Day 5, Part 1 UK Snooker Championship

Day 5, Part 1

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Good afternoon. The ladies and gentlemen of the press have had


plenty to sink their teeth into in recent days. Ronnie O'Sullivan said


goodbye and painted again that a final goodbye not be far away. --


hinted. John Higgins is also on the way home early. And Mark Allen has


been getting a telling off over some of his comments here a few


days ago. Plenty of column inches He has missed it. It is building


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


What a horrible way to end a match. He took everything the Rok could


throw at him today. He has played Judd is a great player. He is


probably the most dangerous player I have ever played. He will take a


lot of stopping. I did not play great today. A lot of my game was


not great. When you play like that and you can still beat Ronnie,


ladies and nice confidence boost. I am still in the tournament.


It was a brave fightback from the Welshman. Doing is absolutely


delighted. -- Ding Junhui. Absolutely Maya Pedersen from


Stephen probably -- Stephen Maguire probably a deserved winner.


defeat is devastating. What if you know you have not played well


enough, you have no complaints. beat the world champion, I beat


John Higgins. It is a great result for me. I have not been getting


many results against the top Wise. They do not come across any better


And eventful 48 hours. Even more sensational headlines this morning.


Barry Hearn has hit back at Mark Allen over his comments on Monday.


We have three members of the press. Terry Rushmore, Neil Goldie and


Jimmy brought in. Firstly, you take on Mr Alan? I can understand why


Barry was upset. He came into the game at a time when many people


thought it was sinking. He has delivered more prize money. In


general he is doing a lot of good for the game. Is there a silent


minority in agreement with Mark Allen with regard to the changes?


think there is. A lot of people have not said it. Mark was pretty


bald to say it. He may be sued for it. The only thing he did regret


was swearing and the press conference, which is understandable.


I spoke to him off the record and he is unhappy. He also feels as if


he is being harshly treated about the disrepute charge. More players


need to say things end of the press. It does give good column inches for


snooker. Jamie, your listeners on Radio 5 Live very interested. What


is your take on at? It is very interesting that Mark Allen has


been so outspoken. John Higgins was very critical about this shortened


format. None of them think Barry Hearn is doing a bad job. Only Mark


Allen has been this outspoken. Still column inches left in this


one. Ronnie Oswell that always makes good copy. -- Ronnie


O'Sullivan. It looks as if he may be thinking of calling it at bay


again? You'll have to excuse me if I do not by too much into this one.


I am sure we have heard this before. I am sure we will see him next


month at the Masters. Dr Steve Pietersen working very effectively.


For me it was pretty heartfelt. He seems pretty lonely away from the


table? He does. Ronnie has had some knelt dance. He is one of those


unpredictable characters. -- knelt down. Steve Peters is helping him.


What will he do if he quits snooker? Nobody knows. When he


quit? Only he knows. Finally, from your perspective, Ronnie O'Sullivan


is always great box-office for snooker. How much do people want to


see him? The crowds of people cueing to get in yesterday proved


he is still the Marky player. He is the one we want to write about and


talk about. Snooker needs him. If it is a question of his men --


health and battle stability, so be it. Couldn't -- goodness knows what


stories we are going to one Earth today. -- on earth. Mark Williams


accelerated to the top of the sport again last season. He is struggling


here. He would have to turn on the power today. Especially against


Ricky Walden, one of only two unseeded players through to the


last 16. Shaun Murphy won this title in Telford three years ago.


How he would love a second success in York. He needs Martin Gould, who


could always swap his cue for some arrows. And we're a frank and


fascinating interview with Ronnie O'Sullivan. -- we here. I have


become virtually a nightmare to be around, probably. I do not know.


That is how I feel inside. I do not want to put people through that no


more. I want to have a life. I have tried and I didn't think I can have


a live and play snooker. -- I don't think. And Mark Allen's response to


the controversy over his comments about Barry Hearn. I do not


understand the changes he is making. He will ruffle a lot of feathers.


It is a pity that I am the only one standing up to them. Not time to


mess about today. Our two second round batters got under way. --


matches got under way at midday. Would Mark Williams bothered to


walk to his seat, or hop over his And his opponent, one of the finest


Welsh players ever to grace the modern game. His laid-back approach


has taken into just about every title in the sport. Will he jumped


over the set this time or walk all the way round? Here comes the Welsh


No short cuts firm mark this afternoon, especially after Ricky


Walden was on a break of 68. Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor in the


It is going to come back across the table. Even then he has left it for


the other corner. In potting this red, if Mark Williams decided to,


he could try to knock the pink out. He is not going to. It was an


option. He has now got a good chance. The key to this frame will


be how he gets on at the blue. -- He has got to be absolutely spot on.


I am thinking a few shots ahead. If he can get the white somewhere near


It is a similar shot. This is more difficult now. Screwing Oudin and


off the cushion. -- screwing it in. Being a left-hander, he could


possibly dropping behind it. -- drop in. There are two options.


Move the pink all around the table. He wants to move the pink but not


too far up the table. He played for the double. He is a bit short of


An unusual choice to leave the double rather than trying to move


That is an excellent shot. What a good start for Ricky Walden. Mark


Williams was in first. Ricky will be delighted to have taken the


Ricky breaks off in frame two. A little bit short of pace. Possible


pot into the left corner and he could keep himself on the black. --


That was a terrific shot. A poor break off a shot from Ricky Walden.


You cannot afford to leave it potter like Mark Williams would


have a chance. -- with half a chance. It really was a superb shot


Mark Williams played to start this potential break. Lovely way around


the table. Get on with the shops but does not rush anything. -- he


Opening the pack of raids. Still some work to be done. It was a good


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


Fantastic close control. His shot time is so quick. As fast as


anybody in the game. It just does not look that way. 16 seconds per


shot at the moment. And all of these shops any of the club players


could play. Easy position. The skill is in the control. The right


This will be his 7th black coming He may be in a predicament here. He


was trying to get on the red to the Close. What a massive shot. He was


going for the 147. He had to keep the break going as well. The


trouble is, he has let Ricky Walden in. If Ricky Walden could steal


this frame, Mark Williams has played effectively two fantastic


frames and would be two behind. A big frame, I reckon. Look at how


the balls are sitting. Of a confidence boost this would be if


Ricky Walden could clear from here. -- what a confidence boost. I am


just looking at those three red balls near the pink, they can all


The raid in line with the blue pocket has caused a problem. -- the


red. Ricky has run out of position, even though it does not look it. It


is weird how that can happen. played for the other red, the two


behind the pink. It is not a problem, but there was a better way


he could have gone. Anyway, as long as you keep knocking them in, Steve.


He did not really want to pot this pink until he had cleared the reds.


That is why he has run out of position. There will be some work


to do to split the pink away from the wreck. It has only tied 1 red


He has left himself a choice of Does that raid go passed into the


right corner? I think it does. -- red. I do not know why I even


asked! If that one goes, there is the possibility that red Bull Pot


into the right middle. -- will pot. The pink will be available. The


pink will go back on its spot and Probably after this pink, the red


He he is looking in great form. Mark Williams looks in great for me.


So much so, Mark was trying to make a maximum break. He makes sure you


score enough to win the French before you concentrate on a maximum.


He last met her friend. -- win of Ricky has taken his chance


beautifully so far. Very fluent with the queue. Not ideal on the


blue. First problem. Played that very well. I was not certain he


could hold the cue ball up there. He should clear the balls. He just


needs to concentrate a little bit harder. A little bit of noise from


the other table. I do not think Mark was expecting this. He has


played these absolutely to Mark Williams was on his way to


make a maximum. He missed a red and Ricky Walden has cleared. He is two


friends in front. At very fast start indeed from the Chester


player. He not been a break of 81 in the third frame. At 3-0


advantage as we enter friend of four. Williams trialling. -- frame


I think Ricky felt he was going to cover that with the red. A chance


for Mark Williams. He has got to take advantage. He just clipped the


red. It has missed his position up straight away. He was looking to


hit that read full. Collide with some of the pack behind it. This


will take some working out to get on the black. Perhaps it can and


onto the raid to the right of the Pot the black, screwed into the


rest of the pack, retain position. -- screw. He needs to make this


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


He would have liked to have been on the blue. A lot more difficult now


to win the frame in this visit. Looking at one of the ball Collor's


Is their any value in potting the blue. --? If he does not like the


blue, he could put the pink saved, put the ball safe. This is very


aggressive. I think he may be thinking of a safety shot. The


plant is a risky. We know what happened in the second frame when


he was on his way to a possible Frame before the mid-session


interval, superbly. And also with the plant, he did not panic. He


controlled it nicely, gave the red up every chance to go into the


pocket. Very close to being over One more red. And he has got on the


For a left-hander, not so bad. Any colour will do and he has


finished perfectly on the black so this is a good response from Mark


The gentlest of cannons has pushed one on. Just showing what a great


Because Ricky Walden has done very He has been a finalist in the first


two ranking tournament of the season so you would expect him to


He wants to get to the mid-session interval and a great performance


from Ricky Walden, Mark Williams did very well to take that frame


and he will be pleased slightly because he is 3-1 behind.


HAZEL IRVINE: Comparisons in the studio with Ken Doherty and John


Parrott. Your assessment of the way Ricky Walden came out of the box


like a shot. He has not missed a ball. He looks very at ease and


comfortable in and around the balls, knocking them in and made a


brilliant break particularly in the second frame. It was a big frame


from Mark Williams there and he made a terrific plant and it just


shows you. Characters have a lot of friends left in this match but a


great start for Ricky Walden. you look back at recent form, the


first competitive maximum and a runner up in one of the small


events as well so it seems like his form is coming to the peak at the


right time. He is a quick score as well. Mark Williams did a brilliant


response there. Two behind at the interval instead of four? A lot of


snooker left. What were your impressions of what was a pretty


faltering performance against Joe Jogia? His own expression were the


wheels came off. Joe Jogia put him up to it a little bit. And Mark


said he had better get his head down and for the last two frames he


was good again but in the middle of the match, he did not know where he


went. You see the difference, it is amazing. When Judd Trump bashes the


balls around and Mark Williams is the opposite, he floats around the


table and plays lots of slow roles. Completely different but just as


effective. It is shaping up to an intriguing match. We hope you stay


with us. If you have been skimming through the newspapers and as we


indicated at the top of the programme, a fair bit of interest


in Ronnie O'Sullivan following his exit to Judd Trump and that came


after one day after his 36th birthday and he has raised the


possibility that he might be ready to think about calling time on her


snooker career. He has also talked openly about the difficulty he


finds in achieving a work-life balance. This is what he was


If I had won that match I would have found it difficult to enjoy my


life in between matches and -- matches in between tournaments.


Sticker has been great and I love it but you know what, there's so


much more that I want. I don't feel comfortable with me let alone


trying to blend in, I have shut myself off from a lot of people


just because I want to continue my career and I know that sometimes I


am not the easiest person to be around when I am carrying some of


those emotions. I don't want to be a lonely old man


at 45 having gut-wrenching anxiety. I feel I am not a good person to be


around when I am trying to... I think I have come round to


admitting to it. When I have four months off in the summer, I was a


different person, a joy to be around and I want to be that person


that is good to be around. I want to share my life with somebody.


Probably the reason why I am not with my partner now or whatever was


because I was so hard to be around. I had two kids and I am not with


her no Mall and I have kind of... - - I am not with her any more and I


put that down to being obsessed with getting snooker right that I


neglected people. I neglected people that, at the time, should


have mattered but in my little world I was so consumed by it, they


did not become unimportant but they become the second thing I need to


concentrate on. I become virtually a nightmare to be around, probably.


I don't know but that is how I feel inside. And I don't want to put


people through that no more, I want to have a life but I have tried and


I don't think I can have a life and Well, Ronnie is brutally honest as


he can glee and your impressions on listening to that, first of all,


John. He has got a lot going on, hasn't he? He seems very controlled


in the venues and very happy and to be around the other players and


tournaments are looking at that, he is not. It is very sad. He is the


type of guy... We love watching him play and you want to give him a big


hug, he has got a lot of demons obviously. Some players when they


go home to their families they can leave snooker at the venue. But


some can't. We all have to deal with pressures and to be successful.


Getting over matches that he would have lost and some find it harder


than others. Ronnie during the bad times takes it home with him.


Instead of leaving it at the snooker venue, being a different


person around your family. Ironically, working with Dr Steve


Peters as we have discussed, in terms of his competitive attitude,


that night and day is so much better he seems so much focused


around the table. That is why the interview was strange because I am


thinking the same thing. He went out in the tournament playing


really good stuff. He is his own worst critic so he might not say


the same but he played a great match yesterday. Every part of it,


he tried as hard as he could. It has not always been the case, we


know that. But at the moment, he is trying the best you can put away


from the table he seems to be having problem. He has been on tour


since he was 17 and has undertaken a demanding schedule with the new


changes coming through. You change in the way you have philosophise


and John, you have had to give it up. What was the catalyst for you


do it any more? The level of performance and through it, the


enjoyment of the game. I still think it is a fantastic game but I


do not want to play at that level because I was losing two players


that I would have beaten before. I have had a great career, I have


played in some wonderful venues. Why try to compete against a 17-


year-old that he would have beaten before and you then lose. That is


when you know. The artist of the situation for Ronnie because he is


still a very competitive force. is still the man to beat. I know he


went out yesterday but had he got through, he was still the favourite


for the tournament. He is at the top of his game and it is about


enjoyment. It is about the level of performance but also the how much


you enjoy a competing at these events and should be enjoying the


game. If you are not, I mean, look at Steve Davis. He still loves


playing the game and has passion. He still get beat, he is not


playing to the level he was playing 20 years ago but he still gets


great enjoyment and that is maybe something. Maybe Ronnie could talk


to Steve about it. Are you confident we can see him at the


Masters? Very, I just thinking used to cool off and reassess. He will


speak to his doctor and that will be a help to him. -- I just think


he needs to call off. I am sure Steve will understand. We hope


you're back, Ronnie and it will be great to see you at the Masters.


Let's look at what is shaping up as a very intriguing last few days.


These are the remaining second taking on Marco Fu, one of the only


unseeded players through to this stage. And Ali Carter plays the


person who has been making plenty of headlines, Mark Allen. In fact,


the Northern Irishman does seem After his criticism of Barry Hearn.


He will be called before a disciplinary committee because of


his language at a press conference when he made those comments but he


does seem to stand by them despite the fact that there could be a risk


I have not been one to shy away from speaking my mind and that is


what players need to do more, because lot of people have said


exactly what I said amongst themselves but they are not man


enough to say it to the public and Obviously I was criticised for


swearing and it is not setting a good example but I stand by


everything I said. I was very negative towards Paris but it does


seem that way, I do not know him, he is probably a nice man and has


done well in the past for the tournament and I am sure he will do


a good job for snooker but I just think in the short term, he is not


making goods changes that will benefit the sport and the players.


I do not understand the changes he is making and he will ruffle a lot


of feathers. It is a pity that I am the only one standing up to him.


have heard the Commons that he has been critical about Barry Hearn, I


am sure that story will look at the issue himself with Mark Allen but


generally speaking, it was the use of inappropriate language that we


were concerned about, the matters has been referred to our


disciplinary chairman who will take a view and that will be decided on.


It looks very promising when you look at it but 12 of the events are


PTC events and only eight of them are �12,000 for the winner and


expenses to go to those 12 events you are looking at close to �10,000.


You need to win at least one of those events just to break even. It


is about finding the balance, I think. We need more tournaments but


the money he has put into 12 PTC events could have been put into


three more major ranking tournaments. That is what every


player would want. We make ourselves available to discuss


these issues and we consult with the players face to face while we


are at the tournaments and I am disappointed we have not had


opportunity to discuss that the 4th. HAZEL IRVINE: Taking this on and I


know that Ricky was discussing it with you guys, the alleged response


from Barry Hearn is that he might be formulating a case to sue mark


for slander. Your response first of all to the way that Barry has come


back on the story. He is obviously very upset about it and looking at


the comments, he probably should be. It is difficult to argue a case


that the game has not been improved. Obviously the PTCs... It is my view


and I do not play anymore, I think they need a few less of them and


they may need tweaking and some of them that our domestic, a few of


the players may not be happy. And with the prize money, it may


appease some of the players but it is difficult to argue with the


prize money that has been increased and with this week, record ticket


sales and attendances, very difficult to make an argument


against at the moment. I ask people in the press room if they knew of a


strong but silent minority he might be in agreement, what is your take


on but? I think a lot of players may be unhappy about the PTCs and I


think people are delighted that we have more tournaments on. Paris has


increased the prize fund up to �6.5 million and on the way to �10


million which will be great. -- Barry has increased. The


opportunity to get players to play more for prize money that far


greater sums. We have got a tournament in Brazil, more


tournaments in China, a World Cup this year which was successful and


we will have more tournaments maybe in India and China and Australia of


course. I don't know where he is coming from in that respect. I


think most players are happy that he has come in. Big changes but


there have to be tweaks, more money in the PT sees because a lot of


players cannot play in them. -- in What do you think it will be like


going on? It depends if he can look A few issues arising from this but


we will discuss pure snooker for the rest of the afternoon because


on the they come, Mark Williams who has not hopped over the set this


time, he has walked to his seat and he will get a bit of a move on


because 1-3 behind Ricky Walden who is playing beautifully and cueing


beautifully. Certainly in the groove. Goes to Stephen and Dennis.


Mark Williams will get it under way after the mid-session interval. A


little bit too hard with the break- off shot. Hazel mentioned about


Mark taking a short cut into the arena and we might be able to show


A pretty good length on that. In fact he has got Mark in a spot of


He may be forced to play the cue ball to the top cushion here. It is


the any safety option, he is just checking where the cue ball may end


Look at that pot success rate, And three out of three on the long


Just as effective, that side, I The red pot into the left corner. -


- pots. Difficult to see how we will go on a colour but he is going


A big mistake by Mark Williams. What a great shot from Walden, well


Perfect. Yeah, it did not look on but loads of top spin to take the


white through and 10 out of 10 for There's four reds in the open but a


perfect angle to stun into the edge of the pack. He does not want to


screw into the middle of that pack But Ricky is a pretty attacking


The white has just treated at the It would be a precocious plant but


they are dead set for the pocket. The plant that Mark Williams played


in the frame before the mid-session interval was much tougher and he


went on to take the frame but it is a tricky one. I wonder if he will


be tempted if there is no safety Are not sure what the success rate


on the plant would be. A bit higher than he would think, probably. But


the balls are significantly far enough apart that there is an


Risky with that as well but he went for it. The red does go past into


the yellow pocket, I think. A shot to nothing in some ways for Mark


No, it was always going to go on the near jaw. Mark is still there,


maybe he thought he would have potted it and it drifted slightly


but we were right behind it and we There is a difference between the


likes of, say, Judd Trump and Mark Williams. Judd Trump and other


modern-day players hit the balls a lot harder. The harder you hit the


shot, the less likely that the ball goes off Lin if there is a bit of


I think it goes into the middle pocket. It is a thin one but he has


He has looked about and I think he It looks like the safety option is


the one to the top cushion but this Whereas the cue ball going?


REFEREE: Foul. Possible turning point as well for. That is so


unlucky. Not only the in-off but a It could be a turning point as you


say, Steve. Very unlucky to come There's a very keen snooker fan


watching today, I know. I was speaking to him, he has not been


very well but he is back to his fighting best, the great Frank


Carson will be watching snooker in Blackpool, one of the greatest


comedians this country has ever produced. I am glad that you are


keeping a bit better, Frank. It is What a great catchphrase from Frank


Carson, "it's a cracker, it is the Meanwhile the Welsh Potting Machine


is trying to get himself right back Similar shot to the one that Ricky


played, he does not want to go into As long as he did not stick in that


bunch of reds, he was mine. -- he A little mention for the Tucker he


has not been in the best of health, everybody in the London area knows


Lee Tucker. He's getting married to his girlfriend on the nap of


despair -- 9th December, have you Has that red covered the pocket? It


has. He might be able to get to the potting angle for the pink and play


for the red that is up past the blue. But think it is the pink, not


Ken was talking about Mark Williams and you're also talking about how


Still the three reds around the I am not sure if the two reds near


the pink are pottable. Mark is having a look at one of them and


that is pretty tight. I don't know if it is the one nearer the pink he


I don't think he is sure, he has been on the shot for a long time.


It is certainly tight, but there is one near the blue he could take. He


may have to finish up doing that but he would rather take the easier


He has thought for about a minute He would probably be able to play


the shot with right hand Spain and He could play it in a way that he


would not leave anything on the red he is taking on. Take it on, stun


over for the pink. Those two reds will not pot. It may even past the


Nearly two minutes by the time he plays this.


This was always the correct shot. If he thought it was too tight, the


47 is the difference, just one more It is amazing, even for a seasoned


campaigner like Mark Williams, that ball that takes you past the


winning line in the frame seems to A lifeline he did not want to give


Ricky with a problem of not only potting the red but retaining


And now forced to play the black into the yellow pocket. He is


looking at the score board, he has to pot it otherwise he will need a


snooker. He is having the cue ball When mark played the shot, if he


thought it rolled off to the near jaw it will be a problem for Ricky


It has gone in-off the green! is a monstrous fluke. It really is.


An even better, it has cleared the path for the yellow into the pocket.


Wow! That is awful. Not awful from Ricky Walden's point of view. That


is for sure. He has missed hit that a little smile, he has let slip


there. It definitely would go but it was like a spitball, the way he


-- split ball. He is saying things to Ricky on the weight. He has such


a wicked sense of humour, Mark Williams. He got away with it as


That is a much better Sharp, cent of the rare back behind the black.


-- that is a much better shot. Send That is the correct shot. A very


nice outcome. He could not have asked for that to happen. Whilst


Ricky Walden foot to the black of I do not really think that was on.


You have to get really close to the plaque to get -- read. - the black


to get the red. He can tie at the moment. The referee is just


explaining that. The rules have changed recently. Obviously the


rule has changed because Ricky Walden did not want to eat himself


in a situation where Mackie could not win the frame. -- leave himself


in a Sicher way Sinn where he could No problem as the rate goes in. 3-2


the score line. Mark Williams will A Mark Williams special Honda are


shot with power. -- underarm. It is amazing how we can generate the


power. -- he can generate. It is Amazing. That is just what Mark


Williams needed. He is just one frame behind. - leaves the arena,


we will show you how he entered the arena. -- - Williams leaves the


arena. He is a laid-back character. He slips over the barrier. Before


play starts they usually have an introduction. This is Barney Miller.


That is what you call an entrance. This lovely lady is getting married


on 17th December. It is a bit of fun that Robert Walker has with the


people. How very nice way to come into the arena. She is waiting. --


What a good frame from Mark Williams. He was a bit lucky. This


is what has happened so far in the We will show you this shut again. -


Yes, he had a chance later in the frame. That went awry. Mark


Williams is one of the most dangerous players in the game. It


is very hard to shake him. Even though he was three behind in this


game, nothing seems to faze him. He can always get himself back in.


Mark Williams, the first two ranking tournaments of the season,


he has got to the final in bulk. Back in his brilliant best after a


time out of the top 16. We just saw the beautiful trophy. Mark comes


back into the area. He does not usually go out after every frame.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


The difficult long raid into the left corner that Wicky is looking


at. -- added to that long red into the left corner that Ricky Walden


Ricky played a pretty good shot. Mark has played a better one.


difficult on these very fast cloths to get the cue ball completely


behind the brown. It would look like he has given Ricky an easy


David Bryant at his very best could not have done that. Perhaps he


could! One of the great indoor bowlers. We have not had too much


tactical play in this match. Breaks The fourth raid in from the left


looks to be a ball he can play safe of to get back down the table. --


That is the one. He may cannon another over the pocket. He has got


a few options. How did he find the gap? That was superb. Great


opportunism. You have got to know exactly how the ball is going to


react. He found the gap. Did not necessarily get away with it. Mark


Williams makes the most of a half chance. Cannae get back up Eee Top


half of the table? -- can he get What a miss. He may have got away


with this. If he has, he is very fortunate. He mishit that raid.


Never got near the pocket. He has been very fortunate. He should have


stuck Ricky Bourgain in here. -- Wicky Bourgain. The big difference


between the two players is on the When Mark played that one of the


cushion, he was perhaps a bit more A Puffin chance for Ricky Walden. -


- potting chance. Absolutely no guarantee of position. If he does


pot at this into the corner, and play a run-through for the blue,


there is every likelihood people can and that second red along the


cushion in the top. -- cannon. A straightforward safety shot.


Maybe that might be the better choice. He is quite an attacking


player. But he was 3-0 ahead. That can earn on the alarm may have left


a chance for Mark. -- cannon on the the yellow. That was a split


decision on whether to go For the Pot or play safety. He has given


Mark a chance. Same problem. OK, you pop the ball, but is it too


Great shot. That is an absolute classic shot to nothing. If the


rate goes in, he has got the green. If he misses the pot, he has got


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


He might be able to get up behind This shot Ricky Walden can pot and


get back up the table for the blue. All things considered, a couple of


nice cases, even though he is the wrong side of the blue. -- kisses.


You cannot beat a nice kiss, Steve. Not easy from this position. He


should not have been anywhere near the cushion. That is one of the


worst position all shot he has played for some time. -- positional


A very frustrating conclusion to this mini-break. It is difficult to


see if he can pot this. I do not think he can. No. The pink is


slightly in the way. He may have to play with some screw to try to get


up towards the green. He does not like the life. That is why he is


taking another route. That is not the best either. He cannot leave


Marvellous shot from Mark Williams. He has got options. It is not the


type of situation where he pops the blue and goes into the reds. -- pot.


What about the pink? That is an I thought he was going to play the


brown from the ears. He had three choices. Pink was the better for


the position. That was a dog of a shot. The two players have played


some great shots in this matter. A little bit of tension creeping in,


perhaps. He will automatically head The shot to nothing for Mark


Williams. A clever shot. Obviously low percentage on the raid. -- red


Almost swung it all the way around the ankles. It is who gets the real


telling safety shot. It is fascinating to watch this puzzle. -


This is a frame that Ricky Walden would desperately like to win. Try


to get some more breathing space. Do you think Marquez got the pace


of the table? -- be think Mark Williams has got the pace? From a


situation where it did not look as though he was going to put Ricky in


trouble, he has got a small problem. He will be happy with that. No


damage done at all. OK, the cue ball has come out of both, but an


Very good again. A very good bout of tactical play. A phone call this


morning from -- about our dear old lady who came to the Crucible for


30 years. Sadly passed away recently. I think she was in her


90s. For more than 30 years she sat in the front row in Sheffield. Her


granddaughter informed us. Very sad to hear about your grand mother,


Emily. She was a lovely lady. She used to send me a bunch of


That has turned out interesting. This is a tough pot from Mark


You talk about Mark Williams stroking the ball. This was played


similar to Judd Trump. When he needs it, he can power them into


the pocket. How clever as well. He Just need to come out enough to be


able to pot the red next to the There are a few of those reds


available. It was not imperative He has spotted another raid that


goes, which is helpful. If he is dead straight on this, he can go


through for the black in the opposite corner. If he is not,


Airey is still some work to be done. -- their rhys mack. -- their rhys


He struck that nicely. Perhaps he Definite chance to level the match


here. It has been a very high standard, this match. Mark Williams,


when he starts knocking this type of shot in and at pace, you have to


watch out. Both players cueing really well. In a few shots we


could be all-square at three apiece. The pot success rate, both still in


the 90s. It looks to be a marvellous recovery from Mark


Williams to have got back to level scores. Still enough of the match


left a bit short of pace there. I am not too sure if he can play this


with side spin. No real problems. Just this red. He does not have to


I think we all thought Mark would be here as the defending champion.


The final last year in Telford was unbelievable. Mark LED John Higgins


9-5. John won five frames in succession to pinched the title. It


was a remarkable performance from That is the end of the break.


Unless he can pull a spectacular shot off. I thought he had done.


Mark Williams, the Welsh potting machine, is right back in this. It


is all square. Three each. Yes, and Ricky Walden's early


Yes, and Ricky Walden's early momentum has dissipated somewhat.


lesser player may have been swamped this afternoon. The way Ricky


Walden started this match was The he was covering the raid over


the pocket. He is a master tactician. Brilliant at playing


scrappy frames. When it goes awkward, he is very clever. He is


on orthodox but very clever. He is a master tactician. That last frame


before the interval was so crucial for Mark Williams. Captain in the


matter. By -- it kept him in at the match. He has got a lot of


character, a lot of heart. Also, terrific consistency this season.


Ind two finals, Australia and Shanghai. He lost both. When the


key events come round, he has been able to phase in his form


gradually? Yes. And he has come back. He was playing in qualifiers


for a couple of seasons. He had lost his ranking in the top 16. He


was qualifying. He has come back and he has got his game back. I


love watching him play. He is one of those players I never get tired


of watching. There is something unorthodox and led the way he plays.


There is always something there that you say, I did not think of


that. How do you think he would feel about losing his No. 1


ranking? He started the new season as No. 1 again. Mark Selby has


overtaken him. Well that bothered him. I do not think so. He would


obviously still like to be number one. I do not think they are


preoccupied with the number one. They like to win the major


tournaments. That is where the -- that is what they feel is the most


important thing. The rankings will look after themselves. I do not


think you will be preoccupied with It is all square, three apiece.


DENNIS TAYLOR: It is now the best of five to see who will get through


That is a bad mistake, he hit that far too thin and he has stock this


red up. If he had have got that it would have been on the black but


that is the worst thing that Ricky Lost three frames in a row. -- when


Dear me, what a kick and heavy contact. He might have got away


What a swipe there with the cue when he got that kick. You could


Martin Gould is on the other table and will wonder what on earth


happened. I amongst the balls, he Very good and he is perfect on the


blue and he will go straight into the pink full ball and send the


reds all over the place and this is a key shot coming up, he needs to


get himself going again. He has had to sit out and watch Mark Williams


for the last three frames. He looks to see if there are any of this


He is left with a thinner pot against the right corner. You're a


master at that shot, he did not hit You are always trusting to luck.


You hope if you open up the balls you will get some sort of leaves


and you would feel aggrieved if you don't. He nearly got Mark Williams


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


A bit awkward with the pink and Ricky Walden is not a bad tactical


player but he would do well to out to Mark Williams, one of the finest


An excellent return from Ricky, he It two-cushion escape. What about


Also helped with a nudge on the green. There is a pot on the match


but when you are against this cushion, I don't know if you could


pot it and then get back up. If he gets away with this, he has


had a result. He has had a result! This red is very thin on the top


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


There's no easy way back down behind the green and brown. A few


You can see how much side there was on it, that is the reason he got no


where near the pot. When you put that amount of side on it on this


fast cloths it is so difficult to judge. He was in an awful lot of


trouble and it had to be struck If he can convert this chance, what


a turnaround in this match. Totally Clever, he wanted to get the black


onto its spot and only had the blue to work with there. The first


opportunity, he has taken it. To get the black back on to its spot.


No heroics with the under the body The lowest red pot past the pack


once in the spots, I think so just Every chance of converting this


That is a bit like the old Mark Williams, looks in control and then


put in a careless one. That was just concentration, chance a little


and did not push the cue through. Excellent shot from Ricky Walden,


so can he kick start the engines again? He has got to do here


because Mark Williams is taking control of this match but that


could all turn back in Ricky's You could not ask for them to be


The only thing different from a practice set up his the pink is off


its spot. He might have to play a little cannon here, he does not


want to be but it has not pushed That is the advantage of being tall,


That cannoned caused him a bit more of a problem than before he played


He wouldn't want to be playing into the middle pocket this early in the


The last two seasons in the UK Championship, Ricky Walden has lost


to John Higgins 9-7 and then Mark Selby last year in the first round,


9-6. He will be helping to keep his Just a little bit short of pace, he


will have to go back up for the He is ranked 23 in the world at the


moment. It looked like he would get himself into the top 16. He is


taking these very nicely, just starting to get a bit more


difficult now for him. 27 in front so he will not need the difficult


That carelessness from Mark He just seemed to lose his


concentration and was thinking about the position and for got the


Under the circumstances, this is very good from Ricky Walden. He has


been frozen out from the last three frames. He got off to a flyer with


the breaks. That is a poor shot. He is 43 ahead with 43 on the table,


such a margin for error. How could you leave yourself short there,


Ricky? OK, the red was hampering him a bit but he will have to wait


He can't play it off the red behind the pink and get into the green and


brown because of the angle they are sitting at. It would not be a bad


shot to flick off that and clear the pink but he has got the reds


open. If he played extra thin on that red, he may be able to lined


the three balls up. Playing to the It is as good a shot as anything,


that, because if he does flick the pink he might even put it on the


cushion and if he was to leave the white tight on the cushion, not a


snooker, it would be a pivotal position for Mark Williams, I like


your shot. In some ways not putting the pink on the cushion may help as


well but obviously from our point of view of Mark William clearing


the balls up, it would be nice That is definitely a good shot.


may be able to play to the side He doesn't have to but if he knocks


it in, p frame would definitely be over. At the moment, Mark Williams


wants several balls to tie. This is the type of shot that Ricky


That is going to be OK. If Mark Williams can somehow get in behind


the green and brown, he might not be able to do it off the one next


Ricky will be pleased to see the green going tight on the cushion.


So one good shot now, a shot to nothing. I don't think he will


He has now brought the pink out No, but it was worth the chance


Not that easy for Ricky to play a good safety shot because he does


not want to push one of the reds into a pottable position. He could


hit the cushion first and then flicked the first red which would


take the white up the table but what we did do with the red? He may


be able to... Play the hard stun shot and try to get both reds up


the table away from the black spot area as well because Mark needs


blacks with both reds. You could risk this. Belt the life out of it


and stun the white ball dead on the cushion, send the reds up the


table... Somewhere! If they were closer to the cushion, it would be


on and if he gets the shots to the other side of the table, needing


two blacks, that is a good call because if one of the reds would


certainly go up the other end of It is whether he can guarantee the


second red would not wobble and stay at the top of the table


somehow. The first red would go down the table. Or he can of course


just drop on it but it is a bit He may leave them touching or a


chance for Mark to put him in Well, he didn't but I am just


wondering if Mark will attempt this I didn't think it was and now he


has left himself no chance at the Not the best from Mark, I think. He


was not playing the snooker behind the blue and he was trying to get


behind the black. Outside chance of a snooker behind the brown off two


cushions but it is risky, I am not He did not play it hard. And for


that reason I don't think he would have got behind the brown anyway.


Big shot for Mark Williams to take on to try to pot this and retain


position on the black. Is that his He seems to be looking at the


He has tried the snooker and he has played it... I was going to say


pretty good but the fact the red is near the cushion, he can come off


the side cushion and on to that red to escape. If it had bounced a


fraction it would have been easier for Ricky Walden. But a bit of pace


with this, I don't think there is any choice intro to land on it


because he could stick it up. -- any choice in trying to land on it.


How is the pace on this? It might play a snooker but he can see


enough of the side cushion to hit He will settle for that. He has


knocked the brown awkward and has More likely that Mark Williams will


now play for snookers rather than play for the red with the brown


It would be difficult to clear the colours from one visit in this


position, it would have been easier if the brown had gone safe. I would


be tempted to double this into the right corner pocket because you


have got a great chance of getting a snooker and if he doesn't knock


the red into this right corner He is trying to keep distance


between the balls but Mark might have a go at this. Under those


circumstances, you have got to keep the object ball safe as well.


Williams will only pot this red if he can feel he can guarantee


How was the cue ball? He did not play it in his pocket, amazing shot


to get round that side. He held his He has missed it... Oh, that looked


as if it would wobble. Are we going to have a re-spotted black? Any


more pace, it would not have And a chance, well, he is left-


He really put everything into that position. That flick on the brown


may have cost him the frame. It looked like he would have got away


with that until that brown kissed into the cue ball. That was a bit


of a chance to have a re-spotted That will be a pretty relieved


Ricky Walden. The last thing he wanted what -- was a re-spotted


Mark Williams will probably leave the arena. That is enough, Ricky.


Ricky Walden with that break of 58 gets his nose in front again, he is


back in the lead, 4-3. HAZEL IRVINE: It looked like we


might head for a re-spotted black but for that Williams miss on the


brown. What did you put that one down to,


Ken? He played a lovely shot before that and not the green out. He was


trying to deep screw it with a lot of left-hand side to get back up


for the blue and it is never easy when you are putting that much side


spin on a cue ball. It could have gone for a re-spot but he would


back in the match -- he was back in the match. Signs that Ricky was


looking a bit wobbly early in the frame. The site will largely a


snooker is weird. Mark Williams is 3-0 down in no time, he has fought


his way back but for some reason he cannot find his way in front. A


very interesting frame, a put couple of Mrs from by the -- a


couple of misses from both players. He will go out and dust himself


down and get ready for the next frame but there's still a lot of


snooker. But as well the beauties, even if you are 3-1 down, there is


still a lot of snooker to play. think best of nine is not a lot.


Best of 11 is a good test. It feels a lot longer. By the way, we hear


that Mark Williams is tweeting a fair bit of the time which is


unlike him and he has been tweeting in between frames. He has got the


bug or they seven. I think it is something nasty about Steve Davis'!


Steve has been very good at commentary today because he has not


said too much about Mark. They have a healthy relationship of slagging


each other off! The Twitter is between the two of them. In terms


of general terms, who is looking the stronger of the two? Equally


balanced. You could not discount Mark, he is a frame behind but you


can never discount the great champion. He has so much more


experience and that is the test for Ricky. Although he has been


successful at the business end of tournaments, he is only one


tournament and the Shanghai Masters. -- that is the Shanghai Masters. It


may be the talent factor. Back we go and Steve, what about this


Twitter thing? Have you been We are playing each other in a


shoot-out so it is getting strained out there. He thinks he has a


chance of beating me in a one frame shoot-out match. Ridiculous! I


would advise you not to look at his How the game of snooker has changed.


Imagine the great Joe Davis tweeting in between frames! No


tweeting back in the 40s and 50s. Mark needs to be concentrating on


this match, never mind tweeting, because he might not have anything


to tweet about it he loses. Davis would have probably sent a


And early chance for Mark Williams. The path of the cue ball is a bit


difficult, a few reds in the way but around the back of the black is


OK but after that it becomes a Has he got away with it? He has


been very fortunate indeed. He could have stopped Ricky Walden's


right in the balls. -- he could have stock. That is a dangerous


plant. He was very lucky. That is a sign of repetitive strain injury.


thought he was going to leave Ricky ride in amongst them. Well, he did!


When you play a shot like that and get away with it, it is a great


The blue has covered the red near the corner pocket. That means Mark


Williams has got very little to play. That is nowhere near. In fact,


it is so short, Ricky Walden may play the pot and leave himself on


the blue. He could play this shot in such a way, he would not leave


the red on for the corner pocket but he would still be on the blue.


He hedged his bets. It was at 3 Sharp the way he played it. -- it


was a free shot. He should have played more -- he should have made


more of that attempt. It did not look like he was lined up for the


pot. Years back it was the decision of the referee. Now it becomes the


players. That is the end of that frame. Or the start of that frame!


I do not blame them for doing it. They knew they were going nowhere.


Not enough time for Mark to tweak this time. -- to two weeks. He was


a little unhappy with the red he missed into the black pocket. Judd


Trump is very good at knowing -- letting his fans know what is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


happening in all other matters. -- That was a poor shot from quickie.


He knew straight away. -- a poor That was an half chance for Mark


Williams and he did not get near the pot. Ricky Walden's poor safety


All of a sudden, it is a good chance. A little bit awkward at the


He may have to go back up the table if he is not high enough. Obviously


the blue is the best ball to go into the pack from. Getting the


correct side of the blue is important. I think he has got an


angle to storm of that red. -- took Still a great line. This is the key


shot coming up. A bit unlucky again. That time he hit the pink. But he


did not screw it in. He lost the It gets a bit technical to explain.


As group shot would have kept the wide near the pink spot area. --


had he played a screw shot. After potting the blue, if you put back


spin on the cue ball, but wide ball is effectively spinning in that


direction. Every shot you see on the table, some sort of spin has


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


I followed every single word of At trick shot from the Welsh


He needs a little bit of angle on this ride macro. -- red. He had not


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


got that angle. That is why he had That was a bit careless. He was


trying to play at delicate screw shot. He did not push through the


cue ball as he intended. He did not get the intended spin he was


Ricky Walden practices that are shot. They do say practice makes


perfect. He has got a Championship table in a chapter -- Chester at he


practises on. He kindly let me use his table just before the legends


games, the tour that we did. It is a lovely table to practise on. Very


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


Maeda -- he just needs a gentle Just losing the cue ball at the


moment. A very important friend. If Ricky was to go 5-3 ahead, it would


be a tall order for Mark Williams. He does seem to play that shot


particularly well, into the middle pocket. James Watt Tanner from


Thailand was excellent. As indeed are a lot of the Chinese players.


45 ahead, 75 remaining. No problem getting on the black of this use


He has got the angle on the black to get a cannon. This is the key to


He is thinking about this. He knows the importance of this shot. Is


there a plant? Cannae get through the gap? I think he is looking at


the plant. He had the perfect angle to cannon that. That looks to be


going to the right of the pocket. He made it look very easy. He just


squeezed it slightly and made the He has given himself some breathing


space in this match. He will have three cracks at getting over the


line. And I am sure he thinks, as long as he gets some decent chances,


he may convert one. Worrying times for Mark Williams and his legion of


Twitter fans. Very good from Ricky Walden. 3-0 ahead. He lost three in


succession. He has come back with this. A very good indeed. -- very


He is doing it in style. At 58 break in the previous frame.


He will not bother about that. Very good from Ricky all that. -- Ricky


Walden. He just needs one more frame for a place in the quarter-


final. Steve was talking about spin and what happens to the ball. We


have got a wide ball with the red spot on. It is amazing what happens.


Have a look at what happens. Have a look at this. It keeps on spinning.


That is so clever that, to show you exactly what happens with the cue


ball. It is still going. That why it has got more spin then you have.


-- that ball. Every time you play a shot with side spin, you're trying


to change the angle of the cue ball off the cushion. Top spin is


usually employed to make the ball go forwards or backwards. Different


spins for different jobs. Meanwhile, that is a better break from Mark


Williams. He cannot afford to make many more mistakes or he could be


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


Apparently that a cue ball is still He could have played that harder


and tried to get behind the green. He felt the angle was not perhaps


This looks very good. That is what Mark Williams need to do. He is


having a glance at the other table. He has got to be pretty precise


He has played that beautifully. Well judged. Touching would help


Mark Williams. The referee has spotted it is touching one of the


A similar type shot. Still quite A bit short of pace. Just a bit


A chance for Ricky to return the He got away with that. Or has the?


It looked easier on the screen than it actually was. Mark will still be


disappointed to have missed that. He should have not begin. He has


been rather fortunate that it has They have played each other three


times. Mark is leading 2-1. Played in the UK Championship in 2007. 9-3


to Mark Williams. Ricky may be in a bit of trouble here. He may have to


jack the Ku up right in the air, 90 degrees to the table, effectively


potting a lot of black -- back spin. Bring the cue ball back into both.


You were one of the best at the game -- in the game at playing this


particular shot. You need to be very tall to get that ball in the


air. The other option is to touch I have seen some strange rewrite


positions before, but this would be the strangest of all. If there is


one, I will take you out for a meal tonight. He will be delighted with


that. He will be absolutely delighted. He will have just


returned to his chair and just die! He tried that very difficult shot


that you mentioned. He did not pull it off. That is a little bit too


pacy. He wanted to finish on the blue. He may still be able to get


background. -- back around. He has got a long way to travel. He has


got a pretty decent angle on it be That was unlucky. He played this so


well. Unlucky. Yes, he has got the chance of the red macro into the


Well, this is a judgment Sharp. It could be a match-winner if this


It could be Ephraim the loser, of course, as well. -- affray and


He has got one to the middle. could not have hit those rates


better. The perfect cannon. -- The rates just open enough. -- the


reds. Only a couple out at the That was very well played. There


was not much room for error. A little knowledge of the pink to


He is on that red. Not as he would have liked. He indicated by his


reaction that he got a little bounce of that cushion. -- of the


cushion. Yes, throws his hand up in the air. Maybe it was a cake. --


kick. He will have Buchanan a mother of red in potting this one.


-- he would have to cannon another Ricky Walden really had a good


One certain thing about it Mark Williams, he never gives up. He


will try to the end. This is a big He made that he shot look a lot


easier than it was. Perhaps go into Not too sure if he likes that one.


I think he should have gone into the pack. I will not start to


He has done exactly what we keep all done did. -- Ricky Walden. Just


because they were not perfectly on the black. It looked as if it was


in. All of it -- all the sudden it touched the jaw and it did not drop.


Here is Ricky Walden's first chance That red and a possible plant is on,


that is what Ricky is thinking about. He does not want to play it


this time, he has got the easy red to the middle pocket but he is


wondering if he should play for the I would not play that shot,


bridging over the pink? I would rather have the one in the middle


If he thinks those are tied, he can The black, it is. And it is


difficult to judge the cue ball when you are so close. It would not


be a bad idea to hit the cushion just before the black and it would


taken towards the triangle of reds. It just a delicate little shot but


I think it will be the one to play in he just hit before the pocket. -


I think he has got to be happy with that. Yeah, he can get on the blue


nicely or the pink and the two red He couldn't have played that better,


he needs the right angle. It is all about the red on the left cushion


as to whether Ricky can win frame This would be an easier clearance


for Mark Williams, being left- handed. The question is, does Ricky


Walden try and get the red out or try to play his down the rail? I


would suggest that it is far enough down the table away from the middle


pocket that he may be forced to It depends how becomes on the


He chose to leave it to last. only problem with that red, if he


leaves it down the cushion, and he missed one earlier in the match


with the rest, it depends how comfortable you are with the rest.


He is thinking that he may have to leave himself behind the difficult


red. I think it is red to pink and then pink to read. A pretty simple


He tried to move it with that shot so he obviously does not fancy


leaving it up the cushion and he still might have an angle. The


black brings it out but he is looking back again to see if it


He is back there again and he will have to use the rest. If he just


leaves the white a few inches further up the table here he will


have an angle to roll the pink in and get on the yellow and he is


just ten-points behind, this could send Mark Williams out of this


year's UK Championship if this next Under normal circumstances, you


would be screwing back for the blue but it is a nice ball to be on the


He chose the blue and that is a perfect position for the yellow.


Nothing wrong with that choice, a much more difficult pot, forcing it


in. He missed one earlier but he did not miss that. It would have


been easier to get on the yellow from the blue but he is on the


cushion. What a performance this is from Ricky Walden, this will be one


of his best wins for quite some time. He defeated Ronnie O'Sullivan


in the final of the China Open a Under the circumstances, he got off


to a flyer, 3-0 in front and then you see, Mark Williams won three in


a row and it looks like he will win three in a row to clinch the match


but we know what can happen under Just coming up to two hours, 22


With the pink being off its spot, it is just a little bit more


difficult. Having the cue ball cleaned, that is the way he wants


He is hoping to drop nicely on the It is not absolutely dead straight.


He will be playing it in the middle. We saw Mark Williams plays a


similar shot to this earlier in the frame. He would expect to get it.


He can play safe with the cue ball It is there, what a great victory


for Ricky Walden. He lost three, he had won three and he has won the


most important frame, the deciding frame there and takes it into the


quarter-final. In the end, it looks quite comfortable. 6-3 to the


likeable man from Chester. HAZEL IRVINE: Well played, Ricky


Walden. That represents the best progress she has made in this


championship, never been beyond round two and there he is. It was a


well deserved victory in the end. You, fantastic clearance. He did


miss a black in the early part of that frame. -- yes, fantastic


clearance. It seemed to fall on to the top cushion and fair play to


him, he held himself together. It was a really good pressure


clearance and you could see how much he enjoyed that because it is


a big win for him. And a tail two clearances. He has won 6-3 but he


cleared up and it shows you there is so little between the players at


this field. A strange pattern to the match. 3, 3 and three in a row.


Difficult to explain to people at home and they say, how does that


happen? People in the ascendancy. That is the way professional


snooker is. Here he comes, Mr Walden. Congratulations for the of


well done. Well done, into the quarters. We were talking about the


pattern of the match what did you think when Mark came straight back


at 2 to level the scores at three apiece? I knew he was playing well


so I was just waiting to my chances to happen. It is just trusting my


game. You have been playing really well the last few weeks and he made


the maximum at the last of the PTC events, you have been a PTC final,


runner up there. What has changed? The standard with the qualifiers


and the PTCs. I have been working a little bit harder, trying to do the


right things on and off the table. What are you doing better off the


table? Not as much drink, really? You won the Shanghai. Has it been


tricky after that? After I won that, I expected myself to kick on but it


does not always work like that. I struggled in a few games here and


there and just seems to get picked up the post. Hopefully I can get


get back to lifting trophies and back on form. So little between the


players, those clearances you make it in the second and last frame,


such a difference. Obviously, the balls were there to be taken but


you still have to do it and I managed to keep myself together for


a few frames which was the difference in the match. You looked


but -- looked pretty pleased. It is a big win, it will give you a lot


of confidence. Attitude -- thank you, made. Tough to play against a


very clever player. Yes, one of the best on the tour. You have got to


take the chances when they come up. Well done, Ricky. We are about to


show everybody happening in the match which will fit your next


opponent in the quarter-finals. Because it has been topsy-turvy, we


will it Ricky go and relax before the quarter, and we were just


remind you of what is happening on the other side of the arena today.


An amazing match between Shaun Murphy, former winner of this


championship and Martin Gould who is now in the top 16 for the first


time. Shaun Murphy straight ahead, a 5-0 lead and for a while it


looked over but Martin won frame six with a break of 133 and then


this happened. This was the seventh frame and Murphy had this ball


effectively the pink for victory and a place in the quarter-final.


He missed it and gentlemen, this was getting very twitchy at this


point but somewhere and from some place, Martin has summoned reserves


of strength and nerve and look at this. The type of frame like that


can change a much. I am surprised Shaun played it the way he did. Why


did he play the ball like that? Martin has gone on on won the frame


from him. This one to stay in the That made it 5-2 and he went on to


a 5-4. He has won four in a row and you can continue to watch this


match on the red button or on line because it is still going and as I


look at it right now, it is Shaun Murphy at the table, he is... It is


22 points apiece. That is the situation live as we look at it. It


is very tense. If you want to continue watching that, press your


red button now and you can do so. Gentlemen, it is a bit nervy.


very nervy and twitchy. We were saying off camera, I can remember


anybody coming back from 5-0 to win 6-5. A fantastic performance from


Martin Gould. It shows you that you never throw in the towel. Every


frame, particularly in snooker, is particularly different. If you take


it one frame at a time and fair play to Martin Gould. If you are in


front and see him go 5-1, 5-2, you think that the pressure is all on


you. What do you make of the match going on the other side? That big


turning point in the match and Martin can really score so it is


anybody's game. A weirdly enough, he is doing to Shaun Murphy what


Neil Robertson did to him in that amazing second round at the


Crucible. It just shows you the momentum can swing so vehemently.


He must keep it going and that is what he has done. He has not


shirked any shots and good luck to him. Gentlemen, thank you to you.


Continue to watch with the red button or online but Rishi Persad


will be back and will tell you exactly what happens and also have


the action from this evening's matches, it is Carter against Alan


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