Stockholm Highlights Triathlon: World Series

Stockholm Highlights

Highlights from the penultimate round of the World Triathlon Series. Jonathan Brownlee won in Stockholm in 2012 and 2014 but faces stiff competition from Spaniard Mario Mola.

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Hello, and welcome to the Penallta Matt round and this year's world


triathlon series, -- Penallta Matt round. It comes from Sweden's


capital, Stockholm. This is the last chance to amass points ahead of the


grand final in Rotterdam next month. Up first this afternoon, it's the


women's race. After her first World Series victory in Montreal this


weekend, we've been speaking to one of the hottest properties in


triathlon right now, Ozzie Ashleigh Gentle. Jodie Stimpson makes her


latest comeback from injury here in Stockholm and is hoping to enjoy


what is left of the season. I've missed a lot of time this year, I'm


happy to be back racing. I've been catching up with Johnny Brownlee


after another fourth-place finish in Montreal, and getting to know


Norwegian Kristian Blummenfelt. But first, here is Matt Chilton with a


look at the 2017 series so far. The season start saw the return to form


of Andrea Hewitt and Javier Gomez Noya both winners in Abu Dhabi. For


the first time in many years, British success has been hard to


find. Alistair Brownlee's cameo performance in Leeds the only


victory of the 2017 series. But, God Save The Queen has still been a


familiar sound. Only because it's also the album of Bermuda. Roudham


Bermuda Flora Duffy has four wins, propelling her to the top of the


women's rankings. Whilst on the men's side, Spain's Mario Mola has


topped the podium four times. But neither he nor Duffy have had at


there own way. Mola laboured over the hills of Montreal at the start


of August as his mentor Gomez and second win of his year. The fee's


expected breakaway never materialised. -- Duffy's. Ashleigh


Gentle took the honours. There are many twists and turns in the two


remaining courses, in Stockholm and in the grand final in Rotterdam on


September 16. And there may well be further twists and turns in the to


become world champion for 2016. -- 2017. Like Leeds, Stockholm has a


split transition. This is transition won by City Hall, you can see the


choppy waters behind me. Transition two is on a steep cobbled hill


outside the palace, it is a tough course suiting and all-round


triathlete like Flora Duffy, who had a resounding victory here last year.


She had talked about skipping this race, but she is here, and you can


see that she has an opportunity. She can further extend her lead if she


can get back on top of the podium today. As second place finish in


Montreal bought her Bartra race unbeaten streak to an end, but she


can go to Rotterdam with maximum points available at -- as it is the


five best placed results that count towards the World Title. A couple of


familiar faces have been missing from the women's series's Helen


Jenkins and Gwen Jorgensen. They have had a pretty good excuse, they


have both had babies. Helens -- Helen first, and then when gave


birth to Stanley Allen, both weighing in at sevenlbs. Great news


to both of them. Whilst Wayne is coming to terms with motherhood, her


coach has been working with Australia's Ashleigh Gentle to great


effect. Victory for Ashleigh Gentle, for the first time in her career.


Congratulations for Montreal. How did that feel? It was overwhelming,


to be honest. I've had a few silver medals before on the world circuit,


the win came when I least expected it. I went on to the race with a bit


of sickness. To come out for the win was a bit of a shock. But obviously


happiness and a bit of relief as well. When did you realise that this


would be your race? Not until I crushed the finish line, to be


honest. I'm told that I looked behind too many times. But I guess


that was part of the shock. I was just like, is somebody going to come


running past me now or what? It wasn't until I got to the end then I


realised that I had won. How are you feeling going into Stockholm? You've


got to be on the high? I guess I got more confidence from that. I saw


what I could tap into it when I wasn't feeling so well. I need to be


able to convert that into when I'm feeling good. And I'm feeling good


now. I've got to think about those things that I learned from Montreal


and take them with me and hold onto them and really dry and convert them


into my racing all of the time. You have been training with Jamie


Turner. What advice and support has he given new? I guess it's very


different to what I'd done in previous years. The intensity in the


training has gone up quite a bit from what I'm used to. But it's not


just the physical stuff. I guess he's trying to mentally prepare me


for these races as well. And I think that's a huge thing for me. Just


trying to combine them and keep myself well balanced and relaxed


going into a race is really important. Gwen has been out having


her baby, Stanley. There we congratulations to her. She's -- is


absolutely gorgeous, too. I can see what I can learn from her. That's


what I've been thinking of doing. Just trying to better myself to be


more like her and her she approaches the races. Tell us about what you


are working on's swimming, have you been working on that particularly?


Of course, the swim is always seems to be and has been my weakest leg.


I've been training hard for a really long time to improve my swim.


Sometimes it's of course physical, but also mentor too. It's something


that I'm going to continue to work on. That will be a big priority in


my programme. Because I've always worked so much on my swim, I feel


that I haven't really come the you know, see my full capacity on the


run. I guess that's something which I will continue to work with Jamie


with. I really look forward to trying to explore that more and


seeing how fast I can go on the run. I feel as though it is something


that I've got more to give in that area. That sounds really exciting


for Ashleigh, but quite frankly terrifying for everyone else. What


of the British team? Non Stanford isn't here, she's recovering from


injury. Vicky Holland has announced a premature end to the season after


injury, but she will be putting her vocal chords to good use helping


Matt and Annie with the commentary. He'll is going to be diving in for


Great Britain? We have Lizzie Hall, India Lee, and somebody who


absolutely loves triathlon - Jodie Stimpson. I love triathlon. I love


everything about triathlon. Well it's on TV, if I'm not supposed to


be racing, I'll be watching it. But it's been terrible watching the WTS


races, because I just want to be in them. How you feeling? Excited and


happy to be back racing. I want to talk to about two or hold you.


You've made some changes, you've moved to Loughborough. How has that


been for you? Basically, everything that I used to do before I don't do


now. On the bike... On the run, I have to run to pace. It's refreshing


in one way, but new challenges for everything in training. Everything


was going really great, going great into Abu Dhabi. And then between Abu


Dhabi and the Gold Coast, I personally got carried away. Because


Abu Dhabi's result was... Fantastic, so good, amazing. Such a big


surprise. I had no idea how it would go, a new training group. I think I


started training to quickly too hard after Abu Dhabi which flared up the


keel is a bit and then it was a knock on. It was then trying to


rehab from that as well. What are your aims next year? Number one has


got to be defending the Commonwealth title? Jodie Stimpson and England


went to be the first goal of the game. I haven't to go. It's in the


selectors' Hands. It gives me goose bumps thinking about missing it. If


I go, it's all geared towards that, of course, everything will be geared


towards that. If I was one of the selectors, what would you say?


Please, please take me! Yes, I'd love to have the opportunity to


defend the title. How much are you looking forward to Stockholm? It's


in two mindsets. I'm really happy and excited just to be here and be


healthy enough to race. But this quarter of me is like, oh, I'm not


wearing want to be. I've just got to make sure that I swim well. If I


don't swim well, I'm going to be working my backside off to get to


the front of the race. If I near the front, I'm going to be trying to get


away. I just want to go into it and go and have fun. This course is


definitely want to have it. -- one to have it. Fantastic to hear Jodi


on such good form, very good luck to her. With Jodie, Flora Duffy,


Ashleigh Gentle and the rest of the British women lining up at the


pontoon, we have the makings of a great race. Let's can do to


commentary from Matt Chilton, and the Amerson, and Olympic


bronze-medallist Vicky Holland is -- Annie Emerson.


COMMENTATOR: The weather isn't that one, it feels autumnal in the


Swedish capital as we get ready for round eight of the 20 17th world


triathlon series -- 2017 well triathlon series in this magnificent


city. This is a full distance, a 1500 metres swim, a one kilometre


lap followed by a 500 kilometre lap. Then a unique lap on the bike of 4.6


kilometres before they then write nine laps of four kilometres in and


around the city, taking in three of the different islands that make up


this waterborne Swedish capital. And then the run, which involves four


lapse of 2.5 kilometres each to bring up the 10,000 metre run


distance. So, following the full distance race in Montreal and the


sprint distance in Edmonton, it's back to full distance racing here in


Stockholm. But Rob lapse of 2.5 kilometres to conclude. -- four


lapse. Flora Duffy wears number one. The world champion looking to win


the title for the second successive year. She wears the golden number


one on Harbour on. Ashley Jensen, the Australian who came good in


Montreal, is number two. Jodie Stimpson has number 14. Jess Lamont


is also won the start list with number 11, the European champion,


won the title in Austria in the middle of June. Lucy Hall is also


involved. She wears number 18 today, a strong swimmer. And India Lee, she


is the fourth British representative in the start list this afternoon,


with number 90. It's a beautiful afternoon in the Swedish capital. We


are ready for round eight of the 2017 world triathlon series,


Stockholm playing host. Choppy water ahead. A wet suit swim. They are


lined up and ready go. And the race begins. Somebody had a very early


start. Somebody seemed to go a split second before the majority of the


field. And now they set off on this first lap of 1000 metres. They will


get out of the water at the end of that for the second, shorter lap of


500 metres. That will be followed by a 40.6 kilometre cycle. Amber Rudd


is a 10,000 metre Irfan, a full Olympic distance race this afternoon


-- and the run is the 10,000 metre affair. I'm joined by Vicky Holland


and Ami Emerson. We have justly and making a positive start to the swim


for Great Britain is that Galip no surprise to see Jess is leading the


way. She really is, on a good day, one of the strongest swimmers in the


world triathlon series that the moment. Yes, I think it would be


hard to overlook Jess is the best swimmer now in triathlon. Her and


Lucy together, Lucy Hall, have dominated the swim is that they have


been in over the last few years. Jess has a really, really good open


water stroke, a short stroke, high turnover, similar to what we see


from the Bramley Brothers. That lends it nicely to open water choppy


conditions like this one. She has been at altitude recently in Italy.


The word on the street is that she is swimming even better than she


normally does. It's no surprise for me to see her leading the swim. Lucy


Hall on her feet, the shot we had a double of minutes ago showed Flora


Duffy just next to Lucy. I'm not surprised to see those three girls


at the front earlier on. Looking back to Hamburg, Lucy raced there.


She had an uncharacteristically slow swim for her. I would imagine that


she is bringing her best swim here to Stockholm, isn't she?


Yes, in a lot of ways comforting for those of us not at the front of the


swim to see someone having a bad day because it shows we are human. She


is second place to Jess. This is the Lucy we are used to seeing.


Hamburger is a very short distance to the first buoy, and if Lucy is


off her pace she may have ended up in the crash run, and for someone so


used to being at the front of races, they are never in that crash, never


in the melee with the masses. She is so used to being out front with


clean water and not having to fight that when she is in that position it


is quite hard, something she will not have practised often. We now


have two swimmers on the right side, confusing for people looking on, are


they in the same race? Of course they are but they have chosen to go


wide. I have a feeling that is Flora Duffy on the outside. I think that


is floral on Lucy Hall's feet, I think I can see the number one on


the cap. On the far side, that is rootsy air, coming across from the


far side, who may have had a pontoon position and may well have held her


line. Approaching the first turn, they have installed underwater


cameras this weekend, such is the concern with the authorities at the


ITU about the danger of the tight turns and the injuries the racers


can pick up. There are underwater cameras. They are well strung out


now and I am not sure if we will see drama and incident here. It may be a


different story for the men's race later. Jess Learmonth Way ahead, on


the return leg while the last of the swimmers are still approaching the


turning point. All Great Britain leading them through, halfway


through the opening lap, a lap of 1000 metres to start with, after


that they will exit the water, dived back in for the second shorter lap


of 500 metres. British triathletes in prominent positions here. 1000


metres done, 500 metres still to swim, and Learmonth is first to rise


out of the water and make a way forward and round to begin the


second lap. Team-mate Lucy Hall follows her up the steps and along


the pontoon. Difficult to spot the numbers in the bright sunshine.


Zaferes was there as well. They will dive back in before they start the


second lap. Hopefully the graphic will show us who is doing what. It


hasn't worked so far, so a bit of guesswork. We know about Learmonth


and Hall. Flora Duffy not far away last time we got a name check so we


will assume Duffy is amongst the leaders as well. I think it was


Flora inferred, the Faroes in fourth -- Flora in third, Zaferes in


fourth. I didn't see Jodie or India. This was Learmonth first out of the


water followed by Lucy Hall, Duffy not far behind scrambling up the


steps, and backing for the start of the second lap. I think that is


Kirsten Kasper. . I think in fairness, it is difficult for the


viewer to see, looking at the swim, it all looks peaceful and easy but


when you are in the mix it is tough. It is quite disorientating. It can


be. When you are on somebody's feet you tend to be following them and


not looking all the time at the buoy. The siting of the buoy is


advised, you don't want to be too far off course, but you don't want


to expend too much energy by constantly looking for it rather


than getting into your rhythm. There can be times when you are not sure


how close you are to be end of the swim or the next buoy. And the


swimmers around you. And the swimmers around you! Stimpson has


been given a 15 second penalty. We saw somebody executed. False start.


I was hoping it wouldn't be a British triathlete, but


unfortunately Jodie Stimpson will have a stop- go penalty to undertake


later in the race. We know she was excited to get back racing! I think


she was too excited to get back on the start line. Look to the right,


there she goes. She falls a little bit in but that will incur a


penalty. We have news of Stimpson's performance in the water following


the false start, or the early start. At the end of lap one she was not


far behind, only 12 seconds down, so after she takes the stop - go


penalty in transition one, she will be getting on for 30 seconds down.


So Stimpson is by no means out of this race despite the 15 second


penalty coming her way that she is about to discover as she exits the


water. First of all, it will be fellow British triathlete Jess


Learmonth. What a stunning swim from Learmonth. Out of the water, starts


to creep out of the wet suit as Learmonth leads them through


followed by Lucy Hall, world champion. World leader Flora Duffy


next, then the first of the Americans out, Katie Zaferes.


Stimpson on the blue carpet, but she has bad news awaiting her when she


reaches her bike. Routier further removed from the leaders than she


would normally expect, 21 seconds down. Let's watch this, as they


arrive in this autumnal scene with leaves scattered over the blue


carpet in transition. Nobody waiting to penalised Jodie Stimpson. Yes


varies. Stimpson is about to get the bad news. Awful for Jodie, such a


fantastic swimmers well, and she will find out she has a stop and go.


She hasn't realised. There we go. Now she is having her stop and go.


This is awful. She had a fantastic swim, the best swim we have seen


Jodie have in years, and she is still standing there. This is


agonising to watch. She has improved her swim which was a weakness. We


know she will ride had now but I hope she can get back into the race.


15 seconds must have seemed like a lifetime for Stimpson. Gentle, the


Montreal winner, one minute 18 seconds off the pace, and now


Stimpson has taken her punishment and is on her bike. Let's hope from


her point of view that she can find decent riders to team up with and


maybe do some damage to the Learmonth group's lead. They are


already on the way on lap one. I don't know what was going through


Jodie's mine but she was very calm. She took it well. That is crucial,


that she keeps calm, gets the heart rate down. Andrea Hewitt going down,


she had a disaster in the swim, as did Ashleigh Gentle as you


mentioned, one minute 18 down. At least Jodie knows she has strong


cyclist behind but she is in no man's land because the front runners


are way up the road and the good bikers are down the road so she will


have to do quite a bit of work by herself. There is no way Jodie will


be waiting for those girls behind her. She said no matter where she


came out of the swim she would ride had the whole time. Lap one of the


bike, the first unique lap from City Hall to the royal Palace. The lead


group is controlled at the moment by world champion Flora Duffy, the


Bermudan in the familiar red top out in front with Jessica Learmonth and


Katie Zaferes for company. Lucy Hall in the background not too far away


from the group but an awful position to be in, dangling 5-10 seconds of


the group, and that group will work now. We know Flora will not hang


around. The Faroes will be motivated and Jess will want to right the


wrongs of other races. She is racing for herself and has free rein, and I


think she races tactically we will see a fantastic results. Stimpson,


number 12, 32 seconds behind after incurring the 15 second penalty she


got for jump-starting. She was incredibly keen to race but perhaps


a little too keen. It is marginal but the rules are the rules. This


race is already fascinating, with Learmonth in contention in front


along with Zaferes, and Flora Duffy and the trials and tribulations


suffered by Jodie Stimpson, who will now try to make amends, there is all


sorts of twists and turns to enjoy as this race unfolds, and they climb


over the cobbles with the blue carpet making life a little more


comfortable under the wheels, to the top of the hill, in front of the


Royal palace to complete the first unique lap, the bike intro they are


calling it, the first lap into transition one out of the water to


transition two by the Palace. That is the chase group, the chaste pair,


Lucy Hall alongside Alice Betto, and three on their tails trying to close


the gap. Taylor Spidey, we saw with the second place result in Leeds,


Kirsten Kasper virgin Yokohama -- third in Yokohama. . Jodie Stimpson


is 53 seconds down on Flora Duffy. Just about 20 seconds down on the


pack in front, so if Jodie keeps bogus and keeps working, we know she


is strong on the bike and the swimming and has had time out with


the Achilles injury. She has been working on the bike, so she is bike


fit. India Lee coming through one minute 16 off the pace. Jodie


Stimpson leading that group of seven in total. Can they do damage to the


Duffy group's lead? Looking at the other athletes in her group, trying


to pick out somebody who will help her on the bike, but it is tough,


she is doing all the work at the moment and thinks, if I sit in we


will lose more time. She has Joanna Brown from Canada, who has had


decent races, a breakthrough year for Joanna, fourth in Montreal on a


tough bike or so we know she can ride. Hopefully that is good company


for Jodie Stimpson. Back with the leaders, Duffy, the Faroes and


Learmonth, clean break in transition, Duffy put the hammer


down in the early stages as she always does, Best biker on the tour,


and they climb again. We will get a check on timings, they are in front


of the Royal palace for the second time at the end of the intro lap.


The gap to the next group then was 36 seconds so we will keep an eye on


how that has changed now they have completed the first of the familiar


laps around the streets of Stockholm. Eight laps to go in


total. As Zaferes, Duffy and Learmonth head off into the cobbled


streets of the old town of beautiful Stockholm. Lots out enjoying the


Saturday afternoon sunshine and watching the World Triathlon Series


unfold. 36 seconds was their lead at the end of the intro lap, I think it


will be much greater now at the end of the first of the normal laps


around the city. The next group making the turn. Kasper, Hall,


better oh and Claire Michel, 55 seconds down. 36 seconds against 55


seconds, a lot of damage done by Learmonth, Duffy and Zaferes on the


first of the regular laps around the city. And it is now officially


called the Jodie Stimpson group, the comeback triathlete. She is


potentially about to dictate the pace of this group. She will hope to


run this race on her turn. Mixed bag so far today for Stimpson. Started


early, punished with a 15 second stop- go penalty in T1, worked hard


to get back into contention, in control of this group of ten. That


stumble at the start will haunt Jodie I think a little in this race


because she is riding fantastically and the swim cannot be


underestimated, it is something Jodie has struggled with over the


years and worked so hard on. She has really improved and I am impressed


with her swim today. Zaferes is down. Goodness me! Heartbreaking.


Hopefully we will see what happened to Katie Zaferes. Her race is over,


doesn't look like she will continue any time soon. She has picked up a


nasty bump on my left shoulder, helped away from the scene of the


crash, and that leaves Flora Duffy and just Learmonth in front. We are


just seeing her go around the corner. She wiped out a little too


much, maybe didn't have enough pressure on the outside leg it looks


like, and that is the same corner Stanford crashed on last year so


this corner has form, people have crashed here before. I was about to


say how impressed I have been with her cornering and technical ability


today. She was right at the front, in that group, but that is a nasty


crash. Learmonth thankfully able to steer clear of the prone Katie


Zaferes on the tarmac. Zaferes DNS today. Three laps to go for this


pair, Learmonth and Duffy. The last time they were in front of the Royal


palace their advantage over the Stimpson group was one minute 45.


Let's see how that changes shortly as the Stimpson group approaches the


turn and makes the climb to the Royal Palace.


Jodie won't be the first that week to have faced the stop and go and


trying to get herself onto the podium. We don't know how her


running is yet, so that is speculation. But where she took her


penalty was more disadvantageous than the Olympics. There is very


little advantage to be gained at that point from being in a pack,


whereas Joty missed the pack because of the stop- go she had to take so


early in the race. In a run, you can choose on which lap you take it?


That is right, you can choose on any of the laps you take it. It does


seem a little harsh, but lessons learned, I guess. She was easy to


get back, it shows how excited she was. Just a rush of blood to the


head as the countdown continued to start. They're making the turn up


the hill, almost two minutes. 1.58 now. They have done more damage.


Nearly two minutes, Flora Duffy is overtake the Jodie Stimpson group.


This has become a lead that increases Jess's chance of her


holding on for the second place, and definitely a podium point. A couple


of girls in that group he will argue at runners. Those girls are probably


going to make a bit of inroads into Jess on the run. But I don't think


they will make two minutes. These guys are further down the road. The


second chase group, if they can minimise the deficit going on until


the main chase with your Jodie Stimpson group. That is really good


light -- for the likes of Ashley Jensen. They can really run


themselves into a top ten, maybe even a top five position at the end


of the day. If they make it onto the chase group, a couple of podiums are


up for grabs, potentially. That group has all of the incentive now.


One more lap to go. A great performance from these two. They


were three for a while until Katie is a vera is and her bike parted


company, bashing down on her belly onto the tarmac on the street of


Stockholm, a nasty crash. The American tried briefly to get back


into the race before eventually calling it quits. That opened up the


transfer somebody to come from the chase group and potentially get onto


the podium. -- that opened up the chance. We are hoping that Jodie


Stimpson can get involved after taking a Stoppard and go penalty at


the end of the swim. Stimpson has kept her cool and kept herself into


contention. Potentially Learmonth of Great Britain or potentially


Stimpson of Great Britain could be on the podium this afternoon. It is


hard to see anybody winning this race apart from Flora Duffy. The two


leaders prepare for transition now. So, the pace is reduced


significantly. They steer clear of each other. Feet out of the shoes,


rest the shoes on top as they get set for the final climb. One hour


and 24 minutes since this triathlon began with a 1500 metres swim. The


dismount lying is approaching. Just got herself to the front


convincingly down the last straight and put herself in the right


position going into the -- into T2. Learmonth for Great Britain kept out


of trouble. They were with Katie Zaferes, who had the crash.


Learmonth keeping her cool in transition. And Duffy getting it


done sharply. They break again. Learmonth and Duffy on their way at


the end of the -- D two. 10,000 metres ahead of them now, Duffy is


on her way, the world leader goes on the hunt for yet another world


triathlon series win. She won in Yokohama, she won in Leeds and


Hamburg, she won again in Edmonton. By the looking for her fifth win of


the season. Learmonth in the hunt for her first world triathlon series


podium. The leaders are on their way. Next group, with Jodie Stimpson


fully involved, second to arrive at the dismount line. Stimpson on her


way up the hill, looking out for her position in T2. Some athletes have


further to go up the hill with their bikes. Everybody hoping to get this


right. Keep our eyes on number 14, Jodie Stimpson. Nothing wrong with


that, she is away. Solid transition, need -- neat and tidy for Jodie


Stimpson. The chase group lost some time, disappointing for them,


especially the ones are hoping to keep someone like death in their


sights. I'm backing Jess for the second-place -- someone like Jeff.


They will have wanted to keep that gap down just a bit more. At this


point, every second matters. Gentle is sprinting up the hill, she means


business here. She arrives at position number two. She needs to


get this right. Nothing wrong with this so far, the winner in Montreal.


Of underway. First to arrive and first to depart commode Andrea


Hewitt for company. They go in pursuit of the Jodie Stimpson group


now. Flora Duffy, potentially on course for a world triathlon series


victory number five this season. And she's got nobody for company, she's


all on her own, good transition for Duffy, good speed across the cobbled


of Stockholm. There is just Learmonth. There is no doubt the


ride will have taken something out of her. But it will have taken


something out of everybody. Jeff isn't the only one suffering here a


little bit, a lot of the girls struggled to find their legs. It was


an unrelenting course. I am hopeful that Jess will find a bit of


routine, I'd love to see her get on the podium today. Good runners in


that group. Jodie Stimpson making her way towards the front of the


pack. Distin Casper, familiar upright start. Brown of Canada just


behind her. Stimpson with a bit of daylight, a bit of work to do is


Stimpson settles into the rhythm of this run. They are on the flat part


of the course now. Temperatures have just fallen off in the last couple


of days in Stockholm, making it a much more manageable 18 degrees, the


temperature of the air in the Swedish capital, as Duffy reaches


the blue carpet and climbs for the first time at the end of her first


lap of four with three to go. Jess has been in this position a couple


of times when she's been up the road in a breakaway situation, and she


hasn't quite held on for a podium. Here she is coming up the hill into


transition, 34 seconds down on Flora Duffy. I'm not surprised to see the


gap go down like that. Flora is good in transition, getting her rhythm


quickly. Jeff has time to play with, to catch her breath and get into a


routine. She has lost 34 seconds on the gap. More interestingly, what is


the gap to the chasers? You can see Jodie Stimpson, who was yet to


really find her race pace in the early stages of this run. The way


things stand, Stimpson is down in eighth position. And here comes


Ashleigh Gentle on a charge. In order for Gentle to improve her


ranking and score some points, she has to finish in at least seventh


position today. Gentle has gone past Stimpson and is now hooked onto the


back of this group of four, which includes Casper and Yuko Takahashi,


two athletes who have raced in every world triathlon series race so far


this season. Gentle Mao hits the front, she is an outright third


position. She has caught that chase pack within one lap, that is an


impressive performance. You're watching the world number one, the


world champion, Flora Duffy, pushing hard to the top of the hill, in


front of the Royal Palace, where she becomes a stage closer to being


crowned world champion in 2017, as she was in 2016. If Duffy wins and


Gentle finishes third, Duffy will only have to finish seventh or


better to win the title in Rotterdam. If of the winds and


double finishes second, then Duffy will have to finish sixth or better


to secure the title at the grand final in Rotterdam. Those are the


stakes. Just looking at the time from last year when Flora Duffy won


when she won her first world triathlon series event, it was


2:03.38, it looks like she will smash that today. It looks to me


like she is going to be inside two hours today, which is phenomenal


racing on this course, because this is not a fast course, is it? It is


not a fast course. The difference we are noticing between this year and


last year, Flora rode the whole thing on her own last year. You


could say that was our fault in the chase pack for not catching her, but


you read the whole thing on her own, and this year she has done that with


someone else, she has had that advantage. And she is a better


runner this year than she was last year, no doubt. Jess Learmonth will


take the bell, one minute and 22 seconds off the pace of Flora Duffy.


One lap to go for Learmonth. Looking for her first-ever world round one


series podium. The danger comes from Ashleigh Gentle. A remarkable race


so far from Gentle. He was 25th coming out of the water. She stormed


her way through the fields or she was 25th. She now sits in third


position with just over one lap to go. No sign of Ashleigh in the


background just yet, which is always good news. We don't want to see that


Australian figure hunting down Jess. The longer that goes on, the greater


the chances she will hold onto silver. Lets not forget, there's


another part of the race to come, the race up the hill to the finish


line. You don't want passed the sprint up the hill if you can avoid


it. Looking for her seventh world triathlon series win today and her


12 Aubel UTS podium. Lots of support for Flora Duffy. Acknowledgement of


the crowd. 500 metres left to run, on her way to the fifth win of the


season. Only Gwen Jorgensen has done that. She will begin to relax a bit


now. She's not want to put her foot of the gas, but she will be


beginning to enjoy the atmosphere a bit now and soak it up. It is


becoming the Flora show. We are seeing this time and time again.


This is an incredible season. The likes are. You have to mention that


we are missing quite a few people. From the top ten in the Olympics


last year, we only have two athletes racing, it has left some gaping


holes. But detract from what Flora is doing, she has been phenomenal.


That's not to say that she would have done this if everyone had been


racing, but she is cleaning up this year. Yes, she certainly is. With


just over 150 metres to go now, she makes her way up the blue carpet for


the final time. She will be relieved, I think, to see the back


of that blue carpet. But it's certainly going to be another


victory for the outstanding athlete from Bermuda. On the climb for the


final time, Flora Duffy has demolished the opposition once


again. With a display of magnificent triathlon. Round eight in the


Swedish capital of Stockholm will go to Flora Duffy of Bermuda. She lifts


her sunglasses and knowledge as the crowd. She's dropping home. She'll


move across to her left and take a high five or two from the supporters


here. Time to ease up and enjoy the moment is Duffy wins in Stockholm.


Just over two hours. Two hours and nine seconds for Flora Duffy for her


fifth win of the season. Surely now she is a shoo-in for the World


Title. It would need some freaky results in Rotterdam to deny Duffy


her second successive world triathlon series title. Next onto


the blue carpet, on her way to her first ever world triathlon series


podium, will be Jessica Learmonth of Great Britain. Still waiting for


Jess to come into shot. We don't know where Ashleigh is, but it looks


like Jess is not letting up. She has raised so hard from start to finish,


she made a tactically perfect swim and bike. I'm delighted to see that


Jeff is going to bring home a podium result. This is so well-deserved, a


strong all-round athlete. We've all known it's coming. Ashleigh Gentle


is coming up behind her but I think she's going to run out of time. Jess


isn't going to let up, she's going to hold on and get that


well-deserved single medal today. Learmonth has no time to stop and


enjoy the moment. She needs to secure their second place. It will


be a personal best for Jessica Learmonth of Great Britain. She's


home in second position in the world triathlon series, behind Flora


Duffy. And a brilliant finish for Ashleigh Gentle. 25th out of the


water, comes home on the podium in third, magnificent run again from


the Australian. Jess hasn't even celebrated yet. She


seems to have collapsed into a barrier, barely able to give Flora a


hug. She will not believe it has happened yet but I know she will be


over the moon with that result, as she deserves to be. The novel from


Jess, so impressed. Another World Triathlon Series victory for Flora


Duffy, her fifth of the season. Just Learmonth on the podium for the


first time with Ashleigh Gentle in third. Jodie Stimpson finished 13th,


Lucy Hall 17, India Lee came home in 19th position. And Flora Duffy wins


again. Massive congratulations, how was it for you today? Thank you. A


pretty good day for me, I won and the race worked out to my strengths.


The swim is always full gas and it set the race up perfectly, great


working on the bike, shame about Katie crashing. On the run about


what you have left. There were three of you, Katie Zaferes had a nasty


fall. What goes through your mind when that happens? Obviously Katie


is a friend so I heard that buying and thought, gosh. You see her in


the floor and it is horrible but you are racing, so you have to quickly


focus again. It is great riding with Jess, we have done a lot of riding


off the front together and I knew she had a chance of the podium today


so I was hoping we could set that up for her. Fantastic for her. Jess,


congratulations, fabulous race. Tell us how you feel. I can't believe it.


A shock really, but great fun. I am delighted. Talk us through the swim,


you came out first, how was that? Had, a choppy swim. I struggled a


bit too site and when it is so windy it is so difficult to get a rhythm


going, but I wanted to push it on to get a break on the bike because I


knew obviously it is very technical, so it is good to be in a small pack.


It worked out well. When you started the run you knew you were far ahead.


What were you thinking and how did you keep ahead of the pack? I


treated it like a time trial. It is all for having people chasing you


down. You have to do your own running, not get too excited or go


too fast. I think I just timed it right, but it was nerve-racking on


the last lap, I was absolutely shocked and I knew she was coming up


behind me. Where you checking behind you as well? I wanted to but people


kept saying, don't look round! I knew she was coming, she's like a


gazelle! Huge congratulations, Ashley, it was all about the run for


you today, wasn't it? I didn't have the best start in the water and its


split up. A hard place to be that I rode as hard as I could in that


group, and ran as fast as I could to see what could happen. I think you


ran the fastest run of the day, Jessica called you a gazelle.


LAUGHTER. But she is fierce, so if we combine our powers that will be


pretty cool. I am stoked that Jess got a first World Series podium.


Jodie, a tough day, Witty want to start? I tell you what, I'll take


it. Minus the penalty I had a good swim. I must have gone before


because literally I... I was, like, was it? It must have been just in


front but I had a good swim, I'll take that, with the swimmers there.


I think I biked well. It got little annoying when I reached up to them


in the chase back because Ben two of them started to try and break and I


was, like, you are interrupting my rhythm. You were working hard on the


bike. Yes, that was the plan. I knew I hadn't done the run training said


the plan going into it was the swim and the bike as hard as possible,


the running is what it is that the minute, but it was hard. We were


standing near you for the 15 seconds, what was going through your


head? You seemed very calm. It is like slow motion but when I see


their backsides in transition I'll take that.


Just over a week to go until the first British triathlon mixed relay


cup. One of the star turns will doubtless be Johnny Brownlee, who is


also racing here in Stockholm and hoping to get back on the podium.


How are you feeling? I think I'm feeling pretty good. My training has


gone very well since Montreal. My sessions have been good but it has


been strange for me this year, kind of an off year so far. A fun year


during the racing but I don't find it fun when I'm not racing well. As


an athlete you want to be on the podium. To not be in that situation


is tough to take sometimes. After Montreal use said a tough day, body


not firing, tactical perfect. Can you explain why or is it just that's


what's been going on? I was injured at the start of the year and try to


come back to quit, maybe overdid my training early in the season to try


to become world champion. It has taken a couple of months to get out


of that. In Montreal and Edmonton when you add in long haul travel it


adds another element, and there is no excuse in Stockholm, a couple of


hours from Leeds and a good course so hopefully my body will be in good


form. You clearly enjoy being here and did well here. Tell us about the


course. Stockholm is different to many other courses, very technical.


It has cobbles, basically we swim out of the town, normally quite


rough water, riding to Stockholm city centre than the real technical


circuit, the best thing to do is confident. Going into the corner not


worrying about them, getting your breaking done before the corners so


you don't slip out, make sure you pick your lines and you have looked


at the course beforehand so you know where the harsher cobbles are and


the smoother ones. Just be brave. If you are worried about a corner you


want more likely to crash and fall off whereas if you go in with


confidence you are more likely to go off the corner -- round the corner.


Are you hoping for a podium? This year I want a podium, I have only


had one in lead so far so if I have another good race here and get a


podium that would be great. I go into most races wanting to win and


if I can win here it will go a long way towards turning my season


around. What are your hopes for next year?


You have the Commonwealth Games which makes it an exciting year,


doesn't it? Next year is an incredibly exciting year. I love


targeting the big one-day races and Alistair may or may not be there so


it may be a chance to beat him on a big one-day race. Then trying to


become world champion next year is a big game and be competitive in the


World Series. Much to look forward to next year


but back to this year and the two fourth-place finishes in Canada mean


Johnny is moving up the rankings, now the leading Brit but not by


much. Tom Bishop is also hoping for a strong result today after spending


the past month training at altitude in the Italian Alps. The top four


represented by Mario Mola and Fernando Alarza, but hoping to


leapfrog at least one of those two is a young Norwegian currently in


fourth position who is becoming tougher to beat. Really focused. I


love the training. I like to be in training camps. It is the way I like


to be, racing. Hungry for more. What's it like racing in Sweden? You


are from Norway, do you feel like a local lad? The Swedish crowd at


sharing in this so it is the closest I have two racing at home. I am


always looking forward to it is. Tell us about Montreal. You came


second. How did that feel? It obviously felt good to be on the


podium again but in Montreal I could have pushed a little further or gone


a little further down in the basement and dug deeper. So I will


try to go even harder. Who is your biggest competitor? Johnny. He is


really motivated after two fourth-place finishes in Canada. I


guess he has been training well since then. If it comes to it on the


run, where would you be looking to make it hurt for him? I think I will


not wait for the last 200 because of the hill. Maybe I am a few kilos


heavier than him, and that will show on the Hill, so maybe I to go or


something. You have trained with the Brownlee Brothers. What was that


like? What did you learn from the? That was awesome. I joined them for


two weeks in Spain two years ago, and it was a fun challenge is. What


do you think about the way they race? Their racing style has been


inspiring me since I was a junior. Since then I tried to push hard on


the bike and try to make the people around me suffer before the run.


Maybe try to copy them a little bit. Your message to Johnny? Wait for me


on the swim! Will Johnny wait for Blummenfelt and


what part will Mario Mola and Tom Bishop as well as the other Brits


racing today, Bowden and Austin, play? It is time to find out. Let's


get back to Matt, Vicky and Danny. COMMENTATOR: The athletes will line


up as follows. No Javier Gomez in Stockholm, he has


opted out of this one. The Olympic bronze-medallist Schoeman returns


with number six today. Round eight of the 2017 World Triathlon Series


here in Stockholm, under a cloudless sky but with plenty of shop on the


water ahead. They are way, looked like a clean start. The women's race


involved a false start for Jodie Stimpson of Great Britain, penalised


with a 15 seconds stop-go penalty. And even break for the men and look


at the bottom of your screen, the familiar figure of the best swimmer


in the field, the Slovakian, having made an informed choice by starting


from that position and is leading them out. That is no shock to


anyone. An interesting field here, smaller as well compared to what we


are used to. In terms of swimmers, Schoeman from South Africa, Bago,


Brownlee, a couple of French athletes as well, and Aaron Royal


from Australia as well, all decent swimmers. This swim favours the


strong swimmers. Yes, this swim with the choppiness they face and the


wind, it means as soon as they go it is harder to draft. You have a


drafting benefit being on someone's feet but as soon as a gap goes it


lessens dramatically and on a course like this in water like this, it is


so much harder to get that same benefit you would get on a flat


swim, so when gaps start to open up you can see them go. The shot we


right now, that leads women there is dropping the person behind him. They


will have to concentrate not to let the feet go because the gap is


already over a metre and extending. Good to see now Johnny Brownlee


making his way onto the feet of Varga. They spend a lot of trying


training together, Varga was a partner for the Brownlee brothers in


Leeds and decided to spend more time with them.


We have a false start, I think. That's what we are looking at. I


thought it was a clean start. Looking at it again somebody on the


Johnny Brownlee side of the pontoon might have gone a fraction early,


we'll keep an eye on that. News coming up, it is Schoeman who has


been given a 15 second penalty for going over early on the start.


Schoeman, one of the best swimmers in the field, the Olympic


bronze-medallist, will have to do what Simpson did in the women's


race. He won't know about it yet but he will soon, at the end of the


second lap, he will find out when he gets to transition, and he will be


near or possibly with the leaders, he will have to stand still for 15


seconds while he gets the countdown. The end of lap one. They will climb


out of the water before starting the shorter lap two, which is just 500


metres. We are not getting the list of who is where at the end of each


lap so we will rely on the naked eye to spot who is coming out in what


position, that we do know Varga and Johnny Brownlee were first out of


the water and first to return. I think Kristian Blummenfelt just


came through our screens out, he is a bit off the pace if that was him.


So, a shorter second lap now. We had a 1,000-metre lap to start with, a


500-metre lap coming up. No sightings of Tommy Bishop or Mark


Austin just yet. It is difficult to do so when they are all in wet suits


and we don't have any live splits. But we know that Johnny Brownlee is


having another characteristically fantastic swim, sitting in second


place. Myler 30 seconds down, not where he wanted to find himself. But


we know that his swim has improved -- Mario Mola. The swim is always


going to be the point where Mario's weakness is going to show. But he is


still at the back of that pack came on, he is not completely isolated.


That's something that these other athletes will have tried to do, it


is the tactic they played by not allowing him to have any of the


strong suits next to him on the starting line. It has affected him,


but at the moment he is in damage limitation, still capable of being


in that main pack. And if he's in that main pack, anything can happen


for Mario. The swim is almost done. It was around 18 minutes, compared


to the quickest swim this season so far, in Leeds, 16.5 minutes. We are


getting on for 18 minutes, as Wagner exits with Johnny Brownlee preparing


for his arrival in transition. Next out of the water is Aaron Royle,


another Leeds -based athlete. Mark Austin, the second of the


British quartet, he is in 11th position. And they make their way to


transition number one. Adam Boulton has come out, 25 seconds down, a


decent start for him, British veteran Tom Bishop is nine seconds


back, 23rd. And still no luck for Mario Mola. He comes out 42 seconds


down. A couple of extra seconds lost for Mario Mola between the end of


the first lap and the start of the second. Taking out of his wet suit,


putting on his helmet at the same time. He's his way. Schoeman takes


the penalty, didn't know it was coming, now he knows all about it,


the 15 second stop - start penalty from a. In the water. It is a slow


15 seconds, isn't it, for the Olympic bronze-medallist, who won


the final event of the 2016 campaign in Mexico. Last September. Kristian


Blummenfelt, and Mario Mola, they are on their way. Right at the back


of that group. A long way behind. There is a worse wheel to have to


follow them Kristian Blummenfelt for Mario Mola. Kristian Blummenfelt is


so strong with the bike and work so hard. Mario Mola will be slightly


disappointed with that swim. I think you will be very disappointed with


that swim, but he will be thanking his lucky stars that he has just


squeaked into that group at the back there. He is the last athlete in.


That will really help him. Going out onto the road, finding the leaders.


No surprise, Brownlee and Royle and filed out in front. These guys have


formed a working party of around half a dozen here. That may well


grow in numbers. It might be slightly more than that. Seven, I


think. Well, they're going to work really hard. This is the time in the


race, isn't it, where you've got to give it everything, just as Duffy


and Ali Brownlee and Johnny Brownlee always do, get that gap and be


prepared to go into a really dark place. Once you've got that gap, you


can start looking forward and think about working the breakaway. This


unique introduction lap is 4.6 kilometres. When you ride this


course once, it takes them onto the main circuit in and around the Royal


Palace, where they will ride a further nine times, nine laps of


four kilometres each to bring up the distance of 40.6 K. The chase group


numbers about a dozen. You can see the leaders coming around the


roundabout in the opposite direction. So, the chase is now


exactly what they have to do. They are around about behind. One of the


Spanish athletes just at the back of the front pack, I think it's got to


be Fernando Alarza, because the other Spaniard in there is Fernandez


and he was quite a way back. He is desperately trying to get onto this


front pack. Alarza has had so many consistent results, he has become


the. You rarely see him outside the top ten in any race. But he did have


those below par races recently. For him to have dropped out of this


group, he will be really devastated if that's the case, because this is


a fantastic opportunity for him to get back to where he wants to,


accrue some more points coming into the grand final. The front group of


seven now, a full check on exactly who is in this pack as they crossed


the start- finish line at the top of the hill by the Royal Palace. We


know that Johnny Brownlee is in there, desperate to score his first


win of the season. He is second behind his brother Alister in Leeds.


He had a couple of fourth places in Canada, Edmonton, and Montreal. Last


time he won a world triathlon series was in Edmonton last year in 2016.


Johnny has talked about how this has been an off year for him. You know,


very, very high standards, as you would imagine. But this year just


hasn't really brought the result that he was hoping for, that he is


accustomed to. And I think that's been quite tough for him, as you


would imagine it would be. For him to be at the front of the race here


pushing on, I'm not surprised to see it at all, he will desperately be


wanting to write wrongs of the season for him. Front group of


seven, somebody trying to join in to make it eight. Badgers Fernando


Alarza. He is dangling between the two groups at the moment -- that is


Fernando Alarza. It will be difficult for him to get back on his


own. The likelihood is that he will get swallowed up into the chase


pack. Hopefully for him, he can utilise that pack and work with them


to catch back onto the leaders. Johnny Brownlee is really cracking


on here. He wants to open up a decent lead over the chase pack.


He's got plenty of guys who can help him out. Richard Wagner will


probably feel, I've done enough, I will do what I've done, the pace is


much more pedestrian from this group here compared to the urgent scene we


just saw from Johnny Brownlee at the front of the leaders group. This is


the second chase pack we're looking at here, they are only a matter of a


couple of seconds behind the main chase pack. So we've got Mario Mola


in that group, Kristian Blummenfelt. From a British interest, we've got


Thomas Bishop in that group. Kristian Blummenfelt is the athlete


with the camera on-board, that's the reason why we're getting these great


shots of the athletes. Mario Mola there, working really hard, he knows


he's got to do something produce partial now if he's going to get


back into this group -- something pretty special.


The leaders, the numbers fell off a little, it went down to five for a


moment, I think it's now six. I think Richard Wagner is the one who


has struggled to make the pace being dictated by Jonathan Brownlee here


-- Richard Varga. Aaron Royle is right behind him in number 50.


So, a front group of six dictated the pace here. They're working hard.


Down on the bars, working really hard to stay with these guys. Aaron


Wills doing a great job. He's yet to have a really decent result this


year, really, isn't the? Varga is sitting up and waiting for the chase


pack, by the looks of things. I wouldn't be surprised if he's


realised that he can't get back into that pack on his own. He's a great


rider, but he's not as strong as the might of the six guys up the road.


He's catching his breath, waiting for the chasers to come through and


going again. They're going to swallow him up any second here.


Varga hasn't got much longer to wait before he becomes part of this


enormous group of riders. Bowed and sweeps past Richard Varga, and first


-- Varga becomes part of this pack of riders who are the chase group


right now. Adam Bugden has had a fantastic career, he's been very


steady, -- Adam Bowden. He is one of the oldest guys, but he is our third


most successful Brit in the world triathlon series. He has had over


ten top tens. It's great to see at his age how well he raised in Leeds.


He just missed out on the podium, finishing in fourth place just


behind Tom Bishop. Adam Bowden, the great thing to see at his age, he's


still got a great desire to go out there and race well. This is the end


of the first of the radio laps around the city. And the leaders are


on the climb. Now, they will stop the timing


system shortly, at the end of the first lap their advantage was a


healthy 44 seconds. They were seven, they've now become six. The next


group, led by Kristian Blummenfelt, on the left of your screen with the


Norwegian flag on his side. They're making the turn and the climb now.


And the gap hasn't changed significantly. It's 36 seconds. So,


still a healthy lead for the Johnny Brownlee group. Adam Bowden, Tom


Bishop, both in this pack. Mario Mola sitting it out near the back.


Richard Varga has joined in that group recently.


A huge pack of riders. And plenty of British interest in there. Did you


see Johnny Brownlee that, had a word with Bowden and Bishop and Austin,


who I think are all in that chase group, had a scream at them, I don't


know what exactly he said, but he clocked his fellow British


triathletes and had a quiet word. Yes, I mean, if he did, I'm not sure


if that is there. I think Bowden and Bishop Arthur Lee's, I mean, Bowden


is an excellent athlete, Bishop has really proved himself when he ran


side-by-side with have it Gomez Cora about seven kilometres in Abu Dhabi.


Those guys have a right to be wanting the chase for the podium as


well. Certainly Tom Bishop does. He's been there and has done it


before. The chase group are sharing the workload at the front. The


Frenchman yellow core forcing the pace at the moment with Kristian


Blummenfelt, the Norwegian, in second position -- Pierre Le Corre.


At the end of that, Brown is out of the saddle again, pushing the pace,


making his way to the summit, alongside the Royal Palace. The last


time they crossed this pass of the course, they were 34 seconds in


front. They haven't quite reached the summit yet. Off into the shade


under the inflatable arch, flattens out before they drop down on the


cobbles. The chase group have lost a bit of time now. They were 34


seconds down at the end of lap three. It's going to be up in the


mid-40s, I think, by the time they've stopped the clock very


shortly. So, the Brownlee group moving further clear. Another nine


seconds added by the Brownlee group over the chase group. Out to 43


seconds at the end of lap four of ten. Adam Bowden, still in there.


Lots of international triathletes involved. We have that solid,


hard-working group of six, who continued to dominate this


competition. Dorian collects is in close order. Now, the third group up


the hill. Richard Varga has gone all the way back to the third group now.


His race has been all about going backwards after such a


characteristically strong start in the water. I wondered if he had some


sort of mechanical... It's a very decent cyclist, he doesn't have any


problems normally stained with the front group. Mark Austin, really


struggling. Mark is an another athlete, he had a really good swim.


He was just outside of the top ten, Y twerk he needed to be. -- right


where he needed to be. He wasn't quite able to go with that. He is


suffering a bit now, as we get later run into the bike. -- later on into


the bike. They have just under 17 Ks still to write. This leading group


of six, Jonathan Brownlee catching a breather at the back. Third in that


group, or Iain Conn inks, the Frenchman, the junior world champion


in 2013. And the under 23 world champion the following year. As we


pick up the action at the back of the chase group, with Adam Bowden,


still out the back just keeping himself out of trouble.


Walrond I'd like to see Adam just move up the pack a little. I'm not


saying he should be on the front of the group. Other athletes like Mario


Mola, the onus is on them to bring the gap backed down, but I would


like to see Adam bring himself a little further forward, like Tom,


sitting in sixth or seventh, that is a great place for Tom Bishop to be,


not in a place where he has to do the work, he can watch what is going


on, cover the brakes, near the front for the technical sections which


makes life easier, and Adam will have to put a bigger exhilaration


and after every corner, round every U-turn, he will need more power to


stay on the back of that group. Tom Bishop has a twin brother, David,


who is also a triathlete based at Loughborough. They are climbing


again. Jonathan Brownlee leads them up Bay Hill to complete lap six of


ten. Last time it was a 42nd lead they enjoyed, exactly halfway


through the bike leg of today's Olympic distance triathlon. How has


the chase group fared this time? Have they made a dent in the


advantage of just under 15 seconds. This group of six on the downward


stretch now, and shortly be Bowden and Bishop group, which also


contains Mola and Blummenfelt, they are 49 seconds down and haven't made


the turn to climb, so it will be closer to a minute this time. The


gap has widen further, the Brownlee group have strengthened their lead,


54 second advantage at the pose of lap six. Fantastic news for Jonny


Brownlee. He is having an off year today on his very -- this year on


his very high standards and to be going towards the end of the bike


leg with a minute gap on Mola, that is what you can hope for in this


racing and I'm sure he will capitalise on it. It has been a


difficult year for him. Pigs would have been difficult without the


crash in Yokohama. He was a good place and strong and then had that


crash and then went to Leeds and had Alistair with him. That was a


fantastic race, one of the most exciting races I have seen and to


see what the Brownlee brothers did, particularly Alistair saying they


would not give up, they would keep on going, and they did, finished


first and second. It must be an impact for Jonny not to have his


brother on the circuit. Blummenfelt has had an attempt at trying to open


up some daylight, I think he is finding the pace a little pedestrian


for his liking, and Blummenfelt wants to take it on. He has moved to


the front, with Van Der Stel of Belgium for company. Mola in fifth


place in this group at the moment. It will be tough for Kristian


Blummenfelt today, on the podium behind Gomez over the full Olympic


distance a couple of weeks ago in Montreal. But a much tougher asked


today, having to come from a minute behind with some very strong runners


out in front. Blummenfelt has worked hard today, he has been on the front


for the majority of this 40 kilometre ride, so you can see him


now, waving his hands, come round, come round, but whether they can't


or don't want to, at this stage in the race, sometimes you think, stay


roundabout that, let Blummenfelt do the work and save the legs for the


run, which we have talked about previously. I don't know how


sensible because of the big backers riding hard they can get off the


bike and find themselves 40 seconds down, then it is a different game.


The way to look at it at this point if they are still in the race, an


minute down but still in the race, it is by no means game over. Someone


like Blummenfelt understands that and knows at this point every second


counts. If you can galvanise the group interactivity it will not take


many of them to pull an odd turn here and that group will come down


by ten or 15 seconds. Then that makes it even easier for them to


achieve these top ten positions, potentially to run into top five,


maybe even a podium. So I think Kristian has the right idea, he


needs to keep this group going. He will be motivated and will be trying


to encourage as gently as possible, or maybe more forcefully, some of


these other athletes to do some work. We can see the core and Bishop


having a discussion there. Tom won't be willing to do much work here with


a team-mate up the road. Le Corre will be keener to see the pack move


along together. He was 30 last year so one has good form on the scores


and will want to see the Packers close to the lead group as possible.


There was French body language going on there. It was clear that Le Corre


was unhappy with the way Bishop was hanging about in the middle of the


pack, but it is not in Bishop or the British team's interest for him to


force the pace and close the gap to Jonny Brownlee, out in front with


this group as Aaron O'Brien takes them to the bell. The bell will


sound and there will be one lap around the streets of Stockholm on


their bikes before the ten K run. The group of six, strong work so


far. 58 seconds at the end of lap seven, 56 seconds by the end of lap


eight, has the chase group managed to get it down to a more manageable


52, 51 seconds or thereabouts? There seems to be a bit of urgency


particularly from Kristian Blummenfelt. I think he might have


done a bit of damage to the Brownlee group's lead. Blummenfelt makes the


turn. It will be in the 40s, I think, so good work from


Blummenfelt, down to 46 seconds, another ten seconds taken out of the


Brownlee group's lead, and a word or two between Mola and Blummenfelt up


Bay Hill. This gives Mola a fighting chance of a place on the podium. --


up the hill. So, here we go, the arrival at T2, the dismount line


marked across the road, and they make the left-hand turn and try to


get save space between each other as they make the climb to their places


on the hill in transition. Same-sex, Brownlee, Aaron Royle, Nieschlag,


Coninx, Schomburg and Salvisberg together. Brownlee, a bit of pace in


those legs as he arrives at the top of transition. Sweet, fast and


quick. But he is not the first to leave. Coninx got out first, no,


Nieschlag, the German, he was first to strike, but Jonny has him in his


sights and leaves transition in second place. The Irishman Russell


White has done what he set out to do. He has arrived in transition and


42 seconds behind the leaders, opening up a gap to the Mola pack,


who have arrived at the bottom of Bay Hill en masse now. -- bottom of


the hill. This is where we will find out what Mola is made up this


afternoon. He is in this group. Russell White ahead of the rest of


the pack, Mola at the top right of your screen heading towards his


position. We will pick up Mola here. Normally one of the best in and out


of transition, wastes no time, gets it done, in and out in a flash, Mola


on his way, Blummenfelt not quite so quick and leaves himself three or


four seconds behind Mario Mola. So the chase group spread themselves


out, the familiar White visor on the head of Mario Mola, starts to pick


them off one the buy one, he has already taken out a couple.


Nieschlag caught by Brownlee, and the British triathlete and the


German are on their way. Lap one under way.


Brownlee looks relaxed and confident. Perhaps a little bit warm


but I think he has put some water on his head and drank some which will


make Matt happy because he pointed out he was not drinking water. We


know he didn't drink enough because we know what happened in Montreal.


Great to see Bishop alongside Le Corre and Mola, who is leading this


chase pack. Tom Bishop in a strong position. He may have got a mouthful


from Le Corre during the bike leg about his staying mid-pack and not


sharing the workload, but he won't care about that now. He is running


with Mola out in front. Brownlee cruising through this opening lap.


Mola was about 40 seconds down at T2. I think the greatest margin Mola


has overcome over Olympic distance after the bike is about 41 seconds,


so it's not beyond the realms of possibility for Mola to win this


today but with Jonny in this form, assuming he stays healthy and on his


feet, it looks like he is in good shape, and he could be on his way to


his first victory of the season. If Jonny Brownlee goes on to win to


date he will have won a World Series event every year since 2011. That is


some record for Jonny Brownlee, one of the French athletes, I think,


limping off in the opposite direction may be in need of


attention shortly. Looking at that little crossover point back there


with the athletes get a look at one another, it looked to me like Jonny


Brownlee was running away with it, further ahead than we saw him on the


last lap from that group containing Bishop and Mola, Nieschlag and Aaron


Royle. Running well together and I think it is important they stay


together. Don't look back! You are doing great. With every step, every


need to Jonny covers now, he will be more and more confident and putting


to bed some of the Demons of the last year hopefully, and I am


thinking we will see him striding away to a victory to day. Let's keep


our fingers crossed. At some point I guess Brownlee can lean back off a


little bit. When he comes through halfway and sees the time difference


still growing, he might get into comfortable zone. That is ridiculous


but he will keep pushing but from our point of you watching, we think,


don't do anything stupid because we have seen it happen before. It is


great to see him back to his winning ways. There is the Tom Bishop group,


Mola at the front now, Kristian Blummenfelt just shadowing him, Tom


Bishop in that group as well, Henry Schoeman, the Olympic


bronze-medallist, a little further down, and he has picked up a 15


second stop-go penalty as well at T1, so he is in good shape


considering he has had to stand still and take his punishment.


Schomburg was with the leaders and is about to be caught and will be


going backwards from here on in. With the leaders through the 40 K


bike but Schomburg now overtaken by Mola, and there is only one way


Schomburg is going as Mola kicks forward, injects some pace. Seems to


have found his legs, found his rhythm in the last couple of


kilometres. Not that surprised to see that. He hasn't completely


shaken the company he has got but he has decimated that group a little.


That group of nine athletes is now down to five with four hanging off


the back, so he is down to five and I wouldn't be surprised to see him


push on from here. Jonny Brownlee almost halfway through this run


stage now, 5.52 kilometres left to run. No signs of any issues so far,


touch wood, for Jonny Brownlee. Looks to be in control of this one.


Jonny Wilkinson shortly complete the second lap. One hour 32 minutes,


almost 33 minutes, since he dived into the Stockholm water and began


this triathlon. Up egos, up this hill, ended a lap, you have to grit


your teeth and climb. Now, this is half distance on the run. At the end


of the first lap he was 12 seconds ahead of the next best placed man,


Aaron Royle. I think he would have extended their lead considerably


now. A lot of noise. It has been all about the Brownlee brothers in these


parts. And the lead will be closer to 30 seconds now between Brownlee


and R Royal. 31 seconds. Jonny has made a move in the right direction.


-- between Brownlee and Aaron Royal. Who is next to appear on the climb,


will it be Mola? I think so, Mola with Blummenfelt and Bishop. Things


starting to warm up here as RM Royal moves into clear second position.


Mola leads this chase pack up the climb. -- Aaron Royal moves into


clear second position. Mola is cruising along now, taking


Blummenfelt, Bishop, one two others with him. That little pack of five


will shortly be joining Aaron Royal and Nieschlag, who currently share


second and third position, with Jonny Brownlee way out in front, and


Brownlee wins again today he will be the first man to win three times


here in Stockholm. He and Alistair have won twice on this course over


various distances but Jonny looking to be the first to win it three


times in the city. Nieschlag and Royle still away from the pack but


Mola threatening now, and Mola seems to be getting quicker with every


stride. Jonny has company. I don't think that is allowed, pacing the


athletes, I don't know if there is too much danger of him carrying on.


Lap and a bit to go, shortly to take the bell on the climb for the


ultimate time. The next time he comes up here, he will be, barring


an accident, he will be the champion of Stockholm, winning his first race


in just over one year. One hour, 41 minutes and seven seconds since his


triathlon began. Taking the bell at the top of the hill in front of the


Royal Palace. Mario Mola, Blummenfelt, Bishop, they have


joined in. Second and third will come from two of these men here. He


has not given up. He was caught, but he is pushing on. I'm interested to


see how much of these two have given. Whether they can just give


everything to hold onto that group now. Blummenfelt is an outright


second. Bishop in third. Then the core alongside Mario Mola. If he was


to finish second here today, he would only need to finish ninth in


Rotterdam to secure the World Title for the second year in a row at the


grand final. Second is by no means a foregone conclusion. Blummenfelt is


the closest they've got to a local lad here in Stockholm and he has got


lots of support. Here is another burst of speed from Kristian


Blummenfelt. He wants second position. He was matching him here?


It looks as if Tom Bishop can't go with him. Pierre Le Corre is the


only one who has responded seriously. Mario looks a little


fragile in that position. We have heard Blummenfelt talk about how he


wanted to make it a one-mile race, the last mile was where he was


looking to push on. Some of the athletes have not burned through all


of their candles, they can really come through in the end. The threat


posed by Blummenfelt here, Mario Mola is losing out. He has lost


another place. With one kilometre left to run, Jonathan Brownlee is in


total control. Well, he certainly is, and hopefully he can just enjoy


this last kilometre little bit. It's been a tough year from him, since


Rio, really, it's been very, very tough for Johnny Brownlee. It's


great to see him back to his winning ways. Le Corre is not giving up,


that's for sure. Sissons from New Zealand, Bishop dropped off the pace


a little bit. Mola if the casualty here, though. He was on the podium


here in Stockholm one year ago in the race that was won by Alistair


Brownlee with Johnny Brownlee second. Le Corre joined the brothers


on the podium. He is currently in third position, with Blummenfelt


leading the Scandinavian charge here. Sissons is up into fourth


position. Bishop down to fifth. It looks as if Mola's race has run. The


Spaniard seems to have run out of steam, and he's languishing down the


field. That are elastic is just beginning to go between Ryan Sissons


and Tom Bishop. We're willing him back on. Women4Tech is really gone


for this early. It will be interesting to see if he has used up


all of his energy here -- Blummenfelt has really gone for it


early. The Frenchman has stolen second place from Kristian


Blummenfelt. Pierre Le Corre up into outright second. Can Blummenfelt


respond? More energy from Blummenfelt. He hasn't left it all


behind on the streets of Stockholm. What a response from the Norwegian.


Out into second. It looks like there may be a sprint finish between two,


maybe three guys. In position here. They're glancing back. Bishop is of


contention now. Mola is getting further and further removed as


Blummenfelt grits his teeth and goes for second place. Meanwhile, Johnny


Brownlee is about to take the win. All of the action going on behind


him, but he is cruising up the hill for the final time. He will win a


world triathlon series race again, as he has done every year since


2011. His first victory of the year. And he's savouring every second of


it. A terrific day for the British team, with Jessica Lee and first


podium. But this is the highlight, Jonathan Brownlee, back to his


brilliant best. About to win the World Series in Stockholm. And he


does so in style. One hour 49 minutes and ten seconds. Brownlee is


the champion. The battle goes on for second. Blummenfelt is clear. Will


there be some Scandinavian success? Le Corre desperately trying, but


Blummenfelt holds on for second. What a run, what a race for Kristian


Blummenfelt. With Pierre Le Corre into third. Ryan Sissons is for. For


New Zealand, another good result for Tom Bishop in six. An unfamiliar


position, seven. And an absolutely shattered Mario Mola. He collapses


across the line. There is our champion. It's been a while. It's


been a long wait, but the wait is over. Johnny Brownlee has won a


world triathlon series event again. Jonathan Brownlee takes the gold in


the Stockholm world triathlon series event, with the silver to Kristian


Blummenfelt of Norway. And France's Pierre Le Corre taking the bronze.


Adam Bowden was 13, and Mark Austin failed to finish. With one round to


go, Mario Mola leads the way, with Javier Colomo is in second and


Richard Murray third. Jonathan Brownlee is in six was issued. It


will all be decided in Rotterdam on the 16th of September. Johnny,


massive congratulations, you must be chuffed. I'm really happy. It's been


a tough few months, I'm not sure what's going on with my body. But


finally I felt normal. I guess that's what it feels like to feel


normal and feel good. To be honest, I was waiting for it to start


hurting. I was thinking, it's not been hurting yet. That was


brilliant, you know, I felt really good. In the end, it only started to


hurt with two paid to go. I had a hard swim -- two K. Then finished it


off on the run. When you have bad races, you dream of running on the


finish line about to celebrate. I took it in today. A great time to do


that. You don't often have races where you have time to take it in


down the finishing straight, but I did that today. What about the grand


final? It's just another race, really. I'm out of the series is for


us winning it goes, but I've never won a grand final. I was very close


last year. I just hope it's not hot. I got a podium again, I'm pleased


with that. I'm super happy with my run, I guess, maybe the fastest run


of the day. I should have been in the first group. But it's so hard to


catch Johnny. If you even have ten seconds, he's usually gone. Out of


the run, you were a good pack in the run, you had Mola in the pack with


you. It's hard, know, we were five or six guys into the last mile of


spring. To finish second or seventh, that's a huge difference at the end


of the day. I'm just super pleased to win that kind of spread. How


would the crowd for you? You almost a local lad, and Cuba? They were


awesome. -- aren't you. Johnny here was so strong today. The podium was


there, just about. The final maybe 400 metres, I couldn't quite get on


the podium. But I'm fairly happy with six. It solidifies my top ten


ranking. It's great to see. Johnny on the podium. Where did it go wrong


for you? I tried to work as hard as I good for as long as I could, as


long as I have the energy I was in the group on the bike. We were


working, not everyone worked, but most of us did a decent job and we


managed to state 45-50 seconds to the front of the group. They were


working very well. In the end, the ended up running with me, we were


stronger today and just happy for it. Of course, Donovan did a great


race from the start of the end, so I congratulate him. -- Jonathan Byrd.


Hopefully we will have a great chance in Rotterdam.


And he keeps up the trend of winning at least one WTS race every year


since 2011. His first for a while, his first of the season. Jonathan


Brownlee is the champion in Stockholm.


CHEERING So, at the end of a terrific day's


racing, Louise Minchin caught up with British triathlon's head coach,


Ben Bright. It has been the Johnny and Jess show. Fantastic result for


her, and something you think was coming for a while? Yes, all year


she has been in very good shape. She had a bike crash in Yokohama when


she injured her knee. That set her back a bit. But a few weeks later


she has come back and won a European title. She put together a great


race, really pleased. Right from the start, she came out of the swim


first. She played to her strengths and she knew what she needed to do


and she went out and did it. She knew that she needed to get her grip


awake. It must have been great for her to be working with Flora Duffy


on the bike, too. Not only for today's outcome but for the future,


to understand that that is what it takes. Because the difference on the


run that you see is not just the run, it is the amount easier flora


is riding that bike. You watch her going around the corner, and she is


just doing it easier and technically better. The learning will be


massive. Tell us about Jodie Stimpson? She had the 15 second


penalty but it was a really good swim for her. The outcome there was


quite relevant. Her to get out of the water so close in a really fast


swim, a rough swim, it is a massive step forward, really positive. Let's


talk about jolly. Fabulous to see him back on form, isn't it? Yes, you


know what he's capable of. And I think everyone has seen the last few


races and you just think, that's not Johnny. I think from his own, you


know, just his perspective, it's good to feel normal. That's all we


want. Normal for Johnny is something else but everybody else, isn't it?


Tom Bishop also has a good race. When you look at what Tom has done


this year, it's phenomenal. You know, the one missing part of the


puzzle is just the top end speed on the swim, he was a bit down out of


the water which meant that the podium was going to be tough. But he


is sixth in the field and he has been very, very consistent all year,


that again is how you learn. What are your hopes looking ahead at the


grand final in Rotterdam? We just want the athletes to go and race and


be committed, race smart, use their heads. For us, it's always build


towards the next Olympics. So we tend not to get excited and


disappointed in a post-Olympic year. The biggest thing is, are we


learning and putting it into practice? I think that cause will


suit a lot of our athletes, it's tough. We're just looking forward to


some good racing. What an amazing day of racing here in this beautiful


city of Stockholm. Fantastic to see two Brits on the podium and to see


Johnny back on form again with his first win of the season. And he says


that just feels normal. If you want more triathlon, don't forget you can


watch the mix relay cup next Saturday at TV DBM on BBC One. The


grand final is on Saturday the 16th of September from Rotterdam -- at


TPM. The sport this afternoon is all about the equestrian. That's it from


us here in Stockholm, I hope you've enjoyed it.


Jonathan Brownlee, back to his brilliant best!


Highlights from the penultimate round of the World Triathlon Series in Sweden.

British star Jonathan Brownlee won in Stockholm in 2012 and 2014 but faces stiff competition from Spaniard Mario Mola, who is hoping to record back-to-back world titles this year. Bermudan Flora Duffy remains in contention to retain the women's crown and is looking for a repeat of her win at last year's race in Stockholm.

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