London Triathlon: World Series


Sonali Shah presents highlights of the women's race at the ITU World Triathlon Series Grand Final from London's Hyde Park, the climax of a challenging eight-stage calendar.

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Welcome to London's Hyde Park the climax of the 2013 World


Triathlon Series. After seven races across four continents, the battle


to become this year's world champion has come down to the wire and still


two Brits in with the chance to take the title, Non Stanford and Jodie


Stimpson. Here is how things stand ahead of this year's Grand Final.


Assistant podium performances means there is just 13 points dividing the


top three women. It is really winner takes all.


Whoever crosses the line first becomes a world champion. It is the


top four results of the season that count towards these rankings and


Jodie Stimpson's was weakened in Stockholm. She needs to win in


London and hope the top three women finished third or lower.


Very close and the Brits have a lot of support in the crowd. Let us hear


from the women. I glad to be back in London in 2011. -- I am glad to be


back in London in 2011, some humbling experiences, and I changed


my career completely again, switched coaches, and it has been working out


well. I am going up against two girls that will be tough to beat,


excited to go out there, their tactics are the same, swim to your


best, cycled to the best and run with everything you have. I am


looking forward to finish the season with a medal would be nice, yeah,


and I have fought for so long, and it is the final and I want to make


it and I will be glad when it is over. It is a flat course. She was a


flat running girl. I think she is the favourite. Number one at the


moment. I would put my money on her. I do not have a plan, just go out,


give it everything and see what happens. People say I am an


overnight success, but it has taken a lot, lots of training, surrounded


by people, not an overnight success, just so happened that all that hard


work came of this year. All the races this year came down to the


run. I have to be prepared for that. When was doing well in Stockholm,


but I ran faster than harm in Madrid. -- Gwen was doing well. Do


not write me off yet. London is weird I want to perform, home soil.


Racing at home, you cannot put it into words. You have to race as hard


as you can. Lots of fast swimmers in the field, lots of cyclists, and the


runners, Gwen Jorgensen, Non Stanford, Anne Haug, I will have to


try and keep up. The girls are ready, which means it


is race time, time to join the commentary team.


Went -- welcome to us all day and for gay Grand Final. -- foggy.


They will go on to the bait for seven laps after two laps of a swim,


out of the park, down Constitution Hill, around the Victoria Memorial


before heading back up the hill and back into the park, completing seven


5.7 laps on two wheels. Then the run course, different from the Olympic


course, three laps this time, 33.3 kilometre laps, bringing up the ten


kilometre to round up the rays. The final of the World Triathlon Series


2013, ready to dive into the Serpentine, and away they go. A 1.5


kilometre swim, important to find some clear water to avoid contact


with your competitors. It can be dangerous, some getting bumped, some


left behind slightly. We expect the strongest swimmers to surge forward


in the early stages. It is so important to get clear water in the


early stages of the swim, not least because the first buoy comes at 250


metres, and you want to be out of that washing machine effect before


you head that first one. I called 12.5 degrees, the water


temperature, forcing athletes to wear wet suits. Already seeing


Andrea Hewitt setting the pace, Non Stanford, and others making the


break towards the middle. We will start to see and arrowhead form,


with the helicopter shot, and some good crowds out on this soggy


morning. The strongest swimmers now starting to dominate heading towards


the first turned up by the Serpentine Bridge, which divides


this lake in two. We could see the likes of Pamela Oliveira from


Brazil, a frequent first place an issue in the swimming. Other than


Pamela, not many standout swimmers. We know that Lucy had some leads,


but to date, we have the likes of Alice Betto, Aileen Reid from


Ireland, the kind of swimmers we can Alice Betto, Aileen Reid from


see up there with Pamela Oliveira. Looks like number 14, Sarah Groff,


leading, the American, sometimes laid down on the run, in enjoying


these flat conditions, the flattest Waterbury have had to swim in all


season. Things can get choppy out in the ocean. Barely any wind to date.


Sarah Groff from the United States of America is doing very well. Very


comfortable in London. That fantastic race last year at the


Olympics, and issuing forth, and a very strong swimmer. Slightly below


par season for Sarah, but let us see what you can do in London, very


comfortable on this course, knows it well. Non Stanford missed quite a


lot of swimming time and training following her crash in Hamburg,


resulting in a broken arm. Only able to swim with one arm, now back to


full training, and being a little left behind, and a blistering start


as Sarah Groff heads the first turned with clear water between her


and the next best, then things turning interesting, you do not want


to get next to that inflatable yellow buoy, you can get duck tough


underneath it, sometimes there can be some argy-bargy going on, and


heading south for a few metres before turning and swimming back


towards the start. They will exit the water and dived back in for the


second lap, good fast times so far. In the junior race, the under 23


race on Friday, some very strong swimming, and looking for around


about 18 minutes for this 1500 metres swim. At the halfway point,


swimmers exiting around about nine or possibly just under nine minutes.


Sarah Groff now has some company at the front, Aileen Reid starting to


make a move. There are three in fact. One more short term to make.


They will come out of the water, run left, back along the pontoon and


dived back in for lap two. Feel a significant break now, about 20


swimmers away, then a gap of about ten meters. At this early stage,


that is normally pretty significant, and we can see that lead extend,


important that there is a small group going out on the bike. Let us


see if it contains Gwen Jorgensen, because if she wins today, she takes


the overall title. Non Stanford wins, she will be world champion, as


would Gwen Jorgensen. And if Anne Haug Germany wins, she will also be


world champion. Emma Moffatt officially first. Sarah Groff


demoted to third. Jodie Stimpson is out intent. Gwen Jorgensen just


behind her. -- out in tenth. We are keeping an eye out on the union


flags. Natalie Milne in 1900 back row, still no sign of Non Stanford.


Now in 24th position. Work to do for those in that 22nd behind group. The


hope to close some ground now. And now to pick up the bikes after that.


Quite well spread. It is. Did not notice Anne Haug coming out there.


Getting some shots of Emma Moffatt exiting the first lap, no surprise


as she is a strong swimmer. And things starting to unfold at the end


of the swim. The swimmers begin to think about the exit of the water


and the job to transition where the bikes are part. This is the best


swim I have seen from Emma Moffatt. A good result in Yokohama, second


there, third in San Diego. She has been solid without being spectacular


this season. I wonder if she has saved her best to last. Telegraph


managing to hold onto second position. -- Sarah Groff managing to


hold onto second position. You mentioned how great that swimming


hold onto second position. You was fought Emma Moffatt. We know she


is now being trained by Darren Smith in D squad, and few do not improve


going into that. There is always room for improvement. Just join the


work that Darren has been doing with her and certainly paying off. Number


two, Anne Haug, she has a little bit of work to do. Certainly not looking


as easy in the water as Emma Moffatt and Sarah Groff out in front, on her


own in the middle of the pack, heading back towards the pontoon for


the second time. All on her own, cutting quite a lonely figure, and


that is the gap between Haug and up towards the leading group, and


another pack there, a significant lead that Sarah Groff and Emma


Moffatt have opened up over Anne Haug and she has to work hard,


hopefully get some help from one or two of the other Germans as the head


onto the bike. You would think the German team managers would have some


race tactics out there, knowing that Annie is not the greatest swimmers,


and with the chance to take the titles, possibly using the likes of


Anja Knapp to wait behind butter and helper on the bike. But we have seen


Anja Knapp to wait behind butter and Annie not needing much help stop --


weight behind for hard and helper on the bike. Something not quite right


for Anne Haug in this stage, third in Stockholm, and the race in


Hamburg, which was a sprint distance race, she won that, scenes of


celebration in the city of Hamburg that day as Haug came through, the


Germans won the relay as well. Known as the quiet assassin. I read an


interview and she is meticulous in everything she does on a day-to-day


basis, training, nutrition, everything, but not quite getting


the swim here today, not quite part of her plan. And the leader going


round that third buoy now on the second lap of this 1500 metre


course, the field stretching out, second lap of this 1500 metre


and around about 12 athletes in that front pack, and if that pack pushes


on, there could be a break, which is what you want. The swim almost done,


led for most of the second half by Emma Moffatt, Sarah Groff keeping


clear of her feet, in second position. The deficit all the way


back to Anne Haug is significant. Non Stanford is not too far off the


pace, but not with the leaders, and some jostling for position at the


next turn. It is rare you see a triathlon so well spread. And


anything can happen as they come towards the end of the swim, and


then they go from the water to the two wheels, with the bikes parked up


seven laps into the park. The roads are closed in central London to


allow them to go off and write down Constitution Hill, down to the


Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace, in front of bird


cage walk. It is a repeat of the spectacular Olympic triathlon from


August 2012. 18 minutes of fast swim for these women this morning, very


fast indeed, the flat water helping them. Emma Moffat will be first to


Exeter water. Sarah Groff, an them. Emma Moffat will be first to


excellent swim, she led the first lap dash to except the water. Sarah


Moffett -- Sarah Moffett, followed by Sarah Groff. A good swim from


Jessica Harrison. No sign yet of Non Stanford. There


she is. She has made up three seconds from the second lap. 20


seconds at the end of lap one. Down to 17 seconds at the end of lap two.


A chance for Non Stanford to get involved. Moffett -- my fat -- Sarah


Moffett is in the leading group. Various -- there is Jorgensen,


Moffett is in the leading group. playing into her hands, this race.


Moffett is in the leading group. They have gone from the navy blue to


the black, and Stimpson and Stamford will hope to be in the first group.


They can't get back onto the bike until they have passed the mounting


up line, and some of them having problems with the shoes attached to


the pedals, and we might see a big group forming. Katie Hugh Whitson --


Katie Hugh listen, swimming a bit behind, but not a bad swim for her


on this final race. We'll now ride with the French athlete. Pallant Is


going with her. Forcing the pace at the front. She has got some good


company. Good cycling talent. We expect a big group to form. Somebody


has missed the box with the red -- wet suit. And Non Stanford has not


got her wet suit in the box which is an infringement and could result in


a penalty. Yes, they know they have to get the wet suit in the box. It


is the same for everyone. And how, to get the wet suit in the box. It


disastrous swim. She will -- and how Haug hasn't got the wet suit on. Is


the gap to significant for her to close? She is in the running to the


title. With Stanford having missed the box with the wet suit and Haug


so far behind, this plays into Jorgensen's hands. The roads are


wet, the likes of Jessica Harrison in the front. She is an attacker and


will ride hard into the corners. We can see Haug with not the fastest


transition. So close to taking a title, and as yet Germany have not


had a woman win the World Championship Series. Sarah Groff is


alongside Moffatt, Moffatt there, and Harrison and Sarah Groff forming


a leading group of three. We expect a group of maybe a dozen to form


quite quickly. I don't see too many of these girls just sitting in,


because Jorgensen it has been running a minute faster than every


woman in every race, so every lap, they have to work as hard as they


can to get rid of her, because if not, it comes down to the run and


then it is a foregone conclusion. They are on one of the roads within


the park. They Exeter at the grand entrance at Hyde Park Corner before


heading under the Wellington art -- they except at the grand entrance.


Then they go past the Victoria Memorial. There is the gap. The lead


group has two minutes and seconds -- seven seconds off Annie Haug.


Groth, Moffatt and Hewison. There. This is where the athletes have to


take care that goes the roads are wet. When the rain is a bit damp it


makes it more slippery. That was the London home of the Duke of


makes it more slippery. That was the Wellington, Asbury house. Now they


come towards the Wellington arch. This is normally just a traffic


island. All closed off, no traffic today. Under the magnificent


Wellington arch, going past the Memorial Gates with the stone


pillars. There are the names of the Commonwealth soldiers who have been


awarded the George or Victoria Cross. Commonwealth Hill is barely a


hill. It dissects Buckingham Palace and Green Park. We have Olivera.


Harrison. Jodie Stimpson with the front group as well. Good action so


far from Jodie Stimpson, the winner in kits built, third in Madrid, the


winner in Yokohama. Stimpson was fifth last time in Stockholm. Down


towards Buckingham Palace. Quite quiet down here on this Saturday


morning. The Spanish rider very comfortable, seventh in the Olympic


Games, one of those athletes who sits in quietly, but also can be a


danger on the run. Is that Haug? She has a problem of some kind. This


could be the German tactic, as she is looking, waiting a long time,


waiting for Annie Haug. Being overtaken by group of six or seven,


waiting for Annie Haug. Being doing the right thing by the team,


but no sign of her compatriot yet. This is a difficult position. She is


wondering if she is out on the water. Do I get on with my own race


or wait for her? This was it. This was her wondering and watching with


the brakes on. She went on under the Wellington arch but has a long


wait, because we know it was two minutes and seven seconds, the gap


from the leaders. Haug Is in contention for the title today, but


at the moment, things have not gone according to plan. This front group


has to work effectively. Six is a fantastic number of the course. If


they take the term they can take a lead over the significant pack which


includes Gwen Jorgensen. We will get these terrific pictures still. Jodie


Stimpson is in fourth. She has an outside chance of taking the world


triathlon series title, but it is really Gwen Jorgensen's victory for


the taking. Non Stanford will hope to start making a move and getting


involved with the front group. The front group has grown considerably.


From 15 up to 20 riders. Back Emma front group has grown considerably.


-- back-up to Hyde Park Corner. Emma Moffatt taking the lead. We have


seen in every race that the bigger the front group, the slower they are


probably going to go, so it is hard to get a big pack working properly.


As we can see, just over a kilometre between the leaders and Annie Haug.


That's a good couple of minutes, and she is a great cyclist and it's not


all over yet. We have not got a full look at the pellet on so far. -- the


pellet on. Making a move before they look at the pellet on so far. -- the


drop past the statue of Achilles. That is a big group, about 20


athletes. They will have to be very committed, and they almost need a


leader to get them working well in committed, and they almost need a


the pack to prevent Annie Haug from writing them down. -- riding them


down. She is in a impossible position. No


pace at all as she waits for Haug to catch up. Here we are. The lead


group is significant. We have not seen Gwen Jorgensen yet, but I think


she is in their somewhere. That means that she is, with her running


ability, particularly, Jorgensen she will sit at the back of the group.


There she is, number one, middle of the group, the tall, slim figure.


She's in the right position, with the leaders. Jorgensen's race has


started superbly. The Germans still the leaders. Jorgensen's race has


trying to get together and form a pair to make some inroads here. That


is the Dutch rider coming past. A poor start from her. Out of the


saddle, and pushing hard. One or two of the backmarkers trying to get


involved as they come towards the end of the first lap. Jodie Stimpson


and Natalie Milne. Olivera, and, significantly, Jorgensen is there.


23 riders in total in the front group. Still the German tactics are


for number 18 Knapp to wait for Haug it to arrive. This is tough for


Knapp, she was part of the team in Germany that won the team


championship injured -- Hamburg a few months ago. -- that one. A bit


of chitchat going on between the lead riders. They need to share the


workload here. Well on their way on the second lap now. One or two speed


bumps to be absorbed, and the pace is now coming from number five, from


New Zealand. 37 in the lead group is Olivera of Brazil. She did have a


big shunt during the Olympic cycle stage 12 months ago and hit the deck


hard down by the Palace. There is a little mini breakaway at the front.


A couple of them trying to get clear, but they can be reeled in


quite quickly. We saw the tactic employed by Alistair Brownlee in


Stockholm in the previous race. But he left his charge until much later


in the race. The Germans have come together at last. Haug And Knapp


have joined forces. Can make make a dent in what has become a massive


lead for the front group of 23? They are working together but a lot later


than anticipated. You would not put your money on Hani Haug -- Annie


Haug right now. The way they are riding compared to the front pack,


you can guarantee they are riding a lot faster, but still just about two


minutes down. Back with the leaders, lot faster, but still just about two


following them from the helicopter shot, which means we can distinguish


the cyclists through the fog. 32.5 kilometres to ride still. A group of


23. Non Stanford has incurred a penalty. 15 second stop-go penalty


that she will have to take on any of the laps on the run, of which there


are three. She can take it at any time. It is significant, because she


is with the leaders at the moment. But she will be aware that the


penalty has been incurred. Another penalty has been given to Charlotte


Bonin of Italy and is another one to pick up the 15 second penalty,


similar to Jonathan Brownlee at the Olympic Games last year. Anne Haug


still just two minutes down, the same difference after the first


swim, and the first lap of the bike course. Emma Moffatt and Sarah Groff


swim, and the first lap of the bike setting the pace on the water. The


bad news is Non Stanford did not manage to get her wet suit into her


box on transition, picking up a 15 second penalty, so Jodie Stimpson


looks the better placed of the British so far. She and Non Stanford


both riding with this lead group, currently lead I Jodie Stimpson in


the dark strip. They could look like the Americans with that kit. It is


Stinson pushing the pace at the front. It looks like she has Non


Stanford for company as they head for the second time. -- Stimpson


pushing the pace. These athletes cannot afford to sit in and not


attempt some sort of breakaway. Gwen Jorgensen has the fastest 10k by


over one minute. If you wait for the run, you could know that first place


has gone. Possibly Non Stanford and Jodie Stimpson could have discussed


an attack. You have to be very committed when you do that. With


seven laps in total, you would think that the fourth or fifth would be


the time to make a move. So that is, not quite the chase group, a


little farther behind, involving the two Germans, Anne Haug, Anja Knapp,


around the Victoria Memorial again. The triangle takes them onto bird


cage Walk, getting into the direction back towards the parts to


complete lap two of seven. The pace is relaxed at the front, partly due


to the wet conditions of the roads, and maybe they need to up it, and


the Germans will make a dent in this lead and riding as a parent is much


safer than a group of 23. Moffatt taking it easy, but a huge pile-up,


two hitting the deck, a right royal pile-up at the Palace! Was that Gwen


Jorgensen? It could be, we will get confirmation, her race could be


over! Something is not right. It looks like Jorgensen is down,


desperately trying to fix her bike, she has lost her chained and could


have lost her chance to become the champion of the world. Jorgensen


cannot get the chain back on, cannot get any purchase, cannot get the


rear wheel to turn, a nightmare for the American! Back on now, can she


move away? Feedback on the pedals, caught out by the wet conditions,


hit the deck hard, she will be sore to say the least, but is she able to


continue and have any significant further involvement? It will be


interesting. The two German athletes behind her, she will have to work on


interesting. The two German athletes and work with them, but Anne Haug


will not want to work with her, and all depending if she and her bike


are in one piece. What drama! All three of the World Championship


contenders having the issues, Abu swim for Anne Haug, the lack of wet


suit for Non Stanford at transition, and this crash for Gwen Jorgensen.


The second rider came away unscathed and was able to write clear of the


accident. Devastating for her world title hopes. A lot to make up from


last year's Olympics, going in as one of the dark horses, finishing


38th, coming here with such high hopes of making up for that. But it


looks like her race might be over unless she gets with the German duo,


jumps on the back of that, and can get pulled up back to the front


pack. It looks like the Italian, Alice Betto, has decided to move


things back up. And neither a look at that incident, and Jorgensen went


down face first. And lucky not to bring anyone else down. It looks


like one did come down, but managed to get back on the pack. The wet


roads proving a real hazard and the pace is significantly lower than


normally seen on a dry day at the World Triathlon Series. Disappearing


under the trees heading back up towards the end of the second lap


and the lead group, now down to our by 21, following the crash with


Jorgensen and that other athlete midway through number two. That will


and nerve the girls, aware that the roads are quite obviously wet and


slippery, but when you see one athlete go down, it can make you


nervous and more cautious. Coming towards the end of lap number two,


and we can check on who is still involved, who has been dropped, who


has joined the lead group. A good crowd starting to form, the blue


carpet signalling the end of transition and the end of the second


lap. We think we have lost Jorgensen. Non Stanford not involved


with the crash, so still involved Jorgensen. Non Stanford not involved


with leading group. Natalie Milne is there. But Stanford still has that


15 penalty to take, which she will take on one of the three laps on the


run. And meanwhile, a dejected looking Gwen Jorgensen all on her


own. A world champion in waiting and I wonder if she is able to continue.


Any significant damage to the bike? And away that the two Germans are


behind her and working hard to get back to the leaders pack? Not a lot


of team are going on. Andrea Hewitt from New Zealand pushing the pace.


-- not a lot of teamwork going on. And Non Stanford and Jodie Stimpson


in the middle there. Hopefully keeping out of trouble. Back into


the park now. The roads have been closed off all week in Hyde Park for


the park now. The roads have been all the various junior events, the


under 23 world champions, after long week, swimming, cycling, running


action, and the conclusion is the two days of elite racing, with


British triathletes in the running for the world title, Non Stanford


still has that 15 second penalty. Stimpson and Stanford not split by


much on world standings. 1200 points for the wind here today. Hewitt


could still become the World Triathlon Series champion for 2013.


-- Jodie Stimpson could still become the World Triathlon Series champion


for 2013. And her compatriot, Non Stanford, still has to stop for 15


seconds. Jodie has so much confidence, I was reading an


interview, and she had hoped for possibly top ten overall finish in


this series at the start of the year, but she has matured beyond


belief and is so strong now in all three disciplines. At the end of lap


three, with four to go, the chasers are desperately trying to hold their


way back into contention. I have had no news for a while from Gwen


Jorgensen. The tennis courts, one is in play! On a wet Saturday morning


and the rain getting harder and heavier. There is the Diana,


Princess of Wales Memorial, the stone ring fountain, opened in 2004.


We do not want to get ahead of ourselves, but I think if Jodie was


to win to date and take the title, she would be the third British


female athlete to take it since the world triathlon series, which


started 24 years ago, we saw Helen Tucker take the championship title


in 2008 and 2011, and Leanda Cave Tucker take the championship title


back in 2002. Just pictures they are of the third


German athlete, I wonder if she knows what is going on behind her


with her team-mates. She has her gloves there, very well prepared for


these cold conditions. Back to the second packed with Anne Haug really


taking her turn on the frontier. No, that is her team-mate Anja Knapp.


taking her turn on the frontier. No, Anne Haug is just tucked in behind,


desperately trying to claw back that more than two minute deficit they


incurred after their swim, when Anja Knapp was asked to hand back to wait


for Anne Haug to arrive, it is now three minutes plus. Jodie Stimpson


was first at the end of lap three, the gap off three minutes and 20


seconds to Anne Haug and her group, enormous in triathlon terms. And


four laps built to write, and the chance one-minute or one minute and


a half could be taken and too much for Anne Haug to keep up. The


distinct possibility of a battle for the world title between the two


British, Jodie Stimpson and Non Stanford, bearing in mind Non


Stanford has a 15 minute penalty to come during the run. The same thing


happened to Jonathan Brownlee in the come during the run. The same thing


Olympic race last summer and still held on to take bronze. This front


group, their pace certainly has been deceptive. I did not think they were


working that well together, but must be, because the time between them


and Anne Haug is growing, three minutes and 20 seconds,


and Anne Haug is growing, three under the Wellington Arch, cleared


of tourists and cleared of sightseers today, and people


beginning to come out to watch the race. Buckingham Palace Gardens, 40


acres in total on the right, Green Park on the left, freewheeling down


Constitution Hill with just under half way still to ride. Just under


20 kilometres on two wields. I wonder what is going on in the front


pack, difficult to know the disaster is going on behind them, not unlike


the Tour de France where they will have an earpiece and team members


shouting through what is happening, trouble they not know Gwen Jorgensen


is out of the race, or that Anne Haug is over three minutes down.


Just coming round, we can see the race starting to come down roads


very wet and the triathletes riding very cautiously and I do not blame


them. If Jodie Stimpson wins, and Non Stanford finishes second,


Stanford will still be world champion. That is the only some I


have managed to do in my head in the last few minutes with all the


drama. Back row the only sounds I have managed. Shall give everything


as it develops. Down into the ten kilometre run and when and how do


the penalty will affect Non Stanford. She will have to stop,


come out, stands still for 15 seconds, then start running again,


always a tough call. Back with the Germans, Anne Haug still in the


running for a World Championship title, way off the pace, three


minutes down last time we saw. A lone biker on the right-hand side of


the road there. The elite triathletes asked to stay on the


left-hand side. Just looking at the 10k splits over the course of the


year and for Jodie to beat Non Stanford, she has to run at a


roundabout 30 seconds faster, quite a lot, so that 15 seconds Non


Stanford will sit out half of that time, but Jodie Stimpson needing the


run of her life to beat Non Stanford on this run course.


How Deep into the fourth lap, 18.4 kilometres to ride as they pass over


the New Zealand and Australian War Memorial. Deteriorating conditions.


Very difficult triathlon conditions, starting with the cold


water of the Serpentine, then the damp streets of central London. And


there is Gwen Jorgensen. I think these are recorded pictures, and


Jorgensen is out of the race and on her way to the medical centre. As


far as we are led to believe, the race is over 30 American. She was


the leader in the series for 2013 -- for the American. She arrived in


high hopes that she could make an impact, but that crash by the


Palace. She is warmly applauded by the grad. The crash by the Palace


has put paid to her ambitions -- by the crowd. She cuts a sorrowful


figure as she exits the race, and she has officially retired from the


London grand finale. All over for your Ganson. -- Gwen Jorgensen. So,


Stimpson is in contention for the world triathlon series title.


Exchanging a few words with Emma Moffat. Gwen Jorgensen does not like


talking to the media at the best of times, so she won't want to talk to


anybody at all right now. Devastating for Gwen Jorgensen.


Backward Jodie Stimpson again. -- back with Jodie Stimpson. Amazing


how Gwen Jorgensen got the transition so wrong. They call it


the fourth discipline of the triathlon. A simple mistake of not


putting the wet suit in the box. That costing her becoming world


champion a possibility. There are still various mathematical


possibilities as the race unfolds. At the end of the fourth lap, still


possibilities as the race unfolds. a significantly large group.


Stimpson is officially in ninth, with the other two fighting behind


as we say goodbye again to Gwen Jorgensen. We will check on the gap


to the chasers in a moment. It should be around 23 in the lead


group, no, it has grown to 24. Bonin Is the last of them through.


Crossing over the Serpentine Bridge now, and they are getting welcomed


as they come into the transition to complete their fourth lap. The


second pack about come through the transition. Coming up to one


minute, and still no sign of the German duo, a good couple of minutes


behind the second lap. We think that Non Stanford, if she finishes third


or below, then Jodie Stimpson will win the race, then Jodie Saint --


Stimpson will become world champion. It was all about Gwen Jorgensen,


Stanford and anyhow, but suddenly looks like she might just be about


to be favourite to become world champion -- Stanford and and how. It


depends how she responds after the 15th -- 15 second penalty. Jodie


would need a 32nd lead on Non Stanford, and when she gets the bit


between her teeth there will be no stopping her. She came into the race


so relaxed, the underdog, and when she gets the bit between her teeth


there will be no stopping her. She came into the race so relaxed, the


underdog, a nice position to your own race and not bearing in mind


that Stanford has the choice of which lap she can take the penalty,


where would she do it? I think she would have to do it right at the


beginning. It is hard to be going flat out and then stop. We saw


Johnny Bramley in the Olympics, and that is difficult. -- Johnny


Brownlee. It is not quite as hard when you are mid-run. Deep into the


fifth lap of seven now. This triathlon, the first part of the


double-header this weekend with the men's race due off at 1:30pm on


Sunday afternoon, live on BBC Two, and we have had plenty of drama and


excitement so far. The men's race still to come, so a mouthwatering


prospect with two days of triathlon. There is the subplot as


well developing with the Germans Haug and Anja Knapp, who have joined


up with the others, as they determinedly ride through the


streets and through the park. Attempting to close the gap. We will


have a look at how that gap is. It was three minutes and eight seconds


at one point. I think it is down to three minutes and 30 now. Three


minutes and 30 seconds between the leaders and this pack, led by the


two Germans, Haug Knapp and -- how and -- Haug and Knapp. She has a


good chance of running down the front pack, but now looking at that


three and a half minute deficit, it will be quite difficult to catch


some of these slower runners. The rain falling quite heavily now. We


had a dry -ish morning. The forecast just about coming true as the rain


starts to fall. Thankfully the helicopter can stay in the air as


the riders pass under the magnificent Wellington Arch. I am


wondering if anyone is thinking about making a break because it is


wet, it will be a bit dangerous and it could be a disaster to come off


at this point in the race. The likes of Andrea Hewitt, who knows she


can't go as fast as the others, she might think, with the second lap


left, she might put the hammer down for the transition with ten or 20


seconds lead on the chasers. Jessica Harrison, formerly of Great


Britain, her final world triathlon Harrison, formerly of Great


series event under the French colours which has been her nation of


choice pretty much throughout her elite triathlon career. Still at the


back, Emma Jackson, sitting at the back of the pack where she seems to


have spent the entire season. I don't think she is getting any


have spent the entire season. I brownie points, but to be honest,


the girls in front are much stronger cyclists and she cannot do much, so


she might as well wait for the run. She has a great run. We saw her race


really well at the Olympics. Harrison has called it a day, I


think. She has got a bike problem. She needs a new wheel. She will lose


a good deal of time. The front group have ridden away from me French


triathlete, Jessica Harrison, she clearly has a mechanical problem.


She will be changing the wheel right now. The grit to stick to the tyres


and rubber, and that is what has happened. I would not be surprised


and rubber, and that is what has if we did not see one or two more


retirees by the end of the race. Buckingham Palace originally known


as Buckingham house, and became the official royal palace when Queen


Victoria came to the throne in 1837. Jessica Harrison realising she


has a puncture, and it is dangerous in these wet conditions as the air


comes out of the tyre. Harrison going to the area where the spare


wheels are kept down in front of Buckingham Palace. We can see the


inner quadrant. Magnificent gardens stretching out behind. Jackson still


at the back of the pack where she is happy to remain throughout this


cycle section. We are back with the Germans, and look at the effort that


and how -- at Haug is putting in. Trying to claw back the time. There


is no way that she can close the gap. With the effort she is putting


is no way that she can close the in on this 40 kilometre bike ride


you wonder what she will have left for the run. The end of the fifth


lap, and the triathlon has been in process now for one hour and seven


minutes and 55 seconds. We still have the last two laps and the ten


kilometres to go. We can have a full check with Stanford and Natalie


Milne and Jodie Stimpson Wall featuring -- all featuring in the


first few times. Joined by some good runners here. But you have to think


first few times. Joined by some good that Stimpson and Stanford are the


strongest runners still featuring in this elite group. Jodie talked about


her legs and how they feel on the road, but she said you do not know


until you step off the bike and know if you have your running legs. She


has all her family and friends here. It is going to be a pretty exciting


occasion for Jodie to be racing on home soil. She spoke about how


important it would be to her, the three weeks off after her race she


will spend it all but her family. It is getting wetter. The rainfall


becoming more and more significant now. And the chasing group are


coming through. Jessica Harrison, the puncture cost her 30 seconds in


the end. She is riding on her own at the moment. 30 seconds behind the


lead group. The chasers are coming through. Jessica said she is going


to retire after the race. Katie Hewison is through, one and a half


minutes of the pace. Fernandez, number 35, also with the chasing


group. The leaders well on their way now. And the time, an energy bar for


Stanford and Stimpson. Number three, third in the world triathlon series


championship and she will be well aware she has got the 15 pack --


second penalty to come. That is Jodie Stimpson, from Oldbury, in the


West Midlands. Well positioned, Stimpson. It could be a battle


between Stimpson and Stanford for the world title. Olive Eire from


Brazil, number 37, coming through. Number seven is Ashley capital


letter gentle -- is Ashley Gentle. 14 in the background, Sarah Groff of


the US, group -- a decent runner. She could feature in the top five


places today. Number 17 coming through, the Italian, another good


swimmer and biker, but has she got the legs for the run? We will find


out in the next 20 minutes or so. A bit of information on Ashley


Gentle, she was the 2010 world junior champion, and she is one of


those athletes in the top sentence and still has her eye on a podium


position -- in the top seven. Sato is the leading rider officially. The


Germans, they have only taken three seconds out of it during that lap.


So, no dent made, no significant margin gained for Haug. You have to


be impressed by her determination -- her determination, but she does not


like she is giving up. The only thing that can happen is that the


front pack give up a little bit and they might gain a bit of time.


Heading for the Wellington Arch, coming up the Constitution Hill


again. The Wellington Arch originally had an law -- an enormous


statue of the Duke of Wellington on top of it, but it was moved and put


up again in Aldershot at the top of the arch there which is now adorned


with the quad region which represents the Angel of peace coming


down onto the chariot of war. Through the memorial gates with just


over 8.5 kilometres still to write. Down Constitution Hill again --


still to ride. Familiar sight, the Down Constitution Hill again --


green and gold colours of Australia, Down Constitution Hill again --


Emma Jackson, having a nice little ride around this 40 kilometre bike


course. It is getting more and more difficult for the helicopter to


bring us the shots as the weather worsens.


Three and a half minutes between the leaders and the German period of


Anja Knapp and Anne Haug, shaping up nicely from a British perspective as


they come down in front of the Victoria Memorial for the


penultimate time and the triangle taking them to bird cage walk, the


other side of the road before returning again to the park at the


other side of the road before top of Constitution Hill. Bird cage


Walk. Left-handed now, around this woodland. The chance on the course


to get a look at the chasers. Being 3.5 minutes and find, -- behind, too


far back. The Germans may not yet be out of the park. Fairly well spread


here, everyone riding most of this bike course in single file. It looks


like we have an attack on the front there, I can see one rider, one big


gap, two riders, then another big gap. We will see who is in front


once we track from the back of the course, the camera struggling with


the moisture, and up towards the front to see who has made the


break. It is Jackson and Bonin at the back. A bit more ardent as we


get to the last but one lap. -- a bit more urgency. This is when we


had a break in the Stockholm race, which proved to be a winning break.


You have to be committed when doing an attack, no point doing that for


ten seconds, Alistair Brownlee put his head down and did not look back,


which paid off. Absolutely. Yuka Sato of Japan, possibly ending up


with a season's best to date. A lot of athletes who have not featured,


possibly not seeing the problems that beset Gwen Jorgensen, and Anne


Haug, and the 15 second penalty for Non Stanford. One athlete in that


front pack is Ai Ueda from Japan. In 2013, certainly picked up her game,


and a decent runner, I would expect 2013, certainly picked up her game,


to see her in the urgent stages of the run. Taking the Bell, then one


more lap to ride. It would be nice to see an attack, making it


exciting. Some might try to set up a shot at the lead. Maybe Non


Stanford, who knows she has a 15 second penalty to come, and as they


fly over the Palace of Westminster here, the helicopter steering clear


of the cloud. If Non Stanford knows she has a 15 second penalty to


come, maybe she will try to make up for it and cancel it out by getting


herself 10-12 seconds in front at the end of the bike course, possibly


at tactic she will employees. We will see her decision as the riders


come back towards where it all started again to conclude lap. You


come back towards where it all can see in the back, some of the


athletes having a bit of a chitchat, a bit of a tell-tale sign that the


pace has dropped and they are cruising around what is meant to be


the last lap very shortly. This is something the Brownlee brothers


prefer not to do, taking it out hard, some prefer to have a little


prefer not to do, taking it out break in the last lap. On the


right-hand side, the Japanese riders. A determined move to the


front by Non Stanford. 17 minutes and 25 seconds. Stanford moves to


the front. And it is the end of lap six with one to go, taking the


bell, Stimson keeping out of trouble. Emma Moffatt, who has had a


horrific race so far, doing plenty of the work. With one lap to go, the


Japanese cross first. Rebecca Robisch the best of the Germans


today. Natalie Milne on course for a personal best today. And a good


opportunity to get involved for Stanford and Stimpson, completing


the bike, and recording her best ever result. Back with the Germans


now. We expect the time between them to have shrunk now. But not


significantly. They were not even back in the park, still a way to go.


Vanessa Raw, we have not seen her yet, racing very well in Stockholm.


Sadly not making the front pack today, which is unusual for Vanessa.


She has a strong swim, but pushing this second pack, seeing if they can


claw back a few seconds before the run. Vicky Holland is also in the


race, finishing fourth in Stockholm, lots of British interest bill in


this final World Triathlon Series race of 2013. All began in Auckland


one by Anne Haug, when Jorgensen took the win in San Diego, coming


from a long way back. In Yokohama, Gwen Jorgensen one again. Stanford


had her maiden win in Madrid still is the end Kitzbuhel in the Austrian


apps, it was Jodie Stimpson. Gwen Jorgensen triumphed again in


Stockholm. It is all about the series of eight races over the


year. Although Jackson was prerace favourite to become world champion


today, -- although Gwen Jorgensen was prerace favourite to become


world champion today, hard bicycle crash has played into the hands of


Stanford or Stimpson, dependent on this 15 second penalty that Stanford


has to undertake. And we have Rachel from Holland, the current European


champion, in the front pack, not seeing her taking much of a turn on


the front. Saving her legs for the 10k run. Stimpson and Stanford, in


close proximity. Stanford starting to think about this penalty she has


to take. A brilliant runner. And this is what it was all about. That


wet suit did not make it into the box, and she will serve a 15 second


penalty for equipment out of the box. It is harsh, but she knows the


rules. Really harsh. But if all athletes threw down their wet suit,


the transition area would be a mess, it has to be one rule for


everyone. Pretty harsh because half was in the wet box. I do not know


what she was thinking. I would like to say inexperienced, but she is


not. Inexperienced at the start of this year, but not now. The Germans


now complete their sixth lap, one more to go for them. No timing that


time, we know it was three minutes, 27 seconds last time. Three, 23,


taking a further four seconds, but no significant move by Anne Haug and


Anja Knapp, joined in this group by Maaike Caelers and one or two macro


others. The only positive thing in the last two macro laps is not


losing any more time, but losing a huge amount in the first half and of


course in the swimming as well. Haug certainly giving it everything. But


with so many good writers, it was always going to be a tough call. --


riders. I wondered what was going on with Anne Haug, not a great swimmer,


but to get so far behind. Just difficult times for her. She


separated from her coach, Darren Smith, who has turned her around in


the last two macro years from pretty much a nobody up to an athlete that


is chasing the World Championship title. A change of circumstances,


back to the German federation, quite pleased to get her back, I think,


Anne Haug, and they went on to win that relay team really in Stockholm


where she also won the individual sprint there, but things not going


in the right direction since. Finishing third in Stockholm behind


Gwen Jorgensen and Non Stanford. That's the place in Stockholm put


her into contention for the World Triathlon Series, but with the


dreadful swim here in the early morning in Hyde Park, that has left


her with a mountain to climb. Helped along by Anja Knapp, 18, and the


rest of this group who are desperately trying to bridge the


gap, but it has been a thankless task, just a couple of seconds each


lap, sometimes we can see riders chasing down a gap of one minute or


more during a 40 K right, but has not happened for the Germans and the


rest of their group. If you look at not happened for the Germans and the


the style of Anne Haug's riding, in that a row position, she looks like


she is giving it her all, and surprisingly that they have not


managed to claw back more time, because the front pack has not


looked particularly tidy, but it just goes to show the pace they are


riding is obviously significantly faster than the Germans. Not that it


has anything to do with Emma Jackson, still at the back as she


was at the start, she just sits at the tail end, does none of the work


at the front, keeps herself out of trouble, nothing in the rules of the


old system of triathlon when drafting was not committing. It was


impossible to police, of course, and Jackson would have to do plenty of


work, but in drafting races, she is able to sit there and enjoy the


ride. And why not? If you can. But playing a very sensible race. Emma


Jackson has a great run, knows this cause well, seven that the Olympics,


second in Kitzbuhel, seventh in Hamburg, very fit coming into this


race, and it is now back to Anja Knapp they're really trying to push


the pace on this last lap. Trying to bring back that 3.5 minutes. May be


taking a few seconds out of the lead in this final lap coming through the


memorial gates once again. And heading on to partly on for this


last little rectangle at the final lap on the bike. Devastating for


Anne Haug. She has had a sensational season, opening up with winning in


Auckland, both in San Diego, second in Madrid, first in Hamburg, beating


Non Stanford, third in Stockholm, and all falling apart in the final


and most important race. And swimming conditions were so good,


with flat water, plenty of space, not working out for hard. We will


find out what happened after the race. But it is looking like it


might be one where she goes home empty-handed. She is leading this


group of six along, but the leaders meanwhile are starting to think


about the arrival in transition for the final time. Sarah Groff moves


forward to take it up at the front. Out of the saddle, stretching them a


little. Stanford and Stimpson not letting them get too far away.


Reaching down shortly to undo the Velcro straps on their shoes, giving


them the quickest possible transition, needing to get off right


before the dismount line. The wheels still turning quickly, edition in


their feet on top of the pedals to jump off over to their allotted


space in transition, Park thereby, very careful to get everything in


space in transition, Park thereby, the box. -- park their bicycles.


Picking up their running shoes, leaving helmets behind, and then a


10k run. Emma Moffatt the Queen of transition, waiting late to get her


feet of the shoes. Resting feedback on to the pedals, crews in. --


cruise in. Sarah Groff just about ready to go, Stanford and Stimpson


cruise in. Sarah Groff just about shoulder to shoulder, and remember


that Stanford has a 15 second penalty. The bike is over, running


towards transition, Stanford leaving them in, will she go in early for


towards transition, Stanford leaving the penalty? A huge group coming


into transition to get the. Stimpson's dreams of becoming the


World Triathlon Series champion of the world for 2013 very much alive.


Stimpson arrives at her parking stand. Stanford there as well. The


wet suit is in the bogs, but too late for her. Stimpson struggling


with her left shoe. She cannot get her foot in the shoe, getting left


behind, then try athlete is exiting transition at least before Stimpson


got her left shoe on. I can tell you what happened, their hands are


freezing, and they cannot coordinate themselves. She just could not get


her foot in. The sensible riders were wearing gloves today. Out they


go, and Stanford hits the front. Kicking clear of transition. She has


a 15 second stop-go penalty to take and it will be her choice as to


which lap she takes it on, the first, second or third. This was


Stimpson coming into the transition. Her hands frozen, and she could not


get her left shoe on. The right she went on straightaway. The left one


would just not going. -- the right shoe. Sometimes they go on to the


run with the helmet on because they physically cannot get the clip


open. Finally Stimpson got the shoe on, and she's on her way. Stanford


has kicked clear. This is her tactic. It could be she feels she


has got the measure of the rest of them in running terms, and with no


Gwen Jorgensen and Haug to content which you might be the best of the


runners today. She might think she can open up a 15 second lead, take


the stop-go penalty and still give herself a chance. 500 metres into


the race and it looks like she has about five seconds on the pack


behind her. When I saw her run in Madrid I was so impressed. She has


behind her. When I saw her run in such a wonderfully relaxed


technique. This was the transition from Stanford. This is where she saw


the mistake, the wet suit by then had been put into the box, but it


wasn't there at the end of the swim, which is what cost her. SPD


transition. -- a speedy transition. Yes, but eventually the clip came


off and away she went. These are the chasers, one to wearing the scars of


battle. The Chinese rider has clearly hit the deck during the run.


Haug Is starting to prepare for transition. Stanford on the way.


Sarah Groff is next best in second. Looks like Emma Moffat is holding


third. The gap between Stanford and Sarah Groff is about five seconds,


maybe less, three seconds at this stage. Then a further eight or nine


seconds back to Sarah Moffatt. Stanford kicking clear of the pack


as the group containing Haug and Anja Knapp arrive. The gap is three


minutes and 20 seconds. They took another four seconds they're out of


the lead during the final cycle lap. Haug, she does not look like she's


running comfortably. Grimacing as she arrives at the stand. Let's see


how her transition goes. She has to hope she has her best running legs


on if she is going to salvage anything in this last race of the


series. Those are the visor and gets a helping hand from Anja Knapp, with


an awful lot of work to do now for those two. Three laps to go. A


slightly altered course to the Olympics last year. Stanford is deep


into lap one, practically sprinting through the first 500 metres here.


Terrific start for Non Stanford. Plenty to offer here, and Jodie


Stimpson is quite a way behind. Yes, she mentioned a few weeks back that


she trains with her partner, David McNamee, regular top-10 finisher,


and he has trouble keeping up with her on the track. Let's not forget


that Stanford has to take the standing count the 15 seconds rather


like a boxer and then head back onto the course. She will hope to build


up a gap of something approaching ten or 15 seconds. She is absolutely


flying. It is like the pace of a 1500 metre runner. Sarah Groff


cannot even stay with her at this stage. There is the gap to Emma


Moffat and the group which includes Jodie Stimpson, who is in equal


fifth at the moment. What a gutsy move from Non Stanford. What a


season she has had. A breakthrough season in her first -- with her


first win coming in Madrid, then the second in Hamburg, second in


Stockholm, and she could round off the season potentially with victory


and become the world champion. 15 the season potentially with victory


seconds to stand still, that is the penalty for not getting her wet suit


in the box. Compare the running style Stanford to Sarah Moffatt,


extraordinarily different. There is Stimpson of Great Britain. Jackson,


who was at the back of the pack throughout the cycle is in sixth.


Andrea Hewitt looking like she is struggling with the pace. And we


have lost Vanessa Raw, helped away to the medical centre, we can see


that from the commentary position. The main focus will be on one of the


other British triathletes as Non Stanford, from Wales, goes about her


business. The tactic is clearly to open up a gap and see how much of a


gap she can put over Sarah Groff and the rest of the chasing pack as they


approach the end of the first lap. 3.33 kilometres to conclude the


10,000. I think she will take the penalty as if she is doing a rap on


the track. Then she will go again. It is going to be tough, but she


will be used to doing it in training, even though it is a


slightly shorter rest than used to if she was doing repetitions on the


track. Haug, she is moving up through the field and seems to have


rediscovered her Mojo after a dreadful swim and her lack of


ability on the two wheels to close a gap to the leaders. But she is


making her way and made up a few gap to the leaders. But she is


places already. Sarah Groff is in second. The gap to Non Stanford is


growing all the time. We can see from this camera angle that Stanford


needs it to be 15 seconds or more if she wants to take the standing count


and then resume the race in front. It is still possible. Remember it


happened to Jonathan Brownlee a year ago. He was in third position, took


the punishment, and then took his 15 second count and resumed his race.


the punishment, and then took his 15 He was still in third position and


went on to win the Olympic bronze medal. Now Stanford can get a good


look at the gap she has opened up over Sarah Groff as she heads in the


opposite direction. Just looking at some of the results when Non


Stanford one in Madrid and had that fantastic final ten kilometres --


one in Madrid. She was a good 30 seconds up on all of the other


athletes, so are very well placed position right now, not even the


first lap down, and thereafter relapsed here. I think she is going


to look like the 15 seconds not going to play such a huge part now.


to look like the 15 seconds not She has opened up a substantial lead


already, and still just over 7.5 kilometres to go. Non Stanford


bidding to become the world triathlon champion for 2013. The


24-year-old, grown-up in Swansea, lives in Leeds, trains regularly


with the Brownlee brothers in the North of England. She has lots to


think about here, but what a good start to the race. Only Sarah Groff


has managed to stay with her. And Sarah Groff is already four or five


seconds off the pace. An explosive start to the final stage of this


Hyde Park triathlon for Non Stanford. If she hadn't had the 15


second penalty and Gwen Jorgensen had not had the crash, it would have


been interesting to see these two go head to head. Stimpson is in about


fourth at this stage. But the most comfortable of the runners at this


stage is definitely Non Stanford. She's flying along here. Such


efficient technique, nice fast turnover, very relaxed arms. Back in


the field, Haug arriving with three minutes and 20 seconds deficit. Very


difficult for and how -- for Haug, crossing paths with Non Stanford,


knowing it is not going to be her day-to-day. Back to Non Stanford who


is flying. We mentioned the 32 second ten kilometres changeover she


ran earlier in the year, and she is fitter now. It will be very exciting


to see minus the penalty what she is capable of running. Bearing in mind


that she has recently returned from a broken arm. She broke her arm


crashing in the hamburg team race. There was a sprint race on Saturday


in which she finished second, and then she was part of the British


team that went out to defend their world team relay title, including


the Brownlee brothers, and Jodie Stimpson as well. But as she went


out on the bike in hamburg she crashed, went to the medical centre,


and they said there was no damage done. She continued to feel pain,


and when she arrived at training, she got it checked, and it turned


out it was fractured. She spent an awful lot of time in recovery. Let's


see the gap, two laps to go. What is the difference here between Stanford


and Sarah Groff? She has got the 15 seconds. That is what she needed.


She needs to open up a gap of around 15 seconds. She can take the penalty


now and slotting behind Sarah Groff at the start of the second lap, as


Sarah Groff crosses the line. There is a further 14 seconds. 15 seconds


do Stimpson, Hewitt and Jackson. -- to Stimpson. She obviously wants to


build up a Big Brother so when she takes the 15 second she doesn't feel


she has to have a group battle -- a big buffer. One down, two to go for


Non Stanford as she continues quest to become champion of the world for


2013 with this stop-go penalty still to take. Where is Sarah Groff? As we


watch once again some of the back markers, the German who was with the


leaders during the cycle, but not comfortable on the run. Samuels of


New Zealand as well. Stanford is on the charge here. The


gap to Sarah Groff growing all the time. It was 15 seconds at the end


of the second -- first lap. They are waiting to welcome her into the


penalty box when she chooses. She can take it on any one of the three


laps. Interesting that we have not mentioned Helen Jenkins, the Welsh


athlete, she missed the Olympic Games from being out with a knee


injury. Back to Anja Knapp who did so much work for her training


partner and fellow German team member, and now I think perhaps she


is just taking it pretty easy around this ten kilometre course, her work


done for the day. Back with Non Stanford, our leader, world champion


in waiting, but still with the daunting prospect of being asked to


stop and stand still and take the 15 second count. That is still to come.


Her choice. She can take it on the second or third lap. She does have a


chance coming now to eyeball Sarah Groff coming in the opposite


direction. And she will figure that the gap is enough, at present, to


maintain the lead and put her still in front after she has taken the


penalty. That will be a huge boost to her confidence because it must be


pretty worrying knowing she has the 15 seconds, but a big gap now, not


even halfway through the course, so she has to know things are looking


pretty comfortable for her. Here are the chasers, Emma Moffatt, Jackson,


Jodie Stimpson taking the corner. Jodie Stimpson, such a fantastic


year. She has been running so strongly. She came into Stockholm


looking a bit fatigued. She had been training in altitude and sometimes


it does not suit all athletes. That might be the with Jodie. -- might be


the case with Jodie. Stanford might be the with Jodie. -- might be


getting some shelter under the trees at the side there. Good crowds out


today in Hyde Park despite the inclement weather. They have come


out in force. Everybody keen to rekindle the Olympic spirit from


2012, and they are all wrapped up against the chill and the rain, but


there -- they are six or seven deep in places in Hyde Park. A couple of


hundred thousand out for the Olympic triathlon, the men's Olympic


triathlon on August seven last year, and good crowds for the women's


event on August four. What a run from Non Stanford so far. Still got


a penalty to take as Haug runs along with the Hungarian and Kate Roberts


of South Africa, with so much work to do. The Olympics was a massive


thing for triathlon, which is the fastest-growing Olympic sport that


there is in the last year. There has been an increase in


participation, certainly fantastic for triathlon. Anne Haug doing her


level best to maintain some sort of semblance of being able to challenge


for the world title, but the welcome that Non Stanford gets in transition


says it all. 15 second penalty still to come. That was the gap in lap


one, enough to take the penalty and emerge in first position, that she


might not take it until the last possible opportunity on lap three. I


will take a guess and say she will take it now, then she can go into


the final lap confident she knows she has done enough. Bouncing along


still. Stanford looks absolutely full of running. She has had her own


issues during this race, which she has benefited from the crash and


mechanical failure of raw the prerace favourite Gwen Jorgensen,


and problems for Anne Haug, seizing up on those opportunities and it


could well be we are looking at a British double this weekend, with


Alistair and that in Brownlee battling for world domination


tomorrow -- Alistair Dan Jonny Brownlee. And we have Non Stanford


on this Saturday morning. Huge progress being made in the women's


race. The 10k time has gone down by over one minute in the last year. A


significant improvement. Really is. I would love to see Emma, Gwen


Jorgensen and Stanford go head-to-head. Now, the chase group,


Sarah Groff in second, a group of six including Andrea Hewitt and


Jodie Stimpson. And the leader Non Stanford of Great Britain. Hurley


was 15 seconds at the last official check, equating to the penalty she


has yet to take and stop -- her lead was 15 seconds. After Madrid, we


wondered if she could keep this place up. Very hot weather


conditions there. She maintained the pace right the way through. A visual


check on the time difference now between Stanford, leader, and Sarah


Groff in second, and might be getting closer to 20 seconds.


Stanford on her own at the front of the field. Everybody snapping away


from the sidelines, getting a picture of the world champion in


waiting, but still a significant event to happen with the stop-go


penalty coming up soon. That camera distance seeming to close the


penalty coming up soon. That camera distance, it is more than that


picture would suggest. About 20 seconds or so. Stanford kick away


from transition, a fearsome pace, not letting up since. Another out


and back years, she will turn, and she will get a definite idea of the


and back years, she will turn, and gap she has opened up, so Stanford


at the turn, Sarah Groff and the others still heading in the opposite


direction, and they will eyeball Non Stanford now, some enviously as she


heads on this section, well clear of the field, Groff holding second in


her own right and stop and six vying for the final place on the medal


podium. I think Jodie is having a slightly tough day on the run.


Normally a real front run runner, pushing the pace, but choosing to


stick with that fact there are, about six athletes, maybe suggesting


she is tired. It has been a long season, racing since back in March.


Jodie finished second there, Anne Haug was first, and a long season


for these athletes. Hewitt being dropped, and able to keep pace with


that group. Stanford will soon get sight of Anne Haug, one half her


main rivals for the World Championship title of 2013, and will


see the gap she has over Anne Haug is enormous. Katie Hewison of Great


Britain having a good race. Kate McIlroy of New Zealand just in


front. Stanford only has the motorcycle camera for company now,


plus the noisy Hyde Park Road. And Kate Roberts from South Africa, a


strong runner, suggesting that Anne Haug is not running at full pace.


300 metres to go until the end of lap two. The gap was 15 at the end


of lap one, it has grown since then, as Stanford continues to punish her


opponents here. So, that penalty still very much on her mind, and it


will be tough for her, because her legs are working, but suddenly, she


will have to stop and stand for 15 seconds, which will seem like 15


minutes as she watches the clock, but kicking away early, sensibly,


opening the gap, giving herself the time difference. We saw how it


affected Jonny Brownlee last year, coming across the line absolutely


spent, and it can sometimes be a shock to the system. You are all


out, heart rate at around 180 plus, stop dead, it drops, then you ask it


to go again. Stanford takes her punishment, a 15 second standing


time, because she did not get the wet suit in the vaults, keeping


moving, looking towards the timing official. Then she gets released and


the tactic has paid off for Non Stanford, still in first position,


having taken the 15 seconds, Non Stanford still leading the World


Triathlon Series Grand Final here in London, a terrific performance so


far! The crowd responding to her efforts! Brilliant! I felt that,


that 15 seconds felt like a lifetime. Still has a lead of 14


seconds. The hard work in the second lap in particular has paid off, a


final lap to run. If she crosses in first, she will become world


champion. And a little pack separating out a bit. The grimace on


Jodie Stimpson's face, and Sarah Groff perhaps being reeled in,


Andrea Hewitt, so consistent, but not able to go with the front fact


of runners. Into the final lap and you cannot see Sarah Groff in the


distance, touches Non Stanford's total domination of this 10k run so


far, slightly less than 3.3 kilometres to Iran, on the final


lap, and we can see how far behind Anne Haug is, -- 3.3 kilometres to


run. No sign of Anne Haug, so far behind, it is really insignificant


now, because it is Stanford's title for the taking. She is going to be


feeling pretty good. You have to take your hat off to Anne Haug,


running their with Katie Roberts from South Africa, not giving up,


but just a case of finishing this race and seeing what points she can


get. Starting badly for her, diving into the Serpentine, way off the


pace by the end of lap one, finishing a minute and a half behind


the best of the swimmers coming out of the water, failed to make a nine


pact despite teaming up with Anja Knapp, generously staying back and


waiting for her. -- field to make an impact. They try to make inroads to


the lead, but to no avail. Championship aspirations vanishing


by the second. Stanford still looks full of running as she takes that


out and back and another chance to eyeball her closest rivals led by


Sarah Groff, her lead appears to be diminishing over Moffatt, making a


move into third position, joined on her shoulder by Aileen Reid from


Arlen, Jodie Stimpson throwing away her sunglasses. Someone has a free


bearing the crowd. Stimpson clearly frustrated with how things have


worked out. She had a chance to win the world title, not quite panning


out, and bond down to about 50 position. Andrea Hewitt, the pace


was too much. -- bumped to fifth position. We are deep into the final


lap, the final chapter of the World Triathlon Series for the women for


2013, and it looks as if it will be a world title for Non Stanford from


Wales. Ashleigh Gentle going through the picture there, her trainer was a


multiple World Cup winner back in the late '90s on the ITU circuit.


Moffett has been caught. Emma Moffatt with designs on second place


here. Anne Haug has broken clear of Katie Roberts and opened up a little


bit of daylight now. There is no way back now for Anne Haug. She cannot


win the world title from here, she is so far behind. We saw Emma


Moffett and Sarah Groff running together there. Sarah Groff chose to


leave Darren Smith last year, Emma Moffett took place and interestingly


as just taking the lead from Sarah Groff into second place, so Darren


Smith working his magic once again. Sarah Moffett -- Emma Moffett having


Smith working his magic once again. a glance over her shoulder, all


about getting on the podium here, as Non Stanford comes past the role of


bikes, outright leader with a stunning triathlon performance this


morning. Always difficult to start at half past eight in the morning,


difficult to get your timing right, triathletes like to wake properly,


trained properly in the early morning, the men starting later at


1:30pm, Emma Moffatt moving past Sarah Groff, keeping tabs for third


position. I glanced up at the clock for Emma Moffatt. And Stimpson


making a bit of a move, energised and coming alongside Aileen Reid,


but it is Stanford who leads them through by a comfortable margin,


even after her 15 second kind, her lead was still 14 seconds, a


remarkable run so far with just 1800 metres to go. Jodie Stimpson perhaps


looking into the crowd, her niece is here, for lucky mascot, really


grimacing, really tired now, try to see if she can hang onto one of


those podium places. Stimpson with a second wind. She picked up her son


grasses -- sunglasses and threw them into the crowd, which seemed to


kick-start her race. The rain coming down, the squinting of the eyes to


quayside some water, as she approaches Sarah Groff, currently in


bronze medal position. Andrea Hewitt, always a solid swimmer and


good on the bike, just travelling when coming off two wheels and


attacking the 10k. They are so well spread as Stimpson gets closer to


Groff, Stimpson into the vision, gritting her teeth, it is painful


for Jodie Stimpson, but taking third position away from Sarah Groff.


Aileen Reid from Ireland tries to go with her. As Stimpson gone too fast


year? She might join Non Stanford and Emma Moffett on the podium.


Stanford starts to soak up the atmosphere now. No sign of her


tiring. Bouncing along. Moffatt in second, Stimpson third, read trying


to stay with them, but she might be broken. -- Aileen Reid trying to


stay with them. Is Stanford knows when she can go and when she cannot.


Jodie Stimpson just hounding her down. Clinging onto the place.


Trying to move herself back into the picture, into the frames, and it


looks like she is fast approaching on Emma Moffatt. Maybe she went to


LA? -- too early? Death look at the league that Stanford has. All of


that despite having to stop because of a network meant violation. 15


seconds penalty. She will learn from that. Moffatt in second, the battle


for third between Aileen Reid of Ireland and Jodie Stimpson of Great


Britain. Sarah Groff might have pushed too hard that the early


stages, relegated to fifth position. Alice Betto six. That is Emma


Jackson in seventh. The second Australian coming through. This is


not where it is about the body, it is about the mind. This has been a


tough race in tough conditions. They have everything still to play for.


Stimpson just about holding on to Aileen Reid. Jodie Stimpson might


get involved in the sprint finish. Aileen Reid looks more comfortable,


but Stimpson comes again. Not letting Aileen Reid break free, but


out in front, Non Stanford can taste victory now. Well inside the final


kilometre. What a brilliant race for Non Stanford. The whole event has


been full of drama and incident with Gwen Jorgensen's affair on the bike


outside the palace with her crash. The Germans's desperate attempt to


get back in, and the wet suit violation for Non Stanford and the


stop-go penalty which she took at the last moment. Into the last 500


metres now, and Non Stanford is cruising to victory. Well, an


outstanding performance, and we are about to witness a third British


athlete to win the world Championships. Stimpson dropped by


Eileen Reid, daylight between the Irish triathlete and Jodie Stimpson,


and it seems to be going. She looked the more comfortable of the two and


it looks like Stimpson might end up finishing in fourth, which is always


the worst to finish in, because Emma Moffatt is in second, and Aileen


Reid is closing in on Moffatt. Stanford moves into a sprint to


round off this world Triumph leaked -- triathlon series for 2013. At


last she can smile. She deserves all the applause and praise today. She


can pick up the flag, the Welsh flag for Non Stanford. The sprint is over


and it is just down to a lap of honour at the end of the race for


Non Stanford of Great Britain. A sensational race, culminating in a


magnificent victory for Non Stanford. Non Stanford is the


champion of the world! Two hours and one minute and 33 seconds. And there


is a sprint for second between Moffatt, who is hobbling through,


and Aileen Reid of Ireland. Stimpson has been dropped to fourth. Aileen


Reid takes it away from Moffatt within 50 yards of the line. She


joins Stanford on the podium, and Moffatt is third. A gutsy


performance yet again from Jodie Stimpson. She grimaced her way


through that run. She picks up fourth position. Emma Jackson is in


sixth, falling over the line, followed by Sarah Groff, who was


seconds -- for so much of the race. What a finish for Non Stanford.


World champion for 2013. Perhaps a slightly disappointing day for Jodie


Stimpson, but with the points she gains today, not making the podium


today, but she will make the podium in the world Championships. Stimpson


and Stanford, the two British triathletes, and Stanford is holding


up the Welsh flag again. What a season for her. A breakthrough,


standout season with victory in Madrid. Second place behind Haug in


hamburg. Second place in Stockholm, all coming good. And she will be


crowned as the 2013 ITU world triathlon series champion. It looked


at the start as if it would all be about Haug, but it didn't quite


happen. Haug And your Ganson in pole position to become world champion,


but they both had issues -- Haug and Gwen Jorgensen. Confirmation of the


final results. A comfortable win for Non Stanford. Aileen Reid was second


for Ireland. Emma Moffatt in third. Non Stanford is the champion of the


world for 2013, joined on the world triathlon series podium by Jodie


Stimpson in second, and Haug holding on for third. In third place,


representing Germany, Annie Haug! A disappointing end for her, fighting


back the tears it seems, coming here with a realistic prospect of


becoming champion of the world, but it didn't happen for her today.


Third place in the world triathlon series standings for 2013. Beaten


today by Jodie Stimpson. Did not make it onto the podium for the race


itself, but stands alongside her compatriot, Non Stanford. Second in


the world for 2013. And in first place, a new world


champion, representing Great Britain, Non Stanford exhibition


Mark Stanford is the champion of the world for 2013 after a sensational


finish. It could be the start of a very


British double this weekend with the Brownlee brothers hoping to


replicate their Olympic performance. They will go head-to-head with


Javier Gomez for the men's title on Sunday. Ladies and gentlemen, please


rise for the playing of the national anthem of Great Britain.


So, the national anthem rings out within earshot of Buckingham Palace.


At last, Stanford can only enjoy the moment, and she will be back to


cheer on her training partners, Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee


tomorrow. I cannot put it into words how I feel. I go from related to


nearly crying. I could not quite believe it. It has all happened so


quickly. I cannot quite believe it, the way the race panned out. I think


it was about the person who were sensible and kept their head. You


made it a tough watch for the fans with a penalty, and a bit tougher


for yourself. When you heard about it, what went through your mind? I


did Johnny Brownlee! I knew I had to go out hard, and I knew I could


break the mercifully, so a 25 seconds I thought I had to take it


early and get out of the penalty box seconds I thought I had to take it


as quickly as possible. I had to not given the chance to get back in


contact. It was hurting on the last given the chance to get back in


lap so I was glad to see it when I came to the finish line. How much


were you aware of the drama around you? It was really unfortunate on


that corner. I heard someone go down behind me and me got feedback it was


Gwen Jorgensen, and it's a shame because you do not want to have a


world title come to you that way. It would have been great to have her in


the run and beaten her that way. But you have to keep your wits about you


on the course. It is notoriously slippery, so we were prepared for


that. Aileen Reid, congratulations, how does it feel? Fantastic,


surprising, amazing. What was it like to be racing out there? I


wished it was a sprint distance because we had four laps on the bike


and I was freezing. I was freezing, so I thought everyone else was, so


just keep going and hopefully people will drop out and you have more of a


chance. Jodie, huge congratulations, you are this year 's World Series


runner-up, how does it feel? It's amazing. I was giving all I could


give, but then second in the series, OK, I will take that. That race was


so dramatic. How much information did you get about what else was


going on and how much were you trying to focus on your own race in


these conditions? To be honest, on the bike, it was just try to stay


near the front and I properly stayed there a bit too long. Stay upright


or go into the back and risk coming off. Then we know that Gwen


Jorgensen came off and Non Stanford have the time penalty. On the run, I


couldn't get my shoes on because my hands were so cold. But the race


wasn't perfect, but it ended on a high in the end. Your best season


ever, and he finished in front of a home crowd in this way. You must


feel great. I am ecstatic. All of my family is here and it's brilliant. I


feel great. I am ecstatic. All of my finally got to race here. I did last


year, and to finish like that, it is good. Great to see those tears of


joy. Congratulations. Thank you. That must be one of the toughest


races you have ever had. One of the toughest days in the office so far,


but I am glad I won the bronze medal. It was a really hard fight


and I am more than happy. Not the perfect day, but that is sport, you


never know what happens. What a dramatic and emotional end to what


has been a very exciting world triathlon series for the winning


this year. And this race was the perfect example of just how


unpredictable this sport can be. And there is plenty more sport to look


forward to this weekend. Including, of course, the men's grand frying or


where the Brownlee brothers and Spain's Javier Gomez -- the grand


final. Before that at 9:30am, Mo Farah will compete in the great


North run, fresh from his 5000 and 10,000 metre double at the world


championships. And in any -- if any of this inspires you to take part


yourself, check out our new website to check out what is going on near


you. That is all from us here at Hyde Park today. Do join us tomorrow


for the men's race. We will see you then.


Sonali Shah presents extended highlights of the women's race at the ITU World Triathlon Series Grand Final from London's picturesque Hyde Park, the climax of a challenging eight-stage calendar. Great Britain's Jodie Stimpson and Non Stanford have been hot on the heels of Germany's Anne Haug throughout the year. Commentary comes from Annie Emmerson and Matt Chilton.

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