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It's been a real jacket off day at Wimbledon. Temperatures pushing


upwards of 30 Celsius, and over the last few days the British tennis has


been pretty hot. Yesterday we would talking about four British players


through to the third round for the first time in 20 years, today Kyle


Edmund had the chance to become the fifth.


But although the British men's number two put up a fight,


he eventually succumbed to number 15 seed Gael Monfils in straight sets.


British hopes this year go beyond one man. In round two, Kyle Edmund


joined the greats beneath the grandstands, a first shot on Centre


Court. But Gael Monfils has his own take on greatness. With a racket:


he's elastic. Will Ward's entertainer. To get that on this


court takes experience but Edmund was adjusting. That'll do nicely.


Confidence booster for Kyle Edmund. The British player stayed in touch


to force a first set tie-break but nerves soon took hold. On the


pressure points, Gael Monfils get serious. Gael Monfils, a dominant


performance in the tie-break, takes the first set. The advantage, they


queue for some French flamboyance. Gael Monfils was now showing all his


tricks. But Kyle Edmund was not to be blown away on home turf. Kyle


Edmund breaks back. It's back in the second set. But for every break,


there would be a slip-up. At Grand Slams, even the best get the


jitters. Kyle Edmund exposed. Gael Monfils talk out chances the way he


knows best. Brilliant, Centre Court used every inch. Game, set, match,


Gael Monfils. I had chances here and there but ultimately, you know, you


want to win the last point of the set and I didn't. Being British,


growing up, watching tennis at Wimbledon, to get the chance to that


early, it's something you always remember. In the end, straight sets


look simple, but shoots of promise of the college. Comfort and this


court with time. Maybe a bit more time needed for


Kyle Edmund and we can join in the hot evening, and the roof, with


Jamie Baker, former British number two like Kyle Edmund. You've been in


his shoes. What does he need to do to pull up his socks and take on


those top 20 players and just get over the line Kuenssberg he was so


close. He is really close. He is someone


progress is study. He's got to the point where he makes big matches and


big tournaments, he needs to get to over the line once and sometimes you


need some luck as well. Today, in the match against Gael Monfils, a


close first set, got to the tie-break and the first couple of


points came to the net. He controlled the points and Bristol


couple of volleys. Against these top players, once they get the momentum,


it's hard to wrestle the momentum back so it would be an uphill


struggle. Now one more relaxed than Gael Monfils. What do you think Kyle


Edmund needs to do to get the crowd behind him? I don't know if it was


the heat all there wasn't much support him and Centre


the crowd were rooting for him. But he's quite low-key, under the radar?


He's had some good Davis Cup experiences but sometimes the same


thing can happen. It's not easy, we forget about the level but the


personality of someone like Andy Murray, he is harnessed something,


there's always something happening: he's an easy person to support. Kyle


Edmund is more level-headed and,, you talk about how can you make the


next step, maybe in the big matches, maybe not at Wimbledon but in a


stadium where there are a lot of people with extra energy, is there


something he can do to somehow get them on his side? It's not natural


but maybe that's just as important as getting a bigger serve or better


forehand. No Kyle Edmund but four British players through, pretty


positive that the Brits. We'll talk to in a minute but we move on now to


look at the number two seized or Novak Djokovic. -- number two seed


Novak Djokovic. He breezed through to the third


round with a pretty emphatic straight sets win


against Adam Pavlasek on number one court -


6-2, 6-2, 6-1 the score. When it comes to this tournament,


it's essential to keep Novak Djokovic under close surveillance.


Even after a poor year, his sights are set on winning Wimbledon again.


We saw it in the first set. He's moving confidently. The three-time


winner was simply too good in all departments and took the opener 6-2.


And with the heat causing more problems for Djokovic and code than


his opponent was, the Serbian continued the fine form seen in the


first and the second as well. All aspects of his game working at


optimum level as Pavlasek, 136 and the world, must have felt like an


amateur. That's so good, fabulous rally, what are shot. He dropped


stone dead. And yet now, two sets down, the underdogs showed signs of


his potential as he began to find his feet. The only problem for him


was that Djokovic's feet were almost planted in the next round already.


The class clear once more, and the almost inevitable came shortly


afterwards. Fittingly, in a mismatch like this, a double fault concluded


matters. From the very beginning, I impose my rhythm, played the game I


intended to play. I get better as days go by, use the experience,


knowing what to do on a daily basis, and to get myself in the most shape.


The right state of mind. And hopefully the right performance. If


this wasn't the right performance, you have to fear for the rest of the


draw. Who will be certainly keeping Novak Djokovic under close


surveillance now. We will certainly keep an eye on the


three-time champion. Well in the press conference


after the match, Djokovic was asked about comments made by John McEnroe,


who likened the Serb's recent dip in form to that of Tiger Woods,


who's game fell away dramatically I really don't take it in a negative


way anyway. It's fine. He has a right to say the things that he


wants to say. No wonder Sarah -- don't necessarily need to agree


with him but it is his right. I don't know what the basis was, maybe


he was making a comparison, I'm not really sure. When I was warming up


for my first Mac, climate and Centre Court, he was talking to the camera


and the serve went straight at him so I was playing. Maybe it was


because of that. LAUGHTER Novak Djokovic being


characteristically good natured. I imagine your diplomatic as well.


John McEnroe thinks it's part of his compensated personal life. What do


you make of his dip in form? When it comes to personal stuff, it's hard


for anyone to properly, unless they actually know what the facts are.


What you definitely can say about Djokovic and anyone else, you may


have been that dominant at the sport for so long, it will come to an end,


there will be a dip. He has experienced that and for him I


guess, he still relatively young. He should have many more years left at


the top but for him, it's a question of where can get back to where he


was as soon as possible? Whether any signs he is back? He has not done so


well over the last year or so with Grand Slams and went out third round


at Wimbledon last year. Not the greatest task for him today and he


wasn't that there was long as he's like, but 6-2, 6-2, 6-1, did we get


the real Djokovic back today? Choosing to go and play Eastbourne


today to occur before this, everyone was surprised. I spoke to a lot of


people down there who were surprised. He was loving being on


the match. In terms of today, you never know what the perfect


preparation is for tougher matches to come, whether it is oozing


through 23 rounds being tested, I think there's a balance to be found.


He was looking like you'll play del Potro. A big shock. That will be


seriously difficult. You never know what's going to turn up. But


Djokovic will be happy with his first two round so far. He's got the


potential to knockout Djokovic as well? He's got a massive serve and a


big game, one of the first died on the tour who are really


unpredictable, you can't trust him on the consistency year round. When


it comes to the next stage, the chance to play a big player, you


have someone who can put cause damage. Jamie, thanks for joining


us. Hopefully we can chat to you later as well.


Let's bring you some of the day's other notable results.


And there was an upset in the women's draw after third seed


The Czech player, who won the title at Eastbourne


in the build up to Wimbledon, and was highly fancied in what's


a very open women's competition, was beaten by Magdalena Rybarikova


A tight match went to a deciding set, but it was the Slovak


How about this for a great way to win a match? He took match point in


a truly spectacular fashion. Grigor Dmitrov beat


Marcos Baghdatis in straights sets. A diving volley completing


a comfortable win for the 13th seed, who on this form looks


like he could go a long And Jamie Murray and his doubles


partner Bruno Soares were victorius in the first


round of the men's Murray and Soares beat


the Czech pair Roman Jebavy Jamie, bringing you to talk about


Karolina Pliskova because she was one of the favourites to take the


women's title? It's still wide open but according to the bookmakers,


that makes organic onto the favourite for the title this year?


Is that too much pressure for her -- Johanna Konta the favourite. It is


very open, with Serena not being here, it makes it exciting, it's


Wimbledon, let's get excited about a Brit. She is in that pack of people


who come when the tournament. He's been the one semifinal of a slam so


far, she won her first Miami open title earlier in the gear which is a


massive step up. This is Wimbledon, it's a massive thing to say she is


an outright favourite. She isn't, but she's the pack. You have to


admire the way she goes about her business. She's focused,


professional, never talked about getting too far ahead of herself. I


think also as well, coming ahead of her match yesterday, it was a


massive thing for her to do. I think she'll be taking massive amounts of


confidence from that. Who knows? Choosing the group, let's see what


happens in a few matches' time. She's got to believe, we have to


believe. Hopefully we'll be talking about Joanna Konta marching through


the competition in a few days' time. Thank for joining us, let's go and


enjoy a nice cold drink, you've earned.


Couple of other lines to bring you on the disciplinary front.


Bernard Tomic has been fined $15,000 -


that's about ?11,500 - following his controversial


The Australian claimed to have felt "bored" during the match


and admitted he called for the trainer, even though


he wasn't injured, to try and disrupt his opponent's game.


His sponsors, HEAD, have also dropped him.


Daniil Medvedev, who knocked out Stan Wawrinka in round one,


has also been fined a similar amount for unsportsmanlike conduct.


The Russian had a number of disputes with the umpire during his five-set


loss to Ruben Bemelmans yesterday and ended the match


by throwing coins in the direction of her chair.


A fine for both those players, there.


There were some distressing scenes on Court 17 as the American player


Bethanie Mattek-Sands suffered a really nasty knee injury.


It left her screaming and crying on the court during her match


Mattek-Sands' doubles partner Lucie Safarova,


with whom she has won four Grand Slam titles, also


Really sad to see the top right doubles player in the world at the


moment, out at this year's Wimbledon.


Now after seeing off the extravagant Dustin Brown yesterday,


Andy Murray continues the defence of his Wimbledon title against


It'll be the first time Murray's faced another seeded player


in this year's draw, and in six previous matches


against each other there've been three wins for each player.


So Fognini says he isn't afraid to take the match


We know each other ready well, Day well.


Of course, it's going to be a tough match, but I should just play my


tennis, do my best. If I have the opportunity to take it, it will come


again his life because on court, I'd like to win. Normally it's like that


but are now at the same time it is going to be really tough match, he's


the favourite, but I'm here to play and to fight. Away from tennis,


let's move to the other day's sports.


It's day one of the first test between England and South Africa .


It's a new era for the team with Joe Root taking


Our sports correspondent Andy Swiss is at Lords for us.


Andy his reign didn't get off to a great start


Well we talk about a captain's innings but what an incredible


performance from Joe Root. When he came into that, England were all in


all sorts of trouble. They won the toss and things are going well but


Alastair Cook went early for just three, Ben Keaton Jennings, he will


be kicking himself for not doing that cell. When Jared came in, he


was nervous at first, but after lunch he and Ben Stokes really took


the game to South Africa. Stokes, again, rode his luck. He eventually


went bad Joe Root has really blossomed after tea. He reached his


century, a great moment for everyone at Lords who prayed he would reach


those three figures. Since reading the century, he really present an.


South Africa have liked a little listless, struggling in the heat. A


day which threatened to belong to South Africa in the morning has


blogged very much to England's captain, certainly his first day in


a new job, it will take some beating.


In the women's cricket World Cup, West Indies were thrashed


Batting first West Indies were bowled out for just 150.


And New Zealand made short work of their run chase,


knocking off the runs they needed in just over 18 overs.


It means west indies cannot now reach the semi


There's been a couple of big football transfer stories today.


News of a Manchester City player going to Barcelona in a moment,


but first to Old Trafford because the BBC understands that


Manchester United are set to sign Everton's Romelu Lukaku


Our sports news correspondent Richard Conway is there for us.


Will Romelu Lukaku be playing his football here at Old Trafford? In


this coming season? Senior club officials at Manchester United have


said that a ?75 million fee has been agreed between themselves and


Everton but Everton say not so, sources that Goodison Park


indicating no fee has been agreed. Yet that may be because there was


interest still from Chelsea, Lukaku's old club. But the


choreography appears to be that the party is moving in the direction of


Manchester United, we will perhaps see in the next 24-hour. Jose


Mourinho is hoping that some of the Major business in the transfer


window business is done before they go to the US this weekend. As bully


carping will bring to the squad, as anyone who knows him will see, it's


about firepower. It's a big price tag but he can score goals


regularly. He's near the top of the scoring charts and then turned those


draws from an united in wins. That could potentially win a


championship. He is under 24, he hasn't quite peaked with his


goal-scoring ability and learning the game, but it's got a couple of


areas he can improve on if you put some work on. I don't think I seen a


better one-on-one with the goalkeeper type of finisher than


Romelu Lukaku. At ?75 million, it would be one of the biggest in


history. But it would not be the only at Old Trafford, the could


Wayne Rooney be leaving the club and going back to Everton? That will be


worth watching, 48 hours before Manchester United leave on a


pre-season tour of America. And Romelu Lukaku bringing his staff to


-- bringing his talent to Manchester United, there is already a lot of


talent, it will be a difficult decision for Jose Mourinho to choose


who to play week in week out, but that the decision most Premier


League managers would like. Ladies striker Toni Duggan


has joined Barcelona Duggan has won the Women's super


league title and the FA Cup with City, and is currently


preparing for the European Our sports correspondent


Natalie Pirks reports If you follow the women's game


you'll be well aware of the game. But a great header. But now the


England striker Duggan's talent has been recognised on a global scale.


Barcelona are the best club and the world, and the fact they know my


name is a massive honour. To be going there, the call at the club,


the call at home, is... I'm blown away by it. Barcelona doesn't tend


to looks to these shores for their players. Martin's Gary Lineker in


1986 has an English player signed for the Catalan giants. Duggan is


ready to shoulder the responsibility. To be the best, you


have to do that sometimes. I'm not going there just to live there and


to the city, I want to be successful, I want to make my name


at this club and I believe I will. After playing for England that the


women's year rose this summer, she says:


-- she jokes she'll have to do get her team-mates used her accent.


Fortunately, the is universal language.


Jermain Defoe has been talking about his recent transfer


During a press conference today he also reflected on his special


bond with terminally ill Sunderland fan Bradley Lowery,


It's been hard. I've kept this in so long. Obviously, trying to be strong


because family needs family as well. But as I really know how to put it


into words. I really feel. Because it was a special time, really.


Having that relationship with Bradley, that sort of first moment I


met him, that instant connection. I was with him a few days ago and it


was tough to see him. I felt like I was prepared for it because what


I've been through previously, with my dad, but he's obviously


struggling and it's a matter of days. But I mean, he will always be


in my heart. For the rest of my life.


And understandably upset Jermain Defoe.


Chris Froome has retained the leader's yellow jersey


after the sixth stage of the Tour de France.


There have been some eventful crashes earlier in the week,


Along the 216km route from Vesoul to Troyes,


although they had to take evasive action after a spectator's


The flat course was certainly one for the sprinters,


and it was Germany's Marcel Kittel who came out on top in the bunch


sprint as he claimed his second stage win of this Tour.


Froome stayed out of trouble and keeps the overall lead -


he's still 12 seconds ahead of his Sky team mate


Englishman Oliver Fisher, ranked 392 in the world carded


a seven under par round of 65 to take an early share of the club


house lead alongside compatriot Matthew Southgate.


Fisher, from Essex hit eight birdies and an eagle during his round.


Last year's Champion Rory McIlroy managed a par but is way down the


leaderboard after that. Ahead of the deciding Test match


against the All Blacks, the British and Irish Lions coach


Warren Gatland has talked of the chance for his


players to leave a legacy. A win in Auckland on Saturday


would give the Lions only their second ever series win


in New Zealand, but they'd have to end the all blacks 39 match


unbeaten run at Eden Park to do it. The players may have had a break


this week that there has been no rest for the coaches who have been


busy plotting a way past the all Blacks at Eden Park. Warren Gatland


said it is the toughest tour he's been known as a coaching group. He


does have the luxury of being able to name an unchanged 23 for that


third, decisive test. That is something that rarely happens. In


fact, is the first time it happened in the professional era. But Warren


Gatland said he wants to keep faith with those players because of the


courage they showed in terms of coming from behind in the second


test, he said this is their chance to make history. I think for a group


of players, there is nobody out there, in the next 24 hours, they


had an opportunity to leave a legacy. -- have an opportunity. Of


11 tours in New Zealand, only one has ever been won. So it's the


chance to do something special. And you get those moments in your life


and you don't want those moments pass you by.


That is what big occasions, big sporting events, are about. Tomorrow


and Saturday, the players. Thinking about. Gatland also revealed that


the players have not even discussed the New Zealand team and it was


announced. They are focused on themselves. Steve Hansen has made


three changes to the all Blacks for the third test, with the prolific


Julien surveyor coming back on the wing. Everyone is talking about the


backlash and what the Lions can expect at even par. There is a quiet


confidence and the Lions camp, Warren Gatland convinced this is a


team can get better and better if they are capable of that, they will


do something very special on Saturday.


I'm afraid that's where we have to leave Wimbledon Sportsday now.


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