Montreal Highlights Triathlon: World Series

Montreal Highlights

Action and reaction from Montreal, the seventh leg of the World Series. World champion Flora Duffy aims to get one step closer to defending her title in the women's race.

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Welcome to this afternoon 's coverage of the latest round of the


2017 world triathlon series which has been taking place this weekend


in Montreal. Over the course of the next 90 minutes we will bring the


extended highlights of the men and women from Canada. We have Jonny


Brownlee coming up later on in the men's race, meanwhile back you're


watching the race with us is another familiar face. The world under 23


champion. The champion of the world for 2013.


It is first in Madrid on one of the hardest courses there is. A


sensational race for Non Stanford. Thank you for joining us, great to


have you back, you explained you had injury problems this season so how


is the rehab going? I had issues with my Achilles and rehab is taking


a bit longer than anticipated, I hope to be back in time for the


World Series in Stockholm but it's looking more likely it will be


Nottingham. We are looking forward to watching the races and getting


your thoughts but before we do that lets get our bearings for the


series. Six races down, three to go, after Saint is wins for Javier


Gomez, the 2017 series has been about two people, defending


champion's Mario Mola and Flora Duffy. Both are undefeated in the


past four World Series races they have taken part in. But it's not


game over, yet. The remaining races, Montreal, Stockholm at the end of


August and the grand final in Rotterdam will all be on tricky


Olympic distance courses. Montreal and Rotterdam are unknown quantities


for most of those taking part while Stockholm is known as one of the


most gruelling triathlon is in the series. Come the end of the season


one thing will be certain, whoever is crowned 2017 world champion will


have earned it. Flora Duffy has been invincible hasn't she? She really


has, came out at the start of the season in Yokohama after having a


break with an injury and has been dominant ever since. She has seemed


pretty unstoppable and it's put a cast of fear over the rest of the


competition who are elevating her above which is capable of. It's a


shame to watch her get so far away from the field but she is really


strong and I think it will take something special to overturn it


this season. What do you think the girls could or should be doing to


get close to her? It is difficult, it's going to take somebody to beat


Flora to eliminate the psychological advantage to see seems to have.


There is no way she should have been riding away from the likes of


Kirsten Kasper in Hamburg this year. If somebody can combat that in


Montreal this weekend the rest of the field can gain confidence. It is


that they factor isn't it? Absolutely. There is that Flora fear


factor at the moment. She is good but I think the other girls should


have more confidence and be more brave and go with her. In the year


that Gwen Jorgensen is out having a baby, you could be up there but you


are injured, it must be deeply frustrating to watch Flora Duffy


dominating the way she is when you know you could be challenging her.


It is always frustrating but particularly this year there was an


opportunity for us to go out and perform and have a crack at that


world title with Gwen missing. Let's take a look at the rankings.


For the first time in 2017 Flora Duffy tops the women's rankings.


Katie Zaferes third-place finish in Edmonton since dropped to second. A


strong performance from Ashleigh Gentle this weekend could see her


leapfrog Kirsten Kasper into the podium positions. Kirsten Kasper


cannot climb above her current position.


Slightly smaller women's line-up this weekend, no British


participants sadly, you said you will be back for Nottingham for the


British triathlon next relay couple which is exciting but what can you


tell us about Jodie Stimpson and Vicky Holland? Jodie's rehab is


going really well and looks to be back on course for coming back to


Stockholm, Vicky we are not sure but hopefully by the end of the season


we will see her out there. Looking forward to seeing them, it will be


exciting to watch, back to the race this weekend, Ashleigh Gentle an


athlete I have looked out over the years and thought she has loads of


talent but her swimming has let her down, coming into the race this


weekend she has a real chance if she has a good swim and makes a break on


the bike to get herself into the top three in the rankings. Definitely,


she has been knocking on the door of winning a world seizing race, like


you say her swimming has let her down but with a smaller field it


depends what happens, if it stays together she has a real opportunity


to go out there and get her first World Series win. And as a strong


biker it's a good course for her. You know she will be working hard


behind you to try to bridge back up to the front group. With the course


being a bit more technical and a few hells I think it will suit her.


Taylor Knibb, what a race in Edmonton last weekend. She is the


current world junior champion at just 19 years of age and getting on


the podium last weekend made her the youngest ever athlete on a world


triathlon series podium, was that a surprise? She is definitely a


prospect, sort of surprised to see her do so well but if you look at


her past results she has been biking with Flora in the past and that


Montreal in the World Cup event they had over this same course she rode


with Flora and had a break with her there. You have to remember she is a


world junior champion so she has the pedigree to go on and be a fantastic


athlete. Last weekend Edmonton was a sprint but this weekend it's a full


distance which will affect her and she is still young. Yes I think the


longer distance will affect her a lot, I think she will be more tired


when she gets off the bike and 10K is a long way to run especially when


you're are only 19 and she would have done that many Olympic distance


races yet. I would be surprised to see a podium unless it's a big


breakaway but she will definitely be up there which is exciting for her


future and the future for America. Let's see what happened in the


women's race. COMMENTATOR: Two collapse in the


port then they pick up their bikes for nine laps of 4.5 kilometres. The


bike a combination of climbs and some big turns, three technical


turns around the course. And when they hang up their bikes they then


have a 10,000 metre run to conclude. For laps of 2.5 kilometres.


Olympic distance racing here in round seven of the 2017 world


triathlon series in Montreal in Canada. This is the start list.


Kirsten Kasper happy to be racing here as it is where her father is


from. Ashleigh Gentle was a little sick on arrival but we believe she


will start. There are no British athletes racing


in the women's competition. 30 elite athletes lining up on the pontoon.


And they are underway. Two laps. The second lap 630 metres. This course,


Non Stanford, is a bit complicated because its eggs and zags, how much


time have the athletes had to prepare, to rehearse with the


requirements of this unique course? The athletes will have had access to


it yesterday. Don't think they would have been allowed to get in the


water any other time, before the race you have an hour you can warm


up on the course and familiarise yourself with it if you need to so


they will have done it once or twice and they will have been to a


briefing where they were talked through the course so they will know


what they are doing and where they are going. Approaching the three


turning boys, they will go anticlockwise around and then back


to complete the longer part of the swim, a long lap and then a short


lap. The pace at the front pretty fast, no chop in the water, there


was a bit of wind elder in the week but it's quite calm today. I know


they are being quite strict on turning in the swimming because


there have been incidents, what do you know about how the rules are


being strengthened? They have always said that swimming behaviour will be


monitored but they have rarely acted upon that, order has rarely been


action taken. As you say that somebody's hand on somebody's head.


That was the Belgian athlete taking a bit of a battering. They are


getting more strict. Two Hungarian athletes recently disqualified at


the World Cup for poor behaviour and I think it's important because we


don't want to encourage poor sportsmanship and it can you really


rough in there. I think the grey area comes when it's deciding if it


is intentional or unintentional contact, there are always being


unintentional contact when you have this many people swimming together


in a small area. Zaferes at the front who started at the opposite


end of the pontoon to Flora Duffy, she is leading them through just


ahead of number ten, Takahashi from Japan. The strategy going to the


opposite end of the pontoon from Flora Duffy seems to have paid off


for Zaferes as she is first to emerge from the turn. We have


another look at the start with Flora Duffy on the extreme right of that


group and at the other end was Katie Zaferes, Zaferes emerging first


after the turn which involved as usual a bit of rough and tumble.


Zaferes we know can be near the front coming out of the water, last


week she had a bit of a problem trying to stay with Flora Duffy as


they left P1, what did you make of that, unable to go with Duffy? I was


surprised, I would like to hope they were not paying enough attention and


Flora Duffy is not that so much stronger she can ride away in the


first hundred metres of the race. Noticed Katie was taking her time


getting into her shoes, fiddling with them, when she should have just


got on with the race. I think Flora took advantage of that and jumped


ahead. At the end of the first lap after ten and a half minutes, just


over ten and a half minute with a shorter second lap to follow we will


get a check on exactly who has done what in the first half of the


swimming. It is Katie Zaferes emerging first guided along the


pontoon to dive back in. Taylor Knibb the runner-up last


week. Huge group of 17 or 18 athletes within ten seconds of each


other. You do not often see Katie leading the swim, she is in the


front group but does not always lead out. Missing the likes of Lucy Hall


who is a strong summer, the Leeds farmers in World Series, I think if


she was there the swimming would be faster and it would not be a tightly


bunched. This will be I think the fifth or sixth time that Zaferes, if


she holds the lead, will be first out of the water any world triathlon


series race. Swimming slightly quicker than expected, we expected


something between 19 and 20 minutes but Zaferes getting it done in


almost exactly 18, she is up and away and the chasers arrive en masse


behind her, five seconds down. Zaferes on her way up towards


transition. Of the world leader Flora Duffy also


chasing her towards where the bikes are positioned. Joanna Brown of


Canada is on her way up. They have to get transition right. We saw a


problem for Zaferes in Edmonton. She has maintained a slight lead over


the chasers. Zaferes will hope to get away and perhaps stay with Duffy


in the early stages of the 40 kilometres bike. Into transition


now. Transition is where you can sometimes see splits. The girls have


possibly redlined to make the pack will find it harder to transition.


They will be tired and could lose places. It is critical, transition.


You need to be on the bike as quick and fresh as you can be. Duffy gets


away. Katie Zaferes's lead has already been wiped out. Away they


go, hoping to get involved with the front pack and we will hopefully see


shortly how Zaferes deals with the feet and shoes on the bike in the


early stages. The road surface has dried quickly in the August sunshine


and now they sort themselves out and they are off and running on lap one.


There are mixed reports on how tough the courses. Andrea Hewitt said it


was tough and she struggled to ride her Boris bike up the hill. Other


athletes have said it is not too bad. Zaferes has a couple of


seconds' lead. And then the group that contains Flora Duffy. They are


reasonably close. Do we expect a large group of maybe 25 to form


quickly as they come passed in front of the beautiful City Hall? I think


it will come together. You can see everyone capturing and bunching.


Whether Flora decides to launch an attack. Knibb was just off the back


but judging by last week's performance, I think we could see


her make the group easily. Who is at the front? One of the Americans,


again. I think it is Knibb, runner-up in Edmonton. A strong


cyclist, the 19-year-old finished second behind Duffy in Edmonton


seven days ago. The end of lap one, you know what has happened, I think


the groups have come together. I think they have. This seems to be


the front group. Knibb has helped the bridge up and it is a big group


now. Duffy taking the wide turn and the group of nine expands


significantly. We will get a list of who is in the lead group. Knibb,


Kaspar, Joanna Brown from the host nation. Gillian Backhouse and


Zaferes first out of the water. Gentle. Rachel Klamer. Strong


swimmers like Carolina Routier also there. A total of 19 triathletes


together at the front of the field. And then a gap around 30 seconds to


the next group of six. This is where the race is being controlled. A huge


group of 19 who have merged. The early breakaway lead group and the


chase pack. That could be why Flora Duffy dropped back. She must've seen


over her shoulder the chase group closing fast and knew there was no


way to avoid it. That is true. Especially if she could see Knibb,


now her training partner, that she was closing down. Maybe she was


waiting for her. They might have an agreement to work together to


control the race. It will be interesting to see if they have


anything planned and they attack. The lead group has been whittled


down from 19 to 13. Taylor Knibb was the runner-up in Edmonton. Duffy,


the world leader. And then the Swiss. Annen. Strangely clear of the


workload of the front. She seems to have been spending most of the bike


in the middle of the pack. It is unusual for Flora, especially with


recent form. Maybe she is holding back for an attack. You would have


to be careful of watching what Flora is doing. At the end of the third


lap, they do this sort of ride over the cobbles. Things get bumpy before


they make the 180 turn and Flora Duffy has decided to make a move


through the field. She wants to be one of the first to cross the line.


The gap was 36 seconds the last time we had a check on the timing system.


Duffy and Brown. Kaspar and Annen. Gentle the first of the Australians.


That is the front group of 13. They are on their way. They could be sure


with the chasing group heading in the opposite direction. As soon as


Flora has hit the front through the technical section of transition, the


group has stretched out. It was Katie Zaferes who lost the wheel was


fighting her way back to the group. As soon as Flora has hit the front


there has been an injection of pace and people are really hurting.


I think Paula Findlay is leading the chase group. There are some really


good cyclists in there. Losing time every lap. Significant time lost. It


has gone from 36 seconds to 59 seconds. 36 seconds at the end of


lap two and 59 seconds the gap between leaders and chasers at the


conclusion of the third lap. The group of 13 at the front, whatever


strategy is being employed and it looks like Flora Duffy is dictating


terms, it is working, because their leaders strengthening lap on lap.


Annen of Switzerland seems to be the next casualty. She is struggling on


the climb. She started the race well but now has to watch as they go off


into the distance. Does she have a technical problem? She is looking


down and die and surprised to see her dropped from the group. Maybe


she is having issues with gears. We have only had two different winners


so far, Hewitt, one of the first -- she won the first two. Duffy the


next four. Only three of this group have won race alongside them. Katie


Zaferes has been on the top step of the podium. There is obviously more


playing on this race than the actual race victory. Really starting to


look at the series overall. These girls will be bearing that in mind.


All that Flora needs to do is finish in the top 13 to maintain her lead


in the series but Ashley Gentle, currently sitting in fourth, she


could move up to the top of the rankings. Ashley is one of the


strongest runners in her today. If she wins, she could put herself in


strong contention for the overall series. As they prepare for the end


of the final lap. How far out do you start thinking about your feet and


shoes and preparation? It depends on the course. If there is a technical


bit coming into transition, you often see athletes getting their


feet out earlier, so they go into the technical section with their


feet on top of their shoes, so they are not trying to negotiate corners


whilst taking their feet out. If it is a long straight run into


transition, people often do it last minute. Every athlete is different


and I think some athletes sometimes forget to get them out! Approaching


the second transition. This is where the serious part of this race


begins. They need to be quick and clean and stay out of trouble on the


arrival at transition. An unusual dismount to have to push the bikes


around the 180 degrees turn before they get on the carpet. That is


unique really, I have not seen that before. They arrive. The equipment


has to be in the right place. That did not go to plan for Rachel


Klamer. Flora Duffy is not the quickest in and out of transition


and has too returned to her bike to make sure it is upright and that was


not according to instructions for Flora Duffy. Not as neat and tidy as


she would have liked. It is Yuko Takahashi first to strike followed


by Kaspar and Hewitt and then the dangerous Ashleigh Gentle. And then


the Canadian, Joanna Brown, and then Flora Duffy. You can see Taylor


Knibb coming out of transition last. I think she might find the 10K run


tough. She has had brilliant results as a junior over sprint distance,


but she is not the fastest runner in the field and I think the 40 K bike


might have taken a toll on her legs today and I would not expect her to


fight for podium position today. Four laps of 2.5 kilometres in total


to take them to the full distance of ten kilometres, using some of the


same streets that were involved on the bike. It is a truncated loop.


Past the feeding station and off they go. It looks like Ashleigh


Gentle is taking it on at the front. That Hill was tough they just ran


up. That is where a lot of girls were dropped on the bike. To run up


is a different story again, that is tougher to negotiate it. You do not


see many hilly courses World Series races. The run is often flat.


Stockholm has a hill, but most of the others are a flat run and I


think that will change the outcome of the race. It will suit stronger


athletes. Leeds is a tough run course which suits the stronger


runners. 26-year-old Ashleigh Gentle from Australia looking to strike


early in the first lap of the run. Second place, just behind her, Flora


Duffy, who had I her standards not the best transition, and she has


made up for it and is trying to get on the shoulder of the Australian.


From Brisbane, Australia, Ashleigh Gentle leads the world triathlon


series in Montreal. About four, yes, four seconds confirmed by the


graphic, the distance between Gentle and then Duffy, Kaspar and Hewitt,


who are joint second right now. Ashleigh did not race in Edmonton


last weekend and I think that will pay off. She will be fresher than a


lot of the other athletes who raced, including Flora Duffy, Katie


Zaferes, Kaspar, Rachel Klamer. A lot of the front group raced in


Edmonton and Ashleigh didn't. She is striding away right now. Flora Duffy


moving clear. From Hewitt and Kaspar. Hewitt recovered a bit of


ground. She got on the shoulder of Duffy and then Duffy made a surge


forward. Now, is Hewitt responding? It looks like good work from the New


Zealander. A tough part of the course. This is where they were out


of their saddles and pushing hard on their bikes, and now running uphill.


I think this hell will play a big part today. I think it -- this hill


will play a part and it is where you will see splits happening. 31 world


triathlon series starts for Ashleigh Gentle and five podium places. Will


today be the day when she finally gets her first victory? She is


halfway through the run stage, almost, after one hour and 40


minutes and 50 seconds. Flora Duffy in second position with four wins


this season. Hewitt in third with two Wins this season. A little


further behind, Kersten Kasper. She has had a consistent campaign so


far. Ashleigh Gentle makes the turn and


will see the two signal buying she has two laps left to run. It's


difficult to tell if ground is being made back-up on Flora No danger of


missing the count like Jacob Birtwhistle did last time out, a


huge sign saying two laps to go. Andrea Hewitt is not out of silver


medal position here. Flora Duffy 21 seconds behind, Andrea Hewitt a


further nine seconds back. It looks really windy out there today which


is making life even more difficult on this tough running course, Flora


looks like she usually pushing and working hard winners Andrea looks


quite comfortable so we could see that coming down. This will be a new


experience for Ashleigh she is normally coming from further down


the field when she gets off the bike and is having to run her way through


athletes, to lead from the outset is a different experience and it's a


learning curve and it will give her a lot of confidence going forward


that she knows what to do in the situation. It's fantastic to see her


leading from the start of a run rather than having to chase her way


up. That winning margin just over a lap to go, the advantage Ashleigh


Gentle has opened up over Flora Duffy is a massive 37 seconds. That


is quite dominant running, it's really quite impressive. Further


down the road you can see a potential battle shaping up for


fourth place between Kirsten Kasper who is of Canadian Heritage bid


races for the United States, and Joanna Brown, who is racing in the


red of Canada. I impressed have you been with this performance from


Ashleigh Gentle in terms of timing and tactics and determination?


Incredibly impressed, I was really impressed with her swimming,


Ashleigh Gentle is not known for her strong swimming, she is often quite


far down. But she had a brilliant swim, got herself into the front


group, and worked hard on the bike, did not shy away, did not hide away.


She's gone out into the run and dominated from the start. Showing


what pure class she is and I really am impressed. She has done it from


the front and an impressive way to win race. Good swim and two very


tidy transitions for the Australian. With about a hundred metres to go


she knows that Duffy is far enough removed, she glanced over her


shoulder to double check but now can potentially start enjoying the last


few moments of this triathlon which will be her first as champion. Lots


of warm applause for Ashleigh Gentle. She is double and triple


checking that Duffy is not coming for a late surge, taking off the


sunglasses and enjoying the moment now. I don't think she can quite


believe it, she keeps checking back to see if Flora is coming but she's


obviously got this and needs to enjoy the moment. She wins in


Montreal, that delay for Ashleigh Gentle for the first time in her


career! She will stand on the top step of the world triathlon series


podium, one hour 59 minutes and four seconds for a winning time. Duffy,


the defending world champion will come home the second, four straight


victories and the runners-up spot for Flora Duffy, her astonishing


seasons continues. And another podium place for the unstoppable


Andrea Hewitt, the oldest competitor in the contest today will be on the


podium, finishing third, after two victories at the start of the season


she is back on the podium. Ashleigh Gentle very emotional and I am not


surprised to see that, I thought she would be, it means a lot to her,


it's been a long time coming. And fourth place will go to the


Canadian, a battle unfolding further down the track, it's been won by


Joanna Brown. She has taken fourth place, stolen it from Kirsten


Kasper, the Canadian finishes fourth, Joanna Brown in the top


five, Kirsten Kasper with a huge hug for her training partner, they had a


ding-dong battle at the conclusion of the


five second-place finishes, how sweet to finally win one? I am


sorry. It is OK, I know it is emotional. To be honest I've flew


into Montreal and got pretty sick and only decided to race this


morning. But it paid off. I have to thank my coach Jamie Turner, he


installed some things in my mind going into this race to focus on


little things, doing them right rather than the result and drew a


lot of inspiration from Gwen as well so I have those people to thank, I


am in shock, it has taken six years and a lot of ups and downs, five


second-place ease and finally I win, I am so happy. I am very happy with


second today, it was a tough race out there, not quite feeling the


same on the bike, but worked what I had and it was going to come down


for a running race, I was hoping for more I did the best I could and I


happy for Ashleigh I knew it would come Sunday so I am glad it is


today. How do you see the race for the World Championship now, one race


left and then the grand final? Flora is still deciding if she will come


to Stockholm but it's going to down to Rotterdam because you get one and


a half times the points so it's close and exciting.


Unmade invective for Ashleigh Gentle from Australia after so many near


misses, a handful of podium places, she finally got the one she wanted.


Victory in Montreal and you could tell in her postrace interview how


much it meant to her. STUDIO: What a race and so deserved, waited so long


for this day, you must be pleased? Definitely, it's been a long time


coming and you could see how much it meant, I think it was the 32nd time


she had started a race so to finally get the victory is fantastic. She is


an exciting talent, she's been a good runner but always a bit down on


the swimming so for her to step up and get the gold is amazing. Her


swimming was impressive, we are used to seeing how come out about a


minute down and this time it was only 20 seconds, so with improved


swimming she can be a real threat to Flora Duffy. Definitely, she can be


a threat to everybody and when Gwen comes back she can be a threat to


her as well, she is coached by Jamie Turner who also coaches Gwen


Jorgensen so maybe this is why we are seeing these big improvements?


Talking about Flora Duffy, it was an interesting day, not the Flora Duffy


we've seen in the last few races, to see her sitting on the bike and not


do any work is out of character. Definitely, she did allude to the


fact she was not feeling herself, and if you can still get silver when


you are feeling a bit off that is really impressive. She still had a


very good race, we were expecting her to break off the front and I


think a lot of the girls in the group were expecting that as well.


Over the last lap especially everyone was sitting up and waiting


for her to do something but it never materialised. I think that's good


for the series going forward, I think it will give the girls more


confidence they can ride with Flora, even if she was a bit tired it shows


she can be vulnerable and hopefully going forward she would have the


fear factor we talked about. But she has made an improvement on her run,


finishing 20 seconds down on Ashleigh Gentle is impressive. It


is, Flora has been working on her running in the past 12-18 months.


She was faster than Gwen which is really impressive, they think of


Flora is a fantastic swimmer and biker but she's also one of the


fastest runners in the field now as well. Looking ahead to the


Commonwealth Games gold course what was interesting about the results,


the top four athletes from the Commonwealth. Impressive to see so


many Commonwealth athletes up there, there are normally some Americans


breaking it up. It's going to be exciting especially as it's a


shorter distance of the sprint and it will give us Brits something to


think about. Absolutely, but before that we have this to look forward


to. COMMENTATOR: Steve Crowley taking


gold in his first race for Great Britain.


Next up for the British team is the world parrot triathlon Championships


taking place in Rotterdam on Friday 15th September.


We will be sure to keep you updated on their progress at the World


Championships, somebody however who we will not be seen in Rotterdam or


anywhere else this season is Alistair Brownlee. The double


Olympic champion had hip surgery on Saturday after suffering an acute


flare-up of a long-standing problem in training. The Sergei victory


points to an end his main aim for the season which was to win the


world half Ironman title but in doing so he says he hopes it will


enable him to continue doing what he loves for many years to come. It


seems as though these problems have come from him moving up distance. It


is difficult when you change events and go longer in triathlon, a lot of


things come into play, you have to change training and one of the key


things is you are now on it time trial bike so your position changes


massively and that can have biomechanical effect on everything


from your cycling to your running. I think that is where we are seeing


Alistair have problems. I think after he has the operation he will


be firing on all solders. In the meantime Jonny Brownlee seem to be


over his problems when he returned to racing last week in Edmonton and


finished fourth, this is what he has said since. Jonathan Brownlee comes


home with fourth position. Please to be back on the start line and back


racing but I don't go... I thought I was fit, I had had the illness


before but I thought I was fitter than that so I came out the race


disappointed and wanted more. It was a strange race, Mario and Richard


having good swims and it meant we did not have any engines on the bike


and lacking Alistair it meant we didn't have a breakaway and I was


disappointed with that because I thought seeing the course there


would definitely be a breakaway. Hopefully having a sprint distance


race will improve and hopefully I have recovered well between the


races as that is a big factor, it's unusual to race two weekends in a


row. I would like to think I do as much training as everyone else and


recover as well as everyone else so hopefully I will be in better form.


The courses in the centre of Montreal, the swim is interesting,


it's good for swimmers because it is longer straights and one and a half


laps means less corners which should help the breakaway. The bikes taken


some nice sites of Montreal and quite few hills, then the run goes


over a little bit hill and if we get motivated a group we can hopefully


get a breakaway and I can have a good race. It was not a bad race


from Johnny but it was not him at his best.


It wasn't his best but fourth is a solid results. Mario Mola has been


impressive all-round. He has dominated. Absolutely. Mola is an


all-round triathlete. Yes, he does not always get the swim right but we


are seeing that improving and he is more consistent than he has been in


his swim, which is worrying for the rest of the field. The last four


races and wins have put him in pole position. Let's take a look at the


rankings. Mola has opened up a sizeable lead. Tom Bishop was fourth


going into Edmonton but he has chosen altitude training over


competing in Canada. Missing those races means he slips to seven. He


will be back racing in Stockholm. Jonny Brownlee's fourth in Edmonton


was enough to get him into the top ten and he will hope to climb a


couple of places after this race. Non Stanford has been looking at who


else is in action. This is her guide. Gomez will be relieved to be


back racing on a course that plays to his strengths. The Spaniard going


about his business over the sprint in Hamburg and Edmonton finishing


fifth and six. Over Olympic distance the five-time world champion will be


keen to show he has still got what he takes. Richard Murray has


experimented with longer distance triathlon is this year which might


be why he has not had the speed to challenge in Edmonton. A good swim


in Montreal and he might push further up the podium. After


launching his sprint finish to early in Edmonton, Jacob Birtwistle will


be counting carefully this time. He has proven himself at sprint level


becoming part of Mola's spring group. Ryan Sissons is a late


Bloomer, making his first World Series podium at the age of 29 in


Hamburg. He was speaking to show that is no fluke with a strong


showing in Montreal. Keep an eye out for Raphael Montoya, who beat Jacob


Birtwistle to be junior champion in 2014 and his results at elite level


have improved, winning silver at the European Championships and he had a


World Series best fifth-place finish in Edmonton. Having seen the women's


race, what will be key in the men's race? I see the men's race unfolding


differently. The women's swing did not break up but with the lights of


Richard Varga, the men's race might string out more. The bikes are


interesting with the boys more aggressive and it means a chance of


the front pack not getting caught as in the women's race. The run course


is tough. You saw how tired the women were and it will favour the


likes of Mario Mola. Gomez is racing this weekend. A fantastic race in


Abu Dhabi, which he won and now racing over sprint distance in the


last races. He does not like the sprint distance race so I am


interested to see how he impacts on the race this weekend. Javier


traditionally performs better over Olympic distance and it depends on


where he comes out in the swim, if he is in the front group, good


engine to keep the bike away. If he comes out in the second group, there


is a good engine driving them back up to the front group. Where he


comes out will affect the outcome. We can chat about the British


athletes. Jonny Brownlee is racing. Grant Sheldon and Gordon Benson,


Grant was disappointed with Edmonton but it was a solid results for an


athlete that has had injury problems. Also a tougher field this


year. I do not think he will be disappointed with ten. He had a


brilliant performance in Edmonton. Grant had a shocker and got lapped


out in Leeds and to come back from that disappointment and finished


tenth is fantastic. Gordon Benson, will the course suit him? It will in


part. He is a powerful athlete and a long climate Edmonton but not favour


him. The climbs here are sharper and shorter so he will cope better. His


powerful nature will count against him and he might struggle on the run


but I would not be surprised to see him there at the end of the bike. We


can hand you over to Matt Chilton and eventually Non Stanford. This is


the starting list. Jacob Birtwistle had a


miscalculation of laps last weekend in Edmonton but he could be due a


win. Blummenfelt won the World Cup here one year ago. The British


triathletes, the other two, Gordon Benson with 25 and Grant Sheldon


with 27. Montreal in Canada, it is hosting round seven of the 2017


world triathlon series. And away they go. Spectacular start. Cheering


from the several hundred spectators who have gathered port side to watch


the start of the race and already one or two being pushed out of


position as the fast starters force their way to the front. On the left


of the line, you can see a clear figure in front, Richard Varga. He


started alongside Jonny Brownlee and Mario Mola. The left-hand side as we


look down. And that is the familiar swim specialist stroke of Richard


Varga. A fine start. It looks like Jonny Brownlee got straight on


Richard Varga's feet, moving across as they dived in and hopefully he


will hope to those feet to the first buoy. Mario Mola, whether he can


hold that, we will have to wait and see. Richard is stretching it out


already and you can see the right-hand side, I think he has a


massive advantage on the left side of the party. I'm sure that is


Jonathan Brownlee in second. He is starting to lose Richard's feet.


Richard has obviously got the pace. Notables who went left on the


pontoon included Gomez. Javier Gomez, Birtwistle, strong athletes.


They want to get rid of them in the swim. It will be significant where


Javier Gomez comes out and if he comes out in the front group he is a


fantastic engine to help chase and if he comes out the chase group, he


could help drive the chase group to the front. For Jonny Brownlee it is


important where Javier comes out is the swim. I think Jonny Brownlee has


taken the lead from Richard Varga. I am not sure if they have an


agreement to lead to different portions of the race so that Richard


does not have the responsibility of leading it all, to give him a break


so hopefully he can push on in the latter stages and force it even


more. They might have thought about it and has strategy going in. Jonny


Brownlee said after his race in Edmonton last weekend when he


finished fourth, he said, I have lacked race fitness and sharpness.


You cannot train that, you need to be in a race. Hopefully having a


sprint race under my belt will move things on and I have recovered well.


He said it was unusual to have two races on successive weekends and


hopes his recovery will have gone well, as he allows Richard Varga to


come back in contention. They chopping and changing of the lead.


Jonny Brownlee leading briefly and then Richard Varga had a burst of


acceleration, moving back into first position. The end of lap one and,


for the 31st time in his career and Richard Varga the first man out of


the water in this competition. In he goes. With his former training


partner Jonny Brownlee just behind. Then Ben Kanute. Aaron Royale in


good shape. Pierre le Coq. Dominic Onyx has gone well. Gomez in 12th.


Still no sign of some of the leading contenders and no sign of the other


two British triathletes, Benson and Sheldon. There is Benson coming out


of the water, 28 seconds down after the first lap of the swim. Not


surprised to see a lot of French athletes up there today. They are


notoriously good swimmers. Mola was down. Trailing after the first lap


by 36 seconds. A huge chunk. I think I saw Grant Sheldon getting in


towards the back so I think he is off the pace. But no massive brakes


yet. -- breaks. Interesting to see if


they can force a split so when they get on the bikes they can form a


group to work together. You can see that the split has happened and


there will be some trailing in backpack, which we know includes


Mario Mola, so great news for Jonny Brownlee from that perspective.


Mario Mola is a very strong runner who has posted fast ten case splits


in recent years. If Jonny Brownlee can distance himself from Mario,


that is the best case scenario. The end of the swim. Richard Varga


leading them out. He is first to climb the steps. The Slovakian swim


specialist doing what he does best, closely followed by Brownlee and Ben


Kanute. And then one of the Australians, it is Aaron Royale in


good shape. And then Seth Rider. Three Frenchmen tightly bunched.


Then a couple of Japanese and then Gomez, 16 seconds down. He is in


company with Blummenfelt and Jonas Schomburg. There we get the first


look at Gordon Benson, who comes out 31 seconds behind the leaders. The


leaders are now on their way towards their bikes. A real chance to make a


difference coming out of transition here. You have strong cyclists. Ben


Kanute flew out of transition in the mixed relay but seems to have


trouble with his helmet. If he attacks, they could cause a split.


Royale is on board and away and Gomez not far behind. Gomez hoping


to close the gap up towards Jonny Brownlee and Richard Varga. Kristian


Blummenfelt in the saddle and riding. One of the Portuguese, he


overshot his mark and had to go back. On his way now. Another one of


the British athletes coming out. That was Gordon Benson. Vincente


Hernandez is in the top ten of the standings but he has left himself


work to do to reach the gap towards the leaders, but not as much work as


the world number one, defending world champion. Mario Mola is late


into transition and will hope to find a good working party on the


bike and try to close the gap towards the leaders. They are well


strung out and Brownlee and Richard Varga and others will be deep into


lap one before this group leave transition. Ryan Sissons just coming


through, he was third in Hamburg. He is way down. Just in front of Mario


Mola. The first lap of the bike under way. Already a lot of intrigue


unfolding. We will join the leaders. Jonathan Brownlee with Richard Varga


just behind and Aaron Royale of Australia in third. His triathlon is


working out well so far. I think that is Ben Kanute trying to close


the gap and make it a quartet in front. If they attack the first lap


of the bike and cause this split, you can see the split happening


already, that would be great. They have Gomez, who was not far behind,


I think he came out of the swim 16 seconds down but he left transition


closer to them. from Johnny but it was not him at


his best. I really think Jonny is pushing the


pace, you can see him shouting at the others in the group and he will


want them to work together. He will not want to lose these athletes as


they will work harder and better as a quartet rather than him on his


own. If you can organise and motivate them it's the ideal


scenario for him. Now the conclusion of the first lap, we will get an


accurate timing as to what the gap is between the leading four and the


chasing pack who are on the same stretch of road, I think there are


three of them together, I think one of them is Javier Gomez but we will


find out shortly, certainly one of the it's bangers. It is Javier


Gomez, Kristian Blummenfelt but I did not quite pick up to the third


athlete was. We will find out, the gap is limited, it is Javier Gomez,


Kristian Blummenfelt and Seth Rider, we do not know much about him,


number 50, I think this might be one of his first ever world triathlon


series races. Those three have broken away from the main chasing


pack and that is good they have not dragged everyone up with them and


even if those pre-managed to join the front four which I think they


very well might do it might work to their advantage that there are now


seven of them able to share the workload. Seth Rider is 21 years


old, today is his world triathlon series debut and could soon be


joining the lead group as the chasing pack come through. Some


familiar names here. I think Mario Mola was within that


group as well. Tony Dodds is normally a front pack swimmer,


Russell white you often see at the front of swimming and biking as


well, so maybe the swimming was a bit more aggressive than you can


actually see and its pricing to see some of those names back there in


that third and fourth pack effectively. I think this is the


chase group because it has some of the French athletes who were near


the front of the swimming but have just missed out on getting the


breakaway. We had three French. Rafael Toloi finished fifth last


This is the lead group, numbers have grown. Jonny Brownlee, Aaron Royle,


they were with Richard Varga but that four has now become seven. They


have got some really strong riders, Kristian Blummenfelt is incredibly


powerful. He will really contribute to this breakaway, Javier Gomez


again, massive engine. He will be an asset to this front group and like


we said before, they could really change the outcome and I think it's


better for Jonny that he is there in terms of keeping Mario Mola at bay.


The leading seven right now. I am struggling to see how this


group is going to be caught, they are really strong riders, very


experienced. I think this could be a breakaway which sticks the full 40


kilometres today. Jonny Brownlee back at the front. Conditions get


slightly more lumpy underfoot as they get to the cobbles. But it is


dry. A bit of dampness around for the women's race but today it's all


dry under the wheels, the Olympics over medallist Jonathan Brownlee of


Great Britain is charging here. -- the Olympic silver-medallist. Plenty


of other riders for company, including the Norwegian Kristian


Blummenfelt who tasted success here a year ago. We will get an official


time difference between the leaders and the chasers now, Javier Gomez in


there as well. I think the chasing pack was being


joined by the third pack so the group is swelling but I feel the


margin has definitely gone up, it was 31 seconds at the end of the


first lap and I think it's growing. I think that will keep growing, need


to just keep chipping away. It's going to be closer to 45 seconds by


the time they crossed the line. 44 seconds. 44 seconds between the


leading seven and the next group of about 30. Having such a sizeable


chasing pack is not necessarily a great thing if you're trying to


close down. Often more bodies mean it's more difficult to get round


tight corners and hills mean the pack stretches out and this will


play into the hands of the front group who will work well together.


Javier Gomez taking it up, one of three men in the group who have gone


sub 30 minutes over 10,000 metres and remember this race today will


conclude with a 10K run. Gomez has run 29.02, Jonathan Brownlee 29.11.


The quality of running within this group of seven is exceptional. The


group of seven have established themselves with a gap now getting on


for a minute. In terms of distance you can get it illustrated by that


camera shot from a helicopter. They are in different parts of Montreal,


the leading group of seven and the chasers. Different suburbs right


now. How well potentially could Mario Mola do today? What is the


best case scenario for him the way things stand? Looking at the front


group I think he would do incredibly well, even if the time gap stays 62


seconds he would do incredibly well to run himself up. Javier Gomez,


Jonny Brownlee, Kristian Blummenfelt has had some really strong runs in


the past. Aaron Royle has run himself onto the podium before as


well. I think it would be very impressive if Mario Mola did that


but I don't think he has to score today in order to stay at the top of


the rankings. His result today does not necessarily matter in the


overall standings but I think he will still want to do well and


maintain his fairly perfect record. What a season it has been, winner on


the Gold Coast over sprint distance, Yokohama Olympic distance, won again


in Hamburg, and last weekend in Edmonton over the sprint distance,


but he is out of contention here the way things stand. Once again we join


the lead group, Seth Rider has stayed fixed to the back of this


group and no Jonny Brownlee goes to work, easing his way back, giving


out his instructions. In conversation with Seth Rider at the


back and the other American Ben Kanute, Jonny Brownlee takes his


place at the back of the group, had a quiet ride with Seth Rider. It'll


be interesting to know what gets exchanged, think sometimes it can be


encouraging but other times it can be frustrating with people not


contributing. But I'd be surprised if they do not actually mind if Seth


Rider stays towards the back being as he is relatively experienced and


probably an unknown entity to the rest of these athletes as well so


they might rather he stays towards the back and out of trouble and they


can allow the work to continue smoothly upfront.


Mario Mola is now putting an an obvious effort here, he has broken


away, he had Hernandez for company but has decided enough is enough, if


he's going to feature in the top places today he's got to try and get


little closer to the front of seven so Mario Mola has made a move. It


would be great to see somebody from the second pack having a go at


breaking away from the large pack and making inroads into this front


pack, it would show some bravery for sure. Keep things exciting otherwise


it will just roll around and accept fate in some regards.


180 turn up towards the timing line. The front group of seven remains the


same with three laps to go, this sign held clearly for everyone to


see and no change. The last time they crossed the line the advantage


was 62 seconds. We will wait and see if Mario Mola has managed to change


that in his favour at all. He has gone back into the pack outflanked.


-- I think. At the end of this one they will


take the bell and then things will start to develop over the last lap


of four and a half kilometres. Seems to be a bit of a break, one athlete


of the front followed by another three and then the rest of the


chasing pack so you cannot quite work out from here who it is but


definitely a Spaniard in a red suit, I wonder if that's Mario Mola?


Trying to make a move. Danish athlete. Andreas Schelling from


Denmark, 26 years old. He's gone away. Taken about seven seconds out


of the rest of the group, obviously feels if he is to have a chance of


getting up towards the top five finish to make make a break now. We


would expect the three podium places, the three medals to come


from within this group of seven who are about to conclude they 40 K ride


around the streets of Montreal. It's been fascinating, six experienced


riders, six established Rider and 120-year-old who has been along for


the ride and what RIT has had, Seth Rider.


Little stumble for Seth Rider as she grabs hold of the seat of his bike


and made his way towards transition, they have to get off their bikes and


then push them in the 180 degrees turn before they come to their


positions within tea too. Let's see how Jonny Brownlee goes, quite have


pick up the bike before he leaves transition and stand it up and get


it straight. Gomez is away already, Brownlee did not lose too much time,


just glanced over his shoulder to make sure everything was in the


right place, Kristian Blummenfelt the first man to leave, first to


arrive and first to leave. Now, Schilling comes in on his own, looks


like a smart move. He has maintained the advantage of seven or eight


seconds over the rest of the chasing group. It's a brave move from


Schilling and very smart, capitalising on an opportunity he


felt he had. For Gregor Young, relatively new athlete to the scene


it's great to see him being confident and breaking away from


experienced athletes like Mario Mola and giving himself a fighting


chance. Making their way out of transition. Let's join the leaders.


Kristian Blummenfelt in first position but being stocked steadily


by Javier Gomez and Jonny Brownlee, next down the road is Aaron Royle,


then Ben Kanute and Richard Varga. The lead about to be shared by the


story. -- by these three. Mario Mola, his record for chasing down


the deficit is 41 seconds, that was in Chicago at the grand final in


2015. So Mario Mola is going to have two beat some records today and race


his own personal standards if he is to challenge the leaders.


Javier Gomez stretching the lead slightly just before the hell.


Javier Gomez and Kristian Blummenfelt have a couple of yards


over Jonathan Brownlee as Brownlee tries to respond. This is Javier


Gomez going to work. Not a race winning breakaway by any stretch of


the imagination but it could be significant as Gomez puts his foot


down on the climb, Kristian Blummenfelt able to respond


initially, Brownlee lest capable and Gomez now has the outright lead.


This is the Javier Gomez we have seen over the years, certainly seems


to favour the Olympic distance over the sprint distance. Hasn't been


quite as dominant in sprint races the last couple of races so I think


he is far more at home over the Olympic distance and you can see him


stretching away here. Really putting daylight between him and Kristian


Blummenfelt and Jonny Brownlee. News on Mario Mola. He is only 30


seconds behind fourth placed Aaron Royle. And is about to arrive on the


shoulder Ben Kanute who was with that front group of seven. Mola has


Richard Murray not far behind. Out in front, our leader, Javier Gomez


from Spain. Halfway through the final stage of this Olympic distance


triathlon. He completes lap two with two to go after one hour, 32 minutes


and 20 seconds. Blummenfelt trails by nine seconds. You can see Jonny


Brownlee, who is not looking totally comfortable, further down the road


now. Brownlee crossing the timing line now. He is 21 seconds behind


Gomez. Aaron Royle in fourth was just passed by Mario Mola and


Richard Murray, so those two making grounds into these seven athletes


that broke off. Mola, Richard Murray and Aaron Royle, who has been


passed. Cannot stay with the two trading partners. The Spaniard and


the South African, both train under the guidance of Joel, alongside


Jacob Birtwistle, who has joined that group. Training partners.


Racing partners as they attempt to close the gap. Ryan Sissons of New


Zealand has been on the podium already. Mola and Richard Murray


going to work, hunting down the next in line. On the Hill, Gomez deep in


his third lap. Richard Murray just put in a kit. I was going to say he


and Mola have worked together well but Richard Murray has pulled away


decisively from Mola and maybe Mola is not feeling as good as we


thought. I noticed in the bike portion Richard Murray was tucked in


the pack, not doing much work. He came to the front the last couple of


laps but Mola was at the front, initiating a lot of the work for the


bike ride. Maybe Richard Murray took the smarter move and conserved


energy. Gomez begins the final lap. He takes


the bell. The gap to Blummenfelt is ticking on. Babos has got to find a


dozen seconds -- Kristian Blummenfelt has defined a dozen


seconds to win his first triathlon World Series goals. Jonny Brownlee


is facing severe danger from Richard Murray. -- gold medal. Richard


Murray closing the gap fast. He will see that now. Brownlee will see the


green of Richard Murray. Imminent danger. I do not think we considered


Richard Murray would eat away at the deficit so well. We talked about


Mola a lot. Richard Murray has had a lot of success at World Series but


the majority over sprint distance, so to see him perform well over


Olympic distance is a surprise for me. I expected more macro to do that


but Richard is a class athlete and very strong runner.


1.8 kilometres left in the race. Can Gomez cling on to claim his second


Olympic distance event of the series for 2017? I think perhaps the gold


medal is guaranteed, but the bronze medal has been lost now for Jonathan


Brownlee, as Richard Murray has taken third position out right. The


South African moves past the younger of the Brownlee brothers into bronze


medal position. Jonny is still attacking and certainly increased


his cadence and arm drive. Maybe he has left something and can draw back


on the last couple of kilometres of the run back into Richard Murray,


but Richard Murray looking strong, passing him. This is where it


happened moments ago. A glance behind. Maybe a word from Murray.


100 metres to go for Gomez. He won the opening race in March in Abu


Dhabi. Over the sprint distance. Today, he will win again, in


Montreal. The first time the city has hosted a World Series race.


Fitting that one of the greats of the sport will bring home the gold


medal. The legendary Spanish triathlete Javier Gomez will be the


master of Montreal this afternoon. His timing was impeccable. He kept


clear of Blummenfelt and Brownlee. He stayed clear of Blummenfelt and


Brownlee and he wins in Montreal in style. Gomez is the champion. One


hour, 47 minutes and 50 seconds. That is how to win an Olympic


distance triathlon. A personal best for Kristian Blummenfelt. Third in


Yokohama, taking second and the civil medal in Montreal. -- the


silver medal. It has been a brilliant run from Richard Murray.


We will have a wait before he canters home for third. Managing to


overtake Jonathan Brownlee during the fourth and final lap. Richard


Murray soaking up the atmosphere. The South African will be on the


podium once again. He is enjoying every moment of this. He crosses to


take the bronze medal in Montreal. 52 seconds behind Javier Gomez. And


then we will have a wait before the best of the British contingent


arrives now, looking weary. Fourth place in Edmonton last weekend and


fourth place again in Montreal today.


I'm not sure if you know, you have become the oldest man to win a WTF


's race, that is a compliment. I guess age is just a number? Is that


good or bad? After so many sprint races it was good to have a proper


race. Luckily I recovered from last week, where I felt a bit sick. I did


a good race today. I'm really pleased. I knew if I had a good swim


and came close to Javier there were chances I could get away and luckily


it happened. On the bike, easy pedalling, and today we were working


hard for are now on the bike, which takes out of the lake speed. If you


tell me I was on the podium today I would have said you are a liar


because the body was not responding on the bike. The swim, I felt great


but the time was not good. Super happy. On the bike, I couldn't


contribute to much. I felt cowardly on the bike! I tried to contribute a


view times but the body told me to stop. How tough was it on the bike?


You gave yourself a lot to do out of the water. I knew if I wanted to


content I had to work and try to be the closest to the front as


possible. I emptied my tank. I could not do any more. I hope to recover


and be better than it swan. He is one of the most consistent athletes,


Javier, and I strive for that myself. You can put on a long


course, a short course, and he can do it. Maybe one of the greatest. He


and Alistair are but definitely I am stoked for him. COMMENTATOR: Javier


Gomez wins in Montreal. Jonathan Brownlee was fourth last weekend and


forth again in Montreal. Mario Mola still leads the rankings. Gomez is


now second with Richard Murray in third place overall. Jonny Brownlee,


still the best place to British triathlete.


Gomez, at the age of 34 becomes the oldest man ever to win a world


triathlon series race. And it may well not be his last.


STUDIO: What a great race. Jonny got the swim and bike right but had


problems on the run. Technically he executed well and he and Richard


Fargo had a plan going into the swim and worked well, sharing the load.


-- Richard Varga. They attacked on the first lap. A group of three


managed to move up, including Gomez. Going onto the run, you felt it was


Jonny's race to lose. I thought he was a shoo-in for the podium but he


looked tired and is of history not quite right yet. And missing his


brother? Definitely. You saw in Leeds, where Alistair was their


commie lifts Jonny's game, especially on the bike where


Alistair is motivated and can draw the breakaway away. Alistair will


not be around the rest of the season and Jonny has to do it for himself,


which he has done in the into Stockholm and Rotterdam he can lift


his game. Javier Gomez, what a performance, the oldest guy racing


in the field. It was incredible. Great to see him return to form. We


had a win in Abu Dhabi in March. He has had a couple of health issues


that seems to have recovered and seeing him on the podium where he


belongs. Mola looks like he is on course, even though he did not have


a great race, to retain his title. It is definitely not over, which is


the exciting thing. We has four wins but the fifth result is lacking. If


Gomez goes to Stockholm and wins it will put him in contention for the


top step. You have a tight race towards the back end of the podium


with Richard Murray, Fernando Alarza and Jacob Birtwistle who needs five


results plus the grand final to count. He only has four to date. An


exciting weekend of racing done with in Montreal. Next we are back in


Europe for the final two races. We will see how Jodie Stimpson and the


rest of the Brits get on at close quarters. We will be live on the red


button and have interviews and highlights of both races on BBC Two


from 2:15pm on Sunday, 27. And after Stockholm, join us for live coverage


of the owned -- for the inaugural mixed relay cup. On Saturday the


16th of September, a grand final taking place in Rotterdam. We will


be on air from 12:45pm on BBC Two to say races unfold as the race to


become the 2017 world champion reaches its conclusion. Before that,


we have coverage of the world athletics Championships continuing


this week across the BBC. From Thursday, we will bring you live


coverage of the US PGA golf championship. I think you would have


to say Montreal is an exciting addition to the series. It is a


true, honest course. I look forward to being involved in the action next


year myself. Thank you for joining us and we wish you the best in


Nottingham in September. That is all. We will see you next time.


COMMENTATOR: Victory for Ashleigh Gentle!


Javier Gomez will be the master of Montreal this afternoon.


..this season, the whole game in full


It's been a knockout day in the Premier League.


The second half, Jermaine, very much...


The best action and reaction from Montreal, the seventh leg of this year's World Series. World champion Flora Duffy aims to get one step closer to defending her title in the women's race, while in the men's event, the battle is on to break up the Spanish trio of Mario Mola, Javier Gomez and Fernando Alarza, who take up the top three spots in the men's rankings.

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