Cozumel Men's Series Final Triathlon: World Series

Cozumel Men's Series Final

Ore Oduba presents highlights from the dramatic climax to 2016's World Series in Mexico, where a new men's world champion is crowned.

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And so it all comes down to this, the last race of the 2016 World


Series, the men's grand final and not only that, it is also the chance


for Johnny Brownlee to reclaim the world title he last won in 2012. We


are set for an exciting ride. First let's reflect on a fantastic end to


the women's season yesterday. Alongside me, Annie, in the


sunshine, lovely. At the end of it all, a brand-new world champion. It


was a brilliant event in the end and a worthy champion. She came into the


event with an advantage leading the Rankins. I really don't think anyone


thought Duffy would win the title as convincingly as she did yesterday.


There was Jorgensen battling for that title as well. It was a


stunning climax to the season. But now onto the men because Johnny


Brownlee is in second place behind Mario Mola, who has been in pole


position all year long. But Alistair Brownlee is also out in Cozumel,


hoping to help his little brother out. We grabbed a word with him. It


is comprehensively confirmed, he is the finest triathlete we have ever


seen. I don't like to focus on these titles of the best there has ever


been. I have set out and achieved more than I ever dream that I could


achieve and that is what is to me. What is it like going into the grand


final as a two time Olympic champion? Obviously it is fantastic.


I'm very proud of that achievement. I think about it probably every day,


but also it's nice to be back racing. I love racing, the Olympics


was a massive hike and it was important to move on and do


something afterwards. I am happy to be here but I will also be happy to


relax after this. Reflect on your memories of it. It started almost


perfectly with a swim in Rio, then on the bike I knew we had to ride


really hard for the last few laps, then it came down to the wrong with


me and Johnny at the end. It was a fantastic day, a race that might


almost perfectly the plant. Four years of work, years of being up at


night worrying about an injury. It was fantastic to be able to pull it


off, and quite a lot of emotion there as well. Outstanding once


again, Alistair Brownlee as he was four years ago, history made.


Is there a possibility we won't see you in Tokyo to defend your title?


There is a possibility. I have done three Olympics, won twice, I have


achieved more than I ever dream of achieving, and to be honest before


the Olympics I was focused on moving on and doing iron man in the next


four years. But the Olympics is a massive carrot and it would be


difficult not to be in Tokyo. This year, you are not able to finish on


the overall podium, but Jonny can, how do you feel about that? If he


had chosen his races better, he would be closer to winning the world


title. It is not a likely outcome but it would be fantastic to see him


race really well. He looked fantastic in Edmonton and I think


indefinitely can definitely win here this weekend under any conditions.


That said, we will do all we can to help him win the title this weekend.


It's only natural that if your brother is in the race, you would


help each other along. I don't think there is any secret our tactics are


to get out of the swim at the front and ride as hard as we can on the


bike for the first few laps. That is a tactic, and that is what we will


try to do. Britain's double Olympic champion and easily the best this


country has ever seen. The question is, has he got it in him to last


another four years? There will be part of his competitive side that


would like another gold medal but he would also want to set himself new


challenges. He has mentioned the Ironman challenge previously. The


other question is does he want to help his little brother win a gold


medal, but Jonny Brownlee has the talent in his own right to win a


gold medal. My gut instinct is we will see Alistair Brownlee trying


something new. He is the kind of guy that can turn his hand to pretty


much anything and succeed, sickening when you think about it, but what


about that rivalry between Brownlee and Gomez. Where do you think that


will go? It is an interesting one because Gomez now at the age of 34


is probably, I would say without doubt that was his last Olympics. He


has a proven record over the Ironman distance, and I think Gomez would


like to go along, as would Alistair. That would be food for thought,


seeing them race the Ironman distance together. Talking of


partnerships, it doesn't get better than Alistair and Jonny. We will


talk about the race in a minute and see them go toe to toe, but what


have they done for the sport of triathlon? They have put the sport


on the map, and I don't think we have ever seen so many participants


taking part in triathlon is around the world, and I have to say a big


part of that has come from the floor and around the world seeing the


Brownlee Brothers racing. It has been important for the growth of the


sport in this country. Absolutely, but they have some business to sort


out here in Cozumel, and Alistair, despite his success, cannot win this


series from here so he will have a very different motivation in Mexico.


Yes, he cannot run for the title. He's obviously out here to do well,


to potentially win the race, but most importantly to support his


brother, and we know that when they are raising together they are much


stronger unit. Jonny Brownlee will have to work hard to beat the


Spaniard, Mario Mola. That is as good a time as any to check in on


the standings. There are only four people who stand a chance of making


it to the podium. Mola improved on his score in Edmonton by finishing


second behind Jonny Brownlee. Fernando Alarza triumphed in Cape


Town in April. And keep an eye out for the Frenchman Pierre Le Corre,


sure to be challenging for the title in the next few years. But now we


are focusing on the present, and it is down to two men, Jonny and


Alistair Brownlee. He is the driving seat of the World Series now. It is


not easy and these guys are really tough to beat. If I want to become


world champion, I have got to come first or second and Mario has got to


have an average day. He has not really had many average days. I will


start the race as I do every single one, we will see what happens. How


was it to top the podium last time in Edmonton? Edmonton was amazing.


It's the first time I have won race in a long time. You can get good at


coming second or third and not knowing how to take it to the next


step, and the crucial moments in the race what you need to do. In


Edmonton I went for it. I was impressed by how well Jonny raced,


it showed he is in good form, that's no surprise, he is a great athlete


so it is time to move on. We have a very good relationship out of the


race, and in the race of course each one tries to the best. Mario is


someone I have raced against throughout my whole triathlon


career. He is a very good runner, that is his strength. He's probably


the quickest when he is out there. His weakness the swim. If I can


expose him at that early stage and he cannot catch up, hopefully I will


have the advantage, but if we start the run together in conditions like


this, he will be very difficult to beat. I hope my early years in my


yorker got me adapted to these conditions, hot and humid


conditions, but I guess it is just trying to adapt as best as possible.


I have done everything I possibly can to be ready for the heat but it


is difficult for Yorkshireman! How good is it to have Alistair back


here? He goes the same way as I do, take out the swim very hard, go on


the bike hard and hopefully get a group awaits. He is the key ally to


do that. Jonny and Alistair racing together, they make the race happen


and they make it very tough but I have got to focus on first doing my


race, then see what happens with Jonathan because he is the one going


to the title. At the end of the day, if Alistair wins the race and I have


still got the title, I am happy with that. My main aim this year was the


Olympic games, where is Mario wants to win the world title. Maybe that


pressure might play on him a little bit. I don't see it as trying to get


something I didn't get in Rio, it is just a new opportunity to do well.


If I become world champion and end the season with that and an Olympic


medal, it will be the icing on the cake. On Sunday we will both try to


win the race, but having guys with that aim and that goal makes the


race bigger and more interesting. We talk about the rivalry between Gomez


and Alistair Brownlee quite a lot, but the head-to-head between Mario


Mola and Jonny Brownlee is really hard and it is Jonny who has the


better record. That's right, they have raced 30 times and Jonny


Brownlee has won 23 of those races so he has a psychological advantage


over Mola. How much would Mola like to emulate Gomez. He has been on


this podium for the last three years and to go one further would be huge


for him, wouldn't it? Yes, the Olympics for Mario Mola, who has


been in such great form, was really disappointing. He came away with


nothing, so the world title here would be amazing for him. And the


conditions might suit the Spaniard. The conditions will definitely suit


Mario Mola over Jonny Brownlee. Jonny is very vocal about the fact


he doesn't like it so hard but he has his brother here to support him


and that will help. But Mario Mola will thrive in the conditions.


Speaking of the brother, Alistair has already given the Brownlee


household a huge major title this year, how good would it be if Jonny


could add another title? It would be outstanding of course.


He has an incredible support network. Richard Varga is expected


to push things on in the swim. He is the key in that trio. They're


training partners in Leeds and Varga plays a significant role, because he


is an outstanding swimmer and the Brownlee brothers are some of the


few who can go with him on swim. And they work together on on the bike


together. Now your course guide to Cozumel. Where else to start than at


the sea. Unlike at Rio, there is no sandy beach and the athletes will


enter the water by diving off this pontoon. After a 1,500 metre loop


around the shore, they swim into the marina and into transition 1. While


the sea should be calm. At around 30 degrees Celsius, it will not be what


you call refreshing! Out of the water and into the saddle for a 40


kilometre bike ride. Eight laps around the course, which including


three hairpin bends and these tricky cobbles. The temperatures are well


into the 30s and humidity of 90%. The athletes will need every ounce


of energy for the last run. Four laps of two and a half kilometres.


Expect to see a good few athletes fall to their knees crossing the


finishing line. But for one man and one woman the pain will be Port it


as they're crowned world champion. From what we have seen of the


course, including in the whip's race, what -- women's race, who do


you think it will suit. It will suit Mario Mola. The Brownlees like a


hill and there are no hills. The swim will be tricky for Mola. We


won't see the athletes exiting the water. It will sues Mola. There are


some other international racers that will have a point to prove, such as


Richard Murray. No one will forget him being disqualified in Hamburg.


He was beaten by his countryman in Rio. He finished in fourth. He comes


with a real purpose and wants to prove himself here in Cozumel. What


about the British contingent. There are another couple who will want to


finish strongly. Adam Baden is doing well. Tom Bishop had a good race in


Edmonton. And we have got Adam Bowden and Tom Bishop. Thank you for


your thoughts. We will hear more in commentary. But we are all set. The


men's grand final, the last race of 2016 world triathlon series.


COMMENTATOR: Here is the start. Alistair Brownlee has No 18 and Tom


Bishop is 36. Final count down for the final race. On the international


triathlon world series. They're ready to race in Cozumel and they're


away. The massed start. 68 elite triathletes get going for the final


time in 2016 and it could be messy. One or two already getting bumped


out of position. Nobody will hold anything back during this swim.


Because the world title is on the line and that was a vicious start.


Some of the guys got pushed physically out of their racing line.


We will keep an eye on the the early stages here. Air temperature 33.3.


Water temperature look at that - almost as hot as the air - 29


degrees and we expect 90% humidity. Yes it will feel very hot on the


bike. At the moment they're in the water and that is warm for the


athletes. That he will be used training in lore pool temperatures.


On the left that is where the Brownlee brothers took off. Didn't


see Richard Varga, their training partner, we would expect to see him


at the front of swim. An interesting start. I have never seen anything


like that in a straight line and they're clambering on each other.


Aurelien Raphael is one to watch in the swim. The Brownlee brothers


won't be too far behind. From Mola's perspective, he needs a good swim.


That is something he failed to deliver in the Olympics. The rank


rgs fightish between -- the rankings are tightish between them. Only


Alarza that could do any damage at the top of the rankings. But Mola


the man to beat. I sense the conditions will suit him. The swim


is crucial and Mola will have to have the swim of his life and


Aurelien Raphael finished in fifth, one of his best positions so far. M


Mola -- Mario Mola, he will need to finish on the podium to win. The


Alistair Brownlee factor is another element. Alistair can't win the


world title. He may well be racing with the purpose to assist his


brother in Jonny's quest to win the world title. If Alistair can play a


part in pushing Jonny to the top of the podium and taking the world


title, that he would do for the second #250i78, Alistair will have


no hesitation in helping his younger brother. Alistair's only race, he


raced three times in the Gold Coast, when he had a disastrous race, but


got that out of his system and went on to win the Leeds and Stoke mope


race before -- Stockholm race before retaining his Olympic medal. He is


not a contender for the title and it is possible he is here today to help


his little brother along and see if he can give him a leg up on to the


top of the podium. The key for the quest for Mario Mola to win the


title is that he has a good swim and suspect too far off the pace. If


Mario Mola finds himself in the second group which separates from


the leaders as the cycle stage unfolds, then he, despite his proven


running capabilities will struggle to match the Brownlees over the


10,000 metres run if they're in the front pack. All this is the


conjecture at the moment. Mola could be in the leading group. All will be


revealed when they come out of the water. It will be around a 17 minute


swim. That is a quick, quick time. I thought they were pushing the pace.


It will be under 17 minutes by world triathlon series that is a fast


time. 1,500 metres in the water is done and it looks like the Frenchman


Aurelien Raphael and the Brownlees second and third. Bishop is up


there. No sign of name Mario Mola just yet.


He came out about 25 seconds slower than Raphael. Raphael, the big


French mavn Frenchman on the right. The brothers, good tactics for them.


They're first out of water. Arriving in transition together. So far, so


good. Tactics for the brothers have paid off so far and they're on their


way clear of their training partner, Richard Varga. Mola is coming in now


to his bike. Mola has got work to do. There is a potentially effective


working quartet out in front ahead and Mola will have to get to work


now. Raphael picks it up. We have got six guys which could quickly


become nine or possibly even 12. Things will develop during this


first lap. Crucially, we have got the Brownlee brothers away leading


this race. Sightings of Tom Bishop as well. That was a great swim for


him. He finished in fifth in Edmonton. Mola being pushed out of


the way by one of the other athletes. I think struggling to get


his feet into the pedals. Murray does some great work on the bike.


But this is one big pack. Somebody has trouble already. Somebody's gone


to the wheel stop. One of the Swiss athletes I think. He looked like he


may have had to called it quits already. Here tifs front of the


field -- here is the front of field, where they're in the early stages of


their first lap of eight. That is the Bishop trio. Bishop, Billington


and one other have work to do. They have a group of nine in front of


them. We could develop into a dozen or so here. Following transition 1,


Jonathan Brownlee, Pereira and Raphael.


Varga strangely slow on the swim today. We will keep an eye on the


Mario Mola position. 21 seconds off the pace after the swim for man who


hopes to win the world title for the first time today. It is not a bad


group. I would prefer less on these very tight corners. I counted three


180 degree turns on eight loops. That is 24 in total. What that can


do, it can work to a group's advantage or disadvantage, because


in a big pack, you're slowed up. If you're in a small pack, you will get


around the corners quicker. Nine guys in total and then a motorcycle


and then a couple more trying to get involved with the big boys at the


front. This is is the Brownlee brothers' group of nine. A good


start. They have got decent distance between themselves and Mario Mola.


The gap now is from the graphic from the overhead graphic which is


notoriously unreliable, 27 seconds at the moment. You can see Aaron


Royle on the back. Salvisberg is there. Three of the


Olympic medallists are in this front group. Making the turn to


transition. They're approaching the end of their first lap of eight.


That is where we will take our count between the leaders and the chasers.


Salvisberg, we thought he may have pulled up, but he is clear. 40 on


the left is the American, Gregory Billington. He is sharing the


workload at the front. They continue down to the water. One or two


further turns to negotiate before they stop the clock at the end of


the first lap as they cross through transition for the first time. Tom


Bishop behind. What a shame he hasn't been able to jump on the back


of this lead pack. He was five or six seconds down and that is what


can happen when you have the likes of Brownlee brothers riding like


they are at the moment. The other athlete in this pack is a


rare, who did so well in the Olympics when he was way back. This


is who we have in the first group of nine and the clock is ticking, the


gap is already 20 seconds and growing. It is a good start as the


Brownlee brothers attempt to prevent Mario Mola from winning the world


title and possibly handing it to Jonathan Brownlee. The next group


are 29 seconds down. Mario Mola is 30 seconds off the pace. And I


really can't see this pack getting itself together, it is a huge park.


Basically the rest of the men's field are in this case pack and that


will make it very hard to make any serious inroads into the Chase Park.


I don't want to speak too soon but when you have a little part of


around eight athletes, they will the working a lot more effectively than


the huge Chase Park. Mola has been the most successful triathlete of


the season so far, winning in Abu Dhabi, again on the Gold Coast, and


again in Yokohama, then took the sprint event in Hamburg, and Mario


Mola has got a lot of work to do in the searing heat of Cozumel if he is


to claim the world title. We are back with the leaders now, Fabian of


Italy. High above we have a drone just tailing them down the road. The


water of the Caribbean to the top right of your screen, to give you an


idea of geography, you can see that in the distance. Fabian still


stalking Henri Schoeman. They have had a close call, Schoeman will want


to avoid another one. Arrived in Durban, returning from Rio treated


like a hero. He became the first man from Africa to lift a triathlon


Olympic medal. 38 seconds now, the distance between Jonny Brownlee and


Mario Mola. If Jonny Brownlee wins and Mario Mola is for or worse,


Jonny Brownlee wins the title. Approaching the end of the second


lap and it looks like Alistair is making a concerted effort to lead


his brother to the world title. Leaving it all on the line in the


early stages of this triathlon this afternoon. Look at him really


injecting further pace into the contest. Then he yields, and just


let Fabian come through and take it up. Last time they crossed this


point, the gap to the Mario Mola group was 30 seconds. It may well


have grown further now. The leading group of nine holding nothing back,


getting quicker and quicker. Now the Mola group, which looks like it is


in single file as it comes through the part of the course towards


transition. 30 seconds has been and gone, it might be closer to 40 at


the end of the second lap. Here we go, 38 seconds, so 38 seconds at the


end of lap one, 38 seconds at the end of lap two, a significant dent


done to Mario Mola's quest to win the world title. Mario can come from


a long way back and still get on the podium but his task is being made


tougher and tougher lap by lap. The pace is unrelenting and the workload


is being evenly shared. Jonny is at the back, Alistair won in front of


him, then next up Henri Schoeman. Billington is taking his turn, then


his wings out to his right, and Raphael comes through and goes. He


takes his turn, does the work on two wheels as well. Salvisberg of


Switzerland is in that park as well, he has a lot of experience. There is


the penalty box, hopefully it won't be used, but you never know. The


slide infringement with the clothing, not hitting the line or


some penalty picked up by the judges could mean a ten second or 15


seconds standing stop later. They are roared through transition. Jonny


Brownlee is attempting, with his brother's help, and the help of the


rest of this group, to deny Mario Mola his world title today.


Basically, if Jonathan wins and Mario is not on the podium, Jonathan


will be crowned World Series triathlon champion, as Flora Duffy


was yesterday for Bermuda. The group well spread as they come into the


end of the third lap now. It is 46 seconds, so from 30 seconds at the


end of one, the 38 seconds at the end of lap two, stretched now by


another eight seconds to 46 seconds, and we are not even at halfway on


the cycle stage yet. Great performance by this group of nine at


the front. They are approaching the next turn, taking them down towards


the end of the fifth lap, and after that it will be just 15 kilometres


left on two wheels. The front group of eight, with the Brownlee brothers


controlling the momentum of this competition so far, as Alistair


attempts to guide Jonathan towards his second, what would be his second


world triathlon series title. Unless of course Alistair decides he wants


to win this race his self and that could have further bearing on


Jonathan 's ability to win the title. I somehow can't see that


happening but what will be interesting is that Alistair needs


to run well because we need Mola to finish further back down the field,


so it is important Alistair gets out there. I can't see him wanting to


beat his brother in the race because he knows that every point will help


Jonny Brownlee, every point that he is above Mola. There are words being


exchanged between the brothers as they conclude the fifth allowed. I


wonder if they are thinking if Alistair can take a pacemaker's roll


on the run. He can lead transition once they have hung up their bikes


and really put a burst in before he can ease off and let Jonny take it


home for the win. That could be something that might have come into


their tactical planning pre-race. I'm guessing but we will see. It's


possible because the brothers likes to work together. Here we have the


Chase pack. Russell White racing for Ireland. We got an indication


mid-lap there might be further damage done, and the pace doesn't


exactly look electrifying from the Wilson led group. It is already more


than a minute, that is a huge lap in terms of gains for the Brownlee


group and losses for the Mola group. More than a minute down. I didn't


see that coming, that is a huge amount they have gained on the fifth


lap. 15 kilometres to go. They are just getting a little bit segmented


now, not working as well as they were previously. I can see Mario


Mola tucked in there, he probably doesn't want to do a lot of work, he


will be hoping when he gets off the bike the gap isn't too big and he


can run down some of the athletes in the front pack. The Brownlee


brothers may have added another ten seconds to their lead, we will get


that confirmed in a moment because they are about to complete their


sixth lap. What has Jonny got tucked into his suit? It may be an ice


pack, we saw that in the women's group yesterday, they were using


them to keep their core body temperature down. It is important


they get on board a little bit of carbohydrate, they will be burning a


huge amount with this heat, the body trying to regulate the temperature


of the body. 33.5 degrees here and it is already late in the afternoon.


With 90% humidity it feels more like 45 degrees. Six laps down, two laps


to go, the clock ticks on, and we wait for the arrival of the Mola


group, as the Brownlee group, led at this stage by the French swim


specialist Raphael, make their way from transition and outs to start


their seventh lap. There was a little more urgency on the faces of


the riders here, with the Italian leading them to the conclusion of


that sixth lap, Facchinetti. It was when -- a minute and five seconds


last time the group reached this stage, I fear it is more like one


minute and 15 now, which makes life more and more difficult for Mario


Mola. In fact they haven't even hit the carpet yet, and it is one minute


ten. It is one minute 15 exactly, so another ten seconds of damage done


by Alistair, Jonathan and the rest of that group of eight out in the


front. The first lap, 30 seconds, then 38, and it has grown. Laps


three and four the only time it has stayed still, 36 seconds at the end


of each of those laps. Out to one minute and 15 at the end of lap six,


and now they are deep in lap seven and show no sign of slowing down.


Yes, these guys do like to have a hard bike. Talking a lot about the


heat today and that's probably because it is one of the hottest


days they have raced, certainly this year in the triathlon series, and


Jonny will need to save a bit for the run. He has been vocal about the


fact he prefers the cold to the heat. It was proven in Edmonton,


where it was bitterly cold, Jonny got his first triathlon series


victory of the season, having had a couple of close ones. Finished third


in the Gold Coast, second in Cape Town. Second behind his brother in


Leeds, and again in Stockholm. Second behind his brother in the


Olympics, then finally got the victory in Edmonton ahead of Mario


Mola and Richard Murray two weeks ago. Yes, in the last two World


Series, there have only been two other nationalities apart from Great


Britain and Spain that have won races, and that was France, and


Richard Murray who won Edmonton, otherwise it has been the Brits and


Spaniards ruling the triathlon series.


Kanute, propping up the race group. Keeping his head down. This is


another six seconds this group, who we are following with the drone,


have had -- added. There's a few guys at the front of the chase pack


who are not working hard, but you come in and out of these terms, of


which there are 24 of them, I think it just really slows the pace down


but when you are in the smaller pack you can work much more effectively


and come in and out of the turns faster. netty, Next time they get to


this stage they will be hanging up their bikes. After an hour and


almost 7 minutes, of this triathlon, which suggests we have about 48


minutes to go, the Brownlee brothers are in command. Alistair, the


Olympic champion, Jonny the Olympic silver-medallist, joined by the


Olympic bronze-medallist, Shoeman. They're on their way for their final


lap as the clock continues to tick down. Great racing from Billington,


27 years old, he is the leading American here. He did qualify when


he finished in top 10 in the Gold Coast. The first time we have seen


him up at the front of the pack in the world series. One more circuit


for this group of eight. Still no sign of the chasers in transition.


Now they're on their way. Still Wilson at the front. Where is Mola?


Mola out the back of this group. He has just gone through two thirds of


the way down. Further damage down, it will be closer to 1.25. It is


1.26, another eleven seconds damage done. That is the distance between


Jonathan Brownlee and Mario Mola. Almost a minute a half, with one


more lap on two wheels to come. Mola's quest to win his first world


title is unravelling. The question is - how's Mola feeling. Has he got


his running legs and who can he run down in that chase pack. It will be


hard to run down the Brownlee brothers.


Mola has really got his work cut out. The front group of eight are


into their last Klimmer the. - kilometre. Mario Mola will want to


get there at the front of the group. Then he can attempt to hunt down the


leaders without having to slalom through his fellow chase group


riders. The leaders are on their final stretch. They have ridden


well. They have worked together as a nice group. And they're now heading


to transition. For the second time. To complete the 40 kilometre cycle


stage. The advantage they had last time over the chasers was a minute


and 31 seconds. That was mid lap. Now, the formalities of transition


arrive. The bikes are... About to be hung up. The guys are in no Hurry.


The Brownlee brothers arrive, leave the shoes attached to the pedals.


Alistair arrives, the Olympic champion, front wheel in. Younger


brother, Jonny, gets his running shoes on and he is away.


Expect to see Fabyan and Raphael lose touch relatively quickly and we


will see how Billington copes with the early pace. The run is on. And


Jonny Brownlee picks up a couple of bottles. He may head for another


one. Four bottles in total. Four Bott billion shower and he has


Schoeman for company and Jonny has hit the front. Henri Schoeman


second. They're on their way out for their first lap of four. Four laps


of 2.5ks each to conclude the final race of season. By the time that is


done, we will know who the champion of the world is. Mola has done the


smart thing and weaved his way to the front of the chase group. We can


see that Blummenfelt dismounting first. The time 1.30 behind the lead


group. Mola on the left of screen. He has got himself clear of any


danger. Grajales is in good shape. Mola is always good in transition.


He is away. He has a minute and 37 seconds to make up and he has 10


kilometres in which to do it. It is a tough call for Mario Mola. He has


got Geens of Belgium for company and White of Ireland. Murray and Mola


could combine forces here. Tom Bishop going through Alarza and


Hernandez, two of the other big guns from the Spanish team. Out in front


Jonny Brownlee leads, with Henri Schoeman on his shoulder. I would


like to see Alistair Brownlee join them. It is important this three


work together to stay away from Mo Los la -- Mola. He looked like he


meant business. He even had time to pick up his familiar white vizor. He


would have had engagement with the media and he went to Beijing to do


the race there. So Alistair perhaps feeling the pressure today. You know


what, maybe Alistair is positioning himself there, behind Jonathan and


Schoeman, maybe he is tactically positioning himself off the front in


order to deal with Mola if Mola comes charging through. Maybe he is


sort of acting as a shield back there. We will see. Was this could


be -- but this could be a tactic they have considered. Or maybe


Alistair will regroup and kick on and join in the fun at the front. He


is back in third. He looks full of running still, despite the fact that


he is four or five seconds off the pace. Mola look like he is cruising


along the streets of Cozumel. He is a man on a mission. Alistair looks


like, it is difficult to see, but I think he is about to jump on the


back of Schoeman there. They're not even a fifth of the way through this


run. 10ks in total and they have 8.3 to run. Shortly they will complete


the first lap of four. Mola's picked up a running partner in the shape of


Ryan Baily of Australia. That is interesting for Mola that Baily is


alongside him. He has come from behind. I don't know if that is good


or bad for Mola. He wouldn't expect Baily run him down. All three men


using every available water station and they are every where around the


course. The Brownlee brothers know the importance of keeping cool. We


have seen both of them them in different races. It happened to


Alistair once in Hyde Park and it was mid 20s. 2010, yes. He has


caught his brother. What a confident triathlete Henri Schoeman is after


that Olympic bronze. Seems to have given him renewed belief. He has


proved he is one of best all-rounders in Rio with that


bronze. Here he is taking on v it on with the Brownlees. As the four


lapse unfold, we will keep a check on the type difference between the


-- time difference between the two main gold medal contenders, the two


main title contenders, Jonathan Brownlee and Mario Mola. One hour,


22 minutes and 12 seconds at the end of lap one. Schoeman and the


brothers out on their own. Running past their bikes. And out on their


way to start lap 2. A glance over Alistair's should tore size up the


-- shoulder to size up the position of the main opposition. They have a


gap of 11 seconds to Fabyan. Billington is a further eight back.


The last time we checked on this man's time difference it was under a


minute and a half. But Mola had only managed to take three or four


seconds out of the brown lease during the first -- Brownlees during


the first half of the first lap. Pushing on to transition now, Mario


Mola and Richard Murray for company. He has good company, good running


ability in this group of five. Already passed a minute. It is going


to be closer to 1.20 - something like that. Mola's managing to reduce


the deficit. But not by any real significant amount so far. 1.21,


Mario Mola is 1.21 behind Jonny Brownlee at the end of the first


lap. They have pulled back just ten seconds. It depends on how they're


feeling. We saw with Gwen yesterday, how she ran out her normal running


style, very fast and we thought she would run her down, but the heat


gets to the athletes. 10 seconds? That is a decent amount. But that,


you work that out and that is not going to be enough to take this race


if this continues at the face and Mario Mola isn't able to increase


his pace. Back with the chasing group of five now. Bailie of


Australia and Mario Mola, the leader, in danger of seeing his


world title slip from his grasp in Cozumel, because Jonathan Brownlee


could snatch it from him. He has Henri Schoeman in second and his


brother Alistair for company. Three Olympic medallists together deep in


the second lap. It is a great sight. It proves that the medals they won


in the Olympics in Rio, they're able to do it again here at the grand


final. Mola is pushing on again. He is eager to pick up the pace. The


other four able to match him each time he goes. We know about Richard


Murray's running abilities. And Grajales seems to be thriving in the


heat in his home race. Ryan Bailie is in good shape as well. Getting to


half way. So with two laps down and two to go, they will have five


kilometres left to run. But the business end of the hat weather --


hot weather triathlons can often produce the surprise, dramatic


moments when triathletes just run out of reserves, blow up in the


heat. There is real pace about the Mola group with the setting sun


behind. But the heat is not leaving. It is... Absolutely roasting out


there this evening. Mola pulling his running partners along here. They


managed to take a few seconds out of Brownlee brothers and Henri Schoeman


during the first lap. These three are about to complete their second


lap and we will see what damage has been done. Mola's made another move.


It is another ten seconds he has taken out of brothers and Schoeman.


But only ten seconds. With only two laps to go, Mola's running out of


road in which to make a meaningful move. If they can go out on to the


second to last lap with five kilometres to go, knowing they have


a minute over Mola, that will give them a lot of confidence.


The end of lap two, no change at the front, Schumann and the Brownlees.


The Olympic medallists together as a trio. And the clock on your screen,


that is the time we are watching, that is the difference between


Jonathan Brownlee and Mario Mola, the two title contenders. Last time


they completed a lap, it was a minute and 21 seconds. Alessandro


Fabian has had a good race so far, a good swim, an excellent cycle, now


starting to languish as a lonely runner in the heat of the late


afternoon. Mola group, still ... Getting on for one minute behind, as


Royle, Billington and Raphael come through, and Salvisberg, all rode


with Jonny Brownlee. Is Mola getting closer to the Brownlee brothers and


Schumann? It doesn't look like it. From one minute 21 at the end of lap


one, the one minute 15 at the end of lap two, it will take a seat --


superhuman effort for Mario Mola to do some damage to the lead that


these three have in the race. There are various other situations we need


to consider, and included in that is if Jonathan doesn't win this race.


We assume that Alistair might not race him for the finish and allow


him to win and therefore win the title, assuming Mola doesn't produce


some incredible five K finish, but what if Schumann forces Jonathan


down in the second. If he does that, and Mola was to finish fifth, then


Mola would win the title by four points. Mathematically it is going


to be interesting if Mola goes through the Salvisberg, Fabian,


Billington group, and gets up into that fifth place part of the race,


which he seems to be capable of doing. Because he's approaching


Raphael. Salvisberg is next, then Billington, then Royle. It won't


happen quickly. Alistair is just losing touch with Jonathan and Henri


Schoeman, and maybe Jonny might consider trying to move clear of


Henri Schoeman. Are they heading over for liquid? Schumann is, Jonny


decides to take one on the right, rather than heading over to the main


water station on the left. He has a gap over Schoeman of 34 metres, and


it seems to be stretching a little now. -- of three or four metres.


Their still 3.4 kilometres to go, and Alistair needs to hang on


because if it finishes in this order, then Jonny Brownlee takes the


title. Yes, but Mario Mola might still have a part to play. Adam


Bowden, what a race he is having. Good season for him. So it is the


Olympic silver medallist in first, the Olympic bronze medallist in


second, and the Olympic gold medallist in the third in this race.


If it finishes like that, Jonny Brownlee will be the champion of the


world for the second time. Alistair Brownlee is such a smart racer, I'm


wondering if he is looking after himself slightly. He knew that with


five kilometres to go, he knew he had one minute and 15 seconds over


Mola. That is quite a bit. There will be coaches out there, physios


giving them the time difference, I'm wondering if he is thinking he


doesn't want to end up like he did in 2010 in Hyde Park, I will just do


enough to go over the line third. Could he be thinking like that? Who


knows? Again, Jonny does a lot of showering but not a lot of drinking.


Interesting, in his interview he said he had forgotten how to win


races and it was when he went to Edmonton but he said he suddenly


remembered what it was to win races, what it feels like, and that has


been very positive for him. It was a tough race in Edmonton, very cold,


but it reminded him how to get back to his winning ways. Because he has


been finishing second a lot to his brother this year. If he wins here,


he will have won the hottest race of the year and the coldest race of the


year, he will prove he is a man for all seasons. After three laps he has


a lead over Henri Schoeman of seven seconds, with a further one second


to Alistair Brownlee, his older brother. He takes the bell, 2.5


kilometres to go. If it stays like this Jonny Brownlee will be the


World Series champion 2016. Kilometres to run. Mario Mola has


been dropped by Richard Murray, that could be key. Murray has made a


break, and we know how he can move his way up through the field in the


final lap of a race. He came from nowhere to claim fourth in the


Olympic triathlon, Richard Murray, and he has kicked clear of his


training partner, Mario Mola. I thought it was going to get tricky


if they were going to get down to a sprint finish. Is Richard going to


say I will help you out here, but it looks like Mola cannot go with


Murray so he has got to go out there and do his own thing. Murray is


bowling along. Mola is running shoulder to shoulder with Bailie.


One minute and 12 between Jonny Brownlee and Mario Mola. It is all


over for Mario Mola. If Jonny Brownlee can keep it up for the last


couple of kilometres, then the world title is his for the taking. Yes, I


wouldn't say he's running scared at the moment, but with most athletes,


until they have crossed the finish line, and you know you have done it,


you just don't want to let up, but I think at this point in the race


Jonny Brownlee can start to cruise and start thinking about that world


title because Mola is right back down the road, one minute 12 seconds


behind. Alistair has caught Henri Schoeman and will be considering the


possibility of a Brownlee brothers one-two. Flora Duffey clinched the


World Series for 2016 in the women's race, it could be the same for Jonny


Brownlee this afternoon with under one kilometre and a half to go. 1.2


now for Jonny, nearly done. The tactics that the Brownlee brothers


have employed have once again proved to be world beating tactics.


Lots of support for Jonny, on the outer stretches of the run course


now. Schoeman and Brownlee, the older brother Alister, are


potentially setting up for a sprint finish for second and third, while


Jonny starts to think about claiming his second world title. He last won


this in 2012. It will be a repeat podium of the Rio games in a


different order. Jonathan Brownlee looking around. He's just starting


to wobble a bit, Jonathan Brownlee. We have seen this from him before.


He's not running in the most direct trajectory, and he's starting to


slalom now, and Jonny is starting to lose his sense of direction. We have


seen this from him a couple of times before. Now, Jonny has got to win to


be sure of taking the title, and right now he seems to have lost


control of his legs, and this is worrying. He is starting to slow,


and there is a little way to go. There is kilometre to go, and Jonny


is running out of time and he's losing... He's losing his sense of


direction. This is worrying. Goodness me, this is a horrible


sight. Jonathan Brownlee has lost it now and staggered to a stop at the


side of the course. Alistair has stopped to help them along, and


Alistair will try and carry his brother home. What will this do to


the world title hopes? Henri Schoeman will claim his first world


triathlon series wins. Dramatic scenes in Cozumel as the Olympic


champion carries his younger brother towards the podium. I cannot believe


what we are seeing here. Is this allowed? Is that part of the rules?


I'm not too sure. Unbelievable scenes. Unbelievable scenes in


Cozumel. The Brownlee brothers arm in arm but it is not by way of


celebration. Henri Schoeman will win this race but we have got to be


concerned about the health of Jonathan Brownlee. They are not even


on the final stretch yet. Schoeman wins in Cozumel. The brothers are


coming home arm in arm to finish second and third but Jonathan can


hardly stand and Alistair is pushing him home for second. Goodness me,


what an incredible conclusion here. Jonathan needs some medical


attention fast. We need to check on the finishing position of Mario


Mola. It is a one-two-three. Mario Mola has finished in fifth position,


and Mario Mola has therefore won the world title by four points from


Jonathan Brownlee. That fifth place for Mola and the second for Jonathan


that we discussed a few moments ago, and the four points advantage has


happened. The title has gone to Mola, Jonathan Brownlee has finished


second in the standings. I'm absolutely speechless. I don't think


we have ever seen anything like that in the history of this sport. There


will be discussions with the referees out there, are you allowed


to be assisted? Whether Jonathan Brownlee's place of second will


stand at all is up for question. Alistair, that is an incredible end


to any race, can you tell us any update on Jonathan 's condition? It


will probably be all right, fortunately the medical care here is


good, I think he has a drip in his arm and he is on oxygen. If mum and


dad are watching, he is in very good care and he is all right. Is it the


sort of thing only a brother can do? No, I would have done it for anyone.


It happened to me in London. I think I would have done it to anyone. You


were behind him at that point when he started to wobble, what did you


see from your perspective? On that last turn from the finish I thought


he wasn't looking too good, then I saw him start to slow. I have been


in that position, and anyone in that position I would have helped across


the line. Is that allowed in triathlon? I don't know and I don't


care really, if it is not allowed they should listen to their own


rules and change it. It was a high heat warning race today and if they


won't stick to their rules I won't stick to mine either. We took a lot


of the swim out, with Raphael, the French guides. We did what we wanted


to do, we raced hard and I was feeling all right, thinking I'm


going to come second or third, Jonathan will win that silver fine,


but the last kilometre was terrible. It is not how we wanted to see that


end but credit to you, it was a beautiful thing to watch. Thank you


very much. Thank you, I would have much preferred he pasted right but


never mind. What is going through your mind. It


is not the way I wanted to win. The guys in front pushed the pace until


the end. It was a very tough race, because of the conditions. It is


something that we knew. But I tried to work and I tried to have that in


mind. I'm sad that Jonny couldn't cross the line as he deserved, but


it is racing and today I was the lucky winner. You were 90 seconds


down going into the run. What was going through your mind? To be


honest I didn't think it was possible. I tried to fight, as I


always try to do. It wasn't' easy. My option was to be third, I thought


they were going away. That was the only way for me. Jonny was winning.


But triathlon races don't finish until you cross the line. Lucky for


me today, I was able to be in the position that means that I am the


next one with the World Championships. Good to finish on a


big high. The Olympic bronze was great. I wanted to come and enjoy


the race and it ended perfect. I'm gutted for Jonny. Alistair helping


him out, I think they deserve one and two. But it is the over all


athlete and I was able to win. Richard, there is some doubt about


where you're going to finish? Yes, I'm a bit confused as to what


happened. There were a couple of discrepancies that they're dealing


with. But looking on to my performance, which was the most


important thing for me, very pleased with where I ended up and in the


series. My aim was to end as high as I could. Not a great day for Jonny


Brownlee, when you see that happening, what do you feel? It is


the sport, that is what happens in sport. I think the brown lease


sometimes -- Brownlees struggling with the heat. But they're strong


athletes and it shows you don't get Olympic mads for nothing. -- medals


for nothing. Schoeman wins in Cozumel ahead of Jonny Brownlee and


Alistair Brownlee. The find standings for 2016 see


Mario Mola at the top. Four points clear of Jonny Brownlee.


Fernando Alarza, third over all at the end of a long and at times


gruelling world triathlon campaign. He has had a very consistent season.


Third over all. At the end of 2016. Two Spaniards on the podium.


Jonny Brownlee should be there to receive the trophy for second place


over all. But he is still receiving medical attention. We believe he is


in the local hospital. And we understand that he will be fine. But


he is not here to accept his trophy. Jonathan receives a warm round of


applause in his absence. So close to being champion of the world. But


it's a silver in the over all standings this time. And at last,


Mario Mola is the champion of the world. By just 4 points. What a


dramatic conclusion to that race. He did enough just to take the gold


medal and the world title for 2016. Mario Mola, from Palma in Majorca is


the world No 1. Four years in a row Spanish triathletes have won the


world title. Gomez for the last three. This year it is Mario Mola's


turn. Richly deserved. Mario Mola is the champion of the


world for 2016. A and it could not happen to a nicer man. So the party


can begin. It is Richard Varga's stag night tonight I understand! And


they're kicking it off right here on the world triathlon series podium.


That is the end of world triathlon series. We will see you again for


the start of 2017's campaign in Abu Dhabi in March. I think we have just


all about caught our breath. What incredible scenes. First, important


to say that Jonny Brownlee is OK. He was taken to hospital and tweeted


from his hospital bed to say that he is all right. Of course a


disappointing way to end his season and he thanked the loyalty of his


brother, Alistair. Annie, wow! You were saying that those scenes left


you almost speechless. Now that it is down and the dust has settled,


what do you have to say? He will take a couple of days to recover.


But so will we. We hadn't seen it coming. A few hundred metres before


it went wrong, I thought the eyes are looking hollow, but he has a


couple of minutes left. His body was on empty. Jonny tweeted it wasn't so


much the heat, he was throwing water all over himself, but the fact he


didn't consume enough. So Jonny... It is so difficult for him, because


he had to win that race and he had to get ahead of Mario Mola. Did he


have to run that race like he did? You mentioned it there, so close to


finish line could he have slowed down? Yes deeply frustrating for


everyone. And more obviously for Jonny. I thought perhaps if he had


stopped back with Schoeman and Alistair and not blasted off the


front, would he have given himself a better chance? We will never know. I


think Alistair sort of criticised him in a loving sort of way! At the


end of race. Could he have done things differently? I think so. What


was going through his mind is I have never had a sprint finish with


Schoeman and every point counts. Just four points separated them. I


think in his head he thought he was doing the right thing. We have to


mention Henri Schoeman and the fist world Serce yirs victory for --


series victory for him. Alistair Brownlee has moved himself to more


hero-like status. What was going through your mind and the sibling


brotherhood going to greater heights. Well, he mouthed something


like, what are you doing. I think he was shocked. I don't think he


anticipated that. But incredible scenes in sport. Unlike any we have


seen. I think his reaction was very instinctive. He said he would have


done to it anybody. Having been there himself in 2010 in Hyde Park


and when he was chatting he said I came across the line and thought I


had finished second. And he thought how did eight people overtake me.


But for Jonny it was only a few weeks ago that the same thing


happened. He has not learned from that by the looks of things. It was


quite contentious s it was a great story, I was only talking about this


yesterday, it could have been a soap opera, but there might have been a


disqualification. In the end it wasn't and it was within the rules.


We were confused, because there is a big rule that no outside assistance


is allowed. But because the martial and Alistair Brownlee were in the


race helping Jonny, it was OK and hence he didn't get disqualified.


The result stood. But it wasn't enough for Jonny Brownlee and Mario


Mola finally after years of trying went in from the podium to top of


the podium. And not the way he would have wanted to win it. But so much


consistency and an incredible year for him. Deserves to be the


champion? Yes we got caught out on that one. We thought it was Jonny's


and Mola was brilliant in his interview, very generous to the


Brownlees and making clear he hadn't wanted to win the title like that.


But he had won four world series events this year. More than anyone


else. I guess you could say the victory went to him. He played a


sensible race and didn't have a choice what he could do on the bike,


but he paced his run. And you know you make your own race and decide


how you race needs to be ran. And the world title stays in Spain and


takes ore from Javier Gomez. The last time we didn't have a Spaniard


on the dop of podium was in 2012 with Jonny Brownlee and


unfortunately for the Brits it will stay that way. It is Mario Mola and


well deserved. Three times on the podium before and this year he has


made the top. Let's talk about the British athletes. Despite the


disappointing finish, what a memorable year. . Three Olympic


medals and four Paralympic medals it has been one to remember and so many


positives. Yes, what is impressive, we have come from this little island


and produced some incredible athletes in a climate that is not


necessarily ideal. We have seen success after success. That has been


tremendous for the sport. I don't think we have seen a more dramatic


end to a triathlon season. It didn't quite work out for Jonny Brownlee.


Congratulations to Mario Mola, who is the world champion for 2016.


Thank you very much for watching. 2017 cannot come quickly enough. We


will see you very soon. One of the biggest performances of


her career. Mario Mola has announced himself here as a genuine contender


for the world title. Jenkins takes the victory. The first race of 2016


brings victory to Non Stanford. Absolutely amazing. Alistair


Brownlee wins in Leeds. Duffy has the win in Stockholm. Mario Mola can


cruise to victory. It will be a glorious golden double for Alistair


Brownlee. He is enjoying every moment of this now.


Dramatic scenes in Cozumel. Mario Mola is the world No 1.


Ore Oduba presents highlights from the dramatic climax to 2016's World Series in Mexico, where a new men's world champion is crowned. In this gripping series final Britain's Alistair and Jonny Brownlee are looking to close the gap on Spain's Mario Mola, with Jonny in with a chance of claiming the title.

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