Day 7, Part 1 UK Snooker Championship

Day 7, Part 1

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The into one table and that is going to be over longer distance,


so I can just relax into the match. A remarkable talent, he really is.


It is great to see that soap how that can't be in the game and not


waste it. He enjoys himself but a lot of that has been over-hyped. He


is a beleaguered professional at the tournaments. -- he is an really


good. Be it is nice to be a bid it, but it brings some pressure. -- it


is nice to be favourite. 1-1 at the moment, so, I think I will play


better than I did in the worlds. I am going to be up against it. A


monstrous opponent! I have always had quite tough games against Neil.


He's an excellent player and a real battler. He's probably one of the


best young potters in the game. I will have to build up a big lead,


early. This, we will just have to see what happens. Here I am in the


commentary box with two legends of the game, John Parrott, and Willie


Thorne t. It is becoming an increasingly grey area, about who


are the best players in the world. I think they have played their way


into it. He showed brilliant character, he said he was not happy


with his love will play, but yesterday, he was brilliant against


Stephen Maguire. You have commentated on all the great


players and again but these two are fascinating to commentate upon.


When you dominated there was no, if you others who could be due, but


now there are eight-10 players at any one time, going into a


tournament. It is going to be a real putting match today. --


potting. Which of these two players has their best B game? I would have


to say Neil. I cannot see job, coming from behind, but he could


win if he starts will quickly. you haven't got Europe a game today,


-- your A game. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. What a match


we haven't prospect here. It is semi panel time, and we have two of


the best in the business, waiting to put on what should be quite a


show. These will come a player who signals a new dawn in global


snooker, beating Ronnie O'Sullivan and Stephen Maguire to make it to


the last four. His fearless style as one fans around the world. He


says he is creating his own brand of no the snooker this week, it is


Another massive reception, a great occasion. How malty is this going


to be? The naughtiest! -- how naughty. And his opponent. You


right in the UK with barely a penny in his pocket, and has since


conquered all before him. He has won six ranking event titles, never


losing a major final. He has beaten Graham Thorpe and -- Graeme Dott


and Ding Junhui. It is the thunder The two of you on top form this


week. Presumably these are the reasons why you are playing again.


Yes, the crowds have been great all week and it is another fantastic


her mad, again, today. Ladies and gentlemen, Neil Robertson! --


Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. We have two of the best


potters in the game, both of them left-handers. I wonder why that is,


John? These two today, Old Quarter final performances were absolutely


top-class. Thank you, ladies and I understand what you are saying,


if you don't have you're A game, Look how close they are, not a


percentage between them in terms of their tournament pot success.


for their success in terms of Any advantage of the fact that Judd


is playing his first match on this table? Well, we know that Robertson


is a formidable competitor. He has been in six finals and he has one


of them. That is not a bad record. It looks like an nothing see the


shot, he will see the contract to pass between these two writs. --


reds. We talk about looks, early on, and that some time we might be able


to show those two looks, against Dominic Dale. He played that in a


way that, OK, it was a bonus if he got it. It was a good choice of


Already, he looks like he has got himself in a prime position. Hold


on to your hats, hear! -- here. would have expected the bunch of


grids to be moved there. He didn't quite get hold of the cue-ball. --


bunch of reds. When he is in amongst the balls, he does not see


any other shot, that under -- other than the pot. You do not get any


points from safety plea. You get the occasional opening, but I know


what you mean. Great at to go into, for on the black. -- great pack to


go into from the black. It will be interesting to see whether he


decides to call into them from the Well, looks pretty good, no reason


why he shouldn't get the right angle to go into the park. -- pack.


Amazingly enough, this is a better pack to go into, kitchen first. --


cushion. He has finished absolutely straight on this. I was just about


to see, he did not play that very well, this nice black. He could are


run through and catch the jaws, and come route for the black, but they


never seen to play at shot any more. That is all because of the shot


report. To get on that big, it was pretty rough, by his standards. --


He could have let himself an angle from this one. That was no good,


but he has got yellow and blue, slightly out opposition, no.


could see the left hand side of the pack, through the pink and green.


Could decide to play off the It is a touching ball, so he can


play away. He would possibly like to leave the pat on show for Neil


Robertson, so that he opens them up. All was the best way, just to leave


the snooker. It will be the same sort of shot for Neil Robertson,


just drop into them. Because it was touching the red, he was hampered


in trying to get at the Black. Exactly the same sort of shot,


going into the side of them, instead of coned off two cushions.


Foul and Amiss, Judd Trump, four. think he has played the right shot


you. He could get in behind blue and yellow, if it is done enough,


off the top cushion. I don't blame him for taking on that type of shot


himself, John. Good quality match play rain here, from --frame here


from Judd. Foul and Amiss, -- four, Judd Trump. He might be a little


bit nervous at the moment, because it is the first rain, but that was


along we short. -- the first frame, This is probably brand new club, it


usually is, for semi-finals and finals. -- brand new cloth. This is


the first time that Neil Robertson is going to get the upper hand on


the safety. It is a path She -- say Taoiseach to play, right into the


He didn't into a team that, at all, leaving the option of bringing a


few out to Judd. Una has a short who play, where he is moving ribs.


-- a shot to play where he's moving reds out. 51. Leaders fabulous,


with the yellow and blue where it is. But he needs there tree or 40


more points to come, very quickly. -- for a tea of 40. That is a


brilliant shot. He went all out for the pot, knowing that if he missed


it, he would lose the frame. Absolutely brilliant shot. Knowing


full well you are going to leave the game open. There was some


pressure on, there. It has worked in his favourite, leaving Judd to


open the grids up. -- reds up. will get right back into the game,


here. There is a snooker there, if he wants it, involving the deal. A


couple of things that can happen later on. -- involving the yellow.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


It is at all possible, it would be better to play the middle of the


three reds. He England and it, that we head close to be cue-ball is


tricky for Neil Robertson. -- he, He has decided it is a bit who


packed, so he's going for the one on the pink spot. That is a


wonderful shot. There was a little bit of ball you, playing -- or


He has certainly accomplished the main priority, which was to get


himself back in this to him. -- frame. Well played, great shot!


took the chance there, or playing He is trying to get into the


position, to plea -- play the cannon. This is excellent so far.


If this goes right. He has gone straight, that is very clear. --


He's dead straight, he can play to get on to the yellow, and he has


played that well, he has got an absolutely perfect angle now on the


green. He could plead at the end -- the Brown as well. It is a bit


tricky, this. It is a case of, where are you going to knock it


That is amazing. I am sure he has snookered himself. The smile tells


us he has. I said that he could snigger behind the blue, but I did


not mean like that! -- snooker. the green, he could have had a lot


more freedom with the cue-ball. That as well and reset, and he is


No 17 in front. -- it is all in the past. Was not the best of safety


shots. You have to say, a very poor safety shot. He needed to get that


object ball say, and he has not done it. -- safe. What at rain this


It does not look too bad, just to roll through by about at that. -- a


foot. I think that blue is a lot harder than it looks on the TV


screen, to be honest. Signs of What an excellent first Korean. --


This is tricky. The one thing you do not want to do is get a double


Occasionally, we question whose see the game, but Steve Davis would


have been proud of that one. -- we He felt it rolled off. He has not


played on this table before, so there are all these little


idiosyncrasies that come into it. What an opening first frame.


Brilliant. The young teenage sensation takes the opening frame.


The quality on display already from Robertson and Trump. They are at


the top of the market for the outbreak betting. The world


champion is second favourite at 12- 5, and Ricky Walden, the outsider


at 5-1. You look the draw from has had he has come through a tougher


half of the draw, that is probably why he is bit rich. Fantastic worst


rain. It seems to have been spoiled by the table rolling off. He played


it a bit there could to get past a middle pocket. So he did not hit


the ball as hard, running into the middle pocket. It was difficult,


but still, a great frame. You get the feeling that trompe is going to


have to play even better, because Neil Robertson looks like he's in


very good form, very sharp. By the way, we are welcoming any questions


for the world champions in the studio this afternoon. Three world


champions available to receive your Questions, if you fancy getting in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


touch, you can contact us via And the last rain, Robertson


complained about a possible role of. You can see the white, just


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


slightly debating to the left. -- It might just look off one of those


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


reds, there, so see the, off the The I do not think Neil will be


taking the left-hand red. -- I do A good clean pot, but nothing to


come. It is always the same when you play a shot to nothing. These


are hard to judge. That is superb. Some time Julie Guthrie ball if


there is ever a colour in baulk. We have all done it. -- sometimes you


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


This could be good. If it goes through the gap it could be very


poor. And brilliant. Because he caught it full on the right-hand


side, he has left... He can hit these far and wide and hope he gets


on the black. If not, he has the He is hoping for the black. He is


almost bound to be on the pink, and what happens? He nearly snookers


himself. Unlucky. If he played it slowly enough he could pot the pink


A good pot. Typical - the only place you do not want to finish is


He can swerve this. The slower you play it the more chance you have.


Watch the white. When you hit the ball, even if you may have hit it


thick, with that amount of side on it it is going to kick the ball


over. In the old days you could not transfer her side with the old


balls. Now you can. -- transfer He just did not get hold of it. You


really have to get into it when Ideally, you would not like that


cue ball to close to the side cushion. He might have to run round


the ankles here. It is not a problem when you can cue like that!


The pack has generated from that is remarkable. He was not even cueing


down on it and still managed to Not many players would have had the


confidence to play the blue at that Yes, look at this. He takes the cue


right back, let it do all the work. That is why it generates the power.


Unfortunately, he has just had a kick here.


Watch the white bounce, and the red. When you have a kick it just kills


Every pot he has gone for he has got it. No-one has ever won a match


with 100% pot success rate. Do you think it will happen? I think he


I think one of the key features when Judd plays is just how quickly


he scores. It really is remarkable. That was another funny contact, I


think. Not quite as smooth as it should have been. It is


disconcerting when you sit in the chair, knowing that you have played


a bad shot and you find yourself 60 behind in about two minutes.


Judd is favoured in this match. We said that Robertson had to get off


to a good start. Unfortunately, he He still needs this blue. They were


a little premature with the applause. That his game ball. --


We had a 43 in the first game and we did not think that was going to


be enough. Robertson replied with 60. This break of 68 has been top


draw. He has been tight to the cushion and he has still kept the


Standby - potting machine at work. He does not have their finesse of


O'Sullivan yet but he pots just as good to -- as good as him. He is


the real deal, this boy. I thought he was good at Sheffield, but he is


backing it up here. Roberts and has to look on as Judd


Trump takes the lead. At some stage in the Turner, if you're going to


win, there has to be the odd match where you need a bit of luck.


certainly had it in the early match with Dominic Dale. He was 4-2 down.


He looked like he was in trouble and then he played this shot. He


came down, can and that -- can andd It has gone across the table twice


here. How do you like those? played at shot as if he was gone.


It was almost like he had given up. He was in trouble at point.


Afterwards he said he was not quite at his best but I think he showed


tremendous character. Again Stephen Maguire he was absolutely superb.


He sent out a good tweet at the interval. He came out after the


interval and never missed a ball. His brother tweeted that he had put


a bit of oil on his elbow at half- time! We expected the quality of


this match and, boy, have we got it! Roberts and has to hang on to


him in this session. He can still win 6-2 but, at this stage, you


have to get a foothold in the match. Judd's family often come to watch


him play and they will be delighted at the moment. They are watching


with earpieces. The commentary is They have seen him progressing


through the junior events. There he is, 22 years of age, at the semi-


finals of the UK Championship. I do not think we can call him a


prospect any more, he is already here. I have had the pleasure of


knowing him since he was 12. My late brother used to put it loads


of junior tournaments on and everybody used to come to the club


and play. My brother once said, one-day this guy will be world


champion. OK, he may not be, but he Any room for improvement there, the


thing? -- do you think? He was never going to get the cue


ball topside of the blue there. There has been a new cloth put on


today. It sometimes traps the white a little bit. He could not have


We talk about having to settle in a match. Robinson had a body blow. I


go back to the shot when he was on 60 and looked like he was in


control. Since then he has looked a little bit shaky. Neil Robertson


has a wonderful temperament. And he is going to needed today. -- need


Brown is a natural angle here. This might be a little bit low. He knew


full well that he had the other red. It is going to be tricky here,


He may have to play safe up to the blue. It is definitely worth doing


it. It looks like he feels he can get out of there to the pink spot


I would never question his shot selection because he has played


fabulously. But why give him a chance to get back in? If he was


behind I might say that was the correct shot, but not when he is in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Once again, it does not look like He has played it plain ball. The


angle is not there, is it? If he plays it that way he will keep


going through the gap. Here you see him putting left Tyneside on the


ball. Watch it when it hits the cushion. He had another attempt


without check side and caught the pink. It was important to show you


what happens with check side, the way it squares up. The problem he


has here is that there is no red that he can drop onto. He cannot


see the two reds on the right-hand side. He cannot play down the table


and drop on to the one that is the other black spot. -- that is near


the black spot. He changed his choice of shot so that he did not


have to check it. It is worth persevering. He could throw the


frame away. I do not know what the record is


for points against, but this could get very close. REFEREE: Foul and a


miss. Meal will come and have a look at


this, but if there is nothing he likes then it will go straight back.


I remember one match where there were 48 points on the board before


anyone potted a ball. This is his sixth attempt. He has


This may look dangerous. It is a lot easier to give this amount of


At the seventh attempt he has hit it. Unfortunately it is not safe.


This is massive for Robinson. He has to get a foothold in this match.


He has a tricky decision to make These decisions make the difference


I think he was right to play that. It helps that the green is off of


That is not a good shot. He needs to be a lot further down the table.


He does not have the pace of this He has to try to find the gap


between the reds to get up for a colour near the baulk area. He


played a bit of late. Plenty of top spin. You can see it with the top


spin. He could not have it that much better. That was the shot of


I think he can see the second red of the two, which means he could


Look what happens when you play with top spin. John talked about


the white stopping before it went through. The top spin pushes it


through. That is how he played at last shot, and played it


excellently. That has been the key shot of this break. He was not


brilliant when he first came to the table. He has managed to get the


green back on its spot and the pink. Judd may regret the attempt at the


green should he lose this frame and Perhaps, in fairness, a little


careless, that one. He has got a dead white there. Instead of


screwing out it has stunned and sat on the black. It looks like he can


still pot the black. It is pretty close. If I was worried about this


I would be sticking the yellow on the side cushion here. No-one seems


to play that shot very much these days. If he is worried about the


black, put the yellow on the side cushion. Judd, being left-handed,


that will be extra insurance. It He did that well.


Watch this. He just flicks the red twice. The red is available in the


Excellent break. Has recovered his bottom red of the two? If he has


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


done that he is OK. I am not sure He could have done with slightly


more on the cue ball, to get a better angle on the black. But the


chance of developing the other one. If he sees a slight angle on that,


He has got to be a little careful with this, nor do get the cue ball


tangled up with the two reds there. -- not to get. Should be all right.


Once again, hopefully, not dead He did not expect to miss that.


He's very proficient with his right hand. Not quite as good with the


other hand, as Ronnie O'Sullivan is He's thinking about playing round


the table and just dropping on to the cushion. His snooker has been


very, very good. Judd Trump always does that, looks down at the floor,


It was a trickier than it looked, that, an acute angle. It looks


pretty simple on there, but believe you me, on these tournament pockets,


One snooker is needed, it is going to be -- going to have to be


The fact that the blue ball is just slightly off the cushion, there may


be some room to get a snooker in there at some time. Neil Robertson


needs to get a frame on the board quickly now. He does not want to


Not particularly easy to get a snooker you, sometimes it is more


important just to get the object ball safe, you cannot have a


snooker every time you come to the table. Although he has done well


with that one, that is not bad. Neil Robertson putting the


extension on, it is easier to get the required amount of side, not


using the rest. Not quite enough. That would have been a tough shot


if he needed the spider, or the Still has not had any great


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


opportunities to get the snooker. There is a little age of the ball


sticking out, but that was a brilliant try. Hopefully, it will


move the blue, because it is really difficult to get behind that. If I


was Judd Trump, I would pot the brown, and try to get the snooker


off the blue, behind the pink or He has moved the black, which is


If the game can be scrappy with these two great players, it could


be called a little bit scrappy, but we still have plenty to talk about


in this frame. He with a high break of 33, Neil Robertson will be


delighted to get a foothold in this match. Will Judd Trump regret going


for that long green? This is bubbling up nicely. In the first


frame we saw some maturity from Judd Trump, in the sense that he


took the chance to play safe when he would have been expected to go


for the pot. Then we saw the old Judd Trump that we have loved this


week, the Cavalier one. That is the way he plays the game. To be a


future world champion, you can win playing like that. Shaun Murphy


made more pots and everyone when he won the World Championship. You do


not need to have such a strong safety game if you're knocking them


in, all the time. It is tough, but it can be done. Somewhere along the


line you will have to develop as safety game, it happens to every


player. He has won ranking events, he has got the experience. He will


definitely have a greater percentage game of the two, but


that was an important frame, because at 3-0 down, the match can


start to get away from you. Does stamina come into play? Yes, but it


is a slightly different mind set, for a two session at match. A crowd


has been enjoying this session. This will be the first session they


have watched, where there is no conclusion. It is back to nil


Robertson against Judd Trump, with Judd Trump 2-1 up. -- to Neil


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


He cannot afford to leave any one What a clever shot that was. He had


a look, found the gap, it was careless of Judd Trump to leave it,


but he would not have dreamed he would have left an opportunity to


I open talk about how you can make your own luck with an exceptional


shot, and he knew that the gap was there, but the gap is only there,


if you pot it. The players out there knows that if you get the pot,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


that was a prime example of a very There might not be too much of a


problem if he can one through the pack, but I think he is just a


little bit too low. Playing the screw shot now, for the blue. I


know that people backed him at 12-1. That was a slight chance. But not


He's a good competitor. You don't win the World Championship without


being one of those, but when you first came, he was playing in, was


at your club? This, he spent 18 months in Leicester once he arrived


from Australia. He used to burn his table time by dishing the tables,


and he was very poor, then, he made plenty of 50s and 60s, but he did


not quite have the finesse, but he has turned into one of the greatest


It is nice to have another professional in the camp, in the


way you practice, because you can play a few games, for tenners and


things, and it keeps you shark. you play someone at a higher level,


it does not give you the opportunity to get lax, about your


practice. He did well to hold that. The Iraq played. -- there a well


That is a big target, to the left- hand side. It depends whether you


want to take the chance on that. He is looking to see. Would you go for


the yellow, and take out the pack? Absolutely, and so would have


Ronnie O'Sullivan or and Alex Higgins. If you miss the pack, you


still have the chance of being on a He still has that chance, or been


on that red. I thought he would miss the pack on the left, not the


right hand side. He did not quite get into the cue ball. When you


play a screw shots, the white spins forward, before the stun takes on,


and it is easy to misjudge that He's entitled to take this on, at


A little unlucky, he is starting to cue very well, and he does not


understand why he missed that. don't know whether he can get into


the cue ball and flick if you out of the pack. Well, he could, and he


has. -- flick a few. And fortunately for him, he stuck it up.


You do not envisage the red that you have missed, cannoning into the


black and staying up this end of the table. This could be a bit of a


body blow, because Neil Robertson had got himself right back into


this game. All of a sudden, Judd Trump could produce the killer blow,


Now then, has he lined them all up? Is he on anything? He is looking


He's looking at trying to make a plant. There is a bit of distance


This is different to the green, when I mentioned that it was too


risky. He is entitled to take this on if he wants to. The fact that he


is 50 odd points behind going to the table, but he has missed it, by


miles a! He took the red in the middle of the plant first, there.


The yes, that is what happened. The red, closest to the one he played,


Good pot, that, he can be slightly aggrieved not to be left something


I thought he had hit the lower jaw of the pocket there. He decelerated


on that. For one second, I thought he had missed that. Think of the


years we have run to have, with these great potters, criticising


the shots that they plea, were going to have abortions of time


over the next five or six years. They are wonderful to watch, they


-- oceans of time. This has been a good performance from they are


Robertson, at 2-0 down, since then, he has had a task, and he has


passed it. Not quite as good in the last couple of frames, but you have


got to do your own stuff, and he has certainly done that. Looking


forward to see what Tweet he puts on his phone, on the interval, Judd


Trump. He started like a house on fire with a 100% pot success rate,


but since then, his pot success Excellent pot, both of these


players appear to have got the measure of the table. I think this


is going to be a very good match. It is not clear who is favourite to


win at this stage, I'll be it Judd Trump was favourite before the


Neil Robertson is also bidding to be the 11th man to be a world and


UK champion. A fantastic achievement. I suppose you are in


the other 11? I would not have mentioned it, otherwise! You have


got to take your hat off to Neil Robertson. He was 2-0 behind, and


struggling, some 36 minutes with a, and Neil Robertson has stop the


flow from Judd Trump. Judd Trump will be disappointed to come at a


bad session level at 2-2. Absolutely wonderful stuff.


Wonderful first session. Stephen? It looked like Judd Trump might


have been getting away from it. He went for a rash plant, and almost


got away with it, Neil Robertson had to pot a long ball after it,


but then he cleared up, and now he looks solid. Steve, how good Tudor


balance be? From the perspective of Neil Robertson, he will be


delighted to have been given some chances, which he grasp. You have


to look at Judd Trump and say that he is still a little raw and gives


his opponent to many chances, so it will be fascinating to see how well


that style play holds up over the next five years. Well that hold up


against players who have that? You might win one tournament at playing


like that, but can you Dominic? -- dominate. We have been hearing from


you on a widow. One tour says, do you think Judd Trump can win the


World Championship, the way he plays, or will he have to mature?


Another says, Judd Trump has the same long potting that you had at


his age. I won seven world titles without much of a safety game, so


it is fine! I think that is the way you have got to play it. You have


got to create your own chances, you cannot be waiting for chances. He


can definitely win a World Championship. You are the


archetypal 80s safety player because you had the all-round game,


it seemed to be based on safety. Is that someone -- something that


nobody else is going to be doing these days, they will be firing in


pots, like Judd Trump does? game has changed. You could


dominate someone by playing good safety and they would fall to


pieces because they could not play safety. That seemed to be how it


was. But now everyone can pot, off the baulk cushion, so you have got


to change your game. The game is changing all the time. It is like


golf, you cannot play for the centre of the green anymore, you


have got to go for it, because if you do not, someone else will. That


was the style then, safety play, don't take any risks. The break of


has become such an important shot. If you leave anything sticking out,


you have lost the frame. In that case, does Judd Trump have a lot of


maturing to do or just a slight week? I think the way he is playing,


he dominates players, just by potting. He puts fear into you, if


you're not really tight on the safety, he is going to pot the ball.


The next question is from Kelvin, with a very good question, if you


could combine three players, who and what part of their games we you


have? I would have Ronnie's left hand. I cannot player left handed.


Williams' temperament is scrappy frames. He does not care how badly


he plays to win a frame. And Steve's B game. I never had that.


My A game was rubbish. I with Alex Higgins apportion his competitive


instinct. If you look at the best statistics, this guy is the best


break-builder. I cannot believe that you didn't have Willie Thorne


in there! He filled out when you mentioned world champions! -- he


felt left out. You guys at the end have to sign something, what is it?


It is the score sheet for the match. You could sign any complaints but


my notes were getting so long. is to destroy the Brazilian


rainforests, and to prove that you lost. We have a copy of one of


these. This has from the match between Shaun Murphy and Martin


Gould. It is just a match resort sheet, both have signed it. --


result sheet. The next one, also involves what you do as part of


you're match retained. Natalie says, what do Stephen Hendry in


particular, but any player, do in the 15 minute interval? In the


Crucible, we have dressing rooms, I normally go and read the newspaper.


If you have lost badly in the first session, you might have some


practice, but, just relax and have a cup of tea. It is nice if you


have your meets with you, just to have a chat about things, not


necessarily about the snooker. It is a game where you can switch off


and on, you just have to get the balance right. Ken Doherty is


standing by. You are looking lonely out there! We have a couple for you.


Tom says, how many cue tipsters the average player get through in a


season? If you are playing a lot of snooker, a lot of tournaments, it


depends on all the practice. would say, on average about four or


five tips each year, but the world champions in the studio there,


The next one is from Tim. He says, what is the best way of learning to


see the potting angle? Out there, you will probably see them coming


around and having a look at the target line, in this case the brown.


They would light up the brown with their body and the cue. Here is a


tip. Sometimes you can put an imaginary ball there, almost like a


dead set plant. What you do is you take the red away and that is


exactly where you want to hit the brown to pot the ball. And, of


course, you miss it, as usual! But you get the point. Normally he is


100% accurate. His practising has been sensational. Very diligent as


well. We will have more of you're tweets later in their programme. We


are looking at last night's match between Shaun Murphy and Ricky


Walden now. Ricky Walden is in -- was in his first UK quarter-final.


He needed just one more frame to seal and semi-final spot. -- a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


This match is now when the hands of He needs a perfect angle on the


black to go into them. There is one Louis red. He needs to cannon into


that. That would give him more chance of getting the other reds


into play. If he plays with stun rather than with screw it could be


That could have gone horribly wrong. He always had that one to the far


left corner. He can certainly see the bottom red of the pack, and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Do he played it nicely. -- he He did not get into that properly.


He potted the black very thick, which meant that the white did not


go as high up as he would have liked. He does not have the perfect


angle to get straight on the blue. whatever colour he decides to play


for, he is not going to be perfect on it. He is playing, for me, the


slightly more difficult red. As you can see, he is not on a colour now.


He looks a bit shaky. He is just about on the pink. It is a thin cut.


The frame and the match are there for the taking. You feel that, if


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


He has got it. 50 points of a lead. Red, colour, red for a big win.


has a chance of beating another world champion tonight. This is the


bigger shot he has played so far this week. And it is there. I think


Ricky Walden now weighs in the semi-final. On reflection, John, I


think he has been the stronger player of the two tonight. Yes, I


think the first four frames were evenly matched. But since the


interval I think he has been the better player. Now just the easy


red. 57 points in front, best to go 58 points in front with just 51


remaining. -- this to go 58 points in front. Shaun Murphy did not


produce his best game this evening. If you do not produce your best


game you will be susceptible to defeat. Will he finish this off


with a century break? The frame and the matches well and truly in the


back. -- the frame and the match are well and truly in the bag. He


is now in the semi-final for sure. Shaun Murphy will congratulate him


and say, well played. They are very good frames off the table. Ricky


Walden will be absolutely delighted. Disappointment for Shaun Murphy,


but take nothing away from Ricky Walden. After the interval he came


out all guns blazing and leaves a very worthy winner. 6-3, he is in


the semi-final. He is up against Mark Allen, who


was in the semi-finals last year. It promises to be another cracking


match. Ricky Walden is a player who, perhaps, has taken his game to


another level. Even though the won in Shanghai, this is another


difficult level that he has to lift his game to. Yes, this is all of a


sudden the first time, perhaps, on the BBC that we have seen the best


of him. He has a fantastic cue action. It does not look


technically perfect, his legs are bent. When he pulls the cue back


and hits the ball it is beautiful to watch. How much as his


confidence grown -- does your confidence growth when you keep


putting away former champion after former champion? He has actually


been missing for a couple of years. He won in China, but in the top 16


briefly and then we have not seen him. But he has come back to form.


How do you think that one is going to pan out? It is tough to call.


Mark Allen is a ferocious performer. The last frame last night, you get


in in those situations with his back against the wall, he is


brilliant. Ricky Walden looks impressive. Ricky Walden is a


scrapper, isn't he? Yes. He is unorthodox in terms of how he'd


grips the cue. He is not as smooth as some of the other players, but


it is very accurate on these superfine cloths.


We cannot ignore the fact that Mark Allen has made headlines off the


table this wake, but does it affect him on the table? He is a more


laid-back character than people might think. I do not think it


concerns him at all. His form on the table is what he will be


focusing on. We will take you back to Neil


Robertson and Judd Trump. It is going to be quite awkward for Neil


Robertson because he is a member of the Forum.


When East see some people walking around the table, and you take an


instant dislike to them, that look of being aloof or arrogant, it


reminds me of... Stephen and meal. I think he definitely has an aura


about 10. The days a was a winning six or seven tournaments a season


are gone. If you win two or three it is a good season. Neil has such


an improved player from five or six years ago. Now he is a proven


winner. When you are playing him you know he is not going to crumble.


I have known him for quite a few years. We lived together for a


period when Neil was first on the tour. I used to practise with him a


lot at Willie Thorne's club. Back then, he probably would say himself,


he used to score well but he used to push the boat out a bit too much.


He said to me that that was probably why he fell off the tour,


he was taking on too many shots. In the last couple of years he has


proved what a class player fears. I could watch him on TV and you would


not know whether he was winning or losing. He has a great temperament.


We know the story line, you were really on your uppers and then all


of a sudden... Do you think that helped? What changed your game?


think that, in some ways, I was a late developer. One of the problems


I had was living in Australia and not playing with a lot of world-


class players, although the standard of amateur snooker is very


high. It is a completely different level from playing top professional


players. I was always flying over to play in tournaments in the UK


without much practice. It all changed for me when I moved to


Cambridge in 2003, when I was practising with Joe Perry every day


and players like Mark came. I had just built on it from there.


never hear him morning in interviews. The thing I am most


jealous of is that come on you think you have played a safe shot,


and then he gets to it. What part of the game would you try to


improve? My biggest focus this season was to improve my


consistency. Watching somebody like Mark playing the last few seasons,


I myself have been a little inconsistent. This season was just


to practise really hard and try to get to the later stages as much as


And that has helped him become one of the best players in the world.


Back we got to this semi-final match. It is 2-2 with the promise


of more top-quality snooker to come. John Parrott is standing by,


Steve Davis, whom I have known for 25 years and two has never bought


me a drink, has just sent some mince pies up to us! Thank you very


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Of the two players, I am sure Neil Robertson would have enjoyed his


cup of tea more than Judd Trump. That is just awesome. The kiss may


not have looked advantageous, but he feed goes for the black heat he


will be splitting them. What a That was a little on the thick side.


That is easily done. He could split the pack up from here. He may


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


He has to hit it thick. He did not He can get through to the potting


angle of the red to the left of the brown, but I do not see how he


could miss the cannon on the black. If he is going to play it as a shot


He would not mind hitting the black if he plays it slowly because he


would be pushing it towards the That may have looked dangerous but,


if it had worked, he would -- it I do not know whether this back red


When Judd Trump was playing Steve Maguire yesterday, on three


occasions Judd Trump was tight on a cushion and Maguire was thinking he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


That was all he could do, really. There was no path back to the baulk


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


area. The start of this frame is a He chose to play the safety shot. I


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


do not blame them. He played it You can see that both players are


somewhat reticent tip open the side of the pack. The brown is up the


table, the green is off its yellow -- off its spot, as is the law,


there is not much to hide behind. If you're going to open up the reds


you have to be pretty accurate to He may decide to stun round the


back of the black, knowing that the blue is there if he does not get it.


This red would be almost a certainty of the green were not


He played it nicely, played round the black. I think he hit it a


fraction too hard, he was probably The blue is not as easy as he would


like, whether he plays it in the corner or the middle, neither of


This is a really tricky set of I would suggest he is going to go


off of the top cushion and rested He is cueing very very low, playing


the dried shot. He could not have played it better. Under the


circumstances, I think it was the We have a television screen that --


he has a television screen that he can look at. He has to put the


balls back where they were. I think the pink was on its spot. The red


has to go nearer to the pink. The one in the middle of those three on


the left. The one near the middle of the three. He does not have an


He is getting there. It does not make an awful lot of difference.


The pink still has to be in the way. It is not important whether reds


are at this stage. -- where the Well that is where they were. Just


trying to sort out where they are now. They have got everyone looking


now. Anyone else want to have a look? Shall we nip down and have a


quick look? It is still a big target off the side. He has three


or four reds he could go into. LAUGHTER. APPLAUSE. Judd pointing


at the table where he told him the cue ball was. You little fibber!


will still play the same shot. We know the red two from the pink will


pot in the left hand corner. So he doesn't want to hit it straight


towards the pocket. REFEREE: Foul and a miss. Unlucky. I don't know


why he's looking at the score board. I was asking whether the six-point


Pennell tip was on. This red is pottable. But it is a tough snooker


Judd had a perfect line the last time he played it. But the harder


you hit it, the wider the white throws. He might not get the same


line if he hits it harder. It is a new cloth and new cushions, the


harder you hit the harder they slide. A lot harder he has played


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


it and just about the same line. It is come back to, not where it


was, but there is a cuttable red on. But he won't have much idea where


He may have to go for a pot of some nature. It is difficult to get back


to the baulk area. He may have to have a dig at one. He could try and


get the cue ball into one of the Because he hit that thick, he


didn't ark the cue ball between brown and blue and all after the


tactical exchange it is a very good Be interesting to see how many he


can score here. He has not made much above 306789 me needs to


establish himself in this -- 30. He needs to establish himself in this


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


A little bit short with the cue He may play the slow cannon into


Decided to play for loose one x which is no probably. But he will


need to get at least one more of those reds that are tied up at the


Shows you how important it is to get the chance to play it on to the


pink. He does need at least two Well that was nearly brilliant.


We'll get a chance to show you what the white ball does. It is a shot,


you can see he has arked it around the brown and blue and then the


spins tuck. He got so much reaction. It was so late before it gripped


A good 43. He will be glad to see those two reds go to the right hand


side cushion. All the colours are fine, but the two reds on the right


hand side cushion is a help. Immediately Neal chooses to get one


I thought that red had covered the pocket. A fabulous pot again. Great


Having considered what mood he would have been at the interval,


when he let a two frame lead split, Eight frames played in this


afternoon's session, the best of 17 What is he thinking of here? Oh my


goodness! A bit of cue power do you think. If the pink hadn't been in


the way he would have got on that red. It was a bit of exhibition


snooker at the end. He made a break of 43 and he now leads 3-2. RISHI


PERSAD: It may be fair to say we are going to get this. It will be


to and fro. Both players have shown they're on good form. Well there is


a point about a two session match, the mentality, because there is no


finish to the match. It is eight frames so you're trying to play the


frames as they come and see what turns up in the evening. But what


is astonishing is the cue power both these lads have. They can hate


ball and if they can do that, there is no shot you can't play. -- hit a


ball. We heard John Parrott's reaction to the screw shot. Is it


something you guys look at, having been capable of tremendous power


yourself. Not me. You're Auking about other player's abilities, I


would love to have that power. It is to do with the cue. If you have


a stronger cue. But his power and the accuracy is phenomenal.


else in the main players in your era would have had similar powers.


Well Jimmy White. But I don't think he has the accuracy that Judd has.


Steven Lee was a good screw back player. If you can screw the ball


back a long way and get power on your shot, when you play those


shots, you don't have to hit them as hard. It is a big advantage if


you can strike the ball firmly and get lots of action on it. But it is


a mystery to me how they do it! It is like watching boxers you see a


boxer who can punch hard, but it Dun't look like he is trying hard.


But another boxer looks like he is punching hard, but is not hard at


JOHN VIRGO: John Spencer developed the screw shot. And of course Joe


WILLIE THORNE: We saw an exhibition shot from Judd. If he had have


kissed the pink, he would have got on the red. You have got to hit as


low as you dare and really follow through. This is from a shorter


distance, but look what happens to the cue ball. It stops for a while


and when the spin takes the cloth, it bites and goes back. But I'm


sure that young man who was playing that shot couldn't have have --


have played the shot Judd played. And what a shot again. Able to hold


it and make that into a shot to nothing. He played a three quarter


ball pot and got a dead white. That You get what you deserve when you


play a good shot and he could get plenty. You have got to hope when


playing into the pack he gets out Hofs probably worried about


finishing on the cushion. -- he was probably worried about finishing on


the cushion. I expected him to He will be a little disappointed to


that initial red that was a skrabger, to only get -- cracker,


to only get nine. Judd looking to see in the baulk area whether he


can cover that red that's in the centre to the right of the blue,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Got to miss the yellow. Ooh! Good call, John. Those baulk colours


have always been there and it is amazing how many times you hit them.


The key was finding the baulk cushion and he has not done that.


Didn't particularly want the kiss on the pink there. Just potted it


slightly thin there. He will probably pot the pink and screw


back and split the reds. The fact that the yellow is off its spot


makes this blue very simple. He may He loves knocking long ones in. I


think he is on one. He deserves to be on one. Because the blue was a


lot easier in the middle. Never He seems to be getting back


contacts at the moment. When you're cueing down, it is always going to


bounce and you won't necessarily Well a very surprising miss, that


after some of the shots he's played. The way he played that, the black


He has decided it is too risky to play on that red behind the black


spot just yet. But this is a very I think we got too excited with


what will happen with this match. But it has been more exciting,


because they have been missing a Playing into the three, you're


bound to be on one. Still on. But cuttable. The white will be running


loose. But it helps that the pink is where it is. He was able to held


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Stun done down on the green then a natural angle for the loose red on


the left. And should have a perfect position now. Three reds just above


the black are going to be, need to be promoted at some point. Like now


He keeps looking at the score boorbgsd he is only 29 in front. --


score board. Could still play for the two reds behind the black spot.


But he is going to need one of This is not any good if this is


straight, but I don't know what angle he has left himself. He


He is going to have to play the kiss, but he is not guaranteeed to


Played it well though. Very done. All his eggs went into one basket


there. Couldn't have hit it better, It is going to be Lel pegging,


At this level, you can't afford to miss a ball like this. He just


misjudged it and Neil Robertson, he had the white running loose at


times, but he still compiled a frame-winner. That is the important


Not perfect on this yellow. Neil Robert son's only made one century


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


in this tournament so far. This is How do you like those apple? Not


many of those in a pound, John! Just to let Judd Trump know he is


not the only one who can play with plenty of cue power. Trump missed


an easy ball and Robertson replied 105 to level the game. RISHI


PERSAD: With the 29th century of the tournament. We have another


world champion, one playing, one commentating, not Willie obviously.


Ken, how much did you enjoy Neil Robertson strutting his stuff?


were gasping, a lot of the people in the crowd are gasping. I can't


play those shots, all three 06 us can't. That is how difficult they


are. There is not many players could play that shot. It is amazing.


I did it in installments once. would be scared of doing my tip in.


You would be wary. Somebody tweeted, can you sort of practice that. It


is very hard. I just play safe on it. Do they practice. You can


practice that shot, but you can perhaps generate it. The more you


play it, the more you get used it. It is how quickly you can move that


cue forward from a standing start and how explosive your muscles are.


Ever tie time someone gets in, they're ready to take their chance,


that is what makes it a great match. Judd was in first and missed a


medium range red and Neil's punished him. Let's get back to it,


Let us get back to a former Seniors world champion! They have been


having a go at me, those boys in Judd Trump has the first chance in


Tricky with Joe shot, trying to get the cannon right, so that he could


promote the red. -- tricky little shot back. This red is tricky. It's


Having to play for the single red, It was about 90 minutes ago that


Neil Robertson was trailing 2-0 and we thought, he is going to have to


get a foothold in this match. He is doing more than that now, with the


chance to take the lead for the first time. A good shot needed here,


to keep the break going. It is amazing how many times you lose the


white, winner pink is hit, half ball. -- when that pink. Stephen


Hendry always goes into that shot with screw, to keep the white, in


the centre of the table. With a slightly thinner Cup or not blue,


Neil would be able to generate a bit more. It is just unfortunate


for him that it has run away a It is a big frame. You know that if


you win this, you cannot go into It takes a bit of pressure off,


frame eight, if you are 4-3 behind. But, going into the interval, two


frames behind... I think 4-4 would be a fair reflection of the


The red on the left-hand side cushion is causing problems. He has


played round the angles, just inside that red, and he has played


That's Andy -- handy. A shot to nothing plant. He must have been


thinking when he played that shot match he would give it three out of


10, so it was an excellent shot. It had to be made. It was not


A lot of chalk on the table. I don't know if one of them has put a


new cue tip on. That comes from those deep screw shots. It is


getting through the ball, isn't it? Which these two certainly do, we


have seen that with the screw shot ats they have been playing. We have


seen two of the best screw shots we have ever seen on television, one


on the yellow, which unfortunately hit the pink. And this one, just


We can show you Neil Robertson's there, where he purposely left it


like this just to play the screw shot. That is just wonderful.


Meanwhile, Judd Trump has got a chance of taking the lead again in


this match. It has proved to be a very clever little shot, that plant


he played. There we are. There is a good chance it will go in, if it


does not, the cue ball was going to be nice and safe. And this is the


result. He has got to be careful here, not to cannon into something.


The middle of the three reds above the black, if he hits that he is


guaranteed to be on a red, if it hits any of the others, it is not


Not that I wish to contradict you but I was thinking that was the one


thing that could happen and it went through the gap. He is the best


plan to an award. I do not see these things! We will be calling


him Judd Titchmarsh, the way things are going! Plans, everywhere! --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


He has developed this into a chance to win the frame. This is


developing into a classic. And I'm sure there will not be a spare seat


in the house for this game. He felt he got a bad contact there, and he


is not over the winning line yet. If he is dead straight, he can


screw back on to the reds in the middle. There are a lot of half


kicks, that just deadens the cue ball. This is not guaranteed, this


last red, which he needs. This could be a telling shot. You cannot


go for this, surely, can you? If the cue ball was tight near the


side cushion and he was cueing it left handed you would say that he


had a good chance of knocking it in, but playing with this -- this, with


For mere mortals, anyway. What a shot that was! The pressure on that,


knowing that it is frame ball, and he could throw the frame away, and


we criticise him playing that green early on, but as Steve Davis was


saying, it is the new game. He will pot more than he misses. A glance


at the scoreboard will tell him that he is 56 in front. I will be


surprised if Neil Robertson plays on. The break comes to an end at 69.


If Neil can screw this black in and leave the cue ball behind the red,


he has a guaranteed snooker. He needs at you, but that would be a


starter. -- needs a few. He would love another two inches of pace, in


that white ball, when tea? He could have made that such a tough snooker


You would fancy Judd Trump hitting this, off the cushion. If the red


had gone in between blue and yellow, it would have been a tough snooker


Good chance to get another one, but he needs this to be tight behind


the blue. This is what he tried to Good effort. This is a good effort.


This is a little bit more difficult to hit, he can just about go past


He needed to hit that one, otherwise it was a certainty to be


He knows his way around the table, Mr Robertson. We know what a


fantastic potters ears, but he has been playing the likes of John


Higgins and Steve Davis, and learning how to play snookers. I


don't know how he managed to hit that, but he did. A glance at the


scoreboard will tell him he needs There will be a big sigh of relief


from Judd, if this disappears, because he does not want to get


involved in too many of these big safety battles. I am surprised when


it is game ball, he plays it at that kind of pace. Now and again


you have to give it a chance of being slightly off line with the


pocket. That was a shame. Neil Robertson has decided that is


enough, and a break of 69 puts Judd Trump in the lead at 4-3. Judd


Trump over the last few years has become a sensation. He is covering


his face, there. That is what makes him a character. Let us look at the


walk on from last year's World Championship, when he rejoined the


This was the walk on at the Crucible, almost a standing ovation


from the 960 people in the audience at the Crucible. That made my last


few years on my head stand on end! -- hairs. Yes, wonderful


introduction, great atmosphere. He was brilliant and that tournament,


and he is proving to be brilliant in this one, as well. Certainly the


next superstar of the game, without any question. We have had some


great players, haven't we? Alex Higgins, Jimmy White. All became


the crowd's favourite. And the two, the three legends in the studio,


Neil Robertson has been playing catch-up all afternoon. He needs to


do it again otherwise he will be trailing 5 I think we, going into


He will need to get tight to the baulk cushion, and he has. Even


then, it might not save him, but it has made this shot much more


difficult than it would have been. He is usually exceptional at these.


It requires very straight cueing, It was a good long pot, but in


between blue and pink. Amazing how difficult it is to get the required


amount of top-spin when the object ball is so close to the cushion.


This is a big shot at this stage of the game. Right into the heart of


the pocket. Deserves to win a frame. You would wear the leathers out,


with these two, that was bang in the middle. I thought 4-4 would be


a fair result, and a reflection of deja might's play. -- today's play.


I think we can see that Neil is fully focused, from his demeanour,


and he knows the importance of Once again, he thinks he has had a


fine contact. You can see the black, jumping off its spot. Makes this a


little bit tricky. He is hampered now. He played to screw the white


back to give them a choice of the red in the middle or the one in the


corner, he was probably playing for the one in the middle. Because of


the kick, it did not travel as far. He will try to pot the black into


the same pocket, and this can go wrong. You see? That can go wrong.


Be sure that is switched off, please. Somebody has just had a


Great recovery shot. Thinner than it looked, with a little bit of


It has become a difficult shot today, on this table, to get


perfect position on the blue. I was talking to Stephen a studio about


it the other day. -- to Steve, in the studio, about it. It has become


harder to get good position on the blue with these cloths been the way


they are, so much more reactive. Talking about that shot on the blue,


if you go top side, you have always Both these players are having 90%


pot success rate, and when you see a few balls missed, it shows you


how consistent they are, most of Only thing missing from this match


has been someone winning the frame at one visit having got there first.


That will be a first for tonight, control on the frame from the front.


It has been a very enjoyable match but you would have thought there


would have been a little bit more If that had been forced room,


without any fingermarks on the table, that would hard born in,


that red. It has just came have slowed down there. That was a good


news. The bad news was that the red went to the side of the black so it


does not go into the corner pocket. He can try to play on the pink or


the blue. But it would have been straightforward to drop that in and


stay on the black. You can see, it doesn't go. He can get through to


the red full ball, but he would like to hit it on the right hand


side to make it easy to come out for the pink. But he would have to


play it with side, to swerve it round the red a little bit. There


is the alternative of playing one on to the other. You do not have to


take the one that is over the pocket. You can knock the other one


on to it. But you could leave that red in the jaws, and that can cover


the pocket. So, he has got a few things to think about.


guaranteed position is to get on to the pink in the middle. If he


potted one red onto the other and screwed across to the black for the


same pocket, the second red could stay on the pocket. He's playing


lots of side, to swerve the white run that first red. He did not


quite get enough on it, but it is a long way away from the pink. At


this stage of the match, it can be missed. At 4-3 behind, there is


That was beautifully cued. Under the circumstances, that was a big


shot. Well played. On reflection of what we have seen so far, that is


the first real pressure ball, where you could either win or lose the


frame from playing it, and he pleaded path it were. -- he played


He played to an area where if you are not on one, you are on another.


There is a chance of three reds there. He's having a little work to


make sure -- a little look to make sure there are no problems


elsewhere. Looks straightforward to I am really looking forward to


tonight's session. It goes without saying. Whoever wins this match


will be the favourite going into Sunday's final was up but both


players and the other semi-final It just shows under pressure, when


you get a little bit twitchy. If he had played that a fraction harder,


it would not have gone in. But he deserves it, he has played some


As you mentioned, it was not a match where players have been


winning the frame at one visit, until now. We might see a little


bit of exhibition snooker, two cushions in between green and brown.


The session started out, and these players looking in great form, and


tonight, we are in for some session of snooker. Don't miss it, at 4-4.


Wonderful stuff. We predicted, some of us, that it would be fantastic.


What we have seen from both players his confidence and class. You never


know how were snooker match is going to unfold. But it has been


entertaining. Not every ball was potted. Some mistakes, but it all


adds to it. Two great players, at the jousting part of the match.


Tonight is the big occasion for them now. Stephen, it has been


touched on that they did not pot of the ball even though the potting


rate was over 90%, but that is what makes it so exciting, the fact that


they t con pots that could be missed by the majority of people.


Neil Robertson's game is a little more reserved than Judd Trump's.


His control of the cue ball has been better through the match. But


it is the best of nine, now, tonight. Do you think that Judd is


playing as well as he has all week? Both players are at the top of


their game, on the crowd are loving it, it is a great atmosphere. There


is not much between them. We said at the start of the tournament that


there is not very much between the top players, and still, we cannot


pick a winner. It is very finely balanced. Great stuff from your


Roberts in the last frame of the session. Nobody had taken their


first opportunity and gone on to win the frame. It shows his class.


Of the two, Neil Robertson will be the happiest. From 2-0 it looked


like he could be getting into a hole, but he dug himself out of


that predicament. You could say that Neil Robertson has shown that


he does not go away lightly. There was pork, that we had not seen Judd


Trump behind, but the answer to that is that he has not been behind,


many times! It would be interesting to see if one of the players get


into a lead, how the other deals with it. Does one deal better than


the other, at 4-4? I think so. At 2-0 down, only six frames left,


then the chances of coming out level are pretty slim. He has


probably had less pressure on him this afternoon, Neil. Don't forget,


during that match against Dominic Dale, he was one flick away from


being 5-2 down and he could have been out, but how quickly he has


changed his game and a much better he is playing from that first match.


It is in the balance and there is not much between them. You can use


all the cliches, but it literally is all to play for. Just tremendous


stuff from Neil Robertson and Judd Trump. You have been sending us


you're thoughts and questions on Twitter. This is from Matthew. He


says, what is the opinion on what was the greatest snooker rivalry


over the years and do all snooker All the players do get on with each


other. We all rib each other, but we're all hewn from the same piece


of rock. So we all know what it is like to be a player. Occasionally


somebody gets out of order. But it doesn't last too long. Only five or


ten years. I loved Steve and Alex Higgins. I used to h -- hate him


for a while, because he stole my thunder. Bit race when players come


at the same time as the peak of their game. It is hard to pick


which is the best. My favourite was Steve Davis and Alex Higgins. They


were two players who hated each other. Particularly Alex. He said


he hated Steve. And totally different characters. I think he


hated me, because I was the fast attacking one. That has been borne


out by your style subsequently. This is from Robert, for you, would


Stephen trade a world title to win one of this generation? I wouldn't


give one away, because I have still got one more than him. To win now


would be incredible. That is why I still play. If I won one now it


would be worth more than the others put together. Because the standard


is so high. Jake says, does Steve think he could take on Judd if he


was still playing like he was in the 80s, that is you not Judd.


views on snooker and how it has developed, I don't think any


previous generation could have lived with the generation that is


playing now. Why do you say that? It is just so strong, so attacking,


so accurate. Among the balls, the players are better at clearing them


up. The break building has got to the Nth degree. Yeah, OK you could


tie players up in nots, but you can't tie Judd Trump up in nots.


Were you saying defensive safety play is susceptible to a strong


attacker? It is a thing of the past. I don't think it will work in this


game. You can't work by playing safety. You can't win a tournament


playing safety. You have still got to make the big breaks. Every era


you gate couple who are spearheading that era and are above


the general standard and they last a bit longer in the game perhaps.


And Stephen is Jill just outside the top 16. That does happen. But


somewhere down the line it is not just the age of the player, but


somewhere the standard improves. We don't know how good Stephen is now


as compared to the nineties, because the standard he is playing


against is higher. And we have one more tweet from Ben. He says what


is the best bit of advice you have been given in your career? Practice


hard. I think so work hard you have seen players with tremendous talent


who perhaps haven't put the graft in. Steve, I don't expect you to


say work hard. I remember my father saying, why don't you go down the


snooker club, I'm trying to put a bet on. Keep your head still.


Before during and after the shot. And Neil Robertson and Judd Trump


have been doing that. We're going to show you, we saw Ricky Walden is


through to the semi final. But would he play Mark Allen or Marco


Fu? Mark Allen lost in the semies here last year. There wasn't much


to choose between the two and they shared the first four frames. We


join it in frame five. Dennis and Terry are in the commentary box.


Hello ooh well that changes things around a bit. DENNIS TAYLOR: never


ceases to amaze me what can happen. You could stand all day and never


be able to pull that shot off and all of a sudden there is enough


points for Marco Fu to win. Mark Allen, well he couldn't stop


smiling there. TERRY GRIFFITHS: Well you will need four blacks.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Not an easy task where the reds are You have the perfect picture, if he


can judge this with reverse side he will miss the pink and hit the


Another good shot required, but he has an angle to screw back off the


He can only draw if he takes the pink. That is interesting. He is


taking the easier pot. A lot would flick the black in and try for the


Well let's have a look at the ang - - the angle. That is the angle he


is faced with. If he plays that with deep screw, the white's going


He's avoided the blue. He's played a superb shot. He has played a


little gem there. Well Mark Allen, I bet he can't believe how this has


He needs to go a bit. A little bit short. He thought the frame was


over. He all thought it was over. He just played a straight forward


double. But how he knocked the blue in, I'll never know. He had a fast


This a an excellent shot. Absolutely perfectly played. He


will just screw down over the brown spot and back for the pink. Back


with a touch of side and one good positional shot here and it is a


respotted black and Mark Allen, well I bet he can't believe it. He


It is a respotted black. Spin the coin. It is a head, Marco. Do you


want to go first. Marco not only cleared up, he won the toss. Mark


Allen must be in a bit of shock after what's happened. Ref rf just


-- REFEREE: Just wait there for a second, please. That seeps to be


the shot to play these days. But it leaves the possibility of a double


on. The old traditional safety shot was to get a bit of distance


between them. What does particular Ideally he would want that black


touching that cushion down there. That is very well played. What a


great shot there. Can Mark Allen get this around the angles and on


to the baulk cushion again? There is a chance to sneak this in. The


white will go near the left middle pocket. He will need a touch of


side on it to avoid going in-off. What a frame this would be to


He's not sure. Just having a look there, what he''s -- he's thinking


He's got it. Oh it looked in from here. I tell you what this is not a


give me by any means, this black Didn't get that close to 1-1.


tell you what, he'll settle for outcome. It ice a very awkward pot.


The right corner would be the best one to take it on and he would have


You can't beat a black ball fight, there is oohs and ahs all over the


place from the crowd! Well he is such a devastating long potter, but


there is a lot of pressure on this He's got it safe again! It just


won't go in. This with less pace That is perfectly played. A


Has he fluked it? Well the black's in. I'm not sure if he played it or


was playing a similar safety shot to the one Marco Fu played. But


what a frame and Mark Allen, I'm not surprised he has gone out. He


leads 3-2. RISHI PERSAD: That was the I fourth respotted black of the


tournament. People have been asked about how best to play a respotted


black. We have had three of the four gays playing it like John


Higgins did. It is the easiest shot to plai. Most would prefer to play


the white more positively. So it is an easier shot than playing middle


of the white. Graeme Dott is the only one who did it differently.


Yes he is trying to do what Mark Allen did. You can play the long


double and if it does miss, there is a likelihood it will wobble and


go safe. Or go where he played it. The lowest risk shot is the one


we're going to see, all three have played this shot. Pushing the ball


side to side. Very unlikely that you will leave a realistic chance


of a double. It is interesting, it is a containing shot more than


anything. It is not a positive shot. We're going to take high risk and


ask Ken how he would play a respotted black. Here is a couple


of options, one is the Graeme Dott way and if he misses the black ends


up in the middle of side cushion. We will try this one first. You see,


you miss the pot, but the black will finish up somewhere here. This


a pretty safe. There is the new option a lot of players are playing


is chipping the black to the side cushion. And the white to the


opposite cushion. Something like that. We will play it the


interesting way, that would have been the Steve Davis way, that


would have been the old way, up and down and leave the black in the top


of the baulk cushion here. There you see something like that. That


is, well pretty pleased with that is not bad. This is the Dennis


Taylor way, 1985, black on the spot. Hit the black as hard as you can,


close your eyes. Something like this. You know Steve Davis is going


to miss a sitter and Dennis is going to pot it and do a silly


little celebration. Something like that. And of course we didn't ask


Ken to pot a ball! So he was safe. So that is some options. We had


loads of people tweeting in. We're going to go back to Mark Allen and


Marco Fu. Mark Allen leads 4-2 as DENNIS TAYLOR: he should have


thought more about that one. REFEREE: Foul and a miss. But he


was trapped there. TERRY GRIFFITHS: Marco's earned his chance with that


snooker he played behind the brown. He needs to get his scoring boots


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


There is a red on the right of the Let's see what he plays here. He


likes to take them out one at a time. But I think that was the time


to go into them. How is your luck? Pretty good!. He's got to make


something happen now. That was the correct choice there, try and get


some more of the reds open. Didn't quite get the cannon as he intended,


but once that red came back across, He has got another three pottable


Normally he would put the red in the middle pocket and go for the


blue. But he can't, because of the position of the pink so he has to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


This is a very important shot coming up with a 02-point lead. --


He has done well there. That is a good split. A very good chance now


to clinch the frame. A good He has probably been a bit more


aggressive in this frame than the previous frame, where he had a


chance to go into the reds and didn't quite go into them hard


The standard has been high, the two opening frames were scrappy, but


then we have had braebs of 73 and 68 from Marco and 6 and 51 from


He forced the stun there instead of Maying -- playing back spin. But


A round of applause for that pot on the red. He is on the pink in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


He has made 321 centuries in his There is a good chance to turn this


into a century. What a response He will get a terrific round of


applause from this Barbican crowd. The highest break still held by


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


What about this for a positional He may as well take the lot. Oh he


is going to cut it in. Unlucky. He was 4-2 down and that was his


response. He almost cleared the table. But with 131 he is just one


behind at 4-3. RISHI PERSAD: Particular Coe has a great record


in this -- Marco has a great record in this tour flament. Now -


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


tournament, we rejoin it with Mark He's getting closer to the winning


Bringing the black into play, now. Mark Allen won his opening round


match against Adrian Gunnell, 6-3. Nice to see him back after a couple


He is well on his way to just leaving himself needing one more


frame from a place in the six semi- final of a major tournament. --


Oh, welll. That was never in. He had one area in that pocket that


fell, but that didn't. Never in the middle of the pocket. -- earlier.


Once again we have seen someone miss a straightforward ball, when


it was the one he needed to be safe. He only needed that red, didn't he?


These four reds might look awkward, For a right hander, the two near


the side of the cushion are OK, these two are available behind the


The fifth frame in this match was extraordinary. Mark Allen had


assisted be, then sent a blue into that centre pocket which was quite


That is well played. He has an option, I am not sure if he can


drop straight on to the reds, going into them and splitting them, but


into them, it is. That worked out He is checking the scoreboard. 59


points behind. He has an angle on the black to get on to this last


red. He has got an angle, if he could get somewhere near that White


Dot, that would be perfect, and Pleaded perfectly. Much easier to


get from blue to yellow, than black. That is why he screwed it back.


Mark Allen, if he loses this frame... Here is that miss, by Mark


Allen. The applause as from the other table, where the game has


just Dennis. Very important, this. -- the game has just finished.


few times we have mentioned his temperament, but he has not batted


an eyelid with all that noise going on. Didn't he here it? -- hear. He


might go for the pink in the corner, he didn't have the angle to play it


into the centre, possibly. He is running through, off two cushions,


on to the black. He has just drop it in. -- dropped. Just the black


to square things up. In a frame that looked out of his reach a few


minutes ago. Excellent break their from Marco Fu. That clearance of 60


p bring some back level. -- 63. tremendous fightback from Marco Fu,


and having trailed 4-2, he found himself 5-4 in front. Mark Allen at


the table, trailing by 13 poise. -- There is still one red that will go,


in the middle of that bunch. If he is straight on the yellow, he might


be able to screw back for it. is the only problem, he is going to


come close to the cushion. That is the red he would like to get on. He


is taking on the more difficult brown. He could play for that red,


but you know what he is like, he might go into them. That is the


The black has been out of commission from the start. It does


There is one red at the back that goes to have -- goes to the right


The pink is going back on its spot. It is not easy to get on. Certainly,


going into the middle pocket, not sure about its availability to the


right corner. A I don't think he can avoid kissing the red or the


pink. He has got to be a bit careful. Can he find the gap? I'm


not sure. He might need the rest were this. Even though he is left-


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


handed, I don't know if he can I think he's come up short, or has


he just come up far enough for the pink? If he has, and those three


reds are tied up, he might just be able to cannon into them. You have


a perfect picture there to see the outcome. The back red does. He did


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


not have to run through and cannon Five out of five for Mark Allen


with the rest, the same for Marco This is a great response from Mark


Marco was a little bit tentative, understandably so, but he had a


good chance to split the reds, and Well, Terry, we have got a deciding


frame again, and everyone loves a deciding frame. Apart from the two


players! One of them's going to love the deciding frame, that's for


sure, it will get them through to this year's semi-final of the UK


The pattern has continued. Another break over 50. He is playing like a


pull player, not even getting down on the shot! -- pool. Excellent


effort, that 66 from Mark Allen, brought him level again. It is 5-5


result what a match this has turned into. The 5th of the tournament


that has gone to a final frame decider. Here it is, Marco Fu at


It was a brave shot, and for one minute it looked as if he was going


to be on the black, but there is no particular black on from there.


Letters have a look at this double. He went back up for the blue.


not think he thought that the white was going to go as close to that


corner pocket. He was trying to get it back up to the baulk end of the


table, but that is too risky a He is having a look to see if he


could maybe take the pot on and go He did manage to get it round the


back of the black in reds, did not get close to the pot, but will


Act be able to get back down the table, although it looks pretty


tight. If he tries a thin one of that red, it might hit the other


one. I think he was looking to see Is he taking this on are playing a


safety? Just about squeeze past that. Is he going to cover this


red? I pink he has. -- I think he A might just be OK here, he has


played for the blue to the middle, but, being a left-hander, it is not


enough to send it past the green, but can he control the cue ball to


get on one of those reds that are I think he can. He has got a slight


angle and he can find the gap for that red to the right of the black,


but he will have to be so precise with this. And he has found the gap.


That is a great shot. And he can That seems good. He made a 66 in a


previous friend, so he has got It is going to be interesting to


see what he does to the black, after potting this red. A couple of


reds still available, and he has left himself an awkward shot, that


was a little bit careless with the cue ball. He could have left the


half ball pot, and gone straight into the reds with those two at the


back of the bunch as a bit of Has to leave himself the more


difficult pot into the middle He is running through it. He cannot


come back for the black. He is The one other ingredient you need


as a top class the good player is to have a lot of bottle, and this


player certainly has caught that. He lost three frames in succession


to go 5-4 down. Responded with a 66 break, to level. And now, one good


shot, but it is not a good bunch to go into, he does not have any red


as a decent insurance. That was always going to be the problem. He


holds his hands up to the heavens. Marco Fu will be delighted to see


that outcome. He is looking on to the issue of Marco Fu! It was not a


good pack to go into, you cannot always be guaranteed to finish


nicely -- -- under the shoe. Why me, Surely not a double to get him out


of trouble. He might have left the Marco will just be pleased that


that went wrong, and he is still in the frame and match. He has caught


the red up to the left of the brown, he has looked at the possibility of


a double, also, because of the doubles the red it is a free shot,


he would finish on the black and the only shot he would leave would


be the one he would try and double, so he is weighing up the


percentages. He's trying to avoid the long pot, because his long pot


success is 15% and this match, which is not great, to say the


least. Here we go, for the double. And Mark Allen might be tempted


with the long red. If he can screw back for the black, the five reds


are all covering each other, so, one good, long pot and screw back


for the black, and he could get And he might just have to play


another little cannon, but it is definitely on, cannon the two reds


there, and that will open everything up. He has played the


cannon. He did not have to hit it that hard. It has finished


awkwardly. If he just leaves the red -- the white there, without


finishing it that -- hitting it that hard, it has just finished a


little awkwardly. Will he get another chance? I would be


surprised if he did. Mark Allen is very strong under pressure. This is


the second chance after the First split went wrong, but this one is


not too bad. Just a fraction either way, and he would have had a sitter.


Writer in the middle of the pocket. He may be dead straight on this


blue. Going round to look at the pink, but that looks far too thin a


contact, so back to the blue. All he can do is come back in a


straight line. He must be absolutely dead straight on this


blue. Being a left-hander, much better leaving this one to the


right of the four. What a I think that difference, Terry,


there is nothing between the two players, but he has been the more


aggressive player in the closing Marco had the chance in the


previous frame and was probably just a little bit more tentative


than Mark Allen has been. But what a performance, 4-2 down, but it all


might be ending. -- might be in He has played a good match, though,


Dennis, lots of good stuff from both players. I have enjoyed every


Fair play to Mark Allen. It is a pity there had to be a loser. But


he will be absolutely delighted. Marco Fu's had a great run in the


sure's UK Championship, knocked out the world number one Mark Selby,


and when he went 5-4 in front, would like he was going to beat


It is a great feeling when you're walking around potting balls when


Asked Terry said, it has been a terrific quarter final -- as Terry


He won't bother about that. It has been a very entertaining match.


Played in a great spirit, but in the end it is the man from Northern


Ireland who has won the last two frames to get himself into the


semi-finals for the second year in a row, and he runs out a winner,


and being congratulated there, by the closest of margins, 6-5. Well


done to both players. Confirmation that Mark Allen is through to his


second successive semi-final of the UK championship, and he faces Ricky


Walden. Mark Allen is getting his wish, playing 17 frames. Yes, and


up against a very good player in Ricky Walden. Difficult to predict


the winner. Similar to the one today. Anyone who reaches the stage


of the tournament has got to be cueing very well. Especially, Ricky


Walden comes into this tournament in great form. Mark Allen seems to


be finding form. Tremendous competitor. His record in final


frames must be far more winning than losing. I have never seen him


lose a final frame. That Robertson- Trump matches beautifully poised at


4-4. Will it be won by great play or lost because of mistakes? Heart


to tell. It is going to go right to the Wire. They're usually is at


turning-point summer, I missed shot on a little bit of luck. A few


people seem to think the winner of that match will win the UK


championship, and I would not agree with that. Thank you very much. It


has been a joy to be alongside three world champions, Ken Doherty,


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