World Series Triathlon: San Diego Triathlon: World Series

World Series Triathlon: San Diego

Sonali Shah presents highlights of the second race of the 2013 World Triathlon Series from San Diego, with commentary by Matt Chilton and Steve Trew.

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confused Spain for San Diego. We are on the Costa Blanca Ford two very


good reasons, the Brownlee Bros. They have been training here to


escape Britain's arctic weather. We have highlights of the races to show


you. Let's remind ourselves of what happened in the first stage of the


in earnest in Auckland. That is Brian Keenan from Ireland, I think.


Javier Gomez, the Olympic silver medallist, has laid down a market


here right at the start of the season. Here comes Matt Sharp. What


a great reformers from the Britain. He is absolutely spent. What a stock


that is to this swim. Only just going out onto the course. She knows


that she has got to close down a gap. She has now worked her way back


up into that group. This is a concerted effort. This is her bid to


win once a game in Auckland. And how is grimacing but she is driving on


and she's going to be rewarded with the world triathlon series victory


to enter the richer, but Johnny has been suffering injury Robins through


the winter so he will not be joining Alistair on the San Diego start


line. This winter has been a bit compensated for me. After the


Olympics are got into training quickly. I was over the moon to


finish all my sponsorship things and start training again, doing the


things I love. And then in January I injured my ankle. I recovered for


two months and then when I started training again after that I picked


up some other niggles. I had never been injured before so I did not


know how to cope with it. With an injury, you have to learn from your


own mistakes. You have to be in the position to know how it feels like.


Hopefully he is learning from his mistakes. I said to him, when was


the last time you had a day off from running? He said, June. I said,


June? And he said, three years ago. So I do not think it will do him any


harm. He has massive base fitness. They both have. And they get fit


very quickly. So we know we can give him some recovery and downtime.


Three years without a day off, really. I am a massive routine


person. I did not get ill or injured for three years and I was very


fortunate. I saw Alistair in that three-year time pick up a fuel


injuries and some very serious ones and some not so serious, whereas I


did not really have that. If I did have to get injured, this year was a


great time to get injured. What have you changed about your training?


Mostly, I have just done less. I did raise on the 1st of March and with


it being a longer ride it gave me more of a white focus. It would be a


shot of the Reading a bit. -- a bit more of a bicycle focus. It has been


an interesting winter. You are coming back to normal now and I will


get back to the normality I am craving. At the moment, I want


normal weather. I want to experience some kind of normality again.


the things I have tried to do this winter, as well as trying to stay


injury free, is to try to find somewhere where I can come back and


train consistently when the weather is bad at home. Injuries have


happened in the past because of running on the snow and things like


that, so making life a bit easier for myself. It is really icy and


snowy on the roads. It is not that they do not want to train on it,


they are both traditional Yorkshire boys who will train in any weather,


a few have to think, this is dangerous. You cannot go out and


cycle or Rome when it is icy. Also the injury prevention side where


they do so much volume and loaded training anyway that little distance


is likely to rain you are running on can make a massive difference and


have an impact on any kind of injuries or niggles that you get.


was thinking, this is ridiculous, I cannot physically run around the


house. It was critical that there were ten foot snowdrifts around but


I was enjoying it. More from Alistair and Johnny later in the


show. Now it is time to head over to San


Diego to see how some of the best female triathlete scope on the


Californian course. So welcome to the women's race day


in San Diego. Here is the map. Two lapse in the water. In Bonita Cove


Park. And then eight -- lapse on two wheels. Gleason Road, then the


bridge on West Mission Bay Drive before there is another tight turn


back along the bridge, back to the transition area at Bonita Cove Park


and then the run section, which takes them along Bayside Walk, a


right and then another right down Ocean Front Walk, three laps for the


run and then the 10,000 metres final champion wears number 28. Katie


Hewison wears number 38. We have had a few moments silence to remember


those who were affected by the number one. The way they go. They


head out into Bonita Cove Park to we saw last year the guys go into the


shallow water at the top of the screen where the spectators are


standing. No one has done that this year. They have obviously changed


the rules to prevent that happening. Now we have that arrowhead starting


at the front of the swim field. We will look for some of the stronger


athletes already in the water. Some fours coming from Aileen Reid,


formerly Eileen Morris, from the per Republic of Ireland. She took on the


name of her husband in the summer. What is interesting to me, looking


at the start, where we have got used to the athletes begin their position


on the pontoon or the beach, they are actually running them in just


numerical order, so we had and Haug right next to us, go right through


-- we had Haug next to us, going right through to the 30s and 40s. We


are getting a bigger picture, a bigger spread of the swimmers coming


through now. That was a tremendously fast start. There is a stretch out


which we are not really used to seeing these early on. Already


swimmers with clear water there, five or six metres. Carolina Routier


of Spain and Oliveira of Brazil, they are within touching distance.


Neither one prepared to give way and move to the side. And now they have


sorted themselves out a bit. There was a time there that I feared


somebody was going to get a foot in the face. They were very tightly


bunched indeed. Aileen Reid from the Republic of Ireland who was the


first to show in the swimmers' got back, three or four down the lead.


Now the lead is coming from Camberley in every TA from Spain.


She is looking ahead to see where the first lap is. -- Carolina


Routier of Spain. A good swim from Routier of Spain. She has reached


the end of the first lap. We will get a check on who is doing what as


they come through with eight minutes and 40 seconds past. It is Routier


and Oliveira in second. Emma Moffat is therefore Australia, followed by


Rachel Klamer and Sarah Groff and Aileen Reid is six for the Republic


of Ireland, . A group of Americans together. Then Stanford is first out


for Great Britain in 17th position. A very good swim by Gwen Jorgensen


there from the United States. She was suffering in Auckland. She has


been tremendous in this phase so obviously working on her swim. We


know that is her weakness. Her running is second to none. We would


have liked to see Jessica Harrison higher up. She used to represent


Great Britain. She has now represented France on a couple of


occasions. She was a little further down than we would have anticipated.


The best of British at the end of that lap was Non Stanford from


Swansea, based in Leeds these days. She is the under 23 champion, won


that title last year in Auckland. She also had a very good 10k race.


So we will look out for her on the running stage of the race. She set a


personal best in Manchester in early March at the Trafford 10k. She


clocked a time of 32.40 seconds. So improving form on the roads for the


Welsh triathlete. Carolina Routier at still in front. So they are


approaching the end of stage one. This is the second World Triathlon


Series event of the season in San Diego. 1500 metres in the water.


Just about complete now for Carolyn Routier -- Carolina Routier and


those chasing her out of the position. We will get a look at


exactly who is finishing where. Routier 17.25, then Oliveira,


Moffat, Groff, that will get the American supporters plenty to get


interested about with her in fourth position. Then there is a gap and


they followed out of the water by Rachel Klamer of the Netherlands,


Ellen Pennock follows her, 18 seconds behind, and then this big


group emerging. We think this group contains Aileen Reid but she's in


for a bit of a shock because she will not know yet that she has


incurred a 15 second stop-go penalty. The best of the British,


Non Stanford has moved up to 10th from 15th at the end of the first


lap. Eileen Reid is now 43 seconds off the pace and that is going to


climb as she goes through this punishment, but it is Groff which


are focusing on now. And on they go and it looks as if everybody who


started is coming out of the water now. Katie Hewison down in 29th


position. And here we go. This is what the problem is for Reid. She's


shaking her head at the judges are bare and they are making her stand


and stop. This 15 seconds will feel like 15 minutes walk Aileen Reid of


the Republic of Ireland. She was not even allowed to carry on taking her


wetsuit off. Harsh. So Routier was first out of the water followed by


Groff of the USA, offered of Australia and Oliveira of silk.


These are the leading four. They have broken away and not a decent


also in that group. Jodie Stimpson is the second in that group of


British triathletes. We have not got a concentrated working group chasing


through it. Oliveira is still doing plenty of work, chopping and


changing. But Routier is doing very little. She is tucked back in fourth


place. She did hard work in the water, Carolina Routier, but she has


been a passenger throughout the first two and a half laps of this


bike stage. Moffatt is now out of her saddle, pushing hard, working


her bike, looking for speed and looking to try to prevent this


massive palette from closing the gap any further. -- pellet on. The end


of lap five. Three to go. The Brazilian will take up first


position officially at the end of the fifth lap. Routier is still at


the back, where she has been throughout. Three laps to go. We


have had one or two macro casualties so far. But the gap is still up


around the 32nd mark, possibly greater. It is down to 30 seconds.


If nothing happens with this chasing group, it is going to come down. It


is looking like it will be a foot race between Groff and Emma Moffatt.


There are such good runners in that chase pack. You have Anne Haug and


Non Stanford, of course. She knows what it is like to go out very fast,


whatever the hurt is. So if that gap does stay at around 30 seconds, I


don't think we can really discount... There really is a depth


of running in this chase pack. we go, into transition. They have


got ten kilometres to go. They have got to get this right and time the


dismount correctly. Moffatt arrives first, feet on the carpet. She keeps


running. Routier is into third. That is a massive change as far as she is


concerned. From fourth to third for the first time. They are all


together as they come into transition for the change. Groff is


first to exit transition. The Americans can start to believe.


Routier will hook up with the first two macro. It is Groff, Moffatt,


Oliveira and Routier. Here they come, looking for some space, moving


side-by-side. Looks like we have got one wider down. Just a touch of


wheels, perhaps a touch of legs as World Triathlon Series here, the


second stage of the tour. Sarah Groff has never won a World


Triathlon Series event. She just missed a medal in Hyde Park at the


Olympic Games last summer. Here is what is going on behind. Non


Stanford of Great Britain, who did such hard work in the 40 kilometre


bike. Jodie Stimpson, also of Great Britain, looks full of running. Anne


Haug, the Auckland winner, the World Triathlon Series leader at this


stage, the German, with the white baseball cap on, is currently


sandwiched between the two macro British triathletes. Gwen Jorgensen


is also going with them. They have already passed Routier and Oliveira,


who have fallen back from the leading group. But it is another


American that the San Diego supporters are concerned with, Sarah


Groff. She had the lead. She kicked away momentarily from Emma Moffatt.


But at the end of lap one, Moffatt has recovered her poise and


concentration and is back in front of this race in San Diego. The first


lap is out of the way. It is Moffatt of Australia who leads Groff of the


USA. What will Sarah Groff's reaction be not only to Emma Moffatt


taking the lead, but you can be sure that within 300 metres going into


the second lap, she will be given up to date knowledge of how much they


have closed in on the chasers. We thought these would be the front


runners. They really are tremendous runners. It is Moffatt's race to win


now. Out in front, looks pretty comfortable. Slightly taken by


surprise by that early kick from Sarah Groff, but she didn't let the


gap widened. Felicity Abram has picked up a penalty. She has been


asked to stop for what we think is a 15 second stop-go penalty. Here we


have the American, the German and the two macro British competitors.


That is the battle for third. form that Sarah was displaying at


the start of the one seems to have slipped away. She went out of


transition at a very fast pace. Didn't manage to maintain that.


Looked initially as if she was moving away from Emma Moffatt.


Moffatt bided her time and came back. Now it is closing down. That


second position is very much under threat as we reach the halfway mark


of this ten kilometre run. This is the lady in real form at the moment.


She has played it tactically perfectly. Worked very hard on the


bike, but was content to let Sarah Groff move away early on. She


covered that and then made her move. You have to feel for Sarah Groff.


She worked so hard on the bike section. I am sure she was thinking,


hopefully we will hang onto that with a big chance of the gold or


silver. And now, huge impact as she sees these athletes go past her.


Stanford, from Swansea. Jodie Stimpson, from Oldbury in the West


Midlands. When you're been some takes it up for the USA. -- when


you're done some takes it up for the USA. Jodie Stimpson is about to be


overtaken by Anne Haug, and Groff is going backwards now. Her race is


run. We are coming to the end of lap number two. How comfortable is


Moffatt looking? Over the last minute, she has looked less at ease


on this course. Gwen Jorgensen has moved into clear second position.


Three people are bunched together, sharing third. A little look behind


from Moffatt. Feels under pressure for the first time. Up go the arms,


really moved into 1500 metre-type pace. Gwen Jorgensen this chasing


hard and fast. She has a real opportunity to take the first ever


series win for a USA athlete. gap is now down to about eight


seconds between Moffatt, the Australian who leads, and Gwen


Jorgensen, the American, who is closing down that lead by the


stride. She has recently moved to Australia. She is now coached by


Jamie Turner down under. It has been a good move for her physically and


mentally. It strengthened her approach to triathlon. Moffatt picks


up some liquid to try and give her a boost for the last couple of


kilometres. Gwen Jorgensen ignores the feeding station. She doesn't


need any help. She feels as though she has the power in the legs and


the lungs to make this final burst and close down Moffatt's lead.


Moffatt is about to be caught, and potentially about to be overtaken by


Gwen Jorgensen. Two macro seconds is the gap now. It went from eight to


four to two. Moffatt's dream of winning in San Diego looks unlikely


now. The only she has got is that when Gwen Jorgensen goes past her,


she has got to stay in touch. Behind, you conceivably Moffatt


Stanford, or it might be Jodie Stimpson. Then Anne Haug. Those


three are involved in a battle for third, but first position is about


to change, as Gwen Jorgensen slips in behind Emma Moffatt and then


makes her move. Stanford and Anne Haug are doing battle for third.


Gwen Jorgensen is aware of the danger. Moffatt can now feel Gwen


Jorgensen breathing down her neck. Non Stanford and Anne Haug are now


making inroads on Gwen Jorgensen and Moffatt. It looks like Non Stanford


is dragging Anne Haug along with her. There is everything to play


for. A couple of minutes from the finish, and Non Stanford senses that


she has a real chance of a breakthrough. guns and Moffatt


looked over her shoulder and took her eyes off Gwen Jorgensen, who


kicked away and open up a gap of about three metres. Gwen Jorgensen


has the lead. Now she can sense victory. She can taste it. She has


got real speed across the ground here. Jorgensen head towards the


finish to become the first American woman to win a World Triathlon


Series race. What a place to do it. Into the finish area. Gwen Jorgensen


glances behind her again. She has timed her race to perfection. And


Stanford is going to finish in second for Great Britain! What a


sprint finish for Non Stanford. She takes second place to deny Emma


Moffatt in the last 100 metres. An astonishing finish all round here in


San Diego. A personal best for Non Stanford on the World Triathlon


Series podium for the first time in second. The celebrations continue


for the British team, as Jodie Stimpson comes home in fifth.


the disappointment in Auckland and not being able to finish that race,


was their extra fire in your belly this weekend? I always try to come


out and execute the processes. A lot of people had better races than me


in Auckland, so I wanted to do my best. I am delighted. I was really


pleased with the swim. The bike was a bit frustrating, because our group


was a bit disorganised. I couldn't believe we were catching up Moffatt


and Groff. Really pleased. To have a sprint finish is always exciting.


Yourself and Emma Moffatt had an unbelievable last 300 metres.


a really good track session. I just worked really hard. Luckily just got


there. I wanted to take advantage of having the lead, but my hamstrings


gave me a bit of trouble, so I was more effective by finishing and not


men's race where all eyes will be on Alistair Brownlee. But before that,


let's get back to our chat with the Brownlees. With their successes


becoming distant memories, Alistair and Johnny have been busy setting


new goals for the next couple of years. I do not really know when I


am going to stop racing. -- start racing. Not starting in San Diego


will be tough. I love racing and just to see Alistair and everyone


else racing will be hard. Is it about becoming world champion or


about taking the world championship title of your brother? I am going


out and trying to be the world champion, I'm not looking at it like


that. I am just getting the serious races in and seeing how they go and


making sure I have the shape and ability to win at the end of the


year. The finals are fantastic as they are in London. If I have one


good race I would like it to be London. Since the Olympics, there


have been a lot of rumours about you and Ironman and 10k, maybe, in


Glasgow. What is the situation? I am going to


do everything all the time, all this year. No, it feels like I have been


doing triathlon for a long time. I am only 24 but I have been doing it


for a long time. I have done two Olympics already. It would be


fantastic to start looking at doing longer stuff. I'm concentrating on


Mike Olympics distance. The Olympics has always been everything for me


and is definitely my focus over the next four years. The 10k can fit


into that a little bit. I want to run a few. It is something that I


have always wanted to do and never had time to do because I am always


doing more and more racing. It is difficult getting fit as well


because I have been injured, so it is night to have time to do a bit


more. I did think about Glasgow 2014 and I thought, wow, I have the


opportunity to experience that again. So I am thinking about that


again but the World Championships is coming along first. I am not good at


thinking too far in advance. I prefer short-term. I am thinking


about Glasgow 2014. I have never been to the Commonwealth Games


before. Triathlon was not in the Commonwealth Games in 2010. That


would be awesome. I am going to try to run a few 10ks and see how fast


are run and if I can get anywhere near qualifying. That would be my


dream, to go running and qualify in the Commonwealth Games. If I don't,


I don't. In the process of running all the 10ks and hopefully training


for them, I will learn a bit faster -- I will learn a bit more about how


to run faster in the triathlon as well. I just want to carry on what I


did before. I love the World Championship series and I would love


to do it again. I would love to be world champion. I did it once and


that was a great experience so to do it again would be awesome. I am


feeling OK in the lead up to San Diego. I am aware that I had a


massive gap in my training last year but I have trained hard in the last


few weeks. It is about seeing where that takes me and linger where I am


not going to be as bit as I possibly can be fitter in another month or


so. I will see what I can do. see how Alistair gets on in San


Diego. This is 2013's first act of Brownlee


versus Gomez, which never fails to the battle on the beach begin. An


exciting start as 57 elite triathletes get into the water in


this wetsuit swim. The temperature is slightly cool for the time of


year in California said they have decided to go for wetsuits, and we


will see some of the stronger swimmers start to make progress in


the early stages. We will look out for Alistair Brownlee wearing number


29, the ailing the champion will stop his younger brother, Jonathan,


is absent with an ankle injury. Javier Gomez is the man who won the


silver medal in Hyde Park last August behind Alistair Brownlee.


This is the first meeting at World Triathlon Series level it win the


two of them. Interestingly, Tom Ferris from the United States,


relatively inexperienced in triathlon. He made a big impact


coming off the beach. Interestingly, it was very different from yesterday


when we saw that as the women went off the beach, Aileen Reid, we have


indications that she moved forward but also moved to one side as well,


and that was the begin second penalty she incurred. It seemed to


be a very straight start, the men going in. I think it was Tommy


Zaferes who went in. They are already approaching the first time,


back towards the beach before the X it and return to the water for the


second half of the swim. The Pharisees leading them through. --


Tommy Zaferes is leading them through. Gwen Jorgensen one the


women's race for the United States yesterday. -- she won-macro. We will


get a check on the standings as the X in the water at the end of the


first lap. That stroke rate has slowed down just a little. If Tommy


Zaferes is in the position he will have a great run through into


transition. It is the American Tommy Zaferes who will come out of the


water seven minutes and 37 seconds is his time, as he looks to dolphin


through the last few metres. He will come out of the water, turned to his


right, had back in again for the second part of the swim. And we will


get a check on who is doing what will stop Tommy Zaferes is first out


of the water, followed by Alistair Brownlee, Henri Schoeman third for


That is a pricing. -- Richard Varga. The important thing from a British


perspective is that Alistair Brownlee was out of the water right


behind Tommy Zaferes. That is an extraordinary split time on the


swim. That is not far off Olympics swimming time. So Tommy Zaferes lead


Alistair Brownlee in the early stages of this three stage


triathlon. They have the final stretch of the swim, a second lap


about to unwind after 12 minutes of triathlon here in San Diego. Tommy


Zaferes is heading towards the beach champion, Alistair Brownlee from


Great Britain. Alistair Brownlee NDE. Seven times Yorkshire


cross-country champion. The junior world champion in triathlon and the


senior world champion, the European champion and now, of course, the


Olympic triathlon champion. They have just got 80 metres to go before


they X it the water. They will start to take off their wetsuits, remove


swim caps and goggles as they head towards transition. They will need


to get everything in place before they've pick up their bikes, put on


their helmets and head out to the first of the eight laps, eight laps


of five kilometres. Alistair Brownlee has pretty much matched


Tommy Zaferes /full/ . We could have a group of ten coming out to start


the Reich phase. -- the bicycle gap. And that gap could be


critical. They are working on their options, do we really go for it?


There was no closing on the women's cycle station yesterday, and we're


hearing that the straight ways were not long enough to put in a


concentrated space. Everybody was concerned about the number of ends


and the sharpness of the bends. Brownlee is struggling to get his


wetsuit off. Could not get his feet out. And there is his main rival,


the Olympic said Miller -- silver medallist. And as Brownlee comes


out, Gomez has his bike under control. Alistair Brownlee is right


with him, so there is a group of about eight or nine and one or two


others are just hoping to be involved in that front group as


well. The group, with Gomez taking his turn to do the work. Alistair is


just tucked in behind wearing the white helmet. He is quite easy to


spot with that white helmet. We are about to get a group of nine leading


the field here. And here are the chasers. We were in a similar


situation yesterday, a group of four and then it hit group trying to


chase them down. Lovely to see Alistair Brownlee fare just picking


up the wheel, then it is his turn. He goes. Up he goes and off he goes.


Goodness. Brownlee is saying, you have to keep ahead of these guys and


if you want it you have to come with me. No one seems to be taking it on.


The gap is 37 seconds between the leaders and the chasers. Henry


Sherman leading them in from the Republic of South Africa. -- Henri


Schoeman. And Brownlee has just moved back to the fifth position.


Somebody came dangerously close to the metal barrier. That is the front


group of nine. The chasers seem to have made an impact now. It is up to


around the 32nd mark. It is now 26 seconds, they have gone from 37


seconds to 26 seconds between the end of lap one and the end of lap


two. Good work from the chasing group. Adam Bowden is 18th at the


moment. He is the second ranked British rider at this stage. He is


in the chasing group. The chase group stretching themselves out,


trying to close the gap. Someone is having a go. Alistair Brownlee is


still injecting pace. He is trying to grab this race by the scruff of


the net. So now we have three distinct groups within 25 seconds of


each other. Alistair Brownlee on his own, currently clocking 42


kilometres per hour. Then we have a gap and then the eight guys with


whom he was riding for a while, but that aid is about to swell its ranks


to maybe 20 plus. -- that group. The guys have seen Alistair go and they


have responded in a small way to the pressure. Alistair obviously does


not want this group to become enormous. He's happy to keep the two


groups separate, and he's pushing his way to complete lap four. He's


halfway through the bicycle now. He crosses the line. About four seconds


clear of Gomez, exactly four. Then Tommy Zaferes and Varga and Royle


and then a gap and another handful of seconds until the rest of them.


Adam Bowden is in there. Benjamin Shaw from the Republic of Ireland.


Richard Murray, a good all-rounder, had a good season last year. A very


brave move for Alistair, for one athlete to stay away, and I am sure


he is hoping he's going to get one, two or three to go with him. It


would be lovely to see. But there is the frustration from Alistair. He


has almost sat up there and waved his hands in frustration and said,


what are we doing? We have worked so hard to get away and now we are


giving these guys the opportunity to get back. Now it looks like that


chase pack has joined. Yes, it has become a huge procession now. Single


file at this stage on these hairpin bends. Alistair Brownlee has plenty


of triathletes for company now, the lead group numbers getting on for 30


plus. This has slowed down so much. Nobody was prepared to go with


Alistair. Now he seems content as if to say, if that is the way the race


develops, I will just wait here and So the second half of the bike race,


which is 20 kilometres, could be a broken away. I am not sure if we can


see exactly who is involved. The gap is about seven or eight seconds at


this stage. Two Russians and a Alistair Brownlee. They clearly


don't see a major threat amongst the running qualities of these three.


don't think they will be a big effort to chase down. They are quite


happy if it stays at ten or maybe goes out to a few more seconds. The


strong runners are confident that they will be able to close this gap


down. Alistair Brownlee is keeping himself clear of danger. They have


completed their 40 kilometre ride and now start to prepare for the


transition, slipping their feet out of their shoes. There is a single


rider in force who has made the break as well. Denis Vasiliev


arrives first. The case is an amongst the group behind. Oh,


goodness me! Jesus Gomar hit the deck hard and sent his bike in


towards the crowd. He has picked himself up and will continue, but I


hope no damage was done to any of the spectators. What happened's


there was no collision on bikes, he didn't hit a barrier. Possibly the


shoe just hitting the ground as it came down, still attached to the


pedal. Denis Vasiliev leads them out. Alistair Brownlee is in no real


rush to put his shoes on, but he is heading out now. This is where


Brownlee's race really begins. You can see the gap between Denis


Vasiliev and the next best. And I believe the next best is Alistair.


That looks like his running style. I think I can spot it from this camera


boat mounted on the waterside. They have already closed down the gap to


Denis Vasiliev. Richard Murray is playing along as well as Vasiliev


watches Alistair Brownlee go past him. There is no sign yet of Javier


Gomez. Good position for Adam Bowden, very strong in the second


half of the 10K. Javier Gomez, with compatriot Mario Mola on his


shoulder, trying to eat into this lead that Alistair Brownlee has


opened up in this first lap. And the leaders widening. Brownlee is on his


own. Richard Murray of South Africa in second. The Portuguese athlete is


in third. Then we think it is the two Spaniards, Javier Gomez and


Mario Mola. And there is one of the British athletes there as well, Adam


Bowden. He is up into fourth position. This is good for Adam


Bowden. 10th was the last official news we had of him. There are four


or five athletes now close together. That is an extraordinarily fast


time. Murray certainly hasn't given anything. He is still very much in


contention. The Olympic champion has includes the two Spaniards for


company. Brilliant running from Brownlee. Swam well my second


position all the way round behind Tommy Zaferes. Tried to make a brick


on the bike, decided it would be a waste of energy. Sat back, kept


himself out of trouble in the middle of that elite group, and then struck


for the front early on the run. Richard Murray is next best in


second position, the South African. There is Adam Bowden. They are ten


seconds behind. If Javier Gomez really wants to make this a battle


on the beach, according to the hype in the build-up to the race, he


needs to move now. Alistair Brownlee just getting word from the British


contingent that his gap is 20 seconds. Richard Murray of South


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 76 seconds


Africa comes through in good shape backmarkers. That is how far ahead


comfortably now, we think. Certainly within the last kilometre now.


Alistair Brownlee was again into the shaded area. The picks himself out


of the sunshine for a few precious moments. Victory is all but sealed.


Richard Murray has a little spring in his step as well as he can sense


his second position. Murray gap, between Alistair Brownlee


arriving in crossing the line and Richard Murray coming home for


second. And Alistair can start to soak it up now, as he comes into the


finish area. One hour 46.5 minutes. It has been fast, it has been fun in


the end for Alistair Brownlee. He can enjoy it now as the crowds


turned out to salute the Olympic champion on his triumphant return to


top-level triathlon racing. He has got time to enjoy it. He can slow


down, as he did in Hyde Park last August. And he can enjoy the moment.


He is walking home to victory in San Diego. Right now, there is no want


to touch Alistair Brownlee. He is the best Olympic distance


triathletes in the world at present, and he wins in California, and he


wins in style. There is no sign of Richard Murray as yet. He is coming


in now, the South African. Meanwhile, Alistair has got time to


enjoy the moment. His margin of victory, despite walking home, is


still 20 seconds. Richard Murray comes home for second place. In


third place, it'll be Joao Silva, who was also third in Auckland


earlier in April, on April the 6th. He has got himself another podium


place here in San Diego, and we wait to see how the battle unfolds for


fourth. It looks like Steffen Justus in the man who will come through to


take fourth place, for Germany. He has broken away from that pack.


then it is Adam Bowden, coming take sixth position. British


triathletes are first and sixth in San Diego. Javier Gomez has finished


down in eighth. I am sure you think I am lying when I say I did only six


weeks of training, but I swear. I just pushed on since Abou -- Abu


happy. I don't understand. There were eight guys in that group, and


none of those finished in the top ten. It doesn't make sense to me. So


I tried to get away from them a bit and see if we could work a bit


better, and that didn't work. They are not tactically efficient, some


of these guys. It is a step up from last year. Last year, I was a bit of


a newcomer to the World Series. This year, I thought I had dropped my


feet in the swim, and apparently that wasn't true. I saw a whole


bunch of good swimmers, and I came out to see where it took me. This is


Sonali Shah presents highlights of the second race of the 2013 World Triathlon Series from San Diego. The competition will visit eight cities over four continents as the world's top triathletes look to emulate 2012 world champions Jonathan Brownlee of Great Britain and Sweden's Lisa Norden.

Follow each race on BBC Sport, with London's Hyde Park playing host to the Grand Final in September.

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