Yokohama Highlights Triathlon: World Series

Yokohama Highlights

Jonathan Edwards presents highlights of the Yokohama leg of the World Triathlon Series. Spain's Javier Gomez and America's Gwen Jorgensen are both back to defend their titles.

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It will be a first ever win for the Spaniard. The first race of 2016


brings victory to Non Stanford of Great Britain. So far this year the


world triathlon series has been a tale of two nations, Britain winning


all the women's races and Spain winning all the men's. The last time


out in Cape Town it was Non Stanford and Fernando Alarza who took the


honours. Whichever nation takes the win it a case of last chance saloon.


Two years ago the Olympic qualification window opened and as


Quins did would have it in your Cole Hammer. And it closes this weekend.


-- in your Cole Also in action Mario Mola and


Fernando Alarza. In the women's race none of the star British names on


the start line but Gwen Jorgensen is looking to get back to winning ways


after the shock defeat in the Gold Coast. Extensive highlights of both


races coming your way soon. I have come to one of the sporting capitals


in the UK, Loughborough University to catch up with a couple of


Britain's para triathletes. Good to see you again George, Loughborough


University, perfect place for your preparation? Yes, it's altogether,


the English Institute of sport, the athletic track, it's all


centralised. So it is a hub? Yes, it's been going for a couple of


years, it's where more of the para triathletes are based. What is your


daylight, you have three sports to prepare for? Swimming every weekday


and sometimes on a Sunday and that is what most of the people do. We


ride three or four times a week, we also ride up at the airfield which


is good for close environment, good time trial efforts. All the running


around here, we have got the track and all these facilities so it's all


really nice. You are in the PT four category, what is that? It is for


below elbow and baloney impairments, I have a lonely impairments -- below


the knee impairments. So you are strong in the first two but not so


good in the running? Yes, I smashed the swim and a bike and then hold on


for dear life during the running for as long as possible. And I


understand you train with the able-bodied athletes? Yes, I do most


of my swimming and cycling with the able-bodied athletes.


of my swimming and cycling with the idea of what sort of shape they are


in? They are both in good shape, if they can do what they can do the


will have good results. I know Adam has raced there are five times and


come top ten. I know he likes the course and it will be good for Matt


to go out as well. You won your first race down under, how did that


go? It was good, we went out ten days before the race so got


acclimatised before the race. It was nice training, out of the good


group, my coach, it was all settled before the event so we could get


used to the time difference. Nine hours, so getting used to that has


been a big thing. Brazil is the goal, not yet selected, what do you


need to do to get on the plane? I need to have really good performance


in a couple of weeks at the European Championships in Lisbon, long as I


do well and I have got the win in Australia and then my world results


from last year, hopefully that gives me enough points for an automatic


slot. Good luck. We will have news on the European Championships in the


programme on June 12. But let's focus on events in Yokohama, these


are the men's standings going into round four.


Jonny Brownlee is missing this weekend. But he is just about in


touch with the top two. As I mentioned earlier, still no


obedience of Xavier Gomez which means she cannot win his world title


because you had to compete in five races to do that. I think it's fair


to say that in this Olympic year at the World Championship gold medal is


very much secondary. Let's get on with race highlights.


COMMENTATOR: Very pleasant day in Yokohama, Japan's second-largest


city as we prepare for the fourth round of the 2016 world triathlon


series. This is the course, swimming two collapse in the harbour, exiting


after lap one to dive back into the water for the second half. The 40


kilometre bike course takes them on nine laps of 4.5 kilometres on the


flat, generally around the Yokohama waterfront. They will then hang up


the bikes and run the full distance of 10,000 metres, a ten kilometre


run to round things off which is made up of four collapse of 2.5


kilometres each. -- four laps. The countdown is well underway. Adam


Bowden one of four British men in the race, he wears number 11 for


Great Britain. We will keep you up to date with the progress of him and


the rest of the British quartet as the race unfold. They are underway,


the first lap of two. Frantic the race unfold. They are underway,


can barely see them as they disappear behind the wall of water.


One or two getting punched and pushed out of the way. The early


pace may come from Henry keep an eye out on the Frenchman who


finished third in Cape Town. The water is a bit choppy but the air


temperature is pleasant enough. No requirement for wet suits here in


Yokohama. The paddle boards circling the athletes as they begin the first


lap. Heading towards the first turn which can be interesting especially


you are trapped on the inside. The place to be is out in front where


you can make a clean and unhindered turn. It's the American, Ben Kanute


holding the position. He will turn without much company not having to


worry about shoulders and elbows. You can see the guys getting caught


on the inside and sometimes you need brute strength to drag yourself out


of potentially dangerous. Coming in numbers. Arms and elbows flying


everywhere, it can be nastier. They will exit after 750 metres, dive


back in for the second half. The British athletes to watch out for,


Adam Bowden wears number 11. Thomas Bishop has 38, sharp has 50, Gordon


Benson has 58. Benson and airship are of the men fighting for third


place within the men's Olympic team alongside Alistair Brownlee and


Jonny Brownlee. One of them will be selected to act as a pilot athlete


and assist the Brownlee brothers in their quest for more Olympic medals.


Have to have very strong swims here today. Mario Mola of Spain, the


current world number one having a pretty decent swim by the looks of


things. Going back to pretty decent swim by the looks of


Bishop, the important thing is that they have very positive swims


because if they are going to pilot the Brownlee brothers they need to


be out of the water with them in the Olympics. Two of the top ranked


Spaniards, Mario Mola number one, Fernando Alarza number two. There's


a real battle on within the Spanish ranks to join Gomez and Mario Mola


who are already pre-selected to join the Spanish team. One spot left.


It's likely that decision will be taken on the basis of what happens


here in Yokohama. Approaching the end of the first lap, the first man


out is Ben Kanute, everybody glancing over their shoulders to see


where their competitors and compatriots are. Gordon Benson of


Great Britain having the swim of his life in third place, don't think


we'd ever seen that before from him. Gordon Benson off to a storming


start, already well on his way in the second lap. The remaining


triathletes running along the blue carpeted pontoon and diving backend


for the second lap of 750 metres. They are all out and back in. Henri


Schoeman now leads the way, are we expected to see him emerge as one of


the strongest swimmers early in the contest but he's left it until the


early stages of the second lap to forge his way at the front. Cutting


a decent pace through the water. The athletes are little more spread out


so hopefully there won't much be to argy-bargy. Henri Schoeman pushing


the pace, senses the urgency because you want to break up this big pact


before you go out on the you want to break up this big pact


twisty corners and roads of Yokohama. Henri Schoeman of South


Africa, always a strong contender in the waterborne element of the


triathlon. Manages to stay with the leading riders most of the time on


two wheels and then starts to fade when it comes to the run but I know


he's been working hard and is determined to improve that area in


the build-up to the big games. In front of the great ship which is


mirrored here, it's a permanent museum in Yokohama harbour. The


calamari. -- Hikawa Maru. Henri Schoeman has taken a slight detour,


choosing a different path towards the pontoon. We have seen this a


couple of times recently where athletes have taken different


directions, different trajectories in the water. Sometimes it can come


back and bite them. Henri is an experienced swimmer and perhaps has


inside knowledge. He still looking pretty wide to me. Looks like Ben


Kanute has taken the lead. On the left of our screens we cannot see


him but it's Henri Schoeman of South Africa. Benson was up in third


coming out of the water, interesting to see where he finds himself at the


end of this swim. Henri Schoeman having to readjust his line, coming


out of the water a second. I think that was a loss of concentration.


But he still in contention. Gordon Benson holding on, still in third


position, what a swim for Gordon Benson who trains with the Brownlee


brothers. What a start he has made, Gordon


Benson coming into transition just behind Ben Kanute. Behind them,


Pierre Le Corre on the right coming out of the water. We will have to


wait a while to see Mario Mohler, who was on his way to


wait a while to see Mario Mohler, now. Matt Sharp in 45th. It is a


mixed bag for the British quartet in the early stages here. There is


Fernando Alarza, number two, coming out of transition. Still no sign of


Mario Mola. He has work to do now to pull himself back to the front of


the pack as they begin the first lap. We have been used to seeing


Mola up there on the swim. He had a superfast transition and made up


some good places there. What a season Mola has had. Victory in Abu


Dhabi, backed that up in the Gold Coast. In Cape Town, a race that was


won by his compatriot Alarza, with Jonnie Brownlee third. On their way,


the first lap of 4.54 kilometres. The way they look at the moment, I


wouldn't be surprised if we get a large group forming in the early


stages. Lots of tight turns which can be troublesome in the wet but


should be safe enough in dry conditions today. It was really all


about someone taking the lead at the front and deciding they are


about someone taking the lead at the get some order in the front pack. If


you don't do that early in the race, it is hard to get a big gap from


the second pack and they are going to have to work hard. Great to see


Gordon Benson doing a good job, alongside Henri Schoeman from South


Africa, but the athletes are piling up behind them. We could have most


of the field involved in one big group by the time they sort


themselves out early in lap two, as they come to the end of lap one.


What a start from Gordon Benson, leading them through, with Henri


Schoeman second. We will keep an eye out as the


second lap unfolds for the union flags, but Gordon Benson is the best


of the British boys so far. What will the selectors be looking for


here? It is between Bishop and Benson. What will the selectors be


looking for in the role of a pilot athlete in Rio? They are looking for


an intelligent athlete that can read the race, see what is going on and


adapt as the race goes on. Benson is doing a great job at the moment. He


could perhaps be looking out for Bowden. At the moment Henson is the


man in the running for me. It is no use for him going to Rio as the


pilot athlete and being 20 seconds off the pace in the water. He has


proved he can finish with anybody out of the water. Absolutely. He has


done the right thing, he has worked hard which is key because we know


the Brownlees when they are on form, and Thomas Bishop has worked his way


to the front of this pack, but as I was saying, it is important that any


athlete that goes with the Brownlee Brothers can swim with them. Seven


laps to go and both Bishop and Benson, who are vying for Olympic


selection, are up near the front of the field. Plenty for the selectors


to ponder as the race unfolds. It will certainly be interesting for


the selectors. We know that Benson trains regularly with the Brownlees.


Bishop doesn't train with them. Both doing a good job here today. This


group includes both Bishop and Benson and we will get a look at the


time difference between the lead group and the chasers. At the moment


it is ten seconds. We will get an official time gap when they hit


transition at the end of this lap. It looks as if that group of two


will soon merge into one. That will give us a total of about 60 riders


or thereabouts, or jockeying for position in the second half of this


cycle stage. We are at the end of lap three, after 39 minutes of this


world triathlon series. Round four of the world tour here in Yokohama


and Gordon Benson is back in front. Good ride so far from Mario Mola.


Massive group, all the big names are in there. Now, all sorts of Olympic


qualifying criteria to be met. Not just within the British Federation


but across the board. Nothing is decided for many of these guys out


but across the board. Nothing is here today. Somebody can come


through, produce the run of a lifetime. They can break on the


bike, give themselves a good chance going into the run and maybe launch


a last-ditch effort to get qualified for Rio. Look at the slowness of


this turn now. Everybody being cautious. We are on lap six and one


of the Japanese athletes has made a little break. He has opened up a gap


of three or four seconds. It is Jumpei Furuya of Japan leading the


Yokohama triathlon. The Japanese have Olympic selection on their


minds as well. Jumpei Furuya isn't totally committed to this break, you


can tell by how much time he is spending looking over his shoulder


before he gets spending looking over his shoulder


obviously wants to make a point. If you are going to go, you have got to


go properly, you cannot spend half your time looking over your


shoulder. It is great to see Bishop in first, Benson, then it looks like


it was Adam Bowden behind him. From the helicopter shot you can see just


how large this front group is. Anything can happen this afternoon,


and Kyle Jones of Canada has pulled out, which has ramifications. If he


doesn't finish, the Canadians will have one fewer Olympic spot


available to them in Rio. That is a big DNF for Kyle Jones. So many


stories unfolding. Triathlon made its Olympic debut in Sydney in 2000


and has been a regular feature of the Olympic programme ever since. It


is the biggest event in this sport. Matthew Sharp has dropped down to


13th position. Still not too far off the pace. Gordon Benson still


plotting his course at the front and forcing the pace of the race. Gordon


Benson is ushering some of his compatriots through. He, I think, is


keeping an eye out for Matthew Sharp, who is a few places back.


Perhaps Gordon Benson will take Matthew Sharp under his wing and


potentially pilot him towards the front of this race. He is showing


his Olympic credentials. This is what the selectors want him to do in


Rio if they pick him. Yes, Matthew Sharp having a great


race in Spain, winning that just a month or so ago. They know he has


good running form, hence why Benson is looking back, saying where are


you, I'm going to give you a tow up to the front. Yamamoto has had a


break. He wasn't joined by anybody. Maybe he was hoping for some company


potentially from Jumpei Furuya, who made the break earlier, but it was


half-hearted. It is the end of the final lap. Just about 40 kilometres


complete. They will need to look out in transition with such a massive


group arriving within a few seconds of each other. Gordon Benson's work


is done. He has had a superb race in his role as pilot athlete, taking it


easy now at the back of the field as the stronger runners jostle for


position and aim to be near the front of the pack ready for when


they hang up their bikes. The last front of the pack ready for when


of the 1600 metres for them to ride, then hopefully quick in and out of


transition before the run to come. These British athletes have made it


a very honest bike race because the pace has been on for the full 40


kilometres. No letup at all and that has been great to see. Adam Bowden


just coming in. It is important to stop and get off before that line.


One or two wheels getting tangled up. We have seen injuries happening


to athletes over the years in the frantic procedure of transition.


Let's have a look at Mario Mola, in and out of transition. He dons the


familiar white visor and he's in a great position. He has Kanute for


companies. An mass of athletes. Alarza, the winner the last time out


in Cape Town, it is in about 15 position. On their way and Mola has


quickly established his position at the front of the field. Yes, a very


familiar sight, those flapping arms. Interesting to see Kristian


Blummenfelt, the bronze-medallist from the European Championships in


2015, he appears to be having an impressive run so far. Henri


Schoeman from South African, not yet made the podium, has had some top


six finishes. Could this be his race here today in Japan? Two British


athletes in the top five, as they round that tight bend we have seen


them go around so many times on the bike. We will see plenty of Kristian


Blummenfelt here this afternoon. Not only did he have that victory in


Spain, he has had plenty of racing. He then went to Sardinia to the


capital, and won the World Cup, which is the sort of second division


of world triathlon. That was just a few days ago on the 8th of May so he


is full of confidence at the moment. Despite his efforts in Madrid and


Sardinia, he seems to be still full of energy. Kristian Blummenfelt, the


Norwegian, in second position, on the shoulder of the world number


one, Mario Mola. Yes, only 22 years of age, he has


one, Mario Mola. Yes, only 22 years around about 2012. As yet we haven't


seen him anywhere near the podium, certainly in the world triathlon


series. Fernando Alarza. Ahead of him, Henri Schoeman.


Henri Schoeman working on his run in the last few months, taking on board


some energy gel to try and give himself something extra and now some


water. Still looking for Olympic qualification, Henri Schoeman. Mario


Mola out in front, Kristian Blummenfelt of Norway, they have


opened up quite a lead over the rest of the field. The next group


contains Henri Schoeman and Fernando Alarza, and Pirlo core is in there


as well. -- Pirlo so much at stake for so many


athletes here this afternoon. Let's see what the lead that Mario Mola


and Kristian Blummenfelt have, it is ten seconds.


Mario Mola with just Kristian Blummenfelt for company. The


Norwegian is having to grit his teeth as Mario Mola puts another


element of pace into his run and this times it seems


element of pace into his run and Blummenfelt is unable to respond,


furthered back down the field, Fernando Alarza trying to move clear


of Le Corre, who in turn is trying to move clear of Henri Schoeman. Not


having it all his own way to day, Mario Mola swinging his arms and


stamping his authority on this race. Kristian Blummenfelt is the man of


the race for me, he's a big guy, much more known for his cycling


skills than his running skills. Two laps to go. Mario Mola the dominant


figure in world triathlon so far this season, winning in Abu Dhabi


and on the Gold Coast. He's the man to watch as Kristian Blummenfelt,


the gutsy Norwegian grits his teeth and tries to keep daylight between


himself and Fernando Alarza, Le Corre and Henri Schoeman. Crisanto


Grajales can be a very effective runner and is currently sixth out


right. Adam Bowden a bit further down the field. The race beginning


to spread along the streets of Yokohama. Two laps to go. Halfway


through the run and Mario Mola is clear of Kristian Blummenfelt.


Kristian Blummenfelt having to work really hard here, I don't think he


is safe in second. Looks like he could be easy prey for the men


closing him down from behind. Some of the faster runners behind,


Fernando Alarza and Christian Grigio was -- Crisanto Grajales will be


thinking they can catch him. They have work to do if they are going to


get onto Kristian Blummenfelt but Kristian Blummenfelt having the race


of his life. Le Corre of France also running strongly. Mario Mola a lone


figure at the front of the field with just the motor cycle camera for


company. Kristian Blummenfelt has a separate motor cycle filming him.


It's Crisanto Grajales who is closing him down. Another place


could fall for Kristian Blummenfelt. Perhaps the effort of his World Cup


racing is beginning to take its toll, three races in three weeks for


Kristian Blummenfelt. Crisanto Grajales looks the fresher of the


two as he sets his site on the stealing second position from the


Norwegian. Mario Mola a bit of a lone figure as he goes across the


blue carpet, the finish of the third lap, just one lap to go, 2.5


kilometres. Mario Mola looks really comfortable, not heavy breathing.


Light and live, quite a contrast to the physique and trials and


tribulations been suffered at the moment I Kristian Blummenfelt, the


Norwegian. It won't be long before Cassandra her allies -- Crisanto


Grajales take second place. He will move up from third to second.


Fernando Alarza another one having to work hard, Henri Schoeman has had


a good run this afternoon. Further back down the field we can see


Dmitry Polyanskiy. Joe Maloy of the United States of America. Adam


Bowden currently 13th position officially at this stage. I'd


confront its Mario Mola who's looking for yet another win.


Crisanto Grajales is right on the shoulder of Kristian Blummenfelt and


he looks full of running over the final stages, the last lap of this


10,000 metre run. Now the Mexican makes his move and I'm not sure


Kristian Blummenfelt is able to respond. Yes but he's not giving up,


it's an impressive performance not least because not six days ago he


was racing in Sardinia. Crossed many miles to get to Yokohama but no sign


of any jet lag. What determination from Kristian Blummenfelt, deep into


his reserves of strength and stamina. Meanwhile it's all quite


easy for Mario Mola. Showing his prowess here in Yokohama. Kristian


Blummenfelt with telling glance over his shoulder, might have given up on


second place but will be absolutely determined to hold on to third as


Crisanto Grajales injects more pace. Mario Mola is on his way to another


world triathlon series win here in Yokohama. Mario Mola has timed his


race to perfection this afternoon. It will be a fast winning time. Last


year his compatriot Gomez won in a time of one minute 47 flat, it will


be possibly quite late quicker than that. Depends how easily he takes


the final straight. Taking the applause of the crowd who has


gathered on the finishing line. He enjoys the moment, Mario Mola


reinforcing his position as the world number one with another


dominant performance. He world number one with another


transition after his 40 kilometres cycle, full of running, timed his


entry and exit to perfection. Mario Mola will take his sixth world


triathlon series win to reinforce his position as the world number


one. And it will be a first ever podium place for a Mexican


triathlete at a world triathlon series level as Crisanto Grajales


comes home for second. A determined effort from the overworked Kristian


Blummenfelt, three races in quick succession, he's on the podium in


the world triathlon. Jacob Birtwhistle finishing in fourth


forestry earlier. Fernando Alarza continues his excellent season in


fifth, ahead of Le Corre, Henri Schoeman in seventh, the South


African. Followed by Dmitry Polyanskiy. Then Ryan Sissons of New


Zealand. Rounding out the top ten will be Tyler Mislawchuk of the


United States of America with his compatriot Joe Maloy in elephant.


12th place today for Adam Bowden, the best of the British triathletes


in Yokohama. Mario Mola winning in Yokohama.


Bryan Keane 20th for the Republic of Ireland which qualifies him for the


Olympics. I am very happy with how things went


today. I think I managed to do a good swim. I was able to stay at the


front of the pack, the British guy did a great job in front so it made


it a bit easier to stay there. Then the run, felt great so I can't be


happier. It's an amazing race, he was running very fast and I was


trying to make him do some work because it was quite windy but he


told me he wasn't feeling it so I did the race and it worked. I am


very happy, my first podium in the World Series, I am very happy for


me, for my coach, my family, my country. I am very, very happy. It's


a hard course, I am happy. I thought I had a chance on the run, I'd been


in good running shape and had some good sessions. I'm a bit surprised I


managed to get a medal after being 40 guys off the bike. It was a brave


tactic to hang onto the back of Mario for that long. To begin with


it felt quite easy, so I thought I will try to hang on and see what


happens. I am very pleased with how things are going, I know it's a long


way to the Olympics but my goal at the beginning of the season was to


keep working and racing as I have in the past. I think it works so why


change what you know normally works. I will keep working for the next


couple of months, now focusing on the Olympics and we will see what


happens. The final Olympic qualifying race ends with victory


for Mario Mola, his place in Brazil is a sure do. Others have staked


their claim. Jessica Ennis-Hill is back on top of


the world. Jessica Adams has just made history.


Goldberg Kenya! His 18th Olympic gold medal. Usain Bolt gets there!


They are world champions again! The Olympic champion! Laura Trott


crosses the line as the world champion! Mo Farah streaking away!


Just 82 days to go until the start of the Olympic Games and 115 until


the start of the Paralympic games. So far two British para triathletes


have met the criteria. Alison Patrick in the PT by category and I


have come to her house to say hello. -- PT five category. Congratulations


on meeting the selection criteria, is the excitement starting to build?


Yes, it's getting closer, starting to set strong goals for the next


blocks of training. Focusing on the end goal of the Olympics. In terms


of your condition how happy are you with you are at at the moment?


Europeans in a couple of weeks but for me that's not important for


getting selected so I am in quite an aerobic block of training, I feel


like I am getting stronger, still making gains. In terms of the course


in Brazil, you will know it, you competed in the test event, how well


does it suits you? It's very technical from the bike by her view


which in the past I would have said is not our strongest as appealing,


on the tandem, but we are getting better. The turns are coming quite


good, very synced. Excited. I love biting and have always fancied a


tandem, tells about the dynamic of riding one? I don't know the


difference because I don't ride and normal bike, but you just have two


trust the person in front of them. We have commuter tandem we take back


and forward to training and we have race bike which is much lighter and


faster. In terms of your visual impairment,


how much support do you need in terms of day to day living? Is it


varies. I can get about by myself, walking about takes a bit longer, it


would take a good half hour to walk to university. The paratriathlon


seems to be working really well. It is such a better environment, I have


someone to run with for all of my sessions so I don't have to worry


about pace and judging things by myself. Swimming is phenomenal


because every session is coached so technique points can be brought up


every session, whereas before it was sporadic. Then cycling again, there


is always some -- someone to cycle with. Is it tends with Rio around


the corner? Yes, you want to know who your team-mates are going to be.


Obviously living with George, who is waiting to find out if he will


qualify, you feel for him. Good luck with your preparations and we will


see you in Rio. Women's race highlights from


Yokohama coming up shortly but first he is a cheeky reminder of which


nation is dominating women's triathlon in 2016.


Jody Stimpson is starting 2016 with an absolutely brilliant performance


here. Jenkins takes the victory on the Gold Coast. Our team is so


strong. We are blessed to be Great Britain. There is still more to


come, which is quite exciting. Unbelievable start of the season for


the British women. It has been quite a season and who


knows what else is to come. No British women in Yokohama, give


everyone else a chance, including the reigning world champion, Gwen


Jorgensen. Everyone is fascinated to see how she will go in Japan after


that shock defeat to Jenkins in the Gold Coast.


Here is our guide. There might not be any Brits taking part but there


is still a great deal to look forward to in the women's race.


Every past winner from Yokohama is taking part. Of these three, when


has knocked -- Gwen Jorgensen has notched up the most victories. After


finishing third in the Gold Coast, Andrea just needs to continue


building for Rio. But for lease there is a lot more at stake.


Injuries have kept her from competing to the best of her


abilities since 2012 and this is her last chance to qualify for Rio. Emma


Moffat is another athlete who always performs well in Yokohama, she has


made the top four every time she has raised here. The attention is on the


other Australians competing as she has already qualified for Rio. The


Australians have strength and depth so expect them to be fighting just


as hard for the right to take part in the Games. It is also a big day


for the Americans with one place on their team to be determined. If


Zaferes can beat her compatriots, she will be chosen. But it is far


from certain to occur. None of the top four in the women's


standings are competing this weekend so it will be Ashleigh Gentle


wearing the number one as she battles it out to earn a spot on the


Olympic team. Stimpson battled back brilliantly after finishing second


in Cape Town. She now has her attention is firmly set on the World


Series and is perfectly placed to fight for her first world title,


which will be decided at the grand final in Mexico in September. So,


here are the race highlights. COMMENTATOR: Here is the start list.


Ashleigh Gentle has the number one. And they are under way. No wet


suits, the water sufficiently warm as they dive into Yokohama harbour


in the shadow of the Hikawa Maru ship. This is one


of the choppy at to cease wins we have seen all season. You can see


the athletes jostling for position. We have two separate packs in the


water. 25 degrees outside, will water temperature


water. 25 degrees outside, will degrees, and they will exit the


water at the end of the first degrees, and they will exit the


750-metre lap and re-enter for lap two. Samuels of New Zealand is up


near the front and she's joined by Summer Cook from the USA. For so


many of the athletes from around the world, this is their last chance to


qualify. Some of the Olympic positions have already been


allocated but there are plenty more up for grabs in doubt. Some of them


will make it today, some will be left highly disappointed today. So,


approaching the first turn. 1.2 kilometres to swim. Keeping


reasonably well spread out here, and I some Cork who was first to


take the turn. Someone has got stuck on the inside of that buoy. Dreadful


buoy there. The swimmers haven't had time to separate out as we normally


see. We are back with what looks like Summer Cook from the USA. Three


world triathlon series starts so far, so pretty new to the sport. All


eyes will be on Gwen Jorgensen, never normally at the front


eyes will be on Gwen Jorgensen, field at the start of the triathlon.


The swim section can be a problem area for the American but she is


improving all the time, as we get a shot of her now. Gwen Jorgensen in


about seventh position roughly at this stage in the swim, as we panned


forward to the front of stage one. It will be a two lap swim. Then they


will pick up their bikes, ride 40 kilometres, stage three the ten


kilometre run will be four laps of 2.5 kilometres to round things off.


Out they come at the end of lap one. Summer Cook, leading them out. The


Brazilian is close behind. Plenty of interest for the Japanese supporters


here, we will keep an That is 40 athlete out within 20


seconds, just goes to show no damage has really been done in that first


750 metres. After about 11 minutes of the triathlon, they are on their


way for lap two. Summer Cook, just checking her direction. You will see


number 50 on her swim cap. She makes a couple of strokes, then pokes her


head out of the water. As the pathfinder here, she needs to make


sure she is taking the correct direction towards the turn, which


was pretty chaotic last time around. They have spread out a little


further so we will hope it is less dramatic. Pamella Oliveira, of


Brazil, coming out, but no Brit there today. They have decided to


sit out of this race. Now time to think about the final


sit out of this race. Now time to water. There are two distinct


groups. All of the water. There are two distinct


bidding for Olympic selection will be hoping to be in that first group.


If you are in the second group you have an awful lot of work to do, as


they pick up their bikes for the second stage. It is dry and pretty


mild here this afternoon. Summer Cook, the first out. Then Samuels


and Oliveira. Lots of competition within the Australian ranks for


selection, the only one who has been selected is Moffat. Lisa Norton has


moved up into the top 20 at the end of lap two. Quite a long run in on


the tarmac before it gets more comfortable on the blue carpet,


where the bikes are parked. Good numbers out there this afternoon,


five or six deep in places, looking out for the triathletes. Great swim


for Charlotte McShane of Australia, and she will definitely be going for


that spot on the Australian team. Gwen Jorgensen has arrived in


transition, a few seconds behind the leaders but she won't be concerned.


She has a chance to join in the fun. 40 kilometres now involving nine


loops around the streets of Yokohama. A huge group is likely to


form at the front of the bikes. One or two strugglers.


Hard work ahead now for Ai Ueda of Japan. Ashleigh Gentle on her way


Hard work ahead now for Ai Ueda of too, the Australian. She started the


race wearing number one, but the poor swim leaves her with lots of


work to do. Meanwhile, we will join the bike as they make the first out


and back turned. We are with the lead group here. Hopefully as the


race on falls we will get a check on some of the main contenders. -- as


the race unfolds. A chance to pick up some speed as they had out on the


main sections as they follow the waterfront as it makes its way round


some of the reclaim the land around Yokohama. Out towards the circular


bridge, out towards the theme park at Cosmo World with the giant Ferris


wheel. There is the circular bridge I just mentioned. We will see who is


who and who is where in this front group. They are on their way. It is


a very twisty Turney route. Michel, what a shame, heard a already over.


Yes, she has called today. We heard she had a stomach problem this


morning so we will assume it might be something to do with that.


Zaferes, making a decisive move, trying to bridge the gap. They need


to be careful, the cones don't give them too much margin for error. And


Moffat, pre-selected for the Australian Olympic team, making her


way up through the field. She will soon hook onto the back of the


leading group. It is going to be an interesting bike here because the


athletes need to work hard in this front pack, with a note Jenkins.


Duffy of Bermuda here racing today. Someone else will have to take on


the role of pushing the front pack if they are going to stay away from


the chasers. Approaching the end of lap one and we will get a check on


who is involved. Just 28 minutes has passed since they dived into the


water to Sarah-Anne Brault looking for a


chance to qualify for Olympic qualification.


23, 24, 25 and growing. Then a gap of a few seconds to the next little


group coming through transition. Ashleigh Gentle and Ai Ueda have


made a significant move during that first lap. They have closed the gap


and are clearly determined to get involved in the front group. Huge


front pack, 37 athletes in there and unless someone takes control and get


them working as a team the likes of Ashleigh Gentle and Ai Ueda are


going to have a good chance of joining them. Kirsten Kasper closest


to us, the American wearing number two. The chasing group 27 seconds


removed from the leaders. The leaders are forcing quite a decent


pace here at the head of proceedings in Yokohama. Number 19 Rebecca


Spence, powerful rider. No British interest in this race this afternoon


but Aileen Reid is in the field for Ireland. They are approaching the


end of the second lap after 34 minutes, just under 35 minutes of


triathlon under their belt. The end of the second lap, we'll get a look


at who is doing what and what the difference is between the leaders


and the chasers. Rebecca Spence out in front as she has been a couple of


times this season. Injecting as much pace as she can. Gwen Jorgensen in


that group. She has been dominant in Yokohama over the years, winning


here three times in the past. Likes the course and the fact that it's


flat and she will enjoy it today, the fact it is mild and drive. The


chasing group led by Ashleigh Gentle of Australia. With Ai Ueda just


behind her. Aileen Reid in green just going through, the Irish


triathletes, struggling to keep pace with the front of the chasing group


led by Ashleigh Gentle and Ai Ueda. Back with the leaders and still


Rebecca Spence dictating the pace of the race. This is a tricky course


because there's a lot of twists and turns and unless you are technically


very strong you are right hard into the corners and then you get the


effect everyone slows down and gets the chance, at the moment we are not


seeing many breakaways, good to see Charlotte McShane up there with


Rebecca Spence pushing on the front pack. Summer Cook at the back of the


leading pack, she did all her hard work during the swimming. The


chasers are closing, it was 27 seconds the last time we saw, it's


down to just 14 now. They have made a real dent. The chasers are coming.


Emma Moffatt latching onto the back of this little group. Australians


leading and sweeping with Ashleigh Gentle. Ai Ueda is a bit of a hero


in these parts. Gwen Jorgensen out of the saddle and pushing hard.


Unbelievable unbeaten run of hers came to an end the ninth of


Australia in Australia, the Gold Coast race going the way of Helen


Jenkins. Gwen Jorgensen apart from that defeat at the hands of Jenkins


has been the dominant athlete on the world triathlon series for the last


two years. She will go to Rio is one of the favourites to pick up the


gold medal. 25 kilometres still to ride. And the chasers are just four


or five seconds behind. It won't be long before this group led by


Ashleigh Gentle with Emma Moffatt at the back join the fun at the front


and that will give us a the back join the fun at the front


group of 42 riders in total. the back join the fun at the front


makes the second half of this course quite interesting so many different


agendas out there today. All the various connotations, the national


agendas out there today. All the federations and the Olympic


selection criteria to consider. They have all become one, the two groups


have converged, huge pack taking this tight turn around the


stationary car. Interesting to see if anyone in the pack decides to


attempt a breakaway because Gwen Jorgensen is in there and she is by


far the fastest runner in the pack. The only chance of beating her now


is to get a breakaway but that will be difficult on this course because


all the athletes that are racing. Normally we see Gwen Jorgensen


coming in, she can be a minute, minute and a half down sometimes and


ease her way up through the field. This is the new chasing group, eight


or nine, Santos of Portugal. They have work to do to try and join this


huge peloton at the front. Into the closing stages of the bike section


and still this huge group of 42 under the circular bridge again.


Perfect conditions for cycling the streets of Japan. 3.7 million


population. Still no trouble on the roads so far. Everyone has kept


themselves out of trouble, one or two getting close to the cones.


Jones of the United States has got too close for comfort and is having


to restart. Let's have another look. Jones went down, she took herself


down I think, braked too hard, the front wheel goes and it's all over.


She will have a tough day getting back.


She was shaking her right she was riding off, the American.


But back in the race. Coming towards transition for the second time, the


change from two wheels to the ten kilometre run to round things off.


Summer Cook starts to remove her feet from the pedals at the back of


the pack. Jones hasn't got too far feet from the pedals at the back of


removed, the American who crashed, that is good riding. In towards


transition for the second and final time. Gwen Jorgensen will be hoping


for a clean break and a clear view of the road ahead. Kirsten Kasper


leading the pack in, number two for the United States of America.


Outside chance of Olympic selection for Kirsten Kasper. Sarah Trew


Outside chance of Olympic selection within the American team for was oh.


One more Place available. Andrea Hewitt of New Zealand is officially


the first to dismount. Ai Ueda the best of the Japanese.


Good start from Ai Ueda, very fast transition and she is forced to


strike. Gwen Jorgensen never in a panic in transition, she knows she


has the running ability to close down the gap, and quickly. It's Ai


Ueda of Japan who strikes for the front of the field. First to leave


transition, giving the crowd is much to enjoy at the start of this 10,000


metre run. It motivates the athletes when they are on home soil and in


Japan triathlon is so big. Having all the support is making her run


out of her skin but she has a long way to go and has gone out pretty


fast with the likes of Gwen Jorgensen on her heels. At the


moment Ai Ueda of Japan is leading the race. She was the runner-up here


behind Gwen Jorgensen in 2014. Kirsten Kasper, Andrea Hewitt and


Erin Densham alongside with Renee Tomlin also of the United States of


America. Those athletes are slowly but surely reeling in Ai Ueda so it


won't be long before she has company at the front of the field. Gwen


Jorgensen starting to get involved as well. Ai Ueda seeking the shade


on the left. Gwen Jorgensen in about 10th position, then a bit of a gap.


It's going to be a tough running race for the likes of Erin Densham


because they are the top contenders for my liking of the Chilean team,


at the moment you can see her in second place -- the Australian team.


The tall figure of going your Gunson -- Gwen Jorgensen working her way up


towards Ai Ueda. Ai Ueda one of the oldest competitors in the field, 32


years of age from Kyoto in Japan. She's about to feel Gwen Jorgensen


breathing her neck. Whether she will go straight past Ai Ueda whether she


will stay with her for a moment remains to be seen. But no lack of


pace from Gwen Jorgensen, Ai Ueda would have expected to see her but


possibly not quite as quickly as that. The 30-year-old American leads


the 32-year-old Japanese. Just tucked in behind, Kristin Kaspar and


Tomlinson because they will be looking for the sport on the


American team. Seven world triathlon starts in 2015


for Gwen Jorgensen, recorded the fastest run split in all seven of


those races and she won all seven of those races as well. The first


to win the world triathlon grand final twice since it was introduced


in 2009. And the first American athlete male or female to defend the


world triathlon championship title. She's one of the all-time greats.


And the Olympics this year represent the one thing which is missing from


her CV. Striking the front in Japan and moving away from the rest of the


field. This is classic Gwen Jorgensen. I wonder how her head is


after being beaten by Helen Jenkins in the Gold Coast. Some thought her


confidence might have been knocked but it doesn't look like it here


today, she looks like she's back on the form we are used to seeing from


her. Fascinating women's Olympic


triathlon in prospect in Rio in August with Gwen Jorgensen the big


favourite, having been beaten by Helen Jenkins, Non Stanford


favourite, having been beaten by Vicky Holland also involved. Others


not sure of the place, but the men's race should be good as well,


Alistair Brownlee hoping to defend his title and Jonny Brownlee hoping


to get amongst the medals and maybe steel the gold medal from his older


brother this August in Brazil. Mouthwatering stuff. We can see the


gap growing between the chasing pack, she's pretty formidable when


she's on top form like this. The running technique just about as


close to perfect as you can get. These four triathletes bidding for a


central podium places. Ai Ueda, the little pocket rocket from Japan


taking a gulp of water to keep herself cool, digging deep into her


reserves of strength in an attempt to stick with her competitors.


Summer Cook had a very good swimmer and kept out of trouble on two


wheels and is now up into third position, having a good race here


today, Summer Cook. Often Gwen Jorgensen comes from 90


seconds down and has to do all of that hard work before she takes the


seconds down and has to do all of lead in these races. Today it has


taken her much less time than normal to become the dominant figure in the


race. She is looking for her fourth straight win in Yokohama. 11 seconds


the lead now for Gwen Jorgensen. That is certainly growing, she is


extending it stride by stride here. Gwen Jorgensen of the USA. Some


might think she would want to take her foot off the gas but she likes


to push on with the pace. She will be disappointed with her performance


in the Gold Coast and will want to know everyone she is back, and the


fastest runner at this moment. I make that gap more like 17, 18


seconds. Summer Cook, holding second for the USA. Ai Ueda, towered over


by the rest of the field. The veteran Japanese holding on to third


position. A bit of a scrap going on behind, Ashleigh Gentle. Lyndon,


perhaps the youngest person in this race. We can see that lead is


definitely growing, and it has got to be around 25 seconds by my


guessing. So, at the end of the first lap. It


didn't take long for Gwen Jorgensen to settle herself in at the front of


the field. One hour and 31 minutes have passed since the race began and


we will get an official time difference now between Gwen


Jorgensen, the best and the rest, who are battling for podium places


and Olympic selection. And Ai Ueda is still out near the front, and


that is giving the local supporters much to save on the second half of


this run. Sarah-Anne Brault of Canada will be hoping she can give


herself a chance of going to Rio in August. Jackson weighed down after


that great swim she had. Normally the run


that great swim she had. Normally today. -- way down. Gwen Jorgensen


all on her own at the front of the field, picks up a bottle of water


and uses it as a shower rather than drink. She is just stretching her


lead with every pace. Now the battle continues, it is all about the race


within the race. Gwen Jorgensen's victory, presuming she stays


upright, it is secured. There is a move afoot from Ashleigh Gentle, the


Australian has moved up from the third group to join in with this


group of seven or eight, the chase group now. So Ashleigh Gentle


fancies her chances of making a late bid for Olympic selection. 29


seconds now the gap, that is a bit more realistic, and still a fair


amount of running to go. I can see that gap growing to well over one


minute. Ashleigh Gentle now has taken second place in this race, she


has really worked her way up. She took it pretty steady in the first


couple of kilometres, she has found her pays now to put herself in


contention for that second spot on the Australian team. And the only


one who has gone with her, to stay with her at the moment, is Ai Ueda.


She could still be on for a podium place here for the host nation.


Ashleigh Gentle of Australia in second position with Ai Ueda on her


shoulder. Hewitt, the consistent New Zealander, once again up there in


amongst the best of the action. Charlotte MacShane hot on her heels,


she will also be eyeing a spot. She doesn't want to let Ashleigh Gentle


go too far ahead of her because she knows Jackson is behind her, and


Moffat has already qualified. Gwen Jorgensen has a lead of more than


one minute over the next best now. Gentle starting to assert herself in


second position. The 25-year-old Australian has one metre over Ai


Ueda, but Ai Ueda isn't broken just yet and we could seek a sprint


towards the line between second and third if it stays like this. Gwen


Jorgensen just cruising through the streets of Yokohama. Ai Ueda, taking


the inside line. She is streets of Yokohama. Ai Ueda, taking


not giving up, grimacing, the pain showing all over her face. Gentle


looking over her shoulder to see if she is in a clear spot. I think


those glasses certainly hide one or two emotions. The closing stages of


round four of the world triathlon series for 2016 and Ashleigh Gentle


kicks past Ai Ueda, whose face is a story of pain. Meanwhile out in


front, Gwen Jorgensen heads towards what will be her 16th world


triathlon series win and her fourth right here in Yokohama. A race


triathlon series win and her fourth in Australia by


triathlon series win and her fourth she has bounced back to let


everybody know that she is still going to be the one to watch in Rio.


It has been so comfortable from the very start for Gwen Jorgensen, and


as the crowd show the appreciation for her efforts here in Yokohama


this afternoon, the finishing straight, not worried about anybody


from behind, such is the extent of her lead. Not even bothering to slow


down and high-5 or take a flag. But now she raises her sunglasses and


lets out a smile and starts to acknowledge the support she has


received here. They are very knowledgeable triathlon crowd, they


know all about Gwen Jorgensen in Yokohama, as she wins in Yokohama


once again. Another stunning performance from the American, who


has got quite a wait now. Ai Ueda has struck back against Ashleigh


Gentle, she is desperate to take that second position but she looks


like she is running on empty. Gentle looks like she might have enough in


reserve to make a decisive kick on the final straight. As the


Australian shadows Ai Ueda in the final stretch, they will go shoulder


to shoulder. Gentle has got a kick, Ai Ueda unable to respond. She has


the measure of the Japanese veteran, and she will take runners-up spot


behind Gwen Jorgensen. She has shown her true courage and resilience, and


will certainly be going to Rio to represent Japan after that gutsy


performance. But it is second place to Ashleigh Gentle here this


afternoon. The Australian finishes one minute and a quarter behind Gwen


Jorgensen. Gentle takes second, Ai Ueda comes home for a courageous


third place. Meanwhile the sprint finishes continue. Charlotte


MacShane pushed down to fifth by Andrea Hewitt. Who has already


qualified for Rio, finishes in second -- Moffat. Another amazing


performance from Gwen Jorgensen, finishing in first ahead of Ashleigh


Gentle and Ai Ueda of Japan. It must be one of your favourite


places to race, four wins in a row here? I really like it in Japan, the


crowd is always cheering and it makes it really exciting. How


pleased were you with your swim because it was quite choppy and you


were within ten seconds off the lead coming out of the water. I would


have liked to have been nearer the front but it was quite choppy, it


was a hard swim. As far as your Olympic preparations go, it seems


like watching that is that you are pretty much where you want to be.


Yes, I have been working towards it for four years so I will just keep


working towards that. Were you concerned coming out of the water,


there was a gap between you and the leading group. I was disappointed


about that. It was really choppy, I have done so much better in the


pool. I have got to improve and there's no excuses but I worked hard


on the bike and really pushed the pace is the first few laps to get


back in the game again. Do you think you have sent a definitive statement


of the Australian Federation to say take me to Rio on this performance?


I think so, my silver last year in Abu Dhabi and this race should be a


really good case. I know I have lots to give and lots of improve on so I


hope they can see that and I'm determined to be in Rio so I hope I


can be there. How happy are you to have been on the podium again here?


I get on the podium again, very, very happy. This finish behind


Ashleigh Gentle, she is a very fast cyclist, a very good race. Keep


running, and cheering me. You have made the Japanese crowd very happy.


Yes, I am so happy. Flora Duffy of Bermuda and absentee still leads the


world triathlon standings, ahead of Jodie Stimpson, with Ashleigh Gentle


now in third, just ahead of Gwen Jorgensen.


That is it for our coverage from Yokohama. Next up for the World


Series, it is the new kid on the block and we are marching on


together towards leads leads -- Leeds. What a performance!


A stunning performance. We will be live in Leeds with all


the action on Sunday June 12. We have the men's and women's races in


full on BBC Two, and to whet your appetite between now and then, why


not watch The Brownlee 'S. Alistair and Johnny both come from Leeds, so


that next World Series event promises to be quite something.


Until then, goodbye.


Jonathan Edwards presents highlights of the Yokohama leg of the World Triathlon Series.

The testing course around Yamashita Park is the fourth race of nine this season and takes on extra significance with the Olympics now just a little over two months away. In this race in 2015, Spain's Javier Gomez and America's Gwen Jorgensen were victorious and they will both be back to defend their titles.

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