Day 2 UK Snooker Championship Highlights

Day 2

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He has caught the fan base and a fast car but now, Judd Trump has


the number one ranking to go with all the trappings. And the


defending champion at in this championship was


back in York, today, at the start of his latest campaign, up against


Mark Jones from Walsall, a man ranked 49 places below him. He has


had a torrid time of after a city centre a mugging incident in which


he had a serious injury to his elbow and his eyesight suffered, he


suffered with double vision for four months. I never thought he


would be back to the top of the game thereafter, but, great to say,


he is back at her main venue and back in the game. I'll be it,


however, he did not look too hot in this match when Judd Trump


established a 5-2 advantage. Indeed, Judd Trump for in a couple of


exhibition shots to this point, but Mark Joyce did not give up and he


took three frames on the pot, to force the decider. Unthinkable, air


row in the match. And this is it. Stephen Hendry and John Virgo


That is what happens when you try to force it, to get the white


closer to the black. Sir, the first Just one of those shots where it


was not straightforward, if you just had it slightly off centre, it


throws it off line, and that is It helped Judd Trump that the


blackspot was unavailable. That is He's going to have to slow down a


bit if he's going to be on a red. He has played that well, it will


pot the black and plea for the red that is sitting on the black spot,


leaving the black at this end of This is what you would expect, John,


for the world number one. Stepping up again when it is required. Get


this much won in one visit. -- this He needs to have a nice angle on


this so he can get back up for the That looks pretty good to me. OK,


maybe straight on it. But he's a quarter of cue power to play a bit


of right-hand side. -- he's it got He has the perfect angle to play


the cannon into the pink. As long as he goes to the left-hand side of


the pink, he's going to cannon on to other reds. He does not want to


hit the right hand side of the pink. He is looking at the loose red but


he knows at the back of his mind that is not going to give him this


frame and match at this visit. He needs to think positive and play


the cannon. He has turned it down. He would not have turned it down


early on in the match. Perhaps that was the reason he did not go into


Desperately hoping to be on a colour. He is just about on the


yellow, just about on the brown, but not perfect, and of course, in


the deciding frame, lots of He used all the pocket. Off the


left hand jaw, and have a bit more pace, it might not have gone in.


The time to finish this frame at one visit would be now. That was


not the positive stroke. Most of the time, you would have played a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


Where is that red going? He almost fluked it. He will rue that miss.


He could have played a soft screw. He's not going to be punished. He's


going to be covered by the black? Is it? It is. He has had a bit of


luck, there. He just cannot get to the potting angle. That was a world


number one's run of the ball, there! We will, you have all had it,


The brown is covering the path to that red in the left-hand corner. I


think that he is snookered on all the reds here. That was a world No.


51 of the ball! -- 50 run of the ball normally, you do suggest come


off the right-hand side and cushion drop into the reds, but if you hit


it too hard, you could knock a red on. Is it hard enough? Is it hard


enough? Foul, and a miss, Mark Joyce, four. He is concerned if he


hits it too hard that he could knock a red on. In these situations


you start to see problems that sometimes are not there.


particularly when there has not been a hint of a problem up until


the last few frames. But, this time, it should reach. Has he got it


safe? That red in the middle of the Where is the cue ball going? Where


Well, I think he may have angled for the main bunch of reds. He


could possibly get to the red to the left corner, that is the only


red he can play. When you are bridging in the jaws of the pocket


like this, who was not a lot of Bridge you can get. I think that it


can just get to this red. Not the That was tough. He has left the red


on, it is a bit straight. He had just enough angle to pot this red


and fall through on to the side cushion and bottom cushion.


main thing is I don't try and sacrifice the pot, for position, it


A bit too much angle to go for the pink. I think he has got the Al


Gore off the paint to can enter the I think about is the time to put


your foot hard to the metal and go The right shot, and as Forest Mark


Joyce is concerned, the right Will Judd Trump get back to the


I always found in these high- pressure situations, if you tried


to commentate yourself through each shot, tell yourself what you want


to do with each ball, it helps to focus. Take your mind of all the


other nonsense which goes on in these situations. Yes, everybody


Thankfully, he had the low as a reserve because he had some tension


Cannot imagine what is going on in He looks quite composed on the


outside. Must be inside. He played If he can clear these three reds


after this blank, -- black, Judd Trump will need three snookers and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


I can only assume these two reds They're obviously are, so it should


be... I am not going to say it, I won't read it lightly, but it


should be plain sailing. He needs Remarkable! It's absolutely


remarkable what has happened here. And this black now to go 32 points


in front with just 27 remaining. And the world number one and


defending champion looks to be on Ooh, I don't like that. When you go


back to the chair. I think it makes you think about it that little bit


And a phenomenal performance with him putting matt-black. Well, he


took his time, had the cue ball clean, and Judd Trump has now sat


reflecting on what might have been. Missed the low so Judd Trump will


carry on but he needs two snookers. HAZEL IRVINE: Judd played on for 10


minutes desperately for the two snookers and got one but ultimately


fell short. The second time Mark Joyce has beaten him in this


championship even though it looked highly unlikely and Judd Trump has


contributed to his own demise today. The world's number one player goes


home early and the world No. 50, I think I needed a bit of help from


Judd. The missed are a few balls. To be honest, I played in the


German Masters qualifiers and lost in a match 5-4 so I was thinking


about that and trying to dig in and take each ball, each frame as it


comes. I was disappointed today because I thought the crowd will be


better than I was. Considering it was a Sunday, Lotto lot of people


are doing anything but still pretty empty. So disappointing for snooker.


-- so a lot of people. You can't do anything in the stadium. So


something needs to come through and step up. The interest doesn't seem


to be there any more. I think the UK and the world tournaments are


the two biggest in the calendar so to win one of those, there's some


great players so I am not looking that far ahead, but just one match


at the time. So, who would have called that?


Extraordinary results the Judd Trump and Mark Joyce. So who will


the Warsaw man play next? -- for Walsall man. The answer is, not


Steve. Ali Carter, The Captain, sent Mr Davies freewheeling back to


the studio. The match was not pretty and he did not have to be at


his best. He ran out 6 for the win against a six-time UK champion.


was difficult. The table was playing really quick and it wasn't


a great performance. A bit rusty up there but I am in the tournament


anger at -- and I can improve. And I will have to if I stand any


chance of going further. Emphatic, too, was Shaun Murphy's


win over his opponent, who had been struggling with a virus. But he had


looked very slick in this 6-3 victory and his reward, a tough tie


against world champ Graeme Dott. knew what I would get with Robert.


A real tough competitor and a good match snooker player. I knew I


would have to play somewhere near my best if get through. I was


pleased with my performance, scored well. Onward and upward.


And at the tender age of 40, one of the most improved players of the


game, Mark Davis has never known things so good. He dispatched the


Chinese are panned, Challinor pen. -- the Chinese up and,. -- up-and-


coming player. A lot of great players to win the tournament and a


tournament is really difficult but higher not just here to turn up and


pick up some money, some points. -- I am not just here. I am looking to


win and play. A 12 months ago, Mark Allen made


his way to the final in this championship in very stylish


fashion. We remember some great moments from him along the way but


we also recall some pretty bizarre and controversial comments from him


as well and that tendency and liking for speaking his mind was


very prevalent at The Crucible in April and some of those comments


got him into a rather hot water. If I have never been one to shy away


from speaking my mind and I think players need to do more of that


because too many players have had it -- had said exactly what I said


amongst themselves. Of this year have been criticised


as Wareham on TV in a press conference. But I put my hand up


and said, I shouldn't have done that but her stand by everything I


said. It seems to be a bit of a trade for the Chinese players and a


few instances in the past with blatant cheating going on. It needs


to be corrected. Mark has had a three-month ban from


the competition hanging over his head since those comments and that


was suspended until Wednesday. On Wednesday, he gave an interview in


which he basically said he did not regret his image -- original


comments about the Chinese player but he said it was unfair of me to


label all try his players as cheats but dishonesty in snooker is


something that needs to be stamped out. Well snooker as written to


Mark last week, the row rumbles on. -- has written. In this


championship, he is up against Marco Fu. You guessed it! Both men


have come within touching distance of the trophy only to be pipped at


the post in the final. Mark had a room at -- and immaculate break. Fu


took the lead with a 1-3-1. Now it is the Antrim pro and eyeing up a


Yes, that was a plant. But look what he has done with the reds.


Marco, fill your boots! Look at these! I don't know what he quite


thought go there but obviously he thought there was something. So you


have to go with it. But looked a bit reckless, didn't it? And the


table looks like a explosion at a One of these routines you do in


practice, isn't it, Dennis? Reds Un me could knock a few in, may be!


All Marco has to do here is still himself and exactly what he has


been doing this evening. He has a And the balls couldn't be better


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


The black is available into the left corner. I think it is sitting


on its spot, when it is re-spotted, it should still be available. He


does not want to be playing a little cannon here because he will


put himself out of position but he wants to make sure the black spot


These nearly couldn't be better placed. He had the option of the


He just underhit that slightly but it is worth having another look at


this. The plant that never was. It He just underhit that slightly, he


should have been further up the table and this red would have been


a lot more comfortable. He has been a little bit tentative for the last


You want to try and keep close control of the cue ball rather than


move up and down the table. But the way that the reds are sitting here,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


It is great stuff from Marco Fu, here. He has not missed much, pot


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


success rate at 94%. And every There is a puzzling -- possibility


He is number 24 in the world rankings at the moment but he is


playing as though he is a top-four player if he carries on like this.


Just finished a bit straight this time. But plenty of cue power there


Well, he was living up to his nickname there. Bonfires Stephen


Maguire! I didn't realise he had made three centuries. -- on fire,


Stephen Maguire. A third player in UK history to do it. Stephen Hendry


is unsurprising the one. Be you know the other? -- do you? Good old


Doug Mountjoy. But this has been very, very impressive. From Marco


And three back-to-back centuries the Marco Fu and an opening frame


break of 91. He takes himself into the mid-session interval --


interval. HAZEL IRVINE: And he took the next


as well, 4-1 of front, and as we pick it up in frame six, it is


Allen at the table 42 points to the He can even hold it for the black.


But with the red over the pocket, and he's not much to do with this.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


Starting to cue very nicely now and you sense quite a bit of snooker to


be played in this match. Starting to look good. And as you mentioned,


John, he could quite easily won a couple of frames in a very short


Her he has certainly stepped up the Well, can you get your breath?


Still a possible 67 left on the table and he is 63 in front. So how


costly will that be? Because there is not a ball save. A little wry


Yes, I think the only awkward thing here for Marco is that he doesn't


want to snookered himself behind So he decided to forgo the black


and play up to the blue. I don't He has overscrewed that. That's a


bit careless. He might still be able to push through and get on to


the black. Should have been easier He is OK. I wasn't imperative he


stayed on the black. -- it wasn't. Over done that slightly but he is


Just the one red closest to the cushion which will be the problem


Just one point to play with so if he could renegotiate the red and


black and then the pink would be very useful. Then he is close to


the low and the pink can come back down the table. -- close to the


Well, no used playing for the blue. It is all about the red we


mentioned and in a couple of shots tiny mite after dropping behind it.


-- time, he might have to drop in If he could get it somewhere there,


he could roll in and get on the pink. And he can still do it. He


might be able to reach around. the angle he has finished on,


probably will have to play the run It is all about the pot here.


what he steal this would be! It looks as if he can roll the black


Played it well. What a chance this is. Mark Allen will be absolutely


kicking himself over the pink in the centre. But these have been


really well taken, you have to say it, Dennis. Really cool, calm and


collected here, Marco Fu. Yes, just a few moments ago we thought it


would finish being quite a close match but if Marco goes 5-1 in


front, it may not be. It is all about getting a good angle on the


pink and that is where he would like to put it so you can get a cut


for the black. -- so she can get it up for the black. -- he. The one


thing you do want to do is be a bit short on this. So coming up the


table a bit further than the ball climb is a good idea. -- the ball


That is good. He has got the angle. So just a good positional shot


required. Pink to black. What he still this would be! -- what a


He could have done with a bit more What he clearance that is for Marco


Fu! Mark Allen missed a pink in the middle pocket a Marco Fu, well, he


cleared up and he now leads 5-1. HAZEL IRVINE: Mark Allen is a


doughty competitor and managed to give himself some hope with breaks


of 69 and 46 to win the next two, but in the ninth frame, Fu was won


and lost. Mark Allen even jokingly throw in the towel in the final


stages! Before having it returned, once again. A wry smile from the


Northern Irishman. But a hugely disappointing loss for last year's


won a ruck. As for Marco, he has already knocked in 25 centuries.


Eusebio -- last year's will run up. Marco Fu is through, Mark Allen is


People make mistakes and some lead individuals move on but some will


not let it go. I have progressed since then and won tournament and


got a few results in but nobody seems to want to let it go.


didn't try any harder tonight. I just wanted to play a game of


snooker. I didn't really try any harder to beat him. I just played


as a normal opponent. Which was probably the gratitude for me


because I was playing the player rather than the table. -- probably


the right attitude. If I ever have anything to say any more I was it


down with my management company and get on paper and make sure we are


happy before release it, because no matter what was in the press, it


gets twisted. It might be a real shame that you are not talking


about the snooker now that me and Judd are gone up.


There was one other match to tie up you this evening and it featured


Stuart Bingham, arguably the man of the season. -- to tie up for you.


Jack had his chances early on but Bingham just too strong for this


evening. 6-2, the scoreline. Snooker Extra follows his programme


and it features the match with Mark Davis and Cao Yupeng. I know it is


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