Day 1 World Indoor Bowls Championships

Day 1

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Hello everyone and welcome to highlights from the world's indoors


championship. During the week, there are four trophy ones on the line and


the best players in the world are here for the one tournament that


matters most. The biggest was always the biggest champion was here at


Potters. I still get butterflies. Just as soon as I walk in, I feel so


relaxed. Yes, it's a place I've always loved. I have been very


successful here. I use it as my second home. The crowd appreciate


great bowls, also, it is a surface where you if are not on your game,


it's a very lonely place to be. But it's a wonderful place to play and


you just hope that everything goes right for you when you are out


there. Very close. Got it! (APPLAUSE)


. The world singles here is the biggest title you can win in bowls


to be honest. I watch it every year on the telly, my dad has done it. I


really wanted to be here. The first year to qualify and to win it was


fantastic. We all play bowls for one thing to walk away at Koch. Potters


is the best venue we play at. No chateau of a cloud. We have got the


-- sho shadow of a doubt. The crowd Noah got should. You get boat ends


of the coin, a little bit of interaction is fantastic. The 2016


world indoors single champion, Nikki Brett. The first stpl The first


final of the week comes in the pairs, Jason and les this is how the


pairs got to the final. Less Gillett ---less es Gillett and Danielsome


onhad to over couple Nikki Brett, Jamie and Mark Dows. The first set


of the finals was hard fought and eventually shared. We are going to


join the action in the second set with Greenslade and Gillett. In the


second shot. Big run, JAson, hurry, hurry. I


don't think this is running enough. He popped in for a fourth one. I


think that's what he was looking for. He popped the red ball down and


tapped the target away. He hit the target here. Good chance of getting


a result as well. Oh, is he under? One away. That's just not as good


now as it was. Live in the ditch, go again. It's almost a resignation of


deer owe deer -- dear oh dear things have committed now. He has committed


to playing the attacking shot with three against him. Play it again,


Jays. It could be four. He looks good for four. He has to go for it.


He has to gamble. He has only got one ball in there but he has to


gamble in there four ready would say would probably be enough to get the


guys over the line. Yes, I think it would. He cannot drop a four here.


It's not a big drive, it's quite controlled. We can't see it on the


screen but there is a back toucher in the ditch. Close.


Well, oh, that's good. That's a good result. Very good result. I think he


has got the shot. Great strike. He played that one well. He played it


more aggressively with a little bit more green. He let the ball do the


work. What are you doing? I think he is going to try and draw the closest


ball, I think, David? There is at least five feet. There is, yeah. If


it was closer to the ditch, he may be tempted to run the ball off but I


think he can draw this. Good strike. Very good strike. Courageous bowl.


He was four down. The thing about being four down, it makes your mind


up, doesn't it? Yes, it does. He knew that he had to hit it. He hit


it perfectly. We didn't see the over -- now we can see the overhead shot


of the jack on the screen. Touch it with the red ball is in the ditch.


The umpire has slightly indicated green. Steady, steady. Steady. It


looks pretty good to me. (APPLAUSE) . Great ball from Jason. It didn't


look as if it was heavy. I am not sure whether this is two shots or


not. I wasn't worried. Of course you weren't worried, lads. You were just


shut shouting "Steady." If it's one shot, he will have to drop the


second shot. I think most people have suggested it's only one. So I


think it's probably worth a run, take the ball out. Well, will he


play the courageous shot, Andy? Two yards running. Punch the ball and


stay? I think he would go faster. He will try and take the ball out.


As you can see, he is a quietly determined type of player. You can


see that in his eyes. Too wide. Yep, too wide. It looked wider. It's very


important that this is only one shot for the Welsh pair. One shot against


them. Two shots down with two ends to go is very doable. Oh yes. Three


is hard. There is a little bit of the bowls kit.


It's the angle of the jack coming down. It's not a bad angle. The


ditches aren't really deep. No, they are not too deep, David He will get


that absolutely right and lock it off. Very accurate.


It's not in. It's only, just the one. I think everybody was right. We


hadn't counted on this one. I don't think it's in. No, I don't think so.


One to red. Yep. Which he will be quite relieved about, to be fair to


Jason and les, they don't need it at that end. They dominated the last


two or three ends, haven't they? Absolutely. Those two ends really in


particular. People may be thinking why they haven't got a Sonic measure


there to sort things out when the jack is in the ditch, you can't see


it. That would be useful to have a Sonic measure in that situation. But


we have tried them. They don't work. I was going to say, they have been


discarded quite quickly, haven't they Absolutely. Very rapidly they


were put away. But there is a lot of people who thought they would work.


That's OK. Nothing wrong with that opinion at all. I've got two of them


lying in my store at home. They will be antique some time! Right, Les,


all we need is one good bowl. Favourites of the scoreless end.


(APPLAUSE). Some of us do get a good look at a


umpire's kit. Some of the stuff in there is quite Rye markable. Little


cap pers and other things, ultimately when you really study it,


a lot of the stuff is based on the beginning. Of when they were


developed. Yes, yes. We got it right at the start. Callipers have been


around for a Elong Elong time. -- a long time. The box was invented in


the early 1900s. It hasn't improved anything from the umpires point of


view. So it reverts back to what it was like. Exactly. You will not find


a battery-operated anything in there. There won't be a microchip


insight! He did exactly the same the last end. He played a good bowl.


Give us a chance. He has just won the Leeds battle and that has given


them the control I think you are right, Jason. You


can't improve. Absolutely. I think, Jason is the solution is this:. Just


do what you want. Do what you want to do, Les. I think Jason is right.


Don't worry about me. It is hard work at times. He is entertaining is


Les. He funny at times. He really sis. I think Jason has called it


correctly. They don't need to hold the head up any more. Wow, he sneaks


around the green ball. That's not bad. It's probably more of a reflex,


he doesn't get a word in with the four girls at home. That's what it


is. Damon, this is going to be a good call. What are you going to ask


him to play? He is still asking for the draw. He needs to win this end.


Yes, they do. They can't afford to go chasing. They need to score even


the one. They need to score. 5/0 down, 6-0 up to down. It's just a


problem. He feels it sliding away. All of a sudden, that has made the


head bigger. This may help Damien. I think if I was Jason, I would be


covering the spot. 7-5 down. That's why I said they need to score this


end. Come on, Jays. Come on, lad. Get up.


Come on, Jays. Hurry now. One more go. One more go. One more go. Well


played, mate, They are really going for the win


here, trying to get that double. Yes. Damien was always going to


strike this. Se. They are really going for the win


here, trying to get that double. Yes. Damien was always going to


strike this. He has got the shot. It is not bad. He has gone under the


ditch. A nice shot there, Jase. His own ball has been so far away at the


angle, it doesn't even come into it. He wanted the red but he has opened


it up. He has. He has done well. This will hard to get to though. I


don't think would be easy. Jason is favourite here because of the lie.


Not only the lie, but he also has that little wobble in his balls


which hold up the line a little bit more. Les is... Two yards away.


Normally that would be an easy one to beat Andy. It's not really that


easy. I think he has to throw the ball -- he has to throw the ball


down. Ignore the ball in the way. I hope he finds a clear path. The line


The line looks good. I think it looks got. It is whether there is


too much Jake. Surely not the jack. What a bowl. What a shot. You have


to say - look at the smile. That was perfect. He didn't go in the ditch.


That was the perfect bowl. Absolutely brilliant. (APPLAUSE)


. They are definitely scoring one. Ant didn't he need it. That delivery


of Damien's perfect ball. Wow. Wow. You could say that if you had missed


the jack, the jack probably stopped him going in but you have to give it


a chance. He did. It was brilliant. Les can't believe it.


It's impossible now for Jason to skoll here. -- score here. He will


try and wing it off here or try and edge it off or stay in his place. I


think he is trying to get a good second in, there is at least two


yards for Damien to score a double. He is calling it. No, it's better


than the previous ones. Oh. Same ball again from Damien. Same line,


same weight, he will rest his own for a double. It's not a given of


course but he can afford to be aggressive. Yeah, he can. A touch


will not go very far apart from in the ditch. So... He doesn't want to


drop shot. Certainly out wide. He needs a clear run. Has he caught the


red? I think he has. Did no, just too heavy. That was always the


weight. You can understand. He could afford to reach it but it's a


single. (APPLAUSE) . Well now, talk about a close game.


Last end 7/6. Previous set, 7/7. The chances of the tie break are slim


but maybe I was wrong, David I think the chances are now greater now.


Absolutely. So rare to get two drawn sets but a fair reflex of the game


in many ways because those boys were good for a long part of it but I


have to say, Jason and Les have really come back. The last two ends,


they have been the better pair, Jason and Les. I'm talking about the


Welsh pairs, the qualifiers am You will get a few letters from your


Welsh fans. I love going to Wales, I miss it! A few good years over


there. The very last year and I miss the Welsh masters - Welsh Masters.


It was always a good trip down to Wales.


Daniel, in the area. He needs the ball. Yes. Got the shot. (APPLAUSE)


. Perfect. He will be very happy with that one.


There is trouble there, isn't there? As soon as you can, lad? Sorry. As


close as you can. I don't think that's a good call because really


it's - I would be surprised if that ball stays for the whole of the end.


Yeah, I think eventually there will be a ticking at this -- tucking at


this but Jason is building the head up first. We are at the stage where


he can't lose the match. Jason is happy.


He could do well to play this on the other side. It's resting on the red


ball. If he misses it, it's on his fore ground. If he gets into good


position. Certainly here, he is very close to drawing another here. Well


played. Don't bring it out. Fantastic. That was brilliant. He is


almost none Champions League ant the way he gets the ball a-- nonchalent


the way he brings the ball around. It's a bit early for them but they


will take it. He wants to force Les into playing the wide shot, there is


no point in trying to draw a close one there. None Champions League ant


the way he gets the ball a-- nonchalent the way he brings the


ball around. It's a bit early for them but they will take it. He wants


to force Les into playing the wide shot, there is no point in trying to


draw a close one there. He got that away early? Across the ball here. He


won't be going near this. He will see the positions and see where the


jack has gone, down the inside line. Jase will be right at this. It will


be curious to see what happens? Will they go defensive by putting a short


ball and protecting? Do they go into position? I think they go into


position. I think they will go deep, David The two players coming down


the last end, they are very knowledgeable. He is definitely


trying to come deep. Yes. Not worried about the respot just at the


moment. It's the deep ball covering the ditch. Jason will play. Jason is


quite -- Jason quite simply has to strike this. He is calling it a


drop. He is not too far away. He is too high. He has taken his own ball.


That's a problem, has he lost the two balls? Oh dear. That makes it


harder. That really makes a massive difference by taking that ball off.


He has. He has got three balls at the edge and one ball on the rink. I


don't know how Jason is going to get the shot now? He has to do something


with this delivery, Jason has. If he misses this one, I think it's gone.


So do I. I think it's impossible to score there, despite the perfect


draw. I think it's very wise in that situation. You do not go near. You


just play position and leave it. Right. Right, Jason, this ball has


to do something. He is better, he is much better.


Jack. Well played, Matt. He did well to get the two balls. I thought by


getting the two balls he had to take his own out completely. One down,


Jason will be very happy with that result He certainly will. I thought


the jack must strike. That was a good Jock. -- jack. -- That is a


very good result and a good strike, a pressure roll. A pressure strike.


He is the right man for it, Jase. You would expect Damien to draw


another? Can you imagine the nerves? 27, going down to draw for game. I


bet he wishes he was wishing for game but he will be lying. He has


effectively drawing for game on the rink. Look at this. Look. A little


bit tense. Just a little bit. Right, Damien, how close are you


going to get? Well.. Has he missed it? Has he missed it. He is OK I


think. Just OK. Well, he is in there for two. But it's a long way away.


Jase, yes, quite rightly, he is - he was going up to the head and he has


come back, just composed himself. Just take your time. Take your time.


I think Damien was looking for something win 6 inches there to


grarn tee a drawn set. Yes. Jason couldn't -- guarantee a drawn set.


Jason couldn't get it. With all of his experience, Andy, you have to


say, you will expect him to get it. Normally the player would say


something. Les isn't even looking at the moment. Is he running? I don't


think he is up. Hurry. Hurry, Jase. Hurry, hurry. He is there, my


gdness, he is there. -- goodness. I thought that was dropping short but


he just managed to get there. (APPLAUSE)


. Big hugs all around. Is Les Gillett who have won the world


pairs. Good work. What a great game, Andy. Fantastic game. I must admit.


Jason, when he let that ball go i didn't think he was running. What a


pressure goal. Delighted for the pair of them. Les, you won it 16


years ago, alongside Martin, what is the difference this time around? It


raise Um, I think I've enjoyed it more with Jason to be fair, he has


been quite challenging at times. I am going to have to ask you to


explain that? He is very frustrating. He seems to bowl a few


wayward ones and finds the good ones when it matters. At the end of the


day, he played absolutely a brilliant last end. He has won us


the game, thank you very much, Jase. Did you describe your relationship


as a father-son relationship. Jason does but he is older than me, so...


Yeah, the father has got a bottle of whiskey in his room, we are drinking


that later. Absolutely, you deserve it. Ladies and gentlemen, one more


time, it the 2017 just championship, Less Gillett and Jason. So he has


his hands on the second trophy, 16 years after his first one. Well done


to both of them. We are switching your attention to the singles. This


is how the draw looked in the top half. Nikki Brett still,. Other big


names through to the second round, Stuart Anderson, David guerrilla lay


and -- Gurley. You can see Robert packs dd Paxton. He got through.


Debbie Wilfried from New Zealand defeated another seed, Mark Royal.


We will start our singles coverage, with Les Gillett. And More than 20


years separated these two men, as Tom Warner making his debut in the


world champions. It was the 25-year-old who started the


strongest. A good last in the third end helping Warner build up a 6-2


lead against an opponent who looked a little out of sorts. Gilletts best


result in the finals was making the finals in 16 years ago. He got a


valuable single to reduce the deficit to one shot going into the


last end. He completed a great turn around with this finally judged last


ball. To take the set. A tax advisor, Warner pasted his


accountancy examples last week and he made significant games getting


off to a perfect start with a full house. But Gillett used all his


experience to patiently make his way into the bowls, leading 6-8, he


played a great final bowl to take the match 7-6, 10-6 and secure his


place in the second round. So, it was a good Monday for Les. Up next,


Nikki Brett up against Andrew Kyle. And it was Brett as expected he made


a confident start, but Kyle fought back in the second and leads 8-4 as


we join the action Two fast players. The tie breaker


may slow down just a little bit as they use up their time outs.


I guess Nicky's target here will be a minimum of two.


That's a good opener. Perfect opener. Oh, is it ever, a back


toucher. That's exactly what he needed.


He has played this back hand well, what is it like this time? Slightly


up. The winter of this -- the winner of this match has Charles waiting


for him, he had a fantastic win over Mark Dawes. Yes, he played very


well. Looking forward to seeing him play again. It just shows what the


opportunities are. No matter what age you are, you can still play in


the qualifiers and make your way through to play against the best in


the world. He has been here, he has had a long stay here, practising


hard and playing well. Still looking for a closer second shot here. He is


one down. I think he would be Hany to lose a one on this end. End. --


Hany to lose one on this happy to lose one on this -- Nicky needs to


make it three. He needs a double. It looks on the high line. He has


missed it by a bit of a distance, actually. It's not like him. No, he


has not been deadly today, Nicky. Hany to lose one on this -- Nicky


needs to make it three. He needs a double. It looks on the high line.


He has missed it by a bit of a distance, actually. It's not like


him. No, he has not been deadly today, Nicky. Every ball from Andy


at this end has been better than the previous delivery. This one hasn't.


A chance for Nicky to score a double. This type of game and the


calibre of Nick Brett, you expect him to make this. He has to really


get in to get the double and give himself a chance in the last end. We


are looking for two in the last end, looking for three. That's tough.


Remember, he doesn't have to actually win the set. He just has to


draw it. That will be enough to get him over the line. Better this one.


Will he bend? Yeah, that's good enough. Well played. A good bowl.


Really good bowl. He gives them a bit of a sniff in the last end of...


Getting the double and avoiding the tie break which is somewhere he


doesn't want to be. You feel from Nick's point of view,


he needs a good opener. Just a little bit of extra pressure on


Andy. If he gets this one within a foot, there will be a slight


disturbance. I think there was some movement from the crowd. It's so


easy because it is so quiet out there. We will get some movement


when it gets around about tea time. I think the chap has settled in his


seat now. There we are. You always have -- you don't always have to


have your own seat, Andy. It's booked from last year. Yeah. They


get their tails down there first thing in the morning.


That's a good opener. Exactly what Nicky wanted.


Having a look. Well, played, Andy. Very well played. That's a very good


reply. He doesn't show very much in terms of his body language, Andy, he


is always pretty calm. Yes, hes Nicky is attacking this. Will he


bend in time? I think he has got his own ball. Yeah. That's another


beauty as well. That offers all sorts of opportunities. He doesn't


want Andy's ball to drop down, he wants it to stay up right. I think


Andy has to stay away from this. I think he has to go wide from the


back hand I don't think he is running. He might just do some


damage to nicky, this. He can get around. I think the ball is very


nullenerable. Even if you had crunched it in, it may have been


better because that ball is just sitting there waiting to be removed.


Nick is chasing this. I am not sure if he has the weight though. He


won't get back in time. He is very close now. Great ball. That's a


super shot. Great ball. That's a champion shot beings, that one.


That's why I thought Andy needed another one in, it was just too


vulnerable. He pushes the green out. Live too and lies game. It had to be


played. There is no doubt about that but you don't dismiss Nick Brett


when it comes to a shot like that. So... T A great ball from Nicky. He


will have to attack this. I am trying to see his own front ball


won't help but I think he can make it OK. He had a great short ball.


Slightly in the way. So this is slightly awkward. It's not an easy


drive. He has got to be positive. Yeah, absolutely. Two or three shots


doesn't make any difference if it's three. He may consider the draw.


That's a big call. Is this the running ball with the crazy weight?


No, oh dear. Forehand. That's not the right shot. No, That's the


lowest percentage shot that there is really. That's a one, it has to be


two, doesn't it? I think so. Jugs the way he played. Oh -- just the


way he played. It must be two. I thought he would have played the


forehand to open up the jack just to get a look at it. Not a back hand


runner with about two yards away. That's so difficult.


I think Nicky is blocking the - he has blocked the back hand draw.


That's definitely two shots against him. He must be looking for the


jack. If he gets the jack, the chances are that he Gil through with


it and probably just lose a single. That's probably what he is looking


for. He can see it from the mat so that makes a lot more sense. I think


he under played it, that was all. Most positive. It looks too wide.


That's not going to get back. It's all over. Well, Nicky Brett was


tested all the way in this match. It was fair to say he has picked up a


double there. Which just gets through with two doubles and the


fast two ends. The same ways as he did in the first set by getting two


doubles to win the set. But it's the defending champion who gets over the


line into the second round. He will be a very relieved man. Andy will be


pleased with his performance, just a little bit walk order. Andy Kyle


will be play, Nicky Brett will be delighted to make the second round.


The champion is alongside me. . I was chatting to corky, I was asking


him how difficult this match would be? He expected you to come through


and per Squire through the match. Do you feel like you have done that?


Just about, per Squire is a good way of putting it -- % pyre, that's a


polite way of saying it. - when I did get in, I wasn't getting in with


a second one. He played some good stuff, One of the things people


always talk about how much more difficult it is to come back as a


defending champion. People say it's a lot harder to do that than win the


title the first time. Early thoughts on the pressure that the title


brings as you come back this year to Potters? The first round is always


difficult. When you've won it the year before. Everyone is looking how


you do second time round. Yeah, very difficult, lots more pressure but


you have to find a few more good ones I am aa afraid. More action,


Alex Marshall is up against Robert Chisholm on his third experience


here. Nicky Brett has now moved into the documentary Bock alongside David


to tell us how this unfolded -- commentary box along said David to


tell us how this unfolded 13/1 was the score in the first set for Alex


Marshall. He was relentless in his play and he has continued ever


since. Having a little think about. He brings the mat back another foot


or so. That's a midlength this time. That


length, 26.5 metres. Minimum distance, 23, maximum, 26.5. There


is something not right about this. First delivery, he hasn't pushed it.


Not quite. A couple of feet. He would have known as soon as he let


it go as he did. I was actually watching Robert's delivery with that


ball and he it was one of the rare times that he has actually followed


through after the ball left his hand. He followed through the line.


He has been whipping his hand across on quite on few deliveries. On On


the hole, he has a very nice delivery. Everything is right. I


have noticed a few times he has whipped the hand across. That one


was perfect in every way. Just that little whip at the end. I


haven't noticed that before with Robert. No. The straight follow


through has a tendency to give you the line and it's almost like you


are pushing the ball through on the pendulum. That little whip, well,...


It happens after delivery. It just doesn't look right for him. No. The


straight follow through has a tendency to give you the line and


it's almost like you are pushing the ball through on the pendulum. That


little whip, well,... It happens after delivery. It just doesn't look


right for him. If he can find another good one here,


That looks slightly better coming out of the hand but he is still


struggling for weight. There is something not right there.


Alex Marshall has already had a very super smooth delivery but you can


see the hand just follows all the way through the line before it comes


up. Not far away or just not happening. I don't think the whip is


too bad. It has got to the edge but there's another chance. Not exactly


a an easy spare opportunity but dots do dots the body language was saying


he didn't like it. The body line was better. That was a much previous


effort than his other ones. He certainly gave him a chance. It was


getting to the stage of a must-count.


It's a funny old game when you think about it, Nicky, he is 3 behind,


three ends to go. Two singles and a double. He suddenly is into a tie


break. Yeah, as you said before, total number of shots, he is some


way behind but if he wins all three ends... Four ends. ... Three ends to


go and it's 5-2, but those - no sort of spare a shots, no matter how


difficult they are, you need to be taking them to give yourself a


chance. He needs to win this one. He is just not getting through the ball


for some reasons. We would set and the ball is not getting through the


ball to push it on. Yeah, they look a number of bowls at that distance


or six inches closer than. Alex has just managed to sneak inside with


one of his four. Now is a chance. He must take advantage of this.


Certainly looks better. (APPLAUSE). UMPIRE: Your ball. :


A wider line with this one, a perfect pace needed to come down.


(APPLAUSE). You get a loose end, this may be it.


Got a feeling that Robert needs to get this one in or hide the jack


away. Alex is getting there. Him touching the jack would favour


Robert to make a three. It's the first time that Alex has been under


any sort of pressure in this match. That one, he just seemed to... Pull


his arm back. Yeah, it's just a little hold back. It's as if he has


gone too far and he has. Alex has had a look at the back hand


to see if there is anything worth worthwhile. He is getting closer


with every delivery. If he gets a shot here, it will be very, very


hard. Yeah, Robert - if Alex draws one here, he will need five in two.


Alex encouraging this one forward, not going to make it.


UMPIRE: 1 shot, Robert Chris home. -- Chris only. He has just nudged


his way forward, He is still Changing in there. Is it possible?


Isholm. -- Chisholm. He has just nudged his way forward, He is still


Changing in there. Is it possible? Still needs a double at some stage.


It's a bit like a player coming back in snooker, isn't it? Somewhere


along the line he is looking to get some sort of a snooker against his


opposition. He would like to get the two this time. He wants to go into


the last end. One end shoot out for the set. That's basically what it


means would be. That's - well, that's - I think that's his best


start I think. Well even after losing shots at


short jack lengths, Roberts is still persisting. It is good that he is.


He hasn't allowed himself to put himself off. He has obviously come


in with a game plan and he is going to stick with it. He - whenever he


has had the jack, he has been moving things around a bit. He just needs


to hurry a little bit. Yeah. This set is much more than what we


expected in the first set to be honest. It's certainly a lot closer


which Robert will be very happy about. Absolutely. You lose the


first set, you want to be competitive in the second. He has


been. He is digging deep. He is trying to say to Alex, you have to


win it rather than me give it to you. Like I said earlier on, it was


5-1, he played a good bowl and Alex put four inside it. It was a very,


very third ball. I think Alex may be tempted to run this and take the


danger away. I will be surprised if he doesn't. That's - that sort of


distance, it's a very tempting proposition.


He got something. Oh my goodness, no movement on the jack. That surprised


me. It will surprise Alex as well. He would have thought that any


contact would have got some movement from the jack. Roberts will be


looking to repeat the dose. -- Robert will be looking to repeat the


dose. He has dropped back. I am not sure


that's it. I will be surprised if it is. Well, it's not too far away but


I think it's just the one. They will have a look before they... That


should mean Alex will just draw this. Well, he won't want to drive


the jack in the ditch and his bowl go offer.


This is almost a bowl for match. He would need to score four shots in


the last end. If Alex draws this... What a good line this is. Oh. Great


effort. Oh. He wasn't far away. Rob would have been concerned halfway


down. Fwh all credit to Robert Chris -- all credit to Robert. He threw


the anchor out. He played the shots, he play - that's just one double


right at the start, the first end. That has been very tight. A double


on this end and we are into a tie break. Robert will be looking for


another good start like he did last end.


(APPLAUSE) . That qufs as OK. -- that qualifies


as OK. UMPIRE: 7 inch gap. A 7 inch gap,


that's enough to make it there. I think Alex would have preferred to


be playing the back hand but... This forehand has been holding off a


little bit. Similar again, really. Didn't quite


get back to the centre. It's useful but it wasn't what he


was playing for. It could come in handy later on. If he has to play


that, it will be difficult. Oh, was that enough of that ball, or


has it dropped it out? It has dropped it out. Yeah. On the red,


I'll take. He is still there. A little turn of the jack around the


corner, he will make the double. Draw a good one and hope he just


touches it enough. He has got decent weight for this.


It's a roll off the ball. Not quite but he is setting himself up in a


decent position. Yeah, he has got a couple of opportunities. Back hand


is available as well but I don't think it will change anything for


Alex. He will be drawing on the forehand. He will be looking to get


to the last I would suggest. More of a testing challenge, the


second set. For Alex Marshall and he will be very happy just to get over


the line, after dominating the first set. He is very happy to go over the


line in the first round. He needs a good one. Choices, back


hand, he can get the split, run off the ball. Or a forehand just to


touch the jack? I think forehand just to touch the jack. There is a


shot to punch the ball clean through but it is fraught with less


percentage to be honest. It is really just a similar bowl to his


last and hoping he gets into the jack to make the double. If he can


sneak past Alex's read one. -- red one. He is looking at the back hand


but it's not really the shot to play. Oh my, I'm


Well... Um, he is line two but... Unless Alex falls over. I just


cannot see. There is Marshall -- I cannot see Marshall missing this.


You know, it's... Unless he plays a wrong ball. That's not going to


happen. That distance he can play at either side, forehand or back hand,


it doesn't really matter. The short jack length. Well, it's away. He


hasn't even gone that wide. He knows he doesn't need to go that wide. He


has plenty of time and space. I will tell you what, it is running on a


bit but it still stopped in time. Whoo. They dig up balls about 7 feet


away. It has been enough for Alex Marshall to get over the line. You


can see by his face, he was slight worried there. So, Alex Marshall


with a little bit of a sweat. He gets over the ball, 13-1, 6-4 in the


second set, all crord to Robert Chris whom. He did very well. Alex


Marshall makes it through to the second round. He will play Les


Gillett. Making a total of 8 players who have won the title before


alongside the others. Don't forget, beer whack on the red button from


10:00am on Tuesday with the first second round match with James


Rippey. Then we are on BBC Two for the mixed pairs final of the second


round match. But that's just about it for now. The first trophy of the


week has been claimed. Les Gillett and Jason are the champions. From


all of us here at Potters. Goodbye. Should've seen Hillary's face.


She was stood there with Bill.


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