Glasgow Warriors v Ulster Ulster Rugby Live

Glasgow Warriors v Ulster

Stephen Watson presents live coverage of Glasgow Warriors v Ulster in the Pro12 from Firhill Stadium, with commentary from Jim Neilly and Ryan Constable.

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After one win a one defeat in Europe at his back to their bread


and butter of the Pro12. It has been up and Des Nick season. Defeat


at Treviso was the 4th in the road for Ulster, before they stopped the


rot at Connacht. Tonight's opposition of the Glasgow Warriors.


Ulster the them in the opening game this season but in the last


stripped us, and there was some last-minute winning drama. -- the


last visited to Scotland. Ulster will be hoping it is less stressful


tonight. It is a freezing cold night at the Firhill Stadium. What


better way to kick off your Friday night? We have a special half-time


feature to look out for. We had managed to catch up with Ulster's


flying winger. With meat tonight -- it is just the 12th round, still a


long way to go in the play-offs, but the table shows that tonight's


game is a good indicator of Ulster's push for a top place?


is. Glasgow have been pretty good form, with the exception of last


week where they were muscled out of the play by Leinster. They have


taught this week about being dominant in the breakout area, it


say Ulster will have to watch out for that. How well Ulster going to


cope with missing players tonight? It will be difficult. They have


been particularly impressive in the forwards in the last two weeks, in


the European games. Specifically, at the line-out. Missing Rory Best


tonight will put a big strain on that line out and the decision to


rest Chris Henry is a key one. He has been the stand-out repeat


performer, week by week, and to leave him out completely is a bit


cold. Those guys have been rested this week, of whereas with Glascoed


they have the right -- collides of Gray and Cusiter on the bench. That


could be a crucial factor. A big night for Cave and Spence. A big


night for both of them. They will poke have to be on their mettle


defensively. But Darren Cave likes to score tries and we would love to


see him on the scoreboard this evening. And it is a chance for


Spence to get back into the side and perhaps are meant a full-time


place. It is a big night for the pick three, some think to prove.


The teams are on their way, are so subtle back as Ulster tried to beat


the class go warriors for the 4th time in a row. On commentary for us


this evening, Ryan Constable and, Scotland have left Glasgow alone, I


condition here. Not the sort of crowd that they had a couple of


weeks ago when, in the very last second, they demolished Bath. It is


back to the 2000 or 3000 that they normally get for a leak game. A-


class goes side who work knocked around the park in Dublin in the


first half of their Heineken match tonight on the right wing. The


sides and both looking to bounce back from different kind of defeat


in European competition last week. A young man who has had a very good


season, the skipper of the Scottish World Cup under 21 side, Duncan


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


early, their tactics are very clear, kicking for field position from


within their own half, looking to establish a position so that they


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


play and they are giving away a silly bit of possession. Directory


has given advantage to Glasgow. -- forward and then gathered it on the


ground, which he is not allowed to do. So all the early Ulster


pressure has come to nothing, following a midfield handling


conceded the opening penalty. was a breakdown in the pack in mid-


field that led to that turnover. A clever kick through from Morrison


and then Ulster infringing on the ground. A long advantage played but


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


ultimately it will be a kick for cracking kick from a difficult


angle. Brian McLaughlin it will be pretty cross with his side. And at


the Glasgow fans are by far the happier. The challenge for both


these teams is whether they can play at the intensity required.


Glasgow are smarting from that lost to Bath at home, and probably feel


Weir. Conditions are perfect for running rugby. Both teams will try


to set their platform, play territorial rugby, and then try to


launch their attack from that set seemed to be some offence on the


far side. There was a kick that went up and a trading arm they have


come through and made some contact. Nothing intentional in that.


referee coming to adjudicate on that. REFEREE: OK, white number two


struck blue on the face. I think the assistant is saying to the


referee that they should be some remonstration carried out.


Sometimes it is worth remembering that the referee is carrying a


microphone. Kyriacou is going to be penalised. REFEREE: Here is the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


position. It was not later charge, will be able -- interesting to see


the tactics that plus going plight of throws. The previous one was


quite fortunate not to be called Brocket. They need to interpret


that and do they start to move towards a more territory based


game? Try to apply some pressure in the line-out and get some dividends


eight by a couple of pounds. But it does not make a difference, it is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


went to ground. That should have been a penalty against Glasgow.


Peter Allen is on the near side. Robert Harley, who played in the


second row against Ulster in the opening game of the season, now in


a more familiar position. One of a handful of very good at up and


coming Glasgow youngsters. The referee has come round to this side.


And good squeeze by Glasgow. And Glasgow penalised John well for


boring directly in. There has been known injury to a Glasgow player


from that scrummage. It looks like John Barclay. That could be quite


dangerous. Ten minutes gone. Three points to Glasgow. Ian Humphreys is


not waiting to see what happens to the injured Glasgow player. That


has given Ulster a decent position. Barclay has that left leg of his


pretty heavily strapped. He would be a considerable loss, were he to


go off. It was a good squeeze by Glasgow, but they were coming


across the Ulster front row. But he defenders to get away from it.


Again, Ulster's poor handling is costing them. It is Glasgow who


concede the penalty, fortunately for Ulster. Two bits of mishandling


by Ulster have cost them. Mistakes are putting players out of position,


and those mistakes are being touch. It will be an Ulster lineout


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


behind that move was. Stuart Hogg is the youngest player on the


Glasgow side, still only 19. Ulster could do with a few more men piling


into win that ball. Well played by Stuart Hogg. Robert Harley is in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


Humphreys in that last passage of Ulster in the past. The players on


the outside need to create some depth to allow Ian Humphreys to


come around the corner and still have the ability to execute. Just


all a bit flat in the wider channels. It was not followed by


much. Simon Danielli has played the last four games at full-back. He


will be happy to be back in the something to the referee. But at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


was a pretty decent chance for Ulster. They will be few and far


Trimble really took off like a rocket. The timing of the pass was


pretty good. Great cover by Henry Pyrgos, the Glasgow scrum-half that


took Simon Danielli down. additions are really were sending


now. They will not do anything for creating an open game. Excellent


Glasgow, but they have the lineout throw. They have retained


possession. Good tidying up in pretty awful conditions at the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


moment. Pyrgos, just 22 years old, Humphreys is now in a lot of


trouble. I am not sure how much longer he will be a participant in


this match. He got clattered when he took that high kick. He does


look in an awful lot of pain at the moment. There seems to be a


communication problem, with the earpiece threatening to come out.


We can see the November moustache is out on show tonight, all in a


good cause. Gives Ian Humphreys more time to settle. Glasgow had


taken John Barclay out of their lineout, and their number 8, Ryan


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


position. Ulster have the penalty. On the basis of the last six or


seven minutes played, maybe they just about deserved that. Yeah, the


conditions are worsening. Ulster will have to tighten their


alignment a bit. The ball will have to be taken into the chest, which


will slow the game down. It will not favour Ulster, who look to play


a high-tempo game. Glasgow where a bit over-enthusiastic. Despite the


problems he is having in the Lagerback region, Ian Humphreys has


elected to try and square this game -- despite his problems in the


and bruised he may be, but accurate, he certainly was. Ian Humphreys has


level bit. Ulster will meet to consider very carefully making a


substitution. You can be sure that Graeme Morrison will be


communicating into his half-back pairing that Ian Humphreys is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


struggling with an injury, and season for Glasgow. It was knocked


forward by Ulster and the referee on the opposition back line. He'd


wait and wait. Once he gets passed that first line of defence he has


plenty of speedy men outside him, so oldster might have to be wary of


him. He is waiting for that opportunity. He runs an angled run


and then comes off the inside and catches defenders unaware. That


opens up the midfield and he looks gone off to get a temporary repair.


shower that lasted three or four minutes has disappeared for the


evening. Somehow, I would not bet on between Welsh and Fitzpatrick.


The referee is telling them both to bind properly. You have to bind on


the jersey but the Jersey's but these days are very tight and


sometimes in this weather it is Some body boss not binding from


eight Ulster point of view. Interestingly, Duncan Weir has


decided to go for territory. We watched in in the half hour before


this game and he was popping them over from all angles. Ian Humphreys


also has been kicking well, so that the swirling wind must be making it


difficult for kickers and they are preferring to go for territory in


high tackle. This is much more regulation for Duncan Weir. Andi


Kyriacou, that is the second penalty he has given away. He needs


to be a little more conscious of That is pretty marginal. It may


have slipped up around the neck but initially it was around the


shoulder. When you are dragging a player down from behind, it is


innocuous and there was no malice behind that one. Certainly in terms


of possession and territory, at the last 15 minutes have been all


will be frustrated with the pattern of this game. Last week they


dominated possession and territory, found -- played more rugby, but


found themselves behind on the scoreboard. Knocked forward by


Ulster and the referee is playing position yet again. Clever kicking.


The ball was swirling and are close to the touchline. Humphreys took


the right option, Conservative, no. Flirting with that touch line. --


no point flirting with the touch man doing a bit of upstroke in in


front of the ball carrier. -- a bit of obstructing. REFEREE: I do not


want to see this kind of behaviour. Penalty, are obstruction. There is


of that penalty Cole. However, it has given a chance for Duncan Weir


kicking under difficult conditions by Duncan Weir. He is a young man


he will not be too far away from wearing beat senior Scotland jersey,


perhaps even in the upcoming Six was knocked forward and Lemi came


in in an offside position. Bolster might have not really been inside


the Glasgow 22 at all, in the entire course of this game. That


was a great kick by Humphreys. The right side of the field for him,


but it was an absolute belter. Welcome to Glasgow, David Lemi! I


am sure he is enjoying does weather. is unfortunate for Ulster, because


into touch. But Ulster, once again, in a good attacking position.


will not want to leave the 22 forward. These little errors are


costing Ulster. But it was a terrific mood and Marshall was not


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


the scrum was stable. Cusack on the far side, formerly of Doncaster,


brought in by Glasgow to stabilise just told him what there. There was


prepared to take the ball on in the manner of a back forward, if he had


over the line for a five-metre scrum. They have not quite manage


More about time is not on the site in terms of this first half.


will need some intelligent calling, perhaps some movement in the line.


It was another messy line-out from a Ulster point of view. REFEREE:


Knock-on, wide. Slippery conditions, and throwing the ball to the back,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


it is debatable whether that is the himself plenty of room. So the


territorial advantage for Ulster has gone. But they still have


possession. Is there time? There is, but they will need to secured the


set piece first. Excellent touch Ulster this evening. It is those


small margins and a few decisions not going their way. The set-up was


not too bad. But there were small errors. And Glasgow have made the


most of their opportunities, capitalised when they have been


points on offer. There's gauche probably have the stronger


replacements bench -- Glasgow probably have the stronger


replacements bench. Ulster have not been good in either department,


particularly the lineout. First real mistake by Glasgow all evening.


They have not played a huge amount of rugby, but they have not made


the mistakes that Ulster have, which has led to the score line. In


these last 50 seconds, they will want to neutralise Ulster and


ensure that they go on with that six point margin. With conditions


as they are, this is not going to be a high-scoring encounter. It


will be decided by a few penalties decision must be to go for the pace


-- post. No time to do anything else. That is exactly what happened.


It was an opportunity than Ulster welcomed to try and reduce that


margin. Clever anticipation by Paul Marshall, which set up this penalty


attempt. Ian Humphreys will be very popular if he can put this between


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


in any hurry to get the restart scrummage. It has not been the most


entertaining game in the world. Just those errors, handling errors


have robbed Ulster of any real continuity. Once the wind and rain


started coming in, Glasgow altered their game plan. Hence, they are


the leaders. And there is the man responsible for all nine of the


Glasgow points, Duncan Weir, who is having a very good season and is


really building his reputation. It has been a tough night here at


Firhill in Glasgow for Ulster. They have had their chances and made


It has been an entertaining enough first half on a cold and rainy


night in Glasgow. Duncan Weir kept the scoreboard ticking over for the


home team. Ulster's performance was hampered by mistakes and handling


errors galore. They had plenty of the ball, but perhaps have not been


clinical enough. That was the best chance of the game. It is the


accuracy of Weir that has the Scots in front. Ulster mistakes - is that


the story of the game? Absolutely. It has been Ulster's Achilles heel


for the last season and a bit. They get in good positions, and then


make basic mistakes. It is frustrating, because they string


could phases of play together and looked to be on top of the


opposition. I don't know if they are just taking their eye off the


ball whether it is impatience and they are trying to throw the


miracle ball. But if they were more patient, they would score tries


eventually. Is that to do with the way they are reacting to the


intensity of two weeks in the European Cup? Possibly. There have


also been a lot of changes. I feel like Ulster are also getting to


know which other again. Certainly at lineout time, where we have


excelled for the last few weeks, we have gone for a few strange options


tonight. And the weather conditions are inclement as well. They should


just keep the hammer on and show more composure, as Bryn says.


you said, it is frustrating to watch at times. It is, because they


are getting into the 22. Why are they not being clinical enough?


is difficult to know. They are doing the right stuff leading up to


that point. And it is not forced errors. The Glasgow defence has


been solid, but nothing spectacular. So Ulster are contributing to their


own downfall in the 22. Games are so tight nowadays, that you have to


be clinical in the 22 and come away with some sort of points, and


Ulster are just not doing that. tried to up the intensity once we


get in there. If Paul Marshall had set it up with the forwards coming


on to it, there might have been an opportunity to leave it rather than


trying be harder pass. It is that lack of composure. There were basic


handling errors. But as we saw last week, fine lines win games. When


you are making mistakes like this, it puts you on the back foot, and


the opposition take advantage. difference between Ulster and a


very good side at the minute is that we are not putting away our


chances. We are not even coming away with a penalty already dropped


goal. Whereas Glasgow have twice, maybe three times the number.


Ulster are still in the game. Absolutely. There is still a long


way to go in this game. We talked earlier about the opportunities


Ulster had. They will try to capitalise on those in the second


half. The pitch is so small. Earlier, we saw a lack of support.


But it was a positive bit of play. But is what we want to see from


Ulster. You just need to see the support player's there a bit


earlier. Ulster have put them on the back foot, it is just that lack


of accuracy at the last minute. I think we are a bit lateral at times.


Trimble and Danielli should maybe come off their wing a bit more and


straighten things up. But we are more than capable of turning this


around. What have you made of some of the decisions against Ulster


this evening? Kyriacou, first of all? Pretty mind-boggling, to be


honest. That was unfortunate. There was something else to do with


punching in the face or something. It was an unfair penalty. Three


penalties have been grossly unfair. As a result of those penalties,


Glasgow were in a good position. Six points were wrongly adjudicated.


I don't know if the referee has taken a dislike to Kyriacou's


hairstyle! I think everybody would. He has been on the rough end of a


couple of questionable decisions. Last week, with Rory Best on the


team, Ulster's lineout was superb. Taking nothing away from Kyriacou's


performers tonight, it has not been as good. It hasn't. You are talking


about arguably the best team in world rugby at the minute. Rory's


accuracy in terms of his lineout is exceptional. At scrum time tonight


as well, the scrum has ebbed and flowed a bit. You are taking your


most a world-class player out of that situation. It is hard for


anybody to get into that. It looks like very poor conditions. Is the


key for the second half to be much more clinical in the set piece


area? Tony, as a formal forward, you must know about the scrummage


area. Grin and I have no idea. not think this referee has an idea.


But I think Declan has put in a good shift. Ulster just want to up


the accuracy. If we do get into their 30, let's make sure we win


the ball and at worst come away with three points. Hopefully we can


get ourselves in a position to be able to knock the points over.


man missing tonight is one of Ulster's young guns who has become


a regular in the starting team, Craig Gilroy. Rested tonight, as he


has played the last six games in a row, but sitting still is not


something you associate with the 20-year-old. We went to the Sports


Institute to catch up with the flying winger who has set pulses


racing from his very first game last season.


This is Gilroy. He is on his Ulster debut - remarkable! What a day for


Craig Gilroy. My first cap, I was really nervous. It just all


happened. It was not pre-planned or anything. Sometimes I do wonder. I


stop to think, I used to watch these guys playing when I was in


school. I saw the likes of Rory Best playing, and now I am sitting


beside them in the changing rooms before a game. It is a bit crazy


sometimes. Well taken by Gilroy. What a talking score by the


You keep your stance as if you are going to attack something, basic


getting the right mechanics of it. Your arm lifts and your knee height,


punching down and tried to get the best score you can. He has got


tremendous ability. He is a tremendous game player. Over time,


we are looking to manipulate the different physical traits he has to


improve his performance on the field. It was OK for the first two


or three steps. It is a natural inherent ability he has, his depth


perception, spacial awareness, his co-ordination of movement. It is


something Craig can do very well. am trying not to think about the


complicated things. I do not put too much pressure on myself. I just


go out there and try and just have You can contact us on twitter, on


the address shown. What have you made on killed Reuter this season?


-- made of Gilroy. He is at finisher and that is what you want


from a winger. He is going to go on and do pick things. Do you think


Ulster can win this game in the second half? A little bit more


composure in the middle of the look right there has been any


their step coming back. They are six points to the good. The same 15


that started the game. In fact, they have made a change. Ryan Grant


has come on. And Jon Welsh has gone off. An interesting change. Grant


scored a try against Ulster here assistants and with everybody else


that Ulster are happy to get the referee has spotted that. What will


Ulster have to do to win this game? Precision is probably the key word


for them. In the right places they have to have that patience and


it is a legal once again. And Grant getting penalised for coming across


the Ulster front row. The push has to be straight. Perhaps they were


flipping it around. REFEREE: He was not pushing straight, I am sure of


it. A little bit debate they're about the scrummaging tactics of


Ryan Grant. He is just on the field and the first thing he has done is


give away the penalty. opportunity for all stuff to


redress the balance. Get some points on the board early in the


closes-3 points, 9-6. From this kick-off, Ulster will be looking


the base of the scrum. He had two excellent games in the European


competition. Yes, against quality opposition, he certainly performed


all the fundamental to very well. at fullback for quite some time. In


the last four games, Danielli has started at 15. That one was very


difficult, coming down from the floodlights. And straight away, all


stuff have given territorial advantage and possession back to


the home side -- Ulster have given to a slightly firmer piece of


ground. 16 hefty men stamping, at the eat crowned it does suffer. --


Faloon got right in there and took Wilson off around the ankles.


was an opening on the blind side for Glasgow but clever work at the


base of the scrum to turn that over and an opportunity to clear the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


good strike from behind his own coming on before the end of this


game. The surprise omission from of last season from Saracens and


penalty has been given away by Glasgow for shoving off the ball. A


sign, perhaps, of frustration. Marshall got himself clattered


Kyriacou. And then the prostration from Glasgow boiling over and the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


thumping and shoving and that is Kicking very well tactically,


applying the pressure and trying to strangle Glasgow. That is clearly


where they want to be playing this in the right position but could not


make the catch. We have seen a number of players had difficulty


with that ball in the air. Swirling wind. Once you're in the air it is


difficult to adjust your body position. The ball swirling around


makes it very difficult. So both teams are employing the tactic of


would be their fifth in the competition and it makes it


and they get the penalty. The ball was knocked forward by a Glasgow


player and another Glasgow player came in and played it immediately


and that constitutes offside. This is within the range of Humphreys.


Some clever footwork by D'Arcy. It all started from Marshall at the


base of the scrum, disrupting their service. Faloon excellent on the


kick by Ian Humphreys. So, we are all square. Ominously for Ulster,


one comes the vastly experienced Chris Cusiter, captain -- captain


well taken kicks. Not just the conversions, but also the tactical


kicking of that established the field position to get the


opportunity to kick for goal. Those will be Ulster's tactics for this


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


second half. Feels like there is that ball while it was still moving.


But Ulster are back now in their 22. penalty count is now starting to


mount against Glasgow in this second half. You can sense their


frustration. It was going against Met Police in the first half, now


for Ulster. -- it was going against May in the first half, now it is


Danielli has been replaced by Ian Whitten, who played the first four


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


to capitalise, but it has been a much better second half performance.


A lot more accuracy in their play. They have looked a lot more struck


judge. It has been a couple of good weeks for Chris Cusiter. Last week,


he had a nasty cut on his right cheekbone, and now he has a cut. So


for the second week in a row, he has got to go off. He just caught a


stray boot or Ray Stubbs. There was nothing malevolent about it, but


off he goes. He must be wondering, is it worth playing this game, when


every week I am, north with blood streaming out a different parts of


my head? Not the first person to catch a knee or an elbow from


Andrew Trimble, the way he takes that ball. Ulster fans will want to


see more of Andrew Trimble. He always creates that go forward ball


for Ulster. Henry Pyrgos has found himself back on the field again as


a temporary replacement. He will the scrum, it appears that


conditions underfoot are not great. They are moving five metres away


from that area. A Brian McLaughlin, the second half is Ulster's


commitment to that ball on the ground. Those marginal decisions


are also going their way. It is Glasgow who are now making those


small errors. Ulster are cleverly putting themselves in positions to


capitalise when those opportunities anything resembling a sniff of a


try, apart from that break by but will it yield points? Dan Tuohy


has had arguably his quietest game of the season. Good Glasgow defence.


Ulster are penalised. They will be upset with that. You can hear Tom


Ryder shouting, come on. That was the best bit of continuity by


to let it go immediately. There was some excellent lead-up work by


Ulster. They managed to break the does good defence, which has been a


difficult thing for them to do. Dan Tuohy had to stop momentarily,


which took the momentum out of the play and allowed Glasgow to


dominate that physical collision. Pat MacArthur has been deputising


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


for most of the season for Dougie is developing. Both teams will now


be aware that the next burst to score goes into the ascendancy not


only on the scoreboard, but psychologically can then move


towards more of a territory based game and forced the opposition to


throw-in those more speculative passes. Lots of replacements are


coming on, the most recognisable of whom will be the Scottish


international Richie Gray for Glasgow. Chris Fusaro is coming


back on. And Moray Low is coming on. The big guns from Glasgow have come


on. That will make conditions difficult for Ulster. That is an


interesting tactical option that Glasgow have taken, recognising the


workload of the pack during the Heineken Cup and freshen it up at


He blew that very quickly. Not sure if the Glasgow player was entirely


supporting his own weight. But it was very decisive. He had a good


view of it. There's an opportunity now for Glasgow, and have not had


much opportunity to pressurise Ulster in their own 22. In terms of


territory for most of this second half, it has been all May, but that


could change. That was a serious miscue for Duncan Weir. He looks


with total disbelief at that. He was trying to put it a bit too


close to the Ulster line. Sean Lineen will not be entirely happy


with that. It is only a game. It is not that bad. Needless to say, I


did not really min that. Sean Lineen is a delightful fellow. Not


a bad player in his day. Over the last quarter of this game, nine


apiece, I am not sure a draw would protesting that Tom Court has been


scrums used to get down and get on to say, it is a case of who, me, a


lead for the first time. Those with the penalties that were going


against Ulster in the first half. This will be again decided by a


small margins. A penalty, a drop goal. Ulster will look to their


bench to bring some more fresh legs turning point Mac, is this going to


be it? Glasgow will want to get some possession in the Ulster half.


They have defended for most of the off, please. In is this something


naughty going on there? Some think has gone on a on the far side. --


something. Somebody must have set something. Blue Six has cut across


him and prevented him. OK, a penalty against blue number six.


Captain, and blue number six, please. When you have five wreak


red hair and probably a 10 per to match your best not getting


involved in anything because you are all too noticeable.


obstruction against him. Alastair Kellock his arguing that Ulster


were offside from the box kick, and he really should not be doing that.


Another chance for Ulster to take the lead. That is the benefit they


you get from playing smart football in these conditions. Trimble using


all of his experience to get that penalty. When you are in opposition


territory and you get penalties, you can make most use of them by


those kicks for goal. The discipline of Glasgow being called


into question. Too many penalties in this second half. On second


sight, it was an interesting called by the Scottish touch judge. Air


lot of people would have let that easy, but he knows that it was


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


last minute penalty bomb the game treating Fred of getting a bit of


treatment. -- Cusiter at his still not quite able to put the


finishing touches to promising play. But the second half has been much


better. There has been a collective awareness of what they are trying


to achieve by playing a territory own territory. They have played the


majority of the second half in their own territory. Brady has come


on for Kyriacou. Tim Barker has gone into the second row. He is a


good strong scrummaging player. He will relish the opportunity to play


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


and that could be the winning of this game for Glasgow! -- Nathan


dives for the try. Excellent work finishing off. It was the


unexpected turnover ball like rated the issue for Ulster. -- but


inside where Nathan was lurking. Ulster, on the balance of the


second half, it may well have snatched it. Two second half


penalties missed and they conceded the try from nothing. Bolster Mac


need eight converted try to win Ulster. Glasgow, in their windows


scrummage, they've relied upon Ryder to put the ball deep into


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


will select territory. -- into front row. The referee will go to


the other side, leaving his assistant on the nearside to see


what is going on between Low and Court. All the time, at the clock


is kicking down. Bolster might well have to start taking the


Macklin was the man responsible, will be a Glasgow line-out. Unless


they can get possession of dry fine intercept it is difficult to try to


manufacture something in your own half. They will try to put some


pressure on this line-out for Glasgow. They have one point for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


being inside seven but they would They will not give everything away.


Ulster will have to affect a turnover and go virtually the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


behind that breakdown looking for done that so many times. That will


not only confirmed the win for Glasgow but it will send Ulster


home without even a losing bonus point. What a poor night in Glasgow


was a nice gesture by Ian Humphreys. Ulster need to get something from


this last set-piece. Glasgow were indisciplined for 30 minutes in


this second half of. They could not get into the right parts of the


pitch. Then a moment of magic. Eight points secures the victory


and the margin necessary to deny Ulster any points this evening.


Court, injured. On the bench is Callum Black, who came in pretty


the last minute, I suspect. Tom Court seems to be fine again. He


has battled away. The Glasgow crowd, particularly after Ulster came back,


must have thought their side was going to lose. But Weir has a


points. This is the last chance for that is game over. I reckon the 80


minutes is up. The referee says the 80 minutes are indeed up. It is


defeat for Ulster. They have now played nine games in the lead, won


four and lost five it. Ulster lost five and drew 1 before, so they


have a lot to do. They do, and they will be desperately disappointed


with this performance. Glasgow, on their land, playing at home, have


rebounded from a disappointing performance against Bath.


Ultimately, Glasgow took their chances. Ulster controlled the


majority of the second half, but Glasgow were able to convert the


limited opportunities they had into points on the scoreboard.


Ultimately, that has given them a deserved victory. It was 93-Glasgow


at half-time. Two well-struck penalties by Ian Humphreys pulled


it back, but Ulster could not turned that pressure into points.


Humphreys was unsuccessful with two difficult kicks from long range.


Glasgow came through. Duncan Weir dropped the goal right at the end.


A very frustrating night for Ulster. Too many mistakes, and missed


opportunities were at the root of the problem against a very


determined Glasgow side. Duncan Weir was effective with the boot


for the home side. Ian Humphreys got three out of six, but missed


three crucial penalties for Ulster, which could have won them the game.


Glasgow took one of their any opportunities in the second half to


seal an emphatic home win. May ran out of steam be way we just ran out


of music. -- Ulster ran out of steam. It was a much better


performance in the second half from Ulster, but a very poor result.


Ulster controlled the game in the second half. We felt they had done


enough to win that match. Ryan summed it up at the end of the game.


It came down to the team taking their chances. Glasgow got into


their 22 half a dozen times and came away with points every time.


Ulster just could not get the points. Is it fair to say that


Ulster played like that last season, but won a lot of games because they


were able to grind it out in the closing minutes of games, but that


is something they have not been able to do this season? It has not


happened, and it is a fine line, but it is a big difference. It is a


fine line. It shows how tight these games are, especially away from


home. You must take your opportunities. The game is very


finely balanced at nine to tonight. He missed two reasonably difficult


chances. As bring said, Glasgow have just gone down the other end


of the pitch and scored out of the only clear-cut scoring opportunity


they had in the whole game. It is the way things are at the minute.


Even after two very good European performances, when we look at the


table in the Pro12, Ulster fans will be raising a few eyebrows.


They will. Most of those teams have Connacht are on their tails. It


will be a dogfight between us. Scarlets have beaten the Dragons


tonight. Ulster have a lot of tough games coming up. They do, and the


Scarlets did very well to win tonight, because they were depleted,


with the Welsh side playing Australia next week. Ulster have to


win that match. They are starting to struggle now. They have fallen


down the table and a gap has started to open. On top of that,


they have back-to-back European Cup games coming up. There is a serious


amount of work to do if Ulster are going to make the play-offs this


year. There are still six or seven guys to come back. And there are


still a lot of games to play. What may help in our favour is that we


do not have that supplement going away to the Irish squad that the


likes of Leinster do have. But we have Leinster and Munster over


Christmas. Those games are potentially in the flux at the


minute. We would like to win them, but we could conceivably lose.


Every year, it is around Christmas time when you're season is


effectively won or lost. It is all the big games in the European Cup


and the Pro12 way you have to come away with 75% victories, otherwise


you're season is over. Those games against Munster and Leinster will


be big games. As we look at Glasgow, their single try-scoring


opportunity in that second half was disappointing from an Ulster


defensive point of view. It came from a high ball. Glasgow took the


initiative. Three errors occurred here. Two people took the same man.


If we had just got one thing right, These are just very small margins.


But we struggled badly under the high ball again tonight. Well


Stefan walk into the starting line and now? They have brought Stefan


in to effectively be the starting 15 now leading into Christmas. Adam


probably did not have his best game, on reflection. It was a difficult


night. There was a bit of wind and heavy rain. But it was not just


Adam, it was other players as well, he just looked uncomfortable under


that ball. We played in those conditions for probably 75% of the


season, so we have to be solid there, otherwise if the ball is


loose, the rest of your pack are coming backwards. You are


susceptible to a line break. Austen defended well, but it is about


defending the high balls as well. What was going on at the breakdown?


May wanted to be clinical tonight. At times they were, but too often,


they looked lackadaisical. They did not have any ability to generate a


quick ball. There were a couple of instances where we were caught


short on numbers. We did not have our numbers there to be able to


compete effectively at the breakdown, first of all even to win


a slow ball but secondly to generate any quick ball. Backs and


half-backs thrive on the ball coming quickly. The ball we were


able to generate was basically slow. Any fast all we did get, we did not


have the composure to hold on to it and make anything. At times when


Ulster did, they did not take their chances. You can see the difference


here. Then we turned the ball back inside and it started to get bogged


down again. You can almost counter three seconds before the second and


third guys arrive. That is the problem Ulster have had. They put


could phases of play together, and then it is just that last pass. We


are a bit slow. Such a big emphasis has been placed on putting people


in there to win the ball. Glasgow were more streetwise about that


tonight. Ian Humphreys will be disappointed tonight. He had enough


chances to put Ulster foreign have ahead that Glasgow could not come


back. What did you make of his performance? He played pretty well.


He tried to pin the guys back in the 22. It is a small pitch, so you


have opportunities to get field position. He had a couple of nice


high balls as well. One or two were a bit far. Unfortunately, he missed


a couple of crucial kicks. Like you said earlier, it is taking these


opportunities. Not only have we lost a game, but we have not come


away with a point either. What does Brian McLaughlin do next? He will


have to make sure he is fit. It will be a big call. Paul Marshall


has been playing exceptionally well. He has had another good game


tonight. His game has developed during Pienaar's absence. There is


a big call to make. But Ulster need their big-name players back. We


missed them tonight. It was pretty evident that they missed them badly.


We talked about the lineout not functioning brilliantly, especially


in the first half. If you take Rory Best and Chris Henry and Stephen


Fry is out, they are all on phenomenal form and it was always


going to be an uphill battle. The guys that stepped in did very well.


Willie Faloon played well. He is your typical Grant Holt, and he


turned over some ball. But it was not enough, unfortunately. Thank


you very much. And Ulster are back in action next Friday night at


Ulster recorded an impressive victory over Glasgow in the opening round of the Pro12. However, with a run of four consecutive defeats to recover from, Brian McLaughlin will be keen for victory at Firhill Stadium.

Stephen Watson presents live coverage of the game with commentary from Jim Neilly and Ryan Constable.

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