Day 5 UK Snooker Championship

Day 5

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Selby in awesome form. The number one player in the world,


Mark Selby was out to seal his spot. His second round match against


but we start with news of the match between Sean Murphy and Martin


Gould and firstly Mark Williams against Ricky Waldon.


I would suggest. APPLAUSE Fantastic.


Makes the most of a half chance. Mark Williams, the Welsh potting


machine is right back in this. Luke Skywalker, eh?


It can be tricky but you need to leefl in yourself.


Martin Gould hasn't potted a ball in the last two, so Murphy 3-0 in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


He probably took a few quid off me. I can only worry about the things


can I control. Snooker players are sometimes guilty of moaning too


much that every pack should open perfectly, never have a kick. Bad


things happen and you know, I'm pleased to say that I've now


learned to cope with it. I've seen it all before. When you start


putting those reds in, I thought this has got it written all over it.


I'm pleased I made a fight of it. I'm disappointed, but I wish Shaun


the best and he might repeat what he did last time, he went on to win.


So one former champion, Mark Williams is out, Shaun Murphy is


through. Now it's time for Mark Selby against Marco Fu. Selby is


the best player in the world but yet to win a major. Let's find out


more about a player that's proveing to be better than just a jester


from Leicester. It's been very difficult. I


sacrificed a lot, especially with the season being more busy. I'd


like to spend more time with kids, but you choose to go to the


practice. You go to the club every day for five, six hours, not spend


as much time. Depends what you want out of the game. If you want more


tournaments, and it's a great feeling.


Whether it's Shanghai and Beijing t last four or five years I've always


done reasonably well. I get to a final or the latter stages. I don't


always do well out there. It is difficult. I am sometimes, the


conditions can more difficult than in the UK to play. I think probably


I adapt a lot better than the others would.


I've probably tried too hard because of what the tournament


carries and the prestige. So I think I got to the semi-final in


2007. I loft in the semi-final on the


final frame. Be nice to get to that again here in the UK. I played well


in another game. If I can maintain that form, I can do it every time.


Standing in his way is Hong Kong's Marco Fu runner-up to Shaun Murphy


in 2008. Selby and Fu met in the quarter finals of the UK


Championship in 007 which Selby won. We will join the action in Frame 6.


Selby to play. Willy. This orne and -- Willy Thorne and John Virgo your


of the very best safety players in the world. Only second to John


Higgins in today's game. That was a Where's the red gone?


You can't beat a bit of luck. That xoub a big slice.


Once he's running loose like that you feel he will lead it straight


have been on the red closest to the top cushion. He's on the middle and


he may be able to get position on frees the black.


I will suggest the only problem ball is the brown.


Brown is a bit tricky from there. He will need that blue to win the


get on the colour, he can get on the gren.


Amazing -- green. Amazingly there's mileage to kiss the brun out. He's


not playing it but he would be naturally beyond the green or the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


brown out to play. That's a great effort.


Slightly thinner. That brown would have been a


perfect pot into the corner pocket. They called it half four to push


past the play. If he catches it a fraction thinner, he pushes it o


over the corner. Yes, and normally when they are that close to the


cushion, if you kiss it fully you can get a double-kiss and develop


He pushed it only in the place that There is a tap on the table there,


ball to the green pocket if he stops the white dead, leaves the


white where the brown is. He will towards the pocket which is making


him reluctant. He is looking to make sure the pink will cover the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


This is proving a tough encounter for Mark Selby. Now trailing 4-3.


Frame 8, Selby to play. 20 points So this is a terrific opportunity


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


frames spurred three or four chances. He's had three or four


chances in this frame, which he looks like he could go on to lose


in it. But he'd only have himself to blame.


He should have won something this evening. He had Mark Selby playing


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


white will come into open play naturally. But it is a bit risky.


Don't know if he is playing it or not.


No, he wasn't playing it. He got some action on that. I can't


believe he's got there. That was a half force shot, how did he get


cue ball is finished but I agree with you, Willie. If he waslikeing


for that red and a colour, and another, maybe it would have been


worth taking the risk. But it's like he wants everything to be


absolutely perfect. I guess he was thinking, the white


will stay on the cushion, but play with a little bit of stun on the


side F you don't it forward you are bound to get the white in open play.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


Fortunately for Mark he's not got interval both players can't


complain about the number of that's gone.


He may have to just push the red good. Okay. Playing the red into


the black it was always every chance it would be available into


the pocket. That is exactly what happened.


So 38 points in front. Red -black, in fact red-blue would


be enough. Well, he missed that by a country


getting bogged down. The importance of the match has


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


If Mark Selby lost this frame and I don't think he will... Oh, where's


the cue ball going? Oh! Sharp intake of breath there.


Not only by Marco, but me, and the whole of the Barbican. He potted


the pink in the wrong side of the pocket. He's not cueing at all well


he looks to have judged the pace. red, though?


The advantage is the green. I know a few people may think we'll


the brown into play. Whether that crosses Marco's mind or not is


another matter, maybe not from this position. Yes, it would have been


won way over staying on the other If he could stop the yellow dead,


you can see, he's straight. He needs to screw back to two inches


and green to brown wouldn't be a problem because he would have a


get into it again. The cue action is just slightly letting him down.


I think he is just about pot the I don't know.


It's in the balance. I'm looking at his body language, it is hard to


tell with Marco. I think he can hit the brown. Can he see enough to pot


and he's not inch-perfect on the blue.


What a blow this would be for Mark have been able to roll the pink in


and get tight on the cushion of the black. The best he can do is


probably finish near the middle pocket. You would think the black


still there. Mark Selby will be He is in danger of going out, but


can Mark Selby produce a fightback? This is where you have to put your


eggs in one basket and stun the red in getting the blue. And a normal


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


Marco would knock this in. He has


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


could, maybe should win frame and match. The balls are absolutely


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


may have to try and canon the middle red of those three to the


right of the pink. He could go wrong.


No good kissing the red directly above the pink. That is too


dangerous. If he kisss the red in the middle of those on the right


he's bound to be on the red, but one is another two or three. You


current form, Mark Selby looks a big favourite.


shock of the tournament so far. Mark Selby went favourite. We saw


Ronnie O'Sullivan go out yesterday. In some ways that makes every


player in the tournament excited. O'Sullivan is not necessarily the


player he was, but he's still in most people's eyes the player to


favourite to win his first UK Title may have made the difference


tonight. Could well have done. This back to the table are looking


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


Mark Selby, though he's World Number 1, he proved that way to be


so consistent. won't be going further h this one


this year. There were certain times when he


looked to be struggling, Marco, he went 2-0 ahead, Mark Selby leveled


to go. But there was a key frame for me,


when Mark Selby got in in the fifth frame, made a break of 53, and a 64


tonight he hasn't played. Didn't have a good run of the ball. He


I thought he was a little bit tentative and maybe should have


gone a little bit more aggressive. APPLAUSE


He didn't and Marco Fu gets the a warm congratulations from Mark


Selby. The Fu family will be over the moon.


Marcus Fu beats the World Number 1 So one more spot to be filled in


the last eight. That will go to the winner of the match.


Both players have been no further. Alan started with a 78 and a


century in the third. After six frames he led 4-2. Here is the next,


Alan to play, but he's trailing by 48 points. In the Chechen tri box


Sir Dennis Taylor and Terry surely. It looks as though there


may be a gap there, Terry, believe at the reds to pass the other one


chair thinking he can't miss from here. And Allan be training so hard


to clear the map. Once you have missed an opportunity,


contact there. It took the pace out of the cue ball. The previous frame,


there was one red near a side cushion, but it was on the other


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


butt of the cue the way he's It looked like he got things going,


and then should have leveled at 3-3, he missed a couple of pots he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


would be easier, but he's not a right-handed person, so it could be


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


Oh, I thought the white was going APPLAUSE


He's just one frame away from a Well, Ali never got going. His


highest break was 48. Mark Allen closed it in the next frame and is


through to the quarter finals for the second successive year.


Mark Allen has been in the headlines for comments about Barry


Hern. He caused amusement by ride fog the press conference with Gaffa


tape. Obviously with all the press, most


people seem to be against me, but that doesn't bother me in the


slightest. I'm here to play snooker and win matches and hopefully the


first major tournament. Whether I get good or bad press won't make


difference to me. If anything I will use it as a positive and


something to spur me on. What I said and what I said in the past,


seems to get a lot of press. Seems to be blown out of proportion in my


eyes. I think obviously the disrepute charge is for the swear


word F you take the swear word out of what I said, which I think


that's what I'm getting the criticism for, I think it is only


an opinion and the last time I checked there was freedom of speech


and I wu entitled to it. Oi gradually improved. As long as I'm


in the tournament I have a chance. There's only eight players left,


I'm one of them. As much as I know I have this, I know I have a chance.


We are down to the last eight and the Quarter-Final line-up: Stephen


Maguire in the mix, and takes on the new poster boy, Trump.


Ding Junhui faces former World Champion Neil Robert son.


Walden's reward for putting out one former champion in Williams is he


will face another in Shaun Murphy and confirmation that Marcus Fu is


having a good run at a tournament he loves. He will face the head-


line maker away from the table in Mark Allen.


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