Grand Final Triathlon: World Series

Grand Final

Sonali Shah presents live coverage of the hotly-anticipated men's race at the ITU World Triathlon Series Grand Final from London's Hyde Park.

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Hello and welcome to London's Hyde Park. It is a packed afternoon of


sport on the BBC today, so if you are looking for the Moto GP, that is


on the red button. But on the banks of the Serpentine we have the climax


of the 20 13th world triathlon series. There are still three men


with a realistic chance of taking the title -- the 20 13th world


triathlon series. Those include Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee. Here


is how the series so far has led us to the exciting conclusion. Javier


Gomez the Olympic silver medallist has laid down a marker here, right


at the start of the season. Right now there is no want to touch


Alistair Brownlee, and he wins in California. It is Jonathan Stern to


shine in Yokohama. What a win. Jonathan Brownlee has been


absolutely brilliant here today with his second successive victory in the


series. Brown league wins in emphatic style


ex-Commissioner -- Brownlee wins in emphatic style! It is a split


between the brothers, but it is Jonathan's victory in Hamburg.


Alistair takes the win in Stockholm. A stunning success. So it is likely


to be Alistair, John thaw Javier Gomez to be crowned world champion


after a bomb -- 1500 metres swim, a four kilometre bike ride and ten K


run. Graham Bell will be out and about on the course. The race


revolves around here, the transition. This is the equivalent


of an F1 pit lane walk, except without all the noise and any


mechanics, because the athletes do everything themselves, wracking


their bikes, making sure everything is in the right position. You OK,


Alistair? Looking good for today? I think so. A good crowd, but its


toll. Good Yorkshire weather.We all need a bit of weather like this to


make is the all at home. Don't let me interrupt your preparations. Even


down to the helmet on the front of the handlebars, that would go


straight onto the head. That has to be done up before they can pull the


bike out of the rack and run out. It is important that you follow the


rules and make sure that when you coming out of the swim, the wet suit


is back in the box. If you break any of the rules, you get a penalty, and


we don't want to see any of that today, do we? No penalties today,


crossed. Brilliant. Once they have picked up the bike, they had onto


the road and do the 40 K loop around London. Let's welcome four-time


Ironman triathlon champion Chrissie Wellington, who will be with us all


afternoon, and joining us is Malcolm Brown, who has been the running


coach for the Brownlee brothers were a few years. We are so used to


seeing the Brownlee brothers win that it is easy to take that success


for granted. Chrissie, put it into context how important those two boys


have been to the sport? They have catapulted the sport into the public


consciousness, not just at the Olympics last year, but even before.


They have taken the triathlon world by storm. They have dominated for


the past three or four years. It's fantastic to see two amazing British


the past three or four years. It's athletes on top. Malcolm, achieving


the kind of results that they do not only takes a phenomenal amount of


training, but also a certain amount of character. I know the boys are


very different, but give us an insight into their personalities. As


you say, they are two individuals, but what they share in common is a


love of the outdoors, a love of pushing themselves. A little


internal competition against the other one. All of those factors and


many more have created the characters we will see in a few


minutes. A top year for Alistair, lots of problems with his lack --


ankle -- a tough year. There were lots of problems with his lack --


rumours he would not make it to the start. How is he doing? He had a


decent breakfast, looked out the window and saw the rain and thought


decent breakfast, looked out the it was good. He is OK. He is going


to start and see how it goes. When I spoke to Johnny ahead of the race he


said he was not really feeling the pressure ahead of -- of being the


reigning world champion. Can that be true? I don't think he feels the


pressure of being the reigning world champion. He has the usual prerace


anxiety is one would have, but he's in good shape and he sees an


opportunity here. How important have the boys been to the sport of


triathlon? How much more attention has the sport of triathlon got


because of the Brownlee brothers? I think the combination of the boys,


the Olympics on this course last year, and there is a lot of interest


in the sport. I think because they are brothers there are a lot of


little old ladies in the supermarket asking of the boys get on with each


other. They are a bit worried, but they are, so we don't need to worry.


I did love the story of the old lady who gave them £10 each for winning


the Olympic medal, and that is what they call legacy. They seem to have


appealed to more than the hard school of triathlon fans. There is a


wider audience than that. Good luck to you and your boys today,


Malcolm. The elite men's race is just a finale to a whole host of


championship races. Yesterday it was just a finale to a whole host of


the elite women's race where there were also two British athletes in


the running to win that world title. Welcome to a soggy and at times


foggy morning. The Gwen Jorgensen is the leader in the world triumphant


-- triathlon seed -- series. If she wins today, she will become world


champion. Anything can happen as they come to the end of the swim.


Gwen Jorgensen will not be far away from the leaders. This race


beginning to play into her hands. Non Stanford has not got her wet


suit in the box, and that is a rule infringement. That could result in a


penalty. A disastrous swim for she has to be over two minutes down. It


looks like Gwen Jorgensen is down. It will be a battle for the title


between the triathletes, all over for Gwen Jorgensen. They run towards


the transition them in. She's kicking clear of the


pack. What a gutsy move from Non Stanford. So, Stanford takes a


punishment now. And the tactic has paid off for Non Stanford, she still


in first position. Stimson has been dropped by Aileen Reid. A


sensational raid -- Stimpson. This culminates in a magnificent victory.


Non Stanford is the champion of the world.


Delighted to be surrounded by great British sport -- sportswomen.


Joining me is Non Stanford and runner-up Jody Stimpson. Thank you


for joining us. Non-, thanks for joining us, your historic win, going


from under 23 world champion to senior world champion in just a


year, and more than 24 hours after the race, has it own game? Not


really. Still on cloud nine, can't believe it. So surreal. Everyone is


congratulating me and talking about the race, and I am just buzzing.


It's all a bit of a blur, but it's fantastic. Just trying to soak it


all up and enjoy it. Malcolm was talking about how much hard work the


Brownlee brothers put in. How much hard work, dedication and sacrifice


it really takes? You broke your arm earlier and it could have been the


end of the season for you, but now you world champion. It is hard work


and you have to make massive sacrifices, but everyone out there


is putting in the work, and I really enjoy it, so that is the main


thing. I love what I do, so it's not that much of a sacrifice when you


enjoy it. It is great at the end of the season, because we can sit back,


chill out and reflect on it and appreciate the hard work and all we


have achieved. Jodie, you have had a phenomenal year as well and you have


been part of the sport since the age of nine years old, so how emotional


has it been for you to reach this level? I think yesterday it hit


home, to be honest. It was a really emotional day yesterday. I got to


see family and friends and everyone who helped me along the journey. I


did get really emotional and I started crying a little bit. It


meant the world yesterday, and to do started crying a little bit. It


it on home soil means even more. Krissy, they are the headliners this


year, but British women, including Helen Jenkins, have a history in the


sport. But when it comes to a British one and two we always hear


about the Brownlee brothers, so how proud were you to hear about it in


the women's race? I could not have been prouder. It was such a great


race, full of excitement. There were so many incidents happening out


there. It was fantastic. And you have a British one and two is


phenomenal -- to have. These girls will inspire the next generation of


triathletes, and it is such an exciting time. Absolutely. We must


not let you go without talking about your next big home race. The results


mean that you have both been selected for the Commonwealth Games,


but on different teams. Jodie, how important was it for you to be


picked for team England, especially important was it for you to be


after not making the London Olympics? Not making the London


Olympics was devastating. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had


to go through in my life. It was kind of in my head then never to


miss another championship and to do all I could do not miss another one.


When I was in the race yesterday, it was at the forefront of my mind that


I had to get into the top six to qualify for the Commonwealth Games.


I've done that, I'm going, and I'm ready now. You must be hoping to be


part of team Wales with Helen Jenkins as well, which would make a


part of team Wales with Helen very strong team for the relay.


Yellow -- it will be so exciting to have Helen there and it will be


great to race alongside her and be on the same team. And to represent


Wales, that is a really special thing, you don't get to do it often.


We are such a proud, strong nation, and I can't wait now. We could see


your Welsh pride yesterday when you snatched the Welsh flag and came


down the home straight draped in it. Yes, I saw the flag and thought I


would have to take it. I got a bit of stick about not taking the


British one, but it was the first black eyesore. I am really proud to


be Welsh. We don't get the opportunity to represent Wales very


often, so I like to keep the flag flying for the homeland. -- it was


often, so I like to keep the flag the first black eyesore. There must


be something in the water in Wales, so many champion 's. Thank you very


much for joining us. Now, the success of the three ladies beside


me has helped the boom in people taking up the triathlon over the


past few years. Here are the series grand finalists, not just elite


athletes who get to go on the Olympic course, but thousands of


people who get to compete in various different disciplines, including


70-year-old Londoner Eddie Brocklesby. She entered the oldest


female age group race this morning, and here is how she got to the start


line. My name is Eddie, Edwina Brocklesby.


I am 70 years old now, and I am the oldest British woman to have done an


Ironman. I did little sport until I was about 50. Even at university I


did relatively little. I represented the University at the twist, of


which I was very proud. My husband died when I was 52. And at that


point I was part of a very small running club in


point I was part of a very small They were going to cease being a


club, and the last thing they did was to get what is a club's place in


the London Marathon and presented it to me, so I had to do the London


Marathon, and I had to do them justice, really. It's great when you


are running. You can talk if you wanted or be absolutely silent going


uphill and other people can talk to you -- you can talk if you want to.


I had a son who was into triathlon and I watched him doing the London


triathlon, so that was my first real sporting event in the world of the


sport. I was out supporting my son doing the Lanzarote Ironman and I


thought I would love to have a go at it, so that was the beginning of my


thought I would love to have a go at Ironman career. She is an incredible


woman, an inspiration, and I don't know too many people half her age


you have the energy she has. The support I get, because I'm a lot


slower than everyone else, by the time I get in the sun is going down


and I'm going from bar to bar all along with great support from


everyone. I think one of her best habits is that she is just


relentless in her training. She trains incredibly hard, and her


worst habit is the fact she does not know when to stop. In all walks of


life, whether it's training, work, and I wouldn't say partying, but she


is good at that too. I have been swimming here in Hampton, lovely


venue, warm, all through the year. I've been here for coaching sessions


and even more importantly to watch my grandson do the triathlon here,


my 11-year-old grandson. So exciting to see him in the ball doing his


lengths and then going off to bushy Park to do the run. I have probably


minimise my running. -- see him in the pool. I have done quite a lot of


biking in the fabulous Surrey Hills, and Herne Hill velodrome has been


great fun. My main motivation is to stay fit and go on enjoying life as


much as I am. I am running silver fit as a charity to encourage people


to live a better lifestyle and participate more in exercise, even


if they are quite limited in what they can do. I guess I am delighted


if they are quite limited in what it is inspirational for women,


certainly in Ironman competitions, 10-12% are women, and great to see


younger women coming forward. How much longer can she train at this


level? I think she has set new rules and do not see her stopping in the


near future at all. I think we will see a lot more of Eddie. Triathlon


particularly is a great sport. If you cannot run, you can always


swim. Hiking is probably my favourite. -- biking. I have had


some fantastic opportunities around the world swimming. I do not always


enjoy a swimming, but you always feel good after you come out of a


swimming pool, even after four lengths, there is a feel-good


factor, which you can do for almost the rest of your life.


And this is Eddie finishing her race this morning, aiming to do it in


three hours, finishing fifth in the 70 275 age group, and she was happy


with her placing. -- 70-75. Chrissy, how great does she look? And


absolutely phenomenal lady. I had the privilege of first meeting heard


when I first started this more -- the sport, he had in London, and she


shows age is just a number. Why does age seem not to be a barrier in


sports like triathlon, when everyone else seems to retire by 27? It has


an injured and is sport, and people have that in June is capability. --


it is a sport of endurance. In the amateur ranks, there is nothing to


stop people taking up the sport at any age. I met someone who took up


the sport at 73 and, as we have seen with Eddie, age is just a number. So


many people, all different backgrounds and ages. And we see it


up and down the country every weekend, people of any ages,


particularly women taking the sport. Absolutely, that is what I laugh


about triathlon, it is really open, growing exponentially, anyone can


take it up, regardless of ability or age. Good to hear. With most of the


race is done and dusted, all that is left is the men's Grand Final. Who


will be crowned 2013 world champion? Here is how the leaders


stand at the moment. Javier Gomez has one win and three


second-place finishes. Johnny has three victories plus third. Alistair


has three wins and a second place. If a Brownlee wins, he becomes world


champion. Javier Gomez needs when and for Alistair to finish third or


lower for him to clinch his dog world title. There were lots of


elements that can bring other athletes into play, as we saw


yesterday. Non Stanford had to spend time in the penalty box, as Jonny


Brownlee did during the Olympics. They will want to avoid that penalty


area, except for Graham, who always looks for trouble.


I am with Emma Deakin in the dreaded penalty box. You were here when


Jonathan Brownlee served out his penalty. How do you really across to


the athletes that there is a penalty? There is a large penalty


board. The number will appear when the athlete comes out of transition,


and we have coaches placed at different points on the course, in


an area with less public, so they can either shout or we use a


whiteboard. In that particular incidents, with the coaches shouting


to Jonathan, take that penalty on the third, or second lap, how does


that work? The athletes and coaches speak to each other before, knowing


what to do if they get a penalty, knowing when is the best position,


so rather than seeing when to take it, the athletes will work to get a


gap before going into the penalty box. And physiologically, what does


it do? Non Stanford running flat-out, then suddenly you stop,


then have to get going again. What does that do to the body? It is


momentum, you are running, feeling good, it can give athletes the


chance to stop, get their breath back, then get more of a surge.


Others can feel worse. But you do not have to stop completely, you can


jog on the spot, so you are being ready to go. You have been working


with Alistair and Johnny quite a bit. Do they acknowledge you when


you give information? Who has the best poker face? Both have good


ones, Alistair tends to grimace more, but you cannot read much into


that, I have been told that they can hear me streaking, but they know


what they need to do. -- shrieking. Fingers crossed we will not have any


penalties and have a fear race. Definitely.


-- fair race. The races only eight minutes away.


Now to hear from the men who have dominated.


2013 has gone as well as I could have hoped. Not feeling too much


pressure about being world champion. I want to have a good


race. It has felt quite strange. Some problems after San Diego, then


the tendons started flaring up, and some problems in my calf, the same


ankle, just the rest of the body is fine. Started quite well at the


start of the year, then not so good, the Brownlees doing very well.


We were very tight in the end. It is going to be very exciting. Everyone


has the chance to be one of champion, making it more exciting


for the crowd. Quite emotional, having breakfast in the same hotel,


the same as last year. Conflicting emotions, wonderful to be back, and


it has special memories. It would have been nice to draw a line under


the Olympics. That race was awesome, the crowd was huge, a great


atmosphere, probably one of my best performances ever, so great


memories. I just want to have a good race and, most importantly, a safe


race, no penalties, run an extra 10-15 metres to start getting a


penalty in that transition space. It can be harder to do this course


well. Not like Stockholm, but it is going to be tough to do something


different. We will see, it depends on the circumstances of the race


around you. We will see what happens.


It is brother against brother! I can afford to come second if Gomez wins.


They are both fantastic athletes and difficult to beat. I would say to


Gomez, go for it, if he is going to win, at least a Brownlee can win. I


can use more tactics on this course. I do not have any team-mate in the


first group, any other people working for me like the Brownlees,


you can think about the race, but have to make decisions during it. We


will see how I feel, how the legs are, trying to make the right


decisions. I am in the stands with two guys


very close to Alistair and Jonathan, the housemate to Jonathan, and the


brothers' younger brother Ed. Rhys, of the two of them, which one will


give you the hardest time? Both push you the in, day out, all three


sessions per day, but Alistair is always the one trying to be


competitive every moment, every session, whether sprinting up a


hill, mother running. Alistair is more competitive, but both hugely


competitive and unbelievable athletes, which makes it tough. And


great to train with them and fantastic living with Johnny? A


great guy to live with, like any normal housemate, anyone living with


a friend, it is the same, going out together, living together, having a


laugh. Any normal housemate doing triathlon for a living, maybe! How


difficult where the as brothers for you? A bit of a nightmare, to be


honest, absolutely everything was a competition. That is just how they


are, isn't it? You two have come woefully underprepared, because I


will hand you a Yorkshire flag. You can get a British flag and we can


support the Brownlees here today. It is great to see a decent crowd on


the banks of the Serpentine, despite the weather, and the crowds getting


going. The athletes are announced through the transition area, then


going to the pontoon area to pick the spot. Putting you on the spot,


who do you think will win? Fantastic atmosphere and I will stick my neck


out and the Jonny Brownlee -- and will say Jonny Brownlee, then


Alistair, then Javier Gomez. Keeping will say Jonny Brownlee, then


his title for one year? If I was using my money, I would say Jonny


Brownlee. Time for the race to start and to hand you to the commentators.


Thank you. That is the scene looking down on the Royal Park and the


Serpentine dividing the part in two, and the blue pontoon, the athletes


lining up, with and the blue pontoon, the athletes


areas, keeping warm, their jackets on until the last minute, looking


down, and the current standings. The leaders tightly bandaged, three of


them could win the title. -- tightly bunched. These are the current


series rankings after seven of eight races. They are trying to keep warm.


The brothers, Alistair, wearing number one, Jonathan in two, Gomez


weirs three. And there is the Serpentine. Still and come today.


And this doubtless for this final race, reflecting the standings. --


still and calm. Richard Varga, the strongest


swimmer, but he has been sick this week, likely to lead the swim if he


has got his health back in order. The rest of the list is ticking away


at the bottom of the screen, a total of 69 due to dive into this 40 acre


lake. The eastern half is the Serpentine, the Serpentine Bridge


marks the boundary over to the right of the screen, between Hyde Park and


Kensington Gardens. Similar scenes to August the 7th 2012, when the


British brothers brought home two of the three medals, gold and bronze,


with Gomez between them. Now, they have a 1.5 kilometres swim,


returning to the blue area, where there are bikes are part apart of 40


K cycle, taking them out of the park down to the Palace, then returning


to the park for a ten kilometre run, the concluding segment. The


Grand Final of the 2013 World Triathlon Series for men, right here


in Hyde Park, wearing number one, Alistair Brownlee, two Jonathan


Brownlee, three Javier Gomez, ready to go, time for the talking to stop,


for the triathlon to begin this afternoon. We have had a brilliant


season and it has come down to this potentially enthralling climax. We


had the success of Non Stanford in the women's race yesterday, and


Jodie Stimpson joining her on the podium. Can the Brownlee Brothers


wrap it up for Great Britain today? They are into the Serpentine and


away! It is wild in the calm water as the arms and legs do their work.


Everybody looking for Clearwater and we already have one or two


struggling with the place. Expect Richard Varga to be involved. He is


comfortably the best swimmer in the field and also a training partner of


the Brownlee brothers, so there will be looking to get a toe up as they


head towards the Serpentine Bridge, then make the turnaround of the


three boys, then passed the Lansbury -- passed the Lansbury Lyda, then


dive back into the water for lap number two. Flailing arms coming


through, and Richard Varga going for it. The three main protagonists,


Johnny, Alistair, Javier Gomez, trying to look for the shortest line


they can take. The swim leaders seem to have come from the left-hand side


this week and they will have taken note. They will be looking to chase


on Richard Varga, and that pace, initially is absolutely stunning. No


holding back there. No thoughts of a 1500 metres swim, flat out on the


first 200 and hanging on, easing back slightly as the work takes its


first 200 and hanging on, easing toll, and by then, we think, the


pattern of the swimming section of the race will have been established.


But it is ridiculously fast going out there, and people already


desperately trying to hang on. It is fast because the water is so flat


and calm and inviting. Richard Varga, as expected, setting the


pace. He is a very good swimmer. Sometimes gets a little left behind


on the bicycle and the run but making improvements in the


on the bicycle and the run but disciplines and had his best result


of the season in the seventh round in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago.


He was seventh. There is Jonathan Brownlee, winner in Yokohama and


Madrid, and in the spring disciplines in hamburg -- Hamburg.


He will not want to let Alistair and Richard Varga get to in -- far in


front. We saw an exceptionally fast swim to kick off the women's race


yesterday, and it seems the men are following suit on this, so far,


fingers crossed, dry Sunday afternoon. Dry at the moment, but


rain expected around 3pm according to the forecast. If that is true, we


are in luck, because by then they should be off the bike and the


danger element is taken out. Very tight around the first pillar. You


can see the arms flailing. Fighting the position. Yesterday we saw what


could happen with the women's swim, and if you get a hit, that can play


into it, but the leaders around safely. Just beginning to stretch


out slightly with this extraordinarily fast early pace. One


or two getting completely ducked, submerged in the Serpentine on the


first turn. It was a violent at times. You need to steer clear of


the pillars. They were like some sort of crazy washing machine


through the first section. Richard Varga looks ahead. He has had this


sickness, some sort of vomiting virus in the build-up to the event,


but he seems to be stronger today. We will see how long he can hold


it. He's been training with the Brownlee brothers at altitude in


Saint Moritz, so he has improved his all-round triathlon performance.


Earlier in the week he won the world championship Aqua triathlon event, a


shorter swimming and running event, which he dominated. He has already


tasted world championship success. They had off towards the Lyda --


lido which was opened in the 1930s. It is open to the public. The


Serpentine swimming club have a 100 yard swimming -- every Christmas


morning, competing for the Peter Pan cup, inaugurated by JM Barrie, the


creator of Peter Pan. The crowd getting involved, lined up on both


the Southern and northern banks of the Serpentine. The noise level is


beginning to build. This is what we want, as the Brownlee brothers raced


shoulder to shoulder through the Serpentine. The noise level starting


to build. It is the Olympic spirit of the 7th of August, 2012, being


rekindled this afternoon. We saw a clash in the swim and it looked as


though Jonathan Brownlee would be pulled back. He managed to recover


but there was a hesitation. Richard Varga did win the Aquathon and had a


time penalty on the run, and overcame it. His biking has


improved, and I think he could be the dark horse in this. We talk


about Javier Gomez and Alistair and Johnny Brownlee, but there are other


people, and sometimes the script doesn't always follow what we wanted


to. With Gwen Jorgensen yesterday, and with what happened to Anne


Haug, things can happen, and it looked like the British might be


affected there. There are other British triathletes there, like


David McNamee, the boyfriend of Non Stanford. Matthew Sharp is number 20


-- 30. Mark Buckingham is 38. Aaron Harris is 53. And Phil Wolfe is


number 68, so lots of British interest in the water today. Gomez


is getting a little left behind here. He is not with the lead


group. He must be ten or 15 seconds behind Richard Varga. He certainly


was, and that is the first close-up shot of Javier Gomez coming through.


We see the way that Richard has stretched the field at the front. We


are so used to him going out there and after a period of settling in,


the athletes almost getting a straight line behind, but today it


seems that Richard has not backed off at all and is stretching out the


field, and it does look as if Javier Gomez is the pressure just a little


at this early stage. -- feeling the pressure. 870 metres to swim. They


will come out of the water, and did Richard Varga take a wrong turn? I


wonder if he veered slightly onto an incorrect course. They have become


behind the pontoon. No, he's got it. He went slightly further to his


right than he needed and now has readjusted his course. And he will


return to behind the starting pontoon, the next yellow


return to behind the starting inflatable, and then he will turn to


the X it and the spectacular re-entry to the water of the


Serpentine, where the maximum depth is 17 feet, 5.3 metres deep. As we


approach the halfway mark we is 17 feet, 5.3 metres deep. As we


anticipate getting a clearer idea of what sort of time is on, but he is


way out in front, and the sight of Javier Gomez showed him off the pace


a bit. However, everybody is off the pace that Richard Varga has said on


a bit. However, everybody is off the the first lap of the two. One more


turn to make, and we will get a full check on the positions of the


remaining triathletes, assuming we still have a full complement as they


X it the water. One thing is for sure, Richard Varga is where he


likes to be. Of course, he does not want to ride alone. He will want to


leave transition in company with want to ride alone. He will want to


Alistair and Jonathan. He is not going to win the race today, but he


will want to be involved with the Brownlee brothers as he glances over


his shoulder. Richard Varga burst out the water. In second position is


Aaron Royle from Australia, then Fabian. Jonathan comes out in force.


Henry Schuman has had a good season, and Aurelien Raphael and


Hirokatsu Tayama. Javier Gomez is 16 seconds off the


pace. Gomez has not had a great swim so far. He can't afford to let that


gap grow too much in the second lap, Javier Gomez. We saw the same thing


happen with Anne Haug yesterday. She did not have a great swim and was


never really able to close the gap. They are exciting, walking over the


ridge, and they are diving back into the waters of the Serpentine. One of


the big danger is that we saw with Anne Haug yesterday, if you get


caught in a pack, there is a chance that you might get an elbow or a


hand flying out, or the goggles are dislodged. We did think there was a


clash before and it was a clash, and it looks like Vincent Luis, trying


to work his way through the Brownlee brothers, but no mishap for Jonny


to work his way through the Brownlee and Alistair. Richard Varga is going


to lead the swim and will go into transition with clean space in front


of him and he will find it much easier. He will not be put off by


anyone else and will have a clean entry and exit and will make sure he


is in the lead pack as they go onto the second discipline the bike. A


quick reminder of how the season panned out. Javier Gomez with a


victory in Auckland, but the Brownlee brothers were not there. In


San Diego Leicester -- Alistair won that. Johnny Brownlee won in


Yokohama, and again in Madrid while Alistair was still struggling with


an Achilles injury. Alistair dominated in Germany. He had nobody


for company up the mountain, the complete destruction of the rest of


the field. In hamburg -- Hamburg, it was a split finish the line. In


Stockholm, Alistair was the victor, Gomez was second, and Jonathan was


third. They have added up all of their points and they come to London


for the grand finale, and all three of them, the two brothers from


Yorkshire and the Spaniard in with a chance of the world championship but


the Brownlee brothers have had a better start than their great rival


Gomez in the swim section. When we get the big three triathlon together


in men's field, that has been established, the order is the one


that we play around with. Is this where Javier Gomez makes the change?


He had a very hard race schedule in the year early on, then went up the


distance, and that this race he has arrested a bit. He has come in a


little bit fresher and you wonder what sort of told the season has


played on Alistair with the injuries, and the whole accumulation


of the pressure from the Olympic Games coming back into this.


Alistair and Jonny, we support Great Britain, of course, but Javier Gomez


Alistair and Jonny, we support Great is in with a great chance if he can


recover from what am by his standards, is slightly below swim.


-- what is by his standards. On the second lap of the swim with under


500 metres to go. There are two laps of 750 to complete the swim. The


bicycle involves seven laps of 5.7 kilometres. They come out of the


park and head down Constitution hill towards the palace. Another bit of a


argy-bargy at the turn. Some of the later starters including Aurelien


Raphael getting pushed off his racing line. It really can be nasty.


Fingers in our eyes, all sorts of injuries occurring at times. The


field is now so well spread. We saw a similar pattern emerging in the


women's race yesterday. You see on the bottom right the memorial to


Diana, Princess of Wales, the stone ring Fountain. And then some of the


most expensive real estate in London. I gather one house there was


repossessed in Hyde Park last week. Possession and repossession, and in


possession of the race, Richard Varga. Pushing and pushing. We have


seen a spread on this elite field. It is unlike anything we have seen


early on this season. He really has pushed it, Richard. We knew he would


go out there and we have been accustomed to him backing to have a


group to work with, but the tactics have changed. Alistair said that


this race would depend on circumstances around him. Richard


Varga has decided that he wants to dictate the circumstances on the


swimming, and as we rapidly approach the end of the swim, it's been


extremely fast and he has already put a lot of athletes out of


contention, because they cannot stay with the pace. As we see the


Serpentine safe area for swimming on the far side, that is 100 metres


from one end to the other, and we can see that Richard Varga has a 15


metre lead over all except about can see that Richard Varga has a 15


of the athletes in the field. Tens of thousands out to watch this Grand


Final this afternoon, the rain has held off, the helicopter able to


fly, the wind and issue earlier, seeming to drop off slightly, the


athletes thinking about the arrival in the transition, all taking note


of what happened to Non Stanford when she deposited her wet suit


yesterday, it did not find the box, the plastic box, the equipment has


to be put exactly in place, it is hard, but rules there for a reason,


otherwise equipment would be all over transition. Stanford broke the


rules, incurred the 15 second stop-go penalty, still claiming


victory in the race and the World Triathlon Series title for 2013. The


boys will have learnt a lesson from that, and as we had from Jonny


Brownlee, he learnt his lesson from incurring a stop-go penalty in the


Olympics in 2012 when he had at this mind infringement -- dismount. At


some point, he went over the line while still on his bike, and he was


forced to take the stop-go penalty. Fast approaching the end of the


swim, the possibility of a break after four swimmers, then maybe


eight together, and other small break, everything depending on


transition. Transition is so important, but possibly even more


important in this, we'll Javier important, but possibly even more


Gomez re-establish himself into the league back? -- the lead pack. I


wonder how many will wear gloves, lots of frozen fingers yesterday,


and Jodie Stimpson could not get one of her shoes on because of problems


with her fingers. We shall see what they elect to wear on the first of


the seven bike laps stop looking down on the swimmers, you can see


how much there is nothing given at all by Richard Varga. He went at the


front, stayed at the front, Jonathan and Alistair working to stay in


contention, and Gomez appears to be falling off the pace a little,


unless he has moved in the middle of luck number two, he will work hard


on transition to get back on. We will get a split time for the


Spaniard now. Richard Varga will win the swimming section, the Slovakian


exiting the water now, preparing himself for the arrival in


transition. Fast in the water. Aaron Royle still in second, John estate


in third, Alistair and fourth, a Royle still in second, John estate


slap on the water for the Japanese. -- slip. Javier Gomez has lost a


little more, but will arrive shortly in transition. They need to get this


right. Alistair looking calm and relaxed, barely even breathing


heavily, multitasking, stepping out of his wet suit, Varga already on


his way. Jonathan making sure everything is in position. The


brothers are on their way. Alistair getting on board his bike. How far


behind is Gomez? He will have to do a bit of early work to try and close


the 18 second gap. Looks like Javier Gomez manage that. Alistair Brownlee


almost relaxing through transition, surely looking behind for what gap


is there, realising that, although Gomez was 18-19 seconds off, so many


athletes with seconds apart, but he is likely to to be in succession. It


looks like two athletes trying to get off in front. We'll be looked


back? Everything to play for. Let us hear from Graham Bell.


Fingers crossed, no real infringements. It looked like all


athletes, articulate athletes, looking cold, I think it was


particularly tough, and some riders actually riding with covers over the


front of their cycle boats, just trying to get the feeling back in


their tours. The Brownlees not going for that nonsense. -- their toes.


They are out in front pushing hard on the bike.


The first lap underway, looking back at Alistair's transition, keeping


himself calm, some others quicker, but with his bike speed so


dominant, he knows he can lead from the front, maybe making a breakaway,


as he did in Stockholm. Kicking clear with a couple of laps to go.


Alistair looked like he was suffering with the colder little,


trying to get the clip into the crash hat, not getting out of the


wet suit as he normally does, losing a few seconds, watching some


athletes go past him. Getting control, then mounting on the bike.


They are on their way, the first lap, taking them up to Hyde Park


Corner, passed up to one Hyde Park, going through the Wellington Arch,


cruising down Constitution Hill, connecting the western end of The


Mall, ordered by Buckingham Palace gardens and Green Park, and we can't


see who is involved in this front group. The brothers are there. -- we


can see. Ryan Bailie, I think, is there, no sign yet of Gomez, Richard


Varga at the back of that group of about nine in the early stages.


Aaron Royle of Australia there, Gomez out of the saddle them, he has


Raphael and Luis from France. The need to work hard and stay on it.


Going out of the Queen Mother Memorial Gates, the right time,


briefly onto Park Lane and Hyde Park Corner, where the traffic has been


removed, passed the Duke of Wellington's London home, now a


museum and art gallery, all about the Duke of Wellington here, the


stone statue at the top, with the agent of peace, Buckingham Palace


gardens, and the tennis court on the bottom right, then down Constitution


Hill, through the Memorial Gates, the walls to Buckingham Palace


Hill, through the Memorial Gates, gardens on the right. Single file,


the roads are drive for the moment -- dry. The athletes staying in


single file, wondering where they can get to, keeping working,


focusing, concentrating. Hide him not quite getting his shoes on, now


he has. -- Hirokatsu Tayama not quite. They know that if they lose


the lead pack, the race could be over. Steffen Justus, the German, in


the league group, currently the top man for the Germans potentially. One


of the Russians. McCartney of Canada, this group trying to bridge


the gap between the leading group containing all three world title


contenders, the Brownlee Brothers and Gomez, onto this little triangle


around what is known as bird cage walk, past the Queen Victoria


Memorial, we're Gwen Jorgensen crashed yesterday. Buckingham Palace


proudly watching over, and the flag is flying, the Queen is in


residence. That front pack working with the front line, then the


changeover, so the pursuing group can see what they have to do. No


backing off whatsoever on pace, people working to establish their


position knowing they have to keep working to stay there. This group


with all the main contenders and others wanting to get involved.


Vincent Luis not quite getting his feet there. Both Frenchmen likely to


Vincent Luis not quite getting his work together. The Brownlee Brothers


have put in a burst of effort and an extra modicum of speed. Jonathan I'd


of the saddle, pushing hard, back up towards Constitution Hill, not a


hill at all, a slight incline between the Wellington Arch down to


the palace. -- Jonathan out of the saddle. That search proves the


people baby are not lose concentration. Alistair said, if


people want to beat me, they have to do it on the bike, he is very


confident on the running. He knows what is necessary for a particular


race situation. Looking at Stockholm, when we assumed that lead


pack would stay together, then Alistair changed the plan, went


early, no reaction, and he won because of that. This group of six


working together as best they can to try and close the gap, lots of chat,


working together as best they can to but an electric pace at the front as


the Brownlee Brothers control the pack, heading back into the park,


shortly completing lap one of seven, are very fast start on dry roads to


the 40 kbytes. Such was the pace at Stockholm. -- 40K bikes. It looks as


if the same tactics are being applied, the strong riders working


hard to get rid of as many opponents as possible so it comes down to an


honest run, no one there with fresh legs going into the final


honest run, no one there with fresh discipline. Look at that speed!


CHEERING. And the noise levels premises and -- the noise level is


reminiscent of 2012, that real Olympic feel! And out of the front


Aaron Royle. These cyclists are loving it! Whether Alistair has


taken control, and known that the pace would be hot, then Alistair


comes out, has had his rest, he has jumped over from fourth position


back to the front, he wants to be in control, in the lead, totally in


command. Gomez is with them. A total of 13 in the lead group, including


the Russian Dmitry Polyanskiy. A great performance by Tony Dodds of


New Zealand, and he will be happy to be there, and more than willing to


put in every single piece of work to stay there. The chase group coming


through on transition, not that far down at all. Over the Serpentine


Bridge, now heading on this left turn on the southern bank of the


lake. And this is the second chase group, these guys are 51 seconds off


the pace, Aaron Harris is there, Richard Murray, lots of work to do


here. 51 second gap. That is going to need a concerted effort by that


group to try to break down. Richard Murray, such a strong runner, but


needs to put himself in contention, close one minute, and that will be a


difficult one to close, a very big ask. And this was a few moments ago,


Alistair number one, and Jonathan saying to do some work, giving a


mouthful to Alessandro Fabi and of Italy, letting his feelings be known


to the Italian. -- Alessandro Fabian. Up to Hyde Park Corner.


Gomez saying to him, you have laid down the rules, I will act and put


on more speed, saying that to Alessandro. And now shouting that


they need to work hard and get through that Chase Park. Jonathan


Brownlee barking orders. Alistair in fact, bossing the situation,


ordering them past, then like some sort of team coach, weaving through


the middle of the pack and keeping the 13 riding and attacking,


extraordinary scenes! Book is heated to command, when it is done, you've


established the pecking order -- but isn't it working. He is able to do


that, and almost at will he can decide if he wants to stay in the


pack, go to the front, inject the pace. He is strong enough to do


that, and he's confident if the pace drops off he has two options. He can


attack, or sit back confident in the knowledge is running is strong


enough. I don't think I've ever seen that happen. Alistair Brownlee is


always vocal, but I've never seen him ease off, sit up, go backwards


through the pack and bark is orders at all of his competitors.


Extraordinary scenes, such is his remarkable confidence. This is the


first chasing group, including the Russian, Ivan Polley and speak --


the Frenchman. The lead group of 13 is stretching clear. They are


already going down Constitution Hill, coming under the Wellington


Arch, sometimes known as Green Park arch, at the top of Hyde Park Corner


where six London streets converge. Park Lane, Piccadilly, Constitution


Hill, Grosvenor Place, Grosvenor Park Lane, Piccadilly, Constitution


Crescent, and Knightsbridge from the West. In the three grand tours of


cycling they talk about the necessity of having a pack leader,


someone who can command, and Alistair Brownlee has taken that


guys upon himself, to command the pack, take control and set the rules


he will accept and nothing else. Down towards the Palace and the


Victoria Memorial. The Victoria Memorial comprises the dominion


gates, the Canada gate, the Australia south and west Africa


gate, and the vast central monument to member rating the death of Queen


Victoria in 1901. It is 25 metres high and was created by Sir Thomas


Brock and formally unveiled by King George V in 1911. A lot of hard work


going on but no inroads being made into the leading pack, as we rapidly


cover their yards and miles on this 40 kilometre bike ride. This group


is pedestrian compared to the leaders. These guys are in a


different race compared to the group leaders. These guys are in a


that contains the boss man, Alistair Brownlee, and the 12 others. They


have done the turnaround bird cage walk and will have a look at the


chasers. The chase is still coming past the Victoria Memorial and the


Palace, but the lead group are well on the way to complete their second


lap of the seven. It is the coordination and leadership. Without


that coordination and the insistence that everybody does their work,


maybe we will get somebody fast at the front of the pack, but as soon


as they move back the speed ebbs away. A clear indication when we


come to the end of the second lap will come. But at the moment


Jonathan and Alistair commanding the pack. Gomez looking very stern and


dour. Wondering what will happen, and he's pretty sure he is in


contention. He once this title, let's make no bones about it. One


win in the opening race of the season for Gomez, without the


Bradley brothers, in Auckland. Coming through the memorial gates at


the top of Constitution Hill. A right turn, and a brief visit to


Park Lane, before they re-enter the park. They go past the building next


to the grand entrance of Hyde Park. It is the London home of the Duke of


Wellington on the left, and they just pass it as they hit Park Lane.


Just beginning to see the backmarkers having to work extremely


hard as they come off the corner, re-establishing contact. They do not


want to be left in no man's land as they approach towards the end of the


finish of this lap. Look at this, working hard, Chase, Chase, Chase,


chase. Back into Hyde Park. The leaders,


the Bradley brothers, with a couple of Australians, with Javier Gomez --


the Brownlee Bros. Alessandro Fabian is the back marker, but he got a


mouthful from Alistair Brownlee for sitting in an soaking it up. Aaron


Royle is there. One of the New Zealanders there in black. Tony


Dodds was there, and he works so hard just to stay there, and we have


two New Zealanders, I think, but it will become clearer. The grandstands


are full to bursting today. There is not any room anywhere. They are six


or seven deep in the freestanding area on the side of the course.


Extraordinary noise levels once again. I am reminded of the Olympics


and the amazing atmosphere when Alistair Brownlee became the Olympic


champion, as they complete lap two. The crowd are going crazy. Jonathan


is officially second, but all of these guys are working exceptionally


hard. Gomez, Dmitry Polyanskiy, Tony Dodds, Vincent Luis, Henri Schoeman


and Alessandro Fabian. I thought we might have had somebody dropping off


on that lap because of the speed but it hasn't occurred. Now, what is the


time gap, if it stretched out, which I think it will have done. We can


see them coming through the second pack, but the third pack is chasing


down 51 seconds. But very early stages on the bike section. Here is


the chasing group, and the gap is 41 seconds. 41 seconds between the


leaders and the chase group, which is a big old group of riders. That


gap has extended, hasn't it? Going out to over 40 seconds with five


laps to go. Alistair Brownlee very pleased, I'm sure, with the tactics


he has forced upon the lead group. You have to work hard if you want to


stay with us. But everybody has done that and stayed in touch. The 13


riders have stayed away and increased their lead over the


chasers. The Royal Albert Hall is opposite the magnificent Albert


Memorial, now fully restored, and a stunning piece of the London


skyline. 27.5 kilometres to ride, so not quite halfway through the bike


section. And he is at it again. Alistair is letting his lungs


expresses feelings. He is really barking at the rest of them. He's


doing it again. Same move, going backwards, encouraging them through,


doing it again. Same move, going barking the instructions. And then


he surges forward to take his place at the front. Both of the Brownlee


Bros in a relatively low gear, really turning over fast. Jonathan


particularly seems to have chosen a lower gear. Richard Varga being


proactive in making sure that the speed stays up. Every time Richard


goes to the front there is a bit of a surge and the others have to chase


and follow. And Fabian, who is normally so strong, happy to do his


work usually but seems to be happy to hang on as we progress on this


work usually but seems to be happy cycle stage.


Yes, the wind is not too strong. We were concerned that the helicopter


would not be able to provide us with these magnificent pictures. But it


would not be able to provide us with has just eased off. We were told by


the weathermen that the first major has just eased off. We were told by


storm of autumn was on its way, but we seem to have bypassed it here at


the moment. The skies are a little grey above, but at the moment it is


dry underfoot and under the wheels. A few spits and spots of rain


earlier in the afternoon, but perfect conditions, and I'm glad it


is dry. We would not have had such magnificent support at roadside and


in the park to watch this race had it been chucking it down with rain.


And also importantly with the rain holding off, it does give the


athletes that ability and confidence that they can push it on the bike.


If it had been wet underfoot, with the experience of the women's race


yesterday, I am sure that the actual speed of the leading pack would be


considerably down. But now it is dry they can afford to go flat out from


the front and keep that pressure on throughout the second discipline.


The New Zealand War Memorial is on the top right, and then through the


memorial gates at the top of Constitution Hill. The stone


pillars, the campaign stones they are called, inaugurated in 2002 to


commemorate soldiers from the British Empire who served for


Britain in the first and Second World War is. These are the


chasers. They have come out of the park and are chasing through the


arch. A bit of interest at the front, an injection of pace to


reduce the lead which, at the end of the second lap, was 41 seconds. That


is Richard Murray, probably the best of the group. The only one to have


visited a world triathlon series podium this season, second behind


Alistair Brownlee in San Diego. Richard Murray, along with Henry


Schuman -- Henri Schoeman, the leading triathletes in South Africa.


If this gap keeps growing, it is unlikely that Richard will be able


to close down that. He is thinking of that and thinking, OK, let's see


if I can make the jump. Is there anybody willing enough to come with


me to see if we can work together and close the gap on leaders? Quite


an autumnal scene with the leaves from the trees in the various royal


parks being blown across the red tarmac of this part of London, in


front of the Victoria Memorial with the golden statue of the Queen


looking down. Buckingham Palace there. Bombed several times during


the Second World War, the most serious incident resulting in the


destruction of the palace chapel in 1940. And one German bomb landed in


the palace quadrangle while King George VI and Queen Elizabeth were


in residence and the Queen famously declared, "I am glad we have been


bombed, now I can look the East End in the face. " I'm not sure if the


chasing group can look each other in the face at the moment, because


every time we come to turn, the group is stretched. There is no


coordination. We have the workers at front. Ivan Vasiliev working hard,


but the injection of paste seems to mean that the group is stretching


out on the other athletes in the group display an unwillingness to go


to the front -- an injection of pace. With Ivan Vasiliev trying to


do that by himself, very little chance at all. Bottom right of the


screen is the newly inaugurated Royal Air Force bomber command


Memorial for the 55,000 aircrew of RAF bomber command who died during


the Second World War. Built with Portland stone and unveiled at the


end of June 2012, opened by Her Majesty The Queen. And the aluminium


used to build the roof came from a Royal Canadian air force Halifax


which crashed in Belgium in 1944 and was rediscovered in recent years


with three of the aircrew still at their posts.


Lots of chatter from Alistair Brownlee, world number one, Olympic


champion, his younger brother Jonathan alongside. Aaron Royle,


Tony Dodds, Richard Varga, the Brownlee Bros training partner, he


is up there as well. They are coming up to complete lap number three. At


the end of the second lap the advantage was 41 seconds. Just a


little indication that the Japanese rider is feeling the pressure. He


stayed at the back of the last few kilometres and not been able to come


through and make a significant impact, and you just wonder if he is


feeling the speed so much that he will not be able to stay there. Time


to go down and hear from Chrissie Wellington.


A few technical problems. We could not link up with Chrissie


Wellington, but we will hear from not link up with Chrissie


her shortly. Meanwhile, a chance to check on the leaders as they


complete the third lap. Then we will get a check on the time difference


between the lead group and the chasing pack. Four laps to go. So,


we are soon to be halfway through, and a bit of pointing and waving


going on. That is from within the chasing group, which is growing all


the time. 41 seconds last time they cut the times. It is going to be


more than that now. I think Steffen Justus has been pushed to the front


to do some work. That gap staying the same, just 40 seconds,


establishing an easing off at the the same, just 40 seconds,


front, knowing it will be difficult to close the gap without concerted


work. It looked like they would be a way off, but no change at all, it


was the same in the women's race yesterday, the chasing pack not


managing to make a dent on the lead. The group containing the three main


contenders, meanwhile, Alistair, it Jonathan and Javier Gomez, well on


their way in lap number four. We know that Alistair's preferred


tactics are to treat the first two kilometres of the Rand, going fast,


creating a gap. -- the run. He seems to have pushed that similar tactic


onto the cycling, fishing, opening the gap, sitting back a little,


appreciating, knowing it will be a huge effort to close.


The lead group, a dozen or so riders, forcing the pace at the


front of the field, then another huge group, the chase group,


containing a cosmopolitan bunch, XT five is Francesc Godoy of Spain,


number nine the Russian, number 23 is Steffen Justus, the German in a


small breakaway group now grown to a group of about 20. 44, Simon from


Belgium, and 36, Marco van der Stel from the Netherlands. Lots of


discussion between the riders. We're from the Netherlands. Lots of


at the end of each lap live far behind the leaders they are, knowing


how much work needs to be done. But different when comparing how the


work is divided, that lead pack at the moment, each individual athlete


getting to the front, immediately the move over, the next athlete


moving over smoothly. On the chase pack, some staying at the front for


30 seconds, and that will cause fatigue, then working hard. There


has to be a constant turnaround, a short time at the front, then with


the opportunity to recover, to do the same again and again, to be at


the front of the lead pack. And the Wellington Arch, onto Constitution


Hill for the fourth time, rolling down from Hyde Park Corner towards


the Palace, with three assassination attempts there on Queen Victoria in


1840, 1840, 1849, all failing, of course, and in 1850, the former


Prime Minister, Edward Beale, the Rhone from his horse and dying from


his injuries. -- Edward Peel. And the Spaniards there, having a very


good season. Mario Mola. He was first in Hamburg in the sprint


event, a good triathletes. Big Ben staring down on this part of


London, coming past the Victoria Memorial once again, in front of


Buckingham Palace. The cycling discipline going so quickly at the


front, eating up the kilometres, quickly approaching the running,


then things will be interesting indeed, with that speed at the


front. Gomez, the Brownlee Brothers, how strong will be the rest of the


pack? Aaron Royle has had a good, how strong will be the rest of the


some outstanding races, this could be the one where he will go.


Interesting to see what Richard Varga will do, including that


penalty. Nice for the leaders here, not so for the chasers, with the


whole of the Birdcage Walk triangle to negotiate, an awful lot to do to


get involved with this Brownlee to negotiate, an awful lot to do to


controlled group of 13 at the front. There seems to be a front and back


position, one brother leading, another one marshalling the rest,


barking his orders through the group. Lovely, just that turnaround,


pure seam filing we have seen in the grand tours, moving up on the


right-hand side, moved to the front for a few revelations, down the


left, do that again and again, maximising everything you have two


in sure you stay at the front. The station beginning to set in, David


McNamee looking back, saying he has done his bit, trying to chase them


down, but a reluctance to get to the front, some thinking they would stay


behind, you can do the work, having the fresh legs to run through.


Richard Murray, momentarily out of this seat, pushing the pace at the


front of this chase group. Another group not too far behind. Certainly


frustration from Richard Murray, saying, come on, we have done our


work, you do yours as well! Back with the leaders, Alistair looking


back, sees what is happening, slots himself nice uncomfortably in the


middle of the park. And enjoying the welcome the Brownlee Brothers will


get. Now back with the chasers, as we check the timing at the end of


this fourth lap, 41 seconds at the end of lap two, 40 seconds at the


end of the three. Richard Murray not happy there, clearly disheartened


with the company he is keeping at this stage. Important to be strong


overall, if you have that weakness, particularly with swimming, and


Richard Murray is a good swimmer, but not staying with the strongest,


and if you leave that gap, you set yourself a difficult target, exactly


and if you leave that gap, you set what he is facing now. This winter,


he will work on his swimming technique. So, they are about to


complete lap number four, 51 minutes and about 50 seconds into the final


World Triathlon Series event of this season. The gap at the end of lap


three was 40 seconds. And there is the leading group of 13, the clock


ticking away at the bottom right, showing the gap to this group, with


Richard Murray at the helm, in control, they might have fined five


seconds. It was 40 seconds, it is down to 33, a slight bend made in


the league during lap number four. No wonder there is frustration from


Richard Murray, if he can close that gap without seemingly any real help


from the other athletes, what could be achieved with a concerted


effort, if they worked consistently to close that gap, that could give


Richard a chance. With the weather worsening, and that lap four


complete, time to hear from Chrissie Wellington.


The first pack coming through, you realise how fast these boys are


cycling out there with the rain coming down, making it very


interesting, especially on corners. It is a really aggressive,


competent, attacking raids. I would like to see some of their other


competent, attacking raids. I would athletes really pushing it. Maybe


pushing away from the Brownlees, where they stand a chance of


victory. They know the boys can run where they stand a chance of


29 minutes for the ten kilometres off the hard 40 kilometres cycling,


and the need to push the pace to make a breakaway, the only way they


can stand a chance to get on the podium today.


It is going to get interesting in the second half of this bike race,


because the rain is falling, and a couple of incidents in the women's


race, when the road surface was slippery. Chrissie spoke about a


break from one of the others. We might get a break from a Brownlee.


We saw Alistair do it with magnificent results in Stockholm.


With three laps to go, about 2.5 maybe, Navy Alistair thinks


With three laps to go, about 2.5 the time to do it again. It will


take a brave man to break away. With the time to do it again. It will


wet conditions, the rain starting even later, possibly even more


dangerous. The grease on the London Road, a slight time could make it


difficult to maintain contact. The gap is back out to 40 seconds


between the leaders and chase pack. Perhaps there is an attack going on


from it looks like Alistair, being covered by everybody else, extending


the gap now. Single file again, all keeping out of trouble. They need to


be careful as the rain continues to fall on these already greasy


streets. Up towards Hyde Park Corner once again, with under 15 kilometres


to right now. And at the back, Hirokatsu Tayama of Japan has Rafael


just ahead of him. Those wearing sunglasses will need to keep them


clean. Some will throw them away as vision becomes more difficult at the


high speeds and the rain is something down now. Much heavier


rainfall than the women injured yesterday. Tough conditions indeed,


possibly I game changer, possibly a change of pace, becoming difficult,


the need for strong mental attitude. Buckingham Palace, 20 metres high at


its highest point, and there would ordinarily be a changing of the


guard today, odd numbered days in September, but no changing of the


guard cause of the triathlon. -- because of. This extended chase


group is well spread, as the leaders reach the bottom of Constitution


Hill, riding the Queen Victoria Memorial once again, round the


triangle, then back towards the park. From a sightseeing point of


view, aspect a killer triathlon, maybe the most spectacular in the


world. -- spectacular triathlon. Taking in so many renowned sites as


the World Triathlon Series in Hyde Park and the surrounding area.


Conditions becoming more and more difficult. The chasing pack, so many


people, and a reluctance to leave. And a reluctance to stave close


behind the wheel in front because of water being flicked up. They could


be brave enough to use the advantage to work from the front to keep the


speed up. Hesitation going into corners, very weird how quickly the


game can change, you can lose that we'll and be back on the floor and


game over. The rain seems to we'll and be back on the floor and


eased fractionally. Looking down that the spectators, some umbrellas


have gone down. Maybe reigning heavier down at the park. There are


pockets of white club, -- white clouds, but looking grim generally.


Some easing of effort. Taking a little bit more time. Slight


hesitation on the corner, no one wants to throw their chances. Just a


little bit of easing off before the final race. Possibly an individual


could be brave to break, but it will be a brave effort needed. So, they


have of the hill again, and they will dive back into the park, and go


into transition to complete the fifth lap. At the end of the fourth,


it was a 33 second gap, then we have a graphic flashing up saying it had


grown to 40 seconds but I'm not sure that is accurate. I can't see the


leaders added seven seconds in the that is accurate. I can't see the


brief time between the end of the transition and when we saw them. We


might get confirmation of exactly what the time difference is as they


come down to complete the fifth lap. Real efforts coming down, Vincent


Luis, playing his part, having ridden strongly, the Frenchman.


Already it looks as though we have an athlete dropping out, and whether


that is just sheer frustration or whether he's not been able to


maintain the speed. Once you are lapped on a multilateral course, it


is all over. It looks like the pace at the front means they are lapping


some of the backmarkers. Look at the wind, that is gusting. That giant,


white inflatable art, I hope it is anchored well because it could take


off at any minute -- inflatable arch. We might not have the


helicopter shots that this long if it continues. Time for us to hear


from Graham Bell. Unlike London 2012 when there were two orders and the


Brownlee brothers had Stuart Hayes do act as a domestic, this time they


are on their own. It's notable that when I watched the second chasing


pack come through that Aaron Harris was on the front of the pack,


working to help them catch the lead pack. The Brownlee brothers are on


their own, and if they have a mechanical or flat tire, they have


do ride all the way round to this point here where the spare wheels


are left, where they will change those wheels themselves and


hopefully get back out on the road. Clearly no team orders and no


domestic working with the Brownlee brothers today. So, five laps are


complete. There are two to go. Aaron Royle, Oriental Raphael, Dmitry


Polyanskiy, and Hirokatsu Tayama with the Brownlee brothers. The gap


is about 33 seconds now. So no change at all. At the end of lap


is about 33 seconds now. So no two, 41, then it dropped down to 40


at the end of the third lap. By the time it was lap four, 33, and at the


end of lap five, still 33 seconds between the group being led and


controlled by Alistair Brownlee. Just a slight easing off from


Alistair. Perhaps Javier Gomez appreciating the damage that has


been done to the running leg of the chase pack. They will be whereof


Richard Murray, but I am surprise -- they will be aware of Richard Murray


but I'm surprised they have not tried to extend the lead, but


Alistair Brownlee knows better than anyone his capability of running


hard off the bike section is better anyone his capability of running


than anyone else there. Gomez is the big danger. The way he has played


this season, he went out and raced a lot early in the season, often going


right through training doing that, but coming into the final race he


has had a bit more opportunity to back off and have recovery time.


Perhaps Javier Gomez feels more confident than he would do normally


against the two brothers, who we can see right now leading out the pack.


Henri Schoeman riding alongside. He is a good workhorse. He will take


his turn as they ride again through Hyde Park, which was bought by Henry


VIII in 1536 as his own private hunting ground. It was Charles the


first who opened it up to the public in 1637. We had a little break away,


and one of the Brownlee brothers has gone, and Gomez has gone after him,


and so has Jonathan. Alistair has done it again. This was the tricky


tried and was successful at in Stockholm. -- the trick he tried. He


broke clear, and this time it looks as though Gomez and Jonathan have it


covered. They have covered it and have managed to drag back the whole


of the lead pack, so a big effort to maybe just wake them up. Of course


of the lead pack, so a big effort to the mind games are really going.


Will he do it again? Do I need to the mind games are really going.


get up to the front to slow him down? Because I will want an


opportunity to be up at the lead. Alistair has demonstrated just by


opportunity to be up at the lead. the move that he is totally in


command and control, and just buy that action he is telling the pack


what he's capable of whenever he wants to make the move. Dan Wilson,


37, from Australia. 53 is Aaron Harris of Great Britain. Just behind


him, number 28, Jonathan Zipf from Germany. The speed of the lead group


is pretty impressive, 38 or 39: It is per hour. Just slowing down for


the turn -- 39 kilometres per hour. Sitting at the back of the pack is a


decision you make, and when you get all of the encouragement from the


likes of Alistair Brownlee, it takes a brave man to explain this yourself


-- to take it on yourself. But those are the tactics he has decided to


employ and he thinks this could be the breakthrough race coming up to


the final one of the season where he makes his mark and moves to the new


level. A brave man to do that, but he's made the decision and will


stick with it, I'm sure. Thankfully, despite the increase in wind, the


helicopter is still flying and bringing us the overhead shots. 36


is Marco van der Stel from the Netherlands. That was a quick trip


back down the field towards the chasing group as the leaders rolled


down Constitution Hill for the sixth time. Next time they arrive at the


park they will take the bell with one lap to go. The Japanese athlete


still maintaining his position, happily at the rear of the pack. Let


everybody else do the work. Those are the rules, they cannot make me


go to the front. If I have fresh legs that gives me the opportunity


to get the best race of my career. The guys at the front still working


hard. Alistair, Johnny, Javier Gomez covering every move -- Jonny. Maybe


it was not an attempt to break away, just showing that he can do what he


wants to do and has the strength in his legs to increase the speed. Are


you able to stay with me? The Japanese rider still at the tail end


again. Now they get to check the position of the chasers. The chasers


have made a slight move, maybe a position of the chasers. The chasers


second or two. 33 seconds last time they crossed the timings at


transition and it might be down to 30 or 31. I would concur with that


and it gives the opportunity that the strong runners in the pack to


start thinking more positively and think, if we are this close so far,


big effort on the last lap, take it down to 15 or 20 seconds and I have


an opportunity to possibly get onto the podium. But the three slots, the


three names we expect to be on the podium, two of them the same,


Brownlee, and Gomez, who has covered everything, every push that has been


made. Javier Gomez has been there and safely brought it back. We are


told the gap is down to just 25 seconds. They are alongside Green


Park on the right. Formerly known as up at Saint James 's Park, renamed


in 1746, and there is the memorial to Canadian soldiers there which was


added in 1994. A very green stretch of London, this part of the capital.


The leaders arrived at the top of the hill once again, and they will


shortly return to Hyde Park -- the leaders arrive. They will head to


take the Bell two complete lap six. Any break in the early stages of lap


five, quickly covered by Alistair Brownlee's younger brother and


Javier Gomez. The three main contenders have steered clear of


trouble. The rain is easing off still, not raining at the moment,


although it is still dark and grey above. Still the Japanese athlete at


the back, content to stay there. Happy in the knowledge that he's


being dragged along to a great performance. Meanwhile, at the


front, Brownlee and Brownlee look over. A bit of a discussion. We come


towards the end of lap number six. Do we make a push to go away? At the


moment, without the real injection Do we make a push to go away? At the


of pace, everybody staying there with us. A big decision time for the


Brownlee brothers because they know in this particular race they are


going to be under threat from Javier Gomez. Down to the last 6.1


kilometres of this 40 kilometre ride, then a ten kilometre foot


race. The battle between the three Olympic medallists of 2012. You can


see the chase group in the background. It was 33 seconds at the


end of the fifth lap, and likely to be a little less at the end of the


six, where they will take the Bell. -- the sixth lap. Another thought


process with the chasing pack, do we put it on the line to try and get


contact with the leading pack. How put it on the line to try and get


much will that take out of our legs going into the running. The man


largely affected will be Richard Murray because he will feel, as they


close in, he has a strong chance not just breaching the gap, but doing


They take the Bell. Six laps down, want to go. Still 13 of them


They take the Bell. Six laps down, involved in the front group,


including dogs, Vincent Luis -- Aaron Dodds. Now the chasers make


their way to transition. It was 33 seconds at the end of the fifth


lap, and it has been reduced down to 26 seconds by the end of lap six.


Some good workmanship from the 26 seconds by the end of lap six.


riders in this massive group. Richard Murray will be feeling a


tiny bit more confident. But now we have another attack of the front. It


is Alistair. He is gritting his teeth, the world


number one, the Olympic champion having another go. At the field of


12 opponents behind him. He has opened up a lead of three or four


seconds, and this time Gomez and Jonathan have not covered it. This


is what he did in Jonathan have not covered it. This


seems to have caught them napping again, an injection of pace from the


world number one, and Alistair Brownlee has opened up a decent lead


early in the final lap. Very brave tactics, far more difficult to stay


away on the course than it was in Stockholm. Stockholm, twisting and


turning, ups and downs, changes in the Touraine. Here in Hyde Park it


is more difficult. No really tight turns, just soft smooth turns. For


Alistair, is it absolute confidence that he has proved it before? There


we go, the replay. He has moved them to the right and stretched out


immediately. He does not appear to be coming back. He has made his move


now, and we get back onto the leading pack and will have a much


better indication of what's going on there. A huge injection of pace and


nobody immediately able to cover that. It worked for him in Stockholm


and he went on to win the race, kicking away from a similar


position, but it doesn't always happen successfully for Alistair. In


the Beijing Olympics of 2008, he tried a similar move, when he was


younger and less experience, and paid the price, finishing way out of


the medals. But here he is, on his own, leading them through Hyde Park,


head down. He's been barking out orders throughout. He has been in


control, but now he has set out to beat them all. Alistair Brownlee


leads the way. That lead is extending. Pedal revolution bipedal


leads the way. That lead is revolution. It takes a good look --


he takes a good look back, decisions are making every second of the race


because if he feels he is working hard and not able to get away, he


will sit back and come back to them, but the tactics seem to have


worked. Whether he maintain it remains to be seen. We can see from


the overhead shot they are beginning to close in again. About two and a


half seconds, no more than that. They might just swallow him up here.


half seconds, no more than that. He might return to the pack before


they reach the bottom of constitution Hill. I suppose what he


has done with that is to demonstrate that when he does want to move away,


he's totally capable of doing that, and with the athlete thinking about


that, he knows, and they know, importantly, that he has the ability


to do that on the run. We know he will go out very fast early on the


run, and so much will depend on how quickly Gomez can cover him and


run, and so much will depend on how whether he is able to stay with him


on the initial two kilometres. Under the Wellington arch, first out is


Alistair Brownlee. Gomez is tracking him all the way. We might see the


gap shrink as they come past the memorial gates onto constitution


Hill. We might see the gap dwindle as they roll down the hill. In fact,


Alistair has given it up. He looked over his shoulder, had a look back,


and decided that it was not enough to make a severe dent or telling


impact on the race, so they will all become one again shortly. Already


planning ahead, thinking about transition, we have seen the


athletes turn and turn about, doing their work to stay away, now and


easing off, which could play into the hands of the chase group, who


will be thinking about transition. They do not want to get caught


behind, taking no chance that the wheel, shoe off at will because by


another. That could put down at wheel, shoe off at will because by


final disadvantage. By the time they get to the bottom of Constitution


Hill, back to a group of 13 riders. Still the three World Championship


contenders involved. Jonathan Brownlee, Alistair Brownlee, Javier


Gomez, the three men who stood on the Olympic podium in August the 7th


2012. They are likely to be on the World Triathlon Series podium today,


both for the race and series, but in what order? Did Alistair go to LA


there? The final discipline still to come. -- go too early? We know his


capabilities as a runner are not matched. But he paid the price for


the break in ageing. It worked in Stockholm. -- for the break in


Beijing. Alistair is such a strong runner. He will be looking at what


tactics on the bike, he has shown he has the power to do it when he


wants. But has he done it out of strength or possible weakness? We


know he has been fragile over the months since the Olympic Games.


Maybe making the move on the bike for and advantage going into the


run. It is, so frequently, going to come down to a foot race, and the


three main players, Javier Gomez, Alistair and Jonny Brownlee. Now


passed Apsley House again, run by British heritage as a museum.


Thoughts now turning to transition. Starting to think about the arrival,


Jonathan Brownlee especially, not wanting to go over the dismount


line, encoding a penalty as he did in the Olympics. Another surge of


speed at the front, and this group of 13 suddenly a little disjointed


as Alistair has another go, Jonathan has it covered in about four, an


explosion of pace once again, I shout from the crowd, he knows he is


here to win from the crowd. Jonny Brownlee looking happy to cover


Javier Gomez there. Alistair going off the front, Jonathan sitting


behind Javier, at the same time looking ahead, seeing what gap there


is to breach. What is he now happy enough? The technical elements now,


the hand going down, let's unbuckle, the feet eased out of this use, to


insure the fast transition, so in Porton transitioning into the run.


-- so important. The Australians involved now, bunching up again as


the pace slows down for the arrival into transition complete the seventh


and final lap, then 3 3.3 kilometres laps to end this Grand Final at the


end of a magnificent week of sport in around Hyde Park. The dismount,


Alistair jogs in towards position. The three contenders there, the


Brownlee Brothers and Gomez, ten kilometres to decide who will be


champion of the world. As Alistair Brownlee comes into


transition, with his brother alongside, the move he made on that


last lap could be out of desperation, because he says he has


last lap could be out of lacked the running legs, so those


moves on the bikes, maybe just trying to put him in the best boss


will position going onto the run, because he perhaps does not have the


running speed, and trying to get away, because of that ankle injury,


and just as they have started the run, the heavens as opened, it is


tracking it down here in transition. -- heavens have opened. It will be a


very rough 10k. Where is Alistair? No sign unless he has cleared


already. Struggling coming off the bike and it has handed the chance to


Jonathan Brownlee, leading the way out of transition, Javier Gomez on


his shoulder, Aaron Royle there, a definite wins as he came off, and he


is limping and hobbling, and may not leave much of a part for much longer


in this 10k race, the crowd trying to raw, but it is for his younger


brother to win this world title for the second year.


Certainly, Alistair looked tardy coming out of that transition. That


changes the whole perspective of the race, and it now comes down directly


between two protagonists Javier Gomez and Jonathan Brownlee as who


will be the World Triathlon Series champion this year, because


undoubtedly, Alistair suffering on the run. Will he continue or will he


realised that he may do himself serious damage if he carries on? At


the front, Javier Gomez covering Jonny Brownlee. Alistair shouts for


Johnny to go. Waving at his brother. I think they will have to settle


with one of the minor places. He winced with pain coming off the bike


there. His race is undoubtedly run. The league is Jonathan Brownlee,


Javier Gomez on his shoulder, Aaron Royle in third. Then quite a gap.


The battle between Javier Gomez and Jonathan Brownlee. Javier Gomez


looks comfortable in second place, as has Aaron Royle, and what a


looks comfortable in second place, performance by the Australian.


Threatened to deceive a couple of times this year, but coming down to


the final big raise and Gomez covering Jonathan Brownlee and Aaron


Royle will not let go. A slight turn, Jonny Brownlee moving one


stride away, covered immediately by Gomez, then Aaron, and Alistair


Brownlee and totally feeling that injury. Down to a head to head


10,000 metre race between Jonathan Brownlee and Javier Gomez, first


past the finish line will be champion for 2013, as the older of


the Brownlee Brothers, Alistair, continues. Jonathan in the front,


looking relaxed, Gomez with every move covered, lingering, lurking on


Jonathan's shoulder. It .65 kilometres to go, . 8.65. In the


pouring rain. It looks like Aaron Royle is having to give best. As we


have said so many times, Alistair and Jonny Brownlee, and Javier Gomez


will go out so fast. Aaron Royle trying to go with him, but now


paying the price and giving up that third play is due to that early fast


pace. In Yokohama, in a similar situation, Jonathan got the better


of Javier in round three. In Madrid, Jonathan once again got the better


of Gomez as they battled it out over the last three kilometres for


victory in Spain. In Hamburg, the last three kilometres for


Jonathan was first, Alistair second, Gomez third. Right now, Jonathan is


on his own in front as he attempts to defend his World Triathlon Series


champion, he was the champion in 2012, when Alistair became Olympic


champion. Down to Jonathan now to bring it home for Great Britain


champion. Down to Jonathan now to afternoon, as Non Stanford did on


Saturday morning. The early pace taking its toll on everybody else.


Jonathan Brownlee, Javier Gomez, as we have seen so many times, shoulder


for shoulder, stride for stride, moving away from Aaron Royle, which


for shoulder, stride for stride, was a brave attempt to stay there,


can he maintained that position? That will be a huge rate through for


him. Jonathan Brownlee trying to stretch, not backing off at all,


certainly trying if Alistair cannot do it. And some resurgence by


Alistair, maybe feeling the pain less, and beginning to move through


the field, perhaps it is not all over. The last time Jonathan took on


Gomez in Stockholm was a race for second. Gomez was the winner of that


race within the race, Alistair winning, Gomez second, Jonathan


third, there are most recent head, and a different race fighting for


second and third. Home turf to Dave for the Olympic bronze medallist up


against the visiting Spaniard, the Olympic silver medallist. -- home


turf to Dave. Will Alistair run of that injury? Can he run his way back


into this race? What may be going through Alistair's mine, certainly


as your dog the place, not dropping out. -- certainly assure of third


place. I think he only needs to finish in the top 14 to take third


place. We saw that with Anne Haug yesterday despite a disappointing


race, maintaining third position. Javier Gomez now taking the lead,


covered by Jonny Brownlee. In terms of the World Triathlon Series final


standings, the effort from Alistair maybe because he knows he needs to


finish better than ten to feature on the podium for 2013. And he is up to


fifth. Alistair is back in the running! Back up to fifth! It cannot


be unbelievable, because we are seeing it, but the man we thought


giving it best, has said no, moved seeing it, but the man we thought


on 13, 212, now in fifth position, seeing it, but the man we thought


and that is a fantastic effort. -- seeing it, but the man we thought


moved on 13, to 12. Jonny Brownlee, face full of focus, concentration.


Covering every move on Gomez. And they will now turn on here then and


will see that Alistair is holding fifth position. They will get a look


at the Olympic champion. Down in fifth at the moment. An hour and 27


at the Olympic champion. Down in minutes of triathlon complete so


far, with two and a bit lapse of the run to go. A big performance by


Alistair Brownlee, seems to get the effort now going back into it.


Astonishing! Can he close back on the leading two? Nothing seems to be


impossible with this young man, proving that at the Olympics last


year, seeming to have a dehydration on one of the trial events. He


appears to be running stronger than ever now, making inroads on the lead


his brother holds. Jonathan Brownlee the first to arrive to complete the


first lap of, alongside Javier Gomez, the lap to the next best 14


seconds to Dmitry Polyanskiy and Aaron Royle, and we can look at the


time difference to Alistair, another eight seconds distant. 22 seconds


between first and fifth. What a performance from the big three. Two


of them at the front, Javier Gomez with Jonathan Brownlee, the lead


fluctuating, but from a man we thought might even drop out, he has


put himself back on the line, and just 22 seconds adrift. I think the


majority of that time was lost coming out of transition. Back at


the front, we have the surge from Jonathan, and we will see him


surging and surging again with both athletes working against each other,


trying to establish superiority and seeing if they can break before a


sprint finish. 69 men started this race, and it is


down to just two. They are racing it out the victory and one of the two


will become champion of the world for 2013, as they head over the


Serpentine Bridge for the second time. Jonathan Brownlee of Great


Britain in first position. Javier Gomez of Spain in second. These two


old friends, old enemies. They know each other well, and they are


matching each other, stride for stride so far through the park.


Javier Gomez is so well liked and respected by the other athletes on


the circuit. And as we look for Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee to


represent Great Britain, as we always do, but Javier Gomez is such


a popular athlete and if he were to win today it would be a popular


victory coming from the other elite athletes. Graham is with the British


team physio, and we can hear from her now. Are you going to have some


work to do on Alistair? I've had a lot of work to do all year, but yes.


It has been well documented about his injuries this year, and I think


It has been well documented about it's a testament to the type of


athlete he is that he's still in contention for the World Series and


up racing today. A very slight limp as he comes past, but pushing so


hard. He looks a bit better than how he is running. Jonny? He looks nice


and relaxed, so hopefully he will do the job. Good luck to both of them.


They are well on their way in lap the job. Good luck to both of them.


number two of three. All of the 10,000 metres is run within the


boundary of the Royal Park, but no 10,000 metres is run within the


change at the front. It is still the battle for world championship


honours, and it looks as if Alistair Brownlee is once again losing


position within the race. He was up to fifth place at one point but has


dropped back behind Vidal, and he is stretching the lead. Alistair must


finishing 10th or above to stay in contention for a place in the


overall World Series podium for 2013. I wonder, because he is


looking less and less comfortable, I wonder if he will finish. Let's see


how it develops. He might think it is smarter to be cautious and opt


out and maintain his physical health. Alistair will think about


the long-term consequences. Of course he wants to do well. But he


knows that he has a long future redhead, he is such a young man, do


have already been to two Olympic Games -- a long future ahead. He


will be weighing in up in his mind will stop if he feels that in any


way at all he might be looking out of long-term injury, he will back


off completely. It does look like Jonathan Brownlee is surging and


surging. In the last kilometre and a half he has maintained the lead.


Gomez hanging on, and he is absolutely inscrutable. The eyes,


the expression covered by his sunglasses. We cannot see what he is


feeling. Jonathan Brownlee has put himself at the front and looks like


he is intending to stay there. So, Jonny deciding on the pace of the


race. They are eight or ten deep through Hyde Park, ignoring the


weather as the rain continues to batter the triathlon spectators. So


reminiscent of the Olympic Games when this man came through to take


gold, but he is hobbling his way through, hoping for a finish to the


finale at the end of the 2013 season. Back with the leaders, no


change. Jonathan Brownlee leading Javier Gomez. No one has yet made a


significant kick. There has not been a break at the front just yet. Water


is being offered, but not taken. A crucial moment Alistair Brownlee,


because going back from this position down to eighth, and now


three more athlete is beginning to challenge, and if they go past him,


that would mean that the podium position is lost, and it will be a


huge decision whether to carry on and risk long-term injury, or drop


out and think he can fight more battles and better in the future.


Mario Mola is also in contention for a place on the world 's triathlon


series -- World Triathlon Series podium. He was second in Germany,


fifth in Auckland, and in San Diego. He's had good results. He won't win


today, but he might ruin things for Alistair Brownlee if he gets


involved in that particular battle. We will see how that unfolds and do


the maths. Meanwhile, out in front, no change. Jonny Brownlee and Javier


Gomez, over halfway through now. Quite frightening the way Javier


Gomez is sitting on Brownlee's shoulder. He tried his surges, and


they didn't work. He seems happy to stay there. We have seen what Javier


Gomez is capable of if it comes to a sprint finish. We have seen it on a


few occasions over the last three years where he is happy to


few occasions over the last three there, makes a move along way out on


the sprint, anywhere between 501,000 metres. That capability is very


important, especially in a race like this where the speed is increased --


anywhere between 500 and 1000 metres. Here is the out and back.


Sometimes on those hairpins runners can make a little break and get a


slingshot effect out, but no sudden injection of pace on the exit from


Jonathan Brownlee. In third, Dmitry Polyanskiy and third, the Russian,


and there is Mario Mola making Polyanskiy and third, the Russian,


move. He fancies a visit to the World Triathlon Series podium at the


end of 2013. Vidal and Vincent Luis. Vidal was fifth in the Olympics last


year. Vincent Luis has had a solid season with some impressive results.


Richard Murray, who was hampered by his poor cycling during the 40


kilometres bike ride. And there is no sign of Alistair Brownlee. He is


way, way down the group now. He is jogging along with guys that he


would normally see no sign of inner world triathlon series event. --


within a World Triathlon Series event. He is trying to the podium


but hurting every step of the way. You can see the grimace every time


the foot touches the ground. Perhaps a matter of pride that he wants to


finish here. I can certainly understand that. But what we are


seeing now is not the Alistair Brownlee we know. Slowing down


entirely. A real hobble out of the corner before he gets on the


straight line. Encouragement every step of the way from the


knowledgeable fans here. Will he finish? Part of me wishes that he


would just stop and put us all out of our misery, but that is another


story. As Gomez kicks away from Johnny Brownlee excavation mark


Brownlee appears to have it covers -- covered. A sudden injection of


pace from the Spaniard. A great response from Jonathan Brownlee as


pace from the Spaniard. A great Mario Mola moves up to third


position. The leading pair, some way distant, but Mario Mola is pushing


for a place in the final standings. Gomez has taken it up. One hour and


37 minutes and 43 seconds. It's going to come down to the wire in


Hyde Park. Good response from Jonathan Brownlee, reacting well


Hyde Park. Good response from the danger. Tremendous tactics from


Hyde Park. Good response from Javier Gomez. Do the unexpected, do


the unexpected again, then once again. That is what is occurring. An


absolutely huge effort with 3.5 kilometres to go, but covered by


Jonny Brownlee, and the time tells the story. No time difference at


all, just a couple of metres, maybe less, as they go into the third and


final lap. What a big move by Mario Mola. Really playing it smart. Did


not come out of the transition to quickly by any means, and now he has


moved into third. Mario Mola is hurting. This is a mammoth effort


from the Spaniard. He sensed his opportunity and saw the wounded


Alistair Brownlee and realised that there was a chance of a place on the


final season standings podium, maybe even third in the race itself as he


moves past Dmitry Polyanskiy, who even third in the race itself as he


looks a little battle weary now will stop they take the Bell, 3.3


kilometres to run -- who looks a little battle weary now. Gomez and


Jonathan Brownlee still locked together. Javier Gomez leading but


Jonathan Brownlee still locked it might put Jonathan in the driving


seat because Gomez made his mark and put it down. He was not able to get


away from Jonathan Brownlee. Now Jonathan, capable, he will sit


there, cover and cover. What is Gomez going to do? Does he go


again? Does he make another move? away, does that give the mental


advantage to Jonny Brownlee, who seems to have taken Gomez's


confidence away and is covering every footstep? Deep into the final


lap. What a race it has been and it is going to come down to a battle


between Jonathan Brownlee and Javier Gomez over the last three


kilometres. Here goes Jonathan. Moves alongside Gomez. Gomez slots


in behind. No real daylight opened up in that little move from


Jonathan. Gomez had it covered. Watching


confident, and perhaps the first grimace we have seen from Gomez.


Great move by Jonathan. He grimace we have seen from Gomez.


have sensed that the pace was dropping a little and felt he


have sensed that the pace was to go to the front to try and draw


any possible sting out of Javier Gomez. He hasn't managed to do it as


they go around the turn. They are still locked together. Round the out


and back, and no effort from Jonny to try and break his opponent on the


turn. Mario Mola in third position, and that is the way they will


finish, if they finish in this order. Jonny Will be champion, Gomez


will be second and Mario Mola will take his third position on the


podium in the final standings. That is what Mario Mola saw, with Gomez


and Jonny Brownlee heading in the opposite direction. They are well on


their way now to completing this triathlon. The lead is extended by


Jonny and Gomez, with Mario Mola in third but not making any inroads


into the lead. Another surge by third but not making any inroads


Brownlee. Not happy to sit behind Gomez. He knows the Gomez has a


powerful sprint, and he seems to have gone the long wait round. He


has made the move, but once again Gomez covers -- long way round.


Round the right-hand turn, and the gap is still next to nothing. Just a


metre at most. Between the defending world champion and the man who,


himself, has been world triathlon champion on two occasions. An extra


little burst of energy from Jonathan. Gomez responds. Gomez,


watching his man every step of the way. That little pace -- a lift of


pace, going for it, bit faster and we can see it from the overhead


cameras really well. Really working hard, but he cannot get away from


Gomez. That was the signal, the wave of encouragement early in the race


from Alistair to his younger brother. No change at the front. It


will be a sprint finish but the title in 2013. I am sure that Jonny


Brownlee does not want to let it go to a sprint finish. He will have to


try and go from the front, even at this early stage. He has not managed


to get away yet but he has to continue doing that, exactly the


same tactics. He has to try and stay awake because it Gomez can maintain


contact, he will have the power in the spring. Now it looks like Gomez


is making a move. Gomez having another go at Jonathan Brownlee.


Mario Mola holds on to third. The rain continuing to pour down on the


park. A soaking Sunday afternoon, the final triathlon chapter of the


season, as dramatic and lively and enjoyable as we expected and hoped.


As Gomez hits the front this time, and Jonathan Brownlee responds. With


all the tens and fat -- tens of thousands of supporters behind him.


With Alistair out of the running we could not have seen a better contest


at the front. You can see these athletes have the utmost respect for


at the front. You can see these each other. They know each other's


at the front. You can see these strengths and weaknesses and we have


seen a surge and another surge, less than one mile to go. Less than five


minutes of running and it's certainly not all over yet, because


we are going to seek every surge covered, another surge, alternating


the lead, until finally one of these men breaks. Into the last 1500


metres to conclude this series for 2013 and Gomez has a little spring


in his step as he tries to break Jonny Brownlee. Gomez looks over his


shoulder from time to time, feeling the young Brownlee Brothers


breathing down his neck. Immaculate running by both athletes, trying to


test each other, managing it, gap of running by both athletes, trying to


three or four metres, and Johnny going again! Having a little look,


judge edging past Javier Gomez, not a race winning move, and Gomez has


it covered again. -many times can they do this? A war of attrition.


They are hoping to get the better of the other athletes. It is Gomez's


turn to respond. Is he capable? One turn to make, then the run to the


line and the world title. Down to the last kilometre and a fraction to


decide the CDs for 2013. The Spaniard looks solid and


comfortable. The man from Yorkshire, Jonny Brownlee, takes the turn,


maintaining his lead. Jonny Brownlee tried to up the pace coming out of


that turn, once again immediately covered by Javier Gomez, just


trailing Jonny Brownlee, waiting to see what he will do. Once again, the


trailing Jonny Brownlee, waiting to man in the driving seat, in second


position, and we are waiting to see an attack by Gomez, and if


position, and we are waiting to see Brownlee can counter attack. In the


last kilometre of the triathlon. It has been a sensational race,


brilliant for the women on Saturday, equally as compelling for the men on


this Sunday afternoon. Which way will it then edge? Brownlee hugs the


real, deafened by the noise of supporters in Hyde Park. CHEERING.


Gomez tracking his every move, no daylight between the two. It will be


our sprint for the line, almost home, noise levels deafening in the


Royal Park this afternoon. Will it be Jonathan Brownlee's win and World


Championship? Or will Gomez take the world title for 2013? Gomez has a


goal! Can Brownlee respond? He has matched him, slots then behind, not


a race winning effort from Javier Gomez and Jonathan Brownlee is only


one foot behind the Spaniard. Gomez slowing down momentarily. Gomez will


one foot behind the Spaniard. Gomez try to go again. Can Jonny Brownlee


respond? Gomez, look over his shoulder, Willie CD-R goal? The yard


is running out. -- will he dare go? 250 metres to race, shoulder to


shoulder, as Jonathan Brownlee kicks and clicks again, Javier Gomez


responds and responds again, nothing between them, Alistair stops to


bellow encouragement towards his younger brother, Gomez is not broken


yet, still fighting for his world title, the gap starting to grow


fractionally as Jonathan responds to their shouts and jeers of the people


in Hyde Park. Gomez still dangerous, hitting the blue carpet, Gomez is


hunting Jonathan down, not beaten, Gomez alongside, Gomez might go


past, Johnny responds, sprints Dennis, it is Gomez's victory in


Hyde Park! -- sprint finish. Gomez takes the title for 2013. An


extraordinary finish. I have never seen anything quite like that.


Absolutely stunning! Human guts and determination from both athletes. I


did not know who would take that, even in the last 30 metres, Javier


Gomez gave it everything, Jonathan Brownlee down there, both giving it


all. Look at that mutual respect, two great athletes, and today is


Javier Gomez's day. Mario Mola makes it two of three for Spain. Gomez saw


that Alistair Brownlee was in trouble. 54 seconds behind his


compatriot, two Spanish men on the podium this afternoon. Jonathan


Brownlee beat by one second. What an athlete Javier Gomez is. And a


slightly dejected looking Jonathan Brownlee. Left alone to ponder the


outcome of this I know race of the season, which has gone to Javier


Gomez. I do not think either athlete could give anything else. It was


anybody's race. What a way to finish, dumbing down to the last


five seconds of a two hour race. We could not ask for anything better.


-- going down to the last five seconds. We will wait and see if


Alistair, who had stopped to shout a couple of final words of


encouragement to Jonathan, we will see if and when Alistair will finish


this afternoon. Huge effort, Aaron Harris coming in, David McNamee, his


this afternoon. Huge effort, Aaron sword Non Stanford


will be pleased. -- of Ireland. The crowd knows how brave Alistair has


been, when it would have been easy to drop out. Alistair may not finish


for a little while, hobbling home, clearly in pain. He wants the crowd


to be able to see him finish. And this is how the race and the


Championships was won and lost, owing to the man in red. What an


effort from Javier Gomez. World champion and top sprinter, we


have to love that. I cannot believe it. I was pretty tired, working on


have to love that. I cannot believe my sprint, my last kick, and maybe


Jonathan started to soon, that extra gear in the last 100m.


You are like heavyweight boxers back that extra gear in the last 100m.


and forth, Brownlee was incredible that extra gear in the last 100m.


all day long, then those little sprints, you wondered if there was


one more gear for either of you? It was hard to keep up with Jonathan. I


gave my best, had to give everything in the last big race.


Congratulations to Alistair and Jonathan, a great year, tough


competitors. Beating these guys is difficult, making it special to me.


Mario Mola, making it two Spaniards and a Brit, different from normal.


Sharing the podium with him is great. Believing you have been


running faster than normal? Obviously paying out today? Yes,


today was tactical, not flat out all the time. It was the world title. I


was a bit careful and had more on the last 100m. Javier Gomez,


three-time world champion, winning with a sprint here in London.


As we wait for Alistair to finish, Javier Gomez winning for a third


time, Chrissie? Absolutely phenomenal, what an amazing finale,


down to the wire, to this sprint finish. We could not have wished for


a better race. Phenomenal. How often do these triathlons come down to the


run, then a sprint finish? Amazing, racing for one hour and 15 minutes


and then this race separates them. It was strong racing and what the


crowds and the athletes wanted. It was really thrilling to watch.


Jonathan may have lost his World Championship title to Gomez, but you


could see the mutual respect at the end. These athletes know how much


each other puts into getting to the start line. And there is this mutual


respect between them. It was absolutely amazing to see them both


respect between them. It was attacking each other on the run.


Playing cat and mouse. It was phenomenal. Let as make space for


the world champions himself. Huge congratulations. Thank you.Your


third World Championship title, we can see how you feel on your face,


but tell as anyway. I've did not know if it would be possible.


Alistair was really good today. I was fighting with Jonathan the whole


run. That's a good athlete. Very happy at high could do it. Anne Keo


is Alistair finishing behind you. -- very happy I could do it. And here


is Alistair finishing behind you. -- is Alistair finishing. Could you see


he was in pain? I could see he was struggling. Then I focused on


Johnny. So I knew I had to race Jonathan this time. He is tough to


beat, such a great athlete. Beating them is amazing. Congratulations. We


shall let you go for the medal ceremony. Huge congratulations,


Javier. Thank you. One of the best all-round triathletes in the world,


phenomenal, he can excel at any distance, absolutely amazing. He has


shown it once again today. And Graham is with someone special.


I am with Keith Brownlee, bitterly disappointed, and it must be


difficult to watch Alistair run in so much pain. Yes, and a tribute to


him he went for it. And a sprint finish again against Gomez? I know,


I thought Johnny had him, but Gomez is a brilliant athlete. How will the


boys pick themselves up after this? Going on holiday to climb


Kilimanjaro. It is what the boys are made of. Good job anyway, what a


fantastic set of boys. A brilliant race, taking your hat off to anyone


racing in those conditions, fantastic, all doing well.


From father to son, your dad was speaking to Graham Bell, and coming


down to the wire, fighting hard for it?


Yes, and I am absolutely gutted, but to get beaten by a few metres is


hard to take. I do not know what I could have done differently. I was


quite tactical with the sprint, but I gave it my all, old you can ask.


Is it harder to lose on a sprint finish, or is it just harder to lose


when it is so close? Absolutely, when it is so close, you wonder what


you could have done differently. Could you have done things


differently? When you are beaten by 30 seconds, you can say that someone


is just better than you, but it is tough to be beaten like that. A good


race to be part of. Us Alistair was struggling. -- Alistair was


struggling. What was he saying to you on that turn? He wanted me to


use my brain, because I can you on that turn? He wanted me to


carried away and run at the front. It was quite windy and the other


person behind could stay there. I did not use my head as much as I


could, but Javier was better at the end. Alistair was helping me out, it


has been a tough year for him, and I am sure he is pleased 2013 is over


for him. Big Brother using your head, so much to chat you about, but


you have to go to the medals put the, fully we can speak to you


later. Thank you.In saying congratulations because you second


in the world, but he's not going to be happy. There will be an element


of disappointment that he will look back and realise that he did all he


could and gave it everything out there. You saw him on the floor at


the finish line, totally spent. He could not have given it any more. He


will look back and appreciate what an exciting race it was and how much


he did put into it. How tough a race did you think it would be mentally


for Alistair, knowing that we had heard the rumours that he might not


have made the start line and pull out of the grand final? He clearly


has had an injury all year and it has niggle him all this week. How


tough would it have been to race? It's incredibly difficult to go into


a race, especially one as important as the world Championships, with any


kind of injury. Our race is as much mental as physical, and an injury


affects you mentally as much as it does physically. It would have been


hard. The preparation for this race would have been difficult. He might


have stood on the start line questioning himself. I think we saw


it in the tactics. Several times he tried to break away on the bike, and


that was probably to create a gap so he had a cushion on the run, because


he knew he was physically compromised. But I admire what he


did today. He did not pull out. He carried on, and he showed his true


class as an Olympic champion. Yes, many athletes would have pulled out


class as an Olympic champion. Yes, because they would not want


class as an Olympic champion. Yes, further injury, but he was


determined to finish and was giving his brother signals along the way


and cheering him on. Yes, and what he said was really important, Jonny


telling to use his head, and that was incredibly sound advice for him


to give -- telling Jonny to use his head. We saw Jonny play the game as


well as he could, he and Javier Gomez taking turns in the lead,


important, but it didn't take -- pay Gomez taking turns in the lead,


off in the end. It shows that the sport is as much about physical


strength and tactics as much as physical ability. We have been


sending the athletes back for the medal ceremony and it is time to


watch them collect their medals. Yes, the three medal recipients are


ready to go. And it will be the same three for the individual


beginning of the season, was a winning run with victory in


Auckland, and his end to the season is a winning one with victory in


London. Mario Mola exploiting the injury to


Alistair Brownlee, and bursting up through the field with an excellent


run to take third place in the race and third-place in the standings.


Well, Jonny smiling through the pain. One second, one metre, that is


Well, Jonny smiling through the all that stood him between him and


the world title for 2013. That title all that stood him between him and


will go to the Spaniard, Javier Gomez. What a courageous


performance. Representing Spain, Javier Gomez.


Gomez came to London to the home turf of the Brownlee Brothers, and


he took them on and try him. He wins the final race of the season -- he


took them on and triumph. And with it he wins the World Triathlon


Series title for 2013. Ladies and gentlemen, please rise as


we play the national anthem of Spain.


An unforgettable moment for Javier Gomez and his compatriot, Mario


Mola. Time to face the photographers, and


I am sure that Jonathan Brownlee will be looking forward to catching


up with his older brother and talking about the dramatic events of


today. Here are the final standings for


2013. In a sprint finish Jonathan Brownlee


was defeated by Javier Gomez. Alistair eventually finished fourth


in the World Triathlon Series standings for 2013.


Well, Chrissy, it has been two days of absolute drama at the grand final


here. I think it has been a perfect illustration of just how


unpredictable this sport can be. It is, and all the best laid plans and


predictions can go to waste when you actually get out there on the


racecourse. You have got athletes coming in with injuries that we


might not have known the full extent of, coupled with that, three sports


might not have known the full extent in one, where anything can happen.


Then you have the course and different conditions. So, triathlon


is really unpredictable, but that's what makes it so exciting. It has


been really, really exciting, dynamic racing out there. It has


been a huge delight to watch. How much wood conditions like this,


rainy, slippery conditions, affected the course? -- how much would


conditions? We saw yesterday it really affected the cycling. The


female athletes were a lot more careful. Unfortunately we saw a


couple of crashes, which I hope were not too serious. But definitely the


rainy conditions do affect the athletes, not only the slippery


conditions, but also the cold. Many of these athletes training warm


conditions, so they may have not been used to the cold, which would


have affected them. Will the men have been watching the women's race


yesterday and tried to figure out how to play it out, and how they


would attempt to play it out? I think the men and women's races are


very different. Neither is more exciting than the other, but they


are very different. Fortunately, we did not see too many crashes out


there on the course today. That is great, but I definitely think that


the boys would have had one eye on the conditions and made sure that


they would not end up on the tarmac. Great to see such a huge


crowd out here today as well, and a day like this, and it is not an


Olympic Games, but Hyde Park can draw in the crowd. Hyde Park can


draw in the crowd, London can draw in the crowd, and triathlon can


definitely draw in a crowd. It is phenomenal and is emblematic of the


growth of the sport, but also the Passion of the people that do the


sport and the public that come out to watch it and enjoy such an


amazing sporting spectacle. I really think that, despite the weather,


London has put on a great show, and that is shown by the thousands of


people who came out to enjoy it today and yesterday. It is athletes


like Alistair Brownlee, who I can see at the corner of my eye, that


have put on a great show, and that is why triathlon is becoming more


and more popular. Absolutely. They are serving as role models. Non


Stanford, Jody Stimson, Alistair and Jonny our amazing role models for


the sport -- sport and will continue to be. Alistair, come and join us,


please take centre stage. How are you? I'm all right, just my ankle


was really sure will stop -- saw. It has been really saw the last three


or four weeks, and I found that it gave way. When I got off the bike it


was so cold it wasn't working properly. When I warmed up I thought


was so cold it wasn't working I was doing all right, but it went


again. Not very nice but I'm glad it's all over now. We saw you


wincing as you came off the bike and we saw the pain in your face. Is


that why you tried to break away, because you knew that this niggling


that why you tried to break away, injury was there. I thought I had


run all right but I did not think it would be that saw. But it was, and


I'm just so glad it's over, this whole year. It's been a nightmare.


I'm looking forward to taking a bit of time off, getting better and


doing some training. You are gutsy. You did not pull out. Forget about


risking more injury, you finished the race and were telling your


brother what to do in the middle of it. Well, I planned to pull out, and


the physio said she would yell at me to pull out, but I have never pulled


out of one in my life and I won't start now. I literally could not


pull out. I was watching Jonny racing, I was getting so


frustrating, all he had to do was sit behind him for 50 metres, and I


saw him make the move with about 200 metres to go and I thought, oh, no,


what an idiot. Is that why you were tapping your head. Usual head! All


he had to do was sit behind him with 25 metres to go, and he would have


won. I can imagine you discussing it and calling each other's idiot and


then having a winter break. I will give him some stick to that. He has


been a complete tactical numpty. I will let you tell him that. It's


been exciting and I've enjoyed every minute of being here. It's been a


really dramatic, and you might not like to hear it, a fantastically


entertaining end to World Triathlon Series the season. The season has


been fantastic to watch. If you have been inspired, do look at our next


programme on Saturday at 3pm on BBC One. It will feature Lizzie


Armistead and Lewis Smith. As it has been such a fantastic season, let's


do it again next year, after the winter break, which Alistair will


appreciate. Then the season starts again in April and we will see you


in 2014.


Sonali Shah presents live coverage of the hotly-anticipated men's race at the ITU World Triathlon Series Grand Final from London's Hyde Park. The race marks the culmination of a truly punishing eight-stage calendar, and superstar British brothers Alistair and Jonny Brownlee will be desperately battling each other - and the likes of Spain's Javier Gomez - to be crowned champion. Commentary comes from Matt Chilton and Steve Trew.

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