Day 4 UK Snooker Championship

Day 4

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What a Tuesday afternoon we have in prospect. The crowds have hacked


into the Barbican Centre in York. It is a sell-out and that is


because the draw has brought together two of the most exciting


talents in snooker. Ronnie was all that up against the 21-year-old to


take who is expected to take Ronnie O'Sullivan's Crown one day, Judd


Trump. The potential in this match is explosive. He is very aggressive.


But a lot of the top players are these days. He is just slightly


more aggressive than others. He has In the World Championships, I was


so high on confidence that everything is seen to go in. That


is not quite happening just now, but eventually, they will all start


If I miss a few against Ronnie, he is going to punish me. I need to


bring a good safety game against He is carrying a lot of confidence.


He is beating a lot of people and playing well. He has got a massive


I will have to take my chances early on. I have come to see Ronnie.


There are probably the most exciting players and their game at


the moment. I thought Judd Trump was very lucky to get through


yesterday and if he plays like that against Ronnie, he will have no


chance. He will go for long shots and try and create something out of


It was an exciting afternoon. If great to see such a big crowd, but


the funny thing yesterday, is that the headlines are been created by


Mark Allen, who is calling on Barry Hearn to quit. He says that he is


interfere with the format of the major tournament and interfering


with the tradition of the game. first, I did not realise that the


tournament had changed from winning nine frames down to six frames. I


was not sure about it, but it has been a master stroke. I think the


way it is going the people want to see a resort when they come to see


a game of snooker. We will talk about this later. What about this


match between Ronnie and Judd Trump? I have seen it should


beating him n n one and Ronnie winning the other. But Judd will


have to play better than yesterday. When he was 4-2 down, he looked as


if he was just wanting to find the exit door. And he will have to


raise his game today? Yes, strangely enough, I thing Ronnie's


game will actually sit Judd today. Ronnie likes an open game. And in


the other match, name two macro against Matthew Stevens. Dashmack


Ding Junhui. I am with the to export experts who are going to


guide us through the day. Here are John Virgo and Ken Doherty. Yes,


this is going to be special. We have got the best of the living


match coming up. On the evidence of both the first rounds, Ronnie would


have to be the favourite. Judd was very fortunate to get out of my


game against Dominic Dale yesterday. I am really looking forward to it.


Two of the best players and most exciting talents and the game.


would think Ronnie is the more complete player, but Judd is quite


a frightening prospect? Yes, even the old we expect this to beat a


big break-building match, the safety play will be very important


and that is where Ronnie would have the edge. It is going to be a


cracking match. It will be close, Good afternoon. This could be as


sensational day of snooker. Please welcome a day at a player back 10


the elite, the Welsh Dragon, Matthew


His opponent, a player who has also won the UK Championship. He is the


mother of four ranking events in all. He is a national hero back in


China, Enter the Dragon, Ding Junhui!


Hereon table number one. Please welcome the most naturally talented


Dane -- player to name their game, up the Rocket, Ronnie O'Sullivan!


And his opponent, snookers hottest young sensation. He thrilled us all


in the World Championships in Sheffield back in May. The cradle


Bristol, the EC and the pack, Judd Trump!


A reminder that should you want to watch the match between Matthew


Stevens and Ding Junhui, you can press the red button. But we are


going to stick with this match between two of the great


entertainers. But just before Ronnie went on the air, he had


asked to C V physiotherapists To both players got a fantastic


reception. The wonderful Barbican Centre here is packed to the


rafters. I just hope that little twitch Ronnie is suffering from


The first long pot must. He has not left anything easy for Ronnie.


There is a possible red that will goal in the right-hand corner, but


he is seen if there is at half back Right in the heart of the pocket.


He could not hold for the blue, but The black and the pink are now tied


up, but it is always nice to get He thinks he played for the red and


He just overran it, of which is understandable. It is easy on the


practice table, but out there, there is a bit of adrenalin and it


is easy to slightly overhit the Judd Trump is now ranked No. 7 in


Yes, very poor. He has left a red. Rory Inigo back-up from the blue


The no reds came down to Bicester disturb the black. That was


He did not get enough screw back on the ball earlier. Just a safety


I think this may be the key part of this match. They are both great


exponents in break-building. But Ronnie is just that little bit more


experienced when it comes to safety play. That could be the telling


But should is looking at the It is one of those that he will


need to get if he takes it on, because it is going to career into


the other balls. But that is how he Not, decided against it and that is


Ironically, he has Pru Ronnie in much the same position, he may now


It is then and he has left amazed easy starter for Judd. This is not


a bad chance because apart from the black, the colours are nicely in


He just overran at slightly. It could be that the practice tables


If the red above the black goes into this bottom left-hand pocket,


he has got an opportunity to get on this. Yes, he has got an ice angle.


He can just brush off it and It is a good opportunity to open up


everything. He just tried to push the black past the red, but did not


get the right contact. But he still That was a very clever short. He


played at absolutely perfect. Well, that was surprising. They are


always admissible, particularly when they are just off the cushion.


He put in danger unintentional Syed Ronnie has got a bit of work to do


to find a corner. It will have to be the blue. There is a fair bit of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


There is just a little bit of cot Has he come back far enough? I


It seems all key. He does not have to do a lot with the cue ball to


Both players feeling a little bit He probably took his any off the


That is not the best shot he has They are always admissible. He is


such a good potter that you are surprised when a miss is that type


of shot. You could say that this has been at pains start. It is


Yes, this championship is the second-biggest on the snooker


And there is another mistake from That is a good recovery. Again, a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


The thing is, with these two players, even if the frame is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


He was contemplating the black, but I can believe he played a poor


there. I think he was just trying to get her ready to come back off


the side cushion. To have played the pot was not the right shot.


Chances have come thick and fast and be a rat and stage in the frame


when the reds have found their way If he plays for the black he could


dislodge the other red. No, he has And we wanted a bit of excitement


and we have got it. You would think it who have reports the last red


I am not certain the natural one- cushion escape is the have. But he


hit it well, but where is the red Judd is coming down to have a look.


Ronnie has just come around to have a look to see if this were all so


He played it in such a way that if he missed it it would come back and


There Read was still on, but it was tough. He needs a bit of luck to


You are frightened to see what is He has got the advantage in this


very important tactical battle. If he has got the snooker, it is


He has missed a couple of half- chances on this red. This is a big


That puts Ronnie 7 points in front. It has been a scrappy but very


This is the angle the cue ball will take but he has not hit it hard


enough. That is a poor attempt to get on the green. Plenty of room to


manoeuvre the cue ball. He has and hit it back at least a couple of


Still, this game hangs in the That is not the best safety shot


from Judd. The problem for Ronnie is that it will be difficult to get


position on the brown for the right He was trying to hold it for the


brown in the right middle and having missed it, at least Judd is


He will not be displeased with the Ronnie snookered and it is the age


Looks pretty safe to me... Or is it? Or is it? I thought it might be


a snooker but it is not and now Judd Trump at the moment, long pot


success, is zero. If ever he needed This green certainly could have


been easier. He will have a go, and then the white behind the brown,


He played two shots in one at there, got the second part right. Is there


Too wide, that will go back. REFEREE: Foul and a miss. And as we


always say if the one cushion's escape is not a natural, it will be


a difficult snooker to hit. He is trying to play this with an awful


lot of right-hand side and he has got to be careful because if he


gets the wrong contact on the green, he could not get on. -- knock it on.


REFEREE: Foul and a miss. It is definitely on. If he gets a


quarter-ball at that pace, he will be knocking the green on into the


He has got the double-kiss, that is a good shot. He will be happy with


that. And he had a good look at the score board just before we played


That is not one of Ronnie's best He has got the snooker.


We may have a new favourite even though Ronnie O'Sullivan is 17


Judd was tempted by that green and that is a wonderful pot. The only


The fact that they pink is on the wrong side for a left-hander but we


know that he can play right handed is well. Such a big shot to take on


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


He is looking round to see if the He can only say the pace kept it


He played it with so many legs, He could have done with another


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


That has count the rattles, 7! -- That was a good shot, he had to


make that angle and force it off the two cushions. He has also got


one to the right centre. A choice This is where Ronnie O'Sullivan is


at his best. Such a great break- He makes it look so easy,


immediately getting an angle on the He refused it there but he has to


He has got a nice angle now and he will go into the left-hand side of


He just did not get enough screw. I think one goes into the left pocket.


He does not want to lose the cue He is usually so good at that shot.


I don't think he can get enough of He played the one in the middle.


APPLAUSE He for us all! -- t fooled The problem was with playing that


one, he was went into another red ball so this black is certainly not


I think he is contemplating the most difficult place to put the cue


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


ball and play it safe, not the That was a great shot. We may have


heard Ronnie say "good shot". He That red just below the right


He has overhit that, he needed to hit the baulk cushion. Judd Trump


still has not potted a long ball in this match a. He has got a chance


It is much better than the last frame, where is the cue ball? That


is a good shot, perfect position He may be 41 points behind but the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Just got a slight heavy contact. The only red you would say is the


one to the right centre but I am He cued that lovely. Still in


And that red may come into his mind now. He could be on the two reds


He has tried to get as close as possible but not what he would have


liked, he would have preferred a That tells us this red is available


It is really just a case of one good positional shot off the blue


which looks a formality. I have always felt when you're starting


the sequence of colours left-handed, you are always on advantage on the


It could have hit that a little harder but still looks the hot


favourite now to level the match. This has been more like the type of


frame we were expecting. Yes, and a Well, it might not be over yet


because unbelievably he has missed the blue and Ronnie just needs one


In an ideal world, Ronnie would not like to pot the blue but I don't


see any other way round. If he keeps the blue on the table... Well,


he tried to. He was hoping it would rattled the jaws and get the cue


ball behind the black. One snooker He has only got to hit the pink in


It might not be there but it is close enough to make Ronnie concede.


More of the type of play we were expecting and the second frame goes


to Judd Trump. He made a very good 68 in that.


RISHI PERSAD: All-square in this intriguing clash but this is the


betting at the start of the second round with the tournament sponsors.


Ronnie O'Sullivan is the favourite, Mark Selby the second favourite.


Mark second one Williams is the third one. John Higgins is 8-1,


some may say that is a bit long. Neil Robertson is on the same odds.


Ding Junhui, and then Judd Trump. Shaun Murphy and then further down,


Stephen Maguire is 25-one. And Matthew Stevens is as well. It is


wide open when you look at it but Ronnie O'Sullivan is the tournament


favourite at 4-1. He is currently 1-1 with his match against Judd


JOHN VIRGO: I suggest Judd Trump is a little bit more comfortable now


with the first frame on the scoreboard. Absolutely. A good


Particularly after losing the first Where am sure both players are now


He caught the bug of the middle pocket but it does not really done


much damage. He cannot afford to do There is no doubting his ability in


among the balls. A nice fluke off the brown for Ronnie. -- flick.


Just squeezed past the green and I He purposely played it with the


There's a little pressure on this Ronnie is a player who always liked


to get around the black as soon as he possibly can. That is where the


He has got a couple of choices, the pink back on the spot. Or try to


get back for the black. It looks a He is having a quick look at the


Our and surprised he did not have a look before this, he is looking now,


This is where his touch and technique really comes to the fore,


when he is around the pink and black, Ronnie. He makes it look so


He will have an eye on the score board because the last frame he got


But unlike the last frame, he doesn't have to play any cannons at


In the last frame he tried to develop reds. And it turned out


A bit too far for the pink but not He would into it a little too much.


He is still on this red but playing it into a blind pocket does not


But no problem. Is he on the black? -- he is still on the pink. He was


on it. Sir 61 points the lead, and This match certainly beginning to


This has been an excellent break. When he came to the table, the main


That of any of restart from both players, but their game is hotting


Unless he pulls out a tremendous sport, he will not be making a


century. Not quite, but he has done more than enough, with an excellent


break of 85. Ronnie was Solomon It was a red that he was left and


the tide of red that people would cut in and play with that left-hand


side. He tried to play at the other way to develop the pink. Just watch


this. He has tried to develop the bank. It was an excellent bloke


into the green pocket. He did not have to do anything with the cue


ball. He went on to make a wonderful 85 break. Judd Trump


breaks off in the last frame before A decent break, but there is a red


He just got it too thick and when you do that, you do not get back to


He tried to stun it down for position on the blanket, but just


Been so close to the side cushion, I am not quite sure why he played


it at that pace. It would have been difficult enough just dropping it


Ronnie would love to get the black If he can get an ace angle on the


blue next time, he will most likely bring the pink into play. So, what


sort of an angle to we have won the blue this time? No, it is not quite


there. But he does have the advantage of this red over the


This time, he has got the good angle on the blue. That is inch-


That is amazing. He hit that absolutely perfectly and the pink


never moved! It must be stuck there He has an angle on the blue ones


again. He could try and bring the pink and some other reds into play,


He is certainly having to work hard He may be honest red at the bottom


of the public, but that is not the If he can put this into the bottom


right-hand pocket I think the pink Very close, but not there. It was


always going to be hard work with the black out of commission. But it


Good pot from Judd, but he was desperate to get the white away


Looking at the pot success, it is a For me, you have to be 90 % or


Judd is looking at the potential plant at below the pink. If it was


a plan, I think Ronnie should have That looks just about perfect. He


will certainly be able to develop the red Sea from this. -- the red


He has not nestled on this red and I assume he can just get through to


He just about has an angle on the blower and I am wondering if that


He is actually having a look at a different plant and that one looks


If they are touching, it can go off line, but if they are not, it


should be owned. They are not He could have played that


I eschew the outside red that of the four goes into the bottom


He has not caught take control of that cue ball and it has found him


out again. Sometimes, you can flick them on a good day and it helps you,


but not today. He is even contemplating playing the yellow


ball in order to get the cue ball What a shot! Sensational! That was


just an amazing shot. An amazing This time, he has found a good


angle. He played a cannon and he has broken arm up nicely. The frame


Very well controlled, indeed. He just wants to make sure that bottom


red goes into the bottom corner Has he gone far enough? That is


Can he now get enough of this red to pot it? Well played, but he will


not be happy about where the other He could not get close to the last


red and this is difficult. This will take some handling, because he


not only needs the red, but also the pink or blue to leave Ronnie


He is going to have to hit this He is 27 ahead with 27 remaining.


But he is nicely on the yellow. If he pots the green, Ronnie will not


The Judd is going to got into the The match that of to a slow start,


but it has certainly heated up now. They will both go to the mid-


session interval a lot happier That was at a magnificent break. He


very really had their cue ball exactly where he wanted it. Some of


the shots that he played. That last red down the cushion was amazing.


We were hearing earlier that maybe playing Ronnie O'Sullivan might


actually sit Judd Trump? Yes, you can see why. He called this the


prefers a more open game. It is a fascinating balance between a


player who used to be raw but has learned at every part of the game.


The exciting thing about Judd is that he takes on a lot of ports


that other players would not? Yes, he is not scared of anything.


tables we play on a lot tighter than they used to be and the


modern-day player is a lot more positive. It is a bit like putting


in golf, whereby players now wrap Now, we will take a look at the


other match. A former winner of this tournament, Ding Junhui is up


against a former winner of the tournament himself in that Matthew


You think you're going to be there forever. You get used to it. You


are in their it top 16 and just as you knew are going to be there


forever. Having a family, I suppose snooker did take something of a


backward step for me. But I would not change that. I feel I am


somewhere back to where they was a few years ago, but you never knew


it know. But I am enjoying it, and I felt quite relaxed in my first


But this is obviously going to be a very tough match, but it does not


really matter who you play among all the top players, it is always


Ding won the first frame, but here I am not sure if Ding can cut this


No, he is not taking on the pot. He did think about it, but with the


white ball going back down towards the black. Has he actually left


himself in a bit of trouble here? That is pretty good. It was the


previous shot by Ding which left He has been one of our top referees


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


for quite some time now, Jan You heard that round of applause,


but it was for what was happening on the next table. That is what is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


going to happen with this open-plan That is a very good hit, but he was


slightly unfortunate. All he needs to do here is drop the red and to


be safe, as he is already 38 points in front. A bit of pressure. There


is a lot of pressure now, because Matthew has a chance to steal this


frame. Ding played it perfectly, But Matthew could come in and pinch


Not quite. He did not get through the ball quite enough. He can still


pot this, but if it nudges the blue, control of the cue ball will be a


Yes, he is now even thinking of He kept the red away from the


cushion, which is a good idea, Matthew Stevens will be terribly


Another chance. Not as good as the previous one, but it is still a


Has he got the snooker? Matthew has thrown a couple of good chances


Ding only needed the red and there are now worrying signs for the


Welshman. He has not shown anything like the form that he did in his


first match. After all, at Ding has It is still currently two frames do


nothing to name three m mac. You heard of stocking up at the start


of the programme about comments by Mark Allen, saying that Barry Hearn


was interfering with the game. The snooker body have now released a


statement saying that the language used by Mark Allen means he will


have to face a disciplined disciplinary hearing. I am


delighted to welcome the chairman. I should mention that Barry Hearn


is actually abroad at the moment. Can you tell me about the reason


for this action against Mark Allen? We feel he has acted in an end


appropriate manner. At this time. We are trying to get more kids


involved and we expect the players to be role models. As Barry Hearn


talk to you about this? He is in the country. We have exchanged a


couple of e-mails about it, but that is it. What about the


accusations which Mark Allen makes? He says that Barry Hearn has only


been here 18 months and is already tinkering with the second most


prestigious tournament? We have discussed openly with players about


possible changes and new formats and at no point have we had


feedback about these changes which are negative. Did Mark attend any


of these meetings? I do not think There have been other players, John


Higgins mentioned the reduction of frames. The comments are valid. Let


us be honest, players are entitled to their opinions about formats. We


encourage opinion but not the use of inappropriate language and so on


to voice that opinion. tradition of the game is what a few


players have mentioned, they don't want that tinkered with at all.


What do you two players feel about what is happening with the format


of the UK Championship? Initially was probably like John Higgins


because I am a traditionalist. The UK and the world tournaments are


those you should not touch. Minocin packed audiences, record ticket


sales, people are coming to watch matches and they will see a winner


with an outcome and they will see a fantastic afternoon's entertainment


with a result at the end. If that is what the people want to see, you


must give them. Steve, you have taken part in the tournament, what


do you think? The word "tradition" is very nice but also dangerous


because you can become stuck in old ways. The audience and public have


changed over the years and within our small bubble for the players


and even snooker fans' bubble, you can say you cannot touch with it


but looking at the bigger picture, it is not necessarily the snooker


players' forte. I would bow to people but are out side of the game


to some degree as to what their judgement is and that is where I


come in from. Also and Jason will know this, when you get to the


semi-final, it is best of 17 and best-of- 19 in the final so you


will still get the long matches you just have to get there. Last


question, Jason. I love -- are there any changes to the World


Championship or the Masters? have seen record ticket sales this


week with huge numbers of people flocking to see the snooker. Our


viewing figures are on the way up and our prize money has gone up


year on year for the past three years, we have doubled it over the


past few seasons so generally speaking, that the public decide.


Very good to hear the viewing figures coming up.


Thank you for joining us. And back now to what the top professionals


Judd Trump m last season's World Championship was a revelation. I


don't think I have ever seen I kept waiting for him to trip up.


But he kept on producing the whole way through. His pot success rate


for long frame match is what... He would never put him be successful


but you would think he would miss too many but he kept on potting


them. I managed to play him in the tournament before in Shanghai and


he beat me in the final. I thought I played well but the way he was


potting long balls, many would turn them down to play safe, but he did


it several times. He was more or less doing it every time he came to


the table in the World Championships. He obviously beat me


in the first round straight after he won China, possibly the worst


match I could have had. But the shots he was taking on, it is


amazing with his high percentage. I think it is amazing an important


that he does not change his game despite what people say as it being


risky. He is very young and he scares the life out of people when


he plays and that can almost be better than actually out playing


somebody. If somebody is sitting in their chair waiting for you to take


on a ball that you should not go for all what they think you should


go for. It can absolutely demoralise -- or what they think


you should go for. He is not afraid of the big stage. He is knocking on


the doors of taking the game to taking it to another level, can he


- the doors in? He does play it slightly differently. I commentated


some of the game see played - Mike can he bashed the doors in. He hit


them a lot harder than others were playing. It may sound disrespectful


but he plays with a 9 ball play. It was a new play of snooker. He got a


great following. Yes, he is a good- looking lad and he has got the


world at his feet. Why not go out there and enjoy yourself? You only


live once. He has got a great career ahead happen. World


champion? No doubt. Another positive ahead of him is it seems


there are not many players of his age group coming through at the


same time as him. Mark and myself and a number of well-established


players in the game are a few years older than him. Around his age


group in the next few years, his game it will only get better so I


think if there was ever to be another dominant force in the game,


RISHI PERSAD: He is all-square in his first four games against Ronnie


O'Sullivan but Judd tweeted a few moments ago and said he hung in


there, needs to play better safety, more naughtiness to follow up. That


is referring to an earlier tweet when he suggested he played


"naughty snooker". Do you know what naughty snooker refers to? Steve?


No...! I thought he would be the person to explain it. No! Two guys


he might be able to shed a bit of light on it, standing by to take


over the microphone. JOHN VIRGO: I can only assume what


Judd Trump says, he means that naughty snooker his way you play a


bit more negative and keep Ronnie off the table. Something that is


I am certain are looking forward to these next few frames. -- certainly


REFEREE: Foul. That was a certainly naughty in-off and it has gifted


Look at the way the balls are set He has to be careful he does not


case this red down here if he comes off the top cushion. He could play


He decided not to risk and caught the red. He was playing a poor shot


there, when he decided to go up and down for the blue he should not


This cue ball needs to bounce. And bounce quite a bit. He is maybe on


this red but not a straight as he Judged it nicely. He has got a


slight angle. Yes, he played that very well. Always difficult when


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


The good thing about that shot is He played for the black and he has


got a nice angle on the blue but he was always want to get the black on


That is way you score. The black is It may go in the left corner as


Obviously it does. What a good He is OK, he has got the pace right,


This is the situation where the reds are loose enough so he does


not have to play any cannons to This is a frame-winning chance if


ever there was one. Maybe just one tricky little shot he has to play


So this could be the key to the It has worked out perfectly... I


thought for a moment the black would get tied up but I think it is


I am looking and Ronnie's face and I think he is a bit concerned that


if he plays the black, it will not go back on its own spot and may go


on the pink spot and tie it up but I don't think that should concern


He may even elect to go for the blue. He could do that and then go


on for the red just near the black He is only, after this blue, one


red and a colour away from To a bit of a heavy contact there


so he will not be best pleased with that shot. Quite a good bit short


We have had everything so far in this match. A scrappy first frame


and then some really exciting frames that have followed. The only


thing we are short of is a century. We have already had 14 centuries in


the tournament so far. Ronnie just had one. In his match against Steve


If he could make a century here, it would be his 660 if career century.


-- 660th. Only Stephen Hendry can The red that is closer to the


yellow will go to the right corner, A good positional shot needed, this


looks inch-perfect. A bit more side Perfect on the blue. Beautifully


played. Great break. How it came about from


that misplaced pot from Judd Trump. How well he has worked the cue ball


in this break. O'Sullivan on his best form. He has been involved in


this fantastic match. The drama of the first frame. Some good breaks.


A little bit of an exhibition shot. He put his nose once again in front


and leads by free -- three frames to two.


He seems to have enjoyed that one. I am not sure if he fancies the


cameraman or not. This is the Judd Trump shot, quite a long way.


was the problem, wasn't it? He was unlucky to go in-off but when you


play at that pace and you miss it by that bar, that red he played was


running least. It smashed into the cluster and left Ronnie an easy


starter. He did not really play the best positional shot of but after


that it was Ronnie O'Sullivan at his very best. He caught this red


into the top side of the play but he played another fantastic blue on


to another red. Vintage O'Sullivan from there. Judd Trump finds


himself one behind. REFEREE: Go to frame six. Judd


Good length off the break. But as usual, the left hand corner, one of


the reds in a pottable position. But tight to the baulk cushion,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


He caught that too thin and when you are playing a potter like Judd


Trump, he puts pressure on your It looks like the brown has come to


He just slid by it but there is a red available to the right corner


and possibly one to the left corner which could be played as a shot for


This game is all about potting and break-building that the safety of


exchanges in the early part of the A bit of tip trouble looking at


Judd Trump cueing up. A nude tip he got John Paris to put on yesterday


Well, I knew he was not certain where the cue ball would finish but


I never expected Ronnie to miss the pot in the middle. He took his eye


off the ball there. He knew the cue ball would run into the cluster of


reds. Even more important to make Actually hasn't turned out that bad.


A possibility of a plant just below the pink. A bit of a gap and it


I think the green passes that red. He will be pretty happy with that.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


He has got the perfect angle here I have to say, this is a great


opportunity for a canter attack for He wanted to be another six or


eight inches up the table with that shot. He has got to manoeuvre that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


He does not want to be straight... He has got the red to the left


corner, he had a look at the two below the pink for a possibility of


He played it nicely. He has just about got the right angle on the


He just slide past the intended red he meant to cannon that he is OK. -


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


He just about got the right side of Maybe he will look at this plant.


It looks like it is in a direct line but a bit of a gap between the


And now back in perfect position with just a couple of reds and


colours. This is a very good Because Ronnie in the last frame,


started to motor. The only thing you can do at this game is keep


your opponent in their seat when A possibility of back to back


He will not be worried about the missed red with a 76, he levels the


match once again. It is Ronnie O'Sullivan 3, Judd Trump 3.


RISHI PERSAD: These three are trading blows. -- these two are


trading blows. In the same way that Judd Trump finished the last part


of the session, Ronnie finishes with a great break. Nothing to


choose between the two. It looks like whoever makes the mistakes. I


think Ronnie is in good form and Judd Trump playing better than


yesterday. The finishing line looms up relatively quickly over a best-


of- 11 match so therefore pressure and tension and that part of the


game comes quicker so it is fascinating to see you can get over


the line. It started with tension and a lot of mistakes and every


reason to believe that somewhere down the line, there will be more


but at the moment beautiful cueing from both players. We talked about


the head-to-head between the two players. Does that enter their


minds at this stage even? No. It would be lovely to win this match


and get your nose ahead but a lot of snooker left. Even though Judd


Trump came out on top of Ronnie in Antwerp? No, but I think the


fascinating thing is that Judd's still improving. Ronnie is not


necessarily improving any more so he may be looking over his shoulder


to see how close he will get. We know that Ronnie O'Sullivan doesn't


suffer from clinches disease and he can get over the line if he smells


blood. I think Judd's good in that department but it will be


interesting to see how that pans This time, he did smack in the long


He used all the pocket with the blue, there. It was wide enough,


wasn't it? But in it went. I think Judd's heart was in his mouth for a


It is always very important in the early part of a friend, the


availability of the pink and the black. -- early part of a frame.


Any get around the black spot area, you think about making a frame-


winning contribution -- when you get around the black spot area. He


He thought it would go, and he was right. Can he cue to the middle of


Now a chance to make a sizeable Didn't have the angle on the black


to go into the pack of reds. If you can leave the cue ball somewhere


where this red is, you can get a nice angle on the pink. He is going


That is a fantastic shot! What a shot that was. He is unlucky.


Because a red has drifted down and tied the black up. The black is out


of commission, as is the pink. It could have worked out better there.


From the black being available into both corners, and once he had


opened them up, you thought it was frame over. He has quite a bit of


work to do now to win the frame at Being a left-hander, he may be able


to reach the red to the right of the pink, and screwing into the


reds below the pink. He can't reach. It makes it a lot more difficult


with the rest. Oh, look how well he One red in one corner, one in the


Now he has opened the reds like this, it would only be a careless


shot to stop him winning the frame. That is what they were saying


during the interval, when they had the discussion about him. Every


opportunity he tries to bring the reds into play, and as soon as they


open, it all looks very easy. It is the good shots you have to play to


He won the last frame in nine He is looking like going 4-3 behind.


But now clinches it. -- that now clinches it. The frame was over


before then, but once you need your opponent leaving snookers... What a


shot that is! He treats the crowd Doesn't hit anything easy into the


pockets. These pockets must be scared of him, I tell you. The


table fitters will have a job fixing the pockets when this boy is


finished. He hits the ball so hard, so accurately. Ronnie made a


century break in frame five, so this is Judd's chance to make a


In his short time as a professional, he has made 129th career centuries.


This will be the 15th in the tournament. The highest break is


still held by Matthew Stevens, 140. This looks absolutely inch perfect.


I thought it was! He may not make the century. In goes the yellow!


And what a shot to get on the green! This could be career century


Well, what a shame, but it doesn't really matter. And Judd Trump,


after the Paul break off from Ronnie, just needed the one chance


Yesterday he was playing Dominic Dale and he looked a little bit fed


up with the game, he was 4-2 down, and then this happened. Yeah, it


was quite amazing, he was getting very frustrated. Dominic Dale had


him exactly where he wanted, and look at the shot. He missed the red


by quite some way. It cannons another red and goes into the


pocket. It wasn't only that. A bit later he played this pink, he hit


it so hard, he is walking back to his seat, he is merely sat in his


chair, and all of a sudden, the pink went in! That was yesterday.


From there, he went on to win the match. And now, he is 4-3 in front.


Against Ronnie O'Sullivan. But he is playing a little bit better than


he did against Dominic Dale. I think that definitely has to be


Ronnie O'Sullivan will be coming to the table, but he hasn't really


done too much wrong. OK, the break off shot was a little bit short,


but he has lost two frames in quick Considering the first frame took 27


minutes, the average frame time is less than 30 minutes. The problem


that Ronnie has got, the last two frames he hasn't been able to pot a


ball. There is the average shot time, 17 seconds, that is quick.


When you are playing someone as quick as Judd Trump, it won't be


that long. Just coming up to 20 minutes. You could play another


player and lose two frames and not pot a ball, it could be 45 minutes.


You don't have to sit down too long. Runny nose this was a big frame. As


Because the red is up in baulk, he doesn't want to take this on. He


may try nestling into the pack of reds. I'm sure, if that red wasn't


involved, he would be having a go Normally when you play that shot,


you are trying to get the object ball into the arms of the pockets.


Not much Ronnie could do, not much either player could do without --


with that red at the baulk end. It wouldn't surprise me if there


wasn't a possibility of a re-rack. Obviously, touching ball was


That red to the left middle, it is on, but boy, a brave man would take


that on. As would be the run to the right middle, but is he going to


it? Her think he is? -- is he going for it? No, he did not play it. He


decided to leave a tempter for Judd Trump, this red just above the


black. He didn't get the cue ball tight to the cushion. If it is not


tight, he can strike down and just widened the angle. It is a tough


pot, but he doesn't refuse much. Another one, right in the heart.


He is asking for the cue ball to be cleaned, he wasn't happy with the


contact. There have been a few of those. Can we notice a bump? A


little bit of a jump when the cue ball hit the black. He's not too


bad, though, is he? Almost straight into the green pocket, you don't


The first easy pot he has missed for quite sometime. He came across


it slightly. That is a surprise. He There you see it, almost come up to


24 minutes since Ronnie O'Sullivan He may have a chance of potting the


black here. A bit like that pink he fluked yesterday, he was on his way


back to his seat. This black does I am not quite sure where his next


red is going to come from, that is the only problem. There is a


possibility of an in-off into the left centre, with the cue ball, if


That is not good, he has left a chance of a pot, and that is a


dangerous thing to do against this young man. Ronnie's safety, just


the last frame and a half, has got a little bit loose. It is unlike


Ronnie. It didn't cost him. And in fact, it has given him his first


chance for quite some while to pot 26 minutes, and he has got one. He


has come off the cushion just a little bit too far. Would like to


have a better angle on this black. So he could bring some more reds


They always look a lot easier on your screen. You don't want to play


this with too much pace. He did, and he played it well, and he has


got the perfect angle on the black now. How do these reds break? Got


to be so accurate, but he cues then so nicely. -- them. He is on a red,


not ideal, but he has got to cut to the right corner. The other reds


are nicely in the open. It all depends now, can he get position on


That is the problem, and I always say it, winner be you run into the


balls, you always trust a little bit to luck -- whenever you run


into the balls. I did not expect him to miss that. He was a little


bit unlucky, he struck the cue ball well. Nine times out of 10, he


would be on one red a lot easier That is surprising. He refused the


long straight red into the bottom left-hand corner pocket. OK, he


thought it was a certainty to get a snooker behind the green. But he


hasn't got the snooker. A straight forward safety shot for Ronnie. Red


up the table, dropped a cue ball. But he will be leaving this red on


into the left centre. Didn't want He is on the black, and the fact


that he is a left-hander is a slight advantage, but it is not


Yes, as you say, it wasn't easy. Even though it was left handed.


Here is another chance for Ronnie O'Sullivan. The points are all


square. Can he get enough here to I think he's just considering


whether to concentrate on these two reds in the baulk end, or try to


get down this end as soon as possible. We know he likes to be in


and around the black. But with these reds being so close to the


baulk colours, it is very hard to run out of position. But he has


decided to play for the black. Didn't want to be too straight on


it. He couldn't be straight up. It is the blue, and play for the red


Played it nicely. Now, imperative here, he gets a good angle.


Probably for the blue, you would have thought. Doesn't want to run


too far. He is far enough, but at least he can roll it in and play


for the red to the left corner. Then he can get position on the


black. Tense moments in this match, this is a frame, you feel, a must


win for Ronnie O'Sullivan. Doesn't want to leave Judd Trump within one


frame of victory, which it would be, if Judd wins it. Yeah, in putting


this cue ball anywhere around that small circle, he would have a nice


angle on the black. He stunned it in, but a similar angle, and he has


brought another couple of reds into play, and that was an excellent


shot. They are all there. 25 point need. -- lead. Three reds and the


black would be enough to level the And the black will be enough in


this frame. It will be a mighty relieved Ronnie O'Sullivan. A


couple of times when Judd was in, he wasn't expecting to get back to


We said we couldn't really pick much between them at the start of


the game. And we still can't. suppose from Judd's point of view,


he will be a little bit disappointed. He had a couple of


good chances to maybe take this frame. But he couldn't convert them.


As you say, Ronnie O'Sullivan will be mighty relieved, because this


was a big frame. OK, he's not on the yellow. He won't be too


bothered with the frame well and truly over. If he pots the yellow,


fine, but it doesn't matter. I don't think Judd Trump would have


We started off, best of 11. Now it is four apiece, it is down to a


best of three. And the tension is going to be rising. Just looking at


the breaks on the second frame. This is fantastic stuff. Yes, and


that is enough. He wasn't really bothered about the black. Judd


Trump had a couple of chances to stretch into a two frame lead but


stretch into a two frame lead but Ronnie O'Sullivan got the one frame


chance, he hadn't potted a ball for about 26 minutes but he took it,


about 26 minutes but he took it, and we are all square at 4-4, all


I don't feel I could ever be defeated in that way. I am pretty


You are Ayrton Senna, he stuck to his guns and he believed in what he


believed in. I kind of belief in what he believed in. -- believe in


what he believed in. I'm looking for another career. I am starting


to think about stuff and what I like to do. I am going to try to


win a few major tournaments, I still have a few more wins in me,


but once I can't do that, I will move on. I am quite proud of my


determination, my dedication, my will to succeed. My ability to try


to get up and come back from adversity. I am quite proud of


Ronnie O'Sullivan is just what the game needed. We had Alex Higgins


and Jimmy White, the entertainers, and then we got Ronnie. The most


natural player I have ever seen. Probably the most natural player


that has ever played the game. Maybe this boy is going to prove to


be another snooker hero to many. I think he is ready to take over as


the next Peoples Champion. couldn't agree with you more. He is


like a breath of fresh air. It seems amazing we have been talking


about him for so many years and just waiting for him to break


through. He turned professional, amazingly enough, in 2005. All the


work was, wait until you see this lad play. It just to time for him


to really recognised his potential. He has done it now. Let's be honest,


he made the World Championship at the Crucible at the end of last


No way back to the baulk end for Ronnie, he can only play a


containing safety. Left a possibility of a red to the right


centre, but it may be too risky to Just getting to that stage of this


match, where every mistake will be Just caught the yellow. I don't


know if he has left a pot on, but it will make it easier for Judd to


get a better safety shot than that, with his hand on the table. That is


He had to catch that thin. Unless there is a pot on, Judd will have


Ronnie kept his cue in position to He has to hit this then. If he


catches it too thick it the goal in-off, which would not actually be


Okay, a can for given for not finding the baulk cushion. He was


A similar shot known for Judd Trump. He has got to play the same shot


That is a fine wine from Ronnie. You can force a mistake from your


opponent, if you can get it close This looks tasty. Ronnie played a


good safety, Judd was a bit out with the length and Ronnie was able


to get his hand and the table and find the perfect shot. But an


That was a clever little shot. I do not know if he can see the age of


or red. Ronnie Wood of loft if that had been touching the age of the


He has got to be careful here that They are like a couple of boxers in


the rain trying to force an opening You feel that whoever gets in first


will be capable of scoring enough He was much too thick on that one.


Ronnie will have won the safety battle, but only if he then knocks


Good pot. He has got an angle on Whenever you have these long


exchanges a of safety, the reds gradually open up. The main problem


is that when the beg colours get re-spotted, they can find


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


The black will not go back on to its own sport. It does call on the


I am just wondering, if he takes If it goes as close as it can to


its own sport, it might pot into one of the middle pockets. He will


be hoping it goes on the brown spot. If it had not done, he would have


been in a lot of trouble. I imagine he must have known that it


certainly would goal won the brown sport. I do not think he would have


played the shot otherwise. And this is why they enjoy watching Ronnie


playing so much. These lovely little touches. He plays these


lovely little cannons that you do Yes, just up one lovely little shot


on the pink and the cannon to fall. Break-building is such an art and


there is no one better in the game than this man. Look at that Cannon,


It was interesting to see that he played for the blue. Presumably,


the black does not go into the But Ronnie still has to be careful


here. This is not straight for word, Ronnie prefers the black on the big


sport, so he will not be looking to Is there anything better man this?


To top class players and a packed arena? Yes, this has been a great


response from Ronnie. Judd Trump kept in away from the table for 25


He has scored 52 and counting. This is a one-shot that, if it goes


Seoul, 56 points the lead, up with 75 remaining on the table. Two reds


and to blacks would been brought He played it nicely. This black and


one more red and a colour and he will be one frame away from winning


It has been an excellent response and, boy A, has he kept his


If he had potted the black, there is no way that Judd Trump would


have bothered coming back to the table. There are a couple of


snookers needed, so it is still a The black will now go on its own


Two snookers is a tall order, but there is half a chance, with the


brown and pink located where the This looks pretty good. He and with


the red been in the middle of the table, the is plenty of room to go


round it. Yes, he was playing its slow soul that if he missed that he


would not leave a free ball, but by going past the green, he has done


Did he lose concentration? Why did they play the escape so hard? If he


had just rolled up to it, there is no way he could have left a free


No, that was it of shot. He had to take it on, because that was a


chance to win the frame. I am sure Ronnie will be breathing as any of


But he is not completely out of the woods yet. Only one snooker


The one thing you cannot do is making sure the object ball goes


safe. That red clinches the frame. Ronnie O'Sullivan, not without a


Apart from that black that he missed, Ronnie was Albarn has


If the name four macro and potted that difficult green, there was a


chance he could actually have pinched it. Now, Ronnie O'Sullivan


You would make Ronnie was all been slight favourite, but I would not


count out that young lad Judd Trump We have just seen the combination


of class when carelessness from Ronnie O'Sullivan? Yes, but just


look at a couple of the shots. How many other players would play the


shot. Now, you notice, that potting the next red leaves the path open


for the black in the bottom left- hand corner. That is absolutely


fantastic. There are a lot of very gifted players in the game as


regards a cue action. But it is one thing about popping the ball. Once


you can guarantee to pot the ball you're raised then turn to the


positional side. I have not seen a player as good as Ronnie was


solvent in working out how to clear out the red Sea to leave plinths


open for other balls into the pockets. Having done so brilliantly,


then there was an aberration from whom or matt black. Yes, I think he


had crossed the line before he actually had reached it. But that


KEN DOHERTY: There is the magnificent trophy that they are


playing for this year. John, you were lucky enough to win this in


In this type of game, you always begin to wonder sometimes if


breaking off is actually a Yes, there are four or five reds in


the open before Ronnie even has to contemplate splitting up the pack.


On the evidence of the previous frames, you kit have to say he


You can see the three reds and three blacks already scored. I do


not think he is thinking about a maximum break just yet. He will


probably just want to get the frame I think he wanted to get on the one


at the bottom of the pack, but he We know that the red at the bottom


of the cluster will call. He will He knows that by potting it, he


will bring some other red balls He put it side it on it. I am not


sure if that was intentional or not. He did not want that. He is not


In the second frame this afternoon, he made a break of 47, but Judd


Trump came back to win the frame with a break of 68. Is history


He has gone for the pot and knocked That was one of the best shots you


will see this week. He could not have hit that any better. He


managed to miss the red Sea and the The slightly heavy contact. You can


see it rising just off the table slightly. It took all the pace out


I am just trying to work out what He just tried to nudge the pink


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Once again, there is too much pace. Just a little bit of adrenalin


It is not ideal. He would have liked to have been a bit straighter


on the yellow. But that looks You were trying to work out if he


would need the brown and the blue. He is going to need both of these.


That is the problem because the But that is the end of the break


now. He never quite had perfect control of the cue ball throughout


He is shaking his head. I do not He will be disappointed not to win


the frame wrote that visit, but at He should do better this time,


having had one attempt at it. But that is not what he wanted at all.


That has really opened up the game. It is now at all about that awkward


Judd to Kate glance at the scoreboard. He needs up to the blue


This positional shot is all- important. It could have been


better. He wanted the cue ball to bonds off the cushion. This is


It wasn't straightforward, and he has left it. Yes, of Ronnie comes


to the table eight points behind. He is going to need the four


remaining colours, to win this match. At this visit. It is not an


easy shot, this. He has got to play this... Two ways. Up and down the


table, tried to play it dead weight, tried to drag the cue ball in. It


is a little bit more difficult. think I prefer the up and down. Has


Judd missed his chance? He will get another one, not to pot the brown,


but at least it gets him back to the table. Ronnie will be very


disappointed with that, didn't even I don't think Ronnie played the pot


there, I think he purposely overcut it. If he played the pot, he could


have snookered himself on the blue. Not a bad shot, tight against the


top cushion would have been better. Still a lot of pressure on Judd, he


knows he cannot afford to leave a chance of a pot on the brown. Oh,


It is not the easiest pot on the brown, but if he knocks it in, you


would fancy he would be on the blue. He has got to be careful of the in-


Well, again... This is not easy. Yes, but Judd only needs the brown


and blue. To take us to a decider. There is a lot of tension in the


air, and it is not surprising. Again, a similar shot, not easy. He


had to control the cue ball. He just has to have a go at this, try


to drop it in. A good shot, a good shot. He has overran the cue ball,


he still has a shot at the ball -- You would feel, as Judd watches on,


looks away, Ronnie still needs blue, He will be happy... If that went


in-off, was going to suggest. He has left a long pot at the blue, so


Ronnie has had a couple of chances now, and been unable to clinch this


There was noise from the other table, he had to get up and compose


We are into a decider! 40 points, the lead, just 13 remaining. -- 14


And the pink drops in. Judd Trump leaves the arena, Ronnie O'Sullivan


must be thinking about what might have been. He had a couple of good


chances to clinch the match, he didn't, it is 5-5.


STUDIO: Sweaty palms, heavy- breathing, that is just as in the


studio! A decider. Fantastic snooker. What an unbelievable red


that Judd Trump potted in the last game, just to get the chance. It


was all his eggs in one basket, but what a shot to knock it in. Then he


doesn't get on the last red. I don't think I had seen a series


where the brown has been so awkward for so many shots for both players.


Ronnie did well to pot the brown but he was never on the blue


perfectly. You expect the top players to always be getting those.


So much tension, a place at the quarter-finals at stake. Ronnie


will have known that was a pressure shot. He gave it a good go, it was


still missable, the long blue, but he cracks them in so well. We said


that these two players are the most exciting in the game at the moment.


We got a snippet of what makes them so exciting to watch, because they


take on shots that most people watching, most players, would not


have a dream of having a guard. They take them on against each


other as well. Sometimes you think you might not take it on but they


just want to go for it. This has been a brilliant match. I don't


know what they paid for a ticket today but they should have paid


double, it has been brilliant. is Ronnie thinking? He has been in


this situation many times. He would have loved to have clinched it but


he is going to play this frame as he knows best. If he gets the


opportunity, you know he will try to take it. He won't shirk any


responsibilities. What is apparent is that the standard is getting


high Albertine in snooker. The margins between the top players are


getting smaller and smaller -- standard is getting higher all the


time in snooker. It is going to be very difficult to dominate this


game. It is an age-old statement, but 5-5, last frame, all you want


is a chance. You want to be able to put your hand on the table with a


chance to win the match. You don't want to see your opponent get


everything. Coming up to the last frame, not that I wanted to pick


out a winner, but I would like you to know that you can confidently


predict we will get an exciting last frame and it is not going to


be just one person in. You never know. It could be. They are coming


in, they are going to shake hands. All they are looking for is a


chance. We were hoping for something special and we have got


it. One more frame to go, a place in the quarter-finals at stake.


COMMENTATORS: What is the break off shot like? Just a fraction short of


pace. So dangerous, now, the break off shot. I never thought I would


say that. But with the black not being available... As we look at


the match time, two hours 2410 frames. -- two hours 20, for 10


That is it. The break of, and you then sit back and wonder if you


will get another shot -- you break off and sit back. How hard did he


hit that? Very unlucky to have missed the kiss on the black, on


the red to the left of the black, I mean. Fantastic. Now he will try to


get on a blue, or a baulk colour. He will be trying to open these


He will be disappointed with this, he has underhit it, and left


himself very badly hampered by the blue. He will do well to pot this


red. That was unbelievable. Hampered, as he was. Tremendous pot.


Does the pink go? It -- if it doesn't, he has not got a good


angle on the blue. He played a shot similar to this a few frames ago. A


lot of power, looking at the pink. He played a blue pretty similar to


the one he has at the moment, in and out of baulk. He need to really


power it in and forced that angle. That could be end of break. It is


hard to believe he could get down as close to the baulk cushion, the


black cushion, I should say, being so straight on the blue. I don't


Well, he did the best of it. His initial red, he tried to cannon


just to the left of the black. If he could have got that, maybe he


would have scored more. It is always difficult, when the black is


out of commission. Ronnie O'Sullivan will be mighty relieved


to have only given 16 points away from his break off shot.


A good safety. An excellent safety. It might be that good, that Judd


may have a problem getting his cue He managed to find a pass,


excellent shot. Needless to say, pressure on every shot now.


Safeties, as much as pots. He knows that he cannot afford to leave a


He refused having a go at the red, and that is a good return, an


excellent safety shot. Very well This could be a chance for Ronnie


O'Sullivan. Just past the green. Now, will he try to bring the black


into play? I would suggest not. There is a red just above the black


which if he got on, he could develop the black. The most


important thing is to go for pink Oh, and he has missed it! If he had


potted it, I don't think he would have gone anywhere near the red to


the left of the black. But boy, he Would you believe it? They make the


game so simple, sometimes, and yet you get these moments of pressure,


tension, and he has potted that red. He was on the black! I was looking


at his body language, I didn't think he was. It wasn't as bad as I


This will be a famous victory. He had won in Belgium when he played


in the PTC. He beat Ronnie 4-3, it was one of the best matches I had


seen for some time. We have had great match jobs at snooker. You


remember Reardon Spencer, at Davis' Higgins, Hendry Jimmy White. This


could be the new headliner, Ronnie O'Sullivan Judd Trump. If this is


He has an angle to go into the three reds. Still a few reds out in


the open. He already got a 40 point STUDIO: I am sorry we have


delivered here on BBC Two. Press your red button, reach for your


laptops and PCs, go on line to see how this finishers, and what


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