Ulster v Scarlets Ulster Rugby Live

Ulster v Scarlets

Stephen Watson introduces Pro12 action as Ulster play host to the Scarlets, having been left red-faced on their recent visit to Parc y Scarlets. Jim Neilly commentates.

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It has been pretty painful to watch Ulster in the PRO12 recently. They


have lost five of their last six matches. Tonight they'd take on


Scarlets. It is trying time for the coach, Brian McLaughlin who


welcomes back some of his bake players.


We all have a raven hair like playing there. We love the place


and the atmosphere. Hopefully that can give us the boost on Friday


night. Can Ulster get their season back


contract as marketeers Ulster they gaze the Scarlets live at Ravenhill.


On this freezing cold night, the fans are hoping else they can turn


up the temperature. There is a big month off matches ahead and it is


make-or-break time. You aren't sure some times we just a team is going


to turn out. The use although a win against Clermont Auvergne and then


lose to Glasgow. They have been a bit up-and-down, a bit emphatic. I


hope they will win tonight for a start every game is important and


and more so tonight to get them on the good flutter into the New Year.


If the players are fit we have a good chance. And it's going to win


tonight? A yes! Let's hope so. Welcome to Ravenhill


on this cold Friday night. Kick-off is just a few minutes a wave. We


will have some half-time entertainment. Tonight, Nevin


Spence puts as firmly in the picture. Here in the studio tonight


Ulster are struggling to find their form. You would hope it would be an


Ulster Wayne better the Scarlets have got some players missing as


they have been called up to play against Australia for Wales


tomorrow. Ulster had been very unfortunate with it a lack of


accuracy. They will be looking to put in a massive performance this


evening. Will December define the Ulster season? It has to be one of


Have been struggling for form. They have been missing out on games just


slightly. This is a massive month for them. Three wins on the trot


here and they could be back in the top five. There is no crisis yet


but it is time to deliver. They are posted tonight with the bake name


players. A win by one point or two., is when. We will have to win these


and get the ball is poised to qualify for Europe. If we don't win


this evening the cracks in confidence will become chasms.


Afoa les back. He has got a nice haircut as well. Cutting out the


mistakes that Ulster have been making the past few weeks is going


to be key. It is interesting this week they said they were worried


about making mistakes a man was impacting on their performance.


When you get to that stage, you confidence is low and a skill set


stars to drop. It is the final pass, the half yard. They are forcing the


plays. This evening they have been told to go out, play rugby, enjoy


ourselves. A-night for Ian Humphreys to try to control the


game against that stall what, Stephen Jones. He has been a bit


erratic. He has put his own hand up and is not waiting for people to


tell him how bad it is. He has got the right players around him this


evening. Do you think Ulster need to make a statement this evening?


What they have tried to do it is played too wide and too flat to


early. They need to get into position and get their points. They


need to start building their confidence by getting the points.


Many thanks. Ulster array hard team to beat at home. They have only


lost once at the Ravenhill in the last 12 occasions. Let's go over to


but Stephen Jones is very much a tonight. Phil John has been around


forever. Johanne politics the hand of the Ulster mascot. -- Joanne


for -- from the trip to Glasgow. Paul Marshall in his 42nd


Jones gets the game under way. Not the best start for Ulster and that


is the sort of their rare that they would hope would be eradicated. --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


shirts. I think we should still you believe it? Oesophagus try in


the world. It was given a wave. Glory best locks thunderstruck.


Sean Lamont can not believe his job they must be playing into a


huge wind. They're running from their own territory and a simple


pass given away, gifted to the Scarlets. The perfect start for


them. Coming and then with as simple interception. The pass was


by Stephen Ferris. But it could be Pedrie Wannenburg. It has been the


most awful of Ulster starts. That receipts from the kick-off and


the reason it was messed reflected intercepted try and a try by Sean


Lamont. His remains coming back from France to play with Glasgow. -


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


familiar pattern of keeping the judge. -- that was called. A clever


little break and some good hands. You thought Craig Gill Wright would


have used those magic feet. -- Craig Gilroy. The Scarlets are


clear what they're doing, kicking everything in their half. They're


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


packs. I hope they will put that to in field and I don't think it will


go bed. Yes, it does. You don't see Stephen Jones making too much


mistakes like that will stop Andrew Turnbull must have had on a piece


of thread. It looked like the perfect kick and it took that


little bows and kept rolling on. That is the indication of how


strong the wind is here. It is going to be a huge factor in


determining the outcome of this game. Stephen Jones with a nice


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


normally reserved for the outside- half. The scrum is not a very tidy.


Most of the players have gone back to being clean-shaven after growing


beards in the November. Stephen Jones is trying to equalise numbers


Gareth Davies came around a little too quickly. He is playing his 25th


game for the Scarlets. A chance for Ulster to get back some of the


points they conceded in the opening part. The last couple of scrums


have been in the ascendancy. A first opportunity for points coming


from that. They have to make sure they get the set piece Boulez's


Rite tonight. -- the set piece rain coming down it is blowing into


the face of Ian Humphreys. He has kept it low. Off the post of. It


went outside. It remains Ulster, of the wind. That was well taken by


Adam D'Arcy. This time the penalty goals against Ulster. Andrew


Trimble penalised for coming in from the side. There are some


excellent ethereal skills on display from Adam D'Arcy.


Unfortunately, Ulster were not able to secured possession. Daniel Evans


had a good kicking game against Ulster in the opposite Match at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


Parker mark. Ken Owens takes it very good kick. We were impressed


with Daniel Evans the last time we saw him. He had an outstanding game.


Andrew Trimble showed some composure on the ball which has


been missing from Alistair's play. They need to make the break and


recycle the ball and look for initial knock forward was by Craig


Gilroy. Paul Marshall has been making a positive contribution. He


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


is really shining now with this having a word with his assistant on


referee. He has a sympathy for the game. Instead of blowing the


whistle and a restarting it, he gives the Scarlets an opportunity


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


gone. The Scarlets have ripped the That was a good kick by him.


Outstanding stuff. He is looking very focused tonight. A bit bemused


by the Scarlets's tactics. They are running around in their own half


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


and they're not taking strategic also billeted glance to the left by


Gareth Davies. Phil John are correctly. A lovely pass. Phil John


makes great ground. They set up Lou Reed. Here is the flying machine.


Willie get in? He is. Catastrophic for the home side. That brought him


all the way from the southern hemisphere or. A couple of tries in


the opening quarter of this game. The home side's season is starting


to unravel put it this is how you finish. An outstanding finish.


small gap created. On the outside break before the ball was delivered,


then some ft per -- foot work and power. They went to a number of


phases and manipulated the defence. The Scarlets, when they are playing


this kind of rugby, are a different sort of proposition. Only 22 years


of age. He has played for Tonga in the recent World Cup. You can see


why they have bought him. He is half the size of Sean Lamont but


scoring tries like that, he is just as popular. Not a great start by


the home side. You can see the overlap being created by going to


the players. It is important for the home side to understand they


are playing into the wind for the bid to be at their backs in the


second half. It is a case of damage Scarlets have made this secure. If


ever the home side have to stand up for themselves, they have to do it


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


Wallace but he is a big strong A bit of relief. They are sure the


backroom team will be glad of that. The home side are on the scoreboard.


He judged it very nicely for the bid was not easy. The perfect


strike and the perfect result. Still a lot for the home side to do.


A couple of Scarlets men in front. They cannot consider the option of


receiving the kick again. Or they behind the scrum. Interesting to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


just forward. It has to come at some stage. Ulster can't keep on


winning so much ball and not do anything with it. We saw the


importance of Stephen Ferris to this team. It was his surge that


got Ulster over the advantage line. They have to capitalise on it. They


have to break through that defence and throw-in that pass to achieve


that. Unfortunately it went forward. Scarlets have had two chances and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


He was born in New Zealand but is a recover from that. A bit of a shunt


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


Ulster. Phil John was offside. I was good work between the referee


little bit of juggling their by Ian Humphreys, are matters not a


backache. It gives Ulster a decent field position. Ulster and not a


head on the scoreboard but they have kept possession. They need to


be in control of possession. Unusual for a game to have been


played this much in the opposition half given the strength of the wind


Ulster are playing into. There will be no consolation given the Scots.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


made contact with the ball. At a forcing the issue too much? It was


a very successful tactic first up it is difficult to do in these


conditions, the long pass. That has invited the Scarlets back into


Ulster territory. This is not where Ulster want to be. A every time the


Scarlets have got themselves into best possession -- position on the


pitch they have tended to score. is frustrating for Ulster. Tonight


the intensity looks to be there. All players are getting over the


advantage line and creating friends football. Just the execution in


those crucial areas where the creator the overlaps, that composer


and accuracy on the ball needs to come for Ulster.


A gaggle of camera men behind the Scarlets posts. I wonder if they


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


possession from a line-out that is going to be a Ulster scrum.


haven't had a lot of ball a what they have had, they have used


creatively. They're trying to play the game on their feet. They


offloading before the tackle and through the tackle. That is how


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


they managed to penetrate That was a terrific kick by Evans.


Excellent appreciation of the space behind the team at. Just a little


chip kick. This is what you feel the Scarlets should do once they


get possession in their own half, go... A yellow card. The Scarlets


will play the rest of this first half with only 14 men. Ulster must


capitalise. Marshall spotted that opening on the fringe and exploited


it. It has a bit frustrated not to get the pass back. We have asked


for us and composer on the ball. Maso identifying these days. Craig


Gilroy not throwing that pass. The penalty comes. Offside and


has come off a Ulster player and it will be a Scarlets line-out.


Questionable whether the kicking option was a pre clause. It is one


of those once you have to kick along the ground when you play into


a wind like this. Ian Humphreys would have been looking for a


better return than that. - Marshall. He was off so quickly


there was nobody there. Stephen Jones with the tackle. There is the


Scarlets line, surely they must score. Ferris goes himself. Ulster


get their first try of the evening. It has taken them nearly 35 minutes.


It was Stephen a Ferris. Paul Marshall has single-handedly


inspired Ulster to the hides they have achieved. This ceiling pace on


the outside with a clever little chip kick. Marsalis at to provide


the service and Stephen Ferris charges over. It's all started


within their own half. Excellent execution by Ulster.


Paul Marshall has been in sparkling conversion to come. It is it a


difficult one. The rain is starting to come down. It is fine and


consistency. This is a breeze as This scoreboard looks much better.


We can't forget Ulster is playing into this heavy when did it up they


will be looking forward to the second half so they can use their


kicking game. The fact they have managed to a rope that Martin will


be very pleasing to the coaches. A lot of positive has to be taken


can get along the surface. There they go. Out to Stephen Ferris. He


few errors have prevented them for that but all of a sudden it now,


you have Stephen Ferris and they are dominating. They feel like


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


will be very sore. He will need ice and that during the interval.


have done very well to dominate in replacement. Iolo Evans is only 19


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


couple of minutes away. The Arras, seasons are won and lost.


This first half is one of missed opportunities. They have made more


clean breaks but they have not been able to capitalise on those. A


couple of forward passes but the Endeavour and the ambition is


certainly there. They need a bit of possession -- precision in their


play. He will be the warmest chap Well taken by Andrew Trimble. Where


Scarlets have scrambled and scrape their way up. They will be more


pleased about that. That was the half-time whistle. The referee


getting in on the early side. Ulster had a poor start. They went


behind for the opening quarter of the game. There have a strong wind


at their backs in the second half. They must do something with this


were the season will look on the road beside. But his half-time. --


It is half-time. A pretty miserable night weather Wise. If you were a


couple of minutes late, you missed the Scarlets's opening try. Things


were not going right for Ulster. Then the visitors raced in for


their second try of the evening. There were a lot of concern to


people at Craven Hill. But Ian Humphreys kept the scoreboard


ticking over. Eventually, Paul Marshall was the real spark.


Eventually, Stephen Ferris took the lead for Ulster -- brought Ulster


A horrendous start to get off. Compounded by the fact we are


trying to go from Our Own Line. Character-building stuff from


Ulster. To go behind by two tries. The team were already lacking in


confidence but they showed some real character. That is probably


one of the most positive things they can bring back in the second


half, the positivity. The wind is very strong. Accuracy pence to be a


key word. There were a couple of cases for that they missed a couple


of tackles and opportunities. They have put themselves under pressure.


The conditions are quite atrocious. A couple of minutes in, the worst


possible start for Ulster. started from a poor restart for


Ulster. It just went on from there. We just have this ability to not


quite get out of these own. You can just see the body language of


players. Hour align their again has been committed served upon. We need


to address the heart and put ourselves back two or three metres.


If the ball is not where it is we They are all running across the


park. Some of these need to hold the defence up. If it is easy to


defend, it is a little too easy for this level of rugby. The imprint of


Stephen Jones on this match has been exceptional. Ulster do not


have a player of his quality. There are frustrating the defence and


finding the weaknesses. A good patient build-up. Very patient. All


credit to them. A lovely step. They sit out and you can see them


building it up. Excellent finish. It did feel at that point that


Ulster could have been in danger of unravelling at that point. It is


not just about talking about it. We have seen some players are in


exceptional form. Paul Marshall has been exceptional in the last few


management of the game. He is that at his best. He is explosive


and he has a fantastic execution. If you watch his work-rate, he goes


down. He is up and makes the perfect pass to set the game away.


He also has a Ruan Pienaar sitting on the bench breathing down his


neck. You may find him coming on at Number 10 for the second half.


may be a distinct possibility. They like to get him on the park. It


could be a good combination it would be interesting. Ian might get


a little bit of a kick in the back if they did that. They are playing


in strong wind conditions. The accuracy has not been there. It has


not worked tonight. Ulster seemed to be at their best when they are


going forward at pace. When they slowed down they are at sixes and


sevens a little bit. Paul Marshall came back on to his feet. The point


of contact and the ball away from the breakdown has been good.


player was keen to prove to us that rugby is an art form. It is clear


that talent and flair grans in the I have never painted portraiture


before. I am not sure if it is the correct term. People know who they


are and what they look like. You have to make them recognisable. It


has been a challenge for me. You are going from a photo. You have to


work from that and see what comes out. I try to get my own style and


technique. It is not a photo image. It is not necessarily an exact


replica but as long as you can recognise them, that is what you


want to get. It is the action and movement and the passion and energy


I like to think of myself as an She said she was going to make


something and I was not sure what to expect at the start. When she


finished I was pleasantly surprised. I was not going to say I was


delighted because I didn't want to The energy she puts into this work


shows the energy the guys have to put into their game. This is why


I would rather be in the studio and I did say I was pretty talented and


I think it comes through. I am pretty happy with it. Red is the


colour of all sorts of emotions. You can take anything you want from


That last one cost about 50p! This one costs a lot more! That was the


time when I had a lot more hair. Now, back to rugby. What did Ulster


need to do to win here in the second half? Do they need to do


more with the opportunities they have? Given the conditions, they


will play down memorial end. Hopefully they will be a bit more


accurate. We need to finish these opportunities. That is what a good


side can do first up we know that we can create and finish. We have


got to believe in ourselves. For as the Ulster team get ready to leave


the dressing room, they know this is an important 40 minutes of rugby.


They need to put their marker down before a two bay European games.


is a big month. They need confidence going into next week, we


have to win it. It is as simple as that. Confidence for a when? Yes. I


think we will win this match. Ulster 15 back-up at. What a season


it has been for Paul Marshall. He has played excellent Heineken Cup


games. He was terrific last week against Glasgow. He is the little


catalyst that has helped Ulster tipped stay in touch with the


Scarlets who started like a house on fire. Scarlets are still at down


to 14 men, Daniel Evans is still in the sin bin. This way and is


picking up a bit and it is behind Ulster. It is having to manage to


these conditions. The referee blows his whistle Elloway we go. Two


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


Paul Marshall. He is going through the repertoire


this evening. The last few weeks we have been


impressed with the quality of his passing, his box kicking and game


management. Tonight, we are seen that sparky brings. He is dangerous


around the fringes first up he is enjoying his evening.


Daniel Evans is that on the field for the Scarlets. Iolo Evans has


was high. The referee is still playing Ulster advantage. It is


going to be a penalty anyway. Whatever, Ulster and going into the


going to be another sending off. was any malice, to is a highly


illegal tackle. That would have taken a lesser mortal's head of!


Pleading his guilt saved him from further sanctions. Ulster are


Ulster in the lead for the first time in this game and all based


certain there seems to be a lot more smiles on the Ulster


supporter's faces. The fans want to see passion, they


want an honesty about the performance and they have had


spades of that in the game. If the execution is matched by it, we


could see a lot of scores -- points knocked forward by the Scarlets.


End error-strewn period. They have got themselves another penalty.


It looked as if there was a knock- on at one point. Barren cave seize


that was interception. By chance now for Ian Humphreys just to


down, Ulster have scored 14 points without reply from the Scarlets.


Just how all still would have envisaged this second half. They


need to play their way out. When the opportunities come through the


agency of Ian Humphreys boots for those points, just accumulate those


points. No rain but the wind is holding the


and the first half. David Humphreys just about a recognisable. He looks


nice and warm. Difficult to legislate the bounce


of the ball. As we saw for the first half of the Scarlets, just a


rolling on. It is early on in this half. First of all, it is defensive


Scarlets and it is going to be a team that scrum.


Excellent work by Nevin Spencer got that hit on around the ball-


carrying arm. A forced the Erics the error. Ulster will have the


benefit of this wind now. replacement coming on for the


are Jonathan Edwards is coming on. underneath.


The conditions are starting to worsen. You don't want the wind at


your back. Ulster have been in the ascendancy and the scrum, they are


winning their collisions. But they will be looking to ram that home


other because of the next 30 minutes. It is checking it down now.


The turf is starting to cut up a little bit, not surprisingly.


Ulster can not in any great rush to these Ulster forwards, having done


going to be their line-out. When you have that when that your back


you have to make sure you apply the your own 22 before the defensive


line starts to creep. In part of the UK they is going to be some


water shortages! Basic come here. - Nick Ryan Mills try to make up some


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


very unfortunate. A little bit too much on it. It will be a Scarlets


scrum. They would have been happy to stay at 14-10 up. Inevitably, it


rolled over the touchline. They will be looking for another


opportunity. They are looking for it when they are in the ascendancy.


An awful night here. The Scarlets have only six of the starting 15


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


they have slightly overcooked. is a welcome proposition to take


with the wind at your back. A but they will be happy that they are


now ahead. It they will be looking to ram that home. Iolo Evans goes


off, he was the replacement. It looks like a couple are coming on


for Ulster. Tom Court has gone off. Dan Tuohy has been immense today.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


He is destructive and the get over He's built it in the tackle. They


will have to come back to the knock-on. A little bit too


ambitious. That was a beautiful bit of passing. You can see why Stephen


Jones is one of the top number 10 say in world rugby. He takes the


ball to the line and assesses his options. Ken Owens is extremely


mobile. A wonderful tackle by Adam Scarlets supporter. I cannot think


of anyone else who would be wearing a daffodil. But he is wearing it


with pride and he seems very happy. No. 19 Damian Welch has come on.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


Any Phillips has come on as well. - This is a game Ulster desperately


need to win full that they have a lot of tough game is coming. They


referee said there was nothing wrong with that. Phillips took on.


Ulster could have done with holding on to that ball. Deacon Manu is


With the wind behind them, Ian Humphreys may think about a pop at


the posts. The referee is signalling for that to be the case.


They have shown excellent discipline and they are starting to


skipper he does not need help to When he does find de suite spot,


there is nothing sweeter for the home crowd. For the Scarlets will


win this game, they need more than a converted try. That was a


terrific strike by Ian Humphreys. Iestyn Thomas has come on. Ulster


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


Ulster's territory if they are to allow all the Scarlets back into


the game. Any drift will allow them a sense back to get back into this.


There are smiling at the moment but will they be smiling in 20 minutes?


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


forward. The referee does up Christmas. He has played


exceptionally well. He communicates well with the players and get a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


crowd get in behind a their side. - was not going to do anything silly.


There was no point in trying to play the ball or kick it into touch


as that would have conceded can -- possession. This is based around


tactical kicking. They will take the opportunities where they come.


A huge cheer greet the arrival of Ruan Pienaar. -- greets the arrival


not many occasions when Ruan Pienaar comes on to replace a


player and you see it has to escalate. He was a real talisman


for Ulster last season. It is good Can you put a price on this fellow?


He is immense. He is the full package. He has the pace like a


wing. He has power and when those two elements combine, he is


virtually unstoppable. The dummy and the train smash. An absolute


sight to behold. You can hardly blame people for not wanting to


make contact with him. He dished out and turned into a train with no


were worried about Ulster. But the rest of the season would look after


itself. I think this is a good return.


A very mature response by Ulster. The guys in the studio said that


the team acquired when. If they stick to the pattern, they could


score more. The Scarlets have made another replacement, this will be


Gardiner and has leapt. -- has players on that was a decent


example. Look up their confidence that extra cushion has given Ian


Humphreys. That was his best kick to touch all evening. This will


give Ulster a little bit more licence, a little bit more freedom.


a little bit better than stop -- Brian McLaughlin.


The players intensity has shown where the sea place is. -- where


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


White. Good style, good offload but now was nudged forward by Paddy


there. -- miss in communication flowing game. It has been an


entertaining evening for the Ulster Ulster are 10 -- 14 points to the


There was a thump in the face bite Jonathan Edwards. End unsettle


replacements coming on. Paddy Jackson will not be 20 until the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


against Glasgow last week. Adam Macklin comes on. They have used


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


this game. They will be looking fun And that has to be the short tests


they have any a replacement this year in any game. Less than a


minute and Adam Macklin is off. The referee had given a warning does


beforehand he had come on the field about slowing the ball down. He was


not be warned about things especially when the referee is as


astute as this one. A converted try would close the gap for the


Scarlets will stop they could have a pressures losing bonus point.


Ulster would want to deny them that -- Ulster have given away the


penalty. Our Steven Ferris. It halted any


initial penalty. You can't really see from their if Adam Macklin was


on his feet. He might have been doing something naughty the touch


They have got to squeeze a penalty try out of this one. The referee


has given them another penalty. They're going to do the same again.


If it is a penalty try it will be a seven pointer seeing that it will


be awarded under the posts. Scarlets are one of the teams in


contention for the second or third spots at the end of the season.


Somebody in the Ulster at Croke disengaged from the scrum. -- back-


the try. If this is converted, the Scarlets it could have the best man


will have the bonus point. They could do something better than that.


They have managed to secure a at least the start of that one point.


It was Foley clumsy. The penalty arm was out. Just going over the


player there. A bit of confusion for team at.


He slept ended the arms of Stephen Ferris. Stephen Jones adds the


extra us. All of a sudden, it does not look rosy for Ulster. They are


capable of winning this game but the Scarlets are within seven


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


points of winning this game. Four give youth its head but sometimes a


little bit of inexperience gives away bits of possession like that.


I was a good hit in the mid- field. It is perfectly executed. That is


what has caused the turnover on this occasion. Set nicely, drop


down and driving in through the tackle.


Losing the possession has given the Scarlets the scrum and they have


Error upon error and Ulster are doing their best. They are giving


the Scarlets a drawn. A 14 point margin, they thought they would


enjoy themselves and the last 10 minutes. But they are looking a


little bit nervous at the moment. They have a seven-point buffer now.


This is no way you want to be in the last four minutes of the game.


The Scarlets have put up a terrific throwing everything into the attack


Well taken by Adam D'Arcy. He hit that long. That is a good kick by


Adam D'Arcy. Andrew Trimble is a legging it up there. The last


minute of the game. A we do not know if they will be time for the


Scarlets to rule anything more. Adam D'Arcy back in the starting


position. He has had a very good Trimble. He runs into Iestyn Thomas.


It is just a case of putting a into here and give the Scarlets have a


ensure it the points were in the bag. Ulster and made it a nervy and


ending. From 10-0 down. They would be happy in with the performance.


They had a triumph with a couple of tries that but the league campaign


back on track at the start of December. They will be playing


Leinster on Boxing Day and against Munster the day before New Year's


Eve. Relief for the fans as they managed to win this game and see of


the Scarlets but that it was very Muller leading his team to victory


even though he did it his -- the hard way. The Scarlets team were in


form. Ian Humphreys put the first points on the board for Ulster. He


kept them in touch. There was no stopping Stephen Ferris. Ian


Humphreys then gave -- Ulster the That pretty much sealed the win for


Ulster. The Scarlets sneak over for a late score. Ulster back to


winning ways. The final score at It was not flawless but it was a


crucial victory. They wanted to get the victory to build upon for next


week. There was some excellent phases of play and then there was


some stuff they will have to work upon. A more clinical second half.


It is never easy playing with the wind on your back for that they did


exceptionally well for the bid was not the best performance but as we


said at the top of the programme, all we wanted was to get a win. Job


done. Stephen Ferris was man of the match. A barnstorming performance


by the big man. He takes two or three of the opposition for that he


plays exceptionally talented football. That was fantastic.


winced at that stage. He has great feet and he has strength. He is


very clinical. He keeps pumping the legs when he goes into contact. He


is a powerful man. He is able to take the ball away from the


opposition. The ball is then presented for the scrum-half. He


always seems to make ground Andy does not give the ball away. He has


physical power. That comes from a lot of training. The they were


definitely more clinical tonight. There were more clinical but


they're also creating stuff. One of these days, it will click for them.


Let us hear from the man of the How significant a win was tonight?


We took the foot of the gas in the second half. They kept putting


pressure on us. We learn from this. We have shown that even in these


difficult conditions we can play rugby. They are a good side and


they are very clinical. But with the wind and our back in the second


half we played some good rugby. I carried the ball well all night.


Are you a happy man? Yes. We got the win. We did our job in the


first half and we played well. We gave them a couple of soft scores


which was disappointing. We also had one eye on next week. A


sometimes, when you do that, a you can end up giving away point. We


have won at home again and there are lots of things we have to look


at in the performance. That critic is to next week and we can build


again and take on I only again next week. -- A or me. We have to win


that one and then we will see if we can get to Christmas with another


couple of wins. How much pressure do that lift off Ulster this


evening? Be needed to get a win to increase confidence in the squad


for that it is interesting. They brought them wholesale changes.


They may have to work on some of the fundamental errors. They have


made a lot of changes with six or eight minutes to go for that you


can see the dynamics of the team has changed. The seemed to come on


with too much enthusiasm at the wrong time got the bit can upset


the balance of the thing. They can say they played well but they lost


the last 10 minutes. The there was no Paddy Wallace tonight. Darren


Cave made a great start? He reacted quickly such as here when the ball


went loose. Sean Lamont cover their. He has an eye for a break and he


takes on. He seems to be the guy who is on the loose ball first.


Defensively, he is strong. He is tenacious. You can see it in


defence. Spence is strong. To ride the last tackle like he did, that


was fantastic. Here had a presence of mind to what was going on around


him pulled up how many times did you see a young Brian O'Driscoll


doing those things? That lifts the team got there they see young boys


like that coming in not afraid of being hit. What happens next week


at the scrum-half position? It is very hard. He controls matters. The


game was almost over when Ruan Pienaar came on tonight. But Paul


Marshall is doing well. We should keep power on form players in.


Marshall is playing at the top level. He has learned and it has


helped his game. They will be a big shout for him. Ian Humphreys was


much better with the boot tonight. That is one part of his game and


they were many parts which were not particularly sharp. His decisions


were poor. It was not just quite happening. He is a complex player.


He started to find his rhythm later. He just feeds off and everybody


feeds off him. Thank you very much. We will have to stop their I am


Stephen Watson presents live coverage of the Pro12 game as Ulster play host to the Scarlets. After being left red-faced by defeat at Parc y Scarlets, Brian McLaughlin will hope that fortress Ravenhill is a winning venue for his team.

Former Australian international Ryan Constable joins Jim Neilly in the commentary box.

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