Gold Coast Highlights Triathlon: World Series

Gold Coast Highlights

The best of the action and reaction from the second round of the World Series, held on the same Gold Coast course in Australia that will be used for 2018's Commonwealth Games.

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The 2017 World Triathlon Series. It gets under way. They are racing.


Leading the charge here... Stimpson. Tom Bishop moves within arms length


of Gomez. What a fightback! What a win for Gomez! What a day for


Bishop! British triathlon has a new start to celebrate.


What a start to the triathlon series. Good morning and welcome to


sunny Salford for the second round of the world Triathlon Series. Over


in Gold Coast in Australia, the best triathletes in the world have been


competing in the first sprint race of the 20 17th series. We will have


the highlights of the men's and women's races. We are joined by one


of the best ever triathletes from Great Britain.


Jenkins, cruising home now. The smile is broad. What a win for her.


Very warm welcome to Helen Jenkins. Lovely to have you here. You are not


in Gold Coast for an exciting reason. I am nearly 24 weeks


pregnant. I would not be very fast! Congratulations. There are so many


top female triathletes at the moment who have chosen this year. There are


about six from Rio who are pregnant. Gold and silver as well. I am in


good company! How does it affect your training? I call it more


exercise than training. I am still swimming, biking and running. I find


it hard, going to the back of the line and missing reps. My


competitive edge wants to kick in. You have to let your body do what it


is going to do and relax. It is incredibly early days but looking


ahead, what are your thoughts? I would love to come back to compete


in triathlon. I do not want to push myself to have to get back to LA and


risk injury. Especially when I watch the races, I want to get back into


it at some point -- too early. Welcome to our resident pundit. It


is a funny year. It is a bit different after the Olympics. Some


people taking time out. We have the Commonwealth Games selection this


year. For some athletes, it is straight back in with no rest. Round


one, very exciting. Javier Gomez came back. Great to watch.


Fantastic. A lot of us doubted whether he would come back after


missing out on Rio and crashing. But he came back in absolute amazing


condition. It was really fantastic to see. That athletes missed him not


being around last year. Watching the sprint finish in the women's race,


so exciting. It really was. I thought she had it in the bag. She


had a ten metre gap, Juri. Andrea came from nowhere. What a sprint


finish. Before we get into the nuts and bolts of this weekend's racing


in Gold Coast, let us have a look at the World Triathlon Series wall


planner. It started last month in Abu Dhabi. Javier Gomez and Andrea


Hewitt were our winners. Now it is on to the Gold Coast a test event


for next year's Commonwealth Games. Then it is onto one of the World


Series regulars, Yokohama, on the 14th of May. Then they make a


welcome return to these shores in Leeds. That will be live on BBC Two


on the 11th of June. Then to Germany for the animal triathlon Festival in


Hamburg. Then -- annual. A flying visit to can -- to Canada for two


races in July and August. The penultimate stop of the year is in


Stockholm on the 26th of August. We end with this year's grand final in


the Dutch city of Rotterdam on the 16th of September. That is all to


look forward to. Let us look at the women's race. Andrea Hewitt, you


have raced against her, she beat you in 2011. The last time she was on


top of the podium in the World Championship series. I have been


racing her for years. It was great to see her back on top in Abu Dhabi.


She looked really strong. I am sure she will be looking to carry that


form on. A bad race a week ago. She did in the World Cup at new


Plymouth. It was incredibly cold. She is such a seasoned pro, she will


not be on the start line if she does not think she is 100% fit. I think


we can put New Plymouth to one side and focus on Abu Dhabi because I


expect to see maybe not the same performance but something similar in


the Gold Coast. Important for the Australians particularly, this race.


It certainly is. Top ten, whoever finishes first, they will qualify


for the Commonwealth Games. The Commonwealth Games will be held on


the Gold Coast so they will be racing on the same course. Practice


run. Alan, you have raced with them, against them, who are you looking


out for? -- Helen. Ashleigh Gentle, and Charlotte McShane and Gillian


Backhouse. They are the top three contenders. There is only one Briton


competing and it is the Commonwealth champion. She will be looking to


defend her title that she would won in 2014. Jodie Stimpson, into the


water. She is back into her stride. The last few metres. She is getting


quicker. Over the last 20 metres... Jodie Stimpson. She wins the first


gold of the Games. Just under a year to go until the start of the


Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast. The schedule has been


announced and the men's and women's triathlons will be taking place on


the 5th of April with the mixed relay on the 7th of April along with


the wheelchair triathlon. With the Commonwealth Games, it means people


within the pack will have different priorities. They certainly will do.


The New Zealanders, the Australians, they will be looking for


qualification this year. Then there is the world champion series, the


athletes who did not race so well last year wanting to make amends. It


is a big year for different reasons. Let us talk about Jodie, she has had


a great start, what have you noticed? She has started a new


coaching setup this year. She seems really confident and happy. She was


surprised to do so well in Abu Dhabi after winter training. After


speaking to her and the coach, her focus is Rotterdam and Hamburg. We


know she has been out training ahead of the race on the Gold Coast. How


will she approached the conditions? She has been there for a couple of


weeks. She will be well acclimatise. I think she probably wants to take a


good look at the course and get a feel for it. She raced there last


year which did not go down so well. It is gaining whatever experience


you can to be ready for next year. We cannot pass by without saying


fantastic race from you last year. Probably the best race of my career.


I will always have fond memories of that race. Exciting to have been


there and done it. It made me confident in my ability again. What


were the Australians like, the crowd? Fantastic. They really know


triathlon and appreciate it. I imagine at the Commonwealth Games


they will get really big crowds. You make the breakaway with Andrea


Hewitt and Flora Duffy. Today could be different because it is sprint


rather than Olympic. They have half the distance so it is harder to make


an impact on the bike but it will be fast and furious and a competitive


field. Let us see how the race plays out. I will hand you over to Rob


Walker who will be joined by Annie and Helen.


COMMENTATOR: Welcome to the Gold Coast for what welcomes to be a fast


and furious second round. -- what promises to be. A great dress


rehearsal for the Commonwealth Games which at this time next year will be


in full swing right here in Queensland. 750 metre swim and a


slightly different bike course from the one the women very much enjoyed


12 months ago. A little straighter, four circuits of five kilometres.


Not quite as hilly. Then they will be heading back and contemplating


two circuits of 2.5 kilometres on the run instead of the ten


kilometres on the full Olympic distance. A really good field


assembled here on the Gold Coast. I wonder how confident Andrea Hewitt


will be. She is wearing number one because that was her finishing


position in Abu Dhabi. Jodie Stimpson wearing two. Separated by


the tiniest of margins. Will it be the same to date?


Great run by Ai Ueda. Jodie Williams swim cap number two, Andrea Hewitt


with number one courtesy of their finishing positions last month in


Abu Dhabi. On your marks... The Gold Coast is under way in blustery


conditions. It is a short, sharp sprint. Will that give Jodie


Stimpson an even better chance of finishing on top here and reversing


the 1-2 from Abu Dhabi last month? A fascinating race in prospect. In a


part of the world is very knowledgeable and very passionate


about the triathlon. Slightly smaller field than what we would


usually see, with 46 athletes on the start line. The number 47 is there


but the number 13 is not in the race. The stronger swimmers, who are


we looking at? The Americans will always be there. Claudia Rivas from


Mexico. The swim could be crucial in that sprint races, especially with


the smaller field. Sometimes a few more gaps and not everyone gets on.


The swim will be crucial for Jodie. She needs to get in the front pack.


I guess surely if the swim is half the distance but we saw in Abu


Dhabi, there is half the length of time for her to get behind?


Absolutely. That is why we will probably see less breaks because it


is shorter and you tend to see the athletes losing more time on the


second lap when it is two times by 750. That is true. There is less


time to lose distance. I know Jodie has been working on her swim, work


in progress, she says that herself, but it is coming up and she wants to


develop a great all-round athlete and she is well on the way. Carolyn,


an American athlete on her feet, we cannot see which one. Some really


strong Americans racing today. We are missing... Zaferes will be the


one to watch. She did not have a great start in Abu Dhabi. She


finished seventh. She went on to get a first-place finish in new Plymouth


in the World Cup race. Doing what she does best, leading the swim,


Carolyn ETA. Carolina Routier. She won as a senior and under 23. Going


really well in third, Jeffcoat. The time flies. Just under three minutes


of swimming to go. This little pack has made a bit of a gap. What is


crucial now is not that they have a gap on the swim, but it is how they


operate out of the water and how quickly they get together to work as


a team on the bike. If there is a small group, they need to get away


straightaway. In the sprint distance, not enough time to take


your time. They will have to work well as a team straightaway. So


difficult to get any kind of decent gap on a sprint race. You normally


see it when you come through and died back in. Over 750 metres we


will not see that, it will be around ten minutes. A bit under. So


Carolina Routier a followed by Summer Cook, closely matched, as


they were in Abu Dhabi last month. It is now single file. Carolina


Routier is so powerful in the water. Engaged to Mario Mola. The super


couple of Spanish triathlon. So the first of three, nicely done thereby


Carolina Routier, then comes Summer Cook. The Americans going well here.


Sarah True right up there along with Emma Jeffcoat, remember she is 23


and if she is in the top ten she has a great chance of being selected for


the Commonwealth Games. Still watching for Jodie, and there she


is. So she is not too far adrift, but she does need to get out quickly


on that bike, but remember, we saw her bike superbly in Abu Dhabi to


close the gap and drag the second group back to the leaders. She will


need to do so again because she and Andrea Hewitt are almost half a


minute adrift. They are there together which is ideal for them.


They are probably two of the strongest riders so it works well if


they are together. They are not far down, they are in the main pack,


about 30 seconds. Also at the front of the pack there is not a massive


amount of experience with Summer Cook and Emma Jeffcoat. It is Emma


-- Emma Jeffcoat's debut. Carolina Routier from Spain obviously a very


experienced world triathlon series athlete but her best part of the


races the swim. Carolina Kostner strength is her swim and it will be


interesting to see if her bike improves because she has been


working on it. This is crucial, you have someone up the road so everyone


has to go hard and aligned to catch the person up front so the person


upfront is riding really had and it makes the people behind have to work


that much harder. It is tough, when you come out of the swim, however


much you have trained for it, when you get on the bike you are always


blowing. No, it never feels comfortable, really do you get on


the bike and feel good. You just have to go for it and push on


because everyone else will be feeling the same. It is probably


worse in the early-season races. As you get more race fit towards the


end of the season you get used to it. This is the point where the


athletes really need to commit because there is a decent break


there now, isn't there? Yes, and these girls on the front need to


start working together and the girls behind need to work together within


their group if they want to catch up. I guess the fact that you are


missing this year to have a baby and Jorgensen is out having a baby, do


you think the up-and-coming athletes and maybe one or two of the


Americans think there are some big gaps from the normal rivals they


have been competing against and that this year is a huge opportunity? I


think so, and I think post-Olympic year it is always the same, you get


maybe a bit Malala when people go in a different direction, have babies,


try long course racing, people going different directions, so it starts


building up again the two years before an Olympics, but if you are a


Commonwealth Games athlete you don't get that chance, you are in


selection again this year, but for the Americans it is a bit different.


And that will make an interesting dynamic next year as well. For the


athletes selected to represent their nations in the Commonwealth Games,


they got to peak in -- they have got to peak in April and again later in


the summer for the rest of the season and the grand final. So, a


huge group coming together here after the first of four circuits on


the bike. And good news for Great Britain, Jodie Stimpson has closed


the gap. It was 27 seconds when she exited the water, and she made very


short work of that deficit. She is bossing the cycle at the beginning


of the second lap, Carolina Routier has lost a few seconds, the swimmer,


we have expected that. A lot to watch out for, Summer Cook has


drifted a few seconds off the back of the leaders, but remember, top


ten for any Australian, if they are the first Australian to cross the


line, guaranteed to return for the Commonwealth Games and top six, the


same scenario applies from any athlete from New Zealand, so huge


opportunity here not just to win the race but to guarantee you are coming


back on home turf or from the Kiwi perspective close to home. A notable


absence coming through on the first lap on the bike was Andrea Hewitt.


It's a bit of a shame, she came out of the water with Jodie Stimpson but


I didn't see her on the graphics and I haven't seen her go through at the


moment. It looks like Andrea Hewitt, the Abu Dhabi winner, hasn't made it


back. Quite a big group there, about 26 athletes in the front pack, then


a big gap, 23 seconds to the second chasing pack. If she is in that


second group, and you are right, we didn't see her... There she is. So,


23 seconds. That is going to be tough. She will be going for it, she


just wants to get back to the front pack because she wants to be the


first Australian. With her run she has a brilliant chance of that but


she needs to make of the 23 seconds and get back to front. And she can't


do it all on her own, can she? No, she will need help but she will


really commit to it. Ideally you are on the front for ten


seconds then change, that's how you keep the real momentum and pace up


in the bike pack. You see it well in the men's race when you have the


Brownlee Brothers racing because they are well drilled. If you are


not taking a turn you will be shouted at and told in no uncertain


terms to get to the front. I love that. When Alistair plays shop


steward, you take your turn. When a double Olympic champion says, I


haven't seen you at the front, you go, sorry sir, I'll do my bit. It is


hard to get a group motivated. Do I waste my energy shouting and trying


to get people going through or just sit there? Most of the time you end


up kind of sitting there. We just saw the name Andrea Hewitt flashing


through there, 11 seconds adrift, so she along with the chase group is


closing. Just going back to talking about Jodie, you got the feeling


when she was beginning to produce good performances, as though she


almost felt she didn't belong at the top, and maybe she has got over that


now and she does believe she is genuinely world-class. I have been


racing Jodie since we were about 13. She has been racing for years. I


always love to see her when we are racing because she is such a tough


competitor. This year, after getting over the disappointment of missing


the Olympics last year, she will be aiming for selection but she has to


be thinking, I want to be world champion this year. She has an


amazing chance with the start in Abu Dhabi because she is very consistent


through the year, she rarely gets injured. Last year was a blip for


her towards the end of the year so she has such a good chance of


putting her mark on this year. So, a big group now. One lap to go on the


bike. Again, Jodie is in a great position, keep near the front, out


of trouble. She is nearly always one of the first of the bike, she is


very good at being at the front of the transition and her transitions


are very fast. She has worked on them from such a young age, she used


to do them with her eyes closed as practice. A nudge of the elbow,


Rebecca Spence asking someone to come through but at this stage in


the race all the main contenders are in this front pack, so there is not


necessarily much point in working hard in this next five K, it is all


about staying out of trouble, not getting caught up in any mishaps


than just thinking and starting to prepare yourself mentally for the


rant. At this time in the race you want to be moving forward. You can


see the front end of the pack swelling as their shoes off ready,


it is who will take them off early, when you move up, this is a crucial


moment of the race, this is when a lot of crashes can happen as well so


you need to keep your wits about you, which is why some people do


hang back. Jodie, bearing that in mind, is in a perfect position, in


the centre of your picture there in third place, making sure she is out


of trouble, heading towards transition, trying to get herself in


the right position to strike here. Maybe get one two seconds advantage


over those who had towards the back of this very large lead group. All


the main protagonists are there. They have come together over the


course of the four circuits on the bike. It is almost inevitable. It


wasn't really a co-ordinated attack from those who came in at the front


of the swim. Gillian got herself to the front well there. Good


transition from Gillian Backhouse at the moment, remembered top ten for


the Australians, Andrea Hewitt, the first time we have seen her


close-up. We are waiting to see Jodie Stimpson heading out. And now


we turn our thoughts and attention to this five K run in the sun. A


massive lead group here. Yes, slightly slower transition for Jodie


Stimpson, she came out in around tenth position. Gillian Backhouse


getting out very quickly. Andrea Hewitt already going to the front.


You can see Andrea's class. At the crucial moment there she is at the


front and comes out of transition second. That is years of experience


showing through. Ashleigh Gentle is the leading Australian athlete now


in fourth position, just tucked in behind the two Japanese athletes.


Ashleigh Gentle the lead Australian athlete. Katie 's appearance from


America, Jodie Stimpson now just running through the field. Our first


glimpse of Jodie on the run. If she closes the gap she can join that


group of five or six and join the leaders. This is a great run so far


from Andrea Hewitt. The two Japanese athletes going really well. And Juri


Ide, she was fifth in the Olympics back in Beijing, that's how long she


has been performing at the higher end of the female triathlon world.


Good to see her coming back to a bit of form, but Hewitt is really going


for this, she wants to make certain not only of her second successive


win early on in this season of world triathlon series racing but also, it


would guarantee her a place in the Commonwealth Games next year.


Ashleigh Gentle will get stronger throughout the run as well, she


normally does, she's good at the back end of a race, you can already


see him moving forward but Andrea has established a good pace to start


with, that is a good first kilometre and a half but they will be pushing


on from behind as well. I think that is Jodie coming up. Yes, I was


wondering that, she has a distinctive style and if that is


her, she is just adrift of a group of five or six athletes, but it is


Andrea Hewitt from Ashleigh Gentle, and the veteran Juri Ide, Asian


games silver-medallist four years ago. She is going really well here


in third place. Not too many people would expect that. She was 2015 Abu


Dhabi, 34th in the London Olympic Games -- 25th in Abu Dhabi. She is


going very well at the moment. But so is Andrea Hewitt.


35 years of age. World under 23 champion in 2005. So more than a


decade of dominance, and what a the season it is turning out to be for


Hewitt, and what a good run this could be from Ashleigh Gentle. Can


she keep this going and deny the likes of Charlotte McShane that


automatic spot for next year? At the moment you can save the sport


is going to Ashleigh Gentle because there is a sizeable gap between


Ashleigh Gentle and the Japanese athlete and Andrea Hewitt in front.


A little luck -- look to see what the gap is. She is probably


Australia's most consistent woman over the past few years, Ashleigh


Gentle. It is great to see her, if she gets her selection today, it


would be really well reserved ollie deserved. She has to keep pushing on


the second lap, keep in a good position -- really well-deserved.


Impressive lead. We did not see her on the bike coverage at all. When


the seven seconds adrift at the end of the swim, the same as Jodie.


Jodie got back up on the lead pack quickly. It took Andrea Hewitt a bit


longer but it seems as though, from what we are seeing here with 2.5 K


to go on the run, as though the New Zealander has timed her race


perfectly. You have to know the day you are going to push and you have


to know the day you are going to sit in and unleashed the run. It is


knowing the day and being an experienced athlete really helped


that. The man on the PA town I is saying, come on, let us get behind


the Australians. -- tannoy. Jodie Stimpson, she has managed to get


herself onto that little group. The other Japanese athletes there. So


too Charlotte McShane. Still in a good position here to come home with


a decent performance here in the Gold Coast. Remember, it is your


best five performances across the World Triathlon Series, plus the


grand final, and Jodie just needs if she can to close the five metres


down on Ai Ueda. Jodie not looking comfortable, quite a lot of pain


showing on her face. She has been on the Gold Coast for a couple of weeks


so she should be well acclimatised. Some days, it is not just your day.


You just have to roll with those days and get the best out of


yourself. Like I said, if she is still just coming out of the winter


training, the sprint distance will not be ideal at this time of year.


Later on, by the time we get to Hamburg, she will be sharp and ready


to hit the sprint. Just over a mile to go and eight seconds. Pretty


tough. In the last stages of the race. Actually, if you are Ashleigh


Gentle, you are starting to think, I want to make absolutely certain I am


the first Australian home because as we have said a few times, that is


such a big prize. Look at the size of gap they have got back to the


athletes in the chase group for fourth, fifth and sixth. We are


hoping Jodie Stimpson is still there. It shows you how impressive


the run has been from the three athletes out front, from Hewitt,


fantastic performance on the last discipline, but also Gentle and Juri


Ide, they have been running fantastically to get so far ahead of


the chase group. I think the gap is growing by the looks of things. The


three have put a big gap behind. It is not a bad performance from Jodie.


It is just where she is on this day. She is still running strong but


these three have just had a phenomenal run. She is just judging


by that angle still just a couple of metres adrift of that chase group.


And now a couple of metres has become maybe 20. She just cannot


quite get on. What you does not want is the pack behind to catch up. At


the moment, she is one inside a top ten finish. Little stumble between


Zaferes and Charlotte McShane. Charlotte McShane perhaps realising


that barring an attack of cramp, it will be Gentle who gets the


automatic spot. One of the five women is going to come home in


fourth which is a great scoring run come the end of the year. It is


going to be a good sprint between these five. Who will get the line


first? Juri -- Ai Ueda, maybe trying to get away from any potential fast


finishers. Andrea Hewitt, less than one kilometre away from back-to-back


World Triathlon Series victory is. She could not have wished for a


better spot to the year. No wins since 2011, and then she knocks out


two wins. Barring any mishaps which are not going to happen, she is


going to come across the line in first place. For triathlon fans in


New Zealand and around the world, it is great to see. 35 years of age, it


is great to see. She is as good as she has ever been, if not better.


Triathlon is massive in New Zealand, one of their big sports. She will


have so much support behind her, especially moving towards the


Commonwealth Games. She is in a great position moving forward over


the next year. She is just pulling away. Especially when you think she


is 35, even though she is still performing really well, it would be


stretching it perhaps to think she would still compete in Tokyo. So


maybe if she decided to call it quits, Commonwealth title in 12


months' time, close to home, it could be a nice way to bow out. A


lot of ifs and buts between now and then. If she gets a Commonwealth


title, she will not not go to Tokyo. I have a think about age, as long as


you remain injury free, there is no reason why you cannot carry on and


be as good as ever. That is normally the injuries that hamper the


athletes as they get older. Triathlon is a funny sport. You have


girls coming in just out of Junior is almost on the podium. You have


girls later run in the 30s doing well. There is such a big danger --


big age range. Everyone on the podium in Rio was 30 or older.


Definitely a lot of time for everyone. A quick update on Jodie


Stimpson, where she was 20 metres behind the big chase group, she now


finds herself in another pack behind that. It is turning out to be a


tough day for Jodie. But as for Andrea Hewitt, what a performance


here. Her season started with a bang in Abu Dhabi. A brilliant sprint


finish, outdid Jodie Stimpson, but this has been an even more


impressive performance, you could argue. She took her time on the bike


and she has timed her drive for victory here to perfection. What a


good finish for Ashleigh Gentle. Gentle making certain that she will


be the Australian to qualify for the Commonwealth Games from this race on


home territory. But Andrea Hewitt, still moving away from the


Australian in second. A little glance over her shoulder. But she is


home and dry here. Another fabulous performance from a woman who is


hugely popular on the triathlon circuit. No wins for six years. Two


in the space of a month. Andrea Hewitt does it again here and she


can afford to ease down at the line. She takes the win, Hewitt. It looks


like another emotional victory for her. Gentle comes home for second.


She will be returning for Australia for the Commonwealth Games next


year. What a brilliant run from Juri Ide. The American wins the battle


for fourth, Zaferes. Her chances of making the Commonwealth Games team


ever more possible. Gillian Saunders from South Africa coming across the


line, we do not often see her in the top ten. Jodie Stimpson now just


crossing the line inside 59 minutes. That was a tough day for Jodie who


lost a little bit of ground on the run, especially on the second


circuit. But she still got plenty to work for and plenty to be positive


for from this season after that great run a month ago. It was just


not meant to be quite as good today from the Britain. A tough day for


Jodie. She probably will not be happy with that, she has high


standards. I think she has to look at the big picture. She is not in a


bad position moving forward. Great start to the year. She has got to


move on for the next race. Great to see Ashleigh Gentle coming second.


Home crowd for her, she is from the Gold Coast. Really happy for her.


Confirmation, it is to out of two for Andrea Hewitt, the perfect start


to the season. Ashleigh Gentle will be delighted with the second place.


She will be back for the Commonwealth Games next year. Juri


man-fourty-macro back on the podium. Jodie Stimpson on this occasion down


in 16th. -- Juri Ide. Katie Zaferes moves up to second place overall.


Jodie Stimpson still in the mix. Down here with a translator, could


you ask her, her first podium for three years, how thrilled a she and


what made the difference today? -- how thrilled is she? I am glad, I am


happy. There is a bit of English there! Ladies and gentlemen, Angela


Hewitt! How much did the confidence in Abu Dhabi contribute to your win


today? I knew the running was good. You never know how the race is going


to go. I ran at my pace and it was good enough. I am happy. We heard


Javier Gomez say in the men that race he is fearful of the


youngsters. You are 35. It does not seem to bother you. Last week was my


birthday. Age is just a number. It is all down to training and today,


the swim and bike was not up there, but I had the legs on the run. Was


it always the plan to go hard right at the start of the run? You left


them for dead inside the first kilometre. I ran at Plymouth and I


knew Ai Ueda went out fast. I was expecting her to run with me but I


was by myself today. What a thrill for you, Ashleigh, securing your,


what games qualification a year out. It feels really good. After Rio, I


wanted to turn up at a race and perform and I did that today and I


am really happy. What was your view of your swim and bike? Everyone came


together on the bike and it effectively became a foot race


pretty much consumer it is a sprint race, so fast from the get go. --


pretty much? I have not had much confidence in it before. I was happy


to take what the swim was and get on the bike and work hard. And once it


came down to run race, I wanted to go out hard and see if I could hold.


Were you surprised how quickly and rare went off? -- how quickly Andrea


Hewitt went off? Not really. She has been one of my idols. I am really


happy for her to secure another victory. Clearly delighted Ashleigh


Gentle talking about her hero as well Andrea Hewitt, great race for


her. Great race for Ashleigh Gentle and she worked hard on the bike to


get back into contention. We have seen her do that in previous races.


If her swim improves a little bit, she is in contention. What a


fantastic win from Andrea Hewitt. Form of her life. She is such a


great consistent athlete. Two in a row. Fantastic. Amazing. Not many


people have done back-to-back. Again one of the older athletes, Ide. She


has had a year or two of not being on the podium, good comeback. She


will be looking forward to Tokyo in 2020, all of the Japanese will.


Jodie Stimpson. Not a great race for her. Where did it start going wrong?


A little bit down on the swim. Just over 20 seconds but it is only a


sprint difference, 750 metres, so disappointing to start. They got


back on pretty quickly. For me, she has a very quick transition


normally, but going out onto their run, she was a bit slow, she did not


look like herself. I just think it is one of those things. Some days it


is not your day. We should not look into it too much. That can just


happen to anybody, something can go wrong? Some days you just have a bad


day and you are a bit empty. It is unfortunate in Australia when you


have travelled so far. I know Jodie's focus is later in the year


for the series finale in Hamburg. Lots more races to go. Just one more


race before the World Series hits Leeds.


63 days to go until World Triathlon Leads and tickets have gone on sale


this week. To experience what promises to be a cracking atmosphere


head to the website. Helen, you were not racing last year but were part


of the crowd, what was it like? The atmosphere was incredible. I have


experienced a different crowds but the British crowd loved the track. I


really wanted to be out there racing. Before we get onto the men's


race it is time to hear more from Tom Fordyce's interview with double


Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee. In April 22 he is due to compete in


his first middle-distance racing Gran Canaria but is also competing


in Leeds and hasn't ruled out trying again for another gold in Tokyo in


2020. He is busy. I've got a few goals. Will this fill


the hole, Alistair? To the man in the street, triathlon is about the


Olympic Games and to a lesser extent the World Series. That is definitely


not what I do, I have never done triathlon for that. The real


question is, does it fill the hole for my competitiveness and trying to


achieve things I perceive that are important and worthwhile achieving?


How much will training change on a day-to-day basis, will you get to a


situation where you stop in the Dales for tea cakes, Johnny sits


parent has teacakes and you have to do an extra hour? I don't expect my


training to change massively. Most of it will be the same. I will just


look to more specific things, the bike especially, steady-state effort


on a time trial bike, and Johnny will carry on doing what he does. So


far I have been doing efforts on a time trial bike and he has been on a


road bike up mountains. We have managed to combine the two and be


predictably very competitive. The obvious one to ask is injuries. When


you have the idea of doing the 10,000 metres in the Commonwealth


Games, it was that that stopped you -- when you had the idea. Injuries


are definitely a big worry and something I will have to balance and


work with. Coming through last year and having my ankle reconstructed


has given me a lot of confidence with how to manage unbalanced stuff.


Have you got the balance spot-on now? It might look like it from the


outside, but...! What is the future of triathlon? I think the Olympic


distance should always be a classic race in the Olympic Games. I think I


could definitely see a time where there were possibly more events or


maybe even more qualifiers to get to an Olympic distance final. That


would be perfect triathlon. And you have the relay come which is such a


brilliant Olympic sport. Look at the atmosphere it generates, having this


fast racing circuit, having girls and guys in the same race as well.


It is just a bit unique. The mixed relay is a really exciting format,


it is fast, it is interesting, it keeps people's attention, and


hopefully I think that ticks all the boxes to be an Olympic sport so it


makes complete sense we should have a world-class mixed relay


competition in Britain, and we have the first one here in September in


Nottingham. It's really exciting and I think it is the right thing to do.


I really hope it is successful. That competition he mentions at the end


there is the British Triathlon Mixed Relay Cup I am delighted to say we


will have live coverage of that event from Nottingham on BBC One at


215 PM on Saturday, September two, so join us for that. Talking about


new formats, since Alistair did that interview he has competed in Super


League in Australia and it wasn't great for him, was it? It wasn't,


simply because he wasn't very well, and that style of racing you need to


bring your top game because it is tough, it is held over three days,


lots of short different distances with really short breaks so if you


are not feeling great it will not work for you.


What about the idea of Super League for triathlon, is it a good idea to


mix it up? It is exciting to have another format. We had races like


this years ago so it is exciting it is coming back but disappointing


there was no women's race this time. Triathlon has a long history of


equality between men's and women's races. The ITU have always been good


on that, equal prize money and equal number of starts, which is important


and I hope moving forward the Super League put on the women's race. They


have said that will continue in future. Do you think it is an idea


to mix it all up? Absolutely. A bit of variety is fun and it is great to


watch. It is really fast and very dynamic, but of course we want to


see a women's race as well. No Alistair or Johnny Brownlee in the


Gold Coast, Johnny is back in full training after a hip injury and will


head to Yokohama. Tom Bishop will also head to Yokohama after his


fantastic second-place finish in Abu Dhabi, so who is in Gold Coast and


what do we know about them? Here is Rob Walker. Javier Gomez Noya 's


Matt Quinn in Abu Dhabi puts him in the gold swim hat on the Gold Coast.


He had a surprise party attended by triathlon pals to celebrate his 34th


birthday on the 25th of March, making him the oldest man in the


field as well as the one to beat. Wearing bronze it is excitable South


African Richard Murray, as the winner of last month's Super League,


he won 100,000 Australian dollars in prize money. What he is spending it


on is still to be confirmed. After a career best seventh place in Abu


Dhabi, Greg Billington is in the red on the Gold Coast. The American took


-- American grew up in the English village Six Mile Bottom and builds


himself on social media as the 1997 boys under 950 metres by Suffolk


County champion. Expect to see him flying through today's swim. In Ryan


Illy Magnum at this Ryan Bailie, born in South Africa but moved to


Australia when he was a baby. He thought about becoming an Aussie


rules player but stuck with triathlon winning the amateur 18-19


-year-old age group world title in 2009. Don't be deceived by the


number 14 on the arm of 2012 world schools Cross country champion Jacob


Birtwhistle. He was the surprise package at the Super League


triathlon finishing second overall. And with a Commonwealth Games place


at stake for the Australians, the Tasmanian will be looking to put his


devilish sprint skills to good use today.


Listening to that there is interesting talent coming from


Australia at the moment. It is about time because they have had a lull is


certainly on the men's side. A lot of young guys coming through which


is exciting for them. The athletes we will be looking at today,


definitely Jacob Birtwhistle, former and 23 world champion, comes in with


really good form, and Ryan Bailie definitely, finished fourth here


last year, he will be one to watch. Also we can't fail to mention Mario


Mola because by his exceptionally high standards


it wasn't a great start for him, was it? He was eighth in Abu Dhabi which


is not a good race for him, so he will be disappointed. He didn't swim


well but he rode well so today if he is closer in this when he could have


a great race. Thank you both, time for you to head to commentary. I


will hand you to Rob Walker for the men's race. COMMENTATOR: Absolutely


superb win last month for Javier Gomez Moya. Mario Mola, the world


champion, will be disappointed with how he finished in Abu Dhabi,


eighth. He will hope to be back to form. Olympic bronze-medallist Henry


Schuman -- Henri Schoeman. It is really a world-class line-up here on


the Gold Coast. It is a great cast assembled here,


and with that subplot of those automatic spots for the Commonwealth


Games. They seem to hold them for an age


there on the pontoon, but at last, round two in the men's 2017 world


triathlon series is under way. Javier Gomez Noya Mo Farah left of


the picture there. He has started his season in cracking form. He has


never won a world triathlon series race over sprint distance, though.


Can he prove that there is still some speed in those legs as well as


the great stamina and the top-quality tactics and racing brain


that has taken him to five world titles? Should be a fascinating


race. It always looks so spread out, that's what fascinates me, the fact


that it is a big line but somehow it all comes together. It is, you start


off 70 metres apart venue wall come to one single point together 300


metres away, and that's where it can get messy and the fighting starts.


Interesting to see everyone lined up from the right-hand side of the


pontoon, when they were stored on it, whereas in the women's race the


left was a bit quicker, so there must be a reason, the current must


be better on that side. Gomez and Mario Mola, they all went to that


side of the pontoon. I think with the French missing today, who are so


often at the front of the swim pack, and the Russians, it will be a


slightly different swim today, of course, Henri Schoeman from South


Africa is here, so we will expect to see him pushing the pace, Javier


Gomez Noya is well, renowned for good swim, such a complete athlete,


and Fernando Alarza, but I think the swim world be more competitive with


the lack of French and Russians. We also have Ben Kanute from the USA,


he is a great swimmer and might drag out the swim and lead out. He was


definitely up there in Abu Dhabi. Will be interesting to see how they


take this buoy because it is a big group of athletes going round. Not


the South African we are expecting leading. Wian Sullwald, third in


Cape Town in the World Cup earlier this year so we know he is informed.


He didn't finish in Abu Dhabi. He crashed out on a tight bend there so


will hope to make amends here today on the Gold Coast. I saw the colours


of Javier Gomez Noya Spain, I think in fourth position, looking fairly


relaxed I would say. There is not the urgency we normally see. I just


wondered there, it is hard to tell with the names on the caps, I


thought the athlete in third might have been Trent Thorpe, and if that


is the case, he is only 20 years of age, the New Zealander. If it is him


he is having a very good swim indeed, but Gomez close enough to


the early leader, Wian Sullwald the South African, but the arrow is


already forming. That will really take some doing, to form a breakaway


at the start of this bike course, as we saw in the women's race. So


difficult to get away then stay away in those four circuits of five K. I


think in the one lap swim, the 750, there doesn't seem to be as much


opportunity to break up and quite often the brakes go, in the men's


race especially, in the lap, the pace stays on. It will be hard for


these guys in the front to form a break like they didn't Abu Dhabi. So


Wian Sullwald has done a great job leading the swim. A little gap


between fourth and fifth but as we have said, it will be so difficult


for a big breakaway to form. Short, sharp swim, these guys are so


powerful, and in fact the South African is pulling away from Ben


Kanute in the last few strokes. An excellent swim from yet another


talented South African. It was Trent Thorpe in third for New


Zealand, but the graphics indicated it was Henri Schoeman out of the


water first as opposed to Wian Sullwald. We will get confirmation


of that when we have the chance to look at him close up. If it is Henri


Schoeman, and it is, that is a great start to his race. Ben Kanute going


well, Gomez right there. That is Canada's Matt Sharp by the way


instead of Great Britain's Matt Sharp for those of you who follow


British triathlon. So Henri Schoeman, the man who took the


Olympic bronze medal last August, then won the grand final in


September, he has had a cracking start to his race. A bit confusing


there because the graphics were showing his team-mate leading the


race and it wasn't, which makes a lot more sense because Henri


Schoeman as we know is one of the leading swimmers on the world


triathlon series. Henri Schoeman was tenth in Abu Dhabi. 12th in the Gold


Coast last year. But judging by how much she has improved in the last 12


months, that performance here year ago is not indicative of where he is


now. This is great to see. One long train


coming out of the swim. Already smashed up. Schoeman and then can


meet -- Ben Kanute really determined. This is great, they have


come out and both of them, they are riding as hard as they can. Gomez


and the two behind him will try to get on. If those three come


together, you have a really good working group of five. Everyone is


working just as hard. And the subplot is that you have got Trent


Thorpe, the 20-year-old New Zealander, along with his team-mate,


Tayler Reid, both of them vying to be the first New Zealander home. If


they manage to come home in the top six, selection guaranteed. There is


a very long way to go. Schoeman looking over his shoulder. He would


like to have Gomez. Even though he does not want to be with him on the


run. He knows the importance of it on the bike to keep away from the


chase pack. They are not looking back and waiting, they are still


going for it. There is the look back to see if they are coming, but you


cannot afford to wait because there is not time in the sprint distance.


Although you want to be aware of whether people coming from behind


how difficult is it to form a breakaway on such a short race? It


is tough. If you look at the sprint distance races, it is not often a


breakaway sticks. It is going to be tough. If you are going to have a


breakaway, you want people like Schoeman, Gomez. And Ben Kanute who


wrote really well in Abu Dhabi. You want them up there. He is riding


incredibly strong. The three behind including Gomez, one of the


strongest on the circuit, they are finding it tough. This is the point


when they can catch up, a little break. Gomez in third place now. If


they are going to form a breakaway, they have got to do it now. As soon


as the big chase group come around the corner, they will be able to see


them and they will smell the opportunity perhaps to close the


gap. That is the big chase pack. What is positive is that even though


these guys, even if they do get caught, they have made everyone


behind work harder. Mola was 27 seconds down. If he gets to the


front, he has done more hard work. That plays out later on in the run.


Exactly. They cannot afford to look up. They are close, to close, the


chase pack. They will have to do is in pretty special to stay away,


these guys. -- have to do something. We are one lap in with three to go.


Ben Kanute, Gomez, Tayler Reid, Schoeman, Trent Thorpe. They have


worked incredibly hard to try to stay away. There is the gap. Fourth


in Abu Dhabi, leading the rest of the field. A treadmill of great


Spanish triathletes being turfed out of the junior system. And now Tayler


Reid takes his turn. He is just 20. Two very young New Zealanders doing


all they can to make the most of what could be a fantastic


opportunity for one of them. Absolutely. Schoeman looks really


strong on the bike. They are still close. Eight seconds is not much.


They are going to be working hard behind. In the front and the back,


they will be tiring themselves out for the run. It is a funny position,


where would you rather be, chasing or burning your energy? Most people


would rather be in the front, trying to make it happen. At the same time,


you have Mola and Murray getting dragged up to the front. You


mentioning Mola, you correctly said that at the start of the bike, he


was around 26, 27 seconds adrift, he is now in that chasing pack, 26


seconds has become nine. A good position for Mario Mola to be in. He


was within contact on the swim. In the big pack. He will probably be


pretty comfortable in there, you can almost be thinking about the run


already, if you think the pack will catch. They are within striking


distance now. This group is slowing down a bit. Glances over their


shoulder, realising they are now dangerously close. A great effort


from all five of them on the first lap but perhaps now they have


succumbed to the inevitable coming together of the five and the


enormous chase pack. Now looking at our screens, the chase pack has


joined up with the front five riders who worked really hard fought 8.5


kilometres. It has been in vain because they have now been met


either chase group which contains Richard Murray and Mario Mola, the


two big threats to Javier Gomez on the run. You would almost imagine


the leading contenders here would hit cruise control and start


thinking, right, this is a straight five K Burn up, 12.5 laps of a track


for the man who is going to take second round victory here. But what


a start this would be for Javier Gomez if he went to out of two. It


is certainly a declaration of intent that not only has he recovered from


the injury but crucially, despite all he has achieved in the context


of the World Triathlon Series and the Olympic silver behind Alistair


Brownlee in London, he is still hungry, still motivated. And the


oldest athlete in the field at 34 as well. I did not know that,


interesting. Gomez has been around for a long time. He has been such a


good athlete for so many years. It will be interesting to see whether


he does want to commit to Tokyo and go for that. I think he is planning


on making his decision after this year, whether he moves to longer


distance or stays with the Olympic distance. Maybe he could do what


Alistair Brownlee is doing and leave the option open. It is not as if you


go into long-distance and you put your feet up and spend six hours a


day in front of the TV. If he does 18 months, 12 months, of


long-distance, would you say the end of 2018 would be the realistic point


at which the likes of Javier Gomez and Alistair Brownlee would go, we


are two years out, am I going to commit to another two years of


Olympic distance or am I going to have a crack at the half and


maybe...? I think so, that would be the time you have to refocus on the


Olympics. Javier Gomez has raced really well at 70.3 and Olympic


combined, not many athletes do. In 2015, he was well champion, 70.3,


and he was second maybe in the Olympic distance. He is one of the


athletes that can combine it. Moving to iron man, maybe you do need to


focus specifically on that. You do. 70.3 is the distance where they run


a half marathon and a lot of people say you can combine that training


and step up to the Ironman, it is very different. The point to be made


is Alistair Brownlee has two gold medals. I am not saying whether he


will make Tokyo or not, it is a big deal, he has alluded to the fact he


might help Jonny, but Gomez does not have the gold medal, he has


everything else, but he does not have the gold medal. I can see him


wanting to continue while he carries on winning and as long as he does


not get injured and stays healthy, he is still a big threat, even at


34, as we saw in Abu Dhabi. Ryan Fisher just getting the bit between


his teeth. For a little while, it was Matthew Hauser, the 19-year-old


Australian leading. But Fisher just decided to split things up a little


bit. It is knowing when to attack which is a key thing. A long


straight road into a headwind or tailwind, when is the right time? It


is having enough knowledge about bike racing and knowing when to do


that. It is a lot more technical than you think. With someone just


watching now. There is the right time to attack. Fisher has gone now.


I guess he is thinking, I have nothing to lose. He did it on the


slightly more technical section, the best place for him to get away. It


certainly is a brave move when you think about the quality in this


chase group. Mola is there. Javier Gomez, Richard Murray, the South


African in cracking form, sauce is his compatriot, Schoeman. -- so too.


A declaration of intent from Ryan Fisher. From a neutral perspective,


I don't know about you two, but there is a bit of me that feels you


want them to be able to stay out front, even if they only have five,


six seconds by the end of the run, if they have been balls the enough


to be this brave, there is a bit of you that wants it to pay off --


five, six seconds by the run. You do not want to be a passenger, you are


proactive. It is always to be admired even if it does not always


pay off. It is worth a try and you learn from doing it, you learn your


limits and if you have the power data on your bike, what did I hold,


what did it take to break the pack? It is all useful information for


yourself. It depends how you feel on the day as well. Sometimes it will


work, sometimes it does not. The legendary Welsh marathon runner


Steve Jones, your compatriot, former world record-holder, he always said,


if you feel good in a race, you should go, and even if you blow up,


never regret it. I think there is a lot to be said for that. It makes it


a lot more exciting for the viewers. If nothing else come EU come into


transition on your own and you have open transition and you have not got


to worry about getting caught up with other people -- if nothing


else, you come into transition. Can he stay away, four kilometres to go?


It is really good to see he has been bold enough to follow his own race


plan. And not show too much respect to the likes of Mola, the reigning


world champion, and Gomez, the five-time world champion and Olympic


silver medallist back in London. No man has ever successfully defended


this Gold Coast title in the World Triathlon Series so there is a bit


of a first for Mola but it is a tall order because other than Ryan Fisher


who is nine, ten seconds out front, everybody else you would expect to


be in the lead group is there. Great work from the Australian. And


hopefully, he will be taking some heart from the cheers of those in


the gantry. Managing to extend that lead from the previous lap. He was


six, seven seconds. He has finished the fourth circuit on the bike with


real strength, given himself every opportunity. He has given himself 16


seconds lead which over five kilometres is a good distance. We


are not sure where his running fitness is at the moment. It will be


interesting. These guys off-line. Alarza leading the way. The massive


cheer when Ryan Fisher left, that is one of the reasons for him doing it,


getting the home support behind you, amazing. This is where it will all


kick off now on the run. If Murray brings the form he produced in the


super league and for his two World Cup wins earlier this year, he will


be absolutely flying. He will be really enjoying this. He is looking


strong too, just depends if those guys will catch, they will probably


catch pretty quick. It has been a brilliant effort from Ryan Fisher


and his race is not over yet but you can see how quickly the likes of


Mola and Jacob Birtwhistle and Gomez and Alarza along with Richard Murray


who has been ominously quiet so far, and this is the moment Ryan Fisher


glances to his left hand side, he will not like what he is seeing, he


moves aside and he now has to try to dig in and hold on. A fantastic


effort to get away on the bike but this is going to be very tough for


him now. It is. But a great effort. The next time maybe he will have a


few more seconds. As you mentioned, Helen, people learn from the


experience. You learn what you can and cannot do. Those five are moving


really fast. Back onto the back of them, Schoeman. Another really


strong athlete, Crisanto Grajales, from Mexico. Such a big talented


group of Spaniards at the front. Mola, Gomez, Alarza, but Murray, he


looks good in second place, doesn't he? He does. But Mola does tend to


get the better of him on the run. We did not see the sprint finish in


Hamburg lasted which Mola won because Murray had the mishap in


transition and had to sit out a 15 second penalty and was discolour


fight. We never saw them go head-to-head. But Mola looking like


he means business. I wonder what is going through his mind, knowing he


has got Murray and Mola up ahead of him. Jacob Birtwhistle looking like


he is slightly struggling. We know he has great pedigree. World under


23 champion in 2015. Third-place finish in the super league race


which took place a couple of weeks ago.


I think that is the chase pack there, the three Aussies close to


the front, Sissons as well who got a podium last week. Fish are now


dropping back, we can see the gap, the gap is huge, only three and a


half kilometres gone with an 11 second gap between the chase pack of


five athletes, three Spaniards, the South African Richard Murray and the


Australian Jacob Birtwhistle. This race is playing into Jacob's hands


for a Commonwealth Games spot on the Australian team. In terms of


Commonwealth selection he is definitely in the best space. Mario


Mola really taking this out, trying to break them early on. He has


really pushed it on. An indication of that is how quickly Henri


Schoeman has been spat out of the back of that group, and he now is in


danger of being swallowed up by the chase pack.


So, five men in a group here, almost all in single file bar Richard


Murray. Up against three Spaniards, and be inspired Australian youngster


Jacob Birtwhistle who has allowed a metre or two to grow between himself


and the third of the Spaniards, Javier Gomez Noya. Murray has been


right on Mario Mola's shoulder almost right away through that fast


black -- first lap, they are training partners and friends. Henri


Schoeman now looking over his shoulder, and he knows that big


group are about to join him. One big chase group, but surely the winner


is going to come from one of these five. Mario Mola will want to make


up for what happened in Abu Dhabi, it wasn't a dreadful performance but


he was eighth, and where you bet -- when you bear in mind last year he


won Abu Dhabi, Gold Coast coast, Yokohama and Hamburg, he wants to


get his season on track. These last two kilometres will be so fast and


so tough, sometimes you say it comes down to being mentally strongest


that this is physical and mental, it is pretty tough, the pace Mario Mola


and Richard Murray are running out now. I find that with five K, you


can get through two or three K Bennett starts to hurt, the last two


kilometres and you know you have to get through the pain. These are the


best guys in the world. They will be the ones


that can do it. And the gap has now formed between second and third, so


the two training partners and team-mates, one representing South


Africa, the other Spain, and a gap back to Fernando Alarza and Javier


Gomez Noya is to the Spaniards in third and fourth but what a duel


this could be between two men who know each other's strengths and


weaknesses inside out. How do you pick a winner from here? I'm not


going to call it! I'm not sure either. Murray has been sat in a


little bit but I think when they turned they go back into a headwind


so it will be interesting to see if Murray takes on a bit of the lead,


give Mario a bit of a break. It is tricky here in third and fourth


because that's when the last medal is -- where the last medleys. We'll


Fernando Alarza get the better of his older team-mate? We have just


over a kilometre to find out. Jacob Birtwhistle, if he keeps up the


pace, the first spot in the Austrian Commonwealth Games team will be his.


You have the reigning world champion against the man in form, Richard


Murray, who just has a little look over his shoulder to check where


Fernando Alarza and Javier Gomez are, and barring a huge serve from


those two the winner will come from these two. Murray has two world


triathlon series victories so far in his career, and both have come at


sprint distance. He will fancy this, especially after his two World Cup


wins earlier this year and his victory in the Super League. He will


want to lay down the market here. Last season he just missed out on an


overall World Championship medal and just missed out on an Olympic medal.


He didn't take up triathlon to become a nearly man. He wants to


remind everyone he is a force to reckon with on the global stage but


Mario Mola is a la -- not lying down here. It is not often you see it but


he is grimacing and working really hard at the moment. Does it come


down to who wants it the most? Of course they both wanted but at this


point they are both absolutely on the edge, aren't they? I think they


are both working really hard but we haven't seen Murray play his cards


yet. He has just sat there so we don't know if he is waiting.


Fernando Alarza has moved away from Javier Gomez, and in the background


Jacob Birtwhistle is still just about hanging on for fifth with his


young compatriot Luke Willian, in that chase group trying to close


them down. Five metres -- 500 metres to go and still nothing to separate


Mario Mola and Murray. Murray has to look forward at the moment. What


have they got over the last 400 metres? This will be exciting. Mario


Mola looks like he is pulling away, Murray doesn't look like he will run


him down. Murray keeps looking over his shoulder, and is that the


tell-tale sign that gives us the clue that his aspirations for the


win are spent? So impressive from Mario Mola, he has completely


dictated the whole run. So Mario Mola has led the run from start to


finish. He knows his training partner Richard Murray is world


class when it comes to running, but so is he. He is the reigning world


champion, and he is going to become the first man to defend the world


triathlon series win here on the Gold Coast. One world title, this is


his first marker that he wants his second. Mario Mola reigns supreme


here in Australia, a great second place therefore Richard Murray, and


it is Fernando Alarza who completes the podium having broken Javier


Gomez in the last few hundred metres. Gomez follows up first in


Abu Dhabi with fourth in the Gold Coast, and Birtwistle has hung on.


The young Australian is getting a bigger raw than Mario Mola. The


first home-grown athlete across the line and that means he has booked


his place in the Commonwealth Games last year. -- next year. Very happy


with the bronze medal. It was very hard. Mario the whole time in the


last five K, all the time in third position, and I was... At three


kilometres... It was a very tough race. Richards, Fernando and Javier


Cuaron fire and I had to give 100% to get the win. I did everything I


could and Mario was like a surging machine. I responded as much like


then I was literally on rivet from the last turn all the way back in


transition. I did what I could. By your own high standards you are


obviously disappointed with your performance in Abu Dhabi. As world


champion how important was it for you to make a statement today? Well,


every race is a different opportunity, a new opportunity to


give our best and try our best. In Abu Dhabi I don't think I was less


bit or worse than today but these guys are very good and if you don't


have your best day you go from first to eighth or 20th, so that is


racing. Happy with a good result and performance here now. Still Javier


Gomez Noya on the hunt for his first sprint title. No disgrace with


fourth because Mario Mola was unmatchable today, an absolutely


brilliant run. So, this is the standings so far after two grounds,


remember there is a long way to go. Gomez is still with number one next


to his name. Richard Murray moves up to second. Fernando Alarza third and


Mario Mola moving up as well, because remember he was eighth in


Abu Dhabi. When you bring the likes of Jonathan Brownlee back into the


mix in Yokohama, this has the makings of a great and thoroughly


absorbing season at the top of the men's leaderboard.


Fantastic result for Mario Mola, he is the world champion, you kind of


hoped you would see that result for him. He looked fantastic on the run


today, he took command straightaway and pushed on and everyone else was


hanging onto him for as long as possible. He had to make up time,


didn't he? He did, he lost more time than he would have liked but there


was a long train, it took a lap or so for them to catch back onto the


leaders, there was a breakaway of five athletes but once he got back


on you felt it would be his race. Interesting hearing Richard Murray


talk about him, he came second, talking about the surge is Mario


Mola put in. Mario is an incredible athlete and it will always be had.


Richard maybe had a harder day-to-day. Normally you would see


them battling it out but Mario got the edge today. Talk to us about the


cycling, particularly the pack, because there were so many different


and new triathletes trying to get to the front in lots of different


places. It is post-Olympic years so there is more space in the field at


the moment. A lot of younger Kiwis and Aussies trying to make their


names, they really want to get in the Commonwealth Games team next


year so they will try new things on the bike. Exciting to see them


coming through. Anyone you thought was a little bit special? I think


Jacob Birtwhistle did really well, he finished fifth and did what he


needed to do and qualified for the Commonwealth Games. As Helen said,


Mario Mola was on fire, and it was interesting that Richard Murray


said, I had a great day and felt good out there but Mario Mola was


just better than everyone else today. Javier Gomez in fourth, of


course, but this is not his favourite distance. Heeds will be


disappointed not to make the podium but it is a good solid race for him


over a sprint distance because he has never won a sprint distance


race. He was still in Australia after the Super League race and why


not get the points? It is important when you have the opportunity to get


the points. I don't think he would be too disappointed with fourth


placed. Still to come this afternoon, two of Everton versus


Leicester on 5Live and the BBC Sport website. Next week, commentary of


the track cycling World Championships live from Hong Kong,


starting on Wednesday at 12pm on BBC Two. As for triathlon, just over a


month until round three in Yokohama. We will have live coverage of both


men's and women's races in the early hours of Saturday, May 13 on the Red


Button and the BBC Sport website. Rest assured, if you can't get out


of bed in time, we will have the highlights on BBC Two on Sunday May


14 at 1pm. Let's get both your thoughts on Yokohama, really


important for Tom Bishop first of all. He had a breakthrough in Abu


Dhabi and will be looking to back it up in Yokohama, it will be exciting


to watch. The first time we see Johnny Brownlee in this series. It


will be exciting but he has a tendency to race well in Yokohama so


I think he will be looking forward to it. I think he will be well


prepared when he gets there. I am looking forward to seeing


non-Stander and Vicky Holland. It is exciting to see them back. They were


third and fourth at the Olympics and they were not racing this year so


they could potentially be the top two if they come back from their


injuries. They will be looking forward to racing against. I am sure


they will be. They have had time out since Rio but absolutely they will


have seen the first race is happening and will be looking


forward to racing. I think so, yes, just getting back into the mix of


its. Should be a great event, thank you both for talking through it all,


I will see you for Yokohama and see you in Leeds. Thank you very much,


and thanks for watching.


The best of the action and reaction from the second round of the World Series, held on the same Gold Coast course in Australia that will be used for 2018's Commonwealth Games.

In the absence of Britain's Brownlee brothers, the frontrunners are likely to be Spanish pair Javier Gomez and Mario Mola, world champions past and present. Mola won this race in 2016, while five-time world champion Gomez began the current campaign with victory in March on his return to World Series action after a lengthy break.

In the women's event, Britain's Jodie Stimpson was looking to build on her silver medal in March's first stage, which marked her comeback from a six-month lay-off with an Achilles injury. She was pipped on the line in Abu Dhabi by New Zealand Andrea Hewitt, who was also due to compete in this race.

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