Day 6 UK Snooker Championship

Day 6

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Ricky and I are good mates and I am sure the match will be another


I have to do it a lot better, I think, in order to beat him. Hello


and welcome to highlights from quarterfinals day from the UK


champion ship at the Barbican Centre in York. Tonight we will the


other highlights but we start with news of this afternoon's matches


and first of all Stephen Maguire against Judd Trump. He is just an


unbelievable player, isn't he? a clever shot that was. Trump takes


it into the lead. He has done that He seems to have found his form


I think there was a turning point at 2-1. Stephen had a chance and


didn't quite take it and from then I built up a big lead and it was


always hard for him to come back. The winner of this championship


goes into the quarterfinal. The first time in the match, Neil


Robertson takes the lead, three It is just one frame away from a


place in the semifinal. In the end, he has come out the comfortable


winner. When there is a lot riding on the line I tend to play a lot


better. Sort of the earlier rounds - in previous years I used to be


really vulnerable in the first and second rounds, my concentration


wasn't really there. I never used to get excited because for me I


love winning tournaments and playing in semis and finals. Today


I just felt so confident today, I really did. So, two semifinal spots


down, two to go. Next up it is the clash between UK2008 runner up


Marcu Fu and the man making headlines on and off the match,


Mark Allen. Tonight, it was Mark Allen who began quickest winning


the first two frames, but Marcu eventually got into his stride.


Comment from Dennis Taylor and Steve Davis. That things things a


little bit. Never ceases to amaze me what can happen in this game.


You can stand all day and never be able to pull that shot off and all


of a sudden there is enough points for Marcu Fu to win. Mark Allen, he


couldn't stop smiling there. only needs four blacks.


(APPLAUSE) Not a very task where the red is at


He needed to it be straight so he could screw back and hit the yellow,


and he is just off straight. (APPLAUSE)


. I am not sure here if he can screw back to the reverse side and


miss the pink and send it up to the right of the blue. If he has, you


have the perfect picture there, if he can charge this with the reverse


side, he will miss the pink and he will hit the cushion and spin


towards the red. Let's have a look Another good shot required but I


think he has an angel to screw back off the cushion and get back up to


the black. You can see where he is hitting it to make sure he spins it


back. He can only draw if he takes the


pink. Mm, that is interesting. He is taking the easier pot. A lot of


players would try to flick the black in and play for a snooker,


not necessarily play to get on that red. Yes, if he missed the black I


think the game would be over. He has had a look at the score board


and decides he wants to stay into it. He has a chance to tie. It is a


bit disappointing, though, Dennis, when he takes the pink.


(APPLAUSE) Let's have a look at the angel. If


he screws back can he get past the blue, that could be the problem. If


he plays that with deep crew the white is going to head over --


screw the white is going to head over towards the blue. He has


avoided the blue. (APPLAUSE)


He has played a little gem there. Mark Allen, I bet he can't believe


what has happened here. How he knocked that blue in I will never


Mark Allen has made his highest break of the match so far, his


highest break of 63. Couldn't be involved in the respotted black.


Needs to go a bit. A little bit short. He thought the frame was


over. We all thought it was over. He just played a straightforward


double and misjudged it. How he knocked the blue in I will never


know. He had a fast bounce off that ball cushion, it sprung off the


An excellent shot. (APPLAUSE)


He will just screw down over the brown spot and back for the pink.


Just watch the cue ball. Right over that brown spot, back with a touch


of side and one good position of shot here and it is a respotted


black, and Mark Allen, well, I bet he can't believe it. He has played


this well. He doesn't want it to bounce too far.




Spin the coin. Heads, marco, you won the toss. Marcu Fu not only


cleared up, he won the toss also. Mark Allen must be in a little bit


of shock after what has happened. That seems to be the shot these


days. The only thing with this it leaves the possibility of a double


on. The old traditional safety shot on a respotted black was roll the


black up and down the spots, get a bit of distance between them. What


does marco play here - the little safety shot or the double? He has


it safe, that is the main thing, but he will have a more difficulty


safety now. He should get some distance between these two.


(APPLAUSE) That was the type of shot that was


easier to play from where he was, up and down the spots are near the


spots to leave distance between object and cue ball and he has a


bit of a problem here, Marco? (APPLAUSE)


That is very well played. (APPLAUSE)


Can Mark Allen get this around the angles and on to the ball cushion


again? This is well played if it keeps on running. Oh, it is not.


There is a chance to snick this in. The white will go near the middle


pocket, the left middle pocket. He will need a touch of side on it to


avoid it going off. What a frame this would be to clinch. If he


plays the plain ball he will go very close to the middle position


wet the cue ball. -- with the cue ball. He is not sure. Just having a


look there, what he is thinking about, where the cue ball is going


as Dennis mentioned. Could go close to the middle pocket but he is


cutting this quite thin so he would be unlick y to go to the middle at


pace but you never know. We have seen some twists in this room.


has it - oh!! I tell you what, this is not a gimme by any means. This


black has to be cued perfectly. And it will be a very relieved Mark


Allen if this black disappears. He will settle for the outcome. It is


a very awkward pot. The right corner would be the best one to


take it on, and he would have to He has a very easy safety on if he


was to play it. Normally the players like to have a go on the


black if there is a chance because you could play two or three good


safetys and not get another chance The crowd here at the Barbican,


there is ohs and ahs all over the place! He is such a devastating


longer but there is so much pressure on this black.


ALL: Oh!! Well, this with less pace would have gone in and Marco has a


shot here. It is a safety shot. Double the black across and bring


the white back up and it might go close to the corner position wet


the black. -- pocket with the black. That is perfectly played. A


beautiful shot. Has he fluked it?


CHEERING The black is in!! I'm not sure if


he was planning a similar safety shot to the one that Marcu Fu


played but there is always a chance that you can knock it in. I am not


surprised he has gone out of the Rena, leads 3-2. A dramatic frame


indeed and that was the fourth respotted black in the kourn meant.


Mark Allen continued his good fame and fortune, but Marco struck a


blow in the 7th with a terrific break of 131 and is 4-3 down again.


Allen is lead at the table again, leading. He has brought a red up


with it. Oh, dear. That is a slip up. I looked at that short when he


started and that red had to go past that one and just skim it. I think


he was concentrating so much on getting varying colours. It had to


cut it in and go up the table. didn't he play it down off the one


that was near the cushion? In the end Marco hasn't made and


prepareded for that mistake there when he brought the red up the


table. There is another one on the ground


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


- no, it is better from here. He Well, he is getting closer to the


(APPLAUSE) He is bringing the black into play


now. Mark Allen won his opening round match here 6-3. It was nice


to see Adrian back again. There he has had a couple of season


struggled but he was cuing very well. Then he beat Ali Carter 6 -2.


Well on his way see to leaving himself one more place and earning


himself a place in the sixth simply Oh. That was never in. He had one


earlier in this pocket that fell, but that didn't. That was never in


the middle of the pocket. Once again, we have seen somebody miss a


straightforward ball and it is the one that they needed to be safe.


really needed that red, didn't he? Amazing. These four reds might Luke


awkward but they are not. -- look awkward but they are not. For a


right hander, the two near the side cushion are OK. These two are


available behind the black spot. (APPLAUSE)


The fifth frame in this match was extraordinary. Mark Allen had a 63


and then sent the blue in the pocket which was quite amazing and


Marco cleared up to have a respotted black. But Mark did win


that on the respot. (APPLAUSE)


. That is well played. He has an option sheer. I am not quite sure


he can drop it right on to the red. He might go into them and split


them - into them it is. (APPLAUSE)


He is checking the scoreboard. He the 39 points behind, so he has an


angle on to the black to the last red. He has got an angleed frame if


he could get near the other white it would be perfect. That looks to


be pretty good to me. (APPLAUSE)


. Much easier to get from blue to yellow than from black. That is why


he screwed it back. Mark Allen f he loses this frame --, if if he loses


this frame... (APPLAUSE)


It is not a good time, this, for Marcu Fu who has had some


disruption. It is very important this. Well, a few times we have


mentioned his temper meant and he battered an eyelid with all that


noise going on, he has just kept fully focused and kept on potting


them. He didn't have the angle to put it in the centre, possibly. So


he is running through. He just dropped it in. It is just the black


then to square things up again and win a frame that looked out of his


reach a few minutes ago. (APPLAUSE)


. That was an excellent save there from Marcu Fu, it has brought him


back level again, it is four frames each. Well, this is proving a


really tight and tense match from 4 all. Marco won frame nine to make


it 5-4 before Mark Allen showed his fierce determination to level


things up meaning we were faced with a final-frame decider. Let's


join it early up with Mark Allen at the table.


(APPLAUSE) . Might just be OK here. He is


playing from the blue to the middle, but being a left-hander it is not


too bad to send it up past the green but he can control the cue


ball on the the Reds which are either side of the black? I think


he can. He has a slight angle and he can find a gap for that red to


the right of the black. I am nearly certain but he would have to be so


precise with this. And he has found the gap!! That is a brilliant shot.


(APPLAUSE) . He can bring the black into play


now. Of course, he made a 66 in the previous frame so he has plenty of


rhythm, good feel. It will be interesting to see what he does


with the black after potting this red. There is a coupful reds still


available which he will have to - one of these he has left is a bit


awkward. Might be able to get on the back red if he can force it


through but that was a little bit careless with the cue ball. He


could have left the half ball pot and gone straight into the red with


those two back at the bunch, those were a bit of insurance had he


stuck in the reds. He leaves himself a more difficult pot in the


mid- will pocket. -- middle pocket. He really is running through it. He


can't come back for the black. He has been up for the blue.


(APPLAUSE) . The one other ingredient that he


needed to be a top-class snooker player is to have, as they say a


lot of bottle. This player certainly has that. He lost three


frames in a row to go 5-4 down. He responded with a 66 break to level


and now one good shot, but another good bunch to go into now. Doesn't


have a red as a piece of insurance. And that is always going to be the


problem. Holds his hands to the heavens. Marco will be delighted to


see the outcome there. He is looking on the shoe of Marco Fu but


it Wattsn't a good shot to -- wasn't a good shot to go into so


you can't always be promised to finish nicely. Why me? Surely not a


double to get him out of trouble? And he might have left a pot there


(APPLAUSE) . Marco will just be pleased that


this went wrong and he is still in the frame and match. He has the red


I mentioned, that has gone up to the left. He has looked at the


possibility of the double also because if he doubles the red it is


a free shot, he would finish on the black and the only ball he would


leave would be the one he would try and double. He is just trying to


weigh up the percentages here. is trying to avoid a long pocket,


because his long pot success is 15% in this match which is not great to


say the least. Here we go for the double. And Mark Allen might be


tempted with the long red here. He can screw back for the black, the


other reds, the five reds are all covering each other. So one good


long pot and screw back for the black and he could get himself into


the semifinal. It is there!! (APPLAUSE)


And he might just have to play another little canon but it is


definitely on, canon the two reds there and that will open everything


up. He has played the canon. He didn't have to hit it all that hard.


It has finished awkward F he just leaves the white there without


hitting it that hard, it is just finished a little awkward. Will he


I would be surprised if he did. Mark Allen is very strong under


pressure and this is his second and the first split went wrong but this


is not too bad. Just a fraction either way and he would have had a


sitter. Right in the middle of the pocket.


(APPLAUSE) It may be dead straight on this


blue. He is coming around to look at the pink but that looks far too


thin, so back to the blue. All he can do is come back in a straight


line here. He must be absolutely dead straight on this blue. He is


force back straight or through straight. Being a left-hander, much


better leaving this one for the right of the fore. What a


(APPLAUSE) I think the difference, I know


there is nothing between the two players, but he has been the more


aggressive player just at the closing stages of this match, I


think. Marco had a chance in the previous frame and I think he was


probably a little bit more tentative than Mark Allen has been,


but what a performance he has put up. 63 and 58 but it all might be


in vain. It has been a good match, those, Dennis, a lot of good stuff


from both players. Yeah, I have enjoyed every minute of it.


(APPLAUSE) It is a pity that there had to be a


loser here but he will be absolutely delighted. Marcu Fu has


had a great run in this year's UK Snooker Championship, knocked out


the world number one, and when he went 5-4 in front it looked as if


he was going to beat Mark Allen. It is a great feeling when you are


walking around potting balls when you know you have won the match.


(APPLAUSE) . It has been a terrific


quarterfinal. (APPLAUSE)


He won't bother about that one. has been a very, very entertaining


match, played in great spirits, but in the end it is the man from


Northern Ireland who has won the last two frames to get himself into


the semifinals for a second year in a row, and he runs out a winner and


being congratulated there by the closest of margins - 6 frames to


five. Well done to both players. CHEERING


So, there is just one semifinal spot up for grabs and that will go


to the winner of the clash between 2008 champion Shaun Murphy and the


in form Walden. Shaun Murphy has been there and done it before but


Ricky Walden was makes his first ever appearance at these champion


ships, yet he was the one enjoying the best of the exchanges, and he


was 4-2 in front. Here is Murdoch at the table, trailing by five


points. Willie Thorne and John Virgo are in the commentary box.


lovely shot. He needs to win this frame and he is giving himself now


every chance. He lost four frames on the trat last night and looked


to be struggling but then he potted a wonderful yellow and finished up


clearing up the match. Similar situation here. He has been kept


off the table for quite some time and suddenly played an excellent


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


shot of the rest. Would you believe it? He goes back


to his seat, no emotion being shown but underneath the veneer he must


be absolutely seething. How did he miss that? You just felt this was


such an important frame for him, how could he miss that green?


(APPLAUSE) Well, that wasn't the best


positional shot from Ricky. He should have been straighter on this


blue, he just needs blue and pink. Well, he has played a lovely


traditional shot there and if he pots this pink she one frame away


from a place in the semifinal. It is isicky Walden cannot


believe he has won that frame. Shaun Murphy looks like he was all


over it. Ricky Walden, one frame away from the semifinal. 5-2. So,


Ricky Walden is very close to victory, but Shaun Murphy won the


next and is hanging in. Here is frame nine. It needs to slow up a


little bit. He is on the red just above the black but it is a tricky


pot this. He is at the point of no return. He knows if he takes it on


he has to get it. There is no option but to go into the side of


the bunch as well and he is not guaranteed to get on to the black.


He has to decide here whether it is value to play it and he decides it


(APPLAUSE) He has a nice angle on the blue. He


does haven't to play for the reds to the black, because he has that


one in the open and then when he pots that he will play for the


black, play for the red just to the right of the black, clear the red


from both corner pockets. This match is now in the hands of Ricky


. This is the key shot now. He needs a perfect angle on the black


to go into it and with a pack being pretty advertising, there is one


lose red and he needs to canon that, that will have Mr Of a chance to


get it into place. If he plays it with a screw these could be very,


very nice. I would be favouring the left edge of them only because


there is the red near the far corner. That could have gone


horribly wrong. He always had that one to in the far left corner.


is just a natural to get at the black from it, but he he is looking


at the more difficult one. He has played it nicely!


(APPLAUSE) He didn't get into that properly.


Potted the black which meant that the white didn't go up as high as


he would have liked. This will be first little test because here is


near the cushion and playing balls into the middle pocket. He does


haven't the perfect angle to get on to the blue straightish, so


whatever colour he decides to play for, it will not be perfect for him.


He has planned for the slightly more difficult red. That didn't go


in. As you can see it is not on the cover now. All of a sudden the


winning purse has arrived and Ricky looks a bit shakey. Just about on


the pink. It is the same cut. You have to trust your technique on


these. As you say, frame and match there for the taking. You feel if


he pots this pink he will take it. But there is lots of pressure on


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


He has got it!! Red cover red. For a big win. He has a chance of


beating another world champion tonight this. Is the biggest shot


he has played so far this week. And it is there, and I think Ricky


Walden now is in the semifinal. On reflection, John, I think he has


been the stronger play takeover two tonight. Yes, I think the first


four frames were evenly matched, both were missing pots that we


expected them to get but since the interval I think he has been the


better player. Now, 57 points in front, this to go 58 in front with


just 51 remaining. (APPLAUSE)


Shaun Murphy will be very disappointed. He just didn't


produce his A-game this evening, and he knows with the standard we


have today if you don't produce your-game you are always


susceptible to defeat. It is just really a matter of will Ricky


finish this off. (APPLAUSE)


. The frame and match are well and truly in the bag. Third round is


the furtherest he has ever been in the UK Snooker Championship, but he


is now in the semifinal for sure. The red is not going in. Shaun


Murphy will crongrat late him and say well played. They are very


goods friends off the table and Ricky Walden will be absolutely


delighted. Disappointment for Shaun Murphy but take nothing away from


Ricky Walden. After the interval he came out all gubs blazing and runs


out a very -- guns blazing and runs out a very worthy winner. He is in


the semifinal. So let's confirm the line up for


the 2011 champion champion champion. Judd Trump is up against Neil


Robertson while Mark Allen despite his distractions off the table this


week is throw the semis for the second successive year. Ricky


Walden is in the last four of the UK for the first time. There will


be no sharing of the centre stage for the semi-, the two tables set


up will be no more because we have down to the sometimes nerve racking


scenario of one table standing alone, and the viewers will be


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