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Hello and welcome to Wimbledon Sportsday,


Injury crisis on centre court - fans miss out on a full afternoons


entertainment with Djokovic and Federer - as their


The world number one who's under the radar -


Angelique Kerber started her bid for the ladies' title.


And sadly only one winner - Kyle Edmund comes out on top


We hear from Danil Medvedev, the man who produced one


I knocked out Stan Wawrinka yesterday, here more from me later.


And a monumental crash on the Tour de France -


Britain's Mark Cavendish is taken to hospital.


World champion Peter Sagan is disqualified.


Good evening from Wimbledon on a bright and sunny evening. The


weather is set there all week. A dark mood fell over Centre Court -


because the fans - felt somewhat short-changed.


of the best tickets of the week, Imagine settling in for


an afternoon of Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer -


only to see them complete For Novak Djokovic Wimbledon Centre


Court has so often been a happy place. It is Novak Djokovic again.


But for this former champion a man once nicknamed the Joker there has


not been much laughter of late. Here are this year it is a new Novak


Djokovic, a troubled 12 months, down to fourth in the world but what is


we can't win it is born a sign that things could be changing. If anyone


could understand his tumble from the top of it is Andre Agassi. His new


coach once returned from a similar slump and he's here to help Novak


Djokovic do the same. Perhaps the best place to start was where things


started to go wrong. A shock early exit from Wimbledon last year


started to slide but he arrived as the number two seed. Martin Klizan


was never really in with a chance. Novak Djokovic winning the first set


with no real resistance. As if things were not hard enough and


injury hampered the efforts of Martin Klizan. The whitefly came


out. Not the way anyone would have hoped the encounter would end. It is


just unfortunate, I'm sure he did not want to finish this way because


it is Wimbledon, it is a very particular tournament for all of us


in the season so I wish you all the best and a good recovery. I will try


to rest and recover and prepare for the next game. I have a lot of


matches in Eastbourne and a lot of matchplay. So through the two the


second round and if used a return to happier times at Wimbledon this


could be the first step on way back. -- if he is to return.


And incredibly there was a similar story in the next match on centre


court where Roger Federer began his bid for an eighth title


But the Ukrainian retired with what seemed an injured ankle


Some spectators booed at the second early end to a match today.


I am joined by the former British number one Annabel Croft. Lovely to


have you with us. A slight controversy, do you think that the


fans could feel short-changed? It is just disappointing because looking


at the order of play it was a fabulous line-up and a chance for


people to see one of the greatest icons in the sport in Roger Federer


and of course Novak Djokovic and it is very unusual to get to


withdrawals on the same day. Just very unfortunate. The only positive


thing to save for Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer is whoever wins the


championship must win seven matches in the course of two weeks. So if


either of them try to win these championships Burgess saving that


bit of extra energy. But is it better to have time on the grass at


this stage of a Grand Slam or to stay fresh? Will I think at this


stage they would prepare to stay fresh. Novak Djokovic played in


Eastbourne before coming here which is unusual for him. He had four good


matches last week in Eastbourne and has gone out on the quality to taste


a bit of the action now in Centre Court. So he will feel fresh and


quashed Roger Federer also had plenty of tennis in the run-up to


Wimbledon. Suffer them it is is being out and soaking up the


atmosphere here. Preparing for a match still takes emotional energy.


Just disappointing for the fans who would have liked to have seen more


of them. And back to Martin Klizan and Alexandr Dolgopolov, do think


think is fair that these guys to come to Grand Slam carrying


injuries, keep the other guys out on tour and perhaps could have taken


their place, out of their Wimbledon places? It is hard to say without


knowing exactly the extent of injuries. For the cynics out there,


for the first-round losers it is almost equivalent to winning a


smaller event. But most players carry a bit of a niggling injury and


I think sometimes the advice of the trainers is if they do not feel they


will be damaging their body further, stopping the season for the rest of


the year, sometimes injuries can loosen up during a match. So


difficult to say what was going on exactly but clearly they could only


play a certain amount. They will pick up their prize winnings and


carry on later in the season. Well we can speculate about Angelique


Kerber because you were commentating on her match.


Before that there was another treat for the Centre Court crowd today -


World number one Angelique Kerber was first out.


Her first opponent was the American qualifier Irina Falconi.


Rarely has the world number one come to Wimbledon so under the radar.


After reaching the summit, her form in the last few months has tumbled.


But on paper her first-round match today looked like a gentle start.


Her opponent Irina Falconi ranked 247 in the world. And has never been


beyond the first round. But after racing to an early lead the familiar


errors of the last few months began to creep into her game. Her


frustration threaten to undo her good work but her experience got out


of trouble. She took the first set but with Irina Falconi now finding


her accuracy she was the one needing to rate performance. Angelique


Kerber has struggled with the spotlight of the number one ranking


but in the second is she showed flashes of the game that got there.


She was able to edge it without the need for tie-break wrapping up the


match in less than an hour and a half. A patchy performance but this


stage it is all about getting through the early rounds unscathed.


It is always good to be mentally strong and on Centre Court I need


all the memories from last year, they came back and it was amazing.


But I was trying to focus on today, on this new match. Angelique Kerber


then passes her first test is not entirely convincingly. But she will


still hope to find that confidence in form that made the best in world.


So Annabel you are in the commentary box for that. The world number one,


a little under the radar. You said you thought she was feeling the


pressure of Centre Court. It is the first time with singer back out


there since reaching the finals and losing last year to Serena Williams.


But she's not coming into the event with a lot of match wins or


confidence. Many players feel they can possibly beat her. Having said


that her opponent today, quite lowly ranked, she gave everyone an


absolute thrill. Just that mix of spins and paste, she played a lot of


sliced balls, did a lot of different things. She was very creative and


the crowd really enjoyed it. So even though the scoreline look


straightforward, it was actually a tricky match and she gave her a good


run for money. I felt there was a feeling of a burden of expectation


from Angelique Kerber. She was walking around slowly in between


points and did not look like someone carrying herself as the top seed,


the world number one, someone enjoying being out there. It felt a


little bit today. You are saying a few women out there feel they could


perhaps knock her out. Who is your pick. It is so wide open as it was


French Open as well. Then we had this unknown bursting through. But


for the women, I'm favouring Karolina Pliskova. She was the


winner last year in Eastbourne. She beat Serena Williams and Venus


Williams and she has the most wonderful service. A huge serve was


up over 200 plus aces during the course of the year. So my money


would head towards her. Petra Kvitova, and perhaps Johanna Konta.


We were guaranteed to have at least one Brit go through today -


that's because compatriots Kyle Edmund and Alex Ward


were pitted against each other on a packed court three -


a tough call for the crowd - who to cheer for?


Joe Lynskey rounds up the British performances on day two.


The superstars come to make history here but the underdogs come to make


a living. Wimbledon body marks the summit for Alex Ward, three wins to


qualify bring a salary and opportunity. 800 places higher in


world tennis is Kyle Edmund, but Alex Ward was out to defy the


rankings. He's not afraid. Taking the first set, a perfect birthday


present for his watching mother. But Kyle Edmund is next in line between


-- behind Andy Murray in British tennis and he wants Wimbledon


memories of his own. Their rankings suddenly look about right. In this


his fifth year at Wimbledon, this is the first taste of winning asset for


Kyle Edmund. Getting to grips with grass takes time. In the end he had


too much from his former training partner, no first-round exit this


year. To get my first win is one of those dreams, those tournaments you


always think about as a kid. It has not been a good tournament for me in


recent years. So it is nice to get that win. If a first win here is the


dream, a first match marks the breakthrough. 20-year-old Katie


Boulter was out to make the most of her wild card shot. She's enjoying


her first match at Wimbledon. She raced to the first set against the


American Christina McHale when the Gallery sensed an upset. But the


experience of Katrina McHale has taken to 60 in the world and the


endurance of grand slam tennis it was a stretch too far. For all the


bravery the experience ends for Katie Boulter until next year.


Disappointment in the end for Katie Boulter Budgie has justified her


wild card entry. A wild card chance also for Brydan Klein, but the


British number six was beaten comfortably in straight sets by his


Japanese opponent. No first-round draw for him and so for James Ward,


he came to Wimbledon as the lowest ranked player in the draw but his


pedigree undermined by a desperate battle with injury. As expected


Marcos Baghdatis had too much for him on court 18 but only matches


will bring disparate back to his best. -- this Brit.


And Annabel you have a lot of experience of playing here and being


the British Blair. Kyle Edmund coming through against a fellow


Brit, that must've been difficult. It is not easy to play your fellow


countryman. If you look at the draw and you are the higher ranked player


and today Kyle Edmund was so much higher rank than his opponent, 860


the world so in many ways you could see it as a great draw. But there is


extra pressure and also extra spice around playing a fellow Brit. And


Alex Ward has been hitting a lot with Andy Murray in the past so it


took some time to settle down in the match. But then he stormed through.


But it is never easy to play against a fellow Brit, I can tell you. Sad


to see Alex Ward go and sad we had to pick between them.


Let's have a look at what else has been happening at


One of the big crowd favourites here,


Juan Martin del Potro of Argentina needed seven, yes seven


match points to beat Australia's Thanasi Kokkinakis.


Del Potro, no stranger to marathon matches,


played that epic Olympic final against Andy Murray last year


remember, and eventually won in four sets and faces Ernests Gulbis


But there was plenty of controversy on court 14 earlier


where Australia's Bernard Tomic seemed to be under the weather


in his straight sets defeat to Mischa Zverev of Germany.


Tomic called for what seemed like a medical time-out


But afterwards he seemed to suggest that there might not have been


I just tried, there was definitely a mental issue out there. I just tried


to break a bit of momentum but could not find any rhythm. I was not


mentally and physically there with my mental state to perform. I do not


know why, but I felt a little bit bored out there. So to be honest


with you. So I tried at the end I managed to win the set. But it was


too late. What a strange press conference. To say you're bored,


lots of people say you get ?35,000 for going out on a first round and


he should give it back for not trying, and saying he did not


respect tennis than fact. Huge controversy about this press


conference and it should rumble on. I'm sure in many years to come he


might look back at those comments and feel extremely embarrassed about


it. He also went on to say that he just wanted to play tennis for the


next ten years just to earn the money and then never have to work in


his life. He was also asked if you'd like to give the money to a charity


he's said if you ask Novak Djokovic or Roger Federer if they will then


maybe I will as well. He is a complex character and not the first


time he's coming to be is problematic areas with the press. He


had this trim and press come down on him like a tonne of bricks, he had a


difficult relationship with an overbearing father who at times in


his matches he has asked the umpires to remove from matches. So quite a


lot of history going on with him. I think is a complex individual but


quite clearly if you cannot get up and get excited for Wimbledon,


arguably the greatest tournament in the world, my question is should


really be up there playing tennis because clearly you do not really


enjoy it. I think he needs to go away and think about how much he


really wants to play tennis. He has let himself down and also the people


paying money and buying tickets to come and watch. So a few eyebrows


raised in the media room. Thank you so much.


One of the stories of day one was Luxembourg's Mandy Minella


who played her first round match against Italian veteran


Francesca Schiavone while four months pregnant.


Minella is also playing the doubles this week.


But today she posted a lovely picture on Twitter of her husband


and coach Tim Sommer kneeling in front of her at one


of the Wimbledon courts and kissing her stomach.


Minella said that this will be her last tournament


Late on the opening day the unknown 21 year old Danill Medvedev produced


the biggest upset of the first round, knocking out the three time


One year ago the Russian wasn't at Wimbledon -


beaten in qualifying by Britain's hero of 12 months ago Marcus Willis.


John Watson's been finding out what a difference a year makes.


If anyone would tell me this one year ago I would not believe them.


That I would be world number three, beating world number three on Centre


Court at Wimbledon. I'm really happy with how I played and I managed to


win such a match. To have a first Grand Slam victory on Centre Court,


especially Wimbledon, is amazing. Tell us what the atmosphere was like


on Centre Court, it is a very special place. And a lovely moment


after the match for you bent down to kiss the turf. I felt people were


cheering for me a lot, some Russians were there, I was a bit surprised.


When I was leading the crowd went crazy and maybe that was the best


feeling I ever had in my life. And so after the match I just decided to


kiss the grass. I knew I could play well on grass and after of course


beating Stan you must play better than just good and I did that


yesterday. What you make of your opponent in the next round, the


Belgian? I have seen him a lot in other tournaments and he is a great


player. He beat Tommy Haas who beat Roger Federer, so he is a very good


player. I'm just going to try to do my best to get through the next


round. Mark Cavendish has been taken


to hospital after a serious crash at the end of the fourth stage


of the Tour de France when he collided with world champion


Peter Sagan. Peter Sagan has been thrown off the


tour as a result. In cycling it can take just a


fraction of a second four-year world to come tumbling down. Mark


Cavendish had his eyes on adding to his dirty career stage wins but in


the chaos that can swell around the sprinters as they search for the


line, he tangled with world champion Peter Sagan. He was left lying in


the gutter whilst Peter Sagan finished second. He apologised but


it was not enough as organisers kicked the Slovak out of the draw.


Little comfort for Mark Cavendish, he will -- he got back on his bike


and cross the line but he said he was not optimistic of being able to


continue the race. He went to hospital for stitches in a finger


and to check his shoulder which he fears has suffered damage to a


ligament. Before that skirmish overall race leader Gareth Thomas


got caught up in a pile-up. But he escaped with just cuts and bruises.


And he will keep the yellow jersey thanks to rules giving him the same


time as the stage winner. Horrible to see that crash. And this


was the reaction from Mark Cavendish after the race. I was bleeding a


lot, and my shoulder, I had a previous shoulder injury and it is


just been set back, I do not know if I snapped the ligament. I'm not a


doctor, but from the feeling I have, I'm not optimistic. And the incident


itself, what happened? Just Peter Sagan came over. And he came to


apologise first I get on with Peter well, but I do not get, if he came


across as one thing with the elbow, I'm not a fan of his putting his


elbow into me like that. But like I said I get on with Peter. A crash is


a crash. I would just like to know about the elbow.


Arsenal are close to breaking their transfer record by signing


the French international striker Alexandre Lacazette from Lyon.


BBC Sport understands that the 26-year-old,


who scored more than 20 goals in each of the last three


has completed a medical ahead of a reported ?45 million move.


The British and Irish Lions have been enjoying some down time


in Queenstown this week as they prepare for Saturday's


deciding Test against the All Blacks in Auckland -


and their players have been taking time out to meet


Our reporter Katie Gornall is with the party.


The All Blacks have remained in camp this week and they have been


training as usual. The Lions have taken a different approach, they've


been enjoying a few days off in Queenstown to rest and relax and


enjoy the sights. We've seen a few of them out and about in smaller


groups and with friends and family. Today we will give an insight into


just how much the lines staff felt that the break was needed. We heard


from the strength and conditioning coach, this is his third tour with


the lines, he also has been to South Africa and Australia but he believes


this is the most physically and mentally demanding series that is in


part. This is the toughest I've been out on, the travel and the intensity


of the game has increased year-on-year. So the boys are


running more than ever and the contact is more physical than ever


before. So the Lions will resume training on Wednesday year in


Queenstown and before they fly to Auckland before that or nothing


decider. The previous two series when the fabrics like this in


Australia they went to the beach and they've come back and they have gone


on to win the Fed -- the third test. If that formula works then they will


make history on Saturday at Eden Park.


Teenager Billy Monger has driven a racing car for the first time


since losing both legs in a crash during a British Formula 4


Following the crash at Donington Park a fundraising campaign went


viral after Jenson Button and other Formula One drivers donated.


Billy drove a car with hand controls at Brands Hatch..


He wants to make a racing comeback next year.


Now we'll close the show with a very special guest -


I, everyone, it is Andy Murray here. No, obviously I'm feeling OK after


playing pretty well yesterday. Obviously I'm struggling with a very


boring voice. But I'm doing OK. Poor old Andy Murray! This is in fact


Josh Parry, an impersonator who has risen to overnight fame at Wimbledon


because Andy Murray spotted your impersonation and interview due a


week ago as you come as himself. A great bit of viral footage on the


website. Yes I been doing this for four years or so, and had a lot of


success with it, it began in 2013 and I have been doing impressions


ever since. So he was aware of who I was before the video. And let me ask


one more question about this, we do not get to ask Andy Murray questions


about his private life. So do you put us through the ringer on purpose


at Wimbledon each year? Yeah, I mean, that is obviously a pretty


fair question. You know, I try, I'm so boring in other parts of my life,


I've got to give you guys some kind of excitement. Just trying to make


it fun. Well, Josh, lovely to meet you. Giving us your best Andy


Murray. Thank you for watching. We will see you back in Wimbledon




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