Day 3 UK Snooker Championship Highlights

Day 3

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Will can do highlights from the UK Championship at


the Barbican Centre in York. The were what might places left up for


grabs in the last 16 of the tournament at the start of today,


so let us start the show by showing you what happened in this


afternoon's matches. Former world and current Masters champion Neil


Robertson produced his best performance of the season so far,


defeating Tom Ford, of Leicester, 6-1. The left-hander from Melbourne


scored four centuries on his way to setting up a secondary clash with


Barry Hawkins. -- second round clash. On the table next door,


Matthew Stevens came out on top against Dominic Dale. He went ahead


with the match despite his concern that he had contracted shingles.


Stevens took the match 6-1 to seal his spot in the next round. I have


put -- he had a great first frame but I am pleased with my


performance. It does not it any easier, Marco Fu next. Tonight, we


concentrate on appeal of two Marks, Williams and King. I am winning


matches at the moment, which is the I qualified for her small


tournament, and in the German Masters, and I just want to keep


winning, really. Playing OK, I suppose. I am not potting any long


balls, for the last couple of years. But, if I get in amongst the balls,


I am not too bad. Mark Williams is a great player, and he has done a


lot more than I have in the game, world champion, UK champion, he has


done a lot, and he still hard to beat, so I have got to be on top of


my game. I have played Mark quite a few times. It makes a difference to


me whatsoever. I got there and try my best. Waco always do. And, if I


So more surprisingly given the pedigree of Mark Williams these


this might have shared the spoils and head-to-head clashes with six


wins apiece. Williams was quickest out of the blocks, winning the


first frame with a break of 57, but Mark King to the second and but, to


lead 2-1, John de goal and Stephen Hendry are your commentators. --


Could have done with kissing that red little bit harder, then the


pink would have been available into the left middle. That's just clears


the pink. Points are level at the moment, 22 each. Well, Mark


Williams, four. Well done, Mark, some great snooker championship,


the referee did not see it, but he felt it. The fall, there. -- foul.


That is the standard of sportsmanship that we have always


had at this game. I am not quite certain what it was he did. We will


try to show you, here. It could have been a red near the cushion,


it might have been his farm. You would not be able to feel the ball


underneath your body, would you? You would not have thought so.


was a costly, careless mistake to make. I have said this was a big


frame, this could be a big moment We can have another close look, is


at his farm that touches that red? It could only have been at, he felt


that red against his thumb. Certainly, Michaela Tabb did not


see it, but he felt it, and declared the foul on himself.


was probably being too much attention to the side cushion and


I used to playing a snooker club, and I would start by saying, are we


playing Queensberry Rules? In other words, if you happen to touch of


all, it was not a full, and there was would say, of course we are


playing Queensberry Rules, but some people in the snooker clubs did not


Mark King is going to need one of these safe reds to win the frame at


this visit. As a left-hander, those are on the wrong side of the table


for him, so it is not a formality. There are two points, the lead at


the moment. Another collar and red required, at the moment, 51 points


remaining. -- colour and red. Too straight on the pink. He will not


be able to get behind any of the reds. He could roll it in and


neatly it double. He is 37 points in front after the pink and would


just need one more red. surprised he didn't stun that last


red in, with the pink to right In an exhibition you would be


flashing this pink in and screwing the Crewe ball -- cue ball across


Looks like he's going to take your advice and play the double. It is


worth the risk because the other red is safe. If he did not this in


and Co 35 in front with the take remaining... It is not there, so


two very good chances that Mark King has had to clinch the frame,


but Mark Williams is still in it. He needs to get this safe. He could


have done with that the kiss on the yellow. -- without the kiss. The


yellow is making it awkward cueing for the red and a bit and side of


the table and the blues covering the potting angle for the red in


the middle of the table, so that Considering he was hampered by the


yellow, that is an excellent shot. Mark Williams now common of the two


cushions, trying to leave this safe, that is on he can hope for, trying


not to leave the pot on. -- that is all he can hope for. Does this red


pass the black along the top cushion? Remember, just the red,


Any more pace I do not think it would have dropped, but, he had the


insurance that if he stayed in the jaws of the pocket, he would have


had the snooker with the black. It is going to be 3-1 at the mid-


It is not there, but the five points of what difference, 35


remaining - is it worth carrying on? If it isn't, 3-1 at the mid-


session interval to Mark King. That moment of honesty the richly cost


Mark Williams frame four as he could not muster at the snookers


required and found themselves in further trouble as Mark King took


the fifth frame, and now leads 4-1. This is the sixth frame and there


I can't believe he played for this red. When you're getting so close


to the ball, you have to be absolutely perfect. It can't that


Just having will look to see whether the black is available. It


is pretty tight. It will just about In an ideal world you would like to


get in on the black and nudge those two reds so that he could be near


to the black spot, to free the black Cup when it is re-spotted. -


free the black up. I think he might have run on a little bit too far


for that. He is on the black, but I think he could move the reds away


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


He tried to. Where is the black If he could get somewhere near that


circle, he may just about have an angle to be on the red second left


of the black, to cannon the red Has he got the right angle to play


the little cannon? I thought, when about that circle would have been


perfect. -- round about. He is just about there, he can just about


force the cue ball there. Hmmm. He may still be on this black. He's


mighty close to it. The referee looking very closely. He played


that nicely, as he has done most things tonight. This is as good as


I have seen Mark King play for quite sometime. He has been pop in


all departments, long potting, safety, break-building. -- he has


Now, you see the pot success rate, 91%. That is good enough, 77% for


his opponent, not good enough. Safety success, well, 42% isn't bad.


What safety and pot success, you have to be looking at round about


90%. His safety success has been helped by Mark Williams not potting


too many long balls. But, Mark A little bit further down for the


blue, that is why he is shaking his head slightly. He did have a slight


angle, so he could get close to the reds. He has made a couple of


opportunities in each frame, he hasn't ever won a frame in one


visit. But he certainly has a Well, does this red go? I think


this might have gone wrong. Does that red go? It is tight, isn't it?


I think he played for the one closest to the pocket, so he has


run out of position slightly here. Mark Williams might be getting back


to the table with still a chance to win this frame. It is very tight.


He has got an alternative red to the far right corner, but that is


Nice pot on a red, probably with a slight element of safety, now it is


going to be a straight blue across the table, just dropping this blue


in, following through a few inches, for the red that is close to the


He's definitely getting stronger, as he gets closer to the winning


line. No sign of weakness. And now, that red has gone in, he only needs


the black. He pots the black he is 69 points in front with 67


When he pots this black, that will certainly keep Mark Williams in his


Just playing the cannon there are, on the two reds. Brings them all


Highest break in the tournament so far is jointly held by Marco Fu and


Stephen Maguire, at 131. He just keeps playing for this red and


cannot get straight on it to play for the black, otherwise he could


have a more sizeable break. Now, he is playing for the blue again. It


will be a nice 100, though. Well played, absolutely super stuff, he


took that well, taking the frame at one visit. He will not be bothered


about the yellow, he could not better the high break, and Mark


Williams left pondering what he is going to do about this. At the


moment, nothing, because Mark King is only one frame away from a place


in the last 16. He leads 5-1. He was one frame away from making it


through to the second round for the first three years, but Mark


Williams took frame seven to reduce the deficit to three frames, here


is frame eight, Mark King at the He missed that by a long way.


Giving the immediate chance to Mark Playing for the black, but can he


guarantee to be on it? That is why he has gone back up for the blue.


And finished up with the perfect angle. As soon as he gets on the


black and gets the black on its Sometimes, in the match, when a


player gets to the stage where you only needs one frame for victory


and he does not win that frame, sometimes you can get at him.


Obviously, Mark Williams cannot afford any more mistakes. He has


No, an opportunity. He just needs to stun into that main bunch, just


listen a few more reds, he's bound to be on one of those reds to the


right of the black. Why played so hard? That as an example of where


his timing is out tonight. That was a straightforward shot, he did not


He has recovered, with a good pot. He seems to be hitting his shots,


rather than stroking them. To get the action on the white, you need


He wants to be straight on this red, and he is. Still got two wits to


the right of the black available. - He is on it, it could have gone


He won the last rain in just under 12 minutes and that would tapping


quicker, if Mark King had conceded when he knew about four snookers.


He has been going for four and-a- 58 points for the lead, two reds


Another red and the blue would put him 70 points in front with 67


remaining. Mark King played that long red and missed it by a long


way. Mark Williams has not looked at the scoreboard. And certain that


he is aware of the situation. Just the blue needed, and he will come


round off two cushions to try to bring those reds into play, he


needed the cannon and he got it. He APPLAUSE this is more like it.


If he can keep doing this, winning frames in one visit, it is going to


Nicely played, bringing that red into play, he can now try and bring


the other red, near the cushion, into play, now, and just could not


get quite enough of it. He's not one that worries too much about


But, if he kept going, there was a chance of bettering the highest


He developed the red, Peter fully Hand Mark King concedes, so there


is a little bit of light at the end Despite that magnificent century


offering a glimmer of hope, it was Mark King who managed to hold his


nerve and he took frame nine, thanks to a break of 52. He will be


hoping to repeat or even better his semi-final spot here back in 2004.


I played solid. Mark struggled a bit, but I thought I took my


chances well. Honing missed a couple of balls that I should have


cut. -- only. I thought my safety was really good and when I got in


by punished in and if there was nothing there I did not take risks.


I did not get going, it was probably one of the worst


performances I have played for quite a long time. I just seemed to


be getting worse. I was probably 20 points worse than was five or 10


years ago. I probably got what I deserved, I lost. Congratulations


to Mark King, he is through to the second-round. A reminder about the


One remaining match in the first round. Luca Brecel had to defeat


former world champion Peter Ebdon to get his place in the tournament.


There were never more than two framed between the pair and after


10 frames it was the full, meaning it was our third final frame


decider of the tournament so far. Dennis Taylor and Ken Doherty take


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


KEN DOHERTY: Hat is not bad. -- Has he fluked another one? If he


can get tight in behind the green, How important could that fluke p? -


If he can see just below the centre pocket on the right-hand side then


he may be able to come off two cushions and clip the reds just


below the pink spot. He has to get somewhere down past the middle


Side cushion, top cushion, try and hit the two reds that are close


together, and then back up to the baulk cushion. I think that is his


That was very well worked out but Home wandering what is going


through the mind of a Ricky Walden. He is battling out a deciding frame


in a match he should have had won a long time ago. And this young man


has held his nerve. His highest break was a break of 66 in frame


That has, a little too far. He was playing for the two reds that Ken


was talking about little and here. He will have to roll up to the


prone and try and leave Ricky Walden in trouble again. -- that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


He is still holding slight It is going to need all Ricky


Walden's experience as a professional to get out of the


He was in total command of this match in the early part of it.


Somehow and he let his opponent back in and K pin that chance,


which he duly took. -- gave him a The dreaded double kiss and he can


take the red in tooth the right middle pocket. If he can get onto


the green he could get back into amongst the reds. The black is out


of commission but the pink is available. He is looking and the


He will settle for that. One good positional shot and he could be in


He has gone a bit too far. He could have been straight on one of the


reds and left himself the pink for the right corner. That was an


He went straight down for the pink but that is so careless. A little


bit of tension in his arm. You have to say it has to be expected pot


there was such a big margin for error there. Can you believe it?


That is two chances that he has had unfairness just got the better of


All of a sudden, the chance falls to Ricky Walden. He cannot just


drop the blue in. There may be an That was about the best that he


He has a red to left centre for red He may try to get to the red on the


extreme left of the pink. Not hard enough this time. But he was not go


to make the same mistake that Luca He is kidding himself but little


bit longer. He knows what trot he wants to play -- what shot. He is


giving himself that bit more time and hoping he does not make an


Can you believe it? Absolutely amazing. The only consolation is


that he did not get nicely onto a He is going through all sorts of


emotions in this match. He has been muttering away to himself most of


It is hard to predict the outcome of this. You will see both players


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Has he covered it this red? He has He tried to get on the blue so that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Well played. He brought the other This is an excellent opportunity.


Three reds and three colours could Worrying times for Ricky Walden.


cannot believe what has happened in this match and I'm sure Ricky


What a result this would be for the That is a brilliant shot. That


should Centre in through to the last 16 of the UK


Championship. I do not think Ricky Walden will ever have played a


And in it goes. And look at that little fist. He is a very modest


young man. Perry rarely we used Hibbert from him but he must be


absolutely over the moon. He has missed the green, but par rink


snookers, he looks like he has got himself into the last 16.


Victory case to teenager Luca Brecel. Earlier this year he became


the youngest player to appear at the Crucible.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


The first round is completed and Bomb next on BBC two his Snooker


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