BBC Two: Mixed Doubles Final Wimbledon

BBC Two: Mixed Doubles Final

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Welcome once again to Wimbledon, we have tennis for you right through


the evening, here, but the big story here on men's finals day, is


that a new champion has been crowned. Novak Djokovic has dreamed


of winning Wimbledon and he did it today on his first Championship


point. Beating the two time winner here, Rafael Nadal. Not only has


Djokovic become the Wimbledon champion, he has become the world


number one as well. He has won 48 matches out of 49 this year. But


this is the one that meant the most. This is when he realised, as a


youngster dreaming of this moment, now it was reality. The wonderful


moment for Novak Djokovic who is the man of men's tennis right now.


Nobody thinking about him before the Championships. Everyone talking


about Rafa, Roger and maybe Andy. This man came through and he


produced awesome tennis in the final, to win it in four sets. 6-4,


6-4. Emotional scenes from his family and for Novak. I am not sure


he will be letting that go for some time. So that was the Tory on


Centre Court earlier. But we are heading back there now, because it


is the mixed doubles final. It is with serve, if you have been


watching on BBC One. We have only missed one game. It is two games to


one to Jurgen Melzer and Iveta Both This one of the final finals.


--. There is a boys' doubles taking place and gentleman's invitational


doubles final, but here we have I am interested to see the level of


the two women out Vesnina a top ten doubles player. She is the second


ranked Russian in doubles. I remember the words of Todd


Woodbridge, and he said he feels so often it depends on the level of


the woman, the performance of the woman that decides the outcome


these kind of matches, so we will be keeping quite a good eye on


Melzer tries to break down Vesnina. It made it very difficult for bup


to get across there. If you watch Mahesh Bhupathi. Think it, I think


he has extra long arms. I think that has been the suck ret of his


success. You look at the extension he gets on his arms. I just think


he has very long arms. I think he is helped by that particular fiscal


attitude -- attribute. I will keep an eye on that! He couldn't reach


This is good from Iveta Benesova. She was nervous in the semifinal,


particularly as they tried to close it out. It is a very big deal for


her to be in a Grand Slam final. First break opportunity for Melzer


and Benesova. Oh, it is Mahesh Bhupathi who fluffs his line and


It has a very Czech feel to it, this year's Wimbledon, with Petra


Kvitova winning the womenle's Singles. Boomer for Melzer.


I was watching the mens' final earlier, the Czechs could bag four


Wimbledon. It gives us a nostalgic feel. Russia seems to have replaced


them. Hell ha was keen to remind me Melzer is an Austrian running the


show at the moment. Benesova played a big role in their run through and


he lost his doubles quarterfinal. He was defending the title. Very


depressed he was after that and they had to go and play mixed


doubles. Melzer and Benesova back up that break. And that evening, it


was a few evenings ago, very down he was and Vesnina was a good


cheerleader. She cheered him up. She is smiley normally. She looks


tense here but she did a great job in thiv -- chivying him up and got


him fired up. Benesova, lost in the second round of the Ladies'


Singless to Azarenka. But an established singles player, in her


own right. A couple of titles in her career. And has a long


established Ladies' Doubles partnership. They lost in the Third


Round here. She has bounced between about 50 and 30 in the singles


ranking. She is only the fifth ranked Czech in doubles and singles.


They play in the Fed Cup final, which is the women's equivalent of


the day vid advice cup. I wonder if Benesova and Vesnina will be


featuring in that final? That could It is great to see Bhupati playing


so well this year at Wimbledon. He's very much a businessman these


days. He has a company called Global Sports. Represents a lot of


India's sports stars, such as Mirza. Spends a lot of time working in the


Yes, when I have seen him he has had his nose buried in a phone.


says it is difficult to hold the ambulance. If you -- balance. If


you need any tips on stocks she the Did you enjoy playing doubles when


you were... Yes, probably more And they will hope to profit now


from the Benesova serve. Rpbts it is not easy playing Benesova and


Melzer. You never get a break on that return of serve. The serve


will be swinging away from you as a You just saw the value there, at


the moment Melzer is the man out here. He is dominating this court


you. See the value of just moving, when your opponent serves. You


don't really have to do anything more dramatic, just make a move. It


If Bhupati starts to connect with a few return, which think he probably


will at some stage, they will have to change the formation, just


switch things up to negate that, but so far, Benesova serving well,


Delegating. Like it. What would you delegate to me Andrew? There is no


One step closer the first set. UMPIRE: New balls please. It is


rather dark and gloomy. It is quite warm though, muggy and Henman Hill


is more sparsely populated. They are the hard-core one, the ones


with staying power. We admire you. They are outside Court One where


the boys' double final is takeing place. Oliver Golding, young


English player involved and is George Morgan is as well.


Golding is playing with Jiri Veseley and Jiri Veseley is a Czech,


so Czechs going very well. I am going to try and not bump into


Elena after all the matches have finished. There is a lot of Czech


bragging at the moment. There is a lot of Czech bragging, in the


nicest possible way. Vesnina Now, what I like about Elena


Vesnina, good solid player. One of a number of Russians in the top 100,


ranked seventh in Russia. She does a smile before she serves, down at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


her opponent. Is she going to smile She lives near the Black Sea.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Forces Melzer at least to serve for He might have lost a little bit of


He really is playing well in doubles these days, Jurgen Melzer.


We always saw him as a wonderful singles player. He got to the semi-


final of the French and beat Roger Federer in Monte Carlo this year. A


former Boys' Singles winner here. I have always thought of him as a


player as a bit like a bull in a china shop, but he really does show


a lot of feel, which is remarkable considering how tight G-strings his


racket. Put to good use their and Quite a bit of British success in


the Mixed Doubles over the years. John Lloyd and Wendy Turnbull in


1983 and 1984. And of course Janey married four years ago. And


peerages Jurgen Melzer and Elena Benesova with the first set. -- and


he kitties. More people trickling What I like about these two is they


have really good chemistry. I wonder if we will get a smile from


Benesova. She smiles through her singles matches through the years,


and a very jolly person. They have combined really well together


almost instantly. Not one that is a dominant force, they really


complement each other. I think Jurgen Melzer's girlfriend is here.


She is a swimmer, a very good swimmer. She is an Olympic bronze


medallist. I think she is not here because the world swimming


championships are in Shanghai in a couple of weeks' time, so she is


preparing for that. But I am sure she is watching this match from


some sort of portal, whether they are in Croatia or may be out in


Bhupathi to serve to stop the He has done a career Mixed Doubles


He has not been at his sharpest, I have to say. I wonder if he has


been busy trading on the phone You talk about his use of different


partners over the years. Seven Mixed doubles Grand Slam titles.


Everyone with different partners. And he is also a wonderful Mixed


Doubles player. The queue around the block when Mahesh Bhupathi is


And they get off to a good start in Originally from Madras. He has a


house there, and in London. That is They have been very smart,


tactically. They have not allowed Bhupathi to get settled on the


returns. You can see Benesova being allowed to do her thing on the


Talking about his racket earlier, he has these luxury nylon strings


that cost �70. I don't know how expensive the frame that her whole


cities. Sometimes they go up to �75. It is extraordinary -- I don't know


how expensive the frame at ease Just at the moment the team are


able to make hay, because Vesnina and Bhupathi are not doing the


basics well, making returns and They are rattling through this


Still thousands upon thousands of the little green fly in the air.


There were plenty day yesterday It is not just the greenfly, did


you see the swarm of bees over Court No. 18, during the ladies


Invitational final? They were buzzing around near the highlights


studio and just came whizzing through. They probably took out a


It was Vesnina who has a bit of a straight up-and-down delivery. Not


a lot on the second serve. A slightly slower version of her


first serve, particularly by Russian standards, as they are not


known for one before serving. But the second serve has not a lot of


cake. It is vulnerable and sits up. Melzer wins the battle of the


reaction at the net. He really has channelled all of his fury into


losing in the doubles quarter-final into the Mixed Doubles. I've never


seen him so passionate about the Mixed Doubles. He has been super


Vesnina does nothing wrong, maybe slightly short of a length, but


And it brings up to break points. - I thought there might be an


extensive discussion. Surely it If no? They are staying


That second serve was there to be punished by Melzer, and they take


And they are in control and nail. - - now. He does like to use a hammer


to crack a nut, Jurgen Melzer. A wonderful stroke maker. He had a


wonderful year on tour in the singles and elevated himself from a


player that was always around 15 bought 20 in the world into the top


10. Always going up in the shadow of the former French Open champion,


Thomas Berdych, and very physical player. That was tough, always


trying to live up to those kinds of expectations and levels. There is a


lot of talk about former winners of the Boys' Singles like Pat Cash,


Roger Federer, and Jurgen Melzer was in 1999. He has always had


great promise. I think sometimes that was the frustration when he


went on to the main tour, because he is a fiery character. He has


calmed down in recent years and the results have improved because of


that. I think he was frustrated with not being so successful on the


Well, if this Russian and Indian pairing are to get back into the


match they have to be a little more proactive and take a few more


chances and get a bit more This pair have served very well


between them. Winning almost 90 % Not often the way in doubles, but


we have -- not unusual in doubles, but we have not had prolonged


rallies. Well the reason for that is that their opposition are only


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Bhupathi will rule that. They just didn't really pressure the Benesova


serve at all. Benesova is the least She certainly looks nervous trying


to serve out for a place in the final. There were all sorts of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


discussions. Vesnina much more Well, they do what they had to do.


Might not re, but last year, it was Vesnina who had to be the shoulder


the cry on for Vera Zvonareva because they made the finals last


year, and that her fellow Russian had it tough. Losing in the singles.


As they were losing in the doubles, Vera really started to crack a


little, and I have to say, Elena was terrific in just getting them


at least through the match, without too many dramas. They didn't win


but she is experienced at this level. She has developed, but


lovely player. Struggles to break- in to the Russian teams. But really


making a name for herself in the doubles now. And lost in the second


round of the singles here to Vera Zvonareva. Reached the semifinals


of the Ladies' Doubles as the number four seeds with Mirza. Lost


to the eventual winners. Now, If you are a good singles player


and a decent doubles player with plenty of stamina, you can pick up


a bit of cash. Not that that is what it is all about. Early on in


your career, that is, what it is about. So many of the eastern


Europeans and the Russian, they play doubles because that is only


way they are going to get from A to You can see that black sweat band


on her right wrist. She has had terrible, terrible wrist problems


this year. Her partner in women's doubles has had the same problem.


They have been able to help each other. Mirzy has been useful as a


doubles partner. They made the final of Roland Garros but also


medical advice, that is what I call great value in a double s partner.


I can hear some Serbian singing Makes me feel we are at the


Australian Open. There was a lot of Serbian singing tat Australian open.


That is what I have been waiting for from Bhupati. This is


Melzer is untroubled in his serve. You suspect it will have to be on


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


APPLAUSE. Amazing from Melzer. I am not sure he has missed a ball out


here. He has the bit between his Again, the pressure pouring down on


tn Vesnina serve. If they are to have a chance, they surely have to


At 15-30 and second serve by Vesnina to Melzer. You fear for


APPLAUSE. It is the only shot they have got these two. Hold it and try


and pressure Benesova. I am sure as this set gets to the end game,


really, for Benesova and Melzer. It will be Benesova, I am not saying


this unfairly. I think she will feel it out there, the enormity of


the moment, so the more they can pressure her, the better. They will


Look at this end range power from Melzer on the stretch. So strong,


so strong with the right arm coming through there. On the double hander.


He is very concerned. He would love the double break here. I think they


feel it is certainly on. I wonder if he will look to move across


straight after his partner has return serve. Keep an eye out for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


You're kidding me. The space opens There was everything in that point,


there was the delegation that you like so much, and then there was


the kitchen sink from Vesnina and Melzer again. Wonderful


anticipation and execution... not sure Vesnina knows where to


serve for, this is when your partner can help you out. Give you


just a bit of support on your decision. They are going to go I


formation. They would love to get the first volley after that return.


Almost inevitable. Double break for That is the former women's doubles


champion there with Hingis, and her brother used to play mixed doubles


together. I will avoid her if this match is wrapped up here, I will


duck her definitely on the way out! Give her her moment. It is not a


lot these two can do about this. They have tried to switch things up.


Apart from doing the basics a little better, it has been the


Jurgen Melzer show. Happily backed up by Iveta Benesova, who has been


given loads of things to put away The honour t duty, the pressure of


serving for this Championship falls upon Iveta Benesova. And serving


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


No science of pressure. -- signs of It has taken a little time, the


noise inside Centre Court grows. As it always does, from when they


anticipate the end. Three That is long. It is there. A smile


and a squeal and a hug. Jurgen Melzer and Iveta Benesova. The


A first doubles Grand Slam title for Benesova. Melzer has been here


before in the mens. Showing their appreciate to -- appreciation to


the crowd. Who have of course seen a marvellous day's tennis here on


Centre Court. And this round it off well. Comfortable controlled


winners as well They played the perfect match. They did everything


right. I thought Jurgen Melzer was the stand out player on the court.


Maybe that goes some way to erasing the disappointment for not


defending his men's title. Iveta Benesova what a moment for her,


lovely player, lovely young woman. Been on tour a long time and this


is the high light probably, of all those years out there playing


professional tennis. As is the tradition for the double, the


presentation is down upstairs, as Andrew points out with a handshake


to Jurgen Melzer. He will know the form. Up that go to the Royal Box


to collect their silverware, and a cheque, vulgar to mention such


things but �92,000 for the winning pair. They can divide it as they


So, they will disappear from moment, A reminder of the scoreline, and it


was quite simple for Melzer and Beating the 4th seeds, 6-3, 6-2 in


just 51 minutes. And the moment of victory and celebration here. The


new partnership. Perhaps we will see them again. They are off to a


There is Helena Sukova leading the applause, thinking of things to say


The runners up, Mahesh Bhupathi and Elena Vesnina. Sir, To the runners


up, Elena Vesnina, followed by Mahesh Bhupathi, a silver salver


A few tears from Elena Vesnina. And again, warm appreciation from the


crowd. It has been a great run. the Wimbledon mixed doubles


champions 2011, Jurgen Melzer and Iveta Benesova. Champions on Centre


Court at Wimbledon. Whether singles or doubles, it is a special, a


The 2011 mixed doubles champions, Each collecting one of the


Challenge Cups. That a company's their healthy checks and smiles for


the photographers there. And a very nice way to round off the action


I think everybody thought that would be a long and close match,


but they have been in tremendous for -- form, Melzer and Benesova,


and they are enjoying their moment in the royal box. So that is the


last match completed on Centre Court at these championships. But


earlier today there were scenes of joy for this man, Novak Djokovic,


kissing the trophy, the trophy he has dreamed about holding since he


started, the tournament he wanted to win above all others. He has a


tight grip on that famous trophy. BP -- she became world No. 1 on


Friday and he defeated Rafael Nadal in four sex and played awesome


tennis. Novak Djokovic is the big story of the championships -- in


The junior girls' singles was completed earlier, one by the


Australian, who put out the much higher ranked player of Russia. She


won it 7-5, 7-6. And what a shock to finish on. Well done, and I'm


sure we will hear a lot more from That makes it a double for the


Australians, because look Savell won the boys' singles yesterday,


and there isn't Eighteen-year-old called Bernard Tom which he was


doing well. And then to look out Talking of the juniors, we will


take you to court number one, because we are guaranteed a British


winner. Oliver Golding will be up against Morgan in the boys' doubles.


It is one set apiece as we join We did mention earlier that


sometimes Goulding does let the cork popped out of the bottle.


Important that they respond positively here. No time for a


It is all about returns down to the diagonal service box at this stage.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Returns need to be firmly struck. Again, not quite the right shot


from Oliver Golding. You have to go hard and flat from that position.


We did talk about the fact that there are power houses there, but


have you seen enough variation to impress you so far in the match? Or


are they in need of the ability to hit the odd shot with top-spin,


dink it to the feet. We saw the lob from Oliver Golding in the first


set, but we didn't see much in the second. They did start out with a


rich variety but now they are going to their natural game, powering


through. That one needed to go down to the toes. That is what happens


when you get a little tight. The hands can stiffen up a bit. Of


course, this is such a big stage and the big occasion for all four


boys. You can understand how that might happen. But they do have to


take care of the small moments and the big moment will take care of


It is all about you can get it together, right here, right now.


One ball at a time, they have to Oliver Golding has just gone off


the boil a little bit. And when that happens in doubles it is


important for your partner to the GU up and get the focus back on


This happened in yesterday's game, and Oliver Golding went walkabout


on a service game. But he got pulled through by his partner. They


He is earning the court and giving them a hard time. They will have to


change the scenery and maybe do and by a formation. Some sort of


different stance all look. Too many I think Oliver Golding has put off


But you do have to be prepared for Good skills from Oliver Golding,


but he was distracted, but he brought it back and refocused. He


did not let that contaminate the 810 shot rally. Each and every


Another phenomenal rally. Oliver Golding apologises, but he


certainly wanted to make a statement there and was able to do


A nice bruise there tomorrow, but I can't recall the last time that


Working that ball back into play. It streamy focused, isn't he? --


That was a very sensible shot from And, of course, that could be a


He has got to be careful. Just losing his rag a bit at the moment.


You can understand the anguish and the pain. But the match isn't over


yet. He needs a positive response No question that Morgan and his


partner have wrestled the momentum He just took his eye off the ball


Hesitancy there. Having missed the penultimate volley just now, very


hesitant around the volley. That puts George Morgan Ilic -- in a


little bit of a serving a whole. He will have to get the big ones M. --


It just shows you how important the first point of the game is. An easy


volley, took his eye off it, it missed it and suddenly there is the


merest hint of a chance for Oliver On reflection, you could say that


the one easy forehand volley could cost them the title. A nice


response, and a lot of responsibility on his shoulders,


because his partner is struggling and that was a good response and he


will talk him round and keeping calm and get back on track. That


The 13th day of the 125th Championships at SW19. An historic


day on Centre Court. Creating our own little piece of history out on


Court No. 1 but as far as the Fabulous match so far. Of course,


we are not beautifully poised, early stages of this deciding set,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


APPLAUSE. Ninth ace seals the game. Such a bonus when you can hold


service as comfortably as that. We were talking about the momentum


switch in the early stages of this third set. That has gone now. And


if anything, it is now with Golding Well taken, George Morgans calls


assertively. "That's mine." He despatchs that nicely. Good, calm


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


No call. The umpire steps in. Good Pavic was backing off there, he


didn't fancy another in the ribs, did he? Absolutely. Once bitten


That will get them back on track. It is a little quieter now on


Henman Hill. All the excitement earlier today of Novak Djokovic


winning his first Wimbledon title, defeating Rafael Nadal in keeping


an eye on the mixed doubles there. Just about to get the trophy now.


It is a nice way to finish the Championships that. The screens


have been a real bonus, Henman Hill t screen on number one court,


number two and three where fans can Shame, that was a good return


Morgan has started to hit that forehand a little better but too


much spin on the last one. A little This will help Golding I think,


after that poor service game in the early stages of this deciding set.


This one started an awful lot It is tricky for gold in that


situation, because that team are playing catch up the whole time.


They are always having, they are having to tie up to three all, four


all and it is quite a strain, but him doing with, so with aplomb


there, holding to love very assertive game. Interesting eye


Bag to regulation for the second. That is what normally happens. --


Oh such a shame. What a rally. What Great get from George Morgan there.


Gets up to his feet. And ready to spring and so he does. Clash of


racket, too much power, the ball sent long. Having a great time out


Nicely done, so close to the net, those angles are a lot easier as a


result. Of course, they are so confident, they are not going to


get lobbed off such a big serve, that is, why why they can get nice


and tight on the net. But we saw Golding use the lob intelligently


Again Pavic with great hands here, getting the ball nice down wide of


APPLAUSE. Dropping the hammer again, We are now very much this the


business end of this deciding set. Who is your money on Paul? It is


really tight. It is hard to say. I mean, the momentum can sway so fast


can't it, double fault here and suddenly it sways back. I am going


to sit on the fence at this stage, just for a change! It is only a two


horse race. Who is your money on? The third pair. I don't know, it is


tough isn't it. At the moment, I'm going with Morgan Pavic, because


they seem to have an edge of momentum but we know how quickly


that can swivel round. You? Perhaps because they have that one game


advantage as well, as you get to the tail end of the third set, that


could prove vital. Yes, we have spoke oven that early. Abound with


energy as well right now. We need She didn't look particularly happy


with it? Think she got some in her hair! Now is this the chance, a


sloppy volley there, first point of the game. A chance now for Morgan


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


They only hit at 94mph but APPLAUSE. Well they have not had a


lot of... Opportunity the returning team there, that is so far a very


solid service game from Vesely and Morgan. He keeps the weight on the


serve, very difficult to make inroads on return when he is


getting the first serve in, Jiri Veseley, window of opportunity here,


Beautiful hand skills. Gets the ball up and down with aplomb.


Vesely didn't quite commit to chasing that one, I think he


thought it was going out P -- out. He has some lovely feel, those


ground strokes. Yeah, he has rarely missed a return, the man in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


It is all about holding your nerve now. At this stage in the final.


has certainly been nip and tuck the He let the racket head drop on this


volley a little too fast. He is losing control. That sometimes


happens with players who double hand backhand, when the other hand


comes off their occasionally lose control. -- they occasionally lose


Just made it. Great anticipation there from Vesely. He knew that


they were trying to create the angle with the volley, so he was


already on the move. And a very sensible shot, in the middle of the


court. Such a good tactic to use. They have created a window of


Again the return from Golding, not quite hit with enough spin. We have


seen him struggle in that regard, throughout the course of the match.


Likes the power play. Doesn't necessarily have control of the


ball when trying to dip it to the UMPIRE: Mr Morgan is challenging


the call on the right. The ball was That was a good serve. Excellent


second serve from Pavic. A lot of movement on it, through the air and


off the court. It was difficult for Golding to get that back in play.


Nice Hanger time from Morgan. he did seem to hang up there on a


stepladder. A great dispatch. A There have not been many of those


today. Just a sloppy volley from Morgan. Again, under pressure. The


tension of the occasion and the hands stiffening up. It is tough to


The slightly better return, a Remember, they were a break down in


the early stages of this deciding set, now an opportunity to break to


give them just one game away from A courageous shot from Pavic.


I don't know many players who would have gone with that option. Very,


very brave under that sort of pressure. Most people would have


So where are we going to serve? White, middle, body? Are you going


It is always quite telling in those discussions at this stage in such


an important match who makes the decision. The service, because


clarity is power and -- clarity is paramount. He has to put the serve


Again, there is the top spin. That did the damage. A really good shot


from Golding. Yes, he got it up and down very quickly, Golding and got


some pace in it. Always a tough This takes courage from the Croat.


The regular service is hard, but it takes bravery to go out with your


least favourite surface. -- least Beautifully done. Terrific hands


A really great a lengthy exchange. Dispatched this at -- assertively


by the Croat. Very, very alert. What a big holder of serve that was


for him. If you weren't we this earlier in the match, it was Pavic


who took the match either struck -- graph of the neck in a certain set


-- second set. It was Morgan who had played a good game and Pavic


really took the responsibility in the second set to say they would


get back into the match and this is how we will do it. And again,


taking responsibility well throughout the course of the last


service game. Yes, he has taken the ownership, and it comes down to


mental toughness skills. Focus, body language, positivity and


showing the other team you need a business. These two were are doing


well in snowballing their momentum. Interesting to see if Oliver


Golding can rise to the occasion At least Vesely was positive. There


is nothing worse than missing the Well, he is apologising because he


did not quite get hold of the volley. Withstanding a barrage of


That is a little sloppy. Just seemed to lay back on the wrist,


and it spilled over the baseline. Real pressure now on Morgan and


Again, the return of serve, dipping to the feet of Golding. Remember,


he lost his serve in the early stages of this deciding set. Can he


recover here or will it cost him? He threw everything bar the kitchen


sink at the top seeds there. Stood Cometh the hour, cometh the man.


Golding performing very well under What a crucial hold. Showing real


Never easy when you missed a relatively routine shots like he


did midway through the game, but he recovered valiantly. The course,


the more often you are in that situation, it is of Peps weight --


What a rat-a-tat it was. Jiri Vesely going down the line of


Morgan. Vesely not quite getting Probably indicative of a little


That is a nice smash. He did not Pavic has such quick hands at the


The nice team work to help each other around. Morgan and Pavic are


rock solid. Yes, looking very solid around the net, and Morgan ruled


that in and 91 mph but very accurate. He has recorded one at


125 mph early in the match that is A lovely change it from Vesely. --


Dropping Le Hamel once more, and that is even bigger. 127 mph --


Even though there is only one game in it, you get the impression it is


Morgan and Pavic who have just worked the momentum a little bit


better in the deciding set. Of course, they do have the advantage


of being a game ahead and there is always more pressure on Golding and


Vesely. Yes, has returned so well and created the micro opportunities


earlier in the game, then Morgan started to steamroller, but it is a


well contested and spirited match. But both teams have acquitted


For a nice bonus for those with tickets to Court Number One. They


have seen some great matches. This They handled the pressure initially


of having to hold serve to stay in the match. Can they do it again at


George Morgan did well to get the forehand down to Jiri Vesely, who


was a tall boy at 6 ft 4. He dropped his racket and did not


quite get his big frame down to the He really was a lurch and focused


to this, Oliver Golding. Right on to the middle of a string -- really


That is the favourite return of Morgan. So solid off the backhand.


Just taking a bit of pace of the return, so it makes it more


difficult for the volley. Another Good hands. But again the point set


us wonderfully well by Pavic. Morgan's certainly playing his part


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


A victory for the second seeds, over the top seeds. In a


magnificent final. All four players certainly playing their parts in a


highly entertaining match. But it is Morgan and Pavic who eventually


SUE BARKER: And a big cheer from Court Number One crowd and they


were given their trophy by Anne Jones who was on court. There they


are, the champions of Wimbledon. Congratulations to George Morgan


and to Mate Pavic, winners of the Boys' Doubles. And we are going to


stay on the air for about another half hour to look back at these


Championships. Raise John is still with me and John, we are talking


there about the boy, because Liam Broady got through to the singles


final and then George beating Oliver Golding. We had two in the


doubles final. It is, has been a good Championships for the


youngsters. It has been. But as always we have to be temperate a


bit. There is some juniors that could be playing here that are on


the main tour, so it is not the best in the world here in this


junior, so we can't go overboard. What we have to look at is whether


the juniors we are watch, do they have the parts of the game they


will be able to make the transition into the seniors? So often in the


past we don't. There is something different about Liam Broady. He is


fiesty, think we have to take it down a level, a bit. Not go vover


board. See how they do when they get in with the big guys. Heather


Watson and Laura Robson in the women, we saw Laura pushing Maria


Sharapova. They can do it but we should just take it easy, it was


good, good experience, get good wins in front of a lot of people.


It is what counts when they get to the next level. It's a good start.


Bernard Tomic who was 18, and he went right the way through the draw


to the quarterfinals, you know, he is, he is a rarity in way because


he was the youngest one in this tournament, so in the mens they


take longer to develop don't they? There is no question. If you look t


the average age on the top 100 is 24, 25 maybe. So yes, it does. You


have to look at whether or not we are building, we have juniors in


there that have all round games, that will, when they go up against


the senior, they can make that difference and not just be sort of


good juniors but don't have the power to go to the next level. But


there is good signs, but there is a long way to go yet. We will talk in


a moment, we have friends of ours to tell them what happened in their


matches, first of all we had the senior mens' doubles.. No title for


Britain this time but as Jeremy Bates was beaten. So Cash and


Woodforde won their title 10-5 in that tie-break. And Hingis, the


champion here in 97 as a 1-year-old along with our BBC colleague


Lindsay Davenport. They won over Martina Navratilova and her partner.


Well done to them. Now in the last few days out on court 14, the stars


of wheelchair tennis have been Newcastle in action. Two finals


were completed and Nick Hope can Peter fo for folk and his partner


are the two big names in the world of wheelchair tennis. Ladies first.


She is simply a champion like no other. Five Paralympic golds,


undefeated in singles since 2003. That is a run that stretches over


400 matches. I know I can win a tournament. I know I can beat


everybody, but then, you know I everybody, but then, you know I


have to tell myself it is not a for sure thing. That is what makes me,


you know, eager to win every single time. Something she has done in


doubles for the last two years. know it is a dream, a dream playing


here, it's a dream coming here, and the venue looks great. The people


are awesome. It's the whole add mots fear and the tradition based


here. -- atmosphere. In the final they took the opening sets 6-4 but


things were more tricky in the second and after the match was


levelled the favourites found themselves 5-2 in the decider. Cue


It was close to losing but I never felt that we didn't have a chance,,


so you know, even 5-2 down I was like, you know, we have to change


something. But we still have a chance, and you know, being in the


final gives you just a bit extra motivation to fight for it, and try


your hardest. And despite being a two time plim tick -- Paralympic


Having experienced the Centre Court atmosphere, he is keen to change


that. I did the coin toss for Roger and Andy Roddick. It is one of


those experiences that is fantastic. A bit like when you are going into


a Paralympics. We are trying to get the Quad exhibition here for next


year, leading into the Paralympics. It is one of those challenges I


haven't succeeded in. I would love to win a Wimbledon Championship. I


have won most things but not that yet. There were some guys in action.


The men's doubles final was contested between the French


pairing and the Dutch pair. It was a repeat of last month's French


Open final but it was the Dutch pair who triumphed here. We didn't


do bad this week. I mean, it means really a lot for us, we won,, three


Grand Slams before, we never won this. Winning is really important


for us, especially, the fourth Grand Slam for us, and last week we


lost from them in a final, in the French Open, so now we beat them,


and then at Wimbledon, it is incredible. Lovely to see them here,


it was a good day for the Dutch. We wish them well in their preparation


for the Paralympic. Someone who didn't have a good day on Centre


Court was Rafael Nadal. He was on a 20 match winning streak but that


came to an end where he was beaten by an inspired Novak Djokovic who a


couple of days has taken his world number one ranking. Let us hear


from him. I am sorry about the result, give us your story of the


match. Well, the story is... He played better than me. He is 2


champion. For sure I have to analyse whether, but today, I think,


I did a few things. When you won that third set, you must have


thought "I've got a chance now." Well, always. Even with two sets


there, I am fighting every moment, but... Yeah, first set was


important set, but that's, that's the thing is, I didn't play well.


The important moment during the match. To win this kind of match,


you have to play really well mentally and all the important


moment, that is, something I didn't. Is that what makes the result so


much more disappointing and annoying, because you know you


didn't play your best? No, no, no. You know, I accept that the sport,


you cannot win every time. I am happy to be here, enjoying this


moment, enjoying the final, you know. He played better than me.


That's what I can do, the thing that I can do, is keep working hard,


try the find the way the try to beat him this time. And you know,


be the second of Wimbledon is a fantastic result for me. You are


still very young, only 25. Could you even describe how you get over


such a sporting disappointment? You are maying in the biggest final in


the world, yet you have lost. How long does it take you to recover


from a disappointing result like this? You know, life is more


important than game. You know it is impossible to win every time. I was


with the trophy in Roland Garros a few weeks ago. Today I I lost but I


was in the final. I was there. I am a good competitor, I like to win,


but I accept when somebody plays better than myself, and when


somebody is doing a few things better than me. Today, that is what


happen. Tomorrow we are at home enjoying the summer. You are going


to fly home to Majorca, do you go fishing, do you play golf, do you


sit on the beach to get over the disappointment? I have a lot of


people round. I have a fantastic family round me, fantastic friends.


A lot of people supporting me. Even today, when I lost, the crowd here


were supporting me a lot, and that is something that is impossible to


to fill outside of this tournament You will still think yourself I


have won ten Grand Slam, which is a wonderful achievement I for sure,


if I stopped my career today, what I won is more that I ever dreamed,


so, I have got everything. I cannot be very disappointing, to lose


today, for sure I want to win, but I already won a lot of times in the


past. Yes, he has to remember that. That is the interview no plauer


wants to give is it, your heart is broke, and you have to sit there


and go through all the duties. and he will reflect in the next few


day, because that is what they do, the champion, because he will want


to make sure it doesn't happen again, and he will realise today on


big points he's didn't play well, which is unusual for him. Credit to


Novak, but Rafa can play better than that, he will be disappointed


but has the US Open coming up round the corner and he will be back for


that for sure. You know he will pick himself up. He is young, he is


only 25, and he has many more years at his best, at his peak to do it.


Absolutely, I mean he has won ten, he could still win another ten bg


easily. But he will be disappointed. He will work on thing, he will


analyse it with his coach, with Uncle Toni, they will say this is


what we immediate to do to beat Novak. They will come up with a


plan. I want to see what he does next time he plays him. Today


belonged to Novak Djokovic. He has the President of Serbia in the


Royal Box, but also the Foreign Minister of Serbia, who is also the


President of the Tennis Association, we can hear from him, because after


he spoke to John Inverdale. Listen, here we are surrounded by a load of


Serbian fans, what does today mean for your country? This is probably


the most important day in the sporting history of the country.


Today everyone is very proud. I don't think there is a Serb who


lives anywhere in the world who is not very very proud. How can you


reward Novak for what he has done for your country today? Well, it is


very very difficult to reward him for today, but what we did is, he


was made ambassador, and Foreign Minister I so made his ambassador


for Serbia. Ha was a small thing we could do to help him facilitate, to


travel round the world and keep doing what he is doing for Serbia.


Novak Djokovic is the best ambassador, that Serbia has ever


had, probably. Now Now you have had two women be world number one, now


you have a man at the top. Number one tomorrow. How important for


Serbia is tennis, if I say a political web, do you know what I


mean, the way of spreading how your country is at the moment? This is


indeed the case. Serbia is doing exceptionally well in tennis, and


probably we are punching above our weight in the tennis sport, but


Novak has made it possible, in every corner of the world they know


about Serbia, and they know in the best possible light about Serbia,


because there is so much to be known about Serbia. It is nobody is


listening, except to Novak, everybody is listening to him and


that is why he is is doing a great job for his country. Your country


has had so many issue, ten, 15, 20 years ago, is this in a sense a


great opportunity for a very positive spin, about Serbia and its


future? Definitely. I think that nobody can doubt the fact that


Novak is a positive face of Serbia, everybody is excited about his


victory, everybody was a bit surprised that jock wasn't greet


here in Wimbledon after he had won, like our champions but I am sure


when he comes next year and the year after and when he wins next


year and the year after next the crowd will warm up to him. Let me


ask you in Belgrade and everywhere else, a few parties do you think?


think the entire nation will be partying tonight. Watch for the


news bulletins from Serbia, I think there are things to be seen from


Are you going to sing a song for I think they will be singing for


some time in Serbia. Novak Djokovic has merged into this superstar of


the game. We are lucky. We had Roger Federer and Nadal and we were


blessed with those two players because they got what it was about


to be number one and all the things you do outside of the sport to make


tennis bigger and bigger, and now we have Novak Djokovic who has


great personality and will be a fabulous number one. He is very


charismatic. I think he will be a megastar. Winning 48 out of 49


matches, he will be number one for some time. So he should be. It's an


unbelievable record with the US Open coming up and he is the


favourite to win that. You cannot see anyone beating him at the


moment. A brief line on Andy Murray, you were saying that he needs a


coach and he should give Jimmy Connors a call. The suggestion is


if you want to be a great, you hire someone who was a great. That is


someone who has been there and done it, and someone like Jimmy, we have


seen that Andy has got the game, because we saw it against Nadal for


eight set and a bit, but the mental side is a bit behind the top two or


three. With someone like Jimmy in his corner every practice session


will getting tougher so he can compete at a level he needs to. It


would not be a bad suggestion. says he wants to think about it and


get it right and he has taken on at that clothing line. Darren Cahill


is a wonderful coach, but he has other people in the job he has to


work with because he is not full time. When you talk about what


separates the top, you want someone who is not part time, in my opinion.


Not a bad championship for him. A bad set, and it let him get away.


He has made two semi-finals in the last two Grand Slams. He just needs


an extra bit, but quite a bit at the moment, and he can do it.


2011 championships coming to a close. We have ground to new


champions here, but let's remind you of what has been happening over


the last fortnight. Phil Jones For it was a wonderful 120 fit


celebration. Something special was stirring. In close-up, back from


her self-titled deathbed experience, Serena Williams was moved to


emotion never before seen from a champion. Relieved to be through


her opener, but more relieved to be playing at all, to have more


tomorrows. Tears as well for British teenager Heather Watson,


but so so many bright tomorrow's for her on this painful evidence.


She led, she was hurt, she fought, she lost, but the guts and guile


For marathon man was back. A year after winning the long this man --


match of all time he was pitched into a shoot-out with his old


gunslinger in power. This was a sequel less gripping, and beat John


was the hottest shot again. -- be Dijon. There was a new young gun in


town, Australia's burgeoning hot Oh my goodness! Around the net


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


And he knew it was coming, and he Screams were a theme. The trilogy


kept our brave hard going in week one, and the shrieking had it ear-


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


piercing pitch around the ground. Out of this world. That was


Feliciano Lopez in week one. Mrs Venus, back from five months of


injury woes, found the force was not with her. Zapped for a second


year by a Bulgarian in orbit. Her sister Serena Williams used to have


opponents at her will, but not after a year of injury and illness.


Marion Bartoli beat her in the last A new headline star, practically


Wimbledon is like a box of chocolates. You never know what


you're going to get, and like a tough young but not too hard and


the soft centre. Or a brittle legend, fudging it and falling when


two sets to the good. An unwelcome first for the great man. Jo-


Wilfried Tsonga seized his moment, and it was a comeback extraordinary


from the win some Frenchmen. Andy Murray insisted there was no place


like home. Brains, heart, all on show in his road to the semis. But


Nadal's Tornado sent him into another mesmerising and


kaleidoscopic whirl. The wizardry of Rafael Nadal just two magical.


Until Novak Djokovic pulled back the curtain and realise that Nadal


is a mere mortal after all. He took his number one ranking, his


Wimbledon title and has lost just once all year. The air is a new


champion at Wimbledon! Novak Djokovic! A Serbian twist in the


tail at the end of the fortnight. Pure box-office. Wimbledon, yearly


sequel, and never equalled. And just like that it was Gone With the


And indeed that is the end of the Championships. We have had some


entertaining tennis and welcomed back some old favourites, but in


the end we saw some new champion's crown and some players who could


stay at the top of a game for some time. It is time for me to say


goodbye and everybody here at Wimbledon is making their way home


after an exciting day of tennis. Where we saw Novak Djokovic crowned


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