Day 6, Part 2 UK Snooker Championship

Day 6, Part 2

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We of good mates. I am short the I need to take my chances a lot


We are down to a one last two quarter-final matches at the


Barbican Centre. Ricky Walden, Shaun Murphy, Mark Allen Dicks --


Mark Allen and Marco Fu. They have a lot to live up to if they are to


match the class and quality of the first two quarter-finals this


What a clever shot that was. Really well worked out. Judd Trump takes


an interval 3-1 lead. He has played that very, very well. Judd Trump


He has now found his form again, Stephen Maguire. This has been a


top draw. Three centuries takes Judd Trump into the semi-final.


There was a turning point at 2-1. Stephen had a chance and did not


quite take it. After that, it was hard for him to take -- comeback.


Twice winner of this championship, Ding Junhui. You cannot separate


the two players. For the first time in the match, Neil Robertson takes


the lead, three frames against Ding Junhui's 2. He is just one frame


away from a place in the semi-final. In the end, the Australian has a


comfortable win. I tend to play a lot better when it is all coming


down to the line. The earlier rounds, in previous years, I used


to be really vulnerable in the first and second rounds. A


concentration was not there. I love winning tournaments and playing in


it semi-finals and finals. Today I felt so confident. I am delighted


to be joined in the commentary box by two former world champions. 1979,


Terry Griffiths. 1985, Dennis Taylor. Both players have been very


impressive. Who has impressed you most? How do you think the match


will go tonight? Marco Fu against Mark Selby. I know Mark Selby did


not play it at the top of his form but he showed great character. Mark


Allen, he has carried on through all the controversy and that seems


to make him a better player. He did he beat? Ali Carter, that's right.


It is time we had another player from Northern Ireland lift a major


tournament. It has been over 25 years. Terry, you are in the


unusual punishment -- position of having worked with all of them. How


hard well it before you to remain objective? I try my best in the


commentary box. It is difficult at times. The match tonight is my son


against myself! It is not easy to call it because they have totally


different styles. They are both very good scorers. We are all


expecting a great match. Without further ado, over to you.


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. What a buzz in the arena tonight.


It's just a two places left up for grabs in this year's semi-final.


Please welcome a player who always travels with great support, victory


over Mark Williams yesterday was one of the biggest wins of his


career so far. The Shanghai Masters And his opponent, a player who had


to show real composure yesterday against Martin Gould. The winner of


this UK title in 2008. World champion in 2005. He is a class act


on and off the baize. He is a Shaun And here on table number one,


please welcome a true gentleman on and off the table. Here after a


fantastic victory over world number one Mark Selby, this is his best


run since reaching the Masters final in January. He is full of


And his opponent, great to see him back to his determined best, a


memorable week got even better yesterday with a 6-2 win over Ali


Carter. Bidding far a second successive UK semi-final, the pride


of Northern Ireland, here comes A reminder but Shaun Murphy and


Ricky Walden is on the red button and on line. We are staying with


Mark Allen's match. He is up against Marco Fu. Two contrasting


characters squaring up against each other.


Good evening. Looking forward to this match. Northern Ireland versus


are Hong Kong. Marco all smiles. One of the nicest lads the EU can


ever wish to meet. All smiles from He breaks off, Mark Allen. Not a


bad break off. A nice mixture out there. An Irishman, a Chinese


player and we have got a Welshman, the referee. An international


I think you saw as Marco came into the arena, he got fingers up from


his wife. She is an absolutely She has taken my job now from


picking up the balls from Marco. He said she was a lot prettier than me.


Everybody is prettier than me! sure you're lovely wife thinks you


That has pushed a red over the corner pocket. He is not going to


cover it. The only problem is that the black is off its spot. The pink


is available. The blue is also available from the spot -- from


He should be able to avoid the three reds. But he could not. It is


The trouble with this kind of shot is that the harder you hit it, the


Five semi-finals, Mark Allen, I know he wants to win it sooner


rather than later. The last man to stop him was Marco Fu in the


Masters. Marco had a wonderful one -- ran and went on to beat him. But


He needed a thin one. Site -- This is difficult because one of


the reds is not sticking out. They are all in a line. He has got to


He can just get past the pink to the red at the right hand side of


The tournament safety success rate of both players... Mark Allen way


out in the lead with 86%. You would not have thought that. That is high


for a player in a tournament although they have only played two


games. Especially for Mark. He is not really the best safety player


in the world, a long way from it. He has got to be careful here,


Marco. He could double-kiss the red as it comes off the side cushion.


The amount of side he had on that to avoid that! That was a very good


shot. The natural angle would have So difficult to play with that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 60 seconds


It is amazing what can happen with the side as we see another good


safety there. It is amazing what the ball does. The angle it comes


off with that much spin! You can't help unless you have a cue ball


He has missed the red again. #ColourCyan REFEREE: Foul and a


You never know how a game of snooker is going to start off.


Every frame is different. Two very attacking players. Here we are


watching a bout of tactical play to see who will what -- make a mistake


to let the other one in. The red on the right side of the table is


causing a problem. He does not want Mark will be able to take this on.


He will not cannon into the reds this time. He will probably end up


In the end, because he tried to hold it for the blue, he got too


thick a contact. The first real That was a shocker from Marco. That


really was a poor shot. He might have to play a little cannon on to


the brown coloured. A thin one down A test of safety at the moment.


Both players had a chance and did I thought Marco could have played a


better shot. He left the escape route for Mark talent and now he is


in trouble. He might be able to get between the green, blue and pink.


His previous shot off the blue should have had Mark Allen in


He played that with a lot of right- hand side. He left the cue ball to


run but it stopped short. The red is on. Can he get to the potting


angle? Clearly not. He is now in a He is trapped somewhat, that is why


he is having to think about it. could play the red nearer the


pocket. Then he could leave the I do not think he can see enough to


play that shot. He would have to play a bit of Serb to get around


He played for the pot! I think he was concentrating more on getting


the cue ball back. Even Judd Trump could not knock it in at that pace!


I don't know! He likes a pot, doesn't he? I said back at the


World Championship, I have never seen anything in my 30 odd years as


a professional, I have never seen anyone pot balls like it. What


Back was a big shot for Marco and he made a bit of a mess of it.


suppose with all of the tactical play, but with that straight pot,


he never got any where near it. In a couple of shots time, this could


be a good opportunity for Mark Allen. I'm not sure if the pink is


The black is more or less out of commission unless he could get the


It might be OK, it might be If the pink goes to the right


corner, he has very little to do Our referee, I am his next door


neighbour now. He let -- he lives next door to my son's flat where we


have just moved. A former policeman living next door to a former


postman! We used to have do work when we turned professional as well


These days, the boys turn professional went they are 16. I


feel they miss out something in life, not having jobs. But that is


how it is in sport now. A little The black is available, as well as


Mark Allen from County Antrim in Northern Ireland. A lovely part of


Just talking about jobs, by worked 12 hours -- 12 hour shifts in the


paper mill when I first moved to Don't throw your contact list away,


He has played these well, he has kept his cue ball well under


It is OK. I thought he was going to land on top of the red. Absolutely


perfect. He can get the black into play now. It was tied up for quite


a while. If he is dead straight, he He has missed it. Simply because he


had to raise the top of the cue to stun it. If the red had been up


dead straight, he would have dropped it in. The butt of the cue


was up in the air and you get a little bit of unwanted side on it.


Marco missed his last attempt on a long red. Let's see if he can get


It is not happening at the moment. He pushed the last one to the left.


I think he over-compensated this One of the hardest shots that


amateurs find. The dead straight. They prefer to be cutting a ball


He is taking the red on and bridging over the #ColourYellow --


A good pot and a good kiss. A good positional shot. He could be in


He did not get a great contact them. The white ball jumped as it hit the


The referee had to asking them what Paul he was playing. If there is


any doubt to the referee, because the #ColourGreen And pro-you ask


the player to nominate. He knows he has had a couple of chances to


clinch the frame. The heavy contact The green is not too badly placed


if he could spring the white Cover to that side. -- the white over to


Marco Fu is not going to be very impressed with his next position. -


- with this next position. Somehow, Marco has got to get to the red


that is near the cushion. Look at this very good long pot. How does


he get to this red that is next to the cushion? He could play it with


a lot of cider. -- a lot of side. REFEREE: Foul and a miss.


It was not a bad attend. Marco may have to play that shot again if


Mark get a bad angle on this red. - Let's see if he can judge this a


This is a better effort. This looks to be absolutely spot-on. Superb


A good attempt to cover the five reds, but I am not sure if Marco


can get to the thin edge of the Very good line on the cue ball. A


bit short of pace to get behind the green. He has a choice here. He


potted a red similar to this, but I do not know if he is taking the pot


for the safety shot here. -- the If Marco would just roll the red


past the green and leave the cue ball and top of the green it would


leave Mark Allen in trouble. And not sure if he can do that. It is a


pretty good call, that, Terry. As long as he gets a snooker and gets


the red away from the cushion and leaves it on, it puts pressure on


Mark Allen because he will have to play the reds up the other end of


He has pushed the red over the pocket. That has given Mark Allen a


little bit of a headache. There are a couple of reds that he might be


able to try to pot. I think he can get past the pink to get to the


potting angle of one of them. The only safe place on the table for


the cue ball is over near the Yes, he has had a look at it. He


would have to get up white over to the right side of the table. -- get


the white. He might have covered it Such a straightforward shot, but it


was well picked out. The safety play has been very strong in this


What he was thinking about there was just rolling his red and


positioning of white so that he covers the red with the blue. He


He has covered the one with the blue but he has pushed the other


This might turn out to be the longest frame of the match, this


opening frame. He is not many pots In fact, the blue will do it, the


A pretty tactical opening frame. Mark Allen has been the player that


has been knocking the balls in. There were a couple of long pots


that market did not get near. -- that Marco. Marco Fu never got


going and the man from Northern Ireland takes the opening frame. He


leads 1-0. I think Dennis summed it up quite


nicely there. It seems that Mark Allen has the bit between his teeth.


You would expect so. Looking at the opening exchanges, Marco Fu does


not look as sharp as Mark Allen. He missed a couple of long balls and


miss been quite considerably. Terry said he tried to overcompensate and


the second one after missing the first one. He does not look as


sharp as Mark, especially when he gets in about them. It is nice to


get your first frame on the board. Marco needs this second frame to


settle down. The guys in the commentary box have been talking


about the fact that Marco has been to a major final before. Marco has


beaten Mark in the semi-finals before. Does that play on their


minds? Maybe when it gets down to the crunch and you're in a final.


Marco has been in a lot of finals and semi-finals, so he has a lot of


experience at this stage as well. The crunch will come when he gets


to a major final. He has not won any event yet. Getting that first


one on the board is always the hardest. It will not make a


difference at this stage. Mark Allen has been one of the


players who has made the headlines on and off the table this week. He


has a good start against Marco Fu, 1-0.


He has been pretty aggressive on the table and off. That is how he


He would be disappointed with that. Yes, he is too good -- so good at


that type of pot. I think the black The black obviously does not pot,


that is why he was trying to screw back off of the reds. A worrying


That is a worrying number - 20% pot success rate. They have all been


long or medium distance shots. His safety has been good enough.


his long potting has let him down a A good starter with the extension.


It is something that you could not have done in the old days with they


have butts, which we still keep up the side of the snooker table for


some reason. No -- nobody ever uses He could not generate a lot of top


spin there. I'd just mentioned the long tackle. You have a full length


resting cue 1/2 butt. They are never used these days. All the


players have their own extensions Once again, a good red to get in.


There are two ways to get in in this game, one is a long pot the


other is good safety -- one is good The tip of Mark's cue seems to be


well down. It is the sort of tip that players like Ray Reardon used


to play with. A lot of the modern players play with a fuller tip. It


It has a dome, it is just small. You are right, though, there is not


much left on that tape. It should get through this frame. -- on that


He will be hoping it will get in through the championship. -- get


him. That was completely mishit. He was going into the five reds. It


has too much action on it. He will There is a chance that he could get


the black into play, certainly with the pace that he hit it with the


last time. He hit it with less pace and he is stuck in them. He had to


hit the middle of those two top reds, and he did that. He thought


No big breaks as yet. Certainly no big breaks from Marco Fu, he has


only scored one point. He has not potted a ball wide for over 26


minutes. He has not had much to go -- he has not potted a ball. House


straight is he on this? Can he avoid the red that is to the left


of this one? Yes. He cued that one well. He has gone a little too far


down the table. You see that white picking up speed there. That is


because of the top spin he applied. Yes, it was as if the ball stopped


I mentioned about the ball stopping. You strike it just underneath 12


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 60 seconds


o'clock. It stops and then it goes You could see the back hand of Mark


Allen there. He has quite a light grip. Terry, you're the expert,


maybe you could just give us 40 minutes on. His back fingers are


light but the front fingers are not. That is what gives you the accuracy.


The field comes from the back fingers normally. He does not like


that. He plays a lot of cannons when he is in the balls normally.


It is unusual these days. The old players used to do that. That is


Mark's style. Once again, he is dominating this frame. He is using


the rest with his right hand, even though he is a left-hander. Most


left-handers seemed to do that, for some reason. He looked to have an


angle on the pink and pot it and go for the red that is just below the


That has opened up the whole game, just that little flick. That was


all he needed. He only needs one You have to feel a bit for Marco.


He has had a few long pots that he has missed and then about half-a-


dozen very thin safety shots where he has missed the ball back a few


The red stays out. Marco did not get off of his chair. Mark Allen is


2-0 in front. A good start for Mark Allen. We're


going to head the water table two and see what is happening between


Ricky Walden and Shaun Murphy. Ricky Walden, of course, in his


first quarter-final. Shaun Murphy has hit back here. He started off


really well against Martin Gould. Obviously both players are in good


form already. Yes. I watched the end of that match. There were a few


twitches towards the end. He looks to be cueing very nicely. He is up


against Ricky Walden who had a great win against Mark Williams in


the last round. It is going to be a cracking match. We talk about how


every match is a big one between these players. He has just got


another former champion in Shaun Murphy. It is never easy. All of


the match is a finely balanced. What do you make of Marco Fu? He


does not seem to be on his game. slow start for him. He looks a


little uneasy, a little bit nervous. He has made a few uncharacteristic


mistakes. He left Mark Allen at chance to win that frame. As John


Virgo always is, you never really settled down until you get that


first frame on the board. Worrying Even at shot, he has fitted a


little harder than he intended. The He did not get close with that. If


you knocked that in it would give you confidence. He has to get an


He will not pot many balls from that position, tight on the baulk


Marco plus mac coach will be watching -- Marco's coach will be


watching. We know that he was getting up at about three o'clock


in the morning to watch this match from Hong Kong. He is over there as


their head coach. He is a billiards coach for the Institute of Sport. I


do not know if he can hear the BBC, but if he is, we're thinking about


you, boy! In Hong Kong, we used to play at


the Queen Elizabeth Stadium. I remember the first time I played


Steve Davis there were nearly 3,000 people in the arena. They all came


to watch Steve, Bill! That is a great pot. -- to watch Steve,


though! He was in a spot of bother there


and he potted his way out of it. Good cueing. How did he find the


The one thing that Marco Fu has is an abundance of temperament. He has


a terrific temperament for the scheme was of it is being tested at


the moment. -- temperament for this The red on the right-hand side of


the table looks like a simple shot. But there is a red in the middle


He is looking to see if it goes. From this position it looks as if


it pots. It must be a bit tighter than it seems. Even the other one


will go. This is the better one. He will get on the blue if he rolls


this been. No, it is on the near jaw. And look where he has put it.


It is worrying times for Marco Fu. The yellow was a bit of a


distraction. It clearly shows you that there was enough room. The


pink is awkward, so is the black, but if he could get on that red to


the right of the black, he could pot that, can in the other red and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 60 seconds


We're at the end of our coverage on BBC Two, with Mark Allen seemingly


in control of this quarter-final match against Marco Fu. If you want


to carry on watching, press your red button or go on line. We have a


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