Day 6 UK Snooker Championship Highlights

Day 6

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To win the UK, as well as the one Prix and the Masters would be a


pretty amazing feeling. -- Grand Prix. A big tournament on BBC and


the UK, I have been struggling for a little while in major tournaments,


so to come here and have a good run, it is pleasing. Mark is a very


experienced tournament winner. I don't think either of us will


struggle that much to get over the line, it will be he plays better on


Welcome to highlight of the quarter final stages of the


UK to a future from the bath -- but the centre in York. If we are


supposed to start with that cracking match between two of


snookers most boys, Mark Selby, and former world champion from astray


the Neil Robertson. In some quarters it was expected to be the


winner from this -- he can do he would be favourite to take the


title and the stadium took an early grip on the match winning the first


four frames. Selby has not got to his lofty position in the world


rankings this just talent and showed his tenacity to win the next


showed his tenacity to win the next three. Then in frame rate Mark


Selby showed all his skill, suddenly from being down and out he


was back on level terms. He also looked down to out in his second-


round match against Ryan Day be turned that one around. Whether he


can complete turned this around still remains to be seen. But from


4-0 down, Mark Selby is now 4-4. We are going to join this match live,


at 4-4 in frame nine. Ken Doherty and John Virgo are in the


commentary box and can bring us right up to date. COMMENTATOR:


Added say early on in the evening you can join us for the highlights,


but it is still going on. The story of the match has been Neil


Robertson took a 4-0 lead, made 105 in the fourth frame to go at the


mid-session interval and has not made a break over 30. That 100


break, of Mark Selby, that is the one real decent break he has made,


he has only made a 58 and one other break over 30. It is really


becoming a tough, hard match. Both players have had good chances, you


have to say Mark Selby looks now to be getting the other hand. He is 47


points in front. Still a possible 75 remaining. Neil Robertson has


just hit a wall since the mid- session interval. He has had


chances and plenty of them. Not You can see the match time, coming


up to four hours. It has been tough match play snooker, amazing, we


always talk about intervals, they can sometimes change matches. And


That is a good hit. The red passes the other red into the top corner


pocket. He is having a look at it into the left centre. He conceded


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


time since his last port. Almost 36 Can he just get through to play the


It is a bit thinner than he wanted all intended. You may notice the


brown is by the pink on the left hand side of the table, there was a


shot Mark's will be played, just before you joined us. Basically a


bit of insurance. Even if Neil Robertson gets a chance, highly


unlikely he can win it in one visit. But, as I say, since the mid-


session interval you would never bet he would not make a break over


30. Just stopped scoring completely. Fully committed to that one. That


cue ball, very close to the side cushion, doesn't make this black


any easier. The the this is a tough Excellent pot from Neil Robertson.


White his feet a little bit. wasn't going to drop, but it just


did. Any harder, it wouldn't have done. Slightly hampered with the


Got to be careful here. He has left himself with a more difficult red


than he would have liked. It is a tough one, got to be very accurate


with this. Beautifully played. That is as good a shot as he has played


With the brown and pink tide up as they are, it is hard to envisage


Just a case of getting back into this frame. When he came to the


table he had a 47. Deficit. -- 47 Cut have gone wrong, I think it has.


He was looking for a red to the left middle. They have covered one


another. Could play it in the far left corner, but that is a risky


He is putting the tip of his cue on the left-hand side of the table, he


can have a go with this red, into the yellow pocket and leave his cue


ball somewhere where he had his cue. He has reduced it to 15, back in


Probably worth having a go at this red into the centre, put in the cue


ball behind the black should he miss. You can see his again --


I just get the feeling Mark Selby has got his way back in this match,


not by playing brilliantly, he would be the first to admit that,


but by making it hard work for his opponent, seemed to have knocked


the age of Neil Robertson, the way he is going to carry on the rest of


the match, try and grind out this victory, not take too many risks.


He's right back in it now, for each. The pressure is keeping on the


Australian. He is tied against the baulk cushion. Basically playing


that containing safety shot as he did, to mark. A chance here now to


come off that red, could possibly It is safe but no real pressure. He


can play a better safety shot,. This is a good line, what about the


I think he has covered the red to the left of the yellow. Mark can


It is not the easiest safety shot Couldn't have played it any better.


I think this red is pottable. The You were right, he hit it too thick.


Or too thin. He has left it. Too That has been the story of the play.


Neil Robertson make 105 in frame four. In frame eight to level the


match, 106 from Mark Selby. There has not been much in between. A


couple of breaks over 50, that is One thing or Mark Selby will be


desperate to avoid is bringing that pink and brown into play. He was


the one who put the brown close to the pink as his insurance policy.


He doesn't want to open up the Can he get in between the gap of


the red and pink and come in the side cushion and just nestle on


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


Doesn't want to leave a touching Doesn't want to knock the red


closest to the black onto the other He has thought maybe the


possibility of a plant. It wasn't ever going to be the case. He has


left the red on. Slight angle. Disappointed with that outcome, is


Mark. There is a slight angle. Come round with two cushions for the


black in the opposite corner. Not ideal on the black to get on the


next red. Possibility if he rolls the black in could play a snooker.


Awkward last red. Definitely don't think there's going to be too many


heroics on this black. If he can just pot the black, leave the cue


ball up in the middle of the day. In the ideal situation, near the


blue spot. Knock the red round the table, try and get the cue ball


tight to the pink and brown, got to be careful of the red, it doesn't


Would have loved to be really tight to the pink, would have stopped box


will be coming off this side cushion. -- Mark Selby. Would have


been more difficult to escape as we see the frame time, past the 40


The longest frame in this match was 44.5 minutes. We are marketing to


the nitty-gritty of this match.- shot taking on a little bit more


important. He has certainly not hit it as intended. Has he got the


angle? T play to pot this red and try and cannon onto the pink and


brown. It is worth a chance. If he doesn't get on and he can play a


snooker. He should take the opportunity, the perfect angle. Not


the right choice, looks like he is a little bit straight on this black.


If the pink and brown didn't come out at five it would be a very easy


snooker. -- out that far. There was a case for just making certain of


the red and he could have played the pink, snooker behind the pink,


push the brown over the middle. He has come such a bad position on the


black he would be struggling to get good position on the yellow,


looking at the scoreboard. Pots the black, go one point in front. Her


suppose he could still play the snooker behind the pink and brown,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


I think a couple of wrong shot choices there, in all honesty. He


has got the brown to contend with, has not. He will do well to get a


good angle on the green to try and play the cannon to bring the brown


He is one point behind, the yellow will put him one. The for. He needs


the yellow, green Cup at the. -- Has he got the angle? I think he


may be able to play the cannon. He wanted the green to be an easier


pot. That is why he is not too happy. Doesn't look like he is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


The green is safe enough. What will determine this frame is he pots the


brown. Hampered by the black. Conceded is any way he's going to


pot the green -- I cannot see. He needs to get to some sort of


position way he can play a snooker on the brown. He has got the angle


to from round two cushions, added Came down pretty quick, must be


The old story, not hitting the brown. Can you get it safe. If he


just plays it's nearly -- it slowly he will be on another snooker. If


he hits it he will be in more Would you have it put back? I don't


think so. He is in a good position. If he has it put back, Neil


Robertson hits the full ball it is Neil Robertson eight points behind


his opponent. Just requiring brown and blue. He will be playing this


one with a bit more pace. Hope he can get it safe. He has gifted the


Both this blue to go 22 points The comeback not any completes, he


has gone one frame away from a place in the semi-final. Barring


two snookers. Amazing turnaround. Neil Robertson will be shell-shock.


Contemplating playing for the star two snookers. Don't hold much hope


So, Neil Robertson, 4-0 in front at the mid-session interval, after


that, it has been all Mark Selby, he has taken the next five and no


one frame away from a place in the semi-final. Incredible comeback,


fie frames in a row for the man from Leicester. Let's have a look


at what happened and the first couple of border files this


afternoon. Teenager Looker the cell preacher and martyr, and the


magician edged it 6-5. Luca Brecel had his chances but could not seal


the deal, leaving the magician to make his way to the semi-finals.


Were if has a funny way of doing things. I have lost matches like


that before, and I have been in Luca's position before. He will


take some fantastic things from this week. If he continues to


improve the way he has done in the last couple of years, he is going


to be big news. I am not sorry that I beat him, but I wish him all the


best. It was a fantastic match and a great week, so I am still happy


Also through to the last four is Ali Carter, who defeated Stuart


Bingham 65 and 4, 12 months on from contemplating retirement, the


captain is a reinvigorated and into the semi-finals of this event for


Four years. I will buy are not finished yet. The game started off


quite yet. The first five or six frames were quite good. Then it got


a little bit scrappy. A few balls missed, a bit of tension crept in,


but that is what happens. You are playing for a lot out there, and


that is a big tournament. I will take the victory. I am pleased.


Stuart's tactical play was good and we had some good safety battles,


but I am pleased to come out the Mark's will be's comeback, but Neil


Robertson still out of the arena. Let us look at a few statistics. --


Mark Selby's. You have got to be 90% and above one pot success. Not


a lot to choose between them. Heavy high breaks, OK, they only won one


frame, and in between that, apart from one or two breaks over 50,


there has been nothing of any substantial amount. They were my


difference is that Mark Selby has shown he is a match play qualities


better than your Robertson, and he has taken the scrappy frames.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


He finds himself one frame behind Normally, you think he just drop


off the right hand side cushion, but the brown is stopping him play


that shot. He's not guaranteed to get this safe. He has got to judge


this correctly. The system risky way, this is very risky. -- this is


Foul and a miss, Neil Robertson four. It seems the potting angle in


potting the red, he will move the black, but the black might run up


to the red just above it, so he But, before got about the red, --


he forgot about the red, concentrating that much on what was


happening with the cue ball a. It An excellent a opportunity for Mark


Selby to go into the pack, to bring You always had that red over the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


The reds are spread but, in a frame that can win the match has its own


type of pressure, so take nothing He would like to pot this red and


stay on the black but, whether he He has over one that attraction. --


over run that a fraction. He would like to play the blue and hold for


the next red, but I don't think he can. He has played the cannon, and


it has worked out nicely. Just purposely went into this red to the


left of the pink. This red now one to the left hand corner pocket. --


on to. Plenty of reds in open play, so you will not be contemplating


going into the pack, and when he does go into the pack you might


find the match being beyond Neil Robertson. He still has a lot to do,


but he has given himself a good chance, Mark Selby. Pot success


rate for Neil Robertson down to 85%. 91% for Mark Selby. Fie frames ago,


it had been completely the opposite -- five frames ago. He has a little


dilemma year. -- here. The green is the easier pot, but whether he can


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


get closer to the next red is This is like the old days, just


past midnight, and the audience, for a plea to them, I don't think


any of them at the mid-session interval thought it was going to be


Mark Selby who would win this match when he framed -- he trailed 4-0.


Neil Robertson made a break in that frame of 105, and he looked like he


was going to storm away with it, but you never know what is going to


happen in sport. That is a good break from Mark, and now he has a


Just looking from Neil Robertson's point of view, the first match, he


beat Tom Ford 6-1, made four centuries. I watched as much last


night against Barry Hawkins, It was Mark Selby who beat Ryan Day, and


he struggled a bit, there. It just shows you, different day, different


player. He will be disappointed. At 4-0 up, he was cruising. You have


to say, hats off to Mark Selby, this is a fantastic performance.


Not a high-quality performance, but, as regards character and match play


snooker, a lesson to other professionals. Never give in, no


matter what the score is. I know a lot of players, and I know that you


do, Ken, but if they had played as poorly as Mark Selby did in the


first part of this match, their heads would have dropped and they


would almost have given in, but he is not that type of player, and


even in the second half of this match when he missed that frame


opportunity, I think back to that room where he needed the yellow and


green, and he snookered himself on the green, I should have lost that


frame and he didn't. At the end of the day, he is getting the job done.


I don't think he's going to get out This pink, to go 67 points in front.


And only 67 remaining, so one more red needed. A remarkable win. Well


this has come from, I don't know. Obviously, you need that little bit


of help for your opponent, but that will not make Neil Robertson any


happier. As I say, he has ground it out, he is thumping the table, this


is a result to be very proud of. He had his head down when he was


struggling. He kept battling away. And now, frame and match his own,


is his, and Neil Robertson is out Can he finish with a censure ear?


If this is a century break,, what a performance this is. He has got


stronger and stronger. Victory for the Jester from Leicester. He will


be smiling now. Neil Robertson will be absolutely shell-shocked. 4-0 up,


then he stopped playing, and that fist pump tells you all. Mark Selby


somehow turned it round. What a fabulous comeback from the world


number two, Mark Selby. And he is through to the semi-final of this


year's UK Championship. Who will he play?


Let's have a look at the match featuring Matthew Stevens, up


against Hastings man, Mark Davis. This look tough on paper for Mark


Davis who overcome and John Higgins, but the man from Hastings overcame


a slow start, and after nine frames, Davis was just one frame away from


his first ever semi-final at the UK Championship. We are going to join


it in frame ten. Stevens is trailing by 47 points. Your


commentators are Dennis Taylor and That has made it much easier now.


That was another half chance. 47, 48, the green will be 51, so he is


going to need one more red. He could play up for the blue. And


that is what he has done. Guaranteeing that Matthew is going


to need a snooker. And it is a shame, because that kick at the


wrong time has cost Matthew this match. Take nothing away from Mark


Davis. He still playing some fabulous snooker, here. Just


looking at the score board to make absolutely sure. He must be over


the moon with his plea. Matthew Stevens got off to a flyer with


breaks of 81 and 52. Then Mark came storming back with a century then


80, 98, 70. It was tough to lose with a heavy contact but it can be


He must be absolutely delighted with himself inside. It is the best


feeling in the world, getting yourself through to the semi-final.


The first semi-final of a major event, as I mentioned, he has


caught two semi-finals this year. Matthew Stevens smiles at them in


congratulations, and why not? Mark Davis has played very well in this


quarter final and he runs out a I am over the moon to beat Matthew.


He's a great player, and it is a great result for me. I am over the


moon. I am disappointed to lose to Mark. I started off well in the


first couple of frames but Mark responded and put me under some


pressure. But good luck to him, the better man one on the night. And so,


this is the semi-final line-up for the 2012 UK


Championship. Shaun Murphy is up against Ali Carter. And world


number two Mark Selby is up against UK semi-finalist bother first time,


Mark Davis. On Friday, the focus intensify is, and the pressure


increases as we are down to just one lonely table in the midst of


the Barbican Centre. Preparations will soon be under way to get the


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