Day 7 UK Snooker Championship Highlights

Day 7

Steve Davis and John Parrott introduce highlights from the day's best-of-17 frame semi-final.

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distance so it will be nice if I can kind of relax into the match.


remarkable talent, he really is. Great to seeeat to seert of talent,


some of come through in the game and not waste it, you know. He


dozen joy himself but a lot of its been over-hyped. When he is at


tournaments he does the business. He is a really good professional at


the tournaments. # Are you ready? # Do you know?


# I feel it too! It is nice to be favourite but it brings a lot of


added pressure. 1-all and he beat me in the Worlds so I think I


played a lot better than I did in the World but he is a better player


since then too. So I'm going to up against a monstrous opponent.


have always ve always h game against Neil and he is a excellent


player and a real battler so he never gives anything easy. He is


one of the best lot shotters in the game. I need to keep him away and


build a big lead early. I'm going to go out and enjoy it, be


confident and see what happens. Good evening from York where Jed


Trump and Neil Robinson play the first of the semis. We are into the


longer format now. The best of 17 frames. This is though opening


session panned out this afternoon. What a match this is likely to be.


Two of the greatest Potters we have seen in the game for some time.


They are both left-handers. That is a nice shot. He felt it rolled off.


Been a miss. Played that beautifully. Couldn't have hit that


much better, really. 2-all. Robinson stopped the flow from


Trump. Fabulous pot again. Right on cue. My goodness. I think it is


"Anything you can do, I can do better" coming up here. How do you


like those apples! Not many of those in the pound, John! He is the


best player in the world right now. A lot of changes made. You will


beat Titmarsh the way you are going. This is tricky. Good to see Neil!


These two players have treated us to some wonderful potting. Both


players look in great form and tonight we are in for a session of


snooker. Don't miss it, we are all square at 4-4. Trump on frame nine


for a 5-4 lead, in for an exciting match in frame 10. From that angle


if he takes the double arm he needs the left-hand side the square it up.


Judd can only sit in his seat and see if Neil can create if angle to


get that double. -- the angle. Where disblacking to go finish? He


is having a run of the ball at the moment is the Australian. Judd


stairs at his feet and he may have the take a double on, but... Thank


you. No. Amazing. The first time he has go he misses and fixes it up.


He sticks it up. He normally would pot this black. For a run of the


ball - Neil amazing in this frame. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) You should


have seen the reaction from the Australian. He has two pieces of


very good luck. He must be wondering how her won that frame


but he has and all square at five- each an isn't he fired up? Into the


next frame Trump at the table trailing by 13 points. (APPLAUSE) I


think it was just the pace that swung it past, John, wasn't it?


Must have been. Certain to hit the second red. What sort of angle does


he have on this yellow? Hot a shot this would be if he can pull it off.


The point has to arc here if he pulls this back. Too much. He will


play up toward the brown. The only red he would leave, believe it or


not, would be the second one that he would plant towards the pocket


but that is risky. I don't mind, it is not a bad choice to take the


plant than and get the height up behind the brown. The only ploibs


with the plant if you get too close the pocket it may stick in the jaws.


This looks very tasty. That is a little harder than intended and


with Judd Trump you can not afford to leave that cue ball out in the


middle of the table. What about that for than attacking shot? He


actually stumped that into the attacking red. This is brilliant,


absolutely brilliant. If he can take this frame after what happened


in the previous frame it says a lot about this young man's temperament.


What sort of angle does he have on the pink? If he rolls the pink in


he has a good yellow and he does not have much to do with the


position to get on the Green. up to 14 including the blue. To get


his nose in front. He can playwright handed Judd, but I do


not say he is in the Ronnie O'Sullivan class switching hand,


but he needs the brown and the blue. He has played it nicely. (APPLAUSE)


That is not bad with the opposite hand there, John. No, blue puts him


18 points in front with just 13 remaining. (APPLAUSE) He might send


this black into the crowd, John! The white! Every chance to win but


Judd, boy is this exciting!. The next two frames were shared, Tom


took the 12th with a break of 73 and Robinson replied in the 13th


with a break of 39. Into the next. Robinson to reply and there is no


score. 7-6 down, he knows the importance of this frame. The first


to nine. There are a cup - a couple of reds there. They are not too are


too far off from plant but it depends what they does with the


others. He has to cue that perfectly because if he does not


hit that right he will skew it all over the pocket and the balls will


go all over the table. This looks to be on if he can get to it direct.


Hold onto your hats! He does not want to risk it either. Le has the


other red that the white careered into as it flew around the table!


It was a good pot, maybe not that good, but just good to see a


balancing in a pocket! He only - the only red if he looks as if he


can get onto it is the one in the middle pocket, you know t one left


to the pink? It goes in the corner Interesting shot. Maybe if he takes


it a little forward he will cut in this, but it is a thin one. A lot


thinner than it looks. He will go careering into the includeser.


(APPLAUSE) Not bad. One to the right middle. Yes, lucky he paused


for a moment there. They were all going to cover each other then all


of a sudden that one just landed close to the middle pocket. Just


making sure he does not cannon into the green or brown. Has a kick on


it slightly. It just meant that the cue ball did not trfl and finish on


the Green. Now he is looking for the long blue. He did not play it


for the blue. The green is hampering him slightly, to take the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


available in to the middle but he can cut one in the to left corner.


Plenty action on that cue ball. Played it nicely. This is a good


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


chance to build up a sizable lead here. We talked about it before


this match started that this could go all the way. There is every


indication that this might still apply. The black having a good old


clean there. He must have shotted the - spotted the short mark or


something. Sometimes they are difficult to get off. Robinson you


feel drawing on all his experience. He has won two ranking titles, in


2002 he was world champion and world open champion. (APPLAUSE).


The break this evening is for the break ever 56. This coming at just


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


62 point in front. They will be all square. Lost the first two frames


of the match so it will be two each. Two behind this evening. That now


puts him 68 points in front. Just 67 remaining. That makes absolutely


certain we will be all square. Ran out of position. We have had 79


centuries here in the UK championship and that is not a bad


effort. What a shot that is. (APPLAUSE) No pressure on it but


what a cut-back that was. He has made to centuries this year. In


this tournament he has made 29 centuries this season. These reds,


he may pot one in the left corner. That is what he is looking at.


There seems to be a bit of a stalemate. We will not worry about


that! What a time. He produced the highest break of the session. As


far as he is concerned that break of 83 draws the Australian level.


It is 7-all. Getting tense! So now effectively it is the best of three.


Onto the next frame Trump at the table and the scores are 7-all.


Needs a good kiss on the yellow and that is not bad. Hook for the kiss


on the yellow. He may not have been on anything, but he is just about


on the ground. That is the shot he can play. A little bit aside. The


pocket has spoiled it. He would have been absolutely perfect. Just


under-screwed it slightly. It was a thin brown but just can't move the


middle pocket. That has been the problem for both players. They


really have difficult controlling the queue ball and if you do not


get good position on the ball you are left with different pots that


are missable. Can he get round into that position I mentioned or is he


going to play it? He might be able to do it here. He has come up the


other sigh so there is one red available into the right corner.


Now he can get the blue back on the spot and heave the two reds. As I


mentioned before, with the pink in the Open and the blue in the open,


this is a pretty good opportunity. He showed how good he was under


pressure in the match against Ronnie O'Sullivan to win the red on


the deciding frame. Delicate little stunning screw shot here keeping


himself in the ideal position. has put 37 in front. Still possible


75 remaining. Depending what colours he plays here, he will need


3. I think... 44 points the lead. So he is looking for red colour red.


He doesn't want to be too straight on this pink otherwise the frame


ball will be straight and he could not be straighter. If he runs


through hits in line with the corner pocket so he cannot get


anywhere close to a red. A slight angle he could have thumbed over to


the reds being a left-hander. You cannot pinch anything from that


position really so he is going to have a leave a longish pot.


pink 59 in front and if he pots another red he will be 52 point in


front with only 51 remaining. Any slight angle in this frame and it


would have been over. He could not finish in a worse place so he is


just going to roll the pink in. And he will roll, stunt or play the pot


down the long position t long red near the ball line. Just the one


red needed. The last thing wanted toys bring the black into play. He


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granted here. That will mean that Neil Robinson will not be coming


back did the table. (APPLAUSE) Didn't match without the black. I'm


sure Robinson will concede. He is having a close look at the


scoreboard but he is 59 point behind and only 43 remaining which


equates the four snookers. If he does not get the four snookers


Trump is one place away from a place in the final. Robinson did


not get the snookers. 8-7 to Trump and in the next frame Judd trails


by nine points. I could under Judd playing for the pink there because


the blue was going to be awkward when it came back and there was no


spot available so it would have been tied up against the pink


I was thinking if he left himself near the bolt cushion he could have


played off the blue and cannoned into the reds. The blue would have


been unmissable. Although I did not expect him to mist pink.. Who


would! But once you begin a poor positional shot... It is all


Quite a few butter flies. He used all the pocket but it struggled in..


Yep, and he is just about on the Green. Dear me! That wobbled.


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to watch. Yes, and Neil Robinson will be a little disappoint. He has


had a couple of chances already in this frame. Not made the most of


them and he cannot believe that green did not drop. I still can't


believe it. But it just proves it does not have the always be about


high breaks. To get drama, this wonderful game of ours. Don't get


me wrong, both players afterwards will say they did not play their


best and whoever wins will be thrilled and the other will be very


disappointed with his performance. Well, would you believe it, he has


covered it? He has missed the red but he has covered it. Amazing. It


was never going to be easy the way the balls are situated but I tell


you what, it is going to be a tense climax to this frame now or will it


to be right frame? That is the only question. N terbgs il has three


victories against Judd. 10-8 last year Judd beat Neil in that one.


Stkpwhrl nothing out of the pocket. Needs to try to find the cushion.


At the moment you could hear a pin droip is so silent here. They are


enthralled in this battle.. The reception both players got when


they came into the arena was incredible but look at that.


Everybody is tense here. Unbelievable. We have watched both


players miss relatively easy pots and look at the shot he has pulled


out. That is why he is one of the greatest Potters we have ever had


in the game. Has he got the angle to cannon one of those reds? I'm


just wondering if he has a natural to run through and just flick the


second of the reds. Will really open things up. If he hits the


cushion first he brings them both into play. Is he going to try to


get in behind the yellow? What is this one? Don't blame him for


keeping the red safe. That is one of the most important things. To


try to get behind the yell yofplt it requires a lot of side and he


Pretty good. Was not easy particularly close to the cushion.


You catch it a fraction too quick and go back up the table with the


queue ball. You have to be careful the red does not run into the pink.


He has played it nicely and a good length. You becha! Is the pinning


to go come to his rescue? It has you know. He has covered the one


near the pink, and if he plays that - he has to be cable he does not


double-kiss the cue ball. I do not think he could hit either of the


other two reds. What pot this would be. Maybe that is all he has,


Dennis. I do not see an easy safety. But, as you say, this would be some


pot to get. But is there an alternative? He is thinking long


and hard. It could possibly be his last pot. It is make-your-mind-up


time! Brilliant. He is going to knock the green in, is it? Oh!


White! (APPLAUSE) What a pot. Absolutely superb. I enokay, he


patted it and found the gap but believe me, if he does not hit that


right into the heart of the pocket or misses it, he would not have


found the gap. It is not going to be easy to get position off this


Green as we know right in the jaws of the pocket. He is not on. Has he


snookered? Nearly! The difference in the frame is one point in favour


of Judd Trurpl open. -- Trump. Robinson 4. For the player of that


one, could have played that one a little bit better. Wanted a thinner


contact and had a chance of getting Upton cushion. Shut would not have


been available to Judd. Le is going towards the yellow. This is pretty


good - he he. What an effort that was. (APPLAUSE) Too thing. The pink


has helped him somewhat because without the red hitting the pink he


would have stuck it up. The red might still disappear into the


pocket but just looking at it t yellow is going to be a key ball


here. If this goes in... It will be a great chance! In it goes!


(APPLAUSE) He has a long way the travel with the cue ball to leave


the red on as we show you that fabulous pot. He has to get up the


left side of the table to leave the red on. Yes, I think the red is


available. I think it will go to the right corner and he could not


have played that much better. As you said earlier, Dennis, I think


the yellow is the keyboard to this frame and match. Of course he is a


left-hander. We know he can play with his right hand. He has an


angle on the blue to get in behind yellow but that little shake of the


head tells you that it is awkward.. The brown is slightly in the way.


Neil can just sit and wait. Le could screw straight back without


going off the balancing. (APPLAUSE). Had has a slight angle so off the


cushion. Yes, if he pitched it up and plays the cue ball with his


hand he could not have put it much better than this. 14 point the lead.


Yellow, Green and brown required. These two boys have given Australia


fascinating semifinal. Just the brown needed. Both players have had


a fabulous reception from this terrific crowd. He must be


absolutely delighted inside. There he goes right-hand. It does not


matter - we will be seeing a lot of frames down the years but it is


Judd Trump's night and he goes through to his first-ever UK final


running out in the end a 9-7 winner. Well done to both players.


(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) I think we both played very scrappy. I think


earlier on today the standard was a lot better tonight - than tonight.


We kind of both wanted to win so badly we started to miss a few and


the pressure was just building and building out there and I think we


both just try to fall over the line an we needed an easy chance to win


the frame. I played a pretty good game in terms of where I left him


balls that his uncomfortable playing, he was forced to play them


but was missing them but I was not able to make the most of my chances


just losing the cue ball and just making some basic errors, putting


myself under pressure where I sort of started to second guess myself.


It kind of topped off the year so far really. It has ban brilliant


year for me. Um, to reach the world final and now the UK final it is a


sign that I'm really improving as a player and even though I'm not


playing my best I'm able to scrap it out. Well done to Judd and you


of all people, Steve, know it is not just about the potting balls


but the ability to get over the line. Yes, especially in a tense


match like that and it got tense later. Judd got over the line well.


Neil will have been disappointed to miss a few balls but Judd has taken


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