England v Bosnia and Herzegovina Women's Football

England v Bosnia and Herzegovina

Coverage of England's second UEFA Women's Euro 2017 qualifier as they take on Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Welcome to Bristol, the lionesses are coming home. The Euro 2017


qualifier against Bosnia and Herzegovina is their first match on


these homes shores since April and a lot has happened since then.


COMMENTATOR: Maybe Bronze will, oh, yes, absolute belter. Taylor could


be in here. Can she finished here, Jodie Taylor? Yes, she has! Oh,


brilliantly done, 1-1. Into the penalty area, it's off the bar!


Williams, as cool as you like, she's done it again. England lead Germany.


She's scored! Magical start for England. Good goalkeeping. Well


done, Karen Bardsley. Yes, Thursday night's goalless draw was another


landmark for these history makers and prove that their World Cup


third-place play-off win against Germany wasn't a fluke. Now


attention turns to another major competition and with me to see how


England start off their home campaign, two players who have


appeared in the European champions final, Kelly Smith and Rachel


Brownfield at either end of the pitch in the 2009 final defeat


against Germany. Great to have you with us. Kelly, what will it be like


for England appearing in front of a home crowd after achieving so much


this summer? They will want to perform for the home crowd who have


travelled here before, coming off the Olympics, winning the Bronze


medal. They probably look to see when the home game in England is, to


look and perform and get the fans on board again. Really looking forward


to it. They've had to wait a while, Rachel, what are the expectations?


Have they changed? The crowd are expecting goals, which is fantastic,


but in tournaments, England are expecting to win it. In-house, but


also the media as well. There will be presentations to a number of


players from Uefa marking their achievement. You have picked up


yours, how did it feel? A massive achievement to get one cap, let


alone 117. Going on the field, someone missing but it is an honour


to represent your country and something I hold dear for ever.


Congratulations. Some way to go to reach the landmark, Steph Houghton,


but after England's World Cup exploits she is a household name and


has been telling us how she is adjusting to her higher profile.


COMMENTATOR: Making a run to the far post, Houghton, its income 1-1!


Absolutely fantastic. When you need someone to step up, you're counting,


that's a big goal. -- your captain. A delayed hell coming but how


excited are you playing in front of your home crowd again? It will be a


number Liverpool atmosphere. Through the World Cup we were always hearing


about how much support we had at home, and the reception we got at


Heathrow was fantastic. The messages ever since. Long time coming, but


hopefully the girls will get the reception they deserve for our


success in Canada. One two, three! What was it like, coming home? It


was a little bit surreal, it took a while to set in. Breakfast with


Prince William, going to Downing Street, meeting a certain David


Beckham. It is one of those weeks where you think, oh my God, have I


just done that? Are you now recognised more? Yes, ever since


we've come back, me and Kirby, doing a food shop, going to the car,


somebody in a white van driving past shouting "Karen, how is your eye?"


Not shouting well done, but how is Yeray! He said it was OK. -- how is


your eye. You had a little chat group on WhatsApp when you are in


the World Cup and are you still as close? Yes, the WhatsApp group was


going wild and we still have it on our phone, it is important to check


in with each other and make sure we are as tight as a group when new


players coming to the squad. As cool as you like, the deadlock has been


broken and England lead Germany. So, as the best European team in the


World Cup, that sounds good, doesn't it, how are you coping with


expectations and how will you cope? I believe that as captain we can go


all the way, the more we went on in each game, the momentum and belief,


you could see it and feel it. Now, of course we've got expectations,


but only from us inside the camp. But from outside, many teams want to


beat us, try and use the pressure in a good way. Now, Steph and the team


is focused on getting to the European Championships in Holland


and they made a pretty decent start, thrashing Estonia 8-0 in


their opening qualifier in September. The other teams in the


group have played more than one game all but England can go top with a


big victory today. The group winners and the best six runners-up will go


through. Rachel, qualifying is surely a formality? Absolutely,


they've talked about setting their sights high, winning the tournament.


You can't be complacent but Mark Sampson has had the flexibility to


change to date and I still think they will put out a convincing


performance and come away with the win. First game for England at


home, they will want to press, will it be attacking football? Yes,


coming after the 0-0 draw in Germany, I expect to see goals


today. Bosnia are not that good, but I think some good, attacking


movement. When you're playing a team who are less good you have to get on


the ball, be confident, be brave and score goals that's important, three


points and the goals. The fans who have turned up are expecting to see


plenty of goals as well. Scotland are underway in their home qualifier


against Macedonia and we will bring you action from half-time. Right


now, our commentators, Sue Smith is alongside Dominic Pierce.


COMMENTATOR: That afternoon from Ashton Gate on a wretched, windy


afternoon in Bristol as the French officials lead out the two teams for


England's homecoming, a special welcome for the World Cup


medallists. We have seen players who pass 100 caps, playing a leading


role in the remarkable rise of English women's football to such an


extent that they are the favourites to land a thumping victory to match


those of their World Cup qualifying results. 23 consecutive clean sheets


in home qualifiers, 44 matches unbeaten in World Cup and European


Championship qualifiers. Bosnia, we expect, will be physical and


stubborn with ten behind the ball, a high line. Mind you, that could be


suicidal against England's pace going forwards. They started


qualifying matches here in spectacular style. Mark Sampson,


homecoming for him as well. At Bristol Academy he took them to two


FA Cup finals. On the other side of the city, the


FA Cup finals. On the other side of the city. The two teams line up.


England in white in front of the stand named after a former Bristol


City chairman from the 60s and 70s. There will be another presentation


that will be made. That will be the chairman of the FA's women's board.


June Scott. Fara Williams, also getting a presentation. Jill is


there with her nephews, Charlie and Dempster, very special to her.


Passing 100 caps in the 1-0 victory over Australia last month. Williams,


her special presentation from Sue Hough. No one has played more


international games for England and Williams. She has an injury, she is


on the bench today. So, special presentations. A day of emotions.


Another special player, Sue. Yes, of course. Katie Stoney, Fara Williams


and the other players who were mentioned earlier. I think reaching


one cap for your country... But reaching over 100, exceptional. It


is Uefa policy for all players who reach 100 caps to get a special


presentation. The FA Chief Executive Officer, Martin Glenn, is scheduled


to present the award. Jill Scott! She walks with Charlie and Dempster.


There he is. What a World Cup she had, she was a star in Canada.


That's right, she was a household name. Jill Scott always performs


well on the big stage. Sometimes he goes unrecognised but in the World


Cup she seemed to step up to the mark and she had an excellent


tournament. Great to see her progressing and getting better. We


will pause for the anthems, head of England against Bosnia and


Herzegovina. European Championship qualifier.


The women's international side for 18 years, Bosnia and Herzegovina, a


fairway behind England in developer and of the women's game, it has to


be said. # God save our gracious Queen


Long live our noble Queen Karen Bardsley, the England


goalkeeper, who had such a good World Cup, playing against Germany


on Thursday. Seven changes. Bardsley was excellent. Coming in, Amy


Turner, who played in the qualifying win in Estonia, 8-0. Stoney, over


100 caps. Laura Bassett, one of the stars of the summer, getting her


first international of the campaign. Gemma Davison coming in after a


title winning campaign and Eni Aluko, expecting her to score today


and also Christiansen, who came on in Germany having scored in Estonia.


Let's have a look at Bosnia and Herzegovina, one change from their


1-0 victory in Serbia. A defensive change, the centre-back coming in on


the left-hand side, the -- Dijakovic. They also managed by the


national coach, Samira Hurem. Nicolette Scott -- Nikolic scored a


hat-trick in an earlier match but they won't be looking for that here.


Yes, England against Germany was a defensive test, how could they cope


with the attacking players but today it's all about attacking and


creating things and making things happen. I expect Bosnia to sit back


and defend and make it difficult for England to break them down. A


feature of the last World Cup qualifying campaign was how they


started against Belarus, 6-0, and against Turkey, 8-0, and against


Wales, which was a close game. The opening 15 minutes, crucial for


England to get into their stride. It is, they need to start on the front


foot. I know that it is a term that football managers use, but they have


to press high, win the ball, I expect them to have five or six


players going forwards at times. The England players in a huddle. Stoney,


leading the chat. So experienced. Played in the European finals in


2009 and 2013. On the bench through the finals in 2005. Steph Houghton,


a natural leader. That's why she's picked as captain of the site by the


manager. Ambitious to do well. Leading the team very well in


Canada. She really did, there are a few leaders in the team, Laura


Bassett and others, they have experience, and youth coming through


who can help them out. The referee, from France. Finally getting the


teams together, reaching the halfway line. England will kick off and get


us under way, from left to right, towards the old east end, which used


to be an old covered stand here. Now part of the rejuvenated Ashton Gate.


A pause, a bit of quiet. A good turnout on a horrible winter date.


England will kick-off their home European Championship qualifying


campaign. Immediately looking for Jess Clarke. She has pace to burn.


Also hungry to do well for England having been left out of the squad


for Canada. Played a role in qualifying from the bench. Bosnia


getting it away as far as Houghton. 66 caps for the captain today.


Stokes came through to the team in a major way in qualifying for the


World Cup but didn't make the finals what. Played left-sided midfield in


Germany in the week. -- final squad. Christiansen trying to press high.


In the final third, it is cleared away by Amira Spahic. Her club team


are eight points clear at the top in Bosnia-Herzegovina even though they


have played one game fewer. Confident side.


Bassett, she was touched by the messages of goodwill after the


semifinal own goal against Japan. The nation rallied behind her. They


really did and she really appreciated it. She wants 2015 to be


over although she had a fantastic World Cup, although Chi scored an


own goal and was sent off controversially in the cup final.


She will start fresh in 2016. What a mentally strong player she is.


England with Eni Aluko. Christiansen. The first corner of


the day. England in an interesting group on


the edge of the penalty area, look at that little huddle. Their set


pieces were a feature of Canada 2015. Using Lucy Bronze so well. She


isn't playing today, she has a knock and she wasn't risked for this.


Stoney is trying to get away from her marker. Headed on. Stoney was


really being impeded and held back. It looped up and over. Certainly


Radeljic was hanging on. It was like a rugby tackle, really stopping


Stoney's run. You can see she has a go at the official, to be aware of


it. That is what they will do, physically trying to prevent England


from getting any opportunity in the area. She got away in the end.


Bosnia-Herzegovina have a free kick now. Hadzic, another one of those


players from that club team. Nikolic scoring the winner in their previous


game, expected to be the main danger. Tall and rangy and will be


the target of the free kick with the orange boots. Skip away, a bit of a


slip and a slide. Had a great spell late in the first


half on Thursday, when she started to dictate play. Has a great engine.


It wasn't a good ball out. Not cleared very well. Davison, what a


season she had with Chelsea. Title cup winner, eight goals for Chelsea


this season. Winning the league at Liverpool and Arsenal as well.


England are looking to breakthrough Manchester City's Nobbs. Away by the


Bosnian captain. Following up, Amy Turner of Notts County. That's a


free kick. Turner, the fourth International for her. Made her


debut in March against Australia. I'm pleased for Amy Turner that she


has a chance at right back. She played that in the cup final and I


think Mark Sampson was watching. She was probably mocks County's best


defender. -- Notts County. Having a chance to show what she can do in


front of the home crowd. Mark Sampson, hails from across the River


Severn in South Wales. He was at Swansea in the Academy. When Roberto


Martinez was at Swansea. A powerful header. Back through from Aleksic.


Half chance for Davison to turn and run. Christiansen looking for her.


Given away by Hasanbegovic. You can see that Bosnia are all in the home


half, defending. Coming off the head of Melissa Hasanbegovic, the


20-year-old centre-back. England have a corner. There they go again,


getting into the huddle. What's that all about? Just saying which corner


they are going to do. Christiansen goes over there, they have a word.


They trained this in numerous occasions, they have suddenly


players to aim for. Stoney, Holton, Bassett and Turner. They are all


very good in the air -- Houghton. On the edge of the box, Houghton,


trying to slip her marker. Squirmed away, I think it was says leader who


got it away. -- Seslija. Hodzic dived on it. Came through into the


side against Serbia. She was on the bench for the early qualifiers.


There is the courage. Played herself for her country -- the coach. Her


club team were the European champions in club football, as a


player. Kulis, playing at left-back. Not a great deal is known about the


Bosnian national team. Fairly secretive about their details.


Labelling attackers who are in fact defenders. Little chip towards the


Bosnian penalty area, headed away by Aleksic. Smashed out by Seslija, who


has moved to Minnesota in 2006 as a young girl and came back in 2010.


She has gone back again, leaving her family behind. Nobbs. Driving on.


The challenge on her from Hadzic. Stoney played against Colombia in


the World Cup, one start in three appearances. She settled everything


down in the game from the start. Stoney is such an experienced


player, so good on the ball, technically very good. I'm actually


really pleased that she is starting today. She deserves this. I think


it's important for us to say that Bosnia-Herzegovina are a step up the


ladder from the likes of Belarus who were beaten 6-0 in the qualifiers,


and Turkey. A higher quality team. They have beaten Serbia and Estonia.


Certainly good enough to finish in the top three in the group, it


should be between England and Belgium. Yeah, I think so. A step


behind England. They are not coming here to score goals, they are here


to sit back and defend and limits the number of goals that England


score. Not committing any players forwards. Euro 2017.


Davison, a good run. Leaving the full-back behind. Edge of the


penalty area. Going down fairly easily there. Finding Davison. A


little backheel. Stokes, the crowd loved that one. Not file off a full


house here, looking around. A chance for Bassett, playing it to Nobbs.


Goes for gold! Fubar! Saved by the goalkeeper. Clarke blocked at the


near post, somehow kept out. I have no idea how that didn't go in, I


don't think the goalkeeper got a touch on it but what a strike from


Nobbs. I thought it had gone in and Christiansen came in to get the


rebound but she couldn't get there. I would like to see if the


goalkeeper got a touch on that. Aleksic blocked the second one.


Nobbs has it in her mind, as soon as she gets the ball. Still can't see


she got a touch on it. I think she tipped it onto the bar. Jordan Nobbs


shapes up and she got a touch, that's a good save from the


goalkeeper. Christiansen is alert but that's a double save. England,


close to taking the lead. We've already seen what the pace of


Davison can do. A director run. Carrying on. The challenge was by


Aleksic. At the moment, Aleksic, Spahic and Hasanbegovic are playing


as a back three. Starting with Amira Spahic, the number four, playing in


deep midfield but she has gone centre-back. Very much aid free with


the wingbacks, Seslija and Kulis on each side. A kind of dummy formation


going on, in the opening five or six minutes as if to try and fool


England, but England expected them to do this. They also have Radeljic


as a full-back, tracking the run of Amy Turner. Exactly as England


thought it would be. Ten behind the ball. Definitely, so hard to play


against teams like that, you have to move the ball quickly. As soon as


they get the ball, they knew. Bending, the right foot, but into


the arms of Hodzic. Trying to curb it. That's what they do, as soon as


they get a stiff, they try and close down -- get a sniff. Six years after


her debut for England, making the European finals that year. 2013 and


in World Cup 11. A very good season, 15 goals. I think it was a very good


campaign actually for Notts County, two finals. I know they didn't win


them. She will work. I think the fact she was left out of the World


Cup squad, she came back and played so well for her club and was


rewarded with another England call-up. She was my roommate for a


good number of years, so I know her very well, Jess. The brightest


person on the pitch, she sees the game very well. The freaks -- she


speaks very highly of you as well! A free kick for Bosnia-Herzegovina.


Their results so far in the competition, mixed, thrashed away at


Belgium, 6-0, and at home, 5-0. Winning at home against Estonia, 4-0


and getting a win against Serbia. Dijakovic, in the number two shirt.


Her first international. Just see the shape there again. Throwing


bodies behind the ball. With Jess Clarke on this side, she is trying


to stretch the game and hope that touchline. Jemma Davidson, because


she is a natural right foot playing on the left, she is coming in field


a bit more. When you have a back five or a back seven like you have


here, you cannot get in front. You have to get in behind. England need


to make sure they stay patient and calm, and stick to the game plan.


That is what Mark has told them to do. A late challenge their from


Dijakovic. And own goal in the defeat to Belgium, from Dijakovic.


She just miss timed it. Christiansen will take the free kicks from over


there, and the corners. There is a wicked wind here today.


Very unpredictable. It isn't going to help things.


Many people made a comment about your hair in this wind!


Aluko had a frustrating World Cup. She started, and then had a


substitutes role. It wasn't the World Cup she hoped for. Yes. She


was frustrated so she will be pleased to get a start again. If


Bosnia had played a high line, that would have been perfect for Aluko.


13 goals in World Cup qualifying. Chelsea striker. Very intelligent. A


law degree. Do all international England players have degrees? In


every day and every day, getting better and better. I have a sports


science degree, I'll have you know! She is playing well. This saved from


Jordan Nobbs early on, and that is a good take, with players around her.


It's difficult. Continues to impress me. When you are in the dressing


room with former England international is from the men's


team, they are always so delighted to see Sue. And officials from other


countries as well. You must be very proud. I was waiting for a joke to


come then! Davison has started well. Carrying


it into the heart of the Bosnia-Herzegovina half, and


creating danger. Gemma Davison is 1 of the best one-on-one attackers


that I know on the league. Why, when she made her debut in 2009 against


Iceland, she has only played in her eighth game for England? It's crazy.


She didn't have the best relationship with Hope Powell. I'm


not sure why. Mark Sampson has brought her back in and she is


showing what she can do. As a winger, a wide player, she isolates


defenders and beats them with ease. Taking the free kick, bending into


the penalty area. It deflected off Yakob itch, who finally clears it


away. -- of Dijakovic. I Hodzic is really on top of her


game. She is very good in the air. She is coming to claim crosses. So


the crosses need to be a little bit better. Aluko in there, with her


pace, will get on the end of things. England bench there, with the


substitutes behind Mark Sampson. They will be saying goodbye to the


sports scientist for the team, and Bill Worrell, the video analyst for


several years. Just wide by Aluko. That is the cross I was talking


about. Just needs to be whipped in. Good play by Nobbs. Jordan Nobbs


just whips it in, just behind the defence. Aluko a good run. Should


have done better with her finish. Gambled and got in to the near post


area. That is what you want from your striker, that instinct, to see


whether ball is going. It's just that finish at the end. Good run by


Hadzic. A rare touch so far by Karen Barton.


I don't think she's going to get too many touches on the ball! On the


other end, though, the goalkeeper is in fine form. Karen is running up


and down and trying to keep herself warm and keep alert. It is difficult


for the goalkeeper, when you are not involved in the game, and then you


have to pull off a save. She'll be fine, though.


Is that a sign of some England frustration? They are going to be


frustrated. It is tough when a team sits back and all they do is defend.


They are not committing players or going forward. You just have to try


to keep the ball, and when you see that break or that little movement,


you have to give it as quick as you can. Some of the players are just


taking a bit too long with their passes, and Bosnia are cutting it


out. 11 of the squad were at Euro 2013, when England were so dismal.


They have so much experience. 0-0 halfway through the first half. This


is reminiscent of the Wales home qualifier, laid at the New Den, if


memory serves. Wales were the better team than the Bosnia-Herzegovina,


and had to be patient as well. I think it will come. I think fitness


will tell. The England girls are training full-time. Coming towards


the second half, they just need to save -- to stay patient, and get the


opportunity and take it. Bristol Rugby club also play here,


of course. A rare sortie forward for Kulis. Used to be a real force in


women's football, her team. SFK have been very much the dominant force in


league football. A rare piece of work for Karen Bardsley. Top of the


table in Croatia. Nobbs scored a couple of goals for Arsenal in the


cup final. Whether England need another genuine


striker upfront Scot --... That's positive from Jess Clarke.


Got the ball up, and it was one-on-one probably for the first


time in the 25 minutes she's been playing. She took the defender on,


and won it in the corner. Again they conspire. They don't trust the hand


signals, then! I haven't seen them do that before! We saw plenty from


you in the World Cup finals in Canada!


Into the near post, through the goalkeeper's hands.


A lovely, whipped in ball. Aluko just challenged. I don't think the


goalkeeper got a touch to it. Got another corner, anyway. I think they


will have to produce something special to beat her. She's one of


the best goalkeepers we've seen from an emerging country. She's been very


good so far, the goalkeeper. I think Davison was involved in the


cross. Good awareness. Christiansen takes the corner.


Seven England players in there. Eight. Plenty of bodies forward,


then. Aluko! Loops over. A better


delivery, away from the goalkeeper. Just whips the ball in. Steph Orton


does well, just directed towards goal. Aluko finds herself with lots


of space, but she would have referred that to be on the floor.


She has scored headed goals, but she's much better with the ball at


her feet. Any Aluko is getting herself into the right positions,


but needs to get them in now. What a great record of scoring in


competitions. Sliced away by Nikolic, very nearly


expensively. Not the best clearance. Whether she had any communication


with those around her... Just shows you that they have no intention of


scoring, do they? England kicking towards what used to


be the old home end, the old east end.


The goalkeeper had movement. Punched away. She may have got something of


a clump. The positioning has been well. Maybe short corners are the


right option. Bosnia-Herzegovina are not switched on. They only spend one


player out. Good position from the goalkeeper. I think it might have


been her own player who hit her on the head. A delayed reaction. I


think she will be fine. She's had a really good start to this game. She


was not the first choice at the beginning of the competition. She


came into the squad at the beginning of the week for Serena Hurem --


Samira Hurem, the coach. I think they have done very well. Organised


and determined, England frustrated. A little Conference going on with


the England players. This is where she just tries to punch the ball


away. I think it is her own defender who hits her on the back of the


head, or the ear. A bit of a Sunday sore head. Rub a little bit of cream


on, you'll be OK! There you are. And it was a feature in the World


Cup qualifiers in the likes of Belarus and Turkey, their


goalkeepers were very good. I think it's something in the women's game


that has been developing. In England it's getting better and better. You


look at Karen Bardsley, Carly Telford, Chamberlain, who is injured


at the moment. Mark Sampson doesn't know who to choose. Steph Houghton


made a lovely comment in her interview to you, about how a white


van driver asked her, how is your eye? Not, how well did you do in


Canada? There's been so many stories from the girls. People have taken an


interest in them. The whole thing was absolutely captivating. It was a


real privilege to be there. The way it should be. England have


possession now with Stokes. It is how World Cups should be as


well, Sue. There was more innocents about it. I know it's not as high


profile. I know the pressure isn't on like it is in the men's game, but


there was less of a Fifa influence in Canada. It was a more charming


World Cup experience. It was like it used to be in the old days, having


had eight World Cups, I have a bit of experience of that. I can tell


you the whole experience was greatly engaging.


They are not interested in chasing that! Seslija comes back into her


own half. This is very much a training ground exercise. You will


see coaches putting this on, attack against defence, when they have a


man over all two. Keep your discipline, he says. Keep your


patients also Mac -- too. There's so many players around you, you have to


make sure that the ball is to your feet.


A really strong challenge by Q less on Christiansen. -- by Kulis.


Steph Orton is a Durham girl. Missed the 2009 finals with a cruciate


injury. Played on through 2013, she had an ankle problem. -- Steph


Houghton. She can shoot from distance. It might take something


like that. It might take an effort from that sort of range. Just a bit


of brilliance, and Steph has got a great technique with her right foot.


So why not have a go from there? A little bit wayward with her shot.


Shot to fame in the Olympics of 2012. And a very, very good World


Cup. On one or two adverts for things now. I think she was the


first woman player on the front of a football magazine.


Didn't used to have seats over there in the lower tier. There was a big


wall, a drop-down. The first big cantilever stand in English


football. The chairman was connected to


Bristol City as a young man, and you revered them, I can tell you.


This is where, perhaps, they need to move the ball a bit quicker.


11 Bosnian players between her and the dead-ball line in the last 25


metres of play. That was much better from England. They were passing the


ball. Went to the right wing and then back onto the left wing. It is


about switching players as much as you can, so they can't shift across.


You can see that some of the England players are getting frustrated


because they can't go forward. That's not what they are used to.


That's long and plunging into the England penalty area.


Davison well, fleetfooted. -- well-balanced.


That's long and plunging into the England penalty area.


The captain might think about having a go. Toni Duggan was making a run


at the edge of the penalty area. That is an option off the bench for


him. Jodie Turner out there on the bench today. She's got a slight


injury. A wintry Sunday afternoon. Mark


Sampson looking on. Marianne Spacey looking with him. Over 90 caps for


England. She plays a big, big role alongside Mark Sampson, does


Marianne. And the fact she has played for England, at the highest


level, she's got that relationship with the players. And they really


respect her, which always helps. Blocked and away by Begovic -- by


Hasanbegovic. England could do with a breakthrough before the interval.


Nikolic has carried well for her side. It will come back on the


Bosnian defence. You wonder how long they will be able to keep this up.


England players out of season now. Chelsea beaten by Wolfsburg. Davison


of Chelsea, Houghton of Manchester City. They need to win silverware


next season. The well-positioned Spahic got it


away. She has played very well for Bosnia-Herzegovina. She has. That's


better. It is that diagonal ball. You have got the pace of Davison and


with Aluko spinning off. It is a case of getting that final pass. If


Jess Clarke could have just found Aluko, and there was another player


coming in. It could have been a chance.


Safety first by Stoney. 25 yards higher. Up you go! You can just hear


Mark Sampson there. The shot was deflected by Spahic. England have a


corner, but more significantly, they are starting to look a lot fresher


than one or two of the Bosnian players out there. It is so


difficult. When you are just chasing the ball, you don't have any


possession, you are just closing down. It is mentally and physically


draining. Half-time cannot come soon enough for Bosnia-Herzegovina here.


A crucial time for England. This ground has been developed. There is


a coffee bar in there now, a sports bar and Grill. It was a hot dog


stand in my day, and it wasn't very savoury!


Clarke at the far post, the goalkeeper was beaten to it, beaten


by the flag. Wonderful ball in, whipped in at the back post. Jess


Clarke isn't bad in the air as well. Seems to miss time her jump -- miss


time her jump. Not a lot. It's time to come. Nobbs. Can they get the


cross in? Deflected away, England have a corner. I can't think we have


more than one minute of stoppage time. A booking, no gold,


substitutions, all bookings really. -- no goals.


The referees having a word. I don't know what that is about, Hadzic has


gone down. She's saying she got elbowed. Well, there's nothing in


there at all, she was holding onto her, she didn't need to go down.


Hate to see that. That's something that the women's game really prides


itself on. Nowhere near. Complete playacting. One minute of stoppage


time. Towards the far post and gathered by a very good goalkeeper.


A more and more frustrating afternoon for England. There you


have the confirmation. Your overall thoughts on the first


half? Like you mentioned, a first rating afternoon, England have to


stay patient, keep the ball and move the ball a bit quicker at times, use


the space out wide. When they get a goal, hopefully the floodgates will


open. They have had the ball and the chances but the Bosnian goalkeeper,


Hodzic, is in great form, which is why it is 0-0 dill at half-time.


Frustrating first half for England. Not exactly going to plan, is it? It


isn't, you would expect England to be a couple of goals up. It should


be a couple. For me, the key to the game is keeping Davison and Clarke


white, they are coming too deep into the middle of the park which is


already congested -- duping them wide -- keeping them wide. Your


thoughts on the first half? Some credit to Bosnia, they have no


interest in going forwards. It is like a brick wall! It is, but as


Kelly said, they have two stretch the pitch, get Bosnia-Herzegovina


chasing the ball, they will get tired. A bit tired, sometimes Eni


Aluko has been standing on her toes. Nobbs has done the movement quite


well. Stretching the pitch, creating space. The Bosnian players defending


so deep, all in their own half. We should see some examples of that


now. Turning off the back shoulder here. You can see how many Bosnian


players there are, so congested. This is what I mean about getting


players wide. We have watched her players within five yards of each


other. You can't breakdown a back line of seven or eight players when


you are in small space. Jordan Nobbs has done well, always checking her


shoulder, looking to receive the ball and we have had some chances


from distance. I think Jordan Nobbs has tried, and Christiansen on that


occasion, Steph Houghton has had a go, but they are difficult to break


down. Jordan Nobbs could have put them 1-0 up on ten minutes. Look how


many numbers behind, so hard to play against. You need to have the


numbers out wide. No chance for a shot. Eight players and then they


break. Get Jemma and Jesse bit wider. It is frustrating and it will


come. Keep pressing, try and win the ball but they are the key for me.


Bosnia have come with a game plan and so far it has worked. Jordan


Nobbs nearly put England 1-0 ahead. She did this in the Continental cup


final, low back left. Probably should have headed back in,


Christiansen. Clarke was close. Jordan Nobbs, no backlit, just


whacked it. The goalkeeper reacts a bit late. The goal-line technology,


definitely does not go in. As a former goalkeeper, I have to say


credit to the goalkeeper. Reacting well to the second one as well to


give Bosnia in it. -- to keep. Bosnia are ranked outside the top


50. Often that implies that they goalkeeper has been very weak and in


the women's game, they are the first target, but she's not even their


first choice goalkeeper. She has been great and saving everything.


England are playing into Bosnia's hands. She is dominating her area.


She takes it comfortable it. Get the ball into the box come across it on


the floor for the players coming in. You can play it like that, or you


can have somebody pinning the goalkeeper, you see it domestic


league, Clarke pinning the goalkeeper, not letting her have


free rein. Probably freezing at the other end, Bardsley. It is difficult


for the goalkeepers because it could go down the other end and it could


be a goal, so she has to keep switched on. Yes, conditions don't


help the goalkeepers but she must ensure she stays switched on and


controls the rest of her team. Eni Aluko had a couple of chances we


should be able to see. This shot is bread and butter for her, a great


ball in from Jordan and Eni needs to slow down her run at open up her


leg. Great ball in and it should have been a goal. A bit of composure


at the end. I think here, Eni is not known for her heading prowess. She


probably had time to bring it down. Having a look over your shoulder, a


bit of awareness, perhaps turn and volley it. A bit of awareness and


composure. Who impressed you the most in the first half? Davison was


good in that she was breaking lines and she was unpredictable. She is an


off-the-cuff player. She has been the difference but she can't drop


deep to get on the ball because that is counter-productive. Jordan Nobbs


is making the game take, trying to play forwards, trying to dictate the


game and she needs to get on the ball a bit more. The other home


nations will be doing all they can to qualify for Euro 2017 alongside


England. Scotland seem to be doing a pretty good job so far, they are top


of Group 1, level on points with the top seeds Iceland after three wins


from three. They are in qualifying action against the lowest ranked


team in the group, Macedonia. Expecting plenty of goals in this


one. The Scots have been bossing the early exchanges, really bright start


by the team in the brand-new pink shirts. Lord has crossed and


dangerous, the first goal has come and no surprise, Scotland have


scored it. Jane Ross, in their quickest and sharpest with the


opening goal for Scotland -- there. Lauder, wreaking havoc so far on the


left-hand side, Hayley Lauder. They can't contain her at the moment. She


will win a corner here too. Lauder made the goal and she has made


herself known so far, giving Macedonia's defends a torrid time in


these opening moments. Lauder has gone for goal herself here! The


Scots have made a strong start and they've scored a second. Macedonia


cannot complain this rampant Scottish team. Love, her third goal


of the qualifying campaign, ten for the national team overall. Passed in


by Kim Little, lovely cross and another one for Scotland. The goals


keep on coming. Jennifer Beattie has this one. They can't contain the


crosses, can they? Lauder, and now Lisa Evans. Escaping the challenge


and getting the ball across. Bouncing ball, not cleared here. It


comes to Lauder, another goal for Scotland. Four and counting. She has


made two and she has now scored one herself, Lauder. This was too easy


for Scotland. They are cruising, coasting. Pasting Macedonia.


Beattie. No flag. Lauder's cross. Lauder


makes three goals, Scotland have five. His time, Lisa Evans adding


her name to the ever-growing list of Scotland chorus. But Lauder, this


first half for her, made three, scoring one -- Scotland's scorers.


Lauder on the left-hand side, really promising for the Scots. Lauder's


cross. Yet again, the same old routine and Jo Love has another. The


left-hand side for Scotland is producing such joy in this first


half. Six goals and Jo Love with a brace. A very different first half


for Scotland. After missing out in their last two qualifying campaigns


in the play-offs, is this their best chance of qualifying for a major


tournament? I do, they are joint top of the group with Iceland. The game


against Iceland in June will be a pivotal game, as to whether they


qualify top, or go through as a potential one about. It has been


nearly but not quite previously. But the quality of players they have is


phenomenal. This year, I'm positive. Wales did not have the best start in


their Euro qualifying campaign, conceding seven goals in two defeats


against Austria and Norway. But a 4-0 victory against Kazakhstan


lifted them off the bottom of the group ahead of their match with


Israel on Tuesday afternoon. Northern Ireland are in a tough


group, beaten 8-1 at home to Switzerland on Friday and they will


face the Czech Republic and Italy next in April. The group winners and


the six best runners-up will go through to the finals. We've seen


the impact of Northern Ireland and Wales qualifying for the men's


European Championships. What is the prospect of the other home nations


doing the same in the women's game? We would like to see them follow


suit, but it is a big uphill struggle for Wales. They lost


against Austria and Norway in their group and Northern Ireland losing to


Switzerland, so it will be very difficult, as only one at the top


will get out of qualification. I can't see it, but it would be great.


You never know. In Bristol, England, zero, Bosnia and Herzegovina zero at


half-time. That's get anything from inside the England camp, the


goalkeeper Alex Greenwood, she's not a goalkeeper! She is with Uzi. What


are your thoughts? Good possession, creating chances, if we go down the


sides we will create chances, get the white players a bit wider. --


with Suzy. Great performance against Germany, you must be high on


confidence? Yes, personally. A great display in Germany, solid


defensively and to come away with a draw shows how far we have come.


What will Mark be saying to them in the dressing room? Still be


positive, 45 minute ago, we don't need to panic, the goals will come,


we need to keep our width and create chances down the side. Do you hate


watching from the sideline? Yes, it is a squad of 23 and we all have to


do it at some point. Interesting stuff, what needs


do it at some point. Interesting second half? Must England be more


creative? Bring the same energy they have, be patient, I keep saying it,


get Jess Clarke and Gemma out wide. I would like to see Clarke getting


on the scoresheet. She has real ability to do 1-2s with a look at --


with Eni Aluko upfront, so I would like to see Telford coming on. A


very bright future ahead of her, impressive performance. She has done


OK, I would like to see more, staying wide. She is one of the best


one against one attacking players we have in England and now she is


starting to shine on the world stage, Davison. She is so good


technically. She moves her feet so well, gliding past defenders with


ease and this is why she's one of the better players for Chelsea.


Fantastic season and she's in the England team because of that. She


has earned her place but she will be have to be careful about holding


onto the ball in possession. Teams are very physical and you can get a


good kicking if you hold onto the ball a lot which we have seen


happening before Scott Wight what will Mark Sampson be saying to them


at half-time? I agree with Alex Greenwood, he will be saying to


remain patient, stick to the game plan, which I'm sure what to make


the pitch wide. Add stick to the set pieces, they have had many corners


which should be coming to fruition -- and stick. Because they are so


backed up in front of goal, test them, bring them out and try and


have a long shot, or if they go out, slip it through to Eni Aluko dill in


the gaps. We have seen the goalkeeper punching out quite a view


shots, but follow them in and try and pick them up. Once they get one,


the rest will start following. Games against inferior opposition gives


mark the chance to try out some new players and options in the second


half. Ess, Fran Kirby is an ideal player for the game, she is very


good 1-1, I would like to see Toni Duggan coming on, she has been


inspirational for England. She had an injury but she can create and


score and take on players, so they would be my changes. Have Bosnia


been better than we expected? In terms of their organisation, it has


been impeccable, it is shot from distance where England have had


their only chance is, so credit to them. England have two stick to


their game plan, they are the superior team and they have to make


it count but let me handy back to our commentary team, Jonathan Pearce


and to Smith. COMMENTATOR: England will settle now for a repeat of the


first ever England international victory at this ground, in 1899,


England beating Wales 4-0 in the men's game, goals from Steve Bloom,


he got a couple. A long while ago. They will settle for any kind of


victory now, a wretched afternoon in terms of the weather, against this


Bosnia-Herzegovina team. Interesting, I have been watching


Fara Williams talking to Bassett, who has been playing out of position


in the holding midfield role, which is the Williams role. Giving her a


few tips and a bit of advice. That's great, shows you the unity of the


team. Needs to release one or two shot gun passes, quarterback style


passes faster, use the ball more quickly. Get the ball out wide, the


girls mentioned it at half-time, Davison and Clarke are isolated and


they can beat defenders and then it's the delivery, the final


bawling. The goalkeeper has done well -- the final ball in. Rachel


mentioned it, can the players follow in? England will have the wind


behind them in the second half, from the left-hand side. It is swirling


around and comes back into their faces from the right. Bosnia and


Herzegovina getting us underweight. The referee from France. -- getting


us underway. The band starts to make some noise. The stand on the


left-hand side. Stokes, driving down the line. Davison ahead of her.


England's best player on Thursday. The captain, Steph Houghton. In the


back of the net, one or two fans hadn't heard the whistle. It was a


long while before it looped into the back of the net. It was a good


diagonal ball from Houghton. Just before the ball arrived at her feet


she came from an offside position. Squeezed in between two defenders,


Hasanbegovic and Spahic. Christiansen was being tugged and


that is a daft free kick to give. The ball from Houghton is there.


Giving away more free kicks, tracing the game, they will tire. The fact


that this is a 3 sided ground at the moment, they are breaking a


brand-new West stand right behind our


brand-new West stand right behind means... There it is, it means the


wind and rain is dying from that's right. The old TV gantry used to be


where we are, I think the first gantry over there, when I was 12


years old, Bristol City. That was only about ten years ago, wasn't it?


Nobbs, here comes the cross. Way ahead of their time, video analysis


of games, that was in 1972. Another free kick here. Nobbs has gone


down. She is OK, though. She drew the challenge in. She did, she


actually won the ball first and got her body in between herself and the


ball. She was brought down. She won a good foul. She knew she was going


to get it. This is gladly, it is promising. Into the hands of Hodzic.


A clean sheet away in Serbia in the week. Good, quick feet from claggy,


getting to the sideline. Trying to hit it to the file post -- from


Clarke. -- the far post. Anything around the goals she is going to


claim. You can see that Bassett is trying


to draw the players out and they are not going towards her. Very


difficult to play against a team, parking everything across there.


It's a goal kick. It isn't England's days so far. This is a


real test. Losing their opening game. The fans who went over


remained optimistic. Those close to the team felt sure that they could


pass a different kind of test. It is,


they drew 0-0 against Germany on Thursday


test about how well they could cope against some of the best attacking


players. Here, but I'm sure that when they score


one, it will open and they will a free kick and it should be


punishment for the full-back, Dijakovic.


Coming to the edge of the penalty area. Good goalkeeping.


Coming to the edge of the penalty slippery. Good goalkeeping, good


positioning. Why slippery. Good goalkeeping, good


her left. It slippery. Good goalkeeping, good


Goalkick. --. Each. -- full stretch. Clarke,


Goalkick. --. Each. -- full her, she couldn't get


Goalkick. --. Each. -- full around the ball but that's


Goalkick. --. Each. -- full Too congested. It has to be one or


two attacking the goal. The greatest


moment, 1976, Clive Whiting scoring attacking the goal. The greatest


think Clarke is going to go off attacking the goal. The greatest


might be coming on. Betting ready to attacking the goal. The greatest


presentation before the game. I think Jill


presentation before the game. I has the energy to get forward and


get back. It has the energy to get forward and


Her ability on the floor that is her recognised as


Her ability on the floor that is her Here comes the change. It is your


old team-mate Here comes the change. It is your


performance. I think it was difficult for her. She


performance. I think it was player, it is so hard when they are


always in player, it is so hard when they are


A great reception from the crowd. Steph Houghton,


Never qualified for a major wide very often. I think she will


Never qualified for a major Genzon. Brought down,


Never qualified for a major girl. She knows it. You could see


when she girl. She knows it. You could see


perhaps getting cramp and the fatigue is starting to


perhaps getting cramp and the sense of the wind power. In 11 wins


for sense of the wind power. In 11 wins


the goals in qualifying. At World Cup level. Can


the goals in qualifying. At World save. Averaging 5.2 goals a game in


World save. Averaging 5.2 goals a game in


here. It is a good save again, save. Averaging 5.2 goals a game in


A good run here by Davison, is difficult,


A good run here by Davison, England's best player all the way


through. England's best player all the way


the back for Bosnia-Herzegovina, who are rated 72nd at moment


the back for Bosnia-Herzegovina, who within their own 25 yards. Izzy


Christiansen within their own 25 yards. Izzy


that reaction as well from the crowd! They know


campaign, ten goals in seven games. Injury punctuated. Four starts in


campaign, ten goals in seven games. could do with one tonight. Here she


campaign, ten goals in seven games. had the best of luck with


campaign, ten goals in seven games. don't get the shout to run at the


they came lay-off. They all seem to want the ball in behind


standing there... Jill Scott. Duggan is looking for Eni


Trying the 1-2 with Jill Scott. The Staying on her feet, another


Trying the 1-2 with Jill Scott. The Globe


of these players have finished their club season,


of these players have finished their were more simple options


of these players have finished their Aluko. It bounced back off her for a


goal kick. Aluko. It bounced back off her for a


ball in. Just whipped between the defence and the keeper. A


ball in. Just whipped between the her stride pattern. I don't think


she her stride pattern. I don't think


up that test in Germany on Thursday. I don't think they believed that


Bosnia would come like this. They could have won the game because of


their patients. Smacked away by Jack of itch. --


Yakob itch. Here's that is what England need. Just a little bit of


luck. Steph Houghton could not get a clear head on it. Nikolic got


nothing on the ball. Miss timed her jump and smacked into the back of


the England captain. I don't think she even went for the ball. A


curtain of rain hanging down on Ashton Gate. Look at that on the far


side. I seem to remember it rains that night when Bristol City got


promotion against Portsmouth. Can't remember the rest of the night, to


be honest! A bit of a blur. Fortune favoured Aluko there. The


goalkeeper has played very well. I don't know if we can see the angle


again, but as the ball comes in, it's words just in front of her.


Probably because of the wind and the driving rain. It could have gone


horribly wrong for her, but she chose to get it away, rather than


miss the catch. Duggan has brought something extra


to the party, I think. Very lively. Wants to get on the ball.


Is Bosnia-Herzegovina can hold onto this, it will be the biggest result


in their women's history. Without a shadow of a doubt. It will go to the


team that finished third in the world in the summer, and to come


away with a draw like this. What a result! They have worked very hard.


Can they keep it up to the end? Scott! England have the


breakthrough! On the day, her beloved and nephews were here to see


her specially honoured by the FA! They see Jill Scott head England


ahead. A wonderful day for her now. I am so pleased for Jill Scott with


that goal. But good work by Aluko down the left-hand side. If Jill


Scott is in the area, you know she will win the ball in the air. That


is a good directed header. Yes, the keeper could have done a bit better


there. She has done excellent all night, but so pleased for Jill


Scott. She got a great reception when she came on, Jill Scott. One of


the most popular players in the squad in the women's game. A great


character. A vital, vital goal. Scored against Estonia away in the


first game. She's just got that desire, and the passion to get on


the end of the ball. And want to score. Could the weather get any


worse? Duggan has been lively since she came on. She wins the free kick.


Bassett forward. Scott in there again, wiping her face against the


rain. That was a risky challenge. She


could be in big trouble here. She could get a read for this! It's


yellow. If the French referee... She was going to give the England player


the benefit of the doubt. That's a yellow. It's definitely not a red


card. The ball just slipped away from her on this surface. The studs


were not raised. She just turned the ball away at the end. Saved her. It


did. She's had a good game. That would be really disappointing for


her, if it had been a red card. It wasn't a deserved one.


That is the extent of the Bosnian ambition, when they get forward.


Just to wind down some extra seconds. And then they just run back


as quickly as they can, to get into the shape. A 1 -0 win wouldn't be


enough to take England to the top of the group, but it would be a


victory. On a day like this, against very, very well organised


opposition, of whom Amira Spahic, the number four, has been


outstanding. So has the goalkeeper. Not sure if you would have heard a


buzz on the line there. I think it is the water getting in! Duggan was


off the ball there. She was looking at the referee as well there. I


don't think it was as strong a shout. It wasn't. She did get


pushed. It was a good delivery. It's like she mistimed her jump slightly,


and did get a bit of a nudge in the back. It wasn't as strong as Steph


Houghton's earlier on, which was definitely a penalty, for me. The


wind seems to be veering so that the rain is coming into our faces now. I


have just stood back a little bit. England totally dominant in terms of


possession. They remain totally dominant with


the ball. We said on Thursday night, when we


watched the England game... Are you surprised that Jill Scott scored


tonight against Osney? It was a good call from you again. It is a very


low success rate over the years! Disappointing! Very impressed with


your pace, getting down there to do the half-time interview. And running


back in the rain. You didn't know this, but we were running a secret


camera on you, in case you slipped! Confirmation of the crowd. 13,000.


That's a terrific result for the FA, and for England's women's


football. Very much on the up. Because it is a rotten day. Fans


could have stayed away. Stokes was hurt, but still got the cross in.


Good one to touch. Jordan Nobbs involved again. She's so lively in


and around the penalty area. Got so much energy, and isn't afraid to


issue to. Just under 15 minutes left. There is confirmation of that


attendance. Nikolic was the girl who scored a


hat-trick against Estonia. England haven't conceded a home goal


in qualifiers since France scored at Selhurst Park in a World Cup


play-off back in 2003. Were you playing that day? I knew you were


going to ask that! I think so. Can you remember the games you play?


Last week, just about! So much of England's players have


seen a player picking up possession facing away from the penalty area.


Amira Spahic has been outstanding for Bosnia-Herzegovina. They have


had two or three back into the goalkeeper. Hasanbegovic, the tall


number five, has played well. Kulis, the left-back. With 12 minutes to


go, they will be delighted with the scoreline, Bosnia-Herzegovina. They


will. I have been impressed by how tirelessly they have worked. They


have Resch arrived and made it so hard for England. It will be a


defeat for them, but an honourable one. Not yet, of course.


The fans haven't left. They will be absolutely saturated. It used to be


an indoor bowls area on that far side. I don't know whether it is


still there. The first in the country to have one as well. Bristol


City, trendsetters, back in the day! Dijakovic is going to go off. I


think that is to protect her. She's had a yellow card. She's had a


warning. Duggan. A lengthy stride. It of pace


about her. Corton has come away to this left-hand side. -- Steph


Houghton. It was worth a go. When the ball finds you in acres of space


there, why not just have a go? Here comes the substitute. She has played


in all four qualifiers so far. Off goes Dijakovic. Lihovic plays in


Sweden. She has scored at international


level. One in 12 international games. England are going to make a


change too. It is going to be Rose to come on. She'll be given a


tremendous reception. Nikolic plays a lot of her football


of the centre forward. They have rarely gone more than 30 yards


beyond their own dead all line today.


Eight minutes to go. 1-0. It's not what people expected. It's not what


people wanted. They will accept the win, but how critical Will Mark


Sampson B of his team's performance? I think he will be frustrated, as


the players will be, but I think he will be quite happy with the three


points. They will have to work on how to break down a team like this,


and I'm sure that's something he will do. There will be other games


that this will happen in as well. Off goes the captain. On comes Jemma


Rose. DFA's Young Player of the Year in


2011. Scored that year against Doncaster. FA Cup runner-up with


Bristol. Now plays at Arsenal. Plays in top-flight football, and in


finals. The Continental Cup this year.


The precious thing for England now, in the last six minutes of play, is


to ensure there is a victory. I think there is no doubt that will be


the case, but can they get another goal, or a couple of goals? Just for


the fans. Turned out in absolute force, in this horrible weather.


You are a few crackles at home. It is because the are being affected by


the water. England need to be disciplined and


well drilled. A free kick for Bosnia-Herzegovina. What is it about


holding your phone torch up these days? Why did the youngsters do


that? Sue Smith, you are a youngsters. The free kick went all


the way through. Don't ask me. I'm not a youngster any more! I think it


just looks nice, doesn't it. You are shaking your head at me! I am a


fool. Why many things... Away by Duggan. There is no


ambition, really, beyond going away with this defeat, keeping the


scoreline down. Their best hopes lay with the 0-0 draw. So much better


today, Bosnia-Herzegovina, they were pretty poor against Belgium. Belgium


shouldn't beat England in the group but they have two big wins against


Bosnia-Herzegovina. I think England will find it easy against Belgium


because they will come out and play a bit more. Winning at home to


Bosnia-Herzegovina 6-0, and away, 3-0.


Lihovic was there. Away it goes a goal kick. That's what it's


Lihovic was there. Away it goes a about, having a good day!


Who is your Man of the Match? Quite tough, it has been difficult for


many of them. I have Ashley gone for Gemma Davison for the first half


performance. -- I have actually gone. She was lively and creative,


she wanted to make things happen. I have gone for Gemma Davison. A


terrific first half. The way they handled her in the second half


speaks volumes of the manner of their performance. Talk about being


good performance in Germany, being a mature one. There is a growing


majority in the team. Bosnia made it very difficult for England. I think


so, they will learn a lot of lessons from this. I think Gemma Davison was


probably the talking point at half-time, how they could cope with


her, and they have done much better. I thought the first half performance


probably stood out. Rose from range. They worthy exercise for England to


come up against teams like this in qualifying even if England haven't


played their best and it has not been a very edifying spectacle. It


is a win for him and that's how he'll treat it. It is a better


exercise than winning 8-0, as they did in World Cup qualifying. Yeah,


because you come into tournaments and it's much tougher, it's all


about how you break down teams and do certain things. Competitive


teams, it will be hard. They will be tired after this game because they


have had to constantly try and create things, a lot of different


movement. This is good for when they go into a challenge like the World


Cup, or the European Championships. Jill Scott is turning into space,


and still going. Wasn't a free kick. Her goal separates the teams.


There will be three minutes of time added on. Can England get a second?


Wasn't a good ball through. Sometimes they tried to thread the


eye of the needle when there have been simple options. Bosnia are


going to make another substitution. Alisa Spahic, nominally the


attacking player today, being replaced by Piskic who started two


of their last three qualifiers. A midfield player at a Sarajevo club.


One of ten players from that side in this squad. Three minutes of


stoppage time now. They have come here to nullify and


negate. They have come to frustrate, and they've done it. Sluggishly


trudging off. Disappointed that the referee let her have that time.


Should have hurried her up. I think so. I think she was physically


shattered, the amount of work she has put in. But it's time wasting as


well. It slipped away from the Nobbs. The substitute now.


England need to maintain their concentration, otherwise this could


yet go horribly wrong. Interesting that coaches talk these days about


players needing to perform for 95 minutes, not 90 minutes. Lovely


exchange between Duggan and Nobbs. A good tackle from Hasanbegovic who


has been excellent. At the end they have a free kick and


they are going to make another change. Radeljic is going off, and


Stanic is coming on. Another midfield player. Came on as a sub


against Belgium at home in October. Poor delivery. Bassett with the


header away. Aluko will be frustrated by today's events.


High pressing therefrom was near. -- there from was near. Over the last


few minutes they have stepped ten, 20 metres higher. The anxiety of the


closing stages of games in Canada. England seemed to have games won and


then slipped away. Substitution, Radonjic is going off. -- Radeljic.


The assistant should be up the line here and saying, come on, away.


There is a fourth official there too. It's quite interesting because


she started jogging and the bench were saying, slowdown, slowdown. I


interpreted that is what they were saying! Disappointing, though. If


this is the extent of your ambitions. Going away with a 1-0


defeat, but there you are. A different development stage.


Well, it hasn't been the homecoming party that England expected, but it


is a victory for Mark Sampson and that makes it two in two in this


European qualifying campaign so far. The winning goal took a long time


coming and it came from the substitute, Jill Scott. A


frustrating night for England, but it's three points, beating Bosnia


and Herzegovina. STUDIO: This is what Group 7 looks


like now. England have played two and won two. They are second in the


table. The next qualifier is at home to Belgium next April. 1-0, not what


we expected, Kelly. Very difficult game for England, Bosnia made it


extremely difficult, no interest in setting out to win the game,


defensive display, 11th players behind the ball. Barnsley didn't


have a shot to save. Frustrating but the three points is the main thing.


Your thoughts on the England performance in their first time


qualifier? Disappointing that we didn't get the goals that we


expected but put it in perspective, the end of a long and successful


season for these England players. This is the final game, they had won


three days ago against Germany. It is a long and hard season, really


wonderful and attractive football but today they grounded out and got


the result. They got it thanks to Jill Scott who made an impact after


coming on. We can have a look at her goal now. That's what you want from


your substitutions, Mark Samson has said that, talking about being the


impact player. Eni Aluko beating her player, and that's what Jill Scott


does best, arriving late and guiding it into the back of the net. Duggan


wants to get on the ball. Eni looks up and makes a little left footed


cross and Jill Scott guided it in and the goalkeeper should have done


better. That's what wanted, in the first half we had so many crosses


but they weren't picking up players. The opposite this time and they got


the reward. Should England have had a penalty before the goal? Possibly,


one of those that will go down as, seen them given. It was a late


challenge on Steph Houghton and it could have been a penalty, but we


are clutching at straws if that's what we want to win the game. I


don't think the referee was in the best position, she wasn't looking at


contact and for me that wasn't a penalty. Jordan Nobbs in first,


didn't she? She picked up an injury which limited her in the World Cup


but she has been really impressive. Against Germany she was impressive


and she is one of the few England players who tested the goalkeeper.


The first half chance was good and she gets in space, a very clever


player and she has a fantastic strike from distance. The kind of


player that England doesn't have many of now that Kelly has retired!


She is a key player and when Jordan Nobbs is playing she makes England


tick, she plays one box to box, she never hides and she is a player to


watch and play with. Frustrating for Eni Aluko who will be pleased that


she was involved in the goal. First of all she started the match and


that is something she will be pleased with, having had limited


opportunities in the World Cup. She will go into the game wanting to


make an impact, wanting to get two or three goals to finish the season


on a higher. It didn't happen for her. But it was three points -- on a


high. Three points, that's the message that Mark Samson will give


to his team. Overall thoughts on the year that thing and have had


including the World Cup? Wonderful, what a year, recognition across the


world and in England, these players are now household names. It was in


the performance we wanted after the World Cup but credit to the


players, Mark Sampson. English women's football is on the map and


long may it continue. They have a strong qualification campaign next


year. Hopefully they can top the group and do well in the European


Championships. 2015 has been about making history, it has put it on the


map, it is here to stay and I can't wait for the rest of the qualifiers,


seeing England getting silverware. Another one of our qualifiers,


Scotland against Macedonia ended 10-0. Thank you to you and our


former England international is, Kelly Smith and Rachel Brown Finis.


The moral of the day is, don't get stressed when it is 0-0, just take a


Jill pill. Being a British guy


in 2015 is not easy.


Coverage of England's second UEFA Women's Euro 2017 qualifier as they take on Bosnia and Herzegovina.