with three laps to go. The only opportunity is trying


Boetticher, haven't you? He's brimming with confidence, the young


this in the saddle. He hasn't applied full pressure and Peralta


is just trying to cling to his coat-tails. So, we have a German


about managed to get him up on to the wheel. But absolutely nothing


to come around. Fast sprints, 10.2, 10.4. Very quick. So, an all-German


final to come. That is Forstemann against Stefan Boetticher, in the


That's going to be a good final? is. I think most people are


expecting Forstemann to win. But I reckon that Stefan Boetticher could


pull off a surprise. I think he's got a bit more adaptability than


Forstemann. He's very good at the late, Short, acceleration based


sprints, but Stefan Boetticher can go wrong, he can go from two lapse


out. If he could force him to get onto pace early on, he can have a


chance of competing from the back. If he can prevent him from getting


to the front, I think he could beat him. How much analysis goes into


looking at your opponents? In cricket, you analyse batsmen and


see where their weaknesses are. You sit down with the coaches,


Forstemann, this is his weakness and this is his strength, and sort


out a plan? It's funny, in most other events you focus on yourself,


you focus on your performance. You don't worry about your rivals, what


they are doing. In the sprint, you analyse their strengths and


weaknesses. We have an iPad and you will send information straight


there, it will analyse the race immediately and you can look at the


different strengths and weaknesses of your opponents. The guys will be


spending a lot of time right now. It's difficult when it's your team-


mate, they train together and know each other very well. They will


know, first hand, the experience of what it is like to race with each


other and trained with each other. Let's swap to Keirin. In Heaton, we


have Jess Varnish. You can see the riots that she has had in the last


few days. But they are both incredible athletes and will be


able to deal with that workload. Presumably it will be sandy Clare


or the Hong Kong rider, she will try to use them, get a bit of a


draft. Conserve energy? Conserve your energy, savoured for the final.


Make sure you are in the final. -- heat in the second round of the


women's Keirin. Nobody knows more about riding three events and


winning three gold medals than Kris Boyd. He will know just what it is


like. He will now how much fatigue the British competitors are


carrying. Varnish was second in the after the silver medal in the


sprint last night. Just pipped to before it swings off. In the


women's Keirin, it is 45 mph. That is just slightly slower than the


men's. The sound is getting louder, indicating that the speed is


lifting. You expect fireworks in Then the riders will launch


themselves into a flat-out sprint. It is the first three over the line.


It's about getting yourself going to get themselves into


position. Already, we can see some movement. Some gaps starting to


fall. The Day and Co is still third spot. That is Clare. And


Varnish, they are going to hit the line with 250 to go. Jess Varnish


has tried to come through on the wheel of Wai Sze Lee of Hong Kong.


Jess Varnish looks like she is struggling. A lot of action over


the last two days, it is Clare that was on Lee's wheel. I think Varnish


are thought, you know what, she's not going to do it. Lee held her on


the shoulder round that was the problem. She was out in the wind


The Varnish obviously carrying the fatigue. She will now be in the


whole thing was set up a much further back. These two clearly


ahead of the rest. Jessica Varnish the final. She wins he'd won.


Second-placed Lee from Hong Kong. Jessica Varnish will line up in the


minor final. Great Britain still has another chance with Becky James


going in the second heat. Becky James, a former junior world


champion. 20 years of age. Just having the look, it is quite a


tough line up in her look -- in her heat. It will be hotly contested.


You know Keirins, everything can change so quickly. There is


Kristina Vogel. On very good form, having won the sprint already. She


has so many gold medals. Gold medal in London and Melbourne. Always a


danger in these rounds when there's three to qualify it that you start


to think, it is just about qualifying. If you go for the win


and it does not work out but you finish second or third. If you


think about just getting into the top three, that is a dangerous mine


said. Someone to take the pace from would-be Kristina Vogel, for Becky


James. James is on the outside. James's right there on the outside.


And on the inside his Kristina Becky James. There is the woman in


superb form at the moment, and that being given to Becky James by Jan


Van Eijden, the former world champion. The German coach who


works brilliantly with the British set up. He instigated a massive


change in the British set-up. The British were known as the fastest


qualifiers for some years. He brought in a wealth of tactical


knowledge. It was a real impetus for the change. Because he is so


fit, he still rides, he gets on the track and trains with these riders.


It has made a huge difference. Kristina Vogel, second wheel.


Varnish is in a great position. -- Becky James is in a great position.


You have got to favour Kristina Vogel, but it Becky can profit from


her moves. She just needs to be Stretching on to a maximum of 45


for that bike. A bit of daylight appearing. There is a ten-metre


rule that has been brought into play. It is still quite a lot of


leeway to be honest. That is to shoulders. They know we are getting


to the business end of the contest. We're starting to get moves


developing from behind and Becky James has noticed she needs to stay


in touch. Coming down the finishing straight, it will be two laps to go.


They move us from the French competitor. It looks like she has


found herself a spot, she is still in with a good shout. She has found


herself a way through on the inside. Becky James going well. She is


trying to get onto the side of Kristina Vogel. A terrific effort


on the line! Third place was James and she will get through to the


final. Good riding by Becky James and that sees her through to the


final. It was a very committed ride. She did not take any chances.


Looked a little bit sketchy, but she found her way through and kept


driving on the shoulder of Kristina Vogel. Have a look at this


acceleration. A a very impressive finish. She used the height on the


track. Very strong. She almost the snatched it from Kristina Vogel in


the end. There was a little coming together, but I don't think we will


hear any more about that. Good news, we have got British representation


in the final. Becky James was third in that heat and gets into the


Chris, you call that right for Jessica Varnish. It was a race too


many. It has been a great weekend for her, but you could see it in


her legs that she did not have the gas to keep up. Although she is


extremely motivated to have a great track programme, she has got all


that emotional stuff from what she went through at the Games. She is


perhaps more tired than she thinks. She was determined to get straight


back on the track and into the gym after the Olympics. Time will tell.


I think she will keep going until the world champions, and I think


she should have a break after that. She has not really come to terms


with the fact that she missed out on getting a medal at the Olympics.


The time will come for her. She has such ability and commitment. But


she has to be patient. Having said that, a great weekend. She has


ridden well all weekend. Becky James will be in the final. Talk us


through how she did. She was a shoulder of Kristina Vogel. That


acceleration and forced Kristina Vogel to make a move. She is


pushing a lot of her own error there. -- her own air there.


talked about pushing your own air. What sort of difference does that


make in terms of power output? faster you go, the more important


their dynamic efficiency is. The power has to increase by the square


of the speed. The faster you go, the harder it is with air


resistance. It is all about air If you are at the front for 2.5


laps, it would be very difficult, pushing your own air. Kristina


Vogel is looking very strong. The Germans have brought some great


form. They have. Have I am surprised they have such a strong


team in the four year cycle. But it is great that the top guys are here.


Max is going very well at the moment. British cycling knows all


about getting it right. That is the magic things. It is about one day,


up for a two or three days every four years. You have to get it


right. It almost does not matter what you have been doing in those


four years, it is those days which count. World Championships, World


Cups, they are all important that the Olympics is the big one. From


springs to endurance now. We will catch up from yesterday. Martin


Irvin was very good in the Scratch Race. He has his hands full up


representing Denmark is Lasse Hansen, the Olympic Omnium champion.


He is riding against Martyn Irvine of Ireland. Martyn Irvine it posted


a personal best this morning, but he is 1.8 slower than the Danish


competitor. It is visibly quicker than the bronze medal ride off, we


can see that already. He finished second in the Scratch Race, but for


me he got man of the Match award. He Lasse Hansen has started quickly.


Such a talented rider. When he won the that Omnium in London he was


sensational. He is a former junior Individual Pursuit champion as well.


He knows how to measure his efforts across the 16 laps. Martin Irvin


has a lot of work to do. -- Martyn Irvine. He has gone out quick. He


is being shown by his coach he is well up on the schedule they have


set. Maybe he has gone out to quick. Wonderful style by Lasse Hansen. He


comes from a town in Denmark which has produced a few great riders. He


is following in a great tradition. Martyn Irvine is falling back on


his schedule. He is not losing any more ground. He might be the one


who has pace this well. We will keep an eye on this. The pursued is


one at the end. You have got to measure your effort. -- per suit.


Martyn Irvine starting to lose a little bit of ground. He knows the


champion seven times. But you were looking at a rider here with a big


future, hass freelance and. I feel sure one of the big professional


teams will be signing him short leave. He crashed during that


Omnium, got back up and dismissed the problem. He is back on his


original schedule mouth. Not far to go. He can see the Irishman. Martyn


Irvine starting to rock and roll a little bit. He really is moving. He


is going well. That is three seconds faster at the same point


this morning. Clearly he was doing enough to qualify. We could be


seeing a sub for 20 here. Bear in mind he has already ridden the heat


up earlier today. He is flying. think he could get inside, you are


right. It is a strong ride. Martyn Irvine doing well. But he is being


display of pedalling excellence by the young Dane. Here comes Lasse


Hansen, up to the line. Let's look at the finishing time. It's going


to be impressive. Just a tad outside of the 4.20 barrier. But he


is set another lifetime best. got to be pleased with that. To go


two seconds faster in the same day, it is a sign of the form that he is


on. Two brilliant rides. 4.22 in qualification, for 0.28 to take


gold. Fair play to Martyn Irvine of Ireland, two lifetime bests. He


took four off it this morning, now The de omnium, Laura Trott is going


well. Let's look at the standings perhaps a weakness for Laura Trott.


line this time, the whole field together in this penultimate event


of the women's omnium, the scratch race. We are waiting for the first


tentative move from the medal becoming a real performer in this


event. She has been very active in the first few laps. Pawlowska air,


of Poland, this will be her favourite discipline. That is where


she will be hoping to get a good finishing position. She's currently


third. 16 points, just one more than the leading race riders.


That's the problem, she is going to be well marked in this event. Which


is good, if you are watching. near the back, at the moment. 27


laps to go. It's the car before the storm. They are trying to secure


their positions before they get to the time trial. Easing back again,


nobody wants to show their hand yet. If it carries on like this, this is


playing into the hands of Laura Trott, with the time trials still


to come. Now, a little attack beginning to unfold. This looks


like Sharakova, having a go. Yes, that is Sharakova. Indicative of


the style of this Ryder. A very aggressive. Laura Trott goes


straight after it. The three key players, well, they are right at


the head commit yet. A long, thin win, they have to sprint flat out


to beat each other, even in the middle of the field. That is our


first successful attempt at making 23 points. That is a good move, she


has the Russian with her. Now, is they go to be a reaction from


behind? They have to get on it quickly. These two, a nice working


pair. They have a good quarter of a lap leader already. A lot of


swinging going at the back. Nobody is committed to the chase. If they


just rolled around the bottom, taking small turns, pace would stay


high. Nobody wants to bring it on. The Russian, pretty handily placed.


You are right, nobody is prepared to bury themselves at the head of


the bunch. These two are profiting from it. They've got about a third


of a lap. They have enough room, enough alas stick to withstand


these flurries. -- elastic. It will be a difficult one to get back.


They could finish first and second if they get this lab. 20 laps to go


in the penultimate event, in the scratch race. These two are trying


to gain a lead. And they are doing it. The Lithuanian and the Russian,


they are currently 5th and 6th in the contest. A good move, leading


by a lap. Sharakova has attacked as well. She has been allowed some


rider at the front. Currently 7th in the standings. It's a bit too


far, on your Rome. Ryan of Ireland has tentatively gone after her. --


on your own. She didn't attack forcefully enough, so she has


company immediately. I think she's going to be back in the next few


laps. Laura Trott is running a cautious race. She's not expending


too much energy. It might just stay the same and the status quo. A good


ride. The sprint between them will be critical, absolutely critical.


Just one point, so important. tactical affair, we knew that it


would be. The bunch is smarting a little bit, having lost that lap.


They are not inclined to let anybody else have the same kind of


leeway. They are keeping the pace high around the bottom. Laura Trott


is getting involved in keeping the pace five. The race hasn't been in


an angry mood. We haven't seen several different groups. When they


come to do mind it will be 40 more to go. Still, just off the front,


not going anywhere. Being chased down by the rider from Mexico.


Pedestrian pace. She might just trundle away. She has looked over


the shoulder, they might be potential for making this work


after all. Another reaction from the front of the main field. Again,


it's the rider from Mexico having a go. Bridging of to the rider from


Spain. That could make all the difference if they get together.


They haven't quite got the punch to break the elastic. They had so many


attacks, the law of averages should the penultimate event in the


women's omnium contest. A brace of riders just at the front. Spain, in


the white and red. With hair, the Mexican. -- with her. They have had


some time to gather themselves. They are working well together.


They are getting a little bit more leeway. They are clawing a few more


metres every lap. They are up to have a quarter of a lap. The


Spaniard is really struggling, not staying on at the wheel. She's


paying the penalty for of those laps she spent out on her Rome.


they stay away, and if Laura Trott leads the way, that will set it up


perfectly for the final, providing Laura Trott and Ankudinoff lead.


think everybody is going to start not going to affected a tall. We


had two more going away and that is dangerous. We are going to have to


start looking at the main group and look at the two leaders at the


moment. That is Laura Trott and Ankudinoff. They cannot leave any


daylight between them. Two or three points could make all of the


difference in this race. Laura Trott, at the moment, happy to be


at the back of the pack. And we have the two riders that lead the


field. One kilometre to go as they go around. I don't know if they


will have time to make the junction. They are chasing down the others.


The rider from Finland looks like she is going to retire. She is


really struggling. Four laps to go. The Mexican, actually going to


close that gap. She's waiting for the sprint. The Spaniard has gained


the lap. So, the first four places in this race, the highest that


Laura Trott can finishes 5th. wind us up at her own pace. Higgins


of the United States is on her shoulder. It looks like Sharakova


is going to start the sprint. Yes, she's starting the charge for the


line. We had two that are clear rows well. Ankudinoff is trying to


come past her. Laura Trott is also in the shake-up. These are the


means that she will have levelled up with Laura Trott. It looked like


That means that Laura Trott will be behind Ankudinoff, with one race to


go. Well, that all happened with just over one lap to go. Ankudinoff


was behind Laura Trott. But she just got a little bit boxed in and


took the opportunity to come over the top. Laura Trott didn't have


time to come back around. Fantastic event. We will wait for the


countback. But Ankudinoff now has the advantage over Laura Trott. It


if she can beat Laura Trott in the time-trial. Laura Trott is a


electric in that Test against the She'll need to be, she now sits two


points behind the Australian. She'll need to beat her by two


places in order to take the gold Laura Trott, listening to some


music and getting ready. A little bit like the Olympic omnium, where


she needed to come back and pole to get the gold. This is certainly a


strong event for her. There is no doubt she can win the last event.


The real question is whereabouts she is good enough to finish. Her


destiny is not in her own hands. We shall just have to not worry about


what happens. She had to smash it as hard as she can and then see


riders are preparing for the next Jonathan mentioned, nor the will


have to be two places higher. -- just to pick up at point that


take the time to events, put all that time together and see who is


the time-trial, that isn't any good. Ankudinoff will win the gold. That


is all to come in the final heat, when Laura Trott lines up against


Ankudinoff to see who will take the gold medal. The leading time is the


French competitor. You can just see here, that time off 36.448. That is


Laura Trott one the world champion in Melbourne, she finished the time


trial with a 35.73. I do not know if she has that kind of pace. She


is very quick. A lot of that is because she doubles up with this


event because her job is the starter so she spends a lot of time


coming out of the gates perfecting that. In this event, it is a huge


chunk of it. These are the Laura Trott. It is about composing


yourself. There she is. She is such an athlete, such a fighter. This is


a carbon copy of the Olympics when she looked American a way to make


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Choosing to go with the pursuit bikes, some of them go with a stand


drop handlebar bike. A 30% less power when they get into the same


position. It makes an enormous difference over the second a lap.


An impressive opening lap. The quickest we have seen so far. Can


the Lithuanian back it up? Driving on for the line. Very impressive.


And that is a very quick time indeed. She is now the leader in


the time trial. She will be pleased with that. A lot of the riders have


differing backgrounds in the omnium. Some are sprint orientated and


struggle on the distance. Ed Clancy is in that school. The endurance


riders are not as good in these. three, that time. I wonder if


the season. She has been otherwise occupied after the Olympic Games. I


still think she has it in her legs to get under the 36 seconds mark.


Lots of medals celebrations. She has still ridden with tremendous


determination and aggression here. So much pride, the world champion


wearing the rainbow stripes and it lifts you when you have the jersey


on. Penultimate heat. Poland against Russia. Poland is lying


third and Russia in fourth. The yesterday morning in this contest


with a one-lap time trial, they have written a points race, an


elimination race and individual pursuit, scratch race and now this


Test against the clock over two Lithuanian. The Russian has a


better start by some margin. Inside 28 seconds by Russia. The fastest


opening lap so far. Poland are going well as well. A fantastic


ride. Incredibly quick opening lap. The answer to question is yes, they


have gone inside 36. That is the new fastest time, Poland second.


That is slightly quicker than the time Laura Trott recorded last year


when she got the world title in Melbourne. That is no mean feat.


She is on fire, great technique out of the gates. I am not sure anybody


will touch that's today, surely not. She has moved up the standings. The


winning performance to better the time today. It is not necessarily


about winning a discipline but between them if she is to take the


title here. If they finished first the announcements have been made


consistently so they are right on the case. This will be very


exciting. The coach has given the final information. She must be, if


she is to get near the time, around halfway mark. Just one rider has


gone inside 20 seconds on the first omnium. This is the classic style


of Laura Trott. Really working hard to get biggest spinning. She is


already ahead of Australia. See the aggression on her face. She


desperately wants this. She is giving it absolutely everything. A


huge lead at the moment. If it remains like this, Laura Trot will


take gold. She is eating up the ground. She buries herself up to


gold! Sheer aggression. Totally different styles. We see the replay


in a moment. The Australian looked like she was starting a pursuits


out of the gate. She came out of the gates, the aggression. Look at


her face. All smiles. She is such a crowd pleaser. She is a terrier


when she comes to race around the filling in it for Jo Rowsell. It is


paid off. Look up expression. She knows how to do this. It was so


important. It is the mark of a champion, performing well and doing


it on demand. It is all about winning. And not in peak form. She


has been celebrating her double gold medals for London. Next year


she will take some stopping. She said she was coming to enjoy the


racing. She can enjoy that. She loves it. Laura Trott finishes at


how tight it was at the top. That brilliant ride by Laura Trot sealed


the gold medal. Sportingly acknowledged. She recognises the


sheer talent of Laura Trot. Another five-star performance here by the


double gold medallist from London. The coach's continued to pour


congratulations all over her. Six events and she effectively won at


by 0.133 of a second. Laura Trot wins the Gold from the Australian.


Many congratulations. A champions' performance. A I can't believe it.


I am so tired. Are not going to live. I don't even know what I am


doing here! I am so tired right now. It is a hard coming back from the


Olympics and getting your head around racing again. I am not fit.


I came here because of the home crowd. You want to give them


something back. To compete in the home World Cup, I wanted to do it


and say thank you. I can't believe I won, I really can't! If this is


how you perform when you're not fit, everybody had better watch out.


Your competitive nature comes out. Definitely. I was sitting there, I


was absolutely shattered. I like winning. I did want silver! I liked


it when the crowd's cheers me. happens now? I am going to


Australia for an insurance scam. I will try to get it. And then come


back fighting fit for the world. Congratulations. That was fantastic.


Thank you. She says she isn't even fit and she has won! She is taking


be an even contest. The Russian will probably have the edge. Spain


at the front at the moment. The Russian at riding in his trade


colours. Not the national colours. They have both been put through the


mill. They do not look as attentive as they have previously. The length


of the competition is taking its toll. Both of them not hanging


around. It is always a morale boost to get race won. That is what the


Russian will try and do. Looking for the inside position. He did not


defend at all there. One lap to go in race one. The Russian in front.


It was a weak challenge from Spain that he didn't have the speed. He


will not come back from that. Race One goes to the Russians. That was


handled astutely. It looked lethargic but the time belies it.


It was a quick bit of sprinting. I am not sure his heart was in that.


Great work by the Russian. Spain will have to find enthusiasm if


they are to take the next one. He is not quite in the league -- same


I've been waiting for. Wait until these to lock horns. Contrasting


physiques. The man with muscles on muscles. Look at those legs. He has


been in the gym. He missed out on a medal in the Games. The best of the


losers, that's the best position. They are still burning with eight


needs to get some payback after the places, they have still got a point


to prove. -- Beware the people in of Stefan Boetticher, because he


got beaten in the National's by him. And Stefan Boetticher has got a


point to prove as well. It should be some real tasty sprinting.


coming up to the line, there they Boetticher's senior. We mentioned


earlier, that Stefan Boetticher has some real wisdom which belies his


age. He certainly does. He pointed out earlier, it was your Chris Hoy,


they will know each other's every move, because of their training


other man off-guard. Just trying to outwit his tactical nous. They are


so well-matched. I think Forstemann probably has the edge on form. But


they are so well matched, it is walking pace. They are not allowed


to stop more than twice. Just as I say that, we get a standstill.


reason they are doing this is that they have so much respect for each


other, neither one of them needs to read it out. With their not being


many long straights, the need for it has disappeared. They get 30


seconds and then the judge will instruct the leading rider to lead


away, and if he does not, the races stop. They are not allowed to roll


backwards, either. We have seen in the past, sometimes one of them


cynically puts the rear wheel against the fence, just sat there,


resting. Always pointing down the track, when that happens, so they


can get faster acceleration. That's another skill that you almost


always point out, they can ride forward, looking backwards. They


make it look so natural. Watching the event, you don't even pick up


on it. That, in itself, is an incredible earned skill. Forstemann


actually got on the inside, then there was a reaction immediately


from Stefan Boetticher. I don't know if he wanted that to happen.


He tried to regain the initiative. I think that might have been the


first mistake that we were talking about. Forstemann is going to lead


this one out, goes for a little bit more height. Forstemann is leading


it out. Look at the youngster, can he get on to the shoulder of the


leader? Yes, he can! He makes it look easy. First blood to Stefan


Boetticher. That was very impressive. I think I have to eat


my words, on form. He looked very strong. Arguably, he made two


errors. He got himself in that position, going into the back


straight. There was just over a lap to go. Forstemann threw him some


more bait to stop him diving over the top. I thought that might be it.


But Stefan Boetticher had superior legs and was still able to go right


round the outside. Forstemann teed himself up with different position.


This is where they had the exchanges. The sheer arrogance of


the youngster, he passed him what to slingshot through the slipstream


and round the final bend. That extra exhilaration because of a


height that he kept. Forstemann suddenly got his race face on,


going for the line. But it's a victory to the younger of the two.


There it is, that remark confirms You called that pretty well, you


can come back! I think Forstemann's ride was his ideal ride. He likes


to store his opponent, keep in close to him and not let him make a


gap. The key point was that Stefan Boetticher gained weight, he kept


pressure on the pedals and didn't back off. With a lap to go, he kept


that height, created a gap and kept the pace. He had the pace and it


made it look easy. That cat and mouse, is that a function from the


fact that they know each other so well? It is, but you would be doing


the same with any opponent. Forstemann likes to go from the


front. They have a lot of respect for each other, but they both know


the tactics Inside Out. He's trying to keep in close, he's trying to


stall him and keep him as close as possible. He's created the gap,


Forstemann has not committed. Stefan Boetticher is at risk of


being stuck, so he gains some more getting momentum? He has so much


more speed, it wasn't easy but in the last 50 metres he was not


really struggling. It looked like he sat up by a little bit. What is


the dynamic? You had it three years with Jason, what is it like racing


It's weird, you get it often throughout the air, but at a major


event it is very difficult. During the day, you know you are going to


end up meeting each other later on, you while warming up together and


talking, you are still good friends. When you step onto the track, it is


enemies and it doesn't matter who they are. The third gold medal, the


presenting the bronze medal. The silver medal goes to Ashlee


and the gold medal winner, the world and Olympic champion,


representing Great Britain, Laura She's getting quite accustomed to


collecting these jerseys. That is the white jersey of the overall


Actually tying with the Australian and Ankudinoff. The flowers will


The representative for Event Ladies and gentlemen, the national


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


A smile to melt your heart. Laura Trott, the overall winner will be


omnium and the series winner. Balabolina of Russia gets the


She's not only a brilliant cyclist, I think she's got the X Factor,


that likeability factor. She's become a superstar in a short


period of time, which is unusual. She has, particularly in a team


with so many big names in there, she has shone in the a team that


already has many stars. She has a great future ahead of her. She was


admitting that she's not even at full fitness, she can still come


and win a World Cup gold medal. I am sure the rest of them are


terrified about what she will be like fully fit. She's 20 years old,


she could potentially do another four games, if she carries on the


way you have carried on. She could end up with a hatful of gold medals.


Part of what you have achieved, what Steve Redgrave achieved, was


that ability to keep on going, time after time. This is the first time


she has done that. Obviously she is young, how do you set out her


psychological approach to the sport? She has the gift required to


be the best in the world, she already is. It's the desire, people


like Sir Steve that go one to win five gold medals, it is beyond


physical gifts, it's the mental toughness, the desire to keep


working. It's not just about winning once the air, it's a


training three times a day, sessions that put you in the state


where you are physically sick, your muscles are aching. All sportsmen


do this. It is doing that, year after year, there is not a lot of


athletes that can do that. That is the key thing, you have to enjoy


the day today, as well as winning the medals. I'm sure if she keeps


the same attitude, we will be talking about care for many years


to come. Let's look at the 500 metres time trial, the event that


took the gold medal. She beat but she started off potentially


going down the route of being a sprinter. So she has a great start


out of the box, very aggressive. You can see that she is really


quite punchy, compared to the Australian, who is buried smooth


and more perceived style. She knew she just had to smash it for two


laps and hope it is quick enough to put at least one person between


hair and the Australian. Thankfully, her good enough was not good enough.


Talk about what Laura is like back in Manchester at the Velodrome. She


could be like a pop star, she is a bit dizzy. Clearly, if she's not


fit, she has to have a strong mind and work ethic? She's a very driven


athlete. It's great to see that in somebody so young, when they are


able to enjoy it as well. She doesn't get overawed by the


occasion, she doesn't feel the pressure. She certainly doesn't


show that, anyway. To play two different roles, in 18 roll, you


have the pressure that if you make a mistake then your team suffers as


well. She can handle this pressure and she can perform to this level.


imagine it is a race too far for her.


We will soon find out, let's hope not. They always have a minor final.


This is classifying the riders from if the two Spaniards actually


trying to use the numbers advantage, getting themselves working together.


Often, they like to go one and two. Number two leaves a gap that the


others have got to close. It's an interesting one, this. Well, Jess


Varnish just needs to be a little bit cagey. Try to profit from the


moves when the action does unfold. The Russian rider, Elena Brejniva,


she tucks in behind that biker. Jess Varnish is third place at the


moment. In and out of the saddle, moving the bike around. That


discourages others from trying to edge underneath all over the top.


She is comfortably in third place. Totally different these races from


the old style way you could push as they go down the back straight.


They use the derny bike and then it is all on. -- they will lose the


derny bike. The formation is themselves out while they fight for


a bit. There is no chance of a late washed away in last position. It is


may have snatched third. Yes, third. Netgear set 9th position over all.


at the back. There is the big effort. It is a long way round to


come. It was a photo finish for third, fourth and 5th. This was the


I am fascinated by Laura Trott. 20 years old, the world at her feet.


And how she navigates her way. is the big challenge for her. The


lucky thing is she has great people looking after her, coaches,


managers, people who have worked with previous athletes. She has the


talent and the support, as long as she keeps the desire the future is


bright. And that is something you don't know. She might wake up and


say she is bought. The Rhys a monotony to it which is not always


easy to manage. As long as the rewards and results are there, it's


OK. There are some athletes, a train so hard but they don't get


the reward they hope for. That is when the motivation becomes an


issue. Let's go back out to the track. The final of the Women's


Keirin. It will be a very juicy Hong Kong. And also the Russian. We


mentioned earlier they had a long qualifying round. Very interesting.


Becky James gets the front position. Kristina Vogel sitting on her wheel.


That was a game plan be talked for everyone else jostling and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


front. The upside is you are always taking the shortest route around


the track without the constant change of pace. It does have some


company. A very different race. Everybody is playing the cautious


game. That plays into Becky James's hands. She is dictating at their


pace. Everybody is letting head to it. France are coming around the


outside. Becky James leaving it out. James is fighting hard. Kristina


Vogel is leading in down the back straight. We will have the charge


also from Panarina. She has left it too late. Kristina Vogel takes the


for a better race. She had the confidence to know she could wait


until somebody made a move from the back. I wonder if Becky James could


have stuck on the wheel of the journey -- German. It wasn't there


for her to live. Kristina Vogel finishes the individual sprint and


the Keirin. Second and third over the line. Russia and Hong Kong and


Becky James in 5th position. You can realise the Germans are


starting to get their act together when it comes to sprinting. As


Chris Hoy pointed out, they could We saw a tight Jess Varnish, she is


with Jill Douglas. -- tired. A busy few days, taking third place


in the mind of final. Still looking aggressive and desperately wanted


to get into the mix. Yes, one step at a time. After focusing on the


Olympics to get Sylvie yesterday I was really happy. And in the keirin


it is getting back in there and learning from it. I enjoyed it. It


is learning again. And it's all about experience and getting into


these races were there sprinting or Keirin. They're such tactical race


is that you can only learn by doing them. Nothing is a substitute for


actually doing the race. Not at all. I was one of the fastest riders up


there, I qualified third and got silver yesterday. If you don't have


the tactics, you can't get it right and get stuck on the outside. You


end up coming off thinking I didn't do my best but it is tactics.


have you learnt? So much yesterday. I did 11 rides yesterday. It was


brilliant. Just learning again in the keirin. It all starts here.


Australia next year. Yes, on Wednesday a training camp there.


Thank you. It has been a good weekend for her. Yes, she should be


pleased with her performance. jersey but it is not that simple.


The sprint she should be pleased with. Back to the men's sprint.


Bronze medal race. The second of the potential three. They have


rolled away. The Russian at the front with one victory to his


lacklustre. They were not sharp or looking to defend the position. I


wonder if he has given himself a good talking-to in the break. He


needs to really get emotionally into this if he is to have any


chance was to the Russian has the front. He has a strapping on his


leg. Sometimes the aches and strains need managing through the


competition. It is not affecting something. He has taken the lead


and is allowed to do so by the Russian. Now then, can he deny the


Russian a 2-0 victory? It is far superior. A right over the top of


this ban it. The bronze goes to Russia. It was quick and so it


should have been. It looked like they were both on the same team, to


me! Awesome power from the Russian. The extra distance in the finishing


straight. When he got the legs beat the second match of the final.


The Russian acknowledges the crowd. There is the result. We will see


him later on the page in collecting might be wearing the same jersey


but there is no difficulty telling them apart. He really is muscly. He


was at the front of the queue when as we build up to the final? It is


setting up a gladiatorial contest, isn't it? It is the elder statesman,


Foerstemann who is leading off. Dramatic music setting up this


final. Res two. The men sprint final. Foerstemann has got to win


this to take into it a decider. His young opponent, Stefan Boetticher


was hugely impressive in the first race. Nearly all of the riders


choose my advisers to give as little information a way to their


opponents. They cannot ride looking backwards. -- they can ride


upper hand. As Sir Chris Hoy was saying before, the key was not the


small errors in positioning, the winning move up for the young


German was keeping his height and not taking his foot off the gas no


matter what the direction of changes were. He never gave away


speed. He kept his height. course, backing up in the second


ride you should favour there are younger athlete. He has got there


smaller build. Two to go. Foerstemann is a very experienced


campaigner. It will not be easy for Stefan, that is for sure. He was so


impressive in race one. Are we going to go to three? Or will the


gold medal go to Stefan better final 200m. That is Olympic


standard times. Take a note of the name Stefan Boetticher. He wins the


gold medal here. He will take some stopping when he gets to the world


championships. Have another look at this. He makes it look so easy.


Foerstemann, he did everything he felt was correct. It just was not


enough. I am just having a quick look at the times set during the


Olympic Games. I think that was a faster match sprint than anything


we saw in the Games. Incredible acceleration. The closing speed was


so impressive. You can see the three-quarters of a lap to go, the


speed it was so fast he would cover the distance with comfort. He must


have given Foerstemann 15-20 metres there. He was so confident he could


close down. When you have that slipstream it makes a big


difference. The timing and distance is so important. You need to pass


in the right place. There is the result confirmed. A great double


from the German there, winning the Keirin as well. 250 metres to go,


10m behind, you just looked at me He got Foerstemann up to full speed,


committed. He had a decent gap. And he came past with so much more


last 200 was, he was on great form. You called it right there. This is


what Chris Boardman talks about, this hall in the air. The only


saving grace for or Foerstemann there was if he had not accelerated


to the line. But he had already reached top speed. Stefan but, on


the other hand, was accelerating all the way. Kristina Vogel, she


won the sprint. The Germans have This is the time for the people who


may be did not perform at the level they hoped at the Games to come in


and feel better about themselves. Obviously, the Germans are always


up there. They did not do quite as well as they had hoped at the


Olympics. They were hoping to win the men Keirin. They have come here


with a strong team, but it is all about the world championships.


terms of this World Cup, the The women have been doing it this


time, haven't they? They have. There is nothing new there. The


women are very strong all the time. They have shone together as a group.


They have carried their male counterparts through. Some of them


are having a rest! I feel a bit guilty. Never mind a! Becky James


finished fifth in that women's Keirin. Let's hear from her now.


You seem to get in a really good position of going into the


penultimate lap. But a lot of power coming over your shoulder. Yes.


There were some really strong riders. I gave it everything I


could. It is all about experience with things like this. Ultimately,


that is what you need. Definitely. This is the time to get race


experience. Hopefully by the World Championships we will be on form.


Hell have you enjoyed the weekend? It has been really good. A hard day


of racing yesterday and today. have you made of this Glasgow


veladrome and the crowd here? absolutely love it. The Welsh


cyclists have been on form and going for that is positive.


Definitely. It was really unfortunate that Peter Lewis


crashed out yesterday. There are lots of young people coming through.


It is looking good. And off to Australia? Yes. I'm looking forward


to some sunshine. The women have been winning medals, and the men


seem to have been crashing. Ed Clancy, Jon Dibben and Owain Doull


are the only three that had not crashed. This was the team pursue


it goes well it looks simple and well drilled. But that shows you


just how wrong it can get. They just touched the wheel on the front,


a split second lack of concentration. You do not get a


second chance. One of the things Craig McLean talked about when he


was here was the dimensions of this track were slightly different to


Manchester. That is perhaps having an effect? Maybe he was being a


little bit kind. There is a difference from this track and


London. But everybody here has ridden on tracks similar to this.


It does change things very slightly, but it is just a mistake which has


I am sure one man who will not be panicking is David. Data is really


good. It is exciting to have an indoor veladrome in Scotland. What


is really exciting about this is that on a day-to-day basis it will


provide another sporting facility for Glasgow and Scotland. Hopefully


we will see greater numbers of youngsters taking outright cycling.


A we have seen some brilliant performances today. Who has caught


your eye this weekend? Elinor Barker in tremendous form and the


likes of Jon Dibben. Absolutely. I think that was one of the best


senior debuts I have seen by Elinor Barker. An amazing display. The


decision making and the confidence that she had in that final ride, it


was quite something. Very like Laura Trott. That is very exciting


for us. All the young people who have come into the team, they have


stepped up. It is unfortunate the men team crushed, they would have


made the final for sure. The average age of the team is so young,


the enthusiasm is great for us. We're into another Olympic cycle,


you have been through it a few. Is the ambition and desire still


there? It has got to be. If it was not, I would have to get out of the


job. Every Olympic cycle is different, you cannot compare. You


cannot learn, but each one is the start of a new journey. Our


challenge is we have a new group of riders, we have real coming up and


we need to make these group of riders the best that they can be.


Rocky times as well, Bradley Wiggins with his crash. The news is


that he is doing well, and we have seen Shane here this weekend.


was quite a shock, and testing and a worrying time. I am glad to say


they are both recovering well. Bradley is back training and he


will put some consistent time on the roads. Shane is as tough as old


boots, it might knock a bit of sense into him! Cycling has not


been out of the headlines since the Olympics. The fall-out from the


Lance Armstrong situation has been managed by yourself with the zero


tolerance. Where are you with that process? We are pretty clear. We


started teams guy with a zero- tolerance policy. We decided we


would not recruit anyone with a past involvement in doping. With


the Lance Armstrong situation it came to light that we might have to


review that. We took some new information, looked at the positive


and negative. We made changes where we needed to it and we keep on


going. We have a very clear idea where we are going with teams guy,


we are not changing tack at all. have been joined by the director of


British cycling and sport. He is going to talk about British plans


for the Tour de France. First, Joe was asking about the zero tolerance


policy. It has been very depressing for cycling with regards to the


Lance Armstrong situation. It has. It is not easy to read the


headlines and watch the news reports. All I can say is the


rider's feel as if the sport has moved on and as a rider all you can


do is win clean. Show other The negative headlines have come


out for a clean British team and Bradley Wiggins have won the Tour.


It is strange. It is about Lance Armstrong, 2006, there were issues


in the sport, athletes were testing positive and that's why it Team Sky


it took the approach of zero tolerance. We don't want any doping.


They won the Tour de France and did it clean. That is to be celebrated.


It is also about sharing doping doesn't have to be part of the


sport. Tour de France is far removed from the track. The track


is a different thing. The UCI have come in for a kicking and rightly


so but at the same time they must take some credit for getting the


support to this stage when we have the British team winning the Tour.


I am not the biggest fan of you see I've. They could have made the


situation... There are things they could have done and should do in


future to help the sport move on. Who knows what the future holds but


what we are doing is we are not afraid of naming and shaming anyway.


Who would have thought a global icon would test positive and the


names and shamed? At least we are doing that. More positive things.


We talked a little about British plans to host the Tour de France.


Talk us through what it is at the moment. The ultimate idea is to


bring it back to Britain. Our sport continues to raise its profile,


reckless excess and Chris Hoy. We are confident the owners of the


Tour de France want to come to Britain are to capitalise on the


interest. They saw the Olympics and the road race and we are fairly


confident it wants to come back. There are two been saying. One of


those bits starts in Edinburgh and goes into England, Wales for a day


and back into England. Four days of bike racing. There is also a bid


from Yorkshire which I am it's that belief is three days but we don't


know much about it. In terms of the timing, when are you likely to know,


I presume there are other international bids as well. Yes,


there are two or three other countries that are interested. It


is a competitive bidding situation. We think the British bid is well


thought through, a lot of strong stake holders. It is British, it


will reach 50% of the population within half-an-hour's drive.


Yorkshire have had a bid in for a while. Will it counts against


Britain having competitive bids? It's not good. We met Yorkshire for


the first time, we sat down and the obvious position was to appeal to


them to join the same bit. I can understand that is not... We have


to respect that but we are where we are forced up from a British


cyclist perspective, we will be happy if it comes to Britain.


as a proud Edinburgh man, it is better to see the Tour de France


start in Edinburgh. That's something I never thought I would


see. Amazing. I will make sure I am home for their weekend. Let's get


back down to Gill tiddlers with Shane Sutton. -- Jill Douglas.


busy few days for the team. How happy are you? Extremely. To come


off the back of the Games to here, the new talent. A few unfortunate


incidents but yes, in general the public is happy, a great venue.


Great for us to come here and the results of five. It is about the


roads to Rio. We are happy. Some younger talents Canning three but


looking at the German scene, there is plenty of talent out there.


is what to do with it. We have a great coaching team, good


leadership and if you have talents that makes up the three ingredients


to win Olympic medals. I think we can do that in four years' time.


And to has impressed she specifically? The sprint girls have


done really well. With the exodus of Pendleton, Trott is a legend.


There is real good quality in Jon Dibben as well. He's impressed me.


Look after yourself. Great sea. It's interesting listening to shame


and David Brailsford, this kind of they will enjoy putting the puzzle


together -- Shane Sutton. It is a whole new challenge. It doesn't


mean it is the same template for success. You have to assess the


challenge and break it down into chunks and set out will stall. It


is a partially different team from London. Commonwealth Games coming


up. You must be excited. Benny McAskill, a stunt riding is


involved in promoting the Danny, how are you doing? Good. Can


you do this tricks? That was me doing the stunts for him.


excited are you and Scotland? massive. The way the whole GBE has


embraced the Games, the Commonwealth Games right here in a


matter of months, it is a great thing for Sport and Scotland.


you would want to be part of it. Absolutely. It is my dream to


finish my career here at the Commonwealth Games, whether I can


do it are not, who knows? That is the plan. I would decide in spring


next year. I would have had enough time to go to Australia, have some


training and racing and assess how my body is holding up. And see if


there is life in the old dog yet! there is life in the old dog yet!


Next year, it is a ride London. It is like the Great North Run. It is


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