Men's Final Build-Up Wimbledon

Men's Final Build-Up

Sue Barker and guests preview the men's singles final. There is also a look ahead to the mixed doubles final.

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For 140 years, this place has been synonymous with excellence, quality,


history. Today, two men hope to write the latest chapter in that


history. Like Spain's Garbine Muguruza yesterday, Croat Marin


Cilic looks to be only the second player from his country to win here


in singles. Eyeballing him across the net, arguably the greatest


player ever to pick up a racket. Switzerland's Roger Federer has more


than a win on his mind. For him, it is a date with destiny. It is time


for the 2017 Wimbledon Men's Singles final. This is a national programme,


now we are going to take you over to Wimbledon...


String, simple, everyday... Ordinarily, but in tennis like


music... It facilitates extraordinary things. Like an


overhead cable... It transfers power. Electricity. Like a nerve


impulses, tension... Pressure... Release. Like a vein, it carries


lifeblood to the heart of the game. String is the concept that ties the


to the present... And the future. 1889 and Britain's William Renshaw


wins his seventh Wimbledon title. In 2000 the American Pete Sampras wins


his seventh Wimbledon title. 2012, Roger Federer of Switzerland wins


his seventh Wimbledon title. This trio entwined by shared history.


Stretch the timeline to today, and just one has the chance to break the


tie. But it's a fine line, for standing in his way is former US


Open champion Marin Cilic. Hoping to strike his own accord. But with 18


Grand Slam titles and counting... Who would bet against the greatest


of all time? Becoming the greatest of all time here.


COMMENTATOR: That is extraordinary! Pure genius. Brilliant! I love that.


Arguably the greatest champion of all time.


Roger Federer is the man who more than any other knows how to break


the tape of the finish. SUE BARKER: the number is eight, the


sign infinity, and today Roger Federer is a victory away from


creating a record that could last for ever. Nobody in the 140 year


history of the Men's Singles championships here has ever won


eight titles. Today in his 11th Wimbledon singles final, he's aiming


for major title number 19. Phenomenal, fabulous, fantastic -


that is Roger Federer. This year, he has already won the Australian Open


title and a few weeks shy of his 36th birthday he's aiming to become


the oldest man in the modern era to win here. Over the past 13 days he's


rolled back the years and not even dropped a set on the way to today's


showdown. As for Cilic, he has been impressive on his way to a second


Grand Slam final. He beat Federer on his way to winning the US Open in


2014 and held match points against him here last year. He has the game


for grass, is serve is fast and Federer will fear him. He is not


without a chance by any means today. And this is what they are playing


for, the challenge cup. It's made of silvergilt, 18 inches high and its


value is priceless. As for the matter of prize-money, the winner


will walk away with ?2.2 million. And so for the record, in draw


order, it is seventh seed Cilic versus third seed Federer. The men's


final is the feature much on this final day but following it there's a


cracking Mixed Doubles final that includes a Battle of Britain as


number one seed Jamie Murray and Martina Hingis face the defending


champions, Kontinen and Watson. Hello and welcome to one of the


great days of the sporting year. It is the men's final at Wimbledon and


in this 90th year of the BBC celebrating covering the


Championships, we could be in for a record-breaking ones if Roger


Federer makes it an eighth title. It is packed here at Wimbledon, we have


made it to the top of the hill. We are amongst the fans with Andrew


Castle and Boris Becker. Boris, well done to you, Pat Cash and John


McEnroe. What a performance that was! There is a potential new career


for me, Pat and John. I'm not sure about the singing part but I'm glad


everybody liked it. It's about numbers, we think of Andy Murray


with 77 years on the 7th of July and all of that, then suddenly it is the


eighth for Roger Federer, is it his year? To play Roger Federer at


Wimbledon, for Marin Cilic to play somebody, I mean you know about


these records. Federer has a presence here, finals day feels


different, it is a whole different ball game and Federer brings


presents which Cilic will feel on Centre Court today so he goes in


heavily favoured to win once again. And he's just hitting the ball so


unbelievably well. If Cilic plays out of his mind, he can win. If you


have noticed he has been nervous couple of times, maybe the weight of


history. It has been merely a long fight for him to be in that position


again, for him to win this year is one of the biggest comebacks I have


ever seen in tennis but the whole plan was last year taking time off


to be in your best shape at this year's Wimbledon because this


tournament means more than anything on the calendar. He's in the


position but he's human, he has a heart even though we don't see it


sometimes. He's such a genius we forget there is a heart beating


underneath and he understands today is a moment of history and he can


rewrite it. There is Federer on the practice court. He just makes the


game look so easy, doesn't he? It's almost as much fun watching him


practice as it is watching him play. It is so easy, he moves the racket


like a magic wand. Whatever shot he wants to play, he has. As Boris was


saying, that lovely mix between fitness and freshness and he is so


fresh that every time he picks up a racket now he wants to play. Taking


six month off, then winning the Australian was ridiculous, taking


the entire clay court season and then coming here not losing a set is


equally ridiculous. He says he feels great and he's confident and why


not. He looks so relaxed. Marin Cilic is a danger man, isn't he?


Very much so. Cilic had him on the brink of defeat before, both players


will remember that walking out on the court that the last time they


met here it was very close. Cilic has the full package on grass. He's


six foot six but yet he has the movement. He doesn't mind coming


into the net so he has the game to herd is Roger Federer. And a big


wingspan as well. Yunus Bjorkman is a big deal today, he's the coach to


Marin Cilic. He wants the transition game for Marin coming forward. He


wants him to get the first hit in, to bring the big forehand into play,


that's how he finished his semifinal. But the key thing about


Bjorkman is the possibility that the Swede brings to his game. Don't


guided, hit it. He can blow Federer off the court today. He wants him to


be more intimidating on court, that's important when you want to be


a champion. If you show one ounce of fear, the other guy will take


advantage of it. Roger Federer was in this position 11 times so he


knows everything there is to know what it feels like to walk on the


Centre Court and win it. That has been the weakness in Cilic's game


that he didn't always believe he can. He has to bring the glass is


half full mentality. In the final everyone sees what you are going


through. Nervous already! We will continue our build-up over the next


45 minutes. Here is what's coming up. He's been playing here for two


decades, Roger reveals his love for the early days. Where will today's


match be won and lost? Pat Cash looks at both players' games. Can


Marin match Goran Ivanisevic's victory? And can heap at the eight


integrate? Roger Federer talks about his bid for history. So all of that


coming up as we build up to the final but Andy, just a comment


because we were watching on the big screen the wheelchair final. Yes,


backing up the defence of the title for Gordon Reid and Hewitt now as


well. The federation deserves a lot of credit the continuing to fund


this so great news. Talk about competitive, you should see it out


there, they were falling out of the chairs. They are so impressive in


the way they play, and they have combine so well over


the years. Yes, Jordanne Whiley has broken so many bones. It is sport at


the highest level. Following on from Gordon Reid and Alfie Hewitt


yesterday. OK, let's start our build-up now because we will start


by looking back at the story of the men's championship, and it really


has been a numbers game. For 2017 at SW19 reducing 128 of the


regal one was the quest. The fabulous four were back on stage


ready to reprise their greatest hits. The champion was limping into


the tournament but this was no lame title defence through weak number


one. Novak Djokovic was looking close to his best, Roger Federer was


redefining imperious, Rafael Nadal was rattling through exciting fans


on court and in-store. 999 might have been the first round call for


the record equalling list of injured dropouts. The Centre Court emergency


on day one. This last Wawrinka, 39 unforced errors in defeat. The


number five seed out. The smaller upset saw John is never beaten. One


win for trial Edmund and two for Bedene went on to marry -- meant


Andy Murray was not a British work in isolation. Sorry didn't seem to


be the hardest word. Dominic Thiem led the next generation into week


number two followed by Zverev and Grigor Dimitrov. Only one dropped


set between them in the fourth round, but then Thiem fell to Tomas


Berdych. Rafael Nadal fought back against Muller, and after four hours


and 47 minutes clinching the win of his life. The fabulous four no more


and soon just one remained. Andy Murray led Sam Querrey 2-1 in the


quarterfinals only for his hip to betray him. The top seed and


reigning champion gone and so too the number two, Novak Djokovic


elbowed out of Wimbledon in his match against Tomas Berdych. Federer


avenged the last year's loss to Raonic. Tomas Berdych battles but


eventually bowed to greatness. One must opponent to conquer for the


Swiss master, Marin Cilic, baby Goran all grown up. He squashed Sam


Querrey's dream in the semis. Only two remain but one is the magic


number because only one can wear the crown.


SUE BARKER: and we will find out at the end of the afternoon but Doris,


how do you look back at this year's championships? So many stories


there. It was always about the big four. The legend is in the final and


I think history will prevail. And for you, Andy? The first week, there


were some guys on the court who shouldn't have been and Wimbledon


have to look at that. When the whole thing got going it was amazing. It's


always a shame to lose Rafael Nadal but Muller was marvellous. In


amongst all the trees you have this beautiful tennis player called Roger


Federer. Another of the talking point has been the condition of the


courts with a lot of players criticising them so how is Centre


Court prepared for today and how will it stack up after two weeks of


wear and tear? We have been speaking to the head groundsman.


Can you tell us how preparations have gone for Centre Court ahead of


the final? It has gone very well. The Men's Doubles went longer than


anticipated but that is the beauty of tennis. The roof was on, once we


got the court prepared afterwards the guys were out by 11:30pm, back


in this morning and everything is ready to go. A few of the big names


have been critical about the courts this year, what do you say to them?


It is a living surface, it is a plant we are playing on.


Year-on-year the weather will play a big part. This year we have had the


second hottest June in history, only surpassed by 1976, so going into the


Championships when we are drying the court down, the plant stresses out


because we are not giving it the water it needs, to get the firmness


for the court. But the data tells us the grass density, the relative ball


bounce our role within the range we are looking for. Therefore perhaps


visit down to the players? Sometimes it can be aesthetic. The grass has


been sunburnt this year because it has been constantly hot so although


the court was playing well it may have looked different and that's one


of the reasons they might be saying it. Neil, thank you for your time.


It has been a big talking point, hasn't it? Andy, what did you make


of it? All of the courts are playing like they have been baked, which is


exactly what Neil was talking about. Someone loves you, Sue, that's nice!


Has my husband arrived? This is alive court, it is a growing thing


and the fact it changes over time is wonderful. This year it happened to


be fast and hard and it suits Marin Cilic very much. It's also high


bouncing. Boris, you have played in the final after two weeks of wear


and tear so it's often a bit cut up. We had a heat wave believe it or


not, the whole month of June was hotter than normal. Having said


that, players will use and abuse the court but it is still good enough to


play perfect tennis. No matter what the condition of the court is you


certainly need a plan to win the slam so we have asked Pat Cash to


look at the key areas where this match may be won.


30 years ago it was me who was walking out on the terrace Centre


Court for my first Wimbledon final taking on one of the greatest


players of all time. -- walking out onto the Centre Court.


This time it is Marin Cilic's turn. It turned out all right for me in


the end but will it be the same for Marin? While his service his


greatest strength, it is the return is making the difference at this


year's Wimbledon. He is giving himself more time when returning


service compared to last year. In particular on the second serve


return he has varied his position significantly. By giving himself


more time, Cilic can be more aggressive with his returns,


illustrated by his average return speeds which are considerably higher


than Roger's. But playing Roger Federer is a different ball game


compared to what is Marin Cilic has faced so far. When it comes to


serving statistics, Roger's are better than anyone. When he is


serving to the second court, it has been the slice down the middle that


has been most effective but only marginally. The server down the


middle on the first court has really made the difference. He has won 93%


of the points when he's gone there throughout the tournament so what


will give her Johan Cruyff his best chance of victory? He has got to


forget what the occasion is all about. He's got to keep serving and


returning as he has been, and especially on his forehand side he


has to keep going for those winners. That is easier said than done and


handling the pressure has not always been one of his strengths. Look at


the three match points he had against Federer last year. Look at


those backhand misses he had in the first set tie-breaker against


Querrey. He needs to believe in his all-round strength. His volleying is


better than he believes it is and I feel he could use it more here. He


needs to volley with confidence in this final. Much has been made about


Roger's age but he will be coming to the final the fresher of the two.


Cilic has been on court four and a half hours longer than his opponent


in this Championships. Very interesting. Interesting about


the service statistics, Roger is the best one. Yes, and not because of


the power but the effectiveness he gets it through the placement.


What's interesting was the middle line is always the one you are


aiming for because on the deuce side you can aim the ball so it is flying


outside of the court and hitting the line at the last moment, and on the


outside it takes it away from the returner. I think those are the


reasons Roger has been so strong. As we saw last year, Cilic 2-0 up and


three match points against Roger. And he has beaten him in the US Open


in 2014, that was a big match as well. These are the points that if


he had won he would have taken it. He has been very close before. The


talk in the locker room has been Cilic and his form. The talk is when


he beat Bautista Agut, his form is certainly good enough to beat


Federer and win this. As it turns out this is the last time Roger


Federer came back from two sets down a year ago. Roger has already said


he knows he is in for a battle today. Both players respect each


other a lot. In Roger Federer's case he hasn't lost to too many but he


lost to Cilic. The question is always Wimbledon final, who is meant


to win? There are little differences. A couple of points, the


physicality of it, but both men will run as long as their legs carry


them. What happens after the match doesn't matter. It is all about


today, I think who can cope with the pressure most. So much is at stake.


We will find out and move closer to Centre Court to save the atmosphere.


Boris, I will see you there later. Andrew, you are preparing for your


15th. It is such an honour. And you are number? 25. It is men's finals


day and so many great former champions are here, and Phil Jones


caught up with a Wimbledon legend, the much respected Rod Laver, who


was a big fan of Roger. Just unbelievable to think that Roger has


a career so long having won 18 Grand Slams, at his age, but he loves the


sport. I saw him down in Melbourne winning the Australian, and he


played so beautifully. His concentration, everything was


unbelievable. I think Roger has my vote as being the best player in the


world. Today's match will be a tough one as I see it, Cilic has good


serving ability and heavy ground strokes which generally, once Roger


gets into the play, he dictates a little bit. Can he dictate with


these heavy ground strokes? That to me is a difficult one. What about


Roger the man? You know him well. He seems to be adored worldwide and


that is rare in sport. He is the most favoured athlete in the world.


Everybody likes him and I think that is the one area that puts him apart.


He doesn't feel that he has to live up to this reputation, he's just


Roger. This year he changed his attitude and his lifestyle so that


he had three months off before the Australian. He didn't play the


European circuit so I think he's thinking how long can this keep for


me? Myself, I think he's playing almost as well as he did in 2007,


2008 when he won here all the time so from that level, he is sort of


superhuman. Lovely to see the great man here.


Roger is not only loved by Rod, he is loved by so many and it's almost


20 years since he first played here. Before Wimbledon began, I caught up


with him about those early days. Take me back to those junior days.


You grew up watching Wimbledon, what was your first impression of the


club? Just so happy to be there. Great moment walking through the


gates and asking where is the locker room and where can we warm up, what


are we allowed to do, when do we play, what's the routines and all of


these things. Everything was so new and it's like living a dream world.


Do you remember your first match? Yes, it was between Court One and


Centre Court, one of the upper courts there. I played I think the


German or and Austrian, another junior, and I was so nervous but won


the match quite comfortably thankfully. I read that you thought


the net was not the quite height. That is true, I was so nervous that


after about five games I went to the umpire and asked him, can you please


check the net? I have a feeling it is way too high because I cannot


serve and it felt odd the whole thing. He was like I checked it


before the match, we always do here at Wimbledon. I was like, yes, but


do you mind still checking it downstairs and see if it is really


correct. He said I told you so, I was right. I was so nervous it was


terrible. Do you have one match that stands out for you? Yes, I liked the


junior Wimbledon finals because winning or losing the finals was a


big deal, then getting the trophy presented on Centre Court in the


stands in the royal box was very special. Ireland I was very nervous


because they made us wait in the enclosure right behind the royal


box. So I could be in the locker room where Bjorn Borg and John


McEnroe and everybody used to play, so that was cool. I think in the


2000 and a quarter round against Pete Sampras was my special match


that made it all so worthwhile, all of the hard work. Then I realised


how much fun tennis can really be. The week before you are practising,


do you often sneak on Centre Court alone? Not so much, I am not the guy


that tries to visualise what could happen for the next few weeks. Or


look back even? Or look back for that matter. I enjoy sometimes


having a small glance, I love having a small glands at Court Number One


which is easier, you can quickly walk a few steps up and see Court


One and everything is so neatly done at Wimbledon. It is these little


moments wherever you go that bring flashbacks, you know from some


history, for me personally but also from other amazing matches being


played there. Lovely stories from Roger and we


will hear more from hemp in his pursuit of greatness in around 20


minutes time. I am almost at Centre Court to chat to John McEnroe and


Tim Henman. Now we will hear from Rishi Persad who has been talking to


Jonas Bjorkman. Can you give us an idea of how Marin


is feeling about the battle ahead?... He is feeling great. I'm


very pleased with his performance. He played really good high quality


tennis again. He executed well when he needed. How much has he changed


during your spell with him? Have you had a lot to work on Norway you


picking up with things he had worked on with Goran? I do not think I have


done much. He was a great player from the start. We are just a few


things. We have been working to make him a little bit more aggressive. We


have been working on the body language. I think he is coming out,


showing that he is two metres tall, number six in the world, to


intimidate the guys a little bit more. I think that has been very


good. Obviously, the clay-court swing was very important. We had a


really good practice camp before and he had his best clay-court season


ever so he came in with a lot of confidence. And the preparation


heading into Wimbledon was really good I am sure you do not want to


give away too much, but he has had battles with Roger Federer. What


specifically do you need to do to beat the great man?


By far the toughest match you can have in Wimbledon, he knows if there


are any bad bounces and exactly where there are. I think Marin knows


what it takes to win a Grand Slam. Not many have done that in this


great era of true champions. He beat Roger on the way to win his New York


US Open title. He had a big battle here last year, one point away. I


think there are a lot of things you can take with you. Even though he


lost, he knows exactly what to do so I have a good feeling. Thank you,


enjoy the final. Thank you. A very wise coach and he


has certainly made a big difference to Marin Cilic's game. We have made


our way down from Henman Hill to meet the man himself alongside John


McEnroe. Just listening to Jonas Bjorkman, he said he wants them to


be more intimidating on court, to impose himself more. I noticed when


Milos Raonic, who I was coaching last year, and saw him play the


quarterfinal, it appeared that Roger Federer was hitting a bigger ball


than he was. He is four inches taller but it did not feel like he


was serving much harder. I think it is extremely important for Marin to


express himself. I think you gain respect from the fans and people


watching, by showing how badly you want it. People feel like they


understand you a little bit. And then they respect you. It is not


like they will be pulling for Cilic all of a sudden. 90% plus people


will be rooting for Roger. I know what that feels like. A couple of


times I played a guy, it is hard to believe, but there were times when


Bjorn Borg was going for history, he was going for nine in a row. That


was 99% support. I was in the general vicinity! Not too many guys


get booed as you come out. You have to overcome that and embrace it. I


still felt extremely proud that I was out on the same court as him.


That is one way of taking the pressure off. I saw me Raonic


appeared to freeze a little bit in the final last year. I think Marin


Cilic will be helped by the fact he has been there before. Exactly, that


will make a difference. He got to the US Open final and won it. And


who did he beat in the semifinals in New York? That was three straight


sets. He bullied him. He was so aggressive. He served well when he


got the opportunities from the back of the court. He was really looking


to take time away from Roger and I think the reality is, when you talk


about the match today, Roger is not going to lose it, Cilic has got to


win it. Roger's experience in Grand Slam finals of enormous. This is his


11th final here. Cilic has to go out with that correct attitude. The


amazing part for me was he came from match point down against Monfils,


and we thought age was catching up with him because his body did not


seem to be there. Now all of a sudden he is 35, almost 36, and we


are not really talking about... People ask where their days when you


felt you just woke up one day? Yes, there were not many days when I woke


up and felt better. That is what is so amazing. We're not saying this


guy can just get up and he has a lot of tennis and him, he may not be


feeling it. What happened to Venus in the second set yesterday? To


completely went away. Some of that had to be physical. Absolutely.


Let's hear from another former champion. In 2001 Goran Ivanisevic


won that title on that magical Monday up against Pat Rafter. He was


coaching Marin Cilic not long ago. If he wins, Cilic will be the second


Croatian to win the title. Who better to talk about him than Goran


himself? My first memories of playing tennis


were when I was in Germany visiting my cousin Tanya who was two years


older that time, and still is. I met him when he was 14 years old. I


predicted he would be a top ten player in the world and I was right.


Blip from Cilic. That is delightful. Everybody knows about forehand and


backhand that you have to have something special. I call it


something. So he had something. We had huge success in working together


and Goran is a really easy going guy and everything we did was for me to


get better as a player. I had a vision about how he was to play in


the beginning, it was about resistance. In the end he changed


his serve and his way of thinking on the court and became much more


aggressive. It was a great relationship. The US Open in 2014


was a dream country. It was a beautiful moment. In a moment of


euphoria for Federer, a moment to ponder the pain that Marin Cilic


must be feeling right now. It was definitely disappointing. It was one


of those losses where you are thinking you would like to play them


again and rewind. Looking back on that match I felt that I took a lot


of positives out of that match and that helps me to play better, to be


mentally stronger and to feel I am a better player because of that.


Everybody will be for Roger. But if he plays like he is playing at the


moment, if he goes and hits the ball, if he is serving well, the


finals, you know, it is always 50-50. Hopefully people don't see me


more mean. I am still a nice person. I am trying to be more encouraging


towards myself. After every point he is more pumped, more positive than


before. It makes you a better tennis player and you have better results.


That's it! At last, the waiting is over.


Goran made history and filled the hearts of all Croatian people who


were supporting him. I was crazy. When I was supposed to win Wimbledon


I didn't. When I was not supposed to win, I still don't know how I won it


but it doesn't matter. Got it at the 11th time of asking for Marin Cilic.


Opportunity knocks. It will be another dream country. This result


is also writing Croatian history on another amazing day in Croatian


sport. You don't want to lose in the final, trust me. You get a nice


looking plate but it is a huge difference. I lost three times in


the final and nobody cares. When you win a tournament, I think the whole


world knows. And emotional Goran there. Liberty


wants the plate. You are only remembered if you win there. First,


you want to get it. There is no question that he won when he


shouldn't have won and he may be lost when he should have won. He has


been through every aspect of that emotional roller-coaster that we


call the Wimbledon championships so he is a good guide to ask. I think


he made Cilic when they worked together, much more of a believer in


himself, battler, much tougher. I think when they broke up Marin was a


little bit lost for a while, trying to figure out what to do next. If


you look at his record this year, he had a losing record in the first


half of this year. With Bjorkman he has finally tapped into ad now it is


looking rosy for him. Goran is putting the pressure on him.


Absolutely! Tim, as far as analysing the game, you have been looking at a


couple of aspects, first of all the first serve on the first point? You


always want to make strong starts. They serve will always be an


important part of Cilic's armoury. Against Sam Querrey he did such a


good job of getting off to a good start winning that point. Think the


statistic I looked at earlier, I think they played 23 service games


and 21 of them Cilic was able to win the first point. When you are giving


yourself that platform, it frees you up to be more aggressive. It is


better to be playing 15-0 on your server then when you are behind


0-15. That is something he will have to do against Federer. There we go,


I was right! 21 of 23 points. It gives you that foundation to be


aggressive. Federer is a great front runner. If he is holding serve you


will feel the pressure. Imposed two games he was broken. I would think


the right-handed players are whining and saying the lefties have the


advantage. They get the lead and there is your stat to back it up so


quiet! It is a big serve, isn't it? He is a big guy so he has a big


serve. His volleys have improved. He has a lot of skills. Listen, it is


the same with Roger. I bet if you looked at the stat there it would be


similar type of stat. He has better serving stats actually! Denton shows


Cilic that! We will not. He has got to break Roger. Cilic is standing


further back, I think to give him a little more time, but when he does


that he is being more aggressive. A guy who is six foot six has a huge


reach. He is there it difficult to ace. If you are going out wide you


had better hit your spots. I think one of the interesting aspects,


especially on the second serve, is to see if Federer will go into the


body to try and tie him up and get a defensive reply. Certainly, whether


Cilic is going to disband in which she has not been doing, he has been


standing back, he has got to be very aggressive to get that first strike


in the rally. It will be difficult because Roger is better than anyone


at Angling you. We can see from 2016 Cilic was hitting only 1% of returns


further back, 72% just behind the baseline.


This year he has hit 35 from behind the baseline but 32% further back.


There is no point at returning from further back if you are not being


aggressive. He has given more time to say I will have a big cut at this


and get the first strike him. You know what Roger will do, he will mix


it up with second serve and some serve and volley. You have to be


precise which other players did not do. He is too smart for this stuff.


I know! There is a reason why it is his 11th final! It is incredible and


we will be a turning our attention to Roger now. There are big crowds


here. Talking of Roger Federer, he is now one match away from becoming


the most successful male singles player here at Wimbledon. His


talents are unparalleled which leaves even tennis talent in North.


Roger Federer is one of those rare athletes who seems to be exempt from


certain physical laws. Roger is the most beautiful player I have ever


watched. A creature who combines both flesh and somehow life. He has


a superpower we do not know about. Time stops for him. It defies logic.


He is a complete tennis player. The greatest of all time. Roger, you are


so loved here at Wimbledon, but around the world, I wonder how you


feel when you hear that and you know that love?


It is a big deal for me. From time to time I thank the crowd to make


sure they understand I appreciate their support. In terms of the


achievement of winning an eighth title here, I think maybe Jack


Nicholas winning the Masters, Muhammad Ali winning the Rumble in


the jungle, how do you feel about it? I have not thought about


comparing these finals to something else. I think in the years 2007,


eight, nine, ten, when I was chasing a lot of the big records in sport


and I was able to break some of them, the records gave me an extra


source of motivation and inspired me to train harder, be professional,


keep doing what I am doing, Love what I am doing, get to meet the


greats of the game. I had these moments at Wimbledon and I know when


I step on court against Cilic, I will be ready for the occasion. It


will not be too big. I will be ready for it. There was a famous quote you


gave when you are 15 saying one should be able to play the perfect


game, you did not just think you could win there would be the perfect


way of winning. When I said that, I was referring to missing one


forehand. I will accept that. The second one, getting aggravated. The


third one, the racquet had to go. Tennis is a funny sport. I feel like


I can always do better. I have trained so much over the years.


Eventually, the progress is so minimal but it is in the details. I


think I am still seeking that perfect game, perfect tournament. I


will never find it but it keeps me practising and wanting to improve.


Your last title in 2012, this is 2017, can you compare and contrast


the Roger then and the Roger now? Yes, I think it is the easiest


comparison. 2012, the first time I won Wimbledon as a dad. If I was to


win with my boys this time around, it would be very special so I will


try. Just perfect, isn't he? He even


juggles four kids perfectly. She had better had a tissue when she is


interviewing him because she is dribbling. We were talking about


Venus yesterday. This is the most incredible sporting story. Trying to


come up with a player who is better. He went through some issues. He


would have said he may not win it again after 2012. There was a slight


decline. The way he left the court last year after the semis and then


he does not play for six months. You can fade is arguable that he is


better than he was five or eight or ten years ago. We are not just


blowing smoke up people's you know what! It is actually true that he is


better. On that note... Send him to American TV! But it is right, it is


just incredible. I think the ATP must be worried because players will


be thinking they have to manage their bodies like Rafa and Roger


have. Anyone that can afford it, there is no question. I do not think


joke of it will play at the open -- Djokovic will play. You will see


Rafa do it, Roger continued to do it. But guess what, he wants to win


this and be number one for the year at 36 years old. He is probably


going to do it. Exactly. Who are you going for today before you go? I


know you have to dash. As always I hope for a good final and I hope


Marin steps up and nothing happens to Roger in the way that Venus


seemed to have every intention. I guess it is


possible, but I am going to go with Roger in four sets. OK, Mac, thank


you for everything and all your comments over the last two weeks.


You were great, Tim. The countdown is on,


the atmosphere's building, and if you've just joined us


here on BBC One, Roger Federer and Marin Cilic will walk out


on centre court in 10 minutes' time to contest the men's singles


final here at Wimbledon. It's one of the biggest


days in world sport,


Sue Barker and guests preview this afternoon's men's singles final between Marin Cilic and Roger Federer. There is also a look ahead to the mixed doubles final, Jamie Murray and Martina Hingis v Henri Kontinen and Heather Watson.

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