Day 6, Part 1 UK Snooker Championship

Day 6, Part 1

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Good afternoon. It's quarter-final stage at this


United Kingdom championship at the York Barbican Centre. A couple of


the players are just warming up for their afternoon matches. Judd Trump


just getting warmed up, and behind us, Ding Junhui. But the line-up is


not perhaps what we have been expecting. We don't have the world


No. Has one, two or three and Selby and Higgins. But the line-up for


this year's championship is all for more enticing. I like to go for my


shots and so does Judd. I am expecting an exciting game. I like


to say I will have to improve to Ricky and I are good mates. I'm


I need to take my chances a lot We have got two world champions and


three UK champions in the line-up. Every one of our eight quarter-


finalists is a proven champion, having at least one world ranking


title to their name in their career to date. I know it has been a


pretty wild Dave in some parts of the UK and I understand in Scotland,


children have the day off school. So if you do find you have the


afternoon off, stay with us. We have plenty on the go. Judd Trump's


exciting players is sure to fire you up and get the blood moving on


this cold day. He is in his first UK quarter. He plays the wily


Stephen Maguire, who earned his nickname, up On Fire Maguire, a few


years ago. And on table two this afternoon, Neil Robertson aims to


boldly go where he has never gone before her and that is into a UK


semi-final. Ding Junhui is trying it's main man in snooker but has


only just scraped through his two games, both of them in final-frame


decider as. And more on Mark Allen and his short-lived bout of silence


last night. He is doing his talking on and off the table these days.


Judd Trump is like a breath of fresh air. That was at the World


Championship. What about here? must be said, he got a bit lucky,


but he hits the ball hard. The harder you do that, the more


chances you have of getting lucky. I thought he was brilliant. He said


he was not happy with his level of play at the press conference but he


showed a lot of character. I love the way he plays. He is the type of


player who does not shirk his responsibilities on the big stage


and who know where he -- who knows where he could go with that style


of play. With some players, you have to outplay them. Again


somebody like Stephen Maguire, you have to scrape him off the table.


It is a different mind set. The question is, what level has Judd


Trump jumped too? He may have jumped above that level already,


not saying Stephen Maguire is not a great player. Here's what Steve and


Getting the balance right between being far too nice and being a top


competitor and having to go to a management session is tough, isn't


it? Yes, Stephen definitely plays with his heart on his sleeve but it


definitely works for him. He expresses himself on the table,


which is fantastic to see, and if he is not happy, you let everybody


know. But it definitely works for him. He can be really intimidating


for his opponents as well. He is an awesome player when at the top of


his game. I would like to see somebody get annoyed! At least you


know the guy is 100% committed, if you control it? Yes. You can


definitely tell if he is up for it. I would not be doing that myself


but it definitely helps him and brings out the best in him. The


last couple of seasons, he has probably not shown his potential


and what he is good at, but I have seen him a couple of seasons ago


and Stephen was saying he could probably dominate the sport, the


next to dominate after Stephen. And I would agree. He is a great player


but he lost his way a little bit. Has he lost his way because the


players have got better? Stephen was always a fantastic guy at


practice. He stayed for hours and hours and whether he has the same


dedicated animal then, I doubt it. I don't think he is as in love with


the game as he was. But in terms of a competitor, obviously fiercely


and his reactions around the table... His cue has taken some


abuse! That is his character. But he didn't do that so much years ago


when he was winning, so whether it is frustration, winning the matches


you should be, I don't know. But in terms of a powerful presence....


terms of a new generation coming through? Yes. Stephen Maguire,


Carter, we have all come through at the same time and Stephen was


leading the race. He was the one winning tournaments before us. He


beat Ronnie O'Sullivan in the UK Championships and Ronnie said he


could dominate the game for 10 years if he carried on the way he


was. I think it is probably finding that balance of getting to the


point where it is better for your game in terms of temperament on the


table. I think when he was working with Terry Griffiths, Terry seemed


to calm him down and at the right moment in matches, whereas now he


is perhaps doing it at the wrong times and maybe his opponents are


getting positive feedback, thinking that maybe he is not quite up for


Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. What a day of drama we


have here installed at the UK Championship! It


is quarter-final time and we have two giant-killers waiting in the


Please welcome one of the nicest guys on the circuit. He secured a


fantastic victory over defending champion John Higgins in the second


round. One of his title in 2004, the pride of Glasgow, he is on fire,


here comes Stephen Maguire! Stephen Maguire -


A great reception and I know you are a man of few words on these


occasions. How much confidence have you taken from that victory over


John, because he is so hard to put a way? A lot! Ladies and gentlemen,


Stephen Maguire! And his opponent, a player who


signals a new era for snooker. His bold attacking style took into the


China and World Championship final. Knocking out Ronnie the Rocket


O'Sullivan on Tuesday, the pride of Bristol, the ace in the pack - Judd


Trump! Just a quick word before we get


underway. He was somewhat surprised to get past Ronnie but how much


confidence have you taken him retrospect? A lot! Judd Trump,


ladies and gentlemen! HAZEL IRVINE: Before we get


underway in what is a serious occasion, we will keep you up dated


with events on table number two between Neil Robertson and Ding


Junhui. But for the time being, we will stick here on table number one.


If talking were an energy source, our commentators could keep us warm


This is an unbelievable tied up because we were thinking it could


be Higgins and O'Sullivan, but it is Trump and Maguire. He has proven


he can compete at this level and Stephen has been doing so for many


years, as was mentioned in the forum a few years before. Is this


the return to form? Look at his tournament pot success rate, Ken.


Judd Trump at the same stage, only Quite low from Judd Trump but high


from Maguire. But his record here, he is quite a bit away from that.


But his record has been exemplary for here for years. Been to a


couple of quarter-finals, two semi- finals, a final. He seems to like


He has been struggling of late but maybe that win against John Higgins


a couple of days ago will have given him a bit of confidence. A


Judd Trump is a player who turns hot and cold. He has said he


certainly should have been beaten by Dominic Dale if Dominic had been


more successful over the last couple of years. But then he comes


out and plays O'Sullivan and it is A good land with the cue ball but


he has knocked this red to the corner pocket. He has a possible


In his first couple of matches, not starting as well as he normally


does but both have missed but got What a marvellous World


Championship Judd Trump had last season, where he burst onto the


scene. I don't think I have ever had as much pleasure commentating


on a final than the one where he Yes, the crowd came out and was so


appreciative, as they are here. -- were so appreciative. Not a vacancy


at in the house. It is a wonderful venue. We all love coming here.


Plenty of people upstairs today as A great opener from Judd Trump.


Clean as a whistle and nicely on It is amazing how left-hander's


seem to be better potters than right handers. Jimmy White, among


Probably the last of the loose reds He is blessed with a lot of cue


power, it has to be said. He will If there is one slight criticism of


Judd Trump, it is how hard he hits the ball. When he is knocking them


But no Movement for knocking into the centre of the pocket. That was


good. He purposely played into the He missed the kiss on the pink but


Sometimes he misses an easy one and But it is the first frame and you


These players have only played each other twice and Maguire has won


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


He totally misjudged the kiss. We thought he might be able to miss


that but he thought he couldn't so he tried to hit the yellow at least


full ball but he hit it half. He could get the pink in the middle


He really tough shot that. -- a really tough shot, that. I expected


him to hit it. He hasn't come out too bad. He has left Judd a half


It can be quite difficult to judge these. He didn't play it with too


much confidence. A good safety and he has got a good cue ball as well.


And a lovely bow-ties he has got on! Not seen one like that for a


while. He looks like why ate her up. We always knew he would be a good


player but the surprising thing was it took him a long time to prove it.


But at the championship last year, he certainly lit up that tournament.


Neither player is hitting the ball well at the moment. It will improve,


This is a possible nine, taking those two reds just below the pink


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


That appeared to curl a little bit. It then straightened up a bit. It


looked like it was in the baulk line. That is the first one I have


Stephen Maguire are often likes to take the bull by the horns and play


for the pink or the blue. And that is what he has done. Played that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


very, very confidently and deserves He's not too bad. A nice angle on


Just coming around to have a look at that red. If he can get a little


angle on those two reds. He can He decided against it. It looked


too a little bit straight. He just potted it in the middle but if he


had potted it slightly to the right, he would have got the kiss. Lookout


closely got to the reds, so he might have actually played it but


That is how good these players are. But he did not play that shot the


way he should have done. He did not take the bull by the warns. That is


a mistake. He will be very disappointed with himself. A good


Played into the brown so you would have been using the brown in his


eye line. He didn't quite kiss the Well, you've got to love this guy!


When you think you have got him He's overrun that and he will be


disappointed. He still has a pot on the top red but a lot more


difficult than he would have liked. A big target from the yellow to get


He could knock the brown around the angles, couldn't he? Try and get


I would not be surprised if he took the blue on because that is what he


That is so bad. He just didn't concentrate on that. Very tough to


get these young players to give the same concentration to safety as


He's going to need all his concentration on this one. This is


He needs that red to go past the brown, otherwise he could be in a


Just a fraction away from potting This is very awkward to play, it


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


He is looking to see if this red will pass the blue into the corner,


but I do not think it does. It is a relatively easy safety shot. As


long as the blue is not planted into the middle pocket he could


just play it thinned. -- thin. I can only presume that the blue is


very close to being potted if he Well, we talked about it, didn't


we? Why do you not listen?! Because he does not have any a piece -- an


earpiece. He has left himself in another precarious position. He may


Judd has put him back into play, thinking, I hope he has a go at


Very luckily, he got the double- kiss and got away with it. Not even


REFEREE: Foul and a miss. That has given Stephen Maguire a


chance to take this opening frame. A scrappy opening frame. Both


players have looked like winning it on at least one occasion. Just


coming up to 25 minutes, this opening frame. That will be almost


the longest frame of the match, I As in both his opening matches,


Judd has struggled to get off of I think the way Steve in his


playing, Ken, he needs to get a foothold in this match. He could


still win the next three, but at this moment in time he looks a


little out of sorts. On the other hand, Stephen Maguire is starting


to flow, like he did against John Nor real fireworks in this opening


frame, but a couple of 30-plus breaks. It is Stephen Maguire who


takes the opening frame. HAZEL IRVINE: It is interesting to


note that, in the last couple of matches that Stephen has played, he


has been back to that Bon Fire Maguire style. I like the way he


plays the game. The other day I gave him a backhanded compliment by


saying that I think he has under- achieved. For someone with a game


like he has got, to have only won four tournaments is not right.


is on form. I do not necessarily think he is the underdog in this


match, in many ways. Obviously, Judd Trump is the player that we


are all talking about, and he is breathtaking, but, for a game where


you are playing the table, styles do come into play, don't they,


John? Yes. He had Ronnie O'Sullivan the other day, and this is a


different type of challenge. These are two of the most crisp hitters


Stephen Maguire breaks off, again, leaving another attempt toer for


Judd Trump. -- another tempter. Judd Trump still has not settled


Yes, although Steve Maguire likes to go for them, I do not think he


is going to go for as many against Judd Trump. I think he has to be a


He attempted the plant there, Judd This is the the situation where


you're sort of forced into going for these types of shots. He may go


all-out to play for pink or black. He played the bottom red of the two.


That could be, and should be, very He has not found his striking boots


yet. OK, the pink is on in the middle, but he certainly would have


This has developed into a good early chance. From the way it


started, I think he needs to get 40 or 50, just to get some confidence


That was not the best shot you could play lie. -- you could play


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


Just getting on the loose red. The two reds just above this one, he


may have a plant on into the corner pocket as well. He just had a quick


glance at the possible pot into the middle. That has turned out to be


very nice. It does not matter how good you are, you can always use a


bit of good fortune. He lost of white there, but luckily for him


the red came up as well. -- that He has not left the best angle on


the black. There are probably two reds that will pot in the opposite


corner. He has played that very Just this red and a colour. This


will certainly make Judd Trump feel nice and relaxed. He has looked a


little bit out of sorts in this match, but he soon gets himself in


stride. Just a little bit too much Saeed there. He started off a bit


slow against Ronnie, but when he gets going... It is a 70 to break.


-- 72. Two four-point snookers The key here, of course, is to pot


the next three reds and three big colours. No disrespect to Judd's


powers in the safety department, but he is not as good at getting


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


out of problems as some players. When leaving the table there, he


Stephen Maguire acknowledges defeat. That wonderful break of 72 came at


just the right time for Judd Trump to level at 1-1. There is a prime


example off going into the bunch here. He left the black Perfect and


had the choice of playing for two plants. He plays with a lot of top


spin and plays the cannon. Yes, he plays this so well. He did not bark


it enough there -- arc. Watch the white now. It will virtually stop


and then the spin takes charge. Then it accelerates. This works


when you're playing the break off into the pack. The massive amount


of top spin gets the arc. As you said, when the white goes into the


reds, this top spin keeps accelerating the cue ball through


the reds and brings more balls into Maybe he was not on it. Sometimes


it is not an advantage to have the break. Can you remember, just a


couple of years ago, we were talking about whether it was still


an advantage to break off. I think, in fairness, Judd Trump breaks off


We always used to love breaking off because, with the thicker cloth,


you're almost guaranteed getting the white safe. Stephen Maguire


will be very pleased with that Judd Trump would like to get the


cue ball somewhere over to the left-hand side of the table. He has


left a very simple safety shot for Maguire.


Safety is an art that you have to learn. People like you, John


Higgins and Mark Selby look at the element of safety. Ken is putting a


line-up now to show the kind of Stephen Maguire is just going


around to have a look at the plant. It is going into the red just over


the whole, so it may just help it on its way. He needs a kiss on the


brown. Andy has got it. -- and he Quite clearly, as you can see, he


has overscrewed that. It is very He almost miscued there. The cue


came off his bridge hand. He hit it right on top of the white. His cue


came write off of his hand. Amazing. He has a possibility and a nice


angle on the brown. Will he attempts to go into the red and


He is still back in prime position again.


The pink and black or out of play. There are plenty of loose reds but


he has to play into the two reds to the right of the pink you. I am


surprised he has not. It is very tough to keep the break going at


the moment. Clearly, this red is on but, with black and pink out of


Oh! The thing is, because we commentate an awful lot you begin


to see when the advantages to play into the pack and when not, but


when you're out there you're so into the match that sometimes you


do not see the right shots. We know that the one next to the black does


pot, but it is tied. -- tight. He tried to use the jaws of the pocket.


This is a little bit dangerous because he has no idea of where the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


white's going to end up. He may He needs to be careful because, if


he plays the cross double, the red could cannon into one of those next


to the black spot. He managed to miss all four of them. I was sure


He has sort of playing into Steve Maguire's hands. He is not leaving


difficult safety shots for him. Quite straightforward. We just


talked about how sometimes Judd is just happy to get the ball past the


baulk line. Stephen faces a slightly tricky shot, but he is not


getting a real advantage from his There may be a gap here. He has


formed an opening. He will be very fortunate to get up for the blue


from here. He is not bound to get A lot of cases, none of them are


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


This could be a mistake. He didn't want that red coming back up. He


has left the possibility of a pot. The only problem is, where is his


Well, how did he find the gap I can only presume the way he


played it, he was trying to bring the black into play because to go


through the gap of the red and the black was definitely not what he


He was very tempted by the long pot but he will be trying to get near


the blue here. Very good. But Judd can see the one below the pink and


get the white into a similar He just needs to play left-hand


side below the pink and he should I will have to have a little word


REFEREE: foul and a miss. Good luck! I think you are going to have


to put those back! We could be here for a while! They are all smiling!


Only 17 balls moving so he should be able to get those back very


He does have a pot on it, but certainly far from easy. That was


just to save the embarrassment for the referee. How has he not knocked


the black in? How has he not got This red is on and plenty of value


for the black in the corner pocket. And what a fantastic shot! That


He wipes his brow. Six balls have moved and he is relieved. If he


hadn't kissed the red he would almost have made it a shot to


But as it was, he was on the blue nicely, and a chance to score


nicely. Such a brave shot to take It has to be said, if he pots balls


like that under pressure, he deserves to win a frame. We talk


about making your own luck. He thought, well, if I am going to get


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


You have always got to take a little bit of care with these. I


know they'll straightforward, but they can catch the jaws of the


pocket. -- they are straight This should just about put him past


That was an excellent shot there, playing for the choice of the two


Just a quick glance at the scoreboard. He is 24 in front and


He will need one of these reds on the cushion. The left-hand side is


Again, pretty good. The reds touching the cushion naked a little


He just makes sure of the pot, and a good break for Trump. An


Considering how poor Trump looked in the opener, I mean, that red


This is the opening red. But he could not just get it on the pink


or the black. He had to touch the Is it time for a few Judd Trump


trick shots now? Looks like it! Where well this end up? -- where


will? He is lovely to watch and a new kid on the block. He has taken


a 2-1 lead over Stephen Maguire. HAZEL IRVINE: I hope you would


enjoying this at home so far. -- you are enjoying this. The wind is


rattling around hey! Your assessment of the way Judd is


playing and that frame? When he is in the balls, he scores so quickly.


It is like when Jimmy used to play and of Ronnie. He racks up the


points so quickly and he is so good in the balls when he gets in there.


He knows where the cue ball is going all the time. Great to watch.


And the style and panache of the man. Yes. The opening of the game


sums things up and we saw Judd had the chance to put the balls back or


go for the shot. People ask, how has snooker change over the years


and what is the difference? But the game is so much more aggressive.


Players like Judd Trump of pushing the boundaries of what is the right


shot at the right time. In the past, commentators would have criticised


players for playing too opened but now you have to play that shot


because if you don't, you're player will. It is very much a cure or be


killed game. -- a killed or be killed game. When you are presented


with a shot over a long period of time, even for Stephen Hendry, that


he has refused, all of a sudden, you have to go for them even though


you don't like it. You have to change your attitude. Interesting


COMMENTATOR: Judd seems to have found a way of covering that


It used to be such an easy shot here, to whip it around and leave


the red, but going past the blue, Has he covered himself here? It


Such a fantastic potter, isn't he? Even the opening round. The balls


just crack into the back of the An excellent shot. Well played.


is amazing because sometimes he missed times the balls. He is an


That's unforgivable. That is a howler. Didn't have anything to do


with the cue ball. That is just a lack of concentration, Ken? Yes.


Just concentrating on position a bit too much rather than on the pot.


He will be disappointed because He is just having a look at that -


the two reds. Will they be a plant into this right hand corn are


pocket? So he is taking a few shots ahead here. -- right hand corner


pocket. The easiest thing would be to get on the black but that will


be tied up. He might have to go for You can see his grim is there


because he needed to be slightly higher on the black. -- you can see


him that were missing there. -- I can't begin to tell you how hard


that shot is to play. When you are playing with check side off the


cushion, very tough to play. That A slight error of judgement. He


didn't think the pink could go on a I don't know why he even attempted


the pot. He was planning to pot the red in the middle and bring the


pink and black into play. A very surprising choice of shot. Look how


hard he would have had to play it He is fortunate. It has left Judd


What an aggressive safety shot that was. I think he has decided he will


keep the balls open even though Judd is potting really well. A very


aggressive choice of shot. Really forces Judd into having a go at one


This is not like what Steve was saying. He was saying sometimes


players take an aggressive path. But here, there is no safety on.


Steve was saying they tend to play shots that most players would play


safe now. When are we going to oversee Judd Trump take a minute to


Such a difficult shot to get back. He will have to dig down and be


careful of where the red goes. He has been very fortunate. But could


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


That's an excellent safety. It is Stephen Maguire's time to risk


taking a pot on because, once again, the safety is tough. Not too sure


whether he can get to the red to We know the red pots in the yellow


pocket and possibly in the middle as well. The one virtually on the


pink spot. But very risky. This is a possibility of two cushions.


Tried to land tight behind that red by the green pocket. But he has got


He didn't attempt the pot. The cue ball looks pretty good. Does this


not apart? Obviously not. -- does this not cut? Just coming into have


a look at the potting angle and it Looking there, I don't think it is.


What a clever shot that was! Very Excellent shot. Well played. Judged


that to perfection. Look at what he little beauty this was. Well worked


out with the safety in mind. An We talk many times about making


your own luck and that was another occasion where Judd opened up the


pink and so he deserves exactly He's having a look at trying to


cannon into those two reds over the right of centre. This is an


excellent shot again, well played. Very, very clever. Knowing full


well even if he misses the cannon on the two reds, he is on the red


over the green pocket. But he has brought those two reds into play as


It really does show you what Judd Trump is as a talent because


Stephen Maguire has not played Those stats don't necessarily tell


the truth because when you play the safety shot, that 80 should be


He has played two very, very clever shots in his opening round. The


double and that positional shot, bring those two reds into play.


Very similar to the previous game, Stephen Maguire will carry on if


this doesn't go in but left it Stephen Maguire has decided that is


Let's see what secrets we can on earth in the fault that belongs to


Judd Trump. -- unearth. I would like to think I was quite


laid-back, just easy-going. I don't take life too seriously, I just


enjoy it. At the start of my career I would say I was pretty nervous,


but after I won China the nerves went. I just enjoy it a lot more


now. The worst of anyone, I would say. If you going to my room after


an hour it is just shocking. You do make frames in any kind of sport --


make pals in any kind of sport. But when you're playing you have to


just concentrate on the table and completely block out to you're


playing. Just getting to the final under coverage, it was nice having


people supporting me. You have to enjoy what you're doing and learn


to love the game, otherwise there is no point.


I am sure he is enjoying the way this match is going this afternoon.


John, what were your observations from the last frame? He played a


very clever double. He plays it as a shot to nothing. Of course, it


goes straight in the pocket. A very clever shot. This shot on the pink,


where he is playing up the table, those two reds are awkward. He


opened up the table. A very clever shot.


Willie made the comment that Stephen Maguire's safety has been


superb. Safety play does not win you matches. It is becoming a


factor of the game of snooker that you have to be able to play safety


but it is about potting the ball backs. When you are among the balls


it seems more important to make the most of it. Positional play is


becoming a very important part of the game. From the coaching


perspective, you cannot teach that as easily. Having that imagination,


you cannot teach somebody that. Judd Trump obviously has it. If if


you were Stephen Maguire at this point might, were due be looking to


change anything? I do not think he has actually played badly. I would


just be hoping that I got opportunities. Stephen Maguire can


open up if his back is against the wall. He can be very aggressive.


Look for that to happen if he finds himself dropping behind.


He has had three centuries already and the highest break of the


championship, 144. He is certainly capable of it. In the meantime,


since they are having their break, we are going to concentrate on


events on table two - the match between Neil Robertson and Ding


Junhui. The Chinese player's record is exemplary in this championship.


He has a two titles in the last few years. This is how his fellow


players rate him right now. -- he has had.


Do you think it is time for Ding Junhui to stop talking about that


Masters match against Ronnie O'Sullivan? I think so. When he was


17 and 18, I think he played you, Stephen, and won the tournament. I


thought, what a talent. I thought he was going to go on to dominate


the game. Even to this day, I think he has under-achieved. He won the


Masters last year and I think his temperament is starting to get


better and better and he is maturing as a person.


He is certainly in the top half- dozen in terms of his cue action.


He looks like a machine amongst the balls. That is right. He probably


cue is about as straight as anyone in the game. -- cues about as


straight. He is quite mesmerising. He has won the UK Championship


twice, he won the Masters last year. I think he has put the match with


Ronnie O'Sullivan behind him. I think he probably thought he was


the best player in the world. He beat Ronnie in the final of the


Irish Masters. He probably wanted to show everyone, maybe to prove


that he was the best player in the world. And he found out that he was


not. Perhaps it is a little hard to accept. He seemed to be off the


boil for a couple of seasons. Stephen, you have been the most


prolific break-builder in the game, would you say that he does it in


the right order? Yes, he plays every single shot that I would play.


I can see what he wants to do. I think that this year in the World


Championship he showed that he was very close to being the complete


player. There are times when you watch Ding Junhui and he is in his


chair and slumped, he looks fed-up and like he does not want to be


there. I think he has come of age in this year's World Championship.


We are starting to know all little bit more about Ding Junhui as he


starts to speak our language. not forget, he has two billion


people who support him. It must be a huge pressure for him, playing in


China, but he does very well. Down the years it is almost inevitable


that the World Championship will be in China at some stage.


Well, we have hinted at Neil Robertson's burning desire to win


this event and become only the 11th man to claim the UK and world


titles, but his record is patchy here. He has never gone beyond this


point, losing in 2005 to Ding Junhui, and again last year. We're


going to join this match at 1-1. It is high-quality so far. This is the


third frame. The Australian is trailing by 14 points. It is Terry


Griffiths and John Virgo in the When you're playing that, he had to


hit the red he was playing very thin. The last thing he wanted to


do was to play it with drag, as he did there, with left and side. --


left-hand side. He did not make the best job of that. He wanted to


bring the other red away from the baulk cushion and he has not done.


I do not see how he can bring that it red into play or of any colour


that he pots. -- into play-off of The blue goes on the highest


available spot, which is the black He has not got the snooker behind


the green. Has the yellow come to It may be worth across double here,


the red into the Right Centre, bring the Ku ball right down for


He is normally very positive with his shot selection, especially


later on in the frame. He did not quite judge it correctly but I


REFEREE: Foul. The safety has not been of the


highest quality from either player. More colours are going safe, so it


is not going to be easy for either player to clinch when they get the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


If he pots the blight that will pit in four. -- that will put him four


points in front. -- pots the black. The think we have a new favourite


He just wants to leave a nice angle on the green. Whatever happens, it


is imperative that he gets a nice angle on the green and, of course,


a nice angle on the brown to get on to the blue. He has decided to play


this way. I don't disagree with it. It is all about potting this green


He wanted a better one than this. He is going to have to use all of


his cue power now to get position from brown to blue. This should


have been a quarter ball cut. You would normally play this with lots


of left-hand side but, the pacy is going to have to hit it, well, he


is going to have to be very accurate with the pot. In all


honesty, he will do very well to He did not get enough side on it.


He is 13 points in front, but there The only saving grace is the bridge


over the black can stop that makes this shot about 50% more difficult


to make it. You certainly can't control the Ku ball. -- the cue


How good a shot was that? We is the cue ball going? We will not see


many better pots than that, will we? He needs the three balls.


just has a slight angle on the Spink but has to be accurate. -- on


Superb, absolutely superb! He did not want to leave the pink in a


position where it could be missed. It went in favour of Ding Junhui.


He leads 2-1. HAZEL IRVINE: In Monfils, Robertson


had breaks of 41 and 31. It is 2-2 at their interval. Impressions of


what seems like a very open match? Yes, two of the straightest and


strongest cue actions in the game. Superb to win a frame in that way.


Of course, Neil Robertson has been excellent this season so far, so he


is no pushover. And this is the fifth match in the series between


these men. It is 2-2, so something has to give. There is nothing


between them. The two frames that Ding Junhui has won there, he was


lucky in both. You might remember the conversation


we had last night about the fall- out accruing from Mark Allen's


comments regarding Barry Hearn. It was actually John and Ken who were


in the studio, and this is what they had to say about the matter.


I don't see where he is coming from. We have more tournaments. There is


a World Cup this year, of which was very successful. We may have more


tournaments in India and China. I do not relate where -- know where


he is coming from. I think most of the players are happy that he has


come in. We only had six tournaments a few years ago. There


hath to be tweaks. How will it affect his performance


this evening? It just depends what he is like is a character whether


he can go out and blank everything out.


Mark Allen had a 6-2 victory. Clearly, all of the Ferrari has


served to galvanise him. -- furore. He came to the press conference


with a piece of takeover is. The silence did not last for long.


Obviously, with all of the press that I have got, most people seem


to be against me, but that does not bother me in the slightest. I am


here to try to win snooker matches and hopefully win my first major


tournament. Whether I get good press a bad, it does not make any


difference to me. If anything, I will use it as something to spur me


on. People were writing me off today, saying that I would be under


too much pressure with all the bad press, but what do they not? It


seems to have been blown out of proportion, really. If you take the


swear word out of what I said, which is what I am getting all the


criticism for, I think it was only an opinion, at the end of the day.


The last time I checked, it was freedom of speech and I was


entitled to my opinion. At no point might did I think he


could not win the match or the championship. He has a very good


chance. I was making the point Mike that he would be up against it to


put everything behind him and to win against Ali Carter. Oh well


done to him. In no way was it a criticism, it was merely an


observation. He was making his point, and this is clearly a man


who gets fired up because of a cost. It is actually galvanising him,


isn't it, Steve? Yes. I think some people can do well with a bunker


mentality. If you get that cause and you believe in it, you can be a


stronger player on the table because of it. On 16th December we


have our AGM where Barry Hearn will be in attendance. Any player who


wants to come along and speak about their grievances, that is a


fantastic platform to do that. I would encourage him to be at that.


There is further fall-out, not really from Mark Allen's comets,


but their defeat that he inflicted upon Ali Carter last night. Having


said that he was looking forward to his match, this is what Ali posted


yesterday. I am not sure whether this was done


in haste or whether it was a considered reflection. What was


you're view of that, John? Very surprising. There are few players


this morning he must be thinking they will be back in the top 16


soon. He will probably look at it in the cold light of day


differently. Perhaps he is serious. That is


another level entirely, really. This championship is proving rather


eventful, gentlemen. Shall we get Judd Trump was on Twitter during


the break, saying, I have not got going yet. I do not know what he is


going to do if he gets going! I would not mind playing the way


that he does and not get going! His pot success rate for this match


is good, but I do not think that Stephen Maguire has missed many.


The safety play from Maguire has been absolutely superb. This was a


poor safety shot from Judd, so that will bring his percentage down. He


hit it far too thick, hence The baulk colours have always been


on their spots since the game was invented. Because he is quite close


to the cushioned it will be a tough job to guarantee getting the


guaranteed gap that you would expect him to, playing at this


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


A little shake of the head from Stephen Maguire. He knows these are


pretty straightforward for this boy. The problem is he will have to


swing the cue ball round the black and get up on either the blue or


He looks like he is going all-out for the pot here. It is the only


way he can guarantee getting back into baulk. He did not really get


the screw. He has left Judd Trump are relatively easy red at distance,


which he is usually pretty He may decide to play the blue into


He is just trying to see if that black gods there, what do you


think? He has got to be dead straight behind it. Can he stun


Excellent cue power again. Too many players in the game play these


types of shops -- not too many. is a lot easier when he is so close


to the blue to get the path through the baulk colours. Nearer the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


cushion it is harder to play, isn't Male thing that could go wrong


-- the only thing. And, once again, he has developed this from nothing


into a possible frame-winner. have a look at the cue ball here.


Lots of power here. He has played as a little more controlled. He is


on a red into this left-hand corner pocket. He is taking these really


Judd Trump up to 92% pot success. He is going to need one more could


cannon to win this frame. -- one of good cannon. When you play cannons


into the pack, would you prefer to be low on the black? That was my


A lot of players do not have the I think he is on the red into the


I wonder if he is feeling his left Just one more red and that will be


Judd Trump going further clear at Judd Trump is another one of those


at left-handed players that uses the rest right handed which is very


It does not get a lot better than this, does it? No, an excellent


break. The only thing missing now is a century. The highest break so


far, 144, that was by Stephen Maguire. Judd Trump's highest break


Both players made 35 centuries last season. This season, Judd Trump has


made 19 and Stephen Maguire has Has he snookered himself? Maybe he


can just see the outside edge? Excellent shot! They wonderful


century, century number 20 for the season so far. His highest break of


He does not know where the white is going! Not a good positional


player! He has got to be careful of his tip! 106 proves enough to take


the frame as Stephen Maguire walks at. He has got a lot to contemplate.


Judd Trump goes ahead there are two four frames to one. For talking


about spend, we can show you where Stephen Maguire was. I talked about


when it is near the cushion, how difficult it is to avoid the pot


colours. Before he is -- because he is digging down on the ball, the


white pushes through. He was playing to comeback in between the


green and brown. A few seconds later we see Judd Trump on the


opposite side of the table. His hand is right on the table and


there was no problem getting it round the table. Two different


examples. When it is in the middle of the table, it is virtually


impossible. We are going to show you the shot that Judd Trump played.


He hits very low on the left-hand side. Watch the cue ball when it


hits the cushion. It skids and then it's -- and then it week side takes.


You can see the examination of the cue ball as it hits the pop cushion.


It is amazing how long it takes before it speeds up. It is like a


delayed reaction, like a screw shot. It takes a while for the screwed to


take on the cue ball. It stops for a little bit and then accelerates.


You can see the statistics for both players. The safety success is the


key thing for me. Judd Trump has been doing all the scoring but his


safety success is relatively low. His pot success is absolutely


superb. The highest break of the match for Stephen Maguire. Only 37.


He will have to improve on that. After winning the first frame,


Stephen Maguire has lost the next four. He must get motoring pretty


soon. It was only an hour ago that we were suggesting that Judd Trump


needed to get a foothold in the match. An hour later, he is 4-1 in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


It is amazing, when things are going well, you can see on Stephen


Maguire's face, he is disgusted he got the double-kiss and the blue


has come to his rescue. It always goes to the player who appears to


be playing a little better. Because he played plain ball, he tried to


avoid the kiss and it kept rolling. Now he has only got a possible shot


He played it well, that is not too Here it is a possible shot. A long


red to corner. He wants to hit the top cushion and hit the red almost


full ball just below the black spot. The white will stay on the black.


He is a little bit unlucky. He did That was another example. Stephen


Maguire's safety, you would be happy with that. But he just knocks


it in. This is a difficult shot. Not quite sure how he will get at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


There is the difference. Stephen Maguire gets a double-kiss and


leaves one on. This is really worrying. If he lost this frame, it


would be very hard to see him when. Saying that, Shaun Murphy was 5-1


in front yesterday and Martin Gould did remarkably well to get back to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


Judd Trump's pot success up to 93%. Can he avoid the kiss on the red


He has played that very well. key to that shot, getting the other


red to get out of the way. He could not have played it better. It


reminds me of Alex Higgins and Jimmy White. He sees the shot very


quickly. In advice to other players, sometimes when they take their time,


they might think of things that can go wrong. He seems to see it very


He has again opened up the reds. Perfect position. As John Parrott


You would have to suggest that he is possibly the quickest player in


the game now. Ronnie is very, very quick. I think his average shot


time in the Ronnie match was... 17 seconds. In this match, 19 seconds.


Because he plays so quickly, he does not see the negatives, he does


not see what can go wrong. He is full of confidence. Even though he


would have been disappointed at losing at the World Championship,


his win in China has given him so Particularly on this big stage in


front of the television cameras, big crowds, he just wants to


impress and show what he can do. do not think there was any player


in the world who could have beaten Judd Trump at that championship,


the way he was playing. John Higgins are hung on and then Judd


John Higgins got himself back into that match and went on to win. A


little cannon on the pink would In a few short years as a


professional, he has already are two related 129 centuries, 130


after the last frame. -- he has A good return. Stephen Maguire on


the other hand, to render them five centuries since he turned


professional in 1999. -- 205 centuries. It has been a master


Do you think he is feeling his left Playing a little exhibition shot


there but it never worked. Back to back centuries, both of 106.


Stephen Maguire did precious little wrong. Judd Trump goes 5-1 ahead in


the match. STUDIO: 5-1 is a very surprising scoreline considering


all of the pre-match build up and the credit we were giving 2 Stephen


Maguire. It is a bombardment of spotting. You can sit there and


wonder what is happening and I think Stephen Maguire is probably


doing that. It shows you what can be achieved if you go for your


shots. That is the modern-day way of playing. Probably, even though


Stephen Maguire has been playing very well, you would have to say


that Judd Trump is in the right time of his life to move it up and


come on to being a better player. We were discussing this while the


frame was going on, how he has suddenly jumped up a level. He has


not followed the typical craft of natural progression and an upward


curve. It has suddenly shot into life. It has indeed. We mentioned


that it would be a different day for Judd Trump because he is


playing someone like Maguire. It is also different day for Maguire


because he has never played anyone might Judd. Judd has had more


experience of playing in the Premier league. All of a sudden, he


likes being out there and being centre of attention. He would


certainly be centre of attention if he cleans this one up. I wonder


what sort of resistance Maguire can By the look of that pot, Hazel,


probably quite a bit. But he has finished a little bit close to the


cushion. I do not see how he can get onto a red. He will have to


play a stun shot. That makes the He deserves to be on the red and he


Just a little bit short of pace. He would love to be a little bit


straighter on the black. He might That looks pretty good to me.


Having said that, he cannot believe he is not on a red at there! For


all the world, it looks like those reds would go over the middle


pocket. They have blocked each You want to have good eyesight to


get that red in there! 6 definitely Very, very unlucky there, Stephen.


To think that none of those reds potted anywhere, it is incredible.


You are entitled to be moaning about your luck when something like


It never rains, but it pours! Completely mishit the safety. Hit


the jaw, kissed the brown and left APPLAUSE This would go down as a


relatively good safety shot from Stephen. He has got the cue ball on


the cushion. But you know that Judd He did not refuse it. Because of


being 5-1 in front, he probably Well done! He will be disappointed


he did not get a frame on the board now. The highest break is 37 so far.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


A nice little shot, wasn't it? Holding for the pink into the left


centre. I do not think pink goes on the spot so the highest available


is the brown coloured. -- is the He has already made a couple of


centuries in this tournament. He has scored pretty well in his


previous matches. As Steve Davis said, he is being bombarded by Judd


Trump who is potting and break- It is very hard to hide the white


anywhere. Every single shot, you are under pressure. It makes the


safety a whole different ball game. You have got to virtually snooker


him. You cannot afford to be anything sticking out, he will go


for it. That must have put Stephen off today because he has played


very well throughout the tournament, probably, in fairness better than


Judd. He has those little times in matches when he suddenly disappear


This is his highest break of the match so far and you would expect


69 ahead, just this red. That would He is hanging on in this tournament,


and when you think he might be going out of the tournament with a


94% success rate, that it just shows you how well Judd Trump is


playing. What a shame! No century. It's the lead of 78 is more than


enough what Judd Trump to concede. He now leads 5-2. Stephen Maguire


did what he had to do. It is so difficult, in fairness, when you


are 5-1 behind, sitting there thinking I have not done that much


wrong. Just a few loose safety shots. Judd Trump has made the most


of the opportunities. That is the difference between the two players.


Do you think Stephen has now got to play Judd Trump's way? Or would you


still think he has got to play safety first? The only things that


is letting Judd Trump down is his safety. That is very hard, to hide


the cue ball. He is such a good potter. Stephen Maguire has just


got to concentrate on his own game, take each frame as it comes. That


is the beauty of snooker. Every single frame is different. The


hardest one to win is always the one to get over the line and


Stephen Maguire will know that more than many. He just has to


concentrate on what is ahead and He has certainly discovered had to


cover the reds on the right-hand side but this time he has brought


one out on the left-hand side. I do not think it is anywhere near


straight enough to get back into baulk from it. He may roll it off


the side cushion into the pack. Too risky to play for the black come


That is a lot better safety. If it had kissed the brown it would not


have been any good. He has got it all -- got it snookered on all 15


reds apart from the one below the He played a shot similar to this on


his last attempt so the angle is still there. Past the yellow and


nestling on to the red. The only problem is, if he doesn't get tight


to the pack, he will have that He wanted to kiss the yellow but he


If it hadn't kissed, he would have been able to see this red between


the green and yellow. But he has now covered the red. Amazing.


Doesn't matter how good a player you are, that little bit of luck


A good shot. A little bit wary of believing that red over the bottom


hand right corner pocket. -- that Could come off the side cushion


A round of applause, but he has a few reds here. Not the best shot in


I just wonder whether we will see a turnaround in this match now. He


looks like he has the bit between their teeth and he is one of these


He is one of the very few players in the game where you can see a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


turnaround from 5-1 in the game, There are plenty of loose reds


available but because the pink and black are tied up, if he plays the


cannon onto the pink... And that was well played. Couldn't have hit


that much better. Earlier on, we talked about a shot where he could


have brought the pink into play but he didn't. I wonder whether playing


All of a sudden, everything he is Still not a wonderful chance


because those two reds obscuring that pocket. A little bit of work


to do yet. He could get the pink in the middle quite easily now, I


think. Or maybe not. He might have to screw back for the blue in the


middle and has to be a bit careful because if he plays that, it would


He played for the pink in the middle and this is a bit tricky. He


is playing for it into the corner pocket because he did not quite get


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


He didn't have the correct angle on the right hand red to the pink, so


he played that one. And played very confident leave. He seems to have


found his form again, Stephen Maguire. Judd Trump will not be


worrying about things just yet but if he happens to win the next frame


as well, you might see some nerves The will to win from Maguire is


showing this afternoon. I am not sure if he has had that over the


last couple of years. When you are playing well, it is so easy but


when your opponent is playing well against you, do you have that


fight? Do you have that will to He has suffered a barrage of breaks


from Trump. But he has battled back Now he can try once again to bring


these other balls back into play. Two hours. It doesn't seem that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


The crowd enjoyed that one, and He misses the pink but he won't


mind. Another frame and he closes the gap. Judd Trump still leads by


five frames to three. We were telling you about Ali


Carter tweeting after his defence - - defeat to Mark Allen. Ali has


been on the phone and he has been saying, thank you for all your


messages. Maybe I should have kept my thoughts to myself. They were in


the heat of the moment but I genuinely have serious thinking to


do about my future at the end of this season and which direction I


want to head. So he clearly is suffering in the wake of that


defeat to Mark Allen. Funnily enough, Mark always has raged you


must take on life. Mark King tweeted, I am number 28 and if 12


of them retire, I will be back in the top 16! He always has a laugh


at these things. It is interesting, though. The messages coming through


Twitter? Yes. And now Barry Hearn has come into the game and he is


asking more of the players to played everybody around. Some will


have to make a decision on their future because it could become a


young single man's sport. Well, there is a young single man out


there, 22-year-old Judd Trump. Stephen Maguire, father of three,


A very good. Macro, that. Stephen Maguire being a family man and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


unable to play everybody around. -- Macro it has happened once in the


match and it nearly happened again. He can swing this cue ball round


He decided to find an alternative safety. Can't quite see... He is


not playing the last red in that Such a big target between the


A good opportunity and an excellent shot. He is on the black. That was


well spotted, wasn't it? But how Very well controlled. I am not sure


whether the black spots but have a look at the top spin here. The cue


ball just stops and that was very Usually when a player plays a hard


shot, his head would have to move a lot. But you will notice here, his


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


head and never deviated. Very Just a fraction away from being on


Now the black spot is clear, he He could possibly play on a couple


of colours here. The pink bows go. He just overhit it slightly so he


is on the green or the blue, if he If he just rolls the green, he will


be on the red but at her distance. Anywhere in between pink and blue


This has certainly opened things up now. Excellent opportunity to seal


the frame and match at this visit. And it all came from that wonderful


Stephen Maguire had played such a good safety shot. And for the third


You can see the pot success there. It is strange, because in my


opinion, Maguire played the best This has been top four, this break.


Two more reds, two will colours and Trump will be the first player into


He always prefers to pump the balls Stephen Maguire will have to wait


another year to have a go at this This boy has scored so well when he


has got in. So prolific and his confidence is building in every


He could have been out in the first round against Dominic Dale but for


a couple of flukes. He has been a different player since then. And


I am just trying to get my head round what Stephen Maguire must be


thinking, because he has lost three frames from having him glued on the


top cushion. What are you supposed to do? This is the possible 27th


Absolutely played superbly today, has Trump. He has potted balls...


Well, I've never seen anything like Stephen Maguire has nothing to be


ashamed about today. He has just It is very rare to get a 92% pot


success rate, but that is what will happen here!


I bet you didn't expect that! Hold We can only congratulate Judd Trump


in what has been an amazing exhibition of snooker. Three


centuries and pots off the lampshade take Judd Trump into the


semi-final. HAZEL IRVINE: yes, the first into


the semi-final, with a spring in his step. And no wonder. My


goodness! He was possibly a bit lucky to get through his match


against Dominic Dale. He managed to get over the line against Ronnie


but that was a class apart. How has he been able to turn it on like


that? What has clicked? conference from beating O'Sullivan,


no matter what. -- the confidence. And it big day match played today,


and, boy, did he produce a performance! This fierce red he


knocks in here is just ridiculous O. When somebody comes of age in the


game, I do remember a moment in my career when I thought, OK, I am all


right. I could beat the lot of them. I remember the moment when I


thought, nothing can touch me. And it is that sort of moment. Judd is


in the wings. I don't want to tempt fate because anything could happen.


But that was amazing today. I am sure Stephen Maguire will go in and


he is disappointed. When two out of three are your best safety shots


and you don't get anything... he is. Congratulations, Judd. The


first time you have been Stephen and a bit more straightforward than


even you could have hoped for? I think the first few frames turned


it. In the second bit I just kind of kick on from there and did not


leave him a chance. He looked like he was playing well and did not


give up. Usually when you go behind, I thought he might go for a few


rash ones. But he kept me tired and I was just looking for a chance.


were just discussing before, three centuries, you have not made one


before this moment. You struggled past Dominic Dale and then Ronnie


O'Sullivan. What was the difference between your performance today and


those earlier rounds? I didn't feel good. I probably felt worse today


than those games. My safety is really getting me down. I have got


a lot to improve on. I am just giving away far too many chances


too easily. So just shooting in instead! It is working! But you are


going out there and once you get amongst the balls... We have had a


lot of Max play this season. And in amongst the balls? Yes. I am


playing well and potting well but my safety has not been great. But


when I am out there, I feel so confident. Whereas last season, I


just didn't want to be there. you think the Premier League


exposed to do that? Yeah, and even him playing in the PTC, because a


lot of the games have been on TV so I am just trying to get as much TV


coverage as possible and get used to it. There is the chance that on


with this, you might be one of the television tables featured often.


In general terms, though, you have amassed an army of fans and they


love the fact that you are communicating with them and a


profile you have. You are a young single man-about-town and you have


been featured in snooker and in sport in general. What is the best


part and worst part about your lifestyle? The worst is probably


practising! I have probably practised less than I have done in


my whole career this season and I am playing the best. So I just kind


of try to enjoy it and not take in too much practice and just go out


and have fun. Off the table, I am trying to enjoy myself and


forgetting about snooker. The thing is, you're playing more matches...


You cannot beat match play. With the PTCs and the tournaments, that


is what is keeping your shot. You don't need to do over-training.


am not putting words in your mouth, but from your perspective, you


obviously enjoying what you're doing. There are some players who


do not like so much of the PTCs. It is a tough balance? Yes. I think


Barry has tried very hard and you obviously cannot please everybody.


I think the European ones have been very successful. It is not nice


going back to playing cubicles in Sheffield and that. So I have been


thinking, cut those out and go back to 6 or aid big European ones.


they are more exciting? They are more enjoyable for everybody


because the crowds have been a great and a lot of the players look


forward to them. You are added point in your career now where


you're developing your own style. - - you are at. Is there the feeling


you can compete in big events and are you consciously trying to do


that, or are you just playing the I have looked forward to this


tournament more than Australia and China. It is different playing


abroad. The game is not quite as good. The conditions are not quite


as good as over here. The momentum that you are feeling, are you


beginning to get reminders of what back was like at the Crucible with


your progress here? I feel at home here now. I want to be in the


latter stages of the tournament and down to one table where it all eyes


are on me. You will be playing Ding Junhui or Neil Robertson. They are


out there now. Well done today. Let us dip into the bolt once again. --


I think I am quite a nice person. I am a good listener and I like to


give people advice. My mum gives me a call before every match. It does


not matter what time it is, if it is 4 am, she will always leave a


message for me. Seriously? You want me to do it? OK. My friend and I


worked at had to do it when we were eight years old in school. I am


quite lazy, I forget to do stuff. I do not do it on purpose, I just


forget. I love playing video games. I just love escaping. I can play


games for 10 hours straight, no problem. Pre-match, before the


World Championship, that was probably the most nervous I had


been. The whole country was expecting me to do well and that


The always interesting as Neil Robertson giving his thoughts. We


left this match at 2-2. We go into frame five. Robertson is at the


table. He will certainly be taking this


He is looking for the pink. He has hit that sweet as a nut. Beautiful


Quite a lot of respect for Neil Robertson. I have seen him play in


his earlier days travelling far away from the Australia. There is


something about his style of play... I've read an article once which


said that the mark of a championship -- the champion is


when someone can reach down to the best of themselves when the


I have always said it with the overseas players, it is very


difficult living out of a suitcase. When we used to go overseas to play,


we did not have to spend that much time there, living out of a


With no money, it is a little bit harder as well. Neil and many


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


others have had to go through that He caught that a little bit on the


full side. Slightly short on the pink. He is having a look what is


available. He may not have do go into the pack this time because


If he does lose position on the pink, he will have to go up for the


blue. So much easier when blue, pink and black are available, after


He looked to have the perfect angle on the red. He will be a bit


disappointed he does not have the If he had the nice angle, he would


not have to leave himself so far away from the next intended red. He


is such a good potter, you fancy him knocking it in. You would think


the one to the left corner would be the one he would play. He has still


got a bit of work to do with the He made light of their it -- light


of it and has the perfect angle on He has got the two reds in the open


on the left-hand side of the table. He has a 55 point lead. He does not


have to open the four reds. If he He did play the cannon and it has


gone wrong. OK, he wanted to hit the four reds more fully but there


was no need to play the cannon there. He may be able to pot the


red to the left middle but it is Caught the reds are in play.


Sometimes you feel as though it was a frame-winning opportunity and you


do not want to turn it down. But do He took it on and who could blame


him when you pot like that. He is a It does help to boost your self-


belief if you keep potting shots like that. This pink would put him


67 points in front with 67 Straighter on the pink than he


He could have left it easier than this. I do not think he can see


enough of the red to get the He only needs the red. Can he bend


it a little bit with side? If he could, I think he would have played


67 points in front, 67 remaining. I am sure he took into account


there that the black is safe. Ding needs the black with every red and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


A good length to the cue ball but no real pressure on the shot. He


will make certain he puts that cue ball to the baulk end. But he has


hit that a little thin. There is a chance to hit the red. If he


cannons on the reds into the black, And he has got the reds in La! It


is not beyond the realms of possibility here that he can play


this frame. He has asked for the cue ball to be cleaned and he has


said, no. He cannot guarantee that he would be able to get the cue


The referee will be pleased that it This frame is continuing along the


lines of other frames. The good break is not quite clinching it.


One big break of 101 in the second That will come as a shot to Ding


That was frame at ball. Pension we had a slim chance there -- doing


didn't week had a chance. Now the frame is in the pocket of Neil


Robertson. Ding Junhui will not come back to the table. This will


be the first time that Neil Robertson has been in front in this


A terrific pot! He could not get a good position on the next red. It


is all immaterial. As soon as he misses, the frame will be conceded


and the referee will start setting So Ding Junhui concedes. Neil


Robertson for the first time in the match takes the lead. STUDIO: The


world champion is in the ascendancy for the first time in this quarter-


final. Roberts then finds himself 54 parlance -- 54 points behind in


He will have to bounce this one, heating down into it. He hit that


nicely. Unless the top a red of those three, he has got a tough pot


Ding's head was on his hands, wondering whether the red he took


on is going to cost him the frame. A few frames have turned around.


Ding was 55 behind in the first A chance here when potting the


black to nudge it into the two reds to bring them into play. The black


struggled in and one of those reds pots anyway. He does not have to


play the cannon. In an ideal world, he would have liked to have been


Important when potting that red that he did not kiss the other one


safe. A fraction short of pace there. He will have to go for the


There may be some value in potting the red and then going down for the


colours are down at the baulk end. He does not want to play for the


He did play for the blue! He has I am with you. I would rather have


gone up for the pink or the green. Eight points behind now and he has


overrun that slightly. I think the green passes the pink because


earlier on he potted the green. I issue it still passes the pink. He


would like to have been better on He rolled it in dead weight but he


has finished so tight on the cushion. It is debatable now


whether he has got the potting angle on the green to get position


on the brown coloured. When it you are that tight to the cushion, you


There may be some value in rolling up on the pink and playing the


He did not fancy playing the snooker. But I cannot see him play


in the brown here. It is a very Just the safety. As usual, that


went wrong, the clearance of the last red. He had to stun it down


for the yellow and it was a fraction too hard. He was trying to


force the angle and it is always difficult to judge the pace of the


cue ball then. That cost him the chance to win the frame at that


He may get another chance here. Ding was lucky then. He missed it


Just playing the safety. We have said it so many times, the pot


success of a player is what you need. 94%. Neil Robertson, 92%. --


Neil Robertson, 94%. But the safety That is another very poor shot.


That was so bad. He just mishit it. You cannot believe it sometimes.


Particularly when they are so accurate with the long potting. It


can only be a lack of concentration. He is not getting the spin on the


ball. He missed time did. Like you say, he was nowhere near it and it


could cost him. I do not think he can play it with too much pace but


That is two good opportunities he has had, Neil Robertson. I always


remember when Jimmy White was a young lad and he was a tremendous


player at the age of 17. He won the World Amateur Championships. I said


to him, if you could put as much concentration into playing safe as


you do it into potting the balls, you would when a lot more than you


lose. It is sometimes, that is what I honestly believe, they do not


give the safety side of it a lot of respect. There is no reason why you


cannot put your concentration into safety. It can be the difference


He is a bit wide with that one. That is being kind. When you


compare safety and potting, they say that it is a little bit like


buying an insurance policy or a I used to sell insurance, by the


way. I thought it was colour I can see you walking through the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


If he can get enough side to get behind the brown... I am not


certain he can get behind the brown coloured. If he does not, he is


getting on the two-cushion escape. He played back perfectly. There was


always a risk the brown coloured could have gone towards the corner


A good safety, safe in the knowledge that the black would


cover the pot into the left corner. He has mishit back. Much too than.


He has been fortunate not to leave an easier pot for Ding. This is a


In a better attempt this time to get behind the black. He has


covered part of the brown with the pink. This has become a very


important frame now. Both players It would be the first time he has


gone two frames in front. It will take the winner into the semi-


finals. And then the frames, of This tournament used to be the best


of 17 from Billy one. -- day one. Neil Robertson, just coming around


He didn't really fully commit to the pot. It puts him one point in


It is very close. Are they going to be all square? Or will be


Australian have a two-frame Another good safety. Took a long


time to decide what shot to play and then played it very well. The


previous shot with the brown was He has played it slow and this is


risky. He has got it safe but he will be in trouble the next time he


comes to the table. Bound to be And of course, the blue in the


middle of -- of the table, which makes it a chance for Ding. It puts


He played that to try and force an angle off one cushion. But he gave


it back spin, which means the cue ball came off with a narrow angle.


It is always difficult to judge and this is where the rule is a


difficult one. He has got the blue safe. I am pleased to the frame


hasn't been decided on the miss rule. He could miss that quite


easily and then he would have Can Ding Junhui send this blue


around the angles? Get it safe? Got to try a bit of -- and put a bit of


distance between the cue ball. He doesn't want to leave the blue near


Neil Robertson still needs blue and That is why he refused the pot on


the blue. Very straight on the blue. And that was good. Ding Junhui may


be able to get to the edge of the Hmm, that is not much good. Not at


all. So the blue and the pink, that He played an excellent safety in


the previous visit but that was a tough shot. But he carted too thin.


He has overdone it slightly. He is on it but he would have liked the


cue ball on the baulk line rather The pink is in! That is the longest


frame of the match and probably the most important. It takes him two in


front at 4-2. HAZEL IRVINE: You can see just how


much that means to him. We go into frame seven and it is Robertson to


play. He is head this time by 16. - If the pink goes, this is a really


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


He has gone for the blue this time A lot of noise coming from the


other table as that reaches a Neil Robertson is taking his time


before playing this shot and you This is another important visit, a


It is not running smoothly, this break, to date. Just can't get that


one positional shot that would move them all out, give him a chance to


An unexpected miss. It caught up with him eventually. As you say


Maghreb, could just not get into that perfect position. This is a


big chance for Ding Junhui and you feel he has to take it. Neil


Robertson will be sat there, frustrated. But this is a big, big


He is not going to get back into this match missing balls and


He is on the pink and the red went through the corner. Not a clean pot


He is OK. If he had gone a few inches further, he would have been


He is now taking his time to decide at what shot to play. It will be


amazing if the balls don't run as he wants them to when he needs it


He should get them now. Yes. Three of these remaining reds would be


more than enough. He will be within one frame of a place in the semi-


The last frame had -- could have gone either way and when he won it,


Neil Robertson pumped the air with his fist. That is how much it meant


You must admit, when they were 2-2 at the interval I thought it would


be nip and tuck all the way. But if anything, he has kept his


You are sensing that victory in the same way that sharks detect a drop


He just overscrewed that slightly. But he might be able to get on the


Yes. It didn't matter about the green. The frame was won long


before that. Neil Robertson is sitting very comfortably now. He is


just one frame away from a place in the semi-final.


HAZEL IRVINE: one frame away from exacting some revenge, as well,


over Ding Junhui, who beat him in the UK finals six years ago. But


still work to be done and it is Ding at the table. Just one red


JOHN VIRGO: He has got to play what we call in the trade don't-miss-


snooker. Because any miss from he won in could be his last shot. --


We have said it many times. He is Sometimes, when you have gone to


the point of no return, he needs to win this frame, obviously, and all


the remaining frames. It takes a bit of pressure off and you have to


fully commit to what is in front of It might sound silly but it is


possibly easier for Ding, this opportunity, than it would have


been for Neil Robertson, because for him it would have been the


frame to win but for Ding, it is just a matter of "hold on in that


I was going to say... How many times have people been told to


switch off their mobile phones? He is on a vital shot. That shouldn't


I would like to do a survey in the crowd to see how many forgot their


They have all got the facility now to turn to silent when they are in


A few of the Chinese fans there. I don't think they were looking when


Neil Robertson got into the balls. Reading a programme instead,


preying he is going to miss. Sometimes it is worse watching than


You couldn't ask for a much better chance than this to clinch the


He has been the stronger of the two players, no doubt about that. He


has made the biggest breaks and looked a bit more secure down on


the table when the pressure was on, Once again, he has picked up his


pace, John? Yes. He is a free As we say, such a good scorer when


he gets in and yet his highest break has only been 56. He has had


enough chances, so a disappointing Neil Robertson it needs the two


One good positional shot now and he has decided to play for the pink


Good, clean pot. As long as it slows up a little bit... You would


think it is a formality now. I think this is the end of Ding


Junhui for this year. He has won this championship was before. --


He has not played well enough so he will not win it a third time, at


least not this year. Against a potter of the prowess of Neil


Robertson. He has left him too many The Australian marches on. A former


world champion and he would love to have that World Championship and UK


Ding Junhui brings with him a lot of support and there will be some


disappointed people but that is the way it goes at times. He says, well


done, to Neil Robertson. He will be delighted because Ding Junhui is a


very dangerous opponent, but in the end, the Aussie has run out and


come to a winner by 6-2. I tend to play a lot better when the match is


on the line. In previous years, I used to be very vulnerable in the


first and second rounds and my concentration wasn't there. I never


used to get excited because for me, Isle of winning tournaments and


playing in semis and semi-finals. - - I love winning. Today I felt so


confident. I was convinced I was going to win. I just knew. And I


was hitting the balls so well in practice yesterday and today. I


felt fantastic out there. I think Judd would have said the same after


his match. He was playing really well. So, you know, we are in for a


huge encounter tomorrow. HAZEL IRVINE: Wishaw are, because


that is the semi-final line-up. Neil Robertson playing Judd Trump.


-- we sure are. Mighty impressive today. He is in great form. We have


seen him knocking the balls around but there is nothing like doing it


in the match. I said earlier on that Ding would have been happy to


nick a couple of the games. And he is very confident so he is very


dangerous. What is refreshing and rather unusual is for a top player


to come out and say, I feel great and I knew I would win have.


Because you tend to keep things back from the public? Yes. If you


are in that frame of mind, it is addictive. To watch your player


wilt... If you tell yourself enough times that you are brilliant, that


is the way to go. He has done very well and played well in a couple of


the PDCs and had back to back wins. He said he thought this was the


best he has been playing ever. And two of the players who are possibly


playing the best in the game of snooker in the next encounter.


Ronnie has won two and Judd and Neil have both won two as well.


These four will be playing each other in the semi-final tomorrow.


That is a shoot-out and-a-half to look forward to. Robertson is one


to watch. There are those in sport who have gone out and said that


before and then there opponent has played much better, though. Let's


see how things are shaping up because we none of format. The


line-up is Neil against Judd, but this evening it will be either


Shaun Murphy against Ricky Walden or Mark Allen against Marco Fu.


What do you think? Are think the barriers for the best players in


the world are changing and we are going through a transitional stage.


I don't think we know who will be playing the best at the moment. In


the bottom half of the draw,... seeds we have are five, 13 and 40,


so it is a bit more open. Yes. And they can say, I am going to do it


again! It has been very high- quality snooker we have enjoyed


today in the first part of our quarter-finals. Rishi will be in


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