Cozumel Women's Series Final Triathlon: World Series

Cozumel Women's Series Final

Ore Oduba introduces the best of the action from the elite women's race in the season-ending world series grand final.

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# You're sunshine # Shining down on me


# You love is so high


# You feel me up with So, this is it - the 2016 World


Triathlon series grand finale. After nine rounds of pulsating action


across the global, we are down to two races to go. With both the men's


and the women's title up for grabs and even the chance of British


success, we are set for one thrilling finish.


Now, as you can probably see, myself and Annie here are not on the


Mexican island of Cozumel, where the grand minute farly is taking place.


However, we will bring you all of the action from the BBC's HQ here in


Salford. That is a silver lining, isn't it? It is not a bad one. Here


is a test. Ahead of the women's race we will hear from reigning world


champion Gwen Jorgensen, who is out to win a third consecutive world


title. If she wants to hold on to that she'll have to overcome Flora


Duffy from Bermuda. And the British women are out in force, led by Vicky


Holland who is celebrating from her medal success in Rio. She has been


talking about what has changed since that day. Later on we will look


ahead to Sunday's men's race, which will see the Brownlees reunited for


the final time this season. This time they are looking to give


Johnnie a chance of glory. I can tell you the temperature here in


Salford is pushing 25 Celsius. Warm enough. Who needs to go to Mexico?


Having said that the weather in Mexico will be sticky. We have heard


humidity up into the 90s. That will be something to contend with. We


will talk about the women's race shortly. This season has been


something else. Seven different winners, how would you assess it? It


has been a fascinating season. More importantly it is an Olympic year.


Gwen has raced less. Let's not take anything away from the other


winners. We've had three British wins which has been fantastic. Gwen


winning two races. Katie from the United States won and Flora Duffy,


that great solo victory when she rode away from the rest of the field


to take the Stockholm race. It's been an interesting series across


the board. Last time out, in Edmonton, we saw the emergence of


Cook leading a one, two, three for her and America. Are we seeing a


Changing of the Guard? She does need to improve her bike a little bit.


The key elements of triathlon these days are the swim and the run. She


has both of those. She needs to when her technical skills -- hone her


technical skills on the bike. Looking over the last year she's a


strong runner. She ran a race, and she won Edmonton a couple of weeks


ago. She's an athlete to look out for in the future. You heard it


there. We will talk about the British women soon. Arguably they


have the best strength and depth of all of the nations. Having said


that, with a successful university recruitment programme, the United


States are looking more and more powerful. Not least helped by their


Olympic champion, Gwen Jorgensen. To be the first American to win gold


for triathlon is pretty incredible. Triathlon was started in the US. It


is a good homecoming. It is pretty emotional for me. I've put a lot of


years of work and dedication into it.


THE COMMENTATOR: Gwen Jorgensen is the triathlon champion... It is a


way for me to invest in me. What is life like back home? I have not been


back home go home for the first time since December after this


race. It has been different, but all good things. For me, I hope I can


inspire the younger generation and get people active and involved in


triathlon. I had one gold this year in 2016,


that was to win the Rio Olympics. I said if I did that I would be happy


and I am happy. The World Triathlon series race is


just the icing on the cake. I do have the opportunity to win. It's


not in my complete control either. For me, I am excited to go out there


and do my best. The conditions here, it is hot and


it is energy-zapping. You are looking forward to this weekend,


rntd you? I would rather it this way. I don't perform well in the


cold. The heat will play a factor on


everyone. It affects me less than other people. And so I say, bring it


on. After this, what are your plans?


Where do you go from here? I have no plans after this. I don't. I have a


couple of races on the schedule. I am doing the Island House in the


Bahamas and after that doing a marathon. I always wanted to do a


marathon, the last four years I couldn't because I was focussing on


Rio. It is a good opportunity for me to go out and do something I have


always wanted to do. You said running a marathon is like your idea


of going to Disneyland. Yes. So, a lot of people after you win a gold


medal they say they go to Disneyland or Disney World, the happiest place


on earth. For me my happy place is running the marathon. It is my happy


place. It is a little reward for myself, I guess. It is incredible to


think just what Gwen Jorgensen has done in the last six years. She was


an accountant and now she's the Olympic World Triathlon champion.


What she's done is amazing. Three things are key. One, she's


phenomenally talented. She's incredibly foes theed and --


focussed and her team around her and her husband have made it that much


more, I don't want to use the word, easier. But they have been a huge


part of her success. It is important to have that support network around


you to get to the top and Gwen Jorgensen has done that. She's


talked about doing the New York marathon, as one of her new goals


and starting a family as well. So, where do you think she'll be over


the course of the next t four years? In my opinion it is difficult to say


because you don't know what is going on behind closed doored. It would be


a surprise to see her in Tokyo. She'll do the marathon, she


mentioned New York - it will be incredible to see. She's put a huge


amount of pressure and given 100% to the last four years. I don't know if


we will see her in Tokyo. She will go out and try new things. Tokyo is


to come. She's got an important date to do just now. Let's see the


standings, then, shall we? Flora Duffy leading the way. There


are a bunch of girls who could come from behind and do something in


Mexico. The world title is open. We are coming down to a Duffy/Jorgensen


fight. There are four or five girls behind them, they are all capable of


winning the race. It is points-and-a-half. That can change a


whole lot of things. You only need a puncture or a technical issue on the


bike and you are out of the race. You find yourself down the top ten


instead of in the top five. It will come down to a very exciting race,


indeed. They will fight all the way to the


line. It looked like it might have been a battle between Flora Duffy


and Jodie Stimpson. Just to compete Jodie's misery, after missing out on


the Olympic Games her World Series season came to a halt with an


achilli's injury suffered in Edmonton. Flora Duffy was unable to


capitalise on the disappointment. Her fourth place not enough to add


to her tally coming into the final. Now Flores told us what she has to


do if she's to win the title here. Duffy takes the applause. Duff duff


has the win in Stockholm. -- Duffy has the win in Stockholm. What is


the secret to clinching the title? I wish I knew. I need to make the race


play to my strength. It needs to be a fast swim and strong bike. If G


weapon is not in that group -- Gwen is not in that group, she's a fe


none malrunner. She finds the strength and chases you down. It is


exciting and kind of a neat position for me to be in. I was not expecting


this at the beginning of the year. There is a lot of great opportunity.


Having the gold-medallist behind you, it is nerve-racking, but it is


OK. She's been beaten twice this year,


which is mind blowing. Last year I don't think she was touchable. So,


yeah, the right combination of girls on the bikes and a lot are strong


runners. It is great for me because with the points it is ideal if Gwen


does not win the race. If I break with Jenkins and a few others, that


is perfect. Looking back, it has been a great year, it is fair to say


that Rio didn't go as you hoped it would have gone? It has been a


really great year. And with having a great year you sort of get lumped


into that medal contender group. For me, I got put there without me


processing that. And the other day I didn't have my day for whatever


reason, you know, everyone is at 110 pshs at the Games. -- 110% at the


games. Maybe I was a little off. If I felt like myself I would have


attacked that bike more and made it go my way. I am still happy with the


top ten. It is a solid result with the Olympics. This year, is this the


best you can do? Or can you push on? I can improve. My running has been


the weakest for me. That has come along so far this year. There's a


lot to build on this year and to be stronger for next year. It has been


a season to remember so far for Flora Duffy. Despite having won only


one race all season. What do you put it down to? A huge commitment to her


job and the fact she's incredibly consistent. She's a very strong


athlete. She has a great swim-bike combination. She's improving her


run. She's been vocal in the fact she said I didn't expect to find


myself here. Every race you see, her confidence is building. She will be


very conscious when Jorgensen is always a threat she basically needs


to beat her in this race. How do you think this will fare? She needs to


beat her. You don't know what athlete strategies will be within


races. Nothing will change for Flora. She will hit the bike really


hard. She will deal well with the weather conditions. It might work in


her favour. For sure, she'll need another athlete or two, perhaps like


Jenkins, if she is strong enough to get that gap on Gwen going out on


the run. Before we talk about those who are out in Mexico, one who


isn't, and you have got to feel for Jodie Stimpson, who on paper has had


an incredible season, first, second, a couple of fourths as well, but


injuries once again have blighted her. How will she come away from


2016? She would have learnt a lot. She's a growing athlete in terms of


experience. That said, she has a gold medal at the Commonwealth


Games. She has been open about her massive disappointment of not making


the Olympic team. She walked away and said, do you know what, I don't


think I can go through another four-year cycle. You know what, I


can. The undecided thing that no-one knows about is who she will train


with and where she will train because her old coach, who took her


so far, Darren Smith, has now moved on and is not coaching any longer.


She has someone in mind. It is not public knowledge at the moment. We


wish her well in her recovery. She will come back for 2017 stronger, I


am sure. What about the Brits on the start line. Helen Jenkins probably


had Rio Olympic races that they might have thought would have gone


better? Vicky was happy with her Bronze Medal. A tough phrase, it has


been talked about a lot. Those two team-mates battling it out. Very


tough. Both are coming to the race with great form. Let's not forget


Helen Jenkins either. She had a shocker, I think, in Rio. She was


really going for a medal. She got very, very poorly before the race.


She's a bit of a dark horse for me. If she comes with her game she will


be an athlete to watch out for. What about 2013 world champion, standards


in public life, who was pipped to She suffers from a few pre-race


nerves and stuff but she is fiercely competitive and she's going to want


to come back and say, you know what, actually, I deserve to be world


champion, I deserve to win races, you know, I work incredibly hard.


She'll have a point to prove. Vicky Holland earned her place on


the podium and she's been talking to David McDaid.


For the last year 18 months, I've been targeting a medal. The battle


continues... I was over the moon to know that I'd done it. Vicky


Holland's moved clear. Then on top of that was this mix of guilt and


sort rein the fact that there was only one medal to have. Vicky


Holland! -- guilt and sorrow. You said you had complicated emotions,


let us into what you mean? I didn't feel I was able to show that I was


in the best shape of my life. I had stomach upset in the 18 hours


beforehand and I felt so lucky that my body held up to the challenge but


for the first week or so after the race there was this nagging what if,


what could I have Don better if I hadn't have had the stomach upset,


would I have been able to do better. Mixed in with the fact that I'm so


delighted to have a medal but so desperately upset that Non didn't


have one. What was it like when you were back in the house with him? It


was just back to normality. In victory and defeat we are the same


because underpinning all of it is the fact that we are friends. What


do you hope to achieve this weekend? I think I would really like to have


a solid result, as long as I get everything out in the race I'll be


happy and can't ask for more than that. I would be lying if I said I


was in the same shape as going into Rio. I've been training since then


and want to maintain as much fitness as possible to come here, I know I'm


not quite where I was for the big race. What long-term ambitions do


you set yourself after this, Commonwealth, Tokyo maybe? It's


really hard when you achieve one massive ambition, it's like Ground


Zero, where do you go from there. I'm looking at the Commonwealth


Games, it's 18 months away, not particularly long to continue for


that. Other than that, ambitions to get a World Series overall podium.


There is a lure to go to another Olympics and to try to better what


I've done this time but at the same time I don't think I would even try


and qualify if I didn't think I could be as competitive as I've


been. If it gets to 2018 and I think, you know what, the rest of


the world are just a bit better than me now and I've not got anything


else to give, I'll leave it to the young guns. What's next? The


season's done after this weekend. As exciting as it was and amazing as


everyone's been to me since I won, I haven't had the chance to sit back


and really bask in the glory of that a little bit. There's always been


the next one coming. I think once the season's done and I really just


take a minute to take stock, I think that will be a really nice moment.


The rise and rise of Vicky Holland. Anna you have followed her career in


the space of a couple of years she's gone from somebody who would have


been happy in the top ten to serious contender for the top honours. The


girl deserves incredible credit? She does. Before she was an


international athlete, when she was racing domestically, always had a


smile on her face, always real strong and she was really good but


you never could have imagined she'd go on to be a bronze medallist at


the Olympics. Of course, we have seen a steady progression over the


last couple of years and since she moved to Leeds to train with the


Brownlees and others, that partnership and training with Non's


helped bring her on. She's grown in confidence as well. She started


believing in herself, then the results came. Talking about that


partnership. A lot has been made of the bronze medal she won about the


fact she pipped Non to it. Does she deserve more individual credit for


the fact she won it in her own right. Had it been anyone else,


there might not have been any mention of who she beat? She openly


talking about the team around her and how fundamentally important it's


been to her winning a bronze and yes, it's her own medal, she won it


individually but she was definitely spurred on by having that


camaraderie there, of having her team-mate racing alongside her. I


can't imagine what was going through her head over the last few hundred


metres. But incredible athlete and achievement.


Of course, she's not in contention win the World Series title but no


doubt she's going to want to finish strong? Well, yes. If you look at


the maths she could still win but there'd have to be disasters happen


for that to happen. She could still make the podium though, she could go


out and win. After the Olympics, it's interesting to see what the


athletes do, do they remain as focussed. The effort that goes into


the Olympic Games is massive. Has she managed to carry that on and


come to this race as in such good form as she did in Rio, you know.


It's hard to peak and then go again but here they are out in Mexico and


the conditions that may not suit the British girls, what do you think


that they'll need to do to stay in contention to stay in the final


stages of the run? They are very well prepared. It would have helped


the athletes racing in Rio because it was hot and sticky over there.


They don't see the conditions in any other world triathlon series events


so they'll be doing their acclimatising and it comes down to


how they feel on the day. They've been training in Florida. Things


have been going well for them so it's an equal playing field. They


seem to be enjoying themselves out there in Mexico, enjoying the


conditions and the culture as well. Although the weather may not be most


suitable for our girls, what does the course look like? Dave McDaid is


the man in the know. Where else to start a triathlon on a


Caribbean island than at the sea. Unlike Rio, there's no sandy beach,


so the athletes enter the water by diving off this pontoon.


After 1500 metres, they swim into the marina and exit into transition


exit one. Whilst the sea should be calm, at around 30 degrees, it won't


be exactly what you call refreshing. Into the saddle for a 40 kilometre


bike ride. Eight laps around the course, including three hairpin


bends and these potentially tricky cobbles.


Temperatures are well into the 30s and humidity is up to 90%. The


athletes will need every ounce of energy they have left by the time


they get here for the final run. Four laps of two-and-a-half


kilometres. Expect to see a good few athletes


fall to their knees when they cross the line. But for one man and one


woman, the pain will be worth it as they are crowned the 2016 world


triathlon series champion. So, we are all set to go. The Grand


Final of the 2016 World Series, and who better to take us through the


race than Ali but first Matt. The final race of the 2016 season in


the heat of Cozumel, beautiful afternoon, the hottest day of the


week, temperatures have been steadily rising. The athletes are


using every last second that they can under the shade. Here is the


starters for the final race of the season:


The searing heat of this Caribbean afternoon in Cozumel, 57 elite


athletes lined up and ready to do battle for the final time this


season. They're ready to race in Cozumel.


The battle for the world title for 2016 begins. Away they go. Single


lap in the water. Off none the world triathlon series they'll exit after


750 metres then head back in for the second lap. But this takes them on


rather a scenic Tour, this swim. They head out then swim in and


around the beach area before coming back into the harbour where they'll


exit the water after the 1500 metre swim. Always a spectacular sight. We


have a total of 57 elite trath lets. The battle is on for the world title


2016, certain to be a race between Flora Duffy who leads the world


triathlon standings for 2016 and Gwen Jorgensen, the Olympic champion


of course. Conditions are fantastic, it's very hot, 33 degrees, water


temperature 29 degrees. Great start with the swim. It's going to get


tough out on the bike, Annie? Certainly it's going to get very


tough indeed. This is by far the coolest part of the race. We have


got a great field of swimmers, we'll be looking at the likes of Lucy Hall


and Jess Klamer. Flora Duffy will be hot on their heels.


We are getting some interesting pictures today, drones are in use,


we haven't seen that happen in the past. We have drones hovering above


the water bringing you this picture, courtesy of the remote control


drones getting us right into the thick of the action. When the wind


is light, as it is today, they can use this technology. Early pace


coming from Jess Learmonth, number 48 for Great Britain. Her and Hall


have dominated world triathlon series stages in the swimming in the


past and they'll aim to be near the front today.


It's going to be interesting to see what these two athletes, Learmonth


and Hall do. They come out of the water with Laura Duffy. The two


British athletes had team orders not to race too far ahead with Stanford,


Holland and Stimpson also in the race, but today will be a different


matter. Jess Learmonth pushing them along. Good rhythmical strong,


breathing to one side then the other. Very different conditions to


Edmonton two weeks ago when the water was so cold, single figures


the air temperature there, the water in the lake in the park absolutely


bitter. It's a skating rink in the winter and may well be frozen over


by now the way the temperatures were. Now we have the tropical


conditions of Cozumel. One of the athletes were saying, you have to


avoid being distracted by the tropical fish who mill around


beneath when you are swimming along. You can see the multicoloured


delights of the wildlife and you have to avoid getting distracted.


They'll swim the #150 0 metre loop in a single stretch without exiting


the water -- 1500 metre stretch. The second half of the swim will be on a


trajectory back towards the harbour after they've made the half way


turn. They head back to the narrow entrance into the harbour where all


the luxury yachts are parked. Then they head up towards transition. A


really good start for the British pair, Learmonth and Hall. We'll keep


an eye on Helen Jenkins. Holland, the bronze medallist of the Olympics


wears number seven. Non Stanford wears number 14. Stimpson absent


from the final race of the season. This is a tough, tough swim here


today because of the fact that they don't exit the water, which


sometimes gives some of the athletes a bit of a breather and it helps


break up the swim, but also it's a long, long way before they meet the


first buoy. That is going to play into the hands of the stronger


swimmers. I would expect to see some breaks in this swim at some point


during the 1500 metres. We can already see at this early stage that


Learmonth is really stretching it out. We can see four athletes there,


then a pack behind and a few little packs just breaking up at the back


of the pack. Hopefully we'll get sight of Gwen


Jorgensen and Flora Duffy who're involved in the tussle for the title


today. It's all about the season long world triathlon series title.


If Jorgensen wins today she'll win the title unless, of course, Duffy


is second. If she is second, behind Jorgensen, the title will be hers.


If Duffy wins today, no question, victory in the season long world


triathlon series will be hers. Learmonth and Hall have stretched


them out in the early stages here. I think that is probably Carolina


Routier in about third and possibly Flora Duffy near the front. Duffy


will be keen to be in the thick of the action. You can see the drone


hovering, bringing you some of those pictures. They are about to start to


make the series of turns. Beautiful conditions here today. Water


temperature 29 Celsius. That is possibly warmer than what they are


used to in their actual training pools when they are back in training


camps. Temperature is normally 23-24 degrees. 29 Celsius here today in


Cozumel. Very, very warm indeed. Just over 500 metres to swim. They


are close to the shoreline here. And they are about to head back in


towards the harbour, through the narrow gap and it has been a


stunning performance so far from Jessica Learmonth and Lucy Hall from


Great Britain and the world leader, Flora Duffy is right up there in


amongst the thick of the action. Gwen Jorgensen is in the middle of


the pack, a little bit further back, but not too far removed at the


moment. Jorgensen, who is the only one who can challenge Flora Duffy


today isn't too far behind. Jessica Learmonth leading the way.


Her team-mate, Lucy Hall, on her feet. They will know one and other's


swimming techniques. Flora Duffy, from Bermuda, on her feet. Getting


rough as the athletes in that big group behind. Once this swim has


been strung out a fair amount, I cannot see any significant breaks


happening as yet. We see them happening in transition. I sense


this will be the case today. Just the faintest swell, a little bit of


surf helping them into the final stages of this swim. Learmonth has


not hung about at all. She's got cracking on this swim.


Jessica Learmonth has really stretched them in the early stages


here. This might play into the hands of Flora Duffy. If Duffy, Learmonth


and Hall can potentially get away, coming out of the water, then Duffy


could establish a decent lead, along with Hall and Learmonth, who are


very capable of going with her. This is how close they are to the rocky


shoreline here. You can see everybody standing there, getting


the photographs. It's pretty shallow in places as well.


I think what you can see in these pictures is just how much easier it


is to swim on... Hall looking relaxed, looking only about 50%


effort. Jessica Learmonth is absolutely smashing down on the


water. I know she wanted to take this swim out hard. It is important


that she does. She's got a great swim-bike combination. Watching them


really attacking the swim. That bilateral breathing is fairly


unusual in triathlon. She looks over her shoulder to see what is


happening behind her. The bilateral breathing is tough when you see most


athletes breathing every two or three.


It is what we can see Learmonth doing. The swim reaching its final


stages here and Jess Learmonth leads the way for Great Britain.


Learmonth's had a terrific swim so far. . It is not a great surprise.


She's had fantastic swims. I notice Lucy Hall on her feet. We are having


a good look back there at the pictures. Lucy Hall... A couple of


Americans in there. No surprise to see those strong swimmers out there


in front. We have a drone just ahead of the swimmers here, giving us


these good close-up shots. The drone is skimming a few feet above the


still, warm waters of the Caribbean. So, the swim is almost done. It has


been a single lap. They started on a beach on the other side of the


peninsula before making their way off towards the west. Then coming


back into the harbour area and they will exit after 18 minutes and 18


seconds. Out of the water now. We will get a full check on who's done


what during the first stage and Jess Learmonth is first to appear.


18 minutes, 22, the official time. Great Britain first and second. Lucy


Hall follows here. Duffy next. Oliveira next. Carolina Routier.


Sarah True is there. There is a battle going on for the series world


title for 2016 between Jorgensen and Duffy, who are both in the first


Group of Seven, out of the water. A great start for Gwen Jorgensen, the


Olympic champion. Behind Carolina Routier and just ahead of team-mate


Sarah True. Flora Duffy makes a bee line for her bike. We will get a


look and see what else is happening with the British athletes. Holland


and Jenkins are through on their way towards transition. 47 seconds off


the pace of Jess Learmonth, who was the quickest of them all. They


continue to arrive. It is a really stemmy hot day. The


hottest day of the week so far. They've had really brutality hot


conditions for all the age group and under 23 races.


They were hoping that things might cool down down. In fact they have


got hotter for the elite athlete, who are now ontary way. The first


lap of eight. Well, the swimmers have done a great


job. Learmonth, Hall and Duffy did a great job of smashing up that swim.


We saw a lot of little groups. Something we are not used to in


these stages. We often see bigger groups coming out. Gwen Jorgensen


finds herself in a difficult patch, she's with Routier and Oliviera.


They are not as strong as these three out front. Let's remember back


in Leeds when Learmonth and Hall broke well clear of the rest of the


pack. I don't know if we will see the same here in Cozumel. A long way


to go yet as they start the first of eight laps. In the scramble of the


title for 2016 it is between Jorgensen and Duffy. If Jorgensen


wins today, Duffy has to finish second to win the title for 2016.


That is as simple as it comes, mathematically. In terms of the


current rankings, Jorgensen is second on 3325 points. Duffy is


ahead of her on 3491. There are extra points on offer


today, as it is the grand final in Cozumel. So, Jorgensen is the


pre-race favourite. If she wins, Duffy has to finish second. Below


second will not do for Duffy. We get a check on the current standings


after the swim, as they start to sort themselves out on this first


lap through this almost tropical landscape, inland from the seafront


at Cozumel. Flora Duffy, up near the front with


Lucy Hall and Jessica Learmonth. They need to find themselves doing a


Brownlee trick and working this first lap very, very hard, if they


have any chance of staying away from the big group. This first section of


the course very bitty. We approach another corner. We can see Jorgensen


there with Routier and Oliveir. They have made back some time, but 10-15


seconds off this front pack. There is real pace. Hall, Learmonth,


barking instructions at each other. We are seen this before. Both really


good swimmers. They have Duffy for company. She has super strength on


the bike. This trio could make a really good little working pack. We


can see how hot it is with Hall putting fresh water over herself.


She did when she got out of the water. There was a bottle of fresh


water offered. She immediately tried to get the salt out of her eyes and


clear her face, ready for this hot ride over 40 k. There was talk


amongst the organisers that they may have to reduce the distance. There


was a suggestion at one stage they would reduce it down to a sprint and


make it half distance for the grand final. Thankfully they have stuck


with the full Olympic distance for the grand final. It should be, it is


the biggest race of the season, of the World Triathlon series, the


grand time, so it should be over the full distance, but it will be tough


on the hottest day of the week in Cozumel. Here we have our third


pack, Jorgensen leading the way. Sarah True and Carolina Routier.


So, I think cex, I think I mentioned before it was Oliveria, that is the


conclusion, True is wearing a black costume today. This is our chase


pack here, working well together at the moment. The conditions will


really get to these athletes. The organisers tried to make this race


as late as possible in the day, but to me it looks like full heat out


there in Cozumel. So the front group of Flora Duffy, Jessica Learmonth


and Hall hall. Second seconds clear of the chase trio, Gwen Jorgensen,


Sarah True and Carolina Routier. And we will monitor that 20-second


gap to see the ebb and flow of the amount of time that the Duffy group


has over, Jorgensen will not be too concerned over this at this stage.


She can comfortably allow herself to fall 40 seconds to a minute behind


and still have the confidence that she can close down Duffy. There is a


long way to go until we get to that stage, the foot race at the end oh


of this. So this group of three is now a


group of five. Adding numbers to the pack is, it is all well and good,


but as long as they do the work. Oliveria not as strong on the bike.


It seems the Americans are doing all the work at the moment. True at the


front. Carolina Routier tucked in there. She had an accident before


the Edmonton race a couple of weeks ago and damaged her hand. It has not


hindered here in the swim. Let's see how she goes on the bike. Jorgensen


around the 180 degrees turn. Hall, Duffy and Learmonth leading


the way. This is interesting. If we look back to Leeds, that was


interesting. Tactical from the British girls who were trying to


work for their team-mates. They were not really taking their turns. Today


this is free-for-all, really. I think Hall and Learmonth really need


to work hard with Duffy. Just see what they can do here.


No Jodie Stimpson in the race. The akilly's injury has caused Stimpson


to call an end to her 2016 campaign. She's, she would have been one of 12


previous World Triathlon series winners in this race today. It is


down to 11. So, it is a field packed with talent and experience and we


will try and keep you up-to-date with the progress of Helen Jenkins,


Holland and Stanford. They are further down the road as the front


three come towards the conclusion of their first lap.


26-and-a-half minutes having elapsed since they dived into the warm


waters of the Caribbean. Flora Duffy from Bermuda is pushing


the pace now. Hall and Learmonth taking their own


Jek Tory on that round about towards the area and the conclusion of lap


one. So, it is one down, seven to go. It is a flat and fairly


straightforward cycle that, that the organisers have introduced for this


World Triathlon grand final. Hall, at the moment, struggling with the


pace there. Now, there is a group a little


further back, this may be the group that contains Stanford and


potentially Jenkins as well. We will get a check on the timings. The next


three, we think are about 20 seconds behind. The next five, I beg your


pardon. Sato and Oliveria have hooked up with them now.


Interesting times here in this race because this is something we are not


used to seeing with the girls right out in front and that little


minipack that contains the Olympic champion, Gwen Jorgensen. This pack


about to swallow them up probably. It's going to be down to what the


three girls out front can do and how well they can work together.


Bad news for Emma Moffatt, in the last race of her career's had to


pull out. We are not sure why she's pulled out and we'll try and find


out for you. Samuels and Jackson are in that group there. Jenkins to the


left. The gap now is 38 seconds so it's grown considerably. At this


stage in lap one, lap distance was 22 seconds. The mid lap time now


tells us it's 38, so that's quite a difference. Good pace being made at


the front by the British pair and Flora Duffy. What will be


interesting, at the moment we have no sight of Gwen Jorgensen, but we


only have the back of the pack, I can only imagine she's at the front


because it's in her interests to pull some time back on Flora Duffy.


She needs to finish in first if she's to take the title and Duffy


needs to finish in second I think I'm right in saying. If Jorgensen


wins, she's still favourite, she's not out of it despite she's 38


seconds off the pace, but she's in that group, if Jorgensen wins, Duffy


has to finish second to clinch the title. She's going for it, Duffy, no


doubt about that. She wants considerable daylight between her


and Jorgensen by the time they hang up their bikes at the end of this


40k stretch and they are only in lap two now and there are eight 5k laps


to negotiate on two wheels before they hit the 10k run which will


consist of four laps of 2.5k. My fear is that the athletes could run


out of water. They only tend to carry one bottle on their bikes to


keep the weight down and usually they wouldn't need more than that.


In a race like this, when you are trying to keep cool and pouring


water on your head, you are probably going to need more than one bottle.


Just looking at the pictures now and Flora Duffy is leading the way.


Perhaps some disappointment for her in Rio, finished eighth, topn the is


commendable, but she spoke about her race and said she just didn't quite


have the legs on the day -- top ten. She knows if she win this is race


she'll be crowned world champion. Today they have, all three of them,


gone for two bottles, so they are carrying the extra weight and also


extra fluid, so let's see if the two bottles last them through. The


conclusion of lap two now, they are back towards the side down where it


all began half an hour ago. To complete lap two, we are going to


check on the timings. 38 seconds the mid lap, it might have grown even


further. The first three coming through. Look at the surroundings


here. What a stunning location for the world triathlon series.


Learmonth, Duffy and Hall finish lap two. The time ticks on and we'll get


a full check of the riders who'll appear in transition to compete


their second lap in a moment or two. It's already getting on towards 30


seconds. Now the chase group, we just saw Non Stanford go through,


Helen Jenkins is in there, Vicky Holland is leading them in. Holland


and Stanford are leading them through into transition at the end


of the second lap. That's the chase group coming through.


Bonin is at the back of the chase pack. Jackson ahead of her. Holland,


Stanford and Jenkins in this group as well.


So all five British trath lets who're racing today are in the top


20 at the moment -- triathletes. It's going to be interesting to see


what Helen can do here. Such disappointment for her and her fans


in Rio. I think she didn't make a really big thing of it but she was


certainly very poorly going into the race. She says she is coming here


into this race feeling a whole lot better. At the moment, this is the


lead pack which contains Flora Duffy and the two British Agent loots.


Lucy Hall is drinking a whole load then giving herself a shower trying


to keep herself cool as well. She's struggling with the heat. They are


nowhere near half way. Lucy Hall's quite pale skinned and I


think she, out of the three, is going to suffer the most I think


here. She's half way through her water. She's replaced the green


bottle to the back and the pink one is at the front. We are only on lap


three and Lucy Hall is half way through her supplies of liquid. You


have got to pace it because you don't want to find yourself with ten


or 15 kilometres to go with no fluids on board to take in. Not sure


how Helen Jenkins is feeling today. She's normally at the front, perhaps


she's had orders from her husband, her husband Mark Jenkins, to save


some energy for the run and stay back. Next, 180 degree turn.


Learmonth was pushing the pace there as we head to the back of the chase


group. We think Vicky Holland's been making much of the running here out


in front. It was certainly Holland who was first across the line at the


end of lap two when they were about 33 seconds off the pace. They are


watching the leading three head off in the opposite direction now.


Duffy, Learmonth and Hall now 40 seconds. So it went from 22 seconds,


then about 38, hasn't been much of a change. Mid lap time out to 40


seconds now. Not quite sure how accurate that 40


seconds is, but it must be there or thereabouts. Flora Duffy bidding to


win the world title for the first time and we've got Holland down and


who has she taken out there? I thought it was Jorgensen. Holland is


down and she's picking herself up and getting back on her bike I


think. The rider with whom she had a collision seemed to be a little


worse off than Vicky Holland. We'll try to get a replay of that and keep


you updated but Vicky Holland is down but not out, we hope, at if


moment. Looked like, I'm guessing here, black-and-white colours, I'm


thinking New Zealand, looked like Nicky Samuels but hopefully we'll


have more information on that in a minute.


Flora Duffy world number one, wearing the gold number one on her


upper arm. Most of the triathletes looking a little pink in the


blistering heat. Sun cream obviously needs to be waterproof if they are


going to use it. Born and raised in Bermuda, Flora Duffy, competing in


triathlon at the age of seven. Full-time representing Bermuda,


after a few near misses had her first triathlon series win this


year, that came in Stockholme on 2nd July when she defeated Hewitt and


Jenkins. Stanford's picked it up at the front of the chase group where


Vicky Holland left off following her collision a few moments ago. At the


end, it was Nicky Samuels, we are hearing, who has been involved in


that collision with Vicky Holland. So, with five laps to go, three


down, five to go, we are going to check on the time difference between


the Duffy, Hall, Learmonth trio. Last time we looked mid lap, it was


40 seconds. Jorgensen takes her turn at the front, hoping to keep that


gap between her and Duffy to a workable margin. Not much


difference. 42 seconds, so still looking promising for Jorgensen.


I wouldn't say Holland is a loss to that group because we know how


strong she is. The loss is going to be felt for the three athletes


outfront, 42 seconds, it's grown a bit since the last lap by about six


or seven seconds but Flora Duffy will need 90 seconds or so over


Jorgensen if she's going to win this race. Still no change at the back of


the chase group. Jackson does this race after race after race, you can


just know where she'll be and often Charlotte Bonin is there with her.


These two are tail-end Charlies. Here you can see how much easier it


is at the back. It's very evident when you see them cruising along


like that looking fairly relaxed. If we could get pictures to the front


of the pack, I can assure you, Non Stanford would be head down and


working hard. That's the crash, that's the crash that involved Vicky


Holland who is on the left of screen and Nicky Samuels who is tangled up


with her bike. Holland was able to pick herself up quite quickly, but


her water bottle back in its place on the bike and continue on her way,


but we haven't heard any news of Nicky Samuels so far, so we'll try


and bring you up to date as and when we can. That was a nasty tight


corner with quite a ledge on the pavement. A big group of athletes


going around doesn't necessarily mean poor bike handling skills, you


know, a big group of 20 going through a small space. Vicky Holland


is a great rider but we don't know what happened yet, it could have


been Nicky Samuels fault, they could have been dodging another rider.


We'll hopefully hear some more from Nicky. If it's Jorgensen who wins,


she'll be the first to win two competitions in one season if she


can overtake Flora Duffy in the rankings today in Cozumel. The chase


back time difference is growing ever so slightly every lap. 22.3


kilometres to go. Interesting to see how some of the athletes have been


able to bring themselves up after the Olympic Games because obviously


a lot of commitment and effort required to get yourself into the


games in good shape and then to come to a final, Grand Final like this,


just a few weeks later, I think takes a pretty monumental effort


from these athletes. Jorgensen could consider a career


elsewhere as well. She has a degree in accounting, before she came to


triathlon, she worked for Ernst Young. I'm sure she's done well


financially out of this. Maybe she doesn't need to go back to work! He


may use her rewards for triathlon and maybe forge a career elsewhere.


Anyway, lots to discuss and Jorgensen's got work to do, four


laps to go. We are just about half way through. The leaders are half


way through, the chasers are almost half way through the cycle stage.


Learmonth, Duffy and Hall have gone through four. The rest of them


coming up the rear. They are now 43 seconds behind. Non Stanford first


to cut the time. Not just change. Gone from 22 to 33, to 42, to 43


seconds as the laps have unfolded. They seem to be maintaining it


around about 0 seconds now. Four laps to go. The lead pack are going


to have to start working a little harder because Duffy needs a better


lead over Jorgensen. Learmonth of Great Britain leads this world


triathlon series Grand Final. Plenty more twists and turns to come.


Battle for today's race. It's a battle for the 2016 world title


also. And there are two athletes in contention. Duffy is in the lead


group, Jorgensen is in the chase group. Back with the leaders now.


We did just get a little sighting there of the chase pack, the third


chase pack, rather. That did have Euda from Japan. She won it last


year when it was a World Cup race, she ran like a track runner to take


the race, she's 25 seconds down on Rachel Klamer who got second in the


World Cup race here last year. Euda over 1 minute and 30 seconds down,


so we are not going to see a lot of her. Duffy taking her turn at the


back of the front three. Lucy Hall pushing the pace at the moment. I


wonder how much water is left in their bottles on the frame of the


bike. They are only just over half way


through the 40k cycle and that's a rare sight, Emma Jackson having to


do some work at the back of the chase pack. Frustrating, seems like


she's struggling to keep on on the more technical sections of the


course. We can see the athletes strung out which would suggest the


ones at the front are working hard and Jackson's had to wake up and


think, I've got to do a bit of work otherwise I'm going to get dropped.


We have no news in Hollaus or Samuels who were in-- Holland or Sam


yells who were involved in that earlier on.


Hall, Learmonth, Flora Duffy have just over 17.8ks to ride before they


hang up their bikes and head out on what will be a brutal 10 kilometre


run. It is a psychological barrier, or conquered when you hit halfway on


these bikes, especially this these conditions, especially on the


downhill section. You have hit halfway, perhaps psychologically it


will be easier and it will be good now to see these three upping the


pace slightly and see if they can up that time difference towards the


minute as they head towards the fifth lap.


Duffy is doing the lion's share of the work in the fifth lap here. She


knows what she has to do. She needs to win this race. Needs to beat


Jorgensen today. She's had good company throughout this first half


and more of the cycle stage. Hall's arms are looking worryingly pink.


She's taken a huge hit of sun this afternoon. She's an English rose, is


Hall, very pale skin. These conditions will be very tough for


her, especially on the run. A fantastic swim and bike from Lucy


Hall. They have not 15 k to go on the bike and a 10 kilometre run to


come. Three to go. Learmonth, Duffy and Hall, the leading three, which


is where they have been since they came out of the water.


There's a lot of support for the Mexican triathlete at the front of


the chase group. We will get a check on the timings here, as the chase


group finish their fifth lap. They were 43 seconds down at the end of


lap four. Have they managed to close that gap


at all? Let's look at the time. It will stop shortly, it has grown a


little more. Just a couple of seconds. Out to 45 seconds. Claudia


Rivas first through. Leading that chase pack, into


transition to complete the fifth lap.


22 at the end of lap one. 43 and now 45. So, no real damage done by the


leading three. In the last 5 kilometres. Holland has withdrawn


from the race. We are not surprised by that. She did go down quite hard.


We think Samuels has probably called it a day as well. Vicky Holland is


no longer in this grand final. Disapointedment for Vicky Holland


because she -- disappointment for Vicky Holland because she could have


got on to the stadium. That will not be today with her out of the race.


So, they are coming back into the smart part of Cozumel now, down by


the marina. Flora Duffy is once again taking them along at a serious


pace. Learmonth and Hall have done more


than their fair share of work so far. I wonder if they might be on


for personal best results today if they can handle the heat on the


10,000 metre run. Jessica's best result came in Leeds, when she


finished 10th. And certainly looks like she can be more than capable of


doing it here today, if she can hold it together on the run. Slightly


better runner than Lucy Hall. She has a better chance of staying away


from the chase pack if they do come off the bikes in this order, which,


at the moment, barring disaster, I imagine we will see these three


athletes coming in the T 2 first. Coming through transition now. This


is only the end of lap six. They have two more circuits to ride. Six


down. Two to go in the World Triathlon series grand final. The


final race of the year here in Cozumel.


Further back down the road the Australian, Gillian Backhouse. We


have an Australian at the back of this chase group, Jackson, coming in


to stop the clock. We will get an idea of how much work Jorgensen will


have to do when she parks up her bike in a couple of laps from now.


Hopefully we will. At the moment we don't seem to get any time checks,


unfortunately. No clock at the moment. We cannot tell you.


Apologies again. We've had graphic problems. I am told all the graphics


and timing equipment, which all arrives on a container, it is


shipped around from venue to venue, didn't arrive until very late. And


there was no time for the officials and host broadcaster to actually go


out and test the graphics and timing equipment. It is all very much a


question of pressing the button and hope here in Cozumel. We will assume


that it has not grown much beyond the 50-second mark.


54 seconds. OK, so, that's the official time. It was a little late


in coming. That was to the very back of that


chase group. 54 seconds between first and about 20th. So, not a


particularly accurate time, because there would have been the spread of


maybe ten seconds between Gillian Backhouse, who was first through


transaction and the last. Not a brilliant idea. We assume it hasn't


changed much between the end of lap five and six. Around about the


45-second mark. Still very much a winnable distance as far as Gwen


Jorgensen is concerned. It seems to me that some of those good runner


ins the second pack. There is Helen Jenkins in there. Non Stanford is in


there and Gwen Jorgensen is in there. They are three who are more


than capable of running down Hall and possibly Learmonth. Duffy proved


herself in Stockholm, when she had about 25 seconds off the bike. She


had an incredible bike which she took on by herself solo and managed


to stay away from Jenkins and Andrea Hewitt, but a different story when


you put Gwen Jorgensen into the frame.


And Flora Duffy I think needing around about 90 seconds if she's


going to take this race. 90 seconds, that is ahead of Gwen Jorgensen when


they go out on the bike. Duffy, Learmonth and Hall, through the


turn. 52 seconds clear of the chase group, with a lap-and-a-half still


to ride. Jorgensen will be thinking about


what she needs to do to win the world title for 2016. We have seen


Jorgensen come from a minute-and-a-half down after a 40 k


run and come up through the field and take the win. She does not mind


the conditions. She's won in the cold n the hot. 17 triathlon vik


victories. She is probably the best we have ever seen. That is


definitely not up for question. A phenomenal athlete, what she has


achieved over the last six years. If she takes this title she'll be the


only second athlete in the women's field who has managed to achieve


three world titles. Jenkins has won two, in 2008 and 2011. Moffatt has


won two as well. 200 # and 2010. This is a tough, tough series. The


athletes need to race five World Triathlon series events and the


grand final. And of course the grand final there's points-and-a-half. So,


if you have any mishaps like Hollaus does, well you are well done --


Holland does, well you are well down in the race. With it being 800 for a


normal World Triathlon series race. And it crisscrosses the globe as


well. The travelling can be tough on the athletes, physically and


mentally. Abu Dhabi is the first port of call, or was this year, 5th


March. Then the Gold Coast, early spi April. The ends of April in Cape


Town. Leeds, fantastic occasion on 12th June in Leeds, when they came


out to watch this their tens of thousands.


And then Stockholm, which was the opposite. Nobody out and about. Just


people shopping on that Saturday afternoon in Stockholm. The Hamburg


sprint, then the Olympic race. So, those that were in the Olympics were


in and out of the north and southern hemispheres and crossing, covering


many different time lines as they made their way around to compete and


put themselves into contention. Now they've taken in the freezing cold


race in Edmonton, post Olympics. Now the grand final in brutal heat in


Cozumel, in Mexico. That is to conclude the 2016


campaign, which has been memorable for many different reasons,


particularly of course because it was punctuated by the incredible


scenes in Rio. That was on August 18th and 20th.


Well, at the moment this race is certainly looking good for Flora


Duffy, if you do the maths and she manages to stay in second place and


then wins and no-one else catches Duffy, then Duffy takes the title.


So, pretty exciting times for Duffy, I would say. Let's not forget Non


Stanford is in that chasing pack. If she has brought her legs to the race


she will be a threat to Duffy. The end of the seventh lap now. They


will take the bell and we will have one more circuit on two wheels. Five


kilometres left to ride. No change. Duffy, Learmonth and Hall have been


working together exquisitely so far. Came out of the water in close


proximity. They had good transitions, in and out quickly.


Picked up their bikes, away they went and they have remained as a


trio throughout. The Australian, Gillian Backhouse and the American


Gwen Jorgensen lead the chase group into transition. Last time we saw an


official time check, two laps ago, they were 45 seconds behind. Let's


see if they have managed to do any damage to the advantage that Duffy


and the two British riders have at the front.


Let's hope we get a clock this time. Yes, we've got one. And the time


difference is significant. Jorgensen is going to have to do some work if


she wants to win this race today. 58 seconds. That has been a fine lap


from Hall, Learmonth and Duffy. They have extended their lead. Out to 58


seconds. And they are now deep in their final circuit.


You have to hand it to these three athletes, they have worked extremely


hard and made this race extremely exciting for us and make the chase


pack a little bit nervous. It has crept up to a minute. It has been


slowly creeping up. It has crept up. By the time they come back to T 2


and the final end of the final lap, eight laps here of five can


kilometres, they will have around one minute over the chase pack.


Flora Duffy must be beginning to believe she can win the world title


for 2016. Dep she wins today she will -- if she wins today, she will


win the world title. Things are looking good at the moment. Now they


take this turn for the last time. The leading three, Duffy of Bermuda,


Jessica Learmonth and Lucy Hall, of Great Britain, have ridden furiously


and have opened up a lead of one minute over the Jorgensen-Stanford


group. They are approaching the end of their final lap and will hope for


clean and fast transitions. T2 approaching. For the leaders in


the grand final of the World Triathlon series for 2016, a series


that could well be won by Flora Duffy. She's done what she has to do


to put pressure on her closest rival, Gwen Jorgensen. We will need


to see one of the classic Jorgensen run charges over the four laps that


will follow if Jorgensen is to deny Duffy the title for 2016.


So, nearly there, they will take a different routed into transition


this time. Past the spectators and to the dismount line. Here we go,


Duffy, first to arrive. Then Learmonth, clean entry for


Learmonth. Duffy. Hall follows them in. She's within a second of the


leaders. Duffy has to get this bit right. Knows where her bike park is.


Front wheel in. Bike stays upright and the running shoes are on. And


Duffy has executed that perfectly. She's on her way. Flora Duffy,


followed by Jessica Learmonth. Hall, just a few seconds behind.


Now the chase group, the Jorgensen group. Jorgensen in third, amongst


this pack at the moment. Through that final turn on the round about.


Feet already out of shoes and resting on top.


Jorgensen needs to get this right. And then needs to go to work.


The gap is about one minute. Possibly more now.


The front three pick up some much needed water, a couple of bottles


each and Duffy has kicked clear of Learmonth and Hall. Duffy sets off


in pursuit of victory and in pursuit of the world title.


Rabie coming in for South Africa. Non Stanford not far behind. She's


arriving simultaneously with Gwen York Jorgensen who never seems


stressed at this time. Neatly done. She follows R rabbly. Ahead of them


all, picking up with serious pace on this first lap is the series leader,


Flora Duffy of Bermuda. Will this be her day? Will she win the title for


the first time in 2016 and deny Gwen Jorgensen the hat trick? There is a


lot of triathlon fans out there that would like to see it happen just


because of her style of racing. She makes these races that bit more


exciting by her attacking on the bike, how she's able to go out there


on her own or with a couple of other athletes and it's great to see when


we have got used to seeing big packs coming in. Let us see what she can


do. She'll have Non Stanford chasing her down. Jorgensen will be there of


course. Jackson looking hot there. Duffy looking like she means


business. Surprised she didn't grab a water bottle. She's clearly


feeling comfortable. She's already left Hall and Learmonth behind.


Jorgensen will have to be at her absolute best if she's to get


anywhere near nuclear radio Duffy today -- Flora Duffy. She's tearing


through the streets of Cozumel. What an explosive start. Gwen Jorgensen's


got out in front, she wants to win this race. So Jorgensen is already


up to fourth. She's leading the chase group. She has Learmonth and


Hall and Duffy ahead of her. They are a further minute down the road


but we know what Jorgensen is capable of, even in the brutal heat,


but the pace of Duffy is much more serious. She really wants this one.


She wants to get this won in lap number one. Let's see how she goes.


Lots of athletes were saying she's not that good at sprinting. But she


has a nice relaxed body, looking very strong at the moment, Flora


Duffy. This will be something of a tactical master class this afternoon


from Flora Duffy if she goes on to win it. Swam solidly, rode purposely


as she always does, pushing the pace, dictating the race on her


terms. Learmonth she's left behind mercilessly. She now sets out to


complete lap one and we'll see how much she has over Gwen Jorgensen her


rival for the title. At this stage, tough to see Jorgensen closing the


gap. We never write Jorgensen off because she continues to surprise


us, but I'm beginning to think that this is just a run too far for Gwen


Jorgensen today. Wow, I mean she puts so much effort


into the Olympic Games, she's spoken about it openly now, it was the


race, the only race really that counted this year. She did what she


set out to do four years ago and won the Olympic title, but she's such a


competitor. She won't want to come here and give anything less than


100%. 1 minute and 11 seconds down, I don't think she'd have a problem


under normal circumstances. Interesting to see what the time


will be after this first lap. Duffy has really attacked the first lap.


Will she pay the price for that later? The heat is going to be a


factor. It's the hottest race that any of these triathletes have


competed in so far this year. Lucy Hall is showing the effects of that.


Gasping for the hot air that's available, as Duffy completes the


first lap. So we'll see the time between Lucy Hall and Duffy but what


matters is the one between Duffy and Jorgensen who's clear of Stanford


and Jenkins there. Already 24 seconds, so Duffy's done some


serious damage to Lucy Hall in that first lap. Three to go for Flora


Duffy, two-and-a-half kilometres down, seven and a half to go. Duffy


grabbing water at every opportunity. I worry a bit for Lucy Hall because


she suffers in the heat, I've seen her when she's gone down pretty fast


in the heat. She's holding her own at the moment though. 17 seconds


down, her team-mate behind her. Jorgensen next. It's 1 minute and 12


seconds, so that's 72 seconds. That could be decisive for Duffy if she


doesn't break down, if she doesn't blow up somewhere during this run,


Duffy looks like she's in good shape to win the title.


Jorgensen has raised her pace, noticeably now. She was steady


during the first lap, now she's starting to make a move. What we can


take from that is the fact that Duffy's held pretty much the same


time over Jorgensen as when they first went out. They are now


two-and-a-half kilometres into this run. More interestingly for Flora


Duffy, the other athletes aren't making any inroad into her, they are


losing time. Two laps to go, Flora Duffy leads


the way, Gwen Jorgensen 1 minute 7 seconds off the pace. So at the end


of the first lap, it was 1 minute and 12, end of the second lap, it's


1 minute and 7. Helen Jenkins as moved up into third position. Once


again, apologies for the standard of the pictures coming in from Cozumel,


it's not how usual standard of triathlon coverage but it's the


first time the world triathlon series has pitched up here in


Cozumel. Looking good for Flora Duffy now. Unless she's just gone


too early. She's got 4.2 kilometres to run. The end of this third lap,


one more complete circuit, and the world title for 2016 could be going


to Bermuda and to Flora Duffy. Well, looking at her at the moment, I


don't think she's gone too soon because her rhythm hasn't changed,


she's going as well as ever. Jorgensen's pulled a few seconds


over Duffy and Duffy looking the more relaxed of the two. Jorgensen's


pace not picked up as we expected it to. Jorgensen getting plenty of


encouragement along the way from her connections but maybe this was just


a run too far for Jorgensen this afternoon.


She managed to reduce Duffy's lead by just five seconds over the second


lap. Duffy isn't far away from completing her third lap and taking


the bell for what may well be a lap of honour, a final two-and-a-half


kilometre run which will take her to the world title for 2016.


Interestingly, Helen Jenkins there in third and Jorgensen not really


pulling that much away from her. I think that's Charlotte McShane from


Australia just behind Helen Jenkins. Looking at the overall standings,


Helen Jenkins is in sixth place at the moment. Depending on Hewitt and


Euda are, they were way back in the second chase pack, things could be


looking pretty good for Helen Jenkins and making up for a very


disappointing Olympics for her. Great to see her showing the form we


saw in the Gold Coast when she qualified for the Olympic Games.


Jenkins out in third now. Doesn't mind the heat. Her win at


the start of the season came in the heat of the Gold Coast. Duffy from


Bermuda leading them through. Almost home at the end of her


penultimate lap. Duffy has really taken this race


apart. What a star. Fantastic swim in the first three coming out of the


water. Did so much of the running on the bike and then what a start on


the run. She got cracking straightaway. Good transition,


smoothly in and out. Parked up her bike and then just exploded away


from transition and opened up a significant lead in the first


two-and-a-half kilometres. She's been on her own for the rest of the


run. She'll shortly be arriving to take the bell with one lap to go.


I think surely at this point, the adrenaline of knowing that she's


running herself into a World Championship title is really going


to spur her on. Two-and-a-half kilometres to go, she can hold it


together, she's looked good for the entire race and about eight minutes,


probably a little bit under to go in this race. Duffy is looking like


she'll become a world champion here in cos mayor. Jorgensen so often


able to deny those who would challenge for victory -- Cozumel.


Duffy decided she would make it impossible for Jorgensen to close


the gap. Still a lap to come. All sorts of things can happen, we see


it often in triathlon, athletes push too hard in the first three quarters


and pay the price in the final quarter.


But Duffy's got the experience, hopefully she's got the hydration


and the ability to keep up this pace. Jorgensen's never really hit


full race pace during the first seven and a half kilometres of this


final stage of the final race of the season.


The leader is going to take the bell shortly.


I think looking at her, Jorgensen's focussing on putting one foot in


front of the other, she is overheating, trying to keep herself


really cool. Hard to see the eyes with her glasses on. First time you


have ever really seen Gwen kind of suffer, certainly for a very, very


long time. World champion in waiting, Flora


Duffy. At the top of your screen, the Olympic champion. Just behind


her, Helen Jenkins of Great Britain who might fancy second place if


Jorgensen starts to lose speed. Jenkins seems to be full of running


at the moment. She does. McShane is hot on her heels. Interesting to see


what the time differences are on the third lap. Sometimes the camera


angle can be deceptive, but Helen Jenkins certainly didn't look like


she was that far behind Gwen Jorgensen.


Shortly, Flora Duffy of Bermuda will take the bell and she'll know then


that she's got a 2,500 metre run ahead of her between her and the


world title for 2016. Has she got the timing right?


Looking good. But there's still a bit of running to do for Duffy.


Still looking incredibly composed and relaxed. Interesting to see what


her run splits are throughout this 10k run. There's been no let-up in


the pace just yet. I wonder at some stage she's going to think, I have a


minute and I can back off, but until she crosses that finish line, she's


not going to be stopping any time soon knowing Jorgensen is behind


her. With the skills of Jorgensen on the run, I don't think there's


anything she can do to match Flora Duffy today. Duffy takes the bell in


Cozumel. One lap to go. She looks like she's


full of running, just like she was at the start of the first lap. The


time difference between Duffy and Jorgensen at the end of lap one, 1


minute and 12. By the time they completed the second lap, it was


down to 1 minute and 7. I wonder what it will be now. I don't think


it's going to be any significant difference for Jorgensen. Jorgensen


just hasn't been able to find the pace to overcome Duffy's quest for


the title. Further down, you can see McShane in


the green and gold for Australia and Jenkins in the red, white and blue


for Great Britain. And the time difference has grown


now. Duffy has stretched her lead again over Gwen Jorgensen. It's 1


minute and 14. It looks as if Jorgensen will have


to settle for second here, which will bring her second in the world


standings for 2016. Of course the Olympic Games was always her focus,


as the best triathlete in the world. It was one thing which was missing


from her ses sue may, didn't finish in London, 2012. Absolutely took it


out in Rio in 20 167 16. -- 2016. The Olympics was always her main


focus of the year. Duffy thought she could win the


world title and it looks like she may. One minute and 14 seconds clear


of 17-time World Triathlon series winner, Gwen Jorgensen. Duffy has


only ever won a single World Triathlon singles race. That victory


came this year she is about to add her second potentially and most


important one, the victory which will bring her the title of World


Triathlon champion for 2016 and for an island just 26 miles by two, that


is some feat. Born and raised in Bermuda. Started to compete in


triathlon at seven. Now a full-time professional triathlete about to


bring Bermuda to the top of the world stage. And she really is a


multi-talented athlete. She took the World Championship title in 2014.


That is triathlon, but it is off-road biking. Almost a tougher


version of what we are seeing here today, because the athletes have to


ride technical sections off road. So Flora Duffy, it looks like she'll


add another toll that title she won back in 2014. Back with Gwen


Jorgensen now. She's trying to do her best to keep cool. Looks like


she's well clear of Jenkins in third place. I think the race was on for


third place, because Charlotte, from Australia, ran alongside Jenkins


when they came through the third lap of the run. Hopefully we'll get


pictures to see what is happening in third and fourth place. Duffy looks


like she's bouncing along at the front of the field. 1.2kms to go.


She seems to be getting quicker. Flora Duffy is having the run of her


life. She is. Across the road I saw


talking about Jenkins and McShane, two athletes running close together.


Non Stanford tucked in there around about fifth place. Non Stanford


having a strong run. It could be a battle for the final place on the


podium. Maybe a sprint finish between McShane and Jenkins, of


Australia, and Great Britain, respectably.


Somebody just said to Duffy, smile, and she did. She understood the


humour. She was able to force out the smile and then switch her mind


back to the final workload that has to be care Ied now. At the --


carried now. At this point she must know the title is hers. Barring


disaster and I don't see anything bad happening right now, this race


really is going to Flora Duffy and a world title.


Finished second to Gwen Jorgensen in Leeds, on 11th June. Won her one and


only triathlon series race in Stockholm, full distance, on the


second July. Didn't really perform in the Olympics, but now she's


making it happen and she will win the world title for 2016. Managing


to get some liquid down her throat, as well as over her head. She's done


well to keep herself cool. Keep herself out of trouble. Remember,


there was talk that this race might not go ahead in its full distance


capacity because of the temperatures. There was talk this


afternoon it might be reduced to a sprint distance race because it was


so hot. It was just within the permitted perimeters in terms of


what the medical officials deemed was acceptable for the triathletes.


That is how tough it is out here this evening in Cozumel.


And the Olympic champion has battled on and this stage looks like she'll


be doing enough to take second in the race. And second in the


championship for 2016. She's worked very, very hard. It is


not a usual sight to see her suffer so much on the run. Fair play to


Gwen Jorgensen because this has probably been one of her most


uncomfortable runs. Jenkins there in third place, McShane hot on her


heels. These two have never gone head-to-head like this before. Ueda


has come through from the third back. She won the World Cup race


here last year. What a run for Ueda. What an extraordinary race.


Conditions stunning. Visually the crystal-clear water, the athletes


able to view the tropical fish as they made the swim and then the


brutal, oppressive heat on the 40K cycle and the lonely run for Duffy


and for Jorgensen. Loneliness will be rewarded shortly for Flora Duffy.


Just starting to look around. Starting to sense that her dream is


about to become a reality. She's going to lap Pamella Oliveira


of Brazil on the way to the finishing line. Jorgensen is further


behind than that shot suggests, because Jorgensen has a little semi


circle to run before she's on the same bit of roadway as Duffy. And


Jenkins appears to be just a few metres clear of McShane now, in her


quest to take third and win bronze today.


28-year-old Flora Duffy can start to enjoy it any minute now.


She will realise that she's got it done today. Her tactics, risky in


the heat, but ultimately rewarding. Her tactics were courageous. The way


she stomped on the cycle stage with Learmonth and Hall for company, the


way she took it out and stretched that lead, lap, after lap, taking


ten seconds a lap at one stage, until it was beyond Gwen Jorgensen.


She was a minute in front by the time she hung up her bike and now


Duffy can ease up on the pace and enjoy this World Championship


winning moment. There is a ba mu da flag waiting for her. She can smile


at last and soak it all in. Duffy is the World Triathlon series champion


for 2016. She comes home to win the final race and win the title. What a


performance from Flora Duffy. One hour, 57 minutes. 59 seconds.


She is the champion of the world. And now she'll just wait for the


former champion, the Olympic champion. If this is the end for


Jorgensen, then it is a glorious end. She's performed spectacularly


this season. Today she wasn't quite good enough to overcome Flora Duffy.


It is a remarkable second place and the sprint is on between McShane and


Jenkins and McShane has Jenkins. McShane comes home for third.


Charlotte McShane on the podium for Australia.


She's beaten Helen Jenkins in the final 100 metres.


Jenkins has to settle for fourth and is there to congratulate Flora Duffy


on her extraordinary achievement of becoming the world champion for


2016. Sarah True has just come home and


collapses in a heat just over the line. Sarah True in a bit of trouble


there and Non Stanford is next to finish for Great Britain.


Stanford coming across the line. Another top-ten for Stanford.


And Shorets of Russia next over the line. Without exception an exhausted


group of triathletes who are finishing and wondering probably why


they put themselves through this in the heat that was on offer today in


Cozumel. Flora Duffy wins the final race of


the season in Cozumel, ahead of Gwen Jorgensen and Charlotte McShane.


Helen Jenkins was the best of the British today in fourth. Non


Stanford finished eighth, with Lucy Hall, 23rd. Jessica Learmonth in


30th. The final standles for 2016:


I am kind of speechless. I have no idea how it happened. You hope and


wish and train for the perfect day and you know, the perfect day came


when I needed it, when the pressure was on. I don't even know what to


say right now. Are one of the best runner on the circuit but you could


not hunt down Flora Duffy on this occasion? Flora had two people


working with her. It made the difference today. You seemed like


you had a lot of work to do on the bike, you were leading that chasing


group? Our group was not very organised. It is hard to get


organised. Try to keep the pace alive. It is hard when you have


three committed people up the road. We got into the first with the bike,


I was like, look, are you guys working or not? This race has a lot


riding on it. They were keen to pull turns. It wez great working with


them. I have to thank them for working with me. It is what you


want. You know you want to make the bike count and yeah, perfect today.


You did it by leading pretty much from the start as well. Coming off


with a minute on G wen, I thought, oh, gosh. I knew if she passed me I


whatted to hang on to second. Every split I had a minute, a minute and


five. I thought I will keep running and see what happens. It proves like


anything is possible and, it is incredible day for me and I hope it


just inspired like, no matter where you are from, a little country or


what, you can stand up there with the best. And you are on to the New


York marathon. How do you prepare for that? You know, I am more


looking forward to going home. I have t no been home since December


27th. I am flying home tonight. I am looking forward to spending time


with my family and friends. At the beginning of the year I said if I


won nothing but the Olympics I would be happy. I am disappointed with the


race today. I got my gold that I have been working for. I actually


struggle in the heat. I collapsed a few time in the heat. For me. It was


about conserving myself in the race. I couldn't believe it when I started


the run and felt like I was being conservative and I was up there.


That last lap I could see Helen, I thought, that's the party, I am this


close to the podium. I gave it all I could. I owe a lot to Gwen. She's


the most amazing training partner to have. She pushes me every day and


encourages me and I have learnt so much from her and I am pretty


excited to be up there besides her. They often say that fourth is the


toughest place to come. What are your thoughts on that? I am happy. I


struggled since Rio. It took me a few weeks to get over the virus, or


whatever it was I had. I started to feel good the last few days. I am


happy to come away fourth. I sat in on the bike and didn't do anything,


I was not feeling great, so I was surprised to do all right on the


run. It is really hot today. I was feeling terrible, to be honest.


Today I knew Gwen had to get ahead of glor ra. It is up to her to do


the work today. I kind of sat there, tried to keep myself out of trouble.


It was notten easy. I was not having a good time. You seem pretty pleased


with who is the overall winner? She 's deserved it this year. She's been


like an attacking athlete. Made the bike morel vent. I am happy for


Flora to come away with a win. How are the girls looking backstage?


Everyone is in a bit of a mess. Non is struggling a bit. We have a good


medical team. Our team are great. All the staff are great. I have been


inspired by all the juniors, and the under 23s over the last couple of


days. It is a nice team atmosphere we've got. So now the presentation


for the World Championship trophy. Ai Ueda, a brilliant performance


today. Representing Japan, please welcome,


Ai Ueda. The 32-year-old from Kyoto did enough today to seal third


position overall. After a consistent season.


Fifth today, seventh in Hamburg, fifth in Stockholme, eighth in


Leeds. An emotional moment for the Japanese


veteran. Representing the United States of America, please welcome


Gwen Jorgensen. Three wins this season, one of which was the Olympic


triathlon. The hat trick just one step too far. She has to settle for


runners up position overall for 2016.


It could be the last time we see Gwen Jorgensen on the AT


triathlete stage. Please welcome Flora Duffy! Flora Duffy world


champion! Consistently Sol I wouldth Ied -- solid this season. First


triathlon series victory came after so many near misses in Stockholme on


2nd July and she was forever in the top five getting better and better


as the season progressed. Had a disappointing Olympics. But she made


this Grand Final her focus. And didn't she nail it in Cozumel! ?


Brilliant swim, fantastic 40k on the bike and a brilliant, grave run to


win the world title for 2016. NATIONAL ANTHEM




The moment that Duffy will never forget, done the double today. She


wins the race and the world title. A good day for Flora Duffy in Cozumel.


TfL TfL It was nice to hear God Save the Queen ring out even though it


was for Bermuda. But take nothing away from Flora Duffy who over the


course of 2015 has proved herself a worthy champion? I love to watch her


race because she's so fearless. She's kind of changed the racing,


she's made the other girls up their game a bit and she certainly makes


it a lot more exciting. The strides she's made have been huge, haven't


they, and there were so many similarities this time to Leeds, you


had nuclearry at the front, tucked in behind Learmonth and Hall, but


unlike in Leeds when Gwen came from behind to take the race, this time


Flora even increased her lead so that proves just what a racer she's


become? Yes, I think looking at 2015 she had two thirds of her race.


Initially she's come with a full game, she's improved her run beyond


doubt really. We can't look too much into the run times because it was so


hot yesterday but she managed to hold that minute gap that she got


over Jorgensen coming out. She really held it together in the heat


where I think a lot of the other athletes were suffering. What about


Gwen because it did look perhaps like after all she did in Rio, she


just didn't have enough in the locker? She came to the race to win


without a doubt but yes, I guess the media stuff she's had to do and just


the fact she's won a gold probably has meant that the last few weeks


have not been the best preparation for her. That's been the same for


everyone as well. Strong showing for the Brits, Jess and Lucy did well


after the first and second disciplines, terrible way to end the


season for Vicky Holland. She wouldn't have been happy with that,


even though it's been a year to remember? Yes. That can happen to


anyone, it was just so unfortunate that it was Vicky and it was the


Grand Final. She'll be hugely disappointed but she's not going to


forget about that bronze any time soon. You wouldn't, would you, if


you had one? ! What about Helen Jenkins, so close to getting herself


on the podium, but again someone who's been there for Great Britain,


flying the flag better than most and she had a point to prove? She


certainly did. It was a great shame she was outsprinted by Charlotte


McShane because this is probably her last Olympics I would say without a


doubt, she's 34 now. While she came and started the year so positively


and strongly, you know, she just had such a tough time being so poorly


going into Rio. Then she's come away in the series fifth overall and


hopefully that is some consolation for a very, very greatest athlete.


Great athlete and a Great British athlete too. Flora Duffy world


champion in 2016. What a champion, what a season. That rounds off the


women's season and before we look ahead to the men's race, a reminder


of the conclusion of the para-triathlon series. Two world


champions in Andy Lewis and Alison Patrick in Rotterdam in July and a


hugely successful debut for the Paralympics, all the events went


spectacularly well and the British team came away with a gold. For Andy


Lewis in PT 2. Steadman and Patrick got silver.


It is great to see this side of the sport making such huge strides isn't


it, Annie? It really is. Coming away with four medals, as triathlon makes


its debut in the Paralympics, I can really only see it going from


strength-to-strength. There is another indication the sport is in


safe hands with strong British performances in the juniors in


Cozumel. The junior men's race, a 17-year-old performed well in three


disciplines with only an American and Canadian getting the better of


him. Impressive debut at this level for 16-year-old Alex Yee who showed


lightning run speed on the final discipline to go from 36th to fifth.


European junior silver medallist Sam Dickinson struggled with the


temperatures, but showed resilience to finish eighth. The conditions


were so, so tough. Working with Sam and the other guys on the bike


trying to get it done, I'm over the moon. I I had probably the swim of


my career. I headed towards the front pack. I didn't quite have it


in the end. There are a few holes in my race. I'm going to go back, have


a good winter, patch up the holes and hopefully come back next year


and see what I can do. I did the best I could in this heat. It was a


strong team effort. In the junior women's event, for the juniors, it


was tough. After problems with her bike, Rainsley finished 45th. Waugh


and Mathias finished well, 11th and 17th respectively. It was won by


Taylor Nib from the US. The men's Grand Final now, two guys who are


clear signs of how far the British triathlon's come. They are back in


action together tonight for the first time since the Olympic gold


and silver-winning performances in Rio. I think you know who we are


talking about. I would absolutely love to see


Johnny win the world title. I've got to come first or second! I've gotten


used to not winning races and not knowing how to win races but after


Edmonton I've learnt what it is again to win a race. It's been a


performance of experience, intelligence and ability.


It's just going hot and hard. It will be a race of attrition. It's


great to have Alastair here. I can trust him, he's going to want to


race the same as I do. I don't think there's any secret that our tactics


are to get out at the swimming at the front and ride out our laps.


That's always in our best interests. It will be a glorious Golden double


for Alastair Brownlee and Johnny finishes just a handful of seconds


behind to take the silver. First and second in the Olympic


Games then to become world champion would be the icing on the cake. We


can do all we can to help him win the world title this weekend.


And you will be able to see Johnny and Alastair in the Grand Final live


on the red button from 10. 30 tonight. You can hear more from them


in our highlights show with myself and Annie on BBC Two tomorrow


afternoon at 1. 45. Both the mens and womens highlights are available


on the iPlayer. We really do have another


mouth-watering encounter for you. Set this one up Annie because there


are some serious businesses to sort out on the start line? There


certainly is. There is a World Championship title up for grabs


between Johnny Brownlee and Mario Mola from Spain. Mola might get the


edge in the heat but Brownlee has his brother to help him. Mola might


have a lot of things going for him, he's leading the Championship,


however, Johnny Brownlee has a little known Olympic champion up his


sleeve that could help push him over the line and it will be so good to


see the guys going toe-to-toe in the race for the last time? We saw them


in Leeds, brilliant together, again in Stockholme, they both finished in


the gold and Silver Medal position. Then of course, at the Olympic


Games. The fact that Al can't win the title, he hasn't raced enough,


doesn't have enough points, means he's most definitely going to be


working for his brother. Almost like a soap opera, you can see the


storylines coming out. A fantastic end to the women's season and it's


set to be another fantastic climax in the women's race as well. Thank


you for joining us From all of us in Mexico and from us in Sal for, thank


you for joining us, we'll see you tomorrow.


Ore Oduba introduces the best of the action from the elite women's race in the season-ending world series grand final. Britain's Jodie Stimpson was among the triathletes seeking to finish the nine-leg world series as world champion on the Mexican island of Cozumel.

Look forward to a stellar line up as the series reaches its climax, with Olympic champion Gwen Jorgensen and bronze medallist Vicky Holland both looking to end the season in style.

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