Ladies' Final: Sharapova v Kvitova Wimbledon

Ladies' Final: Sharapova v Kvitova

Sue Barker presents live coverage of the women's singles finals at Wimbledon as Maria Sharapova takes on Petra Kvitova. Followed by the men's doubles final.

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What a happy man he must be. Unbelievable.


One of the greatest matches of all time.


What a shot. You cannot be serious!


Arguably the greatest champion of all-time.


Game, set and match. The Wimbledon This maybe south-west London, but


the sun will rise in the east. Over 11 days of struggle, icons of


repute and great rank have been toppled. And so, two daughters of


Eastern promise will have the final When two sisters ruled with no


mercy, she dared to challenge, and triumphed. But there Weston umpire


has not crumble away, and so it has taken her seven years to return --


their Western umpire. There can be no capitulation now, only


domination. Her comrades have known agony and


ecstasy here. But she did minds -- demands her own slice of glory,


again based a Russian empress who will give no quarter. -- against a


Russian empress. There can be no retreat, only revolution. The final


battle is at hand, total war. The victories are known, but this much


is true -- the victor is unknown. At the end of this day, the sun


Yes, Maria Sharapova from Russia and Petra Kvitova of the Czech


Republic, who will contest today's final. The drama will be played out


here on this famous Centre Court. A few people are in their seats,


being entertained by the band in this famous arena. This match


promises to be a hard-hitting encounter, with the a former


champion against a 21-year-old who champion against a 21-year-old who


is tipped for greatness. On Centre Court, play gets under way at


2:00pm. Maria Sharapova is 24, Petra is 21, this year's champion


will be the youngest since Maria won in 2004 as a 17-year-old. Then


at the Men's Doubles final, the Bryan brothers through to their 5th


final, they have only won wants. -- once. The Ladies' Doubles final be


the last match on Centre Court Starting on Court No 1, a big


moment for 17-year-old Liam Broady. He is in the Boys' Singles final,


taking on Luke Saville of Australia. The Australian did not -- reached


the Australian Open final this year, so he has experience, but this is a


whole new experience for Liam Broady. We will join that match


shortly. As for the weather, no problems, not only today, but


tomorrow as well. It is blue sky all around, the sun has been


shining. There should be no disruptions.


I am delighted to say that Lindsey and John are here. We have been


invaded by greenfly, there are bugs... I don't remember anything


like this. Do you? No. There were a couple of tournaments in the States.


These flies would drive you wild, you would eat them for lunch,


breakfast and dinner. They will hopefully get out of here in the


next hour. We hope so. Let's tell you the


Today starts with just two. At day's end, only one will be


champion. Succeeding Serena. Queen of Wimbledon the last two years,


the younger Williams sister began her defence against the physical


odds. A gashed foot and life threatening illness forced a 40


nine-week absence, which explains the uncontrollable emotion after


surviving. I usually don't cry, I don't understand it. It has been so


hard, I never dreamt I would be here. To win, I just wanted to win


at least one match. Her sister, Venus, had endured her own injury


torment, almost five months of age. Burton menswear in round two was a


diminutive figure from Japan. She only surrendered in the 14th game


of the final set. Victory, but barely. Junior Wimbledon held few


fears for Britain's Laura Robson. Girls' champion aged 14 in 2008,


she won her first ever main draw singles match this year, to land a


plum role in the Maria Sharapova or shower. Then set about stealing all


the big scenes. However, the fifth- seeded Russian prevailed.


Nonetheless, Robson's adult career suddenly had renewed purpose.


Robson was truly a threat. No round two for the juniors start


with senior ambition, Heather Watson. An arm injury was cruel


misfortune for the talented teenager, who lost in three and


couldn't conceal the her it. It is just frustrating, and I am


disappointed that I lost. Abbey experience did before? I have never


told anything like this. -- never The Britain's other wildcards fell


at the first. Those there by right moved on, Anne Keothavong was


unfortunate to face Petra Kvitova in round two, and eventual finalist


sliding through the gears. Elena Baltacha briefly had the home fires


smouldering, if not roaring. She appeared poised for victory in the


second round against Shuai Peng, only to lose her poise and the


match. British interest, over. That we expect, but Vera Zvonareva pot


shock exit was shocking. Runner-up last year, number two seed this,


she was beaten by the woman she beat in the semis last year,


Tsvetana Pironkova. Piles of the unexpected are her speciality. In


2010, she beat Venus Williams -- tales of the unexpected. In 2011,


she did it again, and how. Venus, vanquished, on last 16 day. Just


over an hour after Serena had been swatted off court by former


finalist Marion Bartoli. The Frenchwoman allowed her father back


in the box after banishing him in the previous round, and did dad


proud. Some said winning the title after a year out would have been


bad for the women's game. Can you appreciate that? Does this result


show it is competitive? Yeah, I am super happy that I lost. Go,


women's tennis! Bartoli next came up against


another comeback girl in Sabine Lisicki. The German wildcard made a


name two years ago by reaching the quarters, and reminded us of her


enormous talent and resilience as she fought from the brink of


elimination to oust lean are under the Centre Court roof. Just a year


after learning to walk again following serious injury. It was


very hard, I had to start from 0 after being on crutches was seven


weeks. It means so much, winning the title in Birmingham, and


getting the wildcard. I appreciate it so much, to be back in Wimbledon.


It is a place I love so much. been used Steffi Graf, but the


first Sabine Lisicki, she insisted. She ground out a three-set quarter-


final win over Bartoli. World number one and top seed, Caroline


Wozniacki, was the anticipated last eight opponent for Sharapova.


Dominika Cibulkova did not like that idea and down to the Danish


player in three. Wozniacki awaits a major title break through, whilst


Sharapova awaited the 24th seed Sharapova's grunting is the stuff


of solid legend. 4th seed Victoria Azarenka has given her a pitch


fight in the old gettable duel. The Belorussian squealed away into her


first Grand Slam semi-final. Petra had been pushed to three sets by


Pironkova. Could it have a, beaten by Serena Williams at this stage a


year ago, came through the semi- finals this time -- could be to


The three-set affair was followed by wobbly serving from Sharapova,


in an otherwise ritual romp over Lisicki, whose heroics have all


been used up. Maria, back in the final for the first time since 2004.


It means so much. It is interesting, it is a whole


change. At the French Open, Maria was the youngest semi-finalist, and


here she was the oldest. It release shows the difference on the two


services and what players excel on the grass and on the clay. -- the


two surfaces. These two players are playing the best tennis. There will


be a lot of big hitting, but it will come down to the serve. Serve,


and no, I think. -- and nerve. Sharapova had a horrible day


serving. What is going to happen if she serves well? Petra Kvitova is


in a position she has never been in before. They remind me a lot of


each other. The way they strike the ball. She has worked herself into


much better shape. I wonder what do you think the upside is, as far as


movement. That is always key, the game has become so athletic, I am


thinking she can win multiple Grand Slams. Absolutely, she is going to


win a Grand Slam. She plays a big style of game, she is so much


better than last year, she keeps improving. To have the advantage of


being a lefty, have that serve and get three points, is so key. She is


right into the limelight now. Martina has picked her to win and I


think you are picking as well? started the tournament with


Sharapova and I still think she is a great player, but watching Petra


Kvitova and how she has handled the pressure, she played a terrible


second set against Azarenka and it has not phased out. You have to be


fearless in these big matches and she is certainly that. A lefty


serve. Should that be allowed, to switch midstream? She is in the


Royal Box, she is a royalty today. Don't rabbit in! Sharapova has won


this, a couple of other majors -- don't rub it in. I'll be surprised


if Petra go back to her is not overwhelmed, feeling the pressure -


- if Petra Kvitova is not overwhelmed. In the first set


against Azarenka, it looked like she could beat anyone, at any time.


But then it's set in, oh my God, I am about to be in the finals.


has worked so hard for the last three years to get back to this


point. She is not a player that let's opportunity go by very easily.


This is her earlier today, she is a great competitor. I call her the


Rafa Nadal of the women's tour. I think she is one of the fiercest


competitors men, all-women, in the history of our sport. Given the


success, the money and endorsements, I think she has done a fantastic


job of being able to put that aside, when she trains and plays matches.


It is hard to do. She is the highest paid female athlete in the


world -- highest paid. She still $24 million in a year, only 2


million in prize-money. It is a whole different EEF -- whole


You have got to find an excuse was serving 13 double faults. She had


two break six-times, I am not sure she is going to get as many chances.


-- she had to break six-times. last two big matches, semi-finals


of the French and here, the serve went away again. She will be under


more pressure with Petra Kvitova's return. She will have to find the


rhythm. That is what can go off for have. She will have to have a good


serving day. Petra could it ever did not have a great serving day


Over she strikes the ball so well, she ends the point won the second


shot. The first serve percentage, I think shook would be doing well --


she would do well to take some pressure off. Maria has a huge win.


Can you get over it when you get to the lips on the serve? Maria seems


to block things are better than anyone. She has had this problem


for a few years. She gets a bit more tense on the court and you can


see that. She worked on her serve yesterday, will work on it today,


she will be trying to stay relaxed on it. Against Lisicki started with


two double faults in the first game To she has a stubborn mentality,


she goes for huge second serves and that gets there in trouble when the


toss is not in the correct spot. will continue our build up in about


25 minutes. Enjoy your land, sorry we delayed you, you can join your


husband in the Royal Box. I will enjoy my lunch in the cafeteria.


will be heading off to Court No 1 to see the Boys' Singles final,


featuring the 17-year-old, Liam Broady. We will hear from him in a


moment but let's remind you of the incredible semi-final victory from


Liam Broady is through to the final. I tried to treat it like any other


match. He is a fantastic player, one of the better players here,


which is why he is in the semi- finals, and I managed to come out


in -- with a win. What does it mean to be in the final? It means


everything. It would mean even more if I won it. After the Boys'


Doubles last year, it feels great. The last British boy to win,


Stanley Matthews, 1962, are you aware of the history of what you


are trying to achieve? I have been told a few times already. It


doesn't matter to me. It is one match to focus on and try to get


the best result for us up growing up, when did you start thinking


about tennis? I have been playing since I was about four. Eight or


nine, I started to play tennis instead of football and other


sports. I understand there is no funding from the LTA. Going further


back when you were 14, I remember reading that you were funded


because your parents had to sell their house, is this right? Yes. We


had two houses on the same road, my dad used to rent one of them out.


We ended up selling one and moving into the next one, to help fund the


tennis. Did you have childhood heroes growing up? I love watching


Federer and Rafa, I enjoyed watching Henman as well. I watched


him in the French, the semi-finals one year. I love to his game and


the way he played. You have had a knock with rapper in the practice


courts. Yes, last year. I learnt a lot about the intensity that you


need, even in the practice. To almost contribute to the match


court. Obviously, he is an incredible fighter and that is what


he brings to the game. A lot of young tennis players are loath to


make predictions, or tell people what their ambitions are. For me, I


focus year by year. I would love to be number one in the world, top 10


in the world. I will see how far I can take it. Thoughts of appearing


on the final on Court one? It will be one of the greatest experiences


I have had. I did it in the doubles but on the singles, it will be


something else. The match is under way and it has started very well


for Liam, he has a break of serve, leading 2-1 against Luke Saville of


Australia, hoping to become the first British buoyed to win the


championship since Sir Stanley Matthews Junior in 1962. -- first


COMMENTATORS: A very confident start, just broken the serve of the


Australian. He had a couple of break points. He needed the second


one. A confident opening to this match. They have similar game


styles. They like to play from the back predominantly. Any opportunity


will come forward. Liam Broady, a bit more solid at the moment. We


alluded to the fact that the sense of occasion is everything out here.


It is all about the start of this match, Broady coming out of the


We know he has to take the ball. It is easy to miss those, they are


fine margins, it low and flat over the net. He doesn't want to back


off too much and give too much space and time to his Australian


Both players, predominantly happy to trade blows from the baseline.


Luke Saville, in particular, has shown a propensity for coming into


the net, which Broady will need to 17-year-old from Stockport. Which


is where Fred Perry came from. Need I am not sure that Fred used to


blast them down 110 miles an hour. Shots serving from Broady.


consolidates the break in the previous game as well. -- sharp


Doesn't look like a 17-year-old who would be unnerved by the occasion.


It is hard to remember a time when That was right on the line, Savell


was very quick to hold his racket in the air, and summoned Hawk-Eye -


- Saville was very quick. He was a little too hasty. Yes, the weight


Blonde hair, white back-to-front baseball cap. Quite a fan of


He needs some of the battling spirit here, though. Because if he


is unsuccessful with this walk I challenge, he is two break points


He was right to challenge. It is one of the characteristics of


Broady's play, that if he does get beaten by a good shot, he tends to


acknowledge the shot, which is unusual. I think it is positive, it


An ace followed by another double fault, and another break point.


There's Tyson, on the right, with the baseball cap, on the coaching


Oh, he's got it! Saville, the bravery to come to the net. Broady,


the effrontery to beat him. Yes, it was a fantastic forehand pass,


threaded the needle down the line, beautifully done. You feel he has


to ride the wave of support and emotion that this No 1 Court crowd


are giving him. He has got a double break. There is his father, Simon.


He has contributed so much to his tennis career. He flew back from


Spain yesterday, where he had been looking after his daughter, Naomi,


who played in the first round of the women's singles at the


beginning of these Championships. She lost to Anne Keothavong. Talent


runs through the family. It is all about what they can do. They are


doing it on their own at the moment. With all the expense, having two


children on the tennis circuit, tennis First as a charity has


It has been cash well invested so far, if early indications here are


anything to go by. Broady, with two breaks at the start of this final,


Something about a left-hander. There is an added elegance. Because


the right hander is played in so few left-handers, it feel -- the


right-handers play against so few It is hard to imagine that his


quest to become the first Briton to win this title for nearly 50 years


Beware, the Australian, that was some return. Didn't he get hold of


You feel Saville, squeezing Broady a little more with the approach


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


behind the forehand as well, to put The error from Broady gives Saville


Held his nerve well. It was a difficult moment on the second


serve. Absolutely, he will be delighted that that return from


All the work they have done at the Nottingham Tennis Centre, leading


He needed to get his legs down It was neat play from Saville, and


it brings another break point. Both boys wrestling with the sense


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


The money serve coming to the He has got all the approved routes


to goal long way in British tennis, keeping the audience on the edge of


There was a rather sombre field to win will today after Andy Murray's


Shots like that will help. Fabulous serving, and what a follow-up.


By some distance, the longest game In some respects, that will give


him as much confidence as breaking Saville's serve. Absolutely, that


was a really important long game. It is tough to lose games like that,


but great to come out on the right side of it. Broady just the second


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Briton to make the final in nearly One thing you can say about the


Aussie, he has eaten anything short. Yes, Luke Saville does need to find


another gear, and it seems he is He grew up on a diet of videos of


Marcelo Rios, the great Chilean That wasn't an easy overhead, he


would have been looking right into the sun. Yes, he watches it very


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Second time in this game we have seen the ferocity of the Broady


forehand. There is a really encouraging, metallic sound about


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


SUE BARKER: Here on BBC One, we're going to leave this match. We will


keep you up-to-date with it of course. If you want to continue


watching, you can do so by pressing Here on BBC One, we're going to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


I'm delighted to say, I'm joined by Tracy Austin. This is a lovely


match-up, a former champion back to match-up, a former champion back to


her best, and one of the rising stars of the game. Very much so,


and they have such a similar style of play.


They both hit the ball just about as hard as they can on every stroke.


One leftie, one with a ton of experience. And then of course


Kvitova, her first Grand Slam final. How will she handle the situation?


How will she handle the nerves? That will be critical. And of


course, the nerves will be kicking in right now. We will take a look


at both players, starting with Maria Sharapova, one of sport's


Every once in a while, you get a sports star with that extra sparkle.


But it is the craft behind the beauty that gives the final product


its polish. Creating the perfect Maria was a labour of love. Her


parents fled to Chernobyl for Siberia in search of the best


opportunities for their daughter. My father was just a big tennis fan.


He loved to play at the weekend. I used to come with him and watch.


Kafelnikov's father, who used to play with my dad, gave me one of


Kafelnikov's rackets. I played with that. The next move was to Florida,


and the academy of Nick Bollettieri. The dream was finally crystallised


at Wimbledon in 2004, when a 17- year-old Maria Ouch on all before


her. I just kept doing better and better. I got to the quarter-finals,


and then all of a sudden I was in the semis. I was beyond ecstatic. I


was almost ready to go home, I was so happy. I was playing in the


Davenport in the semi-final, and she was up, and then there was a


rain delay. We came back and I And then, going into the final, I


was just fearless. When you won, we were all reminded


that actually, you were still a teenager. You were trying to find


your mum, you went up and hug your father in the stands. It was a real


reminder that you were still girl. I still feel like that, at 24 years


old! She might still feel like girl, but she is the highest earning


sportswoman on the planet. And she has got the diamonds to prove it.


Bespoke earrings for every match. She really is living the dream.


very fortunate to have the life that I have. I'm very fortunate to


be a tennis player. But I want people to see that the bright side


of things, when you're lifting the trophy is, only comes after putting


a lot into it. It seems very glamorous, and you get your picture


taken and all of that, but at the end of the day, I'm a pretty simple


person. It has been an emotional ride since she first burst on the


scene. Two more grand-slam titles were followed by a career-


threatening shoulder injury, which The journey from teenage gem to 24-


year-old woman has not been smooth, but Maria's strength carried her


through. I have a lot more experience now, I have gone through


a lot, the good and the band, the injuries, the Tuft days. It has


been a long journey, but I do not regret one tough day, that bills a


lot of character. I have learned a lot. I'm very happy to be at my age.


It is those tough times which would make victory today more precious


than anything she has achieved before. If I was able to win


another major, after my injury, it would mean a lot more than the


others I have won. Simply because when something is taken away from


you, you have a lot of time to think how lucky you are to be


playing the game of tennis. I'm a big competitor, and there is


nothing like that feeling when you're in front of thousands of


people, and you're just trying to win a match. When you wake up in


the morning and you're not going out to make yourself at a, I missed


that feeling, and I realised that I It is an incredible story. She's


talking about the injury, the operation, that was career-


threatening... It really was. She had the injury, and then she had


rehabilitation down in Phoenix. She would be flying back and forth from


Los Angeles. She did not really want the surgery, because it was


not 100% guaranteed to work. The rehab didn't work, so she had to


have the surgery in New York. Still it was not 100% that she was going


to come back. That's why, if she would be able to win a Grand Slam,


after having that shoulder surgery in October 2008, it would be worth


all of the other three Grand Slams combined. It is a different Maria


now, seven years have passed, she's still only 24! But daddy's not here,


he will not be in the players' box. And of course, he was so


instrumental in 2004. Yes, he has been there every step of the way,


every practice since the time she started playing tennis, through all


of her tournaments, all the way up to 2008, when she won her third


Grand Slam in Australia. Apparently he sat her down afterwards and said,


you have made it. I do not feel like you need me so much any more.


You're on the right path. I want to go and do some things which I want


to do, apparently, he loves skiing. But she's really made that


transition from a young girl, always a mature young girl, but in


to a winner. She has changed coaches at the beginning of this


year as well. Michael Joyce had been her coach for five or six


years, but she wanted something new. She wanted to hear a new voice. She


got engaged at the end of last year to a NBA player. As an athlete, it


is a terrific relationship, because he can understand what she's going


through. To me, it seems like she's in such a great place in her life.


Still very close to her parents. Her mother will be here. Her dad is


off doing his own thing. Sacha is here. Remember, she has been back


for a couple of years, and she has not had the results which she was


getting before the surgery, so this is her opportunity to change that.


Anybody who has had an injury knows that you cannot trust it for quite


a while. Of course, she went over to the Bollettieri academy in


Florida, she turned up, this tiny little thing, and he said she had a


competitiveness which he had not seen in anyone. Everyone was


frightened of her even at 12, she had that stare. It is still there.


The intensity, she plays every point like her life depends on it.


A lot like Rafa Nadal. Roger is a bit more relaxed. But those two are


the best competitors in the game. You talk about gym being so tiny.


She worked with my former coach, she would spend time with him over


in Los Angeles, and I remember seeing her at 11. She was a skinny


little thing. But the intensity was there. She had this huge second


serve already. You just knew where she was going. You just got the


feeling that, it is very unusual, for some kid to know where she is


going at such a young age. We will have a look at Petra in just a


moment. But over on Court No. 1, Liam Broady took the first set, and


he has a break of serve in the second set as well. That match is


on the red button. But now, let's look at Kvitova, who


has really blasted her way through We had a flat with three rooms. We


were there, five of us. I was sharing a room with my two brothers.


It was fun sometimes and sometimes it was crazy. Fees and living one


hour away from the city where I was born now. It is not far away. What


did you want to be? Maybe I wanted to be a teacher, like my father. Do


you remember the first time you started to play tennis? I was there


from want to was born, because my brothers played. I was on the


In between all these matches, what else do you like to do, away from


tennis? I like watching movies and listening to music. What music do


you like? I like Pink. Sometimes I # I should be locked up right on


the spot... What about clothes, do you wear any designers? No, I do


not do that. I like normal clothes, like jeans and T-shirt. Of course,


sometimes I like wearing dresses. Lots of people get carried away


with stardom - do you think you're more level-headed? I think so, for


me, it is important, because I do not want to change myself. I just


want to be the same. Nothing For some people it is all about


being famous, and money and things like that. But for me, it is about


the emotion. You are fighting, maybe you can beat her, and when


you have a title, it is something COMMENTATOR: Delight for Kvitova,


the first leftie through to the final here since her hero, Martina


Navratilova. My father told me, look how she plays. She was so


happy for me when I won, it was nice. Those days when you played


tennis with your brother's, growing up, did you ever think that at the


age of 21, you would be walking out to play in the final at Wimbledon?


No, I did not think that. I did not think that I would play at


And she will need to play even better if she's going to lift the


trophy. It is an incredible story, a left-hander from the Czech


Republic, it is a tough act to follow. But she has come from a


club which has a lot of top players. A very much so, not an academy,


Tomas Berdych plays there as well. There is something at that club.


There's a lot of hitting partners, everybody is excited about playing


internationally. Today is the biggest opportunity for her, and it


is all about whether she will be able to hold her nerve. She comes


out with a quick start and then she gets a bit nervous. It is all about


whether she can maintain that intensity throughout the whole


match. The build-up to this final is so different to any other match.


You're in the locker room... And here they come. I always think it


is strange that they are not carrying their equipment. You want


to hold something! Yes, now, the Wimbledon Championship is on the


line. For me, I always think at Wimbledon is the most special,


because you will become a member here, there's so much tradition.


You walk past one of the other former champions. You're definitely


very, very nervous right now. They're so tall, that's what has


changed in the game from when we were playing. 6ft and over is


almost the norm now. It is going to be key, because the serve is going


to be a key factor. Maria has got to have a better day in that


respect. Yes, we know that Maria has come back and had the yips on


certain days. Some days, she serves beautifully. In one match she


served 13 double faults. She will not be able to do that today


against Kvitova and win the match. She is a better opponent I think


than Lisicki. So, Maria Sharapova is going to have to get a lot of


first serves in. Because Kvitova will really go after the second


serve. Even though Maria has been here before, she will be feeling


this, won't she? She will, because this is all after the surgery.


are just being briefed. That's the former player who now looks after


the players. Paying your first Grand Slam final, like Petra, the


whole build-up is so tricky, and you just want to get out there...


One thing which might help her is that she was in the semi-final last


year here against Serena. She played a pretty good match. But


definitely, so keep quiet, just about ready to go on court, this is


when the butterflies are really big time. The legs will be heavy. A lot


of thoughts going on in your head. This is going to be such a big


hitting match. Kvitova has got to go for it, and accept that she's


going to make errors. That's when she plays her best. Going after the


second serve. She hits so hard and flat, both of them have similar


styles in that respect. This is Chloe, representing the muscular


dystrophy Campaign, and I'm President of that charity. When the


All England Club asked me to select someone, I chose her. I will tell


you more about her in a moment. But this is a long wait, isn't it?


is, you can see Maria's legs going back and forth. We are waiting for


2 o'clock. It is another 20 seconds! They have to be bang on


time. Both of them are going to want to have a quick start. They


I feel for them, we have never seen anyone have to wake -- wait this


long. They brought them down too early. It will play more on the


mind of Pedro than Maria. -- of Petra. Because Maria has been here


before. OK, here they come. A big crowd and a big moment awaits them.


Maria, with more pressure. Go better there, low were ranked, she


will have nothing to lose going in.. -- Kvitova, lower ranked. The serve


will be key, Maria had two break six times in her semi-final.


Kvitova, if she says as she has been serving throughout the


tournament, is not going to give up many opportunities. Exactly. Maria


served 13 double faults, 10 when she lost in the semi-finals of the


French. It will be the crucial element for both players. Both of


them, if there was a weakness, it would be movement about the court.


I would say in the last year, both players have become more fit. Her


legs are stronger because she has played so many matches on the clay.


Maria feels like she has grown as a tennis player. She says she let


learns -- has learnt to construct points better. The OK, it Petra is


ready. There is Chloe, she has a muscle-wasting disease. It causes


weakness in the arms, lake, throat and face muscles. She has used a


wheelchair since primary school. -- the arms, legs, throat and face


muscles. She laughs wheelchair tennis and says this is a dream


moment to be out here with these two great players. Just to remind


you we are using electronic review. Any Questions? Which player would


you like to call? Petra. Heads, please. It is tails. Maria? I will


receive. OK, a few photos. That is not a very positive start.


It is interesting, they both rely on their serve so much. I don't


think Martina Navratilova would have let anybody serve first, but I


think Maria is thinking it will give her a game to get her arm


warmed up and get the feet moving, get the nerves out before she has


to serve and think she has do hold serve. And maybe think that Petr is


petrified and that she is not going to serve at her best. -- Petra is


petrified. When Azarenka paid Kvitova,, cadet are best served


first and faced a few break points There Chloe will be watching this


match with her family. As far as Maria Sharapova is concerned, I


love the return of serve and she is so intimidating took serve against.


You know you need a high serve -- first serve percentage. Maria


spends a lot of time on the practise court. I am talking half


an hour frequently, and before every match, at least five or 10


minutes on her return, picking a target and going after them. Maria


rarely lets up on her second serve. Both of them play their best tennis


when they play second shots. It is a risk, but also a great game, it


translates well to the grass court service. They talked a bit about


her being left-handed, and that serve will be key. She could really


use the movement, to get Maria out of court, but to serve into the


In the last couple of days, Maria has had press conferences, and the


first thing she mentioned was the fact that Kvitova was left-handed.


It is difficult to get used to. The serve can go out wide, it can go up


the T. I'm going to ask you where you're going to put your money.


Well, gosh, I have gone with Maria since the beginning. Lynsey has


changed her mind, she's Gone With Kvitova. I know, it is tough. But


I'm going to stick with Maria. has been lovely to talk to you,


Tracy. I know you will be heading off to the commentary box now. This


match is also being broadcast in 3D. If you have an h-t box and a 3D


television, you can watch this in We are ready for this final, it


promises to be a thriller. Tracy is on her way to join John McEnroe and


Good afternoon. As usual the expectations surrounding the Centre


Court for ladies' final stage, and what a file it potentially could be.


Maria Sharapova knows how to win this tournament, and you wonder


whether that would be the edge that get Sir through to this second


title here. -- gets her through. Up against a potentially dangerous


opponent. This is the tall Russian, who has rediscovered her form in


2011 after the terrible shoulder injury. Still, fairly young, so


maybe many more major titles for her. She is currently ranked six,


has the potential to go to three if she can win here. And of course,


like the person sitting next to me, John McEnroe, has been world number


one. It is always an incredible thing. A Wimbledon final. You can


see her road has been pretty easy. You thought she would have been in


more of these finals after winning at 17 years of age. What was the


last name? The Williams. They caused some headaches. It was her


shoulder that curtailed her for quite a while. It is part of why


she is having serving problems. She has tried everything, an


abbreviated motion, a different take back. Seems to have gone back


to what she did at the beginning. It has been a headache, caused


problems in her semi-final. Here, and maybe the reason she lost to Li


Na in the semi-finals of the French. Mentally, she is as tough as anyone


I have seen on a tennis court, man or woman. This is what this 21-


year-old, who I think will be more prepared than many may expect...


She has never been in a Grand Slam final. She was at the semi-finals


here last year. She has worked her way methodically up the rankings


since breaking through here. A fantastic year, winning on all


surfaces. It is clear when you watch it, she uses the lefty serve


so well. Her best surface is the one she is playing on right now.


She is a player who was troubled a couple of times. Nerves, in both


cases, got the best of her. She sensed something spectacular was


going to happen, particularly for the match against Azarenka. That


first set, wow, she was unbelievably good. Interesting that


she has been on court less time than Sharapova, even though she has


dropped a couple of sets. That is interesting. He plays at a couple -


- a very quick pace. It is part of what worries me. If things go off,


if she is able to slow herself, to recognise that maybe, she needs to


go to a plan B or try something different... This is going to be


awfully interesting. awfully interesting.


Alison Lang from Great Britain will Alison Lang from Great Britain will


chair this final. The 5th Ladies' Singles final for Alison. Kvitova


to serve first, my strength against yours. Maria's return game is right


up there. It started with Monica Seles. There is Sasha Abuja chick -


- Sacha Vujacic. He used to play for the LA Lakers. He is a free


agent now. Maria is probably thinking, I think you should go to


New York or LA. We will see how the young 21-year-old comes out of the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Out wide. Trying to take away the Four years, I wondered why Roger


Federer didn't do that very thing - - for years. Sharapova is outside


the doubles Ali and it causes Kvitova to rethink. It is a good


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


That potentially, a nerve settling As was that. Another option is to


slice it into her body. Maria doesn't often return from that


position. It is a bit of a new look for her, to have to deal with. The


lefty spin, coming into her Do you know who won the toss?


won the toss, and chose to receive. That is surprising. That was also a


good call. She has a break point Perfect start for the Russian. Just


the 5th time that Kvitova has been broken in The Championships. She is


not used to the return of serves coming back with such pace.


Finishing her service motion and the return of serve is on her.


is more nerves. I remember a semi- final when my legs were shaking, as


I tried to deal with Jimmy Connors' return, which was not too shabby.


She has ever been in this position. She is trying to get the


butterflies out, and there are some annoying flies out there as well,


haven't seen that before on Centre Court.


Might cause some problems with the Sensational forehand! That bodes


well, a good response after dropping her serve. One of Maria's


best shots, the backhand on the run, she is able to flick it so well


I think it is safe to say, you will We interviewed Maria for American


TV, and she said, that is women's tennis, just deal with it. Returns


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Opportunity for Kvitova to get the There is the break back. Her coach


was on the right of the picture there, briefly. He will also be


breathing a sigh of relief. The trainer on the left, there. Both


clearly doing an excellent job. This young lady is playing better


than ever, there is no doubt about it. That was just what she needed.


That is that lefty slice that is going to come into her body. That


is a good call for her. Kvitova credits those two young men for


helping her too much -- so much. She said she has had to work hard


to make her serve a weapon. She has been with that team for three years


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


UMPIRE: Me Sharapova is challenging the call. -- Miss Sharapova.


one element that Kvitova has is I am very impressed with how well


Kvitova uses the slice, for such a tall girl. That will be important


for her. She has more variety, she has been to the net twice as much


as Maria and she is quite handy at For someone as tall as she is, she


gets down very low. Excellent knee bend off the ground when she needs


Sharapova at saw it coming. guessed right. She was forced to.


She doesn't have that sprint speed that some of those ladies have. A


good, calculated risk. Still in the That is what she will do if you


serve a soft second serve. Which of course, put so much pressure on


Obviously, that is the plan for both players, they hit so hard and


flat, trying to rush the other, get the other off balance. When they


continue to hit hard and flat, that is when they draw the unforced


Here comes a challenge again from Sharapova. She looks convinced as


well. This is why this challenge system has come a long. Look at


this. Instead of it being jews, it Once you have committed to your


shot, whether or not the player ends up being there or not, it is


hard to change gears. It is better to hit a firm ball and make Maria


come up with a tough past. She couldn't do it. Maria is used to


doing this to others. She's not She got used to it, dealing with


the Williams sisters. It is a different shot because I think


Kvitova hits flatter than the Williams sisters. That is more


That is special. If that is a glimpse into the future, this could


be a special afternoon. STUDIO: Indeed, tennis of the


highest quality in just three games. highest quality in just three games.


We will just dropped into No 1 Court, to see how Liam Broady is


going. When we were last there, he was a break of serve up in the


second set, but he was broken twice, he has dropped the second set. It


is into a third and final set. That is live on the red button and


is live on the red button and COMMENTATORS: Kvitova will be


sitting there and she will be delighted with the way she got out


of that last service game, very tough. There was that call that got


Maria back in, and then a another call, and suddenly she was under


severe pressure, looking like she may be broken again. Condoleezza


Rice. There are lots of former Champions in the Royal Box, and a


former Secretary of State. She was in Prague, where Kvitova is from,


yesterday. They named a street after Ronald Reagan. It would have


been the -- his 100 birthday. They felt he was the main contributed to


the demise of contribution, so she There is the backhand slice, that


can cause the error. It comes at a different speed. It is a nice


backed can slice. Really cuts it well -- nice backhand slice.


Is Kvitova weaker off one wing of the return? I think she's pretty


I think she is weaker when she has to stretch out on her backhand.


can't put enough weight behind her We saw a lot of those in the semi-


finals, that is for sure. Became an issue in the semi-finals of the


French, she lost to Li Na. It is a headache, to have to deal with.


just the double fault, but the first serve percentage, under 50%.


48%, not what she can afford to Her camp might be getting nervous.


I think she could have taken an extra step, and the shot would have


been easier to pull off. Marie are doing what she has to do, get the


first serve in. Maria taking so much time in between points.


Supposed to be 25 seconds. We have had a couple of breaks, a


You sense that she thought that was more than half a chance. I think


she likes to play at a quicker pace A think she maybe actually helping


her settle down. You are playing fast, you look up and the set will


be over. Let this sink in for Very different service positioning


She got lucky there because the court was wide-open for Sharapova.


She doesn't miss that very often. She does like to get a little bit


wider, Kvitova, to get that angle but that opens the door for


She would prefer if Maria tries to go cross-court, that is any easier


shot for her to deal with. easier shot from Maria as well. She


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


First time in a Wimbledon final and Everything that we really wanted


from Kvitova. We knew that Sharapova can handle these


occasions, but the question was how Kvitova was going to come out here


and the signs are great. She is taking her time. She did seemed


annoyed that Maria on her own serve was taking that extra time but she


needs to get used to the pace of the server. Billie-Jean King.


time winner here at Wimbledon. Just the most passionate tennis fan


around. Martina Navratilova, nine- times singles champion. It was her


lefty serve that helped her so much. Jana Novotna. Back in 98.


Czechs are out in force! Maria boy no, she is always here. Such an


It looked awkward but it was effective. That is why she does not


volley a whole lot, because she pretty much goes four winners on


the approach shot. That's right, a lot of swinging volleys as well.


That is really unusual for a top player not to hit an overhead. She


goes matches where she doesn't hit Her depth of shot, Kvitova, is


really impressive here. That thing She just stayed ahead enough in


that point to get it done, impressive. Good scrambling by


Kvitova. Good movement from Sharapova, who said she feels like


she is stronger. It is so important for her to be a little bit quicker


to the ball. She has played a lot You see that more often with the


players going up the middle, that gives you three options. It is a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


The Achilles heel reappears. It is It seems to offer to time, waiting


for it to drop down. -- tougher to time. It affected her performance


in the semi-finals but Sharapova was still able to get through. But


she has just gifted Kvitova that break of serve. Two doubles in a


row, and the last one was not even A softer serve there, and it really


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


For a moment there, another all left-handed final. She will often


go to the left hand when she is on the stretch. She obviously didn't


want to hit this shot. That means she is in big trouble. Kvitova


Looking comfortable. That is such a nasty served to return. 100 that


What an excellent half-hour that has been for Kvitova. Think about


it, she walked out on Centre Court, never been there before, she loses


her serve in the first game and now we sit back 30 minutes into the


match and she looks like she's unbeatable almost. Playing so well,


like she did in the first set of the semis. Azarenka was the same,


she didn't step up quite so much. The key is whether she can sustain


this for the two sets. She has so much experience, she lost to Serena


Williams last year in the semi- finals. It was not that she let up,


more that she tightened up, seeing how close she was to get in here.


That is what we are all asking. think she tightened up, therefore


she leapt up and backed away from her shots. There is a leftie that


one this, and Jones. There is Nick Clegg. Captain of his college


tennis team, says he plays his best tennis in the warm up. That is


That is three doubles in a row, two at the end of the last game. It is


a big second serve, isn't it? When you have just missed two in your


previous game, then you put one in there at 100 mph. She knows that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


I think she should try to get her percentages up to like 80. She is


little or bought 60%. She should basically cut out the second serve


entirely, try different spins, cricket sometimes, slice it into


the body, place it, but try not to Got a glimpse of just how flat


Kvitova was hitting the ball in this, just 48 centimetres the net


clearance compared to 78 for the Russian. Nine mph faster on the


Maybe she should have sliced that. She tried a very tough shot, maybe


Beautifully done again, the slice set it up. That is a tough shot to


deal with. Sharapova taking some Even there, she will not hit the


overhead. Still gets the job done. She learned from a couple of points


to go on the full stretch on the backhand, she went to the slice


this time. Got it back in play, Sharapova yet to drop a set in


these championships, in danger of She got her first ace in the semis


a set point up, this time a set point down. She has got to hang in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


There it is, the first over head of The set point saved, the service


game held, but still a lot of work So many obvious attributes, the


Russian, but that competitiveness get her through so many encounters.


That is true, her tenacity, her will to win is incredible. Right


now, only matched by Serena Williams on the women's tour right


It is disturbing former rear that she is not hitting the ball as


clean off the ground as we are used to seeing, especially in this


tournament. She is feeling a lot more rushed than players she is


That was the perfect serve. Triple set point now for Kvitova or on her


50% of the journey undertaken on the journey to her opening title.


SUE BARKER: Are the overwhelming favourite was Sharapova but it is


Kvitova who has taken the first set Kvitova who has taken the first set


and in some style. We will be back on centre in just a moment, but


disappointing news for Britain over on Court One because Liam is now


having to serve to stay in this match. That is live on the red


button, on all platforms and online. We now know who is through to the


ladies doubles final. It is Lisicki and Stosur. They are through to the


final and will be on Centre Court later on today. Back we go to the


For this reminds me of seven years ago when I saw Sharapova play in


Serena Williams and going out were as if it was no big deal,


dominating. I think that score was 6-1, 6-4. This is almost as


impressive, considering that she dumped served the first game. Look


at her percentage compared to Sharapova. 76% and she is losing so


she is faced with a dilemma about what to do. It will be interesting


if she has got an alternative to what has happened so far. You


suspect she will have something up her sleeve. And whether Kvitova can


She tightened up in the second set of the semis, it would be


surprising if she didn't. She is just one set away from her first


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


That is wonderful! Testing her to the limit, but once again finding


all the answers. She has such a loose swing on the forehand. This


one here was very impressive to get the angle. Sharapova tries to get


the angle back. I would like to see her tribe that drop shot. She had


her off the court and hit it right back to her, paid the price. A late


call that Sharapova will challenge. This isn't watching needs, more


time to think about her second UMPIRE: Sharapova has two


challenges remaining. I think she knew it was out, it was pretty


clearly out, but here we are again If it was called in, that will be a


challenge. She has got to challenge that because it will be a break.


What was your sense? My sense is that it caught a bit of the back


Mine eyes haven't totally deceived me yet. That was a special forehand.


She talked a bit about the slice, and this is the speed that it has


come through to Sharapova. She has been struggling to deal with this


particular shot. You wonder if that is in her repertoire, that is part


of the problem. Tracey said that she has more variety in her game,


and you can see that right now. Plus she is moving better. Maria


has got to impose her will. She seems a little bit shaken at the


moment, you don't see that very Same style, Kvitova doing it better


That is her first double. And when does the change come from Kvitova's


mindset, from the underdog, the one who has got to produce the tennis,


now a set and a break-up. That is when it comes out, exactly, there


you go! That is why the double just That is really surprising to see


her miss it by that much. On her back foot. That is what I was


talking about earlier, where they let up. They need to continue to


drive the ball and stay on the What a pick up! I am not sure she


will admit that is what she meant, but she will take that. Just to get


it back in play! Instinct can't be coached. You got that right. It


seems like the better players somehow go in knowing it almost


every time. How often do you see that with Nadal when he comes up


A great serve to open the court, and Kvitova knows that very end


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


nine times out of 10 will go cross- JOHN MCENROE: Much better serve


Even with a couple of double faults, Even with a couple of double faults,


she consolidates the break of serve. That left the spin is really


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


TRACY AUSTIN: That was a slower serve. I think that's a good play.


Kvitova has won the last six games in a row. Can Sharapova stop the


in a row. Can Sharapova stop the The acoustics are so good here that


there was someone on the phone almost at the top of the stadium,


and you could hear it on the court. SUE BARKER: We will be straight


back on Centre Court. But over on Court No. 1, I'm afraid it has


ended in disappointment for the British youngster, Liam Broady.


Huge disappointment for Broady, who was a set and a break up in that


And Kvitova is in exactly the same position, a set and a break up. It


is interesting to look at Sharapova's record against left-


handers. She has only played 34 matches against left-handers,


compared to more than 420 against right-handers. It is a massive


adjustment. JOHN MCENROE: It is an adjustment


you should be able to make pretty easily, I would think. It is about


the quality of the opposition. They do not come around too often as


good as Kvitova. She's not playing well right now, surprisingly, after


getting that break in the first Sharapova has had more races than


She put enough on that one to put it up the line, and Sharapova could


not react. She was not able to get on the front foot properly, but she


was powerful enough to get it away. Sharapova has moved back to give


herself some more time on the return. That's a good adjustment.


She will keep searching for a way back, make no mistake about it.


I have watched her play a couple of matches where she keeps going up


the middle, and I will bet you Maria's new coach warned her about


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


this, and boy, did it pay-off No doubt Sharapova can sense


That's a very poor shot, as simple as that. Not surprising that she's


JOHN MCENROE: That's the best shot she has hit today.


TRACY AUSTIN: She was so off balance, it was way behind her. And


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


then to send it back with that kind I'm sure she thought that point was


hers. Kvitova played some really She keeps passing all the mental


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Either player just takes a bit of pace of the shot, and the other one


There's that ball you were talking about, didn't have enough on it,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Not often that Sharapova's constantly on the back foot after


her first serve. I loved the way that Kvitova was


more than willing to move in. Some of the players on tour do not like


Just a humongous return of serve. Half that box is standing after a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


She just continues to impress. TRACY AUSTIN: She just takes such a


full swing. She gets so much penetration.


JOHN MCENROE: Maria's trying to use the slice to get it into Kvitova's


forehand. But because she's so lacking in confidence on her serve,


she is having to go for safety a bit too much to get it in, and it


is sitting up just enough so that Kvitova is absolutely ripping it.


It is being hit harder than the serve, no doubt about it. She's


taking her game to a new level now, This is a 21-year-old Czech who has


never been in a Grand Slam final, and look how well she's playing -


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


There's no way this lady's going to Both of them very tall, they're


getting down nice and low for these And a graphic illustration of that


here. She finishes that stroke literally on her knees. I think


Sharapova feels like she's on her Took her eye off the ball. Remember


what happened to Murray when he was up in the second set, missed a shot


about as easy as that and turned the whole thing around against


Nadal. Didn't seem to bother her in JOHN MCENROE: She loves pace -


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


How costly could that easy backhand Smart serve. That is absolutely a


smart serve, jamming Sharapova for Oh, no! How did she miss that? That


is unbelievable. She did not need to go so close to the line. Not at


all. Once again, the serve, totally And Sharapova good enough to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Two basic errors, that's going to You don't want to give gifts at


this moment. Kvitova has got JOHN MCENROE: It doesn't even look


Maria taking a look at the grass, I have never seen that reaction from


her. Still thinking about that Trying to go up the line with the


forehand, but not successful. pendulum perhaps swinging back


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


towards Kvitova once again in this Once again, Kvitova regains the


That certainly is the sign of a champion, to be able to shrug off


something as bad as what happened in the previous game. Just to be


able to bounce back again and look like she believes again. Talk about


unpredictable - how does anyone get momentum right now? 16 games, eight


breaks of serve. Only half the time they have been able to hold. Set


and a break, it is more like a set Henman Hill, it is pretty well pack,


well done. It has been an intriguing final, it has been a


good build-up to it, no-one quite sure what was going to happen out


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


here. And it has proved to be The problem with new balls, they


fly a bit. It certainly did on that That was called out, but changed.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


They are going to play a let. So intimidating to play someone


like Sharapova because you know she will never disappear. She will


Good composure shown by Kvitova. She made sure of her first serve,


100 mph. Didn't want to give Sharapova a look-in on her second.


Same serve, same play. Gets another 80 minutes played, and now cover to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


there is just one game away from You can't accuse Maria, if she's


not playing well, of not being to A little bit of a loose game from


Kvitova. Something tells me she realise it's one game away from


Maria's fiance still believes, but does Maria herself? How difficult


is this now? JOHN MCENROE: this is extremely


exciting, it is so exciting. Your heart starts beating faster and


faster, as you try to tell yourself, just keep what you were doing,


simple as that. TRACY AUSTIN: And don't think of


the finish line. Just think about the next point. Think about


something real basic. Think about the first point or two. Don't look


in the Royal Box. No, don't do that. Don't look anywhere, just keep it


within the rectangle. Try to get those legs moving, that's a good


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


For Sharapova, get more balls back Such a great couple of points.


gets so much power from anywhere on She couldn't have asked for it to


go any better, this game. On a Her first ever Wimbledon title,


A stunning end! Petra Kvitova is Her first ace of the final, and


everybody standing, including the nine times champion. She knows how


it feels to win the first one. One wonders how many this player has in


front of her. I think it is the first of many. She has a very


complete game. Big shots from both forehand and backhand, finishes


points at the net well, could finesse. Now, as a Wimbledon


champion, she will feel a big part of the elite in women's tennis.


couldn't agree more. I think she's going to win many Grand Slams. We


are seeing a very special talent. We first saw her last year, and boy,


has she improved her game. To go out for the first time and play the


way she did, to handle the adversity as well, it was


shockingly good. That is not easy to do at all. She made it look


pretty easy, I will tell you. Youngest champion since Roland


Garros in 2008 when Ana Ivanovic won there. But the composer she --


composure she showed every single time. Great resilience. This is the


moment. A pretty good time to serve your first ace! Sheer joy, and


She will be able to watch that many One of several left-handed players


to win in the final here, including Martina Navratilova and Ann Jones.


It has taken 20 years or so. trophies will now be presented on


court by his Royal Highness, the Duke of Kent. The Duke's a company


by Philip Brook, chairman of the All England Club, and the President


of the Lawn Tennis Association. is already on the roll of honour


here. Boy, that doesn't take long! They have been doing it for a few


years, haven't they? Lay dazed and gentlemen, the chair umpire, Alison


And the runner-up, Maria Sharapova. Still a favourite with the fans.


She was the favourite, but I think even she would agree she has been


outplayed today. But she knows how it feels, did the same thing to


Serena Williams seven years ago. Serena was a heavy favourite then.


And the Wimbledon ladies' singles champion 2011, Petra Kvitova.


champion. It has been a long journey, but this is a short walk.


The Venus rosewater dish in her hands for the very first time, what


a feeling that must be. Made all the way back in 1864, so much


history attached to it, so many great names engraved on it. Ian


Ritchie, the chief executive of the All England Club adding his


congratulations, there will be many more.


SUE BARKER: I know it wasn't the result you wanted, but you came


across a player who was just inspired today. Yes, absolutely.


Unfortunately in tennis there is only one winner at the end of the


day. That is what makes this tournament so special, so


congratulations on a wonderful victory. I have had so much amazing


support over so many years, and to be back on the stage and holding


the runner-up trophy is something - I would have wanted that big one


obviously, but it is something I will be back four and hoping to get


again soon. Thank you very much. Maria Sharapova!


Petra Kvitova, Wimbledon champion - how does that sound? To see the


great players in the Royal Box, I am so happy that I'm won.


showed no sign of nerves. In that final game, your coach and your


trainer were so excited but you looked so can't! -- calm. Of course


I was nervous but I had to focus on each point. Is that the best match


you have ever played? I think so, of course, in the final Wimbledon!


-- the final of Wimbledon. mentioned so many great champions


in the Royal Box today, and I know Martina Navratilova and Jana


Novotna are especially proud. Have they inspired you? Yes, it is very


nice they are watching me. They have watched me through the


tournament and given me some advice. It is great. And your family is


here today, your parents and your brothers have come over here. Where


are they? Over there. Have you got a message for them? I love you guys.


You now know that you have a lot of interviews to do, but first


everybody here wants to have a picture of you with that trophy.


Are you ready for your lap of honour? Yes, I am ready. Fantastic.


The champion this year, Petra She speaks as well as she plays.


Maria is gracious in defeat, leaving Kvitova to have her moment


in the sun. Sterling silver, the Venus rosewater dish, but that must


feel like pure gold in her hands It is a remarkable story because


this wasn't necessarily her most famous surfaced at the start of her


career. She lost her first ever four matches on the surface, but


has won the last 16 of 18 and it will take a very special player to


stop her in the future. Her coach As ever, you can hear the crowd


giving their sympathy to the runner-up. It has been a wonderful


tournament for Sharapova, and it has been a good 2011 for the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


This is a tradition that was started a number of years ago now,


and it gives all the spectators and fans who are fortunate enough to be


on Centre Court the opportunity to give get their own picture of the


newly crowned champion. So many questions answered today by Kvitova


in terms of her temperament on the big stage. We knew she had the


ability and the game to be the champion here, it was just a


question of whether she could produce it on the day, up against


one of the fiercest competitors on the women's tour. Maria Sharapova


fought back so valiantly from the shoulder injury, tested her, but


Jana Novotna the last champion back in 1998 from the Czech Republic,


and there she is. Absolutely thrilled for her fellow


We all remember the emotional Andrew Jarrett, and as this


tournament comes to a close another successful championships. Her


brother, and father. She takes the original trophy off the court. She


is the champion. She leaves the SUE BARKER: You just get the


feeling she will be the champion of Grand Slams for many years to come.


It was such a polished performance from this 21 year-old. Reached the


semi-finals last year, but now she is the champion. The new chairman


this year, Philip Brook, she is meeting him. There she is, her name


is already on the board. She seems overwhelmed by the whole occasion,


but she was as cool as a cucumber on court right through that final.


No sign of nerves at all. What a time to pick to serve your first


ace, and to win the Wimbledon trophy. I don't think she quite


believed it. The junior and Tracey are with me. Virginia, you remember


that feeling I'm sure. You would have been very impressed with her


performance today. I wish I had served like that. What was so


impressive was the way she mixed up her serve. It was just sort of like


a swinging thing, and her groundstrokes, she gets on a roll


and when she is good she is unbelievable. But to be that good


in the first final that you ever play at Wimbledon, that is what is


really good. That says a lot about her as a person, doesn't it? That


she can produce that tennis and hold her nerve. Yes, she started


out so well and you felt she was going to have a struggle in the


second set. She missed the easy backhand, and the easier queued


forehand and lost her serve. That to me was the crucial time in the


match. That was when Maria needed to grab hold of the match, and she


couldn't. She double-faulted, and she really let it back into


Kvitova's court. A lot of changes and momentum and Kvitova handled it


beautifully. It is not often you see Maria on the back foot like


that. One of the things that has been impressive about Maria this


year is have improved speed around the court. She is in perfect


physical shape. At certain stages she has been carrying extra weight,


or underweight, but she is still not the quickest round the court.


You look at someone like Kvitova who is also tall and gangly. They


might say that is one area she might need to work on, her foot


speed, but she was everywhere today. It was so great sitting behind the


court because you can really see the explosiveness of the shots and


she was really swinging. She could have hit winners with her eyes shut


today. You have done this Virginia, she is heading out to the front of


Centre Court. This is one of the great traditions of this tournament,


to come out and show those who were not lucky enough to get a ticket to


Centre Court to show them the trophy. I am sure she will be


encouraged to wander down the line. But this is a whole new experience


for her. And I am telling you, that drove the is so heavy! She is a


strong girl. The photographers keep asking you to hold it up, and that


is the best you can do. If you hold it over your head, your arms start


falling off! It is a magnificent trophy. I knew when I won it, I was


so excited that all I was thinking was I know I am going to see


pictures of me in the paper holding the trophy, because you are just so


overwhelmed with the occasion. is life-changing. She was number


eight in the world, three titles this year, now Wimbledon champion,


Grand Slam champion, and everyone will be going after her. How will


she handle that? She will be so famous and it is such an exciting


day for her, to be able to have that luxury of having three match


points as well. That was fantastic because you have that cushion, and


then to finish it with any case, to not even have to play that point.


You were in the studio with me when the coin toss was played. When the


serve was broken we thought it was such a good decision but we will


show you the second game because this was key to the match. If she


had lost this game, it could have been over very quickly in


Sharapova's favour. Just so hard hitting, both of them. Look at the


depth she hits. Sharapova is usually the one moving her opponent


about the court and keeping them off balance, but Sharapova got a


bit of her own medicine today. Kvitova, in that first set she was


hitting her ground strokes around nine mph faster than her opponent.


Did you know that at the start of the match, if you do lose your


serve and lose a game, it is hard to come back from that, isn't it?


Yes, Kvitova seemed to be all hard hitting forehands. Is Maria ever


going to find a way of preventing that? Maria likes to move her


opponents around, and she was on the back end of the steam engine


there. Because you don't often see people returning her serve like


this, do you? No, I think Kvitova plays defence a little better than


the rear. Maria needs to be on a fence to win. Once you get in a


defensive position, she finds it hard to get the point back into


neutral. A lot of people were thinking Kvitova is an unknown so


it is an anti-climax but I hope they realise how good she is. She


should be around for a long time, with the talent that she has. She


will already be a household name, a worldwide name, and I think people


will really enjoy watching her. The power and the accuracy. I would


like to see a little more variety in a match like this. I think there


is capability have more variety for Kvitova. She is quite good around


the neck, she doesn't have to go up there too frequently but that is


another dimension she can work on with her coach to add more to her


game. And that is exciting, to win her first Grand Slam and there is


still more room for improvement. You would expect her to be nervous


at this stage, but that point was particularly keep and she looked so


cool out there. She made a few errors. You thought she might get a


little joke, but she hit some of the returns and then finished off


Kvitova had made a number of unforced errors at 5-3, kind of a


loose game, and you thought OK, well she play another loose game?


But she came out, cleaned up, dictated again, and got back on


track. If you play on your debut, because did you win your first


Grand Slam? Never. I wasn't a regular in the finals are so I have


to win it when I was there! This girl is going to be a regular. I


watched her beat Kim Clijsters in the final of an indoor tournament


in Paris a few months ago, and she was incredible. That time she was


coming up to the net a bit because she was hitting so aggressively


that she was throwing herself into the court and volleying well, too.


Sharapova didn't find her rhythm, Kvitova didn't allow her to. Match


point. This is the perfect way to end it, look at that. All through


the match, Maria was struggling to meet her shots. They are so well-


disguised, she can hit the forehand across the court, down the line


equally, and she conserving to any corner of the box with any kind of


spin. She is almost embarrassed by her success, isn't she? It reminds


me of what Maria did two so Arena. Serena was the more experienced


players for -- player. Never in history of women's Grand Slams has


a number eight seed won the title, until today! So she has broken that


record as well. Thumbs-up from Martina, who picked her to win the


tournament right from the start. Of course she knows that feeling well,


too. She was always looking like a potential winner. If things went


right, and they went so right today. It is pretty nice to go on and play


a match when you see the ball like a football and you can't do any


will star and a word for Maria Sharapova because she was not


allowed to play her best today but semi-finals of the French she


looked good and the final here, it is good to have her back. It is


very good to have her back because it has been a long time after the


surgery to come back a full circle. I think she is back all the way now.


She just played against a player who was hot today. Similar styles


of play but played it a bit better than the rear. You know she will be


so disappointed, and she will get back on the practice court. That is


exactly what she wants, more Grand Slam titles. You would think she


would have enough, with the money and the titles but she is so


passionate about the game. This will be tough for her to swallow.


The only Grand Slam title she lost before this was again Serena


Bakery the semi-finals had been decided, and the Williams sisters


were not there, she would have been expecting it. She's so professional.


Her mind is so tough. You thought she would come back. I was


surprised that she went off the boil a bit in the middle of the


second set. Kvitova threw in some marginally slower service, and


suddenly, Maria got a bit messed up. She's a great player, I thought she


might win the tournament, I thought she might win the French. I'm only


disappointed from her point of view, I thought it was great for the game


that Kvitova one this. After Royal, she's only 24 years old, Maria


Sharapova. If she can stay in decent condition, hopefully I think


people will appreciate her game and she will be up at the top. Just to


get a comment from both of you about women's tennis - the Williams


sisters are back, we have got new stars emerging, we have been very


critical of the women's game, but you get a feeling that it is


beginning to turn. And hopefully Kim Clijsters will be back as well.


The Williams sisters, just not enough matchplay before Wimbledon


to make a huge threat here. The women's game has taken some hits,


but now we have a new star. Azarenka also get into the semi-


finals of a Grand Slam for the first time. It is a transitional


period. Li Na winning the French Open at 29 years old. Schiavone


winning at last year at 29 Aug 30. There's a lot of stars. I thought


it was very good news that the three most promising of the new


generation got to the semi-finals. Sabine Lisicki, she was not quite


ready to win this tournament, but boy, is she a threat? And Azarenka


as well. I was listening to somebody on the radio today, saying


that they had heard comments that the final might be a bit of an


anti-climax. They said, no, there have been so many great matches on


the women's side, so I think we turned a big corner. The men have


got these superstars at the top. It is just a privileged generation.


was a terrific final and a great story. Thank you very much, both of


you. The Women's Final has been completed, but about to takes place


is the men's doubles. It is the Bryan brothers. They have won this


once before, Bob and Mike Bryan, up against last year's runners-up,


Horia Tecau and Robert Lindstedt. Walking on to Centre Court for the


doubles. They are a great story, the Bryan brothers. They have been


around for a long time. They have won numerous Grand Slam titles.


Before the tournament, John Inverdale caught up with the twin


brothers from America. 71 tor titles, 10 Grand Slams, the best


known doubles partnership in the world. So, where do you go for a


chat with two of the most genial men of the tour? The pub. Was there


ever any likelihood of one of you being a tennis player and one of


being a tennis player and one of you being a nuclear scientist?


don't think so, we were always a package deal. We have the same DNA,


we both loved tennis. Our parents had it all set up for us. My dad


owned a tennis club, they were both prose, and they treat us into


following this path. At any stage did either of you think, during


those rebellious teenage years, did you think, I hate this game, get


out of here. I thought I hated my brother, but I never thought I


hated the game. My dad did a good job, he made it fun for us. He took


us to matches. When we went to tournaments, we went with our


friends, we were always having a blast. We set our goals and never


wanted to do anything else. What age were you when you set those


goals? We played our first tournament at age six. Was that


doubles? Yes. Every January 1st, we put our goals on the refrigerator.


If it was just to win 10 trophies or get a college scholarship, there


was always a goal on the refrigerator. An were you winning


aged six? Yes, it was a novice, local tournament, but we made sure


we did the stepping stone. You start off low and then you go up.


How many times have you faced each other in singles? We have met in


the finals of more than 100 tournaments, but our parents did


not let us play against each other until we were 17 years old. They


did not one of us to dominate the other. Because that was when we


might lose interest and not love the game. That developed our


friendship, and that's why we're playing doubles together, we don't


hate each other. So, when you did play against each other, at 17, who


was winning? I took him out. No, we were pretty even. We have played 20


times, and it is 10-10. I got you in the US Open final. It is pretty


even. Even in mixed doubles. We are one complete player, he has got the


big serve, I have got the good return. When you were setting those


goals, you probably imagine what life as a tennis player was going


to be like - is it like that? it is a great life. We went to see


Agassi play at Indian Wells when we were 10 years old, we wanted to be


just like him. And you read his book, and he talks about the


turmoil, and there times when he was hating the game. Yes, there's


pressure. There's money and points on the line every week. We put a


lot of pressure on ourselves and each other to play Bath. We expect


to be number one at the end of the year. That takes winning a lot of


matches and not really getting up at any time. When you win a


tournament on Saturday night, you want to go party, but you think of


a voice in the back of your head saying, but you have got to play on


Tuesday next week, let's keep it tight. Yes, for the past 13 years,


we have made sacrifices. We don't go out very often, we're always


training. We have been in Europe for two months straight now. You


have just got to pack your bags and become road warriors, basically.


Having had tennis in your blood from day one, can you conceive of a


life without tennis? We're going to try to milk this as long as we can.


We have spoken to players who retire early, and they just get


bored. Stay on the tour as long as possible. Yes, you get that


adrenalin. The highs and lows. A lot of players, they go home, and


they're dead, they don't have the thrill of the win. So we're going


to take their advice and keep going as long as we can. We are 33, we


can see the finish line. One last sprint, and like Mike said, milk it.


Whose idea was the bumping chests? We started at move when we were in


college. We wanted to get all of our College teammates excited. For


some reason, we jumped up in the air and did that, and it was on the


front cover of the Stanford Daily News. So we started doing it. And


now it is our signature move. actually took a lot of heat when we


did it on the tour, a lot of the veteran guys in the locker room


where, these cocky little twins, doing that. One of them wanted to


fight this one time in Indianapolis, in our first rookie year on the


tour. Then we started winning, and we got the respect of the guys.


They're extremely nice guys, but isn't it impossible to tell the


difference? Luckily, Bob is left- handed, and Mike is right hand it,


so we have got a chance. Let's join this match, with John Lloyd and


Yes, the Bryan brothers playing their fifth final at Wimbledon, but


surprisingly, they have only won once. They're up against the pair


who were runners-up last year, that's Robert Lindstedt of Sweden


and Horia Tecau of Romania. Straw Dundee eighth seeds up against the


number 1 seeds. This is the youngest man on the court, Horia


The Bryan brothers easy to tell apart, because Bob is the left-


hander, and a Mike is the right hander. Actually play the wrong way


round, don't they? Yes, but the reason they do that it is so that


they can both get the forehands down the middle. And you will see


some big forehands from them when they get that opportunity. I am


that there is a difference between them because I cannot tell them


DAVID MERCER: So, it is Bob, who has a massive serve, to get us and


a way. They were put into bat, as it were, their opponents chose to


Powerful forehand from Robert Lindstedt, who lives in southern


Sweden, where they play the Swedish Open.


JOHN LLOYD: Well, the linesman had The Bryan brothers have won 72


titles together, a new record in the Open era. Today they are


looking to match Woodbridge and Woodford, who held the record. The


Open era started in 1968, when Wimbledon said, we're going to go


open, and the rest of the world had Double fault, not the way you want


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


It is a nervy start from Robert Lindstedt and Horia Tecau. Having


played in the final last year, you would have thought they would not


Oh, my word. Dear, oh dear, that one was in the middle of the net.


He has got to calm himself down here. The captain of the team,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Robert Lindstedt, just telling his Just not giving them any chance to


settle here. They're so fast If I was them here, I would really


slow up the return of serve, just take the full time allotted, slow


the Americans down a bit. You can't keep it, that's not allowed. US


Open, of course, you are allowed to keep the ball if it goes into the


stands. No, here, they will hunt you down. You can come again next


Well, there we were expecting a really competitive start to this


match, we have had three games, and the Bryan brothers have lost one


point. It is just a nightmare, unfortunately. They won the toss,


and elected to receive, just to get their nerves out a bit, but it only


lasted about to seconds. And then when Horia Tecau served, probably,


it is easy to say, but it might have been better for Robert


Lindstedt to go first. They are getting rushed here, and this set


is almost over already. People coming back in, having nipped out


to get some refreshment after the Ann Jones, she's remained in the


Royal Box, as indeed has the President of the club, the Duke of


JOHN LLOYD: Well done, there you go. I think at the end of these matches,


they should have seat warmers, like they do at the academy Awards, when


someone goes off, they bring someone in to have the seat taken


so it doesn't look empty. Do you think that would go down well?


maybe not in the Royal Box. Have you been to the academy Awards? I


know you're a big film buff. but I watch it. They are just


anticipating at the moment, they're just attacking. You can see the


volley, not enough punch on it. And It is an interesting tactic, the


lefty being on that side of the court. When they come into volley,


and he moves over the tramline, it forces the Pare to volley out wide


if they want to get it on to his backhand, otherwise he has got that


In other words, they narrow the angle, they make it really


difficult on the boarder, because you do not want to come against


this man's forehand, he has got a Really solid service game there, by


Robert Lindstedt. Relief for Dedham support team, they're on the


Poorer old Horia Tecau just cannot do anything at the moment. There


was a second serve, a real opportunity to get into it. He has


frozen at the moment, unfortunately Oh, it has landed on the line. They


Lovely stuff, that might just help Horia Tecau to relax a little.


was the best exchange we have had so far. Good pick up from Horia


Well, this is a big comeback, from 40-0. Lovely angle, got round the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Suddenly the match has taken off Great second serve, and the Bryan


SUE BARKER: Confident start from the Americans. We will be back on


Centre Court in a moment. Out on court 12, Oliver Goulding and his


partner, Jiri Vesely, of the Czech Republic, have made it through


their semi-final. So, we are guaranteed a British winner.


Because the other semi-final has a brick chick on each side of the net,


that's George Morgan and Liam Broady. Back to Centre Court.


And amongst the former champion's be in the Royal Box, Lindsay


Davenport. She was a very useful doubles player herself, as well as


being the number one player in the You feel now that Horia Tecau and


Robert Lindstedt are at least into the match. Yes, at the beginning it


was looking like they were getting brushed off. Horia Tecau


particularly was so nervous in his first service game. He might need


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


to slow down that first serve just DAVID MERCER: Lost his first


service game to love, holds his second service game to love. What a


They are in the defensive formation for the first serve, both men back


for the first serve, both men back Now for the second serve, Horia


Tecau moves forward. Not the most gorgeous technical volley I have


ever seen, but it didn't matter, it was a winner. He took a bit of a


swing, it came at him very fast. Not sure what you would call that


Yes! That was only 91mph, that Looking down at the court and


shaking his head. Sorry, Robert, you don't get bad bounces on Centre


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Lovely tale about the Bryans. When they would unions, their parents


banned them from playing each other in singles. One week, Mike would


have to give a walkover to Bob, and the next week, or vice versa. They


did not have the angry competitiveness that certain


siblings can have. I agree that it wasn't a bad decision. It is always


awkward, when you play brothers or sisters in a tournament. You were


the middle of three brothers? older brother, David, no one beat


him, or he might give you a clip around the ear. He always won. My


youngest brother was respectful to Oh, that would be nice! Afterwards,


though, after we've finished! New balls, 2-5, serving to stay in the


first set. A tough volley, there, Tecau looked


like he was going to cross, made the move and decided not to, he


jumped back, didn't really have a good view of that ball, it came at


him to quit, he was unfortunately blocked. -- it came at him too


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


That was a really good volley from Lindstedt, because the return was


dipping down low. He did well, to manoeuvre the racket head, just to


It comes at you so fast, he just didn't get hold of that right, and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


an easy set-up. From Bob Bryan, Lindstedt and Tecau have settled


down, playing well, but the awful start, from Tecau particularly with


the two double faults in his first service game, have given the Bryan


twins at the opportunity of serving That's the sort of return they have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


That was pretty good, calling it We will get the ball back


eventually! That was a good one-two punch, very


good return of serve from Tecau. Well done, here, stepping in and


hitting the drive volley. Not Oh! The trademark chest bump.


was a brilliant point. A great dive, good control, got up quick, good


anticipation from Bob Bryan, to take over, cover the middle of the


They are off. A little bathroom break, one presumes. After a very


slow and disappointing start, the match really warming up now.


whole set was... It came down to the first service game from Tecau.


He was just so nervous. He threw it away. Since then, it has been very


even. But we have had some good points already. If these four start


to play at their best, we are going to get some wonderful rallies. This


was about the best of them all. A good pick up from Bob Bryan, the


diving volley from Mike. Bob takes over and covers the middle of the


court. That's where he knew the ball was going, the lowest part of


the net. He just moved over and helped his brother out. There is


that move. There is the advantage of having the two forehands down


the middle. Very good set. It has been an amazing career for the


twins. Doubles has been there for tear from the beginning. It was


only about two years ago... It all came down to one game, really. It


was pretty even other than that one service game. They had joint bank


accounts. They stayed in the same house. That changed about two years


ago. They started to live a bit more out separately. Now one of


them is married. It would have been smart to have moved out! Times are


a-changing, but what a great career they have had. Condoleezza Rice,


former Secretary of State for the United States. I am told she is a


very good pianist. I thought you were going to say tennis player.


Don't know about that. A few presidents have played tennis,


including the current one. Although Certainly, Michelle Obama plays a


The US Tennis Association have a lovely advert featuring the


American first Lady, and Steffi Graf as a ball kid. It is with the


aim of getting them to play tennis. We saw that serve being used so


effectively by Petra Kvitova in the ladies' final, being jabbed into


Ended up the right way for the Americans, but didn't do too much


with the overheads. Almost lost that point, they should have put


one of these away. Didn't do much with it. It looked like they were


going to lose this rally, but a lovely forehand, flicked it down


An excellent serve on a real pressure point. He wall know he


lost his opening serve of the first set, and that was the set gone,


can't afford to lose this one. Still doing I formation. He gets


He has left it, and it has landed What is the purpose of I formation?


It is to confuse the returners. It is to put them off, to not give


them the same pattern to where they There, they went back into the


conventional formations, to try to break up the pattern of play?


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Well, double faults cost them dear in the first set. The two in the


Oh, my word. This is where Lindstedt, as the captain of the


two, he needs to do some calming down with his partner. He is not


chatting too much at the moment, but he needs to start talking. His


partner is not reacting well to Another pair of double faults.


Lovely use of the angle. They get a break, they are so quick on their


serves, everything is quick motion, you feel the set goes away so


They don't give their opponents a chance to breathe, I don't know why


they are not taking more time and The brilliant. The game is all


being played to the Americans'' There we are. That means Lindstedt


and Tecau are illegal, it is That forehand, taking over, in that


rally. There is the first one, good reflexes, a wind-up, and the whip,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Oh, well played! If they lost that point, they might as well have gone


home. Unbelievable. Unbelievable reflexes from Mike Bryan. What a


lob this was. Great pick-up. They looked like they would win the


I think that illustrated the danger of the formation. If you have got


to cross to the far side, you have a lot of difference with the server


coming in, to cover. A good place to hit the return, down the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


A lovely kick of serve from Robert Lindstedt. That see how this one


really Riaz up. Mike Bryan is six foot three and he couldn't get to


it. You mentioned the fact they were so close, the other thing the


Bryan brothers share is a love of music. They love to have jam


sessions, Bob plays the keyboards. You know the way to tell them apart


if you are chatting to them. Bob on the right, on the right and, he has


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


They do use those acute angle bullies at the net a lot, very


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


effectively. -- acute angled Just to illustrate how quickly the


Bryans play, they won that in one minute and 30 seconds, and they


lost a point of it. It is so quick, they get their service game out the


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way, and they put the pressure back A much better serving game from


Horia Tecau. He is not going to be able to forget those four double


faults that have really cost them. They play a tremendous amount of


exhibitions all around the world. Not only would the prize money they


have made, but they do extremely well for themselves. Some of the


tournaments in the States that they play, they actually feature them in


the promotional advertisements that they have, which is very rare for a


doubles team these days. Because you don't have the big names


playing in doubles generally speaking. The Bryan brothers are


household names, almost, in the States. They get promoted, they get


big appearance fees, they do very well for themselves. They love the


doubles, they promote it as much as they can. They try to get more


people out here to watch doubles. At Wimbledon, we don't have that


problem, but at some of the other tournaments, not so well supported,


unfortunately. No, Wimbledon, the only major to still play best of


The ironic thing is that, 75% of the crowd watching today, who play


tennis, play doubles at their local clubs. And not singles, it so much.


It always used to be the great tradition at Wimbledon, the last


match of the evening would be men's doubles. At a time when all the top


players played doubles as well as singles. And think Bjorn Borg


really was the first great champion to stop playing doubles. Until then,


pretty much everybody played doubles but he was the first want


to not do it. Then the top players Singles players these days make a


vast amount of money and they would want to concentrate, understandably,


on singles. Occasionally Andy Murray plays a doubles tournament


with his brother. Roger Federer is the Olympic doubles champion with


Rafael Nadal plays to walk three doubles tournaments a year, I think


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That is rare error from Robert Minstead who has played a solid


match, he has been the rock in this That is where they are so good, so


sharp on these crosses, these interceptions. May make their minds


up very early when they are going to go. He starts to move just as he


is about to hit the volley, so he doesn't have time to direct it


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


behind them and they are on to it Of course the regular tour has made


all sorts of changes to try and encourage the top guys to play


doubles again. When they get to deuce, the next point decides. They


don't play a full set, they play a match tie-break, the first to 10


points. But let's be realistic, the top guys will play at Queen's Club


for example, Nadal and Andy Murray will play doubles to get practise


but the days of them playing doubles at the major Grand Slams


are gone. It is unfortunate because it is fun to watch, also the


spectators like it and there would be more chance of matches being


televised if the top names were playing. It is sad, but it is the


way of the world now. The women's have supported it better, but even


there some of the top women don't play as much as they used to.


would be lovely to see Sabine Lisicki playing in the women's


doubles final after this one, after being a semi-finalist in the


singles. The art is a pity, it was That guy can play a little bit of


One of the greatest doubles players That was a slight chance in the


scheme of things. 15-15 from the Bryan serve, at least they had a


slight chance there, but snuffed out so quickly by the Bryans. They


can't get into these service games, they are not picking the returns.


The Bryans are all over them at the net, there is pace, this is tough.


That might be the hardest forehand he has hit all day. A bit of anger


on Nov 4 and I think, frustration Second serve again from Mike Bryan


and it was punished. A slight 123 mph serve coming at you, you


get about 0.6 of the second to That is David make fierce and, the


Australian coach. He was a very useful doubles player himself, a


Quick reactions from both players. Unbelievable. The first one here,


quick reactions from Mike Bryan to shovel that one back, and then the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


OK, so they have now got a break serve to avoid going two sets to


love down. They have got to do something different here. They have


got to try. The lob, you look at the court position of the players


these days and the Net man is so close to the Net that you think why


don't they lop? But the serves are so big, that the timing to hit that


shot quick enough to get over their head, and they are such good


athletes, it is almost impossible. I understand what you are saying,


it looks like they should do it and they don't do it very often but it


is a tough shot to control. Hang on a minute, I have heard of Christmas


coming early, but this is They ended up on the same side of


the court and left a hole. Not that he ever gets angry, but his


reaction was that this was his ball. He was on that side of his court,


They almost looked like they were not sure who should hit that one as


well! I think Lindstedt is: to I think he is talking about the net


Not a very Swedish reactions from Another massive serve and it is two


Two bad service games from Tecau, two doubled service faults in each


of them. Obviously they have got to be saying to each other here, we


have got to play more solid at the beginning of this set. We have got


to stay with them to the business side, and something may happen at


least in the tie-breaker. I am not saying the Bryans have not played


well but the first break was handed to them and the second one was not


much better. You can't do this at this level so they have got to play


more solidly at the start. They just have to do that.


statistics actually don't look that bad. You just look to the two


double faults. That is what it comes down to really. At this level,


it is just a small things can happen and that has been the story.


They have got to be more solid on this first service game. The good


news for them is that it is not Amazing watching the Bryans how


well they have played, they have struggled so much in this


tournament. They almost went out twice, hard to believe it the way


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Not far away! Reflexes are so fast. Too big a swing. It was a bad


volley. All a bit rushed. Wanting to force the action too much, Tecau.


He just needs to use the pace of Brilliant return, and here we go


again. First game of the set, break First time they have been able to


UMPIRE: Quiet, please. A bit of Boy, that was Tecau there. That


That would have been cool if the mishit return had landed in. --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


One of those days. Even on the overhead, Tecau mishit that. He is


not hitting the ball cleanly, just trying too hard at the moment. He


needs to try and calm down a little And there was a massive hole full


instead and Tecau. If they had lost that game, you could have written


at the Bryans' names on the trophy. This is where they are hitting the


ball, the Bryan twins. But coming forward, look at the number of


volleys. They are nearly breeding over the net, they are closing in.


You will notice that Bob Bryan has changed ends for serving. They


always get him to serve first in the set. And you are allowed to


change ends at the start of a new said. You can even change receiving


sides, although I have never seen Gorgeous. Another one of those


quick games. They start to serve and it is over in a flash. There is


not enough balls coming back, and right away the pressure is back on


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


This is the man who has proved Lindstedt looking very sharp at the


net. It is important for his partner that he is, takes some of


A much better start to this set the on the previous two for Lindstedt


damned Tecau and that is good because we need a competitive said


to bring this final alive. With the early breaks, the first two sets


were a little predictable. Wembley Stadium. I don't know, I still miss


the twin towers, even though that arch is quite spectacular. We come


back over the borough of Wandsworth, back down to Wimbledon and Court


One. There is a mixed doubles semi- final going on, the winners of it


will appear on the Centre Court tomorrow. It is always the way the


finals pan out, if there has not been bad weather. We have the


women's singles final, and the men's doubles on the Saturday and


the men's singles final and the Still looking for their first break


point of course. Nicely done here. The ball stays pretty low. Saw the


gap, went for it, made it. The They are certainly having more


chances on Mike Bryan's serve. They seem to be getting their racket on


Again, if the server is struggling, his partner has to get involved.


Brilliant sunshine or the sudden. It all happens in a flash, doesn't


it? You guess, and he guessed Bob Bryan was going across on this one,


instead he hit a great return but unfortunately he stayed there. Talk


about helping your partner out, three magnificent volleys there


from 15-30. Yes, they have played superbly. No wonder they are right


up there with the great pairs of all time. Win this, and they match


And they could play for another In two years' time, they will be


Yes, that is what you want to see. All four men at the net. Lovely


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


exchange here. Reflexes, touch. Super return, that time from Mike


Bryan, really getting the ball down Best part of the match, now. A


lovely exchange in that last game. It was lovely to watch. When you


see the reflexes from the players on the court, particularly the


Bryan brothers, it is amazing how quick they are. I have seen them do


these drills, a lot of times they will have their coach and they will


stand a foot from the net, the coach will just blast balls right


at them. You look at it and you think, are these blokes nuts? But


they pick up a ball... That was a wonderful ending there. It can


happen. Just one reflex shot can be the difference of winning it. When


you get the hand speed of this quality in the doubles, that can


make the difference. It is amazing, There is the vulnerability to the


lob, but it has got to be perfect. It is easier, during a rally,


rather than off the serve. They have more time, not much more time,


but a little bit more time to get the ball over the head. Still, no


He is almost leaning over the net, when he hits that volley. So close.


It was a good return of serve. A lovely lob, that one. The first


point of this game. That is a great return. Now, again, 15-30, these


are the half chances that if Lindstedt and Tecau are going to


get into the match, they have to take. If Mike helps his brother


out... Doesn't need to. It is a lovely serve, only 106, but he cut


There is that jamming serve. It was following Lindstedt, he couldn't


get out of the way of it. It is not the wisest thing, to try to get


around and hit a forehand, if you are right handed, with the left


deep swerving the ball, it is coming into your body the whole


time -- the lefty swerving the ball. Time for a new set of balls. The


ball boys and girls going so efficiently about their duties. We


never noticed them, because you only notice when something goes


wrong. The ones here are from local schools, they go through the most


rigorous training. And of course, the ones on the Centre Court are


Tecau has served very well, apart from those two service games, when


he chucked in two double faults in Oh, another example. Wonderful


reactions. The net cord, could have been awkward, it wasn't. This one,


it is unlucky, it hit the net because it would have been a winner.


It gave the chance for Tecau to put An amazing return! It was a self-


preservation shot, I think! Right Lovely reaction from instead. --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Another lovely exchange. This use of these short angles. Gorgeous


point, this one. That is why Bob Bryan is so dangerous, he gets all


the way around, he tries the offer shot, Tecau just picked it in time.


There is such a nice mixture with the pace and the field. There is


that lovely volley. For the first time, they have held their serve


together. Now they are at the business end of the set, at least


they have got that job done. They have sort of thrown away two sets


because of one shaky service game in both, but at least they are in


You feel, if they are going to break, this is the game. It is Mike


Bryan that they are getting more returns into court. He doesn't


quite have the pace or swing of his But he does have Bob in the


forecourt. Lindstedt looked up after that shot, he hit a good


return again, he thought it was crossing. He's just picking the


He stands very close to the net. At the start. He then just moves up.


He is almost on the net when he hits that volley. Starts off about


four or five feet away. As soon as the ball goes past his head, he is


To his full stretch, but he is so close to the net that if he just


gets anything on the ball, it is a winner. Yes, it was more frame than


No breaks in this third set. Rapid fire tennis once again. A huge game


for Lindstedt and Tecau. They have forced the Bryans to serve to save


One statistic that is very much in favour of Lindstedt and Tecau, they


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


had served 15 aces to just four First double fault of the match


from Lindstedt. The other four from his team of all come from Tecau.


Oh, dear. Tecau, very conservative with that put away. I don't know


what he was thinking. He actually could have hit it straight at Mike


Bryan, he got away with it, but They have clung on well in this set.


Lindstedt and Tecau would have been easy to let their heads go down. 2-


0 down to the best players in the world. They haven't. Out on the


hill, not as packed as it was yesterday, of course. But it has


still become a great institution, hasn't it? The number of people who


will come down to get a grounds pass, because they just want to


share in the wonderful atmosphere down there. And there's a little


bit of refreshment. I'm sure there will be a lot of people there


tomorrow. Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, the two best players in


the world, going head to head. He I don't believe they won that point.


A full turn! Landed just on the That's gorgeous. What a serve. What


a volley. Good anticipation from Mike Bryan, he knows he has to move


out there. That is the obvious place for that return to go, but


Every now and again, Lindstedt has really connected with the forehand


A little unlucky, Tecau. It was a good return. The net cord just


pushed it wide. It would have been a very difficult ball for Bob Bryan


We talked before the match began, of the likelihood of tie-breaks. I


have a feeling, big pressure on the Tecau serve. The only man on court


to have lost his serve in this match. He has lost it was. -- lost


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


He is really feeling the pressure, In the semi-final, the Bryans were


up two sets to love, and lost three They have done their job, held


serve throughout this third set, something they were unable to do in


the first two. They almost have a free game here. That's exactly


right. Lindstedt has been returning pretty well, but when he has made


that return, a number of times he has hit a good return and gone down


the line and they have stayed, or they have gone across court. He


hasn't quite pick it yet. You never know. They just need a one-two


punch here. They have had a couple of very good points but they have


never done much combination together at the same time, so that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


they can get a lead in one of these A bit of a change up, only 73 mph,


Paul returning from Minstead, missed all three. -- it is Paul


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


It will be a tie-break to decide That serve went right into his


hitting zone, just rushed it a Lindstedt hit a good return. He


says, why didn't I go down the Tecau serving at the Royal box end,


he has always served from the Well one mini-break be enough? --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Here is the first challenge of the It is good! Lindstedt has just


thrown his racket to the ball girl, he has had enough. He has just had


enough. Come on, he is saying! I That's a brilliant return, and the


best pair of their generation have four championship points.


UMPIRE: Code violation, ball abuse, warning, Lindstedt. That is a shame,


getting a warning and probably a A terrific performance by the


Bryans. Got the dream start, the first three games. From then on,


were always in charge. They join it the would ease -- they joint Todd


Woodbridge and Mark Woodforde on 11 major titles, but surely they are


going to break another record in the not too distant future. They


could go on for five years winning these tournaments, no reason why


not. They win Wimbledon for the SUE BARKER: It was a terrific


performance from the Bryans. Straight sets today, their 11th


Grand Slam title, their second at Wimbledon. Well done to them. If


you are coming in, we can tell you what happened earlier today. We had


a terrific ladies' final and a new The new star is Petra Kvitova. She


won the title today. Playing in her first Grand Slam final, she beat


Maria Sharapova or 6-3, 6-4, and no sign of nerves as she clinched


victory. A huge disappointment for Liam Broady, who lost in the final


of the ball use singles to Luke Saville. The 17-year-old from


Stockport was a set and a break up, but he let it slip away and the


Aussie went on to win 6-2 in the final set.


Those are the headlines from earlier today. It has been 10 years


since one of the greatest sporting tales of all unfolded on the courts


at SW19. Goran Ivanisevic, three times a losing finalist, had fallen


down the rankings and only a letter to the All England Club secured him


a wildcard. From the moment he stepped on to the grass, you could


Growing up, my favourite tournament, definitely Wimbledon, maybe because


of the grass. Watching Bjorn Borg, McEnroe, Connors, playing the there,


something different, green grass. It was always like a goal for me,


to one day be there. Play, watch, doesn't matter. That was my


favourite tournament, since I was 10 years old, since I started to


How vivid are the memories of that day? I can't believe it is 10 years.


People are coming to me, remembering every detail, saying


how I change their life. I don't know how I did that, but I changed


my. It is just so many memories, especially when I am sitting here


92, I was favourite in that final. I was playing well, a then that


happened. I had so many chances in the 5th and I still didn't believe


Ivanisevic is thinking what might have been. If I could play in the


first week, I would beat him for sure. But because he played some


terrible matches in the first week, and in the second week he came out


a different player. And Ivanisevic, the disappointment of being twice a


losing finalist. I had a lot of chances in the final of 1998, it


was the final I should have won. It was missing, and then somehow he


put a few unbelievable returns in. It was so upsetting when I lost my


This is the worst thing ever. Twice beaten, I was watching him


hold that beautiful trophy. I said I don't want to hold that plate


ever again because second place, saying you are runner-up at


Wimbledon is great but it is not In 2001, I played horrible. I


played the Queen's Club, I lost a terrible match and on that day they


were deciding over my wildcard. I hoped they didn't watch that match.


You wrote your own letter for the wild card. You have to ask for an


invitation, don't you? Do you remember what you put in the


letter? Police have to me?! I was three times a finalist, twice


Cemaes. Still I have credit, maybe I will get one. Goran Ivanisevic


and Frederick Johnson have come out... When I started to play, I


can't explain. He has had a terrible year. He really is the


shell of a player he once was. started to feel good. I was serving


Even now, I am trying to explain to myself how I started to play that


Against Andy Roddick, I mean the guy could not return my serve and I


felt very good. I believe nobody even talked about me and I really


started to believe because I felt the first time after a long time, I


But I couldn't say I was going to win so I just kept it to myself.


You're feeling deep down at this point I have got a great chance


here but you couldn't share it. They would say look at this guy, OK,


so I just kept it to myself. Round four and my friend Greg. I am


looking forward to it, it will be a good match and hopefully I can


continue my run. It will be another beautiful match to watch. And very


exciting, you know. I was begging not to play on Court One. As soon


as it was on Court One, I knew it was gone. I thought I had a good


chance that day. He was too good, served unbelievably well, played


A little bit of play-acting from Rusedski! He has given the ball boy


his racket. I knew he was thinking about Court One, why did they put


him on Court One? They just seemed some kind of destiny. Every time he


needed a break or a good shot, it It is a scorching day and we are


wondering if the fairy-tale can It is the story of the


Championships, no doubt about it. What an occasion the semi-final was


going to be. Then the semi-final came. My think it was great


expectation. It was my third semi- final. Ivanisevic came into the


tournament with no form, he was a wild card entry. He was playing


some great tennis to start off with, and could have quite possibly been


up two sets to love but I was able to hang in there and improve my


game. I won the second set on the tie-break and that was a massive


boost to me psychologically, and a Downer to him. I have to say the


rain saved me because on two sets to one, Tim started to play very


well and I didn't have any answers. He did everything that he had to do.


I didn't do anything wrong, he just killed me. I can't believe Tim


Henman has ever played a better set And then we stopped, and the next


day I came stronger, better. He was playing worse and worse, I played


better and better. All these little signs, they were like something big


is coming. Would you believe it? All need is a roof. Just give us a


route! At the moment I won the match, I just knew it. He missed


shots he had never missed in his life. I just knew I could not lose.


Ivanisevic is into the final for It was a Monday final obviously, a


slightly unusual. What was the thought process for you that day?


was very nervous, I didn't sleep. I had all my things to do before the


final because I had so many things on my mind. When I came in, there


was an unbelievable atmosphere. atmosphere I have never experienced


at Wimbledon before. This time was different because it was Monday.


Maybe I would have lost on Sunday but this time it was a Monday.


will be devastated if Ivanisevic loses. He would be devastated.


was in the final against a guy I really admire. A great guy, a good


friend. I was very nervous, but I was ready to go. He was still not


ready. That is why I won the first set because I was much more relaxed


than him. What about that at this fear because it is probably the


only time we are ever going to see something like that at Wimbledon.


It was a unique occasion. It was unbelievable. Now we have a roof so


it will always be a Sunday final, I don't think it will ever happen


again. And it was like I loved it, even when I was struggling. It was


great. The 5th set, I was very confident I was going to win and I


For the second time then, it is And one can only guess that the


turmoil raging in the mind of Goran Ivanisevic at this moment.


What was the thought that got you back on track? To regroup at that


point, that showed a lot of strength, a lot of character.


just said to myself, put a first serve in, or try to put in a


And maybe it was not perfect but my leg was blocked. I said to myself


jump, what are you doing? Why are I said to myself he is nervous just


like you, so put the serve in At last, the waiting is over. A man


who four times now has attempted to scale the ultimate height. I didn't


become a good tennis player that had never won a major. You were


already a national hero, and he became some legend in that moment.


What was it like when you first saw how many people were there?


couldn't believe they came for me. I was like, why are these people


here? Who is coming? Then I realised it was funny. It was a


victory for the whole country, and my home town made it happen. It was


just unbelievable. For all these years I didn't do it, and there was


this massive welcoming. Everyone was there. After wavering on the


brink, at last he clutches the Challenge Cup. I was destined to


win because everything was different. Three days the semis, a


Monday final, all the little things but different. It was meant to be


like that. SUE BARKER: It was one of the great


stories. We are moving now over to BBC Two because we are having live


coverage of the women's doubles final but now we are going to leave


Sue Barker presents live coverage of the women's singles finals at Wimbledon. After six rounds, just Maria Sharapova and Petra Kvitova remain from the 128 who harboured hopes at the beginning of the Championships.

At stake on the world-famous Centre Court today is the Venus Rosewater Dish and the prestige of being part of a roll of honour that includes the likes of Helen Wills-Moody, Suzanne Lenglen, Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova and Steffi Graf. The 2011 winner will also take home 1.1 million pounds in prize money.

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