Ladies' Doubles and Men's Doubles Final Wimbledon

Ladies' Doubles and Men's Doubles Final

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Welcome once again to Wimbledon where the headlines on the final


stages women's terrace house a new start. Petra Kvitova won the title


after outplaying Maria Sharapova 6- 3, 6-4. Liam Brady had


disappointment in the boy's singles, losing to his Australian opponent


after having a set and a break of serve. On BBC One we saw the Bryan


brothers collected their second title at Wimbledon. It is their


11th Grand Slam. We are going to Centre Court for the Ladies'


Doubles final. The players have just walked out on to court. We can


join the commentary team, Lindsay Davenport, enjoyed the singles, is


sitting alongside the and Simon What a let-down! Not with you,


Simon. It is pretty cloudy but we are not expecting rain. We had a


10% chance but we hope we can get through this match. It is a big


occasion for these players, of course. Samantha Stosur has been


going through the wringer this year, it has not been a great year for


have. It would be wonderful if she won a Wimbledon title. It is her


third doubles final at Wimbledon. She was the runner-up in 2008 and


2009. Wouldn't it be great if she 2009. Wouldn't it be great if she


could do that here? Alongside her, maybe the woman of the tournament,


Sabine Lisicki. Beaten in the semi- finals. Any questions at all? Heads


or tails? Heads is the call. It is Kveta Peshcke from the Czech


Kveta Peshcke from the Czech It is a fascinating match up


because Peschke and Srebotnik have got fantastic doubles credentials.


The way these young German has been hitting the balls in the last few


weeks on the grass, you have got to give them a slight edge. With both


these players, they have got huge serves and big forehands. They are


the accomplished doubles players on the court, Stosur and Srebotnik,


they have Grand Slam titles. If they get close, they will have a


very good chance. The number two seats. Lisicki and Stosur are not


seeded because they did not have credentials together. We can have a


look at them in detail. You probably know a lot more about this


young lady down a couple of weeks ago. She can play. Back in the big


time after a horrific ankle problem. She has really competed very well.


A fantastic run. Fantastic credentials. But she has never been


past the second round before Wimbledon this year in a Grand Slam


doubles tournament. This is her 5th Grand Slam doubles event. She has a


rating of 151. But that is because she plays regularly. But they have


not been defeated as a doubles team. They won the tournament at stood


guard. -- in Germany. It is pretty frightening. Here is Stosur. She


was the No. 1 player in the world five years ago when she was winning


title after title. Stosur has not played as much doubles. Trying to


focus on singles and has not had a regular partner. Her doubles


ranking has fallen quite a bit. Eight doubles ranking of 62. But


she has been the best and would not be far from the best right now if


Here is their run. A big win against the defending champions.


What a tight match in the semi- finals. That actually finished


earlier today! Based stopped play last night at 5-5. They have been


on court for just a short amount of time. 5-2 up last night. There is


served for the match. Stosur and Lisicki, two of the best servers in


the world, not broken. Here is the team, Kveta Peshcke and Katarina


Srebotnik. They really got together last year. They are terrific. They


will be the joint number one pair in the world if they win this match.


They have to win this match and win the title. Peschke's credentials. A


runner-up at Roland Garros last year. A quarter-finalist here three


times. She has been using her Srebotnik. Peschke is at six. She


is a tall woman at 5 ft 11 inches. A runner-up in four doubles events.


Here in 2007 she has been the runner-up. She has been knocking on


the door but she has won five doubles titles, but none at


We can have a look at their run through this tournament. They had a


few but the one I saw was against Cara Black, one of the pre-eminent


doubles players. They dropped the opening set and did the same in the


4th round. Then they prevailed pretty comfortably in the semi-


final. That is a big victory in the semi-finals. They are one of the


best teams on tour this year, their opponents. The crowd are making


their way back. The parents of Lisicki. They must be proud. It has


been a great couple of weeks for them and their daughter, winning or


losing this match. A relief for them or her, as well as her partner


because it was a long way back. She was on crutches, had to learn to


The women's game threatens to change fundamentally with Petra


Kvitova beating Maria Sharapova. How impressive was that? I have


never seen her play live and up close. One of the best strikers I


have ever seen. A magnificent day for the Czech Republic. It could


get even better if Kveta Peshcke wins with Katarina Srebotnik. I was


listening to an interview this morning with a Chelsea goalkeeper.


He was saying he was an absolutely huge supporter and it was a big day


for tennis in the Czech Republic. I bet he is glued to this as well.


You have a fractional edge for Stosur and Lisicki? Yes, for the


Serb alone. Kveta Peshcke and Katarina Srebotnik work well as a


doubles partnership but it is their opponents with the big serve and


the big forehand. It always helps to be able to get those three


points. But is an interesting battle. Definitely Katarina


Srebotnik and Kveta Peshcke are a more traditional doubles team.


is great to see that dazzling smile Kata been there so public and Kveta


Peshcke won the toss and they will Peschke made a very early move.


a very hard move. A soft serve and she had all the time in the world


That is good hitting. Did not go for the powerful forehand, but the


dipping one. Srebotnik had no choice but ticket up because they


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


Good control from Peschke. You will see that mix of serve and volley


and serve and stay back from Srebotnik. She wants to get into


the net. It is difficult to win a cross-court forehand rally with


She gave it a look but confirmation Do a simple serve, just where she


wanted it. That is keen on grass, especially on doubles, the first


serve that. It allows the partner to be involved. Too many second


A good hold after saving three break point. -- there. -- of the


Plenty on the line for both teams. Menacing clouds appear to be


gathering but sunshine on court at It is an incredible serve. It uses


the same task. His cast further above her head than normal for a


first serve but she gets the variety and that extra pace. -- it


Yes! Excellent instincts and a powerful finish. It was a great


move by Lisicki to keep in the rally. So much rotation on that


That was Lisicki's ball. Your partner does not have much court to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


That was not in the script! Very unusual. Stosur normally has a very


reliable served with lots of kick It all seemed to be going smoothly


but then a double fault and and error. Suddenly, break point. --


There was a chance. Especially with Stosur is staying back. Lisicki is


not a doubles player in the sense that she is not poaching and taking


the middle that much. She plays her again but mostly on her side of the


Again, half a chance for Kveta Danger averted. She looks like she


is enjoying herself on court. has helped her to place some of her


best tennis. We have seen that smile, especially in her big


I commentated on the match against Cara Black and that serve was


pretty much under pressure the whole time. She likes to stay back,


especially with the second. It can sit up and allow her to step in and


work it to be met early in the Just clipping off the net. She was


Eight crushing backhand and now they really are under pressure.


That is the ability Lisicki and Stosur have that. Not as consistent


but they can come up with the big shots. They can get some free


That is a good move by Srebotnik. She is struggling to hold. Good


returns have gone by. It is good to seek a partner trying to help her


out. It puts a bit of doubt into That was a difficult half volley


They have been knocking on the door and finally, it is opened. She was


just not able to deal with that returns. -- return. It must be


great at the start of a relationship when it is all working


well. Isn't it the best at the beginning?! Maybe you and I in a


couple of years will not get along as well. This is a good start. They


have not yet learnt the nature of defeat together. They have been


successful and obviously that helps. They have a good time on court


which is great. Both of these ladies are more concentrated on


singles, that is fair to say. They do not play regularly. For them,


this is a bonus. It is an opportunity to achieve something


they were not expecting in this Grand Slam. Plenty of different


weather about. 50-50 sunshine and Lisicki holds that forehand very


well. She can choose to go anywhere and at the last minute, put that on


Yes! Fantastic shot. Great movement by Lisicki. Srebotnik ran a little


bit early considering the line was opened. That was probably an easy


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


She has got such belief. I didn't realise it was that close to


Again, the power of the returned. It is overwhelming Peschke had


Srebotnik and that is a huge advantage. That power that she


possesses, it was difficult for many opponents in the singles but


in doubles, you have got to be You wonder where she gets the power


from. Look at the legs. She has got a strong base. It allows her to be


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


Not far away. That was a good idea. They are challenging the call. They


UMPIRE: Team challenges remaining. That was a bullet. That is three


consecutively that she has taken the return right at the net. She is


When you start a doubles pairing, is there always a natural leader?


Yes. Definitely on the court, and in the case of Stosur and Lisicki,


it would be Stosur, because she is older, more experienced. You are


right. In the beginning, if the players have wins in the beginning,


it is much easier, not as many, let us call them cat fights! But as we


talked about, Stosur is the only player thon court that has women's


doubles Grand Slam, she has two and she doesn't play all that often. So


she has that bit more experience, and specially in the big matches,


the end of Grand Slam, the finals she needs to be the leader and help


Lisicki. Especially when it gets to the end of sets and matches. It is


good to see Sam Stosur smiling. It has been a difficult year for her


She was out 12 days ago, of the women's singles. Disappointing loss.


The great Billie Jean. She has been there the whole day, enjoying all


That is a good play from Peschke. Good play for the team to try and


pick on Lisicki at net during Stosur's serve, because Stosur's


better volleyer and more natural doubles player, knows where to be.


There is the jer man fed cup captain. What a job she has at the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


moment. -- German. Lisicki. It didn't look likely. But just a


bit of fall built there. Stosur particularly and it is three games


each. A nice two games in a row by Peschke and Iris Robinson after the


play was taken away from them. Nice recovery to get this first setback


on serve. There is the man who coaches Peschke. That is her


husband. That is quite a dual role. That is wicked. Wicked little hop.


Off the net. Not only does she get the benefit of it, she got a nice


Great scrambling by Stosur to keep her team alive in this rally, but


Peschke with the, not a good overhead, and Lisicki took


advantage. 96mph forehand. Unbelievable speed. The guys will


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


APPLAUSE. Srebotnik right on top of Decided rather late to go for it


And she went sideways. Lisicki, when you are at net, you trying the


take over the middle. You want to more more to diagonal, more forward


in your motion. She was going sideways, and leaning a little back


Oh! Whether it is forehand or backhand, she hits it like greased


lightning. And not scared to go up the line, which is so important.


for the second time she serves she has to save break point. She was


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


Again Go going wide to get the Well, team of Peschke and Srebotnik


are going to have o start covering their line better. Srebotnik tried


to fake and get back there. First serves are going to be key. A mere


Stosur done a nice job of opening up the court with that low backhand


slice. Had her choice of forehands, but let it sit up too much the the


middle. Gave Peschke time to get there and put that forehand volley


APPLAUSE. Just wide. But clear Power is her calling card, but she


has got other things under her belt as well. Yeah, we saw the drop


shots in the singles. They are fantastic lob. Just pulled it wide.


Oh, yes!, now Stosur is coming to the party. How strong must her arm


be, to play a shot like that? even gave a smile after this shot.


Inmean incredible angle she is able to get off her back foot, inside


Oh! I think that got her foot. Otherwise it would have been a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


APPLAUSE. Cool volley from Srebotnik. Very composed up at the


net by Srebotnik. Placed that perfectly, right in the middle of


Well, she has got so many big shots in, you can't condemn her when one


Well that is a significant hold. They are going to challenge. But


person and Srebotnik striding to the chair were confident. It


UMPIRE: Ball change please. Peschke and Srebotnik is a have been


massively successful this year, they have woun won titles in


Auckland, Doha. They are really getting it together. Runners up in


Eastbourne. They will have been relieved to get out of that hole.


It looked threatening. The last three game, they were down 3-1. But


they have managed to fight off the power of Lisicki and Stosur. To be


the more creative doubles team, so It's a good combination, dublgs mix,


that mixture of deadly competitive but good fun, and you see that is


going on here. With both teams. It is great to see them enjoying the


moment, being intense, but also having fun with their partner, who


can forget last year, Vera Zvonareva having a break down, a


meltdown a few hours after she lost the singles final, with her partner


Vesnina, there is a bit more light- So it is Lisicki now, with new


And that great anticipation at the net by Stosur. Moving with the path


She has lost herbals to at the moment. -- her ball toss at the


That was remarkable. Even on that second serve the ball was way


behind Lisicki. Wasn't able to Oh yes. Great stuff. From Peschke


Break point, but this volley here by Peschke, she got down low, get


back deep. Fed her partner up for the great angle volley. Lisicki


looks a little tentative at the moment. The ball toss is really


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


Just remember her serving with Li That is a creative play, that


Srebotnik and Peschke have, they have feel, they try to utilise


their shots. They don't have as much power as Lisicki and Stosur


but they will try to disrupt their opponents as best they can. So they


broke Stosur, last service game, for these two and now break point


Well, you kind of sensed it was coming. Suddenly, it is 5-3. And


the number two seeds are on the So it will be vob have to be serve


fourth the set after 39 minutes. -- That was world class volley from


Srebotnik. She is anticipating well. She is on her toes, that was a


great Japanese player in the first Her form has just fallen away in


the last ten minutes or so. Here are three set points for the number


A thoroughly professional finish to the settle for person and Srebotnik.


-- for Peschke and Srebotnik. Bark so first set to Peschke and


Srebotnik. We will be back with this match in a moment. We are


going to break away briefly to hear from the new ladies champion


Kvitova who earlier today defeated Maria Sharapova in straight sets.


How has it been since you went off Centre Court? Has it been crazy?


Well, I mean, I was crazy. I think round me, and, it's, I don't know,


I am still like, in a dream, and I cannot believe it. You look very, I


mean, sort of overwhelmed on court. Did, was it a big surprise and


everything overwhelmed you? Well, you know, I was, I didn't play


final before, I only played Fourth Round for example, so I was just


focused on my game, and it was... I think it was hard so I am happy I


made it. You, a lot of players get mer nervous playing in their first


Grand Slam final. You showed no signs from walking down the court,


walking on the court. But you obviously were at the end. Well, I


was nervous before the match, when I came there, it was OK. Then I


played in the tennis, and well, I wasn't nervous, actually. I am


surprised. But, yeah, it is true. But when you were growing up and


watching Wimbledon, who did you admire the most then? Well, I


didn't watch too much. I didn't like watching the tennis in the TV.


I liked to play but watching, not too much. I watched probably some


mens like Andre Agassi and Sampras. But if there was something about a


match, I watched. They say that you, when you were growing up you went


sure you were going to be a tennis player, you thought you were going


to be a teacher I played tennis for fun and do something, after the


school, and so... In in the city they were for the woman there was


only the tennis and the volleyball, but I liked tennis more than


volleyball. So I tried it and I was still playing, and I was, I don't


know, round fourth, third place in my age, in the Czech Republic, and


then, yeah, then I won some tournaments, in the home. And it


was moved and I am practising. bet your dad is pleased you didn't


want to be a teacher and you took up tennis. Yes. For sure. Have you


seen them since you came off court? Thaw left already, because they


have a flight today. Oh no. So no big celebration tonight. No family


celebration. No, maybe they will celebrate alone and me with the


coaches. But on Monday I will see them, so... It is OK. Tell us what


was going through your mind at match point. You brought out that


big serve and you sunk to your knees, what was going through your


mind then? Well, I don't know. we go. Because... I thought, before


the game... Sorry. I didn't see them in the box. I thought before


the game when I know that now, you have to do it, I thought, OK, I do


it, and nothing was like, no, what if I don't do it, so, yeah I was so


mentally, and when I have it was OK. I did the first one. The ace, I


think it was first ace in the match. First ace. It is true. What a time


to do it Well, yes, it is true. Then we saw you go out Centre Court.


Which is nice to carry the trophy round the courtment we saw your


name is already up on the board. When you look at the names that


have won this Championship, you will be able to come back here,


year after year, after year, and see your name and I am sure it


maybe up there many more times but that must be a proud moment. Well,


yeah. When I am on the court and I saw it in the TV one day, right


there, it was like wow, I'm there. So, yeah. It's great. You played a


great match as well. Congratulations, enjoy your first


Wimbledon title, and I am sure you will be back for many many more.


Thank you very much. Thanks. So we will now head back to Centre Court,


as promised, and break point for Peschke and Srebotnik, so let us


rejoin our commentators Lindsay Davenport and Simon Reed. In fact


they have taken it. Nay have indeed Sue. It is looking better and


better for Peschke and Srebotnik that. Is what, five games on the


spin, and the momentum very firm bli the number two seeds.


Absolutely. Another double fault from Stosur, gives the break early


in the second set. And the team of Lisicki-Stosur immediate to start


working together a little bit more. A few bouts of inconsistencies, a


few too many errors. Srebotnik is becoming the star of the show. Some


wonderful volleying in the previous game. Let us see what she does here.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


They are looking more and more convincing these two.


surprisingly the team of Peschke and Srebotnik winning a much higher


percentage of points on their first serve. We thought that would be a


huge statistic in favour of Lisicki and Stosur. Much bigger serves but


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


Peschke and Srebotnik doing a nice How clever was that? Clear thinking.


Great doubles instincts. A great defensive lob. Then they got back


into that rally. A good job holding A wonderful shot again from


Srebotnik. What a great pick up. It is falling apart a bit for Stosur


We were talking about the points on We were talking about the points on


first serve. On first serves, it is 66 % and just 53 % for Lisicki and


It is very surprising, especially on grass that they have not done a


better job of managing their service games. A lot of easy points


Lisicki really struggling with her form. It is going downhill. Very


Much about doubles is about anticipation. Peschke seems team


understand exactly where the ball is going. She is reacting quickly


and getting a lot of bodies back into play. Great volleying by her


partner. -- valleys. -- volleying You can sense the atmosphere in the


crowd. I think people do not understand what has happened to


Lisicki. She got wildly out of sync on that serve and she is struggling


to put balls into court. Credit to Peschke and Srebotnik for playing


solid doubles. But their opponents have been far too inconsistent.


From 3-1 in the opening set, they have lost eight games in succession.


It doesn't seem credible. I they heading to their first defeat as a


doubles team -- are they heading to their first defeat as a doubles


team? It looks like that. The some light has gone. It is good


visibility without glare. But they have got to get it going now.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


Peschke, watched by her husband, 3- It has been disappointing. Her


first Grand Slam final of any kind. She wants to enjoy the moment but


her game has fallen dramatically in Both of them are struggling to hit


any ball into court. Peschke and Srebotnik have done a very nice job


taking advantage of this decline in Again, a great hands and


anticipation. It does not matter who is at the net. They are both


They have got two chances to change this around. They have got to play


better and hope these players get nervous. There is always that


little bit of anxiety that enters the player for the first time.


Except Petra could better there. She looked rather normal on the big


stage today. If -- except Petra The call is being challenged. Close,


The crowd want to see a contest and they are cheering every point.


have seen some pretty straightforward victories and great


tennis on Centre Court. But the singles and the Men's Doubles were


UMPIRE: Please turn off mobile Suddenly, this game becoming


interesting. A bit of nerves already. A double fault at 40-


series. She had a hard time swinging through on that account.


Can they break down from here? She continues to go through her


Game on! They have stopped the run of defeats and eight in succession.


That was a second ace for Stosur. What a huge turn around potentially


that game was. It has allowed Stosur and Lisicki to win their


And now their opponents cannot hit This is when you are happy on a


doubles court. It is up to Srebotnik to get Peschke back up


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


and be a positive influence. They Well played! Such good hands.


Srebotnik showing how solid she is at the net. Great improvisation.


Let's see what Peschke can come up That was a great comeback. It is


devastating to lose that game but great concentration and a great job


by Srebotnik to keep apart a positive and in the moment. -- to


You can tell they play on a regular basis. They have done for almost


two years. They look well on the court together and understand each


other's as analyses. This is Stosur and Lisicki's second tournament. --


They have got the weapons to turn this around. But they have not got


them together at the same time. They have not worked as well as 18


as their opponents in this match. - That is a pity, Lisicki. She moved


They are dynamite at the net. solid volleying. But as we said,


they move well and anticipate well. Yes! The nervousness five minutes a


day seems to have gone. She is thinking very clearly. -- five


That was almost perfect teamwork! A fait Miss Hit And My Partner hits


it. -- eight messed-up shot and my That is a familiar call I am afraid


They are within touching distance. It has been very frustrating. It


has been very close for Peschke and Peschke will be 36 in a couple of


days. She has been on tour for a very long time. She understands


UMPIRE: Thank you, at the back. Serving still isn't right for


Lisicki. It is amazing how it has It is a virtually meltdown. -- it


What a shock! Lisicki would have been proud of that. That is the


best she has played in this match. Now, Srebotnik and Peschke have two


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


At last! But she has got to do it UMPIRE: Game set and match, Peschke


After almost two decades on tour, Peschke is a Grand Slam champions.


Katarina Srebotnik wins her first women's Grand Slam title. Well done.


women's Grand Slam title. Well done. 6-3, 6-1. Just one hour and 11


SUE BARKER: That is the friendliest end to a match I have ever seen. A


terrific story and great for these two to win the Wimbledon title.


They were not in that match earlier in that first set but then raced


Well done to them. That completes are live tennis on Centre Court. We


have got 25 minutes before John Inverdale takes over. But we have


got plenty of entertainment between now and then it. We will look back


to a match earlier today on Court No. 1. We were hoping for the


future of British tennis, To win a championship title. That I am


afraid, although he was a break of serve up against his opponent, he


could not close it out. The Australian won 6-2 in the final set.


But I bet he has a big future and Take us through from the second set


when you seemed to have control. was a set and a break up and


playing good tennis and I think he was nervous. I was in control. I


played a few shots at 4-3 and he got back into the match. By the end


of the third he was playing good tennis. Any thoughts that maybe the


fact that you had control of the match and could have pressed on,


was that bothering you? I think at the start of the third I let it go


and tried to focus on the third set because it was everything to play


for. I had a chance again to break and I did not take my chances.


will have felt disappointed but in hindsight, thinking about what you


have accomplished, how do you feel? Like I said before, I think it you


had asked me before the first round it I would have taken the finals of


the Wimbledon juniors, I would have taken that. But it does not feel


good to lose in the finals and I hope to come back next year. What


was it like on Court No. 1 today with the crowd watching? It was


fantastic. My opponent said it was a great atmosphere as well. Much of


the time the crowd was behind me and it was massive. People often


say at it is inspirational. Is that how you are feeling? Yes, indeed. I


really did enjoy it and I have enjoyed the entire week. It gave me


great motivation to carry on and work even harder and come back and


win the tournament. We chatted earlier about the fact that you are


not funded by the LTA. Do you think other sponsors will be coming to


back you? To me it is irrelevant. I just get on with the tennis and


leave it all in the court. other thing people do is ask


youngsters, what do you want to be when you turn professional? Do you


think you are going to make it? What do you think about that?


a bit of a run this week and I really enjoyed it and I am going to


work harder and go to America and reproduce good tennis. Are you


watching the men's final? Definitely. Who do you think will


come out on top? They are both fantastic players. I guess Nadal


because he is the defending champion but anything could happen.


We hope to see you again, hopefully He has had a terrific fortnight


getting through to the final and putting out the top players in the


process but he could not quite get above at final hurdle. We are going


from the players of the future to memory lane. It is 50 years since


the last all-British Wimbledon final with a battle for Queen of


the Centre Court. Christine was the darling of British tennis. They


were both outside the top five and we have been reminiscing with the


finalists about a match that I remember that it was a very tense


time. I trained very hard for this fortnight and I had been in the


final in 1958 and been beaten. I was very certain I was not doing


That is it! Game, set and match will stop since I was 60 --. Since


I was 16 I wanted to win Wimbledon. Frank Sinatra was my pin up and I


met him in Hollywood. I was also a been fairly successful, which


helped motivation. To play at Wimbledon was obviously the best.


It did not matter who I was playing. I was very focused on everything.


Being all British was obviously very nice for the country. Because


the British were not going to lose. I think I was the favourite because


my career started young and I was experienced. She was young and


attractive and she was about 20 at the time had the schoolgirls loved


her and that was great because that took the spotlight away. To talk us


through the magic will start we had a couple -- talk us through the


start. I was five points away from winning. You do not feel positive


until the last ball is struck. I had an ankle injury earlier in the


year and it was a bit slippery on the court and it took away my


concentration. Angela of course is a very shrewd player and took


advantage. But for me, that turned it around. She is in trouble.


slipped and lost concentration. It didn't bother me particularly.


that these turning point? Well, she thought it was but I did not think


it made any difference to me. A difficult match for both girls to


play and certainly a worthy champion, Angela Mortimer. What did


it feel like to be a Wimbledon champion? Well, to start with,


after a couple of weeks of absolute attention, it was nothing but


relief that it was all over. I could go back to living a normal


life. I could go to bed and sleep! I found out actually the


opportunities do not come fast and furious for the next few years. I


was distracted, well, by boyfriends, for want of a better word. A life


outside of the tennis life I had been living. I suppose I always


felt I could see that slipping away, but I never would achieve these


heights again. It has been 50 years since... I am afraid it is! Will we


ever see bat again, a British or final -- see that again, an all-


British final at Wimbledon? I am not sure. I am glad to have been a


part of that. Never say never. I am sure something will happen when we


It is the winners they remember. Those were the days. Angela's coach


was my coach. Looking around here, it is a very special year at the


club, celebrating 125 years of the tournament. It has changed a lot in


that time. The venue has changed. The roof on Centre Court. The first


tournament was not actually played here at the All-England Club. It


Wimbledon is the most grand, Moss tradition of the world's tennis


venue, each year tens of thousands pour through the turnstiles helping


to make it one of the great sporting events but 125 years ago


it was very different. In fact the tournament wasn't even held here.


Taxi! Can you take me to Walpole Road please. Thank you. In 1877 the


first Wimbledon tournament was held a mile away from this current home.


There you go fella. Cheers. The original site belonging to


Wimbledon high school for girls. A few courts are all that remains of


the little piece of tennis history. The site seems relatively small,


and I still find it difficult to think that upwards of 2,000 people


came to watch the Championships here. I had originally suspected


that perhaps we bought part of the club rather than all of it, but no,


indeed this is the whole thing. It is amazing. What else from the


original site back in the late 1800s still exists? Well the


pavilion itself is still here, and we use that for changing rooms.


These two courts were two of the courts, numbers two and three


courts, in the original club, and over on that side, we have three


tennis courts on the site of what was courts six and seven. Until


2000 we had grass courts but ta those are very expensive to


maintain, and in fact now we have an astro turf hockey pitch on what


was the site of the original Centre Court. The first tournament was


held at Walpole road in 1888 -- 1877 and was organise niceed by the


croquet club. Humble beginnings. The croquet lawns needed to be flat


and smooth for the balls to run true. They had a pony roller. A


roller pulled by a pony. The pony wore shoes. When the roller broke,


there was consternation, they decided thaid they would need to


hold a tennis tournament to raise the funds. The entry was very small.


Only about 32 players. Spencer Gore won the tournament. Gore lived


locally and cycled to the ground we are told. Not only was the style of


play very different to what we are used to, but the fashion of players,


wearing knickerbockers and bow ties is unlikely to be seen again.


have to remember that tennis began in a Victorian age, where the


gentlemen wore bustle dresses. The gentleman wore long trousers or


knicker bobg -- knickerbockers, it was a different world. To imagine


the scenes we see today would have been impossibleable then. It came


from very small beginnings. As the popularity of tennis grew, they


couldn't cope with the numbers. crowds were impossible to control,


the police were worried about it, so they searched for a new ground.


Found this one, which was an open field site. Adjacent to Wimbledon


park, and the move was made with some trepidation and they built


this Centre Court to seat 14,000 people, and people said my goodness,


nobody is going to fill those, it will be a white elephant. It


wasn't! No, it really wasn't. This is a tournament with a rich history.


This is a magnificent venue, but they haven't stopped yet. They will


improve it still over the next few years. We will head back to Centre


Court to see the presentation but I want to take this moment to high


light a programme coming up next week to pay tribute to one of


sport's all time greats Seve Ballesteros. There is many ways to


play golf. You can build your own course with your imagination.


inspired me how much passion he put into the game. How much he wanted


it. To Forget the player. We missed him as a person. That lovely smile


is there for one run, he has a great sense of humour. I remember


him as a vibrant character. never talk about the worse, but I


am convinced he knew. Because of him, we golf in Spain. Yes, seeing


Rafa there, he was a big friend and fan of receivey, and you Lee him in


the programme, that is, 10.25 BBC One next Sunday. And Rafa will be


on Centre Court tomorrow for the final against Novak Djokovic but on


Centre Court today we have seen three finals played and we have


seen the women's doubled completed and a triumph for Peschke and


Srebotnik. There they are in the Royal Box, with their trophies.


They are comfortable winners over Sabine Lisicki and Sam Stosur.


Billie Jean King, winner of 20 Wimbledon titles leading the


applause. A proud, proud moment for them. And earlier today, the Bryan


brother, Mike and Bob. The twins from America, they defeated Robert


Lindstedt and Tecau in straight sets to win their second Wimbledon


title, they last won it back in 2006, but it is their 11th Grand


Slam victory. And there is a photo So well done to the Bryans as well.


Well we have a bit of tennis to bring you before John takes over


with Today at Wimbledon at 8.00. But we are going to take do you


daubls match from earlier today and the boys doubles. A semifinal and


Liam Broady was back on court with his partner. Up against George


Morgan and his partner. We can join it now. It is five games all in the


Various racket manufacturers very happy to confirm the frameworks as


I tend to use the frame for than Liam Broady trying to defend the


title he won with another Brit Tom Trying to hold his nerve in his


APPLAUSE. He did well to control this, it was a wide return. He gets


his body round it well. Might be I assume that Pavic was inspired by


Goran Ivanisevic. He used the same racket gorn used to. -- Goran


Beautiful service action. Goran Ivanisevic of course, has been in


action in the over 45s or the senior invitational as they call it


here. I haven't had time to see many of his matches but I got half


an hour on Centre Court with him, where he sever served almost a game


of aces. I was commentating on him. A shaky start to a service game


from Luke Broady to, which he has to hang on to if they are to stay


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


Suddenly a window of opportunity. Oh! Could be costly. Could be very


very costly. Two match points for a place in the final of the boys'


doubles. Currently in the possession of Pavic and that man,


George Morgan, the 18-year-old from The second serve was only 70mph. I


think it is stunned Pavic who never got his legs up to the ball. Crafty


Horansky having the skill to deal with that volley. Nothing is easy


It is a case of now you see them, now you don't, in terms of break or


match points. They have anished again. They have now had three. All


APPLAUSE. Well those who have battled them away. -- those two.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


First up to serve, the 18-year-old APPLAUSE. First mini-break -- break.


This is not the time to hit your Can Pavic capitalise? Oh! Certainly


can with a swinging serve like that That was a gorgeous serve.


Reminiscent of Broady in the singles earlier. So good, because,


well, we have said it endless time, it takes the opponent so wide.


Goodness me! The West Indies pace bowlers played tennis they would


serve like that. That was outstanding. I thought you were


going to talk about Goran Ivanisevic there, because that was


reminiscent of him. Back-to-back aces. Must be something in the


Oh it's in. Found it. And it is two mini-breaks now and some real


ensure -- insurance as the two dough owes change ends. That --


duos. That was really smart tennis. He hadn't shown his card on that


one all match but saves it for the big point. Just threads the needle


Should George Morgan hang on the his two next serves, for the second


year running, he will be through to the final of the boys' doubles at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


George Morgan and Matty pa Vic, the Anglo Croat partnership see off


Broady and Horansky. What day it has been for Liam Broady. Beaten in


the final of the boys' single. Beaten in the semifinal of the


boys' doubles. Not one he would like to remember but well done


Morgan and Pavic. They will be on Court One in the final tomorrow. We


are guaranteed a British victory because they will play Oliver


Golding and his partner. So look ahead to tomorrow, and the


programme on Centre Court, play starts at two clock. There is the


mixed doubles final, but we are looking forward to this one. Rafael


Nadal against Novak Djokovic, the two best players in the game. Rafa


came into the Championships, as the top ranked player but Novak will


leave as world number one. They are two of the fittest, fastest men


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