Men's and Ladies' Doubles Finals Wimbledon

Men's and Ladies' Doubles Finals

Sue Barker presents continued live coverage from the All England Club of the ladies' and men's doubles finals.

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Bristol is a national programme. We are going to argue over to


Wimbledon. Larkham to Wimbledon on ladies


finals day. This was the moment that guy been a good loser was cloned


-- Muguruza. She lost two years ago to Serena Williams and today she


took on a player who inspired her as a youngster. Venus Williams so


sporting in defeat. Muguruza is the new champion at Wimbledon. She has


played so well throughout the Championships, and the dropping a


set. She saved two said points in the first set and raised through the


second set. The crowd rise to a new star. Her coach Conchita Martinez


absolutely delighted. Only the second Spanish woman to win the


title at Wimbledon. We will be hoping to speak to Muguruza so on.


We are heading back to Centre Court for the men's doubles. We can show


you what happened in the set point in the third set. Marcelo Melo and


Lukasz Kubot serving. Mail and Kubot take the boat set. It is Oliver


Marach and Mate Pavic serving. Let us join the commentators John Lloyd,


Peter Fleming and Mark Petchey. He has only hit two lobs. But they


have both been spectacularly good. One on a break point that really


turned the tide in their favour and this one made of the same. That was


a terrific pick-up. The lob was simply better.


For the first time we feel as though Kubot took a calculated risk in the


tie-break sitting on his full rant with a terrific return but here we


have another very big point. What will Marakh decide to do? That


works. Terrific serve. Kubot pretty certain that was where


the serve was going. Interesting that they decided on the


tie-break to stand back, but they have not done it in open play, and


why they thought then it was a good idea and subsequently haven't. Very


interesting. Because service games like this just


build your confidence. That was some response by Kubot. He


got so much pace on the ball. Completely surprised Marakh. Yes. In


a service game like that it does not matter where you are standing,


you're not breaking serve. Often it is good to get your opponent to


think a little. Get them out of their comfort zone. What is this?


Maybe we should try something different. You have already


succeeded if you get that response. Yes, on that last serve, a good


example of why doubles on grass is difficult. It is difficult to break


serve because you often get slightly erratic bounces.


The ninth ace of the match, the 77th of the tournament. Just 32 for Kubot


and properly which, considering how well the serve, is not a lot.


The trainer working on the top part of the need for Marakh. I guess that


would be the quad. Perhaps the quadriceps tendon down there. It


certainly does not seem to be impairing him much. He is still


getting around the court pretty quickly.


Smiles from the team, still enjoying the challenge ahead of them.


It has been a while coming that that is the first volley from Melo in


particular. Then he was cautious with that one


as well after the miss on the first point. Here is a chance. Yes, and


that time Marakh to just a little off of the return, I load the ball


to drop. When you rip the returns as he has done throughout this match


you give your opponents waist high volleys. He made sure he got that


serve in. Sometimes you feel like this profile of hitting the ball is


hard as you can it does not get to utilise scoreboard pressure. If you


never make your opponent play on a big point like that in some ways you


never get to know how composed they are. It seemed like a decent play


maybe even to drop back, get both of them on the baseline, give yourself


more time. Good serve. It checked a little bit,


that ball. Yeah, it is virtually impossible to return a serve that


hits the service line. The ball just checks and it is impossible to time


it properly. He invented a shot. An overhead lob.


It was unbelievably successful. Kubot trying to help his partner


out. Just claimed his move slightly wrong. He has made it. Nothing wrong


with the timing off of the return. Beirut back into this final beckons


for Marakh and Pavic. I thought that I'd got away from him a little bit


but he reacted well. Just connected with a couple of


forehands. Out of this world. That could have been Novak Djokovic.


He left hand of Novak hitting that return, perfectly timed.


Too good, too much power, that was vicious from Marek but his partner


set it up well for him. Yeah, it and again Marakh's backhand mate have


had the fence but he could not get out of the way. That was a rocket.


The Croatian is on fire. Cannot put a foot wrong at the moment.


Kubot this time response. 120 Zevon. Marakh challenging the call. They


have touched 130 today. Some nice finishing touches to a


again a stunning return from Kubot who is matching Pavic's achievement


in the last game. Lovely passage of play between these two teams right


now. Did not need to hit that that hard.


If he is staying at home you lose the point anyway. See if you cannot


put it into play. It does not have to be an out late winner.


They break back. Quality game from Kubot. His partner was calling out.


I think he was correct. Prudence made the day and he made it anyway


just to be sure. Breaks traded for the first time today. How could you


possibly have predicted this? Two breaks on a roll, the way they have


been serving. Yet, the second serve was short. In the middle of the box.


I suppose the longer this match wears on the more fatigued or four


players' nerves become and serves that they might have hit in the


first set or two where they might have taken a risk are now falling by


the wayside. Those serves... They are more worried about double


faulting, so allowing the return teams to get their rackets on a few


more returns. Intrigued building with those couple of breaks.


Certainly the Croatian can remain after the last game, a bit of food


for thought for Kubot and Melo. That was a quality second serve,


continuing where you left off in the previous game. That has been one of


the big differences between the two. Kubot and Melo winning over 60% of


their points on the second serve compared to just over 40% for their


opponents. He is not missing at the moment on


the return. Yeah, but I do not understand why they persist with


that formation when you have a right-hander who is able to serve


though serve out wide. Play orthodox so he cannot does push the ball up


the line, make him go crosscourt in front of the net. It is not an easy


shot to hit. A good volley from Melo. Yes, again it was a net court.


This is just breathtaking returning. Every single one has been a winner


or has found the shoelaces of Kubot or Melo as they have come in and raw


power this time delivered to the ball from Pavic. We have seen Marach


hit some beautiful forehands today. Took too long between the serve. Too


much time to think about that serve. It is more the quality of returning


than any real change in strategy from the team of Pavic and Maric


that has contributed to that. You need to get the other team to think


a little bit brother than just playing on instinct though it has


been the quality that has forced them to think. They changed their


position and you could see Kubot looked very nervous about that


second serve. Once again Kubot struck the returns


venomously but right at the net men. Easily put away.


From Pavic, on the line. How cool we did he put away that overhead? --


coolly. There is no doubt that Pavic has


been the best player on court the last four, five games. He has gone


up a level. It is amazing to think he peaked at 295 in the world in


2013 in singles. He never finished a year higher than 317 in the world.


When you see him hit the ball as beautifully as he has at times.


And having dropped their serve and gaining the break for the first time


in the fourth set, that is an impressive sequence of games. Both


players, both teams have been taken the distance in the run through to


the Wimbledon final and both will feel confident, if and when we get


to a deciding set. Of course, there will be no tie-breaker. Who knows


how epic this meant's doubles final will end up proving to be? Still


work to be done in the fourth set. He is absolutely everywhere at the


moment, isn't he? He mistimed that. There was concern


about Pavic coming into the match, whether he had hurt his hand in the


semifinals. We have not seen any sight of that but that one certainly


stung the Austrian. How is this returning Chris Nike is not missing


now! He is just timing the ball. -- how is this returning?. It is great


returning. But, again, he is catching its late. Serve it wide,


force him to stretch and see if you can get crosscourt. That is not


easy. He gave him the total off pace


balls. He was all over it, also. He missed


his target by about two grommet three inches, otherwise it would


have been a brutal return. -- by about two, three inches.


Getting fluid on board as he takes the balls from the ball boy. As he


lines up to try to take this meant's doubles final into a fifth and


deciding set. Good hands. Could have thought he


hit a winner on the first. Prepared for the next that came at him and


put that away. A good point. Just the third stubble for the team.


More than offsetting that with 11 aces.


A couple of points, being vigilant with the ball coming back from a


somewhat surprising situation. Just shy of three hours in the match and


we have a couple of set points. And it will be a fifth and deciding


set that determines the winner of the men's doubles competition here


at the Wimbledon Championships. Not a lot of need for Hawk-Eye, off the


final return from Melo which hit the canvas on-the-fly. They were


favourites coming into this final. The number four seeds. Kubot and


Melo but you have to say that Marach and Pavic of the form players,


through the fourth set and they were fantastic. When you consider the


percentage of first serves made by Kubot and Melo, the fact they were


broken twice will be concerning and may be for the first time in this


match, they need to change their strategy to protect their serve.


They did not need to change anything in the first three sets, but now you


feel they need to think about things differently. Yes, I could not agree


more. Interesting. I suppose Pavic just hack to go, because why would


you go in that situation? You have been dominant and now you allow your


opponent a break to pull themselves together. It has been a constant


cause debate, the bathroom breaks at the end of sets and medical


time-outs taken in matches. You kind of feel the only way you can


possibly govern them is by literally having one free one each, a medical


time-out and a bathroom break at the end of a set, and the next one you


take, you lose a point. Do you need to go, or just use it to compose


yourself? There is one of the great names and personalities in the world


of tennis. How many years we loved listening to John Barrett on the


BBC. His wife in front of him to the left, Angela Mortimer Barrett, the


winner here in... Way back when. 61, I bet it was. Is that a guess? I


think it was 61. Australian Open in 58, French Open in 55. Just the


semifinal at the US Open in 1961. You looked that up quickly, Peter.


Quick recall, John. This man is a whizz around computers. People find


their way affectively around the Centre Court for the next 45


minutes, one hour, or more. No tie-breaker to decide it. The


winner takes all. Perhaps he expected the return to be


struck with a little more power. That time, Pavic did a nice job of


just feeling it. It dropped well inside the baseline.


The statement of intent made by Kubot. It was a stronghold. Plenty


of volume in terms of the come ons. Huw -- huge intensity out there.


Good to see Rod labour in attendance for the men's doubles final. Great


to see him around the grounds. It adds to the occasion. How many great


champions had Rod Labour as their idol growing up? A lot. -- Rod Laver


as their idol? So many great champions. A couple of the really


great players of tennis have almost taken back to a different level,


becoming almost artists rather than athletes on the court and you


certainly felt Rod Laver was one of those.


Arguably a man who is taking to the court tomorrow can be in the same


category in what he has achieved over the years. What he has given to


the crowds around the globe, as well.


That spurred Kubot on to a needy hot streak. He is certainly capable of


it. There is not a lot you can do about


that. A perfectly placed volley. Short


enough so that Kubot could barely reach it.


A good point, very good point. Excellent volley Abba net.


-- an excellent volley at the net. Calm at the net. Good angles.


It is going to be fascinating to see what makes a difference between


these teams because you have seen a little bit of everything. Some will


argue that experience wins and certainly this team have that. There


account is heavily in favour than the team they are playing against,


but who knows? Nude experience of being here


-- the inexperience of being here in this situation perhaps allows them


to play more freely. You think perhaps Pavic has been the deciding


factor in how things have unfolded. If he can continue the hot streak he


has hand, he is going to be offering up chances. They did have an epic


semifinal. 17-15, Melo and Pavic. Did that take a little more out of


their legs than the team they are taking on today?


Spectacular reactions here. Good anticipation as to where the


overhead might go. Beautifully guided return from


Kubot. You do feel that serve, if you can


get pressure on the service game and create that moment when we saw in


the fourth, when the double fault came, they could be the possibility


it would come again. He lost to the rhythm completely, Kubot.


We had that brief sequence of games in the fourth with a couple of


breaks and a real shift in momentum. This fifth set is unfolding in a


similar fashion to the opening three with utter dominance on serve, so


far, from both teams. It really is a waiting game, John, in terms of


opportunities that have presented themselves throughout the match.


Exactly. Business as usual in this first five games. Nobody has got


ahead in the game on the returning side. As we get closer to the


business end, and we are almost getting there, then the pressure


mounts, when you are that close to winning your first Wimbledon title.


And then we might see serves getting shorter and double faults thrown in


and someone take charge. Pavic did on that amazing run he had when he


opened up his shoulders and was hitting winners all over the place.


Do you think it will happen tonight? Probably not. Remember, we have an


11pm curfew. Two pretty accurate serves to start


off this game. You do not want to be playing this


game is your reactions are just a little dull. Could be dangerous.


Just missed three out of the team first serves in this final set. We


have been here before when we haven't been expecting a break of


serve and all of a sudden it comes out of nowhere and that could well


be what happens again but Melo making good use of the new balls, he


phoned his spots spectacularly. Melo getting a little bit of instruction


about which way to go for the return. Looking almost as if it was


to the backhand side, to cover the backhand side with the first serve


coming down. 11 is attempted winning Wimbledon for Melo. He has been in


the final in 2013. This will be Kubot's 12 time.


Perseverance pays off in the end. Which of these two teams have


persevered and will ultimately walk away with the glory?


Just over swung at that return. That second serve was 91 which was OK but


it was straight mac in the middle of the service box. Certainly


returnable. Spectacular return that time from


Melo. At full stretch. Melo did an amazing job of being


able to control that ball that was coming at him with such velocity.


Visual and audio effects. True surround sound. A little bit


exaggerated. They threw everything at that game,


Melo and Kubot, but ultimately came away with nothing.


Good moving. Very good moving. Managed to get on top of that one


quick. So the chip coming. Took two quickstep sound punch that one away.


Yeah, nicely played, little dead shot from Maric to keep the ball


low. That took a bit of courage to make


that serve because he took all of the pays off of it. Marach ended up


serving in early at the ball and did not get the pace he was looking for


in the return. Good cross he made there. That was a


high volley for him to go across on. He gambled. Kubot should have done


more with the volley relief. Yet, but it is a difficult one to pull


the trigger on in that situation. You want to be careful with it. He


had a good look at that return. The box believe that I of relief.


Edgy moments for Kubot and Melo to get through. It looked as though


Pavic was finding his range on the returns and getting onto everything


but a terrific serve from Kubot at 30-30 into the body...


This would in many ways be his finest moment. He won in Australia


in 2014. Melo also a Grand Slam winner. Pavic won the mixed doubles


last year. Of course the scoreboard giving Kubot and Melo a slight


advantage because any break points they reached will be match points.


That is never fun. To serve when you are going match points in the final


set. Just a little delay in the rhythm.


The pressure is at its maximum. That can contribute to moments like that.


Good reactions. Also some clean living. Beyond belief. Yes, he


wasn't there, just stuck his racket out of the last second. Nice step.


You just wonder whether the problem he has been having with his legs and


is the fourth set and the mass outing and just above his knee and


his quad, if you can keep here serving, maybe he is not getting up


as much as he was earlier in the match. Yes, and of course the left


knee is the one that does all of the jumping. You jump on the left knee


and land on it so it is taking some punishment.


That was a good serve. 101 on the second serve. Melo clearly was


distracted by the move that Pavic made.


Kubot has got the bit between his teeth. He has had the luxury of


getting a few more second serves. Melo if he can find something hell


is going to increase the pressure on this man exponentially. He is


struggling to find first serves. He desperately wants a free point.


Thing is getting very complicated. I was going to say, he is taking a


long time. Brilliantly read by Kubot. Nice


creativity when he got there. The short forehand is good in theory


perhaps but in practice did not get the job done.


He may well look to the heavens. That was much closer than he


intended it to be. Both teams have been here already at


this tournament, deep into a fifth set. But this has the extra


incentive and the extra pressure of having a Wimbledon title attached to


it, whoever comes out on top in the end, and Kubot and Melo are


potentially very close to winning this. More work ahead of them on


serve. You get the feeling that most of the


10,000 people still left in Centre Court have invested three and a half


hours in this match and now is the payback.


He has made it. That is just outrageous. The pace that he hit it


with coupled with the angle. What a pick-up from Melo. That was a


great move. That was lovely doubles. Rather than committing his weight


forward he held his balance so he could move one way or the other.


Just so much fun to watch. Great angle from Melo, just taking


the racket out of Marach's hands. It has been his best serve, that one


out wide, the backhand side. That does not augur well for us


getting home tonight. At 11pm. We will be postponed and have to come


back tomorrow. Think how well the other team had served when you think


about the last game be played and the length of it and they had to


endure before safely coming through in the end. They will be looking for


something a little less problematic here.


Apologises but would love three more of these. If the tennis gods are on


his side, who is he to argue? This is the moment they have been


working for and patiently waiting for. Produced by some wonderful


returns. The first helped by good fortune. The last couple have been


absolutely sensational. It is two championship points for Kubot and


Marach. Heart in the mouth for both sides.


Could Melo have done any more with the shot before that. Don't believe


he had that much time. A courageous second serve, as well.


If they had more of a chance on the first one, there was no chance for


Kubot on that. The perfect delivery. What an end to a game that had


everything in it. Quality all the way through, championship points,


but, ultimately, another hold of serve. And how positively will Kubot


and Melo react? UMPIRE: Mr Kubot challenging the


call. The ball was called out. Two I'd definitely better than one


of them, two racquets were better, they shovelled the back cover, in


fact, it was Kubot who managed to get his string onto the ball, they


both went for it, he was all over the place. -- shovelled it back


over. So much raw emotion in these


moments, so many different stories to get through, so money stages of


winning major titles. -- so many stages.


The shoe is on the other foot, Kubot is feeling the pressure.


They are going to get a warning here also, if they are not careful. There


has been a long time between points. Kubot responding in a similar


fashion as Pavic in the previous game, although with a championship


point staring him in the face, he delivered an ace. Bringing the best


out of each other. One of the biggest stages, if not


the biggest stage in the world and everything on the line. And those


last two players, Kubot and Pavic, in the service games, have produced


some fantastic serving. And we continue to be enthralled by this


Men's Doubles final. Kubot electing to not even sit down. Aidan Turner


and Bartoli continuing to talk about many of the permutations that could


still occur here. Virginia Wade. Continuing to witness


this drama unfolding. Barracudas struggled in his previous game, he


will be looking for a few more free points. Which he does not get on the


opening point of the game. One of the best backhand returns the final.


It looked like he had quite a bit of time, he was onto that forehand.


That was a time to play, to see how nervous your opponent is right now.


Like you said before, it does not matter how hard, he will still lose


the point is, pulled out in, see what happens. -- pull it in.


Well, that is a full-blooded swing, that return, he connected perfectly


and that beats Pavic as he crosses perfectly.


Calm as you like. There is ice in his veins.


Well, one continues to wonder what the catalyst for victory will be for


either of these teams, over one hour has gone in the final set alone.


Four hours, ticking over. And we are kept guessing. Who will be the


victor is out here? -- victors. Kubot apologises and he apologises


for a long time. They are playing in good spirit, in this final and Pavic


was right, that ball was travelling out but it was travelling at to


quickly apace. To get out of the way. It certainly got a lot cooler


than it was in the middle of the day and also a lot darker, we are about


ten minutes past eight in the evening and blankets are being


passed around in the Royal box. We need some of them down here! I am


just wondering at what stage they will make a decision in terms of


closing the roof and putting the lights on and all that. On a clear


day,... Nine o'clock? But it is not clear at all today. Therefore, it


might be closer to half past eight. I was on court to when Curry was


playing Jo Wilfried Tsonga and at a quarter past eight on a nice


evening, we thought this will we get done tonight, added five minutes to


nine, it was much too dark. There will be some discussions about what


to do. Maybe one of these teams will take the decision out of their


hands. Deft touch. That bounced like


sandbag! It is amazing how close to the net... Almost leaning over.


Right on top of the net. He had a few ciders, but with that


motion, you question whether that will stack up on a break point, it


is a very flat trajectory and for the most part it does work. But if


Marach and Pavic can get themselves to that break point situation, it


might just crack. -- a few sighters. It has dropped in. It looked like


they were out of trouble and that was a miraculous pick-up from Kubot.


He just did not do enough of that. The back edge.


And backs to the wall stuff for Kubot and Melo.


What a point he played there! His nerves! The first volley, I think,


was quite deep. And that was also very deep.


Inspirational play. Three break points. The first one is saved in


routine fashion but there is nothing routine about the situation they


find themselves in. That is a stunning serve. Credit to


Kubot, the weather Pavic is playing, that felt like it was the only way


they could where they could win the point, just not allowing them to


touch it. -- the way that Pavic is playing.


That is great serving. Just questioning whether the technique


would hold up, they answered that affirmatively.


That second service lacked just a bit of nerve, into the middle of the


box. And Pavic had a wonderful return, back at his feet.


Well, it was good scrambling but he was never really in the point after


the return and again, credit to Kubot are finding that terrific


first serve when he needed it the most. -- for finding.


I am not sure what happened. It was nowhere near the line. It didn't


come through, as he expected it. UMPIRE: Time violation warning,


Kubot and Melo. Quite right. Break points have come and gone. And Kubot


and Melo hang on. Now, legitimately, both teams feel they could be


Wimbledon champions, no matter what way this end -- this ends up going,


that was courage under fire, Kubot and Bella. Finding that ace at


15-40. Returning spectacularly well, he was back in the groove. Once


again, Kubot just not wanting to sit down and he is keeping himself warm.


Rod Laver will enjoy what he is watching. He knows what it takes to


play with courage when your back is against the wall. To play your best


tennis when everyone else, including yourself, is potentially doubting


it. This is unknown territory for both teams, they have never even


played each other before. No one here has a Wimbledon title to their


name and they desperately seek one of them.


Nice volleying. Unfortunately, their opponents cover every inch of the


court. That was a good follow. Full


stretch, Billy Strong, nudging that one. As soon as March held his


ground, he was in trouble. -- really strong.


Pavic, just in front of us, starting to flex his left leg or his left


hip, I do not know whether he tweaked that or if he was in some


degree of pain... Neither team has flinched in the


final set. It took a long time to develop the


last half set has been fascinating. There was nothing on that serve at


all. Against that grimace, he has to


serve next, he would dearly love to do that with a break in the bank as


well. He may not get that luxury. He has not always find that accuracy


down the T, but he did that time, when he needed that the most, great


response from Melo. He struggles on the backhand side,


if you get in there with pace, he can almost always only go down the


line or inside the doubles line, but Melo is once again directing the


traffic at a decent velocity, 117 out wide and the 0-30 lead has


vanished. Courage, calmness and precision on


serve from Melo, he digs his team out of trouble, that was a lightning


start from Pavic in that game and look at that, they are not dead even


on the scoreboard but in terms of total points one. And again, we


continue to wonder and wait to see what the difference will be. It is


amazing to think that as a team, March and Pavic have yet to win any


title together. They have individually, but not together and,


well, if they were to do it here, in the circumstances, it would be quite


something. I wonder if they have thought about closing the roof,


producing, I would think. Half past eight at night, we certainly do not


have that much more good light to play, there is no blue sky.


With it so finely balanced here, it would take a brave decision to stop


it right now, for shore. They will have to go to the last second and


hope against hope somehow it finishes.


Getting those second serves in the strike zone. Melo. Middle of the


net. And still they continued to


entertain. A good move in from Melo, keeping the ball low, but great


vision here from Marach. He said it is not the same, it is


not the same when it is not sunny. They want it to close now, I think.


As tough as it is to pick up the serve, as the light fades, it is


perhaps even tougher to pick up the first volley when it comes back at


that pace. Both teams are suffering a little bit here.


Did they get the signals wrong? They must have.


Both guys moving in the same direction. Yes. Just kicked in at 96


mph, giving extra time to get the racket through the shot and drag it


back crosscourt. Blanket coverage of the match


continues. 11-10 in the final set. STUDIO: We will cover this live on


BBC Two. The lights can come on after the roof closes and it can


continue until 11pm. The longest men's final was 19-17. The


tournament referee is chatting to the players to see whether they can


keep going for another two games. If they can, they will try to get the


match concluded and then close the roof. There is another final to come


after this, the ladies' doubles final. Today at Wimbledon will not


be happening but we will try in the gaps between the matches to bring


the highlights of the fabulous singles final between the women.


Garbine Muguruza and Venus Williams. But this match continues so I hand


you over to Mark Petchey, Peter Fleming and John Lloyd.


The gentleman on the court having a word with the umpire, you sense it


might have been a precursor for this game to be the final one before the


roof is shut and the lights come on. It is 8:37pm.


But, who knows? That may be the start of something special here for


Kubot and Melo. He was there. He tried to cut it as


finely as possible over the top of the dart-macro to keep it alone.


Such a good move from Pavic. His forehand return has been down the


line, but he had the courage to cut off the crosscourt return after the


Brazilian hit a pretty good one. And there he is again. Alert and


agile after over four and a half hours.


And this is it, isn't it? Yes. You would expect the players to leave


the court while this happens. UMPIRE: Ladies and gentlemen, play


is suspended for approximately ten minutes while the roof is closed.


STUDIO: While the roof closes let us take this opportunity to recapture


on a wonderful day of tennis. We have to go back to 1908 since a


37-year-old won the ladies' championship, Charlotte Cooper


Sterry stop Venus Williams was trying to emulate her, playing


Garbine Muguruza, 14 years her junior. Would age, experience or


youth win the day? You reach the last round and feel,


what I am doing is right. I have a lot to give. I am a glass half full


kind of person. It is 50-50, the chances. I have another opportunity


and have to do my best with it. It is not over till it's over. It was


the ninth time Venus had taken this walk. She did not look at pictures


of herself on the walls. She knows how to cope with days like these,


how to win matches like this. For Muguruza, a


second Wimbledon final. Last time she said it went by so fast against


the younger Williams. Venus makes the most of time. She delayed a few


moments, as if to emphasise she is the queen around here. The wait was


worth it because what followed was truly extraordinary.


And again, come the big moments in big games, the noise increases and


the powerless. The decibels level went up. Brilliant hitting from


both. It was well long and she is trying


to impose her will and presence, Williams. She knows the pressure


Muguruza is under. Forehand error again from the


Spaniard. Williams two points away. And a mistake, again, and it is the


first serve of Muguruza that has disappeared and gives Williams the


two set points. And a rally in. She could not do it


at the end and Muguruza holds firm. Still one more to go. Clearly, Venus


was targeting the forehand. As she should. Muguruza impressively held


steady. What a time to find that first serve


again from Muguruza. There was a sigh of relief.


The forehand worked well in that rally for Muguruza.


And that is how to stand up to set points. Muguruza played so well.


They know how important that was. Not afraid of a double fault, it is


part of her game. But it does put the pressure on.


I think she is going to challenge. Yes. And a big moment. It is worth


challenging. My goodness! It is not even close! The linesman today are


tighter than the players. Everyone is feeling the pressure.


She fell on her heels and lost her balance. When you get nervous, your


feet sometimes get tangled and that is what happened there.


Both players struggling on the forehand side. Suddenly, from having


two set points in the previous game, Williams is facing break point.


Wow. This is a nervy game for both players. They both have the same


weakness at the moment, the fragility in their forehand.


There will be another chance for Garbine Muguruza.


First blood to Garbine Muguruza. And William suddenly looks a little bit


weaker. Muguruza still has two survey it out, but what a position


she is aided in this final. -- she has to serve it out.


Wow. That is tremendous from Venus and the movement to get up to it


quickly and time it so well. Indecisive on this one. It was very


tough. Down at Muguruza's feet. The crowd gasp as they thought


Muguruza went long. But she gets away with it. She had control in the


first part of the set, but now hers has gone off.


She went for it on the final forehand, Williams, but it is


Muguruza getting closer. They are very physical rallies. The movement,


the explosive first step. How did she get that ball? It could


be the shot of the set. For all the world, Venus Williams was in control


of the rally and then she bowed her head as she watched this land in the


corner. Two set points for Muguruza. Still fighting. Venus had two set


points earlier. Muguruza one left. And Muguruza has the first set in


this final. STUDIO: Muguruza saving set points


and taking the set 7-5. We're going back to centre core for live tennis


because the final of the men's doubles has just resumed. We can be


join Mark Petchey, Fleming, and John Lloyd.


It was a quick warm up. No real warm up, to be honest. So difficult


perhaps for the players off the return straightaway. They came up,


warmed up their serve and got on with it.


The ball boy tripping up over the canvas towards a photographer, who


threw it back. It hit the front of his lens.


A strange start on the restart. For next week's was number one, Marcelo


Melo. 100 minutes this final set has taken


already. One wonders how deep into the evening we can go. We have


another couple of hours this could've feasibly go. Melo did well


on that game. The resumption is always difficult. But he served


well. Some good volleys from his partner to back him up and now


pressure switches to the other side of the court. And I would say


another couple of hours is highly feasible. It has a tendency, the


roof, to make things slower at times and I wonder if that will help both


teams. To create more opportunities. Slotted it into the space with


precision. And then moved in behind it. He has done that a few times. A


good start to the game. Unbelievable fortune for Melo. Not


even trying to disguise how happy he is about it. They had a couple of


championship points earlier in the set. They will have three more now.


What a remarkable victory for Melo and Kubot. Winning Wimbledon for the


first time as a team and in quite simply astonishing fashion.


We thought the match could go along into the night. The celebration is


certainly well. He is world number one once next week. He has already


have that number next to his name once before in 2015 and 2016. Kubot,


who won the Australian Open in 2014, is now the Wimbledon champion. And


Melo adds to his title in Roland Garros will stop but let's spare a


thought for the other two players in this magnificent final who end up


the runners up, who played more than their fair share in the drama that


unfolded over the last four hours and 41 minutes. Those are not tears


of joy under their 4-3. -- Pavic. But what a performance from the


Croatian and the Austrian. What a resumption. Did they lose a point on


the resumption? Did Melo lose one point on his serve? Spectacular


serving and then even more dynamic returning to break and win the


title. Fabulous scenes there were Lukasz


Kubot and Marcelo Melo. We will be back to see the trophy presentation


later on. We will be showing, the single's final. We were updating you


on what happened earlier on the final during the final of the


Ladies' Singles final. I am so impressed with the weight


Muguruza was able to stay so positive and find her forehand


again. Because that is what she has been struggling with since winning


the French. It has been a little bit more erratic and inconsistent. That


is what stood out during these championships. Much more reliable


ground strokes. No sign of any lack of power at the


start of the second set from Venus Williams.


An interested observer somewhere in the world will be Serena Williams.


Maybe she can't bear to watch it live, she will watch it on tape


later. She might not want to watch it if it continues to go the way of


the Spaniard. Just cannot afford to miss neutral


balls like that. Right at the start of the second


set, Venus Williams in all sorts of trouble.


Blistering back and says Venus Williams on that occasion. Some


heavy hitting from both players here at the moment.


Too many mistakes from Venus Williams at the moment. Too deep in


the court. Muguruza is controlling court position here. As hard as


Williams is hitting it. Challenge from Muguruza. A big


decision for our virtual friends. Good challenge. She shook her head


emphatically. It is a huge turn of events from an ace to losing your


serve. Gabine Muguruza it is firmly in control of this final now.


That is lovely from Venus Williams. That was a difficult half-volley.


Beautiful hands and feel to gently caress that. I don't know if it is


physical or she's lost a bit of spirit, but she doesn't seem to have


as much energy, Williams. Some uncomfortable speeds to deal with.


The winners, the energy coming from Muguruza now. The energy coming from


the Spaniard is tiring out Venus Williams at the moment. I don't see


a whole lot emanating from the American's side.


This is a must hold, can't go down the double break.


Too good. This match is slipping away from Venus Williams. Muguruza


is plain wonderful tennis. Break point again.


And Muguruza housing, has the double break. Surely has one hand on this


trophy? -- has it. Suddenly this court, where she has


had so much success must be a very dark place.


24 unforced errors now. Just 11 from Muguruza.


It is painful to watch if you are a supporter of Venus Williams. But she


is wilting here. Woody Harrelson, watching on. Anyway, three break


points for Garbine Muguruza. And the crowd, trying to lift their


favourite, this great champion. She is in a very deep hole.


And the end surely is coming quickly. Muguruza with a


stranglehold on this match. It not over yet, but Williams already looks


a beaten figure. Garbine Muguruza, to step out onto Centre Court, to


serve for the Ladies' Singles championship.


Goodness. You want to see this title taken, you don't want to see a meek


surrender. I think we are seeing both. The


combination is going to make it six love in the second.


Everything is with her now and there is noise inside Centre Court, but


just one more point for Garbine Muguruza and it will all be hers.


It might end on this. The umpire says it's good, so the challenge. I


hope it doesn't end this way. It doesn't, so we will play again.


We will have to wait just a little bit longer. Two more chances.


This challenge might end this way. We look to the challenge, we look to


the screen. Garbine Muguruza, if it is long she is the champion. It is


and it is a sorry way for this final two end, but what a victory for


Garbine Muguruza. She is the Wimbledon champion and tears of this


spare a couple of beers ago as she lost to Serena Williams. But


overwhelming joy now as she is the champion. And the sad end to Venus


Williams who played so well throughout this championship and


promised so much. But all the smiles belonged to Garbine Muguruza, the


moment is hers, the title belongs to the Spaniard.


A day to savour but Garbine Muguruza. She said she was


determined to enjoy this moment. And lifting the Venus rose water dish


and seeing her name. And look at how many times it says Williams, either


Serena or Venus. It is rare for anybody else to live this trophy.


She came out to packed crowds on the balcony. Unfortunately, they took


the trophy away from her. She said it was all too soon. She hadn't had


time to hold it in her hands for long enough. Only the second


Spaniard since Conchita Martinez in 1994 to win Wimbledon. And there is


the woman who has helped her through this fortnight. She has come through


with the loss of only one set and the only person to beat Venus


Williams six love in a set here at Wimbledon. The trophy presentation


has been happening but the Men's Doubles. The Duke of Kent, President


of the All-England Club and executive, making the presentation


to Kubot from Poland and Melo from Brazil. On the presentation has


happened but the Girls' Singles champion and for the first time in


25 years it has been won by an American. The third seed who beat


her fellow American. Clare lives the trophy and very shortly, on centre,


there is still another final to come, because we will be showing the


final of the Ladies' Doubles final. The roof is now close. On centre,


those players will be appearing shortly. We can find out what Venus


Williams said after her defeat in the final. Venus, commiserations,


how would you sum up the challenge posed by Garbine Muguruza today? I


have never played her on grass, so it was a different experience. She


played really well. It was a wonderful two weeks for me. I don't


have any complaints, she played amazing. Do you think we


underestimated just how difficult it would be to win a Grand Slam title


at the age of 37? I am thinking more about what I need to accomplish, I


don't necessarily think what other people think. Or your age? Not at


all. You had to set points which is very high quality and very


competitive, at the end of the first set, what do you remember? I try to


win those points, obviously. She played some amazing tennis. I would


like to have had more opportunities in the match, but she played


amazing, so I give her a lot of credit. The two sets were very


different, where you feeling very tired in the second set? I felt I


went for a little bit too much. You have to go for it, so I don't have


any regrets. Do you think the exertions of the last fortnight have


caught up with you? Every match is different and you give your best


effort and like I said, she played very well. Two grand slam finals


this year, I must assume you are very proud of your achievement? It


is great tennis this year, I look forward to the next major and giving


it my best shot. Is your appetite still as great as ever? I love the


game, sometimes it is wins and losses, mostly wins, so there will


be more. We will see you next year. Thank you.


Venus Williams has been coming here for 20 years and is not ruling it


out coming back next year. She will be 38 next year. The women


contesting the Ladies' Doubles finals, are walking out. Garbine


Muguruza becomes the first person ever to beat both Williams sisters


to win a grand slam title, having won the French and Wimbledon at well


and 23 she has many great years ahead of her. But Venus, not saying


this will be her last Wimbledon. She very much still wants to come back


and who knows, Serena may be back again next year. The first set was


populous tennis, it was so powerful, so full of pace and amazing accuracy


and then Venus, it was like the battery ran out in the second set.


Garbine Muguruza, won the Ladies' Singles for Spain. If you have tuned


in to watch in margin with Alan Yentob, that will follow the tennis,


but we are in for a late finish because we still have the final of


the Ladies' Doubles to come. I shall handed over to David Mercer and Liz


Smiley to tell you about it. The pair in your picture are only


playing their second tournament together. Their first was at


Eastbourne the week before. They lost in the first round. Liz Smiley,


the doubles champion here with Kathy Jordan, they have done better this


time? They are up against one of the best teams in women's tennis these


days. You might have just picked up the


umpire saying angel. That is the anglicised name she is commonly


known as. That is the name by which he likes to be called. Here are the


Olympic champions,. They were the champions at Roland


Garros in 2013 and at the US Open. The following year, they were both


ranked number three in the world. They very seldom play with other


partners. Elena Vesnina got married last year and her maid of honour is


her doubles partner. They have never won here at Wimbledon. They were


runner-up in 2015 and runner-up at the French as well. They are looking


for their first Wimbledon doubles title.


Slightly older at 30. Her partner is 29. Chan, 23 years of age.


It's not surprisingly is two teams have not played against each other,


given the fact that this is only their second event together. It is


interesting they have just gelled immediately. You see that sometimes


the doubles pairings, they don't have to play for a long time to


understand each other or where their partner is hitting the ball, they


have an chemistry. Ekaterina Makarova, the grand slam


titles won with her partner today. It is an impressive record. In the


majors they have reached the finals of all of them. They would love to


make it three the night. Ten doubles title for Katarina. A few more for a


Elena Vesnina. She has won 16 doubles titles. And of course, those


two majors. They have both won Mixed Doubles grand slam titles with the


same man, Bruno Soares. Nine wins as a team, one win in 2007


and this is the route to the final, just losing the one set in the


quarterfinals. One break in each set of that particular match. It was


very tough. The Australians themselves have been runners-up. The


Australians reached three grand slam finals and lost the lot in 2013.


Here is angel, born in Taipei. Has won 12 doubles titles, nine with her


sister. But she was playing with Martina Hingis and they were playing


with the number one seeds in this event. Monica Niculescu is an


unusual player on the tour, she will play particularly on the forehand


and an exaggerated slice forehand. She doesn't have any grand slam


titles. Her world ranking is 25. This is their route, little bit


different than the semifinal. They ended up winning 9-7 in the third


set, two other matches went the distance. They have not faced a


seeded player. They are the ninth seeds.


The umpire, one of the full-time officials on the women's WTA to. Lot


more aces, you can see from the Russians. One more points but then


they have played a lot of you are games. Rather more efficient at


converting break points on paper. They are the highest seeds left in


the/ when the number one seeds had the defaults.


Bethany Matt Dixon and suffered a terrible injury.


The top section of the drawer opened up once the number one seeds were


gone. The number two seeds, we will see here. I am sure many of the


people were queueing the resale tickets. Then they can say, not only


did I go to Wimbledon and sat on the Hill, then I saw a Wimbledon final


on Centre Court. Wonderful thing for them. Most famous tennis court in


the world. There is always a queue of people whose dream it is to watch


a final. Tough for all four ladies to have to


wait so long that remarkable Men's Doubles going past the four-hour


mark. It is all in the timing when you


cross and just too much space down there, left a little bit early,


Makarova was good enough to hit the forehand up the line. Very solid off


the ground. She had shoulder treatment during


the semifinal, Chan. You can see why Niculescu and Chan


combine well. Excellent volleys from Niculescu at the net. She is always


looking to inject herself into the point.


If you strike the ball well, there is a lovely resonance under the


roof. Perfect conditions. On the full stretch, the return was


unable to hit an effective lob. Not a bad idea. Vesnina really closes in


on the net. That is why we need to have the


lights on and roof closed. That is quite a sunset in the distance. That


is a beautiful sight. Red sky at night, Shepherd's delight. Red sky


in the morning... Shepherd's warding. -- warning.


When you are struggling on serve, 0-30, you love to see your partner


doing that for you. There was too much power from


Makarova first on the big ground stroke and then on the overhead. The


first break point goes to the Olympic champions.


Vesnina makes an extraordinary noise when she strikes the ball. It sounds


like "hiya". Hello to you. What she lacks in pace, Niculescu,


she makes up for with direction. And pinpoint accuracy on the serve.


The backhand hits a flat and powerfully. -- was hit so flat and


powerfully. Vesnina and Makarova probably


thought they had pretty good net position but a screamer up the line


from Niculescu. Two break points saved.


That was an overall by the umpire. No challenge. -- overrule.


That second serve, 71 mph, it was difficult for champ to withstand


that pace of shot. -- for Chan. The perfect start for the number two


seeds. They have had a long day, the ball


kids. Excellent hands from Makarova.


Niculescu had worked her way so close to the net, she had no time to


react. I do not think there is any other


player I can name who is playing today who hits a forehand like


Niculescu, and to be able to squeeze that the line, it is such an unusual


shot. The favourites justifying their


favouritism with this fine start. It is a spectacular sight, the roof at


night. We will be spoiled when we have two. One on Centre Court and


one on Court Number One. I think that is the London eye in the


distance. Mind you, we are still behind the Australian Open, because


you have three. We do, but that is OK. It is constant communication


between Vesnina and Makarova on the change event, between between


points. -- change of ends. Both of them have won two singles titles


apiece and they have both won in Eastbourne, one of the lead up


championships. Vesnina in 2013 and Makarova in 2010. Makarova ranked as


high as number eight in singles and her partner as high as 13.


That first serve, 79 mph. That really does put Chan on the back


foot immediately, particularly against the hitters like Vesnina and


Makarova. I wonder how much the shoulder injury is contributing to


the lack of speed. It was just long. Two points for the


double break. That is a wonderful angle from Chan.


Niculescu is trying to work her way into the point at the net, but she


did not needed on that particular occasion. It was a great angle from


Chan. Still in trouble, fighting hard to hold.


The next shot from Chan was not effective enough. That is easy


pickings. Slightly extravagant, I thought,


that choice of shot from Vesnina. She thought Vesnina was going to


cross. Goes up the line, Chan, but Vesnina was not going anywhere.


Fourth break point in this game. terrific poach. Niculescu has to


keep doing that, even if she gets burned a couple of times down the


line. She have to keep trying to help Chan.


Perhaps a little unfair the 4-0 scoreline on Chan and Niculescu.


They have fought really hard in the two service games, but no reward.


UMPIRE: Ladies and gentlemen, please make sure the flashes off on your


cameras. Thank you. That is the problem with the sliced,


blocks returned from Niculescu. If she gets it wrong, it is floating


high and is easy pickings. And the object is to keep the


receivers guessing as to which way the partner will move? Correct and


also to pick their spot, be definitive about where they want to


hit and do not worry about the person at the net.


I cannot imagine it happened to you, but if you are losing 5-0, are you


saying to each other, we had better try something different? I think you


mentioned the scoreline is probably not an accurate reflection of the


quality of the match so far. Niculescu had opportunities to hold


as did Chan. But they lack a little bit of power. Certainly not from


Chan, but Niculescu, even though she is darting from side to side and is


doing her best at the net, her return lacks power and the serve of


both of these ladies lacks a bit of power, which gives the Russians


advantage because they want to be aggressive both sides. You have to


forget about the score at this point and just focus on this game. We have


had one love set today, the second set of the singles final.


My point about lack of power was illustrated. Niculescu hit the


forehand on the line and anybody else who hits that it is probably a


winner because you have the whole court, because it does not have


pace, the Russians are able to run its down and stay in the point. --


run it down. A terrific return and then the classic interception. These


two are playing really well. A bit adventurous with that shot, I


think. It drops in. They are challenging


the decision. Outside edge. Two set points. When things aren't going


your way, they just go your way, don't they?


STUDIO: Makarova and Vesnina are clearly aware play can not go beyond


11pm. Taking the first set 6-0. Earlier in the day we had British


winners in the wheelchair doubles final with Gordon Reid and Alfie


Hewett beating Stephane Houdet and Nicolas Peifer France. The Frenchman


saved four match points before, finally, netting the ball that gave


victory. Tomorrow we will have more British interest, because in the


women's doubles finals, Jordanne Whiley of Great Britain teams up


with her doubles partner and we will show you that from the 11am live on


BBC Two. A great crowd on Court Number 3, the first time the


wheelchair finals have been staged there and about 2000 people packed


in to see it and as you can see, thousands left at Wimbledon, as the


clock ticks past 10pm and we live with the final of the ladies'


doubles. Makarova and Vesnina taking the first set 6-0. We can rejoin


David Mercer. Almost the perfect set.


Overambitious on a fume shots, the Olympic champions.


Oh yes! Mixing the power with finesse. It started with the Vesnina


lob. They haven't put a foot wrong, the Russian pair.


Makarova and Vesnina pick up the second set where they left the


first. Let's see who opens proceedings here serving. It'll be


Niculescu. They are changing ends. Niculescu served from the other end


in the first set. Too early. Way too early from Chan.


All the time in the world for Makarova to hit the ball up the


line. It is a bit like a heavyweight


against a flyweight at the moment. It is a big problem for them on the


serve, both Chan and Niculescu. Much better timing that time. The


crowd urging on Chan and Niculescu. They'd love them to get a game, but


still facing break point. Slides that slice down the line.


When you are playing against a shot like that, you think, she can't keep


hitting that up there. But it is her favourite shot of that side.


Good variety from the Russians. We have seen some timely lobs from both


Makarova and Vesnina. Sitting there waiting for it,


Vesnina. As a player, do you start to think


about love and love? It is getting quite desperate for Niculescu and


her partner, Chan. It is difficult to see where they can change this


because they are both struggling with the pace of shot on the serve.


Coupled with the fact the Russians are just gaining in confidence,


every service game, expecting to either break or at police go close.


So that is putting more pressure on. First serve points won just 38%.


Second serve points one is worse. I remember Steffi Graf against


Natasha 's grave in the French Open, 6-0, 6-0 and I think it was about 36


minutes. Steffi Graf could do that to people at her best.


She got herself into an awkward position, Niculescu. But just did it


just in time. -- adjusted it. Doing its best to get over her left


shoulder, Niculescu. Good footwork in the end. There was the chance to


get to their first game point of the match.


Not willing to give an inch, are they, the Olympic champions?


Bay are absolutely determined to be ruthless. So you should in this


professional age. The days of giving someone a game have long since gone.


I don't know if those days ever existed, did they? I was told by my


parents, in the juniors, if you are beating somebody 6-0, you ought to


give them again. -- again. Now than! It is like please, can I


just win this point. Their first break point, their second game point


of the match. As Vesnina urges Makarova to go


higher, because that is what it sounds like. The order of play


tomorrow, from two o'clock on Centre Court it will be the men's final,


Marin Cilic trying to win his first title against Roger Federer trying


to win his eighth. We have Jamie Murray playing alongside Martina


Hingis and Heather Watson. But coverage starts earlier because from


11 o'clock on BBC Two we will be on for the wheelchair doubles final.


That features Jordanne Whiley of Great Britain. Let's see if the


love, love scoreline can be achieved by the Russian pair.


One last chance the Chan and Niculescu to get on the scoreboard.


Niculescu is trying everything and so is Chan. To be able to move into


the court and take that ball in the air, I think it seems like they can


do. They are underpowered and they have


been overwhelmed. Two championship points.


APPLAUSE A third Grand Slam title than for


the Russians. Makarova and Vesnina. They played quite superbly. And a


first title here at Wimbledon. And for the opponents, they have got


to console themselves by saying, in our second tournament together, have


reached the Wimbledon final. STUDIO: Very impressive from


Makarova and Vesnina winning 6-0, 6-0 and venting their defeat in the


final last year which was at the hands of Venus and Serena Williams.


Venus was involved in the Lady single final earlier today and she


put up a brave fight, but Garbine Muguruza was ruthless. Venus seemed


to run out of energy and she made too many mistakes. Garbine Muguruza


went to Hawk-Eye to challenge and the ball was confirmed out and that


meant Garbine Muguruza at the age of 23 has won her first Wimbledon title


and becomes the first minute to do so since Conchita Martinez since


1994 and only the second Spanish woman ever. She holds that aloft as


the Wimbledon champion. He will follow in those footsteps tomorrow?


It will be either Roger Federer or Marin Cilic. Good night for now.


No-one... ..tells us... ..what to choose.


Take this island like a dose of medicine


Emerging from the mists of afternoon thunderstorms


Waterfalls pound your head into shape


Let the sea beat your longing out of you


Restless spirits to whom no priest or pundit bid farewell


Strange names of disparate tongues from far-flung places


Let this island medicine intoxicate you


Let the liquor dance a spirit dance in your veins


This is where you come to find yourself


Into the forest, into the cane fields


Among the lost things of this island, find yourself whole again.


For over a decade the British artist Chris Ofili


has made the Caribbean island of Trinidad his home.


For me, one of the attractive things about Trinidad is


and it still feels like it's brand-new.


From his explosive early works featuring riotous colours,


collage and, infamously, elephant dung,


Chris Ofili has always pushed the possibilities of painting.


But his time in Trinidad has been a creative rebirth.


There's so much of it and it's so powerful -


It's just a very kind of painterly island.


is to find a way to bring those elements together


His latest project attempts just this.


It's a remarkable collaboration, a giant tapestry,


almost three metres high and over seven metres wide,


that is centrepiece of a new Ofili exhibition


Created alongside a team of master weavers,


it's taken nearly three years to complete.


that weaves together the sights and sounds of Trinidad...


..with nods to both the classical world and, unexpectedly,


the Italian footballer Mario Balotelli.


And he's called it The Caged Bird's Song.


It brings to mind the idea of the question of sweetness of the song.


Is the sweeter song the song of the uncaged bird


And what that really is asking about liberation and constraint


and how that could potentially relate to...


The story begins four and a half thousand miles away from Trinidad...


This former Victorian swimming baths is home to Dovecot Studios,


one of the world's leading creators of hand-woven tapestries.


Back in 2013, the studio was approached by the Clothworkers,


a London livery company with a rich textile history,


who were looking to make a bold new commission.


We were hoping for a contemporary, a modern, vibrant tapestry,


and we were looking for an established,


Dovecot came up with a short list, and then,


when we found that Chris was very keen to experiment outside his usual


field, to go in to tapestry, we were absolutely delighted.


The Clothworkers wrote and asked if I would consider making a tapestry


Which, to me, at the time, seemed like a commission.


Which is something that I would normally run away from


because I felt that the fear is that they would want to have a say in


raised a level of anxiety that I didn't really want to take on.


So I think I sent back a number of, like, questions


and they were pretty much a list of things I wasn't going to do, like


I didn't want to see where it was going to go,


and I didn't want to have a conversation about content.


On every front, you just nixed them.


I thought, no, now they've agreed to everything,


that means that they've got something up their sleeve.


The way that Chris works with colours really is fascinating,


and we thought that would very much fulfil the bill.


We wanted a Chris Ofili piece, we wanted him to be happy.


At home in Trinidad, Ofili created a vibrant design for the tapestry -


a triptych, painted - rather mischievously - in watercolour.


because the subject is pretty much about water and fluidity.


And I also thought it would be funny to see if the weavers could actually


So I found myself making a watercolour


and trying to release the pigment even more,


and almost giggling at the fact that it was almost impossible for them to


There's no way they're going to be able to do this.


and met them, they had a kind of solidity to them, and a confidence,


a creative confidence, about their own process.


Thankfully, they were really open to the challenge of it.


as to whether or not they could achieve it.


For the weavers, it was a major undertaking.


and complexity would take years of their lives.


Haven't you chosen something quite challenging?


Because watercolours must be incredibly difficult to weave and to


The watercolour is, like, multi-layered, so you're often


looking at the colours underneath to come up through, as well.


They want... They did a colour strip, wove it in front of me,


and they started to put together threads to make that turquoise fizz


in front of my eyes, when you look at it as a solid colour.


And I realised that was completely different to my understanding of it.


And so I felt as though I could just let go and float with this process.


These are the bobbins that we use for weaving with.


If you're wanting to weave something that looks all the same colour,


but you don't want it to look flat like cardboard,


you would make a mix with very close colours,


and then it would just gently look like the same colour.


you get more of an idea of what it's going to weave up like.


So these are more subtle, different variations of these colours.


I can see these... That's right, yes.


I think we lifted the colour from the original image.


But there's almost no pure colour in here, is there?


It's all a mix... It's all a mix, yes. ..which watercolour is, really.


Absolutely. Making those mixtures means that we can get the subtlety


and the richness. But it also means that we can blend one colour


into another to get that... This watercolour effect.


Watercolour and wool are such completely different materials. Yes!


He's a master colourist, Chris Ofili, so,


he wanted to challenge them by using a watercolour pigment,


which is the most free-flowing of the pigments,


and so you get this wonderful paradox between this spontaneous,


which then becomes this permanent fixed three-dimensional object


There is that great variation in the watercolours themselves, very lush,


and then almost non-colour and the use of charcoal.


Midweek colours? Yeah, midweek colours, and the weekend colours are


the popping colours that you get around.


And he's drawn in charcoal and his clothing is turquoise.


I remember putting the turquoise down and the colour just suddenly


I remember thinking, "Oh, no! I've screwed it up!"


And then, I just thought, this is kind of hilarious.


That they are now going to capture that moment,


and I still see it when I look at it.


You're a bit of a sadist, aren't you?


No! No! I think it was just to see if...


It was a way of trying to have a dialogue, really.


So, what of the actual narrative within Ofili's tapestry design?


Both the glowing colour palette and much of its imagery draws


inspiration from his adopted island home of Trinidad.


and try and get to the bottom of the caged-bird phenomenon.


I like to almost observe it from a distance.


You could be running around the Savanna,


and somebody would come towards you, walking,


and they're carrying a little bird in a cage.


Then you can go to these competitions, which is like


a kind of orchestra of little birds in cages, singing, you know.


In the mornings in Trinidad, there's incredible birdsong.


Keeping songbirds is a surprisingly macho subculture on the island.


The birds are fed a local seed grass, known as crab eye,


to help them perform to the best of their abilities.


I grew up here and my grandfather used to mine then, my father,


and now I have them. I inherit some of them even from my grandfather.


These birds live up to 30, 35 years.


The notes of the birds singing is just pleasing to my ear.


When I listen to my birds, I have to play music, I like that song.


I haven't, to this day, got myself my own caged bird.


I do think it's a beautiful thing to be able to have around.


Some of the songs of these caged birds are just...


And they really just kind of captivate you and throw you


MUSIC: You're Goin' Miss Your Candyman by Terry Callier


Chris, he appreciates what we have here.


This place is just such a rich bed for anyone who wants to study


and the various nuances associated with such, you know?


Especially those who have a particular creative energy.


The natural world has been a huge source of delight for him,


There's a tropical world, the colours are more vivid.


You know, the sun shines more brightly.


He's not the only artist to have moved to that kind of


And I think it's inevitable that what you see around you becomes...


becomes part of the landscape, becomes part of your repertoire.


a great artist is that they often make a story their own.


You know, what you're looking at, really, in the tapestry,


And what's happening behind the curtain.


And then when the curtain closes again,


the man holding the caged bird, the lady holding the bird seed


But just to try to understand the journey you went on, this is,


in the end, one image, but you went through


You didn't just arrive at that idea.


There was a point at which I was quite clear on what the image was


going to be. But I wanted to be able to render it with ease.


And so, in order to do that, you kind of have to go through a few


different iterations, really, of the same thing.


To see what happens when a curve moves left instead of right,


or a stroke is done from the bottom up, or the top down.


And it's just to see which flows better.


The fluidity is also part of the process of making,


The sense of flow and the presence of water is everywhere in Ofili's


A couple sit by a waterfall with a river swirling around them.


The man is busy serenading, while the woman sips a cocktail.


And the cocktail is being poured by a strange, abstracted figure,


based on an image of the Italian footballer Mario Balotelli in tears.


So, Chris, where does it all begin with Mario?


Um... I was interested in the fact that maybe the tears,


his tears, could become part of the cocktail. Ah!


Yeah, that there's this kind of deep underlying sadness to him


that's being transferred into this potion, or drink.


But, in this case, I wanted to really collage the image that I was


For it to be there, still in its raw state.


connects various threads in Ofili's own story.


Born and raised in Manchester to Nigerian parents,


Chris's explorations of race and Afro identity -


have always been a distinctive feature of his work.


he won the Turner Prize for paintings


that included a poignant depiction of Doreen Lawrence,


grieving her son Stephen's brutal murder.


For me, it's about trying to make a painting about tremendous loss.


I mean, I focused on the image that was strongest to me,


which was of Doreen, his mother, crying.


And that just seemed like such a powerful image.


When I finished the painting it felt like that raw emotion, that sorrow,


it felt like that was actually in the room.


As for Balotelli, the son of Ghanaian immigrants to Sicily,


he was later fostered by an Italian family.


But his footballing gifts are often overshadowed by his own volatile


reputation, and racism within the game.


So...I can't, in my heart, say that I think he's a wonderful footballer.


Because he's wearing the wrong-colour shirt.


But I think there are other qualities to him


that are outside of his abilities as a sportsman.


Qualities that seem much more mythical.


I think, you know, the fact that he's a black African Italian.


He symbolises the way race plays a part, still, in sport.


I think he's a maverick, in a way that you don't often get.


I've worked with images of him before,


and this is another one, I'm still trying to figure it out.


And I think, with him, it's also not fixed.


So I've cast him in this sense, as a...


Which you've done... You've done a bit of cocktail...


Yeah. I like that idea of almost being in disguise, really.


But you're also able to take on another personality


Is that because when you were doing it you were trying


to kind of get a glimpse of the world as it was,


See it differently, yeah. To try and see things differently momentarily.


Let's just say there are great cocktail waiters in the world.


There must be something other than just mixing drinks.


Adopting masks and alternative personas


Much of the island's multicultural population is the colonial legacy.


Generations of African slaves and indentured Indian labourers


toiled on its sugar and cocoa plantations.


When we think about the Amerindians who lived here...


..and constructed, if you want, on their slaughter.


Trinidad's annual carnival is a visceral celebration


When rebellion is put down, as most of them have been...


revolt on behalf of, or against, do not disappear.


The people's attitude to these things also doesn't disappear.


Right? What happens is that this moves into the culture.


And that is why art and culture functions in


such subversive ways in a kind of way,


because you're looking for them to frontally to be saying one thing,


and then they are saying something else, you know?


It's a very interesting thing about our Carnival, we have, like,


In our mythology we have so many shape shifters.


You know, there are so many characters that change perspective,


and change their outward appearance


When you put on a costume, especially a blue devil,


You know what I mean? Your energy is raw.


It's raw. You kind of cast away your inhibitions.


And as we say in Trinidad, you are free of yourself.


I don't know, maybe that's part of what Chris


experiences here. A certain level of freedom.


The thing about Chris is that he... He disappears in a place like this.


His blackness includes him in the society,


in a way that if he was a white artist, he would not.


His otherness is different here than it would be in England.


For somebody who is a transplant from somewhere else,


but a transplant from somewhere else that he doesn't know at all,


the fact that Trinidad's full of people with different histories,


did you just somehow absorb that and then sort of


one of the attractive things about Trinidad is that it's still quite


mysterious. And you think you are going in one direction,


and you realise you're actually not going in that direction.


If anything, it's kind of kept things open.

:29:38.:29:40. to feel... To still feel like life is still being collaged


Meanwhile, bringing Ofili's watercolour design to life


remains a daunting task for the weavers.


And yet, the whole art of tapestry-making


is incredibly exacting, and labour-intensive.


For centuries, tapestries were cherished for these very reasons.


They were to the north of Europe what fresco was to the south.


Vast projections of power, wealth and sophistication.


would have stretched three miles if laid end to end.


But the intricate processes involved in creating tapestry have changed


Everything has to be made from scratch,


and Ofili's original watercolours dramatically scaled up.


looking forward to working with Chris


after his work doing some set designs of backdrops for a ballet,


we thought that he can imagine his work on that sort of scale.


And so we knew that they would work well.


You can see at the bottom it says, "Please enlarge by 877%."


So from that we get a line drawing that we call the cartoon -


Each mark has to be made not just on the front of


the warp thread but also all the way round.


And we're looking at the lines that are actually on the warps.


We are constantly referring back to the image with the small cartoon


sitting over the top. Already from this conversation,


I can see how exhausting this must be.


Sue Barker presents continued live coverage from the All England Club of the ladies' and men's doubles finals.

The 2016 men's final was an all-French affair with top seeds Nicolas Mahut and Pierre-Hugues Herbert beating compatriots Julien Benneteau and Edouard Roger-Vasselin in straight sets.

In the women's final, just hours after her win in the singles competition over Angelique Kerber, Serena Williams paired up with sister Venus to take the ladies' doubles title for the sixth time.

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