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BBC One: Ladies' Final

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For a chance today to make himself That is brilliant. Unbelievable!


What a start this has been! What was Jo-Wilfried Tsonga thinking


He is a difficult man to keep down. That is what you want to see if you


are a Murray fan. Murray is desperate to end this, desperate to


get off this court. Is the 74 year wait over? It has gone wide! Half


the stadium think it is all over, Andy Murray is the route to his


first ever Wimbledon final! And just look at these scenes, the last


British man to win here, Fred Perry, in 1936. And this is the man who


Yesterday afternoon was full of nervous energy, intense pressure,


personal triumph and national pride as Andy Murray became the first


British man to reach the Wimbledon final in in my 74 years. Tomorrow


he will try to emulate this man, the great Fred Perry. As Murray


prepares to take on Federer in the biggest match of his life. But


today it is the ladies' final, which comes with its own


fascinating story line. Valhund's Agnieszka Radwanska is through to


her first Grand Slam title, but she is facing one of the all-time


greats, Serena Williams. It is a massive challenge, but it has been


I was not good on grass in the beginning of my career, I learned


to play on it, and I learned to It is amazing, you go back in time,


and you remember all these great matches, and they really do shake a


young player's perspective on what they want to do and what they want


to achieve. Even just being here was overwhelming for me, I never


had visions growing up that I could ever possibly win a tournament like


Wimbledon. I remember being very calm before the final, because I


was facing Steffi Graf, she had won his seven times, I felt like I had


nothing to lose going into that final. You are playing the best


player in the world, you have got I had the first set, I was about to


serve for the match, thinking, I cannot believe I'm about to serve


for the match at Wimbledon! Davenport, a chance now to serve


The fact was, I was stunned. You could see in my face, it was just


complete bewilderment and tears. I wish I could have jumped around and


been happier, but automatically emotions come out, and it was


just... I was in shock. And the emotion of the moment almost too


much for Lindsay Davenport. accomplish things you do not think


you are going to do, you barely have words to describe your


feelings. So, will Agnieska joined the great champions are Centre


court, or will Serena match his sister's achievement of winning


five Wimbledon titles? In about two hours' time, we will know the


I am just a goal that shows up and plays. It was my dream since I was


a kid. I am definitely more of a power player, she is more of


I hate losing. If I lose, I do not keep the trophy. I think that it is


This was earlier today, Serena arriving with her mother, Oracene,


preparing for her 18th Grand Slam title, but for this young lady, the


biggest match up her career so far, her first major final. Agnieszka


Radwanska, if tried to deal with an inform Serena is not enough, she is


struggling to get over an illness. Serena has been on court, serving


so well, but their groundstrokes and the movement have been


exceptional. Serena is looking back to the best that the age of 30. And


this is the hero from yesterday, Andy Murray, trying to make history


tomorrow, but facing the mighty Roger Federer, who is trying to


make history himself. Rain stopped play with anti-earlier today, at


least he got a little bit on the grass, but it could be a whole lot


more exciting in 24 hours' time. This is what we are looking forward


It is a big day for Jonny Marray and his partner, Marray needed the


wild card to get into the tournament, but he is through to


the final. Serena will be back on centre court with her sister for


the doubles final. Now, you can stay with us, of course, but if you


have all the right equipment, you can watch on 3D life from 2:30pm,


the ladies' final, and then tomorrow morning a re run of


Murray's semi-final before joining the final live with us at 3:30pm


after the Grand Prix. So we are on Centre Court, they have just taken


the covers off, and I am with two people who know what it is like to


lift the trophy, I cannot tell you Angeles I am! Martina, you lifted


it more times than anybody, it is a It is so fine, I saw Agnieszka


Radwanska in the locker room, she was dancing, she is as loose as a


goose, I hope she keeps it that way And we relive your win against


Steffi Graff, interesting to see how nervous he were in that last


game. I was so nervous, I was just telling Martina that I hit a shank


at 30-15, I could not even think the game through, but it means so


much to players who have never been in a Grand Slam final, and that is


the case for Radwanska today, her first Grand Slam final and a chance


to be number one in the world. I am so happy to hear that she is


dancing at trying to enjoy the moment, because there is a lot of


pressure on her. We will talk more about the build-up to the final in


a moment, but we saw Andy Murray practising before the rain came


down, fantastic yesterday, history in the making, is it is here?


looking at the heavens as if he thinks it is. -- he keeps. Ivan


Lendl has made a great difference in his attitude, he is more


aggressive, taking the ball early. It might be that. Roger Pedder is a


tall mountain to climb, but it almost seems like it is his time.


Roger was just awesome yesterday. He has been so good in his last two


matches. People were talking about his potential back injury, would


that the rail then? He has been playing great, he is playing for a


lot. Not only seven Wimbledon titles, he is trying to get back to


number one in the world. There is a lot at stake for him, not a lot of


people gave him a chance to get back to number one, but I think he


will be prettified that to play Murray. Can you imagine what Murray


must be going through? Absolutely, but he has failed before, and now


he has got the chance to come through. This is what you live for,


this is what the hard work is about, all the training, the thinking, the


eating, the preparation, this is your moment, so this is where you


want to be, you do not want to be anywhere else. I think he will play


the best match that he has ever played. He has nothing to lose,


except a Wimbledon final! Yes, on paper, that might take some


pressure off, because Roger is potentially the greatest men's


grass-court player of all time. Hopefully, Murray can go out and


the loser because of that. I heard that Ivan Lendl walked into the


locker-room and said, what time are we kidding tomorrow? There was no


congratulation, the work is not done. Ivan Lendl lost his first


four grand slam titles, he knows what Murray is going through.


knows about that kind of pressure, that reputation. Expectation.


he has still got plenty of time, he is in his prime, he has got five


years if he stays healthy. Roger is going to feel the pressure a little


bit more on the other end, OK, my time is coming to an end,


realistically. You may feel like he wants to play for 10 more years,


but the body will not let you. This may be his last chance, probably


not, but it may be. You know that time is running out, so you put


more pressure on yourself, but this is exactly where you want to be.


Murray really wants to use the crowd. Maybe because he started so


well, they seemed very flat, and they only got behind him when he


was down in the Fort set, and he needs them from the start.


question the crowd will want him to win, but they do love Roger. They


are not going to be cheering errors and getting behind him on every


single point, he will have to win them over even more. With Roger's


history here, it is going to be a little tough for the crowds to get


fully behind Andy 100%. It is going to be a great final regardless, but


we look forward to Serena Williams against Agnieszka Radwanska, and


they could not have had more contrasting build up to the final.


It has all gone well for Serena, she has been getting through to the


doubles final, but Agnieska had to pull out of a press conference


because of illness. Yesterday she Actually, I want to have a great


memory here, from 2005, it seems like it was last year, and it was


seven years ago. It has been the Your family must be so proud. You


seem very close to them. It is a dream to be in the final of a Grand


Slam, so of course my parents are very, very happy. The boxes full of


people who are really involved, and we are trying to push her in the


right moment, to keep her calm in the right moment. That is our job.


You were voted the fans' favourite. You clearly have a great rapport on


your Twitter account, you love your fans, tell us more about yourself.


I think I'm just a normal girl, 23 years old, playing tennis, also


studying as well in Krakow, the Polish sport university, just


trying to live a normal life. do you approach going into a final?


How do you prepare yourself for that kind of match? Well, the first


thing is not really thinking about the pressure of going into the


final. Of course, I will do everything in my power to play my


Sorry, I think I have to stop. are you feeling? You had to pull


out of the doubles because you had a respiratory problem. Well,


actually, I'm feeling very well today, but are caused that is not


the priority, it is good to play doubles in the second week of a


Grand Slam, but sometimes it is too much, so it was a hard decision,


but I had to pull out from the doubles. John McEnroe said that she


reminds him of his style of play, not a power player, but very clever


about her positioning on court. Exactly. This guy was able to play


with amazing angles, Great pace, and she is the same. If I have to


compare her to someone from the past, definitely I would say


Martina Hingis, very smart tennis, amazing time in, and also the girl


without powerful strokes, but Biggar was able to beat the


powerful girls. -- but the girl. Your opponent is one of the best


grass-court players of all time. Of course, you are ranked above Serena,


but you feel that you are almost the underdog, like it is her final


to lose? Well, of course, Serena is a great champion, especially on


grass. She has proven that almost every year almost. This is Serena,


this is the history of tennis. But she is a present player, she is


here, it is a huge challenge. course, this is a final, so I will


try my best, but I really have It is a huge challenge, isn't it?


Because Serena has been playing so well, and you almost get a feeling


that it will depend on how good or bad Serena is today. Has Serena's


serve goes, so goes Serena, and she has never served better than in


this tournament. She has served a bit more than normal, but not that


much. It is so perfect that there is nothing that can go wrong, and


there she is tired. That is the only chance that Agnieska has, if


Serena's serve is not clicking as Iraq, she maybe gets an early break


and stays close. But it is a tall mountain to climb. She has that


incredible finesse, Radwanska, great shots. She does, she can move


the ball around the court, and she is not going to give Serena a lot


of pace. Serena's last two victories, she had pace, and 2010


will not give her any. She has got to find a way to get their returns


back in play. She has made 80% of her returns, and that is what has


got into the final. It is a tough as the game so mean and the way she


has been serving, though. She has got to serve as well, she has to


hold her serve to have a chance of breaking Serena. Their serve is OK,


she places it well, but her second serve can be attacked, and Serena


likes to be stepping in. She is not going to have that much. Once she


gets into the rally, she can move serene around, she loves the angles


and can create so much. I would try to bring Syria into the net against


their own will. -- Serena. A quick start is going to be crucial.


Serena will try to start early, she is going to go out swinging hard.


It is crucial for Radwanska to hang in at the beginning, try to get on


the scoreboard, break early and hold their serve. Serena is the


best front runner there is. It is easy for us to say she should start


well, but it is her first Grand Slam title, there are bound to be


nervous. Did you have nerves? lost my first final against Chris,


but I cannot remember being nervous. I was just excited about being here,


I was more nervous in my last final. I think the nerves get worse as you


get older, I don't know. You cannot predict how a player will react,


but judging how she was in the locker room, dancing around, she


may be as loose as a goose! We are going to let you go to prepare for


the commentary, but, Martina, you cannot go anywhere! I have just


been told that they are both on Twitter, and Rishi Persad found


that the other day that Serena, with over 2.5 million followers, is


We have asked BBC Sport online users around the world to come up


with some quirky questions to ask Serena, Twitter-style. As serene! -


- Ask Serena! A This Is From Tim in Cardiff, he says the weather in


here is horrible, were due give up living in Miami to live in an


English castle? No, it is cold and a castle with all the stone! I am


not into that. Stick to the sunshine, stick to Miami. You play


a musical instrument? What would you play? I play the guitar.


you quite good? I used to be excellent, but I am pretty good.


What about singing? We have heard a little bit of the wrapping on


YouTube... And not a singer, I love Jamie in London says, have you ever


arm wrestled Venus, who would win? No, I don't do those kind of


things! Speaking of Venus, how much help has she been to this year at


Wimbledon? She has been great. She has been so supportive, she has


been in the stands for pretty much all my matches, and she is helping


me through it, so it is good. Kenya, what are the prospects of


having African women tennis players succeeding in tennis in the future?


It would be great, I don't know, we have to get some good academies


there, some good teachers to teach the Africans out to play, but that


would be really cool. I hope you don't mind me asking, I know you


are doing a lot of charity work in Africa, would you like to tell us


about it? I have two schools in Africa. They are three hours out of


Nairobi, so it is cool, we provide computers and teachers, for it. It


is the best thing I have ever done, better than any grand slam, better


than any trophy, any grade I have ever gotten in school. It is the


What would it mean to you if you critique of Venus's record of


winning Wimbledon for the 5th time? It would be really awesome, it


would tie my Australian Open record, too, which is crazy! Another tennis


question from me, what is the challenge of playing against


Radwanska here in the final? It is going to be tough, she gives every


ball back, she plays so good, lots of angles, tough shots, so it is


going to be a really physical match. After all the health scares of the


last couple of years since your last won here, what does it mean to


you to be once again in the final on Centre Court? It is cool, you


know, I cannot believe I have made it this far, but every year my goal


is to be in the final, to win, you know, and I believe in his goal


this year, and hopefully I can Now I have been joined by a trio of


great champions here on Centre Court, Martina, you told me just


joined Twitter a couple of months ago, 2.7 million! I am not quite


there yet. I have not made it, my goal is to last another 10 years


before I stick to that level! many followers? I need more! What


about you, sir? No, I think I will be 10 or 11 years! I have trouble


even texting, let alone treating. am happy with texts and e-mails, I


thought I was hip! Talking about Serena, talking about the serve,


she is more than that. She is one of the greatest athletes who has


ever played our sport. No disrespect to Martina, I've thought


she was on her way to being the greatest female player ever, and I


think that is in the back of her mind. She is someone who was so


intimidating, and now I think you see more of a human side above her,


and because of what she has been through with his life-threatening


situation, she is going to appreciate this moment even more


than she has before. But I still think we will see her at the top of


the game for the next two or three years. It is important that she


schedules as a properly, sometimes she goes off for too long, and it


gets more difficult as you get older, but you saw how well she


returned yesterday, how big she hits the ball at the baseline.


Radwanska has always been one of my favourite players to watch, because


she has the best hands in the game, I feel, in the women's game, but I


had a little bit of this at the end of my career, she is earlier in her


career, but what you do when you play the Pete Sampras of the


women's game? Boris Becker in the prime? A sort of take the racket


out of your hands, that is the problem for Radwanska. We talk


about the serve, 85 aces in the championship, 24 in one match.


sets! It is incredible. It is really incredible, no disrespect,


but serene as the best serve in the history of women's tennis, not only


because of the ability to come up with the power, but she picks her


sparse, and the best second serve as well. How many aces did you


have? I don't even know! I was happier I got one! I would say


about 15 in a three-set match, but I was not going for aces, I was


going for first serves in. It seems like Serena goes for first serves


and the percentage is extremely high, and she gets tasers.


second serve is so good. She uses her legs so well on the serve, but


it is not just going after power, she is placing it, she can body


serve you, kick you out wide, and Radwanska has got to look out for


that in the ad court. Slice you out to the body. Slicing out wide.


have to lean a little bit, guess what, then the 120 hit comes up the


middle. And her return game as well, one of the best if not the best,


and that has just gotten better as she has moved through the


championships. Grass is all about that first strike, and Serena has


the power, she has got more speed than Radwanska. She has got a


bigger game, so Radwanska is really going to have to disrupt her.


would you? Take guesses on the serves, because you are going to


get beaten either way. And do not give her pace, try to move her if


you can, short slices, hard to do, but you have got to try to disrupt


her rhythm and inferno pace. It is a tough call when the ball is


coming at you like a bullet, but she is going to have to do that and


take more risks. Players ought to take pride, once they admit that


they are getting, you make a major statement towards desperation very


early. Women are not used to having to guess. With the guys, you have


to guess. I would not admit that I had to guess, 50% of the time it is


going to be an ace, that is a harsh reality. I just hope that Agnieska


is not listening to this, her dancing might have slumped a little


bit. She is looking for her second Wimbledon title, because she won


the juniors back in 2005, but surprisingly there are not many


that have made the transition from junior to Wimbledon champion, in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Back in 2005, it is lovely, because the winner today is going to win


�1,150,000. In 1969, it was �1,500, quite a difference. You got to the


final, not many in the women's. was up 4-2 in the first set, I


would have made that highlight real! She won nine Wimbledons, and


that all added up to less than half of what they are getting for this


match. You can stop it still hurts that he lost the junior final! --


you can tell. You remember the losses better than the wins. Would


you take one of those women's wins... Absolutely not, I'm not


complaining! Martina Hingis is a very similar player. I was a poor


man's Martina Hingis, but now she is coming through on her own. She


is Agnieszka Radwanska, but she plays similar, it is a good one to


be compared to. The only good thing is that Serena may have an off-day,


and she has had a few of those in the last year, the US Open final


against Samantha Stosur, everybody puts Serena as the clear favourite,


and she said afterwards that she was a little bit tired. Serena as


played doubles here, so she has not had an off-day, because she has


been playing all the time. Agnieska is going to hope that maybe Serena


has an off-day, like she did in the French, lost in the first round.


Maybe when you are 30, you play longer than I did, make you have


some of those of days more often. They happen more often when you get


older and they are worse than they used to be in your 20s. But I feel


like Serena is putting herself into shake in this tournament, all those


doubles matches, if it does not make her tired, it makes her play


She is definitely playing a lot better than she was. Doubles can


help. When I played it was a roll of the dice because you were


playing the best of five. It got the bit match. You have to work on


your service game and you return game. If you're talking about


Radwanska, you have to mention the Australian Open. Things can happen.


She can get off to a good start. You have got to assume the crowd


will want to make this close. should think a good start will be


Correct me if I am wrong but Agnieszka Radwanska is about five


foot eight, isn't she a? Serena is 5 ft 9. They would not face each


other in boxing. Serena has the big hair as well. She is such a great


champion. John touched on the injury and the illness, coming back


from the pulmonary embolism that she had. When they were first


playing on the tour they said they would stop at 20 runt, 22. Now they


are in their thirties, they love it. They are not done yet. Because they


have had the big breaks in their career, that is why they have


lasted so long. I was thought Andre Agassi lasted longer because he had


those breaks. At this point in my career I have played about twice as


many matches as Serena. She has another few years ahead of her.


They are coming out for the coin toss for this final. That is going


to be performed by Archie but Perth, aged 13. He was born with a club


for it which was diagnosed when he was five days old. He was chosen


for the work he has done for raising awareness of the condition.


A big moment for him. Well done! Now we are ready. It is time. They


take the picture. There we go! That is the picture that he will


treasure. Archie is very keen to get off the court by the look of it.


One more picture! Here we go. We are ready for the ladies' final,


Yes, it is time now. Years ago, when I was doing interviews down


here and been us had a won the US Open, she said demanded by bring my


little sister in. She said, at this is Serena, she will be better than


me. You never imagine that two great champions can come from one


family. I had an Old coach who said I have these two girls who will be


number one in the world. You know something, this younger daughter of


mine, Serena, will be better than Venus. I said, right! There he is,


still up in the box. Did I hear he is going to be a father again?


heard that. Could that door to be better than these two? -- daughter.


Martina is better off at 30 plus to win a Wimbledon. I think you're 33


when you won the last one. You do not know how many chances you will


get. That adds pressure, given the turmoil, the health issues and the


injuries. There is some pressure. She will win three, four, five.


There has to be stress and not being quite so sure. That is the


one thing that Radwanska has for her. She is a clear favourite.


Serena has said Agnieszka has had a better year and she is ranked


higher. She is trying to take some of the pressure off. There is no


pressure on Murray tomorrow. have nothing to lose except a


Wimbledon final! Agassi could become world No. One. -- Agnieszka.


It is a big moment for her country - Poland. This is the dream of


every player growing up. This is what they want. Hopefully she will


be able to handle the pressure. don't know if you talked about her


not feeling well. She has had a really bad cold. Sometimes that


helps. I hope it does. Sometimes the nerves do not get in the way as


match. It affects your attention in the moment a bit more. It is not as


if the points will be very long. Serena get such a hard hit on the


ball and the points do not last that long. Serena has so much more


power on the first strike. Agnieszka needs to get a lot of


first serves in. She needs a quick start. I remember in that box


watching the match take place four years ago. She takes the racket out


of your hands. Radwanska it is a much better player. It might be the


only time - maybe I am wrong - you want her to play Serena Williams.


Did think you prefer to plate Serena Williams... Those matches


were a little closer. -- play. I think we are all of the general


consensus it is Serena... It I think it will be an entertaining


match. Agnieszka has a shot at it but Serena Williams is one of the


greatest players of all time. going to head back to the


commentary box. Guess where they are going? They are in the Royal


box! We have missed out again. Time to now hand over to Lindsay


It is nice to hit everyone's thoughts heading into this one. --


to here. This lady is overwhelming favourite for a 5th Wimbledon title.


She is 30 years of age. She is No. 6 seed. What an outstanding career


she has had! She has won all four major titles. That includes the


French back in 2002. She has been outstanding, one of the best ever.


She could become the best ever, given the way she is playing


Expectation hit inside Centre Court for a competitive final? --


expectation here. It will be down to this lady to make it so if she


can. Seven years younger, 5 ft 8. Likened very much to Martina Hingis,


the winner back in 1997. She will need all her guile, all her court


craft to keep Serena at bay. What a The last moment over 38 to win here


was Martina Navratilova 12 years ago. -- over 30. John McEnroe is


alongside made for the final. great to be here. Your thoughts


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


It is an ominous start and a The first challenge is to get the


She is facing the best serve in women's tennis. The best women's


serve ever? Without a doubt. She In the last match, 24 aces and no


I like what Serena does in the first game. She goes to the other


end, changes immediately. She does not towel off, have a drink. She


She will have to disguise that a little better. Serena saw that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


You need to keep an eye on her That was a beautiful shot from


Serena! It is comforting for Serena that she cannot be hurt by anything


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


That is why it is so important for her to get a high percentage of


first serves in. The second serve will be sitting there for Serena to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


She is very crafty. Incredible Again the backhand is to Pavel for


Radwanska strode. She needs to use the ability to create some angle. -


I was surprised Serena was so tentative. She is not in any danger


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Her mother was in the front. It is Charles at the back. He is loving


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


That serve is better placed. That Just looking at the stats, backhand


This game means a whole lot more to Radwanska. The crowd senses that as


well. I am not sure about the drop shot. She was not aware of where


Radwanska was on court. It is a That was a good attempted to defend


It is one thing to tried a drop shot and another to be too


Look where that serve came in! You can see the replay. She crushed it.


What a message that sends up to That's game lasted almost nine


minutes and has gone in favour of Radwanska has a tendency to run


through some of her shots. Your This is the type of a opponent Obed


Mbwakongo will always struggle against. Serena is the best at the


business. -- that Radwanska will She certainly doesn't seem to be


moving particularly well. Not a lot of energy! There has been talk of


It seems to be sharing so far. -- That was where! Only number seven


That just messed. -- missed. has to take a few risks. There is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


The only Achilles heel you can see in had game at the moment is her


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


The conditions are a bit tricky. It is gusty. Somewhat surprising to


see Serena played this to lose a She has nerves as well. Normally,


Radwanska is such a good defensive player. It seems like she is


missing something a little early on. Normally she can get balls back


been tougher positions when she is Williams introducing the drop shot.


It is all Williams. How about being on the Centre Court at Wimbledon!


That can cause nerves to run wildly through your body. Your legs are


more heavy. Everything is difficult for Agnieszka Radwanska. Serena has


picked up on it. The crowd is trying to pull for her to make it a


match. That is fairly lopsided in favour of Radwanska. She has broken


her opponent many more times. She has not played someone with the


serve of Serena. Amazing! 85 aces. 14, the percentage of points won on


serve. It will be tough for Radwanska! Is it the record for


aces in a tournament? She is well on her way! There is Venus. The


record was in 2000. She does not She did not get it. There were two


I would like to see a replay of Not looking too pleased and happy


about there, her first Grand Slam Radwanska has got to get ready for


the power of Serena's game. It looks as if it is taking her by


surprise. She knows what she is up Serena's power takes Radwanska out


of their comfort zone, she cannot build the point the way that she


wants to because Serena will jump It would be nice for her to get on


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


It is a lonely place at there at the moment for Radwanska, she


desperately needs to get a game on It is thought to zero, Serena, one


Well, just to let you know that you can also enjoy this final in 3D if


you have the right equipment. It is Well, Serena has won her last 10


matches against top-five opponents. Her last defeat to a top-five


player came in Eastbourne 2011. That was when she was making her


comeback. It is amazing, she has not lost a set to anyone in the top


five in their last 10 meetings. Clearly she rises to the occasion,


when she knows she's playing the The win over Azarenka was her 13th


win against the world number 1. Only a couple of players have more


career wins, Martina Navratilova and someone sitting two inches from


I would imagine John would have quite a few wins as well over


number-one players, although you spend the majority of your career


Say that serve of Serena's, really jumping up on Radwanska. It


immediately gets her behind in the point. Radwanska is not sure


whether to take it early or let it come down. She is not quite as tall


Chris Evert was in nine of Wimbledon finals, won three out of


Serena is well on her way to her What was your record against


Serena? It was a losing record, maybe four wins, seven losses, I am


going to guess. Mark? Just kidding! What about against Venus? Exactly!


Get your work done over there! is one of the reasons why you had a


good record against her, you had that reach, the tallest Wimbledon


champion since 1997. Well done! is easier to handle that serve when


you are taller, and there is no question that here we have got the


slice and a flat, a stay low, but she has the option of kicking it


over her opponent's head, and Radwanska has been totally caught


off-guard on which serve to expect, because of the variety that Serena


has. I used to see Andre Agassi do this at times, not so often and


grass, stand much further back, let the ball come down to her. At least


she would get the return, may be forced her to go for it too much.


But clearly she does not have the reach to deal with this serve.


is going to have to try some new things, get more energy, give


Well, she ran out of gas. If she had ended the point one way or the


other, Serena was going to be there for that. She is giving that shot


away, Serena can see it coming. Tough to have to serve after the


longest rally of the match, try to hit the hardest serve you can. She


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Well, that was the last point, she These sort of silence accompanying


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


that miss from Radwanska, as Serena Even though it is 5-0, she will


take it, take anything! The key is for her to get on the scoreboard,


that is what she is worrying about Serena has for the time in the


world, waiting to return at second serve. You feel that she can go


anywhere, backhand or forehand. 73 She waited a little bit longer to


Role, her father Robert, retort Radwanska for a while, he did say


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


First game on the board, a second She was getting blown out, so she


has got to be very thankful she got that wonderful round of applause,


It is busy out at Henman Hill. I have got a feeling it might be a


That is surprising. Serena with such a great overhead. Again,


Radwanska did not get is particularly deep. Serena just


Too good. She has been trying to get her off balance, Radwanska is


kitting a clear ball, now can Serena Williams work a bit harder


out there? So difficult to read that backhand with the open stance.


She does such a great job with her wrist, coming outside of the ball


to go cross-court, being able to . Talk about the serve, being such


a big factor in this match, but so far from the baseline, nine


baseline winners to just one from Radwanska. Radwanska has got to


find a way to serve herself in Serena checking to see, it is


getting slippery. It does not take It is starting to come down quite a


bit more. Waiting to see if the umpire is going to do anything.


Just get the set under her belt. She would love to get it over with


before any delay. Here is the Beautiful serve to finish off the


opening set. Serena is halfway to It is still coming down. They have


stopped on the outside courts, but Well, the umbrellas up. There's


some good news for Radwanska, though, because there was a feeling


that Serena would dominate, and the shortest final in history was back


in 1922, 22 minutes, so we are all right, we are way past that Mark!


The French Open in the late 80s was pretty short. Yes, 32 at the French.


It will be interesting to see... Sorry, I don't want to interrupt,


finish your thought! I have finished! Mallory versus who?


Because it is going to be interesting to see what they do if


they stop this. Whether they will decide to close the roof, or they


will wait a while to try to allow this match to be played outdoors.


Michael McIntyre there, the comedian. Here they come! Here they


come, OK. It could not have happened pretty much at a better


time for Radwanska. I think most of us anticipated a blow-out in the


first set. And perhaps when she comes back out, she will at least


have experienced it, she will know what it feels like to deal with the


power of Serena and perhaps figure out some way of getting their


energy up. I mean, if you are not feeling good, the power sort of


sucks the life out of you, when you watch bores going by. -- balls. She


is that off going back to the locker room and getting some advice.


I think you're saying beforehand what a great front-runner Serena


was. Grand Slam play, 190 wins, just four losses after winning the


opening set. It is a tall order, it was a tall order, and it just seems


to be getting tougher for Radwanska. Well, she wants it so bad, Serena.


You could see that from the first round, when she was so intense even


there with what appeared to be a guinea. There are motions have


shown throughout the couple of weeks. -- her emotions. Those are


the statistics for the opening set, pointing towards the dominance of


Serena, although it was slightly untidy at times from the American.


Slightly being the key word! She did win the set 6-1. A number of


Five-time champion Martina Navratilova, I wonder what she has


been making of it. Well, she is catching up to me, she has got a


lot of work to do! Could be more So many great champions there,


Virginia Wade, the champ and in 1977, of course, Angela Mortimer,


the winner in 1961, but this is the scene out on the hill Anton Centre


Court, West still no decision to close the roof, hoping that it is


just a short shower and players will be back on court and very soon.


But certainly, for Agnieszka, a well-earned rest to try to work out


how she can battle Serena Williams. Let's get further comment from John,


Lynsey and mark-down there. Looking at the second game, she needed to


hold that serve. I think she knew she needed it, the crowd knew, and


she wanted to send a quick message. It was so overwhelming for her,


such an overwhelming moment to be in her first Grand Slam title here


at Wimbledon, and it was going to be a tall order to maintain her


composure there, to generate the type of pace that she needed, and


she basically had to hope that Serena would be careless for that


the nerves would get to her a bit. A hard fought game, but at the end


you sort our sense that the first set was going to slip away rather


quickly. I do not feel that Serena is at her best, three aces is


nothing compared to the last few rounds. No, but Radwanska has not


come out with any energy. She is very low key anyway, she likes to


play it calm and cool, but she needs to get going in this match,


make things happen, manufacture some confidence and belief if she


wants to turn this match around. That is hard to do, though. That is


the problem, she is having to pick her spots, and she's not able to at


his point figure out when to do that, because she is behind in


almost every rally, and every time Serena starts a point, even the


second set, she has not been generating a big enough return.


are going to illustrate the second serve, show a few points now,


because it has been well and truly punished today. It has, Serena as


one of the most intimidating returns. She loves to step inside


the court, make their presence known whether she is facing first


or second serve. She had a lot of time in this match up, Serena does


not have a powerful serve, at Serena is doing what she wants with


it. These are not well-placed, they are sitting ducks. You have got to


put it closer to the lines, and clearly it is a part of a game that


she has improved so much, she has always had a great feel for the


ball. There seems to be no reason why she cannot do a better job. I


do not know about when she comes back after half an hour, but do a


better job down the road, because Serena is not the only player who


will take advantage of that. she got to just come out and say,


if I'm going to serve double faults, I am going to serve double faults,


but I have not got to let it dominate from the return? I would


basically hit two first serves, sure, you take a chance, but he


will keep Serena guessing. I would rather see double faults and Hart's


second serves, serving closer to the line. Try not to let Serena do


what she wants off the first shot. It is so tough, we know she missed


her press conference on Friday, not ideal preparation. It is bad enough


facing Serena at full throttle, but when you're not feeling well as


well... Absolutely, and she is overpowered at the moment. It is a


gunfight-nice analogy, with the way that she walked in, 10:30am this


morning, with a friend, very low through -- very low key, that has


carried through into this final, the way she has gone out. If you


are not feeling fit and healthy, it is going to be tough. These two


have both been in majors where they were not feeling 100%, you have got


to find it somehow, and it will be key for the team to find that bit


of inspiration, whatever will fire her art. She has only maybe got


another 40 minutes to find some answers when she comes back on.


There are going to have to be a lot of answers in a very short period


of time. Even if they give her the right answers, I'm not sure she


will be able to implement them, that is the issue. If there is


truth to the fact that she is not 100%, she looks like she is


struggling a bit, you have to feel like she has got this resigned look


to her. That is what he has got to change, at least get in mayor, try


to bring the crowd in and make it seem at least that she believes she


has a chance to win this. She did not really react when she won her


first game, and Serena missed an overhead on the next point, and the


crowd applauded that. They really wanted her to get involved. You do


not want to react when you are down 5-0! I think it was accurate, she


was not even worried about winning or losing, just making it look


respectable. If you are reacting at 5-0, you win the game, it is like


saying to Serena, I cannot believe I have any chance of winning.


just needed to get the crowd on her side to try to motivate herself


somehow. And they want to get on her side, you saw that at the end


of the first set, they are trying to give her some energy, get her to


play better, but it is not her personality to embrace them. She is


shy, quiet, she may learn to do that in the future, but it is a lot


to ask in her first Grand Slam final when she is not that


comfortable outwardly. As far as Serena is concerned, she looks so


motivated. We have seen her coming back from illness and injury, but


she is so focused in winning his 5th title and equalling what her


sister did. It seems like she wanted more than she has any major,


and I think what has happened to her has been well talked about, the


last couple of years has given her a new sentence of appreciation,


something that she is rather amazing that, playing tennis, and I


feel she will make the most of this next year or two. When you're


standing next to Martina, who has of these he won are so many great


matches and so many Grand Slam titles, where would you put Serena


in the all-time list? I felt Serena two is to go was on her way to


becoming the best player in the history of though women's game. I


know Steffi Graf has won everything four times at least, Martina has


got an incredible record, obviously, and I... I think Serena would be,


in my book, the greatest female player to play this game if she


were to win even three more. In my opinion. And at the age of 30, she


is looking like she could win more. What you think? Acting she is on


her way. We will know more in the next two years. Players do not win


much after 30, and it is hard, and she is very vocal about not going


anywhere, she is going to stay out and try to be the best player that


he can be. It is all about the Grand Slam titles for Serena. It


will be tough for her to win the French again, she will probably go


down with just one French Open title, and Steffi Graf won each won


at least four Times, so we will have to look at that more. It is


not just how many you have won, that is obviously a big factor, but


she seems to be the most athletic, gifted, biggest serve, I do not


think anyone questions that it is the best serve in the history of


the women's game. Perhaps you could make an argument that Billie Jean


King or Martina volleyed better than she did, but all around, she


is right in that conversation already. But also, I mean, she is


such a great champion. I was talking at the beginning of the


programme, whoever wins today, it would be the 7th different winner


of a Grand Slam, so there is no one really at there, she can play at


this level, who do we see challenging her other than maybe


Sharapova? That is the thing. A lot of this is due to the fact that in


sports, things happen, injuries, for example, but this was


inexplicable, what happened to her. To me, someone will come along, as


a rancour has come a long way. -- as a Ringo. Could it have that


looks like someone who shied away from the spotlight, but she has got


the type of game that could go out and beat any of the top players.


The beauty about sports is that you do not know, and someone will come


Azarenka, maybe Kvitova. Do you have any one? I was going to say


The covers are off, so hopefully the players will be back soon. It's


finals weekend at Wimbledon, and then we will all be back again,


because the Olympics start at the end of July. The tennis will be


played here. Let's look back at tennis in the Olympics in its


The 1980 it was a pivotal year, because this was a way to get


tennis in the map in a way that wouldn't have been possible without


the Olympics. Lots of big names, but Steffi had a so-called golden


slam. She beat Sabbatini to win the Grand Slam. This added polish to a


remarkable achievement. The reaction was largely so positive


from all the players in Seoul that year, that now it was really on its


In Barcelona, 1992, the competition had moved on. It still wasn't quite


there, but they were making progress. Jennifer Capriati, that


was the most important moment, the early stages of her career. Not


only did she win as a 16-year-old, but she beat Steffi in the final.


Absolutely one of my highlights. If I look back on my career at my most


important victories, the gold medal is right up there. I lost pretty


early in singles, but I knew with Michael Stich, my fiercest rival


and competitor on the court, if we found a way to put our egos aside,


we were able to form a very formidable and strong team. We were


in the final, we had a medal at least, a silver, so we started


really communicating and playing with each other. We got lucky, we


won the gold. We couldn't even celebrate together, because our


egos came back into the way. But we share this gold medal together


forever, I want it because of Michael and Michael won it because


Tennis is such an individual sport. A lonely one at that. The


opportunity to play for your country is unique. Agassi was


having a bad year. He came back and read himself up for the Olympics.


You are out there for something much larger than yourself, but very


much connected to you. That's a feel you don't get often. Agassi's


enthusiasm and effusiveness about taking the gold did the Olympic


cause a great deal of good. It was never as stressful as playing in


the US Open, playing Wimbledon. That made me enjoy competing even


more, just being part of the whole process. Lindsay was a great ball


striker and the hard courts of Atlanta suited her, as did the home


crowds. That was the first time I really felt that the whole crowd


was on my side. My whole family was there, which was not an everyday


occurrence. My parents were there, they were in the middle of a


divorce, so strangely it was a very Really cool to win any medal, but


obviously gold, I love gold. They love playing doubles together, they


love playing for the United States, they love the Olympics. It was the


highlight of both of their careers, the next best thing to any of the


singles majors that they won. actually thought it was one of the


great moments in recent Olympic times. Massu was such an unlikely


champion. He put his heart and soul into it. He was not going to win a


Grand Slam tournament, but this was his chance and in some ways maybe


it meant a bit more to him, representing his nation in that


form and coming away with a great price. -- a great price. 2008 was a


terrific event. You had all the big guys. I remember two things with


the men. Number one, Nadal, who had already won the French and


Wimbledon. He went to Beijing and captured the gold medal, beating


the Gonzalez in the final having beaten Djokovic in a hard-fought


semi-final. Roger Federer wanted that gold and he didn't get it. And


yet, he came back to win the Coming out of it, I felt like I was


a changed man to some degree. Seeing other athletes train, being


part of the Olympic spirit, being there, a place I never thought I


would beat, growing up, was something very special. Well, many


people have said maybe tennis shouldn't be in the Olympics, but


when you get the top players like Federer, Djokovic, Murray and Nadal


all wanting to win the gold medal, we are really looking forward to


that. Of course we have plenty of business at Wimbledon this weekend.


The men's final tomorrow, but the ladies are heading back from the


locker room. Not long, that shower. A quick chat with your coach, a


change of clothes and then back out to resume play. Hoping Aggie


Radwanska will find a way to win a few more games and put serene under


pressure. She has her sights set on a fifth Wimbledon title. The


players are back on Centre Court. The roof stays open, hopefully


there is no more rain. Let's rejoin John, Lindsay and Mark.


It will be interesting to see if Radwanska can contain Williams'


power. The start is absolutely crucial, Lindsay. We said that in


the first set. She needed to get off to a good start. You could see


the crowd were disappointed when she couldn't hold her first service


game. She has to do that early on in this second set, not let Serena


get more and more comfortable. She is a great frontrunner as it is,


she already has the first set under her belt very comfortably. We will


see what Radwanska can come out within the second set. If she has


the energy. We said she wasn't feeling well. See if her coat had


any motivation to get her going. -- her coach. She still got 70% first


serves. You want to say don't give her a look at his second serve.


What do you do? I would take a bit off my serve, and really go for


off my serve, and really go for placement. When you lack pace, as


placement. When you lack pace, as she does, is it a smart move


against somebody likes arena to hit into the body and maybe keep the


ball a bit lower? She just has to get more depth on the serve. She


was just getting them in the middle of the box. That is not going to


cut it in a Wimbledon final against anybody. Made use the slice, maybe


get Serena off balance, reaching. She doesn't do a great job of using


her legs to generate power, so she is a bit fragile with her serve.


She arms her serve. Not much on it. The idea of going bigger, basically


hitting two first serves should be strongly considered. Because her


serve seems to be the type of serve to start a point as opposed to


winning free points. Pretty difficult to win a title on grass.


The fact that she's in the final is pretty amazing, pretty impressive.


But she is going to be, what, at worst two in the world if she loses


this. She has got a lot to be proud of and I suspect she is not going


to be as wound up this time around, so she should be able to get off to


STUDIO: It and if you do have a 3D- capable television and you want to


capable television and you want to enjoy this in 3D, you can, on the


HD channel. If you have any problems, the website is on the


She hasn't had to play any big hitters, as I look through the draw.


Just one in the top ten. The semi- finals against Angelique Kerber.


She's supposedly, when you look at the champions since Martina won in


1997, she is three inches shorter and 26 pan labels writer than the


average Wimbledon champion since then. -- 26 pounds lighter. She


hasn't had to deal with somebody like Serena. Sukova, next to


Martina Navratilova and Jana Novotna. Tracy Austin next to her.


Paul Mackney at the back, next to Tracy Austin. -- Paul McNamee. He


was twice eight doubles champion. Maria Bueno from Brazil, a former


Wimbledon champion. Jacques Rogge on the front at the left. The


president of the IOC. With the Olympics coming to Wimbledon, as we


have just trail. Well, there's a lady that doesn't need any more


introductions. A legend of the game. An iconic star. And Ann Jones,


winner of Wimbledon in 1969. She won the juniors as well. As


There's a lady that also did the double. Tam Agnieszka Radwanska


overturn that opening set deficit? The second half of the ladies'


A shot of adrenalin, perhaps, for Radwanska. A couple of points that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Don't forget the new balls. They A lift for Radwanska and a lift for


the crowd as well. That was imperative for Radwanska to get


that service game. Now she has got a lead for the first time. Maybe


she can get off to a better start returning in this game, a bit more


confident going for her shots. Serena has to not let it bother her


that they are even clapping for her mistakes. That can get under your


This is where the doubles comes into play for Serena. In their


semi-final yesterday, they got off to a slow start, but Venus and


Serena played so well in the second and third set, coming in and


poaching balls out of the air. kept her racket out in front of her


on that volley. Makes it a lot easier. These two will play for the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


That's the tournament record. 19 -- We saw Radwanska tried a sliced


forehand. That's not a bad idea. You have to really go after it if


you're going to do it. It may be a little lower, a little harder.


one-handed follow through. You can't just drop down on it, it will


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


It's not a shot that you practise a A slice kick serve has no jump to


it, which makes it pretty easy pickings for Serena Williams.


in her strike zone. It's coming There's another one, right in the


middle of the court, got what it deserved. So many of these,


Radwanska doesn't even have time to make him move. She is finishing her


It was a bright start to the second set by hanging on to her serve. But


But Serena is already in her stride in the second set. And that is how


she is feeling out here. It's difficult for a player who, so far,


doesn't look like she believes for a second that she has a chance of


winning this. And certainly, as she has done many, many times, Serena


Williams is imposing her will. And the incredible power that she


brings to this sport. Especially on this court. It's kind of hard to


see it lasting over an hour at this stage. Lindsay, you must have felt


like this at times. Your game was built around a big serve and ground


strokes, you have a player down the other end and you feel, they can't


hurt me. That is what Serena likes. No-one can take the play away from


her. Radwanska can't do anything to push Serena back and get her on her


heels. She has very rarely been on the run. On her return games,


Serena is inside the baseline, picking the shots she wants to hit.


It's just a very tough match up, made worse on the grass for


She needed to do something, and she did. That's the type of hands that


has got her to number three in the That's where she just shuts you


Nothing you can do. She didn't even move. There's so much pressure on


Radwanska on the points she is able to get the return back. To make


something happen. Because of all the free points Serena gets on her


She has made the most of any chance Serena needs to get closer to that


Radwanska is normally so stingy in giving away easy points, easy


errors. That's nerves. She's making a lot of errors on balls that she


Again, we saw Williams at the net, putting the ball away. The first


putting the ball away. The first final I ever came to was yours,


John, against Chris Lewis in 1983. He couldn't do anything that date


either. That was a match where I felt I couldn't get hurt by


anything he did. He didn't have a good enough return and my serve, it


is the match-up that Lindsay was How does she get to challenge that?


She missed the ball... But she was playing that. It doesn't matter,


thankfully. Some dubious decisions being made with the challenges. Not


The good news is she's playing better than the first set. Just got


to find a way... Down solo for that. Nice! She has to breaks arena's


That's a smart shot by Serena. It really was. And smart to set it up


with this backhand pass. Working the angles. That was a deliberate


shot. Against somebody who is not That's a better second serve.


Keeps herself in contention in this Serena, still up a break in this


second set, but can Radwanska get into Serena's head? It's something


she does so well against so many players. Time on the ball is so


crucial. And Serena has a lot of time to set up in this match. In


their previous matches, Radwanska has never got more than four games.


It seems, so far, more of the same. Obviously, this is her maiden Slam,


but do you feel that this is her best surface or is she better on


other services? Its attempts to she plays. She would have a better


chance against Serena on other surfaces. -- it depends who she


plays. You would think that a hard court would be suitable because she


sees the ball early. She would have better believe that the ball she is


going to receive is going to bounce into more of a predictable way. You


have less time on the grass, especially against the bigger


hitters. She has been rewarded for tennis smarts to get to this first


She's getting more on the ball, starting to be more aggressive.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


She really did not get herself back Three first serves mist in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


That was some ankle! -- angle. I Radwanska does not get a better


The perfect point by Serena. She was moving forward when she saw


Serena finally finds the UMPIRE: Let, first service.


That was her best chance, Radwanska, but it has gone. She has not got a


When it is a must-win game, that is not a good sign. She has battled


The only time we have ever seen that in her career was in the first


round at the French. No doubt it is more tough when you are older but


easier to hide Venus on grass. -- That was a great effort from Serena


to track the ball down. The off speed, Top Spin, softball and slice


the forehand. That is the first time she has really had to scramble


It is now she has made her presence She again closes the gap to just


She is certainly doing a lot of things better. She is playing the


type of tennis that has allowed her to become one of the best players


in the world. Unpredictable and very effective. I would like to see


if she has another gear. She could use the crowd. I personally just


having experienced both sides do not like to see a truly great


champion's level drop but it seems that is the only way she will get


into the match. Could she lift her game? Is it conceivable? She should


have won at three of those last four points. Even at her best,


Radwanska does not do the things that disrupts Serena. She cannot


penetrate the court. She feels no pressure and no panic to go for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Serena does such a great job of Oh, boy! You cannot miss that. That


was such a good return. That is what her dad was talking about with


Tomasz Wiktorowski knows those are the sorts of thing she needs to


At 30-30, she is trying to stop That is what Serena has been able


to do, not only in this match, but in the whole tournament. She was


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


not moving that great earlier but Radwanska is challenging the surf.


Not a lot of hope. -- at the serve. It is impossible for her to think


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


That is certainly the best point that Radwanska has played. I am


surprised that Serena did not move in. She let her back into the rally.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


That was a great effort by This is her chance. It is what she


It has taken her 69 minutes to That will be challenged, I would


think. Umpire Macro she is challenging the serve. -- UMPIRE:


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Serena it offers up the unforced error. We have a match on an hands.


-- Our hands. When she had chances on previous points, she moved in.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Frustration for raptor Macro. -- They must have had low bouncing


courts in Germany where she learnt her tennis. Good reaction from


Serena after dropping her serve That is the 7th time that Serena


has lost her serve in The A good serve from Radwanska. A


She got away with it. She made a player that next ball. Serena saw


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


she was there. She is very game 8 great turnaround from Radwanska.


She is getting more power up on her shots. It is the belief. She thinks


she has a chance in the rallies. How big a factor our nerves playing


with Serena? No question you get nervous when you get older. She


said they affected her badly at the French. She has had some lapses in


this event where it looked to be over and she had a struggle. She


won 7-5 just to get into the quarters. She looked like she was


going to dust off the semi-final. It is the same thing that has


happened here. That last service game, she clearly should have won.


She got a little bit hesitant just at the wrong moment. Credit to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Can she continued to run with the That was a beautiful shot! It is so


unusual to see Serena back- pedalling. I thought she has volley


it pretty well up to the stage was a bit which shows that nerves have


got in the way. Otherwise she would There she goes. It makes search the


difference with her mind set. She wants to go after the shots.


Immediately followed that one forward. That is exactly what she


just said. She has been watching a There you go! Why did cannot do


that the last game? -- I'm not do that. A great adjustment from


Serena the last two points. She knows what it is like to went on


court. She has allowed Radwanska to play her way back into this set.


Serena are showing some great Radwanska is showing why she got to


this point. She has become Two of the best serves she has hit


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


in the match. Fresh balls helping A halt to at love just when she


wanted it. -- a hold to love. That was the hardest serve she has hit


in the match. She has a lot of reasons to feel a whole lot better


about things about now. It would be an explosion on Centre Court if she


could pull off this set somehow. Then it really would be game on.


saw it a bit yesterday with Jo- Wilfried Tsonga. He got himself


back into it. You could see the pace of the ground strokes increase.


We are seeing it here with Radwanska. She has never even been


to a Grand Slam semi-final before this tournament. It is all


uncharted territory. We thought the start would be crucial. The rain


delay meant she could catch her breath. A good start in the second


set has let her believe. She is so much better than the first set.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


service of Serena is worse in the Things are getting a whole lot more


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


difficult for Serena right now. Eyed did not think I would be


seeing this. Scarcely credible after a set and a half that


Radwanska would be on the bird of taking it into a final set. --


It just goes to show even the best are not immune to nabs. Serena has


been struggling with that. After the past couple of years and


everything she has gone through, she in the last years has got tight


in the big matches - the big moments. Credit to Radwanska for


hanging in NAV. She has raised the level of her game and put the


pressure back into the Court of Serena. Still amazing to see. It


looked like it was going to be over so quickly. She started to do


things better. She got more on her serve. She hit the ball cleaner.


She has employed the slice of the forehand. She has used every trick


in the book. It worked. She got into the head of Serena. She felt


the nerds but did not look like what happened. -- the nerves.


Radwanska has won a higher And let's see if Serena continues


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


to be hesitant. The final set of We have talked about in the last


two sets how important it was for Radwanska to start well. It's very


important for Serena to try and get that swagger back. Her serve has


got better and better as the match has gone along. A perfect serve


into the body, just enough on it. She has got great feel and hands,


but that part of what game has not worked particularly well. -- her


again. The drop volley and the drop That's a gift there for Radwanska.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


The chance to get the early break I love that shock when she gets


down so low. It looks like her Not much you can do to defend


against that. She wasn't able to make one move, Radwanska. She had


A real mixed bag from Serena at the moment. What a better job Radwanska


is doing at handling Serena's hard, deep return back at her. As John


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Now we really have something here. Serena's the one, surprisingly, who


is going to have to get her service game under control. Dropped down


rather considerably, that last half of the second set. Has to find her


It is a sister act out there, isn't it? Venus, Serena's sister.


Radwanska's younger sister, Ursula, who also plays and also won Junior


She's being forced to produce her best now, Serena. She's working


hard to maintain her composure, because inside she can't believe


that she hasn't won this event already. She's fighting herself as


That's what she couldn't keep together at the French Open last


month. After she lost that second set, after having the lead, she


broke down in tears, was visibly distressed. So far, managing her


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


That was much needed and a good effort, because she still hasn't


quite got her groove back on serve. quite got her groove back on serve.


For her, it's doing it the hard way. For her, it's doing it the hard way.


She is trying to dig in mentally, How tough is it at this stage to


get yourself out of the Place Serena seems to be in? It's tough


when you are so close to victory. To winning the title, your fifth


Wimbledon. Now she finds herself in a third set, fighting herself, her


opponent who is playing better... Champions adjust. Let's see if


Some great tennis between these two She has got fabulous anticipation,


Radwanska. I don't know why, when she got the ball over Serena, she


didn't move forward. She let Serena UMPIRE: Miss Radwanska is


I don't think you should be allowed to challenge after you ask your box.


In the rules, technically you are Still hadn't recovered from that


second point. Two bad unforced 5 doubles in this match. There's


the best shot of Radwanska. That off forehand. Takes time away from


her opponent by her own propositioning, not by her power. -


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


That one she really earned. Serena At one point, I believe it was 6-1,


4-2, she was going for the double break, but Radwanska was able to


lift herself. During that game, Serena was so confident, so cocky,


I mean in a good way, but a somewhat risky way, "It's going so


well, I'm going to beat her at home game," trying some of those, shall


we say, different shots. The semi- Moon Ball kind of shot. She lost


that game. She thought, OK, I am still up a break. And then the


nerves got in the way a little bit. She hesitated on a couple of balls


where, earlier, she was routinely putting them away. When she lost


that game that clearly she should have won to go 5-3, suddenly the


match shifted and put a lot more stress on Serena's body, really


changed things. If she had won 6-1, 6-2, it would have been like, wow,


I can win any way I want. Now she is the one who appears to be in


Stick to what got her there. Interesting, before the match,


hearing Smartie -- Martina Navratilova talking about how


nervous she was to play her last Wimbledon final, in her thirties,


compared to when she first came on Somebody like that, who can win as


much as she did, can get nervous. So no doubt everybody can. A couple


of years since Serena won a Grand Slam title. This game will help.


There it is. A game in under a minute. We had the golden set in


this tournament. That was a golden game. That's part of why she


thought, at 6-1, 4-3, it was over. UMPIRE: Miss Williams is


No tie-breaks, so challenges become Great imagination. You could see


she had it lined up, from here. She This is the type of thing she needs


to do, clearly. Go after that serve, shorten these points. A


championship move in the last couple of minutes by Serena. Four


aces in the previous game gives you a platform, doesn't it? It sure


You can't give Radwanska an extra chance in a rally. She did an


amazing job of turning defence into offence. Again, Serena was very


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


She got her 51st a winner of the final in the end. Both players a


bit winded there after that exchange. Such a huge moment here.


She grabs the first break in this That's her first break since early


in the second set. Those two games, well played from Serena. Those four


Acers certainly gave her more confidence for the return game.


are back to where we were in the second set, controlling the mind.


Yeah, but she has shown a lot of guts and heart to pull it together.


A lot of players would have been overwhelmed at this stage, but


she's done a great job of maintaining her composure when her


opponent's level had really picked up, the crowd had got much more


into it. You can see how bad she wants it, which is a wonderful


thing to see when you have seen her win so many before. Sharapova


talked about that at the French Open. If she were able to win


another Grand Slam after shoulder surgery and all the injuries, it


would be her biggest achievement. Serena says the same. After


everything she has gone through the last two years, to add another


Grand Slam title she thinks would She's within touching distance of


it again. A brick to the good in Great width to her tennis in that


rally. She has made a knight adjustment, a concerted attempt to


move forward and shorten these Six aces in her last seven points


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


I read a lovely line about Radwanska's tennis the other day.


It said she had mastered the art of Miss direction. She is tough to


Well, if she's going to win this now, Radwanska, she's going to have


to break Serena two more times, which would seem to be a very tall


order. The new balls will help her Oh, that's too bad, it just missed.


That would have been some point to This is a mere must-win game for


Radwanska. To give Serena a two chances to serve for the match, I


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


can't think she would falter but She wants to put it away right now.


Like all great champions, she's a vicious competitor. Desperately


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Well, Serena did not go after the ball. She played not to lose the


point but somehow Radwanska found a way. Radwanska has directed so many


shots to the forehand of Serena. That side gets tighter on the big


That was a better return. She kept What a bit of invention from


Serena! She claims that the break. Talk about surprising Radwanska,


she did not move a muscle towards that ball. That makes life a whole


lot easier for Serena Williams. What a time to pull this out! We


saw it early in the match but have not seen us since the first set


from Serena. How sweet it is! knows how great that second break


An early celebration for the American. She deserves it. She


really does. She has been through a lot. It does not get any easier as


you hit that dreaded 30. She has really done a great job. It has


been a lot more entertaining than we would have dreamed of an hour


and 15 minutes ago. Credit to Radwanska! Serena are back where


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


That was a valiant effort from It is a classic case of making your


opponent hit one more people. is a mission statement throughout a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


That was a perfect surf from Serena. Serena is Wimbledon champion up


What a moment for her! One of the 14 Grand Slam titles now come at


four behind Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova. She adds to her legacy


I guess when you had won it this many times, you know the quickest


way up to the box. The no, she does not! They must have changed it


She is congratulated by the coach of Radwanska. Now her sister. What


a lovely moment this is! The better player won on the day. Trying to


She and Venus both have five Wimbledon singles titles. She is


off somewhere else. I think she is choosing the safest way to get back


down to Centre Court. What a tournament it has been for


Radwanska! Never before has she made it to a semi-final in a Grand


Slam. She was under the weather. She has got to be so proud of


herself. She really made a match of this. If there were eight. Macro,


2-1 up in the third set, where she could do it, Serena lifted her game.


Well, Serena taking the applause of the crowd. The trophy awaits her.


Ladies and gentlemen, the trophies will be presented on court by his


Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, President of the All England Club.


He will be accompanied by the chairman of the All England Club


and President of the Lawn Tennis Tradition is so much a part of the


All England Club and Wimbledon. Always a lovely touch for the ball


boys and girls, who had done such an incredible job at these


championships. The greatest compliment you can give them is you


Ladies and gentlemen, today's chair umpire! From Sweden, an official


since 1994. A First Lady's single final for him as well. -- first


ladies singles final. And to the She has rewritten Polish tennis


history this week in the same manner that Andy Murray has done it


Understated but certainly not underrated. And the Wimbledon


ladies' singles champion 2012, Serena Williams! She'd take the


walk for the big time in her career. -- she takes the walk for the 5th


time in her career. The wonderful ladies of trophy! -- ladies trophy.


Of course of the original stays at the club but you do get an eight


inch replica to take with you. SUE BARKER: You fought so hard and


won so many fans, I hope you are proud of your performance had today.


Thank you so much. I think I have had the best two weeks in my life.


I'm very happy to be hit in the The applause says it all. It was


not the result you wanted but I hope you have many happy memories.


Of course. I remember 2005 when I won Junior Wimbledon. I think it


was not my day. I will try next Finally, I know it has not been


easy for you. Everyone knows how you have been suffering over the


past few days and it was doubly difficult for you. We were playing


in the rain and the wind and it did not help me much. Anyway, I think I


was playing great matches here. I was playing my best to date as well.


I am very happy and thank you so much for the support. Thank you so


match, ladies and gentlemen, Serena, how nice does it feel, that


trophy again? I cannot even describe it. Thank to hope that for


letting me get this far. I almost did not make it a few years ago. I


am here again. I am so happy. mentioned being in hospital. With


everything you have been through, does it make it sweeter? Most


definitely. I never dreamt of being here again and being so down. Never


give up. Thank you guys in the box - Daddy, mum, Sasha, Esther! Thank


you. I cannot name everyone. If you are over there, thank you from the


bottom of my heart. I could never have done this without you. When


you were with me in a hospital, thank you so much! You too, Isha!


You were there every day. Thank you. I am glad you came down the safe


route. I could literally have leaped over there. I did not want


to do that. Maybe next time. have the doubles coming up. You had


to date so deep at the beginning. How did you control your emotions?


It was really tough. She played so well. That is why she has had such


a great Korea and so young. Another round of applause because she is


amazing. I do know it is rude to talk about


age that you have made an incredible achievement at the age


of 30. Martina Navratilova won it in 1990. Is it the new 20? Oh, my


God! Of course. Hello. I have been saying all wheat, mentally, I am 12,


13. -- all week. You can match Venus with the trophies now. Thank


you, Venus, for your advice during the rain dilemma. I had to copy you


again. Sorry! -- rain delay. Congratulations on a 5th Wimbledon


trophy. Serena Williams! It is a remarkable story. It continues. I


wonder how long it will continue with the sort of form she is in


right now? At the end she thanked a lot of people. Venus, the older


sister, who was out there and done and doing so many big things in


tennis, to have your little sister come and steal your thunder in a


big way... I had a little brother myself who played on the tour. I


can only imagine what it would be like. Lucky I only had to imagine


it! To have to handle that with the grace she has shown throughout this,


and the support she has given Serena, it is unbelievable. And it


is so genuine. It really is. It is amazing. Just think what they have


to go through playing each other. How do you do that and be able to


manufacture and play your best tennis when those emotions get in


the way? We often sort of haute in a way, as lovers of the sport, and


commentators and fans, you would see someone else in the mix because


it was so bizarre to see themselves play each other - have to


commentate. Thankful that she was brought in. As the question about


how long she can go on? A couple of years ago no one would have dreamed


she would have had the problems she had. You never know. That is why we


love sport. We will be thinking the same thing tomorrow when the great


Roger Federer goes up against Andy Murray. If he were able to play the


type of tennis we saw against Novak Djokovic, you could say, how does


he keep doing it? You certainly think he could win at least two,


three more of these will start Venus is the only other person who


has managed to take Serena to three sets in a Wimbledon final.


Radwanska has managed to take a set of her for the first time on the


bigger stage in the world. Credit to her she was able to do that. She


could not handle the power in the end. Huge credit to her! She had to


deal with a sore throat and issues. The overwhelming odds she was up


against even to make it competitive. She must be so proud of herself -


deservedly so. I have seen them all. Martina Navratilova, Billie-Jean


King, when I was growing up as a kid. The Chris Evert machine.


Monica Seles, Steffi Graf. I must be forgetting someone. I believe


you are watching the greatest female player that has ever played


this game. Enjoy it while you can. Who knows what can happen in the


next few years? Do you think she will get over 18? I did not say it


will be easy. If you go buy records, it is not definite. In golf, you


thought Tiger Woods would do it and he has not managed it yet. There is


work to be done, clearly. Is that the all time? Is it 18 questor much


up Steffi Graf has the all time - 22. -- is it a team? It is an elite


A couple of Wimbledon titles behind Steffi Graf. She won all four


Major's four times each. She won the slam and be Olympics. There


should be a law they have to play tennis! You cannot imagine a better


team pull than that combination. -- gene pool. This would be an


occasion that Serena would not mind signing some autographs. I was


going to say, let the celebration the game! Excuse me, I forgot about


the women's doubles. A lot of people would love to get her up and


get her to the studio. We may have to wait. It is always a nice


tradition. Minutes goodbye. There it is, already, the winner. --


goodbye. Maybe she is thinking about the doubles. The court is


cleared but the memories are still fresh. Serena Williams claims her


SUE BARKER: And emotional Serena Williams collecting her 5th


Wimbledon title. She wobbled in the second set but she held her nerve


at the beginning of the third and That was the moment she realised


she had equalled what her sister had done. With everything she had


been through, it was quite special. Lindsay Davenport has made her way


up here. She was a very emotional Serena. She talked about the


illness and career-threatening injury. It is incredible she is


back and winning Grand Slams. started going downhill a few years


ago. She got injured with her feet. That turned into the pulmonary


embolism. She managed to regain her confidence on court. She said she


was in the hospital and it was great to hear her thank her support


team. She had always said, if she could win another one, it would


mean so much. You could see it in her face and expressions and


attitudes. 10 years on from winning her first but I think this will be


the sweetest of them all. Given the way the French Open went for her.


She went out in the first round. She held it together so well. After


the second set she could have become frustrated and given him.


She was composed and stayed in the moment. It was such a key game. She


had 15-40. If it had gone 4-3, it was a key game. Once the break did


not happen, the nerves were on the service games. For her, the drop-


shot winner at 4-2. She knew she had a chance to serve for the match.


She was not going to let it go. serving was not at its best. Over


The Championships, 102 aces. It is such a big weapon. Such a huge shot


to have on grass? Her first serve percentage went down. That allowed


Radwanska to see -- sneak the second set the way. How about the


game where she said four aces in a row! That gave her all the


confidence in the world. That is what kick-started that in a way -


the fact she can serve that well. They must be wonderful knowing you


have a weapon to get you out of trouble. Even on her second serve,


she always knows she can rely on it. She has a perfect pass. That gets


her through so many jams when her ground strokes are not working.


can relax now. All tension has gone. The emotions that she has gone


through. Heading up to the balcony. Traditionally they used to go out


of the front door. This year, maybe for health and safety... Of those


barriers were getting a bit wobbly last year when the champions went


out. They are going out on to the balcony. I guess that was a nice


moment when you had to do that. course. The tradition it is so


great. Every player knows it and every player respects it. It is


amazing to think, five singles titles. Beat two of them have


collected 10. It is such an incredible record. It is amazing!


To think about the possibility of two sisters accumulating 10 from 12


years, it is amazing. Now going for the doubles title again. The way


they have been able to change the game and dominated at Wimbledon, I


cannot imagine that will ever be done by a sister combination again.


As for Radwanska, I felt awful when she was starting to cry it in her


opening answer. She fought so hard. I am not sure how she turned it


around after the rain delay when she had been demolished in the


opening set. Towards the latter stages of the second set, you could


see how she got to the very top of women's tennis. She will be ranked


two on Monday. She tries to find ways to disrupt her opponent.


Serena gave a small opening. A lot of others could not have taken that.


Radwanska was able to do it because she had that belief. She is very


sick and very tired. A little bit emotional but she will view this as


a huge stepping stone. She was see how much improved in the final.


was not going to make the excuse about being itself. I thought I


would tell everyone. You could see she was suffering. You want to be


at your very best and it was not able to happen. I have seen her in


the locker room all week. She has been fighting the respiratory


illness. Look at that! Thousands of people in the walkway to see Serena.


She will be loving this moment. She likes to put on a show and see the


fans out there. Those who had a cute and not been able to get on


Centre Court. Being close up to it again is special. It had security


around it at all times. How big is the replica? About this big. Not


nearly as big as the original. guess you are very proud of that,


aren't you? It is amazing, at any time you win a Grand Slam. It is


one of a kind. Looking at Grand Slam champions, we are talking


about Serena. She goes straight in with 14. She was already ahead of


Billie-Jean King. Martina Navratilova with four. You wondered


whether she can do that. Who else is really going to be pushing


higher? I do not think a team is out of reach for at Serena. -- 18.


She is an amazing athlete and she is incredibly fit. She has a great


serve. I think it is in reach for her. When you look at Margaret


Court! Her career went on and on. Top players did not play the


Australian Open them. Now it is a major Championship. Then Steffi


Graf winning all four Macias four times, that is amazing as well.


Agnieszka has to look back and think her first major title is not


too far away. It will be next week before she can look back with a


clear head and be proud of what she accomplished. Very few players win


their first round Slam title in their first final. She will have so


much experience. She had never been to a Grand Slam semi-final before


Wimbledon. It may not be the ship that it will be within the next few


years. As for Serena, Venus has been through so much as well. I


wonder whether we would ever see Venus playing... Not at her best


but even competing for a Grand Slam again. I had doubts after the first


round. I have to say in yesterday's doubles semi-final, those last two


sets were vintage Venus. She was moving well and hitting the ball


better than I have seen in a while. It is not out of the question she


can get back her game. I do not know if she can win a Grand Slam


title but it remains to be seen. I think the doubles and potentially


winning later today will give her confidence to get back and start


competing with the best. It will be emotional if they win that today.


I'm so thrilled it was a competitive final. It looked like


We did not have a great women's final at the French Open, but


Radwanska proved everyone wrong in the second set. She fought back and


won the set. In the third set, Serena had to elevate so much to


win the title, and Credit Serena at that point. I was looking back at


the record books, Billie Jean kick -- Billie Jean King only took 49


minutes back in the 1970s, and glad that did not happen. Thank you so


much for your comments and during the match. Well, Andy Murray will


be on court tomorrow, hoping to make history, to become the first


British man since Fred Perry to win at Wimbledon, but we have a Briton


trying to make history today, Jonny Marray is through to the men's


doubles final with Freddie Nielsen. The last time we had a British man


in the final was 1960, but this was how they finished their semi-final


against the mighty Bryan Brothers, there are won here twice, the


defending champions. They have been so dominant over the years, but


Jonny and Freddy won in four sets. They had two other wild card to get


into the championships. After the Boys, congratulations, you are in a


Wimbledon final. That sounds good, doesn't it? You do not look too


excited about it, you look like you're expected this. Well,


definitely did not expect it, definitely happy, but I keep my


emotions on the inside. I am not a very outgoing person. Jonny, a bit


of history, first Brit in the men's doubles final for 52 years. It is


great, obviously, it has been a while, hasn't it? It could not have


happened for a nicer guy! And Andy Murray is trying to steal your


thunder. He can still my thunder, I will give him my permission. It is


great news for British tennis ball round. This is an important final


for you to get two, 2, Wimbledon is important in your family, your


grandfather was a singles finalist here. Tell us about him. Yes, he


was a great tennis player in his era. He was arguably the best


tennis player ever to come out of Denmark, so I was always brought up


as being Kurt Nielsen's grandson. I became Frederik Nielsen in my mid-


twenties! It has obviously been a big part of my life, him being a


Wimbledon player, a great tennis player. And to be able to come here


after being within so many times, it is magnificent, because to me,


there is Wimbledon and then there is everything else. I take great


pleasure and pride in doing well here, and just getting the chance


to play here, that is all I really care about. The chance to play on


Centre Court, that is all I wanted in tennis, and hopefully I will get


that chance and I'm really looking How did you end up playing


together? Well, we only requested a wild card based on the entry


deadline day. I was supposed to play with somebody else, but our


combined ranking did not get us in. I needed a wild card, Freddie and I


had a good run on the grass the week before, so I called up and


asked if he would do me the pleasure of being my partner at


Wimbledon. That is a proposal! course, he said yes, who would turn


that down, to play with me?! Getting through the semi-final, you


beat the Bryan Brothers, it was no ordinary semi-final, 11 time Grand


Slam champions. I think it was ordinary, if you're in a semi-final,


you expect to play people like that. Obviously, arguably the best team


that there has been, and they are still obviously a top team, had to


play a big tournament like this, you have got to expect to play


people like that in the latter stages. You know, it is a great


honour to play them, add to beat them at the end of the day, we


deserve to be where we are in the final. Can you go all way?


Absolutely. Absolutely. Weirder things have happened in sports!


They have indeed, a positive reaction from Freddie and Jonny,


what a moment this is for them, out they come, a wild card into the


championships, it really is a fairy tale. Well, up most of the crowd


have taken a bit of a break after the singles semi-final, but they


will be racing back to cheer them on. The story that Sonali was


hearing there, Kurt Nielsen was twice a finalist here, and he is


the first Dane to be in their final since his grandfather. They are up


against Robert Lindstedt and Horia Tecau, the number five seeds in the


championships, and they have been in the final here for the last two


years but ended up as runners up, and I think Jonny and Freddie will


be hoping it stays that way this time. A big moment for Britain's


Jonny Marray out on court, let's Robert Lindstedt and Horia Tecau, a


very experienced partnership, seeded number five, playing in


their third successive Wimbledon final. They lost, of course, in the


last two years, and this there are only playing their 4th tournament


ever together. The other three have all been challengers. Between them,


until they played Wimbledon, they had, in their entire careers, won


20 matches at all levels, and here they are up at the Wimbledon final.


It is an extraordinary story, and Jonny Marray, the first British man


to contest the doubles final here since Mike Davies and Bobby Wilson


lost in 1960. Bidding to be the first British winner of the men's


doubles since had his and Raymond's tacky beat fellow Brits in 1936. If


they could win this, tomorrow Andy Murray will clearly be the first


winner of the singles since 1936! Well, if he does today, Jonny


Marray, you would think it would be in the stars for tomorrow. It is,


as you said, the most amazing feat for these two to be in the final.


It is quite extraordinary, they got in right at the last minute. They


are so inexperienced as a team together, and at this level


together, and this is the Nacarat of the doubles, Wimbledon. You know,


Wimbledon is obviously the Makah in singles as well, but it is the one


Grand Slam where it is the best to five sets from the first round


onwards. They treat the doubles here as something special, and the


players, when they come in here, they love it, because they can walk


around, they feel like they are just as much a part of it as


anybody else. They do not have to play the system but they play the


rest of the year, which is a bit wrinkly dinky, to be honest, a bit


sudden death. You have one point to win the game one way or the other


in the third set, they do not even play it out, they just play a tie-


breaker, which makes it very Russian roulette tennis, really.


This is where it is really at, five sets, and they have proved


themselves at a tournament where you cannot look it, because you


have to win best-of-five set matches to get there, and they beat


the Bryans! Let's introduce you to the runners up for the last two


years, Robert Lindstedt, 35 years of age, he lives in the city where


they play the Swedish Open, a lovely fishing village, currently


ranked at number 10 in the world in doubles. His partner is 27 years of


age, he lives on the Black Sea, Romania, he is ranked number 11 in


the world for doubles. They have won two titles together this year.


We can look at their root through. They beat Jurgen Melzer and Philipp


Petzschner, the champions here two years ago, and they did so in four


Frederik Nielsen. As you were hearing, the first Danish player


ever to reach any Wimbledon final in the senior events since his


grandfather, Kurt Nielsen, who lost those two finals in the 1950s and


sadly passed away in June of last year. How proud he would have been


to be here today to see his grandson! Freddie is 28. Jonny


Marray is 31 years of age, born in Liverpool, he has crossed the


Pennines and now lives in Sheffield. A remarkable story, his prize money


so far this year is just under $30,000. Now, if they win today,


they each pickup �130,000. If they lose, �65,000 each, so it is a


total transformation. In the first round, they beat the Spanish seeds.


And of course that fabulous when in the semi-finals over the defending


champions, the Bryan twins from the United States. Interesting that in


two matches, they were two sets up, the momentum was against them, but


they have the determination to still win those matches. Our umpire


is from Greece. It is the best of five sets, as John was saying, the


only major when they still play the best of five sets. I was just


looking at the start of play on Court number one today, the junior


girls' singles was being played, and normally they would just be


watched by friends and relatives, but here, even though people who


buy those tickets know they have no chance of seeing any singles, it is


packed! Exactly, look at the crowd here. The US Open men's doubles


final is played at 11 o'clock on Friday morning with 1,000 people


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


It will be, appropriately, Jonny A nice mishit volley, but he will


take those! A smile on his face there, he did not get hold of it


very well, but a drop shot, and that is what you have both players


Not much you can do about that, both players have had their slice


of fortune in this opening game. think justice was served on this


point. A bit short with the backhand volley. He will drill that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Unusually, staying in formation for Well, that should really relax


Marray and Nielsen, because they would have undoubtedly been pretty


nervous coming out there. Yes, exactly, and Jonny Marray would


like to get a few more first serves in that he did end at Day, but some


good volleys to get him out of trouble. -- in that game. He wants


to keep his first serve percentage Lowe! That was a sling, surely!


That was about a triple swing on that one, wasn't it? I thought he


was playing lacrosse rather than Fortunately, it was out. Otherwise


the umpire might have had a Well, of course, these two start as


hot favourites. They have been in the final the last two years, but


they did not win a set in either of those matches. They are the pair


that has got everything to lose. Oh, what a return of serve! Talk


about taking the ball on the rise here, look at that, there was no


backswing. He just met it in front, blocked it, use the pace of the


Jonny Marray just annoyed and soft there, he had a chance. I know it


is the first service game, but the way they serve, if you get a chance


A lot of missed first serves again The reason for that is that this


little town than a device that stops the vibrating going up the


arm had obviously come out, so an Horia Tecau has won 11 doubles


titles, his partner 14. Their Some work to be done on the Jonny


Marray returns, two second serves, Good pickup by Nielsen on the half


volley. This is the toughest shot in the book, two-time a half volley


at this sort of speed. He did not really get as low as you would have


expected in two, but he got away with it. -- expected him to. Oh, he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


There was a lot of chalk flying up, but they think it might have been


long, but it wasn't, plumb on the Well, Freddie Nielsen, we have


talked a little bet about his grandfather, Kurt Nielsen, who was


one heck of a player. He got to the final of two Wimbledons, and I


believe you knew him pretty well. got to know him very well when I


was umpiring, because he was a tour supervisor, so we were responsible


to the tour supervisor, and I became a great friend of his. And


then he, having left that job, he moved on to become a commentator


for Danish TV. We got to get that many of the tournament. That is


curt junior on the right, the son of her senior, the father of


Freddie. -- Ted Nielsen. A very nice man, Kurt Nielsen. He reached


the final here tries, unseeded, not bad going. The last two two


Americans. -- he lost to two A little delay because of course


people are not allowed to take their seats at the first change


You just see how close the players get to the net. He is almost over


the net there. You keep thinking it would be crying out for a long, but


they are such good athletes, they get back so well. Unless you do it


Yes, one of those heartfelt apologies, when you are really


saying, yes, please, a few more of I said some work had to be done on


the Marray return. It is not his Well, Freddie Nielsen, it is a very


high risk area where he is returning serve. He is taking the


first serve inside the baseline, a bit like Andre Agassi. Not easy to


The first round of serving is complete, and all four men have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Here we go, with the chat, they put their hand over their mouth like


their opponents can hear from the other side, or maybe they think


there is a lip reader in the crowd! Well, Nielsen could have a chat in


a whole series of languages, German, Swedish, Norwegian and English, but


I'm not sure that Jonny would It is a ridiculous story, isn't it?


These guys have played two Challenger tournaments in


Nottingham, lost in the first round in one and got to the final in the


other. They played a Challenger in Dublin and they got to the final.


And here they are in the Wimbledon final in their fourth tournament


together. It doesn't make sense but it's a magnificent achievement. I


think they have settled incredibly well. A Grand Slam final? They have


held serve three times, they don't look nervous, they look like they


are embracing the situation. Fabulous. There's another man from


the steel city of Sheffield. Roger Taylor, three times a singles semi-


finalist. My first Wimbledon, he lost 7-5 in the fifth to Kodes in


Served a double fault in each of his service games, Tecau, so far.


Tend to be the captain of the two. That was another complete mishit


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Using the body serve pretty I wonder whether Nielsen will start


to back up a little on the return of serve. He is taking it so early,


standing just outside the baseline but then stepping in two or three


feet. So tough to time that. I suppose if he does it one time,


maybe they will break. In the tie- break, he can take a risk. But I'm


not sure if he is making enough He too has served a double fault in


each of his service games. On both occasions on the first point of the


game. It puts you under that little And now the first real pressure on


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


A fine return. And here are the And the number five seeds have the


first break of serve. Both of them very much doubles specialists.


There's a very good living to be made out of the game. Both have


made over $1 million in prize money. They have done very well, Lindstedt


and Tecau. It's all about finding a partner you can gel with. Talking


about the return of serve, when you watched the Marray and Nielsen


strike point, you can see how close Very close inside the baseline.


Very risky tennis. He is going to have to back up a little bit.


Marray, taking longer. He is stepping further back, trying to


Striking a rich vein of form at the moment, Robert Lindstedt, the


A very solid serve he has. In the mid- 120s. A lot of hype. He gets a


high percentage of first serves. -- That was a good return from Marray,


because he was so far off the court. Lindstedt and Tecau consolidate the


break. Interesting, Nielsen tried something a little different on the


return, the lob. So it falls to Jonny Marray to keep his team in


One thing these two men have in common, they are both supporters of


Liverpool. A dirty word in the Mercer household after Brendan


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Rogers moved from Swansea to It's real one strike tennis at the


moment. I don't think we have seen a chipped return yet. They are


going for big winners on every So they keep the first set alive


and it's not just the prize money that they will earn which will


transform their careers, but the rankings will soar. They were both


move into the Top 40 in the world. If they win, they move into the top


30, so they can get into all the tournaments. That will make a huge


difference when they can get into a majority of Tour events. For the


Masters Series, they may need to get a little bit higher, but it


will make a huge difference to their income. Once they get that


sort of ranking, who knows? You are a great film buff. You will


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


appreciate one of Britain's great He's finding the return. He's still


persisting. That time... Looked a bit of balance when he hit that,


but the result was good. -- a bit Very good return from Jonny Marray


He mishit that one as well, but got away with it. If you have a


graphite frame, you may as well use it! Oh, the sun is out! The wind.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


One break of serve, then, enough to decide the opening set, which took


exactly half an hour. No doubt about the star performer. Robert


Lindstedt, in superb form. played very well indeed. He was the


leader and came out there and was very sharp on his first serve,


moving a lot, reflects volleys, his return was good. Tecau back him up.


A couple of double faults from Tecau, but still very aggressive.


You don't expect him to be anything The stats don't look that bad, but


unfortunately the one service game, he only got one first serve in that


game. In the style of tennis, points go quit. If you drop your


first serve percentage, you can be in trouble. -- go quick. Remarkable


story about Robert Lindstedt, he very nearly died at birth. The


umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. Only quick work by the


hospital staff save him from being What a pity. What fabulous reflexes


from Tecau. I have seen him do these doubles drills where they


stand up at the net and the coach belt the ball at Mach 5, right at


them. It's precisely for that reason that they do those drills,


That second serve really sat and Tecau trialled it at Jonny Marray.


A bit of trouble here. -- drilled Almost hit that one too early,


Lindstedt. Now there, taking quite a lot of pace off that serve.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Can't help feeling, John, that that was a really important game.


Nielsen lost his previous service game, 0-30, this match could have


got away from them quickly. Unlucky there for MOBILE -- Marray.


A good interception but unfortunately just clipped the top


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Making more returns now, which is He mishit the return, he mishit the


lob and he wins the point! That was another mishit lob. It turned out


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


A lovely return of serve there. He took that kick serve on the rise,


didn't let it get too high. That's a bit fortunate there as


well. The forehand volley from Tecau. Didn't hit it cleanly, it


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


dropped short and ended up being a In one sense, disappointing that


Marray and Lindstedt -- Nielsen couldn't convert their first break


point, but they are certainly making more returns. Very good


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


They debated whether to challenge that first serve. They made the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Really good serving from Marray. In They are using the eye formation,


keeping the receivers guessing as Lindstedt, the captain of the two.


Tecau at the beginning was not playing at his best, but has now


got back his form. They are a tough team to beat. Their serving the is


so consistent. The first volley, Miranda Hart has taken her place in


the royal box. Filling up again. The president of the club, the Duke


of Kent, back in his position. Who have you spotted, madam? I think


they should have seat warmers in the royal box, like they have at


the Academy Awards. They should never be empty. Have some members


standing by. She has filled a few stadiums in her time, Maria Bueno,


three times singles champion and a Seems to have found his timing now.


Much better. Still standing in pretty close. He met that one so


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Third double from Tecau. Once again, the seeded pair find themselves


behind in his service game. Much better on that one, kept his


left shoulder up a bit longer on Some good overheads there. The


first one in particular. Really smacked that. Clearly a bad bounce!


A shame, because it was an Didn't get his balance right on


that backhand volley. That was a pity. When you get the lob over


your opponent's head, your odds-on He does not hold back, does he,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Once again, it is Nielsen who was You half expect Marray to try to


poach it to take some pressure off is far enough. -- off his partner.


And that is what Lindstedt was expecting, too, so be slotted it


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


behind Marray, a break point now A relief for Freddie Nielsen's


parents, as he comes to be another tough service game. Here, Marray


slips, and it is a good job that one did not go over. When your


partner is struggling a little bit, as Nielsen is on serve, what can


you do to help him? You have got to back him up, encourage him, try to


help and a little bit more on the poaching, but just give him


encouragement, really, mention where he should serve a little bit


more, read Chuck a bit, small things. -- reach our. So the


Murray-Nielsen partnership as really prove their first serve


percentage, and also the number of points won behind the first serve.


That is why they are more competitive in this set. Well, that


is interesting, they are already That is a pity, Lindstedt got the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


wrong idea, with plain that little Excellent placement of the serve


Very nifty in their Panama hats, the support group of Lindstedt and


Tecau. The first love service game of the match for them. A new set of


tennis balls being brought out. 16 games completed. They change them


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


after the first seven and The first ace from Marray, who was


now into a really good serving So 4-3 up in the second set, but


they dropped the opening set. We are moving over to BBC Two if you


want to continue watching. Coming up later, we also have Serena and


Venus Williams in the ladies' doubles final. If you are just


joining us, the big story is that Serena has been crowned the


Wimbledon champion once again. There were emotional scenes on


Centre Court has Serena, who has come back from serious illness and


injury, claimed her third Wimbledon title. It was a war fought battle -


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