16/07/2017 Wimbledon

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Sue Barker presents coverage from the All England Club on the final day of the Wimbledon championships, including the men's singles final and mixed doubles final.

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COMMENTATOR: Arguably the greatest champion of all time.


COMMENTATOR: Roger Federer takes another step towards history.


What a champion here at Wimbledon. The first man to win eight


Championships. Yes, eight is the magic number. What


a journey it has been for Roger over the years. The styles and appearance


may have changed but his dominance remains, a record 8th Wimbledon


title, becoming the first man ever in the history of the Championship


to win the title eight times. His 19th Grand Slam title in all. So all


the great champions were here courtside to watch this


record-breaking champion, including the man who coached him for a couple


of years, six-time Grand Slam winner, Stefan Edberg. He's been


talking to Phil Jones. Stefan, great to see you and on this occasion of


all occasions, history, Roger's done it. What is the mood in the camp


right now? Well, I think, as you would imagine, extremely happy. He's


had a fantastic year. He has worked really hard. Like he said, last year


he didn't know if he would be here but what he did during the


Championships is astonishing, going through without losing a set and


winning the 8th title. He fully deserves it, he is such a champion


And the enormity of what he has done at 35 is defying the years. Yeah,


gives hope for everyone. Doesn't it? It is quite extraordinary. He is so


special in many ways, you know. The way he plays, he is very


conservative. The way he moves, he is in great shape. He still wants to


work hard and improve his game. That's why he is here. He has taken


a the opportunity this year when a lot of the other top players have


fallen out before You know what this game can do to your body playing


week-in and week-out, how sensible has it been for him to take time out


and manage the year, with the help of you? Well definitely. We have the


answers now but sometimes it is worrying when you win tournaments in


the middle of the year and it is only March and you take the next


months off, not playing or competing, so you are taking a risk,


but you are calculating he is going to do well on the grass and get a


few matches before the tournament. You know it turned out to be the


right decision. We talk about so many of the great players in the


game, Rod Laver is watching, do you think cements Roger's place as the


greatest of all time? I would think so. Rod Laver, I never saw him play,


but what I have seen from Roger playing, he is the greatest, in my


eyes anyway. I think it is proven now with 19 Grand Slam titles. He


has won here eight times. Done well in all surfaces. He is wonderful so


watch. So much talent. It is worth going out to watch him. You always


know there are going to be terrific shots. Wonderful to watch,


congratulations to him, you and the team. Enjoy the celebrations


tonight. SUE BARKER: Yes as Roger and the


team celebrate we witnessed the other side. He walked out to court


with an injury. A bad blister on his foot. It got worse. He couldn't hit


the ground shots as much as he would like and he couldn't move to the


corners of the court. He called for the doctor but emotional scenes.


Frustrated about the fact he is in his first Wimbledon fighter and he


can't play at his best and challenge the great man, Roger Federer. An


emotional Marin Cilic completed the match and he bravely thought on. Now


let's hear what he had to say to Phil after the match. First of all,


commiserations on the day but congratulations on a wonderful


tournament. I know it has not ended the way you want, take us through


what you were going through? First of all, I wasn't myself on the court


and I didn't have a chance to congratulate Roger. I really don't


want to take down his victory. He just did an unbelievable achievement


and all credit for him for making it to the final. Also, I want to say


that these injuries and everything, that is part of the sport.


Unfortunately for me, it happened on a really bad day, unfortunate


moment. At my semifinal match with Sam, I started to feel my foot a


little bit. After the match it actually wasn't too bad. The physios


here, Alexander and Graham and Dr Phil helped me after that and


unfortunately the day after, so yesterday in the morning, the


situation got worse. I got a lot of fluid in my foot. We tried to take


care of it and even the doctor was trying to help with everything he


could. But unfortunately on the match I still felt the pain and it


was just causing me to react slower than usual and I wasn't just able to


move the way I can. It seemed like the realisation hit you at 3-0 in


the second set and emotions came out understandably. Did you then think -


this might be t I might have to not carry on in the match? It hit me


because I know how much time it took me and almost how much hard work it


took me to make it here. So everything basically I did in the


last several months and probably the rest of my career to reach to this


point and also feeling that I was playing maybe the best tennis, ever


of my career and realising at that moment that I'm unable to get to the


best level I can. And also realising that, you know, my chances for


winning are close to 0.1%. When you had your foot retaped, you seemed to


rebound a little bit. What is going through your mind then? I tried to


focus on my game and everything I needed to do in the court to


encourage myself in that direction to be a bit more positive. I was


also battling from one side, thoughts that every time I had to


step a little bit harder on my foot it was causing me pain and the other


way I had to just be a little bit more stronger in my mind toll block


it. -- to block it. I tried to give my best and I did, I fought to the


end and definitely, still again, I want to congratulate Roger on a huge


achievement. I have spoken to your coach, Jonas Bjorkman, he said how


proud the team are of you and what you are able to do but also how


proud he was you carried on, because it would've been easy to stop and


Roger wouldn't have been able to have that victorious moment. It says


a lot of your character, don't you think? I know how you would feel on


the other side of the court. I wanted to push myself, obviously, on


the one hand because of me and also because of Roger and all the fans


around the world watching, just to try to give the best I could. You


know, there is nothing in my mind, even now, thinking that I could do


something more. We are so sorry for the way it ended for you. Thank you


for what you did in the tournament and you have a whole new bunch of


fans who want to see you back next year to give it another crack, fully


fit. Thank you. Definitely. I enjoyed my time here and this has


given me amazing memories, amazing feelings in these last few weeks and


really looking forward to come back here and to give myself another


chance to get that trophy. Marin, you are a true gentlemen. Thank you.


SUE BARKER: We look forward to welcoming him back. He is a nice


gynaecologist a class act. I'm sure we will see him back in a Wimbledon


final. He has the weapons to challenge the big four. We have


heard from Marin Cilic now let's hear from our coach, Jonas Bjorkman.


PHIL JONES: It was a hard watch for us, how was it for you?


Heartbreaking. You know this is something he has been dreaming


about, playing a Wimbledon final. You want to go out and feel good and


play as good as you can and win or lose, at least to really make it a


good battle out there and you know, seeing him suffer like that,


obviously it is hurting the whole team. But I'm very proud of him. He


fought through the pain and finished the match. I think it was great for


everyone and for Roger, for winning it that way and also for the


spectators watching it. Can you explain to us what the problem was?


He has been having a very bad blister, ugly blister under his left


foot. Unfortunately, he felt it a little bit after the match on


Friday. You know it got worse and worse and I tried as hard as I could


this morning to get it a little bit better. I would say, it looked


promising last night but after practise today he felt it was still


bothering him a lot. I think after maybe five or six games he started


to feel it in the match. When he had it retaped and extra padding on, it


seemed he rebounded, did you sense that watching from the box? Yeah, I


did. How do you say it - you change, make the a hole and release the


pressure a bit. I think they made it bigger, which helped him a little


bit. That was obviously nice. We were obviously hoping, when you are


sitting there, that it would get Bert and better, but still every


time -- better and better, but every time Roger was playing him left or


right you could see it was still not perfect. But nonetheless, you have


to be proud of the run he has had here and the performance he has put


in to be in this grand occasion today. Absolutely. The whole team is


really proud of what Marin has achieved in the last couple of weeks


and especially here in the Wimbledon final. It is definitely a special


place for him. I knew he had really high hopes going into this match.


Obviously he has to regroup and go sort of through the pain a little


bit but I think in the next couple of days he will look back and feel


that he had a whole great run and hopefully he can come back stronger


and hopefully he gets the chance it lift the trophy once. Let's hope so.


We all send him our best. SUE BARKER: We do indeed and Jonas


has made a difference in Marin's game and I'm sure he will continue


to improve and we will see him back here. Everyone making their way home


but they have thoroughly enjoyed ed the day and enjoyed the matches on


Centre Court. And after that it was the mixed doubles final with British


players on both side but won by Jamie Murray, serving at match point


with his partner, Martina Hingis, they feted Heather Watson and Henri


Kontinen. 6-4, 6-4. So another doubles title for Jamie Murray and


another for Martina Hingis. That's her 18th Grand Slam doubles title to


add to singles success as well. Everyone enjoying the mixed doubles


final on Centre Court. So, we do have some more tennis for


you and Roger Federer will be making his way it the stewed yes later as


well to talk about the final. And more future Grand Slam title. But we


have tins, we will take -- in the studio. We will take you back to a


bash on number one. This is the legends of the game. Cara back and


Martina Navratilova up against Sanchez Vicario, and Sfar. It was


6-2 to Black and Navarro in the first set. And 2-0 in the second.


Let's join the commentators on Court One. Tracy Austin and Chris Bradnam.


A really important game here for Sfar to hold. Put the pressure on


Navarro and Black. Black has been interesting technique


with the slice. And almost, you would think, OK, with her return in


doubles, you want to whip it down to the feet, yet she's able it craft


things, even off the slice. I suppose I'm saying her hand skills


are that good. Is it possible to train for that? You can definitely


work for that. You can hit the slice, hit the return, very


strategic. This is a very enjoyable match to watch the it is not all


with power. A lot of creativity, trying to hit awkward positions for


their opponents. Oh, well, I'm not sure whose racket


it came off, but they'll take it. Either way, a perfect volley on


grass. Just the dropped volley. A chance to get the break straight


back in this second set. A stunner of a return from Navarro.


And they break straight back but it is Vicario and Sfar who lead in the


second set, 2-1. A pretty full house, isn't it? Of


course, they witnessed the boys' singles final on here a few moments


ago. Was this the favourite of your slams or were you a big favourite of


the US Open, of course? Well, I think I love the history, being here


at Wimbledon. It was the slam that you always wanted to come play the


most but the grass is a very difficult surface, particularly the


surface we played on back then was so much faster and there were so


many serve and volley players and in my era, probably half were serve and


volleyers, so I always felt they had a little bit of advantage because,


it's obviously they don't have to hit the ball off the bounce and get


the awkward bounces, so, yeah, I think the US Open was eventually my


favourite tournament because of the surface, but I love the history


here, the beauty. And if you are watching and never been before, I


would advise to go, to experience it, if you can get a ground pass or


a spot on Court One. If there is only one you can go to, this is the


one to go to of the four. Again, Black makes it look so easy.


Great communication between these two. Where to serve and cross.


Now, that's a tactic that I think maybe we will see more and go up the


line on the return, just to take that section away from Black. We


have seen her anticipate and poach quite often.


A little dummy there that time from the did I Babb wean. So a little


change-up there. She hasn't lost too many points on


serve, Navarro. -- Martina Navratilova.


The best forehand return from Sanchez Vicario all day.


Again poaching at the net, Cara Black. Right on top of the volley.


The closest that Martina Navratilova has come to dropping a serve but


still able to hold. This is a real treat for the crowd.


I think Martina is the best doubles player in the history of our sport.


Certainly on the women's side. Look who she won with, Chris Everitt, Pam


Skriefr and Billy Jean King. Those are all great players but my point


is, it seems like it is Martina and whoever. I was going to ask you that


question in terms of how important is communication in establishing a


partnership but Martina Navratilova someone who has been able to win


with whoever she plays with. A couple of droplets of rain


incidentally. Nothing too heavy. It's the amount of times that


Martina Navratilova has been able to win, as you say that victory at the


US Open in 2003 in the Wimbledon in the mixed with Leander Paes. A great


return. Those returns are so consistent.


Navratilova has found the rhythm on that return.


Black gets that return down so low without anything on it. You have to


dig it out. Three brilliant returns in a row and


Arantxa Sanchez Vicario would like that volley back again. The seco


break point of the game. Well, they were a break down but now


they are a break up. They've turned this second set on its head, Black


and Navratilova. Break once more and lead 3-2.


Well, you mentioned a few moments ago a couple of spots of rain. That


was about it. It is a little cloudier today. It has been a


wonderful two weeks. We have seen so much sunshine and so there has only


been one, one day when we had about half a day of rain? Other than that,


that's what we have needed. Yes, it has been so wrong. I've barely


needed a sweater this whole time. You never know what to pack when you


come to Wimbledon We are used to it. The British summer weather. Yeah,


never knowing what to wear each day. A glorious two weeks and still


stories to be made, of course. Very much to have to pack your sunglasses


and the jumper. So three games in a row for Black


and Navratilova. Can they continue the momentum here? Well that's a


lovely return. As soon as the toss moved up,


Arantxa moved three feet to her right. She was ready for that to


come to her forehand. Her and Sanchez Vicario, they are


returning much better this second set. More variety.


Noose' not going to help her either. -- that's not going to help her,


either. Yeah, you are right. Did all the hard work there. Still a break


point. A body serve and again, another tidy


pick-up from Black. Frustration there with time on the


ball. Long game, this one. Oh! That's a real body serve. A game


we have here is called French cricket where you try to get a


cricket bat to stop someone hitting your knees, and it was that kind of


return. Much racking up from the first serve.


That's a terrific way to spread the court, that sharp angle return, just


slice, death touch, then up the line with power.


Really connecting on that backhand return now. Very pivotal game, this


second set. Well. Seen a few of those today!


Could be costly for Cara Black. Third break point of the game.


Smart to change it up, that forehand side is not quite as dialled in.


LAUGHTER. Just the other side there, Arantxa Sanchez Vicario bouncing the


ball on Selima Sfar's head. Just not committing to that forehand, just a


little tension, not getting all the way through with Rakitic speed.


-- racket hit speed. Oh, found the baseline again! Arantxa Sanchez


Vicario puts a finger to her temple. They had having playful fun. A


moment ago Selima Sfar pulled Arantxa Sanchez Vicario's hair,


Arantxa Sanchez Vicario getting her own back there.


Just overcooked it but the lob is working well on the return for


Arantxa Sanchez Vicario and Selima Sfar. The team that lost the first


set changes things up in the second, much better returning, more lobs,


more variety overall. Still they can't break, like a wall


at the net, Navratilova and Black. Third double fault for the pair.


That's a fifth break point. tried the lob work again but good


footwork. Cara Black working very hard. Shoulder must feel it'll saw


right now! -- a little sore. Oh! Just what you don't want, isn't


it, when you have a long, long game, and another double fault, think that


might be the third of the game, to give the sixth break point. What


will Sfar two will fit -- with this return? That's long, as well. This


game continues on. Every time I see Cara Black she has, I think her


17-month-old son Jordan in her arms, and he hasn't missed too many meals,


so she is quite strong! Oh, wonderful! So smart. Just really


testing the movement of Navratilova. Not trying to hit through them, but


just gently around them. Well, if you play a bit of tennis, I


think we all know that feeling. Great to see that they are having


terrific fun out there. But it is still highly competitive, they all


really want to win. Navratilova changing her positioning, trying to


defend against that return a lob, for a different look.


Well, really seems to be struggling, certainly from the deuce side. Yet


another double fault from Cara Black, and it's yet another break


point. This game almost 15 minutes, so I think this game has been almost


longer than the rest of the set. Finally, Black makes a serve from


the deuce side and backs it up with a very nice Poli. -- nice volley.


Sanchez's return was just a little too high, I am surprised you didn't


drive through that backhand. -- surprised she didn't. And there it


is. The clenched fist and the come on from Navratilova. Good work! It's


great to see as well from Sanchez Vicario and Sfar. I lost count of


the amount of break points they had in that game, and after all that,


Black and Navratilova win a fourth straight game. You kind of feel that


game will probably be pivotal in this second set.


Oh, nearly made it! Such good doubles, Navratilova, sooner she got


it down at the feet of Sfar, Cara Black moved within two feet of net.


Just expecting the next shot. So often see it, don't you, when a


team has a lot of break points, there is often a hangover effect. If


you look at the scoreline you wouldn't think this match is that


close but it has really been a well contested match. A lot of long


rallies. Just took a racket out in the nick


of time. Martina cannot believe she missed


that. It was sitting there for the taking. Looks stunned. Would have


been the double break. You have to decide when you are serving to


Martina whether you want the slice, backhand, it's going to come down


low at your feet, or go at the forehand that going to cook them --


going to come hard and fast. Just right! That's incredible.


Martinez did it! -- Martina's done it. Just the hands, that ball was


behind her and the flick of that backhand, right here, to keep this


point alive. Great athleticism, you forget that she's 60! Absolutely!


Oh, that's a little special as well from Sfar. Sfar is very skilful.


Very creative mind to find these openings.


She's found the baseline. That's a gutsy hold. Looked like this set was


getting away from Sanchez Vicario and Sfar, but from 15-40 down they


are able to win the game and stop the rot. First game in five. QC


Martina on the other side so animated, a little frustrated with


herself because 15-40, Sfar's serve and she had a second serve and


forehand, just the shot she likes, so much time, maybe too much time to


think about it, she missed it in the net. That would have been a healthy


lead of 5-2. Martina's said to come. She is a perfectionist anyway,


Navratilova, but that was one she really expected herself to me, and


you can see in the background there, can't you, a little applause from


the crowd, Roger Federer has become the men's singles champion once


again. Eight times now he has won Wimbledon in singles. One behind the


player in the picture. She won it nine time but I am afraid Federer


has overtaken her in singles Grand Slam titles, he is now 19,


Navratilova 18. She has 59 in total though if you include doubles and


mixed, so he has a fair way to go to reach that. They're both doing fine!


LAUGHTER. Roger's favourite number is eight, born on August eight. He


will be called the greatest I think. We will see that quite a bit.


Sprinkles! It's sunny but yet sprinkling at the same time, you see


the ground crew in the back. Just got up. We may have a bit of a


rainbow on the court at this rate. It is bright out there which is the


unusual thing. I don't think the players will come off, though.


So, Deeney is coming on court. She is in charge of the Invitational


doubles for the women -- Denise coming on court. You had an injury


he didn't you? Three years ago I pulled my calf mid-2nd set, all of a


sudden it felt like somebody shot me in the calf. Was that something to


do with the greasy chord? It was maybe the grass and the little nubs


on the shoes and you have to grip that much more because I had really


never had any calf injuries before, so it was really disappointing. But


it looks like the good thing is, these ladies are staying on the


court, looks like they are getting back on court as well, just a little


sun shower. APPLAUSE. Thanking the skies, as are the fans. We want to


see this one continue, it has been thoroughly entertaining. This second


set has been going for 40 minutes. I am also right in saying


Navratilova is the only played yet to be dethroned. -- only player yet


to be dethroned. Really fun match to watch with all


the different changes in positioning. One team makes an


adjustment, the other makes their own. I think she expected that ball


to come harder. We saw Navratilova second return, Black missing a


relatively comfortable volley, what's happening? Two real rarities.


The net cord helping out Sfar. This second set is meandering one way


then the other. Just out of the hands of Sfar and Sanchez Vicario


down 2-4, 15-40. Especially after losing that marathon game 3-2.


Oh, and she's made it! Great foot speed. LAUGHTER. That was terrific


anticipation. She took off before Martina even heated. And that's four


games apiece, Navratilova broken for the first time.


Interesting to see how well Arantxa Sanchez Vicario serves here because


on the changeover she is really stretching her rib cage, abdominal


muscles on the left side. They have the help of new balls.


Didn't seem to affect her on that serve. One thing to remember is


these players don't play many matches throughout the year, so the


odd exhibition or two. But there are Invitational doubles


at all four majors. In terms of the surface for your body, what would


you prefer playing on when you are a little bit older. I think Clay is


helpful, gives you a little more time, a little softer on your feet.


Players a lot of time talk about grass, you have to get so low to the


board you feel it in your legs. Also at the last minute, because an


awkward bounce, we saw that there from margarine, frustrated with the


bounce there, jerky with the ball. -- we saw that there from Martina.


Very quick to apologise, both Sfar and Sanchez Vicario, saying it's all


OK. Another deuce games. That was a


missed opportunity for Sanchez there, that return was a little


higher than Cara Black wanted it to be. Arantxa has struggled to hold


her serve. They have been tested more in this


second set, no doubt about that. We talked about varieties. Sanchez


Vicario and Sfar working well together as a team.


Right on top of that volley, in this topsy-turvy set, which continues,


now three games in a row for Sanchez Vicario and Sfar, and now it is them


who are just a game away from taking the second set.


They've just done a really good job, haven't they? Variety used, just


staying focused. You thought... I am not sure who that was four from


Sfar! I'm sure it's all in jest. It was fun to watch, if I were watching


from home, the change in tactics from this team, they were down and


out, they stay positive, look at Arantxa, such a great competitor,


and at this stage still loves to win, still loves to play. She is


living in Miami now and has two kids, a little boy and a little


girl, and Martina doesn't live far-away, they are friends there.


Sfar lives in Dubai. Cara Black lives in Melbourne, Australia,


originally from Zimbabwe but her husband is from Australia. That's


where they are based full-time with their two young sons.


Serving to stay in the set now at 4-5.


That log from Arantxa has really turned this set around. You


mentioned Cara Black being in Australia, she worked with a player


who surprised a few, qualified and reached the second round here, doing


a lot of watching and coaching in the first week.


That is not bad practice before a women's Invitational. And you can


tell. She's been striking the ball. Navratilova over here doing


television for the cut Tennis Channel primarily, every other day.


Sfar will spend a couple of hours every day on the court, she is


really focused on trying to win the women's Invitational. She's found


the line again there. Or has she? Navratilova is challenging this one.


It's just caught the line! LAUGHTER A lot of praying and celebrating


going on! Vape backhanders money. And she's


made a lot of it! Super return from the Spaniard, and look at this,


didn't think we would be in this position 15 or 20 minutes ago. It's


a set point for Sanchez Vicario and Sfar.


Oh, and maybe they should have taken it. She'll be having nightmares over


break point on the Cara Black serve. She will and how about Navratilova


stretching up that extra inch. You feel like she gave it that extra


exertion. I kind of feel there is a bit of a


mental block there now. Oh, yeah. Some volley. Great


reaction from Sanchez Vicario. To stay balanced and redirect that


ball. Terrific hands by all. She really has raised her game,


hasn't she, Sanchez Vicario? Another set point.


It's long. And that's the first set that Cara Black and Martina


Navratilova have lost in this year's Ladies Invitational Doubles. And


delight for Sanchez Vicario and Sfar. They've taken the second set


and it'll be a match tie-break to settle the final. Great animation


from Sanchez Vicario and Sfar. They've stayed so positive. It


looked like they were down-and-out. Getting a great job getting the


crowd involved. Really seeming like they are enjoying the challenge


today and figuring out how they need to change their game up. How


important is it to envoy it when you are out on the doubles court? Well,


I think you need not to feel pressure from your partner as well.


Often you can feel the stress of your partner come on to you and feel


a little too uptight. You need a free arm to hit the ball and make


good decisions. Black and Navratilova are getting


most of their serves in, so they are not seeing many of them. So a


10-point shootout to decide the final. Sanchez Vicario and Sfar won


the last four games of the previous set. It'll be Sfar to serve first.


I always find this sport incredible, how momentum can shift in a couple


of moments. It was aer if hand just like that


where Sfar was serving and Martina missed a return like that. Like the


match was on her racket. It's such an entertaining encounter.


We have seen so many duels at the net like that. This is just


traditional doubles. It's all four players trying to get to the net.


Didn't make it. Value Nant effort, though. -- valiant effort, though.


Good movement from Sfar at the net. Just at the right time to distract


Navratilova. Another mini-break and another point


to the head from Sfar and three points apiece. Just to a reminder,


one player will defend their title. Sfar and Navratilova won this last


year. A coin flick from here on in. What is going to decide this Tracey,


do you think? It is so tough to decide. Cat and mouse tennis at


great angles. Terrific team work, moving together.


Well, they'd been targeting the net player about the return but this


time, Cara Black up to the task. Cara Black so quick getting back to


the overhead. Might be smarter to lob Navratilova.


This is what we saw at the beginning of the match, time and time again


from Cara Black. Oh did brilliantly well.


Miscommunication but they somehow manage to sort themselves out in the


nick of time and maybe put Sanchez Vicario off. Really a couple of


incredible shots by Navratilova there. Forehand pick-up she sent


back laser like and that last second lob, a great reaction.


I have to say, I can't question these two characters. Their previous


set, with many others you would think there would be a bit of a


hangover coming into the match tie-break. Not the case.


This is just perfectly measured. Martina realises at the last second


she can't reach it. Just enough. Well, at the change of


epds, it is Navratilova and Black who have a pretty healthy lead now.


That missed overhead by Sanchez Vicario Sanchez Vicario could be a


real momentum changer in this tie-break.


They reacted so well after losing four straight games, now two points


away from victory. And Cara Black has just come to life


in this match tie-break. Again, taking control of the point. It's


been a highly-dramatic, highly-entertaining final. They are


asking whose serve it is? So it will be Martina Navratilova who gets the


honour to try and serve this one out. Five Championship points.


Aw, a splendid match comes to a close and once again it is


Navratilova who'll have her hand on the trophy. This time alongside Cara


Black. Really, a brilliant performance from those two. A great


effort, though, from Sanchez Vicario and Sfar and a really, really


enjoyable match. I think everyone on Court One really enjoyed watching


that final. It is Navratilova and Cara Black who are the champions


again. The laid Ladies' Invitational Doubles of 2017.


SUE BARKER: Lovely to see the great champion out there again. Another


honour for her and our BBC commentators Roll of Honour. Well at


10. O 20 Clare Balding will be here, she will be joined by Tim Henman and


Pat Cash. And just before we leave, we will


tell you a few of the results today from the wheelchair ladies double


finals, won by Britain's Jordan Wiley and her partner. She won 6-0.


Emotional scenes because these two haven't played together since last


year. Wonderful to see them play again, it was their fourth


consecutive Wimbledon title. Wonderful scenes on court 3 and in


the boys double time it was won by Geller of Argentina and Hsu of


Chinese Taipei. They won in straight sets. Remember these names, you will


be hearing more from them, that's for sure. And it was good for Geller


to win the Boys' Doubles. He lost earlier today


in the boys' singles finals Davidovich Fokina of Spain and look,


memories of Pat Cash from 30 years ago. Wonderful, so Spain taking a


Wimbledon title there. Remember his name, Davidovich Fokina winning the


title. And memories of Roger Federer back in 1998. He won his Boys'


Singles. So Wimbledon, yes, everyone is leaving and heading home. But the


big story of the day is the fact that Roger Federer has won his 8th


title here at Wimbledon against Marin Cilic who was struggling with


injury and very emotional on court today. But it is record-breaking


Roger Federer who stands alone as the only person to lift the trophy


eight times. Today Roger Federer put the "eight" into "great."


COMMENTATOR: Arguably the greatest champion of all time.


COMMENTATOR: Roger Federer takes another step towards history.


COMMENTATOR: What a champion here at Wimbledon. The first man to win


eight Championships. Eight is the magic N ROMMer is here.


Wow, what a journey -- -- eight is the magic number. Roger is here.


What a journey? It took a while. I have been here for a long time.


Every win is special but the first player to win eight times, it is


very special. It is very special. Wimbledon means so much to me and


being in its history, engraved like this, I will always be the first to


have won eight here, it is wonderful feeling. I played great throughout


the Championships. You know, maybe the match wasn't a five-set thriller


and all that's things but it just feels, still, so magical to have won


Wimbledon again. It's unbelievable. Yes, last time was 2012. It's been a


while but that was your motivation, I think, wasn't it? Yes, I came


close, too, in '14, depm 15, '16, last year, I wasn't that far off.


You always leave Wimbledon after losing to some extent, you can be


proud of your efforts but for me, who has won so much here, the goal


is always trying to win the tournament and keep coming back and


trying and trying again, it's not easy. This year I got rewarded for


it and it is great. I'm so happy. You talk about players leaving with


disappointment. You must have felt for Marin Cilic today. You were


obviously aware, were you when things went wrong? The thing is, I


still don't know exactly what he had or has. First I thought he might


have been dizzy, he called the doctor, it is usually either a


painkiller or feeling dizzy. I figured that is what it was. At 3-0


I think he called the trainer, I was - mm, not sure what is going on. I


didn't want to look over, I'm sure he was going to keep playing. I was


told he was emotional. He was in tears. I didn't see that. Maybe it


was good for me not to see that. Then you think he is going to retire


and he won't the. The next you know he is you start playing average.


That happened to me with Stan at the Australian Open, I was up 2-0, and


then I ended up in a hole in the fifth set. He had problems with his


knee and I got distracted. I said - I'll try to focus on my own game and


see where we will go. I hope Cilic will be better soon, he should be


proud of his game. He played some unbelievable tennis at the


Championships. It is the worst feeling in the finals if you are not


feeling your best, I hope he can get over it. Was it lovely going around


with the trophy. We saw you with the public down there. It is nice


sharing it with the people. That's what made it so special to win in


Australia. I felt so many people were so happy for me and here to


share it, showing the trophy and here coming to the BBC, I got a


standing ovation and applause, it is nice it see people generally happy


for me, it is great. And the reaction from the public on the


balcony but also Centre Court. Yes, absolutely. There you are. There are


so many people down there. They come watch my practice sessions, a lot of


them. It is that extra bit of time so important to give back to the


fans. Without them, honestly, we would be playing in an empty court


and it would be terrible, let's be honest and face it, so the thanks I


can give the crowd is extra time, with autographs, pictures moments


like this and I feel like, you know, the ones who support me, we won this


together and the wons who support others, I hope they saw a good


match. It is a celebration of tennis, it is not just all about me.


This is the bigger picture, about everybody. You try to represent the


game in the right way. That is lovely. A lot of people don't but


you feel it is important to give back and inspire the next generation


as well. Ye, more and more press and more and more time will be asked. We


try to lead the way. Rafa and myself, with different languages, we


try to do it. V, newspapers, mag zees, radio, we try to do it all. I


never forget my home market, even though it is not America or England,


just little Switzerland. But I do the three languages over there. I


try hard to put it altogether. It is for the right reasons, to give the


people a good story. Someone asked why isn't he at the Roll of Honours


board. I said because he was do so many interviews in so many different


languages. Last year, with the knee injury, and you taking the six


months off, which you thoroughly enjoyed, you wented out hiking, we


saw the pictures. . Yes with my kids, my girls. The good thing was,


I didn't have to have surgery. I was most scared to have the second


surgery. That really would have scared me and made me believe it was


the final straw now but because I didn't have to have surgery, I could


walk, I just couldn't play five-set matches on a regular basis. I


couldn't play five days in a row. That was my problem. It was really


the last 5% missing but because of it, I had a swollen knee but hiking


and doing normal things with my kids, I could do them all. We had a


great time and we decided where we wanted to go and what we wanted to


do. Then it was important once I finished my rehab I was in a solid


place for fitness and tennis. Everything went without a hiccup and


I'm in a glad place now. Was there ever a time when you thought - I'm


enjoying this so much maybe I won't... It was actually good for me


to calibrate to ask myself the question - how much do I like this


and how much do I not want to return? I mean, yes, I could have


happily and easily just stayed out. But I wanted to see one more time


what was around the corner. If I did all of the rehab it was not just for


Wimbledon or the Australian Open or coming back on the tour but also for


me personally, as a person. I want to be a dad to do stuff with his


kids and do sports later on in my life. I see this as important to me,


my afterlaugh than success in the near future. I was happy I came back


and it paid off thankfully. And you love to have your family around you,


that's important. It was lovely to all the family today, your parents,


wife and children. A Federer family day. It was unreal to have a moment


like this, to be quite honest. I know maybe this moment will never


come back for us. I know the boys don't understand what is going on.


The girls were there a few years ago when I lost in the finals and also I


think when I won in '12. They were still very young. They were. It is


nice now they are older, turning eight in July, that they understand


what daddy is doing, they understand the difference between practice and


a match and they understand the difference between the fist round


and finals and I was happy they were there when I won. Was it true in


Australia, when you were going all the way through the final that they


wanted to go back skiing. Yes, when I reached the quarter-final stage


they said - OK, dad we are happy to go home now. I was like - hold on a


little bit longer, maybe I can squeeze in a couple of wins and stay


longer. At the beginning they were happy to stay because we had a lot


of friends and other kids and they were happy to go skiing again. This


time around they were happy for me to go winning and this morning, both


girls said, "Papa, you have to win." I said "OK I will try my best. It


was very cute. It was pressure you don't need. I was like - oh my God,


daddy will try hard. And Mirka, she arranges everything, does


everything, so much part of the team as well as being your wife. Yeah, it


is not like it used to be, where she comes to practise sessions, where we


would talk tennis because she was a player, too, she has gone the family


side, organising, managing, taking care of the girls and boys, being an


unbelievable supporter. Mirka has been amazing for me and my career.


We both love that. You said on court, you are coming back here next


year, you want to be here again. That's the goal. But with a


difficult year we had last year, you don't know what happens next. Health


comes first. We will reassess what happened in the last few weeks and


hopefully take the right decisions going forwards. Of course the goal


is trying to defend the title here next year. We look forward to that.


It is lovely. Thank you for coming into our studio. And what a


wonderful way to close our programme. Because that is the end


of Wimbledon for this year. We end it with the record-breaking Roger


Federer. Thank you to all of the hard-working BBC team for bringing


wonderful programmes over the fortnight. But for now, from


Wimbledon, it is Roger and out. Bye-bye.


ANDREW CASTLE: It's like the beginning of a fantastic holiday,


isn't it? British tennis history. They've done


it. Hewitt and Reid, Wimbledon champions, again.


Physically, Andy Murray not right. This is the greatest thrill of his


life. Venus Williams. Back in the Wimbledon final after so many years.


And for Konta, it ends here. The double champion is beaten here.


Jamie and Martina Hingis are mixed doubles champion. Brilliant from


Cilic. UMPIRE: Game set and match. One of the best of all time. Take a


deep breath, focus and it's time. It's not over until it's over.


Muguruza - the first match slipping away from Venus Williams. What a


victory for Garbine Muguruza. She is the Wimbledon champion.


If you stop and look around and take all of this in, it'll be too late.


What a player. The first man to win eight Championships here at