Day 7 UK Snooker Championship Highlights

Day 7

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Good evening. Just four players remain in contention for the UK


Championships. Shaun Murphy, Mark Selby, Ali Carter and Mark Davis


met in the semifinal. I am looking forward to this match. The second


biggest tournament in the world. You do not want to lose at the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


Ali Carter had the better run of the ball, he goes into the


afternoon session 5-3 up. We are Do you think that opened the reds


art? He is hoping that one does not cut into the corner. That makes it


very interesting. That was a very aggressive safety shot. This red


does not cut into the corner. He did not plan for this red to come


That was a bit careless, I do not know it -- if Ali forgot about that


red. He has got an awful long way to travel. He is close to the


To miss the brown and go into the middle pocket is very unfortunate


indeed. That is going to hurt. is going to hurt now. It is going


to hurt even more in 5-6 minutes. Yes, the sort of thing that does


not happen when you're playing well. To sail past the brown and into the


pocket, it is going to be very costly by the looks of things.


Especially the way Ali Carter is playing at the moment. It was not a


natural angle. Sometimes we say the cue ball is going to end near the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


pocket, but it was the pace he He can take four blacks with these


He has just gone a little bit far for comfort. I think he still can.


Maybe he will have to follow through into the left centre.


mid-session interval coming up after this frame. Ali Carter is


still ahead. Shaun Murphy is going to be in a lot of trouble. I think


Ali would like to carry on without an interval. When you're playing a


two session match, you always play it little many sessions. You are


looking for a 3-1 advantage if you can get that. When you are 5-3 up,


if you can share the frames you are going to get through to the final.


He is doing better than that. He 60 behind, look at where the E reds


Ali would need a red and a black That is a good cue ball but he


nearly fluked one in. APPLAUSE A touch fortunate to land where he


did. He was playing the pot and hit it much thicker than he intended.


He will be delighted with where it ended up. If he tries to come off


the side cushion and land close to the one near the pocket... 50


seconds and counting. I do not Whichever way he goes here, the


odds are he is going to leave something. Even that, if he comes


off the side cushion he will leave the once in the middle. -- ones. It


looks like he's going to go for the side cushion. He was in a terrible


hole. He really was. Even Houdini would have done well to get out of


that. As I mentioned before, he just needed a Jurgen van den Broeck


and a black. Just a straightforward black will put him 67 in front. --


He put everything into that pot then. You would think Ali Carter


has got himself into a position where he only needs one frame for a


where he only needs one frame for a place in the final. That was enough


for an 8-4 lead. Shaun Murphy took for an 8-4 lead. Shaun Murphy took


the next two frames. You mentioned earlier on how good Ali Carter's


temperament is, this will be a good test for it. It is an early test


for his cue action. This is dead straight. Just coming off the side


cushion to go into the reds. He might leave that one to the right


of the blue. Shaun Murphy will have a go at that one, make no mistake.


He is trying to keep things tight. He says to himself, I just need one


good chance. Let's see how confident he is. APPLAUSE Beautiful


shot! He is on the green. There is a red available. He has got the


brown, the green. He has had a look to the left. He has played for the


red and I do not blame him. reason he did not go into the


pack... He is going to screw the It is amazing, another eight inch


or two there and he would have got The other one is a more difficult


pot. The plaque is only available in 21 pocket. -- the black. Using


the other reds as a stop. Well judged. Always risky when you are


using middle cannons like that. You would think it is Shaun Murphy who


was leading 8-6 the way he is playing here. Yes, at the moment he


is by far the more aggressive player. He is the one making things


happen for himself. He has decided he cannot wait for opportunities to


be given to him. He has got to go Yes, this was the shot he played


into the pack. He refused the long pots. It was dead straight. He has


not a few of those in. -- knocked. His game plan at the moment is not


working. I think the reason he did not take that red, most players per


-- prefer a slight bit of angle. I don't know if he can play a


delicate little one to hold on to the black. APPLAUSE Beautifully


played! Beautifully controlled! He is a man on a mission at the moment.


Breaks of 76, 49 in the previous frame. Ali Carter cannot get at the


balls at all. I mentioned earlier, you had to go back to 2001 for


players to come back from 8-4 down. Ronnie O'Sullivan, Mark Williams


against Stephen Hendry. I tell you what, do not hold your breath, this


could go all the way. You cannot do anything when you're sitting in


your seat. APPLAUSE That might have spoiled the party there. He does


not miss many of with the rest. I do not know what his success rate


is with a spider. You do not very often used that implement. -- use


He is going to use the spider. This is so difficult. You are striking


down, it is so easy to get a bit of unwanted side on it. APPLAUSE


Terrific shot! Fabulous. We might have to say the best spider player


in the world as well. He may not be on that. 63 ahead, still a possible


67 on the table. He is certainly thinking positive, he is going to


take the yellow on to secure the frame. A lot of players were just


tuck in behind the pink. -- would APPLAUSE He has potted a ball with


the spider, the extension, he has got the rest up again. APPLAUSE At


mid-session interval can change a match, it happens so often. Ali


Carter was in complete control. At 8-4 it looked like he was going to


shut the match out. Shaun Murphy, the way he has played has been


What a time of the match to begin playing your best snooker. APPLAUSE


APPLAUSE That is fabulous from Shaun Murphy. After the mid-session


interval Sean Maffett has had great success. -- Shaun Murphy. He is


just one frame behind, 8-72 Ali Carter. Shaun Murphy also won the


next frame. Here is the decider: The deciding frame, Shaun Murphy to


break. I did not think I would be saying it, but Shaun Murphy breaks


off for the deciding frame. Not his best break. Ali Carter has not had


a shot at anything for the last three frames. Can he get this in?


APPLAUSE He has had to wait 30 minutes since his last pot. It is a


pretty good one. He played it in a confident way. The white was always


He wasn't fully stretched there. He did well. It was not bad. He could


not get on the black. He is a little tiger, this man, make no


Didn't quite pop out and the centre of the pocket. It hit the right


side of the pocket. It left the white ran a bit further than it


would have done. A delicate little short, this. Well played. As they


always say in a deciding frame, you want to get a chance at some stage.


A perfect angle on the blue. Does could go right into the pink ball


and split the reds everywhere. It looks like he will play for the red


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


He has gone and little bit too far In an earlier frame with Shaun


Murphy there was a red sticking out like this and he potted it and


split the pack. He is good to play the shot into the pink this time.


He did not commit previous shot. He has done it this time. It is not


the best, he has put the black out of commission. The pink is tied up.


He could not have played it any better. It was unlucky the way it


finished. It went very well. There is a red to the deft corner.


Possible to play for the blue into Beautifully played. In a couple of


shots time he might be able to get the bike into play. -- and the


black into play. He could roll a red in and the black would be free


for been left corner. There is a red slyly in the wave. Plenty of


options. He has gone into that a bit too much. He played for the red


that is just behind the other one to the right of the black. It is


the only one he can still pot. For that is OK. He is holding himself


together. He has been totally outplayed for the last four frames.


He is showing a lot of character here. Shaun Murphy cannot do


They're all covering each other in around the pink and black area. The


red balls are blocking each other at the moment. He is giving it


plenty of thought. A key positional If he is straight on this red he


has the black in the right corner. You can screw back for the blues.


You have got to keep still in these shots. He gave his head a ban on


the table. He knew that the figure put in he could go on to the final.


That was a big shot. He just cued slightly across it. I am slightly


surprised he played for the red. You would expect to get that. They


are never easy. What a chance here for Shaun Murphy. The way he has


played a last four frames expecting He caught the red Cadeaux fall in


the face. The white moves that to the right. There is a red to the


far corner in the yellow pocket. I do not fancy that shot in the final


frame. He is such an aggressive player. But the way he has played


for four frames, it looks easy for that shot, but it is far from easy.


Right in the middle of the pocket. That is a fabulous shot, that is.


Naz is not a fabulous shot there. That is a big mistake. That is the


can expect things to go slightly wrong. After this beautiful part --


shot. He played half a stunning shot. He has to be careful taking


the spot on. He has got the pot. That is a man full of confidence.


Under the circumstances that was a great recovery. Ali Carter had a


chance to get into the final, but... The adrenalin is really pumping now.


You have to be careful not to have a hit every shot. -- overhit. He


will probably play into the same pocket here. The key rate will be


the one near the left side of the table. Towards the yellow. The


other three are comfortable. He has just come up a little bit short.


The previous four frames every position or shot seemed automatic.


-- positional. One Celsius one slightly out of position things


seem to get worse. Ali Carter will be delighted to see the result of


that shot. Only a fraction away from being in a perfect position.


What a great shot this would be. The black is not an easy pot, the


blue is not an easy pot, the white is tight on the cushion. He is


seven points in front. He is possibly looking at rolling up to


the pink. He wants to take the black on. At this stage of the


match it is too risky. If you wanted to keep it safe he could


play the back and keep it tight on this question. If the rolls to was


the pink and does not give it right the race not much in the middle of


the table. He might try to leave the white typed on the cushion.


That was a much better shot than the pink. What a finish. Both


players had chances. Ali Carter had 32, Shaun Murphy had 39 and Mr


Short. The tension is building. -- He might be able to play the shot


and such a way that he could get in behind the black. The pot is a


possibility. If he takes the pot on he could come back towards the pink.


He could stand behind the black and the red. It looks pretty good to me.


Now I can see the left-hand side. That would be a shot to take on.


is just the Odyssey if he can finish on the pink. -- he is just


going to see. It would be tough, even if he does not get the pot he


has to catch this just right. He has left one to the middle pocket.


He was in a terrible spot there. There was no easy escape from that.


There was a slight angle there. egos forehead into the Right there


is no way he can play it. He could roll up behind the yellow. He is


looking at the angle of the pot. He can play for the blue of the black


but it is a big shot. He is going forehead. -- for it. He has been so


positive since the mid-session. That may have looked easy but it


was a tough shot under his circumstances. The chances there


now thought would have to be called a remarkable comeback. What is


going through Ali Carter's mind at the moment? That one wobbled a bit.


Anything can happen at this stage. We saw it in the quarterfinal.


Hierarchy is, making a remarkable He won this championship back into


doesn't date. Ali Carter looking to get in the championship table for


the first time. It is not looking good now. The red in tooth left


centre. -- into the left centre. This pot would leave him in a great


position. Absolutely superb. He is 20 affront. Ali Carter could not do


much about the four frames after the mid-session interval. Shaun


Murphy had breaks of 76, 49, 100. Ali Carter got in with a break of


32 and missed the rest. Performances do not come much


better than this. Quite remarkable, it really is. To win the M5 frames


in a row against Ali Carter is something very special. He is


called the magician, he has way to that magic wand here. It has been a


great match. We thought that we would have an early night. Shaun


Murphy has got other ideas. He wants to put the lot. He would go


out in style. He misses, but that does not matter. Smiles all round.


Ali Carter are congratulates Shaun Murphy on a quite a remarkable


comeback. He was four frames down and he won the M5 frames in a road


to defeat Ali Carter. Well done to both players. Shaun Murphy, but was


some display. I cannot believe it. A few times I thought I was out. As


soon as Ali Carter got to eight frames they did not think you would


look back. I do not think you throw it away. At the gig was a really


cracking game. He has played unbelievable. In all Fennessey has


bothered if long ball after long ball. He cues the main straight. --


of them in there. He knows I am not a mugger. He was at his best. He


played some great stuff. You cannot take that away from him. And look


to the roll of honour when we arrived and so dense and the trophy.


There are some serious names on the trophy. People have won it more


than once. They're the people who would go down in history. If I have


the chance to join in that club I will be over the moon. Whoever I


face in the file will not make it easy. They will be looking for


It was an unbelievable performance by Shaun Murphy, he deserves to be


in the final after that. Yes, he is playing the type of snooker he won


the World Championship with. One of his best comebacks. Ali Carter has


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