BBC Two: Mixed Doubles Final Wimbledon

BBC Two: Mixed Doubles Final

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Hello and welcome to Wimbledon. We saw history today, but it belongs


to Roger Federer. He produced a masterclass to crush Andy Murray's


dreams of becoming the first British man to take the title since


1936. This is how he did it. This was match point. A dramatic


match which Murray had led by a set and a break of serve. But the rain


came down, be roof came down and Roger got better and better. It is


the seventh title. He has not held the trophy for three years, but


this is what it means to this great champion.


Andy Murray gracious in defeat, but very emotional on the court


afterwards. He tried so hard but it was not enough. The genius of this


man, just too good on the day. This was just a few moments ago


with his wife, who has been such a supporter since they met in the


year 2,000. Well, she sat and saw him when so many matches. This


means so much to him. He may not win a Grand Slam again, they said.


But here he is, not only collecting the trophy but becoming the world


No. 1. That will be made official tomorrow. And on the board behind,


the name Roger Federer is there seven times. An amazing record,


only equalled by Pete Sampras. Now writer making his way up the stairs,


through the guests of the boil box. -- now Roger making his way up the


stairs. Up onto the balcony. His enduring fans, who have waited


through the rain. They have been watching the screens, and that is


their reward. He is such a popular champion. He may not be British,


but boy, do they love him here. That is Roger Federer.


What wonderful scenes they are. They are true tennis fans. When you


think what they have been through, weather-wise. It has absolutely


poured here this afternoon. We saw history with it being the first


final completed under the roof. John Lloyd, Tim Henman with me.


Great scenes, and Roger, wow, seven titles. Such a popular champion as


well. It is just phenomenal. His


achievements in the game - 17 Grand Slam titles. People were trying to


write him off. He had reached the age of 30 and the list of people


who have won after their 30s is very small. But when you see the


way that he is playing, you see the way he moves, it is phenomenal.


Putting on a grass court, where I think it gives his attacking


ability that bit extra and I think he is the player to beat. I


wouldn't be surprised if insolvency comes back and is still the


favourite. He produces shot that nobody else


can. It must be so demoralising at the other end was stopped exactly.


If you don't get a -- at the other end.


Exactly. The volley he hit in the second set, the drop volley from


the service line, nobody would have even thought about going for that


other than him. To make it, that won the second set, basically. I'm


not sure what is his best performance - winning the Wimbledon


title of becoming number one again. To me, that is mind boggling.


A nice problem to have. It is 285 weeks, which equals the


record off Pete Sampras. As long as nobody plays for the next seven


days, he breaks that record as well. It was the only record that Sampras


had left, and he has taken it away as well. If you look at the way the


ranking system works, it is points are Kimmett over 52 weeks. Djokovic


had won a couple of Championships and had a good chance of getting to


number one. But I think the knock on effect of winning is that he is


going to be number one for some time.


Tim, you were the closest -- the closest.


Do you see what he did wrong? He had never lost a set in a Grand


Slam final. Andy's momentum was with him. He did not take any break


points in the fourth set. Playing Federer, you know your chances a


look -- are going to be few and far between. He missed a few shots. It


is better that he has tried to play a point on his own terms. Mistake


from Federer, you would say he was not aggressive enough. -- if he was


waiting for a mistake from Federer. There was a pivotal game when they


came back under the roof. It went on for 90 minutes. 10 deuces. -- 90


minutes. It just breaks of spirit, when you have fought this hard.


You also have to consider that Murray had 40-0 in the game, three


opportunities to close the game out. opportunities to close the game out.


Then Federer was so intense. It was relentless, the pressure. Finally


he was able to take the opportunity. he was able to take the opportunity.


Federer held serve. That was where he was taking the match by the


scruff of the neck. The one thing about Murray, in the


other finals he was too passive. He was not passive today, he was just


beaten by a better player. There's no crime in that with Roger Federer.


The tough part now is this is four in a row. The press is going to get


on to that. This is where Ivan Lendl and so is money.


The Federer forehand won in so many points. This is where Murray is up


against the wall. Murray did well with a bad bounce,


Murray did well with a bad bounce, but he is playing aggressively,


looking to dominate. He ends up coming into the not -- net on a


good shot. Federer is able to come up with an exceptional backhand


pass. pass.


I was going to mention the forehand, but the back can, when you are


serving to him, you know you have got to get a good second serve in


because he runs around and unleashes this massive arm.


He was looking to run around and dictate on the second serves. When


you are playing against him and his forehand is that good and he is


hitting over towards his backhand side, your target to aim at is very


small. Then you see the way to open it is you hit a backhand down-the-


line, but then you play to his strength. That is where the margins


becomes more. Once the start dominating -- he starts dominating,


you make unforced errors. It is like a vicious cycle.


You get a feeling at the beginning of the fourth set, when the break


happen, that it was just demoralising.


I think he was. The second serve, Murray's stats coming into this


were phenomenal win any -- winning second service points. But you


could see Federer causing Murray some problems.


This was his last chance. He had worked so hard, and look at that.


This is why this game is so great and so cruel. Half an inch would


have made the difference of keeping the set alive.


That is a different story. That is a forehand he will make 19 out of


20 and he has just over hit it. That was when Federer had the


momentum. He was up two sets and he felt he had to try and break back


then or federal was going to make it harder for us stop he was having


trouble standing up -- federal will -- Federer was going to make it


harder. He was going to have trodden --


problem standing up. It was tough for him today. He was


taking the ball on. It was a very good performance. He is going to be


devastated, but if he takes it the right way, he is close, getting


closer. There's more Grand Slams left.


And Roger Federer said it, he will win one.


I think we all believe that, but it is the most important thing that


Andy does. It is difficult for him in the short-term after losing such


an important match. He is doing the right things and he is playing the


right way, and the more he does that, the more opportunities he is


going to have in the biggest matches. But it is going to be a


tough loss to get over. That is when you have got to learn.


Ivan Lendl has got to pick him up, say, wait a minute and look at what


you did achieve. He has given so much excitement and hope to people


here. I hope he knows that he has got the support.


I think it helped him today. The crowd loved him. The beauty of


tennis is there's a chance to get back into the winning circle just


around the corner. We have got the Olympics, the US Open in a couple


of months. Not long to wait to have another go.


But finally, we get paid tribute to Roger Federer, who is back at the


top of the game. It is incredible, what he has been


able to achieve in the short-term. You felt that perhaps Djokovic and


Nadal were separating themselves from him and he had other ideas.


When you go back to the semi-final in the US Open, I think this is his


eighth title since then and he has been knocking on the door, but he


has never won the struggle for confidence. This is going to


increase that. Thank you very much. We have got


more tennis coming up. The mixed doubles final is heading on to


Centre Court. Today the hero was Roger Federer. Champion for the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


A great and popular champion. We have got one file to go at


Wimbledon. It is the mixed doubles final and they are on Centre Court.


It is the No. 2 seeds against the No. Four seeds. We have got Leander


Paes and Elena Vesnina against Lisa Raymond and Mike Bryan. They are on


court. Everybody is taking a rest after the drama of the men's final.


But they will be back in their seats after this one. Let's join


our commentators, Tracy Austin and Roger Federer's CV continues to get


more impressive. And it does not more impressive. And it does not


get any more impressive than the guys out here. Mike Bryan and Lisa


Raymond, Mike has won 11 Grand Slam doubles titles with his brother Bob,


and two mixed. Those are with Lisa. But that was nearly a decade ago.


In 2003 they won Roland Garros. And this is Lisa Raymond, 38 years of


age. The winner of 10 Grand Slams, four mixed, two with Mike Bryan.


One of them was in 1996. Then she won in 1999 with Leander Paes. She


just rolls on and on. Here is a guy a year older than Lisa, Leander


Paes, aged 39. Seven men's Grand Slams to his name, 6 mixed. He has


been going, wing titles since... He won the mixed here in 1999. They


know each other's play inside out. The one young woman here who has


not won a Grand Slam yet, she has been knocking on the door, Elena


Vesnina from Russia. She has been in three Grand Slam ladies finals


and two mixed finals, one here. Tracy, it is a tough one to call.


It really is. These four expert doubles players. Three of them are


in their thirties, two in their late thirties. They have been


around the scene for a long time. Elena Vesnina is younger, 25. She


has the least experience. That is how they got through.


Straight sets all the way. The number former proceeds, they


had a run that was pretty easy until the semi-final. -- the number


until the semi-final. -- the number four seeds. That one went all the


way, as you can see. They have way, as you can see. They have


earned their place in the final A big smiler. Let's hope we are


going to have plenty to smile about this evening.


UMPIRE: One minute. It will take a while for the


atmosphere to rebuild. It was so charged through the Men's Singles.


Such a phenomenal tennis, such high quality throughout all four sets.


So much on the line for both players. Andy's speech won him a


lot of fans, so emotional. You can see what a title here would mean to


him. He had a terrific run to the final. He wants one more in his


career. Tracy, you were in the royal box to


watch that and now you are here with me. What happened?!


It was a phenomenal experience. To be there, so close to the court...


Leander Paes is going to play in his sixth Olympics in London. That


is the most ever for an Asian man. There's been some controversy, some


behind-the-scenes shenanigans and he has found it difficult to get a


partner but in the Men's Doubles and in the mixed. But he is a


phenomenal talent. At 39, he still moves spectacularly quickly around


the court. That would be Polly his best asset,


his positioning in doubles. -- probably his best asset. He is not


going to hit through his opponent all the time, although he is a


great shot maker. He can make the dip shots, the angles. He has


always tried to cut his opponents in two and get them out of position.


He is very much a threat at the net because he is so quick. You never


know where he is going to show up, and all of a sudden intercept your


shot. Elena Vesnina is a very solid ground stroke. A lot of power.


Got to the quarter-final of the women's doubles and lost to Lisa


Raymond, who is across the net from her again this afternoon. Liezel


Huber, too. Lisa Raymond will be playing in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


It will be the Americans to start, Right from the first point, you see


Leander Paes chips are down low. -- Bryan and Paes have been on


opposite sides of the net so many Got it down low, made it a


difficult shot for Vesnina. A lot A couple of interceptions from Paes,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


That was such a good return from Good teamwork, and they are on


their way. They have 158 doubles titles between them. Quite amazing.


They show no signs of easing up. Lisa Raymond has done a good job


over the last couple of years of becoming the fittest I think she


has ever been on tour. At 38, she was one of the oldest to win a


Grand Slam last year. Before that, I think it was Billie-Jean King.


Not much ferocity behind his sense, but he picks his spot. He has more


time to get to the net command he That was a perfect example. He was


on the service line. The closer you were to the net, the more difficult


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


it is for your opponent to get it If Leander Paes does not get that


shot right, Mike Bryan will be all over it. Carrillion from Leander


Paes! -- brilliant from Leander Paes. Lisa Raymond looked like she


had a whole there. Leander Paes was Paes knew he had to get all the way


across, otherwise Mike Bryan would Vesnina is very solid at the


Solid serving from Lisa Raymond. It is good to suit them settling in so


well. It was fantastic doubles last night. Fantastic tennis. Absolutely.


Us men's doubles was fascinating. Marray and Nielsen, it was great.


And Ben Serena and Venus winning. - - and then. Serena won the singles


as well. It is the kind of day when His reactions are so good. Our


reactions about the last thing you lose as you get older? I think it


is because of the eyesight. You're just not as quick at picking the


Leander Paes is so successful, at 39. You can see he could go on for


He is so good. Vesnina did very well to get back there. A lot of


encouragement. Not just one go, but three does, and that made the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Game for stock -- game. And so, an encouraging start. Very difficult


to pick the winner right enough. It looked like another dark cloud is


Beautiful staff -- beauty. That is the difference from the better it


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


doubles players, better positions X a return from Vesnina. --


excellent return. That flicker of the rest meant she could get it low


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


She is certainly going for the Game Fulstow up -- game. They may


have lost the game, but the best points SOFA and really belong to


We talked about Andy Murray missing out on the Grand Slam title. This


is the 6th for Elena Vesnina. Looks like the body language is very


positive. Meandered does a good job. He is so experienced. -- Paes this


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


His father was an Olympian, I think There was an incredible return.


think he has the best return in Men's Doubles. The most effective,


That was not good communication there. This Vesnina could not get


it, she needed to say, yours. -- if Serving to Mike Bryan. That was


another super return. The alarm It was the far side from us, so


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Now the set to Mike Bryan. -- said He was making absolutely sure that


Raymond had done the job. They have broken the pace serve. They are


That return was set up to hide. -- too high. Vesnina air is not as


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


active at the met. -- Vesnina is It is looking good. Mike Bryan has


earned nearly $9 million. When you start winning doubles titles, there


is a heck of a living to be made. Lisa Raymond was a singles player


as well. She stopped playing singles in 2007. Once, she was


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Good serving. Good Deepa UMPIRE: Let, second service.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


And again from Vesnina. She has Maybe Vesnina thought Mike Bryan


Really solid play. The problem is, when it amount to anything? -- will


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


If you go down the Medellin doubles, you are taking away the angle from


your opponent. -- go down the Busy dented challenge? -- is he


going to challenge? Lisa must have The set is not over. Set. Number


Vesnina lob that returned back. Paes with the cross at just the


22 mph serve. I do nothing for a moment he will let up. -- I do not


Barker -- SUE BARKER:. We're going to break away from this briefly. If


you want to continue watching, you come on then red button. But on


Centre Court, we witnessed a very emotional Andy Murray deliver a


tearful speech after losing the final to have Roger Federer. One


hour on, a more composed and he is talking to Phil Jones.


You dig yourself proud today, you did the nation proud. What was it


like getting that first set under your belt? I tried to make sure I


was moving my legs aloft and get as many balls as I could. I got a


break in the first game, which was a good start. The last two days


were not that easy. I was much happier with the way that I started.


You carry that through into a second set and had opportunities


there. Was that the gear shift in terms of him coming back into the


match? I went for my shots, and did not second-guess myself which may


be in the past I had done. One man lost serve, -- when I lost serve,


that was a tough game to lose. Those games were important.


crowd supported you. How a where are you of everything going on


around you? It gives you an extra boost. When you feel it is getting


away from you, it stops you thinking that, and to focus on the


next game. I just couldn't quite get there. 1 USSR -- when you


assess the fortnight, how proud are you? It is the first time I have


been in the final here, so it is a good start. I think I'd dealt with


the situations I was in. I thought I did a good job in the game with


Baghdatis. I think the two weeks has been good for me. A I am


disappointed. I think this has ended due to many more people --


endear you. What do you think about that? Was trying to say, a lot of


people say playing a Wimbledon, they have is so much pressure and


it is so difficult, it is not the case. People say the pressure comes


from the public. Everybody has been supporting me, it has been


unbelievable. These last couple of weeks, they have not put the


pressure on me. I was upset at the end. I feel that supports and I


You did us proud. Thank you. SUE BARKER: He did not let anybody


down. He had the great champion rattled. Roger Federer believes he


can win a Grand Slam one day. He has a lot to be proud of.


That was Andy Murray. We are heading back to Centre Court, where


we are in the opening game of the second set. Let's rejoin Tracy and


Leander Paes is having trouble again with his serve. It was broken


in the opening set. It means he is a point away from taking this


A second double for the team. Really cannot afford to have his


serve broken at the beginning of the second set. The momentum seems


Such an excellent return from Lisa Raymond. Just got it down low.


A subtle smile from Paes. Yeah, poor execution, and now facing a


Leander Paes really struggling to hold his serve. They keep mixing it


There's any again the star of the show. Great return, and then too


Too much power from Raymond. She was trying to finish it off with a


Mike Bryan wanted to challenge, the umpire said it was too late.


Phenomenal return! She played well in this game, Lisa


He is holding on. But it is a question of that, isn't it? He is


under constant pressure. Vesnina Oh, yes. Just the block up the line


He just Czechs, but the umpire confirms the call. Another double,


That was scary from Leander Paes. Under pressure and a break point


down. Mike Bryan didn't pick that at all. You wouldn't. You would


think he would go deep. This kind of shot is even more difficult on


Another one. Clever from Vesnina. On grass, those shorter volleys are


Out, and out of trouble. Four break points saved. They edged out in


front. That will give them some confidence. Really pushed to the


lower it. -- limit. Vesnina missing a few volleys early on in the game.


It put her apart under pressure. -- her partner.


Mike Bryan will serve. It has not been automatic that he holds serve,


far from it. This looks like it could be like


the last one. Such a great angle out wide to the Vesnina's backhand.


There's the angle. Of course, Bob is married already


She has her own Twitter account. The reactions are so fantastic. You


expect them to make shots like that. It was like he took a full swing on


it. Normally you don't have time. Lisa Raymond, just clapping for the


space. Just so accurate, just a couple of


What a wonderful shot. Just did on his tape -- toes and nailed it.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Danger could be lurking. Paes is so close to the middle, trying to help


They were knocking on the door with Paes's serve, and four break points


couldn't make it count. They are looking good now, the number two


seeds. They have looked solid throughout


the whole match. Serving well. They are charging the net. It is so


tough to get around them. They have made very few unforced errors.


is amazing, though, looking down at the stats, that when these two


started winning titles it was 1996. 16 years ago. Now, another nine


Grand Slam titles later and the small matter of $9 million, her


achievement is there for all to see. I don't see her stopping any time


soon. Her brother is 34. Former singles champion, Sam Smith.


The attempted lob from Paes didn't You can see why they have gotten


here. There's Nena, went to get a hold of the serve, is penetrating.


-- Vesnina, when she gets a hold of Paes has been a little weaker on


his return of serve today than Just a little unlucky there,


So impressive. It is tough to see Paes and Vesnina claim back. --


coming back. It has got to start For Raymond and Bryan, this is


She has played so well, Lisa Raymond.


Her lobster have been fantastic. -- her lobs.


She has just got better and better Still the body language between the


When she won the US Open with Lyse on Huber, she was the youngest


player ever to win -- yes el Huber, she was the oldest player ever to


win a Grand Slam. But she looks ever green, as fit as ever. Playing


so well now. She is quite She has had a terrific year. She


and Liezel Huber, the number one doubles pair. They are virtually


unbeatable. Here they lost to the Williams


sisters in three sets in the semi- finals. Two American teams that


Good to see the Americans doing well, Tracy. Trying to be as


It is interesting. In the doubles to see a lot of pairs this year


that would not normally have got The other Russian pair. Too good.


This service game is going to be rather like the last two, it seems.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Sure enough. That could not be much It was a good effort. A challenge.


He looked to his team and somebody gave him a nod. They are right.


is shaking his finger. He smiles-everything. -- he smiles


Unless you think it is clear, why would you not use Hawk-Eye? He was


the chair umpire, I think, for Dennis Isner and Nicolas Mahut,


which went on for hours and hours Just a clip off the top of the net,


giving Lisa Raymond's nude chance. A lucky. A terrific half volley on


the second shot. But the powerful Mike Bryan was terrific. She felt


the pressure. Bryan is the best returner in the men's game. So


consistent, something you can rely There's Nina showing a lot of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


spirit of there. -- Vesnina. Great Great to see the spirit. It means


No call from the line judge. And wrong. That was his reaction. Yeah,


maybe. He is a great character around the circuit.


Mike was still teasing him when he went to the chair as well. These


two are in a great position. Raymond really has played flawless


tennis today. There's been few areas to break them down. So solid


in all areas of their game. It is just half.


A big swing, but it is not quite happening. New balls will help


Raymond just skid through the court Her serve has been under no


pressure throughout the match. Racing through this service game


So they have got a cushion, and they have got Mike Bryan's serve to


come, which looks impeccable. First, Still a lot of belief, Paes and


Nobody home! A silent "Yours". in doubt, when in doubt, go up the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


middle because the person in the Fantastic rally! She is quite


amazing, a Elena Vesnina. Her And again. You tell her she's going


Just a bit too much on that shot the Mike Bryan. It was right at her,


does not enough time to get out of A great return again from Bryan. So


consistently good, we taken almost for granted. It looks so easy, but


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Good use of the I formation there. Vesnina was quick off the mark.


Get it right in Mike Bryan's will house and he will make you pay, he


picked his spot. Mike Bryan will now come in on the second serve.


Stays back, it takes a bit of pressure off Raymond to be trite --


That return again. Just phenomenal. That was the body serve, he just


took a very short backswing. He used a lot of rest to generate


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Paes taking control, but now the SUE BARKER: If you are tuning into


BBC took expecting a secret of our living Planet, that will follow the


conclusion of this match, which, if they hold serve, will not be far


Mike Bryan has been rock-solid on serve, hardly got a point in this


second set behind the serve, and you cannot imagine him freaking out


for the prospect of serving out for the title. He has served so quickly,


and it is a tall ask for Leander pace and Elena Vesnina hair. --


Now, what kind of magic will be to He really wanted to give it a crack,


but it were the ideal body surf. Mike has such great memories on


this court, last year with his brother, they want their second


They are now not right up there with the best team ever. -- they


are now right up there with the He took over! He was misdirected.


That was really Lisa's, and she quickly said, you, and he had no


Well played, Elena Vesnina. Both guys are looking to take control


here, Paes that side and Mike Bryan And again, he finds the serve.


Leander looked down, he is not going to challenge. Championship.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


She was shouting come on as he hit Just a moment's confusion there.


That is what made it count, it is It is in! And don't they deserve


it? It is Mike Bryan's serve they broke to keep in this. Mike Bryan


and Lisa Raymond just got a little Lisa Raymond had about three


overheads that she normally would have hit that Mike Bryan hit them


Great reactions from Leander pace, I have got to choose my words


carefully. In tennis, rather than in life, the men in Mixed Doubles


are usually are the Dominic factor, but it can usually be taken too far.


-- the dominant factor. I think Lisa just got a bit nervous,


rattled a bit, trying to close this Excellent return, and those nerves,


transferred over to Mike Bryan, he let that ball drop. He would not


That is why sport is so interesting, Not for a single moment have they


dropped their heads, these two. Not for a single moment have they


doubted that they are going to win They have done a good job of


playing point by point, not getting Of Olivette she would certainly


have made earlier in the sector. -- a volley. She made it all away


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


It has always been a good match but now it has taken a step up. It has.


Four Lisa Raymond and Mike Bryan, they have got to forget about that


match. They had, the game they had with Mike Bryan serving. -- they


have got to forget about that match point they had. A great emotion!


There is a small band of Indians, and they are making huge racket.


They might it even noisier if they can make this second set. It is


good to see, he is giving her all sorts of clues as to what to look


for, he knows Mike Bryan's game so I wonder if he ever comes down,


Leander pays? He seems completely animated all the time. How about


Vesnina, she is always bouncing around, walking very quickly


between points. Never showed any Sir Raymond is serving to keep her


Again, a little Miss communication between the Americans. A little bit


of luck from Leander Paes, she was trying to it -- he was try to run


How do you move that fast to get Always seems to be in the middle of


the court with the racket out in Great return. They have worked so


hard, and now it is their reward. Can they take it, two set points.


Critical for Raymond to get her Catching Paes, trying to run around


the backhand again. He has A super return, a great finish. We


People from India and from Russia, bosom pals right now. Paes and


Vesnina or winning the last four games in succession. It just did


not look possible, did it? It did not. Not with Mike Bryan serving.


Just shows you, takes a 10% deflation from that team, and a 20%


elevation from Paes and Vesnina, and the whole momentum changes in


this match. They do have momentum going into the third set. It will


be very difficult for Bryan and Raymond to turn it around. But it


is another super doubles match. We have had so many. It has been an


unbelievable tournament for play, and will stories, for drama. Every


single title has an unbelievable story behind it. Serena Williams


coming back from injury, a pulmonary embolism in her long.


Venus, or even. The things he has had to deal with, coming back and


winning a Grand Slam title. With her sister, Venus does not know one


day to the next issue is going to be tired and not be able to get out


of bed or feel terrific. Four that is a terrific story as well, with


the doubles. And then Roger Federer, after two-and- a-half years, a


Grand Slam champion again. And here we have Elena Vesnina, who has been


in five finals before, and lost them all. Now is just slightly


their favourite, she and Leander, to take this Mixed Doubles title.


The crowd are really involved in So it is Leander Paes to begin set


Just a look up from Mike Bryan to check, but no challenge. One of the


rare errors from Mike Bryan on the Five it's almost as if the more


time she has at the net, the less effective the shot. Her instant


It merely dropped him. When Leander Paes hit that shot, really should


have tried to get to the Mike Bryan backhand, the forehand, it just


unload. You cannot unload on that Again a, I think that the ball home


from Vesnina, if you are going to get Mike Bryan on the backhand side,


there are so many more choices on the forehand. The lob for effective,


they are already facing a brick Paes did not do enough with the


ball and it is break point. It is a difficult shot because he knew


Bryan Moore and Raymond were at the night, he had to be very precise,


A beautiful volley from Leander Paes, right between Raymond and


Raymond tried to get it down low, didn't really succeed, and you


Vesnina has missed a few more volleys in this match than Lisa


Raymond, that were the difference in the first set. Not quite as


She finished that game poorly. Elena Vesnina. She has been so


instrumental in getting the team back on track, just lost it there


in his last couple of points. is instrumental getting it back on


track with her ground strokes and return of serve, when she broke


Mike Bryan. She has struggled, a So the team of Vesnina and Paes


struggled in a few departments, Paes with his return of serve, and


Vesnina with her racket work at the net. Bob Bryan now has to, Mike


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Just half an apology from Lisa Raymond, but she got it exactly


where she wanted it. Making it Again, the interception from Paes


is so impressive. You could see him make his move before Mike Bryan had


Such great hands to pick the ball Persistence is paying off. And a


She is like a terrier out there, And Lisa Raymond so alert to the


possibility of that going down the That is a bigger body. -- a big


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Paes will be furious with himself. He loves his forehand. Really had a


big opportunity there and just Another superb reaction volley from


Lisa Raymond. And they have put a stop to the momentum that was going


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


If you didn't know, you could not That was a high-risk shot. I think


he thought Paes would leave that And that's where, when you have


somebody close to the net, you don't know what they will do and


A cat and mouse games. Good, clean Difficult to pick even now. Bryan


and Raymond have the advantage again but you would not thought out


another comeback. Vesnina has the power and absorbs the pace so well.


His father played hockey as an Olympian but you wonder if his name


was changed by deed poll because he does have such pace! Still at the


age of 39. As rapid as anybody on His 6th Olympics coming up. Let's


hope they can get the politics sorted out and he can take to the


court because there have been a lot of behind-the-scenes shenanigans,


which does not do anybody any credit. He is a huge star. At the


Sydney opening ceremony. Could go into the movies when he is done


He's got such an expressive face, Leander Paes. You can do what --


imagine him doing well there. It is keeping him still there would be


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Vesnina gliding in. And this is all about timing. Not doing it too


early because then Lisa Raymond can adjust and hit the volley up the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Great return from Paes. A fine finish. Paes hits that forehand


return much better. A lot of top spin. Really kicked about Raymond


She doesn't linger at all with that Solid volleying from Lisa Raymond.


Just blocking it and getting it So difficult to control that Hoff


volley. -- half volley. Be penetrating return again from


Subaru rally! -- super. They are biting back again. Just great


Again, she goes for the big return. And a lot of moving at the net when


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


4th deuce. Vesnina seems to get that return back in play when there


No doubt in my mind where I would go for Lisa Raymond here. Sad --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


stand closer to the centre of the Dave and fearsome, the coach of the


Bryan brothers. A former excellent doubles player on tour. Still


getting a bit edgy right now for Again, Elena Vesnina with some


You can put them down but you just can't keep them down! Just great


resilience. From Paes and Vesnina. So Paes on serve. Remember, he was


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


broken last time when he came up to Bryan did a good job of getting up


to the middle of Paes' backhand. Plenty of time to rip the forehand


to Vesnina. You can probably hear the rain. Torrential on the roof


Paes made that easy for him. It is almost like a mist has descended.


Absolutely lashing down! And the roof is... It has never been more


used than in this fortnight. It is so loud it actually makes it


difficult for the players because they cannot hear the ball on the


racket. And you rely on that so much to know how hard it is coming


A lot of break points in this The rain even harder, and it must


Two big serves from Leander Paes to For rain is so loud you couldn't


even hear Victoria Azarenka! -- the No! Raymond doing a very good job


there. I honestly don't think Paes thought the ball would be coming


back. He hit such an excellent volley but quick hands from Lisa


Raymond. Get that extra ball back Called out. You can only just hear.


Everybody looking upwards! It is And after an hour and 49 minutes,


for the first time in the match, Drama inside and drama outside!


This is the fiercest rain of the fortnight, and we have had some


rain this fortnight. Everything! Including Andy Murray finishing at


two minutes past 11 one evening, just in time. That was on a


Saturday night. Of course, that middle Sunday, they would have had


to wait a whole day to finish the match. A lot of great stories this


Wimbledon 2000 world. It is leaking! Those of the drains


outside! Oh! But who knows. Once they came indoors earlier, Federer


And Federer played a lot of his Cemaes and finals indoors. -- semi-


That was interesting there. Leander Paes whispered to Vesnina right


before that returned and I think Mike Bryan was thinking she was


going to cross. So he tried to go With this noise, you have to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Three games all, one Brick to each player. -- one break. The rain


beginning to ease, the noise Leander Paes read that goalie


Yeah. A good interception there from Mike Bryan. I continued to be


Leander Paes thought it was a let. He said the machine did not call it.


Fine return from Lisa Raymond. And they are back in front and two


Can't help but thinking we've got another drama still to come because


they have been ahead three times and they have been pegged back each


time. So many changes in momentum in this final. One team is down and


then they rebound. Very resilient mentally. They can draw on all


their experience now. All the doubles titles they have had. 158


of them! 23 Grand Slams. David, their coach, looking on. And then


Mike Bryan's fiancee just to his left. And then the twins' mum and


dad. They don't come because they He is such a credit to the game.


got the Bryan brothers started in A great combination. A good serve


from Lisa Raymond and Mike Bryan charged off to his right. Leander


Paes saw that and tried to cut it A cultured volley. Mayhem the other


We've seen that forehand can be so A good service games so far from


Lisa Raymond. They are a game away but remember, they were again the


way before. -- a game away before. She has missed one or two but she


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


has given us some really exciting Good teamwork. Creating the space.


I'm not sure he had to play that. don't think he was sure either, and


therefore he hesitated just long enough to cause the mistake.


Because he was in an awkward position, about three-quarters up


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Just enough kick on it to move away They had done the honest thing,


Paes and Vesnina, they have forced Bryan to serve out for this, they


could not before in the second set. 45 minutes later, can he do it this


The Bryans have always exuded confidence, maybe they hide


something underneath. Because if it looked as if he had one or two


moments of doubt during their rallies. Can he be tough here? He


did not waste any time sitting down. And Raymond, that game where Mike


Bryan was trying to serve it at, she hesitated three times on her


Ideal. A very smart serve. Because Vesnina has really got the rhythm


on the return, so he took the pace Same again. Easily put away. Here


are three more championship points, But way it goes! And they are the


The first mixed for Mike Bryan, he has won a couple of Men's Doubles


with his brother. But now he is a Mixed Doubles champion as well. And


Lisa Raymond gets Grand Slam title number 11. A third mixed title


between the two of them, they just go on and on. Yes, they were very


solid today. There serving and return, just that one he Cup. --


that was just one he Cup. So the Mixed Doubles champions are Lisa


Raymond and Mike Bryan, they win 6- 3, 5-7, 6-4.


The final match has now been completed here at Wimbledon. What a


dramatic and thrilling championships it has been. That is


it from me but John Inverdale will be back later on with today admit -


- Wimbledon at midnight on BBC2. What are they it has been for Andy


Murray. He is, leaving the Championships. A hug from his


father who he identified at an early age what a talent and fighter


he was. He certainly proved that he appeared to have been duped. Now


with his girlfriend who has been at his side, they will be pondering


what happened today and they will take a break and look back at these


championships, becoming the first British man to make the final in 74


years in a very positive manner. But he was beaten today by a great


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