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Now on BBC News, it's time for Sportsday.


Hello, and welcome to Wimbledon Sportsday.


A blistering day at the All-England Club,


but Andy Murray keeps his cool on Centre Court to see off


A roar of relief from Johanna Konta, as she comes through a three-hour


And she has company in the third round, as an inspired Heather Watson


dispatched the 18th seed, Anastasia Sevastova.


And it's 30 years today since the most famous climb


So off I went, and it looked like it was a sort of spur of


the moment thing, but it wasn't really.


It was something that I really wanted to do.


To go and thank my father and the team, and you


know, it was a very special moment for us all.


And also coming up, find out how Chris Froome took the lead of


Andy Murray turned up the heat on Centre Court, and did away with


Germany's Dustin Brown in straight sets. A clinical performance from


the defending champion, making just five unforced errors in the whole


match. Adam Wilde was watching for us.


At Wimbledon these days, become less and hope, more in expectation.


Nobody draws the crowds quite like Andy Murray on Centre Court, and


with that, comes a certain pressure. A moment of calm before that heat.


In his way, Dustin Brown, few more recognisable, few with a tennis


style more eye-catching. Murray, though, has the game to match. This


was going to be entertaining. Oh, that was brilliant. Please in this


crowd is what money does best, and he would have two be at his best if


you was when to stop too many more shots like this. Oh, wow, that was


awesome! The first set was won with a mighty ace, but the celebrations


muted, at least for the moment. It took until the second set for the


world number one to find the shots that have brought in such success.


This is what they had all come to see. Two sets down, but Brown was


far from done. Here's one of the game's great entertainers, but he is


also very much more than that. The delight for those watching on clear


to see. Still, these are the occasions that bring out the


champion in Andy Murray. An playable brilliance steered him to the brink


of the win. And finally, Brown's a thematic touch -- enigmatic touch


deserted him. Centre Court was royally entertained. Once I got the


break in the first set, I felt the momentum was with me. I saw the


shots he was great to play a little bit quicker, and that allowed me to


get to some of the drop volleys but also come up with some good passing


shots, and I played well. Andy Murray Strait of court there


talking to that reporter, and we have got somebody straight off the


court as well William Smith. He dashed over from Andy Murray's box


as well. -- Lee Smith. What did you make of that performance?


-- Lion Smith. Brown'S tennis did not materialise, not anxious about


how to adjust his game, and it was a comfortable win for Andy Murray.


What can you tell is about Andy Murray's hep? I am watching the same


as everyone else and seeing a guy sprinting, changing direction. --


Andy Murray's hip. The number of drop shots that is Dustin Brown it


is today, there was no issue. That is how he walks anyway, don't worry


about his wok. He is moving great, so two matches, all fine so far. His


next opponent, Fabio Borini, knocked him out on the clay in Rome. What do


you think about him? -- Fabiola Fognini. It is Andy's best surface,


so it is a different story from when the played on clay. But they have


had some big matches in Rome, but it will not be straightforward. Fabio


is a Shilbottle, he loves the big stage, but I think Andy is in a


really good place. -- Fabio is a Shilbottle.


Andy Murray had to wait to get on court, and that's


because the other British Number One, Johanna Konta, was locked


in a three -our battle with Croatia's Donna Vekic,


one she needed all her grit and guts to get through.


For Brits at Wimbledon, prominence brings pressure. The last ladies


home champion was 40 years ago, but Konta's path to Radzi would not be


straightforward. Donna Vekic beat her on grass just weeks ago in


Nottingham. She is on the 21, but she has the skills to be a


superpower. Konta was having to fight for our locality. A large


battle of Wills going on out there between two determined opponents.


Konta found a way to seize the advantage. But the Brit had the same


winning possession when these two last met. The Croatian's energy


brought out the extraordinary. , What poise! It forced this match to


a deciding set. With so little between them, every service game,


pressure. Beyond three hours and beyond 12 games, every stride had to


be worth it. You censor millimetres are going to decide the outcome of


this match. To force the opportunity, Konta had to dig deep.


Break points were so rare, so take them. What a battle, what


resilience. It is just a nice feeling now not having to keep going


out there. We were out there for a long time, and both of us baffled


incredibly hard, so whoever was going to come out... River was going


to draw the short straw was going to be hurting, and obviously, I feel


very fortunate to have come to that. To the third round for the first


time, but Johanna Konta has high hopes for here. They have waited 40


years for a home champion, and they know never comes easy.


You could see Donna Vekic absolutely beside herself. As Leon has just


pointed out, she is back on court playing in Doubles tonight. It is a


measure of how far she has come as a player. She is aware that the


woman's draw is open. There is it was about ten names that can


probably win it, and she is one of them, for sure. The expectation that


is surrounding her now, the last couple of years of developing her


own coping mechanisms, this is where it counts. That is a big win today.


A dangerous opponent will beat in the final at Nottingham a couple of


weeks ago. She has done really well to come through and tough battle,


and it will help her to move forwards. A great when also for


Heather Watson with a win against Anastasija Sevastova. I remember


watching Heather at the Olympics, and she looked rudderless. She looks


a completely different player now. She certainly does, hats off to her,


she has rekindled the motivation. The two coaches working with just


now have done terrific job with her. She is not really defending any


points for the rest of the year, saw her ranking is just going to go one


way. She made the final of a lower ranking event about four weeks ago,


so she has in on grass for five weeks. She had a good week in


Eastbourne last week, making the semifinals, so she is any good place


and looks terrific today. Very aggressive on the court, signs of a


player full of confidence. Yours what she had to say after her win


today. I felt very good after the beginning of the match. Very on it,


and more relaxed after I was my first match. I know how she plays,


she is a great player, and I was expecting her to be playing her


best. I was prepared for that, and she started to step up in the second


set, which I knew she would. What I was able to keep my cool and just


stick with her. She will definitely need to keep her cool against her


next opponent, Victoria Azarenka, the former world number one.


Backplane at Wimbledon for the first time since having a baby in


December, which is looking good. I saw her yesterday coming in with the


pram, and she looks very happy. Chipotle has a different perspective


on things, but she has not lost our competitiveness. -- she probably has


a different perspective. She has got the weapons, she has got the


know-how, the experience to come back into a major tournament this


fortnight. It will be a big match for Heather, a tough one, but the


way Heather is plain, she can challenge anyone. And all for Brits


coming through today. We need to talk about Aljaz Bedene, who beat


his friend, Damir Dzumhur. He had to wait for his chance and he kept his


composure. Today he is playing his good friend, and he came through


really well. A lots more rallies, and he will now revert against what


he played against in the first round, a huge server in Gilles


Muller. But Aljaz Bedene is on a wave just now. I just interview


Gilles Muller minutes ago. He is a cool customer. Leon, thank you for


dashing over from Centre Court. We will let you enjoy some sunshine.


Thank you. It wouldn't be Wimbledon without


a bit of controversy, would it? We had injuries and Bernard Tomic's


comments yesterday. Today it's the turn


of Danil Medvedev, the Russian who beat Stan Wawrinka on Monday,


and who spoke to us He was involved in his second


round match against Belgium's Ruben Bemelmens, and was leading


in the fifth set when he took exception to the call


from the umpire, so much so that he lost the set


and the match. But he took things further


afterwards, and began to throw coins at the umpire's chair, in protest


at what he perceived as her mistakes There might be repercussions,


though, for the Russian afterwards. Not quite sure what he was saying


by throwing those coins. Kei Nishikori has never been past


the fourth round at Wimbledon. The ninth seed is through, though,


coming through a four-setter against Sergei Stakhovsky,


a man who once knocked Venus Williams knows


what it takes to win here. She had to come from behind though,


needing three sets to get past Now, 30 years ago


today, this happened. Pat Cash won the men's title,


beating Ivan Lendl in 1987, and he's been sharing his memories


of his greatest day. As I stood up to go out and serve


for the match, inside my head was, basically, my ego, saying,


"Right, you are serving for "the Wimbledon title.


Don't screw it up." And that was the worst thing


you could possibly say to yourself but it was so bad that I actually


laughed, and it relaxed The night before, I was relaxing and


visualising the match, and doing all the stuff that


I usually did, and it came into my head and said, "yeah,


tomorrow I am going to win, There he goes, up to the box, to his


family up there. What a wonderful moment for Australia, and Cash in


particular, and the family. Ball boys were lined up, the carpet


was almost out, the table was set up, the trophy was just


about on the table, and I went, But then I went, "Well,


if I don't go now, So off I went, and it looked


like it was a sort of spur of the moment thing,


but it wasn't really. It was something that


I really wanted to do. To go and thank my father


and the team, and you know, it was a very


special moment for us all. And to this day, I can't


watch it on the TV. My father is no


longer with us, so... But people play it and replay it,


but I just can't watch it. There has his father, congratulating


his son, the new Wimbledon champion. -- there is his father.


People say, "It's crazy, you don't even know where the trophy is?"


And I'm like, well, I'm embarrassed to


But, you know, it is not about a piece of tin


It is about winning that title, and having your name on the


I wouldn't say I don't care about the actual


trophy, but it is about winning the title, not


Pat Cash reminiscing about winning the bundled on title, but he says he


has not been reminiscing with even lend all. -- winning the Wimbledon


title. -- he has not been reminiscing with Ivan Lendl.


No crashes or controversy on the fourth stage of the Tour de


France as we saw yesterday, with Mark Cavendish's


broken shoulder and Peter Sagan's expulsion.


But there's a new leader, and a familiar one,


The Tour de France can be deceptive. The first claim to test this year's


main contenders. -- the first climb. Many of Chris from's main rivals


wilted -- Chris Froome. This gradient of up to 20% for a stunning


summit victory, the real race was behind, as Chris Froome outsprinted


all but Dan Martin to take second place. He overtook an exhausted Greg


Thomas, who slips back to second. The last two men to don the yellow


jersey here have gone on to win in Paris, and this is the prettiest


pictures for Chris Froome. England have beaten South Africa


at the women's Cricket World Cup by 68 runs,


thanks to a record-breaking partnership of 275 from


Tammy Beaumont and Sarah Taylor in The hosts have overtaken


South Africa to move third in the group stage table,


as Hugh Ferris reports. Watching on, the potential stars of


England's cricket future. South Africa are an emerging force in the


woman's game. Their strength is their bowling, not that that was


immediately obvious. Sarah Taylor was not far behind, rapidly becoming


the story of the day. The writing was on the wall for South Africa.


They formed the highest partnership in World Cup history. Could South


Africa pull off the highest chase. England looks like they might let


this slip through their fingers. South Africa managed with the bat


what they failed to do with the ball, apply pressure. England had it


under control, though. Their third victory in a row, and their


immediate future looks pretty positive.


Tomorrow sees the start of Joe Root's reign


as England's Test captain - the first test of the summer,


Gary Ballance returns to the side after being dropped


Spinner Liam Dawson makes his home test debut.


Root will bat at four, and says he hasn't changed too much


I have always said, you have got such a great opportunity going out


and representing England, and it is for such a short period of your life


that you need to make sure you enjoy it. Either we want to get that


across to the players, every time they go out and play, you are under


huge amounts of pressure. You do not need to put yourself under more, and


whenever we can off-load that and have a bit of fun in the dressing


room, that should happen. I think it is really good for the environment


and for the guys. They naturally get on well with each other, so it is


not something that is fake, I think it is really good for the atmosphere


in the changing room. Arsenal have broken their transfer


record to sign France striker, The deal was completed


just over an hour ago, with Lacazette joining the Gunners


for a fee of ?46.5 million That could go up to as


much as ?52 million. Full-back Liam Williams


is the British and Irish Lions only injury worry ahead of Saturday's


deceiding Test against The Welshman is struggling


with what the Lions camp say Leigh Halfpenny is the


likely choice as cover. Warren Gatland will name his side


at eight o clock tonight. New Zealand have already announced


their team. Centre Ngani Laumape replaces


the suspended Sonny Bill Williams, who was sent off in the second test


on Saturday Back to Wimbledon and the search


is on via social media for a boy who thought he had grabbed


a souvenir from the American Sock threw a towel into the crowd


where the boy - to the left here - grabbed it only for a man to take


exception to this and Not exactly gentlemanly


conduct, you might think... But this afternoon the boy has


contacted Jack Sock via Instagram so he will receive his towel


after all. And there's still plenty of fallout


from Bernard Tomic's admittance that he wasn't injured


when he called for the trainer during his defeat yesterday -


leading to calls for him to have his prize money taken away


from him after he said Well, today the Western


Australia Police force have weighed in to the debate,


their new recruitment drive centering around a picture of Tomic


with the slogan Bored of your job? One of the feel-good stories at this


year's Wimbledon has been the return of two-times champion Petra Kvitova


after she sustained horrific injuries to her hand


after being attacked by a knife Kvitova has invited the surgeon


who operated on her to Wimbledon as her guest, and he's been speaking


to the BBC's Rishi Persad. She is playing her second round


match now against the American, Madison Brengle.


She had a severe laceration of her tendons on all fingers, and to gain


a good range of motion and to gain full function is very difficult.


There are lots of possible convocations, even if you treated


well. You cannot be sure that she will come back, and she is now


training for a match. Two and a half months, and she is back, winning in


Birmingham. Outstanding. Did you have the discussion with Petra


Kvitova that she may not be able to do what she once did before? At the


beginning I told her that it was a severe injury, there is a very high


risk that she will not pass and she will not come back. But we will do


everything we can so that she will be able to come back. You said you


have not seen her for a month. Was that a surprise that you are going


to be here, Berdych to have in England you would appear to support


her? She told me that she would invite me for Wimbledon, and that


was three months after the injury, but I said, let's be realistic.


First goal in the healing process and we will see. The fact first goal


in the healing process. I said I will answer her in the end, but I am


happy that I am here. We understand that she cannot still close her


racket hand, so it is amazing that she is playing at all. Rafael Nadal


is in action, fresh from his astonishing tenth French Open title


last month. He is playing the American, Donald Young. And not


going badly at all for Rafael Nadal, he sometimes struggles in the early


stages of Wimbledon, switching from play to grass. But it is 3-2, Nadal


a break-up in the first set, after Andy Murray Johanna Konta have both


gone through on Centre Court. Here is a plague of flying ants


blowing into SW19. You can see them landing on people's faces,


struggling around on the grass. Thousands of them, they have been


everywhere. Happily, the ants have drifted away on the summer breeze,


and so must we. Join as again at the same time tomorrow. Goodbye. -- join


as again.


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