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Now on BBC News it's time for Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to Wimbledon Sportsday,


Opening the show: Andy Murray raises the Centre Court curtain and begins


the defence of his title with an easy win.


The British women's number one Johanna Konta


And we'll wrap up the rest of the day's action,


including an emotional Venus Williams following


Also coming on in the programme, we'll bring you the rest


of the day's sports news as John Terry signs for Championship


side Aston Villa, pledging to get them back into the Premier League


-- the crowds enjoying Johanna Konta, we haven't needed the roof


for the rain except for a couple of moments. The Andy Murray was the


first to step out onto the manicured turf.


Hip injuries, elbow strains, shingles and flu -


its not been the easiest of years for the World Number one.


But as defending Champion, he had the honour of opening the show -


And so begins the most quintessentially British fortnight


of the British summer. Fancy dress, queueing and Andy Murray. How would


his hip injury play against a player known as unpredictable style? Just


fine. The Murray shows... This was tennis in


the fast lane. COMMENTATOR: There's a little bit of good fortune in that


but there's even more superb touch. And it wasn't just the next where


Murray excelled in bruising to the two sets, but Wimbledon wouldn't be


Wimbledon without the British weather saying hello. Cherished by


some more than others. It was the only respite Murray's opponent would


take as he was in no mood to do easy on the debutante. He went straight


sets straightforward defending champion through. I steal pretty


good. The last few days, I was feeling better each day. Getting out


and the match court is a little bit different, the intensity is a little


bit hard but the adrenaline and stuff, it sort of helps and numbs


some pain that you have. I moved well today, and I thought I did


pretty well for a first match. German Dustin Brown awaits in the


second round. If only the next two weeks prove this simple formality.


-- simple for Murray. I'm joined by Miles McLachlan who


used to coat Murray and knows him inside out. What do make a first


performance? I think it was a good performance. I don't think any of


the big names are looking to play their best tennis in the first


round. But considering what he's been through, he hasn't played much


grass court tennis, it's about getting out there. They opponent was


tricky, there were some big serve and big hitting. They are playing as


players who know they have to play the game of their lives, backs


against the wall. He will be happy with the way he came through, with


those hip issues we were talking about, it will be in important to


get to the matches as easily as possible. He needs to spend time


covering. We were talking about the hip the


of the championship. How it with cameras following him? How did he


bore up to the pressure on Centre Court? He looked good moving around.


Finally enough, when you see him walking around normally, you


wouldn't think he's one of the best athletes we have. It is quite clumsy


isn't a? A bit stiff with the wall. Once the point starts, he's


Electric. So much progress was made. As with any tournament, having a


local favourite. We desperately want to play. Most of the carrot jab


players are -- most players are carrying some


kind of injury. He didn't go out as much as he liked to. The rest of his


body was fresher vote, which could be good. Given the lack of grass


court practice, it's a bit much to ask him to pull off a third


Wimbledon title? Are we expecting too much? We can expect a lot of


him. He is a great player. I think Roger Federer, Nadal, our famous


because of the form they have shown this year, there are in great mental


state, winning a lot of matches. But Andy has been around a lot, and is


reluctant to play against them, the same goes for Novak Djokovic. They


are great champions come and they won't take it to the quarterfinals,


almost the a equivalent of getting to the victim of winning a match.


He's done it before, I wouldn't put it past them. Don't write off Andy


Murray. We look forward to as much against Dustin Brown who will be a


bit of a bigger test, ranked 97. He knocked out Rafa Nadal here earlier.


Let's go to Court Number One, Johanna Konta is up against Jey


Su-Wei, the same player who knocked her out in the first round against


Roland Garros. Johanna Konta is a set up and a break in the second as


well, 2-1 to the British number one on Court One behind us. What have


you made a Johanna Konta's form, what is going on with injury? She


had a holeable fall at Eastbourne last week. She finished the match.


She beat the French champion early in the morning. She was two points


of the end, she went out from underneath, landed on her back, and


visible out. -- had to pull out. The women possibly draw is wide open and


she is definitely one of the mains in the equation. A game suits the


glass. -- her game suits the grass. But she


hasn't had to deal with the pressure in the later stages. She has always


struggled at Wimbledon with the pressure and scrutiny? It's only


really in the last year and a half that she has become the level of


player she is now. She hasn't had the years of building up to it that


maybe Andy Murray did before he actually got the title. He was in


and around the mix for four or six years. Feeling what it was like. If


Johanna Konta does get later, we will see how she deals with it.


She's turned herself from a good pro and anti a top player whose changing


her mental state of mind. What she has done so far again, has been


impressive. I wouldn't rule out the later stages. The women's draw wide


open. Thank you for coming here and sharing your thoughts on day one.


I'm sure we will speak to you later in the full fortnight.


All in all - 12 British players started in the singles draw this


year - but we've got just ten left standing - Joe Lynskey


can bring us up to date with the rest of the Brits.


With Wimbledon tradition comes British optimism. Tucked away from


Centre Court splendour, our players seeking their own kind of Grand Slam


victory. Laura Robson is still on a journey back to her best. Four years


ago, she was in the world top 30 and ad court 18, she showed flashes of


why. But the Briton's battles with injury has brought inconsistency.


Law were going to the shop but missing the target again. The errors


were straightforward for her opponent, Lawlor once made the last


16 year hill but she wants to get the consistency back. I'm


disappointed. I don't figure played my best tennis. Frustrating but I


can loosen up at the back, I'm frustrated, I let myself down.


Nerves and the court can bring you feel or freedom. And Cameron


Norrie's first day, facing the top seed can prove daunting. But


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga knows the way past even the best opponent. Rather


unfortunately for Cameron Norrie, I get the


feeling he's starting to enjoy himself. A fearless first outing


will set him up next year. At 38: Ivo Karlovic has a secret to his


longevity, his search. The Slovenian born


Game. For Heather Watson, things looked straightforward. She raced


the first set against her opponent, and doesn't know straws in on day


one, there was plenty of reason for British optimism.


Broody and Watson still going out on the court. We'll bring you the


scores as they come in. One of the stories of the tournament


- the return of Petra Kvitova. A two time Champion here,


she's missed six months of tennis, after she was she was the victim


of a knife attack in her own home Tendons in her hand were severed,


and she thought she may But she's back -


and today she played Sweden's Johanna Larrson on Centre


Court. Just being at Wimbledon, Petra


Kvitova said, was winning. It's been a turbulent six months. They welcome


return to the place she calls a second home. Yet in familiar


surroundings there was still an obvious pair of trepidation. Not the


feel, I can understand that all that happened with her left hand. But the


nerves soon disappeared, and a full array of shots were back


-- shots were full on offer. She flipped the switch so quickly. She's


a different player. She got back to what she does best, fully charged.


The first set was seen her, now playing with a beaming smile on her


face, everything was falling into place. More and more of the same


from Petra Kvitova. That's gorgeous. The injury having little effect now.


Magnificent. Full stretch, full control. For those thinking this


will be a procession, think again. Larson reminding all what she


possessed. While she kept the match competitive, there was only ever


going to be one winner. She's done it. My motivation was a big


motivation to come back here and play. It happened in the drink it


came through, I was able to play here again. Every matches is said,


would be like a final. And the might just be a few more of those yet to


come. Petra Kvitova, always at a popular


champion here. Wouldn't it be amazing if she came back a knife


attack, just a dreadful thing to happen, to win the Wimbledon title


for a third time? We will keep an eye on how to get on over the


fortnight. Let's round up some of the other


results today, starting with the number two seed


in the women's draw, Simona Halep. She's through to the second


round after a straight sets victory Halep took a tight first set 6-4,


but found the going much easier in the second,


winning it 6-1. The Romanian could end


the tournament as world number one, if she reaches the quarter finals


and other results go her way. Just trying to be focused, to keep


the same attitude and the same mentality going, just for the only


one match that I have to play, not thinking far. So am not thinking


about the result and they have no expectations, I am just trying to


work hard every day and to keep the same routine.


There was a victory today for former champion Rafael Nadal who beat


Millman to earn his 850th career win. He is going for a 16th Grand


Slam title. The important thing is I am through.


Three years without having the match on grass, so I'm having a very


positive starter thing. I have some positive feelings and I'm happy with


how I started the match. The enigmatic Australian Nick


Kyrgios is out though. He was struggling with injury coming


into Wimbledon after suffering a fall at Queen's and looked


uncomfortable against Kyrgios lost the first two


sets before retiring. But there were few problems for


Japan's ninth seed Kei Nishikori, who overwhelmed his opponent Marco


Cecchinato. The Italian managed to win two


games in the first set, but that was as good as it got


for him as Nishikori breezed through Just one more notable


result to bring you. There's no Serena at


the Championships this year of course, but Venus Williams


is here and she had to work hard to dispatch her first round opponent


Elise Mertens of Belgium. The American won the first set


on a tie break, and eventually wrapped up a straight sets win


by taking the second 6-4. Now, last month Venus was involved


in a fatal car crash and was asked about it in her post


match press conference. There's really no words


to describe how devastating... Venus Williams visibly distressed.


She did come back and answer a couple of questions about her much


but she will be asked the fatal car crash in Florida just a few weeks


ago. Just one of the big stories


of the Championships - another is security -


The Championships this year come on the back of recent


terror attacks in London, meaning security has been


an even bigger priority for Chief Executive Richard Lewis


and his team at For obvious reasons, security is


high on the agenda. And the only visible change from last year, the


vehicle blog protecting people in the queue. That is for obvious


reasons given recent terrorist attack. Other measures increased and


enhance behind-the-scenes, below the radar. Wimbledon has always had a


strong security system and is no different this year. This year it's


as much as anything about reassurance that people are worried


about security, and we need to persuade that all the measures in


place are in place. We have a great relationship with the security


services and we are confident about the robust measures in place. You


said people are worried are you worried about it given recent


events? No more than any other year. We have lived for an era in many


years security is the number one issue. That is the first thing you


put in place, beyond anything else. No more so than any other year. Is


that every group of people spoken to in the last week or two have


mentioned security, rightly so. We want public to be vigilant and


support anything suspicious, that's part of a good security system. In


that sense even that doesn't worry me. But part of what we are


messaging this year is reassurance, we have a good security system in


place and people should feel very confident when they are here.


It's hard to believe, but Wimbledon isn't the only story in town.


Let's round up some of the day's other sports news,


Former Chelsea captain John Terry has joined Aston Villa,


Terry became a free agent after being released by Chelsea


and had been linked with the move to the Midlands


for a while, with interest also from Birmingham City.


But Villa always looked the likely destination


a picture of himself playing golf with mnager Steve Bruce last month.


He'll aim to help Villa get back into the Premier League


The history is huge, the stadium itself,


the training ground, the facilities here.


When you look back at the players who've been


here in the trophies behind us as we speak today, incredible.


Here is a big football club, and it deserves to be back


Slovakian world champion Peter Sagan won Stage three


of the Tour de France, after a 126-mile stage that started


in Belgium and finished at Longwy in France.


Britain's Geraint Thomas finished eighth today


to extend his race lead to 12 seconds, after the rest of the top


six failed to finish in the main bunch.


Which means his team leader, Chris Froome,


And South Africa will be without their captain Faf Du Plessis


for the opening Test match against England at Lords.


He returned home for the birth of his first child and won't be back


in time for the match which gets under way on Thursday.


In the last few minutes, Formula 1's governing body has announced it is


to take no further action against Sebastian Vettel, before time -- the


four-time winner collided with Lewis Hamilton at the Grand


he was given a penalty at the time. Another big tour going on the other


side of the world. Let's get the latest


from the British and Irish Lions camp as they prepare for the series


deciding third test Following their narrow win


at the weekend, they've headed After what has been a tense,


physically demanding tour for the Lions, they have decided to take a


break and spend some days here in the picturesque setting of


Queenstown on the South Island, in the shadow of the Southern Alps for


some much-needed respite. And there been boosted by the news by Sean


O'Brien has had his penalty dismissed.


The claim of dangerous play has been dismissed. We heard Graham Rowntree


speaking yesterday saying O'Brien is the barometer energy and aggression


in their side. He had a great game in the second test. That news


follows very different news for the all Blacks. They found Williams,


their centre has been banned for four weeks for dangerous play. He


sold a charged Anthony Watson in the second test. After his hearing, he


said he was disappointed and let his brothers down. The all Black house


and changes to make ahead of the decider at Eden Park, all eyes there


on Saturday for the decisive third test.


No rest here though for the top players at Wimbledon. Let's go live


to the pictures on Court One. Johanna Konta is serving for the


match, to win her first round match against Jey Su-Wei of Chinese


Taipei, the girl who knocked her out in the first round of the French


Open at Roland Garros just five weeks ago. Here they are. Pitted


against each other once again. In the opening round at Wimbledon.


Johanna Konta much happier and more comfortable on the


-- on the grass and she is serving just buying me on Court One. Johanna


Konta looking like she should quite easily dispatch with Jey Su-Wei.


Let's Heather Watson is getting on. She did brilliantly at is born and


is looking get here. This could have been a tight match, they are one


place apart in the world rankings at 117 and 118 respectively. This is


Heather Watson serving for the match, out on Court Two. There has


been loads of great British tennis for the crowd here on Henman Hill to


cheer. Let's have a quick look at another Brit in action, the British


number four Annis. Against the giant from Croatia, six foot 11 and with


one of the fastest serves in tennis. Play has resumed there. He just


narrowly lost the third set. Karlovic is the world record holder


in aces, has whacked down over 12,000 aces in his career.


He's doing his best to add to Karlovic 's tally. British hopes


going pretty well here at Wimbledon on the first day. Konta and Watson


both serving well in their matches. I can tell you before we go that


Johanna Konta has just beaten Jey Su-Wei of Chinese Taipei, she is


safely through to the second round. Thank you for watching, we'll be


back on BBC News with another slice of summer from SW19. Goodbye.


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