2017: Manchester City v Birmingham City Women's FA Cup Final

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2017: Manchester City v Birmingham City

Live coverage from Wembley of the Women's FA Cup final between Manchester City Women and Birmingham City Ladies. With commentary from Jonathan Pearce and Sue Smith.

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Welcome to Wembley. It's the third time the Women's FA Cup Final has


been played at the National Stadium. On this occasion, it's a tale of two


blue cities. Manchester City Women are the dominant force in the


domestic game. WSL title winners 2016 and Champions League


semifinalists this year. They are packed with international stars.


Eight of them in the England squad, plus the World Player of the Year,


Carli Lloyd, of the USA. But they've never been to the FA Cup final


before. Birmingham City Ladies lifted this trophy in 2012 and beat


the last two Wembley winners to get here. They drew at Man City in the


lead ten days ago, and in Ellen White they have a striker playing in


her fourth FA Cup final with a third different club. It's a new


experience for the fans of both clubs, strolling up Wembley Way on


Women's FA Cup Final day. The FA are expecting a record crowd, surpassing


the 32,000 here last year. It promises to be quite the occasion


and with me here at Wembley to enjoy it, two players who have lifted the


FA Cup, Rachel as Everton goalkeeper in 2010, and Rachel Scott. Mark


Sampson reached the FA Cup final twice, I'll give you credit, as the


boss of Bristol Academy. Alex, you captained Arsenal to success here 12


months ago. Why is it different playing here at Wembley, compared to


other FA Cup finals? I suppose because when you start out as a kid,


the dream is you want to play at Wembley, so to be able to go on and


walk up those Wembley stares and lift the trophy is a dream come


true. You've been in that many finals, we were trying to work out,


what have we decided on? It's between ten and 11. You are showing


off! Mark, seven of your players in the England squad are starting the


Manchester City today, let's mention Ellen White playing for Birmingham.


How important is it for your players to have experience of playing in


these big occasions? It is important. Alex has plenty of


experience by the sounds of it, but it's a big difference in as much as


the goal is the same size and the pitches the same size, it's


different with the crowd and the occasion. It will be interesting to


see how Manchester City handle it, but in particular Birmingham. Ellen


is the only experienced player on the bench. She will rise to the


occasion. Are we underestimating Birmingham? We know Manchester City


are the favourites, no one is disagreeing with that. There was a


dress rehearsal ten days ago in the WSL Spring series and it finished in


a draw. It's dangerous to underestimate Birmingham.


Absolutely. I think Manchester City will have learned their lesson from


last week, when they drew 1-1. Manchester City were breached, and


they found it very difficult to penetrate Birmingham. Today will be


a really tight affair. We will be watching the best female football in


the world today, that's official. American Carli Lloyd is the current


fever Player of the Year. Manchester City's Olympic and World Cup winner


told Sue Smith it all started with hours of practice on a new Jersey


field. For me, the foundation that was laid there was just playing with


freedom, going to the park, playing with my friends, playing with boys,


just living and breathing the game. That's ultimately what set me up to


become the level that I am now. We've had stars before it being this


game of course, but no one quite like Carli Lloyd. -- in the English


game. For club and country, she made a sensational impact whenever she's


called on, in New Jersey. In 2012, this was the start of belief. My


story at that Olympics was very unknown before I left to come over


to England, and the injury happened in the first game. I slid over, 16


minutes in. After scoring two goals in that final, I have more belief in


myself that I could get to become one of the best players in the


world. The World Cup final, does it bring back any emotions, overriding


emotions? Yes, it brings chills to my arm, still thinking about it. We


did it on one of the biggest dangers. Everybody was watching. I


remember after I hit the third goal, I just was standing there and I was


waiting and waiting and waiting and when it went in, I was like, oh my




The long-range effort from Lloyd. Oh my goodness! I ran up to Hope and


she had her arms around me, she was like, are you even human? We just


started laughing. I am human but hard work pays off, for sure. There


are some amazing, amazing players out there and I think that what I've


tried to do as a player is become the most complete player. It's


funny, because as I'm standing here in Manchester and part of this, you


would never would have thought I'd have the opportunity to do this in


women's football. Wembley is a special stadium for me. Now to be


headed back there for the FA Cup final is truly an unbelievable


moment. Hopefully after I leave there, we will be on the pitch.


She's so impressive and a lot of the fans will be looking forward to


seeing her. What will she bring to Manchester City today? Gosh, when


she describes herself as the complete player, I'd agree with her.


She can finish from distance, she is so strong on the ball, she can


tackle, she is fantastic in the air. She really is phenomenal. Also


bringing experience that Manchester City, I wouldn't say they are


lacking, but that world-class experience and winning and winning


Olympics, winning World Cups, that is something that is very hard to


find, so to have her at Man City will be a huge plus to those goals


in the dressing room. Alex, your ex-Arsenal team-mate, Ellen White,


is starting today. How much of a difference will her firepower bring?


A huge difference. She is a defender's worst nightmare, she


never gives up no matter what. They will be looking for her today,


Birmingham. I'm sure you remember her scoring at the 90th minute.


Looking back at that, it was game over as Alex will remember. Ellen is


an excellent player, one who always delivers. She will always bring that


energy and intensity. I'm sure she'll bring that today, whatever


position she ends up playing. The teams are in the tunnel. We are


ready for the two Blues to go head-to-head. Birmingham Blues.


Manchester Blues. Giant killers. Champions. Our first Wembley final.


Let's talk about Meaghan Campbell next and those incredible long


throws, very difficult to defend against. Yes, they are no longer a


secret weapon. They used to be. You see the havoc they cause. Pretty


much level with the penalty spot, it ends up almost, teams have to almost


defend like a white free kick or even like a corner maybe, but they


will know what to expect and expect they are solid defensive outfit that


they will defend better than Reading did last week. Key players that you


are looking up for today? I think on that note the Birmingham goalkeeper,


she is excellent dealing with crosses and she has a big game


today. Meaghan is clearly going to chuck the ball in the box and you


can't look beyond Karli, playing off the front today will have a big


impact today. Here we go, the 2017 FSC Women's FA Cup Final. To talk


this through it, Sue Smith, twice a cup finalist with Leeds, and


Jonathan Pearce. COMMENTATOR:


Good afternoon, always a pleasure under privileged to be at Wembley,


but any showpiece occasion and ASBOs players awaiting the tunnel I can


tell you this is the biggest FA women's Cup Final of them all so


far, and a lovely sunny day. Breezy, a sprinkling of rain earlier.


Manchester City looking to complete that clean sweep of domestic


trophies inside a calendar year, they've targeted at first FA Cup tie


for the last six months. Star names down there, star billing, against


Birmingham City, as you've heard, in their second final, having beaten


Chelsea on penalties at Ashton Gate in 2012. They've lost just three of


their last 24 matches in all. This is a rapidly developing Cup, so


ignore them at your peril. As they walk out here to what is hoped to be


a 40,000 crowd, the Dean is absolutely deafening, I can tell


you, as we have the pyrotechnics, healthy support for Manchester City,


of course Champions League semifinalists very much the top team


in England right now. They really are and I think looking at this


game, you think Birmingham are going in as underdogs, but I think their


route to the final has been really difficult for them. Obviously


beating Chelsea and Arsenal on the way. I think they'll be confident


going into this game and I expect a really tight final. Well, they've


got so many of the England internationals there, Mark Sampson


as you heard is in the studio. He will be casting an eye over his Euro


squad members for you, as the presentation party come out from the


FA, Greg Clark and Sue Hough, Elaine are missed down there aren't the


director from the sponsors, SSE, is down there as well. Steph Houghton


is along the line of players. Her fourth final in the FA Cup. Won a


couple with Arsenal. But actually another final, Leeds and Arsenal,


you were there. Yes, we got beaten in that game and I think sometimes


you do learn from those experiences. I spoke to Steph about that, she


said she learned from losing more than winning. What's it like to be


on the winning FA Cup final side, Sue? How many did you playing? I


played a few cup finals and lost the ball, so thank you for bringing that


up. More than I played but! We mustn't surrender mistake -- we


mustn't underestimate Birmingham City, that's for sure. You think


they are tough and durable, can they spring a surprise today? I don't see


why not. Like you said, they are very strong, very resilient,


difficult to break down at the back. I look at the Manchester City team


and they are full of world-class players that can play in the bigger


games and make something happen from defence to attack, so if they are on


their game it's very difficult for Birmingham. They've got the quality,


they signed good players, Ellen White, who can be key for them going


forward. Great for the supporters to come down here and see their team in


an FA Cup final. A record crowd, we believe. Manchester City, unbeaten


in the last seven meetings between the two sides, in the competition


that's been dominated by Arsenal over the years. They've been here 14


times, in the last 13 finals. The Scottish side, Stuart and Thistle,


in the first final, in 1971. The days have changed. # God save save


our gracious Queen Tonge Long live our noble Queen


# God save our Queen # Send her victorious


# Happy and glorious # Long to reign over us




What a moment for Marc Skinner down there, for the Spring series the


Birmingham coach, a licence holder. It's a reminder of the teams for


you, Birmingham City have one change to the side that beat Chelsea.


I think she will play just behind that front two. Rebecca Welch took


the 2016 Continental Cup final between the two, she's the referee.


Manchester City, that side contains the double world Footballer of the


Year, Carli Lloyd, we've been talking about her, scored twice for


the USA in the Olympic final. She went for a jog around the stadium


this morning. Seven members of the European Championship squad, two


surprises, Meaghan Campbell, the long throw expert is third --


preferred at the back to Abbie McManus, who hasn't missed a minute


so far. Toni Duggan will be heartbroken Lloyd will play higher


up than she has been playing. Lawley signed from Birmingham in December.


A big day for her, against her former side, so... It's always a big


day, playing an FA Cup final live on TV at Wembley, but when you are


playing against your old club it makes it that bit more special. She


will be really up for this game and wanting to show just how much she's


maybe improved, going on to Manchester City.


Manchester City, their route to the final Reading at home. Bristol City


away. And Liverpool at home in the semifinal.


With a goal by Lawley. Here is Steph Houghton, chosen by


the national coach to be manager because of her ambition, because of


her drive, because of her sheer determination to lead players


through difficult tasks. She leads by example. She's developed in that


role so much and she's been a really good captain for both club and


country and all the players that play alongside her speak highly of


her. A quick word for Kerys Harrop. Another leader, probably doesn't get


as much credit as she deserves. We will see what a good defender she is


today. We did the World Cup final in Vancouver. To be honest, I think


they would have put up a better showing of Japan. In the first 16


minutes they were blown away. That was the player out there who did the


damage. She really did, Carli Lloyd was outstanding that day. It's a


game for her, a big player, and that's exactly what she can do. We


have seen how good she was in that final. Here we go, the SSE Women's


FA Cup final. Manchester City against Birmingham City in the dark


blue. Manchester City kicking from right-to-left frshgs the East End of


the stadium, to the west. The Birmingham City fans behind the goal


away to the left-hand side of your screen.


Safely back to the goalkeeper. One of the many reasons why we can point


to the fact that Birmingham City are very much an up Wardley mobile side,


because of the quality of the players they're bringing in. You can


see it's a little deeper there. Mayling loses possession.


A slight change to that back three in the way we thought they might run


it. Sargeant is further to the right. Mannion is in the middle and


Harrop is to the left of the three. No quality on the final ball. That's


exactly what Manchester City are going to try to do. With Birmingham


playing three at the back they're going to look to get out wide in


those spaces. Lucy Bronze loves to get forward. Sometimes she's the


best attacking player. Didn't really have the quality there on the final


ball in. Lucy Bronze PFA Player of the Year


Father a second time. You spoke to her recently about that award. I


did. Really well deserved. What's so good about Lucy Bronze, I don't


think she realises how good she is. Carli Lloyd. Surrounded by forward


blue shirts. Back towards Demi Stokes.


Mannion. Local girl to Birmingham City, playing in Solihull.


Very familiar looking Manchester City defence, if you are an England


follower. Bardsley in goal. Bronze and Stokes in there. Bronze,


Houghton and Stokes all from the north-east.


Mannion scored against Manchester City back in October in a league


game. May well have come off Lucy Bronze.


Indeed it did. Good pressure on Bronze there. Very quick Ayisi for


Birmingham City. They look to run the channels. He willine White will


obviously be the deeper player and will want to get on the ball but


they'll use the pace of both Brazil. Good defending by Lucy Bronze who


does a good job in the air in both penalty areas.


She was fouled anyway. The referee has officiated here


before, but not actually out in the middle.


Here is Harrop. Looking for White. That's punched


away. That's not a bad ball into the box. From a deep position it was a


good run forward. From a decent player.


Decent start to the game. Here is Sargeant. Mannion seeing a


lot of the ball. Cut out there by Keira Walsh. She


protects the back four, breaks up play very well. An important role in


the run to the Champions League semifinals.


That's a decent ball. Blocked by... Wonder if they choose the wrong


option. Should have come to the left side. You are right, that's where


the option was. Christiansen wanted to play it down to the right to


Parris but the option was better down this left side. Manchester City


beaten by Lyon in the Champions League semifinals. Despite Lloyd's


goal in the return leg when they won 1-0, that first leg deficit of 3-1


was too much. White couldn't keep that in. The


family here watching today. We have had a chat with them. Bumped into


them around the world watching England, they're great travellers.


They go to every game of Ellen White's. They're probably more


nervous than Ellen. Her mum was saying how scared she was and how


she had a nervous stomach and Ellen takes everything in her stride. Here


is Ayisi. An error. She got the shot away. It's a little bit of a nervy


error at the back there for Manchester City. By Campbell.


Straightaway you could see Ayisi is on to that and wants to take a shot


and test Karen Bardsley. I am sure that's what Marc Skinner will have


said. They have a bit of a history, they were sent off after a nasty


tussle back in the early months of 2015.


A few fists thrown. Both of them banned.


Tucked away for Manchester City throw.


Stokes, good run from her. Progressive ball back. Loves to get


forward on the run. Here is Lucy Bronze.


Back into the middle. Lloyd is at the far post. Headed back across


goal. Claimed by Berger. Interested her thoughts on joining


Birmingham City, the experienced goalkeeper. Their vision convinced


me she says, it's very much a club building progressively, Birmingham


City. They are. You can see that by the players they've brought in and


how they're improving every game, every game I see they seem to be


improving and she's a massive part of that. She's been outstanding in a


games I have watched, without a doubt one of the best goalkeepers in


the WSL. It builds confidence when you have a good keeper behind you.


Notts County went out of business before the series. England keeper


born in Santa Monica, California. I believe her family are from the


Manchester area, Stockport I think. You are right, they are. It was an


easy decision when she came to Manchester.


Christiansen is like a mini Steph Houghton out there I think,


lookalikes. Done well. That's a dangerous cross in. Looking for one


of the most popular players in the game, Jill Scott. It was a good ball


in. Fantastic defending from Harrop. When you know you have players like


Jill Scott and Carli Lloyd who are good in the air you have to get the


ball in the box. Good delivery, they'll get on the end of it. A


winner in 2010, Everton against Arsenal, Jill Scott. That was played


at the Nottingham Forest ground. Having the final at Wembley really


has made a difference for the Cup final. Christiansen will take the


corner kick. That's a good claim by Berger. Came


a long way and got there. Very convincing.


Quick release, as well. Back towards Sarah Mayling.


The pain of losing a final, she was in the continental Cup when the


Lincoln Notts team were beaten by Arsenal back in 2013.


Two coaches today watching on. Nick Cushing.


Appointed in... Another A licence holder. Level-headed.


Campbell's throws are a serious weapon. First appearance in the Cup


run this season, Meaghan Campbell. Towards Parris.


Kept her eye on the ball. Got her body shape right. A good tackle.


In the European squad for 2017, Stokes. Suffered the heartache of


missing out on Canada and the World Cup finals.


Good pressure. A World Cup winner and double


Olympic champion. She knows how to work, Carli Lloyd. What was she like


when you met her? Nice, professional, typical American,


driven, works hard on and off the field. Wants to get better, despite


winning all these trophies and individual awards, she still wants


more. She wants that drive. That's really going to help Manchester City


to have a player like that on their team. She spoke highly of you as


well. She paid me for that! Ellen White, a deserving player,


isn't she? She's had two or three bad knee injuries, certainly a


couple in the last two or three years. She missed the whole of 2014.


She has struggled with injuries, unfortunately. She's a top, top


player, a true professional. She works so hard, somebody you want in


your team, because you know she will make defenders' life a misery.


Brazil has got the pace. To trouble Manchester City defence. Haven't won


any of the last four games, unless you include a penalty shoot-out


against Chelsea, as a victory. They won their opening three games of the


Spring Series, Birmingham, this team are by far the more fluent


goal-scorers. 15 goals this season, six in the last two. This is Parris.


What a bubbly character she can be. Every time she gets the ball, her


first touches forward. She wants to drive at defenders and their life a


misery. In the sixth round away up distal city, future European


champions, Bristol City. One can dream. The trouble is the dream has


gone on too long without realisation. Maybe one day. I bob in


one day. Goodness me, that hit the side netting and Megan Campbell got


in there. Looks like a corner, something they'd worked on in


training. Just a little flick round the corner, it was actually unlucky,


to hit the side netting there. Known for her long throws, but she could


score the opener at Wembley. I think she'd be known for something else.


Carli Lloyd, is a USA international. 237 international appearances, if


you include Olympic Games though, maybe gives a realistic air to that,


but anyway. Paige Williams, a Liverpool girl. She was also at


Everton for the 2010 final. She wasn't in the first team.


INAUDIBLE This will be taken left footed.


Steph Houghton in there and Lucy Bronze to attack the space, a little


touch could send this in. Bronze starts that run in there, aimed


towards Lucy Bronze. That's the next Mac Manchester City lead Birmingham


by 1-0, in the 20 17th Cup Final. The minute free kick was set up, the


way Birmingham set themselves up defensively on the way that Bronze


and Houghton set themselves up to have the run, you thought it was


going to go in. Lucy Bronze. It was a fantastic delivery. We spoken of


their set pieces on throw-in is. What a ball that is, whipped in with


so much pace, and Lucy Bronze does what she does. She gets in front of


the defender. Defensively Kerys Houghton will be disappointed, she's


put all her effort in there, but Lucy Bronze, a top, top header.


She's another big player that can step up to the occasion. It's all


about the delivery. Scored the goal that beat burning in the Continental


Cup final and puts Manchester City ahead against the same opponents.


She was a very young girl on the Sunderland team, beaten in the Cup


Final by Arsenal in 2009. The PFA Footballer of the Year puts


Manchester City one up. The next five minutes for Birmingham City are


absolutely crucial. They need to manage, Sue, the next five. Yes,


this is the most difficult part of the game. Obviously when you first


start you want to get that good touching, but also when you can see


the goal and it's a long way to go, they need to consolidate, get back


into their shape and make sure that Manchester City don't score again


quickly. Here's Bronze. Interesting talking to various managers and


coaches over the years, how they do chunk again, they call it, some of


them, they set out to manage various spells of the game. Some say digging


when you have conceded a goal, some say, with Ruud Gullit, and Inter


Milan, their mantra was, once you scored one, score three. For


Manchester City, they need to concentrate, they say you are most


vulnerable after you have just scored. A lot of 50-50s and so far


Keira Walsh is playing very well for Manchester City, holding midfield


role. They are just sitting there, it allows both full-backs to get


forward. Demi Stokes and Lucy Bronze on the other side. Another attacking


option. They've scored in 28 games in a row, Birmingham.


The pace of the game... INAUDIBLE


Mayling is from the Sutton Coldfield area of Birmingham.


Optimistic from them. The youngster, only 19, Sarah Mayling.


It's never a good thing if you are a Scrooge like character like me. The


glorious occasion at Wembley. Great to work with Sue Smith the game. --


again. Good pressure by Manchester City.


They've got all the facilities, though, haven't they? In that


wonderful Academy Stadium, one of the fittest looking WSL teams I've


seen. The facilities are outstanding. They just treat them


exactly the same as they do the men's team, so they eat in the same


places, they obviously train at the Man City academy. Speak to the girls


and they say, we probably couldn't go to any other club because they


get treated so well. That's why they can attract world players of the


year, like Carli Lloyd. Here's one for you, no pressure,


because he's listening in, but was he right to name the squad so early


for the European Championships? It gives them a chance, of course, to


get prepared mentally, as a group, as the unit. Yes, I'm sure he'd


answer the question better than I do. The reason for him naming it so


early, I think quite a few were surprised because all of the squads


I've been in it's never happened before but the fact he can get it


squad together early and work on that sort of what he needs to work


on really and create that good atmosphere that we've seen in


Canada. A wonderful atmosphere it was, real bonding between


management, players, supporters, media and one of the best I've


experienced in my long time in the game. He is Birmingham with a free


kick. It will be Paige Williams who will take it.


Paige Williams, obviously went to Italy to try and develop a game and


I certainly think she's come back a better player. A very good left


foot. Birmingham's side has kept a clean sheet in the last four finals.


Manchester City one up at the moment, a lapse of concentration


there by Lucy Lawler. Manchester City I know they won the game 3-0,


but they had to play in the WSL and won at Bristol in the week. They


did, and I think to play away as well as Bristol, so they were


travelling, they've got back to contend with. Here's Lucy Bronze for


them. It's two! Izzy Christiansen arriving, but it's a lovely goals


and Manchester City very much in the driving seat. 25 minutes gone in the


2017 women's Cup Final, Manchester City goat 2-0 up against Birmingham


City. The goal-scorer turned provider. Sometimes she's Manchester


City's best attacking player. Good pressure, wins the ball back. Her


first thought is to drive forward. She's looking up, where is my


option, and her option is coming in. Izzy Christiansen comes running in,


that late run into the box. She times her runs so, so well. Lovely


delivery. What a finish from Izzy Christiansen. It's a long way back


for Birmingham now. Former Birmingham City player, a player who


watched from the bench in 2012 final, when they beat Chelsea.


Scores against her old team. Manchester City are in a dominant


position now. That's a difficult technique, as the ball is bouncing


up its easy to lean back and hit that over the bar. Gets her head


over it. Lovely break, lovely cross, super finish. Really good goal.


They came with a game plan, Birmingham. Kept it very, very


close, under wraps in the week. No leaks of the way they were going to


play. But what is plan B? Jill Scott wins that one.


Manchester City have it again, Keira Walsh just mopped up anything that


has been losing there. Gets it back again from Stokes. Steph Houghton


has crept into a bit of space. Very close to the edge of the


penalty area, Ann-Katrin Berger. Good work again by Izzy


Christiansen, covering that. It's just a little bit laboured thereby


Ayisi. Need to take a touch out of her feet and even have a go, have a


go at goal, but Izzy Christiansen very sharp, alert to any sort of


situation. She's also got the engine to get forward and score the goal


we've just seen. She's settled down a bit, Campbell.


Bronze, very, very comfortable and confident.


Parris, stayed out wide, but has to Jill Scott will work here, the


Birmingham City coach. Birmingham at the moment can't cope


with Manchester City's movement and the way they're interchanging in


positions. It's difficult for them to mark the players. This


competition' changed so much since its inception back in 1977.


Southampton won five of the first six of them. The FA took direct


control over women's football in 93. Here is Ayisi for Birmingham City.


Out comes a confident Karen Bardsley.


Ayisi did well. They needs to get into those channels and drive at


players and try and get the ball into the box and hope somebody's


going to be in there whether it's White or Brazil. Bardsley is always


going to come out and collect easily. 5'11", Karen. That's tall


for the women's game. Jill Scott of course the tallest out there.


Crouchy is her nickname. It is. They say she is a joker on the team bus


and the dressing room. She's all pulling out a few dance moves.


You did it when you were in the England shirt on the pitch. Twinkle


toes! Not got the moves of Jill Scott, though. Some of us never had


them. Good timing on the pass. Now Lawley.


Being chased. Gets a shot away and Berger makes sure it goes wide.


It's another really fast break from Manchester City. They are looking to


get the ball out wide at every opportunity. You can see the


wingbacks trying to get back. Sargeants it difficult. Wonder if


Carli Lloyd thinks she could have maybe crossed that. You have to have


a go when you are running in there. Got a goal against Liverpool in the


semifinal, Lawley. Christiansen's corner kick.


Back sensibly to Campbell. That's a lovely delivery to the back stick.


And it's three! It's Carli Lloyd! Olympic finals.


World Cup final. And now the FA Cup final. The big game scorer. The


world's best player. Carli Lloyd, surely puts the FA Cup final beyond


Birmingham with 31 minutes played. Birmingham can't cope with the


delivery into the box. It comes out. Christiansen plays the ball out.


This is a lovely deep delivery. Carli Lloyd outjumps Berger in the


goal. Good header. They've such quality in the box. Poor defending


from Birmingham. White is there with two players. You have got to pick up


those players when you know how good they are in the air. You know that


Manchester City are going to get the ball into the box, you have to get


players up. They've had a sort of a gathering, the Birmingham City


players, to try to sort themselves out and they very much need to sort


themselves out. Southampton hold the record for the biggest ever victory,


8-2 over QPR in 1978. Pat Chapman scored six that day. One of the


forerunners of the English women's game. At the moment you fear a


drubbing for Birmingham City. Might not reach those proportions


especially if Carter digs in like she did just there and wins the ball


back. But it's been a horrible, horrible opening 32 minutes for


Birmingham City. I think sometimes you have to play the occasion, as


well. It just looks like Birmingham, the only real experience they've


got, they've got the goalkeeper Berger. White really needs to pull


those players together now. It's difficult, when you are 3-0 down


after 30 minutes they need to dig in, exactly what you said. Has the


occasion got to some players? Should the keeper have got the cross?


You have to always say the goalkeeper has to beat the centre


forward coming in. So, yes, definitely should have done better.


I think also defensively Ellen White was left with Houghton and Carli


Lloyd. Got to be able to pick up players. You can see it again.


That's a brilliant delivery. Yes, goalkeeper has to at least get a


punch on it. It was a late whip on the ball. As she came out it started


drifting further away. It was a brilliant cross in. Yeah. You can't


really take anything away from that delivery. It's too fantastic - it's


two fantastic deliveries from her. Lawley again.


Looking for Scott. Dispossessed in there by Hegerberg. The game largely


has by-passed a player scribed as one of the best in Europe. A


wonderful addition to the team according to the previous manager of


Birmingham City. Quit after five years in December.


Good pressure. Back to White. Couldn't get the shot away. Ran away


from her. Mayling's cross. Manchester City have a problem...


May be a wound to the face. She tried to call the referee's


attention to it. The referee hasn't seen it.


Is it her eye? She's seeing if she has clear vision.


Gone down on to her knees. She has developed now into one of


the best defenders I would say beyond Europe, one of the best


defenders in the world. Completely agree with you. She's got better and


better every season. Considering she had such a nightmare couple of


seasons with a bad knee injury, she's just got - just improved.


That's a contact lens, isn't it? It is. Carry on, sorry. I said earlier


the fact that she still is wanting to improve and wanting to develop


but she's such a good athlete and now very good on the ball. Can also


add goals to her game. Yeah, without a doubt she is a world-class


rightback. An important little discussion going on in there.


With the coach. While he watches on, Nick Cushing.


Part of the development, 12-16 development stage at Manchester City


before taking up the women's yob in 2013, November. Alan Mahon is his


assistant. He worked in Tranmere. That's your part of the world. Yes,


final today. Yes, it's here. Is it here? It is here. That was my


first club Tranmere Rovers, I always look out for their results. Busy


week for Wembley Stadium. The pitch is looking great. That's a


lovely looking ball attempted away from the back.


Too long in the end by Mannion. Busy old spell for the great


stadium. Trophy coming up next week. Then FA Cup final.


Play-offs. A little push on the back of Lucy Bronze.


Manchester City have kept 15 clean sheets in the last 21 games.


Birmingham have struggled to score goals. Three in their last five in


all competitions. It's that final ball from Birmingham


and you wonder is it still nerves? They get into decent positions but


either overhit the pass or pick the wrong option.


Two teams, from 254 who entered the 47th FA women's Cup. One is the


dominant team so far. That's a poor pass out. Straight to Lawley.


Lloyd has space. Lawley is pointing where she wants


the ball to go. Back to Christiansen. Here is Stokes. Lawley


is into the wide position. Birmingham defence readjusts and


comes out. Manchester City let them off the


hook there. They did. You thought they could have probably carried on


down that side. They had two options. It's interesting they


switched play. Lawley to Stokes. Took it down well initially. Gone


for the chip. She went for the goal. Involved in that Sunderland team


beaten by Arsenal back in 2009, Demi Stokes. A young girl then. Went out


to America and spent a fair amount of time, first at Vancouver


Whitecaps in the American football scene and then on to the University


of South Florida. Lost out to Ayisi, Stokes. Has been


a couple of ifs, buts and maybes. There has. It's that final delivery.


I am sure that's what Marc Skinner will say at half-time. You have got


into decent positions, do something with it. Find the pass.


Hegerberg is beginning to find room, can't find a teammate.


Not the best of afternoons for a player of her ability.


I think the midfield three for Manchester City is interesting.


Scott and Walsh have been excellent. The first and second to every single


ball. Good balance, as well. Lloyd dropping in there to add to


numbers, has done superbly well and Lucy Bronze. Towards Jill Scott.


Lloyd has made a run from deep. Takes up a dangerous position.


If Parris can get in there. Lucy Bronze. Parris. Now a challenge by


Hegerberg. She's having a look. A bit hesitant. On by Williams.


They're covering the ground so fast, Manchester City.


When they pressurise they do it in ones and twos, so it makes it


difficult for Birmingham to get out. Tackle in pairs, one of the first


drills you are instructed in Azpilicueta a kid. -- you are


instructed in as a kid. Very aware, Carli Lloyd. . It comes


to Christiansen. Here is Bronze. Carli Lloyd had them mesmerised.


Wide by Blonz. Bronze. -- wide by Bronze. Every time Lloyd gets the


ball, oozes real class. She always seems to make the right decision.


Played well after a shaky start. I am told her grandad is the lead


guitarist of the Dubliners, Eamon Campbell. You remember them? No!


Well beyond my... A couple of minutes before half-time interval. A


couple of minutes of stoppage time, I would think.


A little bit of a stoppage for the Lucy Bronze eye thing, what do you


call it? Contact lens. That's it. Hegerberg. She's a better player


than she has shown here today, I think.


Sf She covers a lot of ground. She's energetic. But I think the midfield


three have not really allowed her to even get on to the ball. Manchester


City have been excellent. One early dangerous attempt by


Ayisi. Apart from that, it's been all Manchester City.


This is Kerys Harrop's fifth final for the club.


Steph Houghton shouting for it. She bustles on and on and on, so typical


of her aggressive run. Hegerberg, caught by Carli Lloyd.


She's had a couple of yellow cards at Manchester City. I've got to say,


that was really good play by Keira Walsh. She was caught in possession


by Ellen White but she didn't give up and kept battling back and won


the ball. A lovely pass, cooling possession. -- cool in possession.


Hooked in by Mayling. A couple of minutes of time added on at the end


of the half. It's a Manchester City through, despite the protests of


Paige Williams. Scott, no pressure on her there.


Really on Walsh. Off the ball they've worked really hard finding a


space. They've had to work so hard,


Birmingham, the defenders. When you are working hard and not in


possession, it is a killer for you. It drains you, you've got the ball,


and you have so much more energy. It's a real energy supper when you


are just chasing the game. Stokes group under pressure from Lloyd and


good work by Christiansen. Parris couldn't bring it down. A high foot


thereby Harrop, not given. Bronze, Scott, quickly round the corner.


Good football by Manchester City. A little bit of a mix up there.


Going to Holland, in the England squad in the summer. Izzy


Christiansen, what a good final she's had.


Campbell, again, no pressure on her. 3-0 to Manchester City at half-time,


Lucy Bronze after 18 minutes, Christiansen lovely goal in seven


minutes after that, Carli Lloyd. Your body Manchester City have


completely dominated the game. I think Birmingham need to be more


compact, more tight, they need to offer options going forward and be


better with the ball. The world's best player goes in at half-time


with her team, 3-0 up in the FA Cup final.


STUDIO: A dream start for Manchester City,


and nightmare for Birmingham City. What's your assessment of the first


half, Rachel? Birmingham had a spell of about 15 minutes where it was


pretty even, they had good possession and they looked fairly


dangerous, but City have had chances and they've been really clinical.


They just looked like they are on another level at the moment. Alex,


Birmingham before the game said they wouldn't show any fear. What do you


think went wrong? Whether you're overwhelmed by the opposition on the


occasion? I don't think so, like Rachel said, the first 15 minutes of


the game they looked organised and there were growing in confidence.


Where they've been done is they've not been able to deal with crosses,


Lucy Bronze's Rosol Carli Lloyd's goal as well. Mark, if you were Mark


Simpson Webber Mark Sampson, what would you do? They haven't got a


neat field position. They have to decide how we get out of the half,


whether its direct balls, or some balls over the top, and Brazil and


Ayisi, when they have the chance to run down the sides have done OK


outputs and crosses in but while the game is in front of Man City they'll


be quite comfortable. Let's look at the first goal. Lucy Bronze seems to


have a habit of scoring quite a few goals for a defender. They made it


easy from the goalkeeper perspective, we are seeing where the


ball, when the ball is kicked, the Birmingham defenders are seven yards


out and it gives no room for the keeper to get it. Take nothing away


from Lucy Bronze's run, she runs all the way from outside the 18 to get


across Kerys Harrop at the front rows and it's a fantastic set piece


and well executed in the end. It goes down to Lucy Bronze's mentality


because you can work on set pieces all week in training but you have to


have the determination to want to get across your player and the


determination she's shown to finish it. What's your view, Mark? And I


agree, set pieces can make the difference. Sometimes you have to


hold up your hands, great delivery, great header. Where executed, same


as the third goal. They couldn't cope with those deliveries into the


box. Let's look at the second goal, Izzy Christiansen, a beautiful


finish. It was, it's the desire from Lucy Bronze in the first one to get


on the ball and as Mark said, they don't do themselves any favours,


Birmingham, playing the game in their own defensive third and it's a


slip-up, an error from them. City regained possession, there's still


plenty to do to end up in a goal but Izzy was unmarked. The composure she


showed, the ball pops up in front of her. It's pretty special. We are


mentioning Lucy Bronze a lot but she's had a fantastic path. The


thing I'm impressed with Lucy Bronze here is in past games her picking


out a person when she gets in crosses hasn't been good, but I'm so


glad to see Lucy Bronze pick her head up and kick Izzy Christiansen


out for that goal. So many players in your squad, a good match to be


watching today? Yes, absolutely, it's great for Izzy, she watches the


play, takes her eyes off the ball and arrives at the right time to


give herself an excellent finishing opportunity. I agree, Bronze, the


last thing you want to do with bronzes give her a chance to go on


the front foot and win the ball. Kerys will potentially play the ball


over the top of her run the game is


different. The third goal, Carli Lloyd has scored in many finals, but


was the goalkeeper at fault? You are bobbing Wembley is a good place for


her. Who would have bet against getting her head on this? A


beautiful ball. A lovely swinging ball. From that distance, to pick


out that area, Berger will be disappointed but there's no


pressure, no defenders but up and challenge Steph Houghton and the


World Player of the Year, Carli Lloyd. She loves a stage like this,


Carli, she'll be delighted to get a goal. Another goal! No doubt. We saw


a Birmingham team chat up the touchline. What do you think would


have been said? It's a real tough moment because the first big game


for Marc is a senior manager. They've consolidated, they stayed in


the game. When it went three, all others in the studio were thinking


this could be four, five, six, so they've got to half-time, only make


it three. Cause Man City some problems and in big games, when you


score one, maybe it brings two once the game is very different. Two


years ago Notts County Ladies appeared in the first women's FA Cup


final to be played here but last month just two days before the start


of the new league season, they folded, leaving their players,


including England and Scotland internationals, looking for new


clubs, just weeks before the European Championships. Eilidh


Barbour has been talking to one of them.


You never know what's around the corner and that couldn't be more


true for 2015 FA Cup finalist Leanne Crichton. Looking forward to her WSL


Spring Series in the lead up to her first-ever major tournament with


Scotland, it all suddenly changed, with shock news from club side Notts


County. I think it's been a roller-coaster of emotions,


literally within hours we went through preparing for a game on the


Sunday looking to training, and that seemed to be it. It was just the


end. The reality of leaving a team-mate and your friends, it's


been hard. It caught everybody off-guard and me personally, I think


the PFA in particular were fantastic. If it hadn't been for


them, a lot of players would have really struggled to know what to do.


The FA, it's been a learning curve for them as well. Maybe they didn't


expect it to happen, in WSL one and maybe it's something of a future I'd


like to think it would never happen again. A lot of teams are probably


week by week struggling. Apart from the bigger names and the ones that


have a lot of financial support, that's always the problem. There


weren't that many clubs in a position to take on players because


budgets were so tight. You've come back up to Scotland. How did that


come about? Do you feel lucky to have had this option? Guys will say


to you they had contacts pretty much straightaway, they let me know I'd


be more than welcome to come home. The hardest part for me is just


waiting until my time to train our game. I feel like I'm sitting


looking at the clock every hour, thinking I want to be on the pitch


again. We are still up, training in the early morning and a lot of that


is preparation towards the euros and the girls that have been lucky


enough to receive the funding will be relieved from their day jobs just


now. For your image team-mates at Notts County, it must be vitally


important that you've got football between now and the summer. Yes,


everybody wants to play. It's nice to see most of us have got teams now


and look to build between now and July and hopefully put ourselves in


good stead. The first game against England, it must be something you're


looking forward to? It's super exciting. Scotland have waited a


long time to get to those finals and will certainly enjoy it, knowing


people in the side and having friends it will be a nice


experience. Devastating situation for everybody at Notts County and


for the players who were at Notts County, I should say, the England


squad, three of them have clubs, Laura Bassett hasn't. How disruptive


is that for you and the players? First and foremost it is


disappointing situation. Somebody at the club should be disappointed


themselves in terms of how they've handled it, allowing it to get to


that point. The players have been incredible, not just the England


players but every player at the football club. Their professionalism


and determination to get back on the bandwagon and start playing again.


We are quite relaxed about it. I've spoken to all the girls involved,


whether England players or centrally contracted, or Rachel who's been


involved for the last six months, all are relaxed between now and the


start of June when we get together. We are relaxed about where they'll


be and they'll make sure they turn up in June. The good thing is the FA


gave them special dispensation to go to other clubs, but it's also a


matter of settling in. Of course, and it's a short space of time. It's


a very unique season this year. If it was a season where this situation


happened in August and it's happened in June, it would be a real


problem for but look at the climate in terms of the number of games, we


are relaxed about where the players need to be and they'll get there. It


was announced today before the Spring Series started. Looking at


the positives, how our preparations going for the euros? We are excited.


We're going to be a tournament to win it. We will do our homework on


our opponents. Lightly and said, it will be a tough game against


Scotland, for them as well as others. -- like Leon said. If we can


get through the group we are in a great position to go a long way.


Alex, how much are you looking forward to that match? Straightaway


the excitement and looking forward to that game, it was always meant to


happen, as soon as Scotland qualified and the England Scotland


game was on the cards. Major for Scotland two. Huge. Five live and


five live sports extra will have live commentary on all the games in


2017, starting with a crucial match between England and Scotland on July


the 19th. A busy weekend of football here on the BBC, includes Match Of


The Day 2 two extra on BBC Two at 12:15pm tomorrow, Match Of The Day 2


tomorrow night includes highlights of three Sunday fixtures in the


Premier League, including the big relegation battle between Crystal


Palace and Hull City. There's a special Match Of The Day on Monday,


with highlights of the Premier League champions Chelsea against


Watford. The FA People's cup this year saw hundreds of entrants from


girls and women's five-a-side teams including She Can she Play. A prime


example of how anybody of any age and ability can start playing


football. Well done. Inside and outside with


your left foot. Well done, Nicky. We are just a group of mums that wanted


to come along with their daughters and play football. We made friends


and learned some skills and now we are playing in the tournament


together. You are going to go over to the sports hall.


It's showing young girls that there should be no barriers to sport, what


greater role models than us? To see action from the People's Cup


and maybe enter a team for next year go to the BBC Get Inspired website.


Here at half-time in the 2017 women's FA Cup final Manchester City


lead Birmingham City 3-0. When Birmingham City lifted the Cup in


2012 by beating Chelsea in a penalty shoot-out the scorer of the winning


spot kick and player of the match was Karen Carney. She's been


watching the first half. Yeah, that was a great day for Birmingham. It's


been more difficult this afternoon. Is there any way back? My heart


wants to say yes but my head says it's going to be very hard for


Birmingham to get back into the game. City have been dominant and


Birmingham struggled with the crosses. It's going to be hard. City


still have a strong bench to come on. It's going to be hard, my heart


wants to say yes. The likes of Duggan warming up behind us. In


terms of Birmingham's bench, is there changes before the second half


to try to make a difference? Definitely he needs to change


something perhaps up front, maybe push White higher up. Manchester


City's back line hasn't been tested, it's been too easy for them at


times. Maybe bring Wellings on. Need to get them further up and get a


goal in the first 15 minutes to give them confidence. It's been hard,


scoring hasn't been their strength the last couple of seasons,


hopefully an early goal will help them. Ellen White has loads of


experience, how much responsibility now lies on her to bring the younger


players through this difficult second half? She's going to have to


take it on her shoulders and carry them through. Her experience is key,


the youngsters might not know how to deal with it being 3-0 down at


half-time, she's going to have to step up as well as the other senior


players, and the goalkeeper is experienced as well. It's going to


be a big 15-minute push, they need to get a goal and make it quick and


early. If you were in the dressing room, I am sure the Manchester City


dressing room would be the best one to be in right now, it's a big


second half for them, as well, if they concede a goal early on it


could be very different. It could be. The first 15 minutes is key. So


far Manchester City are dominant and in control. You don't really see


them giving this trophy up at the moment. They're in... We will see


how it goes. The teams are coming out now. Thank you, Karen.


Mark, what do you do from here, if you are Birmingham City, do you shut


up shop, try not to concede more goals or go for it? You do the


latter. It's a cup final, it's a one-off, might be the only time you


get there. Wouldn't surprise me if a change of shape to give Manchester


City something different to think about. I agree with Karen, get the


ball forward quicker. At least make sfef and Megan, defend high balls.


We need to play, Birmingham City need to play their game higher up


the pitch and that will give them a chance. 3-0 at half-time. Let's get


back to our commentary team, Jonathan Pearce and Sue Smith.


Thank you very much. Can't see any signs of any substitutions at


half-time. A little huddle for Birmingham. What


would you do? Mark said they may change the shape. Unless you get


wingbacks forward in that formation in the opposition third it's a


negative situation if they're pushed back all the time, they're


redundant. You are right. They were pretty much playing a back five for


the majority of the first half. You probably have to do that. The fact


when they did get forward Manchester City really exploited that width, if


you like, the channel balls. They got that pace to do so. I think the


units were too spread out. The centre forwards were very disjointed


from the midfield and vice versa and Manchester City can play in those


pockets of space. Off we go in the second half. Birmingham kicking from


right-to-left in the darker blue. When they won the 2012 final against


Chelsea from a spot kick, it would be a miracle if we get to that


today. It would be an astounding comeback. It's important they get


players higher. As we heard Mark say at half-time, they spent the almost


the tir 45 minutes encamped in their own half. They have to get bodies


higher up the pitch. Another free kick now. There is the


coach of Birmingham City with a real job to do now.


Can he inspire a real comeback, Marc Skinner? He says he hasn't stopped


smiling since he got the job. He was grimacing at times in the first


half. Down the line looking for Ayisi.


Notice plea she didn't follow her pass and get forward in support and


they've got again bodies sluggishly forward. They're there now. Look at


the number of blue shirts back for Manchester City. Still Ayisi who has


worked very hard for Birmingham. A cross into the box from Williams.


Campbell. White. Frustrations growing. Did you notice that as she


passed the ball forward, Williams, down to Ayisi, she just watched. She


should progress. You are right. She's wary of getting forward and


overcommitting. That's what Birmingham need to do to get back


into the game. White made the running and Carter was following up.


When they have extra options they're going to cause Manchester City a


problem. Another great touch. Pressure by


Lucy Bronze. Carli Lloyd. Dispossessed by Carter. Back again.


Overconfident with the pass. Here is Parris for Manchester stif.


-- Manchester City. Now Paige Williams. Angled forward


for Brazil. Seems Birmingham City in the second


half have pushed White really advanced. She was slightly deeper


than the two wider forwards, but she's right up top now. There she


is. Back it comes to Mayling. No great


conviction in there, was there? That's the problem. I think it's


good that White is further forward. She will get hold of the ball and


she needs players to play off, somebody to pass the ball to. When


she got it she was very isolated but yeah, there needs to be conviction


with the ball in and also the runners into the box. They still


look a little scared. Incredible tweet this morning, she was out for


a jog on the morning of the Cup final. Like yourself. Indeed myself,


a fitness fanatic as you know, Sue! Now Williams.


Not sure I would be jogging before an FA Cup final. No.


Not done her any harm. A remarkable character.


Another reason she's come to England is to get more games. They don't


play that many club games in America. This sort of standard. Yes,


the international teams together for long periods of the year. Ayisi.


Dispossessed by Bronze. Looking for a free kick that didn't come.


Christiansen has been tidy throughout the game.


Jill Scott always provides an outball. Lucy Bronze to Parris. Good


football by Manchester City. Parris delayed the pass in. A good


run, though. Very good run. Forces a corner. Really good run by


Parris. She wants to go forward and have a go at defenders. Gets the


team a corner. Lawley will take it. At Birmingham until last December. A


Kidderminster girl, actually. She's got Jill Scott in at the near post


and Parris just behind and four runners coming in. Sfef Houghton.


It was off target but it was a freeish header.


That was another good quality header from Houghton. Had a run on White.


White was standing. Couldn't get it on target.


Parris has switched flanks. A problem for Lawley. Lawley is


hobbling. May have a problem here. Christiansen couldn't get beyond


Hegerberg. A decent turn.


Had a falling out with a coach in Germany. Has a good pedigree.


This is Williams. Cut out by Lucy Bronze.


Look at the forward line of Birmingham. When they go forward


they are all in straight line, they need to break that line up a little


bit more. One comes short, one go long. The same sort of runs means


there's no option for midfield. Manchester City well in command.


If you have just joined us Lucy Bronze put them ahead. Then Izzy


Christiansen with a splendid well worked goal. Then Carli Lloyd made


it three on 32 minutes. They had brilliant crossing from the left


wing. There is Lloyd. Harrop under pressure. Back to the


goalkeeper. What a career Carli Lloyd has had.


Five goals in the World Cup finals. Fastest hat-trick in the history of


a World Cup final. Double Olympic gold winner. Scored


in two Olympic finals. Again Mannion tries to play. A free


kick here for Manchester City. Not the greatest of starts to the


new spring series, Manchester City. Won the last two. Drew the first


game of the campaign against Birmingham. A shortened season.


Parris! Tried to bend the shot. Got a touch on it. It could have been


four. It really could. Good break from Stokes. What a ball that is.


What a run from Parris. She was trying to bend it into the far


corner. The right thing to do. Good hand from Berger.


Lawley with it. Four could make it mission


impossible. A little tussle in there but away by Berger. Came a long way


to get that. Walsh, has had an excellent game. An


appeal over there by Sargeant. Carli Lloyd.


Always comfortable on the ball. Cruises on the ball. She can be


feisty, Darley -- Carli Lloyd. Are they going to think of a change,


Manchester City? This is Carter. Good interception by Campbell -- by


Campbell who has done well. Just too far ahead of Mayling who looked


leaden-footed there. A slump to the shoulder, a tired look about one or


two Birmingham players. A showpiece occasion. 3-0 down at the break and


here is a substitution. It's going to be Toni Duggan comes


on. It's going to be Lawley who departs, picked up that injury


moments ago. I think Birmingham won't want to see Toni Duggan coming


on the field. Not only is she a great player, just coming in off the


back of a hat-trick against Bristol, but she's got a point to prove. She


will have wanted to start in this game. She will be really


disappointed not to have. The Ghanaian born England under 23,


Ayisi. They've just been too good for them, Manchester City, really in


every area. Mannion, under pressure, just got away with it.


In towards Lloyd. She got a cloud for her troubles. She knew it was


coming. Jess Carter wins it back. Typically abrasive style. In towards


Ayisi. This is promising for Birmingham City. Bronze got back to


Ayisi, just held onto it too long. Again, that's a weary looking Sarah


Mayling. They will think about more two substitutions.


Toni Duggan comes from the same part of the world as you do, and she a


spiky, wholehearted full of life character, who would have been


absolutely shell-shocked by the decision not to pick her up the


start. Of course, you want to play in big games like this and Toni


Duggan is another big game player. She will have been really


disappointed. As a player, if you score three goals, you expect


probably to start in the next game. She will definitely be wanting to


show just what she's about. Two words to describe Toni Duggan...


INAUDIBLE . That's good. A terrible mistake by


Ann-Katrin Berger, got away with it. I think we were all chatty from that


part of the world. You're telling me. I thought I'd say it before you


did. This is going to be the first time


we've seen a long throw from Megan Campbell, and if you haven't seen


her, just get ready for this. This is one of the longest throws in


world football. She can reach the far post in normal ground. Don't


forget, this is Wembley, but in normal grounds, she absolutely


arrows them in. To the near post... You built it up there! All around


us, however many thousands there are in the crowd, there was a big groan!


We expect so much from her now, after the two throws that she did


against Reading, set up both goals. A couple of them in a couple of


minutes, came off the bench. It changed the whole game. I don't know


if I've the build up a throw as much as that, ever! Dear oh dear. They


are normally very good! Normally the longest throw-in world football.


Here we have Manchester City in total control. They look to set


Parris alight. Harrop doesn't know the meaning of


the word surrender. She would play steadfastly all the way through. A


youth team member at Birmingham, Kerys Harrop. Caught by Carli Lloyd.


I can tell you we now know how many thousands there are in here, 35,271,


that's record for a Women's FA Cup Final. It's a great policy the FA


have for this. Kids go free. Remember that for this time next


year. Let's remind people, Sue, it's


important if you do have a chance to support your local WSL team, it is a


good afternoon or evening out, watching football, if you are into


women's football, if you are young player. Alan -- here's Ellen White.


She's tested Bardsley. Work to do for the Manchester City goalkeeper


at last. It's exactly what Birmingham need to do, see the


opportunity and take it quickly. Karen Bardsley didn't collect that,


that second attempt, she was in there but that's what they need to


do, they need to do it quickly. They've been taking too many touches


up until that point. Two or three of them have frozen out there, really.


Birmingham City players. Birmingham City about to make a substitution.


Charlie Wellings come on for them. 19 this week. A tall striker, and


England under 17. INAUDIBLE


I'm impressed by their willingness to change a bit of their style is


season. Steph Houghton was there, she'll


keep it in. I can't remember Steph Houghton making a mistake. I don't


think she has. She's just a player. Know exactly what you are going to


get with her. Always does it very well.


INAUDIBLE Here comes Wellings, a tall player.


I'm quite surprised, Freda Ayisi always offers an option when they go


forward. She hasn't really had the right ball to her. I think Wellings


will come on and she'll work hard, again, she'll Harry the defence but


they just need that final pass to just be better. Give them an


opportunity. In them much programme today, Kerys Harrop had an article.


She led us through the individual players in the squad, and she says


of Charlie Wellings, she's probably Birmingham's best striker of the


ball, a goal-scorer when she gets on the right position. We will wait and


see, the youngster towards her position.


Have they got enough time? 25 minutes to go.


What about the formation? It's something Marc Skinner is working


on, playing with the back three at the back and it's worked for her


mental this point. Manchester City have had too much for them in this


game. -- it has worked for them, until this point. Manchester City


have had too much quality. Looking forward to the World Cup


finals. Fancy that one? It would be quite




Steph Houghton. She'll still be there, I imagine, 30 or 31 by then.


The year rose to come of course, this summer. -- the euros to come of


course, this summer. Won by Wellings. Lucy Bronze got


back to her. They beat Chelsea, so to win the


2017 FA Cup final they'd have had to beat the three powerhouses, Chelsea,


Manchester City, they have, short thus far in the final. -- they have


come up short thus far in the final. More into the game now, Birmingham.


You have to put that in the context of Manchester City taking their foot


off the gas pedal. Birmingham have to go for it, don't


they? It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you are 3-0 down.


Just saying they build up again, he is pleased with their team, he's


asked them to be braver in possession. It hasn't really come


off today. The keeper saw it coming, rushed out and did well. Kept it at


3-0. She read that situation really well. Got off her line quickly


because Nikita Parris was just in there. Lloyd, taken down by Mannion.


She is saying she was kicked on the ground.


A New Jersey girl, Carli Lloyd. Played for the South Jersey


Banshees, the New Jersey Wildcats in her time. Such a committed player.


Clearly a foul. Carli Lloyd just touched the ball past her. I don't


think there was any kick afterwards though. Steph Houghton, in the


interview we played earlier, did you say to her she'd scored some free


kicks in her time. She has. Was that an omen? May be. You know your game,


don't you? How many times did you play for England? You can't say


anything after those throw-in is! She can do that though. Help! Was a


goal that was. Brilliant. That was two, Christiansen. Great delivery in


43, Carli Lloyd. It was a blistering 14 minute first-half spell.


A lovely ball in behind, Toni Duggan, the first touch was a little


bit heavy and it allowed Berger to come and make the save. She's had a


good gave. She's had a good game apart from the third goal. It's


probably the only mistake she's made. Toni Duggan, the touch she


made gave Berger up in June -- and opportunities come out and make the


save. A great break again for Manchester City. Is going to be a


change here for Manchester City, Nikita Parris going off. Georgia


Stanway is coming on. She's an 18-year-old, just turned 18 at the


start of the year. Wide forward, the right-hand side. In comes the corner


kicking towards Houghton it goes wide.


Another quality player with lots of potential. When you are tiring as a


team and they're bringing on fresh legs, it can make things happen and


score goals. It's the last thing you want to see. Look at the stats


there. 12 goal attempts by Manchester City against three.


Carli Lloyd wants it mrae in behind. Beautiful weight on the pass. Well,


she acknowledges the precision of the pass played into her. It was a


good set-up. Good play from Duggan and good movement again. They just


know where each other are going to run. That makes such a difference.


Birmingham at times have looked disjointed but Manchester City when


they go forward are so fluid. Lucy Bronze has got away from her marker.


It's beyond her, though. In came Houghton.


Might have been a little push in there.


I think Lucy Bronze made the initial run to the near post. It was


Houghton they were aiming for. White has her arms around Steph. They're


good mates so that's a battle with the two of them.


Good football by Birmingham. A chance here now.


Oh! They got a goal! She's come off the bench. The best


striker of the ball. She gets a goal for Birmingham City. She's done well


since she came on. Set the ball up for players. Run into channels they


needed. Got forward. Good strike there with her left foot to beat


Bardsley. Right into the corner. Could this give Birmingham City a


lift? 64 minutes on the clock when she came on. Within nine minutes she


scored for Birmingham City. She looked really lively, hasn't she?


She has. Just been that more aggressive in the final third since


she came on. Have broken the chance of a clean


sheet. If they get another, with a little over quarter of an hour to


go, it would make things very interesting.


8th corner of the game for Manchester City. Scott goes near


post. Christiansen will stand in with the goalkeeper. Runs from deep


positions. It's a good claim by Berger.


Looks for the quick release. Out it comes here now to Jess


Carter. Another Birmingham... Oh the touch was horrible but she's gone


for the challenge by Stokes. Having a real go now!


Brazil. Should be Karen Bardsley. Got hit by


Ellen White. England colleagues. She said she was going for the ball.


You can see she has her eyes on the ball all the way through there.


Definite foul. This was a well taken goal by


Charlie Wellings. A confident strike. This is better from


Birmingham. They've took until this point to really give it a good go


and test the Manchester City back line. The Ellen White effort and one


from Wellings. They've made a go of it. A little error there.


Can they get it out wide? Stamped away by Bronze. Back to Hegerberg.


Carter. Another good ball. She was trying to


get it out to Williams. Manchester City have tired a little


bit. Williams there. She came from an offside position.


Another substitution here. It's going to be Abbie McManus, she


will replace Campbell, I would think. Can't see them taking


Houghton off. Up in the air. It's won in the air


by Harrop. Here is Carter.


Dispossessed by Christiansen. What a final she has had.


Let's see who goes off. It is Megan Campbell.


She was preferred at the start. We are not going to see... On comes


McManus to replace her. I am pleased she has game time, McManus. She


deserves it. Every time I watch her play she's consistent. Oh! The


goalkeeper and... Manchester City player went for


that. She's OK. You could see both of them


going for the ball. That's a real collision. Both are OK.


They're just about to announce the atakenedance at the stadium. Great


reaction to it, as well. -- attendance.


They're bigging themselves up, and why not?


So good to see the attendances getting better each year and it


shows how much the women's game is growing and developing and people


now want to watch the game. Here is White having a go at it now,


Birmingham City. Lloyd battling back.


Now Christiansen. Out to Duggan. Duggan can switch it. She finds Jill


Scott. Could get another one. Scott! It's a lovely goal. To wrap it up


for Manchester City. One of the most popular girls in the game.


Ten minutes to go. Jill Scott gets a goal in the FA Cup final. Set up by


Toni Duggan. Finished brilliantly. Birmingham City 1, mark City 4. The


result now is well beyond doubt. -- Manchester City. Manchester City


league winners, continental winners and now FA Cup. It was good from


Duggan initially to pick out Jill Scott. But that's a lovely finish.


Quick feet initially. Then right into the top corner. Birmingham City


were just getting themselves back into the game. That puts it totally


beyond them now. That's the problem, when you commit


players forward to get back into the game that can happen on a quick


counterattack. A better cross in. White!


Might have seen it a little late. Brazil was in front. She dummied it


so it came through to White. Not sure how much she would have seen of


the ball before it came to her foot. A good delivery. She's leaning back


as she strikes the ball. It was always going to go over.


Don't know if she slipped at the vital moment.


Lucy Bronze. She will get a free kick. Rudimentary tackle from


Harrop. A few bruises. Manchester City Chloe Peplow, off


goes Andrine Hegerberg, not really been her game.


The keeper sort of clawed. A corner kick is given.


Good pressure in there by the captain.


Limping a little bit. Duggan will take it again. There is


a little signal. Carli Lloyd to make the run.


Away by Carter. Six-and-a-half minutes to go.


Good tackle that time by Harrop. It's been some year for them. Now a


big step up, Champions League. Lyon stopped them, as I was saying


earlier. They're in the competition again.


Starting in October. Or the autumn anyway.


Stokes to Lloyd. What do you think they will take


away as a sweet memory from an otherwise sour afternoon for them,


Birmingham City, Sue? It's probably just the experience of obviously


playing at Wembley in front of a big crowd and I think the fact that


they've really improved in this second half. Without a doubt, these


players will have learned from that experience. They'll want to come


here again and hopefully pick up that winning trophy, rather than the


losing one, unfortunately. Mark Sampson was pointing out they're a


young team. Lucy Bronze might have been fouled there by Parris.


Marc Skinner has only just taken charge, so he's still in his


philosophy on style -- he's instilling his loss Leanne style on


the players, which can take a while. Much higher in the second half,


Mayling, pushing Danny Stokes back. The quality and delivery from


Manchester City in the first class, we haven't seen that in the second.


-- in the first half, we haven't seen that in the second. Stabbed


away. Mannion got it out. Sargeant, it was. They have bodies forward.


Have they got enough legs? No, they haven't.


Who would be your player of the match, Sue? For Manchester City,


there have been a lot of players that have really stood out in this


game. You look at both full-backs, midfield, obviously Carli Lloyd.


I've gone with Keira Walsh and I think for me, she's just, she


quietly goes about her business. She breaks the play very well, protects


the back four and in possession, she's quality. I've gone with


probably somebody that not everybody would pick, but I don't know what


you think about that. I think it's a great choice. You and I agreeing,


goodness me! I know! Make a note of it, everyone. It never happens, to


be honest. Anyway, you say tomato, I say tomato. Use a lettuce leaves


language, I say triple burger. Paige Williams goes off. On comes


Abbey-Leigh Stringer. 21-year-old midfielder. She's made


the route across from Aston Villa to Birmingham City. Came on in the


semifinal with about a quarter of an hour to go. She's come through the


Young England route. A couple of minutes to go. That was


a bomb of a challenge. A tired tackle. There's been a yellow card.


A bit of a shame, this late on in an FA Cup final. It was an almost


exhausted psych into a challenge. You are right, she's worked so hard


this game, Jess Carter. Another very good player. Lots and lots of


potential. It is late. It wasn't an exhausted sag into a challenge, it


was a terrible tackle. It was, when you see the replay. It was hefty,


wasn't it? Still battling. It's a great attitude, when your team is


behind in the Cup Final, to want it as much as she was.


Stretched a little bit too much in there. This is a great run. For


Manchester City. He is Carli Lloyd. Stanway wanted it back again, into


Duggan. Flag up. Your Man of the Match Joyce got a


great ovation in the stadium. They must have agreed with us. Three


minutes of stoppage time to play at the end of the 2017 final. Having a


bit of a slip. There will be a few tears a bit


later on, I would think. Definitely. They follow Alan every game, home


and away. Lloyd here has got it beyond Mannion. It is Duggan. The


referee has blown, I think. Well, it's a yellow card to bring out a


card for that of friends there, it could have been worse. Was there


cover in the middle? I'd like to see it again. You could see that Carli


Lloyd was waiting towards goal. You can see here, she just catches


Mannion, breaking towards goal. There was just cover, but was fouled


just outside the area? Yes, it was. And there was cover. Right decision


from the referee. She's had a good game, hasn't she? She has, very


good. Weldon Rebecca Welch. And the assistant referees, also the fourth


official. -- well done, Rebecca Welch. Solid goalkeeping, good


technique. But in behind it. -- got in behind it.


Mayling still working hard, but she's given that away. It looked


like a tired prod of the pass. Stokes into Lloyd, she's done really


well there. Stanway. Chased and chased well by Harrop, but she still


gets the shot off. A lovely bit of setup play by Carli Lloyd.


Outstanding bit of play. She could see Georgia Stanway and it was just


a lovely ball, right into her path. I actually think Georgia Stanway


could have played the ball back to Carli Lloyd. She made a run just


round the outside. Manchester City having won the league, having won


the Continental Cup, have won the 20 17th FA Cup. Manchester City on the


day were simply too good. Lucy Bronze put them ahead after 18


minutes with a header, setting up Christiansen for brilliant second,


seven minutes later, and Carli Lloyd rose at the far post, three up on 32


minutes. They were not going to be beaten. Substitute Wellings pulled


one back. Ellen White worked her socks off. We have the world's best


player on your team, when you have seven of England's European


champions in your team, it's always going to be difficult for the rivals


and Birmingham City found it too difficult on the day. Manchester


City are worthy winners. Yes, the best team won. Manchester City were


solid in defence. When they went forward they were dangerous. They


were clinical in front of goal. Birmingham City got themselves back


into the game slightly in the second half, but the strongest team won in


this game. Birmingham have done excellent to get here, but just


couldn't cope with Manchester City's quality on the day. They are growing


force in European football they've won the FA Cup. This is the one they


lacked, this is the one they wanted, this is the one they have got.


Scenes of celebration, for the England squat Watt squad players.


What do you think Ellen White will make of the afternoon? You know her


so well. She worked so hard. She was constantly trying to get her team


back into the game. It's a difficult one to take. She will learn from


this and she'll come back and I think she knows that Birmingham City


are team that is developing and improving all the time, but she will


be disappointed, she will be absolutely gutted. A terrific goal


by Christiansen, wasn't it? Outstanding. She can make those late


runs into the box and it's having the quality to be able to finish


that off and that that's exactly what she did. Third FA Cup win in


the career of Steph Houghton, and embrace for the coach, Nick Cushing.


He has a team here now that over the next two years can go on and press


the likes of Lyon and the teams who have dominated European football in


the women's game over the last few years. Carli Lloyd, outstanding, at


moments, a player of her quality to be in English football is a terrific


thing. What a terrific performance by Keira Walsh today, Sue's player


of the match. She's with Eilidh Barbour.


You've added the FA Cup to your list of trophies at this club. How


special does this one feel? It feels unbelievable. It's what is


considered the biggest trophy in England and it's the only one we've


not won so far. It's a great feeling to take the trophy back to


Manchester. It was the perfect first half, you didn't seem fazed as a


team by the occasion. Were you able to take any of it in at all? I think


the three goals came quite fast, so other team we were pleased to get


the three goals. Get the game sorted and it was a good feeling for us.


The captain Steph joins us. You were favourites, there was an expectation


upon your shoulders to win today. How proud I use that you've been


able to do it? Obviously being favourites puts you under a bit of


pressure but this is what the team is about, big players who play on


big occasions and it was showing the first half performance. We were


unbelievable. Credit to this girl, she is young and she makes our team


tick. You hold all three domestic trophies at Manchester City. It's


been a dominant display domestically. How much further does


this team go? Why do you build towards? We have to make sure we


retain these titles and we have to take the Champions League and we


have had a taste of the semifinals, but we want to keep going until we


win it. Weldon today, Akira, you are the player of the match and we ask


Junior and Elliott to present the SSE player of the match.


STUDIO: Manchester City absolutely living up


to their invincible title they earned last season in the league.


They were unbeaten. Why are they so good? They've just got depth across


the whole squad. You look at the players they've brought on, Toni


Duggan, Georgia Stanway, both England internationals, and they've


got world-class players in their starting XI. I think that's really


that's the crux of it. They've only been around in the WSL as a team


since 2014, and they've achieved so much, the domestic trouble. Alex,


your thoughts? It's not just one player, if Lucy Bronze is not


scoring you have Carli Lloyd, you have Jill, who had a quiet game


today, popping up with a fantastic goal. There are so many elements to


the Man City team that they continued to grow. Eilidh Barbour is


with the manager, Nick Cushing. It was the piece of the jigsaw that


was missing. You are FA Cup winners, it sounds pretty good, doesn't it?


It was the game after winning the double, the aim was the FA Cup. You


know what, we've been good in every round but I thought today we were


exceptional. With the schedule we've had and the games and travel we've


had, to come and win 4-1 is exceptional. It's the first FA Cup


final for the club and a first visit to Wembley, but they didn't seem


phased by the occasion. How much mental preparation did you have to


do today? I didn't have to do a lot. We challenge the players every day


in training. We try to create something harder than the games in


Manchester. I trust the players. They are big game players. They


showed that last year, going undefeated. Today, they had to find


their experiences of big games and they've done it, and exceptional


performance. There's an expectation, it can be difficult to play to your


potential. What does it say about these goals they were able to go out


and do what they can do? I think the expectation that they put themselves


is greater than any expectation from the outside. I got a big expectation


on them every day to be the best they can be and if you are the best


version of yourself and your team is improving, you win trophies. The


first trophy we won after winning the double would be the most


satisfying because it reinforces you are the dominant team in England.


How important is that for you? Continuing to develop Manchester


City. You've developed a hugely talented squad, bringing in players


like Carles Gil -- Charlie Wyke. How important is it to continue the


journey? We had Georgia Stanway on the pitch, McManus came on, it's not


just the Carli Lloyd and Steph Houghton that contribute, it's the


young players who we work hard every day and Keira Walsh's performance as


a 19-year-old player who has never played international football on a


senior stage was exceptional today. Weldon, Nick, go and enjoy it. Thank


you. STUDIO:


Very well deserved. Manchester City have had a tough schedule, playing


in Europe, the Champions League semifinal against Lyon and the


Spring Series and they've managed to do this.


They were good today, strong, never in doubt they weren't going to win


the game. What he has done a great job with, yes, they have excellent


players but they work hard, well organised defensively and have a


set-piece. All the qualities top teams have. Congratulations to Nick,


as well. He has done a good job with the team. They've grown the team


carefully and slowly and methodically and now they're a well


oiled machine. He managed to sign the world's best player. Carli Lloyd


is pitchside. You came here to win a trophy, to play well and you have


certainly done that today. Well done. Yeah, it was a fantastic team


performance. You know, this group's been trying to get this trophy for


quite sometime. I just have kind of come in in the last month or so and


helped push that along. Total team effort. Players on the pitch,


players off the pitch. Fantastic, feels good to come back to Wembley


and win again. And special Wembley memories, this has been a good place


for you. Very good, hopefully I am back at some point again. Tremendous


stadium. Pitch is fantastic. You know, a quality win to get that


today. Like you say, this team has been building for a number of years


before you have come in. What has most impressed you about the squad


and the group of players, about the set-up here as you have built


towards this Cup win? I think character. You know, we tied


Birmingham recently in the spring series and to come out, fight,


hungry, shows the character. We have had a tough battle against Lyon in


the Champions League but we fought to get the second leg out in front


of us. It's a great group of girls. I really enjoyed being here, the


organisation is fantastic. They've got all the support they need. I


have enjoyed my time here. I will let you enjoy lifting the trophy.


Well done. Thank you. STUDIO: I am sure she will enjoy


those celebrations very much indeed. Rachel, what could Birmingham have


done differently? I don't know. I like to say what Nick said about


each individual maximising their potential, being the best version of


themselves. I don't think Birmingham could have done much more


individually. As a team, they needed to play the game further up the


pitch. They put themselves under pressure early on by playing out the


back, that's their style, that's how they like to build up their play.


But you put them under pressure and from that point it gave confidence


to Manchester City to push further forward, keep their back line up and


from that point Birmingham, certainly in the first hour of the


game really, just couldn't get out of their half and Manchester City


were pretty much pinning them back. We saw some bright sparks, some


energy from Birmingham City in the second half after they got that


consolation goal. We did, when they got the goal we were jumping for joy


in the studio and thought they would push on from that. Look, they're a


young team. They're not used to playing an occasion like this, they


need to remember this feeling, it will hurt now. But let this be a


driving factor, feel it and have hunger to get back here next year.


We shouldn't forget Birmingham City have won the FA Cup final before.


Absolutely. You have to give credit to Mark and the team. We talk about


the run to get here, beat the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea. They earned


a right to be here. They'll learn lessons. These big games, small


details make a difference. City got the details right. Executed


brilliant set-pieces, perfect pressing strategy and made it


difficult for Birmingham for the majority of the game. They said they


weren't going to show fear, they were coming out to win it. How do


they pick themselves up now going forward? Yeah, it's tough. I have


been there twice in terms of losing FA Cup finals. It's hard. There are


some games to play and the great thing with football is there always


is the next game. I am sure they'll put this behind them. Like Alex


said, remember it and focus on the next one. Let's hand back to our


commentary team, Jonathan Pearce and Sue for the trophy presentation.


Thank you very much. The fact that Hegerberg and White both looked so


desperately disappointed, is a good sign for Birmingham City, that shows


they will be hungry for more. This is a group in development. And a


club very much on the progressive route, getting good players in and


as long as they get the backing of the club they'll come again. Here


comes the trophy. The FA Cup.


Up will come Manchester City, winner of today's final.


?240,000 will be distributed throughout this Sean's competition.


70,000 up from last season, which is good. That will out to clubs around


the country. -- this season's competition.


The honour party prepare to give out the trophy.


And up they come. A terrific afternoon for Manchester


City. Lawley on the winning side against


her former club. She played very well. Picked up an


injury late on. Karen Bardsley behind her.


They'll go on to complete the spring series with Manchester City. Had a


dramatic start and will be expected to win that. The other players will


go out with England to Holland in the European Championships.


Biggest crowd ever for a women's FA Cup final. 35271.


Sunshine, good goals, and entertaining FA Cup final.


This is a curious route up towards the honour party. Since the stadium


was revamped and rebuilt. Lucy Bronze in there. Scored the


first goal of the game. There is the coach. Completed the


treble. Done everything he could. Now Nick Cushing. Made it back in


time for the birth of his third child after they won the


continental. There he is.


Along the line they go. There is the trophy. That's the one they want.


Jennifer Beattie, Scottish international, didn't get on, 26


years of age today. Georgia Stanway who got on late on.


Karen Bardsley. There is a good young player, as well, the Dutch


youngster, Tessel Middag in the squad. Substitute goalkeeper, as


well, Hourihan. Painful moment this for White. Twice on the winning side


in a Cup final, twice on the losing side. Duggan, smiles for her at the


end. She looked pretty disconsolate yesterday when she found out she


wasn't starting. She played well when she came on. Jill Scott at the


end completed the scoring. Carli Lloyd. Well, she has had her hands


on the World Cup and the Olympic gold. Now the FA Cup in England.


Steph Houghton reaches out the hands. You don't want to let the lid


drop off. Up it goes!


The 2017 SSE Women's FA Cup. The ticker tape sprinkles down. Golden


and shimmering. The celebrations and this Manchester City side. The


golden girls of English football. They've completed the domestic


treble inside 12 months. A wonderful achievement. A wonderful


performance. Beating Birmingham City on the day by 4-1.


STUDIO: You can see how much it means to all the players. I expect


celebrations will continue well into tomorrow. Alex, you were here this


time last year. I remember watching, it looked like it was the happiest


day of your life. I am getting emotional now watching them, it's


bringing back memories. It really is. As a kid, you dream of playing


at Wembley. To walk the Wembley stairs and lift a trophy, those


players will remember this for the rest of their lives. Yeah, wish I


could say the same. You played... No, I am not taking anything away, I


have won the FA Cup and it was fantastic with Everton in 2010. It


wasn't a Wembley, that's the brilliant thing of the progression


of women's football. It's been at Wembley, where it should be. Whether


you are male or female you want to play at Wembley, it's the iconic


place for this country. The opportunity for these girls to do


that and to celebrate, it really will last long in their memories.


More than 35,000 people here inside Wembley Stadium. Record crowds. What


does that mean for the story of women's football in this country?


It's fantastic. You have to pay credit to all the guys behind the


scenes who work so hard to get people to come. Our fans who turned


out, but I was chatting to Alex earlier, that final with Doncaster,


there was less than 5,000 there, that was four years ago. So we are


making great progress and every year it gets better. Looking at a picture


of Toni Duggan looking very happy. Can't imagine she will have been


happy she didn't start. That's the life of a football, you have to deal


with those situations. Some players show it more than other players. As


an experienced player you learn to deal with how to manage your face as


it were, have a professional outlook so you can only impact positively on


the team. It's a competition for places, you are playing in the


biggest day of your footballing career. Suddenly you are not


starting, that's going to hurt for any player. She's come on the pitch


and did a great job when she was on the pitch and that's all you can


ask. We need to talk about Lucy Bronze who was on fire. Someone says


if Lucy Bronze wins a medal will she become Lucy Gold? No, but we can


show you the opening goal. I like that. Lucy was massively influential


in the whole game. As we come to know her as a recognisable sort of


defensive, attacking defender, she was phenomenal today. Her goal is


nothing more than we expect. I spoke to Lucy before the game, because we


only had Kelly Smith ever on the shortlist for Fifa World Player of


the Year, I said to her this is your stage and you are the next player


who I believe can get on that list and have that recognition as an


England player. OK. We can look at these goals.


Yeah, we talked about it at half-time. The Birmingham defending


line should be higher. Gives more space for Berger to collect this.


Doesn't. It's a great run from Lucy Bronze. Her whole all-round play,


she creates the second goal by picking up possession and turning it


over. Birmingham weren't very clever in giving them back possession in


their own half. Mark, you were saying they don't get enough credit


for set-pieces, that's what they really excel at and probably won the


game on. It's a big part of the big games. If you look back at all the


games and the World Cup 2015, America scored the first two from


set-pieces. They blew Japan away. It was the corners. Manchester City so


efficient and clever, have big players on the pitch. Good delivery.


In big games you need those details to go right for you. Jill Scott will


be pleased she managed to get on the score sheet. We were talking that


Jill was having a quiet game. She was going about her job but a quiet


game normally for Jill. To get a goal like that and an exquisite


finish, she will be delighted. Birmingham got their consolation, of


course. Yeah, what a strike that was for Charlie Wellings off the bench


as a youngster, coming and playing at Wembley. That must be a strike


she can only have dreamt of. Her left foot, non-dominant foot. And


beat Bardsley who was a by-stander for much of the game. Moving


forward, what do you think Birmingham will take from this? They


need to remember it will hurt now, but remember the journey they've


been on to get here, knocking Arsenal out, my team, knocking


Chelsea out, they deserve to be here today. Remember this feeling but


want to be back here next year. Mark? A lot of lessons frshgs a


football point of view you learn the big games that you have to play


what's in front of you, they got caught with that. They stuck to the


plan, which is honest. But it's the wrong plan. The ability to adapt to


what's in front of you is a big lesson to learn. It's the same for


the manager, it was his first time, FA Cup final. It's phenomenal for


them. Incredible achievement for Manchester City. Congratulations.


Thank you to Alex and Mark. Good luck atUre 2017 and of course,


Rachel, who you will hear on the radio throughout. Manchester City


women hold the WSL title, the continental Cup and the FA Cup. It's


a tremendous treble. Thank you for watching. Goodbye.


Tina Daheley presents live coverage from Wembley of the Women's FA Cup final between Manchester City Women and Birmingham City Ladies.

Manchester City are the current Women's Super League champions and will be confident of lifting the FA Cup for the first time in their history. Alongside a raft of England internationals, including captain Steph Houghton and PFA Player of the Year Lucy Bronze, City also have the World Player of the Year Carli Lloyd. She scored a hat-trick in the 2015 World Cup Final and scored both goals at Wembley as the USA won the Olympic Gold Medal in 2012.

But Birmingham City have already beaten the last two Wembley cup winners, Arsenal and Chelsea, to reach the final of a tournament they won in 2012. They will look to the experience of striker Ellen White, who is appearing in her fourth FA Cup final.

With commentary from Jonathan Pearce and Sue Smith.