Edmonton Highlights Triathlon: World Series

Edmonton Highlights

A look back at all the action from the sixth leg of the elite World Series races in Edmonton, Canada. American Summer Cook looks to repeat her victory in 2016.

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Welcome to highlights of round six of the 2017 ITU World Triathlon


Series which comes from the capital of Canada's Alberta province,


Edmonton. It promises to be another instalment of sprint racing at the


best. Before we get to the action lets have a recap of what happened


in the previous five events in the season so far. Abu Dhabi and Gold


Coast hosted the first two. Flora Duffy one in Yokohama and then in


Leeds, where Alistair Brownlee made a successful return. It is Edmonton


next, on a course which has drawn up a fair few surprises in recent


years. Montreal is a new event taking place next weekend. It will


challenge even the most highly skilled athletes. Then there is more


familiar territory. Stockholm. We end with the grand final in the


Dutch city of Rotterdam. Looking at the men's rankings, Mario Mola has


enhanced his chance of defending his world title but the race is still


wide open. He leads the standings. Tom Bishop is the top British


triathlete. He is not here this weekend. Jonathan Brownlee is in


Edmonton and has a chance to claim the rankings. We've been looking at


who will be pushing for the podium. Mario Mola was unstoppable in


Hamburg. The fact that he had time to high-5 the crowd is evidence of


how dominant years. He has won his last three races. Will it become


four? Fernando Alarza is a fierce competitor with give up attitude --


never give up attitude. Javier Gomez missed most of last season through


injury but a stunning victory in Abu Dhabi silenced those who thought his


desire was waning. He may not have won a sprint distance race but even


at 34 you would not rule him out of contention here. Australia are


enjoying a resurgence with Jacob Birtwhistle leading the charge. In


Hamburg he found an extra gear to move up and finish on the podium for


only the second time of his career. Jonny Brownlee missed hamburger


because of low magnesium levels being detected by doctors after he


felt unwell. It has been a frustrating year but he won last


year so he knows the course well. You would not bet against him. Here


we are, that is the loop, 750 metres around the island and then back.


They are kept within the park. Some smart residents in the parkland get


to witness the athletes going past six times on their bikes. 21 K bike


and a five K run. Sprint testing here. Let's take a look at the


start, all the Spanish flag is. Have you Gomez has been a winner, he


won the opener in Abu Dhabi. The British interest will come from


Jonny Brownlee. He's had a break, he's fully recovered, he starts with


number 12. The third member of the trio is Grant Sheldon. 50 elite


triathletes lined up and ready to race in round six of the triathlon


series. I they go. Fast and furious start. We expect


the pace to come from Richard Varga, the Slovakian. It is a 21 K bike and


a five K run. The pace is bang on. It's a sprint distance. They stand


on the pontoon, we saw Gomez down one end and then the athletes on the


other. The early leader is Richard Varga as we anticipated.


Matthew Hauser was start of the Australian group that took the


relay. Moved back home to Slovakia since


he's married. He is someone that Jonny Brownlee will rely on to set


the pace in this swim. He will hope to be close to Richard Varga when


they come out of the water. That is Aaron Royle. He's one of


those athletes that blows hot and cold. He looks to be the athlete on


the feet of Richard Varga. We have one of the Russian athletes, Dmitry


Polyanskiy. Those are the top three at the moment. We've had a different


swim leader in every race so far this season. We'll be the 30th time


Richard Varga has led coming out of stage one.


We will get a full check on the standings.


Had probably his best race of the season. There are more athletes


without swim caps. Some have had to make the whole journey without


goggles. It can be We thought about eight and a half


minutes. They are out of the water. Another


Frenchman, Raphael Montoya. They are heading towards T1. They


are led by the swim specialist. Jonny Brownlee at his bike, bike


helmet on. Pushing towards the mount up line.


Mario Mola has just arrived. He's off the pace. He's going to have to


work hard to close the gap. They are pretty well spread. This is the


second group out of transition. There is a leading group of about


15. Jonny Brownlee with the black helmet. Heading up to lead the race.


Sometimes you get this train effect athletes are able to get on and join


up with the front pack. Let's see what they can do. We know there is a


tough claim that comes very quickly and that will be the opportunity for


some of these athletes to break away and stay away. Jonny Brownlee taking


his turn at the front. Vincent Luis is behind him. Things have gone very


much according to plan for the younger of the Brownlee Brothers.


Grant Sheldon, the third of the British triathlete to emerge from


the order. We our alongside the leaders who are making this climb.


Here's the nasty right-hander which takes them into the residential


areas of the parkland of Edmonton. It is Jonny Brownlee who leads them


up. A group of ten at the front. The next group is led by one of the


Canadians. They are some way off the pace.


This is the chase group. Mario Mola, the winner of the most recent race.


The Spaniards know that they are in trouble when they turn up to play.


This is the group of nine front. Five laps to go and we are going to


check on the difference. It is 16 seconds at the end of lap one.


It is a big group, the chase pack and they will need to communicate


really well. 16 seconds between the lead group


and the chase group at the end of lap one. Promising numbers for the


group currently led by Jonathan Brownleee. There he is - familiar


position out front. Words exchanged to Aaron Royle n


second position. It is great to see Brownlee marshalling the troops.


Someone has to lead. It is important that you get someone up the front


getting all the athletes to work. You don't want anyone sitting in not


doing anything. Ben Kanute, from the United States, at the front at the


moment. Aaron Royle, third place. Great to see Brownlee and Royle


together. You know your style of racing. Aaron Royle now on the race


of Jonathan Brownlee. Knows how important it is to gain time here.


Raphael Montoya, in that group as well. The Frenchman. The


The 21-year-old. Gomes is pushing the pace. They got that lead pack in


their sights. That is sometimes big motivation to work harder to see if


you can get back on. That is the difference now. It is no longer 16


seconds. It is closer to about 10 seconds.


They are trying to close down the leaders. Let's see if there's a


reaction from Jonathan Brownlee here at the front. He will know that the


Gomes group is leading fast. It looks like there's a little bit of


activity at the front here. Ben Kanute, at the back. Johnnie


Brownlee at the front. Working hard to keep the group at bay. Having a


chat there with the American athlete. There's no time to chat to


someone. You cannot risk losing any time. I think it is here on this


decent here where the chase pack will make some inroads. Between


Kanute and Gomes at the front, it is now just five seconds.


This has been a monumental effort from Gomes to lead the chase group


Varga getting over his bike, looking for extra speed.


I always think that looks a bit dangerous, doesn't it? And very


uncomfortable. Varga, well it has worked for him, he's opened up a


little bit of a lead. I wonder if the others may follow suit when they


come on that downward part of the course. Approaching the end of lap


two. They had a lead of 16 seconds at the end of the first lap. That


has all but gone now. Well, I think it is disappointing


for that little pack that seemed to have broken away. They seemed to


have a good group on a course like this. When you have the big, wide


open roads, a big pack will travel a bit harder. And that chase pack now


in the front group, Richard Murray as well. Let's not forget


Blummenfelt, from Norway, a phenomenal rider.


So they are approaching the end of lap two. It is all change. This


group is one of 30. Brownlee in with Gomez and all his old rivals dwen. S


again. This break away from Kanute will not


be for too long, I don't think. Benson is in that pack as well.


Grant Sheldon has made it into that group as well. All three British


triathletes are in and around the front group, which is enormous.


Looking ahead to stage three, 5km. With Noya, the world leader, with


Brownlee, with Javier Gonez, with Richard Murray, who has won World


Triathlon series races in the past. They come when he wears number four.


He's wearing number four again today. Others who will fancy their


chances. Vincent Luis, have not seen the best


of him so far this season. Maybe we will today.


Fernando Alarza, who until the last race, was the holder of the world


leader's trophy. He could have a bearing on the outcome of today's


race. This is shaping up to be a ding-dong battle, as they head into


the #kkm run. This will come down to the accuracy,


in and out of transition when they leave their bikes behind. They put


on their running shoes and of course the early stages of the run, with so


many good five kilometre runners in there. This one is wide open today.


It may have just taken the edge off of the racing of the bike stage, but


I think it makes for a fine battle, forth coming in the four kilometre


run a little later. There is always the discussion where best to place


yourself in a big group like this. I think it's important to be out of


trouble and somewhere near the front. At the same time, you do get


to see some of the athletes sitting in behind and not having to do too


much work as they get pulled along by the train effect. You have to


think where you are positioning yourself on the bike into T 2.


Five Ks left on two wheels. Absolutely wide open here.


They are all in contention. The end of the last lap will be interesting.


You want to be first into transition, to avoid the traffic and


the potential pile ups that can occur. And then you have potentially


34 athletes who want to be at the front coming off their bikes, so you


have to play it very sensibly, but very safely, too.


Gomez with his old rival Jonathan Brownlee behind him. Silver and


bronze-medallists in the London Olympics in Hyde Park in 2012.


Alistair was the champion. Johnnie improved by one moving up to


silver. Gomez was unable to compete because of his broken tharm he


picked newspaper a training accident. Richard Varga, the swim


specialist is with them as well. Could Varga potentially break the


top ten here today? It is a possibility. Has done in the past,


Richard Varga, in World Triathlon events. Might do it again today.


There are some strong runners in there. We have not spoken much about


Richard Murray and what he's capable of over five kilometres. He's been


relatively quiet this year, hasn't he, Murray? He's been playing it low


key. Had a good result in Abu Dhabi he he finished tenth. Disappointing


in Leeds. Seventh in Hamburg. It will be interesting to see how


Murray's fitness has progressed in the last couple of weeks. Not a lot


an athlete can do in two weeks. They would have had to travel over to


Canada from Europe. They take the bell. They are on


their final lap. Around the streets of the Pawrelak


Park and the Emily Murphy Park, here in Edmonton - the capital city of


Alberta, in Canada. We have a serious triathlon shaping up here,


with some of the main contenders in the Olympic distance racing circuit.


The only one who is missing. The only serious notable missing is


Alistair Brownlee, the Olympic champion, but his younger brother is


there, in the front, taking a drink now. He's got plenty of his old


rivals, including Mola and Gomez. The South African Murray and a


variety of Frenchmen to keep the interest up, as they cruise through


their final sir -- circuit in the park. Three laps of 1.66 kilometres


to conclude today's sprint distance event.


Well, Alistair Brownlee is missing, but also Henry Scuman. There are


around about 50 metres now. I think once they have realised he's off the


front, they'll be chasing him down. A brave move from Russell White. He


thinks he needs to arrive early in transition to get a head start on


the rest of them. Some are struggling to match the pace at the


back of the field. One of the Americans having a


laboured time there. They'll make this hairpin right-hander on the


hill for the final time. It will be up and then down, back sweeping down


on the Edinburgh Road and back to transition. T 2, where they will


leave the bikes. Just under two kilometres left to ride.


We have to keep our fingers crossed for Jonathan Brownlee. It was a


around about this stage in in Yokohama that he was brought off his


bike. It is interesting how you see the experienced athletes, they know


where they need to be at this stage on the bike. They somehow manage to


get themselves there, even though there are 34 other athletes around


them. It is Mola on the front. Brownlee


tucked behind. Then grom grom and a couple of the Australian athletes --


then Gomez and a couple of Australian athletes.


Almost 65 kilometres per hours. 75 kilometres per hour at the highest


speed on the course. Now the scramble begins. Varga, once again,


he's done that before. The second time leading them on the down-hill


stretch. The Irishman Russell White moves on once again. Now, the


jostling for position begins. Grant Sheldon and Gordon Benson are


looking for a way through, trying to weave their way through the pack and


arrive at the dismount line near the front, to avoid the traffic to have


a clear run to their places in transition. And then it's all about


timing. They need to be quick on the way in,


fast on the way out, neat and tidy in transition is what they're all


looking for. Here we go... Jonathan Brownlee is


off his bike and away. Tough for the marshals to keep an eye on all this,


to make sure everything was legal on the dismount line.


Nobody got left behind. Jonny Brownlee got left at the front.


Excellent transition. In pole position here. He strikes the front.


Richard Murray, Vincent Luis, Mario Mola are all in contention. You can


see Gomez in between Vincent Luis and Jonny Brownlee. What a line-up.


This could be a cracking finish. This first kilometre is uphill for


the first 800 metres. Could that be good for a Jonathan Brownlee? Gomez


just deciding to go up front. Mario Mola's time is 40 minutes and one


second. That is what we are looking for. That's the sort of level we are


looking for. The interesting statistic is when


Mario Mola has been off the lead within two seconds coming into T2


he's never been beaten. He was certainly within three seconds


coming out of transition. Richard Murray, talented runner from


South Africa, Mario Mola, world-beater from Spain. To control


of the overall rankings following his victory in Hamburg. He won the


Gold Coast sprint. He's enjoying a stellar season. He is forcing a


strong pace. What more could you want than this? The Canadians are


hoping to get decent positions to give the spectators something to get


excited about. Richard Murray and Mario Mola are going to work at the


front of the field. Great to see them here. Need to keep


himself cool. We know that sometimes he does not work that well in the


heat and needs to get some water on board. Only 3.8 kilometres to go.


They are breaking away. Grant Sheldon from Great Britain. Finished


fourth last year. He's obviously liking racing.


Battle of the giants of the sport. Interesting to see Richard Murray up


your earlier on. Please it pretty conservatively. He cannot afford to


do it today. Back to full Olympic distance. Have


you Gomez moves into position. He decides he wants to have a go.


This has been matched by Brownlee and Mario Mola. He's got to learn to


drink some and not just pour it over his head.


He's hurting as much as the other will athletes but is saying, I'm not


going to sit back, I'm going to try and unnerve them. I don't know


whether it's the pace or the bike but behind them there are other


great athletes. You can see them coming through behind. Jacob


Birtwhistle has not given up either. Mario Mola takes it up. Mario Mola


thinks it is time to do some damage. Grant Sheldon is down in seventh.


Montoya is six. Mario Mola is starting to enjoy his running. He's


going backwards, there's a gap of a couple of seconds.


Jacob Birtwhistle does not look comfortable. Mario Mola has gone, he


has gone away at the front of the field. This could be decisive. Here


comes Jacob Birtwhistle. He wants to be second behind him in Edmonton.


That's a monumental effort from Jacob Birtwhistle and he might even


catch Mario Mola. He's closing the gap all time. Mario Mola will see


him now. He's gone past in! That is brilliant from Jacob Birtwhistle. He


is leading. What a race from the Australian. He's come from the


clothes to read. Does he still realise that there is


two kilometres? It's amazing. He looks fantastic. Has he gone too


early? Jacob Birtwhistle is leading. Brown


is down to four. Out of the podium at this stage. Still more than a


mile. It is a significant lead to the Jacob Birtwhistle has got. Has


he gone too early or is he on his way to win? He went the wrong way!


An error of judgment and Mario Mola caught up a little bit.


The signposts are quite confusing there and I can see why he's done


it. Mario Mola is not giving up though I imagine he cannot quite


believe what is happening. Nobody expected Jacob Birtwhistle to come


through the field like he has. He's running away again. I'm not sure


Mario Mola will get back on. I wonder if Jacob Birtwhistle might


have misjudged it. Perhaps that's why he went up the carpet. He'd been


round that route before. I think he got that wrong. I think he messed


up. I think he will be caught. Suddenly he realised he's got it


wrong. He makes pay the price for that error of judgment as Mario Mola


surges alongside him and takes first.


I'm not sure that the way he went, it looked like he was in the final


400 metres. You said at the time. The way that he's blowing now, if


Jonny Brownlee keeps going he has a chance. Jacob Birtwhistle is hurting


and I would not be surprised if it was not that he thought that was it.


But, well, he knows there is relapse.


Brownlee could still take third with 900 metres to go. Mario Mola back in


first position. Jacob Birtwhistle and Murray are shoulder to shoulder.


It could be Mario Mola's win. He's never won it. 750 metres to go. He


looks unstoppable now. Weaver confused about what was going on but


now he looks very comfortable as he eases his way to the finish. The


fight is on. You feel very sorry for Jacob Birtwhistle. If he hangs on


for second, he will need to get involved in another sprint and he's


already had one of those. That would be extraordinary. He is not closing


the gap any time soon. Birtwistle seems to have found a hidden gear.


He's got more to give which is absolutely incredible. Coming down


that hill he's got his heart rate down. His legs will be burning. He


will galvanise his lead at the top of the world triathlon series


rankings. This will be his third sprint distance when following the


Gold Coast. He's never won in Edmonton before. He is showing the


way with a sensational performance. Potentially on the way to another


world title. Wins in Edmonton. 54 minutes and 52 seconds. What a


performance despite his misjudgements. Takes his place on


the podium finishing in third whilst Jonny Brownlee comes home with a


creditable fourth position. I did the best I could. I am happy I


had another swim. I am pleased only with the swim. I know it was a


challenging course. Worked hard the first couple of laps. Then it was a


finish. I saw Jake in the second lap. Lucky to get back to him and


then feel I get the final kick. Jacob, it is fair to say that your


running is better than your maths? I guess that's pretty obvious now. I


guess I was not sure. I got to the front too easy. I thought, no, I


started to really doubt myself and I had to hurtle over that barrier and


suffer around for another lap. Thankfully the damage wasn't too


much and I was able to finish off OK. Is it a two-lap run? I saw him


go... I thought, wow, he's gone too early. If he could keep that up he


would rival Bolt or Farah. I am sure it didn't look that good, I had to


resurrect something. Mola is the champion in Edmonton.


With Jacob Birtwhistle in second for Australia. Murray, third. Jonathan


Brownlee just off the podium, in fourth.


Grant Sheldon finished in tenth position for Great Britain.


Mola strengthens his lead. The best of the British is still Bishop in


seventh. Jonathan Brownlee has moved up to


10th. London... Are you ready? Mo Farah wins the gold! It is a


mammoth job! Going to win the world title... It is going to be... She's


smashed the winner's record. Bolt... I'm ready!


We have all that to come for you in August. But time now to turn our


attention to the women's event. Britain's Standard is not competing


here. She gave us the low down on where the race might be won or lost.


The favourite has to be Flora again. You could have the American girls


who are going well at the moment. A few other American girls is going,


and Knibb, they often surprise you over the smaller distances.


Hewitt isn't going to be there. She's obviously the main contender


for Flora and the World Championship title. I cannot see anyone


overtaking Flora. I think the battle will be for second and third. It


will be between Kasper, Zaferes: Tell us about the race itself, the


course? The course is relatively uninteresting. The bike is not


technical. It is wide open, it will play to the advantage of other


girls. Usually Flora thrives on hard technical courses. It will allow


them to stay with her more. The lap is three runs, fairly uneventful. I


think that will actually work against Flora for once. Edmonton is


a race where you can see surprises. Do you think the change in the time


of the year might make a difference? Definitely. In the past the race is


September. It has often been awful weather. It will be hotter. So you


don't have to contend with the bad weather conditions, which will


change the race. In the past few years we've had some surprise


podiums. Bringing it forward, getting stable weather conditions


will bring up predictable results. Play into Flora's hands? Quite


possibly. Flora will be the favourite.


Zaferes leads the way, ahead of Gentle, Kasper, with Flora Duffy,


the world champion in fourth. There are no British triathletes


racing in Edmonton. So Katie Zaferes wears number one.


She'll have the golden number one on her upper arm.


Kasper, fellow American, with two. Defending world champion, Flora


Duffy, on a royal run of form, with victories in Yokohama, Leeds and


Hamburg, has three. Gillian Backhouse, the top-ranked


Australian in the field, with four. Yuko Takahashi is number six. No


British interest in today's race at all for the women.


Round six of the 2017 World Triathlon series, in Pawrelak Park,


in Edmonton, Canada. -- in Hawrelak Park, in Edmonton,


Canada. Beautiful conditions. The ducks are flapping and flying for


cover, as the 33 triathletes set out on stage one, this one lap,


750-metre swim. It is a sprint distance today. 750-metre swim. A


21-kilometre bike over six laps of 3.5 kilometres T conclusion, a five


kilometre run. And away they go... Conditions absolutely perfect. The


park, the city, bathed in glorious summer sunshine. Mid-20s Celsius.


The water temperature nice and warm. A complete contrast to the


conditions in which they raced a year ago. It was absolutely freezing


last year. Edmonton is a fascinating place. One day you can have 26


Celsius, like you do today and the next day it will k be virtually


snowing. Lovely conditions for the athletes today and great for


Edmonton, because it is an incredible city for triathlon. This


is such a huge following there. It is a beautiful place to go and


train. I have been there. Absolutely fantastic T just having a little


look now at our early race leaders. It is Katie Zaferes there, on the


left-hand side from the United States. I wouldn't be surprised to


see Vanessa Lopes from Brazil, who led out in Hamburg. She was a


surprise there and I think she has been a surprise to other athletes


who are used to taking charge in the swim. She swam about 15-20 seconds


faster than Flora Duffy in Hamburg. I wouldn't be surprised to see her


doing very well. Vanessa Lopes, 21-year-old from Brazil and new on


the series. With Katie Zaferes, world leader right on her shoulder.


So Zaferes is taking advantage of the absolutely perfect mill pond


water conditions here. Stand-up paddleboard is patrolling. All


around they are not expecting any incidents. We had one of the


triathletes hauled out of the water in Hamburg during the sprint there.


It was a full field. But with a relatively small field


and the athletes being already quite well spread. They should be able to


keep clear of each other, as they make this first anticlockwise turn


at the inflatable buoy. So, with 540 metres to swim, Lopes, of Brazil,


the first around the corner and on her way.


Lopes of Brazil. Now they are heading due north on their way to


the final third of this swim. They are in the Hawrelak lake, named


after Edmonton's longest serving mayor. Seeing a few gaps forming.


300 #3450e9ers to Government we will not see anything too significant, I


wouldn't say. So Taylor Knibb of the USA, early leaders.


Katie Zaferes, who was near the front in the early stages has won


over the sprint distance in the past. 57.03.


Zaferes is leading the world standings with success over the


sprint distance in the past. The pace is really being raised here by


the swimmers at the front. So the athletes now with just under


100 metres to swim, going around that red buoy there. There are some


gaps forming here. There is a pack there out in front, with 15 athletes


and then a little gap to the next pack. But a lot of Americans in


here. As you mentioned there, Matt, they had three Americans on the


podium here last year. I wonder if they can do that again. Amazing what


the Americans are doing. Even without Gwen. She's away having


her baby. I think she's due in the next couple of days. Summer Cook


leading them through. She's first to emerge here in Edmonton. And starts


to prepare for the arrival in transition. Victoria Lopes in hope


pursuit. Duffy is not fair away. Stars and Stripes everywhere.


Gillian Backhouse ahead of Palmer. All within 24 seconds. So Cook, bike


helmet on. Didn't rush it.


First in, first out. That's the key. You don't want to get stuck in


transition. In fact, not first out, guess who stole a march on her


there, none other than Flora Duffy, who's always one of the


lightning-fast transition triathletes. And Duffy is away,


leading them out on the road. She knows she can get this race won on


her bike. And she is out attacking straightaway.


When you look at her stomping down on the pedals there, you think, is


anyone going to get on her wheel at all? She's got it to a fine art,


these break aways. Normally happens later on.


If Duffy tries to break, you've got to stay with her.


And Zaferes and Kasper are still sort of negotiating themselves on to


their bikes in a comfortable position. Shoes aren't quite on.


Right foot of Zaferes isn't in that shoe yet. In fact Duffy's got the


same issue. They will come together and work potentially as a leading


pack of three here. Flora Duffy of Bermuda. Katie


Zaferes, world standing's leader, also from the USA. And this group,


which are quite well spread and Radford from South Africa. They will


do their best to close these three down. They have already escaped.


This is a really effective break away. Look at Duffy, out of the


saddle and pushing hard. I think we've lost Zaferes, haven't


we? Knibb was near the front on the


swim. They are staying within the park this year. They don't leave the


park and cross the bridge out on to the free way like they have in


recent years. They are staying within the confines of the park. It


is Duffy and Knibb. So they have sorted themselves out. And what


happened to Kasper and Zaferes there? Well, they couldn't stay on


her wheel, by the looks of things, which is incredible. Duffy has said


that it is a tough bike course. If Duffy says it is tough, we know it


is tough. It is a short, sharp hill and it has obviously taken its toil


on Zaferes and Kasper. They have been blown out the back. Knibb, it


is only her third start in the World Triathlon series. She went to Leeds,


didn't finish there. She has won a sprint race - part of the American


Cup race on 9th July. So Taylor Knibb coming into this race with


form over the sprint distance. She is new to this level of racing and


finds herself, right now, out in front with the current world


champion, Duffy. If you are going to stay with her, you've got to have


your best day on the bike, that's for sure. Expect these two to


complete the bike course in around 31 minutes.


Nine minutes or so for the swim. 31 for the bike and around 16 minutes


for the run. 5 kilometre run after the 21-kilometre bike today. Six


laps and they are about to complete the first of them. It is a pace that


Taylor Knibb is pushing here. 15 hi35 second since the triathlon


began and 15 second or so will be the gap, possibly more than that for


the next group. First lap done. It is 18 second to Zaferes and Kasper,


who are in a pair on their own. We have not seen them for a little


while. They are 18 seconds down and then a further eight seconds to the


Lopes group. They had a Leeds of eight seconds


over the next group but it has been whittled down to a second and a


half. They will merge to form the group that is chasing. On this


course it is tricky for the cameramen. It is difficult to stay


on top. You've not got big stretches of road is to ride up. It's a great


course but it's a tough course. Six laps. Not the American we expected


to see. July is the wettest month of the


year. It can get really damp but this is gorgeous. Stunning weather


and great action on the streets. Within the parks, the Emily Murphy


Park and Hawrelack Park. Smart suburbs of Edmonton. The pace is


being dominated by an American. Not an American we are used to seeing


front. Taylor Knibb. She's alongside someone we're used to seeing at the


front. My feeling is these two outfront,


all they've got to do is work well. They've got to get some good


rotation is going on the bike. They've got to stay away because at


the moment, every lap, we will have a look and see where that chasing


pack is. The chase group contains some big names.


Back with the leaders. Scared of the rear wheel. She remains completely


in control. Away she goes, with Taylor Knibb drafting in behind. She


doesn't look comfortable on her bike. I've seen her take some large


bends and make a meal of it. She was well up there. She's just managing


to stay on the back of that chasing pack. It has been a minute since


Taylor Knibb and Duffy made that turn. These guys are going


backwards. The gap was 18. By the completion of lap to it was 40


seconds. They are on a completely different part of the track.


We will see what they have got because it is heading towards a


minute by the time they get through the race. Ten kilometres to go. What


an incredible athlete. She raised three times this year. She's not


leading the standings but that's got a lot more to do with the other


athletes. They have more points and they are ahead of her.


The end of lap three. Taylor Knibb and Duffy in a world of their own.


If she stays on her bike it is difficult to see how she loses this.


I cannot imagine when she woke up this morning and started her prep


that she thought she would be riding away and literally leaving the rest


of the field. 40 seconds was the time last time they crossed the line


and they are already approaching a minute. An extraordinary time


difference achieved by the leading pair. One minute and one second.


This has been a masterclass of control. She has taken returns. She


will not let her there she's not taking returns. As we mentioned,


Taylor Knibb is only raised on this circuit once. It will be stretched


out quite a bit more by the time the athletes come background.


Duffy looks like she will add to that. That is an outside


possibility. With the gap widening all the time, I don't know. Is third


the best they can hope for? I think so. She does run well. She's not


going to be the fastest. They don't even seem to make the


attempt. She's put fear into the other athletes are they think they


cannot ride with her. When you get Taylor Knibb going with her, the


lack of experience, I'm really surprised they could not go with


her. I think that Summer Cook enjoyed the


cooler conditions last year. Tougher day here. As we see the lead player


coming round. The bell rings and the clock is ticking. Up to ten seconds


already. Interesting what is going on. Taylor


Knibb, when you put out the elbow. Interesting to see the young athlete


saying, take your turn. She knows she's got plenty of time and doesn't


have to work too hard or take any risks. With a minute and 20 heading


to a minute and 30, she could stay well ahead. She's a pretty solid


runner and we won't see anyone from this chase pack picking their way


up. One minute and 23 seconds as the gap


as they take the bell. They did not grow on that lap which suggests


they've got their act together. Either that or Duffy has slowed


down. She's broken away and does not want to come into T2.


Duffy has taken it on. Such a dominant force on her bike. Pushing


harder and harder. The chase group are off the pace. Out in front all


on her own. Surely heading towards her fourth successive series is


Flora Duffy from Bermuda. She's riding away because previously


they hit one another on the corner. This is officially chase group two.


Back with our leader with a kilometre left to run. Just


wondering what is going on in Duffy's head, she must be thinking,


surely they will make it harder for me than this? She's working hard but


she's not really hammering it. She has kept it together and kept


herself safe and out of trouble. She's done the job. She's going to


come out and worked on onto the run with one minute 30 seconds.


Barring any disasters that is her race. I am really looking forward to


her having the company of the ultra-elite athletes later on. The


sport needs the return of the very best. I am looking forward to that


as well. It is a lot to do with the athletes. They are not putting


themselves into that place. Absolutely clean as you like to the


dismount line. No stress at all. Duffy might not be aware of Taylor


Knibb's ability over five K and thought she would put some distance


there and make life more straightforward. All the equipment


is in the box. Duffy is on her way. Taylor Knibb glances to see what


Flora Duffy is doing. She's out of transition. The 19-year-old


American. She's on the chase for Flora Duffy. Three laps. This has


been an exemplary performance for Flora Duffy. There's no stopping


her. Away they go. Taylor Spivey just leading the way.


She was first to strike. The difference is 12 seconds. The chase


group difference is one minute and 33.


She won five in a row of the races she took part in.


What a season she's enjoying. Looking for her fourth straight


victory. Knibb is down. Zaferes, another minute and six seconds


behind. Zaferes and Cook jostling for third position right now. Knibb


is having the race of her life. I cannot see, barring disaster, she'll


lose that second-place finish. So that time difference now is 31


second between Knibb and Duffy. 1. .37 between Knibb, Zaferes and Cook.


They have not pulled anything back. If anything they have lost seven to


eight seconds to Duffy on that first mile. Taylor Knibb, the 19-year-old,


knows that this is potentially a turning point this her career. Her


first World Triathlon series podium beckons. A chance to beat Cook,


Zaferes, higher ranks members of the team. Flora Duffy, once again in a


league of her own. Must get quite lonely as a top-level triathlete.


She spends most of these races, or certainly this season, she's spent a


lot of the race out in the front. If anything her swim is steady this


year. She's always there or thereabouts. She was very strong


last year. Often leading out the swim. Thisser she tucks herself in,


saves some energy and works really hard in the first part of the bike.


What has improved as well is her run. I can see Summer Cook now, just


breaking away. She's left Katie Zaferes. Put herself into third


place, which is a great performance for Summer Cook. Since her podium


finish or her win here last year. A good day for Cook.


Not so good for Zaferes. She'll be frustrating. Very competitive


athlete. At the moment she finds herself in fourth position.


19-year-old Taylor Knibb glancing over to her left. She will take the


bell, she's take taken the bell with 50 seconds deficit behind Flora


Duffy. Still comfortably clear of Summer Cook, who is in third. It


looks like the Americans will have second and third in this race today,


with thor with mewian -- with the Bermudian. She would try


and lead the swim. She's swimming just as well, but she's saving her


energy and then when she goes out on the bike, that's where she lets it


lose and no-one can go with her, as we have seen over the last three


races. A couple of weeks ago, in Hamburg, she had Learmonth on her


wheel and managed to drop them as well.


This is the battle for third. Cook seemed to have left Zaferes.


Zaferes has found a bit of energy and has bounced back to get back on


Summer Cook's shoulder here. Now, Zaferes comes into this race, or


came into this race as the world number one in the standings. It is a


lead that she will surrender to Flora Duffy today, unless she can


climb up and finish second, but that is not looking likely. They have


over a kilometre to run. And Taylor Knibb is comfortable, holding second


position out right at the moment. This is our leader. She as been


since the moment she left the water. Second position, Taylor Knibb, who


rode with Duffy for much of the 21 K ride around Edmonton. She's about to


start lapping at Lees on her way back towards transition. You are


safe on the run. If you get lapped ond the bike you get taken off the


course. Incredible to think that she's over a lap ahead. One minute


now separates Knibb and the chase group.


Yes, so Knibb is safe in second at the moment and Zaferes has beaten


Cook to third position. It looked like third position was Cook's


outright a few moments ago. And Cook was moving away from Zaferes. When


we pick them up again, Zaferes had closed the gap. Now we go back to


them and Zaferes is clear of Cook. Good work from Katie Zaferes. Katie


Zaferes just needs to be more competitive on the bike. On the run


she does that. She'll drop off a bit, whereas some athletes think,


oh, I've nothing left to give. Katie works hard on the run. It is a shame


she's not able to work as hard on the bike at the moment. So


competitive. I thought Summer Cook had all the confidence of knowing


she won here last year. Struggling to stay with Katie Zaferes and looks


like she has lost that third place, as she had a few hundred metres ago.


600 metres to go. Zaferes is out in third position. It


means that Cook, who was the winner here 12 months ago, will finish off


the podium, unless there is a massive change.


500 metres remain for Flora Duffy. It's been another masterclass from


the athlete from Bermuda. What an impact she's had on the World


Triathlon series in the last couple of seasons. For so many years she


was racing, she was middle order, always impressive, but never able to


break the higher echelons of the sport and then a couple of years


ago, she started to turn it around. I don't know whether it with us the


impact that Gwen has or the British triathletes and the consistency.


Something clicked for Flora Duffy and she has been the dominant force


in the sport. She won the world title last year at the grand final.


She also had her first World Triathlon series win in 2016. She's


about to get her fourth in a row in 2017. A smile from one of the


American athletes as Duffy goes past her and almost takes the wrong


direction. Now she can raise her glasses, make eye contact with the


spectators and enjoy the final moments oh this triathlon in


Edmonton. I credible what this athlete has done. Four races and


four wins now on the World Triathlon series for Flora Duffy.


Extraordinary season. The winner in Yokohama, in Leeds and in Hamburg


wins again in Edmonton. One hour and 23 seconds. Her winning time in the


Canadian city this afternoon. And now she can just find some shade and


wait for the arrival of Taylor Knibb, who sets a new personal best


today. The 19-year-old American, who has had some success on the junior


stage will now have her taste of success. The best American on the


day in Edmonton about to take the final turn. Flora Duffy finished a


while ago, but now Taylor Knibb can enjoy the last moments of the


Edmonton sprint triathlon. Round five of the 2017 series has once


again produced some surprises. Summer Cook was the surprise package


#127b months ago. In 2017 it is Taylor Knibb, who comes home in


second. Exactly one minute behind Flora Duffy.


It is a pretty good run for her. She's a very young athlete. Flora


Duffy is ten years her senior. A minute over five K, that is not


disastrous. A great performance from the young American athlete. And


Zaferes holds off the challenge of Summer Cook by some margin in the


end, to finish in third. Zaferes had a chance to ride with Cook and Knibb


in the early stages of the bike. A chance she missed somehow and she


comes home to make it two Americans on the podium. Summer Cook finishing


in fourth. Flora Duffy, our champion, gold


medal-winning triathlete for the fourth time in 2017.


I think I just tried to be consistent over the last two years.


Try not to minimise getting injured and getting sick and be consistent


throughout my training and I think I owe a lot to my keeps. You know Neil


is my head coach and thenvy incorporated a running coach, who is


in South Africa. I think the two of them, it is working really well. I


think I am coming into my own, enjoying the sport. I keep rolling.


Going up the hill, I thought I'd be better, I saw the gap form and


chasing after her would not be that great. I held my own. It was as


technical as riding behind something wasn't. I was at an advantage at


that stage anyway. How much does getting on the podium in a race like


this become a confidence boost for you for what is left of this season


and beyond? Amazing. In the days previous I knew it would be tough.


It was harder than anticipated. You don't have any time to be off your


game. When Flora is riding you need to be with it every second. If you


lose a little bit, then you are off and you are chasing the rest of the


way. Katie Zaferes, on the podium once again, a regular visit to the


presentation ceremonies. Taylor Knibb on the podium for the


first time. I am sure it will not be the last.


Her success as a junior and as an under-23 backed up now by her first


podium at World Triathlon Series level - the highest level.


Representing Bermuda, Flora Duffy. Done it again. Four in a row. What a


run she's having in 2017. The defending world champion.


Unstoppable this year. Confirmation of the final results in


Edmonton. Stunning win for Flora Duffy. Taylor Knibb is on the podium


for the first time in second for the USA and Katie Zaferes in third.


So Duffy now leads the standings. 3200 points, her total.


Zaferes is second on 3192, with Kasper in third, on 2677.


Gentle, absent in Edmonton, drops to form.


And you can catch all the drama from that event in Nottingham on the BBC.


There are still three more races to come in this year's World Series.


Next weekend we move across Canada to Montreal, with live races on


Saturday and Sunday, on the BBC Sport website and highlights on


Monday on BBC Two. Then Stockholm at the end of August, before the grand


final in Rotterdam, on September 16th. So for many reasons and


unforgettable weekend of racing in Edmonton. The two world champions


rubber stamping their authority at the top of the 2017 standings. See


you for more action in Montreal next weekend.


Goodbye for now. The latest of our Premier League


commentaries for you this season, the whole game in full


here on 5 Live. It's been a knockout day


in the Premier League. One of the most sensational


Premier League games in history.


A look back at all the action from the sixth leg of the elite World Series races in Edmonton, Canada.

American Summer Cook looks to repeat her victory in 2016 but faces stiff opposition from world champion Flora Duffy.

In the men's race, current world champion Mario Mola is looking to extend his lead at the top of this year's rankings but could face a stern challenge from last year's winner Jonny Brownlee.

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