Day 4 UK Snooker Championship Highlights

Day 4

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Hello. Shaun Murphy is back in the tournament that provided him with


his last major title in 2008. He is one of four former champion still


left in this year's championship. It is his match


against Graeme Dott that is our first port of call. This promised


to be a tough match for Murphy but he made a great start, winning


three of the first four frames as we join it in frame five.


Commentators are John Virgo and Steve Davis.


Your worst fear when you play that shot. You think the only bed you


can possibly leave is the one you are playing. When you get the


double-kiss, as he did it, that is That could have worked out better.


He will have to play the green now. Got to find a target here. It is


Just a little bit short of where he wants to be. Straight on the red,


he would have had the option to run through on the black. Now he is


Just about on the pink but not that advertising. Great cue power there


from Shaun Murphy. Just had enough to get free of those reds and then


put the pink towards the green But was not as risky as it looked.


Right in the heart. -- that was not. A very good shot. Particularly when


you are striking down, as he was. Right in the heart of the pocket,


as you say. I think he thought he was on this red in the corner. Is


A little nudge on the red to the right of it. He is asking for the


pink to be respotted. Perfectly within his rights. He thought he


could get to this red a bit more There are loads of positions that


are on the spot, on to there? remember many, many years ago, with


another referee who is no longer with us, as is the player I am


going to refer to, Alex Higgins. He could just get through and leave


himself on the pink and Alex Higgins asked if he could respot. I


think it was a pink, funnily enough. The referee said no and walked away.


It is an interesting situation. You ask the referee to respot if you do


not think it was put on the spot properly. The referee could say he


thought it was but you could then ask for him to cleaned the ball


because there is to stun it. The same thing. You could get round it


that way, couldn't you? He got a kick there. He came low on the pink.


That is no good. -- on the pink. he was a bit straight on the pink...


Well, you can see the hop, skip and jump. If he had been straighter, he


could. He was able to manoeuvre the Can he hold for the pink into the


left middle? If not, he has a problem he played that well. I did


not think that was on to play it like that but he cued it


He should be able to maintain position on the pink and perhaps


even disturb a few reds. More than a few! That is fantastic. If he had


got the right side of the blue, it would have been even better. Just


crumbled through. He will have a longer pot and he would have wanted.


There you would not bet against him getting this. It is the type of


No reason to suspect he will not win the frame because he has done


Nothing Graeme Dott can do. He got the double-kiss and maybe did not


think it was going to cost him the frame. But it could well have done.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


That puts him 67 points in front, with just 59 remaining. Nicely on


the black. I don't think Graeme Dott will be getting back to the


There is a possibility of bettering the highest break, which at the


moment is joined the hunt at 131 by Marco Fu and Stephen Maguire. --


I do not the 131 will be the highest break at the end of the


week. -- do not think. He has a chance to equal it. Not any more.


It is a long time since a 131 has won the highest break of the


tournament. Power Snooker from Shaun Murphy here, though. The


important first frame after the break. Any hope that Graeme Dott


had that he could get back into the Missed the time, had to use the


pink. He has played some very good positional shots. Now just a little


Excellent! Just one bit of bad luck for Graeme Dott when he played a


part, got the double-kiss, left the red on and Shaun Murphy did the


business. Tremendous break of 130, one shy of the highest but he will


not be too bothered. He now leads four frames to one.


STUDIO: Graeme Dott and said that to win the next frame to stop but


Shaun Murphy won the next to lead 5-2. The world number four closed


out the match in frame eight, thanks primarily to a break of 57,


and ensured he is through to the last date of the UK Championship


for the 5th time in the last six years. Graeme Dott Exits the


tournament for the third successive year in round two. But it seems


that Murphy, who turned 30 this year, is currently in a rich vein


of form and will now play either Mark King or Luca Brecel.


I have never seen anyone have so much bad luck in such short match.


I thought Graham was really unlucky. Every time he came to the table,


something terrible seem to happen. A bad bout, a bad kiss, about split,


and I think that was the determining factor tonight. On


another night, it would have been a lot closer. It is a big event this,


our second biggest tournament, and comes just before Christmas.


Everyone is looking to finish their year off nicely and have a great


Christmas holiday so too have come here and done all right and got to


the quarters, half way, is good but there is a lot left to go and I'm


keen to push on. So, Shaun Murphy is through to the latter stages of


a major tournament once again. Let's see who else has joined him


in the quarter-finals from this afternoon's matches.


Mark Joyce produced the shock of the tournament to defeat defending


champion Judd Trump but could not repeated against Ali Carter. I have


not played anywhere near my best stuff but I am in the quarter-


finals. Today was a potential banana skin, really, but I felt


under pressure. It was a match I was there to win because I lost him


a couple of years ago. I was not very well then. But he is a good


player and has beaten Judd Trump in a big tournament so all credit to


him. But I think today, I just showed my experience and I am


pleased to get through. Joining Carter in the quarter-finals is


Welshman Matthew Stevens, he came through a tough match against Marco


Fu, winning 6-4. It is the first time since 2003 that he has made it


to the last eight, when he went all the way to being the brown champion.


If you win a couple of big matches, you are feeling good for the rest


of the tournament. I have got either John Higgins or Mark Davis


so I am just pleased to be in the quarter-final and looking forward


to the next match. So we have news on one more match to bring you and


that features one of the most improved snooker players of recent


seasons. He is now established among the world's top 16 for stop


Give me a cue and a table, I will play anywhere. Playing a lot of


tournaments. It is about 30 now this season. It is tiring. There is


a lot of travelling, jet lag, but It just seems like I am literally


getting home one day, packing, doing my washing and ironing,


packing again and then off I go. I came back from China a couple of


weeks ago on a Sunday morning. Monday afternoon, I was going to


Gloucester to play in one of the PTCs. That is the way it goes.


People look forward to going home to the hotel but it is a bit of a


ball sometimes. But at the end of the day, we are there to play


snooker and that is the job. I am so my son grow up and my


stepdaughter, missing my fiancee and my mum and dad and my friends.


But we keep in touch through Facebook, Twitter and places like


that. But it is hard. You get very lonely sometimes and it can get a


bit boring but that is part of life. That is part of my job and I have


got to do it. To win that first tournament is a major breakthrough


and from then, I have gone strength to strength. You cannot go any


further than Australia and it is an unbelievable feeling to beat the


world number-one and to time Mark Williams in the final. It gave me


the self belief that I needed. It would be great to get to the final


in the UK and lift that trophy. I was watching it on TV and they


showed you the trophy and I said to one of my mates, "that would be


lovely in my front room and angry. Stuart Bingham was up against 2000


of for UK champion Stephen Maguire and this proved to be a high


quality encounter. There was little to choose between them, with Stuart


Bingham holding a 3-2 advantage. Commentary comes from Willie Thorne


DENNIS TAYLOR: I think he pushed that, you know. He turned around to


the referee and said it was a push. That is why we are so proud in our


game. A player called a foul. You know yourself that you have pushed


it. He is not safe in the frame. He can't believe that. There was only


that right hand red on Lee cushion that is a problem. He will be


thinking that three more reds and three more cushions will be enough


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


to play for the green. That is the This two reds are available into


the left corner pocket. This could be a big turning point in this


match. First to six. Stephen Maguire looked almost certain to be


But he immediately declared that push shot. It was one that was


debatable but he knew himself that he had pushed it. It is where the


tip, the cue ball and the object ball are all in contact at the same


Not the best. I don't know if he can pot the pink and hope for the


two reds. He wanted to be a bit further across the table to make it


comfortable for himself. There may He is thinking about that red that


I don't know if he can pot the pink and go up past the green and maybe


move the red on the way back down because if he misses that red, he


will get on to the two reds. But how close to the green would he


have to do with the cue ball? Can he just screw straighter over on to


the difficult red? He could hold it. That was about the best he could do


there. He has been playing catch-up asked four or five pots. He has


never been perfect on any of the He has got on the pink nicely. He


was not guaranteed to do that. It will be tough to get on the green


If he does not play for the green, it is going to be very difficult to


move that red from one of the high value colours. He has got a bit of


an angle here. Would you risk going in between the blue and pink for


He took the risk and played it absolutely perfectly. Maybe it has


come up just a little bit short for I think that goes past the yellow.


That was the key shot. It really was a wonderful shot on the last


put one red to get into the green with a chance of moving that last


red out. That was the key shot, wasn't it? It certainly was because


to get between the green and the blue and leave the gap, that was


the best shot of the match so far. Stuart is returning the compliment.


In frame three, he started with 52. This time, the choir started with


60. Can Bingham clear it to win? -- What a time for Maguire to have


played a push shot! This has been a Let's first of all congratulate


Maguire on being a true gentleman and admitting the push shot and


then second be, let's congratulate Stuart Bingham for clearing to go


4-2 in front. Who knows how costly that foul by


Stephen Maguire will be in the long run? As it is, he is two frames


down as we rejoin the action in frame seven, Maguire in the table


This puts him 12 and front, so two red and two high value colours two


he can probably do it with two You always have to keep one eye on


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


the scoreboard when you are playing. 18 ahead. Sometimes you look at the


scoreboard and can't quite added up because you are thinking about so


many things. B&B added it up. But he does not need the green. Heath


flew off the cushion and he could have played for pink but blue or


pink and the yellow would have secured the frame. He has left


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


Amazing! Absolutely amazing! He is He had to take the blue there. If


Stuart doubles this green, he might Nick another frame. Stephen Maguire


had a break of 60 in the previous frame with a push shot. Stuart


Bingham cleared up to 63 and now if this double goes in, he might pinch


At least he has not left the green. He has not hit this. He has quit on


the shot. He has not stuck the green up but he did not push the


That was a terrific shot. He brought the black into play and has


put the green safe - and look where he has put the cue ball! Even


Stephen Maguire attacked the table there. That is a fabulous shot that


he has just played there. All of a That was unbelievable. Probably the


shot of the tournament there, what's to would be understood. It


really was fantastic. -- what This will be an unbelievable steel


It could quite easily have been 4-3 the other way to Stephen Maguire,


and every chance now that he could Two ways of playing this - plain


ball and miss the pocket on the left. That is the more


straightforward way, rather than trying to stun it around the angles.


Just make sure you don't go near the middle pocket, or not too close


He swung it around and he has gone too hard. That was a little bit of


an edgy one from Stuart Bingham. A That is what he was worried about.


All he could see in his eyes was the middle pocket so he tried to


get enough with an side on, but he overhit it so badly. Having played


one of the best shots of the tournament so far, he has played


almost the worst positional shot. Now, he is looking at the safety


shot, rather than trying to pot the pink to the middle and leave a


The safety shot, he has played, and it looks to be a good one, although


not quite, the pink is on. You have got to keep the object ball safe


when you're playing that type of pot. He will have to be careful


with the cue ball, it is going to That is a super shot but it has to


be said, Stuart Bingham should not have let him the chance. Stephen


Maguire will be very well leaked. And he is just one behind, now, at


4-3. 4-3 became 4-4 as Stephen Maguire took frame it with a break


of 69, the 9th half-century of the match, so far, here is frame nine,


Well played. Lovely shot. Needs to pull up a little bit otherwise he's


going to be hampered on the black. Played with top-spin and a little


touch of side. If that had pulled up six inches shorter, he could


I don't know if he can reach over here with it the extension on his


cue. He is of to get that, because the black is in the way when he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


That is a pretty good shot. This is a really good chance to take a want


rain beat again. -- a one frame lead. Of course, he has got a


terrific temperament as well, Stuart Bingham. He has quickly put


out of his mind what has happened in the last couple of frames. That


comes with experience. And I suppose, winning helps you in the


sort of situation when the pressure's on. Having had previous


success, that stands you in very That was a little careless, getting


the red right over the middle and then he failed to get over the top


of the blue. So after a bit of distance between cue ball and


object ball in his next shot. He will certainly be a little bit


Considering he didn't play particularly good shot match on the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


previous red, that was an excellent He is taking his time, and I don't


blame him. He is at a crucial part of the match a. He has the red to


the middle pocket as a little bit of insurance, at the cannon doesn't


quite work out. Which has come to his best you on this occasion,


because those six reds, he has used the cannon and not put any of them


into a pottable position. He missed the one he played the cannon onto.


He is OK, he has got a choice, this one to the right, or that one to


the middle. This time he is straighter on the black so he might


just pay the up a loose red. -- tidy up the loose red. He has


overscrewed that, somewhat. His plan of attack would have been to


drop this red into the middle pocket than cannon into the pink


and red. If he has got a slight angle, he might be able to one to


run and do that. -- to run through and do that. It is make your mind


up time. Does he go full-blooded into them? That would develop the


one to the left, and make the one to the back of the bunch available.


He went into the wrong side of the reds, there. This might still past


the black. He did definitely not want to come on that side of the


As you can see, there has just the slightest gap, there, but I don't


know whether he is playing the pot, he has done, and what a good pot it


was. He had got himself in trouble there, on the wrong side the bunch,


but it looks like he has got away with it. If he gets on that red, it


He is showing a lot of class, here. Lost the last two frames, and some


players might start to panic slightly, but not Stuart Bingham.


He is so full of confidence. One of Just 59 remaining, 60 in front,


with the black to come, so, no heroics, just pot the black and


A quick glance round at the scoreboard. This red will make


These high standards continue. Only one frame where that has not been a


break of 50, or a Bob. He has made 23 century breaks last season and


20 p centuries this season. -- 50, or above. At the Bluebell


Children's Hospice in Sheffield will be hoping he gets another


century here - that will be another This is fabulous. He was asked the


question. He was put under pressure by Stephen Maguire with his 69 the


previous frame, and this is the stuff of champions, to come back


like this. I thought that Stephen Maguire had become favourite, but


now, Stuart Bingham is back favourite. It is anyone's match,


but it is nice to have that one- Terrific break-builder, he has made


185 centuries, three maximum breaks And there is another century for


It has been a superb it worked, this, it will be has, and the


standard continues in this terrific match. That was a superb break of


one other than 20, and Stuart Bingham gets himself back into the


lead by four, he only needs one more to get into the quarter final.


Stuart Bingham just one frame away from what would only be is there


appearance in the last autumn back of this tournament, so can Stephen


Maguire effect a late comeback? He's at the table, trailing by 60


points, and he needs something very special. That was a big shot. That


was a tough shot. It certainly could have been his last shot. The


black could be frame ball and match ball. On reflection what we have


seen so far this evening, Stuart has definitely been the better of


the two players. He has controlled a many of the frames and there have


been only a couple of Mrs -- of misses. He has showed great


strength and his temperament. He could have led, by 5 and do, and he


let that slip away, but, if anything, he has played even better


Superb stuff. Stephen Maguire won this UK championship back in 2004,


you look after his first round when he made three and second of


centuries that he was going to be the man to beat, but he has come up


against a man at the top of his At the moment, Stuart Bingham just


loves the game more snooker. He loves knocking balls in. -- the


It is all so easy now. Fuming so good inside. What a way to clinch


the match -- feeling so good inside. He has scored 230 points without


reply - that is just awesome snooker. He is differently one of


the players to beat this year, on A little exhibition shot, pot the


pink all the way around the table, well, he is not going to pot the


black, what a way to finish, it was 4-4, then Stuart Bingham made the


break of 120, then 60, then for the poor, to put himself into the


quarter-finals. He goes out a All these are, a few bad shots, but


I played pretty solidly in the end. Steve Maguire has a tough opponent


to play. It is unbelievable the standard of play just now. Either I


am getting worse, or everybody is just getting better. It seems to be


whenever you miss, whether you and 50, 60, 70, you are losing the


frame. It is not just the top 16 players, it is a very one on the


main tour, basically. But the thing is coming through, really good, I


am coming through matches. Hopefully it will continue for the


rest of the week. We are halfway through the last 16 of this year's

:48:41.:48:45. UK Championship and that is all bubbling up nicely. On


snooker extra tonight you can see more of the match between Ali


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